Tuesday, February 20, 2018
  Why swords?

Almost every night there's an item like this.

300 W 8th, near Detox, male was reported to be armed with a 4 foot machete. Officers now have him detained.

Why the fascination with swords? They're useless as a weapon, compared with a gun or even an ordinary knife. You can't conceal a 4-foot sword. You can't surprise your victim by pulling it out of your belt. You can't run with it unless you're on a horse like medieval knights. You can't throw it. Everyone can see it from a long distance. All you can do is stand there and swing it around and wait for the cops to come.

(Self-explanatory sentence department: Of course most of the news item is unnecessary. "Near Detox" is the only Shannon information in the item. The rest is automatic.)
Monday, February 19, 2018
  Serious point-missing

The standard Repoof response to Inquisitor Mueller's indictment is to call it meaningless and absurd.

Technically true. The people who are indicted can't be actually prosecuted, so it's not a consequential indictment against those people.

Misses the important point. Those Russian propagandists aren't the target. Russia has never been the real target of the witch hunt.

Inquisitor Mueller has now established a "legal" precedent for treating ANY EXPRESSION OF OPINION as "impairing, obstructing, and defeating the lawful functions of the United States by dishonest means." Now that he has written this insanity into "law", all other inquisitors are free to use it, and no court will question it. He has provided a "legal" ground for the pogrom against Deplorables.
  Hypothesis that may be valid within limits

Here's a hypothesis. I don't think it's anywhere near universal, because many glaring exceptions pop up immediately. Still, it works within a limited range.

Hypothesis: If you want a more accountable government, you want a government that provides more services for everyone.

= = = = =

Inspiration for hypothesis: Snowplows.

Voting no longer works to eliminate generalized corruption and evil, because corruption and evil are funded nationally by Soros and Bloomberg. Global money can always overcome local money.

BUT: a government that fails to keep the streets clear and drivable will be voted out of office REGARDLESS of money. If the next election isn't imminent, the government will try HARD to fix the problem. It won't sit back and enjoy its Bloomberg endowment.

Why? Two reasons. (1) Voting may not exist, but phone calls do exist. Bureaucrats don't like hearing thousands of shouts and cusswords. (2) More importantly, bureaucrats have to drive the same streets as everyone else. Even if the mayor's exclusive gated neighborhood gets plowed before the rest, he still has to drive outside his neighborhood to shop and work.

Insatiables and Deplorables suffer together when the streets are unusable.

= = = = =

I've noticed something similar in comparing US vs UK medical practice. In my two recent encounters with minor surgery, the US doctors provided skimpy and partly wrong information about what to expect and what to do after the surgery. I got complete and accurate information from NHS websites.

USA STRONG medicine is bureaucratic and quasi-governmental. The responsibility and the funding are separate. Most of the money comes from insurance companies which respond NEGATIVELY to the concerns of the patients and doctors. Insurers want to see no medical care at all, and work hard to reach that goal. Evidence? 300,000 deaths from medical errors each year = increased share value for insurers. The ruling class has strictly private medicine, and can afford enough lawyers to overrule the insurers and regulators.

NHS is bureaucratic and mostly governmental. The responsibility and the funding are together. As with snowplows, the same system serves everyone. If patients are dying like flies, it means taxpayers and bureaucrats are dying like flies.

= = = = =

Later thought: Accountable is literal here, as in accounting. When the DR and CR are in the same ledger, the account has to be balanced. Negative feedback keeps things centered, keeps the balance nulled. When the DR and CR are in separate books (as in securitized debt or insurancized medicine or Sorosized government or offshorized economy) the spending and death and corruption are not limited.


  New belief systems

Traditionally the line between faith and science was well-defined but never sharp.

Faith is believing in something that can't be seen and observed directly, but appears as a rational inference from reality.

Science is believing in observed and measured facts.

There's always an indeterminate area between those zones, containing phenomena that seemingly could be measurable but haven't been measured (yet). All three zones are well defined. Sophisticated believers on both sides could reliably place a statement into each category, or into the gray zone. You could build a rational structure around the definitely religious axioms and the definitely scientific facts.

What we have now in the Sorosian lands is an entirely different arrangement. Look at any "mainstream" source of fake news.

EVERY SINGLE NEWS ITEM is built around the axiom of RUSSIAN_HACKING. Even the school shooting pivots around RUSSIAN_HACKING. Most of the items are talking about talking. (Horrified at what Trump says.) Bernie joins the chorus, talking about not talking. (Horrified at what Trump didn't say.)

Is RUSSIAN_HACKING a faith axiom or a scientific observation? Neither. It's a plain old lie, and its falseness has already been proved. It was never true. Everyone who spreads the lie KNOWS that it's a lie, and they continue to spread it.

Now let's look at an aggregator from the religious world.

Less absolute but still strong. Most items pivot around "transgender".

Even the school shooting pivots around "transgender".

