Wednesday, August 31, 2016
  Just noticed

Just noticed.

Emerson made a BIG POINT of finding your own skill and using it. Plow your own field. Hardly an unusual suggestion at the time; wise advice through all of history has said the same. In other words, find your IDENTITY, as determined by genes, and cultivate your IDENTITY. Literally and figuratively MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.

Alinsky does the exact opposite. Modern 'identity' movements and cults, conveniently grouped under Soros funding, tell you to find a skill and a position that is MAXIMALLY UNFIT for your individual abilities, a position or job that you CANNOT fill, and then force the world to reshape itself so you can fill this completely inappropriate position. The world stupidly tries to reshape itself, but the position never fits, and you remain a Victim Of Oppression, ready to generate a protest or lawsuit or riot on command.

Weaponized groups, Persons Of Colour and Persons Of Gendour and Persons Of Distinct Enablement, are required to adopt dress and behavior and names that will instantly mark them as members of the group 'identity'. The dress and behavior has nothing to do with your INDIVIDUAL skills and tastes and needs. It belongs to the group's identity, not yours. Weaponized Persons literally and figuratively MIND EVERYONE ELSE'S BUSINESS. By force. (See lunch counters, police, schools, churches, landlords, butchers, bakers, candlestick-makers, etc.)


  Impressive jury smarts

Perfectly obvious false accusation. A retired lawyer, 78 years old and clearly starting to lose his sharpness, stopped to help a female crackhead who had crashed her car because she was on crack. She persuaded him to take her to his house instead of the hospital. Stuff happened, including sex and probably an attempted robbery. Presumably the robbery failed, so the crackhead brought rape charges against the not-so-sharp old dude to avoid being charged herself.


Jury rejected the charges entirely. Bravo. Not hugely surprising, because Spokane juries are consistently good at rejecting shit. Still worth a bravo.

The only unusual aspect is that the persecutor decided to pursue false charges against a fellow lawyer. Normally the family sticks together. Did the old lawyer defeat the persecutor a long time ago? Is this a grudge match?
  Bravo Kerry

For most of his public life John Kerry was simply a D operative. Whichever way the D wind blew, he sailed. Now he's still serving a D president, but most of what he does and says is NOT standard D/R doctrine. He was clearly appointed to clean up BushClinton messes, and he's doing a damn good job.

Now he's gone a step beyond, with a plea to the Imperial Media:
Remember this: No country is immune from terrorism. It’s easy to terrorize. Government and law enforcement have to be correct 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. But if you decide one day you’re going to be a terrorist and you’re willing to kill yourself, you can go out and kill some people. You can make some noise. Perhaps the media would do us all a service if they didn’t cover it quite as much. People wouldn’t know what’s going on.
Amen. This applies to ALL mass shooting incidents whether defined as "terrorist" or "crazy". It's not simply a need for publicity. Some types of crazies are compelled to imitate violence. If they don't hear it, they can't copy it.

It's time for a new form of Fairness Doctrine.

Every violent death must get the SAME COVERAGE from media. If you give 3 weeks of 24-hour coverage to a mass shooting incident, you must also give 3 weeks of 24-hour coverage to EACH AND EVERY gang murder. If you give a total of 10 seconds to each gang murder, you must give a total of 10 seconds to each mass shooting.
Tuesday, August 30, 2016
  Impressive dog smarts

I was tremendously impressed by the intelligence of an 'emotional service dog' belonging to an older lady at the Safeway bus stop. The dog (German shepherd) was laying down, semisleeping. When the CORRECT bus appeared on Maple, a block away, the dog got up, shook off sleep, and prepared to board.

Why so impressive? The correct bus is not the first one that comes along. At that time on Sunday morning there are a variable number of buses that come up Maple and continue straight, then the correct one comes up Maple and turns onto NW Blvd. Variable because Sunday morning is when STA trains new drivers, and the straight-up-Maple route is part of the training. The dog knew, before the bus stopped at the light and showed its directional signal, that this was going to be the right one. He wasn't picking up the cue from the lady because she was busy knitting.

How? Maybe he was listening to my brain?


  Another Humphreys rule

Half-baked thought, continuing with the Josephine Humphreys observation that happiness for each person is determined by ONE specification, which can usually be expressed as a formula with > or = or < between the parts. Not unlike the spec sheet for an electronic device. Works best when Vcc < 9V, fails when Vcc > 12V.

Rule: Families work best when their house has > 1 floor.

Thinking back to my own parents, and paging through families I knew in the 50s through 70s .... Families living in a tight one-story house had maximum tension and trouble. When the house has high ceilings and a usable basement or a usable second floor, there's a LOT more privacy and a LOT more separation of functions. Families in vertically oriented houses get along better.

(Possibly the rule is more about aspect ratio than floor count?)

Could be a reverse or mixed causation, but it's hard to see why a family with pre-existing tendencies toward tension would be more likely to choose a tight ranch house versus an old loose bungalow. It's not a question of price; may be a question of status.
  Paris justifies all sins?

A little piece of history that needs more explanation...

Revolutionaries in both France and America were engaged and engorged with the totally insane ideas of equality and "rights". The loonies on this side of the Atlantic wrote these genocidal ideas into our doomed system in 1787. Shortly thereafter, the lethality of these ideas was EXPOSED AND EXPERIMENTALLY PROVED in France.

Why didn't anyone NOTICE the proof and TAKE BACK the genocidal ideas? These dudes were like Age of Enlightenment types and shit, passionate around like Secularism and like Scientific Method and shit.

Several of our loonies participated in the French genocide. Tom Paine was in Paris doing his loony stuff, and later ended up in prison for being insufficiently loony, as is typical of revolutions. He escaped through a combination of errors.

Other Americans mysteriously saw France as a source of money for capitalist projects. John Fitch, the real inventor of the steamboat, tried to get financing from France even though his steamboat was already running, carrying passengers and making a profit. He visited Paris in 1793 at the height of the terror, trying to persuade Paine to provide some money. Paine refused, kept the plans and later gave them to Robert Fulton, who was already in Paris and presumably more ideologically pure. (Paine seems to have been an allaround traitor and fuckhead. Probably should have been beheaded on general principles.)

Morse had been painting in Paris for a while. After he invented the telegraph he went back to Paris to get money, without success. The effort nearly ruined him.

Why did all of these men magnetize toward Paris, which was expensive and deadly and fruitless, instead of staying here cheaply and sanely? Why was torture and terror more attractive than self-sufficiency?
  Self-explanatory butler

Speaking of simple rules and simple explanations....

Self-explanatory picture! Antichrist Francine isn't Satan's servant. Heshe is just Zuckerberg's android.


  The Humphreys rule

Author Josephine Humphreys made a memorable point in her novels. It's an Ockhamish thought: You can reduce most human tastes or requirements to ONE simple measurement or rule, which usually isn't among your obvious or conscious thoughts, and usually isn't idealistic or 'romantic' in any sense.

What does it take to make you happy? Probably not the long checklist of things and activities you normally hold in mind. More likely there's ONE measurement or activity or NONactivity that must be satisfied before all the other checklist items even matter. It may be exactly 15 minutes of human contact per day. Or it may be two hours of sunlight. Or you may need to have a broad horizon without obstructing trees and hills. Or an ambient temperature under 72. Or you need a good dump to start the day.

It's too bad Trump's advisers haven't read Humphreys. His campaign would have avoided most of its problems by following ONE simple rule.

Don't mention any people other than your opponent and her staff.

If you want to say something about a person who isn't directly and publicly working for Hillary, STIFLE YOURSELF.

Trump started out by stating "outrageous" and CRITICALLY IMPORTANT truths about our SITUATION. He went off track when he said "outrageous" things, never important and often false, about individual PEOPLE. This enabled the Imperial media to conflate ALL outrageousness as unwarranted personal attacks.


  Not so smart

ZH quotes a WSJ article on Germans rebelling against NIRP by squirreling away lots of paper cash in safes. Keeping paper around is always smart even in non-NIRP times, but the Krauts quoted in the article are NOT smart. They gave their names to the reporter and specified exactly how much money they were keeping in the safe.

Maybe they're accustomed to traditional German efficiency in policing, but that's gone now that SorosMerkel has invaded the country with migrants who are immune from prosecution and guaranteed anonymity.
  Insult to injury

Spokane's CopKiller Council has literally added insult to injury. After spending a year smashing the city to bits, they insult us by renaming Columbus Day to Firstses Nationses Indigenouseses Peopleseses Dayseseses.

This is a meaningless gesture. Columbus Day hasn't been recognized or used as a holiday for quite a while. Old Chris didn't really discover anything, so he doesn't deserve a day. If you just leave it alone, the day will gradually fade into oblivion. These gang-serving Dinocampus coccinellae can't leave anything alone.

Insulting symbolic gestures would be OK if the council had been performing normal political work, keeping things running and minding their own business. But they haven't. Absolutely everything they do is AGGRESSIVELY EVIL. No other word for it. Holding the police department captive while previously secure neighborhoods succumb to crime.


This is not how politicians behave when they expect to face an election. Politicians who understand that they are elected will do some corrupt or evil things to satisfy their paying masters, but they will try to mollify the actual voters with symbols that please the voters. These alien monsterblobs don't bother with any of it. Pure evil in action, pure evil in words and symbols.

Do these virulent pestiferous pathogens know something? Have they already eliminated elections?
Monday, August 29, 2016
  It's the FUTURE now!

