Tuesday, September 17, 2019
  More Jesus Why

Another Jesus! Why would anyone want to PAY for this product?

Via the Tesla skeptics, a lengthy analysis of a fake IPO for a fuel cell company.

Crucial points:

The company has sucked in $1 billion in government subsidies.

The fuel cell installations cost $892 per KW, and expected lifetime of each fuel cell is 34 months. Less than 3 years.

= = = = =

I ran the numbers last year on a similar comparison of lithium ion batteries with Edison's eternal Nickel-Iron batteries:

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Using the retail numbers, the biggest available pack is 48 volts at 1000 amp-hours = 48 KWH. This setup is listed at $42k dollars = $875 per KWH. If you simply put together enough of these to reach 100 MWH, the cost would be $87.5 million. About three times the cost for the Tesla-branded setup.

The real difference comes in upkeep and replacement, not initial cost. Lithium batteries last two years, so the Lithium outfit was already halfway to the first replacement point when it finished testing. Nickel-Iron lasts INDEFINITELY. Iron Edison recommends flushing and replacing the electrolyte every TEN years. NiFe batteries made by Edison have lasted 90 years in continuous use.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

In this case the comparison is even more dramatic because the fuel cells cost the same per KW as the nickel-iron. So lifetime is the only variable. 3 years versus forever. Which is better?


Monday, September 16, 2019
  Starting to get somewhere

Some AI researchers are finally peeking outside their digital bubble and returning to analog technology.

Cybernetics started in analog form with tubes, and was developing quickly in the '60s. In the '70s, of course, analog was abandoned and all grants went to exponentially larger and exponentially more purposeless digital computers.

These researchers finally caught onto the fact that the brain is analog. Their device isn't revolutionary; it's an extremely small and efficient Gauss-curve function. The same thing could be done with mechanisms, as I illustrated last month...

... or it could be done with tubes or plain FETs or a pair of biased germanium diodes.

It's not clear from the summary why they want Gauss; neurons do Tanh, not Gauss.

A bit later after looking again at the Schwann stuff: Yeah, Gauss makes sense. Gauss is the derivative** of Tanh. Most neurons have a Tanh curve, but the purpose of a sensory system is a soft two-way change detector. If you're modeling the black-box behavior instead of the transfer function of a single neuron, you want Gauss. The recently discovered Schwann sensors implement Gauss directly, as does this device.

** Well, strictly speaking Gauss is the rectified or absoluted derivative of Tanh.
  Damn! Wish I'd said that!

... But I'm glad I read it!

ZH clickbait article about real estate developers in Vancouver offering a free Tesla with their overpriced houses.

My trivial thought: That would be a counter-premium. I'd rather have a covenant in the gated neighborhood prohibiting ownership or passage or discussion of Teslas.

One commenter casually slipped in a TREMENDOUS piece of wisdom:

Valuations are a matter of opinion, debt is real.

Indisputably true and important, but it's NOT a proverb in common circulation. This is why all forms of gambling are sinful and suicidal. You're delusionally hoping for a return that's a matter of opinion, but you're incurring a PRECISE AND OBJECTIVE DEBT, enforced by a precise and objective crowbar.


  Perfect jab

The master of SELF-DEFENSE makes a nice jab at US inability to DEFEND anything:
“Saudi Arabia needs to make a smart decision, as Iran did by buying our S-300, and as Mr. Erdogan did by deciding to buy the most advanced S-400 Triumph air defense systems from Russia,” Putin told reporters in Ankara on Monday. “These kinds of systems are capable of defending any kind of infrastructure in Saudi Arabia from any kind of attack.”
US and Saudi only know how to attack. We don't defend our own borders, we don't defend our own people from crime, we only attack internally and externally.
Putin cited the Koran to admonish the Saudi coalition’s war on Yemen, saying that the Muslim holy book said the only legitimate form of violence was self-defense and, in that context, spoke of the Russian-made missile systems as a possible solution.


Corollary: If you defend well enough, you won't need to counterattack because the enemy won't waste effort on attacking in the first place.

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  Pass the test and reject the test

A nice Godel in an article supposedly about numeracy.

The article begins with a word problem about probability, calling it a good test of math skills.

In fact the specific problem isn't about math at all. It tests your ability to see which variables are important and which are irrelevant. After you reject the irrelevant parts the math is extremely simple. The problem would test the same ability if it used non-numeric variables.

(It's a lot like this question, also falsely described as a math test.)

The article goes on to list several cases where people who overestimate their own math ability make poor decisions.

In fact the real variable in each decision is not math but confidence.

I was able to solve the initial problem (slowly!) by rejecting irrelevant mathiness, so I then applied the same rejection to the rest of the article. The decisions, like the probability, had nothing to do with math or math skills.

In short, the article is just saying that people who know their own ability know their own ability.


Sunday, September 15, 2019
  Must have seemed like a good idea

From Radio Retailing in 1948, a neat idea that obviously didn't sell.

Two-page spread:


You can almost read the minds of the marketers: Hey! How about a radio that works like a music box? Reasonable metaphor, but clearly not wanted. I've seen a bunch of old radios in antique shops and auctions, and I've never seen one of these. Checking Ebay, I see a lot of Emerson radios from that era, but no Memento.

If they're still around, the Catalin versions would be wildly valuable. For instance, here's a pair of Catalin KNOBS from an Emerson radio, priced at $495.00. A regular table-model Emerson that would be $200 in wood is $6900.00 in Catalin.

Why didn't it sell? Probably the battery power. Tube portables needed A and B batteries, and the batteries didn't last long. Portables were strictly for outdoor use or off-grid farms. This elegant jewel box wasn't suitable for either location.

= = = = =

Purely subjective sidenote: I can understand why Catalin is wildly valuable. It's intrinsically beautiful. Nothing else matches its visual depth and complexity. I can't understand why diamonds are valuable. They just look like glass.
  Gets it.

Twitter has an #introvert trend this morning. Best of the lot.

The modern understanding of introversion is dominant in the discussion. This is probably the only place where an energy-usage explanation makes sense, and this concept is genuinely modern, dating from the mid-90s.

I wish this concept had been available in the '70s when I was determined to go into teaching as a career. After I burned out I recognized the correlation, but still didn't know that this was UNIVERSAL and EXPECTABLE. If I'd known the EXPECTABLE result beforehand, I would have chosen a different career path.
Saturday, September 14, 2019
  Cavalier isn't the worst problem

Via ZH, Mish Shedlock has found some earlier writing by Kupperman, the full Tribal who replaced insufficiently Tribal Bolton as Nat Sec Advisor.

In true autistic Tribal form:
Nuclear war is a destructive thing but still in large part a physics problem.

If the objective in a war is to try to destroy as many Soviet civilians and as many American civilians as is feasible, and the casualty levels approached 150 million on each side, then it’s going to be tough to say you have a surviving nation after that. But depending on how the nuclear war is fought, it could mean the difference between 150 million casualties and 20 million casualties. I think that is a significant difference, and if the country loses 20 million people, you may have a chance of surviving after that.

I think it is possible to win, in the classical sense. It means that it is clear after the war that one side is stronger than the other side, the weaker side is going to accede to the demands of the stronger side.
Shedlock calls this a cavalier attitude, which is an understatement. The real problem is that Kupperman's FACTUAL assumptions were FALSE in the '80s and even more drastically FALSE now.

As I wrote earlier:

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Supposedly the 'duck and cover' drills and the fallout shelters of 1960 were generators of panic. Nope, it's the exact opposite, by intention and result. Eisenhower and JFK wanted Americans to feel confident. That's why they built public shelters and encouraged the building of private shelters.

