Wednesday, November 25, 2020
  Reversed Parkinson process

Parkinson's all-powerful all-explaining Law says that organizations grow.

Organizations and agencies and academic disciplines usually start with a purpose in mind. In some cases the purpose is a serious attempt to solve a real problem; more often it's fake. After the organization is underway, it never quits. Often it makes the problem exponentially worse, to "justify" exponential increases in budget to continue un-"solving" the problem even worsererer. Sometimes it abandons the original goal and finds new goals, usually monetary or criminal.

I hadn't counted religion among the replacement purposes, and it's hard to think of examples.

Most active religions began as a fresh rebellion against an older religion that lost its sacred purpose and turned secular. When an old denomination faded into monetary transactions or crime, a new rebel group splintered off. Christ was rebelling against venal Judaism. Mohammed and Luther were both rebelling against massively evil Catholicism. Joseph Smith and Aimee Semple MacPherson were rebelling against aristocratic Protestants.

In the current century we finally have some clear examples of transitions from secular to religious. Most obviously, medicine and public health. Formerly secular, now a genocide cult.

Physics is a bit less distinct, but this article makes the transition wonderfully clear.
Is physics finished? The 21st century is often called the age of biology. Or artificial intelligence. Or any other emerging field. This relegates physics to the previous century — the golden days when the revolutions of relativity and quantum mechanics shook the world, and the discoveries of elementary particles led to a string of Nobel Prizes.

That brings us to the second argument. Recent advances in cosmology allow us to state, with a fair amount of certainty, that 95 percent of the universe is missing. These missing parts consist of dark matter and dark energy, both equally mysterious forms of new physics.
Secular physics is done. No more experimentation, no more tentative hypotheses. Only flat statements of required sacred faith in a NONEXISTENT AND IMAGINARY concept with no testable or measurable properties.

These missing parts consist of dark matter and dark energy.

I believe in one Dark Energy and in its blessed prophet Dark Matter.
  Value reflects killcount

Uncommon Descent reports that some of Darwin's handwritten notebooks are missing and presumed stolen from the British National Museum. The notebooks are "worth millions".

UD snarkily proposes that the books must have randomly mutated away from the museum, since an assumption of theft would imply PURPOSE.

I found the value more interesting. Would notebooks from Wheatstone or Ohm be equally valuable? I doubt it.

Among document collectors, valuation tends to reflect the aristocracy of the subject. Rarity is also a factor, but a rare document by a peasant, or a document connected to peasants, has no value.

For instance, a rare 1930 advertising brochure for Duesenberg is much more expensive than a rare 1930 brochure for Chevy. The product belongs to rich people, so everything related to the product has value.

When I was building a replica of Hubbard's E-Meter, I looked on Ebay for books by the inventor Volney Mathison. His books were up in the $500 range. Similar vaguely mystical self-help books by non-Hubbard authors were in the $10 range.

All books and documents related to Hubbard's cult are unduly expensive. Why? Because Hubbard's cultists are rich and important people.

The same rule applies to Darwin. His cultists are rich and important people. True from the start, because DarwinISM has always been a weapon used by the rich to kill the poor.

Value reflects killcount.
Tuesday, November 24, 2020
  Entertainment point-missing

Sticking with today's focus....

Quora randomly fed a discussion of a clever magic trick. Judging from the pictures, it's popular among street performers in India. The magician appears to be floating in air, using a fragile-looking stick to stay in one place. The discussers showed how the trick works. The stick isn't fragile; it's a steel column supporting a platform under the magician, and resting on an equally strong platform on the ground. The platforms and welds are hidden by "casually draped" rugs and robes.

Serious magic has always involved serious engineering.

One discusser, whose Quora credentials showed him to be a professional magician, was loudly berating the others for revealing the trick. How do you expect magicians to make money if you're going to spill our secrets?

Tell you what, dude, it's not up to the audience to keep your secrets. It's up to you. Competent magicians have ALWAYS revealed some of their own tricks. Competent magicians can produce amazement and wonderment ANYWAY.

That's the whole point of any entertainment or art.

The audience knows that a painting is just goo splashed on canvas, but a good painter can use the goo to create awe and mystery and revelation. The audience knows that an orchestra is just a bunch of wiggling strings and metal pipes, and a singer is just a bladder full of air creating a buzz between two flaps of skin and muscle. Despite that knowledge, a good musician can pull the audience out of horrible everyday life directly into Heaven.

Dude, if you think your main vocation is keeping secrets, you should be working for NSA or the Public Death Offices, not trying to entertain people. You're in the wrong job.

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  Good entertainment = good maintenance

In previous item,
The real engineers and architects of the first 1000 were not in Github mode. They built houses and cathedrals to last, because they understood technology was not going to improve soon. The scribes put artistry into their handwritten books, knowing that the books would be used and maintained for centuries. They tried to provide beauty and pleasure for the maintainers, to insure better and longer maintenance. Bookkeepers used indelible ink on heavy paper, and 'illuminated' their ledgers with similar artistry.
Providing beauty and treats for the maintainers is a lost art, but not lost for 1000 years. The practice was fairly common up to 1970 when the whole world of manufacturing and maintenance was hunted to extinction by Wall Street.

Some car makers tried to create a pleasant environment for mechanics. I experienced this sort of pleasure when working on Mercedes and Toyota in the '70s. When you got into the engine compartment, everything you needed for routine maintenance was easy to find, pleasant for the eyes and hands, and satisfying to complete. I never had this experience in a VW or American car.

RCA and Zenith unquestionably followed this rule with their radios in the '20s and '30s. Both brands were beautiful and entertaining outside and inside. The inside included all the info you needed, and often included specialized tools or spare parts.

I try to provide moments of pleasure and beauty in my courseware and graphics. A textbook, whether on paper or software, should include some art and entertainment. I don't know if anyone appreciates them, but I feel obligated to pay back the beauty of life and nature.

Later and better thought: Providing beauty and treats for the maintainers is NOT a lost art outside of human "civilization". Plants have been doing it for a billion years. Flowers and fruits are EXACTLY beauty and treats to insure maintenance.

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  Reprint from 2011

While looking for links on the medieval version of Prosperity Gospel, ran into this item from 2011, which happened to use the word prosperity.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

This feature in New Superstitionist runs through a new 'theory' that links public health to democracy.
[According to Randy Thornhill,] ... the nature of the political system that holds sway in a particular country - whether it is a repressive dictatorship or a liberal democracy - may be determined in large part by a single factor: the prevalence of infectious disease.
NS, to its credit, kicks down three dozen absurdities in this notion, but still misses the most basic problems.

First, Thornhill totally ignores race and ethnicity. When you open your eyes to the fact that PEOPLE ARE DIFFERENT, you don't need this theory at all. Racial tendencies explain both the competence of government and the prevalence of disease. (I thought the whole point of Sociobiology was to pay attention to biological differences, but apparently that has gone away.)

Second, Thornhill assumes that voting is a good measure of 'democracy', and assumes that 'democracy' is a desirable condition. There is no evidence for either assumption. Every society has some form of election. Tribal elders meet to choose the new chief. Modern quantitative democracy is a tool to eliminate popular consent. When you have a 'mandate' generated by publicity, trickery and cheating, and reinforced by a totally uniform 'free press', you don't need to listen to the real voice of the people. When your power depends solely on remaining unshot by bullets or unpierced by arrows, you're more likely to listen.

Third, modern 'democracy' eliminates the firmness and courage needed to maintain public health. We could have controlled AIDS much faster, using time-tested public health techniques, if our 'democracy' hadn't surrendered to the rich and powerful homosexual lobby. Several old diseases (plague, TB, polio) are coming back because politicians want maximum immigration from primitive countries in order to gain new voters. Other old diseases are returning because our 'democracy' listens to the Vaccines Cause Autism pressure group. Malaria is returning because our 'democracy' respects the rich and powerful Gaian fanatics more than it respects life.

Here's the basic fact: A well-organized and well-disciplined country that has some regard for its own people will eradicate parasites and diseases, and will also increase its prosperity. After a country reaches a certain degree of comfort and prosperity, it often turns toward 'democracy', which destroys its discipline and prosperity and brings it back to the default Haitian level. 'Democracy' is neither a cause nor an effect of good public health, 'democracy' is a disease that eliminates public health.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

Well, they gave us plenty of warning, didn't they? I'd completely forgotten about this clear statement that DISEASE MUST STOP FREEDOM.

I got two things right: (1) We were already destroying normal public health procedures in 2011. We finished the job this year. (2) The governments that resisted the holocaust longest were the "authoritarians" that weren't using the fakery of "democracy". Tanzania and Belarus have strong leaders who are considered "undemocratic" by Soros and Bezos.

