Saturday, December 15, 2018
  At least the one I saw


New research may upend what we know about how tornadoes form. As the climate changes, twister behavior on the ground is changing too

Of course we have to get CLIMATE_CHANGE into the headline, otherwise we'll lose our grants and tenure.

Reading the article, the actual information has NOTHING to do with EITHER part of the headline. Meteorologists have been trying to get full close-up radar data from tornados. So far they only have such data from EXACTLY TWO tornados, both of which are known to be unusual and exceptional. One of them seemed to start rotating first on the ground, the other seemed to start rotating uniformly through the column.

Conventional wisdom AND actual observation agree that most tornados start rotating in the wall cloud, then grow downward, sometimes reaching the ground and sometimes not. Damage depends on local elevation and 'desired base' of the twister. When the 'desired base' happens to be below ground level, you get max damage.

In a tornado-generating storm, you often see several funnels trying to form directly overhead. Most of them fail and retract. If the rotation started from the ground, you'd be dead before you could see such funnels; or you'd see houses flying apart before you saw the dipping funnels.

This article is committing a classic and basic logical error.

One of my father's science jokes:

"I have studied the Incas and determined that all Incas walk single file.... at least the one I saw did."

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  Why Google wins

Bolsonaro wrote just now:

Abrimos mão de sediar a Conferência Climática Mundial da ONU pois custaria mais de R$500 milhões ao Brasil e seria realizada em breve, o que poderia constranger o futuro governo a adotar posições que requerem um tempo maior de análise e estudo. O Estadão esnoba o bom jornalismo.

My crude semi-translation scared me. It looked like he was saying We opened our hand to the Climate Conference... which would be a complete turnaround from his previous CORRECT position. Is he already joining Satan?

Bing's translator agreed with my crudeness:

We have opened the way to host the UN World Climate conference ...

In desperation I tried Google's translator:

We did not host the UN World Climate Conference ...

To settle the issue I looked up "Portuguese idiom abrir mão", and found that abrir mão generally means 'give up' or 'surrender'. So the sentence is something like We abandoned the opportunity to host the UN etc.

Opening your hand to let go of the object, not welcoming with open hands.

In translation as in searching, Google's algorithms win hands down. Or hands open. Like it or not, Google has achieved a natural monopoly, a deserved monopoly, in these two areas.

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Via ZH:
Four years ago Baltimore County began a $147 million program to put laptops in the hands of students from first through 12th grade in the hopes that access to technology would transform the way kids learn and boost the lowest standardized test scores in the state. Alas, the ambitious plan has failed to translate to an increase in achievement - as test scores are generally flat for students in grades three through eight.

A 2016 analysis of 10 studies concluded that giving all students a laptop does not boost math, english, science or writing scores, however the authors from Michigan State and UC Irvine stress that computers alone don't increase academic performance and must be accompanied by lesson plans conducive to the technology.
Nothing new about this at all. Edufads always fail. Teaching machines and hi-tech have NEVER made a measurable difference, with one important exception.

Calculators in math and physics classes save time. If you're spending most of your time adding and multiplying by hand, or looking up logs and sins in a book of tables, you have less time for real problem-solving.

Beyond that, fancier calculators get in the way. A programmable calculator, or a computer programmed to solve integrals, tends to hide the problem from your mind.

"Lesson plans conducive to the technology" misses the point. If the "technology" is just a computer, you're still not gaining anything.

This is why I focus my contributions at DonorsChoose on PHYSICAL JOB-RELATED projects. A teacher who proposes cooking or soldering or growing plants will get my money. A teacher who proposes "more iPads" doesn't get my money.


Vested interest disclaimer: My small income is from "teaching machines". I have no illusions about the value of software per se. I know that Audin, my first project, was far more useful than later courseware. Audin was full of REAL experiments. Later work is just a "teaching machine". The value, if any, may arise from the art and animations. Many of my 3d pix and animations are superior to anything you can find online, and you obviously can't see an animation in a paper book.


Friday, December 14, 2018
  Missed a major Soros loss!

Turley is keeping track of the fall of Sorosia. He mentions that Pakistan is among the countries that have freed themselves from the genocidal octopus. I hadn't heard that, so checked it. Sure enough, it happened exactly one year ago.

So it's time to revise the Sorosia map in the positive direction, after too many recent negatives.

Reminder that this records the changes, not the constants. When a country moves more strongly into the Soros orbit, it turns lavender. When a country pulls away, it turns green. Many Euro countries, and Canada and Australia, are solidly Sorosian. Many African countries are innately non-Soros. I'm leaving both groups blank until I see an official change, a government inviting Soros in or kicking Soros out.

The only exception to this rule is USA STRONG, which has been the constant dark heart of demonic Sorosia for 25 years. I'm leaving it lavender to mark the center of the empire.

China is also a special case. In '98 when Soros was primarily destroying economies, he tried to crash China by manipulating the Hong Kong stock market. China beat back his manipulation with countermanipulation, and Soros ended up losing money and retreating. More recently Soros is trying to smash China again as part of his newer war of total omnicidal wipeout. Little if any success. China's economy is much larger now, and China understands the threat. So China is the biggest constant anti-Soros. If I'm going to mark USA STRONG, I really should mark China. Have to think about this... maybe a special pair of colors for the two opposing pillars.

I'm watching Brazil closely. Available facts on Bolsonaro are confusing. He is unquestionably and unshakably opposed to Gaia, which is a major part of Soros's destructive agenda. But one online source says Bolsonaro has advisers who are connected to Soros. Will just have to see what happens after he takes office.


  Time for TWO fucking reprints

Two pieces of info about Trump. I'll just reprint both from the moments when they came to light. I hadn't connected these two items before.

Oct 23, 2016, a couple weeks before the election:

= = = = = START 1ST REPRINT:

Amid all the hacks and counterhacks in this "election", this is the first revelation that truly surprises me, the first INFORMATION that I didn't already know or assume.

A long series of managers for Trump's campaign are coming out and saying that Trump failed to perform the basic steps necessary for a national campaign. He wouldn't allow the managers to prepare for oppo research by learning his own history in detail.

This explains why the campaign is constantly blindsided by the Clinton syndicate, and it also explains why the managers keep quitting in despair.

Everyone knows how the Clintons operate. Consistent pattern for 40 years. The Clintons kill their opponents. Plain and simple fact. This is why media and government officials always obey the Clintons. Nobody wants to die.

Trump is a top-level hard operator who knows how to fight dirty. His record in dealing with Atlantic City and Vegas shows that he CAN beat Mafias. So I ass-u-me-d that he would take all necessary steps to beat or match the Clinton Mafia, which is more vicious than the Wop or Injun Mafias in modern times.

But he didn't.

Conclusion: He never intended to win this. He's either (1) doing it for a lark, or (2) running a big Soros-style bet on chaos, or (3) paid by the Clintons to guarantee a total Clinton landslide with full mandate for killing the Deplorables.

= = = = = END 1ST REPRINT.

= = = = = START 2ND REPRINT:

March 14, 2018:

Via CNN demon:
When John Dowd quit this week as lead counsel on Trump's legal team and the President made an effort to recruit "deep state" conspiracy theorist and conservative legal commentator Joseph diGenova to the team, the conclusion could only be that Trump wants to go to war against Mueller, using the tactics favored by his onetime mentor Roy Cohn.

