Wednesday, November 13, 2019
  Conquistadors for damn sure

The faces of the Bolivian coup reminded me of Conquistadors. Turns out to be on the dot. The woman who identifies as the "president" expressed a purely conquistadorian thought several years ago:

I dream of a Bolivia free of indigenous satanic rites, the city is not for 'Indians,' they better go to the highlands or El Chaco.

Pisarro and deSoto and their murderous Jesuit accomplices would have agreed fully.
  I guess this makes sense

I've paid zero attention to the "impeachment" stageplay.

After listening briefly to some "news", this is what seems to be happening:

Party D is colluding with Ukrainian officials to dig up dirt on party R, in order to prosecute party R for colluding with Ukrainian officials to dig up dirt on party D.

I guess this makes sense. It's like robbing a bank to get evidence that a robber robbed the bank, EXCEPT that there's nothing illegal or unusual about digging up dirt on political opponents. All politicians do it all the time, so there's no self-defense justification for acquiring evidence on acquiring evidence on acquiring evidence on acq

Question: Why do we pay politicians trillions of dollars? If they did something else as a day job, this convoluted theater of the absurd would just be a weird hobby like cosplay. But they don't do anything else. This is their day job.


Tuesday, November 12, 2019
  Followup on Inventor Certificates

Recently I wondered how the Soviet system treated inventors.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

In 1929 the 'cruel annoyances' were familiar. The ITT author knew that the sole purpose of patents is to STOP innovation and KILL inventors. He was ruefully unsurprised to find the same situation in 1797. Nothing has changed. Patents still serve to halt and impoverish real inventors.

Well, how about the Soviet system? We know that the USSR treated scientists better. They were trained properly, and they were given tremendous respect and comparative freedom to think and work.

Did inventors get similar treatment? The patent situation is unfamiliar. Fortunately I found a 1973 US trade document aimed at increasing trade with Russia:
By facilitating imports of Soviet machinery and industrial products, the United States might reap an unexpected benefit from expanded trade ties with the Soviet Union, namely, the acquisition of new Soviet technology in a few industrial sectors. In certain high-priority industries, the Soviet Union has devoted considerable resources to research and development. Some Soviet industries have made important technological innovations which could prove very valuable to US firms. The steel and aluminum industries and certain mining industries are examples of US sectors which could benefit from such an exchange of technology.
As with the 1968 Commerce dept document I cited earlier, our government knew about Russian superiority even while it was telling us the opposite. Our government knew that Russia had kept its own industries and developed its own skills while we were offshoring electronics, killing metals and mining with EPA rules, and dumbing down students.

Specifically on patents:
Soviet patent law, however, is quite different from Western laws. Under Soviet law, an inventor is given the option of receiving a patent or an inventor's certificate for his innovation. The foreign inventor who submits an application to the Soviet Union is given the same choice.

The certificate gives the inventor recognition for his achievement and assures him of a predetermined financial reward, but vests in the state all rights to use, develop, and exploit the invention.

The Soviet patent is similar to its Western counterpart; the patentee gains the right to exploit his invention for his own personal profit, up to a ceiling established by law. As an innovation by a Soviet citizen can generally be exploited only by a state enterprise, the incentive to own a patent is reduced. Moreover, legal requirements for obtaining a patent and various tax benefits and compensation advantages for certificate holders induce most Soviet inventors to apply for certificates.
If we had the choice, sane and sensible inventors would also go for the certificate. A guaranteed payout, even if small, is VASTLY BETTER than going deep into debt for lawyers and development costs, only to watch a giant corporation snatch the invention away.

= = = = =

I got curious to see if Ebay had any of those certificates. Only a couple:

= = = = = END REPRINT.

So I bought one of those certificates from Ebay, mainly to see details of the 'payout'. It came in the mail today. The front is as above.

The middle pages are a typical patent description, with drawings:

And here's the payout part:

1972 rubles were about the same as current US dollars, so this is about $60 today. Certainly small, but certainly certain. These inventors, who were profs at an Institute of Hydroautomation, didn't have to spend thousands betting against a giant corporation which would steal their invention. They received firm official credit and recognition, which couldn't be stolen, and got some actual money instead of a zero-chance lottery.

Credit footnote: Since credit and recognition were the point, I should continue the credit and recognition. The inventors were A.I. Kudryavtsev and A.V. Nikitskii.

Numerical footnote: Exchange rates don't give the full picture. Soviet citizens paid very low rent and paid nothing for medical care. A big part of their system functioned without money, so a cash prize was better 'disposable income' than it would be here.