But I didn't get the main variable.

In 2011 I side-mentioned a government that has some regard for its own people. This turns out to be the MOST important thing, not just one factor. Ethnically centered discipline without regard is the worst combination. See Germany. The regard variable is easily visible inside the US, where all of the states have the same nominal system.

Summing up, the best combination seems to have three ingredients:

(1) The leader must be human, not a demon. Ideally he should want to serve the people. Even an uncaring rich playboy who simply wants to indulge his own pleasure is fine, as long as his own pleasure isn't mass murder.

(2) The leader must be strong enough, and have enough support from his bureaucrats and military, to resist Soros and Bezos.

(3) He must NEED a population that is alive and working and relatively contented. The best way to insure this NEED is to depend on taxes, not debt. The countries and states that resisted best have REAL business and depend on taxing REAL business. They don't depend on abstract finance, and aren't in a position to generate counterfeit money through software magic. A government that needs live people will keep them alive. A government that doesn't need live people will kill everybody.


Monday, November 23, 2020
  The Y1K bug

In 1999 there was considerable hubbub over the Y2K bug in old programs, many of which were in COBOL. The language itself wasn't busted; its date functions have four digits. But the early mainframe programmers in the '60s and '70s had to make extremely careful use of limited memory space, so they formed the habit of using only the last two digits of dates in calculations.

Those old programmers were already operating in Github mode, assuming that everything would change and improve fast, so it wasn't necessary to think 40 years ahead. They didn't realize that their machines and their code would still be running steady in 2000, 2010, 2020, ad infinitum.

= = = = =

The date bug in the real world was even weirder. The real odometer has four digits, but the leftmost wheel froze up. The odometer turned over from 1999 to 1000, not 2000 or 0000.

Now we're back in 1000, when inbred demonic imbeciles ruled a patchwork of duchies and fiefdoms, united by the crazed theology of the One Universal Church. We're before Ockham and Galileo and Jenner. Logic and experimentation and immunity haven't been discovered yet. Angels with A-bombs dance frenziedly on pinheads, multiplying beyond all necessity. Most of the world is permanently locked into an infinite supercrime with no exit.

We're back in 1000, when China and Arabia and the Mayan and African empires were WAY AHEAD of Europeans in thinking and medicine and math and engineering.

Even the specific problems that were going to be caused by the 0000 bug didn't turn out to be problems. Interest on savings was zeroed out in 1008, so long-term calculations on that side of the ledger are no longer needed. Interest on loans is being zeroed out in 1020, freeing bankers from all contractual obligations so they can simply dispossess the peasants at will.

The real engineers and architects of the first 1000 were not in Github mode. They built houses and cathedrals to last, because they understood technology was not going to improve soon. The scribes put artistry into their handwritten books, knowing that the books would be used and maintained for centuries. They tried to provide beauty and pleasure for the maintainers, to insure better and longer maintenance. Bookkeepers used indelible ink on heavy paper, and 'illuminated' their ledgers with similar artistry.

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  Themes echo more loudly in fog

Since I'm in Connecting Themes mode today:

Here's more from Tyndall's textbook on Sound, cited in previous item on Trinity House acoustical research at Lizard Point.

Tyndall was disproving the commonly held THEORY that fog absorbed sound because it absorbed light. This should have been obvious to any alert observer. You can hear all sorts of distant sounds in fog. Apparently it wasn't obvious to other scientists at the time.
During the exceedingly dense and dripping fog of January 22 I placed myself near the same railings and heard every stroke of the bell. On the same day an assistant at the end of the Serpentine, when the fog was densest, heard the Westminster bell striking loudly eleven. Towards evening this fog began to melt away, and at 6 o'clock I went to the end of the Serpentine to observe the effect of the optical clearing of the atmosphere upon the sound. Not one of the strokes reached me. At 9 o'clock and at 10 o'clock my able assistant Mr. COTTRELL was in the same position, and on both occasions failed to hear a single stroke of the bell. It was a case precisely similar to that of December 13, when the dissolution of the fog was accompanied by a decided acoustic thickening of the air.
Cottrell. Fog. Sounds familiar.... Yes. The same Cottrell later improved Lodge's precipitator to purify fog and smoke.

Did he have an epiphany about fog while working for Tyndall?

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  Fits a couple of themes

Movies and TV famously do an awful job of showing how real computers and real programmers work. Hackers type madly, see ACCESS DENIED on the screen in big flashing letters, then type some more and see ACCESS PERMITTED in big flashing letters.

The opposite happened in the mainframe era. Most movies and TV shows gave a solidly realistic close-up image of sorters and tape drives and card punches. They usually overrated the power of the computer, but the machines, and the way of working with the machines, were correctly viewed.

Stop to think: In the mainframe era very few people had actual experience with computers. Since 1980 everybody has actual experience with computers.

When nobody knew the reality, movie producers were free to make up anything they chose. But they didn't. After 1980, movies should have been restrained by common experience. But they weren't.

This 1960 movie is a good example of getting mainframes exactly right. It does an even better job with the dilemma of trusting the machine vs trusting the expert.

An arrogant expert working for an insurance company insists the computer must be wrong because it shows a pattern of deaths that is "impossible" by his theories. This is realistic.

Soon he looks more closely and realizes the machine was right, and then goes into detective mode to find who is behind the pattern, and possibly save the next victim. This is unrealistic by today's standards. It might have happened in 1960. (It also fits my recent theme of insurers saving lives to increase profit.)

Now we refuse to follow obvious simple DATA because the experts know the DATA is wrong. Bizarre delusional demonic theories and theologies are always correct, and they become even more undeniably correct when ALL the data contradicts them.
  Pearce gets it.

Among the sources I read, only two writers get everything right. No pulled punches, no false flags, no unnecessary assumptions.

Both understand that we're back in 1000 AD, with the Western world violently misruled by utterly insane perfectly evil inbred incestuous infantile imbecilic satanic demons. Both writers understand that "elections" and "laws" and "constitutions" are perfectly empty wordsalad.

One is Edward Curtin, who is uniformly dismal, offering no hope at all.

The other is Joseph Pearce, who tries to offer a more medieval version of duty.

In his latest article at Imaginative Conservative,
Empires come and go. Goliaths are slain. Or more often they kill themselves through their own inherent unsustainability. But they are always replaced with other empires and other Goliaths. The people are always trodden under the feet of the powerful. It has ever been thus. All that we need to do is resist evil by living virtuously. We can do this with every dollar we spend. We need to starve Goliath by spending our money, whenever possible, in a way that weakens the giant and does not nourish him. We need to know that every dollar is a vote and that we are casting these votes every day. We need to know that spending money is a moral act which makes the world a better or a worse place. In this way, we can be making the world a better place with every penny we spend. In this way, we can be helping to fight Goliath every day of our lives and loving our neighbours by doing so.
On the dot. Money does influence some parts of Goliath. The corporations who were supporting riots found quickly that their customers didn't like riots. They stopped supporting riots. So far I haven't seen any monetary feedback from supporting the "virus" holocaust, but that doesn't mean it can't happen.

I'd add, based on experience with psychopaths, that we also have a duty to avoid exciting the demon. Try to keep him bored and uninterested. He will still kill us all, but he won't do it quite as fast or dramatically.


Sunday, November 22, 2020
  Trinity House at Lizard Point

Trinity House used the lighthouse at Lizard Point in Cornwall as its center for acoustical research.

Rayleigh and Tyndall and others built a variety of sirens and horns, and tested them under a variety of conditions.

= = = = =

John Tyndall, in his 1880 textbook on acoustics, describes some of those experiments at both Foreland and Lizard Point.

The goal was to determine what kind of sound source penetrated various atmospheric formations best, in order to protect ships against reefs and grounding in fog. Tyndall discusses the peculiarities of air layers, especially inversions and interfaces between masses of different temperature or humidity. When the line from the sound to the listener is parallel to a boundary, the sound will be channeled to your ear. When the line is perpendicular, the sound is blocked.

Tyndall includes this letter from Professor RGH Kean in Virginia.
For the following account of the battle of Gain's Farm, I am indebted to the Rector of the University of Virginia:

March 19, 1874.

SIR, I have just read with great interest your lecture of January 16, on the acoustic transparency and opacity of the atmosphere. The remarkable observations you mention induce me to state to you a fact which I have occasionally mentioned, but always, where I am not well known, with the apprehension that my veracity would be questioned. It made a strong impression on me at the time, but was an insoluble mystery until your discourse gave me a possible solution.