In effect, the President wants to wage an aggressive, and probably dirty war, on the special counsel. Cohn, having died in 1986, isn't available. But there may be other lawyers who can fill that role. In the early years of his Manhattan real estate career, Trump was a protégé of Cohn's ....
If CNN or anyone had really wanted to derail Trump, they would have published this fact during the 2016 campaign. Roy Cohn was the deepest of deepest of deepest of Deepstate monsters. Cohn is now CEO of Hades LLC after LBO'ing poor inadequate finitely evil Satan and driving poor Satan to suicide.

Everyone who understands Deepstate knows that Cohn was the ultimate virus, the ultimate parasite, the ultimate agent provocateur. He destroyed all opponents of Deepstate by penetrating and parasitizing them, turning them into intentionally crazy wacked-out mockeries of anti-tyrannical behavior.


= = = = =

Trump was Cohn's protege.

= = = = = END 2ND REPRINT.

Note that the first reprint concludes with three choices. The second reprint enables us to pick choice (2), the Soros-style bet on chaos. I didn't know the Cohn connection at that time, but Soros-style and Cohn-style are the same style.


Thursday, December 13, 2018
  Wish I'd said it!

Responding to an article about Sheldon Adelson's control of our policy toward Israel and Persia, commenter Fran Macadam says:

Expecting people who gained their wealth through gambling to exercise sound moral judgment is betting against the house.

Perfect. Condenses the ENTIRE problem of our Debtist/Bankist economy and culture into one sentence.

Both Sharia Law and Soviet Law prohibit gambling and insist that all wealth must be derived from a genuine increase in value. Growing crops, making things, repairing things or people, selling things.

We've turned Natural Law upside down.

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  Automatic assumption of automatic

Though I spend a lot of time and words fighting the myths of "autonomous" driving and other software solutions that remove you from reality, I'm not immune to the myths!

The local trash trucks have a complex hydraulic setup that grabs the wheelybin in a giant claw, lifts it, pivots, dumps it into the truck, then pivots and lowers and unclaws.

I had ass-u-me-d the mechanism was automatic; figured the driver only needed to locate the truck correctly at the start, then push a button.


Last week and this week, the sequence has been screwy. The driver tried two or three times to get the location, then tried two or three times to get the claw around the bin, then nearly dropped the bin into the truck, then clumsily released the bin sideways, then knocked it over with the claw.

Forced me to realize the system is NOT automatic, and forced me to respect the skills of the TRAINED drivers by contrast with this month's NEW driver.

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  Thanks, Ralph 478, Skinnr edition

The latest step in total censorship is puzzling from a Skinner/Pavlov viewpoint.

A Tumblr page is a mix of attractive stuff and pure SJW slogans. Now that Tumblr is getting rid of the attractive stuff, only the slogans will remain.

All advertising and propaganda works this way, whether it's a magazine ad for a car or a broadcast of "news". Without the attractive stuff, nobody wants to pay attention to the dull stuff. Attractive stuff evokes pleasant emotion, which spills over the dull stuff and sweetens it.

In theory the left supports Skinner's view of life. There are no genes, so all behavior is learned by conditioning.

In practice the left ignores Skinner and expects people to learn without a proper structure of rewards and punishments. Schools and prisons use rewards and punishments mechanically, with no correlation to PURPOSES or goals.

Without the rewards, Tumblr will fade away, taking the official slogans with it.

As Julie Andrews sings,

A spoonful of medicine helps the medicine go down, in the most repulsive way!

Nice automatic justice. Thanks, Ralph!


Wednesday, December 12, 2018
  Dammit, man, you can do better!!!!!

Ack! Bolsonaro needs new media advisers FAST. They aren't learning.

There are plenty of amateur Youtubers in Brazil, all of whom do a MUCH better job of setting up a scene, using the camera, speaking effectively, and editing the clip. Hire one of them!

Alternatively, he should just do audio podcasts. Introverts have to use introvert skills.

Bolsonaro's purpose and strategy are excellent so far. He knows where he's going, and seems to be doing the right things to get there. I only wish he'd do better on the optics. Visual presentation is everything in a digital world.
  Beautiful self-explanatory sentence

How are elite aliens different from humans?

This isn't exactly one short SES, but it'll do:

May revealed during a speech at the 1922 Committee meeting held before voting begins at 1 pm that she will not seek another term as prime minister during the next general election in 2022. Her announcement, which confirmed hints from earlier out of No. 10, caused some ministers to weep.

If your soul depends on the continued employment of one alien labeled with your "party" brand, versus another identical alien labeled with the other "party" brand, you are disjunct from humanity. If you weep when your own brand intends to quit four years from now, you are disjunct from humanity.

The Wobblies had it right all along.

The working class and the employing class have nothing in common.

= = = = =

Semantic sidenote: I've been spotting these sentences for 10 years now. I wish I had started with a better phrase. Self-explanatory sentence is confusing and ambiguous. Self-contained biography or Single-sentence biography would have been more accurate.



The ghost of Carver is happy!

Carver, of course, defined science.


Following his orders literally and sequentially, a Nova Scotia biologist found something hugely interesting:
Yana Eglit is a Dalhousie graduate student dedicated to discovering novel lineages of the single-cell eukaryotes called protists. While hiking in Nova Scotia on a cold spring day in 2016, she fell back(1) from her friends to scrape(2) a few grams of dirt into a plastic tube.

Late one evening, something odd in the sample caught her eye. An elongated cell radiating whiplike flagella was “awkwardly swimming, as though it didn’t realize it had all these flagella that could help it move,” Eglit said(3). Under a more powerful scope, she saw it fit the description of a hemimastigote, a rare kind of protist that was notoriously hard to cultivate.
The lab then used(4) newly developed gene sequencing technologies, and found that the critter didn't fit in any of the currently defined kingdoms.

They named the critter in currently fashionable style:
Hemimastix kukwesjijk, the newly described hemimastigote named after a “hairy, rapacious ogre” from the traditions of the Mi’kmaq First Nation of Nova Scotia, where the specimen was collected.
Well, if you're going to do the Indigenouses Firstses Nationses Peopleseseses thingses, you don't need to go into fanciful folktaleses with lots of a'p`o's`tr'o`ph`es'e`ses in their nameseses.


Algonquian beaded purse:

= = = = =

Sidenote: I purely love the awkwardly swimming description. This is exactly what "Let them talk to you" means. Eglit isn't blinded by theory goggles, isn't presuming that a simple critter is incapable of thought or emotions.


  Media asked the right question for once!

DW had a brief interview with an economist, discussing news that the head of India's central bank was fired by Modi. The newscaster asked two questions. First the usual fashionable question, second an EXTREMELY UNUSUAL real question about purpose.

= = = = =

First and usual: Is it good when governments criticize central banks? Economist didn't really answer, just talked about Trump and Erdogan criticizing their central banks. Trump and Erdogan are official boogeymen, so anything they do must be bad.

The reality is more complicated.

In both countries the CURRENT central banks are moving away from PREVIOUS central bank policies. In USA, the bank went to ZIRP in order to make life easier for Obama. Now it's moving away from ZIRP to make life harder for Trump. This is not "independence from politics", it's party politics. The Fed, like the rest of the "independent" bureaucracy and the "independent" black-robed demons, always works for DNC.

