Monday, August 03, 2020
  Unnecessary footnote

Brief continuation from previous item, much less important than the main point of neglected measurement.

Along with the mismeasure of area, there's a misdescription of the difference between the cortex and the cerebellum, which shows the same neglect and disdain of SKILL.

In the cerebral cortex, regions representing different parts of the body are arranged roughly like they are in the actual body: juxtaposed and orderly. But in the cerebellum, they were placed more randomly.

This could be an oversimplification by the editor, but nevertheless it's not accurate.

On one side, the arrangement in the cortex is not strictly orderly. Unrelated parts are juxtaposed.

Here's the classic 'homunculus' for mapping of sensory regions:

On the other side, the cerebellum IS arranged in an orderly way. It's ordered by SKILL, not by body parts. Each subsection of one folium was set up 'on the fly' by repeated rehearsal and performance of a specific action involving various parts.

The input command arrives from sensory centers in the brainstem via the blue and green paths. The neurons in this folium have been programmed by repetition to perform one specific action for one specific PURPOSE. They run through the action, sending sequential commands toward the spine via the dentate nucleus (brown).

Organization by SKILL is seen as random by the theory-only scientists.

(My tag skill-estate is uniquely appropriate here!)


  Not so silly after all

A new measurement of the cerebellum is SHOCKING as usual.
It’s essentially a flat sheet with the thickness of a crepe, crinkled into hundreds of folds to make it fit into a compact volume about one-eighth the volume of the cerebral cortex. For this reason, the surface area of the cerebellum was thought to be considerably smaller than that of the cerebral cortex.

By using an ultra-high-field MRI machine to scan the brain and custom software to process the resulting images, an SDSU neuroimaging expert discovered the tightly packed folds actually contain a surface area equal to 80% of the cerebral cortex’s surface area. In comparison, the macaque’s cerebellum is about 30% the size of its cortex.
The neurons of the cerebellum are 80% of the neurons in the brain, so it shouldn't be a surprise that its surface area is large.

Also unsurprising: Science is snobbery. Scientists function by theory and tyranny. (Redundant and synonymous.) They have a POWERFUL disdain for people and animals who function by skills and culture and reality.

The cerebellum is the site for SKILLS and REALITY. The cortex is the site for theories and tyranny. Thus everyone knows that the cortex must be INFINITELY larger than the cerebellum, just as everyone knows the scientist is INFINITELY smarter than the plumber or waitress.

I made a rather silly analogy on this point two years ago:

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Reading some of the older pieces at the Abbeville website, and simultaneously working on courseware about the cerebellum....

Dixie is America's cerebellum. Especially true before Madman Lincoln burned it down and killed 1/6 of the country to "prove" a totally delusional "point" and raise Wall Street share values.

Dixieland is the source of African influence, bringing Natural Law and morality and rhythm and resonance and muscle memory.

Yankeeland is the source of Euro influence (esp Kraut and Frog), bringing verbal "learning" and insane nonsensical theories and genocidal delusions and numerical abstraction. The Yankee cortex believes it can get along without the senses and muscles, so it constantly tries to exterminate the senses and muscles.

Of course the entire body can't get along without movement. Dancing and walking and making and cleaning keep the organism functioning. When you hold still for long periods the cerebellum loses sync, and the cortex stops sorting and pruning its memories and ideas. Delusions such as "rights" and "democracy" and LBOs and QE and Bitcoin run wild, destroying the organism along with everything around it.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

Maybe it's not so silly. Where is the tyranny now, and where are the sane and courageous non-tyrant governors? Most of the courageous non-tyrants are in the cerebellum, where people and skills matter. Florida, SC, Georgia, Tennessee. The worst holocausters are on the west coast, in the frontal lobe of the cortex.

Aside from all that, let's go back to the point of the referenced article. Neurologists are just now realizing that their measurement of the SURFACE AREA of a brain part that has been identified and mapped and measured for hundreds of years was WILDLY WRONG.

If they can't even measure a macroscopic SURFACE AREA after several hundred years of working with it, why in the fuck should we trust them to measure ANYTHING AT ALL?


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Sunday, August 02, 2020
  More Michelet

From Michelet's account of the Inquisitors and witch hunters.
I refer especially to the uncertainty in which the rustic household habitually lived as to its lot, the suspense, the chronic terror of the savage violence that might burst at any moment on their unoffending heads from the castle above.

The feudal regime involved precisely the two things of all others that go farthest to make a hell on earth; on the one hand, the extreme of immobility; the man was nailed to the soil, and emigration utterly impossible; on the other, a high degree of uncertainty as to the continuance of existing conditions.

