Tuesday, March 20, 2018
  Experts are smart. We should trust experts.

Some expert quoted by Bloomberg, via ZH:
Those diverse stories will all converge to a similar, very negative outcome for the tech space: tighter regulation and oversight, plus an increase in compliance and legal costs and a significant blow to sentiment.

The dangers are amplified because much of the rally of the last few years for global equities has hinged on the technology sector. Damage this pillar and then earnings, valuations, supply chains, trade and innovation all suffer. This feeds back into a deteriorating macro picture.

The resulting negative feedback loop is being triggered at an inopportune time, with elevated trade tensions and global political uncertainty adding to the risks that the spiral of doom accelerates. Never mind the monetary policy uncertainty accentuated by the first rate-setting meeting for the Fed’s new chair.

Idiot. That's a positive feedback loop, not a negative feedback loop. Anyone who trusts your advice is trusting an idiot.

On a higher level, civilization desperately requires more regulation of what the expert calls the "tech space", which is actually the genocide space. More regulation is NOT a danger to humans, though I suppose it is a "danger" to mass-murdering hypermonsters and their evil expert shills.
  Switching fields?

Something odd is happening today. The BBC's front page is COMPLETELY FREE of Russian Meddling. No Skripal, no Satan Putin, no Russia at all. Instead. BBC is focusing on Facebook's supposed "data breach" that allowed a supposedly Trump-favoring organization to buy info through normal channels. Horrible!

Simultaneously the NY TIMES is focusing on another Facebook "data breach" that favored Obama.

Both of these focuses are SUDDEN and UNPRECEDENTED.

When fake news demons suddenly remove the SOLE FOCUS, you know the SOLE FOCUS has gone wrong in some way.

And when fake news demons SWITCH to a story that favors the WRONG PARTY, you know something MASSIVE has gone wrong.

As a wise man said, "Journalists never start being right. At best they sometimes stop being wrong."

In fact neither of those "data breaches" is a problem. If Facebook wants to open its data banks to Obama for free, that's fine. If Facebook wants to allow a Trump organization to buy its data, that's fine.

What's NOT fine is doing it secretly and lying about it.

As I said yesterday, monitoring and data flow are NOT the problem. More data flow is always good, and that INCLUDES data flow in the opposite direction.

If everyone knows everything, blackmail is impossible.

A bit later: checking the other major EU Sorosians. DW is still hammering on Skripal, but France24 has dropped it and switched to a more understandable local news item: Sarkozy arrested for allowing Qaddafi to MEDDLE in the 2012 French election. Is that the reason why BBC has quietly eliminated the Russian Meddling focus?


Monday, March 19, 2018
  Monitoring isn't the problem.

Survey linked by ZH finds that a strong majority of Americans UNDERSTAND what Deepstate is doing, though most don't use the term Deepstate.
Few Americans (13%) are very familiar with the term “Deep State;” another 24% are somewhat familiar, while 63% say they are not familiar with this term. However, when the term is described as a group of unelected government and military officials who secretly manipulate or direct national policy, nearly 3-in-4 (74%) say they believe this type of apparatus exists in Washington. This includes 27% who say it definitely exists and 47% who say it probably exists. Only 1-in-5 say it does not exist (16% probably not and 5% definitely not). Belief in the probable existence of a Deep State comes from more than 7-in-10 Americans in each partisan group, although Republicans (31%) and independents (33%) are somewhat more likely than Democrats (19%) to say that the Deep State definitely exists.

Fully 8-in-10 believe that the U.S. government currently monitors or spies on the activities of American citizens, including a majority (53%) who say this activity is widespread and another 29% who say such monitoring happens but is not widespread. Just 14% say this monitoring does not happen at all. There are no substantial partisan differences in these results.
Missing the big point as usual. Monitoring AS SUCH is a good thing. In fact an ideally responsive government would be monitoring everybody all the time.

The relevant variable is what government DOES with the info.

The ideal representative government would pick up areas of discontent and ADJUST ITS OWN BEHAVIOR to minimize the discontent. NEGATIVE FEEDBACK.

We had an ideal representative government just once, from 3/4/33 until 4/12/45. Twelve good years. FDR monitored public discontent and ADJUSTED THE GOVERNMENT to minimize discontent. NEGATIVE FEEDBACK.

All administrations before and since have practiced either positive feedback or no feedback at all.

Most of the regimes before Wilson had no feedback at all. The Federal government simply didn't do much, so it didn't need to know much.

Wilson brought in POSITIVE FEEDBACK, intense lethal monitoring and cultivating of "subversives" so the government would have an exponentially increasing supply of "problems" that must be "solved" by cultivating more "subversives".

Harding abandoned the positive feedback for unknown reasons (which would still be worth understanding!) Coolidge and Hoover continued in pre-Wilson mode while real problems multiplied.

FDR solved the problems.

After FDR, the Wilson mode SMASHED back into control. Since 1946 it's all about cultivating "problems" which are "solved" by cultivating more "problems."

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When typing a URL in the addressbox of a browser, I often get confused because the letter appears after the keystroke. The interval is variable, sometimes several seconds late when the browser is trying to autocorrect or check previous URLs. A similar effect happens in most web editboxes for the same reason.

The confusion is directly parallel to DAF, so I'll call it DVF.

Before Microsoft Malware (Win 10) this sort of DVF confusion didn't happen in ordinary editing programs like Notepad and Kedit. Letters appeared instantly, so you could watch them while typing without getting derailed. Microsoft Malware has brought the "benefits" of DVF to ordinary non-web typing. Isn't that wonderful?

But wait!

Why do I even WANT to watch the typed letters?

I used physical typewriters for 30 years without ever looking at the currently typed character, because you CAN'T read the current letter. Depending on the layout of the typewriter you could generally see the word you typed before, but the currently active letter was covered by the hammer or ball or ribbon. The only thing you really needed to see was the position of the cursor on the page, so you could judge whether to put the next word on this line or return the carriage before the next word. Fancier typewriters placed the cursor up front on a scale with the actual margins, so you could judge the distance at a glance without peeking into the complicated platen area.

For 30 years I got along quite nicely without seeing the immediately typed letter. Why do I need to see it now? Maybe I should try looking elsewhere to avoid DVF.
  Non-barking quora

Many of the questioners on quora.com are perfectly predictable orthodox Sorosians. Their questions take the Soros side on gun control, immigration, economics, Trump, birth control, prisons, and just about everything else....


I scanned through the last thousand or so questions, running back about 24 hours, and I don't see even ONE question about Russia. Nothing about the election, nothing about the British "attack", nothing about Corrupt Oligarchs.

Is quora filtering these out? Seems unlikely but not impossible. Are the Sorosians uninterested? Seems unlikely. RUSSIAN MEDDLING is clearly Topic Number One for the Sorosian dysgovernments and the Sorosian fake media.
  Cui bono MMT?

MMT and Bitcoin are similar and parallel rackets. Both are pluponents, pretending to oppose the current monetary system by making the system EVEN WORSE IN THE SAME DIRECTION. More debt, more abstraction, more disconnection from real value, more disconnection from negative feedback.

The payoff for Bitcoin is obvious. NSA gets complete information about all transactions made in the pretend "dark world" by idiots who think they're "private", and NSA also gets free computation service by the "miners", who are solving hard cryptographic problems for NSA. The pushers and charter racketeers like Max Keiser are making money in the old-fashioned Ponzi way. 1. Buy a bunch of tulips. 2. Create a Theology Of Tulips with rabid followers who defend Sacred Infinitely Valuable Tulips from all doubters. 3. Profit. No missing steps, no mystery.

The payoff for MMT is completely opaque and possibly nonexistent. The founders of the racket are academic economists at UMKC. They don't seem to be getting rich, though they are certainly gaining academic prestige. The secondary pushers are "leftist" "progressives" who are also gaining coolness and respect but no obvious money.