Is "transgender" a faith axiom or a scientific observation? Neither. It's a plain old lie, contrary to all the well-known scientific rules of human genetics and biology. Some invertebrates do in fact change their gender, but mammals don't. Nature doesn't care if you believe you can change. You can't.

So we have HUGE belief systems growing and developing around TOTALLY DISPROVED OBVIOUS LIES.
Sunday, February 18, 2018
  Old sound more common now

Most of the questions on quora.com are either (1) completely jumbled and incomprehensible, (2) immediately googleable, or (3) seeking sneaky shortcuts around the law.

Among the useful questions are generational differences, as in "What's a sound you have to explain to younger people?"

Many answers to the latter question are phonograph sounds. It struck me just now that ONE phonograph sound is actually MORE recognizable and MORE common now than in the era of real phonographs. Namely the VOOOOOOP sound made by a needle scraping across the record. You hear it all the time as a sound effect in radio talk shows and Youtube clips. It's an audio emoticon for "Let's start this again."

When records were real, the VOOOOOP was rare because it DESTROYED THE RECORD. It didn't give you a chance to start over, it just made the record unplayable.

A case of semantic shifting in the realm of audio emoticons.
  People are better 3

More self-destructive stupidity by Deepstate... All branches of the USA STRONG dysgovernment are responding to the epidemic of leaks and counterleaks by CLAMPING DOWN HARD on security clearances and so on.

Deepstate only goes one way. Always clamp, never loosen. The result is perfectly predictable.

People know what's right and wrong. Laws against Naturally wrong activities work well, because normal people don't want to steal and kill. Laws against Naturally good or neutral activities only generate black markets and create criminals.

We should have learned from alcohol prohibition. FDR showed us (yet again) the ONLY example of government loosening when he broke prohibition. Even before FDR died, Deepstate had already resurrected the clamp by moving it to marijuana. Deepstate has profited immensely from the new clamp, and is currently trying to undo the loosening in many states.

A clampdown on information will have the same effect as all others.

It will make leaking far more valuable.

Leaks will be used for blackmail more than before. Leaks will be used for internal bitch-fights among the bureaucratic eunuchs even more. These INTENDED CONSEQUENCES will then "justify" an even stronger clampdown, which will make the INTENDED CONSEQUENCES even more valuable, which will then "justify" an even stronger....


  People are better 2

Continuing on the theme that people are better than their leaders....

ArsTechnica is a good place to watch the leadership class in action. The website featured a predictable Federal decision against Truthteller Damore. The decision is not scary. The Federal dysgovernment outlawed truth in 1946. Truth is a capital crime. When you tell the truth in public, you know what to expect from the black-robed demons and the Bureau of Inquisition.

The scary part is the unofficial Inquisition by the commenters. The first commenter stated a truth, DELICATELY AND CAUTIOUSLY, just as Damore had done. The rest of the thread is a massive brutal vicious violent riot against the cautious truthteller.

These are not people. These are leaders, or young leaders in training. Insatiables slaughtering Deplorables, just as in the first Inquisition 500 years ago. Same sides, same violence, same total destruction of truth and logic and civilization.


Saturday, February 17, 2018
  People are better

Combining previous items.

God is like Trump.


Both of them have run magnificent campaigns, advocating Natural Law, advising people to follow Natural Law and praise God or vote for Trump.

God's people (nowadays primarily Africans) are doing God's will, following Natural Law, making more life and value, helping their neighbors, praising God as per specs.

BUT: God is not on God's side. God is not doing his part to destroy evil cities and corporations and organizations.

Trump's people (nowadays primarily Caucasians) are doing Trump's will, making more life and value, helping their neighbors, voting for Trump as per specs.

BUT: Trump is not on Trump's side. Trump is just another Wilson/Bush globalist, doing nothing to slow down the financial mob or to slow down our evil aggressions.

People are better than their gods. People are better than their leaders.

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  But, no but

Poll says most Americans think Trump is a worse president than Obama.

Most people are simply exuding the toxins that the media demons have injected.

When you stand back and look at OBJECTIVE ACHIEVEMENTS, the picture is more complicated.

I'm an honest populist, judging presidents strictly on OBJECTIVE ACHIEVEMENTS. Trump is definitely WORSE than Obama so far, FROM A POPULIST VIEWPOINT.

If you're an honest globalist, judging presidents strictly on OBJECTIVE ACHIEVEMENTS, you should say that Trump is BETTER than Obama so far, FROM A GLOBALIST VIEWPOINT.


Obama was a loyal globalist for 6 years, following Deepstate marching orders. He started a new war every week and rewarded the banks and slaughtered Deplorables as per specs.

BUT: Obama made two counter-globalist moves after he fired Hillary. He stopped making war against Persia and Cuba and started to restore normal trade with those countries.