Basic fact about anxiety: When you do something that gives you a convincing sense of control, you lose the panic.

When you have your own tornado/fallout shelter, or you know there's a public tornado/fallout shelter nearby, you don't panic nearly as much about the mysterious tornado/fallout.

Later presidents, beginning with Unhanged Traitor Carter, intentionally substituted panic for confidence, and concentrated solely on protecting their own personal dictatorial ass. The fallout shelter system, and the Civil Defense warning system, were allowed to lapse and gradually deleted from the bureaucracy.

In 2001 when the dreaded event finally happened, no part of the government responded and no emergency warnings were broadcast. The Professional Panicators at the cable TV networks grabbed the fearball and ran with it, with considerable help from Sultan Bush's bureaucrats.

Mission accomplished: Total vulnerability. Civil Defense was replaced by Cognitive Dissonance. We realized the government was absolutely useless (or worse) and we simultaneously had to obey the government's "protective measures" like TSA.
China and Russia never abandoned Civil Defense. They continued to serve their own people with vast and well-maintained bunkers.

See this 1971 Civil Defense document in PDF form. It's a formerly classified study of shelter and evacuation options, and it explicitly cites Soviet shelters and plans as a 'gold standard'. So we knew good and goddamn well that we were providing less protection than the USSR.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

There is also a CULTURAL assumption that the autistic Tribals miss, or more likely know and lie about. Russia is a nation and an ethnic group and a church, all in one. The Soviets tried to break the church but failed, and didn't try very hard after 1941. Russians are unconditionally Russian, and educated and trained for real life. See Orlov.

Putin has been working to rebuild and strengthen the unity of nation and culture and church, which never fully disappeared. Our government has been smashing and obliterating and pulverizing our culture and religion since 1946.

Footnote: Checking the hrefs, I see the 1971 Civil Defense document is no longer openly available. It's behind a DHS dictatorial-ass-protecting wall. This is typical. When I wrote the above in 2011, the web had reached a peak of information openness. Since then, useful info has been disappearing fast.

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  More Thiel

Expanding and probably loosening the Thiel question again.

Thiel's evocative original: “Tell me something that’s true that almost nobody agrees with you on.”

Loosened: Something that's true that almost nobody else seems to know.

1. Eskimos survived a period of melted ice and high sea levels, and told us about it in their legends.

2. An accurate understanding of the anti-SOUTHERN-slavery settlers in Kansas. They were sent by Northern sweatshop owners to expand NORTHERN slavery.

3. Normal people want security. Criminals want freedom. This isn't entirely unknown; populist commentators like Turley hit the first part. My full version is based on prison experience.

4. During FDR's time, American media were NON-INTERVENTIONIST and pushed NEUTRALITY. Most people think we've always been warlike and aggressive.

5. The items above are based on long experience or specialized research. This last item is especially annoying because it's a specific fact easily available in the present, but nobody else seems to avail it!

In 2008 Bernanke ANNOUNCED CLEARLY AND PUBLICLY that he had no intention of helping the economy. QE was solely intended to boost share value, which it did. The Fed wasn't "clueless" and it didn't "fail in its mission." It succeeded MAGNIFICENTLY.

Example heard just now: Economist interviewed by Rick Sanchez. "This doesn't mean that the officials at the Fed and the ECB are bad people; they probably believe that they are helping the real economy." The economist is otherwise making excellent sense, fully in touch with the reality of genocide by bankers.


Friday, September 13, 2019
  WeWork is for people living in cars?

ZH covers the idiotic saga of WeWork.

Leaving aside the tech-bubble shit, this article shows some pictures of actual WeWork "offices". Jesus! Why would anyone want to PAY for this service?

I had imagined that an office space you'd PAY TO RENT would be an OFFICE SPACE. It would be better than working at home for most people. You'd have privacy, security from theft, a place to meet clients, a locked filing cabinet, and bookshelves. Nope. The pictured space is a SCHOOL CAFETERIA, with laptops substituted for trays. People are sitting in rows along two sides of a cafeteria table, each with his own laptop and nothing else. No monitors, no printers.

Nobody can work in a school cafeteria, and nobody can do SERIOUS computer-based work on a laptop.

Graphics work requires a fairly large computer with a fairly large monitor, often two monitors, and a proper mouse, not a touchpad. Serious text work, writing or editing, requires a full-size keyboard and a large monitor to handle several texts at once. You can set up a full-sized computer at home, in a corner of a room, without worrying about theft or disruption. You can also have your own telephone and mailing address at home.

The WeWork layout would only be worth paying rent if you're living in a car.

Sidenote: This is the same Jesus! Why? moment I had when I saw an actual picture of Tesla's "solar" "roof". How in the holy fuck could ANYONE be fooled into thinking this is useful or worth trying?


  Another giant Carver.....

Another group of scientists removed their theory goggles and LOOKED ABOUT THEM and TOOK HOLD OF THE THINGS THAT ARE HERE.

Astonishing result:
A new study out Thursday seems to show that in both mice and humans, bones secrete a hormone in reaction to stressful situations. What’s more, this bone hormone seems crucial to our fight-or-flight response, in a way completely separate from other well-known stress chemicals like adrenaline.

Because of this, Karsenty and his team have argued that the skeleton should be considered an endocrine organ.
A whole new area for exploration. When do the bones secrete this hormone? How does it reach the brain? Does it act directly on the muscles near the bone? Is it an intrinsic part of the alpha-gamma feedback loops?

More practical question: How many milliseconds before someone develops a synthetic version of the hormone and sells it to elite athletes for a million dollars per milligram?


Thursday, September 12, 2019
  Trust experience!

A comment at NakedCapitalism by a reader who has real experience with offshoring. Worth reading! The thread includes other experiences, with one silver lining: US corporations are getting tired of the Chinese approach, tired of losing their IP and then losing the contract after China bleeds them dry. They were starting to move elsewhere long before Trump played his idiotic fake-tariff game. Of course this will never lead to hiring Americans, but at least the corporations seem to be learning something.


  Y no stereo?

Still in random mode....

A picture of Silvanus Thompson's telephone. His technology was nothing special, and modern writers seem to think he was just playing patent games.

But there's one unique feature:

Two receivers.

We have two ears. Why did successful telephones stick with one receiver, even after the handset incorporated the receiver and mic in one unit? Occupying one ear is tiresome, and leads to unpleasant aftereffects from a long conversation.

On the neural level the two sides of the auditory pathway are not symmetrical for language. Most people end up using the left ear for the phone to leave the right hand free for dialing and writing. The left ear feeds mainly into the right side of the brain, which isn't the best for language. Binaural receivers would give both sides of the brain their proper work assignments as in normal pre-technology conversations.

= = = = =

Later after more perusing: Thompson may not have been much of an inventor, but he was a WONDERFUL writer. His intro to calculus should have become the ONLY book on the subject. Nothing else compares. I wish to hell I'd known about this book and worked through it before ... or instead of ... taking calculus in college.

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  Just waiting?

This week's big rain triggered a ferocious sprouting of a 'ground cover' plant in ALL of the street cracks. The streets are a dense web of cracks now, thanks to the Gaian city dysgovernment abandoning silly little games like plowing and sanding. Ice has full control of the streets in winter, and criminals have full control in summer.

The ground-cover plant is always present in the well-watered crack between the pavement and the curb. I grabbed up a handful and scanned it:

Normally it doesn't show up in the smaller cracks. Now it fills and marks every crack wider than 1/4". This plant obviously doesn't need soil, and seems to dislike soil. It doesn't grow where the dips in the street have gathered a permanent deposit of dirt.

