Thursday, August 22, 2019
  2/3 and Boris

An interesting shift shows up in the public statements of UK vs EU, as seen in the pattern of headlines at I'm super-cautious about believing public statements, but nevertheless:

1. It appears that Germany now wants to help Boris achieve Brexit, and other EU leaders are pulling in the same direction.

2. Only Corbyn is firmly opposed to Brexit now.

3. It also appears that Boris is actually SERIOUS about achieving Brexit. He has eliminated some obstacles that prevented British businesses from negotiating new contracts with their EU counterparts.

Must admit that 3 surprised me. I was assuming that Boris, like Trump, was a useless noisemaker. I was apparently wrong.

But the EU change isn't surprising. Bullies give way when they realize their victims are SERIOUS about resisting. May was not serious. She spent three years fucking around with endless meaningless details, solely concerned with pleasing one or two MPs who were crucial to her narrow plurality. She was only working for herself, not for the country.

It's the 2/3 rule again. Leaders who GET SHIT DONE don't need to worry about preserving narrow pluralities and coalitions. Leaders who GET SHIT DONE have the firm support of 2/3 of the country, an overwhelming majority.


Wednesday, August 21, 2019
  HIstorically disastrous

A black-robed demon in Mexico has "legalized" cocaine, for EXACTLY TWO PEOPLE. The TWO plaintiffs in the case are now authorized to use, possess and transport cocaine, and NOBODY ELSE is authorized.

The article describes the decision as historic. More like historically disastrous.


If these two people are able to deal in cocaine legally, either

(1) These two people will instantly become the biggest drug lords in the world


(2) These two people will immediately be killed by the existing drug lords.

Those are the choices. Nothing more, nothing less, nothing else.

Aside from consequences, this decision is the EXACT OPPOSITE OF LAW. The entire sole point of a law is that it applies to everyone. A privilege given to a few people is just pre-civilized brute force.


  Constants and variables 138, old and pointless edition

More unnecessary and useless research on gestures vs speech.

Look, this is EXTREMELY OLD KNOWLEDGE. For instance, the 1866 Manual of Signals written for the Army Signal Corps covers the same ground in a systematic way.

Constant: Every living thing communicates. Therefore the genes controlling communication must be the same for all living things, with added bells** and whistles in some species and added smell-sprays and radio broadcasts in others.

This "new" study doesn't even begin to work on the question it claims to ask.

Variable: Why are humans especially good at sending and receiving and remembering long sequences of musical chords, [aka speech] when no other mammal does it? Why is our peculiar talent shared with birds, who are not close to us genetically? How was this bird-like variation on the communication gene preserved through thousands of mammals who didn't use it, only to suddenly surface in humans? Horizontal gene transfer?

= = = = =

** The wordplay on whistles was intended, but bells raise a question. Nearly all of the signaling devices "invented" by humans were first invented by plants and animals. Whistles, guns, radio, flashes... but bells? I can't think of anything that naturally uses a clapper in a reson.... WHOOOPS. That's called a LARYNX. Or even more literally a UVULA. Sorry, Nature. I should know better than to doubt you even for a moment.

Time for a song!

Hey there Captain, do you see?
There is a clapper in a chamber!

No that's not what it is at all.
That's a signaller people call a LARYNX.

I see.
But it still looks like a clapper in a chamber
To me!

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  Ten-time winner

The usual drably predictable shit, the usual ten-time winner. In this case the comments worked out rather neatly:

Why in the holy FUCK do we continue wasting money and police effort over and over and over and over? Why don't the police STRIKE for better enforcement of laws by the OTHER parts of the system?

Cops are doing their job splendidly. The rest of the system is totally failing, thanks to NYC Copkiller Condon serving Bloomberg loyally.


  Major change in direction

Via Reuters:
Planned Parenthood said on Monday it was withdrawing from a federal program subsidizing reproductive healthcare for low-income women after the Trump administration banned participants in the program from referring women to abortion providers… the policy [also] requires financial and physical separation between facilities funded by Title X and those where actual abortions are performed.”
This looks like a major win for the pro-life side, because PP gave up and OBEYED THE LAW.

Normally PP just roars forward at full speed, knowing with 100% certainty that all lawyers and black-robed demons will instantly break through all momentary fake obstacles placed by pesky little fake legislatures or fake governors or fake presidents.

This time PP was NOT CONFIDENT OF TOTAL SUCCESS, so it voluntarily obeyed the law. For a moment anyway. Undoubtedly this is just a smoke screen to distract the peskies while the next major attack is prepared.


Tuesday, August 20, 2019
  Not so strange after all.

Listening to the powerful dramatization of the Neck Verse by Hix's anonymous actors in 'Strange as it Seems', packed with empathy for the poor and downtrodden.

Benefit of clergy.

Sudden question: WHY did they exempt clergy from punishment? It's a peculiar ancient custom, impossible for secular moderns to understand.

Sudden answer: It wasn't because the clergy could read. That was just the marker. The benefit was provided because the clergy heard confession.

Priests knew everyone's secrets. They could reveal everyone's secrets if they were threatened with any loss of privilege.

Sudden insight: And that's why our Web Lords are also exempt, why the SEC and FTC and DOJ and FCC can't touch them.

Zuck knows all of our secrets because he built the confessional and requires us to attend daily. We can't receive full sacraments unless we use Devices that confess all to Zuck.

Elon knows the secrets of his cultists because his rosaries on wheels are constantly reporting location and driver behavior as part of the "machine learning" for the heaven of FSD, which will not arrive until the Second Coding when Lord Elon resurrects as the Holy Emperor Of The Terraformed And Gloriously Carbon-Free Mars Kingdom.

Bezos knows the secrets of his customers, Kalanick knows the secrets of his riders, and so on.

Not so strange after all.

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  Aquifery quakes

Via ZH, an article by DoomPorn champ Michael Snyder.

Unusual patterns of quakes in Okla and Kansas. Some of these quakes are normal. The cluster west of Enid is on a geological hotspot that always produces small quakes. The group north of Enid is not normal.

The article focuses on the group around Hutchinson, also not normal. This looks to me like the result of an aquifer changing its pattern, either suddenly growing or suddenly shrinking. Given the distinctly wet spring, I'd bet on growing.

I made a blinkyGIF to show how this pattern sits on the edge of the Ogallala. The group of quakes is circled in red on one step of the GIF.

Hutchinson and those Okla quakes are all on a known salty area. Connection unknown but interesting correlation.

Spokane had a swarm of quakes in 2000, centered on our aquifer. In that case the likely culprit was a decrease in aquifer volume caused by the quick shutdown of about 30k septic tanks in the Valley. That's a lot of flow, diverted to the sewers and thence to the river within a few years. Thanks, EPA!
  What is fraud?

Random and stupid thoughts.

The financial twits are full of the latest "whistleblowing", exposing bad accounting practices at GE and Disney.

Is this fraud? Not really. It doesn't steal money from anyone. It might give a wrong impression to big investors, but big investors can afford to form their own impressions using objective data. If hedge funds aren't doing their own checking before spending a few billion, too fucking bad.

How about Tesla? When Elon promises full autonomy but can't possibly deliver because full autonomy is physically impossible, is that fraud? Not really. The cultists are happy to spend the extra money because they're not really buying a car. They're buying Gaian indulgences with wheels. Spending more for an indulgence buys more glory and salvation. The real harm is the partial autonomy itself, because it deprives drivers of skill. If the cultists were paying for FSD and receiving nothing, they'd be better off.

Let's take it down to a much lower level. Last year I had a contractor build a sidewalk from the porch to the street, partly because I'm getting too old to shovel snow off grass, and partly for a pointless and misplaced sense of neighborhood pride. I ordered the sidewalk plus porch repair, but the contractor never did the porch repair. Is that fraud? Not really. It's just an overpriced sidewalk. I still got the easier shoveling and the pride.

The only case where you can unambiguously define fraud is payment in advance for work not done. Most such cases are small and not worth the trouble of prosecuting. Some are understood to be charity, not purchase.

What's worth prosecuting? Paying for benefit and receiving actual harm.

I mentioned two "frauds" yesterday in the context of early radio: JB Brinkley's goat glands and Aimee MacPherson's religious cult. Aimee was performing a positive service for her customers. Prayer gives confidence, and prayer accompanied by a talisman is even better. Confidence is a great healer. Brinkley was giving confidence, but he was also doing real harm. Surgery is always harmful, and only worth doing when the benefits are likely to be much greater than the harm. His surgery was sloppy and inexpert.

= = = = =

Later note: I wasn't really trying to fit this into a subject, just rambling... but it does fit the theme of economics as a verb.


  Impressively depressive

Strether at NakedCapitalism has put together an impressively depressive chart.

He's asking whether the alleged "manufacturing renaissance" actually happened. The answer is a resounding NO. All categories of mfg have decreased since 2002. The categories usually cited by the optimists have declined worst of all, as in 50% down since 2002.

