Thursday, June 21, 2018
  Satan interviews Satan

Satan dba Deutsche Welle interviews Satan dba Comey. Satanic question, satanic answer.
When asked whether he felt like he might get "tainted" by remaining in the Trump administration, Comey said that although there was potential for that, "I thought that was my duty."

"The nature of the president actually increased my commitment to stay in my role and serve and protect the FBI and the American people," Comey said.

"I knew it was going to be hard. I knew there were going to be all kinds of difficult situations, but I thought what a coward I would be to walk away from that when I'm supposed to be leading an organization that's, by spirit and culture, independent."
In other words, the FBI's duty is crime and treason and mass murder. Ever since its founding 100 years ago, FBI's sole mission is to EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE anyone who shows the slightest signs of sanity or normalcy or goodness, including Presidents who even PRETEND for a moment to be serving America. Only absolute infinite infinite infinite infinite evil is permitted.

Satan is rarely shy. He always announces his purposes clearly and openly.


Wednesday, June 20, 2018
  Stupid warning

Still trying to find a proper replacement for a Just Right soup bowl that I carelessly broke a few months ago. Ordered some items from JCPenney. They might do the job. Worth a try. But they're still not Just Right. I may have to commission a stoneware bowl from a potter on Etsy.

The box from Penneys:

Okay. So how should you open it? Sandpaper? Gunshots? Throw rocks at it? Burn the cardboard with Elon's flamethrower?

Or do they mean that you should open it with sound waves from a precisely tuned piano? White keys only? (Racism! Racism! Deprivileging Keys Of Colour!)

= = = = =

Irrelevant footnote on burning: Last night I was pondering the "needle in a haystack" cliche. Needles are made of iron. Just tape a magnet on a long stick and start poking around. Click! Got it. Or if you don't have a magnet, you could burn the haystack to expose the needle. Either way it's not an impossible task if you really WANT the needle.
Monday, June 18, 2018
  Jesus. Fucking idiot.

Via ZH:
Moments after Angela Merkel received a 2-week ultimatum to resolve Germany's increasingly contentious refugee issue which could culminate with Merkel resignation, Donald Trump decided to capitalize on Merkel's misfortune, and in a tweet claimed that "the people of Germany are turning against their leadership as migration is rocking the already tenuous Berlin coalition. Crime in Germany is way up. Big mistake made all over Europe in allowing millions of people in who have so strongly and violently changed their culture!"
Jesus. Fucking idiot.

Now all Krauts will UNITE behind Merkel.

This is why Putin is successful and Trump is a grotesque failure. In fact this is a long-lasting difference between Russian and American behavior.

Russians (and sane adults everywhere) KNOW WHEN TO SHUT UP. When your enemy is falling apart ON THEIR OWN, you don't NEED to do or say anything. Just keep doing your duty, keep fulfilling your own purpose. Watch and enjoy the enemy's failure. Anything you say or do will give the enemy a reason to stick together.

= = = = =

Footnote: This entry is mainly a REMINDER to myself. I noticed some neocon asshole defending "rights" against duties with a pile of false arguments. I got all weeweed up in typical Web Mode and prepared to BLAST him as they say in clickbait. And then the sane adult took over. Do your duty, fulfill your purpose, let the idiots show their colors.

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  Constants and variables 94, pills vs chills edition

Just calling attention to an ELEGANT use of constants and variables in this article on the importance of fever.

The article starts with a dubious reading of history:
Until a few decades ago, fevers were thought to be an unavoidable but unpleasant side effect of illness. But modern research suggests that most fevers are actually integral to effective immune responses.
I don't think the concept is new. Conventional wisdom has always seen a fever as the body's attempt to evict the pathogen by making the internal environment uncomfortable for the pathogen. The idea that you must relieve the fever is quite recent, and arguably driven by the pharmaceutical industry in cahoots with pill-pushing MDs.

Here's the beautiful and elegant part:
The evolutionary importance of the fever was first examined by comparing fevers to other dangerous spikes in temperature. Writing in American Zoologist, physiologist Matthew Kluger notes that responses to increased body temperature are different when the cause is a fever compared to, say, exercising in the heat. When our body temperature rises in response to an infection, we take actions consistent with trying to warm up even more: shivering, huddling under blankets. When hyperthermic, we sweat, feel the urge to drink cool water, and make every effort to cool down. In other words, when we’re sick, our bodies try their best to be hot.
Kluger is observing what REAL ORGANISMS do in response to heat from two separate causes. He grasps the variable of PURPOSE in our natural responses. We're not just a bimetal thermostat. The signal from our thermosensors is combined with some (not yet understood) sense input from the immune system.

Heat + immune activity = goal of preserving heat.

Heat + muscle activity = goal of shedding heat.


Saturday, June 16, 2018
  Manweller vs Einstein

Okay, the title is stretchy, but I think there's a point to be made.

A lot of political "debate" is based on mechanistic assumptions. Groups are treated as soulless automatons, like Einstein's fashionable preconceptions about China.

Supposedly "immigrant hordes" are brought in solely to insure D victory. "47% largesse" is given solely to insure D victory. Felons are allowed to vote to insure D victory.

It never works that way.

I disproved the 47% largesse crap easily.

The immigrant horde crap isn't quite as obvious, but it's fairly clear that new immigrants don't vote, and second-generation immigrants follow local tendencies because they have the same needs as the older locals. No automatons in this group.

Prison? Most prisoners are black, so they are automatically D. The mechanistic assumption is correct at that level. BUT pro criminals of all colors weren't voters before they were arrested, and still aren't voters afterward. Pro criminals have a FAR MORE REALISTIC view of life. They understand that force solves problems. They see that the stageplay of "voting" never makes a difference. So it doesn't matter if they're allowed to vote or not. They're too smart to waste time on frivolity.

Pro criminals understand Manweller's rule. Elections only count when they verify the decisions made by force. Real decisions are made before and above the decorative ceremony of elections.

The same basic point applies to all expansions of the voting population, from women to 18-year-olds to disputes about requiring ID. It doesn't matter who is ALLOWED or ENCOURAGED to vote. ACTUAL voters behave the same no matter how you configure the ALLOWANCE.
Friday, June 15, 2018
  More Soviet surprises

RT mentions a new Russian law raising the age for Social Security. Here in wonderful USA STRONG we're raising the age from 65 to 70. Russia is raising the age FROM 60 for men and 55 for women TO 65 for men and TO 63 for women, gradually over the next 10 years.

Surprised me. Turns out that the 60m/55w age has been in place since 1930, longer than our system with its 65 limit. Our original Townsend Plan was meant to start at 60, but by the time it was written up it was "compromised".

Found an excellent brief account of pensions and similar services. Better than the 1968 Dept of Commerce document I've been using, which was a good source on banking and profits but not useful on these subjects.

This PDF is a brief 1959 article by Robert Myers in a trade journal for actuaries. Myers goes into heavy detail on stuff that actuaries find interesting, but also gives a clear and concise description of savings, insurance and medical care.

Myers felt the need to pre-defend his findings against our idiotic pre-conceptions about Communism, which haven't changed one fucking bit since 1959.
Most people in the United States and Canada do not realize that the Soviet Union has an effective social security system. Undoubtedly, this position is subconsciously based on the feeling that the small concern shown by the Soviet government for the rights of individuals extends to aged and disabled persons, who can no longer be productive. This would also seem to be in accordance with the Communist principle, "He who does not work, neither shall he eat."