Are the stolons just waiting year-round, always ready to explode into action with sufficient water?

After some googling ... I know nothing about plants, and most pix of "ground cover between pavers" or similar phrases aren't closeups, so can't compare the tiny leaves. The nearest equivalent with a clear picture is creeping thyme.

Later: It's not just my neighborhood, it's everywhere. Every crack is caulked with Creeping Thyme.

Michael Bloomberg, you may own the commanding heights of Spokane, but Creeping Thyme owns the ground. Creeping Thyme was here before you, and will still be here after you.

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  Another micro vs macro

Another random micro-macro correspondence.

Perusing old books on telegraphs, ran across this picture of Bell's harmonic telegraph, which I hadn't seen before.

Reminds me of something:

A cochlea.

Coincidence? No. The structure and mechanical functions of the cochlea were understood quite well by 1820. The harp-like tonotopic function wasn't firmly determined until 1920, but it was one of several competing theories in Bell's time. Wouldn't be surprised if he knew which theory was right.

Bell was supposedly working on a multiplex telegraph when he 'accidentally' simplified it into the telephone. I doubt that he was interested in telegraphs. More likely he was working on a spectral-analysis telephone, and realized he could get sufficient communication with just one of the 'hair cells' and just one 'axon'.
  Drug gangs = Drug ganglions

At the macro level, gangs use "protection" tactics to guarantee that you won't buy the product from legit sources.

New research finds that the same thing happens at the micro level.

In short:

Heroin halts the creation of new neurons, and halts the growth of dendrites on existing neurons, in the nucleus accumbens which regulates pleasure.

Result: you're locked into the supply of pleasure from heroin. When you try to get off the horse, you can't develop pleasure from other sources because your nucleus accumbens can't generate new neurons to detect and handle the legit pleasures.

Fractal racket.


  Trustworthy source

There's a lot of noise about the alleged departure of Bolton and its alleged significance. I ignore noise from DC and the NYC media demons.

When info comes from a trustworthy source, I listen. AMLO mentions that he had a "good phone conversation" with Trump, who "reaffirmed the desire to maintain a relation of friendship and cooperation" between USA and Mexico.

Maybe something has actually changed? Probably not.

Update 20 hours later: Not.

In fact, my views on Venezuela, and especially Cuba, were far stronger than those of John Bolton. He was holding me back!

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Wednesday, September 11, 2019
  Defensible TIMES

A quick thought along the Del Giudice line....

I've been using defensible times in a calendrical sense. Learning about previous centuries when most people were sane, trying to preserve and display the mindset of those previous centuries.

A lot of my writing here is aimed toward that goal. When I "build" models of Lost Places, I'm researching, preserving, displaying, and living in the sane time for a while.

Of course this is an extremely common activity. Before Deepstate turned art into chaos, most art and writing was an attempt to create and display defensible centuries.

New thought:

Defensible time applies even more strictly to two of our standard-equipment mental spaces.

The dream space and the emergency space are distinct universes with distinct clocks. Both of these spaces have expanded clocks. Within dream space and emergency space, the internal clock can run 30 minutes while the external world runs 30 seconds.

These two spaces are otherwise opposite. Dream space cuts off most sensory inputs, and emergency space turns sensory inputs up to MAX.


Tuesday, September 10, 2019
  Not hardass enough

McAfee, normally a hardass realist, misses the whole point here:

The government invades our privacy to ensure we are not the enemy. This act of aggression occurs because we, the people, are not trusted by the government we created.

Nice twist, but not factual. In fact the people who created the government are fully trusted by the government they created. NYC pirates and NYC bankers created this government in 1776, and pulled it back in line several times when it skidded out of their control. The enemy has always been non-NYC. Farmers, mechanics, religious believers, uncool country folk. Natural Law types.

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  Se-lu 34, Solvent Soviet edition

Pretty good article at RT, which sometimes takes the usual Western viewpoint on economics.
As of August 1, the state debt (at the federal, regional and municipal level) amounted to 16.2 trillion rubles (around $247.3 billion). At the same time liquid assets of federal government, regions and non-budget funds stood at 17.6 trillion (nearly $268.8 billion).
Both of those numbers are small by Western standards. Total government debt of $250 billion? We crossed that line a century ago and never looked back.

More importantly, the liquid assets are greater than the debt.

Russia is SOLVENT by strict accounting standards.

Reviewing the meaning of SOLVENT:

= = = = = START REPRINT:

SOLVENT. Seems like a completely inappropriate word for 'got money'. How did that happen?

The etymology is beautiful.

The original Latin solvere meant 'loosen, untie knots, split apart.'

The chemical meaning of solvent is literal.

The most common meaning is untying the knot of a problem. Latin solve = Greek analyze = determine where to cut the rope. Slightly less literal but still easy.

Solvent as 'got money' was later and more metaphorical. Around 1600 when banks and currencies started to branch away from gold, solvent came to mean able to cut the ropes of debts, able to clean up obligations.

Beautiful. It's not just having bucks, it's the economic form of gumption. It's active. See a debt, untie it and dissolve it before it chokes you.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

When you are able to untie all knots without obeying banks, you can solve your own problems. You can loosen sanctions and blockades by mobilizing your own skills and resources, because Goldman isn't holding you hostage.

Putin is the supreme problem-solver.

He had one initial head start: the Soviet system ran without significant debt and without the usual Western reliance on credit. The Soviet economy was strictly REAL VALUE. He inherited low debt plus a habit of avoiding debt, and he carried on the tradition.

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  Parody is impossible.

A few months ago Polistra enacted a stupid little parody of the infinitely repetitive and infinitely bonkers and infinitely pointless Brexit noise, using the quaint British Heraldic Officers.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Dateline: London, Airstrip 2. May 1, 2719

Every May 1 is called Mayday in London, for unknown reasons. For the last 700 years London has been conducting a mysterious ceremony on Mayday. The origin and meaning of the procedure are unknown. The ceremony is called Paying Rent To The SunKing.

On this great day, Portcullis Pursuivant, assisted by her deputy Chester Herald Of Arms, presents a tray carrying several mysterious objects to the GREAT AND MAGNIFICENT SunKing SOROS DCLXVI. The tray represents the constant and perpetual tribute and payment of RENT by Airstrip 2.

The mysterious objects on the tray are (1) The shrunken head of a miscreant named Faright, who was defeated by the Great May Queen on the Endless Mayday. (2) A Broken Orange Trumpet. (3) A Bent Silver Horseshoe with a crosspiece in the middle. If these latter two objects ever had any purpose, it has been lost in the perpetual snow and ice of Global Warming.

Portcullis and Chester stand in front of a stage set used only for this ceremony. The stage set represents a vertical object of unknown purpose, with an iron grid that seems to have been capable of moving downward, but has long since rusted in open position.

Portcullis and Chester are both wearing a ceremonial costume known as Reasonableness Pants, which signifies abject and total surrender. Portcullis cries out "Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!" in celebration of the Great Victory, and then hands the tray to the SunKing SOROS DCLXVI.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

Now reality has caught up with the parody. Black Rod was called in to announce the prorogation of Parliament, and opposition members started singing.

As with all "protests" and "debates" in the world of SunKing SOROS DCLXVI, these fake actions are designed to absorb all effort and attention while accomplishing nothing.

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Monday, September 09, 2019
  Defensible space exercise

I've been rambling about defensible mental spaces.

From a 1948 episode of Truth or Consequences, a brilliant example of exercising and strengthening a mental space. A semi-pro singer takes up the challenge of singing a song all the way through. Not too hard .... except that the orchestra is led by Spike Jones, who turns the accompaniment into raw chaos after a few seconds. The singer is momentarily caught off-guard, then continues singing.