Turkey's central bank is arguably more independent, because Erdogan was in office during the pro-ZIRP time and the anti-ZIRP time.

Trump and Erdogan are both wrong. The central banks are both right at this moment. ZIRP is always bad, uncontrolled interest rates are always good.

= = = = =

Second and unique: Why should central banks be independent anyway? Economist tried to answer the question with one Kraut counterexample, the hyperinflation of the '30s.

The problem with the second answer is that the Reichsbank was not necessarily obeying the Weimar government; it was just trying to monetize the debt, which seemed to be the best response to Allied reparations.

= = = = =

The BIGGEST answer is that central banks are unnecessary and bad. Governments will always print money, with or without a CB. The modern CB controls interest rates, which is bad.

When a controller does the wrong thing part of the time and the right thing part of the time, the obvious solution is to remove the controller entirely. When a car's autopilot holds the lane part of the time and forces the car to crash into a median part of the time, you're obviously better off without the autopilot. Maybe a better autopilot will be developed later on, but for now it's best to turn off the bad decider.


Monday, December 10, 2018
  Meaningless but sorta neat

Pointless historical connection.... The yellow-green color of the jackets that have become the symbol of the Gilets Jaunes was originally developed by Pickett for its slide rules. This particular shade hits a sweet spot in retinal salience. It was adopted (rather briefly) as a color for fire engines. More recently fire engines have returned to the traditional red.

In other words, the French protesters are picketing in Pickett jackets.
  Must read

Article by British academics Simon Winlow and Steve Hall. They break all the rules of academia. Instead of starting and ending with psychotic delusional THEORIES, they look empathetically and objectively for FACTS. They ask why populism is growing, and the FACTS provide the answer.

Winlow and Hall are pleading for leftists in Sorosia to return to real economic leftism, because real leftism formerly SOLVED the same FACTUAL problems we're seeing now.

They get EVERYTHING right. EVERYTHING. I can't find even the smallest quibble point!

Unfortunately the people who ought to read it won't read it, or will read the first paragraph and spew volcanic Tourette lava on the authors.

= = = = =

Contrary sidenote: I tried reading some of Winlow's articles about criminals and prisons. He gets about 60% right in that area, but clings to many of the conventional "social" "science" delusions and bizarre bigotries about criminals. I've only read one article that handles crime accurately. Former British prison official Ann Widdecombe hits every note perfectly.


  Bolsonaro gets more impressive

Bolsonaro seems to be finding his unique voice now. This is a semi-poetic expression of populism as a gift from God, a style not heard from Putin or Salvini.

Como sempre tenho dito, encaro esta etapa de minha vida como uma missão de Deus. Faremos o possível para dar à nossa nação um futuro com dias melhores. Brasil acima de tudo; Deus acima de todos!


  Missing the point

The Tesla skeptics are focusing on Elon's latest arrogant monstrosity via CBS 60 minutes. He said "I have no confidence in the SEC."

Skeptics are pointing to the SEC's total failure to enforce its own ORDER against Elon. They ordered him to move out of management and restrain his tweets. He immediately and brazenly disobeyed, and SEC did nothing.

Tesla cultists are chanting FIRST AMENDMENT DOOD over and over.

Both are missing the point.

In fact Elon is simply lying as usual.

In fact he has FULL CONFIDENCE in the SEC. He knows that SEC will NEVER take action against him, and he's right. That's WHY he behaves this way.

Everybody EXCEPT Elon should be saying "I have no confidence in the SEC".
  AMLO starts to get impressive

Now he's starting to get down to business, beyond the meaningless and fumbling phrases. This is proper industrial policy, aimed at increasing national self-sufficiency. Breaking Graybill's Law, pulling out of Venezuela's orbit.
En España y en Japón no tienen petróleo, pero producen todos los combustibles que consumen. En México, por el mal gobierno, compramos el 75 por ciento de las gasolinas que consumimos; por eso, se rehabilitarán las 6 refinerías y construiremos una nueva en el puerto Dos Bocas, en Paraíso, Tabasco. Hoy iniciamos.
Mexico has lots of oil but has failed to maintain its refineries, so it has been shipping oil to US and reimporting the refined gasoline. AMLO is proposing to renovate and expand refining capacity so Mexico won't have to depend on US.


  Abusing science in the name of "science"

How to abuse science in the name of "science". Naturally enough from the Guardian.
I had been contacted by someone who asked me to analyse some simple data, and the results were clear: they revealed deaths and emergency admissions to hospital caused by a known environmental toxin.
Well, what was the "toxin"? Was it a real poison in real quantities, or a "toxin" defined by lawsuits and lawyers, in meaningless trace quantities? How did you determine that the deaths and illnesses were CAUSED by the "toxin"? Did autopsies find known lethal levels of the "toxin" in dead bodies, or did you just see a cluster pattern? You never tell us, so we have NO WAY TO DETERMINE if the whole issue is real or fake.
The authorities had been warned about the toxin, but downplayed the problem and told the public there was no great cause for concern. Because of my findings the local residents managed to get a public legal inquiry and I was called to give evidence. I decided to arrive a day early and watch the inquiry from the public viewing area. I was interested in the inquiry, but I also wanted to get an idea of what it would be like to be cross-examined by lawyers.
Maybe the authorities were right. The STANDARD response of authorities in a situation like this is to shut down everything and order the public to "shelter in place" forever. DEFCON 99999999. If the authorities were downplaying, maybe they understood that the threat was essentially zero and you were a faker. Again, you haven't told us what the "toxin" was, so we can't begin to assess this part.
A few days after my results went public, the authorities hired another academic from a prestigious university to dispute my findings. The lawyer representing the local residents cross-examined the academic and staff from the authorities, and in painstaking detail pieced together how they had colluded to create results that better suited the authority’s agenda.
Did they collude, or did they run through the time-consuming process of REAL SCIENCE to gather and check all available and measurable evidence? When an initial judgment is based on pretty good evidence, gathering more evidence will typically reinforce the initial judgment. This isn't collusion, it's LOGIC.


It's conceivable that you might be right, but your complete lack of information would lead any court or jury to dismiss your complaint.

Put this into normal terms.

"I think a contractor defrauded me. The contractor was supposed to do something but failed to do it. I'm not going to tell you the name of the contractor, and I'm not going to tell you what they were supposed to do, and I'm not going to tell you how they failed to do it."

Would you vote Guilty?


Sunday, December 09, 2018
  AMLO still unimpressive

Worse than unimpressive. He's either innately unintelligent or starting to lose his faculties.

This speech shows some serious trouble with word-finding. He speaks slowly even by English standards and glacially by Spanish standards, and often gestures for a few seconds before a word comes to his mind.

I don't have a baseline of speeches when he was younger, so I can't tell if he was always this way or is getting old... in either case it's not a good characteristic for a political leader.
Saturday, December 08, 2018
  Constants and variables 114, Godprofit vs Satanprofit edition

The biggest Switchover of all.

Via RT:
“Our country is, as they say, destined by the heavens to feed the whole planet. And we’ll try and do that,” Medvedev told journalists... Apart from being the country’s “destiny,” the foods plainly make “nice export goods,” the prime minister added. Russia’s agriculture has expanded greatly over the past few years, becoming a solid and profitable industry, unlike the way it was a couple decades ago.
This video shows the new approach in action. The title mentions wheat, but the most significant innovation is year-round tomato production.