  Erdogan gits er done

Via ZH: Erdogan has stopped fucking around and started fucking.
As of Monday Turkish officials announced plans to begin sending hundreds of the some 1200 plus ISIS detainees and other jihadists it has in its custody back to Europe, saying Turkey "is not a hotel for jihadists" — to quote an Interior Ministry statement from last week.

"Turkey deported three foreign jihadists on Monday, with more than 20 Europeans including French and Germans in the process of being expelled to their countries of origin," the AFP reported. This after Turkish officials have repeatedly lashed out at European capitals for refusing to repatriate their citizens caught fighting for ISIS.

Erdogan can't get over his idiotic need to kill Kurds, which interferes with everything he should be doing FOR TURKEY. At least his attitude toward Europe is gradually firming up.

Europe has been FUCKING TURKEY UP THE ASS for 20 years, and Erdogan has been taking it, spending billions to house and feed and educate the refugees from OUR evil wars, always hoping that EU will suddenly thank him for his service and stop FUCKING Turkey up the ass.

When you're unlovable you have to live unlovable. You can't waste time and life hoping that somebody somewhere might stop FUCKING YOU UP THE ASS. Not gonna happen. Never. Survival requires GETTING THE HELL OUT of bad situations, and sometimes requires counterfucking. Satan doesn't understand gentleness or empty threats. Satan understands RAW FORCE AND VIOLENCE AND BLACKMAIL.
  Simpler way

Trump and Calif Gov Newsom are arguing about Calif's infinitely stupid high-speed rail project.

Both are missing the point.

Who benefits from this railroad? Casinos. Who loses from this railroad? Calif people.

The sole purpose of this railroad is to bring LA people to Vegas so they can lose all their money.

No government entity should be involved AT ALL in this evil sinful wasteful project.

If it's going to be built, the casinos should pay all of it. There's a long history of railroads building tourist attractions to create traffic, and tourist attractions paying for roads or railroads to reach them.

This project simply proves what we already know. Casinos run everything. They can mobilize state and federal governments to pour billions of dollars into projects that SOLELY serve the casinos, and avoid spending any of their own evil sinful stolen bloodmoney.

Ordinary taxpayers everywhere are paying to support the most profitable industry in the world, which doesn't need any support. Worst of all, many of those taxpayers have SERIOUS religious objections to gambling. This is identical to funding Planned Parenthood.

The cheapest high-speed link between LA and Vegas would be a money pipeline similar to Paypal. Every LA idiot could link up to the high-speed bankrupter and instantly send all of his money to Wynne and Adelson. Use blockchain to make it even COOOOOOOOOLER.

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Monday, November 11, 2019
  Proper illustration of DuPillon

I should give this semaphore a writeup and animation, since I only slipped it into an older item before.

The DuPillon system was used by the French navy for coastal stations communicating with ships. This model is based on a DuPillon station at the tip of Normandy that was still operating in the 1930s, along with a radio beam.

DuPillon used a variation on the English two-arm system, not the Chappe wing system, but it was built with Chappe parts. The arms were louvered and counterweighted like Chappe wings.

The short third arm served as an advance alert to watchers, so they wouldn't miss part of the message; and the coastal stations added a cannon firing blanks** to guarantee that the ships were paying attention! (Something like the railroad torpedo placer alarm.)

I wouldn't have modeled this device for its mechanism, since it was derivative; but the building and the ocean setting were too beautiful to neglect.

= = = = =

Links to the illustrations so far:

Russian 1850s

Chappe clock system and wing system

Dupillon (French) [I snuck this into an older item without properly describing it]

Six shutter (English)

More discussion of Chappe

Chatley (English)

Redo of Russian

Redo of DuPillon (this item)

= = = = =

**Later thought: The coastal stations could have skipped the semaphore and sent Morse-like code with the cannon. Big cannon and little cannon for dashes and dots.

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  Unsynced thought

Random thought vaguely triggered by thinking about the Bolivian tribe.

Is there any tribe or language that marks a long time unit without syncing with the four seasons?

There's lots of variation on starting points for years and calendars and lifetimes. Until 1750, England started the new year on March 25, even while using the normal January to December month pattern. Many countries still start their calendars from the current emperor or the current dynasty or a religious landmark other than the mistaken birthday of Jesus. Human birthdays start at 0 in some countries and 1 in others.

If there is any unit outside the four seasons, it would probably be an equatorial tribe. Elsewhere the seasons are clear and unavoidable.

Near the equator the day and month are clear, but seasons are vague. A tribe could simply ignore the year-size unit, or mark 10 moons or 60 moons or 3 rainy/dry alternations........