Purpose and beauty conquer chaos and ugliness. It's impressive and inspiring. [Starts around 8:00 in the clip.]

= = = = =

Semi-related: Most of the audience-participation shows in that era involved singing by audience members. Sometimes a general singalong, sometimes a solo. Their overall tunefulness was VASTLY better than modern people. I'm not sure what accounts for the difference. Music practice in elementary school was universal in the '20s, and still universal in the '50s when I was in school. We spent a couple hours per week singing. The material was awful, but it did train us in harmony and accuracy.

I can't find a numerical estimate of music class prevalence in current schools. Google has lots of articles saying that music classes have been cut in the last two decades, but no percents or numbers.

Later, found some estimates. 1.3 million elementary students are without music classes, out of about 28 million total. In other words, 95% of students do get some kind of music instruction. So the classes aren't necessarily the problem.

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  Innovative disruptive witch hunters

The latest development in witch-hunting:

Populism causes measles.

Demonic author Jonathan Kennedy states the claim explicitly and openly. We no longer believe that viruses cause disease. Populists cause disease.

Sprenger and Kramer are watching you joyfully from their home in the 999th circle of Hades, Jonathan Kennedy. You are their most promising student.

= = = = =

Somewhat calmer but still hardass: Where are the editors? In fact viruses do cause disease, and in fact vaccination works. Do you WANT more people to vaccinate? If you really WANT more people to vaccinate, you should SHUT UP demons like Jonathan Kennedy. You shouldn't want your side to be represented by HATEFUL MONSTERS who openly HATE AND REVILE the people you're trying to persuade.


Sunday, September 08, 2019
  India decisively moves East

India has been playing both sides for a long time. Now India and Russia have formalized a wide-ranging set of trade and exchange agreements. India officially merges onto the Silk Road.

This is obviously important because of India's size, and also signals a change in motivation.

Most of the countries joining the East have been STOMPED ON by USA, giving them no practical choice. We pushed them out, arrogantly assuming they had to obey us or die. There was a third choice, which we still haven't even noticed.

India wasn't pushed. For some reason we haven't blockaded India or bombed it down to bedrock. Now they've chosen the sane side simply because it's better.


  Agrees with experience /// EDIT: Well, maybe.

Irons interviews Gerrard Williams, a Brit historian. Williams tells us how Hitler escaped to Argentina, and how the Nazi government was transferred to US.

I trust people based on my experience. When an "expert" says one thing that I know to be wrong, I stop listening. Williams agrees with my experience and knowledge in several ways, and doesn't say anything that I know to be false.

1. Our reporters during WW2 were strictly objective. It's hard to believe now, but thanks to the OTR preservers, we have lots of recordings. Our newsreaders strictly distinguished between fact, propaganda (including ours) and opinion.

2. In the '60s, Americans knew that Wernher von Braun was a Nazi. It was common knowledge that we picked up the Kraut missile program and rebranded it. Williams fills in the details of the pickup.

3. Something switched abruptly in 1946. I've been discussing this from the viewpoint of electronics, and from puzzlement about Stalin's resentment. In '45 we had an open-source attitude toward Russia, and appreciated Russia's sacrifice. Abruptly in '46 we took the Kraut side, treating Russians as Untermenschen who needed to be exterminated.

4. Since 1950, and especially since 1990, we have been explicitly imitating Germany's approach and actions. We are actively supporting and implementing the blood fetish of Soros, who is the last pedigreed actual Nazi. Soros has matched his role model's genocide record, and continues to exceed it.

Given these wide areas of agreement, and no definite disagreement, I'm inclined to believe Williams's story that Adolf escaped to Argentina and died in 1962.

The cheerful teamwork of Bormann and Dulles and McCloy is chilling, but again not terribly surprising.

= = = = =

Later after a second listen: Williams departs from reality on modern trends, if not on older stuff. He says that the people who are corrupting politics with money now are "all right-wing". He mentions Koch, but not Soros or Steyer or Bezos or Bloomberg. By strict economic definition all of those globalist monsters are "right" instead of "left". They all believe in TOTAL MONOPOLY for Koch and Soros and Steyer and Bezos and Bloomberg respectively, and they all believe in ZERO TAX for Koch and Soros and Steyer and Bezos and Bloomberg respectively. But I'm pretty damn sure Williams is not using the strict economic definition for "right-wing". He just means "associated with Deplorables". This matches my recent observation that ALL BRITS, whether right or left or "independent", MUST SAY THE SAME WORDS.
  Fucking reprint yet again

I linked this item in yesterday's minor puzzlement. After rereading, it deserves to be brought forward as a fucking reprint again. I wrote the item 10 years ago about a document written 45 years ago. The document itself is still perfectly resonant, still showing the precise template that the Carbon Cult has been following down to the last decimal point. My comments 10 years ago are still valid. (I've changed my mind about some things since then, but not about science.)


As Polistra has noted before, the Carbon Cult began in 1975 with a conference organized by long-time anthropological fraudster Margaret Mead, and attended by several of the current players including Obama's "science" adviser John Holdren. The conference was recorded in a govt-published book, which I took the trouble to buy and read. Much of it is rather dull speculation, but the preface by arch-criminal Margaret Mead lays out the roadmap for the crime.
We are facing a period when society must make decisions on a planetary scale. ... Whereas in the recent past a whole continent could have been submerged, decimated by plague, or ravaged by earthquakes and the rest of the world remain untouched and unnoticing, today's natural catastrophes and environmental interventions affect the whole of human society, interconnected as it is in reality though not yet politically capable of acting in concert.

And your goal was to conduct the concert.
As such, manmade interventions depend upon the application of science to technology; scientists become doubly responsible, both for the immediate uses made of their discoveies and for the well-being of their fellow citizens. Whether they be citizens of a free enterprise state, a socialist state, a dictatorship or a hereditary monarchy, they need inforation to make decisions, either for an intelligent choice among alternatives or for guidance in carrying out decrees by their ruling group. Even in the most arbitrary and authoritarian forms of government, a comprehension on the part of the leadership and an understanding on the part of the people are both essential. Unless the peoples of the world can begin to understand the immense and long-term consequences of what appear to be small immediate choices - to drill a well, open a road, build a large airplane, make a nuclear test, install a liquid fast breeder reactor, release chemicals which diffuse through the atmosphere, or discharge waste in concentrated amounts into the sea - the whole planet may become endangered.

Well, you've closed off nearly all those choices by now, haven't you?
What we need from scientists are estimates, presented with sufficient conservatism and plausibility but at the same time as free as possible from internal disagreements that can be exploited by political interests, that will allow us to start building a system of artificial but effective warnings, warnings which will parallel the instincts of animals who flee before the hurricane, pile up a larger store of nuts or grow thicker coats before a severe winter.

Must admit I like the animal analogy. Shows a respect for natural knowledge that has been lost lately, as scientists have come to rely purely on manufactured data plugged into imaginary computer models.
Scientists themselves may value making a fine point against a rival more than the possible consequences of the intra-scientific battle; or be extremely cautious so as to protect their reputations (among scientists) which is a modern equivalent of fiddling while Rome burns. Or they may simply despair of ever connecting effectively the nature of science, with its built-in requirement for validation by other scientists, into the political bureaucracies of the world.

Margie girl, you'd never have made it without a totally corrupt and incestuous "validation". Modern scientists depend equally on the corrupt "validation" of peer review. Hasn't changed.

= = = = =

Now here's a passage from the latest New Superstitionist, the house organ of the Carbon Cult.