A bunch of CRETINS have finished living for a year in a "Mars simulation". They did a bunch of technical stuff inside a building, which could just as well have been a city office building. They had strictly limited communication with the outside, ate only prepackaged meals, and went out sometimes and climbed hills while dressed in a spacesuit.

This isn't a Mars simulation, it's just nerd life.

What made it "scientific"? I guess it was the building. A Bucky dome. Everyone knows that Bucky = FUTURE UTOPIA.

They should have completed the picture by cruising around in a Dymaxion Car, the absolute ultimate in FUTURE UTOPIA.

A Ford flathead V-8 with unsync'd transmission, powering a totally unbalanced three-wheeled chassis designed to tip over when turned. Perfect for exploring perfectly flat and straight city streets at 10 MPH.

Later nerdy thought: The weight efficiency of a Bucky dome is actually LESS necessary on Mars. Because things weigh about half of Earth weight, you could get away with sloppier and heavier construction using local stones. Mars has lots of nice rectangular stones laying around, which would be comparatively easier to lift.
  National IBS

Caution: pure personal moaning and bitching plus a dubious metaphor!

For most of my life I was stuck in the standard IBS loop. It runs in the family. (Or more precisely fails to run in the family!) Finally broke OUT ten years ago, thanks to a change in life situation and a learned trick.

Change in situation: Stopped working in offices, gradually shifted to Old Peoples Time, bed at 7 PM and wake at 2 AM. This made it possible to locate the best dump time (which had previously been part of sleep) and to have guaranteed uninterrupted access to the toilet when the time came. Both are crucial.

Learned trick: Figured out how to open or dilate the gut. One of those involuntary-muscle tricks that are impossible to describe because they don't involve the usual conscious feedback mechanisms. Similar to intentional ear-popping or intentional bad-mood breaking. All of these are indescribable but definitely physical, all are declamping or despasming actions. Ear-popping declamps the Eustachian tubes, bad-mood breaking seems to despasm some arteries.

Western education totally neglects this family of tricks. Hindus may do a better job, using concepts like chakras or whatever. I never tried it that way, just concentrated on feeling the clamp and doing "something" to loosen it. Again I suspect the Hindus have a better name than "something" for the process.

A few weeks ago I had to confront IBS all over again, because I was fighting** through the idiot medical litigocracy to get simple hernia surgery scheduled. As the frustration mounted, the tension mounted as well, concentrated in the abdomen for obvious reasons.

A bad dump makes a bad day!

After I skipped three dumps in a row, I knew external help was needed, so tried Senokot. It didn't work the first day, but after a double dose it started working nicely. It's been working reliably for three weeks now, and I'm going to stick with it at least until the surgery (this Friday) is all done and settled. So damn nice to avoid all doubt and strain. Just loosen up at the right time, and the inner muscles take care of everything.

A good dump makes a good day!

= = = = =

Now for the dubious metaphor. This fucked former country is clearly caught in a national IBS loop. Every hint of a hint of a hint of a hint of a threat causes a total spasm of all muscles. LOCKDOWN! SHELTER IN PLACE! NOBODY MOVES! Somebody smells an odd aroma or sees some detergent, and the entire building is closed down Out Of An Abundance Of Caution. Somebody hears a loud sound, and the airport is locked down. TERRORIST! Anything at all happens near a school, and the school is sealed off. Somebody sees a name like Johns Manville that reminds them distantly of an EVIL SUBSTANCE, and construction is halted forever. Can't remove it, can't build over it, have to seal the whole thing up.

How does this fucked former nation retrain its muscles to despasm and dilate until action is truly needed? What's the national equivalent of Senokot?

= = = = =

** Ironically or something: After the gut was retrained to cease its permanent cramping, the navel hernia stopped being annoying. It had been constantly uncomfortable for a year, and now I don't notice it. Also, the overall bloating in all directions is less. An actual change in belly diameter. Conclusion: The rigid innards were pushing the hernia out, and also pushing everything outward. This corresponds to an interesting observation that bloating is a diameter change, not an overall volume or weight change. Those researchers found that bloating could be relieved by training people to hold the diaphragm high, instead of keeping the diaphragm pushed down.

If I had retrained the gut earlier, I might not have reached the 'trigger point' for fixing the hernia. More delay would have been BAD, because hernias slowly and steadily get worse. I suppose it's better that events happened in this order.


  Appropriate justice for idiots

Thinking again about the squealyfag idiot who REMOVES honor and respect from Injuns and blacks by REMOVING the place names that HONORED AND RESPECTED Injuns and blacks.

Hey! Did anyone ever name a place after IDIOTS or MORONS or CRETINS or DUMMIES or SIMPLETONS or IMBECILES?

Almost never.

Simpleton, moron, imbecile: Nothing at all. I'm a little surprised by the lack of Simpletons. That was a common term, not always negative.

Idiot: Just a creek near Tillamook, plus a road named after the creek:

Cretin: One major street in Minneapolis.

Dummies are well-represented on Google maps, but all are clearly debug notes by a mapmaker or programmer. They accidentally ended up in the final map. Oddly or not, these are also in Minneapolis.


Sunday, August 28, 2016
  Historical preservation = murder 2

From VOA:
Italian officials have opened an investigation to focus on different structures that collapsed after Wednesday’s powerful quake, devastating four towns in the mountainous heartland of the country and rattling the central agricultural regions.

Regional public prosecutors say they will not only investigate why recently constructed public buildings, including a schoolhouse renovated in 2012, failed to withstand the quake’s force, but they are threatening also to file charges against private-property owners who may have altered their houses — most very ancient — in ways that breached current building codes and anti-seismic engineering regulations.
If a public building was badly built, the government should be punishing itself for allowing it. With the private builders and remodelers, this is EXACTLY THE WRONG TIME to punish them. They were following existing DE FACTO rules, which included lots of winks and nods and money under the table.

Instead you should start looking at OTHER "historically preserved" towns that haven't yet been destroyed. Check all structures. Give builders a time limit and a subsidy, and loosen up the lethal "historical" rules so the people can FUCKING DO IT.
  Random ergonomic thought

When you stop and think, push-pull knobs are flatout PECULIAR.

Before 1930 most electrical controls in cars were turn-knobs, just like most electrical controls in houses and radios. Sometime in the '30s, American cars started using pull knobs, and continued with a few exceptions until the late '70s. Pushbuttons had a brief vogue around 1940, and Chrysler returned to turn-knobs briefly in the early '50s. Otherwise it was mainly push-pull for everything. Switches, chokes, vents, door locks, even parking brakes.

Push-pull controls NEVER appeared on house wiring or appliances or radios. After 1940 houses moved from turn to toggle switches with a few pushbuttons. Radios** and appliances*** continued with turn-knobs until replaced by digital click-buttons or touch screens.

Euro cars mostly**** continued the original turn-knobs, with some toggles on sporty models and rockers in the '60s. Around 1970 Euro and Jap cars standardized firmly on big turn-knobs.

So push-pulls are pretty much gone from ALL equipment now. Do I miss them? No. They were electrically fragile and dangerously protrusive. When used for mechanical purposes like vents or thermostats, they required a 'pushable' cable, which was maximally tricky to maintain.

The real question is why they became universal, not why they disappeared.

= = = = =

** I can only think of one pull control on a radio. It was an Airline tube portable from 1958, with a pair of little rectangular pull switches for battery and AC power. There must have been a few others.

*** And one on appliances: the alarm knob on wind-up or analog electric alarm clocks.

**** Some Euro and Jap cars tried push-pull when they first broke into the American market, but didn't stay with it very long. Must have realized the familiarity factor wasn't worth the trouble.


  Stop saying that shit.

Listening to some second-level Repoof talker. As usual with Repoof talkers, he's knocking modern media, comparing with past media. "Walter Cronkite would be ashamed of CNN." "Woodward and Bernstein didn't work this way!"

Raw nonsense. Cronkite was an OPEN AND HONEST GLOBALIST. He was a member of the World Federalist Society and proud of it. He always favored imperialism. W and B were pure Democrats. They knew good and goddamn motherfucking well that Nixon was copying LBJ's dirty tricks. They never exposed LBJ's dirty tricks because LBJ was D. Nixon was not only R but personally hated by all bigoted feral nasty filthy journalists. Therefore everything Nixon did must be exposed because it was done by Nixon. No other reason. Good and evil do not exist in the alien brain-like substance of a journalist, only blind bigotry.

Then as now, the media's job was to deify Democrats and destroy Republicans. The job of Democrats and Republicans was to destroy everything except Israel. ('Everything' emphatically includes the non-Chosen parts of America.)

The only difference this year is that Trump BRIEFLY AND CAUTIOUSLY supported the non-Chosen part of America, which drove the Imperialist media to a turbocharged level of frothing and vomiting. Now he's returned to normal Imperialism, so we're back to normal "politics" and the media has returned to normal levels of frothing and vomiting.
  Historical preservation = murder

Spokane-News reports another jumper on the Monroe bridge. Some commenters note that Monroe doesn't have a cage while Maple does.

One says that a cage is impossible because Monroe Bridge is "historical". If that's true, it's vile and obnoxious. We're killing people for Esthetic Purity.

Another responds that adding protection to Monroe won't help: "If a bridge is wanted, a bridge will be found."

Sounds good but doesn't work. Maple and Monroe are the only HIGH bridges. The drop is about 100 feet, more to rocks than water. Nearly guaranteed death. Maple was caged about 20 years ago, and nobody has successfully jumped from Maple since then.

Howard, Post, Division, Trent, etc, are all ABOVE the falls, with a drop of 20 feet. Could kill but probably wouldn't. Comparable to the upper diving board on a swimming pool.

