Thursday, June 22, 2017
  Trash bollards

An article by James Pinkerton discusses walls and bollards as defenses against "terrorist" cars. Seems sort of pointless in the context of "terrorism". When the FBI wants to exterminate you, it will find a way. But walls are ALWAYS valid for overall self-defense. He suggests multi-purpose bollards...

I was idly Googlestreeting yesterday; on impulse tried Valparaiso, Indiana. The search offered Valparaiso de Goias in Brazil, so looked there instead.

Like much of South America, Valparaiso is all walls. Every house has HIGH walls on all sides, except in the very poorest parts of town. The electric meters and mailboxes poke through the wall. Unlike most, Valparaiso has another odd feature. Most houses have well-built basket things made of steel. These basket things aren't standardized; some have hinged lids, some not, and they vary in size. What are they for?

Ah. Trash collection. Reminds me of an equally open system that was used in Stillwater until the '70s. Each house was required to have a post by the alley with a hook for an open-mesh bag. You put your trash in the bag, and the trashmen manually dumped each bag into the truck as they went through the alley.

Here's a wall that was broken, currently being replaced. You can see how the electric meters are mounted, and you can see that even duplexes have walls between the parts of the duplex.

Very few cars are visible. Lots of people are walking around. The cars are mostly VW bugs and buses, which aren't nearly as old in Brazil as they would be here. Brazil made bugs until 1986, and buses of the second generation until 2013.

But not all of the vehicles are VWs.

Later thought: Where are the other animals? In a 'loose' part of a USA STRONG town you'll always see dogs and cats. On my morning walks I'll see two dozen cats on the street, a half dozen dogs walking with people, and sometimes a mule deer family. Aside from the horse which counts as a vehicle, I don't see ANY four-legged mammals in the Brazil scenes.
Wednesday, June 21, 2017
  Thanks, Ralph 465

ZH mentions yet another total crash in the "value" of some bitcoin thing.

It's fun to watch the bitcoiners stoutly maintaining that their meaningless number, which they CAN'T OWN AND CONTROL, is a currency.

The first qualification of a currency is that you can receive it in payment for labor or material, and then you can STORE the currency in your OWN place. Wallet, purse, safe, hole in the ground, doesn't matter. It's YOURS.

After you have received and stored a coin, its value is INDEPENDENT of shit like this:
Furthermore, evidence is accumulating that f2pool was actively manipulating transactions bound for the Status ICO, which they participated in themselves, exacerbating the problem. Experts explained weeks ago that bad ICO designs are vulnerable to such attacks, but this appears to be the first time it was actually executed in the wild.

So now, even though the Status ICO is over, there are still a huge number of transactions clogging up the network and the only way to get transactions in is to pay huge fees (which most of the exchanges probably don't want to do). Until it clears out, people are going to be missing ENS auctions, unable to withdraw from many wallets and exchanges, etc. etc. etc.
None of that can affect a green rectangle or a metal circle. It's true that LARGE events like wars and incompetent governments can affect the value of real currency, but the actions of individual traders, or the malfunction of a computer in an exchange, won't bother you at all.

So it's great fun to watch bubblers getting bubbled.

Oddly enough, Emerson didn't mention this form of justice in his essay, though bubbles and manias were newsworthy and famous at the time when he was writing. In fact he seems to get it backwards here:

Proverbs, like the sacred books of each nation, are the sanctuary of the intuitions. That which the droning world, chained to appearances, will not allow the realist to say in his own words, it will suffer him to say in proverbs without contradiction. And this law of laws which the pulpit, the senate, and the college deny, is hourly preached in all markets and all languages by flights of proverbs, whose teaching is as true and as omnipresent as that of birds and flies.

He seems to be trusting the Natural Law wisdom of markets. Presumably he was thinking of real agoras and souks, not abstract tulips and shares; but he should have been aware of the latter. Swift got it right.

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  Rare scoop

BBC just got ahead of ZH on an important event within the typical ZH coverage range. Kalanick resigned from Uber. I don't see it yet on ZH. Heads will roll in the land of the Tylers!
Tuesday, June 20, 2017
  Question that should be asked

This is a question that should be asked, but I don't hear it.

Ever since Nixon, USA STRONG has delusionally considered China to be our ally. In fact we've become a colony of China, and our elites have close economic and personal links with China. Zuckerberg's dynastic wife is Chinese. Not a descendant of immigrants, a recent direct immigrant.

As the Silk Road thing continues to develop its own GOLD-BASED currency system and its own Web and transportation, we will find it harder to attack RUSSIANAGGRESSION while still obeying China. Now it looks like India is joining the military side of the Silk Road. (India was always economically linked to China, so no change there.) Dotheads are intensely involved in our elite occupations (banking, medicine, academia), gradually displacing Jews by force of population.

Until now it's been easy to attack RUSSIANAGGRESSION because we've never formed trade links with Russia, and Russian immigrants haven't moved into the Insatiable ranks. When RUSSIANAGGRESSION and China and India are the same thing, attacking gets a lot harder.

Real value will win in the end. Globalist psychopathic genocide is only supportable when the psychopaths own the whole globe, which seemed to be the inevitable arrow of history just 5 years ago.

Graphic serendipity note: I used the open-outline font because it looked right in context. Thinking about it, open-outline letters are the ideal way to represent a whisper. Formants unfilled by fundamental.

Graphic quibble note: Yes, I know the arrow won't actually fire back on USA STRONG. It's a cartoon.

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  Valid conclusions

Valid stereotypes lead to valid conclusions.

"Local" "news" article about an accused embezzler.

Embezzlers look like this:

The defendant in the story looks like this:

Whoa! All wrong! She can't be an embezzler. Reading the story, turns out she isn't an embezzler in the strict sense. Proper embezzling is done by a bookkeeper or teller who has the power to fiddle with the numbers. This pretty young defendant was misusing the company credit card to pay for personal stuff. She wasn't in a position to juggle the books.

More like theft by deception.
  Notes on Three Sands

I've been "making" a partial model of Three Sands, the iconic oil boom town. Tried to find info in the 1940 Census, because the town peaked around then. [CORRECTION BELOW.] The detailed sheets don't help much. Clearly the Census considered temporary housing to be non-resident, like travelers in hotels. Only the permanent houses that had postal Rural Route numbers were included. Some of the 'upper crust' employees of the town were able to rent real houses.

This page, chopped and channeled as usual, shows what I mean:

Doctor, postmaster, clerk, and some pumpers and roustabouts with families.

This is the only 'pure oil' page from the ED that included 3 Sands. The rest are mostly farmers.

The town was about half in Kay County and half in Noble, mainly laid out along current US 77. (177 moved east.) I put together a map from the Census maps, which might be useful:

= = = = =

A bit later: CORRECTION. No, the town wasn't peaking in '40. It peaked around '28, and the post office was closed in '42. So the census probably gave an accurate sense of the fading remnants.

= = = = =

I've got three buildings so far, crammed together unrealistically here for scale checking. The school, a tenant cottage, and the main shop. All are fairly authentic based on available pix. (I'd already made the tenant cottage, a standard Aladdin unit, for an earlier set.)

Monday, June 19, 2017
  And here we go again.

Every time we start a pointless guaranteed-losing war that destroys millions of people for no reason, we ALWAYS have a heart-rending SINGLE VICTIM ready and waiting to trigger it. There's always some pilot who was supposedly held by the target nation, or some spy hiker who was captured. In every case the heart-renderer was INVADING the target with permission of our misgovernment. He was the forward scout for the unprovoked aggression, turned into a helpless victim.

Now we're doing it again with Warm Beer, a spy who got caught in NK and was either mistreated or poisoned. I'll take Poisoned By CIA for $200, Alex.

  More preciseness

Still in a precise mood.

Headline at ZH:

White House "Weighing" Replacing Sean Spicer

= = = = =

Article in a 1922 Australian electronics journal, about Edison's criteria for a good executive.

When I call on one of my men for a decision, I want it right away. When his department calls on him for a decision, it wants it right away.

Nuff said.


  Perfect comparison

Continuing pointlessly precise mood.

Schools could do a tremendous service if they would teach people how to ask questions that can be answered.

Perfect comparison, adjoining entries clearly referring to the same event:

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When I was an arrogant teenage dickhead I sometimes "corrected" people who didn't need correcting. My dad would respond to such corrections by quoting a line from a '30s radio comedian:

Vass you dere, Charlie?

Dad was actually using the quote backwards from its intended purpose. Now I'm correcting people who don't need correcting again! ... but in this case, thanks to preserved recordings, I know that Baron von Munchausen was using the line to prevent Charlie from detecting his lies. Baron was like modern "journalists" who weaponize authority to protect evil.