Actually, the USSR has a very broad social security system that bears many resemblances to such programs in other countries. The Soviet Constitution provides for social insurance protection. Individuals on this side of the Iron Curtain, after learning of the existence of the Soviet social security system, might well expect the benefits to be flat amounts in accordance with the Communist principle, "From each according to his ability; to each according to his need." However, benefits under the Soviet system vary with earnings. Still another misconception that might arise is that the entire economic security of the Soviet citizen is provided by governmental programs. Although this is true to a very considerable extent, rather surprisingly it is by no means completely the case.

Savings accounts:
The Soviet Union has more than 50,000 savings banks. About 43 million people have accounts of an average size of 1,850 rubles. (=about 185 dollars at that time.) Interest is paid at the rate of 2% for short-term deposits and 3% for deposits of 1 year or more. Since there are no personal checking accounts in the Soviet Union, it would seem that most of the savings in these institutions are for short-term purposes.

Life and accident insurance:
A single government-owned insurance company operates in most ways like insurance companies in other countries. This company sells not only life and accident insurance, but also casualty and fire insurance.

Policies are sold and serviced by an agency force of about 40,000. Each agent has an exclusive geographic territory and is remunerated by commissions that vary from 6% to 20% depending on the type of insurance. The earnings of the agents appear to be relatively good, since they are about 50% higher than the average wage in industry and commerce.

It appears that about 10 million persons are insured for life and accident, with the average life policy being about 5000 rubles. and the average "accident only" policy about 10,000 rubles. Considering the Soviet philosophy, the amount of individual insurance in force seems relatively large.

Medical care:
Almost complete medical care is available for all persons in the Soviet Union under a system of government-operated clinics and hospitals with salaried doctors. The only direct costs to individuals are partial charges for inexpensive medicines and similar items. There is a small amount of private practice of medicine by salaried doctors during their off-duty hours. This is used primarily by higher paid patients to avoid long waits at the clinics for minor ailments.
Here's a chart of the pension age system. Note the distinction between ordinary, hard, and dangerous work, and also note the special provision for mothers of large families. Women were expected to work, and child care was provided free.

Overall this illustrates yet again the distinction between the Natural Law system of employment versus the Yankee system. The Natural Law system, which Yankees call "slavery", provides lifetime security in exchange for a restricted range of income. The Yankee system, which Yankees call "rights", makes no provision at all for security. If you are a New Yorker you get vast rewards. If not, you have the "right" to die and nobody will give a fuck.

= = = = =

Footnote: While I was looking up other sources to be sure Myers was right, I repeatedly noticed that the old structures are still there. The state insurance company Gosstrakh is still running, and the pension system and medical system haven't changed much. In other words, Russia has preserved the GOOD PARTS of the Soviet system while releasing total state control. In my previous discussion, I saw that the Soviet system was in fact capitalist and profit-based. The most successful parts of modern Russia, like Rosneft and Rosatom, are still mostly state-owned and capitalist and profit-based.

CONCLUSION: State-owned and state-planned profit-based capitalism WORKS BETTER than our current share value system. Central planning vs "free" planning is no longer a variable. Our corporations are centrally planned by a few oligarchs (Bezos, Zuckerberg, Buffett, Bloomberg) so we can't claim "the invisible hand". There are only a few perfectly visible and perfectly bloody hands.

It shouldn't be surprising that central planning by government to serve the nation works better than central planning to serve a few psychotic alien lunatic monstrous genocidal demons.

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  Spain commits national suicide

Spain has gone ALL THE WAY with Satan.
Spain’s new center-left government unveiled a series of measures Friday to “put people's rights first” in migration policies, AP reported. The new cabinet took the first steps toward extending public health care to foreigners without residence permits, Education Minister Isabel Celaa said, adding that the government would have a decree ready in six weeks. The government also planned to assess how to remove – “without losing any security” – the barbed wire capping the border fences of Ceuta and Melilla, the two Spanish enclaves in North Africa.
Rajoy had been cautiously pro-Spain and pro-God. Sanchez is reversing the field AND MORE.

This deserves more than my usual purple area on the map of Sorosia.

Spain IS Satan.


  Speaking of memory....

Speaking of trauma and memory:

Back in Sept 2016 I was resuming my morning walk, carefully and minimally, the day after hernia surgery. I was still in pain and slightly anesthetized, so I didn't trust my brain. I saw a miraculous sight, one of the cars I'd always been hoping to see. A 1939 Champion two-door, light tan in color. I had seen a few of the big prewar Studies when I was a kid, but never a Champion. This one was just sitting in the driveway of a house that perfectly matched 1939.

Given the circumstances, I wasn't sure of the validity. Hallucination? Good omen? Bad omen? Or just real?

This morning the reality was verified. Saw the same car on the road, driving to work like all the modern cars. Sounds like a modern V8 under the hood, not a prewar six.

Here's a factory picture of the Champ two-door, along with another dreamy element that unfortunately wasn't part of my sightings.

Correction after looking at more pictures: The car I'm seeing has long vertical taillights, which means it's a '41. The '39 and '40 had short vertical taillights, and the '42 (like nearly all '42 American cars) had horizontal rectangles.


  Se-lu 25, soulless automaton edition

One of Einstein's soulless herd-like automaton Orientals shows us his herd-like soulless automaton nature.

Problem: Got a motorcycle. Need to deliver a big rack thing. You're a herd-like automaton. What do you do? Obviously you surrender to the herd and automatonically sit down on the ground in great stench and filth, doing nothing. Einstein said it, so it must be right.

= = = = =

In reality, you tie a side-trailer onto the motorcycle, then tie the rack thing onto the side-trailer, then tie on some shopping bags for overwidth warning, then put a couple of helmets on the side-trailer to satisfy legalities, then start up the bike and deliver the big rack thing. Problem solved, job done.

It couldn't happen in Einstein's Krautland and it couldn't happen in modern America, because Krautmericans are ACTUALLY herd-like automatons blindly obeying all rules and regulations. We are physically incapable of LOOSENING our souls.

(Incidentally, all of the abovementioned tying took about three minutes. This dude clearly has plenty of experience in improvised delivery.)


  Why it works

Here is an IMPORTANT piece of research.
In the field of treating traumatic memories there has been a long-debated question of whether fear attenuation involves the suppression of the original memory trace of fear by a new memory trace of safety or the rewriting of the original fear trace towards safety. Part of the debate has to do with the fact that we still don't understand exactly how neurons store memories in general. Although they don't exclude suppression, the findings from this study show for the first time the importance of rewriting in treating traumatic memories.

Using a fear-training exercise that produces long-lasting traumatic memories, the scientists first identified the subpopulation of neurons in the dentate gyrus that are involved in storing long-term traumatic memories.

The mice then underwent fear-reducing training, which resembles exposure-based therapy in humans -- the most efficient form of trauma therapy in humans today. Surprisingly, when the researchers looked again into the brain of the mice, some of the neurons active at recalling the traumatic memories were still active when the animals no longer showed fear. Importantly, the less the mice were scared, the more cells became reactivated.
In other words, re-conditioning a memory away from panic doesn't mean getting rid of the memory. It means drowning out the panic waves with new comfort waves, which must be more intense than the original panic waves.

The conditioning specifically affects one area in the dentate gyrus:

Finally, when the researchers enhanced the excitability of these recall neurons during the therapeutic intervention, they found that the mice showed improved fear reduction. Thus, they concluded that attenuating remote fear memories depends on the continued activity of the neurons they identified in the dentate gyrus.

= = = = =

The hippocampus is the 'hemstitch' at the bottom edge of the temporal lobe, seen here:

This picture is dominated by the light blue arch of the fornix, which crosslinks the hippocampus into other parts of the cortex.

A closeup of the connection point where the fornix merges into the hippocampus shows that the dentate gyrus is a crucial 'modulator' for the connection.