Russia is breaking Graybill's Law massively. Every new US blockade and sanction lets Russia develop a new skill and a new industry to world-leading levels.

Before the Switchover US was feeding the world. Now we're bombing the world and Russia is feeding the world.

You couldn't ask for a sharper distinction between good and evil. Our bombing and Russia's feeding are both capitalist ventures aimed at profit. Bombing is profit for Satan, feeding is profit for God.

= = = = =

Later and more complex thought: Well, the constant part isn't really constant. Both ventures are capitalist, but the payment side is different.

The people who eat Russia's food are paying Russia in plain old capitalist style. Product out, money in.

The people who are dying from our bombs can't pay for the privilege of being dead, and we don't even bill their governments for the privilege of having a dead population and a ruined country. Instead, American taxpayers are forced to pay the Pentagon and defense contractors for our bombing. So we're more like a non-profit demonic charity financed by paycheck deductions. United Way for genocide.

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  Perfect contrast

While Paris is burning with protesters AGAINST the current government, Rome has a giant cheerful rally SUPPORTING the current government.

The difference is simple. France's current government HATES the people of France and viciously shits on their concerns. Italy's current government RESPECTS the people of Italy and listens to their concerns.

When you shit on the people, the people shit on you. When you respect the people, the people respect you.

Will France and US and UK and other Sorosian lands learn from this difference? No.


  Ought to know better

I've always been strongly pro-Persia, but stupid is stupid no matter who does it.
Blockchain technologies, especially cryptocurrencies, have become a hot topic in Iran during the past few years, just as in most other countries. Few tangible results have materialized so far, but US officials may have actually done Iran a favor as they have significantly accelerated development of blockchain-based projects. The unilateral reimposition of US sanctions and a local drive for transparency have prompted Iranian authorities to increasingly turn to blockchain and everything it enables.

At least two state-backed virtual currencies are in the works ... Authorities have signaled they will at least partially embrace cryptocurrencies. The head of the High Council of Cyberspace, Abolhassan Firouzabadi, said Nov. 4 that Iran’s government has accepted cryptocurrency mining as an industry. The central bank is expected to divulge its regulatory stance on cryptocurrencies in the coming months and recognize the decentralized phenomena; while it is unclear what degree of recognition will take place, the expected move signals an about-face from the blanket ban on handling cryptocurrencies for financial institutions issued in April.
US has certainly done a favor to Persia (and many other countries) by imposing our demonic blockades and sanctions. Persia has responded correctly, breaking Graybill by developing its own skills and resources.

Until now!

Come on, Persians. You're smart and sophisticated. You've been producing excellent engineers and mathematicians for 1000 years. After all your effort to escape from US traps, don't fall into this one! You ought to know better.

Sidenote: Venezuela is also trying to use bitcoin, but I'm not surprised or disappointed by this. Maduro is consistently and self-destructively stupid. He failed to break Graybill's Law, continued surrendering to globalist limits. Now he's paying the price.


  One piece moves

The yellowjackets haven't moved Macron, but one piece of the French Steadystate has yielded a bit of ground.

France24, their main external propaganda outlet, was TOTALLY EU and TOTALLY SOROS until this week. Now they're genuinely trying to cover the real grievances of real people. This feature interviews lots of real French folks outside of Paris and catches the genocidal effects of globalism clearly and empathetically. Many people are trying to get by on around $1000 a month. They scrimp and save, but it doesn't work. Global corporations are kicking out small local businesses, and Macron keeps adding more taxes for the UTTERLY INSANE HYPERDEMONIC PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE GOAL of "saving the planet", while REMOVING taxes from his monstrous rich degenerate Life Partners.

Sounds mighty familiar. If "journalists" had been giving objective attention and empathy to Deplorables before this week, the situation might not have reached the point of revolution.

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Friday, December 07, 2018
  30 second disproof of a "conservative" myth

From a new Pew poll on religion in Europe. A list of the most religious countries.

I've colored in the former Soviet countries.

"Conservatives" are always claiming that Communism destroyed religion. Disproved.
  Let them eat ??????????

Thinking about Macron Antoinette...

The 'let them eat X' meme works when X is a product only available to the elite. Because the elite have never been unable to afford cake, they can't even start to understand the plight of the peasants.

Obamacare has ALWAYS been based on a huge pile of elite malassumptions about Deplorables. Shopping around for medical care, like shopping for bread vs cake, is NOT available to poor people.

Now this article about the limits of Obamacare throws another stale cake in our face.
“A big mistake for people is to look at the notice they get for their current health insurance and see it’s going up a lot and then throw up their hands and decide they’re going to go without,” says Donna Rosato, a New York-based editor at Consumer Reports who covers health care cost issues.

“Before you do that, look at other options. For instance, if your income is close to the threshold to qualify for tax credits through Covered California or another Obamacare insurance exchange — about $48,500 for an individual or $100,000 for a family of four this year — check with a financial professional about adjusting it, Rosato suggests.
Check with a financial professional? I don't even know what a financial professional is! And I wouldn't know how to "adjust it", whatever that means. Adjust what? Your income? Your threshold? Your family? Poor folks can't adjust anything.

New Yorkers are apparently accustomed to having a financial professional on staff, along with the usual cooks and chauffeurs and butlers and maids and same-sex mistresses and manicurists and attorneys and Life Coaches. (Whatever those are.)

So the modern version is "Let them eat [a thing they can't even imagine]."

= = = = =

Later and better thought: A similar saying applies universally to all "advisors".

If you have to ask, you can't afford it.

Or more precisely,

If you have to ask for advice, you can't use it.

Specific example: I've never needed a financial advisor. My rigid little bookkeeper soul has done an EXCELLENT job of choosing the right moves and detecting scams in the economic and scientific realms. In other realms I'm totally hopeless. In politics I'm always falling for "independence movements" or "independent media" which turn out to be Sorosian puppet shows. In social life I've made terrible mistakes because I can't spot fake friendships and fake respect. Once or twice I tried a counselor (a social professional) but the advisor was completely unfamiliar with the needs and skills of an introvert. The advice was designed for extroverts. I had no idea how to apply the advice, and my attempts to use it led to painful failure.

Aristocrats and peasants are permanently disjunct sets. Cool and uncool, lovable and unlovable, Insatiables and Deplorables, are permanently disjunct sets. There is no common currency, no exchange rate, no impedance matcher for advice or knowledge.


  Things worth doing and (hopefully learning) how to do them

Continuing the theme of populist leaders and their innate tendencies.

I noted that Bolsonaro is on the introvert side, which means he doesn't have a natural public face. Salvini, the ultimate extrovert, always pleases the camera without trying.

Bolsonaro's social media advisors are clearly trying to copy Salvini's methods.

Salvini often does a Good Morning or Good Evening post to keep in contact with his people.

Bolsonaro's team tried the same thing:

Introverts need to accomplish the same PURPOSES with introvert METHODS. Mixing and matching doesn't work.


Thursday, December 06, 2018
  Graphic palate cleanser

Sort of cleansing the graphic palate from previous Exner item.

This is the latest at KSHS. Part of a long series of wildly uninteresting letters and documents from the files of Governor Capper around 1915. This letter is just as boring as the rest, but the printed letterhead stands out DRAMATICALLY.