So much is bound to be paid to the Feudal Lord — but he can take all the rest too, if he likes. This is called in so many words the right of prehension. Work away, goodman! And while you are abroad in the fields, the dreaded troop from the heights may swoop down on your house and carry off what it pleases "for the service of the Seigneur."

No wonder, if you look at him, the fellow is gloomy over his furrow, and hangs his head!

Yes! and he is always like that, with anxious brow and heavy heart, like a man constantly expecting bad news. Is he pondering revenge? Not he; but two thoughts fill his mind, two anxieties trouble him alternately. The first, "In what condition will you find your house when you go back tonight?"

The other, "Ah! if only the clod I turn would let me see a treasure underneath! if the kind devil would give me wherewith to buy our freedom!"


  Are they getting ready?

Looks like ACU is getting ready for a more significant announcement? They've added two new press conference videos, partly in English. One of them is called FINAL, but so far I'm not seeing any new info or conclusions. Just repeats of the original statement of purpose.

They're also making some live speeches for the protesters in Berlin who are busting through the new Wall.

Bravo to the protesters. Good slogan on one sign: Denkpflicht statt Maskpflicht. Pointless but good.

Maybe the live speeches will break the necessary info? Hope springs eternal, despite constant SMASHING of all hope.

Later: Here is the conference with good clear English subtitles.

Nothing new, but at least they're not collapsing and converging and surrendering into Deepstate like every fucking body else.


  Belarus continues to lead the way

Lukashenko shows yet again a CORRECT AND COMPLETE UNDERSTANDING of viruses and immunity.

Trust your body. Treat it right. Let it work. Don't fuck it up with panic and lockdowns and masks.

Your body knows VASTLY more than any doctor about fighting viruses. This was always true before 2020, and it's hyperinfinitely true now that all doctors have switched to mass murderers.

The Soviet 'time-capsule' countries DIDN'T turn doctors into killers. They continued the high-quality Soviet medical care.

Conservatives blame 'socialized medicine', ie Obamacare, for the transformation here. It's not that simple. Government can act FOR health or AGAINST health. In Belarus and Turkmenistan the fully socialized medical system is acting FOR health. What's the difference? Productive economy vs bank economy. In US and UK, all resources are devoted to increasing the wealth of Goldman and Bezos. In Soviet countries, all resources are devoted to productive labor. Everyone is useful, everyone produces things, so everyone needs to be ALIVE and healthy. Since 1973, bankers have figured out that they don't need people, so they do everything possible to eliminate people. An efficient market requires zero Negative Externalities. The current holocaust is the latest step in a LONG process.

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Saturday, August 01, 2020
  A bit of reality

A look at the detailed list of school closings from EdWeek shows that the social media alarm on both sides is overblown.

Nearly all states are allowing local districts to make the decisions. Some governors are 'urging' reopen, others are not 'urging'.

The sanest states require every district to open in one way or another. Iowa, Missouri, South Carolina, Texas, Florida. That's a pretty large part of the population.

California allows local option, but seems to be requiring closure in a few places.

DC will remain closed forever. At this point only DC is absolutely closed.

A few of the colors on the map are deceptive. For instance, Hawaii is shown as all closed as of right now, but the detailed description says that the governor requires opening after next week. So unless she changes her mind again, Hawaii really belongs in the sanest group.

Often the school boards are more courageous and sane than the local governments, which is a historical first. Here in Spokane the school admin chose to reopen 'partly normal', while the city council and mayor continue their competitive circlejerk with Mad Bomber Inslee, exponentially bidding up the killcount and the unspeakable unimaginable incomprehensible tyranny. Mass slaughter for fun and profit.
  Ramblings about rotations.

Random thought about real world math.

Math courses have never done a good job with 3-dimensional thinking. There is no standard way of labeling three axes, and no standard way of labeling three rotational angles.

Human bodies and senses are mostly 2D with a sort of tacked-on reference to the third. Birds need all three dimensions all the time, but land animals make very limited use of Y.

There's a basic and incurable oddity in the math of three rotations, which most people don't notice because they don't have to deal with it.

Astronomers and navigators (both ship and plane) and artillerymen and computer graphics artists do have to deal with this oddity or kink, and they've developed a variety of techniques for handling it.

Here's the kink:

When measuring or using three linear dimensions, you need all three, you use all three, and all three are fully independent and interchangeable.

When measuring or using three rotations, you only need two, and you can only use two. Trying to incorporate the third angle in a measuring system, or a machine, or a computer program, causes huge confusion.

Navigators and astronomers and artillerymen use only two rotations, and they have standard names. Altitude and Azimuth. You can accurately reach every point on the heavenly sphere, or the available sky and landscape, or the globe, with only Altitude and Azimuth.