Later thought, an odd exception. There's an uncaged pedestrian bridge just east of Monroe which is close to the falls, equally dangerous. It's specifically designed to let you feel precarious, and to splash you when the falls are roaring. This bridge DOESN'T draw jumpers for some reason. Not enough drama? Not enough chance of getting the police to help you? Those considerations probably wouldn't be conscious but might be present.
Saturday, August 27, 2016
  For once!

For once I'm not the insufficiently paranoid one!

Wikileaks offered a 'poll', more likely just a clickbait, asking people what type of info Wikileaks should offer a reward for. What kind of leak is most important?

Lots of responders want to see Hillary's medical records.

Stupid. Powerful people can control their medical records. They know that the HIPAA thing is just a blackmail game, and they own at least one full-time doctor. You're not going to see anything meaningful. In the special case of Hillary, we've observed 40 years of expertise in hiding info and suiciding opponents.

I'd rather trust accidental remarks by insiders who didn't stop to think about leakage.

Hillary's wife Huma gave us all the info we need in one casual remark: "She's often confused." We don't need to know the cause. Whether it's a stroke or a concussion or Parkinsons, the simple FACT of frequent confusion should disqualify a leader instantly.

Wanting health records is naive in the same way as Ron Paul's insistence on "auditing" the Federal Reserve. Even if you could trust those accounts, an "audit" wouldn't DO anything meaningful. WE ALREADY KNOW THE FED IS A CRIMINAL SYNDICATE. WE HAVE PERFECT INFORMATION AND PERFECT EVIDENCE from simple observation. The only correct response is to close it down and jail all of its employees. That's what we do with criminal syndicates.
  Constants and variables 48

An informative story on the EpiPen shit misses one point.
The Monopolistic Origins of the EpiPen

The autoinjector known as the EpiPen provides injections of epinephrine in cases of serious or even life-threatening allergy attacks. It is derived from another product known as the Mark I NAAK ComboPen, a device created for a monopoly: the U.S. military.

The device was designed by Sheldon Kaplan for Survival Technology, Inc., a company with a long history of working with the Pentagon. Once the ComboPen was created, it was sent to the U.S. military to treat soldiers who had been exposed to nerve agents.

In 2007, Mylan “purchased the generic drugs division of Germany’s Merck KGaA for $6.7 billion,” acquiring the EpiPen brand of autoinjectors. Under Merck, the devices cost $7 each, which resulted in just $200 million in gains each year, a mere 5 percent of Merck’s revenue at the time.
Well then, monopoly isn't the important variable. Merck already had a monopoly on EpiPen, and priced it at an eminently affordable $7. Mylan immediately raised that to $57, then to $600 for two.

Merck is a German company, working within a RATIONAL health care system with RATIONAL regulations. Mylan is an American company, working within an omnicidal loonybin. There's your variable.


  Resisting Soros

I like to keep track of Belarus, a rare example of a modest 'good enough' country that understands limits. Belarus basically retained the Soviet system in its final soft form because it WORKS.

How does a country resist the Sorosians? Russia didn't resist at first; the 1991 coup was the first Soros coup. Putin is heroically pulling away from Soros. Belarus never succumbed, so it doesn't need heroic efforts now. What's the secret?

Belarus is branching out from agriculture and heavy machinery to software. Not overly surprising. Soviet bloc programmers pursued their own path in the '80s by necessity, which gave them superior skills and a special regard for UX/UI. See Eastern Orthodox Editors, or see Irfan.

A gaming company in Belarus made a connection with actor Steven Seagal whose ancestors came from Minsk. Seagal visited to make some sort of cameo-appearance arrangement in the game (stories aren't clear about this), and got a personal visit with the president. "American" media mocked the event because we have to mock everything remotely connected to Russia, but the video shows a simple human encounter with typical heavy-handed Slavic hospitality. I'd expect a celebrity like Seagal to mock the event even while participating. Nope. No multi-level irony. He's just there, simply enjoying the location and the locally grown food and the companionship.

Maybe that's the secret of resisting globalism. Hospitable and comfortable localism.

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  More BBC irritation

Aarrghh. BBC does it again. Discussing the destruction of cultural sites like Palmyra in Syria. All the discussers agree that the destruction of Palmyra is awful AND the destruction of the Cecil Rhodes statue at Oxford is wonderful.

No logic at all, just status. The people who destroyed Palmyra are UNCOOL, therefore what they do is awful. The people who destroyed Rhodes are SUPERSUPERSUPERCOOOOOL, therefore what they do is wonderful.

Narrator stated as a flat obvious fact that the Unesco World Heritage Sites in USA are all about Dead White Klansmen, with no regard at all for Firstes Nationses Indigenouses Peopleseseseseses.

Okay, let's check.

Unesco's own website gives a list.

Most of the USA STRONG sites are national parks. These are the non-park sites:

Independence Hall
Kluane / Wrangell-St Elias / Glacier Bay/ Tatshenshini-Alsek
Cahokia Mounds
Chaco Culture
Monticello, UVa
Taos Pueblo
Monumental Earthworks of Poverty Point
San Antonio Missions

Nine places. Six of the nine are Firstses Nationses Indigenouses Peopleses. Only three are Dead White Klansmen.

False as always, BBC bigotmonster.
  Makes perfect sense.

For some unknown reason BBC ran a feature about Nation-Building in Afghanistan. Narrator described the immense difficulties of transporting a giant hydroelectric turbine through trackless desert, including the need to cut a main powerline that was too low to let the convoy pass. Perfect symbol. Eliminate existing power in order to bring symbolic new power to a country that won't use the power.

Useless? Yup.
This plant is on the Helmand River and the plant supplies electricity to Kandahar and Helmand. The 100m dam is 270m long and can store up to 1.2bn m³ of water making it the largest multipurpose water project in the country. Kajaki operates year-round although water flow is highly seasonal. A third turbine was in the original design and has been under intermittent construction with electromechanical equipment from China. Louis Berger and Black & Veatch were lead contractors for a time. The new, $6mn T/G set was delivered to the site in Aug 2008 by a 100-vehicle convoy escorted by 2,000 British troops and 2,000 additional Afghan and NATO troops on a 5-day, 180km trip. This was the largest exercise of its kind during the Afghan conflict.
Definitely the same turbine described by BBC. Delivered in 2008 by a 100-vehicle convoy. Not yet installed or used. "Under intermittent construction for a time." Nuff said.

What the narrator DIDN'T mention, of course, was the NATION-DESTRUCTION in both Britain and US.

While we're building completely pointless dams in places that don't want them and don't know how to use them, we're BLOWING UP existing dams in our "own" countries that need a lot more dams.

A couple of charts and paragraphs from Wiki.

= = = = =



The potential for further practical and viable hydroelectricity power stations in the UK is estimated to be in the region of 146 to 248 MW for England and Wales,[4] and up to 2,593 MW for Scotland. However, by the very nature of the remote and rugged geographic locations of some of these potential sites, in national Parks or other areas of outstanding natural beauty, it is likely that environmental concerns would mean that a large number of them would be deemed not to be suitable.

= = = = =



The Rampart Dam was a proposed 5000MW project to dam the Yukon River in Alaska for hydroelectric power. The project was never built and laws would need to be changed for this project to be built.
Laws would need to be changed. Laws would need to be changed. Can't do that. Impossible. We can kill millions of Muslims without any laws, but we can't add more CLEAN FUCKING POWER IN OUR OWN FUCKING COUNTRY because laws would need to be changed.

= = = = =

In both places, no increase since the Switchover in 1989. Our infinitely omnicidal "governments" have decided to blow up their own countries in order to build useless symbols that will destroy other countries so we can bring in the pissed-off refugees from those other countries to rape and murder and disemploy our own people. Makes perfect sense.

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  Old trick doesn't work /// Edit: not so fast.

Crickets aren't common here; most summer nights aren't hot enough. This summer is actually a bit cooler than normal, but presumably the crickets overbred or something last summer. I've been hearing exactly one cricket every night. Tonight was warmer than most thanks to cloud cover, so he's steady and loud.

Tried the old temperature trick several times. Count in 14 seconds is 21 or 22 alternately, so split the diff at 21.5. Add 40, and you get 61.5.

Nope, off by 12.

Bit later: I went out and checked the temp at ground level (cricket level) with my trusty thermocouple. 64 at ground level near the house, probably a degree or two cooler in the bushes where the cricket is. Not bad after all. I apologize! I shouldn't have doubted REAL-WORLD MATH.

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Friday, August 26, 2016
  Parody is extinct


Tribe trucks totem pole 4,800 miles in fossil fuels protest

Can't make it up.
A Pacific Northwest tribe has begun a 4,800-mile road trip with a 22-foot-tall totem pole in tow. The Lummi Nation embarked on its fourth "totem journey" since 2012 to galvanize opposition to coal and crude oil projects it says could imperil native lands.

The tribe took a similar totem trip last year to raise awareness about a massive coal export terminal being proposed in their ancestral homeland in northwest Washington state. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers denied a permit for the Cherry Point project earlier this year over concerns it would impact the Lummi Nation's treaty-protected fishing rights.

This year, the focus is on the Millennium coal export terminal proposed for Longview, Washington along the Columbia River.
However! I can't get properly het up about this, because THESE SPECIFIC PROJECTS are terrible ideas for all sorts of non-crazy non-Gaian non-Injun reasons.

(1) Coal export was driven by China's infrastructure bubble, WHICH HAS ALREADY POPPED. The supposed reason for these ports was temporary and now it's GONE.