An engraving placed in pleasing asymmetry with the text. Rare in any era, almost unique 100 years ago. The anonymous printer in Hays deserves recognition.

= = = = =

Can't resist.

An anonymous printer in Hays
Made letterheads bound to amaze.
An arrangement that's deft
With a cut on the left.
Beauty unmatched nowadays.
  Exner's revenge

Jalopnik is having fun with the horrible new face of Chevy's latest pickup.

To my eyes all post-2000 autos look equally horrible, but I can sort of halfway see why this one is slightly more horrible than the rest.

It's obviously a retro tribute to the '61 DeSoto. Misplaced branding. Echoing Exner instead of Earl.
  Doc Mengele's lancet

The Lancet, formerly house organ of a medical society, is now the surgical tool of Soros. Lancet abuses and misuses "medical" "data" to state openly that migration is REQUIRED and populists must be EXTERMINATED.


  Surrendering to the machine

A small news item that links into a larger trend:

Wells Fargo misclassified some loan modifications, leading to several hundred foreclosures. Wells Fargo is blaming a computer error for the problem.

This offends my narrow little bookkeeper soul.

Bookkeepers had all sorts of tricks and methods to verify the results of a calculation. Adding machines and calculators made the FIGURING faster, but we always checked the result MANUALLY. Aside from numerical tricks, a human clerk knows the situation. If I was adding up Foreman Bill's meal and motel receipts for the week and the adding machine totaled $14,553.65, I knew something was wrong. Either Bill was cheating or I'd entered the numbers wrong. Bill wasn't the cheating type, so my numbers were the problem. Human pattern recognition is vastly superior to any machine.

In this case a few hundred applications could have been manually reviewed by one clerk in one day, but nobody bothered.

Recently the idea of human checking has disappeared. Tesla owners happily let the car do all the driving, EVEN AFTER its errors have led to close calls and crashes. EXERTING CONTROL over the world is extinct. We are no longer the USERS of machines, no longer able to CHECK or VERIFY that the machine is serving our own PURPOSES. We have abandoned purpose and surrendered to the machine.


  A real eye-opener

This article about the Resnick pistachio monopoly is a giant eye-opener. You wouldn't think of pistachios as an instrument of WORLD-CHANGING warmongers, but in fact they are.

Three years ago, journalist Yasha Levine and filmmaker Rowan Wernham first arrived at the vast pistachio plantation of Stewart and Lynda Resnick in California’s parched Central Valley. There, they saw firsthand how a billionaire power couple had successfully manipulated the state’s political system to privatize its water supply for their own financial benefit.

Today, the Wonderful Company farm owned by the Resnicks soaks up more water than the entire city of Los Angeles. Their business was based on “a heist of epic proportions,” according to Levine, that “will put family farms out of business, and push life in the biggest river estuary on the west coast of America towards mass extinction.”
Central point:
Carter’s embargo on Iran was what gave birth to America’s pistachio business. Historically, pistachios imported from Iran had dominated global markets, including in the US. When America was suddenly cut off from Iran’s pistachio supply after Carter’s economic blockade in the wake of the Iranian hostage crisis, it left a giant hole in the market and created the need for an alternative source of pistachios. At the time, pistachio farming happened on a small scale ... From then on, America’s pistachio industry grew at a crazy pace, with domestic output more than doubling every 5 years. In 2008, forty years after the embargo, America finally surpassed Iran as the world’s dominant producer of pistachios. And the bulk of America’s pistachio trade is controlled by one firm: the Wonderful Company, owned by Beverly Hills billionaires Stewart and Lynda Resnick.
So we're forcing Europe into Russia's circle, and using up California water supplies, and (just today) escalating our trade war with China, for the IMPERATIVE NATIONAL INTEREST of pleasing Sheldon Adelson and Stewart Resnick.

If there are objective historians in the future, they will place this worldwide conflagration in the same wastebin with medieval wars caused by romantic rivalries and jealousies among inbred infantile insane aristocrats. Or the War of Jenkins's Ear.

= = = = =

Two big points not mentioned in the article:

1. The leftist myths about war for oil are precisely false. Most of our wars have no connection to resources at all. Most of our wars are pure psychopathic monstrous hyperevil. When resources are involved, the war is designed to PROTECT A MONOPOLY. We are always trying to ELIMINATE a resource, not GAIN a resource.

2. The leftist myths about Israel are precisely false. American Jews claim to be helping Israel, but most of their work is contrary to the REAL interests and desires of Israel. In this case REAL Israelis love pistachios, and REAL Israelis prefer Persian pistachios to Resnick pistachios. The US blockade of Persia, allegedly to "help Israel", has forced REAL Israelis to smuggle Persian pistachios through Turkey. I guess you'd call it nut-laundering.

= = = = =

Reminder: Any criticism of Soros is censored "because it's anti-Semitic". The REAL Israel has kicked out Soros NGOs because the REAL Israel understands ACCURATELY that Soros is the most murderous genocidal ACTUAL NAZI in the world.

If we paid more attention to the motives and actions of REAL Israelis and less to the bizarre delusions of elite American Jews, we'd be doing the world a huge favor. Israelis are sane sensible mature PRACTICAL people.
Wednesday, December 05, 2018
  Sorosia in a few graphs

Statistician William Briggs has made some interesting graphs based on World Bank poverty data from 1980 to present. The most valid set is the third set, poverty RATES in various parts of the world. Inflection points on the graphs show the work of Soros SHARPLY AND CLEARLY.

Briggs clarifies that two of the titles are misleading, but doesn't relabel them. "Europe and Central Asia" means the Soviet zone. "Other high income" means US/UK/EU/CAN/AUS, in other words the Sorosian lands.

In most parts of the world poverty is going straight down. East Asia is unsurprisingly the steepest and longest downward slope. Sub-Saharan Africa turned around in 1994 [why?**] and started heading downward.

"Middle East and North Africa" was going down until Soros broke their governments in 2011. Since Soros took control, poverty is rapidly increasing.

Poverty in the Soviet zone was flat until 1990 when Soros crashed their governments. Poverty rose DRAMATICALLY until 2000 when Putin kicked Soros out. Now it's going down fast.

US/EU/ETC were losing poverty until 2008 when Soros crashed our economies. Poverty is going up exponentially since 2008, with no ceiling or asymptote in sight.

I'm sure Soros is enjoying these measurements of a wonderfully successful holocaust***, and plotting how to return his holocaust to the Soviet zone. As I noted before, he's building advance bases in Armenia and Macedonia to recapture the zone.

= = = = =

** Trying to see why most of Africa turned around in 1994. This inflection point is NOT related to Soros. This article points to a perfect storm of epidemics and famines that caused positive reform, starting in Uganda and Kenya and Tanzania. Might be some Kuhn involved as well. The original post-colonial rulers were dying around that time, opening the field for younger leaders who had been itching to solve old problems.

= = = = =

*** Holocaust? Yes. Even without counting his wars, Soros has already matched the record of his hero and role model Adolf. 5 million excess deaths in Russia during the 90s, 1 million excess deaths in US since 2008. 5 + 1 = 6 million.

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  Interview with Satan

Teufels Welle has an interview with Satan. Fits in nicely with yesterday's items on Sherburne Hopkins and Bush The Father.
James Thornton: The thing that allows a really small group of people to change the world is using the enormous power of the law. Legal systems encapsulate, really, what a society thinks about itself and the rules that people in the particular society have mutually agreed to be governed by. It always includes enforcement mechanisms.
= = = = =


Law is rules that the society has mutually agreed on.