Every racket involves a whole bunch of money sloshing around. Suckers are invited to grab some of the money after paying the swindler for the privilege of sticking your hand in the pool.

MMT doesn't have any money sloshing around YET. Part of its advertised advantage is UBI, a guarantee of "free" money for everyone, but the proposed amounts aren't enough to be worth all the effort.

Possible indirect explanation: UBI is the worst part of MMT because UBI supposedly eliminates the need for work. Deplorables who have been permanently disemployed by Goldman's debtism will supposedly feel better when they have money coming in. No they won't. What they need is USEFUL WORK verified by ACTUAL PAYCHECKS that are DIRECTLY COMPENSATING THEM for the USEFUL WORK BECAUSE THE WORK IS USEFUL.

From this angle, the payoff of UBI is to "justify" the total takeover of our economy by the debtists.

But again, how do the UMKC folks gain from this? Prestige, maybe consultant or advisor jobs? Nah. As economists they already get consultant and advisor gigs.

= = = = =

Later, after letting the above simmer for a while, a better analogy for MMT but still no answer to cui bono.

Better analogy = Prosperity gospel. PG was created by Rome 1000 years ago to "justify" Rome's fabulous wealth and exquisite depravity. Rome reinterpreted the New Testament to turn Jesus into a superwealthy supermonster just like popes and priests. Because the bible wasn't accessible to ordinary folks, the trick was easy.

We deserve to be rich because we're like Jesus. Your job is to give us all your money so we can be EVEN MORE like Jesus. After you give us all your money, you will get an early parole from Purgatory.

Since Purgatory is a myth invented by the same Roman monsters, PG is the perfect protection racket. All money goes to the swindlers, NO money goes out. The suckers aren't even expecting real money, so they can't get pissed and try for revenge. The mobsters don't need to spend money on thugs and arsonists because the suckers are buying protection against future thugs who don't exist.

The Inquisition began as an attempt to silence a few academics who had read the real gospels and tried to correct the record. After Gutenberg leaked the truth more widely, the suckers were less willing to give, so the Inquisition had to become more like a secular Sicilian protection racket, with real arsonists providing a real-world threat.

MMT is identical to modern versions of PG. Give all of the economy to the NYC priesthood, and in return you will get "riches" in the form of UBI.

But again, how do the MMT pushers gain from this? They aren't Popes. They aren't Jim and Tammy Faye. At best they're ushers in the Goldman megachurch.


  Purpose, not credit

I noted earlier that Austria and Czechia and France are cautiously turning toward nationalism after "shocking" increases in Parliament seats by sane parties.... EVEN THOUGH the presidents are NOT from the sane parties. This is a sign of a FUNCTIONAL GOVERNMENT with NEGATIVE FEEDBACK. When you have real parties and real representation and NEGATIVE FEEDBACK, the ruling party CHANGES COURSE to regain the voters lost to the insurgents.

Via DW, now even Krautland is following the same pattern.
Germany should consider stepping up its border controls, German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said on Sunday. "Not that many border points in Germany are permanently occupied," Seehofer told German weekly newspaper Die Welt am Sonntag, adding: "We will now discuss whether that needs to change."

Seehofer also appealed for the suspension of the Schengen Agreement, which allows free movement within the EU bloc. "Internal border checks [between EU member states] must be in place so long as the EU fails to effectively control the external border," he said, adding: "I don't see it being able to do this in the near future."
The insurgent sane party AfD is frustrated:
Andre Poggenburg, head of the AfD in the eastern state of Saxony, said Seehofer was copying his party with a view to Bavaria’s October regional election: “Horst Seehofer has taken this message from our manifesto word for word.”
Understandable, but you shouldn't get pissed. You should be cheering loudly because your PURPOSE is moving the country forward. Uncool people can't expect to get credit for anything, but uncool CHANGES can sometimes happen when the rulers feel a large enough threat to their power.

If AfD hadn't made the effort to speak for sane Krauts, the insane rulers would simply have continued on the same suicidal path.

= = = = =

Can't happen here. USA STRONG disconnected all negative feedback in 1946. Now we just have differently styled loudspeakers wired to Deepstate. The two loudspeakers are blaming each other for problems but NEVER making the slightest effort to change policies or laws. Symmetrical scapegoating avoids all action.

Sunday, March 18, 2018
  Sanity wins again

Polistra and friends express ABSOLUTE SOLIDARITY with the non-Sorosian side of the world.

Russia's election today unsurprisingly shows that SANITY continues to gain ground on the SANE side of the world. Unlike leaders on this infinitely infantile and incalculably wicked side, Putin is eminently sane and competent and GROWN-UP. Under his rule Russia has EJECTED the Sorosians and continues to improve its INDEPENDENT economy and its OWN skills and industries.

The strongest opposition candidate is equally sane and especially interesting. Grudinin, though nominally running as a Communist, is actually a Fordist. He constantly expresses the importance of USEFUL WORK in preventing radicalization and suicide and criminality. Sounds familiar.

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  Propane, worms

Good old propane.

Power went out at 4AM. No wind, just transformers popping from rain shorting out dust paths.

Fortunately I had already made coffee and first ramen, so nothing was urgent. I napped for a couple hours, woke up, power still out, so set up the propane lantern and stove and cooked second ramen. Good old propane, good old propane routine. Practice pays off.

By that time daylight was emerging, so I made the usual neighborhood walk. I could tell that several blocks were powerless. Back to house, power is already back on. Clearly it had returned JUST before I returned. Nice.

= = = = =

Noted while walking: Earthworms are back. This wasn't an extreme rain, the standard 1/4 inch, but it was enough to bring out a dense blanket of squirmie wormies on the street.

Last year the worms never appeared at all.

What's the diff? The previous winter was SUPER-COLD AND SUPER-SNOWY, with two feet of extra global warming above ground and two feet of global warming permafrost below ground. This year we had a normal amount of global warming, so the earthworms regenerated. How? Who knows? Do they drive to Florida in especially bad winters? Hitch a ride on a bird? Burrow down to the magma layer?


Friday, March 16, 2018
  Celluloid city

Wandering through American Radio History, looking for some interesting old equipment or architecture, noticed this station album from WBAL in Baltimore, dated 1927. Going through it, I didn't find any interesting stuff but caught an odd impression. The album included pictures and brief essays by all of the Distinguished Citizens of Baltimore. City officials, Noted Music Critics, etc. What's wrong with these pictures? They're in the wrong decade!

Most of the men are wearing stiff celluloid collars.

Celluloid collars were still fairly common in 1927. Some men added them for funerals or church, and a few men wore them for business. But most men let the cloth shirt collar do its job.

Was Baltimore unusually formal? It certainly isn't now!

Sidenote: Dude #3 with the pince-nez is Frederick Arthur Kummer, Noted Author And Playwright. His little ode to Baltimore included this anecdote:

Hmm. Maybe the pince-nez attitude helps to explain why Baltimore's current population is more riotous than elsewhere. When the leaders look down on you from such a steep and arrogant height, the lookdown acquires more momentum and tends to leave a mark.

HOWEVER! The above anecdote doesn't represent Kummer. The only full book I can find online is his The first days of man, designed to be read to kids by parents. It's the precise opposite of condescending and narrow-minded. It's a retelling of Genesis with a STRONG emphasis on direct experience.

From the preface:


From the Injun-style creation story:

You can see why the book didn't gain any traction. Conventional educators would instantly reject the anti-theory methods, and conventional Christians would recoil in horror from the harmonious mix of Injun "paganism" and experimental science. The Jehovah story harmonizes with delusional theories.


