Thursday, November 15, 2018
  Come on, you can do better

SciAm is trying to get out of the rigid shackles of orthodox fashion, trying to open up to valid philosophy and ACTUAL FACTS once in a while. I'm trying to give them kudos and credit for breaking out of the cage.

This essay on the experience of time does manage to avoid all the standard shackles. No global warming, no die-versity, no TRUMPHITLERKKKALTRIGHTGAB. But it's not good philosophy, and more to the point it skips some obvious empirical observations that could pin the philosophy to real science.
You may claim that, whereas the desert road scenario is static, lacking action, you actually did brush your teeth earlier. So time definitely flowed from then to now; or did it? All you have supporting belief that it did is your memory of having brushed your teeth, which you experience now. All you ever have is the present experiential snapshot. Even the notion of a previous or subsequent snapshot is—insofar as you can know from experience—merely a memory or expectation within the present snapshot. The flow from snapshot to snapshot is a story you tell yourself, irresistibly compelling as it may be. Neuroscience itself suggests that this flow is indeed a cognitive construct.
For some memories you may only have the memory itself as evidence. But for his specific example of toothbrushing you have an objective and replicable TIME-CONSTANT. A curve of discharge and charge. You know from experience that the taste of toothpaste declines over the first hour after brushing, and other tastes, including bacteria, increase over the first hour. If you've been MEASURING and CALIBRATING these tastes carefully, and if you KNOW THE BASELINE, you can tell with fair precision how many minutes have passed since the brushing.

Similar discharge and charge curves apply to other remembered events, such as exercise or eating or drinking alcohol. If you keep track of these events regularly, your internal senses tell you how much time has elapsed since the last instance. With addictive and habitual experiences like alcohol, you also know how much time will elapse before the next available instance, and this knowledge can help you to white-knuckle through the painful time before the next dose.

If an elephant-fish can use discharge and charge curves to find its prey and plan its day, why can't humans use time constants? Well, we do.


  Doesn't inspire confidence

When I look at the statcounter info for this blog, I'm accustomed to seeing 98% mechanical bots and 2% maybe actual readers.

Among the latest bot-type stuff is a "read" by is not just an unclaimed placeholder like most bot sources. It's maintained by W3C, the web standards people.

Almost every webpage contains several 'namespace' references to W3C. If their own system isn't safe from hacking, why should the rest of us even bother?

The answer, of course, is that the rest of us MUST bother. We MUST use good antivirus software BECAUSE the so-called security standards are the REAL hackers.


  NO. For the million(+1)th time, it's NOT NEW.

Another BRAND NEW Tesla idea.

Via Electrek, which is NOT a Tesla skeptic site. The Model 3 has doorhandles that have to be pushed with a thumb to pop out the part you can actually grab. This fails in cold weather.

Brand new? Nope, Chrysler tried the same trick in '56 and ran into the same problem. Chrysler switched to a direct pull-up handle in '57, and stayed with it for 50 years.

This is OBVIOUS when you think about it. A door needs a handle that is always pullable. When you can pull, you can break through ice or other stickiness. If the ice prevents you from reaching the handle, you're helpless. Tesla's "engineers" never think about anything.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

This is the BEST piece of real science in a LONG TIME. Utterly amazing.

The experiments were done by Gottwald at Univ. of Bonn. Basic point: A peculiar elephant-nosed fish unsurprisingly called the elephant-fish uses its 'trunk' as Doppler radar to detect edible insects. Other fish use their electric fields as weapons and FM stereo two-way radio and radar, but the elephant-fish doesn't just detect echoes.

It distinguishes between uninteresting dead rocks and interesting insects by detecting the capacitive absorption and discharge from the object. A solid rock reflects charge without any dynamic alteration. A living thing has complicated capacitance in its various cavities and membranes, and some active response from its neurons. The echo is non-linear in specific ways.

These experimenters simulated rocks and bugs with actual resistors and actual capacitors. The fish ignored the resistors and tried to eat the capacitors!

Astonishing natural function, and even more astonishing insight and understanding by the researchers.

But the researchers picked an inadequate metaphor to explain the action. They used color vision as a metaphor, which doesn't capture the idea of depth perception caused by phase modification.

Let's see if I can get closer with a sound-based explanation.

The capacitive response reshapes the returned voltage field by initially absorbing and then reflecting in a complex way, as the tissues and neurons of the bug discharge or actively respond to the input pulse.

The reshaped echo has a different and dynamically varying spectral pattern, like the upsweeps and downsweeps that a bat detects, or the upsweeps and downsweeps of vowels that humans detect. In this case the sweeps are based on phase instead of frequency, which humans can't detect. So I've tried to simulate with fast sweeps of frequency.

In this animation the elephant-fish (played by old Five Eyes Opabinia) is sending pulses out and using its trunk to detect the echoes. I'm using sound instead of charge because humans can't detect charge intelligently. The live critter in the middle takes the echo and reshapes the spectrum, while the rocks simply return the original echo. I've tried to give you a sense of what the fish might 'hear'.

Well, as usual Firefox's idiot "security" theater prevents me from including the video, so I have to resort to a LESS SECURE method. Here's the short video for download. Just 20 seconds, but it gets the point across. You can hear how a spectrum-shifted response differs from an unchanged echo.


  You've got money. Use it.


EFF, Human Rights Watch, and Over 70 Civil Society Groups Ask Mark Zuckerberg to Provide All Users with Mechanism to Appeal Content Censorship on Facebook

This is an indirect indication that FB has expanded its censorship to globalist opinions. "Human rights" and "Civil Society" are exclusive Soros trademarks. These groups are Soros.

When Soros is pissed at FB, things will change. FB will return to its original method of burning only anti-global heretics.

Bigger point: All of these groups have LOTS OF MONEY AND INFLUENCE. The "conservatives" who have been complaining longer because FB has been censoring them longer ALSO have lots of money and influence.

Entirely aside from politics and censorship, FB is fading because advertisers are realizing that digital ads aren't cost-effective.

Given both of these factors, the discontent and the natural fade, there should be room for a strictly subscription-based alternative. A network that doesn't have to obey the wishes of Google and Amazon and Apple because it doesn't depend on their advertising for support. A network that has its own servers and its own lawyers and sleazy private investigators to keep the opposition and the bureaucrats at bay.

Since neither the Sorosians nor the "conservatives" have tried to create such a service, the conclusion is clear. Neither "side" really wants freedom. Both "sides" want to generate talking points. Nothing more, nothing less, nothing else.


Tuesday, November 13, 2018
  This would be a good place for a liturgy

Old Okie joke. When you're highly unimpressed with the food and service in a restaurant, somebody is bound to say "Hey, I've got an idea! This would be a great location for a restaurant!"

It's closely related to the dishwasher story, and also to Injun naming practices. Things should be named by their function, not by arbitrary assignment.

This place doesn't serve the function of a restaurant, so it must be something else. Still, we need a restaurant around here, and somebody ought to start one.

= = = = =

Apply the old joke to churches. Humans have a deep and innate need for liturgy and religious ceremony. Every culture has priests who perform ceremonies.

The process is so deep that you can see priestly actions in the "random" motions generated by meth or Tourettes. Preaching, swinging a censer, swaying, holding up a communion cup, blessing.

Liturgy is part of the preset programming of the cerebellum.

So it's a damn shame that the liturgical churches have become cesspits of gross corruption. Of course it's nothing new; Rome has been maxed out on all scales of evil for 1000 years. The other liturgical churches aren't nearly as wicked, but they've still lost all connection and empathy with the people who NEED the liturgy. Instead they're violently serving Soros.