This is post #10000. Just happened to notice 9999 on the counter, and wanted to mark the nice round meaningless number before it slipped by.


  AP = QC

Zuesse points out that Tulsi's actual votes in Congress were strictly in line with D and R orthodoxy on Russia. Every vote, and every public statement until this year's candidacy, was firmly against Russia and for the blockades and sanctions.

I've given up waiting for Tulsi to DO something meaningful. The only possible conclusion is that Tulsi is a milder version of the Trump Pied Piper. She's an Agent Provocateur. Putting it another way, she's a quality control magnet. Her job is to draw off and identify unorthodox voters so they can be explicitly discarded.
Sunday, November 10, 2019
  More predictability

Leftists are properly decrying our latest coup in Bolivia. As usual the leftists are correct about some things and wrong about others.

In this particular case they're correct about racism. Usually they're wrong. Pictures tell the story. Evo and his officials and his people have native faces. The Bolivian tribe has a distinct face shape, easy to recognize. The Soros protesters have Euro faces, Conquistador faces. The coup is definitely Euros smashing natives.

As usual the leftists are wrong about resources. We don't want to TAKE the lithium and other minerals. We want to DESTROY the minerals. 100 years ago we made war to gain resources. Since 1946 most of our wars have been pure evil, unrelated to resources. When resources are involved, we destroy them or make them unavailable to everyone including ourselves.

Our sole purpose is obliteration. No physical reality shall remain, only pure numbers.


  Speaking of DON'T BE THERE

Here's an excellent example of radical realism and duty instead of "rights". Predictably, Soros and USA mounted a coup against Morales in Bolivia. Instead of standing on "rights", Morales suddenly resigned.

If he had stayed and defended his "rights", the ensuing devastation would have happened under his name and brand, and he would very soon lose power ANYWAY.

The first duty of a populist leader is to protect the people. Faced with an unstoppable USA/Soros coup, the best way to protect the people is to HALT the coup and let peace happen. Peace is better for the people than death.

Gouvernour Morris would DEFINITELY understand this move.

= = = = =

Later, AMLO also understands:

Por lo pronto, ya que mañana daremos a conocer con amplitud nuestra postura, reconocemos la actitud responsable del presidente de Bolivia, Evo Morales, quien prefirió renunciar a exponer a su pueblo a la violencia.

... Evo preferred renunciation instead of exposing HIS PEOPLE to violence.

= = = = =

And later, via RT,
Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said his country would grant asylum to former Bolivian President Evo Morales if he seeks it. Ebrard said that two dozen Bolivian lawmakers and government officials have already taken refuge in Mexico’s official residence in La Paz.

“Mexico, in accordance with its tradition of asylum and non-intervention, has received 20 people from the Bolivian executive and legislature in the official residence in La Paz, so we also decided to offer asylum to Evo Morales,” Ebrard tweeted.
Good. AMLO is the strongest defender of PEACE on this side of the world. He's taking a real risk by making the offer. USA/Soros is already playing the usual "hiker" game, ginning up the usual war against Mexico. Now we have another reason.

Later: The new leaders of Uruguay and Argentina have joined in with AMLO. I wasn't sure whether those leaders would turn out to be Soros or non-Soros. Now we know they're on God's side, at least verbally.


  Yup, those are APs.

Listening to Tom Gresham's gun talk show. Guns are definitely Not My Department, but Gresham is one of the few sources of plain common sense and sanity in modern radio. His attitude is strict non-interventionist. Be ready to defend your life and family WHEN ATTACKED, but MIND YOUR OWN FUCKING BUSINESS. Don't get involved in a dispute that isn't yours, avoid situations where you're likely to need a gun. Let the cops do what they're paid to do.

Today he's talking about some folks who have decided to start carrying rifles openly, as a way of "expressing" their "rights". Gresham suspects they're Agents Provocateurs, and he's undoubtedly correct.

= = = = =

This year is Jail Mode, so I'm always going back to the 1969 experience for reference.

I learned two things IMMEDIATELY on March 21, 1969.

1. Government runs by fakery and stings. An open drug seller, or an openly available drug buyer, is working for the government. Both are APs, designed to lure unsuspecting hippie dummies into buying or selling so the government can nab you.

2. Government works for the rich. My rich housemate had a significant stash, but the cops knew who he was and knew what was his. They searched only my materials and found one seed.

The rest of the jail experience repeated and reinforced those two learnings.