Dad was using the quote to cure me of "correcting" the experienced truth. His use was virtuous in purpose, regardless of quotation accuracy.

From the start, one virtue of the blogosphere was a constant enforcement of Dereness. "Journalists" are always lying. Modern "journalists" have taken the art well beyond lying into bizarre delusions. Their lies can be detected by people who vass actually dere, whether in a foreign country or a non-elite city or a non-elite culture or occupation.

In a discussion of any topic, people who have some degree of real experience can spot "correctors" who vassn't dere. Classic case in a ZH discussion yesterday. People who remember pre-1980 America know that income was vastly more equal than now, within a neighborhood and between neighborhoods. One commenter who clearly vassn't dere insisted that we were romanticizing the past. The income gap within neighborhoods must have been more like 10 to 1. He was trying to "correct" our memories. Sorry, doesn't work. Ve vass dere.

Footnote since I'm in a precise mood today: My use of we in previous paragraph doesn't mean I was participating in the discussion. I've avoided signing up as a commenter at ZH because the site has always smelled slightly provocateur-ish. It seems to invite the sort of comments that Deepstate can use as ammunition. We referred only to my presence in pre-1980 America.
Sunday, June 18, 2017
  Beating a dead flip

I'm always writing about old cars and old houses. Suddenly struck by a comparison.

Bad flip, yet again....

Original, my model:

Flipped in 2008 and finally sold this year:

What's the automotive equivalent of a bad flip?


This thing:

is allegedly meant to resemble a late 20s Mercedes. It's actually a Pinto.

A good flip is the exact equivalent of a minimal restoration of an original. Not even a metaphor. Overhaul the engine, replace bad rubber, fix damage, repaint if really needed. That's all.



I mentioned Bucky's Dumbaxion House in previous entry. Looks like the Chinese, current champions of pointless Oh Wow architecture, have one-upped Bucky's dumbness.

A major feature of the Dumbaxion was its ability to rotate. The new Bund Finance building features a hypnotically moving outer wall. Something like a giant curtain blowing in the wind. It's pretty, but WHY?

Moving outer surfaces could be useful. A rippling roof would throw off snow before it could load up and form ice dams. A spinning roller along the foundation could toss away water and bugs. (Of course there's a simple static way to do both jobs. A warm steep roof and a concrete apron.)

The only purpose of the Shanghai wall is to impress Deplorables with the infinite wealth of China's Insatiables.

  Prefab presumption

A postwar issue of a journal for radio and appliance dealers has an article on Prefab Houses, which were supposed to take over the entire housing market. Didn't happen, though prefabs in the original sense were common through the '60s. The article assumed that most prefabs would come with built-in appliances, offering an opportunity for large sales. Didn't happen, though the LATER incarnation of prefabs as 'modular' or 'manufactured' houses based on trailers did generally include appliances.

The article also had a huge list of supposed makers of prefabs, maybe 200 companies scattered across the country. Only a handful of these were actually in the business; I'm guessing the list was compiled from a survey of companies that wanted or wished to be in the prefab industry.

Here's a chopped and channeled selection from the list, marking three notable entries and one GIANT non-entry.

GIANT non-entry: Where's ALADDIN? They were the biggest prefabber at that time, and continued operating until 1981 when the 'modular' trailer stuff took over.

In the second column: Butler, still going strong after specializing in commercial buildings. Butler has become a common noun for 'steel building', like kleenex or xerox.

In the third column: Fuller, operating from Beech in Wichita. That would be Bucky Fuller's Dumbaxion House. Beech built exactly two of them, one of which unfortunately survives. Later on, Fuller's Geodesic Dumb was also turned out in prefab form, for some unfathomable reason.

And finally, Panhandle in Amarillo made the Homettes that I "drew" and used extensively.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

If you wanted a conspiracy theory you could build this one pretty easily... All of these skyscrapers torched by Environmentally Beneficial Rocket Fuel Cladding housed mainly Muslims.

When you apply Cui Bono, the theory doesn't work well. In Dubai the builders and regulators were also Muslim, and even in London a pretty fair part of the city government is Arab or Muslim.

The one CERTAIN connection is that the cladding was installed to satisfy Gaia's hunger for burnt sacrifices. Wrapping a building in rocket fuel is a damn good way to achieve a massive burnt sacrifice and gain environmental indulgence points. If the dead Deplorables are Muslim or Christian, higher point value.

Still, it might be interesting to see who supplied the rocket fuel to these particular builders. Is there a strong connection to bankers or neocons or CIA?


Also, this happens to be Entry # 7500 in this blog. Not worth a proper celebration, just one of those old meaningless landmark numbers, like 100000 on the odometer.

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  Constants ??? variables ???, ??? edition ???

Trying to parse a constant out of a puzzle.

Reviewing the basics. Since 1946 the Deepstate in USA STRONG has been leading the Globalist side, pushing constantly for total Empire. All fashionable and high-status people (the Insatiables) are for Globalism, because Insatiables are naturally Globalist by temperament. I WANT IT ALL AND MORE AND MORE AND MORE AND MORE AND MORE. ALL MINE MINE MINE MINE. ALL ME ME ME ME ME. I CONTAIN THE UNIVERSE. I AM THE UNIVERSE.

The other side is more variable and less uniform. China and Russia are the counterforces, with a variety of alliances and ideologies since 1946. Both are very old countries, both are former builders of empires who were cured of the disease a long time ago. For at least 200 years both have been fending off Globalists. France, England, Germany, Japan, and USA STRONG have all taken a turn at conquering both Russia and China, and FAILED EVERY TIME. But we keep trying because we're incurably Insatiable, incapable of learning, infinitely dumber than the dumbest bacterium.

= = = = =

Now the puzzles. Nixon and Trump. Both ended up serving Empire loyally, but both are HATED AND BANISHED by Empire.

Nixon turned out to be the best advancer of all the Imperial goals. The Soros agenda was organized and implemented by Nixon before Soros came anywhere near politics. Global Warming, abortion, Die-Versity, all the various "rights" movements, replacement of Real Value by pure math and finance. All firmly started and implemented by Nixon, later picked up by Soros and others.

We don't have much data on Trump yet, but his actual behavior and his actual orders are strictly continuous from Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama.

Both Nixon and Trump made noises that sounded non-Imperial. Nixon claimed the support of the Silent Majority and promised to pull out of Vietnam. In fact he squashed the Silent Majority with forced busing and affirmative action and environmentalism and finance, and moved even farther into Southeast Asia until the war failed.

Are the noises the main problem? No. Obama also made non-Imperial noises during the 2008 campaign, and actually performed two small non-Imperial actions: normalizing relations with Cuba and Persia. Trump is quickly and firmly moving to undo those actions. Persia was smart enough to get ahead of the inevitable by forming CONTRACTS with major corporations. Cuba wasn't smart.

So the noises aren't the issue. It's more personal, pure blind factless prejudice.

But why? Trump and Nixon are opposite character types: Nixon the suspicious catlike introvert, Trump the rambunctious Labrador extrovert, barking all night and wagging his tail and knocking things over without realizing it.

Nixon was a lifelong politician, making enemies of Insatiables since exactly 1946. He gave Globalists good reason to hate him when he tried to prosecute Crown Prince Alger Hiss. The other participants in that insult were taken out more forcefully; Nixon was allowed to live and assume power, which means he must have submitted to blackmail before 1968. Trump had no history at all, no old insults and grudges. He didn't even get into the field of politics until last year.

No answers, just questions.

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Friday, June 16, 2017
  Good-luck charm

I ordered a center-zero microammeter for an electronics project. It came from Lilly Electronics in China. (I try to buy American when possible, but with new electronics stuff it's basically impossible.) Lilly packed this thing:

in with the meter. Presumably these go in every package. It's a nice old-fashioned touch, even if I have no idea what it is or what the Chinese means!

It's not jewelry for humans; way too small. I'm going to call it jewelry for electronics. I'll hang it on one of the pots of the completed project, sort of like the seal on the red ribbon of old documents.



Well, I take it back. All this talk about Russian threats and RUSSIANAGGRESSION is right. Federal agents conducted massive raids yesterday around the Spokane area and arrested a bunch of serious criminals, drug traffickers, gun-runners, etc.

Look at the long list of Russian names:

Marcos Ramirez-Mercado
Jose Alfredo Mendoza-Vaca
Milton Oswaldo Pena
Giovanni Pena
Federico Ramos-Perez
Jose Antonio Rojas-Calvillo
Donald Reed Daniels
Juan Jose Navarro-Martinez
Jorge Armando Hernandez-Vera
Francisco Martinez-Perez
Enrique Eduardo Rodriguez-Mercado
Angel Rodriguez Amezcua
Sergio L. Lopez
Nahum Martinez-Guadarrama
Victor Alexander Rangel
Trevor Edward Fedele
Edward Wayne Fedele
Edson Marcos Ramirez
Joel Lyman
Mireya Hernandez
Olton Leon Gaines
Horacio Luna-Cano

A regular roll call of the Supreme Soviet. Straight out of a Tolstoy novel. We obviously don't need a wall on the Southern border, we need to block the Bering Strait! Now!