Law includes enforcement.

Therefore a few wicked psychopathic monstrous devils equipped with money and power can OVERTURN AND SMASH the rules that society has mutually agreed on.

= = = = =

And of course he is CHANGING THE WORLD, which is WAR by definition.
If, for example, a government has passed a law about air pollution or water pollution and then it doesn't do the right thing and protect the people like the law says, we — using the power of the law — can go to the courts and force the government to do the right thing. That's an example of how just a few people can actually make a big difference.
When he says "law" he means brute force and crime.

"Law" says that ordinary people can't sue the police for failure to protect their lives. But Satan can always sue EPA for failure to protect Satan's Holy And Unstoppable Power.
You're currently suing a number of cities and in a couple of cases courts have already ruled that diesel vehicles should be banned. Berlin is one of them — how many more do you think will follow, and what immediate effect do you hope these bans have?
Previously "science" had required all vehicles to be diesel, because diesel was Holy And Sinless as defined by "science". Diesel emits less plant food than gasoline, and "science" wants to starve plants. Suddenly "science" changed its mind and decided (correctly this time) that diesel is dirty. The "rule of law" automatically followed the "science" as the "science" flipped back and forth.

In real science, F=MA is always true. V=IR does not depend on the will of Satan or Soros. It is always true.

In real morality, starting a war is always bad and defending yourself against a war is always good. War does not become good when Bush or Soros or Thornton or Trump is doing it. Defending yourself does not become bad when Russia or Venezuela or Persia or Deplorables are doing it.

War is always bad. Changing the world is always bad.


Tuesday, December 04, 2018
  Y no sleep brand?

Watching the Senior Dogs livestream as usual...

Struck by the thought that dogs make sleep look attractive and worthwhile. After I watch a dog sleep, I want to sleep.

We have brands for all sorts of abstract phenomena, from insurance to loans to salvation.

Why don't we have brands for sleep?

Beagle brand:

Two Spaniels brand:

Pile-O-Pugs brand: [Or is this Pile-O-Slugs?]

And the premium Dreamy Lab brand:


  Who was Steadystate before Wilson?

Following on the Hy-Rib story... The date of 1913 on the war-resistant wall in Mexico City led me to look up details of the Mexican Civil War. It's a supercomplex decade, with several backs and forths of power, ending up with a competent leftist government that lasted from 1920 to 1980, when Share Value and Debtism took over there along with USA.

One resonance caught my attention: The trigger point for the revolt was labor unrest in mines run by US companies. Mexican workers were dissatisfied because they were paid less than migrant workers from US. Migration trouble goes both ways, and the local workers lose both ways!

I've been occasionally trying to trace the prehistory of modern Steadystate. Wilson started its current form; FDR subdued it; Truman allowed it to resume full strength. Since 1946, pure viral growth.

I couldn't see an earlier form. Here it is.

Sherburne Hopkins.
Sherburne Gillette Hopkins was an American lawyer and influential lobbyist in Washington DC. His clients included oil tycoon Henry Clay Pierce, financier and "father of trusts" Charles Ranlett Flint, Guatemalan President Manuel Estrada Cabrera, and Mexican President Francisco I. Madero among others. He specialized in connecting American finance with Latin American revolutionaries.
And here's the Steadystate Tripod.

(1) Banking and monopolistic finance: [Plus big data!]
One of their largest clients was the "King of Trusts," Charles Ranlett Flint. In 1892, Flint, also from an old Massachusetts family, had merged several rubber companies to form the monopolistic conglomerate United States Rubber Company. His principal lawyer for this merger was Thomas Snell Hopkins. In another famous merger, Flint organized the main bubblegum manufacturers into American Chicle Company in 1899. In 1911, Flint founded the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company, which later became IBM.
(2) Intel agencies:
Hopkins' involvement in the Nicaraguan change of government was critical. He represented his clients and acted on behalf of the U.S. government, especially Philander Knox who had become Secretary of State in 1909. Hopkins also supported Knox's efforts to properly finance and equip the rebel forces. Guatemalan President and another puppet of the United Fruit Company, Manuel Estrada Cabrera, received funds from the United States, mainly in the form of loans.

"I knew exactly what was going to happen. I knew that nothing could save Zelaya," Hopkins boasted to Senator Smith in 1912. Upon the question of whether Hopkins' intimate information about Nicaragua's troubles came from sources in the government, he replied: "I should not say directly from our Government, Senator. I knew what was going to happen before our Government did, and stopped Zelaya's loan from going through. I am also free to say that I received a great many hints that things were going to happen. I knew the sentiment in the State Department and elsewhere."
(3) Leftist activists:
Clearly, there were only three areas in which work was required: Procuring loans to finance arms and ammunition purchases; building an organization for the revolutionaries that procured and shipped arms and ammunition; and creating political support in the United States for the rebellion. Showing how much his connections were worth, Hopkins successfully interceded with his friend, Secretary of State Philander Knox, to allow munitions to pass unchallenged from El Paso to Ciudad Juárez to aid revolutionaries.
All elements were in place just before Wilson. So Wilson didn't invent Steadystate, he grabbed the ball from Hopkins.
  MIssed the most obvious

Thinking about Bush The Father, who stopped murdering a few days ago, and Bush The Son, who is still murdering, I remembered a quick disproof that I wrote MANY years ago.

Bush The Son constantly said "Democracies don't war." Other neocons expressed the same thought in English.

I disproved it with an easy look at recent wars. In fact there's no correlation. Some democracies have the war habit and some don't. Some dictatorships have the war habit and some don't. Warmaking and voting system are unrelated variables.

Just now realized that I missed the most obvious disproof.

By neocon terms we are a Democracy, and our Exceptional Mission in the world is to Spread Democracy. How do we Spread Democracy? We war.

Democracies don't war.
We are a democracy.
Therefore we war.


  Small positive move

The Supreme Demons have turned down ONE of the thousands of absurd lawsuits against Trump. This suit claimed that Trump wasn't permitted to use a 1996 law PASSED AND SIGNED BY BILL CLINTON. The law allowed the government to make exceptions to the government's own environmental rules in order to build a border barrier. As usual, the BILL CLINTON law was just fine with the various NGOs and state attorney generals until Trump dared to use it.

The Supreme Demons are incapable of being honest or fair, but in this case they're at least consistently Democrat. They're defending a Democrat law against the suers who want to eliminate the Democrat law because the wrong president tried to enforce it.

More broadly, a government MUST be allowed to make exceptions to its own previous laws to achieve important things. Everyone has to make such decisions. Should I keep a promise that requires me to do harm, or should I avoid doing harm? We don't always make the right choice, but we have to MAKE the choice.

Federal "laws" deal with every possible subject, and you can always find a conflicting or contradictory "law" for every action. Every effective action violates an existing "law".
Monday, December 03, 2018
  Dumb turntables, smart lath

This 1916 'Cyclopedia' is a rich source of info on electric cars. Lots of clear pictures of the cars, chassis, motor and circuit details. Gives guidance for driving electrics so you can imagine how a driver felt in the road and traffic conditions of that era.