Must admit my own optimism is gone. 8 years ago I was saying that we could turn things around if we chose to. Now I doubt it. Other countries have shown it's possible. Russia has done it. People haven't changed, and the need for products hasn't changed. But I can't see any possible way that USA STRONG could turn around.

Specifically, the blasphemous "leftists" with their Green "New Deal" are pushing in exactly the wrong direction. They want to eliminate ALL physical work and replace it with welfare. They want education to consist of memorizing the 57 "genders".

The satanic "conservatives" aren't even pretending to seek change in industry or education. They want the entire economy to belong to Bezos because Bezos is the Holy God Of Tax Evasion And Share Value. This is already happening without any effort. They want education to consist of memorizing the Peloponnesian Wars.

Neither "side" wants to take any of the steps needed to rebuild the infrastructure FOR physical industry, and rebuild the skills FOR physical industry.

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Monday, August 19, 2019
  Forgotten advice

Looking for info on old telegraphs, ran into an interesting moment of political transition in 1847.

From Illustrated London News, p 113 in the PDF.
The systems once common to all nations, by which they each endeavoured to gain advantages at the expense of others, without rendering any in return, are dying out of themselves. The modern principle rather is that it is better to have rich communities to trade with than poor ones. For ages the British Parliament, on principle, endeavoured to keep down manufactures and trade in the Colonies of North America; and most fortunate is it for us that it wholly failed. As a rich and powerful State, America returns us more in every way than if she was the most obedient of settlements, bound to us by the red tape of Downing-street.
It's too bad we've forgotten this realization. We rigorously enforce Graybill on all of our neighbors and "partners", ruthlessly destroying all industries and resources that compete with Saudi oil or offend the psychopathic blood-fetish of Lord Bibi and Lord Adelson. We want our colonies to be poor and chaotic, and we also want the non-NYC parts of USA to be poor and chaotic.

China and Russia are following this old British realization. China helps its African colonies to grow richer so they can provide better minerals and crops to China.


  How do you know it's Soros?

I was fooled too many times by "color revolutions", so I tried to pin down the Soroleths.

It comes down to three criteria. None are absolute, but taken together they form a pretty good leth.

Number 3 is the clincher.

1. If the protest is covered heavily and steadily by Sorosian media, it's Soros. By comparison, the Yellowvests have been largely ignored.

2. If the protesters are in a country that is doing pretty well, or a section of a country that is prosperous compared to the rest, it's Soros. Catalunya and Hong Kong are comparatively prosperous. The Yellowvests represent poor parts of France.

3. If the protesters are fighting over an obscure issue that doesn't affect their real lives, it's Soros. Obscure issues = the name of Macedonia or an extradition law or "global warming". The Yellowvests were fighting over taxes that ruined their already precarious livelihood.

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  Mobius day 2

Keeping to the theme....

What if Maduro is the real CIA agent?

He's doing everything that the CIA normally accomplishes through its puppets. Like Yeltsin, he's destroying the economy and culture and letting crime run rampant.

He hasn't been assassinated or overthrown. Our supposed agent Guaido failed, thus strengthening Maduro's hold on destructive power. Maduro didn't arrest or prosecute Guaido, which a proper leader of a proper nation would have done instantly.

Russia and China are not trying very hard to help him. This could be because of his natural incompetence, but it could also be from his INSTRUCTED incompetence.

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  Mobius day!

Like other out-of-shape codgers, I have trouble keeping pants up. On this morning's store trip the pants seemed unusually steady, staying in place without any adjustment at all.

As I waited for the return bus, I realized the accidental solution: The belt is mobiused. Somehow the clasp side got twisted 180 degrees, and the twist was nicely clamping inward just above the iliac crest, maintaining just enough pressure to halt the usual slide.

A moment later, a Tesla drove by! First Tesla 3 I've ever seen. Immediate stroboscopic impression: it looks old. The paint is chipped in a way that I normally see on 1970s cars.

Appropriate sighting for Mobius Day.

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  Keeping the tools oiled

A quick thought about stagecraft and Shared Lies and Epstein. This wasn't obvious at first, but now that the media pattern is clear, the Shared Lie is clear.

Basic rule: When the media wants us to argue about the details, we can be sure the details don't matter. We should be looking at a different question. We can't always determine what the proper question is, but we can be sure the proper question ISN'T the one we're supposed to argue about.

This was immediately clear with the Skripal stageplay. The media (even incuding RT) gave us lots of alternate details about how and why the Skripals were poisoned. Nobody was asking WHETHER the Skripals were poisoned. Obvious conclusion: There was no poison at all. The whole thing was a stageplay. The only independent witness said he had seen the Skripals APPEARING unconscious, so that's the only fact we can be sure of.

With Epstein, at first the media was presenting only one story with no conflicting details, so this rule didn't seem to apply.

After WaPo gave us the "conflicting" "fact" about the hyoid bone, which normally points to strangulation, we knew where we were supposed to argue. We are required to assume as unarguable background info the "fact" that Epstein is dead.

In this case we don't have any independent witnesses. We're told that the jailers and cellmates were asleep or elsewhere, which guarantees that any story told by jailers and cellmates can be dismissed.

So the Shared Lie is the "fact" that Epstein is dead. We'll never know the truth about anything related to Deepstate, so this is a pointless exercise..... but I like to keep my logic tools sharpened and oiled.


Sunday, August 18, 2019
  More glial gladness

Via ScienceDaily, another BIG finding about how the nervous system works.

After neurologists took off their theory goggles 20 years ago, all sorts of strange and wondrous things started to appear.

Theory said that the glia were just 'glue' and packing material between neurons. No reason to look for functions in styrofoam peanuts.

It turns out that the glial cells do a lot MORE than neurons. Some of them maintain and clean up neurons. Some of them build new neurons. Some are gardeners, pruning unproductive neurons.

And some perform part of the sensing task.

This new finding truly DISRUPTS our understanding of the sense of touch.

The abstract is sparse, so I paid $30 for the whole article. Most of the text describes the gene-splicing methodology of the measurement, which is way over my head. If there's anything dramatic in those parts, I wouldn't know it.

The parts about electrical function are within my ken, and there's plenty dramatic in those parts.
We provide evidence for a specialized glial cell type that builds a sensory organ in the skin, initiating the sensation of pain. The nociceptive Schwann cells display a mesh-like network of cytoplasmic sheaths around nerves in the subepidermal border with radial processes entering into the epidermis abutting to unmyelinated nociceptive nerves.
The Schwann cells form a mesh, with connections to neurons.

They transduce nociceptive stimuli into electrical signals that translate into [pain responses by the mouse]. The nociceptive nerve endings in skin also gate responses to various noxious stimuli. Hence, nociceptive nerves and nociceptive Schwann cells form a nociceptive glio-neural complex with two sensor-receptor cell types, the glia and the nerve, both likely influencing the sensation of pain.

Both response and adaptation were very rapid, resulting in similar responses in the subsequent stimuli. The cells tracked the maximum frequency of stimuli that we could generate (60 Hz).

Releasing the force also depolarized the cells. Thus, nociceptive Schwann cells responded to both positive and negative changes in force but much less to sustained force.
So the glial cells are acting as two-way triggers for the neurons, telling the neurons when something has happened. When something pushes on the skin or something pulls away, it's time for the neuron to wake up and do its particular thing.

Question: Are all the senses made this way, with glia serving as the high-pass or low-pass filters and rectifiers and lenses, and neurons serving as the raw sensor? It's certainly true in the retina where glial cells filter and focus specific colors onto the retinal sensors. This setup hasn't been seen yet in the cochlea, but I wouldn't be surprised if it appears. Deiters Cells, though not classed as glia, surround the hair cells in a similar net-like way, with projections from one hair cell to the next.

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  Letter of Marque returned to sender

Bravo for Gibraltar!

Via Reuters:
Gibraltar refused on Sunday a U.S. request to seize the Iranian tanker caught in a stand-off between Tehran and the West, as the stationary vessel raised an Iranian flag ahead of its expected departure from the British territory.
We are the Pirate Nation. We're attempting to use Britain and Gibraltar as our privateers. Britain happily goes along, even though Britain was the victim of our privateers in earlier centuries. But Gibraltar, nominally part of UK, refuses to honor the Letter of Marque.

Also bravo to Reuters for getting the facts right.
The two vessels have since become pawns in a bigger game, feeding into wider hostilities since the United States last year pulled out of an international agreement to curb Iran’s nuclear programme, and reimposed economic sanctions.
Most other media are pulling the old Rodney King video trick, leaving out the start of the fight to make it look like Persia started it.

Update from Reuters a few hours later: The tanker has DEPARTED from Gibraltar. Now I'm breathing a little easier. It's always better to GET THE FUCK OUT. I didn't like the way Persia was leaving the ship in place, vulnerable to further Sorosian trickery. Bravo for FAIT ACCOMPLI.


  More inancienation

Yet another innovation that is actually an inancienation.