= = = = =

Broader and sloppier thought: All major organizations in Sorosia have ceased performing their functions. Many have reversed their functions. National government is supposed to protect the borders, not bring in invaders. Banks are supposed to charge interest on loans and pay interest on savings. Corporations are supposed to make things or provide services, not print counterfeit money. Doctors are supposed to heal disease, not create disease. Intel agencies are supposed to spy on foreigners, not create terrorists. Journalists are supposed to report facts, not create wars and crimes.

Smaller organizations (local business, local police) are still doing what they were meant to do, but the failure of function is spreading downward FAST.

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  Lysenko's revenge continues

An excellent example of USEFUL science, and also a nice vindication of Lysenko. As always, real science advances by improved materials and techniques, not by theories.

The entire topic of epigenes was REdiscovered about 20 years ago when wise biologists ABANDONED their Mendelian theories and TOOK HOLD OF THE THINGS THAT ARE HERE. Now that this more accurate view of genes informs new observations, it continues to yield more useful TECHNIQUES, like this one:
This epigenetic reprogramming of soybean plants, the culmination of a decade-long study, was accomplished not by introducing any new genes but by changing how existing genes are expressed.

Researchers identified a gene they call MSH1 that exists in all plants, and when they down-regulate or turn off its expression, the plant becomes "convinced" it is encountering multiple stresses, even though it is growing under perfect conditions. The plant senses it is dealing with drought, extreme cold, heat and high light levels, etc., simultaneously, Mackenzie explained, so it amplifies the expression of gene networks to respond to those stimuli.

"Recently, by serendipity, we discovered that after we replace the MSH1 gene, the plant has a 'memory' of that stress -- and by memory I mean its growth features are very different from the plant we started with," she said. "And it will remember the stress generation after generation after generation, as long as we don't make any crosses and keep it in the same lineage."
This is exactly what Lysenko was trying to do. He had limited success because he didn't have gene-editing technology available. He wasn't able to control specific genes solely by selective breeding.






  NO. For the millionth time, it's NOT NEW.

A convective GRRRRR.

Listening to more Tesla discussions. Except for Spiegel, who gets it fully right, most of the skeptics are stuck in the belief that Elon is an "innovator". Just now heard one of the skeptics saying that Elon may be an awful manager, but he landed a rocket on a barge. Nobody else ever did that.


The Krauts were developing guided missiles with built-in TV cameras and computing capacity in their research facility at Peenemunde. These guided missiles could hit a barge-sized target. Fortunately the Russians defeated the Krauts before this technology could be used for actual bombardment.

Elon's ideas are all old. He tries to rebuild the old ideas WITHOUT the old manufacturing methods that actually WORK. His only innovation is new ways to develop religious zealotry and suck money from the believers.
  Bots not as hot as thot

Chris Irons (QTR) did an interesting long interview with Aaron Smith-Levin, one of the new generation of Hubbard survivors. Lots of juicy details about the newer form of Hubbardism, which is ALMOST as loony as US/EU elites. I didn't think that was possible. Hubbard has secret paramilitary bases, unknown to the ordinary members. Heretics are often banished to a distant base and never heard from again.

Irons has been doing research on Hubbard for a long time, from a general fascination with cultish behavior. Understanding cults helps to see through the hype of MLM and tech-monsters like Elon.

Smith-Levin was born into the cult and got out, which qualifies him to speak from experience. But he didn't seem to know much about the e-meter, treating it as pure 'magic' stagecraft. Neither of them seemed to know about the earlier Hubbard skeptics like Alphia Hart.

Might be useful to note in this connection that I experimented with the original e-meter circuit and found that it was an ACTIVE input to the nervous system, not just a passive indicator. Perhaps the newer digital versions are more meter-like with passive inputs, but the original would have been something like an electrical drug with dosage controlled by the 'auditor'. It was not just stagecraft.

Irons and Smith-Levin anticipated a heavy bot-like negative response to their Youtube interview, but so far it's not showing up. I see 14 likes / 2 dislikes, and the comments are the usual stock-trader stuff, not hardass cult action. (The hardass action nowadays comes in response to Tesla skeptics, not Hubbard skeptics.) When I ran the Aberree pieces last year, I also anticipated a storm of negative links, but again nothing happened.

Conclusion: Hubbardism still rigidly controls its members but it no longer exerts much power on the outer world.

Come to think of it, this same failed expectation applies to ALL advertised bots, such as "Russian" and "Persian" bots. Bots are simply the new version of the old '50s "subversives". The subversives who are advertised, the subversives we're warned about, are minor or nonexistent. The real bots and subversives are sponsored by Steadystate and NOT advertised.


Monday, November 12, 2018
  Neocon industrial policy

Convective thought:

Trump's approach to trade starts with a correct diagnosis of the numerical facts but misplaces the blame.

He blames Germany and China for being "unfair", and casts us as the helpless victim.

First part is true, but we got the bad end of those deals because our robber barons are getting rich from the bad end. We could have defended ourselves but we didn't.

Here's the truth: Every mature nation TRIES to gain an advantage in trade, so its own workers can have better pay and more useful work. Every mature nation must DEFEND itself against other nations who are trying to gain the advantage. When all sides are playing this way, the result tends to optimize specific advantages based on resources and skills.

Since 1975, USA has failed on both counts. We have NOT tried to help our own workers by seeking an advantage in trade. We have RUINED our own workers by LETTING China and Germany have the advantage.

The problem is not China and Germany, the problem is NYC. Our robber barons have abandoned production and switched to counterfeiting and stock manipulation.

Trump's answer is NOT proper industrial policy. Proper industrial policy, as implemented by FDR, first clamps down on NYC and then creates internal and external conditions favorable to PRODUCTION OF REAL VALUE.

Instead, Trump is giving even more privileges and freedom to NYC while making warlike noises with no real effect.

Neocon war, as defined neatly by Sailer, is INVITE AND INVADE. Invite foreign migrants and start meaningless wars to create more migrants. Trump has simply extended the neocon method to industrial policy.
  One of these things is just like the others

This article was published:

Social media use increases depression and loneliness, study finds

Nobody would publish these articles:

Car use increases mobility, study finds

Food use increases nutrition, study finds

Soap use increases cleanliness, study finds

Air use increases breathing, study finds

Why do they publish the first one?

Increasing depression is the SINGLE SOLE SOLITARY PURPOSE of social media. Increasing loneliness is THE BUSINESS MODEL of Facebook. This is NOT A MYSTERY OR A SECRET.
Sunday, November 11, 2018
  Done with Box Depots

In the unlikely event that anyone cares, here's the finished set at ShareCG.


  A new phrase

Pretty good convective thought, summing up a theme of the last few days.

Reviewing the theme:

Empires are built on transparently false theories, like "Aryan supremacy" and "equality" and "democracy" and "diversity".

Normal countries are built on experience. Natural Law is the recorded results of 10k years of experimentation. Normal humans learn which behaviors lead to survival. The surviving cultures and countries have given us the INFINITELY VALUABLE GIFT of wisdom and scriptures, God's lab logbook.

Finance and debt are built on the delusional theory of exponential increase.

Real-value economies are built on the EXPERIENCE of building and accumulating and maintaining skills and property and machinery across many generations.

New thought:

Steadystate DOES NOT COMPREHEND experience, so it has to insult and belittle experiential thought and learning. Steadystate calls experience-based facts "conspiracy theories" because everything must be a theory.

