Tuesday, April 25, 2017
  One unsold soul ... so far

In previous item I mentioned that Price, secy of HHS, has NOT sold his soul yet. In announcing a new set of steps to counteract the opiate epidemic, he wrote a remarkably SOULFUL speech that hits all the NUMERICAL facts and all the HUMAN facts.

Numerical facts:
In 2015 alone, 52,000 people died of overdoses in America, the majority of them from opioids. This represents the highest number of overdose deaths ever recorded in our country. Each day we are losing more than 140 Americans to overdoses. Millions more are struggling with opioid addiction.
Human facts:
As we think about pain, we must not forget the types of pain that can hurt the most but are often the hardest to treat — the pain of loneliness and despair, of feeling unloved or unvalued. The pain of living with a broken heart.

Today’s epidemic is worse than drug crises we’ve seen before. But, at its core, it’s just the latest chapter in the story of the human condition — of man’s fallen nature and our search for meaning and purpose in a broken world.

The problem today isn’t simply that it’s too easy for people to access highly addictive drugs, though this is certainly true. The deeper problem is that, for many of our fellow citizens, it’s too difficult to access the relationships and institutions — like family, faith, community and work — that make life worth living and the pursuit of happiness possible.

Across America, the bonds of family, faith, work and community are fraying and fracturing. Detached from these crucial sources of happiness, many are driven to drugs and then caught in cycles of hopelessness and addiction.

This speech has been ignored by "both" "sides" of the media, because it's not about RUSSIANAGGRESSIONHACKERMEDDLINGINTERFERING. It's about our own self-destruction, laid raw and bare.

I don't know if the steps proposed by Price will make much difference. We still need a complete rebuild of our economy, eliminating finance and restoring industry. Price doesn't have control over that side of policy. The people who do control it are the same Tribe who have been controlling it since 1989. During the few days when Hillary was pretending to be "Trump", s/he made some noises about jobs, but s/he never even promised to break the bankers.

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  Bravo for Arkansas!!

They wasted too much time and effort following the rules of Satan, but in the end they DIDN'T SURRENDER, and have managed THREE acts of justice this year.

Let's compare stats for the last 12 months for the entire "country".

In this graph the left bar is the number of EVIL MURDERERS killed by opiates in an act of JUSTICE. The right bar is the number of INNOCENT PEOPLE killed by opiates in an act of hopeless desperation.

Needless to say, all "religious" and "ethical" authorities are worried sick about the 28 acts of justice. Nobody is worried about the 40000 acts of desperation. This totally fucked totally Satan-soaked former "country" has its priorities right, by fucking God. All criminals must go free, all Deplorables must be slaughtered. Onward and upward!

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Monday, April 24, 2017
  Couldn't make it up!

Ultimate self-explanatory:

  Constants and variables, Super-Mighty edition

I've reluctantly adopted the view that Trump was a fake, but there are still a few leftover pieces that don't quite fit the picture. Sessions has already sold his soul, but Price and Pruitt appear to be holding onto their souls for the moment and haven't been fired yet.

If I try to see the sudden switch in the MOST CHARITABLE light, it's even worse.

Look at the two "events" that supposedly morphed Trump into Hillary.

1. The usual fake intel sources claim that Assad used chemical weapons. This "event" happened before, and it was discredited. Sorosian media didn't quite say it was false, but they went silent. (Media never admit they're wrong, but occasionally they stop being wrong.) This month's "chemical attack" was basically identical.

2. North Korea suddenly turned into a threat. This is even more absurd. Kim 2 and Kim 3 have been running the same little circus for 20 years. Make warlike noise, threaten Super-Mighty Biggest Apocalypse Ever, then drop a dummy missile in the ocean. Grab up an American "missionary" who is sidelining as a spy, accurately accuse him of being a spy, hold him for a while. Both of these events are weekly scheduled programs, more reliable than other TV series because they're never cancelled for low ratings.

A functioning nervous system distinguishes constants from variables, and ignores constants. If Trump GENUINELY sees these events as NEW THREATS, he's deep in Alzheimers. Every day is a new day for Alzheimers, everything is a SUDDEN VARIABLE.

Those are the choices. Intentional trojan horse or brain-dead.
  History rhymes and repeats

A couple of historical echoes from 1933.

Hey, what happened to our personal jetpacks? Oh well. We didn't get our jetpacks, but by God we got our government mind-reading! Yay for the future!

[The prop man must have felt chintzy about using the toggle switch and extension cord. Surely those will be obsolete in the future, or at least they will look different .... Ooops.]

= = = = =

This item:

is repeated practically verbatim today, with idiot politician Mark Shea making unsubstantiated accusations against the Sheriff for no particular reason, and all the broadcasters going along. The Sheriff has filed a defamation suit against idiot Shea, which hasn't reached trial yet.

BUT: As far as I can tell from site search, KHQ is NOT among the media covering this story. They have a couple other stories about Shea but not this one. Maybe some people actually learn from history!
Sunday, April 23, 2017
  Vive la France! (provisional)

Le Pen made it into the finals, essentially tied with Macron at this stage.

Both of the existing "legitimate" parties died. Macron may be a placeholder for the regular left, but he is at least nominally independent.

Unlike Trump, Le Pen is THE REAL THING. She literally has Populist genes. Since Populists are realists by definition, we understand the power of genes. Le Pen has lived Populism from the start, and matches the heartfelt feelings of nationalism with an unparalleled intellectual expression of nationalism.


  Reversed sequence

A couple weeks ago I was thinking about wired vs wireless...
In the web era we are sneakily but quickly moving toward the Jap model. Because cellphones were based on the wired phone system, they were paid and licensed 'utility connections' rather than unlicensed 'receivers'. Thus we no longer have the privilege of passive listening.