  I don't buy it

A commentator was claiming that most legislators dislike the publicity-seeking camera hogs. Supposedly there are plenty of backbenchers who hate to see McCain, Graham, Schumer and Pelosi making news and wasting time and soiling the reputation of non-hogs.

Sorry, I don't buy it.

In other fields there are good reasons why the sane workers keep quiet, mainly because it wouldn't make any fucking difference. A sane scientist in engineering or agronomy or materials knows that "journalists" won't listen to sanity. A sane scientist working in industry can't speak at all because he's working under strict NDAs to protect competitive advantage.

Those limitations aren't present in legislatures. Sane legislators, if they exist, have a UNIQUE source of power.


A quorum strike could halt all action until the camera hogs stop wasting time with endless "investigations" of Benghazi or Flynn or RUSSIANMEDDLING.

Quorum strikes don't happen, therefore sane legislators don't exist.
  Constants and variables, life and death edition

Okay, let's compare USA STRONG, where Soros controls everything, versus Kenya, which has kicked Soros NGOs out of its borders.

USA STRONG is currently experiencing mass suicide by non-Sorosians, and a successful project of mass assassination by Sorosians.

Two [clap] two [clap] two genocides in one! Much more energy-efficient than the old one-sided method.

Kenya's biggest political story: One party is annoyed because the other party favors one printing company for printing ballots.

Yes indeed, aren't we lucky to be living in a First World Democracy with Peace and Freedom and Justice abounding for all? Boy howdy, I'm surely glad I don't live in a Third World Dictatorship with constant coups and assassinations.

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  Are they taking a break?

I unplugged TV many years ago, and shut off radio news lately. I check the websites of "local" TV stations briefly, just to see if they have room for even one story that ISN'T about TRUMPPUTIN TRUMPAGGRESSION RUSSIANAGGRESSION RUSSIANHACKING RUSSIANMEDDLING RUSSIANINTERFERENCE.

Until two days ago I didn't need to bother reading, because ALL the stories on the front page were TRUMPPUTIN TRUMPAGGRESSION RUSSIANAGGRESSION RUSSIANHACKING RUSSIANMEDDLING RUSSIANINTERFERENCE.

Suddenly those stories have stopped. Even KXLY, the ferociously demonic affiliate of the Lee Harvey Oswald network, has ZERO stories on the ONLY CONCEIVABLE subject.

Is it possible that somebody woke up and decided that it wasn't wise to spend EVERY SECOND OF EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY HOUR OF EVERY DAY OF EVERY WEEK OF EVERY MONTH explicitly ordering your minions to assassinate non-globalists?

Nah. Now that their assassination orders have ACTUALLY BEEN CARRIED OUT, they are too busy jacking off on images of Deplorable blood and guts. No energy left to push the ONLY CONCEIVABLE STORY. Have to let the automatic storybots fill in non-news like local suicides and overdoses and daily bridge-jumps.

I pity the janitor at KXLY's demoncoven, who has to clean up projectile splatters of testicular and vaginal fluids from ceilings and walls.

After the buzz wears off, I'm sure the violent foreplay will resume with redoubled and requadrupled and reoctupled and re2^1000000000000000000pled force.

A few hours later: Wasn't even a whole day. KXLY demons are back to erupting plutonium-laced toxic sludge all over the landscape as usual. I guess the taste of blood gives demons extra energy or something. Vile nasty filthy unnameable hyperevil.


Thursday, June 15, 2017
  Coding well.... not yet

Tech-tyrants and media-demons locked in their bubbles of infinite evil and infinite falsehood SHOULD create a business opportunity for non-demons. This article at Federalist points to several existing alternatives that should be boosted and popularized if we want to slow down Satan's bulldozer.

One caught my attention. Eich, who was Inquisited out of Mozilla for heretical non-satanic beliefs, has gone on to create an alternative company and an alternative browser called Brave.

I immediately gave it a try. Unfortunately it's not ready for prime time, not a proper competitor to Firefox. Eich seems to have missed the main advantage of FF over other browsers: Plugins and extensions. Most important of all is the download helper. Brave doesn't have a built-in downloader and hasn't yet found or developed a plugin for the purpose.

When you're developing a brand-new device or software for a totally new purpose, you have to build the whole system at once. Content, carrier, accessories.

But this is NOT a brand-new device. This is directly competing with an existing device. When you're trying to compete with an existing device or software that has slots for accessories, the FIRST thing you do is rig your new device or software to accept the SAME accessories seamlessly. A new kitchen stove should heat existing pots and pans. A new coffeemaker should use existing filter papers. A lamp should use existing light bulbs.

Eich's team hasn't done this. They're asking users to suggest plugins for adaptation, which means the API slots are not the same. If the slots were the same, you could simply transfer your extensions as easily as you transfer your bookmarks.

I desperately WANT to support this effort. Coding well is the best revenge. Unfortunately Eich hasn't done it yet.


Wednesday, June 14, 2017
  Four examples now

I already noted this strange phenomenon wrt the Reality Winner thing.

Now we have two more examples. Griffin the "Comedienne" and Hodgkinson the Shooter.

All three appear to be fans of Bernie. All three HATE HATE HATE Trump and want to see Trump and all Trump supporters DEAD because (in their minds) Trump was a Putin Puppet Traitor.

Only one problem with the whole RUSSIANMEDDLING RUSSIANHACKING RUSSIANINTERFERENCE scenario. Russia was not for Trump. RT and Sputnik were fans of Bernie.

So we have three people who ACTUALLY agree with RT and Sputnik, doing real damage and committing real crimes under the delusion that they are arguing AGAINST the side that they ACTUALLY support.

Parallel to the "pro-Muslim" vs "anti-Muslim" battle, though the subject of dispute is different. In all of these cases delusional maniacs are violently fighting against their own beliefs without knowing it.

Cognitive dissonance? Not the same. CD means stoutly defending a side that you're not quite sure of, trying to overcome your own doubts with loud certainty. In this case the fighters are not aware of the conflict because they are totally engulfed and soaked in a universal flood of psychotic lies and vicious venom erupted by the demonic media.
  I had it backwards.

I've used the picture above several times when it seemed like the stock market continued to go up regardless of events. I wanted to illustrate that the market was a result immune to all causes.

= = = = =

This morning I realized that the opposite causation makes more sense.

Remembering the Esperanto origin of the name Soros, it makes more sense to assume that the markets are the DRIVING FORCE, not the result. Moving ALL wealth and value into the hands of the Tribe is CAUSING other events to run wild.

Everyone who deals with money at smaller scales, from small bankers to insurers to ordinary businesses to retirees attempting to save, UNDERSTANDS that the stock market is absorbing the world. Everyone is trying to adjust and accommodate to the infinite black hole of the Tribe, but BECAUSE the Tribe is absorbing all resources and skills, there's NOTHING LEFT TO ADJUST. So these non-Tribal actors are going crazy in all sorts of ways, from overdosing to jumping from bridges to shooting everything in sight.

This is the DESIRED GOAL of the market-making Tribe. Total chaOS and death for everything except the Tribe.

= = = = =

Fuck it all. The Brazilians have the right idea.

It's June! Festa!

It's July! Festa!

It's August! Festa!

Hell with months ... Life is GOOD. Feira da Bondade!

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  Towering inferno

Betcha $10000 the "remodeling" took out horrible toxic asbestos and replaced it with wonderful green styrofoam.

Two days later: Yup.

But why do you need "cladding" in the first place? Tall buildings have gone without "cladding" for a century, and for some mysterious reason buildings without "cladding" haven't burned down, while buildings with "cladding" are burning like matches.

"Cladding" is required by Gaia, the goddess of genocide. Ideally we should make extra provisions to sprinkle the "cladding", but we don't. And ideally we shouldn't use FUCKING ROCKET FUEL for the "cladding", but we do. We are loyal servants of Gaia, and Gaia demands total deplorocide. We hear and we obey.

After another two days:

PLANNERS behind the gutted Grenfell tower block refurbishment “far exceeded" required insulation levels to help meet green climate change targets and avoid future improvement work,

Let's double the rocket fuel! Burn up those Deplorables twice as fast! Twice as much burnt sacrifice to Gaia, twice the environmental value!

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Babylon Bee, in its usual sharp parodic style, "reports" on a Mormon space mission aimed at Kolob, the planet nearest to God's throne in LDS beliefs. The article mentions that the flight was accompanied by the LDS hymn If you could hie to Kolob.