= = = = =

Later on, especially after 9/11 when I allowed TV to ruin my mind, I forgot both of those learnings and went along with partisan idiocy. Government was OK when it was Repooflican, not OK when it was Democrat. The ruination disappeared when I unplugged the TV in 2011, and the old valid learnings returned to the foreground.

= = = = =

The sum of those two learnings, in three words:


If a "movement" is inviting you to "express" your "rights", the movement is a trap.

The best way to express a radically realistic understanding of the world is to remain quiet and inconspicuous, and to do your duty according to your talents and tendencies and opportunities.

Know the truth, make more life and value and beauty.


  Something I hadn't heard before

Old Sovietologist Steve Cohen is pretty much the only valid historian. In this interview he says lots of familiar true facts, plus one fact I hadn't heard before.

At the start of the Switchover in 1990, most Russians were ready to 'join the West', ready to form a cautious alliance with USA. Their attitude reversed quickly when Yeltsin became our mindless puppet. Yeltsin, following explicit orders from Clinton, obliterated Russia. Understandably the people didn't enjoy being obliterated.

Our idiotic experts now blame Putin for turning the people against the obliterators.

This is an exact replica of our 1918 actions. Even before Armistice we were working WITH the Kraut side to occupy and subvert Russia. We wanted the Revolution to result in an Axis slave. Our meddling turned Russians against our pet Mensheviks and gave the victory to the Bolsheviks.

The same story is repeated in dozens of other countries, including China in 1946. We start a revolution or meddle in an ongoing revolution, aiming to set up a slave government. Sometimes our meddling succeeds for a while, but whether successful or not we manage to turn the PEOPLE solidly against us.

As Yeltsin was losing his mind and body to alcohol, he made one heroic move. He recommended Putin as his successor, convincing Clinton that Putin would continue blind obedience. Putin turned out to be the literal savior of Russia, solving problems FAST and turning Russia into a self-sufficient modern prosperous country, USING RUSSIAN CULTURE AND TRADITION, AND USING SOVIET SYSTEMS.



The Okla state government has released 500 prisoners after commuting their sentences. It began with a referendum that reclassified drug offenses to misdemeanors. Then the legislature followed through by ordering commutations of previous sentences.

Okla doesn't always do the right thing, but when it decides to do the right thing it GETS SHIT DONE. Endless fucking around is the Yankee way, not the Okie way.

Good work.


Saturday, November 09, 2019
  Ice gets the grant

Nothing new about this, EXCEPT the obvious reference to "global warming".
Watching immersive 360 videos of icy Arctic scenes helps to relieve intense burning pain and could hold hope for treating chronic pain, a small study has found.

Scientists from Imperial College London have found that using virtual reality headsets could combat increased sensitivity to pain, by immersing people in scenes of icebergs, frigid oceans and sprawling icescapes.
Active distraction has ALWAYS been known to break the positive feedback cycles of pain and spasms and anxiety. Before technology, people danced or knitted or walked or sang to create the distracting RHYTHMIC stimulus. Since the invention of sound and video technology like movies and phonographs, therapists have been using technical methods to provide the distraction.

The choice of ice and snow seems peculiar. Cold causes muscle spasms. Warm cozy scenes would relax muscles better.

AHA! This is in England, where EVERYBODY is required to think the same thoughts in unison. So a scene that shows the Arctic BEFORE IT VAPORIZED would be seen as a mythical nostalgic memory of cozy times in the distant prehistoric past before KKKTRUMPHITLER pushed the BURNING OCEANS out to 9999999 gigamiles, drowning the moon and sun and Milky Way in BURNING BURNING BURNING KKKTRUMPHITLERWATER.

Even if the scene doesn't really work that way on the patients, it certainly worked that way on the granting agencies.

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  Another home run by Ehret

Ehret gives a straightforward account of the Depression. He emphasizes the assassination attempt on FDR, which happened two weeks before the inauguration. Deepstate wanted to prevent FDR from taking power. Fortunately they chose an inefficient assassin, and his shots were knocked out of line by brave civilians in the audience. Mayor Cermak and two civilians died.

Ehret doesn't say it, but this undoubtedly accounts for FDR's immediate and effective action. If he didn't fully understand the problem before, he knew for sure after the assassination. He knew it was life or death for the country and for himself.

I'm hoping Ehret will take a close look at Harding. He deserves recognition for breaking down Wilson's Deepstate agencies and imposing non-intervention abroad and controls on capitalism domestically. Harding was thoroughly Unpersoned and possibly killed.


  Not new heights

Reading about the indescribably evil capture of Syria's oil fields.