Via Eurekalert:
In medicine, "chronotherapy" considers the body clock when deciding the best time to give a medicine or treatment. This new research suggests that a similar approach could be adopted for future agricultural practice, with crop treatments being applied at times that are most appropriate for certain species of weed or crop.
Wow! Impressive! Farmers never considered "chronotherapy" before. This is a brand new totally unprecedented unexpected fresh innovation! Maybe sometime in the far-distant future we will figure out how plants respond to complex quantum mechanisms like the orbit of the earth around the sun, or the orbit of the moon? Could the earth's orbit produce changes in unknown variables like temperature? Could those changes in unknown variables somehow have unknown effects on plants? Nah. Only CO2 produces changes in temperature. Anything else is DENIALISM ASTROLOGY PSEUDOSCIENCE KKK TRUMP HITLER.



Every year Spokane Transit makes major adjustments to its routes. Until this year, those adjustments always made life harder for this part of town. This year's change was proposed to be the worst of all, removing a route entirely from this neighborhood. Apparently I wasn't the only one who complained, and AMAZINGLY they listened to the complaints! They left the routes in place!

Thanks, STA, for staying your hand and letting some Deplorables live for a while longer.


Saturday, August 17, 2019
  Putin = NIcholas 1 again

From Shaffner's Telegraph Companion, 1854. p595 of the PDF.

Article about an expedition aimed at building a world-circling telegraph system.
But at the same time, while at Yakoutsk we find the best example of those happy consequences of this accommodating disposition of the Russians, it is here also, that in comparing the Russian conquest of the aboriginal inhabitants of the country with the conquests of other nations of which history affords us ample examples, we discover the more essential moral causes of the different results that the sequel of their several wars has produced.

The Spaniards, whose conquests form the greatest contrasts with those of the Russians, carried before them the cross, for which they opened a passage by the sword, and by worse means, carrying on exterminating war against all who submitted not blindly to their authority, and embraced not the faith which was to them a religion of blood with no other moral than that which recognised the right of the strong to commit every kind of violence against the weak.

The Russians, wiser, and better endowed with the true spirit of the religion they profess, have carried with them also the same emblem of peace and good will from Heaven towards man. But the means by which they have opened the passage for the symbol of their faith, and by which they have planted it in new soils, has been justice and equal rights, for the firm establishment of which their tolerant spirit has been the pledge.

Thus, while the Spaniards lighted the flames of war and hatred which are far from being extinguished even at this day, and afterwards converted to Christianity only in name the feeble remains of the people whom they nearly destroyed, the Russians have by their humanity subdued and reclaimed whole nations of far more barbarous races than any which the Spaniards encountered, and added them to the number of which their empire consists, and to whom their laws and their protection extend.

Russia isn't always nice. But history rhymes.
  The real innovation

Here's a thought that seems valid at the moment....

What is the real innovation in the Innovative Disruptors?

Nothing they do is new.

Amazon is running exactly the same business that Sears and Penneys were running for 150 years. Order by mail, pay with credit, deliver. Sears started with paper mail and railroads, shifted to telephones and trucks by 1950. Amazon is still using telephones and trucks.

Elon is making electric cars, which were common in 1910. His electric cars go faster than the originals, but have the same disadvantages of slow charge time and limited range, plus new bonus features like exploding without warning and involuntary crashes into obstacles.

Elon's other fake developments are equally old, generally around 150 years old. Previous versions worked. Elon's version fails.

Uber is a taxi service that you can call by phone. The only difference between Uber and REAL taxis is that you can call a REAL taxi by landline or cellphone, while you can ONLY call Uber by cellphone. This isn't an innovation, it's a limitation.

Facebook, Twitter, etc, are cults. They draw people in with promises of freedom and power, and then capture their minds.

= = = = =

Here's the real innovation: EVADING LAWS AND TAXES.

The Silicon Valley mob figured out that the web is the same as the post office or the phone system EXCEPT that the web is unregulated.

When you run an old business model through the web, you can get away with all sorts of tricks and frauds and dodges that would be enforceably illegal in the old mail and phone systems.

It's like money-laundering.

The same process happened in the first era of radio, from 1920 to 1934. Cult leaders like Aimee McPherson and fake doctors like JR Brinkley grew fast using the unregulated airwaves. When the Federal Radio Commission clamped down, some of these operators were jailed and others faded away.

Operating without laws, the Valley mob was able to grow BIG in record time. Now that it's BIG, it can evade laws the old-fashioned way by purchasing legislatures. So far there's no sign of a new FRC for the web.



Listening to an interview with McAfee. He says a lot of uniquely realistic things about life. He talks all the time about privacy and freedom, but he sells Bitcoin.

Exact opposites. Bitcoin places you directly inside NSA.

Is he too dumb to realize it? Well, he's supposedly the original programmer of his eponymous antivirus system. Serious programmers recognize the fraudulent nature of blockchain, and a programmer who worked specifically with viruses should recognize it even more sharply.

Either he's faking the programming experience, or he's a false prophet.

This particular type of falseness is not new, as I noted before. The populists of 1880 to 1910, led by Jennings Bryan, were false prophets. They diagnosed the problem correctly, but recommended moving toward a Nixonian floating currency and toward increasing debt. They claimed to hate the banks but served the banks.

A real populist starts first by BREAKING the power of banks, not increasing it. Deepstate has three legs: Banks, Intel plus data, and Leftist activists. These legs were built in the 1890s and continue to the present. The banks are the foundation. Intel and activists are auxiliaries.

FDR started by breaking the banks. He's our only true populist.

= = = = =

Later and better thought: There's a third possibility. McAfee simply doesn't give a fuck about consistency. He's a REALIST. He knows that nobody uses logic, nobody listens, nobody analyzes. Discussion and persuasion are perfectly futile, though they may be fun for the participants. Bitcoin is a way to make money, so he uses it.

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Friday, August 16, 2019
  A better alt-universe question.

In previous item I cited an interesting alt-universe question, then mentioned an unrelated alt-universe question that had been on my mind.

Let's try again with a more appropriate response to the original.

The original alt-universe question from a tech venture capitalist type:

HONEST (not sarcastic): I would LOVE to see the counterfactual world—in a parallel universe (from 1971 to today)—where the price of money, “free markets” and all capital allocation was not distorted by handful of academic decision makers.

Excellent question, gathering the whole problem into one sentence.

Did we have a realistic chance of avoiding Nixon's massive sabotage? As I mentioned in previous item, our offshoring was well under way before Nixon broke real value.

Who recognized the problem in 1958 and could have offered a solution? George Romney.

He was the only sober man in a position of power at that time. Everyone else was passed out, incapable of good judgment. Being the only sober man at a party where everyone else is unconscious has advantages.

He was also firmly committed to SAVING instead of DEBT. Mormon training helped, plus Nash tradition. Nash had made it through the '30s without failing because it avoided debt.

He also had the advantage of Mormon eldership training, which gave him an unusual ability to bring conflicting parties together. He used both his soberness and his negotiating skills to pull Nash up from 'struggling independent' to nearly part of the Big Three, almost knocking Chrysler out of the ring.

At that point someone persuaded him to go into politics. He ran for Mich governor and did the same thing there, fixing problems that nobody had fixed before.

After three terms of success, someone persuaded him to run for president. At that point his sober and accurate judgment bumped into a bigger enemy than GM. When he proposed pulling out of Vietnam, Deepstate destroyed him.

Alt-universe: What if Romney had been a little more sneaky, or had resisted Deepstate's blackmail more effectively? He would have pulled out of Vietnam, turned the country from debt to saving, and countered the threat posed by resurgent Japan and China.

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  Two alt-universes

An interesting alt-universe question from a tech venture capitalist type:

HONEST (not sarcastic): I would LOVE to see the counterfactual world—in a parallel universe (from 1971 to today)—where the price of money, “free markets” and all capital allocation was not distorted by handful of academic decision makers.

The question puts all the elements together. Unfortunately the responses didn't seem to understand the subject.

1971 is a huge inflection point for real-value economics. That's when Nixon broke the gold standard and invited China to take over our economy.

What would we look like now? Possibly like Germany, where industry remained in control and grew to fit the times, instead of surrendering to China.

The hypothetical is tricky because other things wouldn't have changed. Germany adjusted its education system to follow the Russian skills-first model. Our ed system at that point still had some skill training, but was rapidly trending toward pure memorized delusions thanks to our idiotic reverse reaction to Sputnik. Would it have turned around to fit the needs of industry? I doubt it.

Also, our offshoring didn't really start in '71, it started in '58. By '71 some corporations had tasted the blood of dead Deplorables and the ecstatic joy of exterminating Negative Externalities. Nixon certainly made the slaughter easier, but it was well under way.

= = = = =

I'd like to pose an alt-universe question about technology. I've covered the ground before, but never quite asked the question.