People who have REAL EXPERIENCE with the crimes of Steadystate KNOW how Steadystate is conspiring to smash civilization and obliterate the universe.

= = = = =

Some statements about conspiracy are truly CONSPIRACY THEORIES because they are invented fictions. Most are invented by Steadystate via Agent Provocateur operations.

Other statements about conspiracy are CONSPIRACY EXPERIENCES because they are based on experience.

Example 1:

The conspiracy THEORIES about 9/11 always claim that jet fuel can't melt or soften steel, therefore the NYC buildings must have been imploded.

Anyone with EXPERIENCE of metal-work, and anyone who has seen the results of fires, knows that steel can be softened by a properly drafted fire with just about any fuel. Blacksmiths used to soften steel with wood and coal fires. Blowtorches used kerosene (jet fuel) until recently. There's no reason to doubt that the jet planes started the fires and softened the buildings.

Why does Steadystate want to cultivate this particular theory? To remove blame from Saudi.

Example 2:

I was occasionally involved in peace and anti-nuke movements in the '60s and '70s. The groups usually had one member who openly announced himself as "former CIA". Thus I know from EXPERIENCE that CIA is NOT stopped or obstructed by those meaningless little theories called "laws". When tech idiots eagerly participate in Bitcoin and various #resistance movements which are OPENLY AND BLATANTLY STARTED BY STEADYSTATE AND OPENLY AND BLATANTLY SERVING STEADYSTATE'S PURPOSES, I can only sadly observe their foolishness. I know FROM EXPERIENCE that they have been trained by Steadystate to #resist all inputs from experience and observation.

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  Unhappy 100th, Steadystate. May you burn in hell.

Armistice Day isn't exactly the start of Steadystate, but it's the best 'inflection point' approximation. US participation in WW1 was minor by comparison with earlier and later wars. The real significance of Armistice was the establishment of internal and external agencies of empire and tyranny and terror and crime. Many of the internal agencies faded after 1920, but the Bureau of Inquisition under Popess Edgar has grown constantly since then, always finding new varieties of heretics to burn.

One part of our active war effort didn't stop at 11/11. Our first invasion of Russia, working WITH the Axis powers, continued seamlessly across the date. We did finally give up, letting Japan continue and expand the occupation.

FDR managed to damp down some of Steadystate's fever. It roared back with redoubled strength in 1946. Since then we've been working WITH Germany again to invade and conquer Russia again. We succeeded partly and briefly in 1991.

Invading Russia never works, but we never learn. We're lethally addicted to the imperial delusion. We deserve to be destroyed.


  Just stop.

Stop pushing the weird bizarre myth that "elections" matter. They don't.

This latest idiocy is from the D brand, but the same idiocy comes just as often from the R brand. Always invoking "civics education" and "civic engagement" to create more idiots.

I suppose there is a connection to "civics education", but not in the way these idiots claim. After you've "voted" several times, you LEARN FROM EXPERIENCE that it's a meaningless ceremony.

You pick the candidates that your team commands you to pick. You watch those candidates after they take office. All politicians serve Steadystate after they're in office. Nothing ever changes. All policies move in the same direction forever.

So you give up on candidates and try marking Yes or No on referendums. After a few times you LEARN FROM EXPERIENCE that the referendums are equally meaningless. When a ref agrees with Steadystate, it is allowed to take effect. When a ref disagrees, it's overturned by the blackrobed demons. Nothing ever changes.

More precisely, nothing ever changes as a result of markings. Sometimes policies do change for internal reasons, but the reasons are never expressed publicly and never correlated with markings.

A good example is the change in forest management that I mentioned yesterday. The governor and other state officials have belonged to the D brand for many years, and the brand proportions in the legislature are also constant. Somebody quietly decided that it wasn't smart to burn half the state every summer, even though most of the burned people were Deplorable Unpersons. Maybe the fires were getting too close to the governor's own properties. I don't know the real reason, but I know that the markings on ballots were NOT the reason.

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Saturday, November 10, 2018
  Parkinson observation

The most famous Parkinson's Law is Work expands to fill the available time.

Unquestionably true, but I'd narrow it down to Work expands to fit the established routine.

Example: The latest courseware project effectively ended in early August, with a sparse QA finale that dragged on till the end of Oct. The QA kept me in work mode, always checking the inbox, but there was very little actual work during those months. I started the Box Depots Poser project to stay busy during that time.

I use the EXCELLENT Microsoft tool SyncToy to back up daily output to USB every day. The selected backups include both paid courseware and unpaid graphics output. SyncToy gives a detailed report of each backup.

During the year of full-time courseware, with no 'hobby' work at all, the backup pretty consistently handled 50 files per day, generally 30 new and 20 revised. After August, with all the work going into unpaid 'hobby' graphics, the backup pretty consistently handles 50 files per day, generally 30 new and 20 revised.

That's an established routine! No matter what kind of software work it is, I always handle 50 files per day.


  Constants and variables 112, Burn baby burn edition

Trump has turned out to be Hillary in an orange wig, but occasionally he still speaks the truth.
As the wildfires ravaging Northern and Southern California destroy billions of dollars worth of real estate, President Trump reminded the world in a Saturday morning tweet that global warming - which many (on the left in particular) have blamed for the fires - isn't the responsible for the fires. Rather, California's inept forest-management strategies have left the state vulnerable as drought-like conditions have transformed the state's densely packed forests into a bed of kindling, just waiting to be set off by a stray cigarette butt.

In a tweet that seems almost tailor-made to trigger the left, President Trump threatened to revoke the "billions that are given each year" to the state if California doesn't address the "gross mismanagement" of its forests and take more steps to mitigate the fires.
We have an immediate and meaningful controlled experiment proving the point. For several years Wash was also experiencing MASSIVE EXPLOSIVE wildfires because of EPA-approved universe-obliterating genocide techniques. The response to the fires was equally destructive. No warning, no watching, no preparation.

I observed that the state DNR (Destroyer of Natural Resources) was being managed by people who had ALREADY PROVED their SPECIFIC INCOMPETENCE in fire emergencies.

Some COOOL and influential people must have reached the same conclusion, because those incompetent managers were quietly replaced two years ago. Now we have more logging, more controlled burns, better watching.

This summer was perfectly dry and somewhat hotter than normal, which WOULD have given us another massive explosive disaster.

No disaster. Average wildfires this summer.


= = = = =

Couple days later, headline about Calif wildfires:

California Utilities Implode, Lose A Third Of Their Value In 2 Days On Massive Fire Damages

Maybe this points to the real reason for the change. Avista has been trying to sell out. Negotiations with a large Quebec utility have been running for quite a while, and I don't think the deal is firm yet. If Avista had continued losing lines and poles, its SHARE VALUE might have decreased, which is of course the WORST THING IMAGINABLE IN ALL UNIVERSES. The state dysgovernment had to preserve SHARE VALUE, even if it meant letting some Deplorables remain unbarbecued.

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  NOT the standard shit!

For the sake of fairness, I should call attention to this EXTREMELY SANE essay by Abraham Loeb, which is ALSO in SciAm.

For 50 years SciAm exclusively served official orthodox universe-obliterating civilization-crushing tyranny. This year, for the first time in living memory, SciAm has been publishing a few essays advocating REAL SCIENCE. What's the purpose? Is this the classic Hundred Flowers AP trick? Publish the "other side" so you can identify and exterminate everyone who agrees with it?