New height in insanity. Syria can't use Syria's own resources, because only Saudi is allowed to have oil.

Second thought: No, it's not a new height. This is identical to the Amber Alerts in USA, where a biological parent is treated as a criminal for attempting to claim her OWN children back from state care.

Simple rule: The wrong people are not allowed to own what they own. The right people are allowed to steal and capture and own everything forever, plus an infinite amount of newly generated counterfeit "value".


  Finishing off the Semaphores

Got another break in courseware before the final push, so let's do an animation to close off the sequence of non-electric Semaphores.

This Russian scene was the first one I tried before I studied the systems closely. The original code was arbitrary and fictional. Now we'll do it again after learning more about the codes and patterns of operation.

Using the British 'Popham' code. I still haven't found a reference for the actual Russian code.

= = = = =

Links to the illustrations so far:

Russian 1850s

Chappe clock system and wing system

Dupillon (French) [I snuck this into an older item without properly describing it]

Six shutter (English)

More discussion of Chappe

Chatley (English)

Redo of Russian (this item)

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  More shared lies

Still in Shared Lie department, this one is getting annoying. All the "independents" are pushing hard for one side of a permitted question. They're insisting that Epstein didn't commit suicide, he was killed.

When everyone is arguing about one question or one set of details, we know for sure it's the wrong question. We don't necessarily know which is the right question, and we don't necessarily know the answer to the right question. Most likely the answer is permanently unavailable.

In this case the right question is easy. Did Epstein die? Epstein had more than enough power and connections to pre-arrange a substitution, and the available info suggests a substitution.

Deepstate has a long history of fake deaths, enabling the "dead" man to continue in power under a different identity or in deeper secrecy. Classic technique in spycraft.


  Smartest religion headline of the week

Mark Tooley at Juicy Ecumenicism does the opposite of previous item. He instantly dismisses the standard shared lie and gets down to asking a more realistic question.
New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristoff has written the umpteenth claim that declining churches and Christian influence in America owe to conservative “religious blowhards” who “have entangled faith with bigotry, sexism, homophobia and xenophobia.” And “for some young people, Christianity is associated less with love than with hate.”

Every branch of Christianity, and every religion, has its share of blowhards and hypocrites. Conservative Christian blowhards get more attention because they have political influence and peeve liberal cultural elites. But do they deserve exclusive credit for overall Christian decline?
Good work.

Tooley goes back a few decades and notes that the "liberal" mainline churches used to be the sole representation of Christianity in media. In the '80s televangelists like the Bakkers created their own media universe, which was always Unpersoned by the satanic mainstream.

He misses a couple of important points.

1. The independent media universe began exactly when radio began. For instance, Aimee Semple McPherson had a huge radio station, competing with the mainstream and equalling the mainstream in cultural level.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

I found this schedule for Aimee Semple McPherson's radio service in 1924. Based on mainstream bigotry I was expecting to see hillbilly music...

Nope! All classical with only a few old favorite hymns. Next to Aimee was a broadcast schedule for a more upscale church, with exactly the same combination of classical and old faves.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

2. So the change in influence didn't arise from a change in media coverage. Mainstream media didn't change its disdain for religion in 1980, and Bakker and Swaggart weren't doing anything new. Why did the change happen?

Evangelicals gained influence in DC politics for exactly one reason. Israel. When evangelical leaders focused on defending the modern nation of Israel for "theological" reasons, politicians stopped Unpersoning them and started counting their votes.

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  Dumbest science headline of the week

First, when I say dumbest I'm excluding the entire categories of "climate change" and "social" "science". Those areas are genocidal, which is a separate axis. Most of the research in those areas is also dumb, but there's no point in separating dumb genocide from smart genocide, dumb torture from smart torture.

Among the items that can be treated as dumb vs smart, this one takes the cake:

Headline: Can our thoughts alter our brains?

Answer: The PURPOSE of thought is to alter the brain.

Every thought either creates new associative pathways or reinforces old pathways. This has been broadly known for many decades. We're just starting to explore the actual mechanisms.

At the first instant, those new or altered associations are just signals, but every signal causes axons to seek new connections which alters the brain in VISIBLE ways.

The cited research finds that those VISIBLE paths are VISIBLE on MRI scans, which shouldn't be surprising.

The research itself isn't dumb. Only the headline is dumb. A smarter version would be

HOW does thought alter our brains?


Friday, November 08, 2019
  Not such a bad idea

In the 'definitely not my department' department....

Critics are unhappy with a CGI movie that inserts real images of James Dean into the animation.