The telegraph began as a personal communication device around 1832. Wheatstone and Cooke were developing a system inside London, aiming to serve most households. Dial telegraphs, including Breguet's version shown here, required no special skill or talent. Just turn the crank to the next letter, then turn again, and so on. Other early systems had piano-like keyboards and printed output.

The personal system failed to catch on, for reasons that are unclear from available texts, and I've read most of them! In the rest of Europe and US and Asia, development started with government systems using Morse keys or elaborate printing machines. Service and skill were centralized in storefronts or railroad depots. Britain then followed the trend.

What would the world look like if personal text-based communication, with printed output, had developed steadily since 1832, instead of re-starting in 1987? Telephones and (wired) radio would have happened much sooner, and something like a computer would also have developed faster, in a household setting instead of a giant government setting.

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  Ground-effect boombox cars? Nothing new.

I've made a tradition of noticing Bantams. Here's one I hadn't seen before, from 1933:

Note that the speaker was 'baffled against the bottom of the car', letting the pavement distribute the sound.
  Wiggling is fine, but....

This is clearly a fad in modern education.
Marching, wiggling and tapping a beat aids young children to develop their self-regulation skills and improve school readiness, as shown in newly-published QUT early childhood research.

Associate Professor Kate Williams designed a low-cost preschool program focussing exclusively on rhythm and movement activities linked to pathways in the brain to support attentional and emotional development.
When I look through, about 75% of the requests are for 'wiggle seating'. I skip over those and support only specific job-related training projects like cooking and soldering.

But the wiggly stuff has a purpose, especially when it's PATTERNED. Job-related educators 100 years ago turned wiggly stuff into long and precise sequences of moves, building neurons in the hippocampus as well as muscles in the arms and legs.

From Popular Educator in 1918, p223 in the PDF:

Fairy queens and snowflakes and rainbows! Ideal for modern times!

Sarcasm aside, the real point is the PRECISE AND MATHEMATICAL RHYTHM. 8 counts, 16 counts, 32 counts. Step - step - step - dip. Step - step - step - turn. These kids were learning multiplication the easy way, and learning teamwork and cooperation at the same time.

The required music for this dance was the Colombia Waltz, played by the Blue and White Marimba Band. (Youtube has EVERYTHING.)

= = = = =

Irrelevant sidenote: 1918 teachers had one little technical advantage over 2019 teachers, because they were using analog phonographs. The article recommends setting the speed control on the windup phono to 'two points from slow'. Modern MP3 players sometimes have a speed adjustment, but it works by chopping the audio, resulting in poor sound.


Thursday, August 15, 2019
  Viewing Trump as skills

I'm always looking at things through the lens of skills. Let's try Trump.

What are his proven job skills?

His two careers are (1) Owning casinos (2) Producing reality TV shows.

What is the common skill, the point of intersection, in those careers?

Rigging a fake conflict or battle to keep the suckers coming back week after week.

With casinos, the conflict is Sucker vs Dealer or Sucker vs Slot. The casino tries to rig the frequency and sequencing of wins and losses to keep the sucker hungry for revenge.

With reality TV, the conflict is between two of the actors. Snooki vs Jwoww. The producer tries to rig the wins and losses to keep the viewer hungry for the next episode. Standard cliffhanger technique.

How does this apply to politics? Easy. Trump wants to keep the suckers coming back to vote for R in congressional "elections", and to re-elect Trump in 2020. So he creates a huge pile of fake conflicts and battles between Trump and MSM, between Trump and Fed, between China and the Dow, and on and on. None of these are real because Trump never actually fights, never gives a real order, never changes any laws. The only purpose is to create attributable "victories" just in time for the next election, and "defeats" that will leave the suckers hungry for revenge against MSM or Dems or China or Russia or Persia or Venezuela or Cuba or etc.

Specifically, the current "trade war" with China is a way to rig the Dow roulette wheel. The Fed's rigging wires have passed their elastic limit. The daily back-and-forth with China is a more effective and immediate wire. The Dow is the most important reality show for Trump's REAL establishment Repooflican base, not his FAKE populist base.

In the casino or the studio, nothing really happens except that the owner and the producer get rich. The dealers don't care if you win or lose, and the actors don't even know what they're saying. It's just a script.

Politics is different. The dealers and actors don't care, but lots of innocent civilians are ruined and killed by REAL PROBLEMS THAT REMAIN UNSOLVED and REAL WARS THAT REMAIN UNSTOPPED while the wheel spins and spins and spins.

Leaders with real political skills CAN solve problems. In USA STRONG there's zero chance that anyone ever WILL solve problems regardless of skills; but we're seeing real solutions in a growing number of countries where lifetime politicians use their skills and talents to FIX SHIT.


  Re-Strowgering, reprinted

Reading the latest "surprising" revelations about Google's bias, the Strowger analogy occurred to me. I ought to write about it ... turns out I already did, three years ago.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

These two things are opposite ends of a spectrum.

Before Alton Strowger, phone systems were corruptible. Mabel was in the middle of your conversation from the start. She didn't have time to listen to your jabber (usually) but she knew who you were and who you wanted to call.

Alton, an undertaker with mechanical talents, decided that Mabel was corrupt. Another undertaker was paying her to steer calls away from Alton. So he invented a system to make connections without Mabel.

The Strowger Relay was the heart of the system. You dial 371. Relay receives 3 pulses from your dial, turns 3 steps to link you to column 3 in the first row. Relay then acts on the output of column 3. Receives 7 pulses from your dial, turns seven clicks to link the output of first row to column 7 in the next row. And so on. A vastly more complicated version of a combination lock.

= = = = =

The Web has Strowger-like switching elements, but it was NEVER pure Strowger. It was Mabel all the way down. NSA is always at the switchboard, always keeping track of who calls who, always listening when it has time. Because NSA is ahead of the game in language processing, it has plenty of time.

Each new development of the Web goes more Mabel.

Google is EXACTLY the same corrupt Mabel that Alton distrusted. When you ask Google for information about undertakers, Google's first answer is an undertaker who has paid Google to be listed first.

Siri brings back the voice aspects of Mabel, with the same snappy answers that the movie versions of Mabel were famous for. When Apple hears you talking with Siri, AND when Apple picks up location and accelerometer and temperature and heartbeat and metabolism data from your FitBit, Apple can gather INFINITELY more metadata than Mabel could. Your gender, age, ethnicity, stress level, heresy level.

Conclusion: The tech Mensans and Bitcoiners who think they're fooling Mabel with encryption are missing the point. And Mabel wants them to miss the point.

Spies and tyrants have never needed to listen to what you're saying. All they need is WHO you are and WHO you're calling. Modern tyrants can determine a much deeper WHO than old tyrants.

Can we re-Strowge the net?

Most likely there isn't a tech answer. The best solution is the same solution that Resistance movements have known and used for 3000 years. Don't use the channels provided by the tyrant, whether those channels are messengers, mail, telegraph, telephone or Siri.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

I'll add one item that wasn't obvious three years ago. The tech monsters are in fact basing their censorship on WHO, not WHAT. When they make rules and algorithms against "hate speech", they're really censoring "hate speakers". Loyal party members can say anything without punishment. Deplorables must be punished for existing. It's all about caste.


Wednesday, August 14, 2019
  PG = Nike

While brushing teeth last night I happened to notice the Procter and Gamble logo on the Crest toothpaste.

Started thinking: About 30 years ago P&G was a target of Christian cultists who saw 666 symbols in everything. Now the same boycott-the-symbol mentality is a specialty of globalist cultists, not Christians.

Aha! This runs parallel to the concern with chemical purity. On that subject the switchover is familiar, but the switch on symbols is a new recognition.

Those two fetishes run together. People who worry about fluoride in the water and vaccinations in the arm and carbon dioxide in the air ALSO worry about the power of a logo or a picture on a Crest toothpaste tube or a Nike shoe or a stoplight.

Witchcraft. A word or a symbol or a micropercentage of a substance has total power.

And when you're trained to see witchcraft, you're also trained to cultivate and burn witches.

Inquisitors are always the same type. Only the label changes.

= = = = =

The CO2 switch isn't quite as familiar as the fluoride and vaccine switch. The Carbon Cult really started with the 'Late Great Planet Earth' by Pentecostal prophet Hal Lindsey. CIA took it over and switched it to a secular cult in 1975.

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  Kennedy dream

Been short on significant dreams lately. This one makes up for the shortage.

I was supposed to pick up Rosemary Kennedy, the "crazy" sister, and take her to a place where she would tell all of the family's secrets. I picked her up in a secret Air Force base near the old leper colony in Hawaii. She was pretty in a square Irish way. She seemed slow from years of official drugging, but she was smart and lucid and eager to tell what she knew. As we drove, she fell asleep and leaned on my shoulder. It was nice.

= = = = =

Where did this come from? I've never been to Hawaii and rarely think of it. I know Air Force bases pretty well, but haven't been thinking of them. The only time a female leaned on my shoulder was 1978. (Thanks, Sharon! I'll always remember that one brief moment of affection in a lifetime of rejection.) Since then they only lecture me on my inadequacies.