Scientists' instincts will be to plunge into developing the technology. That would be a mistake. If experiments begin without consultation and debate, protesters will argue that the technology is being foisted upon us.

To be a workable plan B, geoengineering will first have to gain public acceptance. That will be a tough sell. Faced with new technologies, people invariably ask: is it safe? Who will govern it? Who will benefit? With a technology powerful enough to alter the climate, those questions are likely to be asked more loudly than ever. It is easy to envisage debates about the necessity of such a scheme, worries about its consequences or rumours that it is a front for scientists or businesses to cash in on the global warming "hoax".

How can the public be wooed? Consultation is obviously part of the answer. If people feel they have had their say and have been listened to, they are more likely to accept and trust geoengineering. There are signs that scientific organisations are aware of this. ...

It's a good start, but a much broader process of consultation will be needed if people worldwide, particularly environmental groups and those representing citizens in the developing world, are to have their say. This consultation needs to be high-profile so that geoengineering, a concept that few people have currently heard of, becomes part of mainstream debate. And it must start soon.

Same crap by the same people. Same need for "settled science", same desire to shut down opposing opinions, same urgency. Must! Start! Soon!

The good news: 35 years of hard criminal work, and they still haven't persuaded us. In fact the more we learn about their nefarious endeavors, the more we oppose.

The bad news: They don't need our knowledge or opinion. They don't need to persuade mere humans, because they don't need or want ANY HUMANS AT ALL ON THE ENTIRE PLANET. The opinion of dead humans doesn't matter. They'll still win in the end. They have the Wall Street Mafia, all the governments of the world, and all the media and educational and cultural and religious institutions on their side. (As Monckton puts it concisely, "money, power and glory.")

But at least we will die knowing that they have destroyed science, education, industry, civilization, and humanity through total fraud and crime. We will die knowing that the greatest crime in history, the final crime, the final Final Solution, was not a secret.

Some consolation, I guess.


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Saturday, September 07, 2019
  Persia made it!

The tanker supplying oil to Syria has reached its destination, and is unloading the oil.

Polistra and friends salute Persia. An ancient and sophisticated culture, strong and smart and devious when necessary. The ship had to change names, change flags, and go dark for a while.

Special salute to the captain and crew who courageously resisted our vicious criminal pirate bribes and blackmail.

And a repeated salute to Gibraltar, which showed surprising guts in resisting our criminality and genocide, allowing the ship to proceed with its NORMAL COMMERCIAL JOB.

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  Old frustration

Checking the blog stats, it's clear that I'm getting a pile of reads from various sections of the climate "discussion". Can't tell which item they're reading.

I gave up on that "discussion" long ago. No point or purpose. The facts have been available and obvious and CLEAR for 45 years. Nothing has altered the facts. Governments and corporations continue to operate on wilder and wilder lies, ignoring the facts and wasting trillions of dollars and millions of lives on the weirdest religion in history.

Once in a while I'll toss out a random comment or joke. This stupid little joke must be the trigger for the current reads.

Meanwhile, I'm pouring my soul into the interlinked subjects of grammar and neurology and communication systems. Some of the resulting thoughts are valid and possibly new. Nobody is reading these subjects.



  Pit time matters more than 0-60 time

The Tesla skeptics are eaten up with Porsche's latest EV offering, which apparently has 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 teraterahorsepower and can accelerate from 0 to twice the speed of light in negative 99999999 megaseconds tachyon time. Or something like that.

Car guys have always been obsessed with maximum acceleration. For them the only thing that counts is wiggling a few miniature bits of gravel in the posterior semicircular canal.

Carmakers often cater to this bizarre obsession, but it's not what sells real quantities of real cars.

Acceleration isn't even what wins real races. Back when NASCAR involved actual cars instead of superspecialized billion-dollar rocket ships disguised as cars, the best racers understood this point. Richard Petty won with '49 Plymouths, which were emphatically not the fastest cars on the track. The Plymouths were the most reliable cars, using less gas and tires than the others, and failing less often. Spending less time in the pit made a larger difference than a few MPH in top speed.

And this is why electric cars are still not ready for normal usage. They intrinsically spend too much time in the pit. When a fillup takes 3 hours instead of 3 minutes, your 3 second 0-60 time is totally irrelevant.
  Not very effective

Via ZH, an all-consuming graph that SHOULD debunk all the TV and radio shows about finance, and all advice from "economic" "experts". The TV shows and "experts" tell us to BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY.

Since 2008, almost everyone has been RATIONALLY AND SANELY giving up on the satan market. Foreign governments have continued buying at a fairly low level. Households have been steadily leaving the satan market, and insurers and pensions are moving out fast.

Only the corporations themselves are buying their own satan shares, and the buying is increasing exponentially.

This is not a market at all. It's pure crime. Self-buying used to be illegal.

The good part: All of those TV and radio shows and "economists" are not very effective. They haven't reversed the trend toward sanity.

At some point the buyback technique will stop working. The execs can't be expecting to cash out their bought-in shares; they know that selling a huge block will zero the "value". They must be counting on the TV and radio and "economists" to maintain the illusion of a real market, so the board will continue to raise the CEO's annual pay to reflect the fake "value". Or maybe they're just counting on the blackmail files they hold against board members.

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  Off the grid, 1952 style

Lately I've been listening to episodes of Truth or Consequences at bedtime. As with most shows, we only have a few scattered remnants.

This episode from 1952 features a stunt that brought out a unique talent. A man named George Lindner agreed to be sealed up in a hotel room with no way to determine the time for a week. He was supplied with non-connected entertainment like a record player and a movie projector and books. The week was meant to last from one episode to the next, and he was supposed to push a buzzer during the show at the end of the week, specifically from 8:30 to 8:55 so that the win or loss could be discussed during the last 5 minutes. He missed by a couple minutes, pushing at 8:57.

What makes it interesting is Lindner's description of how he managed to make his own clocks, using the marked time on records, multiplying the record to calibrate a homemade hourglass, and so on. Presumably he planned and rehearsed those techniques before the stunt started.

A real talent for metrology!


Friday, September 06, 2019
  Exception to both bashes

I've been gently bashing... or maybe more like nudging... a lot of commenters on AI who get the subject mostly right but miss a crucial point.

I've been HARDASS bashing TAC for surrendering to Soros.

Here's an exception to both. An article at TAC that gets EVERYTHING right. Dimitri Simes Jr analyzes the role of AI in warfare. No sign of globalist bias, absolute accuracy and wisdom on all aspects of AI and human factors. Good work.


  Headline we see, headline we don't see

Headline seen this morning at "science" websites:

Trump Holds Up Doctored Hurricane Map, Meteorologists Cringe

Headline we never see:

Michael Mann Holds Up Doctored Temperature Graph, Meteorologists Cringe

Meteorologists abandoned science a long time ago. Like all other paid Experts, their sole purpose is to SLAUGHTER ALL DEPLORABLES. Their job is genocide.

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Thursday, September 05, 2019
  Gee thanks, Weather Bureau./// Edit: Not quite so bad

For a couple years the Weather Bureau was "promising" or really threatening to introduce a new format. The threat was postponed month after month, and finally the promise disappeared.

Here's the old format, from a screenshot I saved several years ago. It gave an hourly record of temp, wind, and precip, with finer time intervals optional. This was a USEFUL tool for checking the progress of fronts and storms, and seeing which parts of town had received the worst wind or rain.

This week they abruptly introduced the new format.

It's just a broad US map, which comes up centered on Denver for some reason.