  "Rights" vs Duties, origins edition

Returning to Gouvernour Morris vs Tom Paine, trying to sort out the apparent inconsistency in the Hix radio show. I managed to wade through more of the 1838 biography of Morris, and now I have a fairly good sense of what happened.

The real story is a perfect fable of "rights" vs duties, at the EXACT START of the conflict, featuring a perfect avatar for each side.

First the broad background:

Morris was born into a wealthy and influential family, one of the founding families of the English colonies. He had a unique talent for math and engineering, and his family trained him for diplomatic work.

He HATED revolutions because he knew the historical record. Revolutions ALWAYS bring tyranny and ruin.

He used his influence to slow down the American revolution. When slowing failed, he got into a position of power where he could attempt to moderate the excesses. When he saw the French revolution coming, he was working as a trade representative for the new USA STRONG dysgovernment, using his math talents to deal with currencies and debts. At the moment when Paris fell to Robespierre, Morris was in France trying to negotiate repayment of our debt to the old French royal government, which had helped finance our revolution to weaken England. [Remember: England and France were at war almost constantly since the time of Jesus.]

= = = = =

What was Paine doing several years BEFORE the French revolution?

He was betraying his own revolution to weaken the French king and start a revolution there.

And what happened to Paine DURING the French revolution?

He was imprisoned for being part of a losing branch of the revolution.

What part did Morris play?

He tried to get Paine released, but without much sympathy because Paine had already betrayed America, joined Robespierre, and switched citizenship. Why should Morris defend Paine from the country he had chosen?

Later, James Monroe was sent to Paris on a different mission. At that time the French were happy to get rid of Paine, who was an all-around troublemaker.

= = = = =

Paine was the classic Chaotizer. His sole purpose in life was to create chaos and death, and he developed the murderous delusional concept of "rights" to assist in his genocide. Helped to start one revolution, got position in the revolution, got dissatisfied, used his position to help start another revolution. When he was caught, he went to France, got position in the new revolution. This time the rebels realized that he wasn't worth defending.

Morris was the classic Order-maker. He had a strong sense of DUTY balancing his aristocratic privileges. His DUTY was to preserve and create order. He tried to halt one revolution. When it happened anyway, he got position in the revolution, tried to bring order to the new setup.

= = = = =

Are there any modern equivalents?

Paine is easy. Ira Einhorn. Precise match. Used his influence to create disorder in NYC, moved to Paris, continued to ruin everything. Finally even the French got tired of him and threw him back. Remembered fondly by fuckheads as a defender of "environmental rights".

Morris was harder, because I had to fight my own biases to reach a surprising conclusion. Closest equivalent is Bill Gates. Born with wealth and math talent, used his influence and talent to gain more wealth, now uses his wealth to bring order to parts of the world that are prone to chaos and revolution. Gates is the best warrior against Soros. Clean water and vaccines help ordinary people to make more life and more order and more value. (The biography emphasizes Morris's ability to recognize his own biases without losing his own biases. So I'm trying feebly to emulate him.)

= = = = =

Finally, back to the original question. Was Hix right or wrong? Sort of technically correct but essentially wrong. His source got the basic facts of Paine's imprisonment but ignored the background and the previous events, thus missing the REASON for Paine's imprisonment and the REASON for Morris's lack of enthusiasm. Without the background, Morris appears to be the betrayer.

Hix's other Morris story was about Robert lending his fortune to the USA STRONG dysgovernment which never repaid him. In that case the radio story accurately portrayed the Morris family's unique virtue.


  Two perfect metaphors

An old article on the development of the AMC Gremlin mentions that Dick Teague was responsible for the name along with the basic design concept. Supposedly he liked the impish image and wasn't worried about the metaphorical use of 'gremlins' in engineering.

I don't think he was unworried about the metaphor. More likely he was using the metaphor. The Gremlin was meant to be a new answer to the VW Beetle, so a gremlin was meant to be analogous to a bug.

[In fact the Gremlin wasn't an answer because the VW wasn't a question. The Gremlin was properly designed to suit the purposes of American buyers who wanted a practical and thrifty and useful car, while the VW was improperly designed to suit the purposes of a motorized vehicle. VW was COOOOOL because hippie idiots like me mindlessly obeyed the Fashion Arbiters who instructed us that VW was COOOOOL. The COOOOOLess had NOTHING to do with its virtues as an automobile because VW had NO virtues as an automobile.]

At that time bugs and gremlins were nearly synonymous in the world of engineering. Neither word was well-known outside engineering circles because computers hadn't yet invaded the home.

The engineering use of 'bug' goes back at least a century, and always refers to a design defect in a mechanism, not just a generalized problem. Our folk etymology credits Grace Hopper for inventing the term, but she was just making a good pun on a perfectly familiar word.

The engineering use of 'gremlin' was more recent, and referred to an intermittent hard-to-trace problem. You can imagine little invisible pranksters causing such a problem.

So Teague was countering the VW, which was a total design defect, with an AMC product, which was an intermittent problem. Ramblers were well-designed and durable, but not especially reliable. They suffered from mysterious ignition failures that AMC dealers could never manage to find and fix.

Both names are perfect.
Thursday, March 15, 2018
  Two little acronyms

Semi-valid convective thought....

I've been tiresomely hammering on this point forever: Before the '70s, public experts were trustworthy. They TRIED to tell us the truth when they knew it, and tried to be humble when they didn't. Since the '70s, public experts are toxic. The only thing we hear from the public voice of "science" is wild bizarre universe-exterminating delusions.

BUT: Plenty of engineers and medical types are still doing real science, still trying to SOLVE REAL PROBLEMS that make a difference in real lives.

Why don't we hear from them? Why do we only hear from the omnicidal lunatics?

I've cited tenure, but that doesn't really strike this particular nail.

The answer is two acronyms. NDA and HIPAA.

Engineers who are working on real problems are STRICTLY bound by NDAs, and medical types who are trying to cure real diseases are strictly locked up by HIPAA.

Both of these acronyms started around 1980. Before 1980 there were non-compete agreements in engineering. Before 1980 doctors followed confidentiality as a cultural norm. But those earlier norms were much looser. When you read scientific and medical journals from earlier decades, you find much more candor about engineering projects, and much more detail in medical case studies and information for patients.

Now the fear of career-ending lawsuits and penalties leads to absolute silence by the REAL PROBLEM-SOLVERS. The sllence on information to patients is deadly. [Addendum next day: And silence on engineering infotmation is even more deadly.]

The delusion-vendors are not bound by NDAs or HIPAA because they're dealing purely with theories and delusions. They're not working on anything real and concrete. Even though their theories are GENOCIDAL, there's no legal consequence for erupting psychotic toxin across the landscape.
  From dice to duties

A quora question about the meaning of "God doesn't play dice" drew the usual set of answers about Einstein vs Bohr. Pretty good answers within the normal bounds of normal secular conversation.

Convective thought from a different angle:

When I think of God, I'm thinking of the totally predictable design and course of the whole universe.

There is no such thing as random. It's a null concept.

Every choice is completely predestined by the design of the universe.

We call some choices random because we can't possibly calculate the looooooooooooooong chain of events that led to the choice.

We call some choices determinate because we can see and understand how this choice follows from another choice made by humans; or follows directly from easily measured inorganic events like planetary rotation.

From this angle, ask the question again: Does God play dice?

Of course God plays dice. Every time you play dice (or roulette or any other unskilled game of chance) you are playing against God and you will lose. The universe KNOWS which dots will be upward. You don't know which dots will be upward. You're a sucker, just the same as speculating in Bitcoin or trading stocks or any other activity that is not MAKING THINGS.