  Bad science for a bad purpose

Standard shit from Anti-scientific American.
They are confined to windowless cells roughly the size of a king bed for 23 hours a day, with virtually no human contact except for brief interactions with prison guards. According to scientists speaking at the conference session, this type of social isolation and sensory deprivation can have traumatic effects on the brain, many of which may be irreversible. Neuroscientists, lawyers and activists such as King have teamed up with the goal of abolishing solitary confinement as cruel and unusual punishment.
In other words, "scientists" serve Soros because the NGOs that provide grants serve Soros.
Prolonged social isolation — feeling lonely, not just being alone — can exact severe physical, emotional and cognitive consequences. It is associated with a 26 percent increased risk of premature death, largely stemming from an out of control stress response that results in higher cortisol levels, increased blood pressure and inflammation. Feeling socially isolated also increases the risk of suicide. “We see solitary confinement as nothing less than a death penalty by social deprivation,” said Stephanie Cacioppo, an assistant professor of psychiatry and behavioral neuroscience at the University of Chicago, who was on the panel with King.
Causation failure. Outside the walls, unwilling isolation results from low status. Low status causes stress whether you're alone or not. No way to separate out real-life isolation from its default cause.
King has experienced lasting cognitive changes from his time in solitary confinement. His memory is impaired and he has lost his ability to navigate, both of which are signs of damage to the hippocampus. At one point he was unable to recognize faces, but that problem has passed. Cacioppo speculated that social areas of his brain that were not being used, like those involved in facial recognition, might have atrophied during his time in solitary.
Speculation is not science. You don't know King's initial condition and you can't do a controlled experiment, so you have NO FUCKING IDEA whether his currently claimed condition is (1) his normal condition, (2) caused by drugs and alcohol, (3) caused by aging, (4) caused by a degenerative disease, (5) caused by isolation, or (6) just plain faking. Sounds like (6) faking to me.
King said he survived the ordeal because he recognized that his case was “politicized,” and bigger than himself. He and many supporters believe the Angola Three were targeted and falsely convicted because they were members of the Black Panther party.
The Black Panthers were a GANG with a political facade. They were not dissidents. They committed lots of ordinary crimes just like any other GANG.

Here's the plain reality: Inside the walls there aren't many sticks and carrots available to control behavior. Some people are INCURABLY BAD. Solitary is an INDISPENSABLE tool because it REMOVES the incurables from the rest of the population. Solitary allows the trainable inmates to SURVIVE so they have a chance to be trained.

The ACLU and other Sorosians, like these "scientists", have been eliminating the more subtle sticks and carrots for 60 years. Most of the tools are already gone, and now Soros is trying hard to eliminate the

tool of all, which is USEFUL WORK.

Soros NGOs consider useful work in prison to be "slavery" because it's the only remaining REHABILITATION method. Soros DOES NOT WANT rehabilitation. Soros and his darling little pet "scientist" cocksuckers want well-trained and well-motivated criminals to be RELEASED so Soros can recruit them into his private army. This is a FACT.

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  Hamburger depot?

Latest item at KSHS is another small railroad building, but I'm NOT going to include this one in my digital models.

Santa Fe depot at Cushenbury, Calif. Looks like it was newly constructed when the pic was taken.

Without the description, there's no way you'd connect this building with railroads. It's a roadside fast-food outlet, or more specifically the projection booth and snack bar of a drive-in theater. Did Santa Fe borrow the blueprints from a drive-in?

Here's a Googlestreet that seems to be the same general area, with a possible old grade on the right. Desert, lots of mineral and gravel action now using the highway instead of the railroad.

Friday, November 09, 2018
  Another "new" idea from Tesla

Elon's wonderful unprecedented Innovative Disruption at work!

Above, Tesla Model S innovative disruptor.

Below, 1905 four-wheel drive electric with four motors, made by Commercial Motor Vehicle Co.

Which is more innovative?


  Racist! Sexist! Transphobe!


FDA to propose ban on menthol cigarettes.

  Y no automobile?

From an article on the Willys Aero in Collectible Auto, Feb 1990:

It's hard to believe, given the short life of the Aero-Willys, that its maker was ever one of the Big Three. Yet Willys-Overland had held that distinction for a decade, 1910-1919, usually the second most popular nameplate after Ford.

Now, of course, Willys is back in the big three. Depending on how you separate brands, it's usually #3 in sales among American nameplates.

Again from CA:

Willys didn't resume automobile production after WW2, choosing to concentrate on Jeep-inspired vehicles instead.

I've often made the point that by modern definitions Willys never stopped making passenger cars. We now consider pickup trucks and big station wagons (=SUVs) to be passenger cars. In 1955 when Willys stopped making SEDANS, the definitions were different.

Well, that's revisionism, which is unquestionably bad logic. It's not fair to apply today's rules to the standards of the past. Most of today's toxic "news" is grotesque revisionism.

New thought:

This isn't revisionism. Even by PAST standards the Jeep fitted into the category of passenger cars. It was and is an automobile.

Here's a WW2 Jeep:

And here's a 1905 Cameron runabout, which was the TYPICAL body shape in 1905.

Same form. Four seats, open sides, rear seats above front seats. If this form was the DEFAULT passenger car in 1905, why didn't the Jeep count as such in 1945 or 1955?


Thursday, November 08, 2018
  Two firsts

Speaking of wardrobe trunks:

It's well known that GM formed Pontiac in 1926 as part of its wild Cambrian profusion of unnecessary brands. Most of the unnecessary brands faded immediately, but Pontiac survived and its ancestor Oakland faded instead.

This 1908 Pontiac isn't well known!

The first Pontiac and the first business coupe.

Maybe it's not so old-fashioned after all....

  Non-bayesian thought

Grouchy convective thought because I'm in a grouchy mood this morning.

A basic rule of metrology is to be sure your instruments are measuring ALL of the phenomenon you want to understand, not just the visible part. If part of the country lacks thermometers, your temperature readings are meaningless. If part of the country lacks plumbing, your sewage output measurements are meaningless.

Workforce participation and election participation keep dropping. All of our stats are based on the half of the population that is still involved. "Elections" and "unemployment" figures are valid in a Bayesian way, but we don't use them in a Bayesian way. We use them as representing the whole population.

We're not asking what the unmeasured people are doing.

Articles about low workforce guess and speculate but never seek real data. Are most of these folks doing unregistered casual work or 'gig' work? Are most on welfare as the guessers always guess? Are most engaged in crime?

Politics isn't comparable. Everybody needs an income one way or another, but nobody NEEDS politics.

In both cases, the non-participants are more realistic than the participants. The uncounteds have learned by long and painful experience that participating isn't worth the trouble.

So we are counting and valuing the part of the population that DOESN'T learn from experience. No wonder we're drowning in delusion.


= = = = =

Later thought: This also applies to parenting. The MOST IMPORTANT skill of all, in ANY civilization, is birthing and raising kids. If you aren't reproducing, the whole species dies. And we're there. In the Sorosian lands, raising kids properly is hugely expensive and mostly illegal. You can't discipline them, you can't give them useful work at home, you can't pull them out of pointless school and place them in apprenticeships. So it's no surprise that the majority of would-be parents have opted out of parentforce participation.

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  Se-lu 30, bubbly Nature edition

Following on this item from yesterday.

Repeating the main part and then returning to my usual EXP/TANH shit:

= = = = = START REPRINT:

In fact, ABSTRACTION is the cause of EVERY SINGLE CRASH in business, government, and ordinary lives.