When you zoom it in to the usual forecast area:

It doesn't have a dot for Spokane! You have to zoom much closer to see the main airport, and even then the other Spokane sites aren't on it. There's no hourly record at all, so this is useless.

= = = = =

EDIT: They've re-added the record under a new link of "3 day history". I didn't notice the change.
  Linguists finally catch on

Via Atlantic:
In the early 1960s, a doctoral student at Cornell University wanted to figure out whether there was any truth behind the “cultural stereotype” that certain foreigners speak faster than Americans. He recorded 12 of his fellow students—six Japanese speakers and six American English speakers—monologuing about life on campus, analyzed one minute of each man’s speech, and found that the two groups produced sounds at roughly the same speed. He and a co-author concluded that “the hearer judges the speech rate of a foreign language in terms of his linguistic background,” and that humans the world over were all likely to be more or less equally fast talkers.
This demonstrably false nonsense was still accepted doctrine in the '80s when I worked in academic speech research. Experts "explained" that Spanish sounded faster because it had a more equal stress on syllables, compared to English with its strong stressed and weak unstressed. I knew it was nonsense at the time. You can prove it for yourself with a good parallel translation (not computer translations). Just count the syllables. Spanish consistently has twice as many syllables as English for the same sentence, but the spoken sentence takes the same amount of time. I had also observed this in SW listening. International broadcasters featured identical news broadcasts in several languages. The Spanish version and the English version said the same things in the same five minutes.

It's good to see that linguists are starting to accept the obvious reality:
In the half century since then, more rigorous studies have shown that, prejudice aside, some languages—such as Japanese, Basque, and Italian—really are spoken more quickly than others. But as mathematical methods and computing power have improved, linguists have spent more time studying not just speech rate, but the effort a speaker has to exert to get a message across to a listener. By calculating how much information every syllable in a language conveys, it’s possible to compare the “efficiency” of different languages. And a study published today in Science Advances found that more efficient languages tend to be spoken more slowly. In other words, no matter how quickly speakers chatter, the rate of information they’re transmitting is roughly the same across languages.
Obviously true, but the emphasis on energy misses part of the reason for "inefficient" languages.

Life is the OPPOSITE of efficiency. Life NEVER takes the path that minimizes energy usage. Modern Darwinians are DIAMETRICALLY wrong when they base their theories on energy efficiency. They do it because drunk streetlight. Energy usage is easy to measure with treadmills and calorimeters and other simple instruments.

Those extra syllables and phonemes and tones and intonations serve several purposes that are more important than conveying data but harder to measure. I've been discussing this from several angles. I'll just do three partial reprints:

Partial reprint 1.
Agglutinative languages mark the noun and stop there. Mechanistic logic says that one set of attachments gets the meaning across, so that's all you need. Synthetic languages spread the grammar across a major part of the sentence, generally with different forms and different mappings for nouns and adjectives and articles.

In synthetic languages the splashed-out forms are more like a spice or color than a mechanism. In German the article normally carries the case and number fairly reliably; the noun may carry only the number; and the adjective may carry only the case. Everything depends on everything else, so each word carries less of the load both productively and receptively. You can sniff the relationship from one or all of the pieces, and that's enough.

Partial reprint 2.
The Latin-loving youngsters are magnetized by the PERMANENT force field of Natural Law. They are repelled from the Satanic chaos of Soros and Bergoglio, attracted to PERMANENT AND MEANINGFUL STRUCTURE.

Why is Latin more suitable than modern languages to pull you into permanence?

For the same reason that Bach is better than Hillsong, the same reason that the Mass and Rosary are better than Mindfulness. PERMANENT AND MEANINGFUL STRUCTURE.

The rule is repeated in other religions. Eastern Orthodox uses Old Slavonic in its services. Hindus use Sanskrit. Muslims use classical Arabic. Serious Protestants prefer King James. Those differences aren't nearly as stark as Latin vs modern English, but they are always in the same direction.

In simple terms, more God means more grammar. In technical linguistic terms, tradition goes toward 'synthetic' and modernity goes toward 'isolating'.

Modernity is more efficient for damn sure. Measured by Shannon information, you can transfer the same message in a much shorter utterance when you skip the 'redundant' suffixes of Latin. English is unquestionably better for everyday business.
Partial reprint 3.
Continuing with Del Giudice's magnificently productive question about mental defensible spaces against pathogens.

How about defensible cases? Languages are certainly distinct mental spaces. Well known. An idea or a joke rarely transfers properly between languages. I've noted before that a well-structured language with good internal modularity protects people against invasive ideas.

Often-invaded cultures and languages like Russia develop sophisticated complexities that are impossible for invaders to understand.

Invading cultures like USA and invading languages like English are simple and crude. We are the pathogen, so we don't need to defend against other pathogens.

Babel tells us that God wanted modularity, not universality. Why? To protect us against both physical and cultural pathogens.


  Hark the Herald Porcupines Sing

Amazing catch. Feline Fe was one of the regular commenters on the Everett tweakercam, and she has resumed posting segments from various webcams.

This is from a Texas wildlife cam.

Very few mammals sing a sequence of notes like this. Birds and humans do it all the time for communication and for amusement. This porcupine seems to be singing for amusement. Nobody else is around, nobody to mate with or fight with.

I found a few other Youtube clips of porcupine calls, but they're not musical sequences. They're single downsweeps like a dog's begging sound.

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  If you're serious, tell us about it.

Tulsi had one of those Reddit 'ask me anything' deals yesterday. Most of the questions were standard partisan shit. Only one question was worth asking:

(Not exact quote)

As a member of Congress you know what's going on. You see lots of classified material. Why haven't you told us any of it?

This is the ONLY question that matters for "candidates" who aren't the official successor. Deepstate is powered by blackmail. The quickest way to reduce Deepstate's power is to break its monopoly on information. A member of Congress is the ONLY person who can break it legally. Breaking it will ruin your chance of being president, but you don't have a chance anyway because your name isn't Trump or Clinton.

Repooflican senators constantly promise us that blockbuster info is "about to be released as soon as we can persuade FBI to release it."

Absolute bullshit. FBI and CIA never release anything. When you ask them nicely to release, you're perfectly aware that nothing will happen. You're only covering your own ass and creating meaningless talking points.

If you've read important info, or heard it as testimony in committee, you know what's in it.

Tell us about it on the floor by reading it into the record. This is a traditional privilege of British parliament, which was repeated explicitly in the obsolete constitution.

AFAIK, only Mike Gravel has used this privilege, reading Vietnam War documents. Nobody else has done it in recent decades.


Wednesday, September 04, 2019
  A message across the ages

The first organized (pre-electric) telegraph network was the 1793 Chappe system.

Short synopsis: The inventor, Claude Chappe, was a tragic figure, the classic introvert who let perfectionism kill him. Like most successful inventors, he had business-minded brothers who could carry the business side of the project.

Claude's first attempt was a clock-style telegraph. Each station had a synchronized continually rotating letter dial. The upper panel was white on one side and black on the other, and pivoted vertically. The sending station would give the panel a quick turn, switching the color, when the desired letter was on the clock; the receiver would see the flash and record the corresponding letter from his own clock.

Revolutionary mobs disapproved of this invention and burned it.

The family managed to get the attention of the ideologues, who saw the value of a nationwide system to carry military commands and propaganda. Claude's second invention was built quickly, with Chappe mechanisms mounted on every tall building and every available hill. After the revolution was replaced by the usual neocons, Napoleon expanded the network even more for military purposes.