So it's not surprising to find the dentate gyrus controlling associations, but the swamping or drowning-out effect is new and meaningful. It shows why one form of therapy works, and SHOULD cause "social" "scientists" to refine the effective therapy and abandon other forms of therapy. It won't, of course.
Thursday, June 14, 2018
  Fucking asked and fucking answered

At the top of the world, Randians are cheering:

Why the decrease?

Answered by the bottom of the world:

See? Even the homeless have fine cloth napkins. No problem.

= = = = =

The Randians might ask next: Well, why don't those homeless folks just get up off their asses and buy a house?

Zillow answers this one. The green X is where these folks are.


  Theorist as always

Headline on BBC:

Einstein's travel diaries reveal physicist's racism

I read the article expecting to find the standard crap, as in James Watson or James Damore. Simple factual statements, based on accurate observation of reality, must be defined as "racist" and "sexist".

Nope, I was wrong. Einstein's comments were NOT factual.
He also describes his time in Colombo in Ceylon, writing of the people: "They live in great filth and considerable stench down on the ground, do little, and need little."

... He describes Chinese children as "spiritless and obtuse", and calls it "a pity if these Chinese supplant all other races". In other entries he calls China "a peculiar herd-like nation," and "more like automatons than people", claiming there is "little difference" between Chinese men and women, and questioning how the men are "incapable of defending themselves" from female "fatal attraction".
This is pure prejudice. Einstein was parroting fashionable preconceptions, not observing reality.

Later, after getting a job with Deepstate, he parroted Deepstate's fashionable preconceptions:

...described racism as "a disease of white people" in a 1946 speech at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania.

Good old 1946.

All of this is perfectly consistent. Einstein's mind was totally filled with fashionable delusions, which are called "theories" in the world of science. He never paid the slightest attention to plain old reality.


  What would Roosevelt do?

As always, the real question is not what WOULD but what DID. FDR faced the same problems we face now, and he handled them correctly. We do the opposite every fucking time.

Someone in the Trump admin pretended to do the right thing for a moment:
Last year, Energy Secretary Rick Perry proposed a plan for subsidizing coal and nuclear plants for providing base load generation—that is, round-the-clock power, but the plan was rejected by the utility regulators who said they will study the national grid’s resilience to supply interruptions. Many grid operators said they are already factoring in everything that has to do with their grid’s resilience to disruptions.

Meanwhile, coal and nuclear plants are shutting down as they can no longer compete with cheap natural gas and can barely compete with subsidized renewables. Two months ago, utility FirstEnergy approached the Department of Energy directly with a request for what would have been a bailout package for its coal and nuclear subsidiaries, but just days after this, the parent announced the bankruptcy of the two units.
FDR faced two similar problems.

First, farmers were failing because of disorganized unregulated competition. His admin recognized (1) farmers are a crucial BASELOAD for the entire economy, (2) farming isn't an occupation you can jump into and hope to succeed. FDR subsidized good farmers and discouraged upstarts.

Second, industry and commerce were unable to expand because of patchy electricity and water utilities. FDR built dams and power plants and water systems to enable further growth.

Above all, FDR didn't let entrenched bureaucrats conspire with bankers to stop his efforts. He fired bureaucrats and closed banks.

= = = = =

Coal and nuclear are parallel to farms, but the parallel isn't really necessary. A nuke plant relies on a long trail of experience and engineering, and runs steadily with very little input. Nuke plants here in USA STRONG can no longer be built AT ALL because the government has ALLOWED envirodemons and lawyerdemons to block construction forever. In sane countries a nuke plant only takes about two years to build, as Russia is profitably proving in MANY sane countries.

Natural gas is much easier to build, mainly because the regulators have decided to ALLOW it. A gas plant needs constant input via pipelines or tankers, which are much more susceptible to interruption and price variation.

"Renewables" are a fraud. Nothing more, nothing less. As always, our dysgovernment SUBSIDIZES CRIME and SLAUGHTERS honest useful industries.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2018
  No, we don't need more "scientific" literacy.

Article about a hi-tech IPO that supposedly preserves your mind by preserving the neurons and synapses of your brain at a snapshot moment. Immortality! Oh boy! My favorite!

Article ends with:
The solution to the dangers of hype, experts say, is a more scientifically literate public and less clickbait-driven journalism. Until then, it seems that companies like Nectome will continue to enjoy at least 15 minutes of fame.
Fuck. I'm scientifically literate enough to see the IPO is bullshit.

Memory is dynamic, not static. Memory is more like a song than a CD.

LOTS of people are equally or far more literate, and LOTS of us could have told them it's bullshit.

Why do we need MORE literate people when MILLIONS of currently literate people are TOTALLY FUCKING POWERLESS? Why bother with literacy when nobody will FUCKING LISTEN?

On the other side, this IPO "partnered with well-known MIT neurologist Edward Boyden." Why is Boyden still working and still well-known? He proved that he is either illiterate or corrupt.

Literate and UNCOOL people get no respect. Corrupt and COOL "scientists" get all the rewards.

Crime pays MAGNIFICENTLY. Cheaters win EVERYTHING. Honesty is SUICIDE.

= = = = =

Footnote for clarity: Scientific literacy isn't even the main variable in most tech frauds. It wouldn't help with Theranos because there's no scientific or technical reason why Holmes's machine couldn't work. Holmes had to be exposed by internal whistleblowers who realized that she wasn't trying to build the promised machine. She was just setting up a vast array of magic tricks and stagecraft to manipulate share value.

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  What's the secret?

Pepe Escobar points out the contrast between the G7 or G6+1 or G8-56 or G321.5/2Pi or whatever meeting, and the simultaneous meeting of SCO, the economic organization of God's side.

The G7 or whatever meeting is a cacophonous nursery filled with psychotic retarded alien infants, and the SCO meeting is grownups dealing sanely with serious questions. Making new agreements to build the Silk Road facilities, bringing in Mongolia and Persia cautiously, preparing the ground for a unified Korea.

What's missing in all of these discussions? India. In fact India always manages to stay out of the spotlight. Its population is equal to China now, and will beat China next year because China's one-child policy flattened the curve. The biggest country in the world makes less news than Ecuador.

India has maintained strategic flexibility ever since independence, constantly fighting Pakistan over worthless Kashmir but not taking part in the big battles. East and West have always tried to lock India into taking a side, but India has always refused, and has never paid a price for refusing.

What's the secret?
  Speaking of "global warming"

This warming is chilling us! Oops, I mean killing us! Obviously these temperatures must be Fake News generated by RUSSIAN_INTERFERENCE_BOTS.

In fairness, May was unusually warm. Now June is unusually cool. This year is pretty much normal, which is a relief after two consistently abnormal years.


Monday, June 11, 2018
  From an extremely different era 4

ZH notes, with fake surprise, that public suicides lead more people to think of suicide.

This was perfectly well known in earlier times.

A 1947 episode of Nick Carter deals with a suicide racket. Prominent rich widows are suiciding at an alarming rate.

Carter's police contact calls in Carter to help investigate.

Lt Mathison: You know as well as I do, NIck, that suicides run in waves.

Nick: I know, I know. But seems like there's too much coincidence here.

It turns out that the 'coincidence' is cultivated by a fake swami who gains the trust of the widows then blackmails them into suicide. He sees the imminent disaster in his crystal ball and promises to prevent it through spiritual control for $100k. Some of the widows spontaneously suicide after thinking their life is over. Most pay for spiritual protection. If the victim refuses to pay, the swami's non-spiritual assistants accomplish the suicide Fort Marcy style to encourage the others.

Because some of the suicides are genuine the cops have trouble finding the pattern. Of course Master Detective Carter figures it out.

= = = = =

Makes me wonder. Most of our suicides are NOT disguised homicides, but most of them ARE cultivated by Satanic media with full knowledge and intention. In this case it's not blackmail, it's just good old Parkinson.