The theme of telling secrets is an obvious current reference, and I had been thinking of Kennedys in this context. But why Rosemary? Why Hawaii?


  Demonically backwards as demonically always

"Science" demons are screeching and projectile-vomiting over an ultimately meaningless proposed "change" by faker Trump, a "change" which will not happen because none of faker Trump's fake "changes" ever happen.
The first key change to the act, according to The New York Times, involved requiring regulators to take economic costs into account when making decisions related to protecting species from extinction. The law previously required regulators to rely entirely on science in their decision-making.
As fucking always, the meaning of "science" is perfectly reversed. If we really did make decisions based on science, we would abolish the "Endangered" "Species" act. Darwin tells us that the fading and dying of a local population is the HEART AND SOUL of evolution. Adaptation happens when a local population dies out and makes room for species that are more suitable for the current situation.

The ESA explicitly violates evolution by forcing a species to remain in the niche after it should have gone away. The ESA breaks Nature and breaks science.

Earlier laws on the subject were PRO-SCIENCE. Laws to control hunting and fishing, and subsidies to encourage crop rotation and fallowing, prevented the most predatory humans from INTENTIONALLY KILLING a population that was doing well in the situation. These laws encouraged the normal process of natural selection.

  One Shannon unit

We know that we're not going to get meaningful revelations from the Epstein mess. The overall picture is absolutely unsurprising to anyone who knows history. Absolutely constant over 10000 years. Whenever and wherever an aristocratic class was able to take hold, the aristocrats have been infinitely wicked beyond all imagining, and completely unpunished. Think of the recognized meaning of Mandarin, Brahmin, Pasha, Sultan, Eunuch, Emperor, King, Queen, Pope, Bishop, Priest.

Everyone knows what those monsters do.

Every monarch of England until Elizabeth 2 was infinitely wicked. For some reason E2 decided to break the sequence by living clean. Her sons and grandsons have resumed, as we know from the partial Epstein reveals.

Russia had a fairly long stretch of exceptions. Nicholas 1 was frugal and competent, and his son and grandson continued the exception. Lenin resumed the norm, which continued until Putin broke it again, returning to Nick.

= = = =

We have exactly one piece of REAL INFORMATION that contradicts previous definite knowledge. It was a casual remark quoted yesterday about the tech monsters, Elon, Bezos, Zuck, etc.

Previous definite "knowledge" is based on the carefully crafted reputation of the tech monsters. We "know" that they are ascetic TypeA+++++++ workaholics, slaving 26/9/367 to raise share value and slaughter Deplorables, never stopping to have fun.

Nope. Epstein told us that they spend most of their time and money doing Epstein things, just like all other aristocrats. They're not ascetics, they're EPicurians, devoted to every conceivable type of dissipation plus an infinite number of inconceivable iniquities.

That's INFORMATION in the Shannon sense.


  Hawley's approach

Josh Hawley is refreshing. A crusader against the worst aspects of tech tyranny who managed to get into a position of power. Will he succeed? I doubt it. Here's an earlier battle along the same front.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

A couple weeks ago I was thinking about wired vs wireless...
In the web era we are sneakily but quickly moving toward the Jap model. Because cellphones were based on the wired phone system, they were paid and licensed 'utility connections' rather than unlicensed 'receivers'. Thus we no longer have the privilege of passive listening.

BUT we're not getting the basic relationship of a rented connection either. When you pay for an AC power connection, you don't expect the AC to be modulated by advertising that forces its way into all of your light bulbs and heaters. With cellphones we're paying for zero privilege and total censorship, and we're forced to endure advertising at the same time.
Broadcasting through modulated AC didn't happen, but it came a lot closer than I thought.

In 1924 power companies were already using the wires for internal dispatching via modulated carriers:

In that case the carrier system was adapted into a transmitter for airborne radio.

The idea of wired radio was ... um ... in the air at that time, and was even tried out:

General Squier, the resident genius of the Signal Corps, was pushing wired radio as an environment where advertising would be permitted:

Note that Squier proposed a separate channel for advertising, which seems absurd now. It wasn't absurd then. Newspapers had (and still have!) separate PAGES for advertising. If you want to see ads, you turn to the ad section. A radio newspaper would work the same way. Squier also proposed a separate channel "for the women", which would get him tortured and hanged as a Russian MEDDLINGINTERFERINGHACKER now.

Advertising on the ether was uncomfortable and 'voluntarily banned' as WFBM's license application shows:

Clearly they knew the expected response.

Why was it unfashionable? The ether was considered a public resource like a park or a street. We still consider advertising on parks or streets to be crass if not illegal, and we still have court cases about advertising on public buses. Wires were owned by the utility, which could use its output for advertising just as a printer can send out advertising in newspapers.

For radio the discomfort was already disappearing in 1924, as the easily used phrase 'sell time' reveals. Selling time was a brand new concept, never done before in any medium. Selling space in newspapers or billboards was familiar. Broadcasting was only four years old, but NYC admen had already switched dimensions, and the rest of the trade followed along.

When wired TV started in 1965, it was launched with the same fake expectation. Pay TV was going to be a subscription service, and your direct payment would protect you from all advertising. Again the expectation failed. Cable TV has just as much advertising as ether TV, often more.

And of course the same sequence happened with the web. In the original implementation as Compuserve, you were paying for a wired service with no advertising. After Berners-Lee "invented" the web again, you were still paying but you also got the privilege of unstoppable advertising and total surveillance.

= = = = = END REPRINT.
  Gathering is less than half of the problem

An article on the pros and cons of the computer age
So, for example, the ability to perform extraordinarily detailed, second-by-second monitoring of patients in a hospital—that would score high on beneficial personal effect for the individual patients, and it has fairly benign social effects. Plot it in the upper-right quadrant.

The computerized ability to monitor the behavior of everyone in a public setting, however—that has a generally positive score for individuals, protecting us from terror attacks and criminal assault. But it has a negative score for a society stripped of freedom by constant surveillance. Plot it in the upper-left quadrant.

The digitizing of criminal records, making it difficult to dodge the consequences of, say, multiple drunk-driving convictions in different states? Great for society, bad for individuals. Belongs in the lower-right quadrant. And the creation of electronic telephoning, allowing the solicitations of robo-calls? Negatives for both society and individuals. Goes in the lower-left quadrant.
Each of these changes is meaningless. Gathering data is one side of the system, doing something about the data is the other side. Computers have improved the data-gathering side, but the doing side is either unchanged or worse.

With hospitals it's clear that computers obstruct the proper function of medicine. Doctors and nurses have to spend too much time entering data, which gets in the way of direct sensory observation of patients.

With surveillance, we know what everyone is doing, but Deepstate is using that data to CREATE "terrorists", not to control real crime.

Robo-calls have been around since the 1920s. Computers made them easier to produce but also much easier to detect. The five-second blank silence at the start is an instant clue.

With criminal records, the court system is still failing to keep professional criminals in jail.

Nice long example in today's Spokane News:
This morning just after 5:00 a.m., an officer responded to a report of a naked man, who appeared high, standing on the side of the road at 2nd Avenue and Monroe Street. The man was Richard A. Sala. The officer tried to contact Sala, who was completely naked and holding tree branches in both hands, but he ran away.

Sala was taken into custody near Railroad Avenue and Monroe Street after running around the block. He was arrested on the outstanding Department of Corrections warrant and charged with Felony Indecent Exposure. Sala was booked again into the Spokane County Jail.

Previous Release: Felon released from custody immediately after being convicted of felony indecent exposure.

Richard A Sala (29) was convicted of indecent exposure, a class C felony, Wednesday, August 7th. The conviction was a felony due to two previous indecent exposure convictions in 2016. Sala was immediately released from custody Wednesday. Sala was then seen wandering around Downtown Spokane. Sala is currently wanted on a Department of Corrections warrant for Escaping Community Custody due to not abiding by his post-conviction supervision agreement.

Sala has an extensive criminal history which includes nine felony convictions (Criminal Mischief with a weapon, Assault 3rd degree (x3), theft 1st degree, theft 2nd degree, retail theft with extenuating circumstances and promoting pornography). He also has 19 prior Misdemeanor convictions (assault 4th degree, trespass 1st degree (x4), theft 3rd degree, harassment, indecent exposure (x2), disorderly conduct, criminal trespass (x4), resisting arrest, minor consuming alcohol and driving without a license). Sala’s criminal history ranges from 2008 to present.
This is clearly a professional criminal. The data-gathering system pulls together some of his LONG and varied record so we can see clearly that he's a professional criminal. He has crossed the meaningless three-strike threshold many times. And what happens? He's released immediately. We can be 100% sure that he was doing the same things with the same frequency before age 18, but that part of his record can't be published. So despite the gathering, we only get to see half of the problem, and the courts are still doing nothing to segregate him from society.
Tuesday, August 13, 2019
  Biggest duh of the month

As usual, in "nutrition" "studies".
A study published today in the journal Nutrients shows why British men aged 18-24 are struggling to eat even three portions of fruit and vegetables a day.