Trump is a loyal globalist, following Deepstate marching orders. He starts a new war every week and rewards the banks and slaughters Deplorables as per specs.

BUT: So far there's no BUT. In fact there's a negative BUT. Trump is a better globalist than Obama. He's explicitly UNDOING Obama's two countermoves.
  OK by me!

Lately the rapture visionaries are sharing a prediction that NYC will be removed from the universe by a tsunami.

I hadn't thought along those lines, but it's fine with me. Whatever it takes. Just get it done.

Enough slacking, God. Pick a fucking side, God. You claim to be on God's side, God.

Friday, February 16, 2018
  Country over.

Well, Deepstate has finally crossed ALL the lines into outright open full frank total complete absolute tyranny. No more subtlety.

The indictment accuses the defendants of "supporting the presidential campaign of then-candidate Donald J. Trump...and disparaging Hillary Clinton."

Supporting the wrong candidate and disparaging the Empress is a crime.

That's all. No more. Country way past done and fucked and gone. Done. Kaput. Outta here. Pulled from the shelf. Deleted.


  Easy syllogism

Premise 1: The Framers and Bombers and Inquisitors got a credible early warning about the latest school shooter, from a bail bondsman who counts as part of the "law" enforcement community. FBI didn't arrest the dude.

Premise 2: The dude is obviously retarded. He doesn't have "mental health issues", he's just a retard.

Therefore: FBI was cultivating him. FBI always prefers retards for its cultivated witches, partly because retards are easy to mold and mostly because retards make the witch target groups (Christians, Southerners, Muslims) look awful.
  Nice asked-answered

Haven't seen a good asked-answered pair in quite a while.

Nuff said.


Thursday, February 15, 2018
  Songs about songs

Yesterday I was bitching (as always) that schools teach ABOUT reality instead of teaching reality. Our music classes taught us songs ABOUT classical pieces instead of teaching us the classical pieces.

USA STRONG schools have always taken this approach in all subjects, ESPECIALLY science. Instead of doing real experiments, science classes memorize theories and names and places. There have always been rare shining exceptions like Mrs Hunholz. Even now there are still a few shining exceptions, and I try to help support them through DonorsChoose.

About-ness is expanding exponentially everywhere, DESPITE the increased availability of primary sources. Each "side" believes only its own songs about the other side. All "sides" believe the same false songs about the past.

Twenty years ago this lack of direct knowledge was completely understandable and forgivable.

You had to do LOTS OF HARD WORK to hear another side or another time, and most of the info wasn't publicly available at all. If you wanted to hear the Russian or Cuban side, you had to master the equipment and techniques of shortwave listening. If you wanted to see how people in 1890 really lived, you needed access to a major library, and you needed LOTS of time and heavy lifting to search purposefully through dusty volumes of old periodicals. If you wanted to hear old radio, you were out of luck unless you could personally wander around the country finding old transcription discs in swap meets and antique shops.

Now all of those sources are just a click away. Some of them require payment, and some aren't immediately Googlable; you still have to learn where to find the best material; but there's no real work involved.

Here's a good example of a primary source that wouldn't have been available twenty years ago.

From a magazine that RCA sent out to its dealers in the early '30s, with sales strategies, window display ideas, jokes about stupid non-RCA stores, etc....

Wonderful picture. Look at the HANDS. RCA respected the black man for his work, and wanted to have him as a customer. RCA was sending a message to its dealers with this picture. This man could be a customer. Treat him right and you will gain more profit.

Closely parallel to GM's marketing of Cadillac at the same time. Nick Dreystadt, head of the Caddy division, had been a salesman in Chicago. He knew there was a significant black upperclass who wanted Caddies, could pay for Caddies, but weren't being allowed into the dealerships. He changed the policy and changed the advertising to bring in those customers. Result: Cadillac division saved from deletion.

Businesses operating for PROFIT are forced to perceive reality. Now that corporations are operating purely for SHARE VALUE, they don't need customers of any color. They are free from reality, free to listen only to the screeches emanating from Soros's foul filthy wicked infinitely evil cranial cavity.

= = = = =

Sidenote: The comparatively "good" part of this about-ness is that the elites are impenetrably stupid. Even the spy agencies at the dark heart of Deepstate no longer observe facts about their opponents, preferring to stick with their own songs about songs. The entity known as "Reality Winner" was supposed to be analyzing info about Russia. Instead of reading RT or Sputnik News or sources written in Russian, it simply watched MSNBC and then leaked some particularly "damaging" delusions about Russia that were part of the endlessly repeated looping playlist on MSNBC. NSA punished it for leaking but wasn't bothered by its total disregard of FACTS.

When tyrants understand the motives and purposes of dissidents, tyrants can silence and kill dissidents efficiently. When tyrants are utterly disconnected from reality, dissidents have a lot more room to maneuver.