Media companies, especially social media, are misery miners. Evil is their raw material. They need to discover new veins of evil to continue ratcheting up the shock value and grabbing more eyeballs.

Deleting common knowledge is a necessary part of the mining. When people are GROUNDED by knowledge of natural tendencies and natural cycles, they are immune to fake surprise. Modern rackets like "global warming" and "terrorism" and "economics" depend on deleting the traditional understanding of natural law, human logic, and natural cycles. Every problem must be specifically blamed on Official Enemy so we can increase our budget to "solve" the problem of Official Enemy by creating more Official Enemies so we can increase our budget to "solve" the problem of etc.

Facebook is a special case. Along with the normal Parkinson, it has an overarching PURPOSE for its mining and processing, stated frequently and openly by Satan Zuckerberg. "We want to increase the connectedness of the world." In other words, we want more global control, more uniformity of thought. How do you get there? As with any assembly line, there's a production stage and a quality control stage. Production injects uniform globalist thoughts and turns out finished globalists. QC catches faulty items and tosses them back in the furnace.


  Spain declares for Satan

A few days ago I added Italy to God's side and took Spain away, but left Spain blank for the time being. Now Spain has FIRMLY moved to Satan's side in a direct response to Italy's God move. Spain volunteered to take the migrants that Italy refused.

So the map of Sorosia is firmed up again:

I've also reversed my earlier positive view of recent changes in Armenia. I had thought the new government there was turning away from Satan, but the Voice of Satan itself is cheering the new government. Can't argue with the beast!

Next day: FUCK.

The Italian government has already surrendered to the Sorosians. When the migrant ship refused to turn toward Spain because the ship had run out of food, Italy blinked.

There was an easy alternate solution. Send helicopters out to resupply the migrant ship so it can’t claim starvation and lack of fuel. Italy could have done this with its own military, or contracted with private firms.

Now Soros knows that Italy is an easy pushover. The rebellion is finished after just two days.

CORRECTION: Italy ended up doing the right thing after all. Spain is taking the migrants. So the score still stands at Italy moves toward God, Spain moves toward Satan. I need to be more patient with Italy, which always flutters around before settling into a decision.
  Appropriate words, horrible graphics

Commercial art has improved tremendously in the last 50 years.

From a 1948 trade journal aimed at NYC advertisers. The appeal for good old WIBW makes sense, resonating with NYC's automatic contempt and lethal hatred for humans. But the graphic leaves a LOT to be desired. Icky! Doesn't look like any recognizable form of corn; just looks like a horrible parasitic infection of the ear canal.
  Trust the experts! Obey the professionals!

For a hundred years doctors ROUTINELY removed tonsils and adenoids at the least sign of trouble, or even without signs of trouble. They claimed to be preventing future disease. Were they?
Removing tonsils and adenoids in childhood increases the long-term risk of respiratory, allergic and infectious diseases, according to researchers who have examined -- for the first time -- the long-term effects of the operations.
No. They were creating future disease.

If we really want to train "responsible citizens" we should train them to understand Parkinson's Laws and corollaries. Organizations exist to increase their own budgets and power.


Sunday, June 10, 2018
  GOOD, by god.

ITALY GETS SERIOUS. The new government is ACTUALLY TURNING BACK migrant boats. No more talk, no more of the usual Western noise and stagecraft. ACTION.




BBC article on concentration vs creativity doesn't offer anything new. The author concludes that tight focus is useful sometimes and distraction is useful sometimes. Duh.

The article leads with a picture of Graham Bell wearing headphones connected to a Westinghouse electronic thingamajig. (Why not a Bell or Western Electric thingamajig?) He's also holding a pipe, which is a more important aid to creativity, though the article can't say it.

My first thought was that the electronic thingamajig must be an audiometer, but it doesn't look familiar in that context. I don't remember any Westinghouse audiometers. Looks more like a radio, and sure enough it is.

It's an Aeriola, made by RCA and rebranded by Westinghouse.

While I was googling for "Westinghouse audiometer", Google showed how distraction can help with focus:

Okay, okay, I get the hint. Enough screwing around. Time to get back to programming! Later: The refocus paid off. I went back and solved the slippery SCORM LMS problem that had been itching me for a couple of days.

Sidenote: The item including the Hollerith pic does mention Westinghouse, but doesn't get close to audiometers. Presumably Google's associative memory classifies this entire blog as related to audiology, which is a pretty good judgment. I ramble ignorantly about politics and religion and farting Martians, but I generally fall back to home territory in acoustics and phonetics and neurology.
  Is this introvert vs extrovert?

For some reason I was going over some STUPID things I've said in the past. Each time I knew it was stupid and awkward as soon as the sentence started to come out of my mouth, but it was too late to stop.

None of these stupid things were said in writing or by email. When writing I'm always able to pre-check the output and avoid unnecessary harshness or clumsiness. (Harshness is sometimes necessary.)

This pairing is the exact opposite of the standard complaint about Modern Times. Supposedly the quickness of email makes it too easy to write things that you wouldn't say in person.

I think this might be a basic difference between extroverts and introverts. Most articles in paid magazines and websites are written by extroverts, so their observations about social concerns become the Only Narrative.

Introverts are always straining, always at the edge of our competence, when speaking face to face. So it makes sense that we sometimes run beyond the edge of social competence in that situation.

Putting it another way, social situations are painful for introverts. An animal in pain tends to hiss and growl and snap.
Saturday, June 09, 2018
  Four technologies fighting for survival

Via American Radio History as always, an interesting collision of four technologies. Seen in Radio Retailing magazine in 1950.

Tape was brand new. Home disc recording was moderately popular but never dominant. Wire recording was incurably messy. And non-electric windup phonographs were still in the game.

Why did reel-to-reel tape become the sole recording medium? It had the same messiness as wire until cassettes came along. (Cassettes were already developed in 1950 but didn't take over until 1965.) Why didn't Dictaphone cylinders, the direct descendant of Edison's original invention, move into home use? They were much easier to use than tape or wire, and less expensive than disks. The cylinder or loop was common in offices from 1910 to 1960.

Among these four, the Recordette was definitely best value for the price. You got an ordinary phonograph AND a recorder AND a radio, all working together with a mode switch. You also got a closable case and a neat compartment for records and a place to fasten the microphone if you weren't going to hold it. The windup had a similar case and compartment, plus a clip for the crank, plus a cute miniature vault for spare needles.

I'm a sucker for hidden compartments and places to keep spares and tools. Love it. Modern equipment has abandoned the tradition. Computers don't have a pocket for USB drives or a place to hang the mouse. You have to find or make your own storage.

[Multiply these prices by 10 to get modern numbers.]


  Pays to be prepared 2

Another instructional video from the Everett TweakerCam.

This fellow is showing us how to palpate a street with a bucket. He spent several minutes in the middle of the street, bravely enduring heavy rain and traffic, to demonstrate correct tapping techniques, both rhythmic and non-rhythmic. Finally he moved onto the curb where he sat down in a puddle and raised the intensity of the tutorial, demonstrating the two-hand technique, the one-hand technique, the throwing the bucket technique, the kicking the bucket technique, and finally using the bucket to palpate his own head for calibration.

Gotta be prepared for every eventuality! You never know when a Bucketized Street Palpator job will open up!