As well as not having the culinary skills to cook for themselves, the researchers found that young men are more focused on gaining muscle and improving their physique than eating a healthy diet.

Young men with the best diets had a more positive attitude towards healthy food, enjoyed preparing and eating a wide range of fruit and veg, and had a more holistic view of health and diet.
It's simple logic.

Popular guys build muscle because muscle keeps the girls around. Girls do the cooking. Girls also want to keep the muscles on the guy, so they cook lots of red meat.

Unpopular guys don't have girls to do their cooking, so they have to do their own housework.

The good part: The unpopular guys in this small sample are wise. They already realize that they aren't going to get girls, so they're rationally focusing on survival without girls. They aren't wasting time in fruitless (heh) pursuit of muscles.
  Simplify, simplify

For some reason the CSS or JS at disagrees with my browser. Jalopnik typically shows up like this, with all pictures and no text:

Closed decaptioning for the illiterate!
  Thiel's question

Via MindMatters.

How would you respond if PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel asked you his favorite interview question: “Tell me something that’s true that almost nobody agrees with you on.”

I'd been thinking along similar lines lately. Not exactly true-but-nobody-agrees; more like true-but-nobody-knows.

There are four things I've figured out in recent years that nobody else seems to have figured out. Two are big, two are tiny.

Big 1: Rights vs duties, Paine vs Morris. This probably fits the Thiel question, since many others have examined the subject and reached the opposite conclusion.

Big 2: Broadly the whole subject of real-value economics and skill-estate. Specifically the FACT that GDP and growth are precisely backwards from real value-added measurements. Leftist economists have approached the question but haven't hit the specific point.

Tiny bit of history: Cave Gas. I've been modeling these Lost Places for quite a while. Cave Gas is the only one that nobody else has documented.

Tiny bit of science: Hubbard's E-Meter. I examined the original schematic and noticed that it's not a passive meter but an active stimulator. Then I built the original schematic and proved it, rather painfully.

The last one is most important by my standards because it was an EXPERIMENT.

= = = = =

Sidenote for clarity and credit: The above list includes things I've discovered on my own. The most important thing I've learned from others in recent years, which seems to be unnoticed by anyone else, is the sucker filter. A brilliant observation that explains many otherwise mysterious events. I wish I could remember who wrote about it!

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  Before the Age of Adelson

Another item from Prescott's 1888 book on telegraphy, p335 in the PDF.

The Siemens iron pole has been used in many of the countries of Europe and Asia to a considerable extent, and this is especially true of the great Indo-European line, which extends from a point on the Russian frontier near Thorn [Torun] in Prussia, through Warsaw, Odessa and Tiflis [Tbilisi], to Teheran, a distance of 2,850 English miles.
My estimate of the path:

When Germany rebels against Sheldon Adelson's war on Persia, it's following a long tradition of commercial ties with Persia. It's not just being contrary.

And more specifically when Siemens builds projects in Persia, it's following a long Siemens tradition.
  This is hopelessly STUPID.

This piece of INFINITELY STUPID SHIT was actually published in an actual "scientific" journal.

It's billed as a "major discovery". It's just an obvious fact turned into an obviously reverse causation.

These IDIOTS claim to have found an explanation for Weber's Law, the FACT that most neural inputs are logarithmic. There are a few exceptions in the area of pain and pressure, but log holds true for every aspect of sight and sound.

They ran an experiment where rats were conditioned to point toward the louder of two sounds.
"Our experiments confirmed that the animals' behaviour matched Weber's Law", says Pardo-Vazquez. "Their ability to tell which of the two sounds was louder only depended on the ratio between the sounds' intensities. If the rat had to compare the intensities of two sounds that were played softly, its accuracy was just as good as with a pair of sounds that were played loudly, as long as both pairs had the same intensity ratio."

Then, the team started to analyze in detail how long the rats took to make their decisions, a step that turned out to be critical. "Typically, studies of Weber's law focussed on the accuracy of the discrimination, which is what Weber himself described", Pardo-Vazquez explains. "Surprisingly, the time taken to decide has received little attention." The team realized decision times and the loudness of the pair of sounds were linked - the louder the sounds, the shorter the decision time. In fact, they showed that the nature of this link was unique and mathematically precise, making the decision times observed, for instance, in a discrimination between two quiet sounds, exactly proportional to the decision times measured when the subject discriminated between two loud sounds -- as long as their relative intensities were constant.
The explanation is not mysterious. A louder sound triggers more neurons in the cochlea and in the upper levels of the auditory system. When more neurons are involved, there are more sub-decisions being made, so the sub-decisions accumulate faster toward the major orienting decision. Localizing is based on much more than loudness. With a sudden sound, time of arrival is part of the calculation. Phase differences are also part of the calculation. All of these calculations are easier when the sound is louder. The signal-to-noise ratio is higher, so there are less confounding factors.

This has nothing to do with the log-ness of the comparison, and certainly doesn't explain the log-ness of the comparison. Log-ness is intrinsic in every neuron and in every process.
Monday, August 12, 2019
  Ohm was right after all, and didn't meet resistance after all!

Ohm's original concept of electricity spreading like heat was dismissed by scholars, but seems to have been used much later by real engineers.

First review and reprint the original:

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Polistra is always cheering for traditional and human-scale measurements. She wanted to find out: Was there ever a set of natural measurements for electricity? Was there ever an English unit of potential or an American unit of resistance? Or did the original experimenters jam everything into the metric prison from the start?

The answer: Well, sort of. Briefly. In the early days of telegraphy, resistance was often measured in terms of length and width of a standard wire, and different nations had different standards. But this didn't last long, and the volt, ampere and ohm were quickly adopted as universal.

Polistra admits reluctantly that this situation makes sense. Food, farmland and fabric were used and measured systematically for thousands of years before theoreticians came along. Electricity was first used and measured by theoreticians and later passed into common use.

While looking for the nonexistent tradition, an interesting forgotten story popped out. Back in 1827, Georg Ohm developed the math of circuits correctly by using an incorrect analogy. Other 'electricians' had already reached a correct understanding of positive and negative charges; Ohm ignored this understanding and used the transmission of heat instead. Because of his incorrect analogy, his correct math was not accepted by the other scientists for many years. Alfred Mayer, writing in 1890, said:
Ohm was led to the conception of this law by assuming that the flow of electricity in a voltaic circuit is similar to the flow of heat by conduction in a rod. Also, his assumptions that the actions of two electrified particles are directly as their distance, and that the electricity is uniformly dense over each cross section of a conducting wire, were directly opposed to the laws and facts well established by Coulomb for statical electricity.

Damned theoreticians. Always the same. Always ignoring truth if it doesn't fit the latest theory.

Ohm assumed that charge was handed off step by step between the 'particles' in the wire, just as the molecular agitation of heat is handed off from one molecule to another. This led him to view resistance as a sort of velocity measurement:
That is to say, both elements reciprocally change their electric state as long as a difference continues to exist between their electroscopic forces; but this change ceases as soon as they have both attained the same electroscopic force. ... The motion is effected in most bodies so rapidly that we are seldom able to determine its changes at the various places, and on that account we are not in a condition to discover by observation the law according to which they act.

If he was observing any delay using the instruments then available, he was probably seeing the result of inductive reactance in a long coil or wire, rather than simple resistance. A low-pass RL filter can easily take a perceptible amount of time to reach full flow.

Why did Ohm's bad assumption work? Probably because it wasn't all that bad! I spent much of my life playing and working with electrical stuff: repairing, designing, building, teaching. I used Ohm and his variants and corollaries daily. I always started with the analogy of airflow or waterflow**, in which the electrons pass between the atoms of the metal at a finite speed, while the charge field acts instantly across space. In the end it doesn't matter which of these concepts is treated as a finite velocity.

Polistra and Happystar try to see Ohm's original view, using a couple of experiments.

First Polistra shows heat conduction in a rod. She puts the rod onto a 'potential difference' between cold and hot, and watches the different molecular agitations transfer at a finite speed, until the rod is at a uniform temperature.

Now Happystar applies the same concept to a (non-factual!) electric circuit, perhaps as Ohm imagined it. Using an Edison iron-nickel battery to create a potential difference, he drops a wire onto the negative end to complete the circuit. The charges transfer at a finite speed toward the center of the resistive load, until the load is at a uniform current.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

Found that Ohm's original idea wasn't dismissed. Here's a use of the concept in 1888, from Preston's Electricity and the electrical telegraph, p340 in the PDF.
The time which it takes the current to make itself manifest upon the galvanometer depends upon the sensitiveness of the latter, consequently, neither the instant when the first portion of the current reaches the end of the line, nor the moment when the current begins to be constant, can be exactly determined. Of two galvanometers, the one which is most sensitive is first to show the passage of a current. In consequence of this the duration of the variable condition cannot be stated with absolute exactness, and we are obliged to confine ourselves to the determination of the time which is required for the current to reach a state that approximates closely to the permanent state.