I found the hymn, expecting an 1880-ish bit of creaky crankery.

Nope. This is a hymn that Newton could have written. Except for the mention of Kolob, it's a hymn for scientists**. Set to Kingsfold, with its simple unresolved lines uniquely appropriate for the precise depiction of eternity.

= = = = =

** Needless to say, I DO NOT MEAN MODERN "SCIENTISTS". They have their own blasphemous hymn with a blasphemously similar flavor, explicitly glorifying fashionable omnicidal lies and anti-science psychotic delusions.

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  Another mid-trend chart

Following on this entry about telephones per capita.

Radio Retailing kept track of radios per capita during the '30s. Their comparison of 1930 vs 1935 is another mid-trend reading, providing a good sense of who's ahead and who's behind.

My usual clumsy Excel chart from the list: (XLS here.)

Left bar is percent of homes with radios in 1930, right bar 1935.

Deep Dixie states started out in the single digits and doubled in those 5 years. (AZ and NM look just like deep Dixie states.) As with phones, DC is way up on top. Unlike phones, the East Coast is dominant, followed closely by everything except Dixie.

Here's the chart after sorting by 1930 percents. The stepped geography shows clearly here.

Deep Dixie, then Border Dixie, then Mountain, then Midwest, then East. DC didn't dominate in 1930, but jumped in '35 fdr some mysterious reason, which I'll leave fdr the reader to determine.

Economically: Radios were not cheap, ranging from $30 to $1000, just about 1/10 of the price range of cars**. The cheapest radios would cost about two weeks of median income. Not an impulse purchase for a poor family! It's not surprising that Dixie wasn't able to afford radios.

Unfortunately Radio Retailing seems to have stopped its statistics after 1935, which is when the New Deal programs started to kick in.

= = = = =

** Footnote: The cheapest radios of the '30s and the cheapest cars of the '30s were BOTH made by Crosley, who was serious about serving Everyman. Not exactly a valid comparison.... Crosley's cheap radios were proper and complete radios, while his cheap cars were not suitable for family usage.
Tuesday, June 13, 2017
  Does this explain it?

Since 2008 I've been puzzled by the super-architecty remodel of an Avista substation in this neighborhood.

Reviewing: The original substations, built as part of the streetcar system, looked like this:

(My digital model.)

The 2008 remodel was occupied briefly, then remained vacant until this year when Spokane's super-hot real estate market finally sold it.

Here's the Zillow pix of exterior and interior:

The interior was even more puzzling than the exterior. Why such a wasteful showplace in a non-showplace neighborhood? The volume could have contained several more rooms without the mezzanine thing.

Now a possible explanation. A newly released digital model (NOT MINE!) looks like this:

Sure as hell looks familiar! Was the flipper intending to build a fancy restaurant like this? Did the zoning board turn down a commercial application after the remodel was started?

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  Bring Back St Martin!

Inspired by a wonderful picture in the Medieval Manuscripts blog.

Caption: St Martin identifying a devil trying to disguise himself as Christ

The devil in question, of course, is Antichrist Bergoglio. Lately he has been working specifically to banish Christians from the "Church" he misrules.

This news item comes from Nigeria, where Christians are REAL Christians. One tribe in Nigeria has a solid record of Catholic Christianity:
The Mbaise are among the most Catholic of Nigerian peoples – 77 percent of the diocese’s population of 670,000 are Catholic. Nearby dioceses range between 19 and 70 percent Catholic. Families in the rural diocese foster priestly and religious vocations, with at least 167 priestly ordinations for the diocese since its establishment in 1987. With such a wealth of priests, the Ahiara diocese sends many as missionaries to Western countries, and many Mbaise hoped that one of its own would become their bishop.
Not just firmly Christian; powerful enough to evangelize the Northern heathen. An actual Pope of the actual Catholic Church would be MORE THAN HAPPY to oblige the wishes of the BEST AND HIGHEST QUALITY BELIEVERS within the church.

Not Antichrist. He appointed an outsider to serve as spy and mole. The Mbaise rejected the outside saboteur, and now Antichrist is giving the CHRISTIANS an ultimatum. If you don't accept the saboteur, you are in mortal sin.

Next move is up to the Christians. Do they recognize the devil and reject his orders? I'm praying for them.
  Bring back Portcullis!

Yesterday I noted that purchasable prestige is gone; we're down to raw gene-based aristocracy.

Convective thought:

Yes, but what about the Dolezals and transes? Dolezal successfully stole a position in the nobility for 10 years, and transes acquire nobility by adverse possession.

Why is purchasing status any different?

The problem is our constant refusal to face reality. We decided in 1776 to stop recognizing genes, and to stop recognizing and registering status. Genes and status continue to exist, but without legal recognition only outlaws deal in status.

Ancient aristocratic setups had a complete BUREAUCRACY for registering purchases and grants of noble status, just as we still have a bureaucracy for registering purchases and grants of land.

In England the bureaucracy was the College of Arms, with officers like the Clarenceux King of Arms and the Portcullis Pursuivant. Now the institution is nothing more than a tourist attraction, like all real institutions.

When Portcullis Pursuivant was in charge, Dolezal couldn't get away with stealing a title!

= = = = =

Having a little fun with the top icon. I thought of making a tabard for Polistra, then realized she's ALREADY wearing her coat of arms! Good enough.


Monday, June 12, 2017
  What do you expect?

Reading some miscellaneous crap this morning.

= = = = =

This is a highly academic discussion of the GOAL of Die-Versity, in the context of Duke's punishment of a professor who refused to attend Die-Versity Training. The prof finally resigned, which is MUCH smarter than trying to "work within the system". The author seems to be saying that Die-Versity is a goal without a goal, an ever-receding horizon.

It's not really all that fancy. Die-Versity is just a way to get rid of heretics and achieve Absolute Purity Of Sorosian Thought. Die-Versity Training is Room 101.

= = = = =

Second article surprised the fuck out of me. This piece is in the Guardian, so I peeked at it with squinty eyes, ready to click out instantly to preserve my brain from Sorotoxin. AMAZINGLY the article is a straightforward direct ACCURATE description of the problems with academic science. The author GETS IT. Peer review and tenure work together to get rid of heretics and achieve Absolute Purity Of Sorosian Thought.

= = = = =

Then I cooked and ate my usual morning ramen, and looked at a car magazine while eating as usual. Collectible Auto was open to an article about the limited-production '53 Caddy Eldorado, which was a "sporty" convertible.
Cadillac had little trouble selling them despite the then-astronomical price of $7750. That figure may seem reasonable by today's standards, but in 1953 it was enough money to buy three cars: a Cadillac Sixty-Two convertible, a Pontiac sedan, and a Chevrolet business coupe.
Actually you could buy four typical family sedans for the price, but the author was pointing out that the Eldo was essentially the same car as the Caddy 62 convertible. You were paying two extra cars solely for the PRESTIGE of the Eldo.


Just like college. It's all about prestige, nothing more and nothing less. Universities have provided the SAME service for 800 years. Colleges keep aristocrats busy and certify their prestige status. That's all. That's why universities cost four times as much as proper job training.

Lunatic propaganda about the "Open Forum For Robust Debate" is a recent advertising trick which wasn't part of the appeal even 70 years ago.

Here's a 1949 radio ad for Equitable's college finance plan that pushes pure and simple prestige. It's worth hearing for the atmospherics as well as the text. You want your son or daughter to WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN in life, don't you????? The only way to WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN is with a college education!!!!!!

Well, it was true for a while, just as the Eldorado signified WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN for a while. Now the purchasable prestige value is basically gone from both areas. We're back to raw gene-based aristocracy but we haven't admitted it yet. We still pay four times as much even though we're getting exactly nothing.
  Metrology lesson

More demonic EPA omnicide:
One resident and his family, Justin Deal, aren't planning on drinking their tap water any time soon even though the city of Airway Heights has lifted its water advisory. Deal said he wants to see the results of the tests done on the water system. "Anybody could come out and say anything but do you have proof?" Deal said.

Deal said he wants to see the numbers that show every water sample is below the EPA advisory level of 70 Parts Per Trillion as well as where each sample was taken.
Right. Stick to your CLEAN bottled water.

It's hard to find direct comparisons featuring the horrible PFOS toxin that has been part of every household item for 60 years without making anyone sick, but here's a study of Bangkok's tap water compared to bottled water. I don't know for sure, but I'd bet that Bangkok's water is not tremendously cleaner than Airway Heights water. Could be wrong.**

Note that bottled has THREE TIMES as much PFOA as Bangkok tap, and about 20% more PFOS.