On the afternoon of June 28, 1862, I rode, in company with General Randolph, then Secretary of War of the Confederate States, to Price's house, about nine miles from Richmond. The evening before, General Lee had begun his attack on McClellan's army, by crossing the Chickahominy about four miles above Price's, and driving in McClellan's right wing. The battle of Gain's Farm was fought the afternoon to which I refer.

The valley of Chickahominy is about one and a half miles wide from hilltop to hilltop. Price's is on one hilltop, that nearest to Richmond; Gain's Farm, just opposite, is on the other, reaching back in a plateau to Cold Harbour. Looking across the valley I saw a good deal of the battle, Lee's right resting in the valley, the Federal left wing the same. My line of vision was nearly in the line of the lines of battle. I saw the advanceof the Confederates, their repulse two or three times, and in the grey of the evening the final retreat of the Federal forces.

I distinctly saw the musket fire of both lines, the smoke, individual discharges, the flash of the guns. I saw batteries of artillery on both sides come into action and fire rapidly. Several field-batteries on each side were plainly in sight. Many more were hid by the timber which bounded the range of vision.

Yet looking for nearly two hours, from about 5 to 7 PM on a midsummer afternoon, at a battle in which at least 50,000 men were actually engaged, and doubtless at least 100 pieces of field-artillery, through an atmosphere optically as limpid as possible, not a single sound of the battle was audible to General Randolph and myself. I remarked it to him at the time as astonishing.

Between me and the battle was the deep broad valley of the Chickahominy, partly a swamp shaded from the declining sun by the hills and forest in the west (my side). Part of the valley on each side of the swamp was cleared; some in cultivation, some not. Here were conditions capable of providing several belts of air, varying in the amount of watery vapour (and probably in temperature), arranged like laminae at right angles to the acoustic waves as they came from the battlefield to me.
Several boundary layers of OBJECTIVITY were channeled in 1880 and blocked now.

1. Trinity House was basically a mutual insurance company, devoted to the safety of sailors and ships. It gained profit when ships sailed and landed safely. So it devoted huge resources to eliminating false beacons, and to developing the best ways of signaling danger to ships. Trinity supported optical research on lights, acoustical research on foghorns, and electronic research on ship-to-shore radio. Now insurers are no longer objective, even when partisanship ruins their own profits. They sacrifice all to serve DNC.

2. Kean was watching a battle where men were dying. The South won that particular battle, but by 1874 the NYC occupiers were fully engaged in pillaging and looting and raping the South, after burning it down and killing huge numbers of people. Nevertheless, he was able to separate science from genocide, carefully calibrating distances and swamps and forests. Now science IS genocide, and nothing can be published unless it advances NYC's pillaging and looting and raping.

3. Tyndall didn't mention the alleged "purposes" of Madman Lincoln's genocide and didn't automatically dismiss an entire section of the world as Unpersons. He simply found Kean's observations interesting enough to include.

4. Kean's letter must have come through the regular postal system. Transatlantic mail via steamship was efficient and fast in 1880, generally taking about one week. Unlike today's superfast and "free" web service, the postal system in 1880 didn't refuse to carry mail from Unplaces.

At that time science had NOTHING to do with political partisanship or geographical partisanship. Madman Lincoln's genocide was still running full speed, but neither Kean nor Tyndall let their emotions interfere with OBSERVATION.

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  This is stupid.

For some reason I'm highly discouraged today by the failure of discussion and debate and facts to have any influence on demons.

This discouragement is STUPID. I've known for a LONG time, probably since 1975, that discussion is meaningless. I noticed it when I was a student, then proved it when I was teaching.

Lectures don't teach. Working with reality in a systematic way teaches. Sometimes a discussion during the work can clarify the learning, but it's secondary.

Learning arises from encountering a specific piece of reality at a moment when you're open to it. Sometimes the openness comes from frustration, sometimes it just happens.

I shouldn't expect ANYTHING, facts or debates or experience, to influence demons. I've known this since 1969 when I shared a prison cell with a psychopath.

Maybe today is just a discouraged day, and I'm misattributing the overall mood to the failure.

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  Interesting development in Portugal

Via the British LockdownSceptics, a report from Portugal.

A national court has ruled narrowly against the use of tests and quarantines, only for the four plaintiffs. There's one possible precedent that could possibly be useful elsewhere, if courts mattered:
A medical diagnosis is a medical act that only a physician is legally qualified to undertake and for which such physician will be solely and entirely responsible. No other person or institution, including government agencies or the courts, has such an authority. It is not up to the Azores Regional Health Authority to declare someone ill, or a health hazard. Only a physician can do that. No one can be declared ill or a health hazard by decree or law, nor as the automatic, administrative consequence of the outcome of a laboratory test, no matter which.
If courts mattered, this would break the tyranny of the Public Death Officers, who have turned a criminally false diagnosis of a criminally mislabeled common cold into a capital crime, with no trial or witnesses. It's all guaranteed anonymous thanks to HIPAA.

Courts don't matter, so this won't make any difference. Demon governors have been instantly and easily ignoring much broader and stronger court orders in several states, WITH NO CONSEQUENCES.

The reporter has a more interesting observation about Portugal:
With Spain and Greece, Portugal is one of the few countries in the so-called West where enough people are still alive to know what a dictatorship looks like. Our numbers are dwindling, as you have to be at least 60 to have experienced the 1974 revolution in any meaningful manner. I was a teenager at the time, and I remember very well what daily life was like under censorship, massively lying mass media, police brutality, arbitrary detention in the name of the “national interest”, etc. — all those things that I hoped never again have to experience but that the current Covid climate has brought very, very vividly to the fore. Yet, it may well be exactly because of such things having happened in living memory that our Government has been less heavy-handed about the pandemic than most others in Europe. And, now to the point, maybe that’s also why our high courts have issued rulings of potentially devastating consequences for the current Covid narrative.


However: This doesn't work for Germany, which lived through a much harsher tyranny, and in the East two different tyrannies in a row. Germany is ALWAYS ferociously tyrannical and NEVER learns from experience. Nothing to do with Fascism or Communism or any ism. It's just Kraut genes.
  Constants and variables 157

Skeptics continue to underestimate the DEMONIC nature of demons.
He was “taken aback” that reporters, during a press conference about COVID-19 Thanksgiving plans, asked him if he was going to follow his own lockdown orders — especially knowing that Pritzker’s wife violated the last lockdown by fleeing to their multimillion-dollar equestrian estate in Florida?

We would be fined for this, but these Democratic governors are exempt from coronavirus and lockdown concerns, apparently.
Governors and mayors are ALWAYS exempt from obeying the laws they make. That's a perpetual constant. The variable here relates to KNOWLEDGE, not ethics.

In this holocaust the demons KNOW that they can disobey the rules because they KNOW there is no risk. They're not bravely tolerating risk or brazenly disregarding risk. If they KNEW the "virus" was a real risk, they wouldn't be disobeying the rules that "protect" you from the "virus", even when nobody is watching. If they knew that the lockdowns and muzzles were really protective against a real virus, they would be distanced and muzzled all the time, even when nobody is watching.

In fact they know the whole thing is a hoax BECAUSE THEY INVENTED THE HOAX.

Demons don't want to die. They want to live forever, and they will. You don't live forever by brazenly disregarding real natural risks.

Here's a truth-table comparing demons with humans.

Species Want to die? Want to kill?
Humans No No
Demons No Yes

The difference between demons and humans is on the want to kill variable. Demons want to kill and have an UNQUENCHABLE BURNING NEED to obliterate everything. They invented this panic to give them a "reason" to kill everyone. And they're succeeding magnificently.

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Saturday, November 21, 2020
  From an extremely different era 14

Lindsay MacHarrie's Can you imagine that is broadly similar to Hix's Strange as it seems. MacHarrie didn't have a large staff, so he wasn't able to write and dramatize history and science on the same scale as Hix. MacHarrie did communicate the same courtesy and RESPECT for ordinary people, especially Southerners.

Can you imagine American media respecting Deplorables? It was common in the '30s.

In this episode, a historical anecdote demonstrates RESPECT for work and skill, also common in '30s media and extinct today.

Andrew Johnson was governor of Tennessee before he accidentally ended up as president. And before he went into politics he was a tailor. He was trained by involuntary servitude in chains, which wasn't unusual for poor whites. This form of slavery was still common in 1900.

While governor, Johnson received a gift of fireplace tools from a judge who had been a blacksmith. The judge had made the tools with his own hands on his own forge. So Johnson found out what size the judge wore, and made a suit for the judge with his own hands.

Pay for REAL value with REAL value. Emerson (who was writing at that time) would certainly understand.