If we assume with Ohm that electricity flows through a wire in accordance with the same laws that govern the diffusion of heat in a rod which is heated at one end, we are led to the conclusion that the duration of the variable state is in proportion to the square of the length of the line. If, for instance, a certain line is 2, 3, 4 or more times as long as another, then the duration of the variable state is 4, 9, 16, etc., times as long as in the case of the shorter line.
The analogy was clearly familiar and useful to engineers at the time.

= = = = =

Finally, here's a very recent revision of existing concepts about heat, showing from a different angle that Ohm's analogy was right after all.

Via ScienceDaily, researchers at Zurich have made a resonant circuit with oscillating HEAT instead of oscillating electron flow. As with electric LC circuits, and as with mechanical resonators, this resonator continues oscillating for a while after the driving force is turned off.

During the oscillation, heat flows alternately from a warmer object to a colder object, and then from the colder to the warmer. The latter half of the cycle 'technically' violates thermodynamics, but not really. Electronic and mechanical and fluidic resonant circuits can (and usually do!) move against the potential gradient for half of the cycle, so it shouldn't be strange that a heat resonator does the same.

Simple example: The guitar string is "spontaneously" moving uphill against gravity for half of each cycle. We understand that this doesn't violate the laws of gravity, so we should think of heat flow the same way.

The finding that heat can oscillate is the strange and interesting thing!
  Is probably rrright.

In the checkout line at Safeway, a middle-aged man with a deep Slavic accent. Sharp consonants, trilled Rs. The transaction was somewhat complicated, with a coupon and a rain-check. After he paid, the register refused to complete the transaction. Finally the clerk realized that he had misentered the unfamiliar rain-check and apologized.

Man said in joking tone: "It doesssn't like Rrrussia!"

I vouldn't be least bit surprrrised if veb-connected computerrrs trrreatink Slavic names as MEDDLING INTERFERRRING MALIGN BEHAVIORRR TERRRRRORRRRIST.

These are times when we all need some dark Slavic humor.


  Thanks Ralph 134, Life is Porpoise edition

The 1962 Hix book has an article on Pelorus Jack, a porpoise who decided on his own purpose.

Better detail from a Wikipedia article. Pelorus Jack guided ships through a tricky passage in the harbor of Wellington NZ from 1888 to 1912. When a ship approached the passage, he bobbed up and down several times to announce his presence, then led the ship through the strait. After the hard part, he dropped back and rubbed against the ship ("You're okay now."), then returned to the starting point to await the next ship.

In 1904 an idiot on one ship shot Pelorus Jack and injured him. He survived, but he never guided that ship again. The ship later crashed on the rocks in the strait and sank. Thanks Ralph!



  False binary

From candidate Yang:

I’ve done the MATH, it’s not immigrants taking our jobs, it’s automation. Instead of blaming immigrants, let's give our citizens the means to thrive through the fourth industrial revolution.

Misses the REAL problem, which is offshoring. Immigrants are taking a few jobs in some places, but those jobs are still done by locals in areas without immigrants. Automation deleted lots of jobs between 1920 and 1980, but not many since 1980. The MAIN problem since 1980 is offshoring.

Doing the math is meaningless if you're ignoring part of the data.

HOWEVER: Yang says some unusually rational and realistic things about human nature and culture. Nowhere near the RIGOROUS PRECISE realism of McAfee's observations, but considerably above the bizarre lethal brain-dissolving hyperhyperhyperdelusions emitted by all other politicians.
Sunday, August 11, 2019
  A scrap of sanity

An interesting bit of sanity amid the lunacy!

The Navy has figured out that digital controls lead to confusion and collisions. So they're reinstalling analog physical controls for steering and throttle on some ships.
Following the incident, the Navy conducted fleet-wide surveys, and according to Rear Admiral Bill Galinis, the Program Executive Officer for Ships, personnel indicated that they would prefer mechanical controls. Speaking before a recent Navy symposium, he described the controls as falling under the “‘just because you can doesn’t mean you should’ category,” and that ship systems were simply too complicated. He also noted that they’re looking into the design of other ships to see if they can bring some system commonalities between different ship classes.
Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

  Wrong premise

A recent turd of satanic toxin in """"Nature"""" is mostly the usual FUCK TRUMP FUCK TRUMP SLAUGHTER DEPLORABLES SLAUGHTER DEPLORABLES, but in this case even the historical parallel is factually false.
But now that attitude is changing, and researchers need other ways to make their voices heard.

Scholars found theirs in the 1950s, when nuclear technology was at risk of proliferating without safeguards because of the cold war arms race between the United States and the then Soviet Union. Albert Einstein and the philosopher Bertrand Russell created a manifesto warning of the dangers of weapons of mass destruction.
They were wrong. Proliferation creates PEACE. Deepstate wanted treaties so we could enforce them against all potential competitors while breaking them ourselves. As we have been doing ever since.

It's not clear that all of those idiots were intentionally serving Deepstate, but we know for a fact that Bernard Baruch, a major driver of the """"peace"""" movement, was the dark heart of the rejuvenated Deepstate in 1946.

In the current world we have many nicely controlled A/B experiments showing that proliferation leads to peace. North Korea still exists because it has nukes. Syria was obliterated because it didn't have nukes. When Qaddafi stupidly got rid of his nukes, he was immediately killed and Libya was reduced to ashes.

Ideally EVERY country should be bristling with thousands of warheads, all hair-trigger aimed at DC and NY. Then DC and NY might stop destroying the rest of the world. But probably not. Salvation can't happen until all of those nukes are triggered, removing the East Coast from the earth. Peel it back to the Appalachians. Then we'll have peace.



Several commenters on the Epstein mess wonder if he set up a tripwire data dump in case of murder. They compare with Assange, who openly claimed that he had a tripwire. If such a mechanism exists, why was Epstein killed anyway?

Good question, no obvious answer.

The tripwire is often seen in fiction, but recent history shows that it never happens. In fact the opposite happens. When secret-holding leaders are assassinated, the data goes farther underground. It doesn't suddenly appear after death.

Best hypothesis: Among the leadership class everyone functions by Mutually Assured Dumps. The people who could possibly release Epstein's dump are bound by a dozen other blackmails and NDAs. When a leader dies, his power dies with him. He is no longer a vector pulling toward release, and all the other vectors are pulling toward concealment.

None of the data is in a place where outsiders or non-NDAs could get to it.

Assange's situation is technically different, but so far the result is the same. When he was impounded in the Embassy, releases stopped. When he was transferred to jail, nothing new came out. If he had any tripwires, none have been tripped yet.

= = = = =

Later thought: This item and previous item are both about what happens when you remove a relay, and both show that the real effect is unexpected! When Bell wired around the telegraph relay, he expected the sound would get worse because he thought the sound was being carried by digital impulses. When Epstein's data relay was de-energized by death, commenters expected the open relay would stop providing power to the concealment mechanism. In fact the relay was in parallel, not series, so all the other concealment relays continued powering the mechanism.


Saturday, August 10, 2019
  The first long distance call

From Scientific American in 1876, when it was actually about Science instead of CLIMATE CHANGE and lunacy.

An account of Bell's first long-distance call, and first demonstration outside his lab. He used a private telegraph line owned by Walworth Manufacturing, running two miles from their office to their factory. Both ends had full telegraph equipment with a full set of batteries.

Pure experiment. Learning by trying. Removing the relay shows that they didn't fully understand the difference between binary switching and analog waves yet. If the sound was being transferred by switching, the relay should have improved the transmission. I'll bet they understood the difference more clearly after noting the result.



Having a stormy night. Not much sleep. Spokane mostly got missed so far; we had about 15 minutes of heavy rain and a couple of lightnings in this neighborhood. Nothing special. I've been watching radar to see if anything else is coming. Doesn't look serious upstream, but just now Wunderground radar is catching a tornado near Rathdrum. The Weather Bureau doesn't seem to be noticing it.

The indication is still there 20 minutes later...
  More bizarre language


AG Barr "Appalled" By Epstein's "Suicide", Orders Inspector General Probe Into Mysterious Death

This is like walking into the kitchen, turning on the faucet, and then ordering an investigation into the mysterious unprecedented shocking APPALLING LIQUID SUBSTANCE that mysteriously and appallingly appeared from nowhere. RUSSIAN_POISON! RUSSIAN_MALIGN_BEHAVIOR! INVESTIGATE!

Seriously, why do they always emit these absurd noises? They're not fooling themselves, they're not fooling the media, they're certainly not fooling any of the criminals (ie themselves) and they're only fooling a handful of the public. Why bother?

This sort of shit worked pretty well up to 1965. After the Warren Report it stopped working.

Later, noting a inconsistent pattern in the responses. Sorosian media DW and France24 agree that "Disgraced financier committed suicide." Deepstate agent Dreher agrees that "Disgraced financier committed suicide".