BUT we're not getting the basic relationship of a rented connection either. When you pay for an AC power connection, you don't expect the AC to be modulated by advertising that forces its way into all of your light bulbs and heaters. With cellphones we're paying for zero privilege and total censorship, and we're forced to endure advertising at the same time.
Broadcasting through modulated AC didn't happen, but it came a lot closer than I thought.

In 1924 power companies were already using the wires for internal dispatching via modulated carriers:

In that case the carrier system was adapted into a transmitter for airborne radio.

The idea of wired radio was ... um ... in the air at that time, and was even tried out:

General Squier, the resident genius of the Signal Corps, was pushing wired radio as an environment where advertising would be permitted:

Note that Squier proposed a separate channel for advertising, which seems absurd now. It wasn't absurd then. Newspapers had (and still have!) separate PAGES for advertising. If you want to see ads, you turn to the ad section. A radio newspaper would work the same way. Squier also proposed a separate channel "for the women", which would get him tortured and hanged as a Russian MEDDLINGINTERFERINGHACKER now.

Advertising on the ether was uncomfortable and 'voluntarily banned' as WFBM's license application shows:

Clearly they knew the expected response.

Why was it unfashionable? The ether was considered a public resource like a park or a street. We still consider advertising on parks or streets to be crass if not illegal, and we still have court cases about advertising on public buses. Wires were owned by the utility, which could use its output for advertising just as a printer can send out advertising in newspapers.

For radio the discomfort was already disappearing in 1924, as the easily used phrase 'sell time' reveals. Selling time was a brand new concept, never done before in any medium. Selling space in newspapers or billboards was familiar. Broadcasting was only four years old, but NYC admen had already switched dimensions, and the rest of the trade followed along.

When wired TV started in 1965, it was pushed with the OPPOSITE expectation. Pay TV was going to be a subscription service, and your direct payment would protect you from all advertising. Again the expectation failed. Cable TV has just as much advertising as ether TV, often more.

And of course the same sequence happened with the web. In the original implementation as Compuserve, you were paying for a wired service with no advertising. After Berners-Lee "invented" the system that already existed, you were still paying but you also got the privilege of unstoppable advertising and total surveillance.

= = = = =

Question: Considering the later use of wired radio by tyrants from Stalin to Jobs, was Squier trying to sneak in a hard-wired propaganda channel? Based on other stuff I've read about him, I doubt it. Hoover, lending support to the idea, was definitely dreaming about central control. He was Wilson's successor as the champion of globalism.
  Short vs short

It's pretty clear that the SIMULTANEOUS power outages in several big cities were caused by a solar storm. When transformers burn in several places at once, it's an overcurrent caused by SOMETHING, and the SOMETHING is well known.

Oddly, these outages are getting very little attention in Sorosian media. The NY Post ran the usual tabloid prediction on April 21, stating that the effects would be felt on April 23. Of course the effects were already being felt in NYC and other cities on April 21. Other than that, no media coverage. Since we know the cause we can't blame it on Russia, so it's NOT A STORY.

Even the usual "science" mags aren't hitting the connection. I guess they're too busy marching marching marching for genocide.

No outages here. There have been several abnormal BOOMS that resemble popping transformers, but no reported problems. In this case we don't need to follow Sorosian media; the good old Spokane News facebook page gives us direct reports from real people. None have appeared, despite magnetic disturbances strong enough to light up the aurora at this latitude.

Avista's grid had been fragile for many years before the 2014 and 2015 windstorms. A roasted squirrel could start a cascade of failures. After the 2015 storm they finally took steps to 'harden' the grid, which clearly helped. Since the widespread replacement of transformers and revision of grounding, no cascades. NYC shareholders always prefer total vulnerability, which was the purpose of the 1999 Enron "reform" that linked everything together. Centralization has two big advantages for a New Yorker: maximum vulnerability means maximum trading opportunities, and single-knob control makes securitization work properly. So this hardening was an unattractive option until it was forced by the need to replace nearly everything at once. Apparently the Avista management finally decided that a Spokane short is a bigger risk to the bottom line than a New York short.


Saturday, April 22, 2017
  Next step

In opposing Trump's brief fake attempt to control immigration, the infinitely insane infinitely evil hypermonsters are suing to establish the precedent that enforcing a law is unconstitutional.

Now they're taking the next step, which is totally unsurprising:
An environmentalist group sued Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke Thursday, saying Congress illegally expanded its power by suspending an Interior Department rule banning the hunting of bears and wolves in Alaska wildlife refuges.
In other words, MAKING A LAW is unconstitutional.

The logic is simple. Congress can't make laws and the executive can't enforce them. Only black-robed genocidists acting as agents of Soros can make and enforce laws. Soros must be absolute emperor, with no controls or checks on his infinite genocidal evil. Soros is the universe. The universe is Soros.
  Not an explanation

A few stubborn defenders of Trump believe that he honestly changed his mind about intervention after seeing "evidence".

Mind-changing doesn't work that way. Best and most relevant example is Mussolini, who began in politics as a pacifist opposing Italian empire in 1911, then by 1914 carefully favored getting into WW1. By the time he achieved full power he was a full-fledged imperialist.

I can see the same three-year transition in my own views. In 1989 I was non-interventionist, then by 1992 fully neocon. In 2007 I saw where neoconism was leading, and by 2010 was back to solid non-interventionist. Each** transition took about three years from first doubt to final flip.

Trump's "change of mind" took EXACTLY ONE DAY. There are two possible conclusions: Either he's totally senile and random, or he was faking the non-interventionist view. Change of attitude is NOT a possible explanation.

= = = = =

** Footnote: The neocon period corresponds exactly to my TV-watching period. I didn't own a TV during the '70s and 80s. Bought a TV in 1990. Unplugged it in 2010. The causation wasn't quite direct or simple, but the correlation is clear. TV locks you into globalism. If you want to see beyond globalism, you have to remove the TV.
  Massive point-missing

An article on the SCIENCE March sounds sensible but misses the point massively and lethally.