= = = = =

In a more serious vein: Yesterday the cam caught the most miserable man in the universe. He's not one of the regulars, and clearly not from this part of the country. NYC or Philly type. Looks EXACTLY like Jack Palance. I'd guess he was a traveling salesman who got knocked down by gambling. He was still dressed for sales and golf, with a jaunty blue fedora, giving the impression that he had finished 18 rounds and then slid all the way down onto Skid Row without stopping. He sat on the curb, drinking beer and occasionally smoking something that wasn't tobacco. The smoke made him even more miserable. I've never seen a more MISERABLE person in my life, and I've been around a fair bit of misery. I'm hoping one of the regular TweakerCam aggregators shows the sequence. Maybe somebody who knows him will see it.

Later: Dream Free got the bucket action and the Palance action.

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Friday, June 08, 2018
  Self-dividing unification

ZH reprints a treacherous Sorosian dickhead recommending wider use of LSD to advance globalism.
Large parts of the world are being polarized at a rate rarely seen before, helped in no small measure by social media ‘filter bubbles’ and algorithms that divide people sharply along the lines of nationality or ideology, their underlying human connections rendered increasingly irrelevant. Perhaps such deep hatred and suspicion of the other was always there, but now it has taken center stage and is being used as a potent election strategy by populist and hyper-nationalist leaders the world over. Like herds of cattle, large numbers of people are being programmed and deployed as pawns for a larger agenda.

Therefore, perhaps real change begins with rewiring our perceptual framework. Psychedelic substances have been ingested sacramentally by indigenous cultures to achieve this goal since the dawn of time, and now they’re being validated by the scientific and medical communities. The shifts in consciousness that can be brought about by psychedelics can help in dissolving the man-made boundaries or fear of the other that are implanted in our collective psyche.
The first paragraph is true. Elites always rule by dividing. That's called POLITICS. Modern elites have vastly better cleavers. Every form of discontent is divided into plus and minus sides, and the pluses and minuses are organized via Facebook to pursue IMPOSSIBLE GOALS. Impossible goals guarantee addiction and perpetual increase of fervor and frenzy. Gotta try harder! Try harder!

The second paragraph is false and sneaky. This dickhead is telling us that using acid will lead us to peace and flowers and love. Wrong. Anyone who has actually USED acid knows that it leads to powerful paranoia.

Therefore: This dickhead is just another agent provocateur, mobilizing forces to work toward a SPECIFICALLY IMPOSSIBLE GOAL. The harder you try for peace and love, the more paranoid you get. Gotta try harder! Harder!

There's nothing wrong with SANE paranoia, based on experience and observation. When you know how a process works, or when you know how one type of human behaves, you know what to expect from the process or type. Sane paranoia requires leaving a little room for exceptions, because there are occasional exceptions. But when you see the unmistakable signature of a tyrannical trick, you can't leave any room at all.



  GetReligion gets it again

As usual GetReligion manages to present a complex situation clearly and objectively.

A "transgender" student wants to be called by a new name, and the teacher refuses for religious reasons. Does the teacher have a justifiable case?

In this specific instance, no.

The problem with "transgender" nonsense starts with the parents and the doctors who agree to permanently alter a kid because of a momentary feeling. We wouldn't allow this for other feelings, so we shouldn't allow it for this particular feeling.

By the time the kid reached the teacher, the damage had been done.

There are plenty of ordinary situations where a kid wants or needs to be called by a new name. Adoption. Remarriage by the mother. Merged families sometimes end up with two Jasons or two Emmas, so one of them needs to change. Sometimes the original name just doesn't work. Example: My father was named after Warren Harding. Two years later Harding was disgraced so his parents gave him a different name but didn't bother to legally change it.

A teacher couldn't justify sticking with the name given at birth in those cases, so he can't justify it here.

Obviously the parents are bullying the teacher, pushing the "transgender" nonsense to generate a lawsuit, just as the parents already bullied the kid into having surgery to satisfy their political monstrosity. But that still doesn't justify the teacher's refusal.

This is entirely different from the butcher/baker/candlestickmaker situation, where the bullies are forcing the craftsman to make an object that explicitly advocates a belief he doesn't share, or an object that is prohibited by his religion.

Here the action of saying a name wouldn't be a problem without the bullying reason attached, so the teacher can't justify refusing the action.

If the new name was "I-believe-in-Satan", the case would be closer to parallel. The name itself would be forcing the teacher to declare a belief he doesn't share.
Thursday, June 07, 2018
  SImplest explanation

NASA has found a genuine stunner on Mars. Organic molecules in deep soil similar to molecules found in coal seams on earth, and best of all, seasonal variations in methane in the PRESENT atmosphere.

Simplest explanation:

(As per earthly example.)


  Not the same Frontenac, not the same Continental

The latest Collectible Auto mag has a genuine oddity in its Car Spotter section.

Caption says it's a Frontenac, the Canadian version of the 1933 Continental.

Obviously not the same Frontenac that was the Canadian version of the Falcon, and obviously not Lincoln's Continental.

This Continental was part of the Norman DeVaux mini-empire. DeVaux was something of a scavenger in the automotive ecosystem. When Billy Durant's last company failed, DeVaux picked up the tooling and modified it, using his own name for the car. This lasted for two years, and when DeVaux failed, Continental Motors picked up the company instead of getting paid for its engines. Continental then produced the car under its own name for a year or two. DeVaux went on to scavenge Cord's body for the Hupp Skylark and Graham Hollywood, another brief and pointless venture.

The Wiki article on Continental mentions the Canadian branch but doesn't link to any meaningful explanation.

Continental Motors was the main supplier of engines to most of the 'independents' and occasionally to the Big Three. Continental is still around, making engines and parts for aircraft. Needless to say, it's now owned by the Chinese government.

The Canadian version is the same body as the American, but has a different front clip. Just like the later Canadian versions of Big Three cars.

Seems odd for such a small operation to take the trouble of branching out to Canada, and especially odd to spend money on tooling up alternate body parts!


  Brainless vector

Nauert's comment about D-Day representing our "strong relationship" with Krauts is brainless, but the direction of its idiocy shows a deeper problem.

The plain fact of history is that USA STRONG and Krautland are permanent same-sex spouses. We have brief squabbles, but even DURING the squabbles we're still working together.

I've been making this point repeatedly.

Nauert is part of the establishment that always looks to Germany for guidance and role models, Any event or fact that contradicts the ONLY POSSIBLE NARRATIVE must be fitted into the narrative.

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Wednesday, June 06, 2018
  Pays to be prepared!

A couple of caps from the Everett TweakerCam:

Casper the Friendly Tweaker!

= = = = =

At first I thought this was the classic hobo suitcase, a bag on a stick over the shoulder. I'm not convinced anyone actually used those, but they were always seen in cartoons. On closer examination of the frames, I think she's just carrying a tree branch with leaves. Gotta be prepared for any situation!


  Baseline outrage

Two items in today's "news" are supposed to generate outrage. In fact the items aren't outrageous in themselves. Both represent the top end of a spectrum, and in both cases the top end is permanent and normal. What's outrageous is that the BOTTOM end of the spectrum no longer exists. The top end was supposed to be meaningful as a GOAL or PURPOSE. Now that the starting point of the spectrum, the baseline, is gone, the top-end phenomenon continues running wild, absorbing more and more resources for no PURPOSE.

= = = = =

1. We're supposed to be outraged by a single parking spot in Hong Kong selling for $400K and then reselling for $760K a few months later.

2. We're supposed to be outraged because the Miss America pageant has given up on being a beauty pageant.

= = = = =

In both cases the specific action is not outrageous.

1. Rich fuckheads have always traded in artificial scarcity. Diamonds, collector cars, exclusive real estate. Items that have value because they're defined as having value. This activity doesn't really bother or interfere with normal people.

The problem is at the other end of the scale. Before 2008, interest on savings provided an on-ramp for young folks or poor folks to get into the game. You could put away a few dollars per week and end up with 400K later in life. Now that compound interest is extinct, there's no way for poor folks to build up wealth. The entrance gate is closed.