Yes, by all means you should cling to your super-clean bottled water instead of the horrible nasty filthy tap water.

Basic metrology. It's nice to have a number, but unless you know the BASELINE AND THE COMPARISON the number is utterly meaningless. Is this number dirty compared to what you're getting from your carpets and furniture and cigarettes? Is this number dirty compared to the bottled water you're using instead?

= = = = =

** Could be wrong: I mean it SERIOUSLY AND SINCERELY, not disingenuously. We're accustomed to seeing "third-world" countries like Thailand as primitive filthy dictatorships. Most of them are in fact cleaner and more technically advanced and VASTLY more civilized and INFINITELY more free than USA STRONG.

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  Tranny McTranface

Strange idea and bad idea.
Dr. Geoff Stiller, a board certified surgeon who has staff privileges at Pullman Regional Hospital, is advancing his surgical training to include gender reassignment surgeries and the hospital is accepting public comment from June 12 to July 3, 2017.

As part of the process, the hospital says Dr. Stiller will be performing the procedures at Pullman Regional Hospital under the personal instruction and supervision of a preceptor. Other steps will also be completed before a decision on adding gender reassignment surgery to the services offered by Pullman Regional Hospital.

"Two key steps are completing the medical staff privileging process and receiving public comment regarding performing gender reassignment surgery," the hospital said in a statement.
Why bother with public comment? You won't listen. You're going to do it anyway. Just do it. Remember the Boaty McBoatface thing, and previous similar cases. Faking public input is MUCH WORSE than just doing what you're going to do.

If "ethics" actually meant ethics, the proper ethical decision would be simple. Treat trans nonsense EXACTLY THE SAME as any other form of elective surgery.

An adult making the decision without duress should be permitted unless there's a medical reason to avoid surgery. No different from a facelift or a tummy-tuck.

A parent who wants to have this form of surgery done on her child should be charged with child abuse. If a parent wanted to remove the child's (medically normal) legs for esthetic or emotional reasons, you'd haul the parent into court instantly. This is EXACTLY THE SAME.

Of course "ethics" no longer means ethics. "Ethics" means eugenics. Kill Deplorables, obey Soros.


Sunday, June 11, 2017
  Facial dialects

From Discover mag:

Have you heard of the idea that smiling actually makes you joyful? Perhaps you know of the experiment where researchers got people to hold a pen in their mouth, so they had to smile, and it made them find cartoons funnier. If you’re familiar with this idea, then you’re familar with the work of German psychologist Fritz Strack, who carried out the famous pen-based grinning study, back in 1988.

Last year, a group of researchers published a registered replication report (RRR) – an attempt to directly reproduce the 1988 pen-in-the-mouth effect on cartoon appreciation. 17 different sets of researchers carried out identical studies in parallel around the world. The total sample size was 1,894 people. The results were firmly null: there was no evidence that the ‘smiling’ pen condition made cartoons seem funnier.
Strack tried to defend his dubious result by saying that null hypotheses are uninformative.

I left a comment there about the null hyp thing: Why bother to ask a yes/no question if you're going to ignore the No answers?

Nevertheless, the original question deserves more attention. Two-way control of emotions definitely works. Lots of people use it. I use it sometimes.

Strack was simply missing the point by using the pen. When you voluntarily set your muscles in a smile, or more importantly loosen the frown muscles, there is a direct and immediate change of emotion. It's much harder to hold a down mood when the facial muscles aren't maintaining it with a positive feedback loop. Break one side of the loop and the other side breaks.

I'm not sure why holding a pen in your teeth doesn't work, but I can feel the difference. When I try it, I don't feel any of the smile muscles contracting, and I don't feel the frowners relaxing. The pen just keeps the lips separated, which isn't a smile. (Or at least it isn't part of the smile expresseme in my facial dialect.)

Later thought: PURPOSE. Parting your lips to make room for a pen is not the same PURPOSE as shaping your lips into a smile. The pen has no MEANING to your alpha/gamma sensors. The smile expresseme does have a MEANING. When you send the smile-PURPOSE from the brain down to the facial muscles, you are also sending the smile-PURPOSE into the emotional controller bits in the brain.
Saturday, June 10, 2017
  Who's crazy?

(1) These people are fighting over a can of soda pop. The man wants it because it tastes good, and the woman wants it because it tastes good.

= = = = =

(2) These people appear to be fighting over a bottle of soda pop, but in fact they are fighting over Natural Law. The Baptists and Conservatives, who believe that Natural Law is good, are fighting against Natural Law. The Anarchists and Leftists, who believe that Natural Law is perfectly evil, are fighting for Natural Law.

Who's crazy?


  No, not the same

Convective thought.

Reading stuff about "cyberwar" and hot war being two aspects of the same thing...

No. Not the same thing.

First and foremost, it's ALWAYS POSSIBLE to defend yourself from cyberespionage and cybersabotage. You DON'T NEED web-connected thermostats and refrigerators. Household machinery performed quite nicely for 100 years before it started taking orders from Soros. Devices that you can't live without, or can't work without, can be protected easily. The paths of spying and sabotage are known, and you can break or fence off all of them.

Second, there's NOTHING SPECIAL about the cyber versions of spying and sabotage. Every competition, from business to athletics to government, tries various forms of spying and sabotage. At every level from human agents with binoculars, to orchestrated gossip, to computers and TV, it's ALWAYS POSSIBLE to defend your soul and your stuff. Sometimes it's not worth the effort. It doesn't really matter if the other football team learns your strategy.

You CAN'T defend yourself from a bomb or an artillery barrage or a Kamikaze jetliner. Those are real weapons of real war, and you need a real government to defend you.

The real problem is not the existence of spying and sabotage and bombs and bullets. The real problem is that our "government" has turned traitor. Starting in 1861 and increasing rapidly since 1946, the DC monstrosity has been more concerned with running sabotage and war against its OWN citizens than with defending them from enemies.

The only exception to that rule is FDR. He tried to DEFEND us from bankers and globalists, and he didn't start any aggressive wars to justify internal terrorism.

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Friday, June 09, 2017

Another item from the same 4/34 issue of Radio Retailing.

Several newspapers and radio stations were trying out facsimile broadcasts in the 30s. This article is unusual because the broadcaster was openly inviting DIY experimenters to build their own receivers.

Proprietary systems were the norm then, and still the norm now. From Bell to Edison to RCA to Apple, the manufacturer has always wanted to own the entire system. Content, transmitter, carrier, receiver. You just rent the service.

Walter Damm, interviewed here, took the opposite approach. He told experimenters HOW to build a receiver and invited them to do it.

He doesn't say explicitly, but the system would need a sync pulse to start each scan, and a binary on/off for the pen-down condition. I'm guessing the system used different audio tones for those two types of pulse, sort of like FSK. So you'd need two audio resonators followed by rectification and filtering. You could tune them easily by receiving and listening.

Start with a typewriter. Mount a Strowger relay with a reduction gear driving the platen-turning knob. Use a long-stroke solenoid to pull the carriage rightward quickly. Each time the sync pulse comes through, trigger the solenoid and the Strowger to do a full carriage return operation.** For the horizontal scan, just ramp down the current to the long-stroke solenoid.

For the pen-down signal, another solenoid mounted on the static part of the typewriter, pulling the pen down when the signal is on; or a speaker with a stylus as Damm suggested.

** Later thought: If you had a fully electric typewriter, you could just pulse the carriage return switch, and pulse the period key to make the dots. But the first fully electric typewriter was introduced in 1935. The power-assist type was fairly common, but it wouldn't help in this case.
  Artistic genotype

Ideas generally appear in genotype form before they get implemented as phenotypes.

An example from Radio Retailing mag, April 34.

The illustration was drawn by a commercial artist probably working for Sears. It's a safe bet that the artist wasn't an industrial designer or a car stylist, and he wasn't trying to set standards. He was just making a quick sketch as part of a larger message.

Closeup of the car:

Again, this was the April '34 issue, and the window display would have been made several months earlier. At that time the Airflow was probably on the market, but the artist emphatically DIDN'T draw an Airflow. The windows and doors are obviously unrealistic, but the outline is much closer to a Studie Land Cruiser, which was first introduced in April '34 in limited quantities. Couldn't have been an influence.

This car represents an artistic genotype, an expectation of a proper streamlined car. Airflow failed the template miserably. The Land Cruiser got there, but Studie was struggling with bankruptcy and couldn't continue making low-volume cars. Chrysler brought the Airflow closer to the ideal in '35, but it was too late by then.


  Odd exception

Pointed by TheSaker:

Russian Foreign Ministry official Meshkov was in Rome. He had meetings with a corresponding Italian official, as you'd expect, and a corresponding Vatican official, as you'd expect. The press release from the latter emphasizes "cooperation to defend the Christian population in conflict zones."