(2) We shouldn't be exporting coal. We should be either using it ourselves or leaving it alone to save it for the future. Coal is patient, not perishable. Coal needs to be treated as a reserve.

(3) These ports would drive a tremendous increase in railroad traffic. Result: Either a big filthy lethal mess, or a massive expense to build more railroads. Either way the project would incur nearly infinite debts and would ruin lots of NON-INJUN land.


  Radford easter egg

For fans of old architecture: I was looking through Googlebooks for a printing-related item, and the search pointed to a volume of Agricultural Review. As I scanned through the PDF from the back, I realized this was something other than agriculture. It's architecture, and the style looks awfully Radfordian.

Yup. In fact the last 200 pages of this PDF are Radford's Farm and Building Book. Lots of plans for barns and chicken coops and houses! Must have been bound with Ag Review by a librarian. These buildings are considerably better than Radford's fancier cottages and mansions, which were often buggy.

Includes this picture of a Gothic-roof barn "under construction in Washington"....

And the finished product:

Looks familiar. There are several barns like this down around Pullman and Moscow. Also note the clever?? design of the rock wagon in the construction picture. The seat is a sort of pommel mounted WAY up on wooden pilings, cushioned by wooden leaf springs.
  Stiff Diplomatic Notes

Got curious about the timing of Kerry replacing Hillary. Was Obama mainly thinking about policy or Hillary's health? Searching for 'Kerry' in the year 2012 gave the answer quickly. In fact it was something I'd already seen but didn't catch the connection. Hillary's official congratulation to newly appointed Kerry was part of the same email thread as the worries about Hillary's cracked head. No doubt about the connection. So Obama is a tinfoil conspiracy theorist? More likely he's a basically sane man who got in WAY beyond his depth, but occasionally manages to do sane things anyway, like kicking out an infinitely insane genocidal maniac and replacing her with a Sec of State who is willing to negotiate.

Another email that I didn't notice the first time.... A later email claims that Hillary's staff were consulting the NFL "commish" and Dr Bill Frist about Hillary's cracked head in order to silence some Repoofs who dared to publicly comment about the Empress's health and sanity. The staff wrote letters to John Bolton and Laura Ingraham. Presumably those were Stiff Diplomatic Notes with a Threatened Ultimatum.

Here's a bonus:
From: Valmoro, Lona .1 []
Sent: Thursday, March 22, 2012 06:04 AM
To: H
Subject: Re: Next Monday
MS -- The one item I forgot to ask when you sent this email last night -- as you know, George Soros is anxious to see you before he leaves for Europe next Tuesday. Could I fit him in for tomorrow?
Nuff said.
  GHC losing good docs

I started using Group Health in 2009, and was immediately impressed by the excellent doctors and the horrible bureaucracy. The first doctor was SO good that he broke my 20-year dislike of all medicine. I regained a sense of trust. Two years ago he retired or quit, sending a form letter about 'moving closer to his aging parents'. I had noticed earlier that he seemed to be downcast and dispirited, so I suspected the real reason was simpler.

GHC switched me to a PA instead of an MD, and she was just as good. Now she's retiring or resigning with a nearly identical form letter. I don't need to guess the real reason. This month has been my annual set of horrible interactions with the GHC bureaucracy, as they hold my BP pills captive until I go in for two separate meaningless appointments. This required quite a bit of emailing, and I noticed that the PA was writing her emails around midnight.

Doctor types are prepared to work long hours helping people, but a lot of them are terminally tired of working 18-hour days filled with bureaucratic shit. My brief annual encounter with this shit is bad enough... can't imagine dealing with it all day and all night for years.

Our alleged "health care system" has been roaring downhill for decades. Some of the idiocies predate Romneycare, but Romneycare multiplied them by 10. All the worst aspects of monopolistic crony capitalism, PLUS the worst aspects of mindless bureaucracy, PLUS the worst aspects of insanely rigid responses to litigation. Worst of all worlds. Doing far more harm than good.
Thursday, August 25, 2016
  This is dumb.

Headline: Why experts get it wrong

Rest of article: Memory is imperfect. A false story PROVIDED BY THE EXPERIMENTER is more likely to be judged as true if we're interested in the subject of the story.


Our perception and memory are always built by filling in gaps. What we "see" is vastly richer than the light waves that enter our retinas. What we "hear" is always more meaningful and patterned than the sound waves hitting our tympanic membranes. What we "remember" is always a logical story, assembled with some slight assistance from observation.

If we "remember" a story better in an area of interest, it just means we have more scripts on file in that area.

Give me a story about prison** or typesetting or programming, and I'll listen carefully and pull an appropriate script to fill in the missing bits. My story may be close to what really happened; even if it's not close, it will be plausible. Could have happened.

Give me a story about football or rock-n-roll, and I'll tune out. If you force me to listen and judge the story, I simply won't be able to do it. I have no idea of the relationship between a ______ and a _______ because I can't even think of any words to fill those blanks. Those subjects are totally missing from my file cabinets. So I'd call the story false for safety because I have no way of assessing its truth.

This tautological stuff has NOTHING TO DO with "why experts are wrong". Experts are wrong because they're paid to be wrong. That's how they get to be experts.

Another conclusion in the article is equally faulty.
“Increasing scientific and public understanding of the causes of false memory is an important goal, particularly in light of some of the more negative consequences associated with the phenomenon, including faulty eyewitness accounts and the controversies surrounding false memories of traumatic childhood events."
Police have known for 200 years that eyewitnesses disagree about everything. Recent "studies" were nothing new. This is why police have always used eyewitness accounts as hints and suggestions, making it easier to locate PHYSICAL EVIDENCE without searching the whole universe.

False memories of traumatic experiences are not spontaneous. They are implanted and reinforced by bad prosecutors and bad social workers. Again no science involved or needed. When you see a lawyer or social worker "helping" a witness to develop a story, you know the process is corrupt.

= = = = =

** Example: There's been some recent discussion about Ramen packages replacing cigarettes as the currency of prisons. At first I judged this story as dubious. Didn't sound right. One fact was missing from the story, and I was filling in an obsolete fact from memory. Missing fact, found after further looking: Modern low-security prisons generally have electric outlets and allow microwave ovens in cells. When I was in the walls, the only source of hot water was a cart that rolled down the range once per morning and once per evening. If you wanted to make instant coffee or cocoa, you put your cup through the bars. If the rangeboy had any water left, he'd pour a little in your cup.
  Postmodern beauty?

Essay in Catholic World Report offers promise for modern classical music.
This idea of “the music of the spheres” runs through the history of Western civilization with an extraordinary consistency, even up to the 20th century. At first, it was meant literally; later, poetically. Then it was rejected. The radical metaphysics of modernity denied the existence of Nature as a teleological order. Things no longer had inbuilt ends or purposes. In other words, there was no longer a “harmony of the spheres” to approximate. Some such understanding led Arnold Schoenberg to his chilling statement that he had been “cured of the delusion that the artist’s aim is to create beauty.” Here we see the complete loss of vocation. Ugliness became a norm. If external order does not exist, then music collapses in on itself and deteriorates into an obsession with techniques. Music degenerated into a manipulation of sounds without discernible form.
Life is purpose, so rejecting purpose is rejecting life. Excellent analysis.

Well, what about the postmodern "beautiful" composers mentioned in the article? The author tosses all 20th century composers together, which is NOT good analysis. Sibelius and Shostakovich are PREmodern, not influenced by the Schoenberg shit.

I sampled several of the listed POSTmoderns, using my seven-second rule, and found nothing worth listening. Tavener made me dizzy. Rochberg, ugly, no better than Schoenberg. Kinsella, sort of classical in form but no depth. Movie music. Maw sounds just like Schoenberg.

Sorry, not impressed.
  Grinding to a halt

Ten years ago Polistra noted a modern tendency.

= = = = = PARTIAL REPRINT FROM 2006:

Professor Polistra has found an interesting pattern. She has no theories about its cause, but believes we need to pay some attention to it nonetheless.

The problem: we are infected by Fadeoutitis. It's visible in several different realms.

Compare pre-1900 music with today's music. A piece by Schütz, Bach or Mozart has a beginning, middle and end. You know when the end is coming, and you're satisfied after it happens. In some cases a climax of intensity precedes the end, but there's always a climax of expectation for the careful listener.

Nearly every song recorded since 1955 is asymptotically endless. The last bit repeats over and over and over and over and over while the sound fades out.


Same with literature, though the change happened later and less completely. In the lesser genres like Spy and Scifi, classicism still prevails, and you can locate the end of the story. But sometime around 1980 the fade took over in the 'Literature' section.

A good modern novelist offers fascinating characters, believable dialog, sparkling prose, deep insights, and well-formed plots, up to a point that seems to be 20% short of the expected end, where the book simply


Grinding to a halt is characteristic of learned helplessness and depression. I've been fighting it for many years with considerable success. You have to see it coming and GRAB THE WHEEL. Stand. Walk. Move. Move move move move move. Do something that gives you at least the SENSE of being in CONTROL, even if you know objectively that you're not going to beat the weather or the bureaucracy. You will often be surprised. Bureaucracies and other bullies often give way when they encounter serious resistance.

It's especially striking to see a grindout among non-depressive high-status extroverts. Two current examples: Trump and May. Trump started out firmly and decisively, and now fades into the Long Meaningless Twilight Of Bushism. May started even more urgently, doing everything right. Kicking out the obstructors, creating new departments. Now she has ground to a halt.