= = = = =

Addendum from another new item at American Radio History:

This is from a British radio journal. Note especially that Amos and Andy was the MOST POPULAR program for many years. We can assume that the janitor above was listening to A+A, and the white radio dealers who saw the picture were ALSO listening to A+A.

If you think A+A was demeaning bigotry, you are an ACTUAL BIGOT. You are judging things purely on the deranged lyrics of the standard song about earlier times. (Earlier = any moment before the current femtosecond. Github Standard Time.)

If you had ever taken the SLIGHT trouble to find and listen to any episode of A+A, you would know that it showed an honest and positive picture of black MIDDLE-CLASS life, with some typically black characters and viewpoints. It depicted blacks as a source of wisdom. If you think a source of wisdom is a negative portrayal, you have told us EVERYTHING WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOU.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2018
  This is CRIME.

Windows 10 is a burglar. No matter how hard you try to lock out its smash-and-grab, Microsoft Malware will smash in and take everything. I keep turning off the intruders, and they keep coming back. I shut off Update entirely, and Microsoft Malware spent most of today running an Update ANYWAY.

This is burglary. This is breaking and entering. Windows 10 is like Goldilocks the Crackhead. She smashes through your door, moves in a dozen crackhead buddies, turns on the heater and airconditioning full blast, turns on all the appliances, brings in her 12-foot plasma TV and her meth-cooking apparatus and her pot grow lights and plugs them in. The crack buddies start dealing and knifing and shooting, and YOU CAN'T DO A FUCKING THING ABOUT IT. You just pay and pay and pay and pay for having a computer that you can't use.

This is CRIME.

This is also an aspect of dystopia that Orwell and Huxley and Bradbury and even Percy failed to foresee. Modern people are willing to PAY DEARLY for the privilege of being totally surveilled and brain-damaged and robbed and killed. Losing your mind and will and property is COOOOOOOL if it's done with the Correct Brand Name. Old tyrants from Lincoln to Wilson to Stalin to Mao to Amin must be groaning in rueful disgust. "Damn! If only I had thought of this trick before that Jobs dude did! I could have run my torture factory at a MASSIVE PROFIT, and wouldn't even need the secret police to bring in the heretics. They're waiting in line to get tortured now!"
Tuesday, February 13, 2018
  For some reason

For some reason I was remembering the horrible corruption of classical music that we were force-fed in elementary school. If I hadn't ALREADY been firmly locked into classical by then, these abominations would have ruined it.

We sang this to the tune of Haydn's 92nd:

Papa Haydn's dead and gone
but his mem'ry lingers on.
When his heart was filled with bliss
he wrote merry tunes like this.

WE DIDN'T SING THE GODDAMN BANG! That would have made the piece slightly fun, if still hopelessly dumb.

Worst of all, to Beethoven's 9th:

Ode to Joy was taken from
a symphony by Beethovum.

WHY, for Christ's sweet sake? Ode to Joy is already a SONG, and it already has ACTUAL ENGLISH WORDS** which rhyme properly. The actual words are not controversial by '50s standards, and might have been slightly inspiring to kids.

Instead, we sang a dry badly-rhymed dictionary description ABOUT the song, set to the tune OF the song. Unspeakably blasphemous. (I've mercifully forgotten the rest of the atrocity, and Google mercifully fails to supply it.)

Applying the same principle to a more modern song that happens to be running in my mental jukebox:

Obladi is a song by the Beeee-TLES
which includes a number of nonsense words.
Obladi also makes an asserrrrrr-TION
pertaining to the continuity of existence.

= = = = =

**For clarity, I'm thinking of the hymn 'Joyful joyful we adore thee', not the Schiller poem. The Schiller, with its violent mysticism, wouldn't have been suitable for 4th graders in public school, and the English translations are clumsy.
  Accountants need research?

Refreshing new approach to scientific research from a couple of journals in accounting.

Accountants aren’t known for taking risks. So a new experiment from Journal of Accounting Research stands out: an upcoming conference issue will include only papers that were accepted before the authors knew what their results would be. That’s very different from the traditional academic publication process, in which papers are published -- or not -- based largely on their results.

The new approach, known as “registered reports,” has developed a following in the sciences in light of the so-called reproducibility crisis. But JAR is the first accounting journal to try it.

At the same time, The Review of Financial Studies is breaking similar ground in business.

“This is what good accountants do -- we make reports trusted and worthy of that trust,” said Robert Bloomfield, Nicholas H. Noyes Professor of Management at Cornell University and guest editor of JAR’s registered reports-based issue
Pretty good definition of scientific method. METROLOGY. Judge the work strictly on its methods and verifiability.

This new standard will only help with research that isn't directly funded by a grant. When a researcher applies for a gov't or NGO grant, the result MUST be known in advance, and MUST agree with the goals of the gov't or NGO. Accepting a paper solely by its methods and design won't purify the motivation in that case.

Must admit (1) that I didn't realize accountancy was an academic subject needing research. How can you have alternate theories** about moving numbers around?