I've never seen any of his movies. I watch LOTS of movies and TV shows from that era, but for some reason none of Dean's products have ever caught my attention.

However: Dean's offscreen side showed up in car magazines back then, and in car websites now. It's clear that he was a techie type. There's one candid pic showing Dean, carrying a briefcase, getting into his work car, a plain '55 Chevy 150 business sedan. Looks more like an engineer going to work at GM, not a movie star.

So I suspect the real Dean would have enjoyed this idea.


  Here we go with the "hikers" again

Some "hikers" somehow got involved in a fight between drug gangs while "hiking" Mexico. Now the neocons are beating the drum for yet another invasion and takeover of Mexico.

Guaran-goddamn-teed these "hikers" will turn out to be gangsters or undercover agents of our government-branded drug gang DEA. Any time we focus on a few people who were supposedly killed or kidnapped by our next intended conquest, you can be SURE the "victims" are really spies of some sort.

But we won't hear the truth until we've invaded Mexico for the 20th time. The previous 19 failed, but that won't stop us. We are the stupidest people in history.


Wednesday, November 06, 2019
  Powerful fable

One of those single-episode leftovers at Like many cop shows of the time, it's oily and sanctimonious, packed with Complex Moral Conundra; but the ending is simple and important.

A man who works for a peculiar thing called a "News Paper" is doing what "News Paper Men" always did. He is trying to improve people's lives by revealing facts. I don't know if this "News Paper" was simply made up by the episode's authors or possibly existed at some time in the distant past. We have things with similar names now, but their job is the exact opposite. They ruin people's lives with violent lies.

Anyhow, this News Paper Man is working in a place called "San Francisco", which must also be an imaginary place. Again it seems to be the exact opposite of a similar place in the current world.

News Paper Man notices an event that doesn't fit the usual patterns, a genuine piece of Shannon information. A young Chinese man beats up his brother in public, outside of Chinatown. The community always keeps its troubles inside. If a trouble is big enough to spill out into non-China streets, it must be worth looking into.

Soon News Paper Man pulls together a set of seemingly unrelated events to find the big trouble. The new revolutionary government in China is extorting money from Chinese people all over America with letters claiming falsely that their relatives at home are sick or in trouble.

The crucial moment happens when News Paper Man is pressing the head of the Chinese Social Bureau, who knows and coordinates everything in Chinatown. (This part does have a current equivalent.) The head resists, following keep-it-quiet tradition, then finally decides that it's time to break the blackmail bubble by pouring out the information. He provides a complete list of people who have received letters, News Paper Man publishes the story, and the blackmail stops.

Sarc off. The part about breaking the blackmail bubble is a powerful fable that deserves to be told and heard now, even if we no longer have those News Paper thingamajigs.

= = = = =

[Footnote: The title of the clip at Archive is wrong. The title is 'Don Gray Marine Investigator', but the show was actually 'San Francisco Final'.]


  Speaking of semaphores

The local "election" yesterday showed a turnaround of opinion. Current mayor Carpetbagger Copkiller Condon was termlimited, so his Sorosian buddy Stuckart ran as the incumbent party. Soros Stuckart was easily defeated by Nadine Woodward, a well-known TV newsreader. Woodward has always made it clear that she was closer to normal Spokane views than NYC views, and her clarity paid off this time. Another Sorosian Condon buddy ran for council president, and was also defeated by a well-known member of a big business family.

Nothing will change, but at least a signal calling for change has been given.

(The election also included the standard load of several dozen Tim Eyman ZERO TAX referenda. All were approved statewide, none will make any difference.)
Tuesday, November 05, 2019
  Always nice

Always nice to get immediate verification. We know that the purpose of the Carbon Cult is to slaughter Deplorables. This was implicit in the original 1975 CIA manifesto, but not often emphasized.

A new document states the goal explicitly. Via ZH, 11000 "scientists" have signed an open petition calling for slaughter of all Deplorables.

They don't say Deplorables verbally, but the logic of their proposal forces it.

Who is reproducing? Deplorable countries, and Deplorable areas and neighborhoods in Sorosian countries. Specifically, real Muslims and real Christians are reproducing. Everyone else is declining.

So a population control project necessarily focuses its attention on Christians and Muslims. Secular Western groups and the Oriental area are declining on their own and don't need an extra 'boost'.

This religion-based genocide must be highly satisfying to those 11000 "scientists". They found a way to kill believers without saying it openly.

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  One real

Via Eurekalert, headline:

Health care, mass shootings, 2020 election causing Americans significant stress

The article lists a bunch of other stressors including "climate change" and immigration, but the article misses the fucking point as usual.