= = = = =

Fade-itis has spawned a variant, which might be called the Induced Coma. When a project is moving firmly and fadelessly toward a proper conclusion, SorosSatan uses lawyers or other bullies to halt the forward motion without killing the project. Suspended animation. Zombie.

Two unrelated local examples forced me to focus on this trick. (1) A house being rebuilt quickly and conclusively after wind damage was stopped in its tracks when the contractor saw the EVILLLL ASBESTOS NAME of Johns Manville. (2) Our idiot "mayor" Condon came to life briefly, pulled OUT of an unending Selection Process and CORRECTLY appointed the currently serving interim police chief as permanent chief. The copkilling "Council" immediately checkmated him and re-imposed the unending Selection Process.

The Induced Coma is the worst of all worlds. When your project or leader is properly and firmly halted or killed or removed from office, you can START FRESH. When your project is stuck in a coma, you can't start anything new. You're still committed financially and legally to hold onto the current project or leader, so the paralyzed project or leader paralyzes the entire enterprise or country.

= = = = =

Are there counterexamples? You bet.

The governor of North Carolina REFUSED to dissolve when the Sorosians tried to force him into a standstill. He held firm while various satanic corporations made their threats. Now his firmness is vindicated, as one Federal JUDGE (not in quotes) has ruled against Obama's evil. Other governors collapsed quickly, so their initial efforts were FUTILE.

Erdogan faded to dark for a couple years, then came roaring back into ACTION when SorosGulen ran a coup against him. Now he's making ALL NECESSARY MOVES to rip out the Sorosians by the ROOT. Literally radical.

Putin wasn't zombified by SorosEU sanctions. He continued with his PROPER AND CORRECT policy of DEFENDING HIS OWN PEOPLE.

Orban in Hungary and Fico in Slovakia decided to DEFEND their countries from SorosEU. They ACTUALLY BUILT FENCES and ACTUALLY SENT SOLDIERS to patrol the fences. They didn't allow SorosEU to zombify the process. Now their people are NOT being raped and bombed. Their people are SAFE. WALLS WORK.

Most of these examples are outside of Satan's lands. I don't see much hope on this side of the Curtain. But there's definitely hope for the world.


Wednesday, August 24, 2016
  Pay for play? Nope.

Today's Repooflican talking point is that Hillary's State dept was a 'Pay For Play' setup.

Backwards as usual.

There's nothing wrong with running government like a business, PROVIDED that the business is NON-DISCRIMINATORY. Bribes and taxes are essentially the same thing, so we should apply the same moral standard to both. When money is taken BY COERCION, it should be used UNIFORMLY.

An old-fashioned city council received bribes to get your street repaired or to get a job for your son. This was a form of retail taxation, which opened political power to anyone with a certain amount of money. Non-discriminatory. If you can pay the price you can buy the product.

Hillary's business model is discriminatory, or more precisely fraudulent.

Saudi pays big and gets big results. China pays big and gets big results. Israel pays a little and gets infinite results.

What would happen if a Christian outfit like World Vision paid the Clinton Foundation, expecting to shape a pro-life State Dept policy in Haiti? Do you think that would work? Not on your fucking life. Hillary would gladly take the money, and then continue to promote abortion.

That's discrimination on religious grounds. That's fraud. Pay for a product and get the opposite.

Compare with other satanic QUANGOs like Google. Google receives lots of money from customers and lots of tax benefits and direct payments from the government. It is a defense contractor specializing in cyberwar against Americans. It is acting like a government, and thus should treat people without discrimination. But it doesn't. It openly uses the customer and tax money to favor satanic causes and suppress Christian and nationalist thinking.

It's fraud. All of us are paying these QUANGOs directly and indirectly, voluntarily and forcibly. Government and QUANGOs should be using forcibly obtained money to DEFEND the people of this country. Instead both are using forcibly obtained money to DESTROY this country.
Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Wikileaks just dropped a full-fledged bomb from the Hillary emails.

In 2012, Hillary's staff were asking the NFL commissioner and Dr Bill Frist for advice about her "cracked head".

Add this onto Hillary's wife Huma casually saying "She's often confused", and you get a perfectly clear picture. You don't need to play around with videos of struggling up stairs or wiggling in odd ways. These are direct confessions from the insiders.

Meanwhile the idiot Repooflicans are still fussing about corruption. They didn't learn from the 1998 impeachment mess. NOBODY GIVES A FUCK. People know that politicians are corrupt. Trading favors is how you get things done. Making new regulations against trading favors just raises the ante, reserves the trading to the richest of the rich.

= = = = =

Language sidenote: Normally I'd put a same-sex "wife" in quotes. Hillary is a man, so the proper definition of wife applies to Huma. Bill is Hillary's "husband".
  47% vs 49%

An article about Brexit by a Randian runs the usual FORTY-SEVEN PERCENT TAKER MOOCHER LARGESSE shit:
First, I didn’t believe that those countries that were entitlement-focused, such as the Greeks, would ever be as fiscally responsible as, say, the Germans, so the Germans (and other countries where there was a responsible work ethic) would end up subsidizing the Greeks (and to a lesser extent, Spain, Portugal, etc.)
Work ethic? Stats from OECD show the opposite.

Here's a chopped and channeled piece from a chart of annual hours worked. It happens to place Germany next to Greece alphabetically...

Germany 1371, Greece 2042. Greeks work 49% longer than Krauts. Not a minor difference.

In fact Germany has the SHORTEST hours of all the industrial nations for most years. A few times Norway beats Germany by a small margin. US comes in sort of midrange at 1690 for the latest year.

The real difference is SYSTEM, not ethic. Germany is highly systematic about everything, training its workers to maximize their skills and insuring that its products have a competitive advantage in exports. Maximizing the value of each hour = minimizing the hours.


  Should be part of Defensible Spaces thinking

A notable comment in the Spokane-News facebook page brings out a fact that needs more publicity and thinking.
I was down on elder today near valley chapel try to save our aunts home. Their well ran dry so we came with a 3000 gal water truck. The fire kept flaring up all around us but we able to keep the flames from the house.
Their well ran dry. Those folks were extremely lucky to have a relative with access to a 3000 gallon water truck. Not something you can rent or buy easily.

More and more upper-middle-class people are moving out into the forest, escaping from the Vibrancy of the city. But they're ALSO escaping from city water and sewer and fire and police. A city water system has massive spare capacity, and city fire trucks have their own tanks. Defending one house isn't going to deplete the city water system, but it can easily deplete a private well.

Public info about defensible spaces should pay more attention to this fact. (Require well systems to have a large backup tank?)

A more obvious fact was also shown in the aftermath of Sunday's fires. One house had a narrow escape, getting the heat but not the flames. The VINYL SIDING on one side melted off. This is an old story that shouldn't be a story at all. VINYL SIDING melts and burns the entire house in response to much smaller heatings like a barbecue grill or a cigarette in a flowerpot. VINYL SIDING should be illegal. The whole point of siding is to PROTECT the house, not to DESTROY the house.


Monday, August 22, 2016
  Logic vs tigers

It's rather nice to have an utterly out-of-control loony speaking for globalism.
The European Union is an antidote to rising Nationalism in Europe, Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the EU Commission, said today. “We have to fight against nationalism, we have the duty not to follow populists but to block the avenue of populists.”

He quoted former French president Francois Mitterrand as saying nationalism added to nationalism would end in war. “This is still true so we have to fight against nationalism. Borders are the worst invention ever made by politicians”.
This is the same omnicidal shit globalists have been saying since the refounding of globalism in 1946. This was the argument for both UN and EU.

Borders were not invented by politicians. Borders were invented by Nature. Life is borders. Politicians have been trying to BREAK borders ever since politicians became a profession.

Juncker says nationalism leads to war.

Exactly precisely diametrically omnicidally wrong.

War happens,

when one national leader WANTS TO ELIMINATE A BORDER. War happens when nationalism is replaced by globalism.

An aggressor makes war when he wants to eat up other nations and include them in his own body.

No different from a hawk eating a squirrel or a tiger eating a deer. The tiger wants to eliminate the BOUNDARY and thus the LIFE of the deer, so he can incorporate the deer's proteins and amino acids into his own cells.

The tiger uses claws and teeth to eliminate the deer's boundary. Germany uses blackmail and economic crime and soldiers to eliminate Russia's boundary.

Globalists have managed to prevent normal humans from seeing this analogy. They paint a nice GENE-FREE picture of identical humans getting along inside the Empire's belly. Unfortunately, humans are not GENE-FREE until they are dead. Real humans always resist a real Empire, because the Empire's commands are completely unnatural.

Real result: War is not replaced by peace. War is replaced by revolts, which the Empire happily puts down. The Empire's real goal is OMNICIDE. Everyone except Juncker and Soros is dead.

Simple logic.

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  Saw the other side

On this morning's walk I finally saw BOTH sides of the lethal lie that all humans are identical, the lie that you can do anything you want if you try hard enough.

I've always seen the first side. I'm retarded in physical stamina and social skills. Superior people, teachers and parents and friends, always accused me of not trying hard enough. No, goddamnit, I was trying TOO hard. In Sport I was pushing my scrawny body beyond its narrow limits. I was fainting and puking and getting sick, but I kept trying and NOTHING happened. In social settings I was doing everything the Superior people suggested, saying all the right things and making all the right moves. In return I got nothing but disgust and insults. Females ran away at top speed. (Maybe I was helping to develop THEIR athletic abilities!)