I'll use my reimagined Regnard telegraph to illustrate, since this is what triggered the pointless thought.

Altitude is a rotation on the X-axis.

Azimuth is a rotation on the Y-axis. Seen from the front:

Azimuth seen from the side:

In a device built for the two 'real' rotations, the third rotation is not just unneeded but weird:

In this case the 'other' mostly duplicates the action of Azimuth.

BUT when the Azimuth has turned 90 degrees, the 'other' duplicates the action of Altitude.

Astronomers don't need the 'other' rotation at all, and artillerymen only need it when thinking about rifling, which isn't really a movement of the gun.

Humans make some use of the 'other' rotation, in an unconfused and unambiguous way.

Our heads can tilt this way, and we have a separate circuit in the semicircular canals to handle this rotation. Our eyes twist slightly to keep an image upright when we tilt our heads, but they don't compensate nearly as well as they do in the two 'real' dimensions.

Dogs and four-footed animals can also do the same tilt, and have the same semicircular and eye compensators, BUT they use a different set of neck muscles. When a dog tilts his head in puzzlement, he's using the same muscles we use for shaking No. Birds are more like humans, in this way and many others.

Computer graphics programs use a variety of tricks to make the third rotation appear to behave consistently, but the tricks all fail at some point. Poser treats the 'body', representing the entire figure, as one movable object, and the 'hip', which ALSO moves the entire figure, as another movable object. If you want to use three rotations, you have to use the 'body' for two of them and the 'hip' for the third, or use the 'body' for one and the 'hip' for two.

If schools paid more attention to the astronomical and graphical ways of handling the world, maybe this confusion would be a bit less surprising... but it's really intrinsic and unsolvable.

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  Continuing on 'biophony'

Continuing from previous item.

Let's take this piece on its own:
When life started to emerge in the giant oceans around 600 million years ago, the first organisms to populate this ‘geophony’ still had essentially unlimited bandwidth to choose from. Slowly but surely, however, things became more complicated:
We have a nice parallel to this process in the history of radio. In 1920 when voice broadcasting began, most transmitters used an untuned spark.

Illustration using an early Signal Corps transmitter:

The spark created a broad band of frequencies, from near DC up to about 1 Megacycle, with a peak around 500 Kc. All radio stations were sending on this same broad range, with some slight tuning to a couple of narrower subranges. Whenever a ship was using its transmitter to send an SOS, the shore stations that picked it up issued a command via wire telegraph to all broadcasters in the area, and they shut down until the emergency transmission was handled.

This situation couldn't last and didn't last long. Transmitter technology found ways to emit a narrowly tuned sine wave on one frequency, and receiver tech found ways to tune in one chosen freq.

Both changes had to happen at once, and they certainly DIDN'T happen because cosmic rays were striking the transmitters and causing random deterioration. They happened because ORGANIZED HUMAN INTELLIGENCE saw the problem, understood that it was interfering with the PURPOSE of broadcasting for information and entertainment, and SOLVED the problem with specific advances in materials and circuitry and regulations.


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  Classic Darwinist point-missing

Article from MIT discusses Bernie Krause, who has discovered for the first time ever that living things make sounds and hear sounds.

Here's his moment of discovery:
Krause traded in an extremely successful career as an audio engineer, synthesizer specialist, and songwriter with renowned duo Beaver & Krause for a calling as a field recordist.

He set about committing the world around him to tape, eventually creating the perhaps most expansive private collection of animal sounds, today clocking in at 4,500 hours of material by 15,000 different species. It would take several years for Krause to realize that this catalog-approach was fundamentally flawed and only capable of reflecting a tiny fraction of the vast sea of sonic information contained within natural soundscapes.

It was in this semi-floating state — that transition between the blissful suspension of awareness and the depths of the total unconsciousness — that I first encountered the transparent weave of creature voices not only as a choir, but as a cohesive sonic event. No longer a cacophony, it became a partitioned collection of vocal organisms – a highly orchestrated acoustic arrangement of insects, spotted hyenas, eagle-owls, African wood-owls, elephants, tree hyrax, distant lions, and several knots of tree frogs and toads. Every distant voice seemed to fit within its own acoustic bandwidth – each one so carefully placed that it reminded me of Mozart’s elegantly structured Symphony no. 41 in C Major, K. 551.
Every animal has its own bandwidth, and every animal has specialized ways to hear and produce its own bandwidth.

Maybe this wasn't understood by the recording specialists, but it has always been understood DEEPLY by people who deal with cochleas and larynxes and other ways of making and hearing sounds. This is not a discovery.