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  Good advice, stupid reasons

Birzer at Imaginative Conservative recommends pulling away from social media and big tech as much as possible without losing function and employment. Unquestionably good and necessary advice. Every minute spent on social media is intended to create fear and depression. Even the writers and aggregators on the "good" side need clicks, and they create clicks by generating fear and panic. It's unavoidable.

Birzer goes badly astray when he tries to analyze the basis of the current tyranny. He properly rejects Orwell's pure state-centered dystopia, then improperly rejects Huxley's corporate dystopia and accepts Bradbury's idea that the tyranny comes from the masses.
Again, what matters so critically in these passages is that the tyranny comes from the demands of the Masses, not from the central government. In Bradbury’s understanding, the government might very well be wicked and evil, but it would always follow the lead of the Masses and become their tool, rather than the other way around.

Throughout his career, Bradbury spoke bravely and openly against “political correctness,” recognizing it for the evil and the tyranny it is. In 1953, it was against Joseph McCarthy. “Whether or not my ideas on censorship via the fire department will be old hat by this time next week, I dare not predict,” he wrote, but “when the wind is right, a faint odor of kerosene is exhaled from Senator McCarthy.”

Deepstate NEVER follows the masses. Deepstate tells the masses what to do and what to say and where to protest, then "follows" the protests that agree with Deepstate's desires. The "opposite" side of the protests, also generated by Deepstate, gives Deepstate a way to identify and exterminate dissidents and "terrorists".

This is extremely well-known by everyone who has been part of the protests at any time from 1968 to now. It was also true of the "anti-slavery" protesters in 1860.

McCarthy was NOT representing the masses. He was representing Roy Cohn, the deep dark heart of the blackmail branch of Deepstate. Trump was ALSO trained and created by the very same Roy Cohn with the very same flavor and purpose. If Bradbury didn't understand this, he was a fool who isn't worth following. More likely he did understand it and was part of the tyranny. If he had been an actual dissident, he couldn't have been published at all. The fact that he was published and got rich from his books, and his books were taught in schools, tells you ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW.

More subtly, some of Birzer's advice may also be flawed. The "alternative" media, if they're big enough to make a splash, are not alternative. They're just another way for Deepstate to identify "terrorists". They certainly don't do a better job of preserving privacy, as I verified with Parler. It's better to stick with the big names, use them sparingly and carefully, and avoid cellphones entirely. Small fish in big pond is just naturally harder to detect than big fish in small pond.

= = = = =

Footnote: McCarthy was dangerous, but NOT for the standard reasons. His lists exposed Soviet spies and "unfairly" tarnished "noble liberals". CIA already knew the real spies and knew how to work with them to avoid KGB eruptions, and KGB knew how to work with our real spies to avoid CIA eruptions. Real spies are playing an old and well-ordered game that preserves peace when it works properly. Exposing some of the real spies meant that KGB would have to send new spies who weren't already known, thus costing CIA extra effort. But that wasn't the serious problem. McCarthy was mainly dangerous because those "noble liberals" were Deepstate's FAKE Soviet agents who were obliterating American culture and civilization while blaming the destruction on Russia. That's why he needed to be discredited and Unpersoned.

= = = = =

Later thought: Generating fear and panic is universal among media on all "sides". The aggregators on the skeptic side often exaggerate the lockdowns, or make it sound like the lockdown is getting stricter when it's actually getting slightly looser. (Lockdowns should not exist AT ALL, but that doesn't justify misstating the changes.) Because the governments are trying to destroy truth and logic, skeptics should feel an obligation to get the facts RIGHT, not overstating or understating reality.

Why doesn't anyone try to get clicks by making you FEEL HAPPY AND CONFIDENT? Other types of business do. Food sells because it tastes good, not because it makes you feel sick. Cars sell because they make you feel masterful while driving, not because they make you feel weak and endangered. American media in previous decades included some fear-makers, but mainly sold empathy and confidence and respect and real education. Where did these motives go? Surely the same method would work now. People haven't changed, and our appetite for empathy is vastly larger now because NOBODY is trying to satisfy it.

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Friday, November 20, 2020
  Continuing from previous item....

The debt vs saving theme is also visible in Quora discussions about COBOL vs Java, C#, Haskell, Go, and all the other modern shit.

Over and over the tech-monsters slam COBOL as "technical debt" or "sunk cost fallacy". They see an UNBROKEN MACHINE as a debt that continues to cost you money.

Wrong. An old machine or an old set of designs or an old bank of code or an old set of skills has been tested and tried and revised and debugged by EXPERIENCE. It is an ASSET, not a debt. If you've kept up the maintenance, the cost is minimal and the return is steady.

Constant change is the worst kind of debt. Betting your life on the latest THEORY may pay off for you once in a while, but it will always pay off for the casino that rigs the game. IPOs rely on the gambler mentality, sucking the skills of programmers and designers without any ACTUAL PAY, keeping them working 24/7 in permanent anticipation of the BIG PAYOFF in stock options when the house finally loses.

The house never loses.

Now the same paradigm has been applied to medicine and public health. Medicine is an old machine, debugged by 2000 years of experience. Public health is an old set of code, debugged by 200 years of experience. The "virus" IPO throws all the experience away in mad pursuit of a THEORY that runs perfectly CONTRARY to all the experience and logic and science of 2000 years. Absolutely everything we're doing is the precise opposite of what WORKS.


= = = = =

Footnote: Sunk cost can be a fallacy. If you've been pouring your effort into a vain hope, trying to beat the house or trying to become popular and attractive and rich when you weren't born that way, you tend to keep doing it based on occasional ephemeral positive indications. The house loves to provide those occasional meaningless wins. Sunk cost is NOT a fallacy when you're putting effort toward a goal that agrees with Nature, a goal that can be achieved.


  Worth reading

In recent months The Federalist has pretty much gone all in with Trump, doing the "stolen election" bit, after mocking DNC for doing the "stolen election" bit in 2016.

The simple fact is that you can't steal an election, just as you can't beat the casino with a System. The game has always been fully rigged. That's the purpose of the Electoral College, which was beloved by R and hated by D until this year, when the fake loves and hates will flip.

As the Blanc Brothers, founders of Monte Carlo, were fond of saying:

Que Rouge ou Noir sorte, c'est toujours Blanc qui gagne!

If you think you have a System, you're wrong. If you think the other "party" has a System, you're wrong. The house wants you to waste your time and money and life on fake beliefs. That's exactly how Blanc (ou Bezos) gagne.

Even so, occasionally The Federalist publishes an article worth reading. This article on debt vs saving is solid stuff with good historical perspective, not falling into any of the fake traps.

Continued in next item.


  Inconclusive but interesting

A couple weeks ago had a short item about Ron Hubbard demonstrating that tomatoes 'scream' when they feel pain. He used his E-meter on a tomato and showed a change in resistance when the knife went through. Well, a change in resistance doesn't imply life. It's just the connected area becoming thinner.

This caught my attention because I had replicated the original E-meter and proved SCARILY that it was not just a meter.

I decided to see what happens with a tomato. I had disassembled the E-meter after the scary experiment, so I used a transistorized VOM (FET-VOM) instead, which is more or less the same ckt with much less applied current than the E-meter.

I gripped a wire with each of the meter's clips, then poked the wires into the ends of the tomato. Resistance was about 500k, and on the voltage scale a very small DC voltage showed, probably a battery effect from the metal electrodes in the acid tomato.

When I touched the tomato with the knife, nothing happened. As soon as I cut in, just a half-inch, the ohmmeter went wild, swinging back and forth ten times then stopping. After that, nothing more happened. I finished cutting all the way through, and predictably the resistance gradually increased to infinity as the contact surface decreased.

Later with a different tomato I tried checking voltage instead of resistance. Again nothing happened on touching with the knife, but a noticeable small voltage appeared during the cutting then went to zero when I stopped moving the knife.

There's something going on here beyond the obvious and predictable change in resistance, and the obvious battery action from dissimilar materials and acid. The tomato seems to be responding actively to the injury itself, not just to the separation.

Incidentally, this effect wouldn't have been visible with a digital VOM. Analog is VASTLY better for seeing things move. Digital is better for exact measurements of passive components.


  Real educational radio

I've been observing that radio did a good job of education via some of the syndicated programs. The official education programs, featuring academic discussions between famous arrogant liberal "intellectuals", were shit.

Here are two unique examples of real classroom-style learning without a classroom atmosphere.

= = = = =

The first was produced by Lindsay MacHarrie, the most courteous and respectful entertainer in history. Only a few episodes seem to be available online.