The book also includes plans and discussions of garages. Some were for rich folks, with separate quarters for the chauffeur, and some were simple. Uniquely, the plans include a turntable as in a locomotive roundhouse. Allegedly the turntable saved the trouble of backing the car out of the garage.

I suspect the turntables were never built because the dimensions don't work. This plan is 14 feet wide, and the typical upper-class car was 14 feet long.

One of the garage plans shows an interesting form of construction that would work nicely for a small house.

Steel frame, steel slats, concrete on and around the slats. Totally bugproof and fireproof and rainproof.

= = = = =

Looked up the Hy-Rib tradename. It wasn't just slats, it was a complicated ridged mesh system. Albert Kahn owned the company and used Hy-Rib extensively in his famous buildings. Hy-Rib could form arches and domes of any shape.

Detail 1:

Detail 2:

Main building at SMU in Dallas when new:

Still there:

Hill Auditorium at UMich when new:

Still there:

Best of all, Hy-Rib construction was war-resistant.

[The last picture led to another interesting story.]
  Neighborhood puzzle

The apt at 4001 W Crown, vacant and decaying for 20 years, was supposedly sold back in January. Supposedly the purchaser was required to tear the building down and build new houses or apts. Since the supposed sale nothing has happened; a few things were moved around, squatters continued squatting, a few more windows were broken or boarded.

Now a PECULIAR thing has happened. The roof has been tarped neatly with tape around the edges.

[Not current picture.]

The shingles are dry and crumbly but look intact, and the roof escaped damage from the windstorms of '14 and '15. The top roof isn't easy to reach, and the weather has been foggy and slippery.

Why would you tarp the roof if you're REQUIRED to tear the place down? Did the purchaser get a variance to leave it as is?

Later thought: Variance forced by asbestos?


  Plutonium standard

Bergoglio is the Plutonium Standard Satan Unit.

Pure toxicity, pure evil, pure distilled incalculable wickedness and insanity beyond insanity.

[Bergoglio] told young people from the Associazione Rondine-Cittadella della Pace group Monday that "we must definitively remove war from the planet and the history of humanity".

"May you help bring down the highest walls, build bridges and sweep away uncrossable borders, the baggage of a world that is ending," he said.

THE DEFINITION OF WAR is "sweeping away borders and bringing down walls".

Every warmonger in all of human history has made plans to sweep away borders and bring down walls.

Every peacemaker in all of human history has tried to build better walls and more uncrossable borders.

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  El mouso que el roaro

Immediately after AMLO took office, he signed an agreement with El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras to stop the northward migrant invasion, in return for a massive fund "to end poverty".

Aha. Now I see.

Good old Mouse That Roared. The whole thing is just El Shakedowno, El Racketo del Protección. We send criminals to rob and vandalize your stores, but you can halt the crime by paying for our "insurance".

Needless to say, the fund "to end poverty" will end up in the hands of the leaders as always.
Sunday, December 02, 2018
  Not impressed

AMLO took office in Mexico today. I'm not impressed.

Crime has been multiplying in recent years, but AMLO just offers stupid hippie-left slogans. "You can't fight violence with violence". FALSE.

In fact you have to fight violence with violence, but you DON'T have to start or expand the violence. Drug laws are intended to CREATE violence so the agencies in charge of pretending to fight the violence can increase their budget to create more violence.

He wants "government of the people". Meaningless.

He wants to "end corruption". Every politician says that.

Carlos Slim approves of AMLO, which tells you everything you need to know.

It's possible that his actions will turn out better than his words, but a hardass change of policy needs to START with a hardass and coherent statement of PURPOSE.
  More salient observation

I'm not sure if this video is really 'music therapy', but the elephant does seem to be enjoying the music.

More salient observation: A blind elephant has a huge advantage over other blind mammals. A built-in guide dog and cane! Humans need to learn how to use echoes or canes, but every elephant has full sensory and brain equipment to use its trunk for remote sensing.
  Better question

First item: The Tesla skeptics have been showing dozens of huge parking lots full of new and quickly depreciating Tesla Model 3s. The skeptics are asking why these inventories are growing. If people really want a product, inventory doesn't pile up.

A better question: Many of the lots are completely unsecured. Parking lots of abandoned malls. No fence, no watchman. If this car is so desirable, why isn't anyone STEALING it? A good hacker could certainly rig up a master key via Wi-Fi, and drive off a few cars before anyone noticed, or just TOW them off and leave the keying for later.

I still haven't seen even one of these cars around here. I see plenty of brand-new cars with dealer plates in the neighborhood. People have the money (or the credit) to buy a new car every year, but none of them are choosing Teslas.

= = = = =

Second item: Safeway/Albertsons is "planning" to "purchase" a fleet of Tesla's autonomous electric semis, which will never be produced. Safeway pulled a photo-op allowing some of its drivers to try out the prototype.

Assuming the truck is really autonomous (which is also a myth), why would a company invite its own employees to try out the MACHINE THAT WILL REPLACE THEM?

"Here, Joe. Try this new truck so you'll see how well the company can do without you. Get the feel of what this truck will be doing while you're unemployed and jumping off a bridge. Even better, drive across the bridge that you'll jump from. Scope out your wonderful utopian future."

Why? This question is NOT mysterious. SHARE VALUE.

There are two ways to raise share value. (1) Brazen transparent fraud. (2) Genocide. The Dow is proudly constructed on a foundation of rotting carcasses.

So this little stunt takes care of both variables at once. Wasting money on a COOOOOL fraud, and telling the Deplorable drivers to fuck off and die. Brilliant!


  From "rights" to duties, Team dream edition

Yesterday's discouragement was specifically caused by an attempt to participate in a discussion with people who are long-time online acquaintances in the Poser graphics area. I tossed in a comment that seemed to be on-topic and helpful, and the others ignored it. Walked around it like politely avoiding a turd on the sidewalk.

This is a well-known phenomenon online. Team A and Team B are discussing a topic with specific rules. If you want to get into the game, you have to play ON one of the teams. It doesn't matter if your comment is true or helpful; if it's outside the shared lies, it will be AT BEST ignored and USUALLY smashed to the ground.

I got off easy this time, but I ought to know better. I've been watching this mess for 30 years and I know by now that I'm not a team player. Introverts can't be. Introverts don't NEED human conversation, which means we don't develop the skills of team play and we don't really like it. We won't make the necessary sacrifices. Every now and then we forget and try to jump in, with perfectly predictable results.

= = = = =

Tonight's dream presented three variations on the same theme. The first was a reference to a real-life incident in the distant past; the second was restaurant work; the third was high-speed driving. In each case I was invited to take part in a job or activity that I couldn't do well and didn't enjoy. In each case I quit before the disaster got worse. The dream added words to the quit: "Sorry, folks, I don't know how to do this. You'll have to find someone else."

= = = = =

Replacing "rights" with duties. The "Enlightenment" falsely informed us that we are all identical, with identical and unlimited abilities. We have a "right" to do anything we choose, to be anything we choose. In reality we have unique and limited abilities, and we have DUTIES. Life is an infinite gift. We have a DUTY to answer the gift by making more life, more beauty, more value.

I have developed a small set of skills to make more beauty and value, and I know the results of those skills are valued and appreciated in a small way. I shouldn't waste even the slightest effort on tasks that are outside my duties.