Must admit (2) that my own direct experience of CPAs doesn't match the ideal. When I was bookkeeper for a construction company in the '70s, my job was to follow precise and checkable methods to reach a set of sums and balances, without trying to achieve a specific result. METROLOGY.

Every quarter the CPA came in and FIDDLED with my precise sums to achieve maximum tax evasion. He moved big arbitrary amounts from one column to another, without any attention to the meaning of the amounts.

Similar distinctions apply in other disciplines. Meteorologists make precise measurements of the weather without aiming for a result. Then Crimatologists come in and FIDDLE with the numbers to achieve their desired result of slaughtering the maximum number of Deplorables.

= = = = =

**Later: Took a quick look at some articles in JAR. They aren't really discussing theories. They're comparing the consequences of different styles and modes of reporting numerical results. Do corporations and governments behave differently depending on the methods and modes of the report?

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  Piece worth reading

A highly interesting article by Mattingly at GetReligion.

I always listen carefully when people speak from direct experience. In this piece Mattingly discusses the Koresh/Waco mess from personal experience. He graduated from Baylor in the '70s, and knew several of the Davidians who later got slaughtered by the Framers and Bombers and Inquisitors. Thus he knew their motivations and beliefs firsthand.

Mattingly's point is that the Davidians were following Christian tradition even though their theology was non-standard. They were willing to die for the faith, and they died for the faith. They are martyrs.

The point is especially powerful because Mattingly is NOT a non-standard holy-roller or snake-handler. He's a mainline Protestant who normally shows distaste for 'cultish' beliefs.
Monday, February 12, 2018
  When bread speaks

For one year in the '30s, Ripley's radio program was sponsored by bread.

Not Wonder Bread or Taystee Bread or Bond Bread. Just bread.

Sounds like a parody but it's not.

In fact Ripley was sponsored by the trade organization of small bakers. The organization did far more than just lobbying DC for tax relief. It scheduled weekly specials that all of its members carried, using their own recipes. When Ripley advertised chocolate cake, you could count on your neighborhood bakery to have chocolate cake.

The Bakers Council was like a loosely coupled nationwide corporation. It provided uniform advertising and bully power to its members without owning them or forcing them into standardized recipes or employment practices.

If small and midsize businesses still had similarly ACTIVE business unions, Amazon would be less of a threat, and lawsuits from Sorosian demons would be less of a threat.


Sunday, February 11, 2018
  How stupid is she?

Hillary is a brutal low-IQ drunken thug. That's an obvious fact, needing no further explanation.

How low is her IQ?

She doesn't even realize that she won the election.

She's still staggering around throwing things and punching people and drooling and blaming Russia for her "loss".

In fact she's a double winner. House nigger Donnie is precisely and comprehensively implementing the Clinton agenda, and Hillary doesn't have the labor and risk of actually occupying the office.

= = = = =

DEADLY FUCKING SERIOUS: I wish to fucking hell I had realized how the world works when I was young.

BASIC AND INDISPUTABLE FACTS: Violence solves problems. Crime pays magnificently. Cheaters get rewards. Thugs get loyal wives. Honesty is suicide.

I was deceived and misled about all of these basic and indisputable facts. I want my money back.


Saturday, February 10, 2018
  Rhymers union?

Convective question.

Thinking about the demonic mission of paid "journalists" vs the simple information-passing role of direct reporting by ordinary people.

It's well known that some of the poems we now call nursery rhymes were written as anti-establishment news reports. They were coded (not encrypted) to avoid easy detection by the royal authorities and Inquisitors.

Question: Who was paying those troubadors? Were they crowd-funded by passing the hat, as street musicians and street poets have always done? Or was there an underground counterforce movement that organized and protected them? The written preservation of their work implies that somebody was serving as an archiver.


Friday, February 09, 2018
  Zuckerberg is right!

Though it pains me to agree with a demon, in this case the demon is doing the right thing.

Conservative "Free speech" activists are bitching because Facebook plans to put more emphasis on LOCAL non-partisan information and gossip pages.

Wrong bitching. LOCAL news is REAL JOURNALISM, the best antidote to fake news. Most of all, LOCAL news is LOCAL, not GLOBAL.

The only FB page I read is Spokane News, which operates on a very low budget and provides a place for REAL PEOPLE who are DIRECTLY INVOLVED in REAL EVENTS to tell others what's happening.

That is the WHOLE FUCKING POINT OF NEWS. People need to know what's going on, and the people who are close to a situation are best able to tell the rest of us about it. You can't trust any paid "journalist" to get the facts right, even on the simplest and least partisan event. The paid "journalist" is paid to tell Deepstate's version of ALL STORIES. No exceptions, no deviations.