Now I see the opposite side. In the academic areas where I was superior, nobody accused me of not trying hard enough. BUT IN FACT I WAS NOT TRYING HARD ENOUGH. I was lazing along, making As without effort, not developing new skills. A few times I did push the limits, explaining how the textbook was wrong, and the teachers slapped me down. Okay, asshole, I'll stop trying.

Net result: The lie proves itself right. By encouraging people to try what will fail and skip what will succeed, everyone ends up identically mediocre.

Some kids clearly had better mentors or better parents who understood the reality of genes and skills, and guided the kid toward developing the good parts and skipping the bad parts. Non-academic parents were less susceptible to delusions. A farmer's son knew from birth that he was a farmer, and he was RIGHT.


  Self-explanatory orgasm

BBC's female newsreader is orgasming every time she mentions the Olympics. She wonders why Olympic fever doesn't translate to increased exercise and Sport activity by ordinary humans.

The fact that you are orgasming is the explanation. The Olympics are exactly like EU and UN. Specifically and explicitly celebrating GLOBALISM. A few bizarre alien humanoids exert infinite power and gain infinite money by destroying ordinary cities. The IOC humanoids are exactly the same type as the EU and UN humanoids. None of them are remotely related to Earthlings.

Ordinary humans do not join in when their imperial oppressors have an orgasm. Ordinary people are TERMINALLY TIRED of your trillion-dollar tyranny. Cities no longer fall for the Olympic LBO. They understand that the purpose of the Olympics is to suck the life out of a city and enrich the IOC monsters.

If you really want kids to get more exercise, you would need to eliminate several other fronts of your omnicidal war against civilization. People will get outside and play when they feel SAFE.

You'd have to stop the copkilling by Sharpton-infested media and US "government". You'd have to undo decades of regulation and litigation that eliminated playgrounds and recess in schools. You'd have to stop empowering media panics and false accusers who make the outdoors feel unsafe to parents.

All of these actions are YOURS, BBC newsreader. You play a major part in forcing kids to sit indoors. Now you have the chutzpah to complain about your victory.



You are enemy aliens.

  Fire time

Some fires around town yesterday. A cold front brought 25g35 winds briefly. Not enough to damage anything directly, but enough to start fires. Probably the last such event of this blessedly mild and comparatively non-fiery summer. One fire took a few houses on the northeast side of town.

This side of town was missed, which is unusual. Showing the colors in thanks.

Sunday, August 21, 2016
  Terse, concise, definitive

Two statements from African church officials show what Moral Rigor means.

From an Anglican:
Archbishop Josiah Idowu-Fearon of Nigeria accused Western churches of not having African churches' "best interests at heart" because they "present us as being 50 years behind the rest of the world. Their view of progressivism places them at the forefront of historical and social development — with us Africans bringing up the rear."

But he promised African leaders: "We will never allow ourselves, or our identity, or our churches, to be defined by the pride of those who see us as lagging behind them in our economies, our politics, our communities, our families, and our theology."

And from a Roman:
The archbishop is absolutely right to recognize the paternalism and condescension that imbues the ‘progress’ that seeks to redefine marriage,” Father Shenan J. Boquet, a Catholic priest and president of Human Life International (HLI), told LifeSiteNews. “Cardinal Sarah and many other Catholic bishops in Africa are also standing strong against this ideological colonization from the West, as they see the rot within Western culture and love their own people too much to remain silent as it is imported into Africa."

If Africans reject 'aid' from the West that comes with such destructive strings attached, and continue to defend life and family while stopping government corruption and developing the structures that make flourishing possible, Africa will be leading the world before long.
The last paragraph is a simple and complete manifesto for African independence. Africa could be leading the world into a resumption of Natural Law, which is another name for SURVIVAL.

"Developing the structures" is the hard part. Africans are good at morality and survival, but haven't shown much talent for developing structures.
  One small step

While continuing to beat the war drums against Russia, Obama is FINALLY starting to prosecute Chinese spies. This is THIRTY YEARS LATE. China has been MASSIVELY spying on our industries and military and academic research since the mid-80s. Janet Reno tried to prosecute one Chinese spy but got shut down HARD by the Clintons.

Now we have one complete and successful prosecution:
A U.S. Justice Department statement says 45-year-old Wenxia Man, also known as Wency Man of San Diego was convicted of the crime on June 9. Prosecutors say evidence shows that between March of 2011 and June of 2013, Man conspired with a contact in China named Zhang Xinsheng to send equipment that included engines used in the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the F-22 Raptor fighter jet, the F-16 fighter jet, and the MQ-9 Reaper/Predator B Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.
Note that the trial happened in June and this is August. US media paid no attention to the event in June. Google's aggregator shows just one article in CNNMoney.

Simple fact: China has been our enemy since we tried to nation-build Chiang in 1946. Mao was able to portray us as a hostile occupying force because we were.

One small positive step. We know Hillary will undo this step because we know what the Clintons did before.
  First sign of real Brexit

Britain's OFFICIAL media are showing the first sign of independence from the Kraut occupiers. It's a small point, but an important disagreement.

After the Soros/Gulen coup in Turkey, BBC joined the other US/EU media in stating, as usual FLATLY AND CASUALLY AS A KNOWN FACT LIKE GRAVITY, that the coup was faked by Erdogan to increase his power.

Two weeks later, BBC and some US media accepted the real fact that the coup was GENUINE, organized by Gulenists. (Of course they can't say Soros, but at least the basics are right.)

Kraut media haven't changed. DW still treats the coup as dubious if not certainly fake.

This morning BBC admitted that it KNEW the truth IMMEDIATELY. Their Ankara correspondent is telling about the night of the coup. He says clearly that it was a failed coup by part of the military, put down mainly by the TURKISH PEOPLE, who support Erdogan.

Okay, correspondent. You knew the truth because you had SEEN the truth first-hand. You knew your bosses were lying and suppressing YOUR truth. Why didn't you blow the whistle?

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Saturday, August 20, 2016
  Non-barking lawyers

Weaponized "autonomous" cars are starting to spread into daily life, preparing to cull the Unwanteds. Normally a corporate intrusion into a new area, especially an area with NO WRITTEN LEGISLATION, would spur liability lawyers into fierce action. Lawyers have been swarming around auto liability for decades.

Where are they?

Is it just a Tribal matter? Google and Tesla are part of the Tribe. Uber is half-Tribal, probably good enough. The real auto industry is emphatically non-Tribal. Ford is especially hated by the Tribe, and has been a favorite target for lawyers.

It will be interesting to see what happens when Ford rolls out its autonomous car. Will the lawyers wake up? Or is culling the Unwanteds such an important goal that even Ford will be allowed to participate?


  Thinking out loud

Caveat: Just thinking out loud, no claims of validity or data!

I noticed that the old radio and TV cop shows NEVER mention the words misdemeanor and felony. Once or twice you'll hear the phrase penitentiary offense, which is ambiguous. Why was this distinction skipped?

I don't have an answer, but I started thinking about the distinction ...

Before 1975 a lot of people had experience with misdemeanors. Most working-class people live on the 'shady side', where alcohol and unemployment lead to a certain amount of trouble. This is a permanent constant. Before 1975, trouble generally brought short sentences for cooldown or soberup time. A week of dry discipline can make a real difference.

After 1975, as globalism started to grind into American life, good and useful jobs got scarce. Trouble multiplied. The correct solution was to back off the globalizing. Of course we couldn't do that.

Instead, we started to move more offenses into the felony category, and started to eliminate flexible and short sentences. Judges and juries were NOT ALLOWED to distinguish between professional criminals and temporary lawbreakers. Common sense was illegal.

This approach was helpful for a while, because many judges had been skipping common sense in the other direction, giving short sentences and easy paroles to pros. The new strictness kept more of the pros inside.

Meanwhile, "privacy" laws and "inmate rights" movements grew. Lethal "privacy" laws made it impossible for judges and juries to count the crimes of a pro. When he was first caught under adult rules, he had already committed a dozen major crimes which officially didn't exist. So he was allowed to continue improving his skills.

The "rights" campaigners make it impossible to use common sense in selective enforcement. Laws against jaywalking and loitering formerly allowed cops to discipline crime-seeking behavior by known crime-seekers, while ignoring similar behavior by ordinary people. When normal natural discrimination is impossible, the cops have to catch EVERYONE regardless of known tendencies. Britain is taking this one step beyond, with loitering laws that SPECIFICALLY EXEMPT known criminals. Can't punish existing criminals; have to create new criminals.

Net result: A lot of shady types who need occasional discipline have UNFAIRLY AND UNJUSTLY ended up as permanent inmates, and a lot of pros who should be permanent or executed are getting UNFAIRLY AND UNJUSTLY SHORT sentences.

Soros is taking advantage of this situation, trying to get inmates released into the custody of Sorosian NGOs where they can be weaponized for Sorosian ends. It's a classic racket. Globalism pushes people into trouble; laws written by globalists insure that the trouble puts non-pros in prison; globalists use the resentment at unjust punishment to create a private army.

We need to break all parts of this racket. Break out of globalism and restore local industries so working-class people can rebuild a normal culture (even if it's shady!). Break the rigidity of sentencing that turns momentary trouble into permanent crime. Eliminate the NGOs that trade release for loyalty.

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Friday, August 19, 2016
  Antichrist and Soros, partial allies

It's clear that the Catholic bishops and Antichrist Francine agree strongly with Soros on some issues. They are helping Soros to weaponize criminals and migrants. Was Soros paying for this assistance?

Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. ... $200,000 over two years (renewal; general support) A general support grant to Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLINIC) will support its mission to promote the dignity and protect the rights of immigrants across the U.S. Founded in 1988, CLINIC is a subsidiary corporation of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). CLINIC seeks to promote the dignity and safeguard the rights of immigrants, without distinction based upon age, ethnicity, gender, national origin, race, religion, or any other grounds.
Problem: USCCB still holds to an anti-Satan position on abortion for some mysterious reason. Soros groups are displeased by this, but they have a workaround:
EOF’s third gender justice priority is to support efforts to protect the gains of the reproductive rights movement while crafting new policy solutions to problems faced by poor women, women of color, immigrant women, LGBTQ people, and men who face structural inequality because of their gender or gender identity. Choice USA plays a critical role in building support for reproductive rights among young people. It advocates for health and education policies that address the needs of youth and trains young people to be vocal advocates for reproductive rights. The recommended grant to the Groundswell Fund also seeks to strengthen advocacy for reproductive rights while drawing attention to the concerns of marginalized women that extend beyond access to an abortion (e.g., banning the shackling of pregnant, incarcerated women and drug policy reform).
Use the weaponized criminals and Persons Of Gender to push against pro-life efforts.


Thursday, August 18, 2016
  Why so many total losses?

News from the Baton Rouge flood says 40,000 houses will need to be replaced.

Shouldn't happen. This isn't a tidal wave or flash flood that pushes houses off their foundations. This is water rising in place. Most pictures show one to two feet of water. Houses got very wet but weren't struck or pushed by any force.

A house built with flooding in mind, standing tall on a high crawl space, wouldn't have suffered at all; but I don't see any houses built that way. All the pictures show flat-on-the-ground slab houses. Just plain stupid in a natural flood plain.

Older houses didn't need to be replaced when they got wet. Here's a googlestreet from around 10th and Colo St in Manhattan. The southeast quarter of Manhattan was flooded FOUR times from 1903 to 1951. These are all wood-frame houses. Some were around for all four floods, most went through '35 and '51. All are still present and solid. A few might have been replaced at various times, but the vast majority are still there.

What's the difference? Plaster vs drywall? Rock-wool vs fiberglass or cellulose insulation? Wood sheathing vs particleboard?


  Really? Yep.

Smithsonian has an article about the hand-over-heart salute to the flag. This wasn't the original method; previously we raised right hands toward the flag. In the '30s the raised hand was also used in Germany, so we had to be different.

Didn't sound right, so I started looking through old books. Found two different education journals from 1918: South Dakota Educator and Popular Educator.

Got a lot more than salutes! There's a dramatic difference between the two magazines. SD Educator was about 70% Wilsonian propaganda and 30% info for teachers. The info for teachers was the same atrocious shit we got in the '50s and '60s. Rote memorization of useless, invalid and completely wrong nonsense.

Nice example in "English":

The author is recommending the usual VIOLENTLY WRONG Latinate grammar. Also as usual, there's bonus wrongness beyond the "It is I" shit. Look at the last sentence.

= = = = =

Popular Educator was unbelievably GOOD. Every single lesson is done PROPERLY. Start with job skills and life skills: cooking food, sewing clothes, gardening, handling money. All of the usual "subjects" are branched from the skills.

It's SO DAMN GOOD that I'm tempted to cite every page, but I'll hold it down to two:

Using food to explore math, language, geography, and scientific method. Every bit of the "subjects" is valid and useful. Every bit of the presentation is informal and lively. No Latin shit, no rote formulas.

= = = = =

But I joyfully digress. What about the salute?

Sure enough, amid a project that had the kids making their own costumes and writing their own scripts. This isn't exactly the Kraut form; the hands are pointing in various directions, not uniformly downward. Several are cupped upward to receive blessings. [Quiz question: Who does the camera love? No points for correct answer. I'll bet she had an interesting life.]


Wednesday, August 17, 2016
  One missing skill

Building this Poser scene of a print shop (definitely WIP at this point!) forced me to find forgotten details of the typesetting craft in old books. It's a tremendously complex craft. A little engineering, a little carpentry, a little chemistry, a fair amount of grunt work (LEAD IS HEAVY!), a lot of grammar and punctuation, a lot of art, a lot of fine manipulation.

All of those details were familiar after the reminder. I could DO all of those things in 1972, well enough to satisfy the employer.

WHY did I waste such a fine set of SKILLS and pursue academics instead?

Easy answer. Because I was a fucking fool. Everyone expected me to finish college and do something academic. I persisted with college, despite WILDLY OBVIOUS indications that college was driving me crazy. Typesetting made me sane.

The specific situation was unpleasant, but there's a proper answer to that. Stay long enough to quit honorably, save up enough to travel, then find a printshop with a more pleasant atmosphere.

I don't think the right decision was available in 1972. Nothing in the media and culture, and nobody in my circle of acquaintance, was encouraging me to stick with this "lowly" but highly satisfying work. Everything and everybody EXCEPT MY OWN SOUL pointed to academics. My own soul didn't have a lobbyist.

Should have been reading Emerson.

= = = = =

Most of these skills are also visible in Youtube, which is the Modern Library Of Old Skills... but one is oddly missing from both the old books and the new videos. Operating an intaglio engraving press. The simpler and more 'artsy' engraving operations are shown in both places, but not the hand-fed stamper.


  Constant hard to find

The nationalisms of 1918 and 2016 are more or less the same.

The globalisms of 1918 and 2016 are different in flavor.

Wilson's version of globalism was not centered on a world government; it was mainly about extending American influence everywhere. Because globalism had not been tried and disproved recently, Wilson was able to preach it and spread it. Sounded like a good idea.

WW1 killed it. Americans came to understand that imperial impulses lead to bad results for ALL sides.

WW2 did NOT resurrect globalism because our entry was a strictly moral response to a direct attack. After the war, normal people still understood that nobody wins.

So the evil globalizers had to work ferociously hard to overcome the angular momentum of a populace determined to behave morally.

The opening blast of the NEW Wilsonism shows beautifully in this Mutual radio program from 1946.

Hard work indeed. A long hymn of cloying syrupy praise for Our Goddess The United Nations And Her Prophet James Byrnes.

Who? Truman's sec of state, whose life sounds a LOT like the Clintons. A southerner who learned globalism from Wilson and acquired wealth from Bernard Baruch. (=Soros in modern currency)

While glowing with praise for UN and Byrnes, the Mutual program throws turds at USSR and Gromyko, and pours an overflowing caldron of scalding scorching sulfuric gurgling bigotry and vile all-consuming hatred on those unspeakable unimaginable xenophobe buffoons called AmuriKKKans.

Sounds fucking familiar.

I had to readjust my diffusing fibers to peel apart the constants and variables. Until now I had assumed that the UN, and our Cultural Superiors who defended the UN and EU, were simply pro-Soviet.

Nope. They were ANTI-Russian and ANTI-American for a long time. The bit about 'godless communism' was pablum for AmuriKKKan consumption. In fact the elites hated Russia because Russia was obstructing the UN's desires. Around 1962 Russia started moving in unison with UN, so the elites became PRO-Russian and ANTI-American. Now, after the 1989 switchover, they're back to the original position with stronger venom. ANTI-Russian and ANTI-American, except for Our Prophet Hillary Who Must Lead Us Out Of The Xenophobe Buffoon-Infested Jungle Of AmuriKKKa.

Hillary has replaced Byrnes.

A quote from Truman, channeling Byrnes: "Yet now Russia stirs up rebellion and keeps troops on the soil of her friend and ally Iran... Unless Russia is faced with an iron fist and strong language another war is in the making. Only one language do they understand: "how many divisions do you have?" I do not think we should play compromise any longer ...I am tired of babying the Soviets."

Sounds fucking familiar.

The constant is globalism. No borders, no cultures, no nations, no subsidiarity, no feedback. ONE government for all.

Taking this forward, who is Trump? Could be Ike. An imperfect nationalist who managed to restrain the worst of the imperialist impulses for a while. Or could be a complete head-fake. I've never been sure, and less sure now than before.

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  Wood glass?

An intriguing headline on a newly developed material, but the reality isn't quite so intriguing or new.
Engineers at the A. James Clark School of Engineering at the University of Maryland demonstrate in a new study that windows made of transparent wood could provide more even and consistent natural lighting and better energy efficiency than glass.
Transparent wood. Interesting. What's the advantage?
Transparent wood still has all the cell structures that comprised the original piece of wood. The wood is cut against the grain, so that the channels that drew water and nutrients up from the roots lie along the shortest dimension of the window. The new transparent wood uses theses natural channels in wood to guide the sunlight through the wood.

As the sun passes over a house with glass windows, the angle at which light shines through the glass changes as the sun moves. With windows or panels made of transparent wood instead of glass, as the sun moves across the sky, the channels in the wood direct the sunlight in the same way every time.
In other words, this isn't really wood. It's epoxy with the crosscut woodgrain used as internal deflectors.

Sounded familiar somehow.... Yup. I had already noted a similar bit of research done in 1901:


From MIT tech journal in 1901. [Page 64 of the PDF.] The author, Charles Norton, got slightly carried away with his point:
We have so long given to window glass the task of keeping out the wind and rain, while letting the light and warmth of the sky enter, that the intrusting of another task to this universal detail of our structures is a step which interests the whole community. The window is henceforth to be not only an opening [for light], but a medium for sending the light in the direction in which it is most desired. Except where it is necessary to have [a view], conditions of economy will soon forbid the general use of plane glass. The age of plane glass has passed, to be succeeded by an age of scientific diffusion of light.