From a beautifully written account at Parisian Fields blog:
But it seemed that the more his idea spread, the more Claude Chappe was beset by rivals, claiming they had had the idea first, or that they had a better idea, or that the clockmaker Bréguet was the real genius behind the invention. In 1805, suffering from depression, he committed suicide by throwing himself into a well at the main Telegraph Administration.
Perfectionism leads to the predictable all-or-nothing tragedy.

The business-minded brothers continued running the system until 1840, when electric telegraphs made it obsolete. Claude missed the chance to participate in the success.

But maybe it's a good thing that he missed the later development.

From Parisian Fields again:
Around that time, twin brothers in Bordeaux, François and Louis Blanc, came up with a plan to bribe telegraph operators between Paris and Bordeaux to introduce “typos” (the French use the delightful word coquilles) into messages sent across the system; the coquilles indicated the direction of the Paris stock market each day. This allowed the brothers to beat the Bordeaux market in government bonds. They were eventually caught, and even tried, but since they had not broken an existing law (laws generally lag behind new technology), they were not punished.

More on the Blanc Brothers from an oddly translated Wikipedia article:
They grew up in a small town and were impressed every time circus came with a show - it seemed so interesting and simple so they followed the circus to learn all the tricks of the trade, boys were dreaming to become rich and successful and learnt so much and worked on different jobs.

The brothers started to work in gambling business in Marseilles and earning some money brothers decided to develop their business and started to speculate on government pensions and got into real estate development. In that way they attracted attention to their business and were arrested, but not for a long time because law was not adopted yet for such cases. They were released and moved to Paris, but after King Louis Philippe passed new laws they had to move again - to Luxembourgh. They ran profitable business there but it was just the first little step to their success in Hesse-Homburg near Frankfurt, where brothers signed a contract with a monarch because of debts of the city and in order to develop tourism industry. It happened that the Prince of Monaco had recently legalized gambling, so "The Magician of Homburg" became that first person to establish a casino operation in Monaco.
Government contracts + casinos = absolute corruption + absolute impunity.

Text communication systems always make it easier for Satan's stocksters to steal from honest businesses and governments. True from Chappe to Morse to Compuserve to Twitter.

= = = = =

I've "built" a model of the Chappe system, using the Chappe code. The model is sending a Carverian message from an introvert who has (more or less) conquered perfectionism to the ghost of Chappe, and to other introverts who tragically allow perfection to delete future joy.

A closeup look at the controls. Existing pictures are vague, so I designed a setup that would work if implemented. The pictures show ropes between the pulleys, but chains would have been better.

This system required considerable skill and brute strength. The stationnaires were expected to work 12/7/365 for 38 francs a month, roughly $150 now. They had to watch up and down the line for messages from other telegraphs, and then twist their wrists and bodies to resend the message. No wonder they were easy to bribe.

By contrast, the early dial telegraphs required no skill and no strength, and Morse requires considerable skill and no strength.

= = = = =

Here's a somewhat speculative model of the original clock-style. Happystar demonstrates the operation of the pivoted planche, which would be visible for about a mile in ideal conditions. This device would be especially suitable for night use. A single fixed torch could illuminate the planche; if the bright side was reflective metal, the signal could be visible for many miles.

The clock-style would require two people to operate properly. Polistra would be reading the text and watching the clock. When the next letter was about to hit, she would give a vocal command to Happystar. No skill, some strength.

= = = = =

The Poser set will be released when I finish the House-Brett printing telegraph, another no skill no strength system that didn't get very far.

Raises an interesting question: Successful systems required either physical strength or mental skill. Telegraphs that anyone could operate didn't succeed.

= = = = =

Stupid footnote: I initially assuméd that the namé had to be Chappé. Like most Americans, I automatically think that Frenchay worday alway enday with é. Laysay lay bon ton roulaaaay! The name just doesn't look right as Chappe, but in fact it is Chappe. One syllable.

= = = = =

Not quite stupid footnote: It's odd that Chappe's code didn't include separate characters for the various diacritics. A business or military message could be ambiguous without them. He used the Latin tradition of i=j, but included k and w as separate letters. Both are odd choices for French, where i and j are fully distinct while k and w are foreign and rare. See the 'lesser Russian alphabet' for another odd set of choices.

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  More-on Real World Meth

Via Spokane News FB:

3800 West Fort George Wright, reported male fell at a Walmart and got a ride home on the hood of a car. He then fell off the hood of the car and wants to report an assault now for that. -CS

Well, Labor Day is the start of fall.



It was already clear that McAfee was doing a Sucker Filter with this China Zombie thing. Now he's jumped into meta territory with his 'White Paper' on the subject of zombies.

He declares openly and explicitly that this is a scam:

Even if someone held a gun to my head, I could not muster any statement more positive than: DO NOT INVEST IN THIS SHITCOIN!! Under any circumstances, at any time for any reason.

And then he declares that you should treat it as a scam.

With this in mind, as you read through this white paper you should judge my conclusions and recommendations with the utmost scepticism and disbelief ... even disdain.

After that, he draws some "analogies" and "correlations" and "causations" about zombies and reality, making it clear that he doesn't buy them.

It's a work of swindling genius, beating all previous cult founders. Well, except possibly Jesus. His tomb grift and his brief "return" after "death" were in the same category.

Come to think of it, that's an example of "zombification" that Mac failed to list.
Tuesday, September 03, 2019
  Good job, Boris!

Well, I see Boris has accomplished his purpose. Like Trump, his job is to hand over the reins to Satan.

Both of them work the same way.

1. Begin by talking like God's people.

2. In the voice and dialect of God's people, say horrible things.

3. This enables Satan to attribute every form of evil to the people who foolishly voted for Trump/Boris, and encourages God's people to come out of the woodwork so they can be EXTERMINATED.

4. While saying horrible God-like things, actively work for Satan. Raise share values to infinity, force interest and tax to zero, raise debt to infinity, make war against everything except Israel and Saudi, open the borders to migrants, connect firmly and permanently to EU, destroy religion and culture.

Good work, Satan's servants!

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  Already did this room, go on to the next.

Via Eurekalert, a new piece of research showing the fiendish cleverness of bacteria.
The ultimate goal of any invading microbe is to reside peacefully within our bodies without evoking a strong inflammatory reaction that may result in the elimination of the microbe or cause us harm. The researchers have found that pneumococcus and other bacteria accomplish this by targeting a key component of the immune system - the inflammasomes. Inflammasomes are protein complexes, which upon recognizing foreign molecules, for example those found in microbes or damaged cells, initiate reactions to kill microbes and to clear diseased cells. The researchers found that bacteria such as pneumococci release large quantities of hydrogen peroxide, and that this causes inactivation of inflammasomes thereby weakening the immune system.
In other words: Our immune housekeepers use bleach to clean out bacteria. The bacteria fool the maids into thinking they've already cleaned this room, so the maids check off this room on the checklist and go on to the next room.

The basic fact that we use H2O2 is already interesting and not well known. The bacterial tactic is vastly more interesting!



I've pointed out before that ... the Populists of the 1890s were good diagnosers but terrible prescribers. They analyzed the problems of financialism and globalism beautifully, but their proposed solution was always a weakening of the gold standard. Exactly backwards. What happened when Nixon finally killed the gold standard? Final victory for the bankers and globalists. For some reason the usual Populist Pill was Bimetallism, which mixed 15 parts silver and 1 part gold into a magic token that would destroy all bankers.

It's not clear from available documents whether influencers like Jennings Bryan were Agents Provocateurs or just poor economists. In fairness, they didn't have a lot of experimental data on the effects of breaking gold. Bubbles were common during pure gold periods. Gold doesn't prevent bubbles. Only regulation prevents bubbles. Gold DOES discourage infinite creation of fake value. Those populists couldn't have imagined monstrosities like QE and MMT, but they should have remembered Madman Lincoln's inflation, and the inflation in the first decades after 1776.