Before FB, other forums were theoretically available. Yahoo Groups performed the same function, but Yahoo always managed to fuck up its own stuff, making it hard to use and hard to find. A local organization could set up its own webpage, but that's expensive and time-consuming, and a separate page isn't automatically connected to a main 'switchboard'. FB minimizes the setup and offers an automatic 'switchboard'. Nobody else does it nearly as well.
  More WL point-missing

Wikileaks has an attractive poster:

If wars are started with secrecy and lies ... maybe we can start peace with transparency and openness.

Valid in a broad way but misses the main point on both ends. Oddly, it doesn't even advertise WL's own best purpose.

Wars aren't started by secrets. The push toward war is perfectly open and loud and overmodulated.

Modern wars aren't started by lies AS SUCH. When an aggressor prepares its people to support and fight in an unprovoked attack, the aggressor says basically true things about the victim. The falseness is contained in the DYSLOGIC that develops the true statements into a reason for attack. Consider the unending war in Afghanistan. It's TRUE that our employee Sheikh Osama had some of his bases and training camps there, which we had helped him to build. It's FALSE that those training camps were the CAUSE of 9/11. The SAUDI dudes who committed the crime got most of their support from the Saudi government, which means USA. They trained in Germany, Florida and Oklahoma, with cooperation from FBI. If war was necessary to wipe out the training camps, we should have been making war against Saudi, USA, FBI, Germany, Florida and Oklahoma along with Afghanistan. Deepstate is always making war against Oklahoma, so it's a little surprising that we didn't finish the job there. Florida is, of course, strictly off limits. Florida is a suburb of NYC, and NYC isn't going to make war against NYC.

= = = = =

On the other end of the claim, it's true that "transparency and openness" can help to break a push toward war ... but only if you're opening the correct doors. Otherwise transparency is wasted or even counterproductive.

The best way to prevent a fight is to show the attacker that he doesn't have a weapon, or can't use his weapons.

Wikileaks accomplishes this goal SPLENDIDLY when it reveals NSA's hacking tricks, allowing anti-virus companies to develop solid defenses. After a Deepstate METHOD is revealed, the METHOD no longer works. The weapon is jammed. Same with the DNC leaks. We could see the criminal conspiracy between DNC and the media demons IN THEIR OWN WORDS, which made it impossible for the media demons to continue claiming "journalism" as an excuse for their omnicide. Before the leak we knew they were conspiring. Now we know exactly HOW they conspire and how they plan and implement their crimes.

Partisans are always agitating for transparency that reveals embarrassing details about the "other" "party". This is a waste, and often serves the enemy's purposes. Bryan Manning's leak wasn't worth the jail time because he didn't reveal any METHODS used by State Dept spies. He only revealed that ambassadors have to negotiate with people they don't like, which is exactly the PROPER JOB of an ambassador or negotiator. The leaks were good publicity for the State Dept, and might have been deliberately engineered.

= = = = =

Sidenote: WL seems to be fading. They haven't published anything since November, and nothing significant since September. Seems like they're exclusively focused on Assange's court cases.
Thursday, February 08, 2018
  Come on, casino! You can do better!

Polistra thinks the NYC casino needs a little more encouragement.

Ideally, of course, the value of the casino should be NEGATIVE INFINITY. All participants in trading of stocks and derivatives and "cryptocurrencies" should be placed in debt slavery. Their stolen wealth should be confiscated and redistributed to create a Gosbank for REAL-VALUE business. The traders should be placed in giant hamster wheels to generate power for the TV cameras that show them being whipped and tortured by experts untiil not quite dead, then revived to repeat the performance until their monstrous alien cells are dissolved into raw atoms and shipped out of the universe into the nearest black hole. Best TV show ever.

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  Not exactly Hell's Angels, but what?

Latest item at KSHS is a complete riddle. It's dated 1909. Shows a large gathering of motorcyclists in downtown Colby. The cycles are well-equipped, not crude or homemade. Most of the men are dressed more like cowhands than cyclists of the era. Stetsons, not leather caps. There are professionally painted signs saying "27" and "2727" on several buildings.

The photographer seems to have been just as puzzled as the KSHS describer. Written on the negative: "Wondering what next at Colby".

Were they trying to replace horses with cycles for ranch work?



RT is showing a military parade in NoKo. It's an impressively synchronized performance, but oddly non-self-sufficient. All of the marches are Western in rhythm and harmony. Could have been written by Sousa. The band is strictly Western instruments, hundreds of sousaphones. The action (so far) is mainly a couple of generals zooming back and forth in Mercedes jeeps, meeting and shouting commands, then zooming off in the other direction. Soldiers and crowds shout and sing in perfect unison. The crowd forms visible-from-above card pictures with the speed and precision of a giant LCD screen.

The weather is cold enough for steamy breath, which shows that the vast ranks of soldiers are actually breathing in unison.

After the zooming generals, we finally get Dear Leader's speech.