Abstraction has three Ds:

(1) Debt.

(2) Delusions.

(3) Drugs.

All three are unsustainable departures from real value and real work and real measurements. Sooner or later reality crashes you.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

What do the three D's have in common? EXPONENTIAL curves, or at least attempted exponentials. Debt is obvious. Compound interest IS exp by definition. Delusions and drugs both arise from a false anticipation of constant increase in pleasure or holiness or popularity or status.

We EXPect things to be EXPonential. Reality is TANH. The DELTAS between anticipation and reality grow larger as reality departs from our desires.

Happystar illustrates the process. First our EXPonential EXPectation:

Reality goes tanh. Up at first, then reaches saturation or maturity and holds steady. Our heads are in the clouds of EXPectation and our feet are on the ground of tanh.

Now the crucial point. Our anticipations feel like the constant standard, the point we measure from. Our EXPectations are the baseline, the goal for our error-correcting feedback. We are constantly TRYING to achieve the EXPected condition. Thus our perceived reality is DOWNWARD,

Because reality is increasingly disappointing, we have an increasing desire for SOMETHING that will restore us to standard. This is where the sellers of religion or drugs or politics or hair color come in. You're not misperceiving reality, you're just NOT TRYING HARD ENOUGH. You need more booze, more Eucharist, more voting, more makeup.

= = = = =

New thought. Se-lu. Loosen the bonds and ask the inverse question.

Does Nature ever USE exponentials?

Well, life can't do an unending exp, because an unending exp is physically impossible. You can only get an unending exp in math. So the question narrows: Does life create AND POP bubbles intentionally?

Of course. All the time, in an infinite number of ways. Specifically, many types of neurons are pulse oscillators, repeating an exp rise followed by a natural pop. The most common neurons of all, the granule cells in the cerebellum, are pulse code handlers. Most of the action in hearing is done by pulse codes. Toward the output of each system, the pulses are smoothed into analog motions for muscles, or integrated into longer and more complex resonances for memory patterns.

In short, Nature uses all of the PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE combinations of exp and tanh. Nature rejects the only combination we believe in.

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  Constants and variables 111, now that we know what you are edition

This one little item, mentioned yesterday, is far more consequential than the agreement itself.

South Korea and Iran have agreed to switch to national currencies in trade exchanges as the sides aim to strengthen relations despite the US sanctions on Tehran.

Now we know that such agreements are POSSIBLE AND EASY.

Many other countries are CLAIMING that they can't figure out how to switch trade away from dollars.

THEY ARE LYING. We suspected it before, and now we KNOW.

It's not the system that prevents you from breaking loose. It's your own fucking cowardice or stupidity. You don't WANT to cut loose, so the "technicalities" are a convenient pretext.

UK's endless dithering on Brexit is the same thing. As I pointed out, trade doesn't require trade agreements. All sorts of trading occurs every day between countries that don't have any treaties. You don't need SWIFT and you don't need WTO or EU to make it happen. You just need a business that wants to sell stuff and customers who want to buy stuff. When both sides are willing, you can write specific contracts for larger-scale transactions. Those contracts may evolve into a treaty, but you don't need treaties to START the process.

Koreans and Persians have GUTS. Both cultures are GIT-R-DONE types, accustomed to sliding around bureaucratic obstacles.

We need more slithering and less dithering.


Wednesday, November 07, 2018
  Good for everyone

Via Eurekalert:
Singing may provide benefits beyond improving respiratory and swallow control in people with Parkinson's disease, according to new data from Iowa State University researchers. The results from the pilot study revealed improvements in mood and motor symptoms, as well as reduced physiological indicators of stress.
No need to be so specific. Singing is good for EVERYONE, especially for oldies.

Recently I realized that I used to hum and sing often but gave up the habit at some point, perhaps 10 years ago.

Since then I've made a rule of singing one song every evening before bedtime. The benefits are CLEAR.

After singing I feel MUCH calmer and happier. I wouldn't have guessed or expected the difference if I hadn't tried it!


  Meanwhile, in the sane parts of the world....

South Korea and Iran have agreed to switch to national currencies in trade exchanges as the sides aim to strengthen relations despite the US sanctions on Tehran.

Excellent and salient. SoKo has been a loyal USA satellite for a long time. This is their first serious disobedience.

And while Trump sends "troops" to protect the invaders from Americans, Salvini continues RELENTLESSLY strengthening Italy's borders and police. His party passed a set of reforms that will make it easier to send back fake asylum-seekers, along with other improvements in court procedures.

Gen. Joseph Dunford was asked while speaking at Duke University what the mission would be for the thousands of active-duty troops being sent to the border and replied that they will not be “involved in the actual mission of denying people entry to the United States.”





  Roy vs Roy

Well, okay, just one comment on the "election". The Dems promise to spend 100% of their time emulating Joe McCarthy, who was Roy Cohn's protege in 1954. Trump, who was Roy Cohn's protege in 1984, promises to fight Roy with Roy.

It's going to be profitable for media and campaign operatives and tragic for the country. Two more years of utter failure and collapse and insanity beyond insanity. Fun.

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Just showing what happens when you make a typo in a graphics file...

Warning sign suitable for modern SUVs, entirely out of place in a '20s scene.

After correcting...


Tuesday, November 06, 2018
  Active monarchs

A few days ago I vaguely compared Salvini with parliamentary monarchs. He's all over the country carrying the spirit of the government and supporting the people. I mentioned that Philip and Charles used to do the same for England before they got too old to wander.

This morning I pondered the connection of Salvini with the president of Ghana. Why are they meeting?

Turns out Charlie isn't quite as old and inactive as I thought. Where is Charlie today? Ghana.

From Twitter of Ghana's VP:

This morning, I, accompanied by Second Lady, Hajia @SBawumia and the Chief of Staff, Mrs. Akosua Frema Osei-Opare, saw off the Prince of Wales, HRH Prince Charles, and his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall @RoyalFamily, after their 5 day visit to Ghana.

Ghana was a British colony, so Charlie is less puzzling than Salvini. Still an interesting web of connections. Prince Edward was there last week.
  Three D-words

This graph is interesting. It shows a four-year leadup to 2008, followed by the current bubble. The variable is stock buybacks vs real investment in real production.

We are always INSTRUCTED that housing caused the 2008 crash. The chart gives a broader and more accurate picture.

ABSTRACTION caused the crash.

In fact, ABSTRACTION is the cause of EVERY SINGLE CRASH in business, government, and ordinary lives.

Abstraction has three Ds:

(1) Debt.

(2) Delusions.

(3) Drugs.

All three are unsustainable departures from real value and real work and real measurements. Sooner or later reality crashes you.

Debt is the OPPOSITE of real value. When you are manipulating debt, you are DESTROYING the world instead of CREATING the world.

Delusions are the OPPOSITE of real expectations. When you operate on the expectations of "rights" and "equality" and "laws" and "justice" and "free will", you move farther and farther from reality.

Drugs aren't quite identical across scales. The corporation itself can't do drugs, but history shows that executives are either drunk or coked up during bubble periods. The companies that survive the bubble are led by sober men.

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  Fourth I-word

One of the Tesla skeptics notes that Albertsons has purchased 10 Tesla semi-trucks, which DO NOT EXIST AND WILL NEVER EXIST.

How do you purchase a "truck" that is a pure delusion, a "truck" that exists only in the convoluted "mind" of a psychotic universe-obliterating alien?