Health care is a REAL problem for everyone. Even if you're not saddled with huge medical debts and incompetent botched medical treatments, your salary is being decimated by a monstrously criminal system that absorbs money and does nothing. But health care is NOT discussed often in media.

Mass shootings are a REAL problem for about a hundred people each year. Mass shootings affect almost nobody, but they dominate the media. The SOLE PURPOSE of media is to create war and mass murder, and it's magnificently successful.

The 2020 election is a REAL problem for incumbents who might lose their jobs briefly until they can rotate into think-tanks or media. It's TOTALLY IRRELEVANT for everyone else. No matter which puppet ends up in each office, nothing will change. The dysgovernment will continue to make wars and slaughter Deplorables.

Weather is always a REAL problem for farmers and people who work outside, but "climate change" is only a problem for the "scientists" who might lose their grants if "climate change" stops providing an excuse for slaughtering Deplorables, and of course for the media who might lose a major outlet for their sadistic psychopathic bloodthirsty murder if "climate change" stops being a concern.

So we have one real universal problem which isn't discussed, and a pile of fake "problems" that exist only to feed the media's blood fetish.



Most people in the world do their jobs, and I daresay most people derive some enjoyment and satisfaction out of completing a task.

Sorosian governments have stopped doing their jobs, and even the Soros-commanded "independents" like Tulsi and Rand Paul are just fucking around.

Rand Paul is fucking around. He is urging some idiot involved in the "impeachment" stageplay to "do your job" and reveal secrets. Paul has never done his job. Paul has never revealed anything. He tells us that the secrets exist, and tells us that he has read the documents, but never DOES HIS FUCKING JOB. He maintains the power and maintains the "two" "sides" of the standard Robust Debate.

Tulsi tells us to be kind. We're already there. We want you to do something for us FIRST, specifically BREAK A BUBBLE. Break Deepstate's blackmail power by revealing some of the secrets that you're keeping.

= = = = =

Here's a good example of another way of FUCKING AROUND. The "American" "Conservative" website, now wholly owned by Soros, is holding a grand and thoughtful conference devoted to starting the process of filling in the details of the concepts related to a restrained foreign policy.

NO. JUST FUCKING DO IT. If you are in a position of power, where you can advise politicians and bureaucrats, the only advice is GET OUT NOW. Bring all the soldiers and spies home NOW.

This is the same JACKOFF as Brexit. As I've tiresomely repeated, Brexit should have taken about one month of clerical work. Gather bureaucrats who know the documents, order them to delete all references to EU from treaties and laws. Announce the result formally to Juncker. DONE.

Instead, UK has fucked around for three years, arguing about ever-finer infinitesimal details that aren't even part of the actual process.

= = = = =

When you're in a bad situation, whether it's an addiction or a bad marriage or a bad job or a bad government, you have to GET OUT FIRST.

While you're inside the bad situation, your mind is locked in. You don't know how to live sober or single or non-interventionist. You might have memories of the good situation from before, but the world has changed and those memories won't help. You can't waste time planning the details based on poor knowledge. If the situation is bad enough to require change, GET OUT FIRST. After you're out, you can then fill in the details properly because you'll be adjusting to the new reality as it happens, not as you imagined it from within the bad world.

Most of the details take care of themselves anyway. This is dramatically obvious with Brexit. UK companies have tried to negotiate post-Brexit arrangements with their suppliers and customers in other countries, but the counterparts have no power to negotiate, and have no motivation to start, until they know whether Brexit will happen at all. After the divorce, the two sides of the negotiation will know what they have to do, and will simply do it. People who want to do business will find ways to do business.


Saturday, November 02, 2019
  Semantic edge detection

Via ScienceDaily:
Researchers analyzed the genomes of 20 butterfly species and found evidence that many butterflies -- including distantly related species -- have a surprisingly high amount of gene flow between them. The findings challenge conventional views about species, and indicate that hybridization may be a key process in the emergence of biological diversity.
The definition of species we "learned" in high school was simple, and made sense for most familiar species of mammals.

Two species are distinct when they can't mate with each other. They might try, but no offspring result from the attempt.

There were a couple of exceptions like horse + donkey = mule, but mules can't reproduce, so this wasn't a strong exception.

After geneticists removed their theory goggles, they started to see LOTS of exceptions.

The actual rule is more like:

Two species are distinct when they don't usually mate with each other. They could, but they recognize the difference and would rather mate with their own kind.