And Dear Leader is the only unsynchronized part of the display. He's an untrained speaker, rocking back and forth as he talks, fumbling with the pages, not making eye contact, not showing strength or confidence. The old general who has been describing the action to Kim looks disgusted, seems to be wishing for an adult boss.

= = = = =

Convective thought: NoKo's best revenge would be FAST reunification. Imagine a unified Korea where each side throws its best talents into the marriage. The South contributes competent management and vast industrial and economic skills. The North contributes millions of well-trained young workers, the mission of self-reliance, and NUKES.

A major economic power with NUKES, working together with China and Russia, would have nothing to fear from USA STRONG. They could order us to get the fuck out, and we'd have to obey.


  Keep your promise, fucker

Big promise from a DC monster:

"Those who would threaten America’s experiment in democracy must know if you threaten us, it will be your longest and worst day."

Well, it's a little late, since the "experiment" was ruined by the black-robed demons in 1803 and smashed to bits in 1861 by Madman Lincoln who burned half the country and slaughtered 1/6 of the people to guarantee that "democracy" would vanish from this earth forever.

But since you seem to believe the "experiment" is still running, this must mean you're going to execute all of the current black-robed demons, all employees of the other branches of dysgovernment, and then execute yourself!

Good promise, DC monster! I'm waiting for you to start!
Wednesday, February 07, 2018
  Backwards as usual

Wash state Repooflicans continue sending me emails. Today's output:

Democrats are at it again!

They're going to try their hardest to raise your taxes, and it's possible for them to do it now with their majorities in the House and Senate.

Sign our petition right now demanding Senate Democrats don't raise your taxes!

Democrats want to raise your taxes to pay for their liberal pet projects like funneling more money to Sound Transit and giving kickbacks to their special interest funders.

If fiscal conservatism has any chance of surviving during the Democrats' reign, it's going to be because Washingtonians like you took a stand. Join us and stand for a government that lives within its means by signing the petition today.
Wrong from start to finish, as fucking always.

1. More money for public transit is good, not bad.

2. Your special interests are the same as the Dem special interests. Bankers, Amazon, Microsoft, tribal casinos.

3. Most important: Low tax is the EXACT OPPOSITE of "fiscal conservatism" and "living within its means."

Lower tax means more debt.

More debt means more interest paid to bankers, and more control by bankers.

If you want to see more control by the people, you want to raise taxes to the point where government is making a PROFIT, and you want the taxes to hit just about everyone. Even better, you should split up the taxes so they're more like paying for a product. Drivers pay for roads, parents pay for schools, delusional lunatics and psychotic arsonists pay for "endangered" "species" laws and "environmental" "protection".

When government depends on the SPECIFIC CUSTOMERS for each SPECIFIC SERVICE, the customers will have more power to decide HOW** the service is performed.

With zero tax, just as with "free internet", the users are the product.

= = = = =

Specific example: I've been spending about $1000 a year (basically tithing) through DonorsChoose.org, to support SPECIFIC projects that give hands-on experience in math and science. Some of those projects wouldn't get funded without my contribution. In other words, the money is not fungible. Donors have real control over which projects get funded. This makes me HAPPY, because hands-on education is part of my MISSION. By contrast, I also pay about $600 a year in county property tax. This is LOWER than the DonorsChoose amount, but it doesn't make me happy. This $600 is fungible and non-controllable. I know that a lot of the county tax is going for nonsense like Die-Versity Counselors, but there's no way for me to defund the shit and overfund the good stuff.

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  Bad, better, best

A discussion at some website wandered off into the subject of steelmanning, the opposite of strawmanning. I hadn't heard the word before, but it's nothing new.

Bad salesmen and bad teachers always insult the opponent, assuming that his favorite product or theory is RACIST FASCIST SEXIST HOMOPHOBE. This guarantees total and permanent opposition.

Better salesmen and teachers have always tried to work against an honest and positive version of the opponent's argument. This doesn't create an enemy, but it doesn't change minds either.

In plain fact argument doesn't work. A two-sided exchange of words and sentences never persuades. Improving or cleaning up your debating technique is wasted energy.

The BEST salesmen and teachers don't argue at all. They set up a situation where the opponent can EXPERIENCE REALITY DIRECTLY. Test drive, lab session, practicum. If you have confidence that your product or explanation or theory is superior, you should let the opponent pick it up, handle it, try it.

If you can't set up such a situation, it means your product is NOT superior or your explanation is NOT correct. You should learn something from the failure.


  Thanks, Ralph 473

Via ZH: Turbomoron Trudeau ruined his own cause without even understanding it.

Trudeau was screeching to an audience of like-mindless monsters. One of the monsters wanted the Canadian dysgovernment to lift restrictions on some kind of left-wing religious activity, saying that "maternal love is the love that's going to change the future of mankind."

Turbomoron corrected mankind to peoplekind "because it's more inclusive."