Shift your thinking from business to religion. Albertsons is purchasing indulgences from Gaia's high priest. These will counteract Safeway's mortal sin of selling good food to Deplorables.

We're solidly back in 1400. I should add a fourth I-word to my list of I-words. Insinuation, Instigation, Inquisition, and now Indulgences.

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  Two S-words

Venezuela continues to provide the usual talking points to the usual idiots on "both" "sides". Leftists defend Maduro as a shining example of socialism, "conservatives" bash him as a shining example of socialism. Classic shared lie.

As always both are perfectly wrong. Venezuela's long-standing problem is Graybill's Law, not socialism. Venezuela allowed globalist corporations to exterminate all skills except oil. Maduro's specific problem is not socialism but STUPIDITY.

Today's example via Reuters:
Maduro’s government is seeking to bring 14 tonnes of gold held in the Bank of England back to Venezuela. The plan has been held up for nearly two months due to difficulty in obtaining insurance for the shipment, needed to move a large gold cargo, one of the officials said.

“They are still trying to find insurance coverage, because the costs are high,” the official said.
In the first fucking place, you should have done this a long time ago. The techniques for stabilizing a currency are well-known. Other countries have managed to do it. Now it's too late.

In the second fucking place, INSURANCE?

Venezuela has a navy. Per Wikipedia, 2 submarines, 3 frigates, 4 corvettes, 10 patrol boats, 2 landing ship tank, 3 auxiliary ships. The bigger ships could hold 14 tons of gold. No need for insurance when you've got artillery on board and sailors who know how to use it. Sail up the Thames, point the guns at Threadneedle Street, and politely ask to repossess your OWN gold. "Please, sire, may I kindly have my own gold back? Also please note the 40mm howitzer laser-ranged on your chairman's office."

Graybill again, ALLOWING the global insurers to halt your own moves toward independence. Or else it's just false purpose and misplaced blame. The insurance company peed on my homework.


  What's the connection?

I no longer pay close attention to the grotesque spectacle in Sorosian lands. When I want media input, I listen to radio shows from comparatively sane decades and watch the actions of NON-Sorosian leaders like Putin and Salvini.

Of course Salvini knows how to be watchable, so I maintain a clickbait filter and focus on his quieter and more serious activities. Salvini is a reliable MEASURING TOOL for the Soros Scale. When he firmly disapproves of a country or leader or activity, I can be fairly sure it's Sorosian. When he approves, I can be fairly sure the subject is low on Satan Units.

Here's an example: He had a meeting with the president and foreign minister of Ghana, boosting commercial and cultural ties between Italy and Ghana.

Ghana has been off the media radar for a while, and it's not part of Italy's former colonies in Africa. What's the connection?

Ghana's president Akufo-Addo looks like a sober and intelligent man. He's an aristocrat. Grandpa was the king of a province before independence, and Papa was a major politician and lawyer after independence. Son followed the same path, doing politics and law and climbing up the ladder, finally reaching the presidency two years ago.

DW reviewed his progress last year. He is definitely a populist in the old Okie tradition. He promised more factories, more public education, less debt, punishment for bankers, and less corruption. Free secondary education came immediately, though it's taking time for the system to ramp up. The factories are also starting, but the debt and corruption haven't moved.

Akufo-Addo's own Twitter feed looks a lot like Salvini's Twitter. He's visible all over Ghana, supporting new schools and new businesses, shaming banks and criminals.

Now we've got the connection, and now I'm going to continue watching. I'm not quite ready to mark Ghana on the non-Soros side of the map.

After more lookup: Akufo-Addo is trying to be Ghana's FDR. He's moving forward on many fronts at once, toward digital infrastructure, better training, better power grids. He set up and sent out a CCC-type youth corps.

Couple days later: Maybe this accounts for the Euro interest in Ghana.
The U.S. Geological Survey estimated that two years ago there were at least 41 billion untapped barrels of crude oil in sub-Saharan Africa alone. Exxon is focusing on western and southern Africa in its exploration work and has been amassing stakes in oil and gas prospect in Ghana, Mauritania, Namibia, and South Africa. The supermajor hopes to strike a discovery containing no less than a billion barrels of crude, also known as an elephant.
Better watch out with that last word. Sounds raaaaaaaaaaaaciss, as well as an Insult To Endangered Species.

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Monday, November 05, 2018
  Important mind-reading

On mornings when I use the bus, I always start at the same time and always see the same people. One of those people is an efficient fast-moving woman, dressed for business, who passes me on a narrow dirt path. She's heading for the 22 and I'm heading for the 33. We usually exchange a quick nod or hello.

Today she stopped me and said:

Did you see the sign about the survey on the bus stop?


Did you take it yet?


Today's the last day!

Okay! THANKS for the reminder!!!!

And I meant it.

= = = = =

I'm always surprised to see empathy in others. This was almost mind-reading. I had noticed the sign and had been intending to do the survey but forgot.

After taking the survey, I see why she was pushing the point! The NYC demons who run STA are proposing to remove this segment of the 33, which will remove my ability to take the bus.

Thanks, empathetic mind-reading lady!

And NO THANKS, EVIL STA MONSTERS. As fucking always, STA is trying HARD to delete all of its existing Deplorable riders and replace them with COOOOOOOOOL NYC people who NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER use a bus under any circumstances.

Maybe it's time to get serious about the electric bike in previous item. GM's version won't do, but there are plenty of others that have decent carrying capacity.
  Spoiling a good idea

GM is getting ready to produce an electric bicycle. They're doing the Namey McNameFace thing, which is a good way to jinx a product.

I looked closely at the pix because I could probably use an electric bike. Unfortunately it's a TOTALLY USELESS design.

Why useless?

There's no place to carry stuff.

No rack or basket over the rear wheel, and no conceivable way to mount a rack. If you can't carry groceries or books, it's purely a recreational toy.

The bike is designed above all to be foldable, which is also pointless for transportation.

So the intended use is: Load the bike in your giant 90000000 horsepower Cadillac pickup-limousine, take it to an Official Electric Bike Recreation Gymnasium Facility, buzz around for an hour, then load up again and drive back home.


Sunday, November 04, 2018
  Kudos to Coyne

An extremely rare violation of fashion standards by a fashionable "scientist".

Jerry Coyne is a hardass fashionista, holding ALL orthodox views on ALL subjects. When he advises fellow trendies to GET BACK TO SCIENCE, it's salient. He starts with a perfectly anti-scientific preface on "climate change", which might make it easier for trendies to hear him.

After the normal stuff, here's the salient departure, which is especially strong because TRUMPHITLERKKK:
A while back I was President of the Society for the Study of Evolution (SSE), and, as such, thought that the SSE shouldn’t take stands that didn’t have anything to do with evolution.

But now it has, opposing the Trump administration’s proposed policy that gender must be defined as a binary, based on the appearance of an individual’s genitals and as recognized on that individual’s birth certificate. I disagree with this policy because gender, which to me means the sexual identity claimed by an individual (including transsexuals, those whose identity doesn’t correspond to their biological sex, transgendered people, polysexual people, and so on) doesn’t correspond to biological sex in many cases, and there’s no reason not to respect an individual’s self-definition (except, perhaps, in sports).

My view, which I’ve explained before, is that while gender may form more or less a continuum, although there are still self-identity modes at “male” and “female”, it forms more of a continuum than does biological sex, which is almost completely binary (again, male and female), but is also strongly bimodal, with just 1 or 2% of individuals falling between the male and female spikes.