For clarity, I'm using SCIENCE (caps) the same way the marchers are using it. Real science (lc) does exist. Engineering and medical fields are mostly real science, which means OBSERVING REALITY and DEVELOPING SOLUTIONS TO PROBLEMS.

Look about you. Take hold of the things that are here. Let them talk to you. Talk to them.

From the article:
Taking Sarewitz seriously suggests that values, interests, and interpretive frames should be at the center of policy formation. Here, the march organizers offer little help. As they portray the world, there are only two kinds of people: pro-science and anti-science. Likewise, there are only two ways of acting: on the basis of science—facts, truth, data, evidence—or unscientifically, in accordance with ideology, self-interest, or mere caprice. “Political decision-making that impacts the lives of Americans and the world at large,” the march website declares, “should make use of peer-reviewed evidence and scientific consensus, not personal whims and decrees.”
Peer review and consensus ARE personal whims and decrees of the worst type. Both are determined by a hereditary monarchy within each discipline.
Evidence-based policy is important, and science should certainly play a role in politics. Yet more and better data is hardly enough to ensure equality and justice. Societies employ science in accordance with their leading values, interests, and power structures. If March for Science participants want science to advance the causes of equality and justice, they will need to help create a society in which those values predominate.
Sounds halfway sensible. You need to understand how the system works if you want it to work for your benefit. Parkinson's Laws, as interpreted for science by CP Snow.

But the goal is still strictly counterscientific. Equality and justice are opposites, and equality is a perfectly anti-scientific goal. The only way to achieve total equality is total death, and SCIENCE is working amazingly hard and fast toward total death.

When you examine purpose, you find that government and SCIENCE are opposite.

A functional government must first of all SERVE THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY. It must use negative feedback to balance the interests of various factions, and it must allow smaller modules to operate with their own feedback. A government must also recognize that PEOPLE ARE DIFFERENT in ways that often correlate with genes, which means that modules must also correlate geographically with genes. The outermost module should help the inner modules to protect their contents against aggressors and invaders and criminals, and shouldn't otherwise interfere in their inner dealings. This is a perfectly scientific (lc) concept, used constantly in biology and engineering and programming. Life works this way, and every complex manmade device works this way.

SCIENCE serves nobody at all. SCIENCE is a pack of delusional maniacs who can't perceive ANYTHING outside the screeching voices in their own heads. The voices in SCIENCE'S head are driving SCIENCE toward total slaughter. The biggest project in SCIENCE is LHC, which is EXPLICITLY DESIGNED TO OBLITERATE THE UNIVERSE. Other favored projects are designed to kill large numbers of innocent people. "Global Warming" kills poor people to increase the wealth of bankers and the power of Michael Mann. "Endangered Species" wipes out ranchers and forests and entire states through wildfires and floods. Embryonic Stem Cells kills lots of unborn babies for no gain at all. Economics impoverishes entire countries to enrich a few psychopaths.

In other words, SCIENCE is the most perfectly criminal organization ever imagined. A sane government must protect its people from aggressive criminals, including SCIENCE.

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Friday, April 21, 2017
  Is that the key?

Another giant bankruptcy of a local 'health' related company. The previous one was a diet advice spa. This one is a hypnosis center. In this case the dollar amount isn't nearly as large (5 million vs 191 million) and the amount makes more sense because it's a franchise operation with many branches.

But the same basic question arises in both cases. How do you pile up so many debts to customers and suppliers without getting stopped?

Is hypnosis the common factor? Are the customers and suppliers unable to sue?

= = = = =

Graphic sidenote: This cartoon turned out to be more hypnotic than I intended. 'Steppy' animations can phase-lock your perception. The beat of this one is just a little faster than heartbeat, so it pulls the heart's astable multivibrator.


  Three verifications

Now that the Federal dysgovernment has finally decided to go after Assange and Wikileaks, we finally know three things for sure:

1. The "Trump" mask was a fake. Deepstate is still firmly in charge.

2. Wikileaks is independent. If Wikileaks was a Deepstate front, it would continue operating. I'd been uncertain about this point until now.

3. The earlier leaks were not crucial enough to be worth the trouble and expense of prosecuting. Manning's info about diplomats was positive and may have been a normal intentional leak. Good advertising for State Dept. The Hillary stuff helped to put Trump in place, who is clearly the preferred candidate. Vault 7 is revealing the ACTUAL MECHANISM of the demons, making future false-flag operations impossible. Now it's serious.


  Another small win for God

Arkansas, gutlessly obeying the black-robed criminals, still managed to find a tiny loophole in the criminal "rules" and ENFORCED A REAL LAW. One murderer finally received JUSTICE.


Globalism only works when it owns the globe, when EVERYONE feels the need to obey the globalist satans. Every crack in the wall helps. On the large scale Soros is failing as more and more countries kick out the Soros demons. Within the totally demonic USA STRONG we need more FIRM RELENTLESS ADAMANTINE DISOBEDIENCE by people who CONTROL BUDGETS.


Thursday, April 20, 2017
  Small win for God

Whitworth University, run by one of the "mainline" Sorosian denominations, has committed a small but FIRM act of disobedience against Soros.
President Beck Taylor sent out a letter to the Whitworth community stating that the university will no longer offer credit-bearing service-learning placements or internships with the organization.

“Given the prominent place that Planned Parenthood holds in our nation’s discourse on issues of freedom of choice and sanctity of life, I have decided that Whitworth’s relationship with the organization, even as limited and tangential as it currently is and has been, sends a confusing signal to many of our constituencies. My hope is that Whitworth will always support both women and gender-related issues and affirm God’s love for all life,” Taylor said in the letter.
Good! In the current environment of total Soros, this small disconnection takes REAL courage.


  And you wonder why we question "science".....

Via CourthouseNews:
The highest court in Massachusetts confirmed the dismissal Wednesday evening of more than 20,000 drug cases tied to a now-incarcerated chemist.