In the first place, the standard idiot version is humankind, not peoplekind. When you're providing a "correction", you need to use the standard idiot version, not make up your own idiot word. If you are allowed to make up your own words, language might be able to express heterodox meanings. Absolutely verboten. The whole point of linguistic tyranny is PERFECT STANDARDIZATION, leading ultimately to no language at all. Utopia is a constant meaningless 160 dB screech. Like rock-n-roll.

In the second place, Turbomoron Trudeau lost the chance to "correct" the worst and most horrifying solecism in the question. The question assumes and allows the role of BIOLOGICAL PARENTS in raising a child. Admittedly only the maternal parent, but still BIOLOGICAL. Sorosian utopia requires total disconnection of biological parenting.

Sometimes you have to be thankful for the enemy's stupidity.

Thanks, Ralph!


Monday, February 05, 2018

Medical test turned out OK. Nothing special going on.**

After getting the good news, I was waiting at a bus stop with a bench. I was thanking various gods if such exist. A contractor pulled up and switched the sign on the bench to a poster for an upcoming church event: Behold Jesus!

Omen? Probably not, but interesting.

**Strictly speaking it's not nothing; it's one of those "potentially pre-cancerous" indications that "bears watching" in case it turns into cancer later. So now I know that I might get cancer later, which I already knew because I'm alive and old. In return for knowing something that I already knew, I've spent $1000 and endured a month of doubt and fear and pain and poor diet. The doubt and fear and pain and poor diet have definitely shortened my life and weakened my immune system.


  "Constitutional crisis"

One party is saying that Trump will create a "constitutional crisis" if he fires members of the executive branch.

There can't be a crisis because we haven't had a constitution since 1803.

But: Assuming for argument that a constitution still exists, this is obvious nonsense. The president is CEO of the executive branch. He can hire and fire ANYONE he wants within the branch. Normally a CEO doesn't hire and fire low-level clerks anyway, so this practically means that he's supposed to hire and fire top bureaucrats, who then supervise the lower levels to suit the desires of the CEO.

What's obviously contrary to the organizational chart? Members of the executive branch (like FBI and CIA) attempting to bring down the CEO because he belongs to the wrong party. In any organization, middle executives who try to bring down the CEO are fired.

Who is supposed to monitor and inspect the President's behavior? Congress. Here the constitution is quite specific and detailed. Congress can defund any executive activity it dislikes, and Congress can impeach both judicial and executive officers including the president.
  What's the content of the message?

Apparently there was some sort of big Sport Thing yesterday. I don't keep track of Sport Things, so when I was awakened by massive fireworks last night, I had to figure out the cause.

Presumably the fireworks were intended to convey happiness that one side had a larger number at the end of the Sport Thing. Which side? I don't know. The name of the side was not mentioned by the fireworks, and there was no way to decode the message from context. Sport Things are always arranged to leave one side with a larger number. It shouldn't be a surprise.

What did the message convey? There are fuckheads in the neighborhood. That's all.

Partisan politics works the same way. Each side sets off fireworks to celebrate higher numbers for the side in today's Big Game, but the only message truly conveyed is Fuckheads are here.


Friday, February 02, 2018
  Straight to the top

I notice a common pattern in questions from younger folks on Quora.

"If I want to talk to Donald Trump, which words should I say to the operator?"

"How do I get a job at Google?"

There have always been people with an inflated sense of their status and influence. "I never waste time with underlings. Always talk to the top man!"

In previous decades this jacked-up type was constantly mocked in drama and in ordinary conversation. Everyone understood that life has layers and modules. You have influence in your module. There's no way for you to influence the Top Man or get into the Top Circle, and you shouldn't want to get into those circles. You can't stay in those places unless you are an incurably evil genocidal maniac, satanic beyond poor old Satan's worst nightmares.

Now that layers have been short-circuited by globalism and the Web, the Top Man delusion is common.

It still doesn't work. The short circuit runs only one way.

If you are able to talk to a president you are already talking to a president. If you are on Quora asking the question, you are not able to talk to a president. There are no magic words.

If you are able to get a job at Google you are already working at Google. If you are not already working at Google, you should focus on the job you have now. Apply your talents to this job just as enthusiastically as you imagine you would apply them at Google. You will do far more good for yourself AND for the world.


Thursday, February 01, 2018
  More weatherverse

"Rex Block" at the Weather Bureau has given us another neat little verse about the turning of the seasons:

February 10th will be a delight-
For those of us who are craving daylight-
10 hours of sun-
Night time on the run-
As the end of winter pulls into sight.

The dash at the end of the line is an unusual style, but it works.

Again, good stuff!

Trying to parse the form... it's almost a limerick but the rhythm limps, as lit crits used to say before Die-Versity. So it's a limperick.

You could bring it closer to strict limerick:

Feb 10th will be a delight-
For those who are craving daylight-
10 hours of sun-
Night on the run-
As winter's end pulls into sight.



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