Hmm. That sounds more like races or ethnic groups, doesn't it? And "science" has been INSTRUCTING US with whips and chains that races and ethnic groups are purely imaginary. "Science" screeches that there are no boundaries or distinctions between races or ethnic groups.

Now we know why the old poor definition of species has been so furiously defended. Scientists are definitionists. The most important definition is that ALL HUMANS ARE IDENTICAL PASSIVE INANIMATE GRAINS OF SAND. Scientists HATE all definitions that allow individual or group differences among humans, and refuse to allow their high-caste definitions to mate with low-caste definitions. Semantic miscegenation is verboten.

In other words, ethnicity is a valid concept for human types, and for butterfly types, and for definition types.

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Friday, November 01, 2019
  Missing the whole fucking point as fucking usual

The Israelist considers that Common Core is a failure because scores on college entrance tests are declining.

Totally misses the whole fucking point. Common Core was NOT meant to improve college entrance scores. Students who can actually use college don't need anything from public schools. They have innate IQ and discipline, and they acquire knowledge outside of school. They would be better served by skipping public school entirely.

The students we've been failing to serve are the NON-college types. Common Core was meant to do more for them, giving them useful skills in communicating and problem-solving and life management.

We don't know if CC has succeeded for those students because WE'RE STILL NOT BOTHERING TO TEST FOR REAL SKILLS.

So the verdict is undetermined, at least officially. We're trying an experiment without measuring the results.

My unquantified impression, from what I hear in the street and on the bus, and more directly from the projects in DonorsChoose, is that things are improving.

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  Knowledge is power

Chafee, who is mostly silly and ineffectual, just did something serious that gathered my respect. In an RT interview he showed a copy of the original 9/11 Authorization of Force, complete with penciled revisions and crossouts. He noted that the document empowered BUSH, not simply a president, to decide which countries to obliterate.

It says "He shall determine", not "He or she shall determine." Chafee pointed out that all Federal documents have been gender-neutral for a long time [and legal documents have been neutral even longer, for simple precision]. The use of he meant that Congress was sending the authority to Bush the man, not just Current Occupant Of White House.

Chafee has done God's work. Power flows from the file cabinet of a blackmailer. Deepstate runs on secrets and extortion and honeytraps. Elections are utterly meaningless, and even money and status can be overruled easily by blackmail.

Any politician who claims to be 'independent' or 'anti-establishment' MUST start by popping blackmail bubbles. Tell us something we don't know, give all the details, and explain the implicit interpretations. Chafee did it, and I respect him.

Your turn, Tulsi, though I don't think you're up to the task.


  Your location?

AVG does an excellent job of catching malware, but their ads are unnecessary and a little annoying. I'm already paying them, so they shouldn't be advertising.

However, this ad is accidentally reassuring:

Your location exposed!

This is definitely where Google thinks I am. All online maps start out here. It's the right metro area, but the wrong end of the metro area. Since I don't have a cellphone, I don't have a more accurate locator, and that's just fine.

I'll get scared if Google's bots read this and pinpoint a more accurate location. Will be watching for it....
  Slow to turn on

I just figured something out. For an old negative-feedback type, this realization is awfully slow.

Two years ago I had a new front door installed. The old one was leaky and drafty, and the new one is better insulated.

Since then, I've had to turn up the knob on the baseboard heater noticeably higher to get comfort. It's not just my elderly senses; a thermometer on my desk shows 65 instead of 70 at the previous knob setting.

I've been trying to spot the difference. I don't feel any new drafts anywhere, so there's no new source of cold.

What triggered the realization was noticing that the heater isn't ON all the time at the higher setting; it's cycling on and off about the same as before.

The heater control is right next to the door. The old leaky door kept the thermostat ON more often at the minimum setting of the knob. Now that the thermostat isn't constantly receiving blasts of cold air from the gap under the door, it's slower to turn on, so a higher setting is needed to get the same cycling.


  Proper use of mass power

Unions lost power by their own self-destructive idiocy. For several decades unions struck for higher wages, even when their leaders KNEW that the strike would kill the company or offshore the factory and thus delete the jobs. Most of those union workers ALREADY had higher wages than anyone else in the country, so they didn't NEED higher wages.

Now for the first time we have a union returning to the ORIGINAL idea of protecting the workers from the corporation.

Via ZH:
Tens of thousands of American Airlines' flight attendants fear for their safety and will not work on Boeing 737 Max planes if they return to the air in 2020, the Association of Professional Flight Attendants (APFA) union's president wrote in a letter to Boeing's CEO this week.
If unions had been acting like this all along, they wouldn't have killed themselves. Good work.

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