Modern bad prescribers don't have that excuse. They are living inside an era of infinite QE and MMT. We can see clearly that true nationalists like Russia and Persia are moving back to gold and savings as fast as they can, while globalists are spinning out of orbit toward infinite debt and total abstraction.

Nevertheless, the "independents" continue to prescribe Bitcoin, the modern magic token that will destroy all bankers by giving total control to Deepstate.

Via ZH, a perfect parallel. The author claims that nationalism and Bitcoin go together, just as nationalism and bimetallism supposedly went together. The author sets up two alternatives: Central bank fiat vs Bitcoin. He doesn't even mention the other end of the scale. Bitcoin is super-fiat, not anti-fiat. Gold is anti-fiat.

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Monday, September 02, 2019
  What did neutrality feel like?

What was it like to live in a non-interventionist neutral country? I've cited lots of examples from the media of the '30s. The radio manufacturers advertised radio as a way to understand all sides in the European war.

Here's another example along the same lines, from E H Scott in October '39.
Each of the four major countries now at war has a large number of superpowerful transmitters on the air practically 24 hours a day. England is transmitting daily programs on 16 different SW channels; Italy on 11 channels, France on 5 channels, Germany on 4 channels. Although we know that the "news" broadcast at regular intervals during the day from the transmitters of London, Berlin, Paris, Rome and Moscow is highly seasoned with propaganda, these broadcasts at least enable us to hear all sides of the story.
Note that England is grouped with the others. They're all belligerents, so all of them are turning out "news", not news.

This attitude DIDN'T CHANGE during WW2 when we became one of the belligerents. Our broadcasters still correctly informed us that the "news" from all belligerents, INCLUDING US, was propaganda.

The attitude changed sharply in 1946 when Deepstate regained total control. We resumed our 1918 lunacy, and it's only grown worse since.

Sidenote: A more poignant piece from the E H Scott newsletters.


  Nice little SES

A nice asked-answered trio from the BBC webpage....

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  Not so strange now

'True' magazine briefly tried a radio program competing with Hix and Ripley. They didn't succeed, and only a couple of episodes remain. This one includes a story about George Francis Train, who was a serial IPO artist. He founded a streetcar line in England which failed because of poor design. He was more successful with pure monetary fraud, founding Credit Mobilier to take advantage of Madman Lincoln's railroad subsidies.

The radio episode features Train's candidacy in the 1872 election. He made hundreds of speeches and whistlestop appearances, then withdrew long before the convention. Turns out he was charging admission to his speeches. He wasn't really running, he was just committing fraud as usual.

In the '30s this approach to politics was bizarre enough to be mentioned in a Hix-type program. Now it's the norm. We have dozens of "candidates" who clearly have no intention of running or serving. They're just making money from the publicity.

From smoke-filled rooms to woke-filled rooms, it's always the same.
  OpSec vs Disney

Lately my web 'home page' has been Strategic Culture. They carry several writers who GET IT. Zuesse analyzes the failing aggressors of the West and the defensive gathering of the East more accurately than anyone. Ehret describes the history of Deepstate and the unique example of FDR better than anyone except me. (Why be fake modest?)

I think SC is related to LaRouche, who has a distinctly cultish flavor. Nevertheless, truth is truth. When you can verify BY EXPERIENCE that an author tells the truth, it doesn't matter what else or who else he favors. Any old port in a storm that destroys all facts and logic.

One of the SC authors is making an interesting proposal or plea to Russia. Tim Kirby wants to see Russia competing with Hollywood. He points out correctly that Hollywood serves to spread our pathogens sneakily, breaking through the defenses of every nation and infecting it with our massive evil.

From the defensible spaces / defensible cases viewpoint, I can see why Russia doesn't bother to be Disney and in fact CAN'T be Disney.

As I wrote a few days ago,
Often-invaded cultures and languages like Russia develop sophisticated complexities that are impossible for invaders to understand.

Invading cultures like USA and invading languages like English are simple and crude. We are the pathogen, so we don't need to defend against other pathogens.

Babel tells us that God wanted modularity, not universality. Why? To protect us against both physical and cultural pathogens.

Globalists FORCIBLY break all of these defensible spaces and cases. Globalists want one universal language and one universal culture and one universal mindset. Why? So the Imperial pathogen can spread into all lands. Globalists are like the seed-pod fungus.
A sophisticated and dense culture simply can't be spread by Disney. It's too closely tied to the land and the people and the religion.

Some Russian leaders have been infected by foreign culture and tried to turn Russians into foreigners. Peter tried to make Russians into Frenchmen and failed. Yeltsin tried to make Russians into NYC and failed. Putin has returned to the natural and effective position of immune defense.

Russia's existing propaganda organs are not doing a good job of immune defense. The problem is the opposite of Kirby's diagnosis. RT and SputnikNews are doing a poor job because they're ALREADY copying Hollywood. They sound just like CNN and Fox. They are carrying SOROS and NYC values instead of Russian values. The only exception is Deepstate's psychotic accusations against Russia. RT defends weakly against those, but it defends within an inconsistent Sorosian background.

The old Radio Moscow did a better job of displaying real Russian attitudes and culture, but it had to express the culture in terms of official atheism.

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Sunday, September 01, 2019
  Well, what did you EXPECT?

Via UncommonDescent:
Dr. Boghossian, an assistant professor of philosophy at Portland State, joined two other academics to hoax the purveyors of gender studies and kindred fields committed to turning personal gripes into taxpayer-funded “studies.”

Boghossian and his colleagues submitted articles including an analysis of “canine rape culture” and an extract from “Mein Kampf” translated into the language of feminist theory. These were accepted by what counts as “major” journals in these pseudo-disciplines. In 2018, Boghossian and his colleagues made public these hoaxes, which elegantly and hilariously made the point that these fields’ “scholarship” cannot be distinguished from applesauce and horsefeathers.

Almost instantly Boghossian’s university brought him up on charges of “research misconduct.” The theory was that he should have told the editors of the journals that he was hoaxing them. Allegations of this sort multiplied. He was cleared of most of them, but Portland State stuck with the idea that he had carried out “improper research on human subjects.”
No sympathy.

When you're allegedly a "philosopher", you should understand how human nature works. You should know how the mind of an administrator works, especially when you're dealing with them every day.

My father understood this point early in his academic career, and told me about it in 1959. Nothing has changed since then. This is a permanent fact of human nature.

Knowing the mind of an administrator, and knowing the current climate of abnormally ferocious tyranny, Boghossian shouldn't have EXPECTED to get away with mocking the admins.

The hoaxes haven't caused any improvement in the blind granite-brained stupidity of the "social" "sciences", because granite doesn't learn. The hoaxes only caused Boghossian to lose his job.

"Working within the system" always fails, always ends up helping the system. You have to choose whether you need the money more than the integrity. If you need the money more, stay in the system and don't waste effort trying to change it. The system will never change, and the system wants you to waste your effort. If you need the integrity more than the money, just GET OUT.

= = = = =

Sidenote.... Not precisely relevant, but I haven't been hitting this point often enough.... In earlier times it was easier to GET OUT because normal people could earn interest on savings. A prudent scholar who knew that his integrity had a limit of tolerance could save enthusiastically for ten years while gritting his teeth. Then he could cut loose with a reliable basic income while he found a better way of achieving his scholarly purpose. Now interest on savings is extinct and young scholars are burdened with interest-bearing debt. GETTING OUT is vastly harder. This is fully intentional, and the admins know it.



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