= = = = =

2. Pageants have been losing their importance for 30 years, for reasons that have nothing to do with feminist fuckheads. Just like exclusive parking, pageants are a game for top-level thoroughbreds. It's a hereditary aristocracy that can't be entered by an outsider. Like pro athletes, each Miss pretends to represent a location, but none of them are really from their "hometowns".

In the early years of the Miss, any girl who thought she might have a chance could jump in and give it a try. The pageants provided an on-ramp into acting and modeling for outsiders. Because the system was truly modular, there were local off-ramps as well. Miss Spokane or Miss Topeka could move into local TV journalism.


Tuesday, June 05, 2018
  Nice example of theorigenic blindness

Article on sexual dimorphism in the pop science journal Massive.

Clever and painstaking observation of the fossil record, informed by true expertise and long experience. Spoiled by jumping to the automatic Tedx Evolution conclusion.

The intricate features of his long, smooth shell, or carapace, identify him as K.cushmani. His carapace hid and protected his delicate body – like a shrimp stuffed inside a clam shell – as he propelled himself with scrabbling legs toward the bacteria he fed on. Around him swam hundreds of other ostracods, just like him, though the females were slightly fatter. Unbeknownst to our K. cushmani, this gender difference in body shape – known as sexual dimorphism – marked him and his kind for failure.

It turns out that sexual dimorphism correlates extremely well with increased extinction rate, with more than 99 percent of models correlating the two. But it’s not sexual dimorphism itself that’s the problem – it’s the type of sexual dimorphism. Only where males were larger or more elongate than females was the extinction rate higher. In living ostracods, larger or more elongate male carapaces are used to house larger sex organs. So by analogy, for the fossil species, males that invested more resources in reproduction did so at significant evolutionary cost.
The usual Tedx logic. Evolution is random mutation selected by energy cost.

But the correlation could just as well arise from the opposite causation, which is equally evolutionary. Not ID or creationist!

If the ostracods are feeling threatened and stressed by low food supplies or changing ocean conditions, they would try harder to reproduce. The males would display their fitness more dramatically, trying to get more and better females.

Obvious analogy: Flowers appear when the plant is stressed.

What's the difference between these two evolutionary speculations? The one chosen by the researchers is inorganic and mechanistic, assuming that "random" drives all modifications. The alternate flower-style theory assumes intelligent purpose-driven genes, plus a certain degree of collective intelligence.

  From an extremely different era 3

From Radio Retailing, Feb 1943, at American Radio History.


Below, a Russian girl on the battlefield with a Soviet "walkie-talkie".

Hey! This is all wrong! The picture shows RUSSIAN_MEDDLING! RUSSIAN_BOT! RUSSIAN_INTERFERENCE! RUSSIAN_HACKING! Those horrible Russkies were GETTING IN OUR WAY, preventing us from winning the war!

For some mysterious reason the Americans of 1943 were too unenlightened, too ultra-ultra-far-far-alt-alt-right, too Neanderthal, too bigoted, to see the plain and obvious truth about RUSSIAN_MEDDLING.


  Where are the librarians when you need them?

Convective thought, spawned by mixing the mummy wrap papyrus with the oddness of the Tower of Babel.

The old and new testaments are unusable because the documents weren't handled by a proper archiver or librarian.

Both of the books were gathered many centuries after the manuscripts were written. If there was any coherence in the original stories, it was long gone by then. Nobody bothered to link them, nobody tried to disentangle thousands of inversions like the Tower. (God busted up the Tower for proper Natural Law reasons, but the writer takes Satan's side so we blindly go with Satan instead of God.)

In later centuries librarians developed complex skills and systems of association, aided by the human talents of the librarian. A good library was like a well-synced brain, packed with billions of memories that can be accessed quickly and accurately when needed.

After the Deepstate Coup in 1946, librarians gradually lost their memory-storage mission and became nothing more than enforcers of orthodoxy. They refused to stock heretical books and emitted nothing but Fashionable Doctrine when asked.

The skills gap exploded when the web was developed. We suddenly had trillions instead of billions, but still no librarian.

Google was able to conquer the world by filling the gap. Google copied and metaphorized all the traditional skills of a human librarian, and shaped the results to commercial and governmental purposes.

We still don't have OBJECTIVE librarians. The city library has abandoned its mission, and Google feeds us a carefully crafted set of distortions.


Monday, June 04, 2018
  From an extremely different era 2

Life has never been easy for the unlovable, but in an earlier era the tools of civilization tried to slow down the bullies, tried NOT to increase the pain.

From the low-quality 1930s syndicated serial Air Mail Mystery, episode 5.

Covergirl Operative Irene Delroy and her friend Roving Reporter Jimmy Gifford are interrogating a suspicious passenger. They talk briefly with airport radioman Lawrence, who has helped them to locate and hold the passenger. Lawrence sounds rather shy and awkward.

Delroy: Can we use your radio room for a few minutes, Mr Lawrence?

Lawrence: Sure maam. It's kinda mussed up. I live out here by m'self most of the time.

Delroy: Here's the house. We'll go in.

Gifford: Well, not a bad little place to live. But I'd hate to be stuck out here in one of these radio shacks.

Delroy: Rather a lonely life, I'd imagine.

Gifford: Just the place for a fellow who's been unlucky in love to come and forget.

= = = = =

Note the empathy (not sympathy) and the realistic understanding that some people are UNLUCKY in love. Unlucky people are not LOSERS SOYBOYS TAKERS 47% BUMS LARGESSE MOMMY'S BASEMENT LOSERS LOSERS LOSERS NYAH NYAH NYAH.

It's a public recognition that PEOPLE ARE DIFFERENT, an example of leaving a little space for differences. The shack itself is an example, a reminder to the unlucky that it's better to make your own life and forget the pain, instead of aiming for a goal that CANNOT be reached.

I believe this form of example-setting may have been called civilization. I'd try to look up the word, except that it's

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  From an extremely different era

As I've observed before, the current era of forced and cultivated violent religious tribalism is new. There was a time when corporations made Christian products and sold them to Christians for profit. Sounds unthinkable and hopelessly bizarre now. Everyone knows that Christians and Muslims can't possibly be customers with money. Christians and Muslims are vermin to be exterminated.

RCA, founded and run by Sarnoff, sold and advertised CHURCH BELLS.

The chime mechanism is visually beautiful, even though it wasn't meant to be seen.

Appears to be a combination of two RCA patents, 1907936

and 2261345.

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  Close but no ingressive

This article blames dental braces for the prevalence of snoring.

Probably a good correlation, but the explanation is all wrong.
Ehrlich and Kahn trace the crooked jumble of teeth many of us develop to the agricultural revolution. (As Stanford paleontologist Richard Klein says, “I’ve never seen a hunter-gatherer skull with crooked teeth.”) When humans turned to farming, food got softer and we stopped chewing so hard. This lack of exercise, Ehrlich and Kahn hypothesize, led to a reduction in Homo sapiens’ face and jaw size. With less room, our teeth have gotten crowded and often jumbled up. It became harder to breathe.
In the first fucking place, you shouldn't be listening to Ehrlich, who is wrong about everything.

Second fucking place, evolution. Tedx. Savannah Sabertooth**. How does lack of exercise lead to reduction in jaw size?

You don't need evolution to explain it, and you need more than jaw strength. The jaw isn't the main factor in this problem.
Breast-feeding babies helps because it takes more effort on the child’s part than sucking on a bottle. Encourage your children to chew thoroughly—Ehrlich and Kahn even advocate gum. They warn that “poor oral posture” contributes to constricting airways. A particular culprit is mouth-breathing, often exacerbated by the fact that we find ourselves indoors so much, where concentrated allergens help stuff up our nasal passages. Mouth-breathing is a sign of a slack jaw and is an indication you are not getting enough oxygen. It’s harder for us to breathe than it was for our jaw-endowed ancestors.
Now we're getting closer, but the explanation still fails. Breast feeding develops the muscles around the mouth, including the tongue and larynx and pharynx. It doesn't involve the jaw.