When you are MAKING THINGS you are playing on the same side as God, so you're going to win. God made the incalculably complex mechanisms of our cells and organs and nerves with a PURPOSE in mind. Our GOD-ASSIGNED DUTY is to make more life, more order, more complexity, more value, more beauty.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018
  Black-robed NONdemons

For the first time in recent history, a Federal COURT (no quotes) has DONE ITS JOB of enforcing LAWS (no quotes) and the CONSTITUTION (no quotes).

The Fifth Circuit COURT of Appeals has cut down a Sorosian lawsuit against a Texas state law penalizing sanctuary cities.

This should be blatantly obvious. If you are going to have a NATIONAL government at all, the NATIONAL government must control the boundaries of the NATION. Decide who comes in and goes out, decide which products are imported and exported. ALL of the other functions of government can be and should be left to the inner modules like states or provinces or cities.

It's not only logical, it's EXPLICITLY REQUIRED in the old obsolete Constitution. The Federal government is in charge of tariffs, trade, wars, and currency. Everything that involves connections or exchanges or fights with other countries. All functions that don't have external consequences are left to the states and cities. It's PERFECTLY FUCKING CLEAR AND EXPLICIT.

Nature works this way. Complicated machines, whether hardware or software, work this way. It shouldn't be surprising that functioning governments also work this way.

We have reached a point of maximum insanity and maximum evil under the dysrule of Deepstate. We assume that the national government must do EVERYTHING EXCEPT controlling the borders.

You can't get more perfectly crazy and suicidal.

Bravo to the JUDGES (no quotes) of the Fifth Circuit COURT for showing the first little sign of logic and sanity.


Tuesday, March 13, 2018
  wheres e e cummings when you need him


  Se-lu 22, me-zap edition

Finally finished off an electronic project started last summer before the new courseware work popped up.

I was trying to extend Volney Mathison's E-meter to a fully differential setup. I decided to build it into a proper box, with meters and switches and pots mounted permanently. Along the way I realized that the box would be far more useful as a general breadboard lab setup, so I swerved in that direction. The box is a nice lab for all sorts of tube and transistor stuff, with dual-voltage A and B supplies. After long distraction by purposeful work and winter and medical crap, I got it done, and then built the differential Volney on the breadboard.

Here's the box:

Here is one of my slipknot electrodes, made of desoldering braid**. The two diff inputs go on wrists, the center ground goes on neck.

I tried it out, and got nice sensitive diff motion on the meters. One meter shows the side-to-side diff, and the other shows the mean current drawn by both.

BUT: Before I could settle into an experimental mode, I realized the applied voltage was painful on both the wrists and neck, and I could also tell that the voltage was starting to affect brain and heart. Possibly getting into the vagus nerve. I switched off quickly and gave up the attempt.

SE-LU. Loosen yourself. Don't worry about sunk costs and amortizing effort. From now on I'll stick to non-invasive ckts! [But then I made this same promise earlier after another zap experience, and didn't stick to the promise....]

QUESTION: Aside from the differential aspect, this setup applies roughly the same voltage and current to the body as Volney's original tube version. The E-meter, after Hubbard took it over, was considered to be a passive "auditor" in Hubbardese. It wasn't advertised as an active shaper of brain and heart function. When the "therapist" adjusted the E-meter, was he really adjusting the stress response of the victim?

= = = = =

**Hint: Desoldering braid is a wonderful material for making 'organic-like' conductors. It flexes more smoothly than wire, it makes a broader contact with a surface than wire, and by definition it takes solder easily.

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  Ack! Frustrating!

It's especially frustrating when someone in authority finally gets ONE THING RIGHT, and then halfway ruins the correctness with bad details or counterproductive attitudes.

Good example in this Slate article by Scott Douglas.

He makes a STRONGLY CORRECT POINT that exercise is the FIRST remedy for depression. After you GET OUT AND MOVE, it's quite possible that nothing more is needed to break the vicious cycle. He's also correct that medical professionals rarely prescribe exercise because there's no profit in exercise.

But Douglas partly ruins his point by implying that running and calisthenics are the ONLY useful forms of exercise. (He calls calisthenics "weight training", which sounds even more brutally hellish.)

Depression begins with a sense of low status and blown expectations. Learned helplessness. The people who can handle running and calisthenics are TOP STATUS PEOPLE. Attractive muscular people who look good in Spandex, who can afford daily appointments with a Personal Trainer and a Personal Life Coach.

Depressed people have been SLAMMED TO THE GROUND by the Spandex types and the Life Coach types REPEATEDLY. We don't want ANY KIND OF ASSOCIATION with gym class or calisthenics.

Walking is the OPPOSITE of gym class. The Personal Trainer never allows you to "dawdle" or "smell the roses". If you dawdle, the Life Coach grabs you by the neck and slams you to the ground. GIMME 5000 PUSHUPS NOW! If you can't do more than 50 pushups, you're SLAMMED TO THE GROUND AGAIN.

Memories of failure last forever. Any activity that stirs up those memories shouldn't be prescribed.

Better and CHEAPER prescription: Get out of the house. Move. Walk. Look around. Dawdle. Smell the roses or whatever else is here. Even if the only smell available is dogshit, savor it. Connect with your senses, not your memories.

  From "rights" to duties, alt.1776 edition

Background: Two of the episodes in the best radio series ever, 'Strange as it seems', deal with the role played by the rich and powerful Morris family in the American and French revolutions. The two episodes have opposite viewpoints, which struck me as odd.

One episode is about Robert Morris, who lent his fortune to finance the revolution, then got stiffed by NYC (as usual) after it was over. The writers are clearly on Robert's side.

The other episode shows Gouvernour Morris (Robert's brother) betraying Tom Paine.

Paine was an evil rabble-rouser, spreading "rights" and riot and ruination across USA and France. Closest modern equivalent would be Che Guevara. After he stirred up the Revolution here, he moved to France and stirred up the Revolution there. Because the French were extremely serious about Paine's concept of "rights", they killed everyone who couldn't quite keep up with the rapidly changing "morality" of "rights"; including Paine himself. Sounds familiar.

According to the 'Strange' episode, Paine was in jail awaiting the chop. Gouv was sent to investigate. Gouv decided to leave him there. Paine was saved by an error, and later released by a new emissary. Here the writers are clearly on Paine's side.

There's a peculiar mismatch between the two attitudes. I decided to find a history of the times written from Gouv's view. I wanted to go back before Madman Lincoln burned down half of the country and all of the rationality, but after the events of 1775 to 1793 were finished and understood. This 1838 biography of Gouv fits the timeslot. It's a real eye-opener, and NOT just about the Morris family.

I haven't digested the part about Paine in Paris yet; it's complicated by a lot of extra characters. I need to understand the other characters before trying to understand the story.

Meantime, the book offers a tremendous archive of alternate thinking about 1776. The revolution, like the tyranny that continues today, was run by NYC for NYC. Many of the people we consider to be traitors were not anti-independence, they were just anti-NYC.

Here's one nice item:

The NYC tyrants were short on guns, and true to NYC principles they couldn't possibly IMAGINE paying for anything. NYC never pays. NYC always steals. So NYC sent out soldiers to steal guns from civilians in the rest of NY state. Transcribing the best part:
The people conceal all their arms, that are of any value. Many declare that they know nothing about the Congress, nor do they care anything for the orders of the Congress, and say that they would sooner lose their lives than give up their arms, and that they would blow any man's brains out, who should attempt to take them away.
Sounds familiar.

Amazingly demon NYC decided to abandon the seizure, but the same battle between demon NYC and America has continued through the centuries.

= = = = =

Continued and concluded here.


Monday, March 12, 2018
  A million wolves

US and UK and EU have been blaming Russia for EVERY EVENT IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE.

This killing of a double agent is the FIRST event that logically and experientially points to Russia as the culprit. It's also a relatively normal event, and the agent was Russian, so it's really none of Britain's business.