Annie Dookahn pleaded guilty back in 2013 to doctoring the results of upwards of 34,000 drug tests while working at the Hinton State Laboratory — amounting to one in six of the criminal drug cases tried in Massachusetts between 2003 and 2012.
The actual consequences of this reverasl** are minor, since Mass effectively decriminalized possession a long time ago. Only a few of those cases involved jail time; those few were professional criminals who were violating lots of laws all the time. The vast majority of simple possession cases were fines, and most of the defendants didn't care about getting their money back. Cops and criminals are vastly more scientific than "scientists". Cops arrest people for visible and observable actions, and criminals know what they were visibly and observably doing.

Still, this "chemist" got away with intentionally falsifying everything for 10 years. The prosecutors were able to cite the tests because the tests were "science". Why aren't they also in jail?

It's simple. Experts are paid to be wrong.

** Footnote: Mistyped, decided to leave it that way! Slef-explanatroy tpyo.


  Self-explanatory unavailable

From Anti-Nature magazine:

Engage with the wider community! Good idea! And how will you engage with the wider community?

Got it.

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017
  More idiocy


Russian Nuclear-Capable Bombers Fly Within 36 Miles Of Alaska For Second Day In A Row


Russia's Nuclear-Capable Landmass Flies Within ZERO Miles of Alaska for Fifty-Four Thousand Eight Hundred And Seventh Day In A Row

Russia and USA STRONG have been CONTIGUOUS since March 30, 1867, without causing any problems for USA STRONG. Russia has never invaded across our common border. In fact Russia has never invaded us AT ALL, unlike Canada and Mexico who have invaded us several times.

So any bomber that flies within 36 miles of some part of USA STRONG is actually FARTHER from USA STRONG than the ZERO mile "invasion" by Russian territory.

We invaded Russia across the common border in 1918, and built part of a railroad that would help us conquer all of Russia. But we don't talk about that because it's true. We only tell perfect lies.

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  Two dogs

Tribes battling without spears.

Recently the utterly corrupt and evil alien monsters who criminally and murderously and fraudulently occupy the former "city" "council" room of the former "city" of snxʷ meneʔ illegally approved a new huge casino for the snxʷ meneʔ Tribe.

We don't need two huge casinos. There's no reason to think that the local fools can support two casinos.

Now the Kalispel Tribe, which runs the EXISTING casino, is suing the Dept of Interior, which also approved the new snxʷ meneʔ casino.

I don't have a dog in this fight, since gambling in ANY casino is strictly and clearly opposed to Natural Law and hugely destructive to civilization. Even so, the original Kalispel casino was approved properly by legitimate city officials during a brief microperiod of legitimate rule that lasted several minutes.

The new snxʷ meneʔ casino is obviously the product of massive bribery to the alien monsters who illegitimately claim to be "city" "officials". We can assume the Interior Dept was also massively bribed by the snxʷ meneʔ Tribe, since the approval was contrary to several Federal regulations.

So I'm not exactly cheering for the Kalispel, but still glad to see the less criminal tribe defending itself.


  But I thought........

New Zealand and Australia are picking up the Brexit theme, placing new limits on high-tech immigrants.
New Zealand's Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse said in a speech that the government was unapologetic that industries relying on overseas workers are finding it harder to recruit people from abroad.

"We are absolutely committed to the principle of kiwis first," he said, using an informal term for New Zealanders.
Hmm. I thought NZ and AU were havens for Globalist fuckheads. All the fashionable people who hated "Trump" were planning to emigrate to NZ and AU, where all borders are open.

Now that "Trump" has turned out to be Hillary, the fuckheads can stay here without being hypocrites for once. Bad for us, good for NZ and AU.


Tuesday, April 18, 2017
  Delicate Victorians?

Latest item at KSHS is a 1902 gum vending machine.

First thing that caught my attention was the flavors of gum: Peppermint and Blood Orange. Do you think Blood Orange would be popular among today's snowflakes? Or even my generation? Not on your life.

Second thing is the total transparency of the mechanism. If such a machine had been around when I was a kid, I would have wasted my whole allowance every week just watching it work.

Needless to say, Youtube comes through with the real thing. A restorer made a video of a similar machine for sale:

The dispensing action is almost as shocking as the Blood flavor. No snowflakes need apply.

... Noticed something clever in the action. Each dispense pops the gum out toward your face, and simultaneously rings a bell. The two flavors have different bells. A little bit of synesthesia for brand identity. One more reason to keep coming back for more. Also an indication for the storekeeper, so he can semi-consciously keep track of stock without looking at the machine.


  Non-uniform propaganda

Noticed this ad in a 1969 British electronics mag.

A pocket-size transistor radio with MW/LW bands. Note the description: "Made to the highest Russian space-age standard." True or not, the description tells us that British consumers saw Russian electronics in a positive light.

Brits weren't following the official American line at that time. Our propaganda "informed" us constantly that Russian technology was hopelessly primitive, and we constantly heard about exploding TVs, useless cars, and so on.

Was an American transistor radio made to the highest American space-age standard? Nope. We had abandoned solid-state electronics to the Japs by 1960.

As I've found through buying and examining old Soviet stuff on Ebay, the Brit narrative was right. Soviet radios were made in Russia by Russians, and their engineering and manufacturing standards were excellent.

[Though the scanned picture above is hard to compare, this current Ebay listing may be the same radio. The knobs are different but the name is the same, the year is the same, and it has a rechargeable battery.]


  Not seven seconds

I've often used Polistra's Seven Second Rule to track the Official Shared Lies and Officially Approved Alternate Wordings of the various propaganda outlets. Tune in, count seven seconds. Before seven you'll hear the Approved Wording of the specific outlet. For many years Repooflicans could be relied on to say ZERO TAX before seven. Later it was BENGHAZI. NPR could be relied on to say LGBT before seven. BBC was "Global Warming".