Guess What featured several seriously difficult brain exercises in each episode. 'Beheading' invited you to find a series of words with different meanings when beheaded, like Elate / late / ate. There were historical questions about which general fought which battle, including some highly obscure battles. I'm pretty good with words, but I only got about 80% right. There was also a list of sentences with "mispronounced" words, but in this case the quiz was only 20% right. 8 of the 10 "mispronounced" words were actually correct and normal by all rational dictionaries. Only the most extreme Grammarrhoids would consider them wrong. (For instance, the show claimed the first syllable of alternate should be like Albert.)

= = = = =

The second example seems to have been broadcast only on AFRS, aimed solely at soldiers. Are you a genius? was hosted by Mel Blanc, the exact opposite of respectful and courteous. Again the questions were fairly difficult, punctuated by Blanc's usual characters like Porky Pig and the hiccuping man.

Ordinary quiz shows were far more common, and continued for many decades on TV. Ordinary quizzes had contestants who were trying to answer the questions, and the audience was nominally invited to match wits with the contestants, but not scored or evaluated.

These two shows were not ordinary quizzes. They were strictly between the host and the listener, a teaching and learning conversation with quantified self-scoring and self-evaluation.

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Thursday, November 19, 2020
  Shouldn't be complaining

Ginn is complaining:

A single mistake of where a guy worked causes a regional shutdown. Don’t assume they checked their work. It’s not their incentive. The absurdity of 2020 continues to amaze us all.

True, but Ginn misses the important and NEW part. The government of South Australia ADMITTED THEIR ERROR AND CHANGED THEIR POLICY. They halted the lockdown.

This is a HISTORIC FIRST. Not just in the current holocaust, but in all the Five Eyes Deepstate lands for the last few decades.

Psychopaths never admit error and never relax their tyranny in response to facts. Death has no input and no feedback. Demons occasionally pull back some aspect of tyranny momentarily, in order to make the next total STOMP more painful and deadly. Pinball. Sucker punch.

The Aussie government has departed from Deepstate and demon norms, and is using NEGATIVE FEEDBACK, the basis of life and civilization. Admitting error is an essential part of hard-wired Natural Law morality. Dogs do it, and occasionally humans learn from dogs.

Will it continue? Of course not. Nevertheless this is UNPRECEDENTED behavior from a government in the Five Eyes Lands.


  Not prophetic

Last year I was focusing on the mysterious lateness of stereo sound, or even telephones that use both ears.

In the early development of the telephone, inventors often gave sound to both ears:

but most of these wouldn't have been practical. This one would have required using both hands for the earpieces, leaving no hands free for writing or typing.

Here's a somewhat more practical invention, found in Gernsback's Science and Invention for Mar 1920.

Note how the handgrip fits into the candlestick stand.

This still wouldn't have worked well. It has no particular advantage over the 'European' combination of one mic and one earphone. Phone operators were already using a similar two-ears-plus-mic that stayed on the head, which is really the only practical way of including all three parts.

The last sentence is more interesting.

The phone is perfectly suited to both the automatic and the future wireless phone.

There was nothing 'prophetic' about this. Everyone assumed that portable wireless phones were coming soon.

Why didn't they come soon? The first few decades are obvious. Tubes, at least as they ultimately developed, were completely unsuitable for portable devices. If the audion had continued its original small low-voltage form, things might have been different. But it didn't. So portable phones had to wait for transistors.

BUT: Portable phones DIDN'T have to wait for microprocessors. They could have developed fully around 1960, with most of the computing power in the central servers. Why not? Infrastructure. Cell towers are a huge and widespread infrastructure in cities, which we don't generally notice. Corporations had to be motivated to make that huge investment. Where did the motivation come from? Deepstate. NSA.


Wednesday, November 18, 2020
  Cobol as icon continued

Partial reprint with extension.


The Github/Room 101 mindset is the deep terminal disease of recent times. It's a major instance of the psychopathic need to obliterate the universe.

This part of the urge is always present in psychopaths, and it was accurately recognized in earlier times.

Quora's programming language section has some discussions about COBOL that illustrate the distinction beautifully. When I hit Quora just now to find examples, the very first item turned out to be a perfect Self-Explanatory Sentence.....


Are there any old programming languages that are still in use?


FORTRAN (63 years), COBOL (60 years), BASIC (56 years), C (48 years), SQL (42 years), C++ (35 years), Objective-C (32 years), Python (29 years), and Java (25 years) are all fairly old and still used (though COBOL is pretty specialized legacy code today). The first three are older than I am.
COBOL is specialized legacy code / Older than I am.

Self-explanatory sentence.

This is the Github view. Old shit is specialized legacy shit and you shouldn't be using it, and we will PROHIBIT YOU FROM USING IT. Any attempt to use tools or thinking from the filthy Neanderthal knuckle-dragging previous femtosecond will halt your life and crash your computer.

In the Github world, the PURPOSE of programming is to spend 100% of your mental time relearning, and 100% of your computer's CPU time processing updates. Windows 10 implements this purpose perfectly.

What is the original intended purpose of a TOOL like computers? The real purpose of any TOOL is to help you GET WORK DONE.

Fortunately the GET WORK DONE side is also well represented in Quora, by older WORKERS and even some younger WORKERS in places like Brazil.

Reality: In the world of computers that DO WORK, most of the WORK is done by COBOL. The part of the computing world that is truly needed, the part that would completely collapse the whole economy if it failed, is COBOL.



I ran into an especially annoying example in the graphics world this month. Since 2000 I've been using Poser for work (courseware animation) and play. I've bought most of the updates, skipping a couple that were specialized sidetracks. Last year's update (v11) added a Github "feature" for the first time. Poser contacts the central server to check for valid license every time you use it. This was annoying in a practical way along with the IMMORALITY of stealing the tool. When my Comcast web service is down, which happens once a week or so, I can't use Poser.

With v12, released this month, they added a total deal breaker. Poser switched to using the latest version of Python, and LOCKED OUT all python programs using the TkInter GUI instead of the WXPython GUI. This may seem like a minor detail, but I've written about a thousand animation 'tools' using TkInter, and rewriting is NOT trivial. It takes about a day to rewrite from Tk to WX.

At first I went ahead and paid the $129.95 for the update, figuring they would HAVE to change this lockout. Nope, they don't HAVE to change it, because they're fully infected by the Github worm. They are revising the scripts that come with the Poser package, but anything that isn't in-house is out of luck.

After this became clear, I demanded a refund. They gave the refund and turned off the license for v12, which is appropriate. But they ALSO turned off the license for v11, which was using the same serial number.

That's outright theft. Now I can't use the last semi-usable version. So I'm severing the connection with Bondware, rolling back to v9, which was the last non-Githubed version.

= = = =

This shouldn't be an especially emotional process. I've been following this curve with software for 30 years, even before the Github crimes. Every program and OS reaches an optimal point when it has all the necessary features. After the optimum, newer versions add unnecessary shit and start subtracting the good stuff. Now Poser joins the crowd of STOP WHERE IT AIN'T BROKE, like COBOL.

There's an added emotional factor, along with the general exhaustion of surviving amid the worldwide takeover by psychopathic demons.

Most of the Python stuff that Bondware is taking in-house was originally derived from my scripts, which I had actively provided to the community from 2003 to 2010 or so. This was only mildly annoying before; I considered it as a form of teaching. The students took my examples and expanded them.

Now Bondware is forcing the teacher to spend all of his time revising his own tools instead of working. Well, this is where I get off the idiot train. This is where I stop subsidizing CRIME.

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  Knocking it out of the park

Berenson, discussing the vaccine trials vs the latest true but useless finding that muzzles are murderous, says:

I really am starting to wonder why the vaccine trials have so few confirmed infections.

Hayley Longster answers:

Probably because there's so few susceptible people around still to get infected

Reality is majority of people who take this vaccine will already be immune in some way or other


Immunity is real, no matter how many times the "doctors" and "scientists" tell us it never existed. This "virus", if it exists at all, is simply a variant of the common cold. Everyone has had the common cold, and even this particular strain of the "virus" has been around long before 2020. Plenty of evidence from the previous two years is starting to surface. Our immune systems recognize familiar viruses and modify their response to fit the new strain, using intelligence and purpose and negative feedback.

Most discussion of the murder muzzles misses the point DIAMETRICALLY. Obviously any barrier is going to stop some microbes. The relative size of holes doesn't matter much.


Immunity is a highly intelligent process. It needs to see small samples of available microbes so it can form an appropriate response. When you're blocking out the ambient set of microbes, you're blinding the immune system, so it will be surprised and blindsided when it encounters a significant dose. In the other direction, the muzzle keeps your own microbes recirculating between nose and mouth, instead of letting you sneeze them out and get rid of them. Recirculated microbes also distort the perceptive ability of the immune system.