Double agents don't die of old age; they are always killed by one of the two countries they served and betrayed. KGB has a long history of knocking off double agents openly, while CIA has generally managed to quietly suicide them.

Given those facts, this event can probably be blamed on Russia, but now the blame is hard to believe.

If UK wanted to be believed when a REAL Russian crime came along, they shouldn't have been crying a million wolves.

LATER: AAAAAACK! IT WASN'T A KILLING! I GOT ROOKED BY THE FLAT ASSUMPTIONS AND INSINUATIONS. Skripal and his daughter were only made dizzy by some kind of chemical, which they may have taken voluntarily. They are "in hospital", not "in morgue". I SHOULD FUCKING KNOW BETTER! My only excuse is that I was especially busy with a courseware deadline when the event unfolded, and didn't take time to read carefully. Not a good excuse for a supposed "skeptic" and a firm and permanent "Russian bot"!


  Self-explanatory nothing

Question on quora: Why doesn't spelling reform happen?

The existing answers were inadequate, so I indulged my pointless fetish for cutesy self-explaining sentences. I wrote something like this:

Ynglisc speling rIform wont haepn bIkawz nobudi ken rid rIformd speling.

Quora chewed on the text for several minutes, presumably trying to autocorrect my "errors", and finally gave up without posting it.

Thus proving my point even more strongly than I intended! After spelling is well established by printing and widespread education, you can't change it by force ..... AND after spelling is hard-coded in software, it's even more rigid.
  Perpetual stupidity

ZH features the latest repetition of the stupidest idea since perpetual motion.
During the 87th Geneva International Motor Show, Audi and Airbus partnered with Italdesign to premiere Pop.Up Next, the first modular, fully electric, zero-emission concept vehicle system designed to alleviate traffic congestion in large populated areas.

The vehicle is a two-seat pod that can quickly snap into a chassis with four wheels and autonomous driving technology for roadway travel, or easily converts to a quadcopter drone for flying. While Audi has yet to release details on speed, altitude or range, the overall progress of flying cars seems to be a reality in the not too distant future.
Flying cars have been an idiotic dream of idiots for exactly 100 years. This latest version is NO BETTER than any of the previous versions. It won't solve congestion because you CAN'T FUCKING USE IT. The snap-on winged section WILL NOT FIT IN STREETS AND HIGHWAYS.

If you have to return to your garage and pick up the winged part before resuming your journey by air, you haven't relieved congestion at all. In fact you have added more miles to your fashionable 900-mile commute.

The pictures show an alternate quad-copter version, which is STILL TOO LARGE TO DRIVE IN TRAFFIC. If all cars are equipped with these things, it would alleviate congestion because you could only fit about 1/4 as many cars on the road. You can get that result much more easily by improving public transit. Tech-tyrants will NEVER improve public transit because public transit is solely for Deplorables. Deplorables are NEGATIVE EXTERNALITIES which must be detected and vaporized using AI, so there's no possible reason for transportation and houses and jobs to serve NEGATIVE EXTERNALITIES.

If you can achieve a VTOL vehicle that fits into exactly the same 3d boundaries as a regular car, and can ALWAYS take off and land without hitting powerlines and trees, and can ALWAYS automatically merge into traffic when it lands, then you might get somewhere. This latest mess by Audi doesn't get anywhere.
Sunday, March 11, 2018
  The chain that roared

ZH discusses an election in Sierra Leone which is now "fair and open" for the "first time" thanks to Blockchain.

Oh ye fools. This is a classic example of computerization.

The voters marked paper ballots as before. BUT: Instead of counting the ballots by hand and recording the results on paper ledgers where the locals could SEE AND CHECK THE RESULTS, the data was keyed into some kind of blockchain system. Now the results are TOTALLY CONTROLLED AND OWNED BY NSA, which can alter the results to suit its own purposes. The local officials are out of the loop.

Computerization IS globalization.

Africans are good Christians with a strong moral sense. This is good for their souls but not good for their material well-being and independence.

The cult of Christianity was set up to provide an ever-increasing pile of HONEST SUCKERS who can be milked and cheated by the ruling Tribe. Africans try harder than anyone else to follow Christ, which means they're the biggest suckers for demonic schemes like this.


Saturday, March 10, 2018
  Perfect symmetry

For many years I've been noting examples of Symmetrical Scapegoating. It's a clever technique. Old-fashioned unilateral scapegoating always fails because a scapegoat BY FUCKING DEFINITION is not the cause of a problem. Ruling tribes are the cause of problems. A ruling tribe will never blame itself for the problem, because that would lead people to remove the ruling tribe.

The defect in unilateral scapegoating is that you have to exterminate the scapegoat group, or at least imprison and disempower the scapegoat group. After the scapegoat is dead, or removed from power which it never had in the first place, the problem remains. People may see the truth.

Symmetrical scapegoating avoids the disappearance defect by dividing the country into two roughly equal groups, each blaming the other for the problem. The ruling tribe is still out of the loop, and the groups will mutually exterminate without any effort by the ruling tribe. Wonderfully efficient.

SS works even better when the groups are blaming each other for PROBLEMS THAT DON'T EXIST, because a PROBLEM THAT DOESN'T EXIST is automatically unsolvable. It remains active and useful until the ruling tribe gets bored and invents a new mythical problem.

Previous examples of delusional SS:


= = = = =

Now the symmetry is finally perfect!

= = = = =

Footnote 1: In all of these cartoons I gave Danbo the role of stubbornly advocating for ACTUAL SOLUTIONS. One of those solutions (tariff on stuff) may be getting closer to reality if Trump isn't just playing the usual mythical games.

Footnote 2: "BY FUCKING DEFINITION" may not be immediately obvious. Only powerless groups, who can't pose any threat to the ruling tribe, can be blamed for problems. Any group that is strong enough to respond with force and blackmail is not going to be scapegoated, and the ruling tribe obviously won't blame itself.

Update: Just after posting the above, I watched the latest Anglican Unscripted podcast. Kallsen and Conger are discussing a new "report" by some Congressional monstrosity delusionally claiming that the Keystone protests were funded by RussianMeddling.

Good old Orwell. All previous myths must be Rectified to validate the current myth. (Unfortunately Kallsen and Conger believe the myth, which downgrades my respect for their intelligence.)
  Almost definitive

This article in Chronicle of Higher Ed makes the FINAL CONCLUSIVE DEFINITIVE argument against the so-called "humanities" in college. Author Justin Stover raises (almost) ALL the usual defenses of "liberal arts" and demolishes them completely. He starts with medieval scholars writing thousands of unread dissertations on Aristotle, and finishes with Critical Queer Theory. For 1000 years the "humanities" have served NO purpose except maintaining their own budget and workforce. The commenters under the article, though unusually polite by "liberal" standards, prove his point magnificently.

Perhaps because Stover is British, or perhaps because he is himself a "humanities" insider, he misses one of the most disgusting arguments FOR the "humanities". American Catholics and Repooflicans have the SUICIDAL habit of demanding a Classical Education for everyone, starting in kindergarten. Even while they accurately bemoan the grotesque toxins emitted at the end of the "humanities" assembly line, they demand that elementary schools must continue dropping kids onto the start of the assembly line. I can't begin to understand why they want to feed the beast that is OBLITERATING CIVILIZATION.



Friday, March 09, 2018
  Bravo to South Korea!

Seoul has been working HARD behind the scenes to springboard the Olympic cooperation into real negotiations. It worked! Amazingly both Baby Kimmy and Baby Donnie have agreed to abandon their infantile tantrums and start talking. Kimmy seems willing to give up a few points; not clear if Donnie is willing.

Russia and China and SoKo have been running a multi-flank campaign against Kimmy for about a year, but it was the Olympic teaming that finally broke the jam.