Can't you hear the grand fanfare? Cue the trumpets! The day of dull old flat glass is done! Boredom is shattered! From now on it's wine and roses and diffusing glass!!!! Wave of the future! Scientific! O glorious ripply prismatic morn! Huzzah! Huzzah!

Oops. Didn't happen.

Norton goes on to detail a series of experiments with various types of ribbed and prismatic glass, demonstrating nicely that diffusing glass gets plenty of light into the whole room, while plane glass lets the sun control the location. Sort of obvious, but the numbers are impressive.

What's truly striking is the near absence of any regard for artificial light. Gaslight was universal in 1901 and incandescent was spreading fast. Boston had its first incandescents in 1882. Norton mentions artificial light only once:
I have in mind a mill with two wings of a similar exposure. One is glazed with plane glass, the other with diffusing glasses, and on any cloudy afternoon you may find the plane glass wing all gaslight, while the other is amply lighted with diffused daylight.
I wonder if modern builders could pick up Norton's idea in a different part of the spectrum. In a passive solar design, would diffusing glass heat more of the house?


Sounds like the current researchers are trying for coolness instead of heating, which is sort of pointless. If you want to avoid passive heating in the summer, you can shade the exterior with a mechanical blind or a deciduous shrub. No fancy materials needed. Let Nature regulate the shade.

Transparent wood also reminds me of the translucent wood that was used for hard-to-counterfeit scrip in 1933, functioning somewhat like a debit card.


Tuesday, August 16, 2016
  Caution: Not Safe For Anyone

I've often wondered what drove the Greatest Generation to smoke and drink and lose their teeth.

Now I know. Their schools were visited by THIS in the '20s:

Yes, Cho-Cho was the Colgate mascot, and also represented something called Child Health Organization. (CHO. Get it? Get it?)

Christ almighty. Can't be harsh on them now. They faced a depression, a war, and Cho-Cho. All is forgiven.


  It's a crying shame

In my wandering through old trade journals via Googlebooks I'm always casually watching for mentions of familiar places. Spokane gets plenty of news and discussion in electrical and streetcar journals, because Washington Water Power (now Avista) was a genuine pioneer and role model in both fields. I haven't seen anything from Spokane in printing trade journals until this....

Context: 'Inland Printer' had a column inviting print shops to send in samples of their work for review and publicity. Most of the reviews are detailed and constructive, suggesting better ways to use fonts and colors and proportion. Not this one! A classic bad review.

Also the 'stuttering and stammering doctor' is intriguing. Was he a doctor who made a trademark of his stuttering, or a doctor specializing in stuttering, ie a speech therapist? We'll never know.



The Gaia-worshipping monsters criminally occupying the Spokane "City" "Council" have backed down for the first time, showing that some forms of negative feedback still exist in a monster regime:
By a vote of 5-2, the council[sic] removed the same measure they voted to put on the ballot just three weeks ago which would have fined potentially dangerous uncovered coal and oil train cars that traveled through the city. Council[sic] members were split on the decision, as were those who spoke during the open forum.

Council[sic] President Ben Stuckart said he had a change of heart[sic] after meeting with railroad representatives and looking into the legal issues including possible lawsuits down the line.

There was a question as to whether the city actually had the authority to impose fines on railroads which are federally and state regulated.
Monsters can't be moved by logic or "votes" or public pressure, but the threat of an unwinnable lawsuit moves them.

Democracy is gone, but litigocracy still works.
Monday, August 15, 2016
  Never heard of this!

Another printing trade journal extract, this one from 1921. This wasn't a direct ad; it was shown as an example of good presentation without any discussion of the subject.

Caption, not readable in this scaled version:

"Taking out the hand shift lever by use of the C-H Magnetic Shift will do more to get the woman's approval than any other feature."

Hmm. I thought car advertising was solely aimed at SEXIST PIGS until Tesla came along and CHANGED EVERYTHING.

The subject itself is astonishing. I've never read a hint of this in auto histories. It's not just a column shift; it appears to be something like a preselector or semi-automatic. Calling it magnetic implies that there's a magnetic clutch or coupling involved, possibly similar to Renault's 1960s automatic?
  Just before Wilson

Americans have a constant and arrogant tendency to believe the direction of "freedom" runs one way. We always believe that earlier eras were more censorious in areas where we are proudly "free".

History isn't so simple. Taboos and official censorship have always varied in partly cyclical and partly arbitrary ways.

From a trade journal for printers, 1916, in an allegedly Victorian time when women were covered from neck to ankle:

Before Wilson's crackdown.
  Wilsonian indeed

ZeroHedge has been pointing to one email in the Hillary load that should be getting ALL the attention.

Hillary's wife Huma states casually "She's often confused." The casual tone indicates that the insiders already know this.

In a sane society these three words would finish off the Clinton candidacy. We are not sane. Even the snarky ZeroHedge commenters seem to have skipped the importance of this basic admission.

Reminds me of the first neocon. Wilson's imperialist intentions were always firm, but the implementation of Versailles and the League of Nations happened after his mind was replaced by his wife and her pal Colonel House. Wilson's totalitarian intentions were also firm before the stroke, but the Palmer Raids began shortly after the stroke. We can't tell if both tendencies would have remained within bounds, but we know that both in fact ran wild after the substitution.
Wilson’s wife Edith blamed Republican opponents in Congress for her husband’s stroke, as their vehement opposition to the League of Nations often took the form of character assassination. Edith, who was even suspicious of the political motives of Vice President Thomas Marshall, closely guarded access to her husband. She kept the true extent of Wilson’s incapacitation from the press and his opponents. While Wilson lay in bed, unable to speak or move, Edith purportedly insisted that she screen all of Wilson’s paperwork, in some cases signing Wilson’s name to documents without consulting the convalescing president. Edith, however, denied usurping her husband’s position during his recovery and in her memoirs insisted she acted only as a “steward.”
Sounds all too familiar, with one important exception. In 1919 the Repoofs were nationalist. Now the Repoofs are the main carriers of neoconism. The Dems are not quite comfortable in the imperialist role yet, but after the Empress takes the throne everything will be Rectified.
  Reprint from 2010

Trying to remember something related to Soros, ran into this piece I wrote in 2010. It's still valid, except that the "left and right sides" of the ruling class have abandoned the appearance of sidedness under the pressure of Populists. They're openly working together for Soros. So this is even more relevant now.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

The two "sides" of America's ruling class have been whoring after Islam for separate but equally wrong reasons, both based on their natural infantile insanity.

= = = = =

The left side of the ruling class is fueled by a blood fetish, inherited from a long line of ideological mass murderers. Robespierre, Lincoln, Stalin, Hitler, Mao. Leftists want to see dead babies, dead people, ruined civilizations, total and infinite destruction, in the name of some wild-eyed abstract theory.

For the leftist, government exists to SMASH the non-privileged world (especially Christians, Caucasians and heterosexuals) and simultaneously to insure "human rights" for the surviving privileged classes, which must naturally include ME.

Their attraction to Sheikh Osama is transparent, nicely expressed by leftist icon Karlheinz Stockhausen. They mistakenly impute the Sheikh's destruction of American lives and property to his religion.

= = = = =

The right side of the ruling class is fueled by raw greed. All money, all property, all people BELONG TO ME. IT'S MINE, ALL MINE. I WANT IT ALL. I NEED IT ALL. I DESERVE IT ALL.

For the right side of the ruling class, government exists for the sole purpose of pouring MORE MORE MORE TRILLIONS TRILLIONS TRILLIONS INTO MY SWISS BANK ACCOUNT. MINE. MINE. MINE. MINE. MINE. ALL MINE. ALL ME.

Their attraction to the Arab world is somewhat imitative: they see the behavior of Saudi princes and Dubai slavemasters, and they want to have the same life. They mistakenly impute this Arab brutality to Mohammedanism. In fact it comes from Arab culture and is echoed in Arab branches of Islam, but not in other branches.

= = = = =

So the ruling class loves Islam for insane reasons, but as mentioned yesterday, the ruling class will be in considerable trouble if full-fledged Islam takes hold.

But what about ordinary Americans? This part is damned hard to think about and damned hard to write, but must be said.

Ordinary Americans don't want "Human Rights" or "Individual Liberty". They want safety, security and peace.

Ordinary Americans hate Islam for extremely rational reasons ... and yet ordinary Americans, unlike the ruling class, would have a better life under Islam, provided it adopts the softer non-Arab forms as in Indonesia, Turkey or pre-Khomeini Persia. (The proviso is critically important!)

An adapted Islam will give ordinary Americans a better family structure and a safer community. It will strongly encourage men to be sober and clean, and strongly encourage women to be modest and obedient. It will encourage families to bear lots of well-disciplined and well-loved children. It will discourage crime with public, quick and satisfying punishments.

Islam will give ordinary Americans a better commercial culture in which the human connection between buyer and seller matters more than the infinite increase of raw numbers; a commercial culture that treats bankers as low-status quasi-criminals, necessary evils but not the Masters Of The Universe.

Islam will give ordinary Americans a better government: a government that doesn't place the "human rights" of fags and fish above the safety and security of normal families. A government that doesn't build much, but also doesn't place infinite obstacles in your path if you want to start a business or run a farm or build an oil well or a power plant. Just pay the bribe and everything's OK.

= = = = =

All of the qualities listed in the above three paragraphs are fatal anathema to the ruling class, left and right. All of the qualities listed in the above three paragraphs would be a healing solace to ordinary Americans.

= = = = = END REPRINT



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