Muzzles also have secondary effects on all other forms of perception. They block the sense of smell, ruining emotions and memory formation. We lose our ability to see expressions, and thus lose confidence and social contact. We are angry and anxious and confused, with no social stability and no way to express or use the anger. Muzzles block vision and head movement to some extent, which makes it harder to move around and work. Getting around and working are crucial to normal health and immunity. These secondary effects are the real reason why the demons want to muzzle us.

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  Wrong question

Atlas, one of Trump's puppets, is getting razzed for saying something like "Time for the people to rise up! You get what you accept!"

This sounds like recommending rebellion. No doubt about it. And it's a terrible idea for a Federal employee to recommend rebellion.

Ordinary people CAN'T rise up. If we do, the demonic governors will clamp down harder. RESISTANCE EXCITES PSYCHOPATHS INTO A KILLING FRENZY. We understand this, and Atlas probably does as well. Trump certainly does.

The proper question: Why isn't Atlas talking to HIS BOSS? Why isn't he telling TRUMP to stop accepting the holocaust?

Trump has accepted and welcomed the holocaust from the start. Fauci also works for Trump, and Trump has never fired or silenced him. Presidents fire and silence bureaucrats every day. It's part of the daily routine for any president. Get up, shower, shave, blackmail some bureaucrats, break for lunch, blackmail more bureaucrats.

We don't have the power to rise up. The president HAS THE POWER to rise up against bad governors. This action isn't a daily routine, but presidents have controlled bad governors several times in the past. Sometimes by force, more often by controlling budgets. Trump NEVER controls evil. He didn't defund sanctuary cities, didn't defund the states and cities that encouraged riots, didn't halt the "bailouts" for states that are killing their own citizens with holocaustal shutdowns and muzzles.

Trump's sole purpose is to create chaos and war.


  Separate thought

In previous item I wrote:

If they knew this was a real disease, they would be taking real steps to avoid it for themselves, whether anyone was watching or not.

This leads to a separate thought about why the hoax was so easy to carry out. What would those steps be?

We no longer know how to take steps to avoid a disease, because technology and Public Health, before it switched to Public Death, have removed most of the real risks. We don't have to boil water before using it. We don't need to avoid walking in horse manure. We don't need to put up mosquito nets around our beds.

More destructively, it's clear that younger people have never learned anything about viruses and immunity. School might mention the subjects, but people don't learn from textbooks.

As I've discussed before, the generations who lived through REAL epidemics, who remember the smallpox vaccination and the REAL change in health that followed the polio vaccination, were forced to understand immunity while acquiring immunity. We're not fooled by these fake murderous "protections".

In plain reality, since this isn't an epidemic, Newsom and fellow demons ARE taking the NORMAL steps for health right there in the picture. They're getting out of the house, mingling closely with a variety of other people, talking, NOT WEARING MUZZLES, eating a variety of food, exercising, having fun. This is how you keep the immune system working properly. They're giving us a proper example of proper immunity maintenance, and simultaneously FORCING US AT GUNPOINT TO DO THE EXACT OPPOSITE.


Tuesday, November 17, 2020
  Sort of missing the point

Another delicious hack shows Demon Newsom and his demonic cohort enjoying a meal INSIDE at a restaurant, cozily gathered around a table, no muzzles anywhere in sight.

The commenters are pointing out the obvious hypocrisy, but they're missing the deeper point. The point is epistemology, not ethics.

These pictures show that the demons KNOW THERE IS NO RISK. The demons KNOW THIS IS NOT AN EPIDEMIC. The demons KNOW THIS IS NOT A DANGEROUS VIRUS, if in fact it's a virus at all. The demons KNOW THAT THE WHOLE THING IS A HOAX.

If they knew this was a real disease, they would be taking real steps to avoid it for themselves, whether anyone was watching or not.

One of the commenters is tragically missing the point. "This type of thing makes it harder for those of us who are trying to convince the deniers that the risk is serious." True, but you should step back and ask a bigger question. You are blindly obeying the WORDS of your leaders. You can see with your own eyes that the leaders DON'T BELIEVE WHAT THEY'RE SAYING. So why do you believe what they're saying when they don't believe it?

I remember what pulled me away from the 9/11 hoax, which I had blindly obeyed for several years. It was a similar insight into what Bush actually knew and believed. When Bush allowed the Saudis to take over one of our ports, I realized that he was NOT FIGHTING THE ARABS OR MUSLIMS. He was allied with Saudi, not fighting Saudi. At the same time he was convincing the rest of us to take the Saudi-sponsored "terrorists" seriously. BUT: I still didn't fully switch modes until I threw away the TV in 2010. At first I just thought Bush was incompetently failing to fight the terrorists. He was making it harder for those of us who were trying to convince the Truthers that terrorism was serious.

= = = = =

One sort of halfway quasi-positive sidenote: This hack was carried loudly by a mainstream TV station, not a secretive hacker. Several mainstream stations in Calif are steadily taking the side of truth. Even the NYTimes is starting to write more truth while still trying to slant it the other way. Berenson and similar aggregators are now citing more NYTimes features instead of independent data-gathering bloggers. I don't know if this trend will continue, but it is consistent with my prediction that the media would calm down after Biden Puppet replaced Trump Puppet.


  Another meaningless audio hack

This recording is making the rounds. Dr Roger Hodkinson, with impeccable credentials in Alberta, is telling the absolute precise truth in a Zoom conference call.

There's nothing unusual or secret or surprising in what he's saying. Every human with a brain has known every bit of this since March. He's saying it especially clearly and powerfully, and his specific credentials would normally give his words authority.

There are several questions about the hack itself.

We don't know who Hodkinson is talking to. It sounds like a "public comment" session where some agency is required to let the usual cranks and gadflies make noise for a while. The only other name mentioned is S. Peterson, who was supposed to be the next commenter but wasn't on the line, so Hodkinson jumped in. The names of the actual participants and agency are not mentioned.

The call controller is clearly bored and "humoring the crazies", signaling the real people that they can sit back and jack off like Toobin.

Why was the hack released? Was it intended to show that the government is hearing the facts, and thus has no rational excuse for continuing to violate the facts?

If so, it's meaningless. The Public Death Officers already know the facts. Before March, they were functioning normally and performing the correct REAL PUBLIC HEALTH procedures for other diseases. The Public Death Officers are able to conduct the holocaust with perfect efficiency BECAUSE THEY KNOW WHAT THEY'RE DOING. If they didn't already understand how to maintain immunity, they wouldn't be taking PRECISELY EVERY STEP NECESSARY TO UTTERLY ERADICATE IMMUNITY AND HEALTH. They'd miss a few things.

So the government doesn't need to be informed, and can't be pardoned for "cluelessness".

I notice that Youtube hasn't removed the clip and hasn't plastered it with the usual flashing neon THIS IS DISINFORMATION sign.

Simplest answer: The hacker is an insider who is discrediting Hodkinson, preparing to purge him and disbar him.

More complex answer: The hacker has vested interests in another company that provides tests, and wants to push the agency into choosing his company instead of Hodkinson's company.

Even more complex: The call itself is a sting, set up from the start to discredit Hodkinson. There wasn't any real meeting.


  Hardass Gergen

Culp's campaign manager Christopher Gergen is coming after the coward-ass sissy-ass pussy-ass Wash State Repooflicans in a big way.


It won't help to change the "election", but it's exactly what I've been hoping for. A government in exile, like DeGaulle in WW2. Showing what REAL opposition looks like, pulling no punches and yielding no ground, while the Vichy fake opposition continues bending over and taking Mad Bomber Inslee's demondick.
Monday, November 16, 2020
  Bye, Sweden

There goes Sweden. I stopped including Sweden on the list of free countries a while ago, because their "freedom" was clearly only semi-official. Like Japan, they were lockdowning by social agreement without written "laws" and "mandates". Now they've abandoned all pretense of science and logic.

Tanzania stands alone. For how long? Not taking bets.

= = = = =

But in the other direction, several counties in NEW YORK STATE have declared that they will not enforce Demon Cuomo's latest restrictions. When NEW YORK starts to rebel, it's meaningful. And when SEVERAL counties act in unison, they're harder to break.

Later: Now it's the whole state, even NYC's police department. Most cops nationwide have been quietly ignoring the Karen calls, but now they're openly rebelling.

If all the non-Seattle counties in Wash, or all the non-SF counties in Calif, had refused in unison back in March (OR EVEN NOW!), the tyrants would have been left controlling only the demon cities.

This actually happened with the BLM riots. The non-Seattle parts of Wash used NORMAL policing on the rioters, standing back when protests were peaceful and arresting fast at the first sign of violence. The riots stopped quickly outside of Seattle. If the sane counties had continued using NORMAL public health procedures and refused to follow the holocaust, the holocaust would have faded outside of Seattle.