Makes sense. Russia is defending Assad, who was tolerant of Christians. Rome is fighting against Assad because Assad tolerated Christians. I doubt that Meshkov made any progress, but at least he tried.

Not expected: Meshkov also met with the head of the Order of Malta.

During the meeting, the officials discussed several joint projects of a cultural and humanitarian nature which are to demonstrate a positive succession in the centuries-old relations between Russia and the Order of Malta.

Is this why Antichrist Bergoglio has a bug up his butt about the Order of Malta? Maybe it's not about Freemasonry after all. The Order of Malta is close with Russia, which is a Christian nation now. Antichrist can't allow any Roman organizations to associate, no matter how remotely, with Christianity.

  Pure Thanks, Ralph 464

Overall it's a good thing to have Insatiable elites who are so totally delusional, so wildly isolated from reality, that they don't notice their own resonances and impressions.

Thanks, Ralph.

[Later: I'm being unfair to Zimmerman. His Nobel lecture is an interesting dissertation on literature and meaning, without any of the required BOMB RUSSIANAGGRESSION nonsense.]


  Non-reluctant Thanks, Ralph 463

Meanwhile, a more straightforward victory for breakup of Empire:
EU nations must step up their military co-operation as they cannot simply rely on the US to defend them, EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker says. "Our deference to Nato can no longer be used as a convenient alibi to argue against greater European efforts.
When France and Germany and Italy have to act together, without the dominating force of USA STRONG, they will be far less likely to continue unprovoked aggression against Russia. Those countries have strong economic connections with Russia. They need Russian oil and gas. USA STRONG has weak economic connections with Russia, so we have no limits on our neocon bloodthirst.

Hearty Thanks, Ralph!


  Reluctant Thanks, Ralph 462

Well, I thought May's call for an election was smart. Obviously the British voters thought it was dumb. The Tories got cocky and proposed cuts to NHS, which matters more to ordinary people than Brexit.

Still, an uncertain Britain will help EU to break up faster now, even without the mechanics of Brexit.

From BBC:

Nervousness in the markets is likely to increase and investors could decide to move their money to more attractive places, such as the eurozone where growth has picked up and political risk has reduced, our editor says.

Real disconnection will move faster now, which was the whole point of Brexit.

Reluctant Thanks, Ralph!


Thursday, June 08, 2017
  Pre-cambrian Ponca

Trying to find my next graphics project. Thinking of doing a partial replica of the Three Sands boom town, which would fit my requirements. (1) A real place with real history, (2) now lost, and (3) I've explored the ruins. While "researching" the subject in Okla Hist Soc archives, bumped into two historical surprises in one article.

This article was written in 1956 by the son of Burton Barnes, who founded Ponca.

= = = = =

Surprise 1: Barnes? I lived in Ponca for many years and visited often in the years when I didn't live there. I heard stories from old folks and read books and articles about the place. Never heard of Barnes. The name doesn't appear anywhere. Most cities have a street or park or school named after the founder. Not Ponca.

The known and written history of Ponca, like the known and written history of life, starts with fossils. When EW Marland arrived in 1920 he remade Ponca in Fordian form, creating a beautiful town with widespread services for his loyal employees. All stories and names start from Conoco. The preConoco strata vanished without a trace.

Barnes was obviously ambitious and tenacious. His furniture business in Michigan went sour in the Panic of 1892, so he decided to go west and start a city. (Not the usual transfer of skills!) In '92 the Cherokee Strip was under Army control, like all of the Plains before permanent settlement was alllowed. Railroads were already established, so exploring was possible and permitted. Barnes wandered for a while, checked out the Enid area, then noticed a good spring at the foot of Dixie Hill, presently 13th and South. A railroad stop was not too far away, and a ford or ferry crossed the Ark right there. He went back East and gathered money. When the Run happened in Sept '93, he was on the border along with thousands of others, but unlike the others he knew exactly where he was going and what he would do when he got there.

Surprise 2:

The Army BURNED THE WHOLE FUCKING PLACE DOWN. Carrying on the noble tradition of Sherman, practicing for the next time they needed to wipe out a whole nation full of Deplorables.

How did they burn the whole Strip without burning any of Kansas? How did they keep the fire away from the previously settled and owned parts of Okla? If they could control prairie fires with such precision before bulldozers and helicopters, why can't we do it now? Unanswered.

This is NOT part of the Strip story as usually written and told.


Wednesday, June 07, 2017
  Good constants and variables article

Excellent article by Noah Millman on the mysterious Constant of US obedience to Saudi. He totally avoids all partisanship or subjective likes and dislikes; just the pure facts.

Starts in the 80s when we had a logical reason for alliance. We needed the oil and we wanted Saudi assistance in controlling the price of oil to collapse the Soviets. Runs through all administrations since then, showing how the variables have turned upside down. We were mostly pro-Russia during the 90s when Soros was ruining Russia for us, and now we're anti-Russia again. Now we don't need the oil, and Saudi price control hurts us more than it hurts Russia. The biggest variable of all, of course, is the Saudi attack on 9/11. You'd think the second Pearl Harbor would cause us to at least examine our friendship. The first one certainly caused us to diminish our previous alliance with Japan for a while.

Nope. None of those changes disturbed our constant willingness to kiss the feet of the Princes. All of our presidents have made the Hajj to kiss the feet.

Millman asks: What's the magic charm? He doesn't have a good answer, and I don't either.

= = = = =

A bit later: The Qatar thing raises the mystery even higher. Clearly the sudden dispute between Saudi and Qatar is a family thing. As I've noted before, it's a mistake to classify Saudi as a nation. It's a pre-national family business/mafia/kingdom. Sudden disownings and changes of favor have always been common among family kingdoms. Similar switches happened often in Western Europe before the development of nation-states around 1800.

Still mysterious: Why does USA, presumably a modern nation-state, immediately HELP Saudi to push Qatar toward the Russian side? Qatar is geographically small but economically big. Why did we just officially tell them to go away?

This isn't the same as other recent flips like Turkey and Philippines. We were TRYING to hold onto those countries. They were dead-tired of our long craziness and decided this was a good time to get the hell out of the loonybin and join the comparatively sane side.


  A but B so C

Attempting to add another piece to Real World Mathematics.

= = = = =

A couple years ago I decided that I was using the 'A but B so C' structure WAY too often in my writing, and tried to control it. But when I tried to look for an example just now, I couldn't find one. So my caution must have been misplaced.

Wait! There's an example, just above! Why didn't I see that one when I was scanning?

= = = = =

Aside from metafun, it's a common construction in all writing because it reflects a basic part of life.

Living organisms and living civilizations depend on A but B so C.

Every time we resist raw inorganic nature (A) we are placing a B in opposition to nature, so we can enjoy Comfort.

= = = = =

Air conditioning is the B opposing the sun's A.

Sun but cooler so comfort.

= = = = =

Our nervous system is entirely based on Excite but Inhibit so Behavior.

Every neuron has excitatory and inhibitory inputs. The excitatory inputs increase the response, the inhibitory (negative feedback) inputs decrease the response. In this example, Happystar's appetite is exciting his mouth and salivary glands; his memory of the result of uncontrolled hunger inhibits the response.

Many of our inhibitory responses are abstract like Happystar's mirror. Sometimes we create our own backwash from experience, and sometimes we let broader experience (Natural Law or written law) provide the backwash.

= = = = =

Overall, belief systems are meant to occupy the B side, the inhibitory side, of this balancing act.

Appetite but Belief so Civilization.

Modern belief systems, starting with Robespierre and Locke and continuing through Lincoln and Marx and Mao and Rand, have taken over the A side of the formula. The B side is gone. We're stuck in the delusion that our beliefs are the FIRST AND ONLY force in the universe.

"Science", formerly based on observed reality, is now all belief. Economies, formerly based on MAKING AND SELLING REAL THINGS, are now based on credit, which is literally and etymologically a belief. Governments, formerly based on facts processed through juries and legislatures, are now based solely on raw lunacy which MUST BE BELIEVED OR YOU DIE.

= = = = =

Is it possible to incorporate this into a math system? Suggested** symbols:

A ` B = C

The downward apostrophe is an attempt to show that B is a 'pulldown' against A.

In some cases the ` reduces to simple subtraction, but usually the pulldown has a delayed phase aspect. A raises the response first. B is partly from direct negative feedback and partly from accumulated wisdom or remembered feedback. C tends to jump or overshoot before B takes hold.

= = = = = = = =

**Symbolic footnote: The backslash would have been more visually appropriate, but backslashes are overused in programming, so the unused reverse apostrophe will have to do.