When you see a serious overbite, it's NOT caused by lack of jaw strength. It's caused by weak or underused facial muscles. (See Treacher Syndrome for an extreme example.) When those muscles are toned up, they hold the teeth inward.

Snoring should depend closely on language. When your language makes heavy use of the pharynx and velum and external larynx muscles, you develop more muscle strength in the relevant areas. More exercise means less slackness.

Data is hard to come by, but here's one comparison of snoring prevalence in Singapore, where culture and environment and wealth are roughly the same across ethnicities:

Chinese, 6.2%; Malay, 8.1%; and Indian, 10.9%.

Agrees with my hypothesis. Chinese, especially the southern version used in Singapore, gives constant exercise to the larynx in forming six tones. Malay doesn't have tones but does have the ingressive consonants typical of that region, which exercise the external larynx muscles. Indian (presumably Hindi) doesn't use tones or ingressives. It's pretty much the same lazy larynx as Euro languages.

Compare Chinese with Korean, which has no tones or ingressives:

The prevalence of self-perceived snoring/apnea was 22.8% (26.4% for males vs. 18.8% for females.

One particular jaw movement is relevant. Protruding the jaw can stop snoring. But this direction isn't exercised or developed by chewing, and isn't a natural part of any phonetic gesture.

= = = = =

** Footnote: Come to think of it, the Savannah Sabertooth could be a factor, but it would influence muscles rather than skull size, and it doesn't relate to evolution at all. When improved hunting and cooking methods bring in more protein, all muscles are stronger, thus teeth are straighter.

Toenote: And let's not forget the tooth muscles. Or more precisely the periodontal ligament which might as well be a muscle. The PDL responds to the dynamic pressures on its tooth, constantly building and unbuilding connective tissue to take the current stresses. Sort of like a tree building compression wood and tension wood. Braces relieve most of the dynamic strains, letting the PDL atrophy. Chewing more complex fibers creates a wider variety of stresses, improving the PDL's "intelligence" and thus its ability to keep the tooth in position.


  The seven line rule

Polistra defined the Seven Second Rule for radio and TV. When you tune into a station or network or show, you never have to wait more than seven seconds to hear the Standard Orthodox Incantation for this station or show. Sometimes the Incantation is one or two words (BENGHAZI or RUSSIAN_MEDDLING), sometimes it's a theme that takes a sentence to express; but in both cases you'll catch either the beginning or the end of the Standard Incantation within seven seconds.

Well, how about print? It's a little looser, especially when presented on the web where formatting varies with screen size and zoom setting. But it's still pretty close to seven lines.

Consider this obscene omnicidal monstrosity. When I clicked on the headline at RCS ....

.... I knew what to expect. It's an article about "science", emphasizing students and thinking. Therefore the article will be about the URGENT IMPERATIVE NEED to use every available torture technique and every available implanted microchip to ENFORCE absolute 100.0000000000000000% orthodoxy on "global warming".

Yup. Depending on whether you count the paragraph space, the "global warming" incantation hits on the 5th or 6th line. In either case, safely within the Seven Line Rule.

Of course the genocidal alien monster author is an Insatiable. He doesn't bother to acknowledge that ALL schools are ALREADY teaching ALL students to "think like scientists". All university graduates ALREADY repeat the Standard Incantation flawlessly over and over and over and over and over without pausing.

That's not enough. 100% is never enough for an Insatiable. Total obedience is never enough for an Insatiable. We must have 999999999999999999999 quintillion terapercent obedience, and that's not enough. We must have 9999999999999999999999999 vigintillion vigintillion exapercent obedience, and that's only a tiny tiny tiny tiny baby step.

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Sunday, June 03, 2018
  Y dropouts?

Tuning into the Everett TweakerCam again. It's been dull there for a few days after the cops pulled their monthly cleanout. Today is the 3rd of the month, EBT refill day, so there's activity again.

The location is a classic low point, crossed by a railroad and an interstate, and mainly occupied by city impound lots. Today the cam operator decided to focus on a LONG train passing by.

The 900-car train was carrying nothing but:


Wonder why we have a drug and suicide problem?


  God's side gains Italy, probably loses Spain

Via ZH:

Italy joins God's side! Firmly and loudly!

Salvini, of Lega Nord, made it clear that Satan's forced migration would be halted and TURNED BACK.

Satan replied, tiredly accusing Salvini of RUSSIAN_BOT_MEDDLING_HACKING_INTERFERENCE.

Lega's economist Borghi then wrote:

Il vento è cambiato per lui e per tutti quelli che hanno guadagnato sulla morte di centinaia di persone.

The wind has changed for Satan and for all those who have profited from the death of hundreds of people.

Italy earns a new green spot on the map of Sorosia vs non-Sorosia.

I've also removed Spain from God's side. Rajoy was implicitly on God's side, but his replacement seems to be moving much closer to EU. Not quite lavender, but blank for now.

Salvini's firmness may have an internal target as well. Five Star, their coalition partner, had some funding from Satan, which led me to wonder about the new government. This may also account for Satan's especially fiery response. "Hey Grillo! I paid you! Get to work!"
  Constants and variables 93, lazy edition

As usual one of the econ sites was doomporning about workforce dropouts. As usual most of the commenters jumped instantly to LAZY WELFARE BUMS LOSERS SOYBOYS 47% LARGESSE etc.

The numbers don't justify the jump. Obviously some people are lazy, but many millions of "lazy" people were working steadily before 2008 and are not working now.

The actual graph shows linear increase in labor participation from 1965 to 1985, approx constant until 2008. After 2008, sudden drop, no recovery.

The peak in 1985 was 67%. Current is 62%. Not dramatic.

The often heard "Half of adults are not working" is comparing with the wrong max. The optimum workforce, the best we can do, is 67%. We have 5% of adults who were working 10 years ago and aren't working now. We're 5% short of the max.

Are those 5% lazy?

The total available laborforce is 170 million. 5% of 170 million is 8.5 million. If the problem was in the workers, we'd have 8.5 million jobs open and looking for workers. But in fact we have something like 200k jobs open.

Therefore: The workers didn't change. The jobs DISAPPEARED. Or more precisely the jobs moved to India and Mexico and China.


  Garage sale mummies

Via GetReligion, this is a fascinating peek into a rarefied corner of academia that gets little public attention. It's especially interesting in terms of economics, as in real value vs vintage value.

There's a hot dispute about one little scrap of manuscript from 100 AD. The scrap includes a few lines of the book of Mark. The scholar who currently owns it has been trying to sell it in a garage sale atmosphere. He has a pool table in his Oxford office, displaying several mummy heads and fragments for sale.

Huh? I always thought precious ancient papyri were carefully preserved in temperature-controlled cabinets, and the provenance or chain of ownership was also carefully maintained. Even ordinary modern documents get better treatment than this! I keep my work contracts and backup CDs in a fireproof safe.

But then the history of these fragments shows a consistent low value. The Egyptians recycled old papyri into mummy wrap, equivalent to using newspaper in a birdcage. The discussion in the article includes conflicting quotes from mummy-wrap specialists.

Which leads to Real value vs Vintage value.

A scrap of papyrus never had much real value. Like a sheet of newspaper, it was used for practical purposes, not treated as a text.