Now all of the Different Wordings have been reduced to one, and it doesn't take seven seconds. Absolutely everything from Repoofs to CNN to NYTimes to BBC to the money-talk types, even EWTN. It's not just "news", it's all the time. It's even in advertisements.

One message.

The last time we had such perfect uniformity was 1917.
Monday, April 17, 2017
  Right move, stupid reason

Pointed by ZH:

Hawaii tries to reactivate fallout shelters.
Committee Vice Chairman Matt LoPresti says he's not trying to spread fear. But he wants the public to know the government is taking steps to protect them in the worst case scenario. He's aiming to get state funding to re-equip Cold War-era fallout shelters.
This is obviously being done for stupid reasons. LoPresti is simply trying to associate Trump with Russia.

Regardless of intention, it's a good move.


America failed to protect our own people in the '60s, while Russia and China did a much better job.

Aside from basic morality, it's good strategy. When you feel cornered you're more inclined to strike hard and fast, hoping to kill the enemy before he can get you. When you feel protected you have time and space to respond more rationally.


  Looking for good news

Here's one piece of UNQUESTIONABLY GOOD NEWS in the middle of a shitstorm.
North Idaho College has been awarded a $482,582 grant by the Idaho Department of Labor to train more than 200 workers in the wood products manufacturing industry.

The two-year grant is a partnership with Lewis-Clark State College and five wood products manufacturing companies in North Idaho. The positions will pay wages ranging from $15 to $25 per hour, plus employer-assisted medical benefits.

The funds will be used to address skill gaps for high-wage, high-demand occupations in the forest products industry and increase the employment and wages of Idaho workers in mostly rural areas. The project also supports the Apprenticeship Idaho program, which expands innovative apprenticeships into high-growth occupations and industries.
Excellent. This is what colleges SHOULD be doing.

Some states have been SERVING THEIR OWN PEOPLE for a long time, before Trump briefly and cynically pretended to be "pro-American". I hope that the newly revealed TrumpHillary doesn't cancel this effort as part of her Great Total Extermination Of America Project which will undoubtedly be announced in a few days.
  Olfactory tinnitus?

I've been puzzling for months over various odd smells. I tried cleaning the shower stall, cleaning various other areas, but the odd smells keep popping up. I had decided it wasn't internal, but a quick and repeated experiment makes me think otherwise.

Last night I was getting idiotically pissed off as usual about the unspeakable idiots in DC as usual. The smell popped up suddenly.

Logic: The shower stall doesn't know I'm angry, so it couldn't suddenly send a smell toward me. Who does know? The muscles in my skull. I tried loosening up the nasal cavity, and the smell disappeared as quickly as it started. Several repeats give the same result.

Angry ==> tension ==> smell starts.

Deliberately loosen skull muscles ==> smell stops.

Is this an olfactory version of tinnitus? Nerves get pinched or pushed and emit subjective "notes"?

Not conclusive yet.

After a couple days, the method still works. Catch the smell, loosen the internal muscles, lose the smell. Another possible explanation: The smell is real but faint. Tightening the nasal cavity acts like contracting the pupil or tightening the tensor tympani, focusing the odor molecules on a different part of the olfactory 'retina' or 'cochlea'.

= = = = =

An even wilder thought: Can the olfactory system make the equivalent of an Oto-Acoustic Emission? Can some part of the system send out actual smells that can be sensed objectively and externally?

Testing for a Naso-Olfactory Emission would be damned tricky. The emission, if any, would be extremely faint. We can apply a brief stimulus easily enough with a mini-spritzer, but we don't have any equivalent of a smell microphone to detect the response. It might be possible to spritz in one nostril and suck the response from the other nostril, bringing it up to a human or dog who can act as microbrome.
  We need Duterte

As usual, black-robed infinite mass murderers are assisting their non-robed junior partners in crime. Arkansas is trying to execute some small-scale murderers, stupidly and gutlessly following all the criminal "rules" forced criminally by the Federal black-robed omnicidists. Even though all the criminal "rules" were followed, the black-robed hyperhyperhyperdemons still stopped justice. That's their job. Obliterate justice, slaughter humanity, exterminate the universe.

We need Duterte. We need a million Dutertes. We need a billion Dutertes, armed to the fucking teeth and acting in relentless unison.
Sunday, April 16, 2017
  1930 wisdom

A fine piece of wisdom from Radio Industries mag, written JUST after the 1929 crash.

Pulling out some of the text:
Many radio companies found it profitable to indulge in the gentle pastime of issuing stock. Indeed, in many instances the radio business proved more or less a secondary consideration, with the ... executives mainly interested in how the stock fared. ... From now on, at least until the public has a chance to forget, a radio company must make its money out of earnings. Whatever its capital may be, it will have to get along as best it can.

And personally, we think it a good thing. If the officials of any radio company will concentrate on the basic problem of making profits, it will be a happier day for themselves, their stockholders, their sales reps and the public.

This was written for the trade, not aimed mainly at the public. Corporations were TRYING to learn the basic lesson of Real Value Economics.

Do we ever see such attempts now? No. Crash after crash, the only thing we hear from all corporations and their media is DO NOT LEARN! LEARNING IS VERBOTEN! BUY THE DIP! BUY BUY BUY!

= = = = =

Another intriguing item in the same magazine:

Was this an early version of an LCD screen? Turns out that it wasn't. Patent 1800760 describes the device. It's clearly a radio version of the Gray Telautograph, which I covered and animated here. Instead of writing on paper, the two-axis plotter was writing on ground glass, probably like an Etch-A-Sketch.

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  Saluting Turkey yet again

Erdogan held a referendum, basically a vote of confidence. He won. Close, but firm enough.

So Polistra and friends salute Turkey yet again. (Fourth time, I think.)