Polistra and friends happily salute SoKo!

Thursday, March 08, 2018

After fucking around and doing the OPPOSITE of his job for 14 months, Trump FINALLY DID WHAT HE WAS SUPPOSED TO DO.

He ACTUALLY IMPOSED A MEANINGFUL TARIFF against our trade adversaries. He SIGNED IT instead of just tweeting about it.

Even more, he EXPLAINED WHAT HE'S DOING COHERENTLY AND MEANINGFULLY instead of bitching about some football player or rap singer.

Am I dreaming?


  Why shouldn't they?

Yesterday I was screwing around with dumb architectural questions, and realized that the common bilevel is really a reversed bungalow, or a Wolagnub.

It's a wonderful word to chew on. Wolagnub, wolagnub, wolagnub.... I was still chewing on Wolagnub this morning while building an animation of neural circuits in the auditory pathway....

... and an even dumber convective thought popped out.

These disparate islands form a unity, with axon tracts constantly sending information back and forth. The islands are contained in various pieces of the brain, some down in the medulla and others up in the cortex. In reality you can't see the islands at all, and can't envision them as a single unit. They are enclaves inside unrelated structures, bounded more by function than by geography, all forming a single non-contiguous creature.

A Wolagnub sounds like some kind of alien. We're accustomed to thinking of an alien as a unitary creature contained in a compact envelope like mammals. But even among Earthlings, the single-creature envelope is not all that common. Most familiar plants are islands communicating via fungal axons and chemical squirts and electrostatic fields. A lawn full of clover may be one plant, and a forest of trees may be one plant.

Shouldn't we start thinking of aliens as similar to Earthlings in this respect? Shouldn't we start envisioning them as groups of exclaves within other enclaves, communicating in ways that we can't detect, such as slow-moving electrostatic fields? Plants do it. Why shouldn't Wolagnubs do it?

All together now: We all live in a yellow Wolagnub, a yellow Wolagnub, a yellow Wolagnub....
  Missed the best part

Babylon Bee hits a pretty good triple, but fails to steal the PERFECTLY OPEN path to home:

In a move that puts into ink what most Americans have known for decades now, Governor Jerry Brown announced Wednesday that the State of California has voted to officially secede from reality.

“This is just a formality, really. We’ve been in our own little world for some time now, as everybody knows,” “In any event, let it be known henceforth that the State of California categorically renounces all ties to so-called ‘reality,’ and will continue governing our people without any regard for objective facts, morality, or sanity.”

At publishing time, rumors were swirling of a new motion to rename California “La La Land.”
No need to rename California. The ACTUAL name is JUST FUCKING PERFECT ALREADY.

From wikipedia:
California was the name given to a mythical island populated only by Black Amazon warriors who used gold tools and weapons in the popular early 16th-century romance novel Las Sergas de Esplandián (The Adventures of Esplandián) by Spanish author Garci Rodríguez de Montalvo. This popular Spanish novel was printed in several editions with the earliest surviving edition published about 1510. The novel described the Island of California as being east of the Asian mainland, "very close to the side of the Terrestrial Paradise; and it is peopled by black women, without any man among them, for they live in the manner of Amazons." The Island was ruled by Queen Calafia. When the Spanish started exploring the Pacific coast they applied this name to maps of what is now called the Baja California Peninsula, which they originally thought was an island. Once the name was on the maps it stuck.
Can't beat reality with parody.
  File it and pile it

Another interesting quora.com question: When in prison, do you still have to file taxes?

Caught my attention because I just finished filling out 1040 and paying taxes on my software royalties and Social Security.

The answer in theory is yes, as spec'd by the answerers so far.

In practice no, and not just because it's unenforceable!

Very few prisoners have legitimate income that could continue in prison because the criminal lifestyle is all debt and no savings, all taking and no making. So the 99%ile criminal won't have dividends from a mutual fund or royalties from a publisher. When I was in jail at age 19, I hadn't MADE ANYTHING USEFUL yet, so I didn't have any royalties.


It was college, both the craziness of theoretical classes and the loneliness of a low-status Deplorable, that drove me to do illegal things like owning a few seeds of a prohibited plant. ("Prohibited plant" is yet another crazy theory.)

So the taxation question is mutually exclusive and self-nulling. If your life has created income that might be taxable in prison, you aren't going to BE in prison.

There are a countable handful of giant asshole exceptions like Martin Shkreli, but they aren't exceptions on the moral level. Shkreli's income is entirely from taking, not making. His crime was running a billion-dollar racket without belonging to the correct Tribe.

= = = = =

The quora answers also mentioned that all barter exchanges are theoretically taxable, as per IRS Pub 525. Fat chance.

Here's a hint for the Sorosian prison activists. You could expose a WHOLE LOT of evil shit that goes on in prison by organizing all prisoners to file PRECISELY DETAILED 1040s and 1099s for all barter activities. List every single sex act plus the price in smokes or ramen or mack. List every day of protection from sex acts, plus the payment. List every debt that was canceled by a beating, and define the fair market value of a beating. FILE IT AND PILE IT. All of the data would then be part of IRS records, nondiscardable and FOIA-able.

I hate your goals, but this would accomplish a virtuous goal along with the Sorosian evil.

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Wednesday, March 07, 2018
  Stupid random thoughts about split-levels

For some reason I was noticing split-level houses lately, and noticed that split-levels rarely get expanded.

Plain flat houses like the Default 50s house...

... nearly always get fancified ...

... and often get expanded on the back.

But the Default 70s House...

which is a bilevel, almost never gets expanded or added. There are at least 10K houses like this in Spokane, with the usual tract-house variations, but I've only seen one or two with side additions. None with back additions.

The floor height can't be the problem; flat houses have various heights, some with basement and some with slab. Renovators can always match the height closely enough, sometimes needing a bit of a ramp or slanty sill.

It must be the cantilevers. All of these Default 70s Houses have fairly large cantilevers on front and back, again with variations. There's no easy way to stuff a new foundation under the cantilevered part, and very few lots have enough space for a side addition.

As I was "pondering" this deeply serious topic, I realized: I've made digital models of many different flat and two-story houses, and one '60s trilevel, but never a bilevel. Is it worth trying to make a model?

But wait! I already made several bilevels! A bungalow with grade entry IS a bilevel. The only difference is that the modern bilevel has the grade entry on the front and the front stoop on the back. (Now called a deck.)

Here's one of my bungalows forward and reversed. The reversed version on the right is a bilevel.

In other words, a bilevel is a Wolagnub.

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Tuesday, March 06, 2018
  A long long long long time ago

Waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy back in the distant prehistoric past a long long long long time ago, there were books mocking state laws that required or defined impossible actions.

We are no longer allowed to laugh at anything, especially delusional "laws".

Latest delusion from the monstrous serial-killing omnicidal psychopath which fancies itself to be the Emperor of a zone described for unknown reasons as the "State" "Of" "Washington":

Net Neutrality applies within the psychotic zone of "Washington". Within the zone, internet carriers may not block or slow down any channels based on content or levels of payment.

First, this is physically impossible. When Youtube blocks a channel, there's NO WAY it can unblock or remonetize the channel for watchers within the psychotic zone of "Washington". Net nodes aren't grouped by state, and a watcher's location isn't always accurately known.

Second, this doesn't even accomplish the goals of Emperor Inslee. Youtube's blocking by content AGREES PRECISELY with Emperor Inslee's censorship. Google blocks truth. Emperor Inslee blocks truth. Why fight your own desires?

Does Emperor Inslee want to do his own blocking, even stricter than Google's blocking? Still physically impossible. Web nodes aren't mapped by state boundaries.