NORMAL public health is like NORMAL policing. Stop the invasion at the border, move in hard when you see a spreader of virulence, but otherwise let the virus interact with normal immune systems and encourage self-defense by strengthening normal immune systems. This is how public health worked for 300 fucking years until March 2020 when it was flipped into a holocaust machine.


  Where are the insurers, yet again....

I've been asking this question since 2008, when ZIRP took down insurance and pension funds INTENTIONALLY. Why were the insurers silent? They're a HUGE and RICH industry, with plenty of lobbyists and influence. They specialize in quantifying and predicting. They understand compound interest and exponential curves better than anyone else. They avoid bad models and stupid assumptions, because bad models are unprofitable. Profit comes from agreeing with reality, which makes insurance the most realistic and scientific of all industries. But they allowed ZIRP to continue forever.

This article by a RETIRED actuary compares the AIDS panic with this year's "virus" holocaust. He gets everything right, with an insider perspective.

Best of all, he doesn't play the stupid People can't estimate risk game.

In both cases the virus was largely confined to specific populations, and EVERYONE KNEW IT. There was never any reason to assume "equal opportunity". Viruses are specialists.
I spent the next several months developing mathematical models of the spread of infection, and applying them to official health statistics, which were provided under free subscription by the Centers for Disease Control in their Weekly Surveillance Report. And, like anyone who has worked with epidemiological models during an emerging infection, I came to understand that early-stage projections are not neutral; they have an intrinsic and marked tendency towards exaggeration of whatever threat they’re applied to.

The reason is that with any new health condition, early infections and deaths naturally occur among the most susceptible parts of the population. With AIDS, there were clearly-defined and relatively small groups of people who were at very high risk, and almost all of the early cases were among members of those groups. As the disease spread to the much larger lower-risk parts of the population, overall rates of infection and death fell significantly.

When unrepresentative infection and death rates derived from early data are projected into the far future their effects are greatly amplified, just as a rifle fired at a distant target will turn a tiny error in aim into a miss by miles. And once the projected rates have been translated into numbers of deaths for a population of millions we end up with apocalyptic forecasts that can’t help but induce panic.

Many scientists spend their careers searching for eye-catching results, and it must be extremely difficult to choose to tone down the few that do occur, especially when they apply to a novel and high-profile disease. The temptation to believe you’ve discovered a genuinely awful and important truth is a powerful one. The Royal College of Nursing certainly couldn’t resist: in 1985, they predicted that one million people in Britain would have AIDS within six years. But by 1990, the cumulative total was less than 5,000.
In both cases the insurers knew that the EXPONENTIAL projections were wrong and destructive, but they didn't step up to resist.


Silence can't be good for profits. In 1980, and even more now after Romneycare, insurers are the main payers for medical care. When projections are wrong, insurers will spend more for unneeded tests and appointments for people who really didn't need to worry. And in the current holocaust insurers will end up spending HUGELY more for serious cancer treatment, which would have been cheaper if caught early.

I'm glad THIS actuary (RETIRED) chose to use his SKILL to clarify the situation.

But the question remains: Why didn't the insurance companies speak out IMMEDIATELY at the time when their authority and lobbying could have made a difference? They could have saved a whole lot of expense for themselves, and could have saved MILLIONS of lives in the current holocaust.

For insurers, profit and saving lives are PARALLEL goals. In earlier decades insurers often lobbied for regulations to improve safety and health. Home and business insurers have always helped customers avoid theft and fire and other hazards. Auto safety regulations were started by an insurance-financed research project in 1956. Fuckhead Nader managed to put his brand on the project for self-aggrandizement, but it was really a cooperative effort by insurers and universities.

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Sunday, November 15, 2020
  Calibrating the experiment

Just reminding myself for calibration: While the crazy countries and crazy states resume full-on infinite maximum total unmeasurable evil to increase the orgasms of their demonic leaders, the sane states are still holding their own. Most of the Dixie governors have repeated and reassured their people that sanity will continue.

The ONE AND ONLY SANE COUNTRY, Tanzania, also remains steadfastly sane. I try to preserve my sanity by "looking in" on Tanzania through this Youtube channel and this one. Both are still showing perfectly normal people in a normal and happy country, doing all the normal things with ABSOLUTELY ZERO insanity. No ballgags, no distancing, no fear, no panic, no Karens. Just living life and enjoying life.

So the controlled clinical trial is still underway at both levels, even after Belarus /// AND SWEDEN /// succumbed to Soros pressure.

And another IMPORTANT reminder: Tanzania is ALSO the only country ruled by an actual scientist. Magufuli, who discredited the holocaust with a brilliant ACTUAL SCIENTIFIC EXPERIMENT, has a PhD in chemistry and worked as a chemist for 10 years before entering politics.


  Lockdown 2

Here it is, announced and effective all at the same time.

Returning to FULL LOCKDOWN. "For one month", in other words until the end of the universe.

Viagra for demons. That's all it is. Hell has no exit. We're fucked.


= = = = =

While trying to find more info from various websites, I ran into some leftover election coverage.

The frenzied demon accidentally gave an insight into his incomprehensibly evil cranial toxins in his victory statement:

“Great evening. I haven’t been this excited since I first operated a bulldozer,” Inslee said, speaking to reporters in Olympia.

Bulldozing the state is his mission, and he's getting more and more excited with every flattened business and every squashed and slaughtered Deplorable. Excitement is the purpose of the lockdowns and ballgags. Better orgasms for demons.

= = = = =

Another useful insight: Just 4 days ago, somebody in Mad Bomber's administration gave out FAKE info saying that a lockdown "isn't on the table" for now. This is THE classic psychopath tactic. Always give the victim a sense of reprieve just before the next STOMP. When the STOMP hits from a lower baseline, the murderous effect is much stronger. Psychopaths understand deltas and baselines. Sucker punches. It's too bad the rest of us don't.

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Saturday, November 14, 2020
  One job, and DOING it.

Noem has come out in advance and stated that she will not comply when Biden forces a national mask mandate. The advance notice is important as potential deterrence.

ONE governor is doing the job of a governor. Some others in Dixie have also been doing the job, but nobody as perfectly as Noem.

Unfortunately ONE isn't enough to stop a tyrant. If the ONE had the leverage of a large state like NY or CA, maybe. If the human governors in Dixie immediately join Noem in a solidly united front, things might change.

Or it might be time to secede again.
Friday, November 13, 2020

Blackrobe Alito is being cheered for saying some words.

Fuck off, useless turd. You have ONE JOB and you utterly failed.

This goes for ALL the state and federal legislators who abjectly surrendered without even complaining, and allowed demonic governors to kill everyone.

A few state courts have feebly pretended to do their job, issuing injunctions against the demons which the demons instantly disobeyed or sidestepped.

This isn't new at the federal level. For most of my lifetime the federal legislature and blackrobes have done no good and massive harm.

In my adult lifetime Congress did exactly TWO semi-good things, and both were repeals of previous bad things, not new good things. (1) Repealed the requirement for seat-belt alarms in 1974; (2) Repealed the federal welfare system in 1996.

The long-term record of state legislatures isn't quite as perfectly horrible, but all of them totally lost their purpose in 2020.

This doesn't apply to the few sane states with human governors. In those places the legislatures and courts still didn't do their jobs. They didn't step in to protect the state's sanity against demonic mayors.** But that's a more subtle failure and not really part of their job as normally conceived.

= = = = =

Meanwhile, millions of ordinary people have continued doing their jobs properly, despite the constantly increasing and sadistically cruel obstacles of new LETHAL MURDEROUS rules and muzzles and Lucite shields.

= = = = =

Under Nuremberg rules the demon governors would be executed and the failed 'protectors', who were NOT being forced to fail, would be jailed for life.

Anyone who still yammers about "checks and balances" or "constitutions" or "laws" or "rights" or "freedoms" or "liberty" should be ruthlessly mocked.

= = = = =

** The total conspiracy of mayors against governors and human life is a problem that needs special handling, and requires rethinking of some previously valid observations. Normally it's better to leave more control at the lower level because the lower level is closer to the people of that particular place, more likely to respond to their concerns and serve their interests. The mayors have blown away that normal rule by working in unison for Bloomberg. This isn't new in 2020; we saw the same thing happening earlier with sanctuary cities. Bringing in masses of immigrants is NOT good for the people of a city. It is good for NYC bankers.