Erdogan's approach to Russia is sort of twitchy, but Putin seems to handle it. More importantly, Erdogan is protecting the PEOPLE of Turkey from Soros. The people recognize his resonance and resonate in harmony.

Later note: Globalists are uniformly and predictably protesting the election, calling Erdogan an 'authoritarian'. This happens every fucking time. A leader who is confident that he RULES WITH THE CONSENT OF HIS PEOPLE calls an election. He wins. Globalists protest that the ruler WITH CONSENT OF HIS OWN PEOPLE is 'authoritarian', and want to undo the election for the sake of 'democracy'. By contrast, leaders who like to shout 'democracy' never call elections because underneath the shouting they know good and goddamn well that they DO NOT HAVE THE CONSENT OF THEIR PEOPLE.

This pattern is so absolutely predictable that we can objectively define 'democracy' as KILLING YOUR OWN PEOPLE and 'authoritarian' as PROTECTING YOUR OWN PEOPLE.

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Saturday, April 15, 2017
  Bernie, you're missing the chance and the point

Instead of trying to pick up Trump voters who wanted to see LESS WAR AND MORE JOBS, Bernie is touring the country with a Bearded Skeleton. This Bearded Skeleton, apparently the unshaven remains of something called Tom Perez, kicked off the tour by croaking "Trump has retreated to the golf course."

Trump promised to slow down our relentless crash toward nuclear war. Now he is starting NEW WARS against THREE COUNTRIES AT ONCE.

Most Trump voters were HOPING for a president who would do more golfing and less bombing.

Also, complaining about the president's laziness is a pointless and tired political tactic. It has no connection to policy or even party. EVERY opposition bashes EVERY president for spending THOUSANDS of dollars on vacations, so they can ignore the TRILLIONS that EVERY president spends to enrich Goldman and kill innocent foreigners.

Today's highly publicized protests about Trump's tax returns are another indication that we're firmly back in the old poisonous one-party politics. Everyone is strictly obeying Soros, but Soros likes to have "issues" to create the appearance of Robust Debates in an Open Society. Now that Trump has turned out to be Hillary, the Sorosians have no real problem with him... but Soros needs to keep the protest movements running. The private army must remain ready to fight for death and chaos whenever and wherever sanity pops up. So the movement has to write something on the signs.

Tax returns are a poor choice of something. Everyone knows Trump is a rich fuckhead who dealt mainly in real estate; everyone knows that rich fuckheads can evade taxes in ways that poor people can't. The vast majority of rich tax-evading fuckheads, INCLUDING SOROS HIMSELF, are on the left. So this issue can't create a useful wedge.
  Just a rigged wheel

Looking through the latest ShadowBrokers dump. Much of it is logs of attempted exploits. The NSA logs look a lot like my programming logs.

My log:

NSA hacking log:

Nerds sound the same regardless of goal. Slight difference of goal here. I was working on education, NSA was working on crime.

Here NSA is trying to establish a direct line to 'Sanam Mirchandi', probably should be Sanam Mirchandani. He seems to be an econ reporter in the Arab part of the world, writing the typical stuff about stocks going up and down. Nothing unusual or political.

I think it was Max Keiser who observed a few years ago that NSA's main job is frontrunning stocks. They never catch terrorists, they just make money. This info fits. If they can gather up all of a reporter's sources, they can short and long before everyone else.

It also fits the ORIGINAL purpose of the web. NSA built the Web so it could frontrun science. NSA wanted to get all the ideas and sources before anyone else.

I was listening last night to an episode of the old FBI radio show, featuring a couple of carny scammers setting up a crooked roulette wheel. One of them is connecting a newfangled electrical system with solenoids and relays, and the other one is grousing that the old mechanical system worked better.

FBI understands rackets because FBI is a racket to rig "terrorists". Like the younger dude in this episode, they're fully up to date with the latest relays and solenoids and twitters to insure that a "terrorist" hits the correct number.

  Bad hypothesis

Now that the Pied Piper explanation has been verified and settled, I thought it would support my earlier guess that Podesta was the DNC hacker. Or some other insider who was NOT a disgruntled "whistleblower".

But after trying to run out the sequence, I can't see it working that way. The Clintons always prefer bankshots, but this bankshot couldn't have been planned by the Clintons.

Plan: Place damaging information about DNC antics in Wikileaks, which has already been flavored with RUSSIANAGGRESSION sauce by the captive media. Insure that the non-captive media notice the information.

Planned Result: Damaging information about DNC will shape RNC into picking Trump, who is guaranteed to lose to Hillary. We can then mow down the Republicans as RUSSIANAGGRESSION TRAITORS. This result is not a guess. Podesta proposed this result explicitly.

But this isn't what actually happened. Trump ended up winning, and Trump ended up serving Deepstate perfectly. Even worse, the info in Wikileaks showed Bernie's people why they need to abandon the DNC.

So this strategy COULDN'T have been planned by the Clinton mafia because all plans by the Clinton mafia must lead to an ACTUAL GENETIC CLINTON in office, not an outsider serving the same purpose.

It couldn't have been planned by DNC, because it clearly and straightforwardly ruins DNC.

The strategy COULD have been designed by Deepstate (CIA, Soros, etc) using a tech dude infiltrated into DNC.

Correction to last sentence. I need to get used to this newly obvious reality....

The strategy COULD have been designed by Deepstate (CIA, Soros, Trump) using a tech dude infiltrated into DNC.
Friday, April 14, 2017
  Not new

My ranting about the crime of "independent" government agencies, and pleas for more resonant crystals, are not new........

From 1929:

A politician who is LOCKED into the voters who chose him. A judge who mechanically reads and obeys the written laws. A pope or archbishop with NO independence from Natural Law. Sounds mighty good.

True then, infinitely more true now.