= = = = =

Web nodes ARE grouped by country, so it IS possible to block and unblock by country, either for national censorship or for copyright purposes. Is Emperor Inslee preparing to secede, or is he just monumentally stupid?
  Another little gem

Amid the piles of dross in quora.com, another gem. This is a question I've wondered about for a long time but couldn't find an answer in paper dictionaries or online translators.

What's the equivalent of Oops in various languages?

Surprisingly, it's just Oops in almost all of the answers given so far. Some partial variations such as Opa, but the OP is constant.

The only complete exception so far is Aya! in Sri Lanka.

Did OP spread from English? Unlikely. A noise following an accidental move is ancient, unlike Okay and Big Mac. I might guess that OP is a halted exhale, similar to the automatic blocking of breath to brace the abdomen when lifting a weight.


Monday, March 05, 2018
  Who's jammed?

"Conservative" dissidents are being blocked by Youtube. How broad is the inquisitor's brush?

My favorite rapture visionary is among the blockees.

She's obviously not an "alt-right male". A long way from O'Keefe or Damore.

What's the common thread?

INDEPENDENT observation. She reports on the universe as she sees it, unmediated by Deepstate propaganda sources. Her results sound different from Damore or O'Keefe, in vocabulary and content, but the PRECISION OF MEASUREMENT is the same.

The decision standard for inquisitors hasn't changed in 1000 years.

If you're a hard-wired loudspeaker for one of Deepstate's "two" "channels", you're free to say anything Deepstate wants. If you are detecting and relaying ANY form of truth, you're going to be jammed.


  Violation of the rule or proof of the rule?

Manweller's Rule: Elections are only allowed to count when they don't count. Serious changes of direction require force. If an election accidentally makes a serious change, it will be overturned one way or another.

= = = = =

Unquestionably VALID in USA STRONG since 1946. After the debacle of 1932, with FDR taking power and making real changes that HELPED THE PEOPLE, Deepstate clamped down HARD. Since '46 every politician who shows signs of rebellion is removed or killed.

= = = = =

Unquestionably NOT valid in Russia and the Soviet Bloc since the 1989 Switchover. Elections in Russia, Hungary, Poland and Czechia have caused serious changes away from globalism and toward nationalism. EU is trying to overturn Poland and Hungary by blackmail. It doesn't work. The PEOPLE are with Kaczynski and Orban because Kaczynski and Orban are with the PEOPLE. Poland's black-robed demons attempted to commit treason by serving Poland's EU enemies, but the president simply ignored them.

USA STRONG is trying to overturn Russia by nuclear war. So far it hasn't worked, again because Putin has already demonstrated that he is FOR AND WITH the people.

= = = = =

Other parts of Europe are more ambiguous. The Brexit referendum wasn't officially overturned, and the Parliament seemed to move in the direction of implementing Brexit, but it's clear that Deepstate is using classic bureaucratic obstruction to delay Brexit until the year 999999999 or the end of the universe, whichever comes last.

Austria voted for a traditional "conservative" party which seems to be carefully and deftly unraveling EU power over the country. Perhaps the lack of Populist rhetoric makes this easier.

France voted to keep the same party in power, but Macron appears to be cautiously rebelling.

Catalunya's "independence" appeared at first to be a rebellion, but in fact it was orchestrated by Soros as blackmail against Spain's cautiously nationalist government. It belongs to the overturning part of Manweller, not the election part.

Now Italy has given a strong plurality to openly nationalist parties. Will they follow France and Austria, or will they turn out to be puppets?


Sunday, March 04, 2018
  Saluting Italy!

Polistra and friends have never saluted Italy before....

Today Italy shows some GUTS, voting firmly for anti-EU parties. The new 5-Star Movement is now the LARGEST party at 32%. Berlusconi's coalition of three parties has 40%, and will likely end up with dominant power. The current pro-EU party is down to 21%, so it's out of power.

  Wintersmith 2

In the last few years I've been leaving the ladder and roofrake out all winter, which makes the task of raking a lot easier ... and thus easier to DECIDE to do. Previously I had brought the ladder out and assembled the rake for each raking session, which basically doubled the time and effort and caused me to skip some needed rakings.

I'm guessing that this winter is mostly over. Total snow is just about mean, 46", blowing my earlier guess of 40".

Might be a few more inches, but warmth seems to be moving in at last, so the snow will melt quickly. I won't need to worry about raking the roof. So it's time to bring in the ladder and rake, partly as a confidence-building gesture for myself. The rake was iced up and hard to disassemble, but hand-warmth loosened the little stud things. The ladder is still FIRMLY locked in ice, even after several days above freezing.

I tried to dislodge it but couldn't. Ice is STRONG. The good part: At least I don't need to worry about thieves! Winter provides its own anti-theft lock.


  Pay the two duties 2

The disestablishmentarians are in an uproar over Youtube kicking out Alex Jones.

Why? What the fuck did you expect?

If you are GENUINELY anti-establishment, you shouldn't EXPECT to be supported by Deepstate. In fact you should CONSISTENTLY REFUSE all support from Deepstate.

Paid media are paid by multinational corporations, who are part of Deepstate. You SHOULDN'T BE SHOCKED to find that Deepstate doesn't help its opponents.

When you pay a proper price for a service or product, you are ENTITLED to good quality, and you are ENTITLED to bitch and howl when you don't get it.

When you are NOT paying, you are NOT ENTITLED to expect anything at all. The people who ARE PAYING for the service will kick you out sooner or later. If you don't expect this you're a fool.


  Pay the two duties

I've been listening lately to some Fibber episodes from '55 and '56, the last real seasons. The writers in these years had regained the old spirit after a few years of weak scripts. [These years aren't online in any "free" website that I can find; I bought them from otrcat.com]

A recurring theme in vaudeville, and in the radio and TV shows that descended from vaudeville, is Pay the two dollars.

Fibber often runs the PT2D theme.

Fibber KNOWS HIS RIGHTS, knows how things "ought" to happen, knows what the "law" says, and wastes HUGE amounts of time and effort trying to achieve "justice" according to the "law". It never works. It always makes things worse.

Molly is pragmatic. She doesn't give a fuck about "rights". She just wants to get on with life, so she urges Fibber to go along with the "injustice", get the license or pay the fine. He never listens.

In short, Molly KNOWS HER DUTIES.

We are not here to obey arbitrary psychotic delusions called "constitutions" that make nonsensical assertions about bizarre contradictory murderous dystheories like "EQUALITY" or "LIBERTY" or "GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS".


Our GOD-ASSIGNED DUTY is to get on with life.

[One of the sharpest episodes on this theme, available online, is The Parking Lot Dispute.]


Saturday, March 03, 2018
  Fucking constants and fucking variables 88

Some pro-debtist idiot, cited by ZH, is trying to bring out the "good side" of debtism. He pulls a classic debtist trick, examining a tiny piece of history and ignoring the rest. Because he looks only at a tiny piece of the curve he conveniently misses the real constants and real variables.


The most potent recent example of this is China, where access to free markets have enabled 700 million people to be lifted out of poverty in just over 20 years.

The change in poverty is true. The cause is strictly wrong.

Look back at pre-Mao China. CHINA HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE MOST EXTREME CAPITALIST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. China invented free markets, along with arithmetic and bookkeeping and writing to keep track of free markets. Chinese have ALWAYS been the missionaries of capitalism. Europe didn't even start capitalism until 1200 AD, behind the Middle East by 1000 years and behind China by 3000 years.

Before Mao, China had "access to free markets" in the fullest and most EXTREME way for 5000 years. China's poor people were deeply poor and often starving by the millions. In 1949 Mao eliminated capitalism. China's poor people were deeply poor and often starving by the millions. The Maoist variable didn't change anything.

What was the real variable? Post-Mao leaders decided to implement a NATIONALIST INDUSTRIAL POLICY along with restoring capitalism. Since they started the NATIONALIST INDUSTRIAL POLICY, China's poor are finally moving upward, no longer starving.