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  Not the important point

ZH focuses on Saudi's effort to kill a law allowing suits against Saudi for 9/11. Lots of money sloshing around, and the usual satanic suspects (McCain and Graham) enthusiastically servicing our Saudi masters.

Slides past the important point, the GIANT exception to normal operation. Congress PASSED the law, so strongly that it was able to overrule Obama's veto. Money didn't work this time. McCain and Graham didn't win this time. Lawsuits are now proceeding.

Congress deserves a GIANT Bravo for running counter to Deepstate.

But WHY? Nobody seems to be asking this, and nobody in Congress is volunteering an explanation.

We can guess that Congress doesn't want to stick its collective neck out by stating the facts openly. Let the lawyers do the neck-sticking.

Still, WHY? Breaking out of normal partisan patterns is already gutsy. You'd think someone would feel empowered to extend his neck just a little farther by STATING the facts in public.
  Self-prohibiting barb

One of Babylon Bee's more gentle barbs against strange tendencies in Christianity.....
After a long, drawn-out internal battle, the Southern Baptist Convention narrowly voted to affirm the inerrancy of the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution at a special meeting called to settle the matter once and for all, sources confirmed Tuesday.

... Gaines also said that churches that consider the Second Amendment as fallible are “chaff” destined to fade away as they continued to compromise core biblical beliefs like the necessity of owning a large and varied arsenal of weaponry, “and so they will fall into irrelevance.”
Well-aimed barb. SBC hasn't done this explicitly, but definitely thinks this way.

In this case the Baptists are basically right and Babylon Bee is basically wrong. Most advocates on both "sides" treat the Second Amendment as purely about guns. Even worse, both "sides" usually talk about hunting.

That's NOT the point of the amendment as written, and a look at the Federalist Papers shows that the writing is exact. Arms includes guns but doesn't mean guns. Arms in this context means tools for self-defense.

Swords, knives, satirical barbs, baseball bats, insecticides, fences, walls, dams, encryption, Faraday shields, anti-virus software, anti-virus vaccines. All self-defense tools, and all permitted by the amendment. The government wasn't supposed to prohibit any of these tools. The government now prohibits most of them from SELF-DEFENSE use.

Using those tools for aggression is meant to be illegal, because all unprovoked aggression, with or without tools, is illegal. Owning them and using them for self-defense is supposed to be legal.

Why? Because SELF-DEFENSE IS LIFE. If you can't defend your property and body and life and mind, you don't have property and body and life and mind.


Tuesday, June 06, 2017
  Preachy Poser

Finally released the finished Cape Cod project.

The two Cape models came out nicely, with good proportions and swoopy curves.

It strikes me on reading my descriptions of the last few projects that I'm getting 'preachy'. A little too close to the historical authenticity fanatics that Schickele mocked expertly.

Latest description:

Inspired by a hard winter. I noticed that Cape Cods were staying snowless much better than modern houses, and realized that 'vernacular' designs shaped by experience are naturally superior. So I did a tribute to Cape Cods in winter. ... Three new models and four repurposed models.

This is true, not exaggerated. The idea started in February when I was busy raking my own roof and observing which roofs were successfully fighting snow on their own without the need of raking. Patient things.

My observations were proved at the end of winter. The Cape Cods that were EXPERIMENTALLY designed to shed New England snow came through unscathed, while the low hip roofs designed THEORETICALLY to look like California sustained considerable damage. My own roof was OK because I raked intensively; if I hadn't raked it would NOT be OK.

Probably shouldn't worry about the preachiness in the description; it's not the same as a preachy movie or TV show where the preaching is contained in the product. You can use the houses without listening to the preaching.

Still, it's noticeably 'academic' compared to most graphics products that have only one point. Or rather two points. TITTIES! BOOBS! KNOCKERS! BAZOOMS!


  Demons don't use logic

Silly dispute between Cruz and some Harvard demoness.

Harvard demoness says USA didn't exist until Treaty of Paris in 1783, because countries don't exist until recognized by others.

Fantastically dumb. Old countries like Switzerland and Ethiopia and Greece and Persia unquestionably existed before "treaties" were invented.

If external recognition is the standard, then Harvard was founded in 1885, because that's when the first accrediting agency was founded and accredited Harvard.

Of course there's no point in arguing with a Harvard demon[ess], since the sole purpose of demons, and Harvard, is to obliterate logic and facts and civilization. The only answer to obliteration is obliteration.

Later: This particular dyslogic reminded me of something that took a few minutes to pin down. It's School Administrator thinking. Human Resources Department thinking. Crude algorithmic thinking. Instead of looking at reality and considering relevant examples, the demoness clicks on a Policy Statement and reads the Policy Statement. Like a school administrator responding to a kid who drew a picture of a gun. Like Human Resources responding to an unattractive male who DARED to speak to a female. (Similar behavior by an attractive male doesn't reach HR because the female dates the attractive male instead of complaining to HR.)
  Thanks, Ralph 461

Idiot Trump continues to fuck up his own side.

By blogging instead of ruling, he's handing out free ammunition to his Deepstate enemies. [Assuming they're enemies, which is probably a bad assumption but still slightly open to question.]

Now he offers a concrete proposal to privatize air traffic control. Worse than pointless. Won't create any jobs, won't add more manufacturing, won't slow down immigration or outsourcing, won't do ANYTHING except add even more layers of bureaucracy to a system that's already strangling in bureaucracy. It will COST MORE than the existing system.

This is the sort of shit that establishment Repooflicans always propose in lieu of solving problems. Bush The Father would have done this.

BUT: Despite everything, the delusional hologram of KKK HITLER TROLL HITLER TRUMP HITLER HITLER HITLER KKK HITLER continues to vibrate and blobulate and shimmer in the "minds" of globalists. In response to the delusion, globalists are doing EXACTLY THE RIGHT THING by disconnecting from USA STRONG and breaking up NATO and OPEC. This is EXACTLY the right result. A real populist would have tried to create these disconnections through intentional action.

Was this a fiendishly clever bankshot by Trump? I can't see how. It's just good old Emersonian justice.

Thanks, Ralph!


Monday, June 05, 2017
  Delusionality Loser

This "caught leaker" smells like a sting, but the facts don't link neatly into the smell.

First, the _Intercept is part of Deepstate or strongly cooperating with Deepstate. That's been clear for quite a while.

Second, the "information" she leaked to _Intercept is not meaningfully new. Adding GRU to the already existing nonsense about Russian "intention" doesn't add anything. It doesn't matter if the "intention" is from GRU or FSB or anyone else. It's just an "intention".

Third, Deepstate wants to expose and punish pro-Trump people, not anti-Trump people. If this was a sting, it went wrong. Doesn't seem likely.

The leak only says that Russia spies on us. Of course Russia spies on us. Been spying on us since we were a nation. We've been spying on them since we could afford it. The leak claims that Russia wanted to influence the election, which may be true in terms of wanting. We've wanted to influence Russia's elections for a long time. We tried in 1918 and our attempt backfired. We finally SUCCEEDED in the '90s with help from Soros.

The only thing Russia actually DID this time was propaganda. And the various intel agencies, under all of their posturing and fake language, haven't said any more than that. Even this leak doesn't say that Russia DID anything beyond propaganda.

Well then, what did the propaganda want? Anyone who actually READS Sputnik and RT knows that they have been pushing for BERNIE, not for TRUMP. Which is the same as the expressed attitudes of the Reality Winner thing. He or she was too stupid to realize that the side she calls the enemy firmly agrees with him or her.

This "Reality Winner" thing should have been fired immediately for total failure as an ANALYST because she clearly had the idea that Russian propaganda was pro-Trump. Where did she get that idea? Not from Russia. She got it from CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, NYT, CIA, NSA, FBI, ETC.

An intel ANALYST isn't supposed to blindly believe your own side's propaganda. You're paid to pick up and interpret the OTHER side's propaganda.
  Sweat 4

Time for a fucking reprint from three years ago.


Listening to a second-string Repooflican radio talker. He's running the same old tape about The Forty-Seven Percent, the same old line about Voting Largesse From The Public Treasury. He's saying that Obama is guaranteeing perpetual D majorities by offering lots of free goodies.

Nope. Not a good correlation. If there's any correlation in this area, it's not Welfare = Votes, it's Jobs = Votes.

Let's run back a few decades.

Roosevelt didn't provide welfare. He provided USEFUL WORK with pay. He got re-elected three times, and probably could have served forever if he had lived forever.

Truman first term: No new welfare, but hugely increased prosperity. Narrowly re-elected.

Truman second term: Big addition to Social Security. Doubled benefits for most, added 10 million people to eligibility. Didn't help Stevenson in '52.

Ike first term: No new welfare; jobs plentiful; re-elected.

Ike second term: No welfare; jobs lost in recession; defeated.