Needless to say, Krause immediately turned his "discovery" to use in boosting anti-Nature causes like the Carbon Cult. MIT wouldn't be praising him to the skies otherwise.
When life started to emerge in the giant oceans around 600 million years ago, the first organisms to populate this ‘geophony’ still had essentially unlimited bandwidth to choose from. Slowly but surely, however, things became more complicated: “At first, when their numbers were relatively small, acoustically sensitive organisms merely needed to filter out the geophonic background in order to perceive other sound-producing organisms within their habitats,” writes Krause. “As the number of species increased and became more complex, they had to be able to hear and process the particular sounds that were relevant to their well-being. Over the course of many glacial periods, especially the recent ones,.....
Ready? See it coming now?
For one of his projects, Krause gained permission to record at a forest management area called Lincoln Meadow in the Sierra Nevada mountains, both before and after a lumber company had performed so-called selective loggings.
Got it.

The purpose of treating sounds as part of a 'biophony' is to cause more forest fires and kill more people.

= = = = =

Aside from the genocidal crap, let's look specifically at the evolution crap.

As always, the big problem with DarwinISM is synchronization. Every single piece of life, and every single function of life, works in synchrony with all other functions. This total 'biophony' in all functions has always been understood by real scientists, even if Krause's subfield didn't know it.

BECAUSE all functions work together, random evolution can't possibly happen. The sound producer and sound receiver on each animal work together to produce and receive a specific bandwidth, AND a specific set of patterns with a specific set of meanings. The "cosmic rays producing accidental mutations" must have created the often weird senders AND receivers simultaneously, while simultaneously and synchronously forming the nerve connections to send and receive the patterns, and the higher parts of the nervous system to send and interpret the meanings associated with the patterns. None of these developments would help with survival unless ALL of them developed together ALL THE TIME. Each one would be a complete waste of effort, and would interfere with other functions, if it developed alone.

Let's reprint one of those TRULY WEIRD mechanisms, from Sept 2019.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Via Eurekalert, new research on one of Nature's extremely "efficient" pieces of design.
The fly Ormia ochracea has evolved directionally sensitive ears to eavesdrop on the communication signals of field crickets. Crickets that are parasitized by these flies face almost certain death. How these flies recognize cricket songs and whether crickets can change their love songs to avoid parasitism is unknown.

The Lee Lab of Neural Systems and Behavior at St. Olaf College will apply this new approach to unravel how different geographic populations of O. ochracea have evolved to recognize and prefer species-specific cricket songs that mainly differ in the temporal patterning of sound pulses. Temporal pattern recognition is a common sensory processing task shared by many animals that communicate with acoustic signals, including human speech. Studying temporal pattern recognition in O. ochracea may provide insights into general auditory system function involved in signal recognition.

Lee believes that his research into O. ochracea hearing can be harnessed to help improve human hearing by providing engineers with insights into how the natural world has solved common hearing challenges such as recognizing temporally patterned sounds. Engineers have relied on biomimicry to design miniature microphones based on O. ochracea ears, with the hope of applying these microphones to create directional hearing aids.
St Olaf is especially strong in speech and hearing, so the implications are shaped toward S&H.

This particular study is solid but not groundbreaking. I looked into previous research on these over-designed parasites...........

The fly has a bay-window eardrum on the front of her thorax. She uses the two-sided eardrum as a direction-finder, walking in various directions until she homes in on the target cricket's chirp.

Birds and mammals have large enough heads that we can use time of arrival and phase differences to determine sound direction accurately. This fly is almost microscopic, so there's no way for her to distinguish time of arrival between the sides. Instead, the two sides of the eardrum are coupled in the middle, giving a differential response to off-angle wavefronts and a non-differential response to straight-on wavefronts. This happens mechanically in direct response to the sound waves, not via neural computation.

= = = = =

In these animations, the gray blob is the thorax; the red and blue are the bay-window eardrum; and the eardrum is pushing a sort of malleus into three separate neurons: S for signal, R for Right side leading, and L for Left side leading.

We can assume that the whole mechanism is sharply tuned to the frequency of the target cricket's chirp, because that's how Nature does things.

When the signal is coming from straight ahead, the middle of the eardrum moves, but there's no differential back-and-forth. The S neuron is sensing presence of signal.

= = = = =

In the second animation the insect has turned toward the left.

The high-pressure phase of the sound wave strikes the right window before it strikes the left window. The malleus rocks back and forth, giving the insect an OFF-BEAM warning, just like Loran.

So the fly walks forward, using the R and L neurons for negative feedback. When the off-beam indicator is pulsing, she turns one way or the other until it stops.

Energy efficiency? A tremendously clever and unique design, used only in this one insect, and only in the adult version of the insect which lives long enough to fuck and lay eggs and die.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

Continued in next item.

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