The SSE, however, has issued a statement — almost certainly motivated by liberal political views —that claims to show that the Trump administration’s policy is not supported by science. In so doing, it conflates gender and sex, and winds up making the specious claim that “sex should be viewed as a continuum.”
Bravo. Sharp clarity of definition, and an extremely rare defense of real science by a paid Big Science-ist.

= = = = =

In symmetrical response, here's a partial defense of the SJW side, equally salient from my anti-fashion viewpoint.

Coyne misses the essential separation of politics and science. Scientific details are NOT a relevant input in political decisions. Science is not the DUTY of government. Civilization is the DUTY. If civilization is preserved and improved by skipping the facts of science, then we should skip. If the details of science happen to agree with a civilization-advancing policy, then fine, but incidental.

Where is the line between science and politics on gender preference? It's NOT in the definitions themselves. If public policy wants to eliminate all verbal distinctions between male and female in government documents and government actions, nobody is harmed.

The harm arises when normal civilized people are FORCED to use the non-binary version of reality in their own language and decisions. We're already there.

In the military, as I've noted before, there can be a good reason for using the deceptive talents of trannies in spying and camouflage work. There is NO good reason to force combat units to mix the sexes or genders. Combat units function best with strict segregation. Thus the military shouldn't be forced in either direction. Let it make its own decisions for its own purposes.

In education (which is Coyne's main point) the precise definitions are CRUCIAL. Forcing a biology teacher to LIE about the FACTS of biology is a crime. We're already committing the crime, and it's too late to turn back. The blackrobed demons will instantly EXTERMINATE any attempt to recover FACTS.

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  Wardrobe trunks

In old radio shows, drifters and carnies are always described as living out of a trunk. I didn't understand this. I'd seen old trunks; my parents used one to store winter clothes. Trunks were just big flat boxes, too heavy to carry around easily. What's the advantage?

While making this set of railway scenes, I decided that a trunk was necessary to make the platform look active.

Checking details for wardrobe trunks, I found the advantage. Wardrobe trunks were complex gadgets with drawers on one side and a pullout frame with built-in hangers on the other. A complete portable closet and dresser. You could in fact live out of a trunk!

= = = = =

I'm considering moving Polistra into one of these railway scenes. A few years ago I moved her out of the original setup, which was easy to use and easy to render:

The next scene was harder to use and didn't have a mill:

But the Homette's interior is ideal:

I've been trying to use the Electric Village:

but it's ENTIRELY too large and complicated. Hard to place things, hard to get the camera into position, long render times. No proper interiors at all. Result: very few narrative scenes in the last two years.

This railway scene is easy to use and render. It has seasons, a street for car action, a railroad, and a creek. Could add a dam and mill.

The house (interior above with wardrobe trunk) is just large enough.
  The mass of a Memory Hole

This isn't especially interesting, but Polistra feels an obligation to deal with metrology items....
On the outskirts of Paris, eight metres below ground in a climate-controlled vault, sits a 143-year-old platinum alloy cylinder. Standing just 39 mm tall, it has never been touched by human hands. Like a delicate Russian doll, the cylinder is caged inside three nested glass bells in a room that can be accessed only with three keys kept by three different people. Surrounding the mysterious object are “the witnesses”: six “identical” cylinders cast from the same platinum alloy.
Never touched by human hands?

Reprinting from 2011:

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Polistra is a fan of metrology, so when WUWT carried an article about a major standard of measure losing its standardness, her imagination was engaged.
In a vault beneath a 17th-century pavilion on the outskirts of Paris sits a platinum cylinder known as Le Grand K. Since 1889 it has been the international prototype for the kilogram, the standard against which all other kilos are measured.

"It's a scandal that we've got this kilogram hanging around changing its mass and therefore changing the mass of everything else in the universe!" Bill Phillips, a Nobel Prize winning physicist, exclaimed at a scientific summit in London this week. No one knows for sure what went wrong with Le Grand K, but some theorize it lost weight from being cleaned.

= = = = = END REPRINT.


Saturday, November 03, 2018
  Fate is the question 3

I've been watching Macedonia. Last year Macedonia had a brief moment of anti-Soros independence, then Satan came roaring in and smashed the revolt. Now Macedonia is passing laws meekly submitting to EU and NATO authority, and surrendering to Greece's idiotic renaming demand.

Connecting to an item I reposted this week....
UncommonDescent has been quoting linguist Neil Rude lately.

Rude is observing one side effect of this corrosive focus on BEING. He notes that 'ambitransitive' verbs are getting more common in English. I don't think the ambi-ness is the main point; it's the spread of INtransitive and middle voice. We're losing the basic relationship of subject-verb-object that belongs in a DOING culture. We're replacing it by BEING forms, where the verb indicates a condition or action without an actor. Sharp-pointed example:

Transitive: I'm driving my car fast.
Middle voice: My car drives fast.

In languages with more verb inflections, this change shows up as a shift toward reflexive verbs, which have a form like My car drives itself fast. The meaning is the same.

It's no coincidence that the Sorosian parts of the world, where the fraudulent goal of BEING is firmly established, have languages with caseless nouns, while the non-Sorosian areas have distinct noun cases. From Poland to Hungary to Turkey to Russia to China to Korea, the siren song of Soros gets little traction.
Unlike most Slavic languages, Macedonian has caseless nouns. Grammar = fate.

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  Sweet Jesus 3

News item:

The plaintiffs, including six children, are alleging that President Trump’s plans to block the 4,000-odd Central American migrants currently streaming northward toward the US-Mexico border are “shockingly unconstitutional.” They are also suing the Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security.

Protecting a nation's borders from invasion is the BASIC FUNCTION of a national government. If a government does NOTHING ELSE, it must protect the borders. Suing a government for protecting its own borders is the UTMOST EXTREMITY OF PSYCHOTIC INSANITY, totally unprecedented and unimagined in the wildest weirdest minds of hopeless schizophrenics overdosing on flakka.

Needless to say, we can be 100.000000000000000000% certain that this suit will succeed, because the blackrobes are BEYOND THE UTMOST EXTREMITY OF PSYCHOTIC MURDEROUS GENOCIDAL HYPERINSANITY.


Syria’s Kurdish-led alliance said on Friday that US troops have started patrolling the Syrian border with Turkey to defuse tensions after threats from Ankara.

How come nobody is SUING us for protecting a border on the other side of the world? How fucking come it's OKAY to patrol a border between two countries that we are ATTACKING but it's NOT OK to patrol our OWN FUCKING BORDER?


  Possible but inconclusive

The 'everyday vintage' tumblr has a set of pix from Cuba in 1981. As you'd expect, it includes some innovative cars and pretty girls. It also includes several billboards with government slogans. One slogan focuses on an epidemic of dengue fever. The caption says:

Havana. CIA/Dengue fever poster. Cubans said that the dengue fever epidemic in 1981 had been started by the CIA, 1981

Was that true? Considering the CIA's long-standing obsession with Cuba, any and all types of genocide are possible.

The Wikileaks archive shows that CIA was running a large "Dengue Project" in the late '70s, hiring lots of scientists and working with various agencies. CIA also noticed when a dengue epidemic in Egypt was blamed on Israeli bioterror.

Does this add up to anything? No. It does show why Cuba had specific reasons to be suspicious, given CIA's constant murderous intent. I wouldn't be surprised if Cuba had far better info than the unclassified stuff in this data dump.


Friday, November 02, 2018
  You wanna talk about MIRACLES?