But Sorosian BBC is unusually objective: "Disgraced financier found dead in prison cell." Subhead, "Officials said his death was an apparent suicide. The FBI is investigating the incident." That's proper news reporting. Stating the facts, not treating an obvious lie as a given fact.

Also, Twitter's censor machine is unusually balanced. The Trendings include more Clinton associations than Trump associations.

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  Delicate language

The journal bizarrely called 'Nature' has been publishing some oblique articles about trust and facts in science. The science racket doesn't want to be moral or trustworthy, but feels that it needs to make these noises for PR purposes.

Second, the number of countries with a strong science base is growing, which inevitably leads to greater heterogeneity in cultural norms with respect to research ethics, and to more diversity in the approaches of regulatory authorities.

Third, science is being conducted by a shifting cast of commercial entities — either independently from, or in collaboration with, traditional research institutions. Such organizations might not have the same ethics culture and systems of regulation as traditional universities.
Heterogeneity in cultural norms = China doesn't give a fuck.

Might not have same ethics culture = Zuck doesn't give a fuck.

It's way too late to do anything about China since US universities have been welcoming and supporting Chinese spies for 40 years. We've outsourced our skills in science along with everything else. The science racket doesn't WANT to do anything about Zuck because he serves as a convenient cutout to bypass pesky ethics committees.

So we meekly and delicately complain about our colonial masters, knowing full well where the money is.

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  Five Eyes and Four Is

Five Eyes = Deepstate. Four Is = Israeli, Irish, Italian, Injun.

Here's a long and overly detailed history of the universal mob that spawned Epstein along with every powerful figure in US and UK. The details really aren't needed. It's everyone and everything, with a couple of notable exceptions.

The Prohibition mob involved Israelis, Irish, and Italians.

Trump's mentor Roy Cohn is a pivotal figure, but the historical center of the story is the Bronfman family who picked up the Israeli side of the Prohibition mob.

Bronfman is perfectly parallel to the Kennedy family, who picked up the Irish side of the Prohibition mob. Both turned somewhat legit, both controlled foreign policy and funded terrorists in the old country. Bronfman funded the Irgun that created the state of Israel, Kennedy funded IRA in Ireland.

What's missing in this history is the Italian equivalent. Giuliani and D'Amato are mentioned, but there isn't a major dynasty in the modern era, no attempt to control foreign policy, and no support for Italian revolutionaries. I guess the simple answer is that the Italian part of the mob didn't bother to turn legit. It continued controlling the traditional industries of smuggling and casinos.

= = = = =

Another missing element is the Injun mobs that now control most cities except Vegas and NYC. They seemingly sprang up out of nowhere in the '80s. Mobs don't work that way. When a new mob starts up, the old mobs resist. Why didn't we see a war? Probably because most of the places now owned by the Injun mob were not previously connected.

Oklahoma is the exception to that rule. Italians, allied with local hillbillies, retained control long after the national end of Prohibition because Okla remained dry until 1959. The Italian influence was strong in Enid, a low-crime place that was safe for ordinary people but dangerous for would-be competitors. Enid still doesn't have an Injun casino. One branch of the Cherokee mob is trying to get approval for a location in the old black part of town, but apparently hasn't succeeded yet.

Returning to the title, we have four Is controlling the country, but only the first two (Israeli and Irish) are involved in Deepstate. Injuns came to this level of power late, so they probably missed the brass ring. Italians were part of the Prohibition mob, so their absence is more of a puzzle.

= = = = =

Update four hours later: Well, the whole story has now been surgically removed from media and "courts" by the usual method. Not very creative, but desperate times call for desperate measures to halt the outflow of documents. The question now is why Deepstate bothered to open the can if they were just going to toss most of the contents. Which leader changed course after the pop-top? Which leader is unmentioned in the first document dump but likely to be mentioned in the second? The timeline suggests Boris, but that's just a guess.

I'll bet a thousand dollars that none of the "ideological" mass shooters are smokers.

In personality as in weather, smoke and soot help to control sudden outbursts and panics. This is not mysterious. Cult leaders who WANT to generate sudden outbursts and panics always forbid smoke. Environmental agencies who WANT to generate cloudbursts and droughts always forbid smoke.

Smoke-free zones and gun-free zones are equally destructive.

(For clarity: Affection and respect would be even more effective, but those are totally unavailable to low-status males. Legalizing prostitution would also help, but that will never happen. In a collapsed chaotic savage feral omnicidal anticivilization, tobacco is the most realistic refuge.)


Friday, August 09, 2019
  Can't stay ahead of it

Can't stay ahead of this shit!

Via ZH, an implementation of the idiot big-head "future".
Called Neom (a mix of the Greek word for “new” and Arabic word for “future”), the project aims to construct a $500 billion city, covering 10,000 squares miles of coastline and desert in northwest Saudi Arabia. With its mixture of high-tech amenities and luxury services like restaurants and shops, the goal is to build what the Wall Street Journal describes as a superior to “Silicon Valley in technology, Hollywood in entertainment and the French Riviera as a place to vacation.”

The in-development Saudi Arabian city-state will have robot maids, flying taxis, and glow-in-the-dark sand, according to confidential planning documents reviewed by The Wall Street Journal. An artificial moon will light up the sky every night, and a Jurassic Park-style island will let visitors mingle with robot dinosaurs.
Straight out of big-head sci-fi. Humans freed from everything that makes us happy and useful and smart.

As usual the "reporters" know nothing of plain old geography:
In addition, we are being told that this will be “the world’s first independent international zone”, and many are concerned about what exactly that is going to mean.Mohammed bin Salman originally came up with the idea for the city when he “pulled up a map of his country on Google Earth and saw its northwest quadrant was a blank slate.”
Not the first independent international zone by a long fucking shot. There have been plenty of independent neutral zones devoted to trade and tourism. See Danzig and Trieste for Euro examples.

One of the biggest neutral zones was RIGHT FUCKING THERE.

The kingdom of Hejaz, created by the breakup of the Ottoman Empire, later joined with Nejd to make Saudi. A couple of smaller neutral zones between Saudi and Iraq lasted until 1975 in practice, and until 1991 on paper.

This wild robotic celebration of rich demonic fuckheads is the EXACT OPPOSITE of sharia law. It's a huge insult to God.


  The same stupid myth

This is familiar old sci-fi shit, from a 1937 British science magazine.


The human brain will be the most important part of the anatomy, and indubitably the most developed, both in power and size. All of us today acquiesce in the hypothesis that man is becoming more and more intelligent, more mentally developed from generation to generation, but how many, who admit at the same time that physical effort is becoming proportionately less necessary, realize the inevitable outcome of these facts.

Hopelessly dumb, and not just by currently known facts. Dumb by 1937 facts, which were generally truer than modern facts.

1. Smart people don't have big heads. 1937 example: Einstein. Normal-size head, normal-size body. Older example: Leonardo daVinci, supposedly the man who knew everything. Normal size. Go farther backwards. Stereotypical Neanderthals had big heads. Chimps and apes have the same proportions as modern humans. Head size is simply an irrelevant variable.

2. When people have servants doing all of their work, they don't atrophy, they get fat. Labor-saving machinery wasn't fully developed in 1937, but labor-saving servants were universal among rich and middle-class folks in both Britain and US. Aristocrats weren't pictured as delicate, they were pictured as fat. Most ordinary people aspired to become aristocrats so they could lay around and get fat. Now we've achieved our dream and it's a nightmare.

3. Evolution doesn't favor people who require machines or servants to do all their work. Evolution favors people who can take care of themselves and their families. This was known by 1937 Darwinians, and still true today. Whether you buy the mutation part of evolution or not, the natural selection part is unquestionably true. A head without a body ... especially a female head without a body ... doesn't reproduce.

4. Even the machine was stupid, ESPECIALLY in 1937 when streamlining was a BIG DEAL. In the 20 years from 1917 to 1937, every tech product was 'closed in' and smoothed out.

Extending the curve, the products 5000 years from now should be microscopic spheres, not identical to the 1917 radio!

= = = = =

The modern autonomous cult makes exactly the same mistake, defining the Destination Of History as all head and no body. We must be freed from mundane chores like steering our own cars so our HUGE 300 IQ BRAINS can be free to think vastly complex intellectual hyperthoughts, incomprehensible to mere non-autistic normals, about a vastly infinite complex array of subjects: Climate Change, Climate Change, Climate Change, Climate Change, Climate Change, Climate Change, Climate Change, Climate Change, Climate Change, Climate Change, Climate Change, Climate Change, Climate Change, Climate Change, Climate Change, Climate Change, Climate Change, Climate Change, Climate Change, Climate Change, Climate Change, Climate Change, Climate Change, Climate Change, Climate Change, and other, except there isn't any other.

= = = = =

Finally, we know one fact now that wasn't known in 1937.

We know how to ACTUALLY EXPAND YOUR BRAIN, how to generate new neurons. You can't get there by thinking. Here's how:

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