A similar change happened in USA STRONG, but far less extreme. From 1700 to 1920, USA STRONG's poor people remained deeply poor, often starving by the thousands when farm crops failed or when NYC bankers decided to indulge their bloodlust. Around 1910 Fordism started spreading an UNOFFICIAL nationalist industrial policy. In 1933 FDR picked up the idea and made it official. From 1933 to 1975, USA STRONG's poor were advancing rapidly. Poor blacks were moving up even faster than poor whites. In the '70s the Tribe finally got their chance to restore debtism, first using then discarding Nixon. Since 1975 our poor people have been losing ground to the Tribe.

Japan and Korea had been running parallel to China as early adopters of Chinese capitalism. Their poor were starving UNTIL our postwar rebuilding, based strictly on Fordism, started them on the road to NATIONALIST INDUSTRIAL POLICY. Japan and Korea didn't share our 1975 problem because they're not infested by the Tribe. So Japan and Korea are still on the NATIONALIST INDUSTRIAL POLICY road, still flattening out their inequality by pulling the bottom upward.


  Carney gets it right! (Almost)

British central banker Carney has masterfully destroyed the Bitcoin bubble.

The speech itself in PDF form is even better than the summaries given in various media. It's a well-constructed academic lecture on the broad subject of money and value, showing how Bitcoin fails the test of moneyness.

He includes a couple of fresh insights:
It is important to recognise that modern money takes three forms that are linked by retail and wholesale payments systems. Each link in the chain is critical to the resilience of money. The first form of money is the banknotes issued by central banks. These account for just 3% of the stock but 40% of all consumer transactions. Next is electronic central bank money in the form of the reserves that commercial banks hold with us, including to settle transactions with one another. Finally, and most significantly, the electronic deposits that commercial banks create when they extend loans to borrowers, accounting for fully 80% of money in the system.
We rarely hear about the dominance of plain cash. Both bankers and bitcoiners try to persuade us that cash is extinct. It's not.
The private financial sector cannot create money without limit, but is disciplined by competition, constrained by prudential regulation, and limited by decisions of households and companies that can reduce the stock of money (by, for example, repaying existing debt).
We never hear about our own POWER over value, and I'd never thought of it that way! It's strictly logical. Staying out of debt obviously keeps your OWN life within the circle of real value; it also plays a tiny part in reducing the power of the abstract Tribe over the ENTIRE economy. If nobody ever borrowed, the fractional reserve system would stop creating false value and the Tribe would lose its power.

On Bitcoin, Carney lists the three fake claims made by the racketeers:

1. Its supply is fixed and therefore immune from the age-old temptations of debasement;

2. Its use is free from risky private banks;

3. Those who hold it can remain anonymous and therefore free from the ravenous eyes of tax authorities or worse still law enforcement.
... and demolishes the first two with plain facts and logic.

1. The fixed supply GUARANTEES a bubble. That's the whole point of the fixed supply. Like famous artworks or classic cars or land, there's no elasticity of supply to balance out demand.

2. Free from the control of private banks? Bitcoin places your transaction in the hands of a few unknown and unregulated criminals, who have no particular reason to LET you make the transaction.
And if you use a debit or credit card in the UK, the transaction is completed in seconds and without exchange rate risk. In contrast, Bitcoin users can face queues of hours. Those wanting to get to the front to make time-pressing payments need to offer up a transaction fee sufficintly large to persuade Bitcoin “miners”, who verify and process transactions, to do so quickly. The fees paid vary through time, but reached £40 in late 2017. Fees are currently around £2, but even that is expensive relative to cash, cards or online payments which cost the retailer around 1.5 pence, 8 pence and 19 pence respectively.
3. Anonymity. This is the one point Carney misses, whether intentionally or not. Anonymity is OBVIOUSLY a false claim, since Bitcoin runs through NSA and was designed by CIA to be a trap. I'm not sure why Carney skips this; maybe he's constrained by gov't rules. Good old can't confirm or deny.

Carney then asks what gov'ts should do about Bitcoin, and makes a convincing argument for strict regulation and taxation. Banning a popular activity after it's well under way is the quickest way to force total criminality. Regulating it and taxing it places a counterforce against the scarcity bubble.

Later thought: By stating that taxation is possible, Carney takes down the anonymity claim without explicitly disputing it. So he does destroy all three points.


Friday, March 02, 2018
  Of course we won't listen

Putin has laid down the law.

In the long run his dramatic gesture is unnecessary because USA STRONG is irrevocably collapsing on its own. We are perfectly self-sufficient in the realm of national suicide, even if we're totally dependent and helpless in all other realms.

BUT: Just as SDI helped to persuade Gorbachev that the game was over, Putin's new NUCLEAR-POWERED arsenal could help to persuade our monsters that the game is over.

The big point here is not just nuclear WEAPONS but nuclear POWER. Putin's new weapons are nuclear-powered, which means they can run pretty much forever without having to refuel or return to base.

Putin is telling USA STRONG that Russia has not surrendered to Sorosian loonies and lawyers. Russia has ALREADY REMOVED the Soros virus that nearly killed it in the '90s.

We are fatally ill with Sorositis. We are afraid of everything, ESPECIALLY the steps needed to cure Sorositis. We're afraid of MANUFACTURING, afraid of FACTS AND LOGIC, afraid of real value CAPITALISM, and afraid of CLEAN POWER from nuclear or hydro.

Russia is not afraid.

Will our monsters listen now? No. One of the symptoms of Sorositis is total blindness and deafness. We see nothing, hear nothing, make nothing. We are alone with the screeeeeeeechy Soros voices in our bizarre alien heads.


Thursday, March 01, 2018
  Brief note

The rapture visionaries are better news aggregators than the paid "news" aggregators. The rapturites are paying attention to EVERYTHING THAT MATTERS to normal Americans, especially including the massive flooding in the Midwest. I scrolled all the way down Bing's fake "news" aggregator and found NOTHING about the floods. Not one item. Bing is purely Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps Hoorah Hoorah, Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps Hoorah Hoorah, Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Trumps and Guns and Guns and Trumps and Johnny will never come marching home.



Semi-formed thought, seems semi-valid.

Everyone assumes that group membership works only one way: You automatically favor members of your group and hate others.

This is true in high-pressure situations, real or fake. When bullies or enemy armies attack, our natural tendency is to defend our own tribe. When Deepstate creates fake pressure by cultivating two oppositely charged groups to weaken the Deplorables (eg Christians vs Muslims or Antifa vs "alt-right"), each group responds by defending its own.

But this is NOT true when the pressure is off. In situations where rationality can reach the surface, we tend to be HARDER on members of our own group.

I noticed this sharply a few years ago in jury service. Most of the 12 people had no particular connection to either the plaintiffs or the defendant. I was similar in some ways to the defendant, so I found myself treating him more harshly than the rest. One young woman was similar to the plaintiffs. Same lifestyle, same habits. She was prone to disbelieve their claims because she understood how things work in that part of the culture.

In both cases the attitude was more or less "I can do this without going off the deep end. Why can't you?"

Now I'm seeing the same distaste for betrayal among the rapture visionaries. The white ones are harder on Antichrist Trump, the black ones are harder on Antichrist Obama.

When you know what someone is thinking and feeling, you also know when they ought to do the right thing. When you're looking at an unfamiliar creature, you're less likely to apply the ought, more likely to impute external causes for their bad behavior.


  Thanks Ralph 474, vroom vroom edition

I was awakened tonight by an idiot hot-rod car outside, stopped at the corner and making the predictable idiot noises before pulling out onto the boulevard.


Prettiest little POP I ever heard. One idiot down, several million to go.

Thanks, Ralph!



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