Saturday, December 01, 2018

I'm getting discouraged with the impenetrable wall of shared lies on the Soros side of the world. "Both" "sides" continue arguing about the details of the lies, without ever asking whether the lies have any basis in reality.

Facts have no chance. I'm sure plenty of others share the 'still small voice' syndrome, but at the moment I'm STUPIDLY feeling like the only bearer of sanity.

To break out of this STUPID mood, it's time to pay close attention to the non-Soros parts of the world, where the shared lies have already been questioned and REJECTED.


Bolsonaro is still hard to pin down. His overall theme is left-populist, following on the tradition begun by Kubitschek in the '50s. But he's more comfortable with military matters than the typical left-populist because his first career was in the military. He spent 15 years as an army officer before moving into politics.

He also seems to be an introvert who gets tired of dealing with people. He has a public face, but it's not natural. This places him in the majority of populist leaders. Putin and Orban are introverts. Putin has done a better job of compensating, but he still shows signs of frustration in long meetings. Orban doesn't bother to hide it. Salvini is the only pure extrovert, the only one who gains energy and nourishment from human contact.

It's good for the side to have a natural salesman around.

What about Mahathir, who recently regained power in Malaysia? This interview breaks my discouragement entirely. The interview was a few months ago, just after he was elected. The interviewer tries (much more respectfully than any Western interviewer!) to stir him up into partisanship or outrage, but he remains above it all, looking at local and global reality from a broad and perfectly objective viewpoint.

In other words, Mahathir is beyond introvert and extrovert. He's simply the embodied voice of reason and reality. And it's VERY good for the side to have a natural philosopher around.

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  At the same moment....

Macron is screeching at G20, basically repeating CLIMATE CHANGE over and over and over and over and over.

France has been the world leader in nuclear power, which is THE CLEANEST POSSIBLE SOURCE. Nothing comes remotely close.

Macron is preparing to eliminate clean power and replace it with coal. He doesn't say coal, but we know from experience that the REAL replacement for nuclear is coal, which is the DIRTIEST POSSIBLE SOURCE. Nothing comes remotely close.

At the SAME TIME, his own country is wildly rioting against the INTENDED CONSEQUENCES of the genocidal "climate change" hoax, which has made everyday products unavailable to ordinary people.

We've seen this movie before.

Marie Antoinette: Let them eat cake.

Macron Antoinette: Let them eat coal.

= = = = =

Sidenote: The rioters are using their yellow vests as an icon. Commentators are asking if this is a Color Revolution. If it is, why so little media attention? First guess: This is NOT a Color Revolution, because the rioters are AGAINST a Sorosian cause and a Sorosian leader. "Global Warming" is at the dark heart of Soros, and Macron is solidly Soros.

HOWEVER: I've been fooled too many times by these revolutions. My first impulse is always to see them as real, but most of them have turned out to be Soros. So I'm not going to trust my first guess.

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  Blur = focus

On my morning walk I noticed a yard that's completely dug up. It's not excavated rectangularly as you'll see when a sewer pipe or water main is being replaced, and it's not plowed for replanting grass. Looks more like the deep tumble that remains after a tree-cutter has ground up the roots. But the mess is much bigger than one tree root.

I didn't remember seeing any trees in that yard, so I checked Googlestreet for a past view. Sure enough, no trees there in 2011 when the googlepics were taken. Still a puzzle.

[Later, after a second look, I think it's just preparation for landscaping after all. They dug out some big rocks and old foundation pieces, giving the same effect as root-grinding. A reminder that this neighborhood is old enough to have some archeology. Many of the 1970s houses were replacements for 1910 houses.]

Googlestreet created another puzzle. A different house on that block is blurred out. The blur has a wide range so it affects most of the block. The blurred house is NOT a meth house or a perpetual crime scene; it's a nice neat orderly house. The house NEXT to the blurred house is more likely to be methy.

I'm pretty sure the blur is new. I've used Googlestreet fairly often for this type of memory-checking, and I would have noticed the blur.

Looking it up, turns out you can request to have your house blurred, and Google will do it. Seems counterproductive, since it dramatically FOCUSES attention on your house and makes people wonder what's going on there!


  Fantastically stupid "science"

A stark contrast to the EXCELLENT science about mama spiders in previous item.

Via Eurekalert:

Electrical stimulation in the nose induces sense of smell in human subjects

I don't even need to go past the headline, but just for fun....
Physicians at Massachusetts Eye and Ear have, for the first time, induced a sense of smell in humans by using electrodes in the nose to stimulate nerves in the olfactory bulb, a structure in the brain where smell information from the nose is processed and sent to deeper regions of brain. Reporting online today in International Forum of Allergy & Rhinology, the research team describes their results, which provide a proof of concept for efforts to develop implant technology to return the sense of smell to those who have lost it.

Sweet Jesus.

Anyone who has touched a 9-volt battery to his tongue knows that electrical stimulation creates olfactory sensations. Neurologists and electrotherapists from 1860 to 1900 did LOTS of experiments to restore olfaction through electrical stimulation. Many of their experiments succeeded. The "proof of concept" is 150 years old.

Elonism running rampant. Re-inventing an EXTREMELY OLD idea and claiming it as new. The worst part is that these idiots always get away with their lies. Nobody ever asks a fucking question.

Crime pays MAGNIFICENTLY. Honesty is suicide.


  Spider milk!

Spider milk? Don't you mean spider silk? No, spider milk.

This is INTERESTING from a designed-genome viewpoint.
A new study reveals a species of jumping spider in which newly hatched young are entirely dependent on a maternally excreted milk-like substance. Suckling continues for 40 days – well beyond the point at which the young can forage for themselves.
The most interesting part is the relationship, not the substance itself. Many animals feed their offspring in various ways, but until now only birds and mammals were known to maintain a household for an extended period.
Unlike other specialised food sources, spider milk is supplied to the young from hatching until near adulthood, and is accompanied by a high degree of maternal care. The team carried out a series of field and laboratory experiments to find out just how crucial milk provision and parental attention is to the species.

To test the importance of care and milk in juveniles, the team removed the mother spider at 20 days, or left her in the nest with a blocked epigastric furrow. The authors found that while nursing was not critical to offspring survival after becoming independent, their mother’s presence greatly assured their overall health and adult survival. The provision of milk reduced the time spent outside the nest. The presence of the mother and her nest-care also seemed to reduce the parasite load on the spiderlings.
In other words, the job of Homemaker is ORIGINAL in the genome. It's not an added feature that "evolved" sometime between fish and birds, and it's certainly not a "social construct".

Good science. Observe something odd, look at it closely, experiment to see if it's real.


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Polistra was named after the original townsite of Manhattan (the one in Kansas). When I was growing up in Manhattan, I spent a lot of time exploring by foot, bike, and car. I discovered the ruins of an old mill along Wildcat Creek, and decided (inaccurately) that it was the remains of the original site of Polistra. Accurate or not, I've always liked the name, with its echoes of Poland (an under-appreciated friend of freedom) and stars. ==== The title icon is explained here. ==== Switchover: This 2007 entry marks a sharp change in worldview from neocon to pure populist. ===== The long illustrated story of Polistra's Dream is a time-travel fable, attempting to answer the dangerous revision of New Deal history propagated by Amity Shlaes. The Dream has 8 episodes, linked in a chain from the first. This entry explains the Shlaes connection.

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