A later version of the Westinghouse robot was shown at the '39 Worlds Fair. It's clear that the speech command system was not true speech recognition; it was just a Morse-like template picking up the rhythm of syllables and pauses.
  Wrong question

Looking through old radio schedules... One listing for Spokane station KHQ in 1928 includes a 'Road Report' from 8:30 to 9 AM. Most stations didn't have a traffic or road report at all.

Modern radio stations, including KHQ (now renamed and re-freq'd) typically have the Drive Time Zoo from 5 AM to 9 AM, but the traffic part is done at 8.

Was the workday shorter in 1928? For office and retail, yes. For other types of work, no. But that's not the important question.

The real question is who needed a road report. In 1928 most office workers and factory workers rode the streetcar or walked, so they didn't need radio to tell them about traffic. Now everyone drives, so everyone needs to know where the hazards and obstacles are.

Everyone? Well, no. Some people still ride the bus or walk, and radio still ignores those people just as it did in 1928. The bus system very recently installed its own real-time reporting system. Until last year, there was no immediate info.

More broadly, Who Is News For? The answer has ALWAYS been News Is For The Upper Class. Sponsors don't care about streetcar riders or bus riders or walkers, so news isn't shaped to answer our questions or fill our needs. I've noticed this for a long time but didn't connect both sides until now. I saw that news was mainly ABOUT the Insatiables but didn't realize that news is solely FOR the Insatiables.

Come to think of it, that's an ADVANTAGE for Deplorables. We're less likely to be phase-locked by the news because the news isn't trying to hook us. Both Orwell and Huxley observed that the Party doesn't waste propaganda energy on the proles or Gammas. We aren't influential, so our thoughts don't need to be perfectly orthodox.


Thursday, April 13, 2017
  Okay, Bernie....

Now that the body of Trump has turned out to be just a bizarre Halloween costume for Hillary, there's a GOLDEN MOMENT for Bernie. Or somebody similar to Bernie with less baggage.

A whole lot of intentional and accidental populists, and ordinary people who are terminally tired of being stomped on, have just been stomped and betrayed AGAIN.

You can grab us if you strike the right note. Above all you need to be a QUARTZ CRYSTAL with a verifiable permanent resonance. Occasional compromise might be acceptable, but switching sides for partisan advantage is not. Both Bernie and Elizabeth have broken their resonance by supporting Hillary IMMEDIATELY after Hillary criminally defeated Bernie.

FUCK. I wrote the above before THIS SHIT happened. President Clinton is preparing to send 50,000 TROOPS to Syria, thus starting WW3 for fucking sure.

I hope and pray Putin BOMBS DC DOWN TO BEDROCK, and takes out NYC and Florida to be sure. Come on, Putin, you're the world's only salvation. Eliminate the East Coast. Peel it back to the Appalachians.


  Megachurch mediocrity

Good Catholic writers often defend traditional art and music along with traditional worship, as a framework that helps to keep believers in line with Natural Law. It's a strong and valid point.

They sometimes compare Roman worship with the more casual and less classical Protestants. Evangelical megachurches are especially prone to relentlessly mediocre "Christian rock", as expertly parodied by Babylon Bee.

Was this difference true in earlier times?

I found this schedule for Aimee Semple McPherson's radio service in 1924. Based on mainstream bigotry I was expecting to see hillbilly music...

Nope! All classical with only a few old favorite hymns. Next to Aimee was a broadcast schedule for a more upscale church, with exactly the same combination of classical and old faves.

The mention of "NE Brown, electrical engineer, with his weekly talk on Radiology" is intriguing. Haven't been able to trace this down yet. Obviously not Radiology in the modern sense of X-ray analysis; sounds more like Brown was building a metaphor between electronics and religion? /// Later partial answer: Brown was locally famous. He ran an engineering consultancy in LA, designing broadcast facilities. Still no info on his weekly lecture.


  Clever dream-scripter

Nothing especially meaningful in this dream, just a neat bit of wordplay that I would never have thought up in waking time.

I was working as a computer tech for a university. (I'd been thinking about those years in connection with NSA.) An older female grad student in Philosophy came to me for help. She was Belgian, and her name was causing trouble with the college administrative mainframes. Her name was Martina Jesus-Tinkle, which was apparently not funny in Belgium but triggered all sorts of anti-hacker alarms in our computers. She couldn't enroll, couldn't get her grades recorded.

I couldn't influence the university's enrollment computers because I was only in charge of a few research computers, so I sent her to the university's Legal Assistance department, where the law students helped her to legally change her name to Martina Sartre-Certes. She thought it was a neat pun, with maximum uncertainty and pure certainty sounding almost the same.

I couldn't possibly write such a story. Why does the dream-scripter use my body and brain's resources to develop these remarkably creative stories, which I can only glimpse by accident? It's like paying rent on a big mansion but having a key for one room. Or driving a car with a powerful engine that can't be shifted out of grannylow.
Wednesday, April 12, 2017
  Solder power

I've been letting weather PTSD get me down. Trying to pull away from the computer and do more physical stuff.

Got tools and seeds ready for a little gardening, but weather halted that activity.

Instead, I'm paying attention to this regen receiver, seeing if I can bring in more interesting signals and less QRN. Made a simple longwire antenna, through the window and tied to a lilac. That helped with the signal.

Okay, how about a ground to cut the QRN? Need to solder a banana plug onto a wire so I can use the AC mains ground. Got out the soldering iron...

and now I feel better!

No need for serious circuitry. Just the physical act of connecting wires and plugs together. Presto! Makeforce appears and shields you from the blues.

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  Clever Lavrov

Listening to Lavrov vs Tillersen.

On every topic Lavrov hits the same theme.

We had trouble with Obama on this subject; we thought that Trump would be more rational, and Trump seemed to be rational for a while. Now Trump has stopped being rational. We HOPE that Trump can find a way to return to rationality.