I don't know if there's a practical solution except overall 'flatness'. If monsters like Bezos and Bloomberg can't acquire overwhelming wealth and power, they won't have enough spare money to influence thousands of mayors in unison. Another partial solution is large counterforces like labor unions and Mutual Benefit Associations. When unions were strong, Bloomberg and Bezos types bumped into serious resistance in certain directions. Sanctuary cities couldn't have happened in 1950 when unions were explicitly protecting their members and SKILLS from immigrants. Lockdowns of "non-essential" jobs would have been harder to sustain when unions were protecting their jobs.

BUT: In the current holocaust, teacher unions have been working WITH Bezos and Soros, not AGAINST. So counterforce isn't a full solution.

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  Convective conjunction

Putting the previous two items together supports a hypothesis that I had considered earlier. The "virus" holocaust is the last item on Soros's bucket list.

The holocaust smells like Soros, but his fingerprints on the whole project are NOT clear.

The Soros business plan, constant for 30 years, is like the Underpants Gnome plan except for the question marks. When you own everything there are no question marks.


1. Steal a country.

2. This moves a targeted Share Value up or down.

3. Profit.

He has run this monstrous plan on several countries since 1990, killing millions of Untermenschen as a pleasant side-effect for an old purebred Nazi like Soros. He has already beaten the killcount of his dearly beloved mentor Adolf.

The conjunction of Lukashenko's surrender followed immediately by JPMorgan's conversion to reality points to Soros. He has been working on Belarus for a LONG time, and his normal Color Revolution method has been plainly visible there during the holocaust.

Now that Lukashenko has surrendered, the desired target value will move in the right direction by the right number of euros or dollars, so the all-out military effort against the entire world can be spun down. Some of the lower-level psychopaths, now that they've tasted blood, will continue slaughtering Untermenschen, which will give Soros added pleasure if he bothers to notice it.


Thursday, November 12, 2020
  Hi, JPMorgan

The stock demons were Early Adopters of the holocaust. In Feb they were already pushing HARD for total lockdown.

Now JPMorgan has joined the sane side:
However, in a surprising report out of JPMorgan, the bank finds no meaningful curve development differences between countries with and without strong curve intervention. This makes the bank question if existing public health intervention (i.e., lockdown/ stricter social distancing) should remain in place next year, and leads JPM to conclude that "public health policy should consider approaches biased towards economic/public mental health over the urge to close the curve in 2021."
Since governments listen to JPMorgan, will this make a difference? Maybe? PLEASE, LORD?
  Bye, Belarus

Muzzles become mandatory in Minsk.

I saw this coming; wasn't clear at first, but now it's verified.

The Free World is down to Tanzania.

Plus some states in Dixie, plus small towns and rural areas in all countries, where the Holocaust Gestapo doesn't have enforcers.

Later: Uganda also appears to be practically free, judging from a variety of random recent videos. I don't know what their government says, but the people are clearly living a normal free life.


Wednesday, November 11, 2020
  Where are the yoots?

In 2012 I hoped that the relatively young and popular Obama would reboot our generation counter. He won two elections easily and cleanly against OLD Repooflicans, without any nonsense about hanging chads or disputed votes or faithless electors. You'd think both parties would want to replicate that type of easy victory leading to solid political capital. Nope. It didn't happen. Trump and Hillary are Boomers, and now Trump and Biden are Boomers. Biden is obviously senile. Among the collapsed fake candidates, only Tulsi is genuinely young. Bernie is older than Biden but still mentally sound.

The best guess is that young politicians simply don't want to get anywhere near the incomprehensibly monstrous grotesque blackmail-driven top level. They're close enough to see how it works, and they recoil in revulsion. Just waiting for the monsters to die, which is the only way change happens in a totally fucked dynasty-based lunacy like science or politics.

An instructive example occurred here in the 99999th circle of Hell. Normally a Governor and Lieutenant Governor run on the same ticket, and normally the Lt has some "official" duties while he makes his bones with the Party. In this case the Lt was a completely unknown and obscure young non-politician who never got in the news, and he left the state several months before the "election". Apparently he moved Southeast to a sane state and started graduate studies at a seminary. Nobody noticed.

I don't blame him. Living in the same state with a superdemon like Inslee is beyond all limits of horror and terror. I can't imagine what it would be like to deal with Mad Bomber Inslee occasionally.

.... Well, no, I CAN imagine. I shared a jail cell with a psychopath for several months in 1969. I do know what it's like, and that's why I don't blame the Lt Gov for getting out while the getting's good.

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Today isn't the cruelly named "thanksgiving" day, but the nearby church has a phrase on its readerboard:


So I'll try to answer. Exactly NOTHING in the modern world. EVERYTHING in the modern world is infinitely demonic and holocaustal. If there's a precise antonym to thankful, that's how I feel.

I'm thankful for the mysterious and infinite gift of life, and I try in my tiny way to respond by making a bit of beauty and education, and providing service to courseware customers.

More importantly, I'm thankful to the writers and radio entertainers of the '30s and '40s who wrote EMPATHETIC DRAMA and CLEAN HUMOR to help people get through terrible times. Nobody in modern superhell is even bothering to write or create entertainment.

And then I'm thankful to the archivers and digitizers who have been working for the last 30 years, buying and trading old tapes and discs and digitizing the audio for modern use.

Those old programs weren't meant to be permanent. Many of them weren't even meant to be recorded. They were just ephemeral tossoffs, heard once and forgotten, done for minimal pay.

Nevertheless, the writers felt a DUTY to provide a real public service, including some education. Because of the preservers and retailers, the genuine entertainment is still instantly available in a hellish time with NO currently produced entertainment or music.

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  Here it is.

From a fairly quiet writer, here's the HACK that opens up the EXACT MECHANISM AND SOURCE of the holocaust within USA. This doesn't go back to the worldwide synchronization, and doesn't show the preparation behind the trigger-pull, but it shows us the exact point of origin of the crime in DC, and tells us who actually pulled the trigger.

Via Jeffrey Tucker at AIER.
On March 12, 2020, the memo went out from the pen of Carter Mecher, bioterrorism expert advising the Veterans Administration. It went out to public health officials and others from around the nation. Close the schools. Pull the trigger now. And it happened, and with it, civic freedoms we have long taken for granted – freedom to travel, operate businesses, go to the movies, even leave our homes – were taken away.

They shut the schools. Then it was like dominos falling, one by one. The businesses had to close so that people could watch the kids at home. The shopping centers had to close because otherwise the kids would just gather there. The churches too. Entertainment venues were shut. Even parks closed. The stay-at-home orders followed from the school closures. In many ways, the whole legitimacy of lockdown hinged on the merit of the school closure.

A small group of pro-lockdown scientists cheered, as their decade-and-a-half-old dream of conducting such a social experiment was finally becoming a reality.

The school closures had a disproportionate effect on working women. They left their jobs to care for the kids, attempting to help them navigate the strange new world of Zoom classrooms and do assignments via email. Men stayed working in jobs as the primary breadwinners.
BRAVO to Jeffrey Tucker and to AIER. Now the blackmail has been EXPOSED. Nothing will change, but the Martian archeologists will know where the world suicide started.

Note for idiot Trump supporters: This criminal was working for Trump, and was not fired. Trump started the lockdowns and masks and riots, then stood back and played both "sides" to insure that the massacre got worse. He has played this game on every subject from the start. Remember: TRUMP WAS ROY COHN'S PROTEGE.


  Revolt by a MAYOR

Until now the mayors have been the harshest holocausters, often disobeying relatively sane governors.

Finally we have ONE mayor of a fairly sizable city who is refusing to follow the holocaust. Thrill Killer Newsom has placed the San Diego area under total starvation blockade, as explicit punishment for "rebellion" by the citizens. Thrill Killer Newsom has clearly been studying and admiring Japan's treatment of Nanjing. The mayor of El Cajon says FIRMLY that his police and officials will NOT assist the massacre and will NOT close any businesses.

The mayor of San Diego expresses dissatisfaction with the massacre but isn't doing anything to protect his citizens from mass murder. Dissatisfaction is meaningless.

The clip from KUSI is also notable because the REPORTER is clearly sane, and is speaking from a viewpoint of sanity instead of the standard media pro-massacre viewpoint.

Is there a broader movement brewing? Hard to tell. Woodward seemed to have a moment of sanity last week. She hasn't actually changed anything, but I doubt that she would have felt free to express sanity without some degree of external support.

Elections and laws don't matter. Lawsuits have no effect. The innate personality of leaders DOES matter, and a few heroic courageous leaders have kept a few entire nations and states free from the holocaust. If courageous leaders act in unison, less heroism would be needed, and things might start to improve. When a gangster's subthugs refuse to obey IN UNISON, he has two choices. He can either kill all of them and lose the chance to recruit new subthugs, or he can back off and stay in power.

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