Here's a genuine UNPRECEDENTED MIRACLE, running contrary to all laws of all Steadystates in history.

Salvini is opposed by black-robed hyperdemons, just as all sane adult god-side leaders are opposed by black-robed monstrous alien incalculably wicked omnicidal superkillers.

BUT: One of the hyperdemons has BACKED DOWN, with an explanation that is LOGICAL AND TRUTHFUL AND SANE.

A district demon had demonically dysruled that Salvini was "kidnapping" migrant invaders when he stopped them from invading Italy, which USED TO BE THE SOLE PURPOSE OF EVERY GOVERNMENT.

Now the miracle:
A Catania prosecutor on Thursday asked to shelve a case of alleged kidnapping by Interior Minister Matteo Salvini of rescued migrants aboard the Diciotti Coast Guard ship.

The prosecutor said the deputy premier and anti-migrant League leader had "made a purely political choice" in a 10-day stand-off with the EU over 150 or so Eritrean migrants. Therefore, the judicial system could not pronounce on it.
DOUBLE MIRACLE. Backing down and speaking the truth.

My big question gets even bigger. HOW does the sane Italian government make sane things happen? No sane government elsewhere has EVER caused the blackrobes to slow down their light-speed acceleration of omnicide and hellish chaos. This blackrobe didn't just slow down, he STOPPED.

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  Exactly treason.

O'Keefe has hit the jackpot this time, after several trivial "pork-busting" items.

Beto's campaign is using campaign funds to assist the invading migrant army.

That's exactly treason. Giving aid and comfort to an invading army.

Therefore we can be sure that O'Keefe will be prosecuted for treason. The mob never prosecutes its hitmen. The mob kills snitches.


Thursday, November 01, 2018
  Sweet Jesus 2

Bloomberg via ZH:
While unsuspecting U.S. consumers continue to expect low, sub-2% inflation according to the latest YTD low breakeven rate, little do they know they are about to be blindsided by a coming inflationary shock, according to a new WSJ reportwhich notes that many U.S. consumer staple and industry-leading companies are either already in the process of raising prices, or have set concrete plans to do so in the very near future.

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  Old-fashioned robbers

A somewhat confusing robbery reported by Spokane-News. The suspects were initially described as a male and female, but the pictures show one tall male in typical male clothing and another smaller male wearing a softer Carhart coat. He's not trying to dress as a woman, he just doesn't fit the usual fashion.

One commenter who worked at the store had noticed the suspect car parked every day for a week, often occupied. He didn't report it because it's not salient, and he's right. In Spokane EVERYBODY sits in their cars ALL THE TIME. I've never figured out why.

So these suspects were casing the joint, which is an obsolete old-fashioned habit. Robbers used to do research and rehearsal. In the meth era, all actions are twitchy and random and purposeless, including robbers and CEOs and national presidents.

Are these robbers the cutting edge of a return to PURPOSEFUL AND CAREFUL action? I hope so.


  Bit of gratitude

Now that latest courseware is done and I've caught my breath, a couple notes of gratitude.

First to the publisher. I've been grumping mildly about their slowness, but the slowness is a GOOD thing. They're slow because they're a small family-owned business, concerned with quality and customer satisfaction. Previous publisher was fast and intense because they were a BIG soulless NYC LBO, concerned with the share value of JPMorgan.

Second to ScormCloud again. For a reasonable price they provide a high-quality test platform with LOTS of friendly and responsive help and advice. Unlike most online services they don't engage in politics, don't hit you in the face with fashionable shit.

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  Fate is the question 2

Time for a verbatim reprint of this item from a year ago.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

There is a predictable donnybrook about a T-shirt saying "Slavery gets shit done."

Why argue? It's a fact. Not ironic or contradictory or horrible. Just a fact.

Remove the vile anti-Natural-Law propaganda that NYC has been feeding us for 200 years.

Remove the words and leave the functions.

Natural Law recognizes two forms of work, and recognizes that each form has a place.

Ownership, with permanent lifetime obligations on BOTH SIDES, gets big shit done. Organized massive shit like pyramids and railroads and cars.

Independent workers get small shit done. Specialized and personalized shit like plumbing and haircuts and art.

Around 1800, London and NYC capitalists developed a new setup that breaks both rules. Debtism spawns big organizations WITHOUT permanent loyalty on either side. The boss can fire anyone for any reason, and the boss can work you to death and toss your carcass into the forge.

London and NYC propagandized this bad setup by stigmatizing the balanced system of ownership. You're supposed to work hard in the new system because you're "free". You have "God-given rights". You can start your own company any time you want. You can move up in the ranks.

Those claims are legalistically true but Naturally untrue. In Natural fact most people are not independent artisans. Most people are not leaders. The NYC system puts your focus on a goal that AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN. Everyone spends their energy in a futile pursuit of position instead of getting shit done.

Parkinson recognized the converse of the latter problem. A bureaucracy always tends toward the pursuit mode, but when SHIT IS ACTUALLY GETTING DONE, the jockeying for position is suppressed.

Men want to be useful. Men want to make things. When the making is gone, men will spend their energy seeking POSITION instead of ACCOMPLISHMENT.

And that's where we are now. Our goals are no longer aimed at making more life, more value, more beauty. We are solely focused on BEING instead of DOING. We tell youngsters that they can BE anything they want, including Gender #47 or God or Boss or an Artist or a President. These BE-promises are flatout lies. Everyone has a fixed set of skills and a fixed status. When you KNOW your position, when you KNOW your skills and your status, you can then focus on GETTING SHIT DONE, which is the GOD-ASSIGNED REASON FOR OUR EXISTENCE.

= = = = =

UncommonDescent has been quoting linguist Neil Rude lately.

Rude is observing one side effect of this corrosive focus on BEING. He notes that 'ambitransitive' verbs are getting more common in English. I don't think the ambi-ness is the main point; it's the spread of INtransitive and middle voice. We're losing the basic relationship of subject-verb-object that belongs in a DOING culture. We're replacing it by BEING forms, where the verb indicates a condition or action without an actor. Sharp-pointed example:

Transitive: I'm driving my car fast.
Middle voice: My car drives fast.

In languages with more verb inflections, this change shows up as a shift toward reflexive verbs, which have a form like My car drives itself fast. The meaning is the same.

It's no coincidence that the Sorosian parts of the world, where the fraudulent goal of BEING is firmly established, have languages with caseless nouns, while the non-Sorosian areas have distinct noun cases. From Poland to Hungary to Turkey to Russia to China to Korea, the siren song of Soros gets little traction.

When the giver and receiver of action sound different to your ears and feel different to your tongue, it's harder to lose sight of PURPOSE.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

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  Fate is the question 1

ZH cited one aspect of a Pew survey on European culture. As usual, ZH has a talent for catching interesting stuff FAST and FIRST. The full survey is far more interesting than the one piece ZH noticed.

The overall pattern is unsurprising, corresponding to old religious and imperial divisions. Rome, Moscow, Constantinople. The old Western Roman Empire, which turned into the Papal Empire and later EU, is Soros territory. The old Ottoman and Russian Empires are God's territory.

Some of the questions are probably readings of fashion or wishful thinking rather than belief. The deepest question of all gets to the core of culture, bypassing fashions and verbal formulas.

Do you believe in Fate? Is the course of life largely preordained?

The scientific answer to this question is YES. The three empires line up neatly, with a few exceptions. Islam is firmly YES, agreeing with science and Natural Law. Eastern Orthodox is a weaker YES. Rome is NO.

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