Putting it another way, Hey dude, you just tossed your reason for existence in the trash. Maybe you didn't do it on purpose. Maybe you accidentally grabbed it along with some other stuff. We've all done that. We understand. The truck hasn't picked up the bin yet; you've still got time to run out to the curb and retrieve your reason for existence. Better hurry.

Smart. Reminding Hillary in Trump's body that there was a Trump in Trump's body at one time, and Trump in Trump's body WON AN ELECTION against Obama by being SOMETHING DIFFERENT. Now Hillary in Trump's body has decided to lose the election and lose the half of the country who wanted SOMETHING DIFFERENT, without gaining any support at all from the half who wanted Hillary in Hillary's body.

Tillersen had to back off on several Hillarian lies because he was sitting right next to a RATIONAL SANE MAN WHO KNOWS THE TRUTH. Tillersen seems a bit sheepish and rueful.

Later: I'm carefully watching the two Americans in Clinton's cabinet. Pruitt and Sessions. No doubt about their constancy. Both have spent their lives fighting against Deepstate. Will they choose to stay inside the circle of power and destroy their own lives? Or will they resign and save their souls?


  Tech tyrants before globalism.....

A blast from the localist past...

21 top electronics firms helped to protect major cities from Mexicans, Negroes, landslides and forest fires.

Now, of course, the top electronics firms help to impoverish and destroy the cities, help Soros and Sharpton to incite riots and kill cops and exterminate Deplorables and start forest fires and breach dams.

What's the difference? Globalism. In 1968 the electronics firms had EMPLOYEES and FACTORIES in Los Angeles. Now the employees are in India and the executives are in private fortresses with private security armies.

Profit now comes from CIA and military specops. More chaos means more budget for CIA and NSA and specops, which means more profit for CIA contractors like Google and Apple.


  Drying out?

Is the period of super-rain over? Feels like it, but numbers tell the story. Here's a quickie chart of precip in March, plus the first 11 days of April.

You can definitely see a mode shift. April is behaving more like normal spring, with occasional rain mostly less than 1/4 inch.

So far it's not making a lot of difference because the soil is still oversaturated. October was super-wet, then Nov was super-cold, creating permafrost. A week ago the thaw finally reached the level of water pipes, resulting in some flooding at houses that were vacant during the winter. Vacant house = no flow = total freeze.

How long will it take for the soil to dry out? No way of knowing. Grass and trees will help to suck out the upper layer.

However! In this case the numbers disagree with 'feels-like'. Using a USGS soil-moisture website, this map shows moisture at several depths. It looks like the curves went beyond measuring limits in March, but April is returning to roughly the same as April of last year.

Now the soil temperature. Used a two-year span to see more of the pattern.

Here's the real diff. Deeper soil (green curve) froze sooner and stayed frozen a lot longer than usual, suddenly thawing in late March. This matches the observed results in terms of pipe breaks and landslides.


Tuesday, April 11, 2017
  Regeneration 6

Still thinking about regen receivers which were unintentional transmitters.

RCA's advertising blitz for superhets took advantage of our long-established and semi-conscious common law view of privileges and limits. We habitually assume that we should be free to read or hear anything we want, and we assume that we can say and publish and broadcast anything we want, PROVIDED that our output isn't bumping into somebody else's enjoyment of his own privacy. If we want to interfere, we need official licensing or permission to balance out the various interests.

RCA treated the regen 'blooper' as an unfair invasion of our neighbor's enjoyment, and we had enough sense of community in 1926 that the empathy worked. I doubt that it would work now.

Here's a 1929 article that shows an entirely different legal culture.

Japan assumed from the start that listening was like buying a magazine or renting a utility connection, so the broadcaster was entitled to make money from the rent. It was a two-sided transaction. Note that JOBK had 700 offices devoted to selling listener licenses! [I suspect this was really 700 employees, not 700 offices.]

In the web era we are sneakily but quickly moving toward the Jap model. Because cellphones were based on the wired phone system, they were paid and licensed 'utility connections' rather than unlicensed 'receivers'. Thus we no longer have the privilege of passive listening.

BUT we're not getting the basic relationship of a rented connection either. When you pay for an AC power connection, you don't expect the AC to be modulated by advertising that forces its way into all of your light bulbs and heaters. With cellphones we're paying for zero privilege and total censorship, and we're forced to endure advertising at the same time.

= = = = =

Later thought: The magazine was an April issue. Japan's radio call letters do start with J, but JOAK sounds like a clue. Even if the article was a JOAK, the concept of licensing listeners was common. BBC still does it.

= = = = =

Next day: Nope, JOAK/JOBK were actual Jap stations. Here's a DX report from November (not April) 1928.


  Who's the blooper?

More from Radio World, 1926:

This makes sense as a plausible origin of the word. A regenerative receiver oscillates powerfully, and the oscillation can radiate from the antenna. When you tune across the frequency that your neighbor is trying to pick up, your neighbor hears a BLOOP.

During the publicity campaign for superhets, blooper could refer to the experience of being blooped, or the regen receiver itself, or the socially unacceptable owner of a regen receiver. "Don't be a blooper!"

A more objective view of the squabble from here:

I'm suspicious of the advertising claim because I tested it. I have a kit-built regen and a 1970s superhet.

Can't hardly get more neighborly. They're practically screwing. So who bloops? Superhet bloops.

When I turn the volume up on the superhet and tune the regen across the band, I don't hear anything on the superhet. When I turn up the volume on the regen and tune the superhet across the band, I hear a strong bloop in the regen's earphones as the superhet's LO crosses the regen's freq. Maybe this cute regen is superior to the 1920's regens, but I doubt it. This is a simple circuit with very little shielding.

But when did the word switch from a literal blooping sound to a speech error? The switch happened MUCH later, long after the original had been forgotten. Speech errors were called fluffs well into the '60s:

I wonder if the word transferred first to baseball and then to speech errors? That would fit the time pattern, but seems unlikely since the literal tone-sweep and the figurative speech error are both in broadcasting.

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