These scraps acquire vintage value because mummywrapologists and other scholars gain prestige from having exclusive access to the text written on the scraps. If you can form a new interpretation of scripture based on a slight difference in letters, you can publish the interpretation.

So the garage sale is an odd cross-grained conflict between the two forms. The scrap is being handled according to its real value, but the owner expects a high price based on its vintage value.
Saturday, June 02, 2018
  Should happen, won't

The Quoth The Raven podcast talks often about MLM scams like Herbalife and Hubbard. He said something like "It's too bad we weren't evolved to detect frauds."

Like all human talents, perpetrating frauds and detecting frauds are two ends of a spectrum. Some people are good at the active end, some are good at the passive end. Most of us aren't inclined to create elaborate schemes and aren't good at spotting elaborate schemes.

That's where EDUCATION is supposed to enter the picture. Most of us can be TRAINED to detect a racket when it approaches us. The trouble is not lack of evolution, the trouble is TOTAL lack of education.

As I've noted before, radio and TV formerly did a fair job of showing how rackets work. The shows tended to emphasize one or two rather rare schemes like the Found Wallet or the Betting System, and probably didn't pay enough attention to MLM. This Racket Squad episode deals effectively with MLM, but I haven't seen any others.

Schools have NEVER touched the topic. The closest we got in high school was one hour of reading the old useless Guide To Propaganda Methods, which didn't help with real propaganda and didn't do anything for rackets.

I looked in Nope, no specific projects.

I tried a web search and found EXACTLY ONE lesson plan devoted to rackets. It looks good, but it's solely about identity theft, not MLM or stocks or bitcoin.

Government agencies offer plenty of useful info pages.

From Census Bureau.

From FTC.

And one good page from a commercial bank.

The info is there, but it's not distributed and taught to the people who need it.

Won't happen, of course. The people** in charge of school curricula are on the perpetration side, not the detection side.

= = = = =

** Wait! I was one of the people who wrote a school curriculum. Am I a fraudster? No, but the whole story shows that the original sentence was correct. When I was teaching at DeVry, one of my colleagues came up with the bright idea of setting up a training class under the Federal JTPA jobs program. He had worked with them before, and induced me to write a one-year electronics curriculum. The JTPA grant didn't come through. Later, after I burned out at DeVry, I applied for a different government training job and showed them the curriculum as part of my resume. They didn't hire me but they took the curriculum and used it. So the people in charge were in fact fraudsters.

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  Correct answers not provided

ZH cites a very simple Bloomberg survey on retirement literacy. It's three questions with simple multiple choice answers. The answers are not numerical, just "more than" or "less than". Normally this would be a good approach to get a sense of overall literacy, without forcing people to know the arithmetical details of bank fraud and stock fraud.

Problem: The available answers don't make sense.

1. Suppose you had $100 in a savings account and the interest rate was 2 percent per year. How much would you have after 5 years? Answers: more than before, less than before, same as before.

2. Imagine that the interest rate on your savings account is 1 percent and inflation is 2 percent. Same choices as previous question.

3. Buying a single company stock is usually safer than buying a mutual fund. True or False?

On questions 1 and 2, the ONLY CORRECT ANSWER is "What is this thing called interest? You seem to know what it is, so I have to presume it's a real thing for your Tribe. Whatever it might be, it's not available to my tribe."

On question 3, the ONLY CORRECT ANSWER is "Both choices are deadly. If I wanted to throw my money away, I'd just flush it. I wouldn't divert it through your Tribe so that your Tribe can securitize and profit from it."

  Updating the biggest nonbark ever

Back in March CNN casually tossed out the biggest and most important BOMB of information in many years.

Trump is Roy Cohn's protege.

This is the COMPLETE AND TOTAL EXPLANATION of everything Trump does, and the COMPLETE AND TOTAL EXPLANATION of everything Deepstate does "because" Trump.

I still don't see any hint that anyone has NOTICED this. The Repooflican eunuchs continue defending Trump for ZERO TAX and Jerusalem. The "leftists" continue bashing Trump for carrying on Obama's policies which were fine when Obama did them. The fake "populists" continue defending a delusional image of the "clever 4d chess player" who is allegedly getting things done by a multilevel backspin hyperdimensional hyperstrategy. Or something.

The simple plain truth is out there, and nobody noticed.

  One hits the mark.

ZH covers a mini-mutiny by Google employees who don't want to work on military AI projects because Trump. Military projects were OK with Google employees when the military had the Obama brand.

One commenter hits the EXACT truth:

I doubt the management will risk it by doing it secretly. But the military might find ways to reverse engineer whatever Google produces.

That's how the system works. Deepstate always does its own research internally, but likes to watch what outsiders are doing so it can copy and reverse-engineer their ideas. The web was developed as a constant spy channel for academia and industry. Researchers and executives communicate via email, and NSA picks up their ideas and plans long before a product or journal article appears. NSA can then frontrun the shares to make money, and frontrun the research to make evil.

Google and Facebook and Apple are massive extensions of the spy channel, picking up every idea and thought and event in everyone's lives. Wet dream for spies and tyrants. Orwell's telescreen had blind spots where Winston could write his thoughts on paper. An iPhone has no blind spots or missing senses. It gathers your location, your mood, your gestures, your temperature, everything.


Friday, June 01, 2018
  Speaking of theories and...

Speaking of Romanism and dryers and theories and desorted items... Here's a theory that desorts Christianity.

New Testament fresh from the dryer, perfectly tumbled with all dissimilar items clumped together.

Presented without comment, as they say.
  Dryer theory

Why does a load of clothing sometimes come out of the dryer nearly sorted, and other times perfectly unsorted?

When sorted, all the washcloths are clustered together, all the underpants are together, all the socks are together. I can grab several of each item in one handful and toss the handful into the proper spot in my clothing shelf.

When unsorted, each single item has to be handled separately. The washcloths are equally distributed among the socks, the socks are everywhere, etc.

Clue: The sorted days are low-static days. The unsorted days are annoyingly sticky and sparky days.

Hypothesis: Tumbling sorts clothes by weight and size. Static acts most strongly between different materials. Opposite charges attract. A pillowcase wants to pair up with a T-shirt. A sock wants to pair up with a washcloth. The natural sorting by weight and size is much weaker than the static force, so the dissimilar grouping wins.

  Poland paints itself into a corner

Poland is painting itself into an unnecessary corner.

Via ZH:
Poland wants a US armored division permanently deployed on its soil. It is willing to pay $2 billion to help construct the installation.

According to Lieutenant General (ret.) Ben Hodges, former Commander of US Army Europe, “Any contingency we have to deal with, we’ll almost certainly have to come through Poland,” as that country has become the “center of the center of gravity” for the American military.
"Contingency" sounds like we're expecting Russia to invade. Nope. Read the rest of the sentence. "Come through Poland" means that we're planning to invade Russia.

Poles are always in a tricky position, sandwiched between two major powers that have repeatedly taken over the country. Several times Germany and Russia collaborated to split up the spoils.

The current cultural situation creates a serious conflict.

Traditionally Poles are Slavs who think they're Krauts. This delusion persists even after Germany proved in 1940 that Poles are just as Untermensch as any other Slav or Jew.

In modern terms Poland's ACTUAL culture faces firmly Eastward. Poles stubbornly and fiercely held onto Romanism during the Soviet occupation, and the Soviets relented. Polish schools had crosses in every classroom, long after USA STRONG had driven all public expressions of Christianity underground. The current Polish government is the ONLY Christian government in the West. It has kicked out Soros and officially ruled against abortion.

Under Putin, Russia has returned to official Christianity, though not as forceful as Poland's version.

So: You may think you're Krauts and Americans, but Krauts and Americans don't want you around. Russia is your natural ethnic and cultural connection.

Try a little NEUTRALITY.

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