JFK: No welfare; jobs gained; Dems re-elected in '64.

LBJ added Medicare, a vast new piece of WELFARE, along with big urban welfare programs; but didn't add any jobs. Dems lost in '68.

Nixon's first term: No new welfare, lots of jobs. Re-elected.

Nixon's second term: Added EITC, a vast new welfare program. Oil shock lost jobs. Reps defeated. (Of course a whole lot of other shit happened to Nixon, so this variable probably didn't matter.)

Carter: No new welfare, big job loss. Defeated.

Reagan: No new welfare, big job gain. Re-elected twice. (Bush The Father was fraudulently portrayed as a continuation of Reagan.)

Bush The Father: No new welfare, job loss. Defeated.

Clinton first term: Best test of the variables. Actually REMOVED a major welfare program at end of first term, required welfare recipients to take jobs. Didn't even provide the jobs as FDR had done; the booming economy provided the jobs. Re-elected.

Clinton second term: Dot-com bust. Defeated.

Bush The Son first term: Added Medicare Part D, which nobody wanted. Strong jobs. Re-elected. (Other shit happened, overpowering these variables.)

Bush The Son second term: No new welfare, huge job loss. Defeated.

Obama's first term: Might be the only exception to the rule. Terrible job record, brought back the welfare program that Clinton had canceled. Re-elected.

= = = = =

Looks like an imperfect but pretty decent correlation overall. People don't want welfare, they want to work. Maybe Obama has changed the rule, but more likely it was overpowered by other factors. (When one party is pushing an unpopular program like Romneycare, the other party shouldn't run the FUCKING AUTHOR OF THE FUCKING UNPOPULAR PROGRAM against the IMPLEMENTER of the unpopular program. Makes no fucking sense.)


June 2017: Let's update this to include the 2016 election. We have a tremendous bloc of former workers who have given up on the world of work entirely. By the 47% Largesse Rule, these folks should be HAPPY with welfare and disability. Repooflican yappers are STILL making this idiotic point. I heard one just yesterday.

Are the 'discouraged workers' happy with welfare? FUCK NO. They are overdosing and jumping from bridges. They voted for Trump, knowing that he's a shallow faker and possibly a Deepstate mole, but DESPERATELY NEEDING TO SEND A MESSAGE THAT LARGESSE IS NOT A HAPPY PLACE.

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Sunday, June 04, 2017
  Error, not error

I was thinking about cars named after people and animals. Read an article about Pininfarina's 1961 dream car, the Jacqueline. Pininfarina was trying to get Cadillac to make the car, and the name (as in Jackie Kennedy) was meant to be part of the appeal.

It was a DAMNED PRETTY car, but GM didn't bite. It's clear from actual results, if not from written history, that AMC did bite on the styling. The perfectly pretty 1963 Rambler clearly follows the same lines, and the timing is about right. Ed Anderson gets full credit for the '63. I doubt it. His previous "own" designs were clumsy, and his previous designs with official help from Pininfarina were pretty. So the influence, official or otherwise, seems like a good bet.

= = = = =

Naming cars after people other than the company founder has always been a jinx, so it's easy to see why nobody picked up the name.

Around 1930 Marmon named its sub-luxury car the Roosevelt, after Teddy. Just in time for the other Roosevelt to become a hissing and a byword to Marmon customers. A little later Studie named its new cheap car the Rockne, after Knute. Just in time for Knute to get killed in a plane crash.

So we don't have a Cadillac Ivanka or a Chevy Nixon or a Ford Paterno.

But in fact Ford made a personal-name error later without realizing it. Starting in 1960, Ford ran wild with wild animals. Romantic-sounding animals. No plain domestic names like Dog or Cat or Horse or Fish. Ford wanted Mustangs, Cougars, Lynxes, Panteras, Pintos, Mavericks.

Pinto was a partial mistake. The name must have seemed wild and romantic to Ford's NYC marketers, but in fact pinto is just a color scheme for horses, like tabby or brindle. Considering the fashion for strange color schemes in the '70s, it's odd that Ford didn't make any pinto Pintos; though many Pintos ended up as pintos because their owners didn't feel like repainting repaired fenders.

Maverick was a complete mistake that came full circle, accidentally becoming the most appropriate name ever for a Ford. Those NYC marketers were apparently thinking that a Maverick was a wild Texas Longhorn. In fact Maverick was a rancher who was famous for not branding his cattle, which is not a good omen for brand-conscious marketers. And Maverick's grandson Maury was famous as a Left Populist politician in the '30s.

Full circle. Unfortunately the car wasn't wild or populist or anything special at all. It was durable and domestic and uncomfortable and inefficient. Should have been called Turtle.

Later thought: Lincoln is a major exception to the rule. I guess the jinx doesn't apply with people who are far enough in the past that they have fossilized into household words. It certainly applies to people who are alive at the time of the naming, because living people can surprise you.
  Where's the real value?

Still trying to scratch the electronics itch. Decided to return to a speech-related project that I'd started last year, then got derailed by surgery and WINTER. Looking through a Bell System journal from 1940, got derailed again by an interesting chart.

Phones per capita sorted by cities. 1939 was a good time to run such a chart, since the trend for phones was in mid-climb. Phones became practical in 1910 and pretty much universal by 1970. Early and late don't tell you much; mid-slope is where you can see the variability.

Where's New York? I figured that NYC, with all those stockbrokers holding ten phones at once and shouting SHORT CONSOLIDATED! CLOSE DOWN AMALGAMATED! RUIN ACME! would be a solid and decisive NUMBER ONE for phones.

Nope. NYC is down at 14. Where's Boston? Not there. Where's Philly and Hartford and Miami? Not there. The East Coast isn't a major phone user. Instead, the major phone cities are inland. Omaha, Minneapolis, Denver, Toronto, Pittsburgh, Chicago.

Mapping the cities shows the worldwide pattern:

Government capitals are there, as you'd expect, but the hot zone for phones is INDUSTRY AND SHIPPING. Real value economy. Göteborg, Danzig, Riga, Kaunas, Hamburg = Baltic Phone Index.

Later thought: This fits the observation I've made several times that the middle part of the country wasn't badly hurt by the 1930 Depression. NYC bankers were ruined but oil and cattle and manufacturing kept going. The current Depression is opposite. NYC bankers are getting hyperexponentially hyperricher, and the middle part is starving and overdosing and jumping from bridges.


  Countervailing trend

Most parts of the DC bureaucracy grudgingly and snottily obeyed the Trump admin agenda for about three weeks, then returned to Sorosian normality.

VOA seems to have gone the other way. Before the election and for several months thereafter, VOA was sticking with Soros, sounding just like CNN or BBC. Now they are starting to treat Americans more objectively. This feature listens to several actual Americans without insulting or eviscerating them. And this item on Rick Perry's actions as head of DOE is neutral, even a little bit positive.

Somebody in Trump's inner circle must be continuing to work for America, despite all indications of Sorosian surrender from the top.

  Perfect parallel

2017 = 1955.

On page 6 of this RCA publication, Sarnoff lays out his strategy for the information side of the Cold War. It's identical to current proposals from Apple or Google, with the same aggressive hatred of Russia.

RCA in 1955 was somewhat comparable to Apple. A provider of entertainment devices AND a controller of entertainment content, closely tied to government and intel. RCA owned NBC and sold the color TVs to receive NBC. Apple owns iTunes and sells the iPhones to receive iTunes. Both provided communication equipment and communication services to government. Strictly speaking RCA was broader than Apple, so maybe RCA = Apple + Tesla.

I'm not going to cite the whole article since it's thoroughly familiar to modern ears. Just one carefully worded paragraph:

Was the Cold War about communism? No, it was about Soviet-based communism. Our system was good because it was ours. Russia's system was bad because it was Russia's. We started this war between NATIONS in 1946, and we called it a war of ideology because our propaganda was more effective that way.

The current Cold War has a more genuine ideological basis. Our economic system, though NOT soviet or communist, is totally anti-capitalist and anti-natural law and anti-human. Our system aims to destroy all REAL business, leaving all money and power in the financial realm. Russia is defending itself against financialism with real-value capitalism, based on industry and agriculture with banks serving as helpers.

= = = = =

The next article in the same RCA journal shows the Globalist Tripod clearly.

There's the tripod. Sarnoff representing intel and tech, LBJ representing leftist politicians, Baruch representing bankers. Modern equiv would be Musk, Obama, Soros.

[I tried to find more recent Williamsburg Settlement Awards, but no luck. The Williamsburg Settlement was a Quaker organization in Brooklyn. The award seems to have been short-lived, maybe from 1949 to 1957? The '49 award went to Baruch, then nothing else visible online until several separate refs to this 1955 event. Very little after that.]



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