Wednesday, January 17, 2018
  Wonder why

Wonder why the latest Calif secession movement is getting major nationwide coverage? These movements have been running in a dozen states, including Calif, for many decades. What's special about this movement? It doesn't seem to include any celebrities or well-known politicians.
Tuesday, January 16, 2018
  Why do they want it this way?

Spam in today's email:

The CIA is watching you. Here's how to stop them.

First thought: As usual the scammer is presenting an obviously false premise. If you're dumb enough to think there's a way to stop CIA, you're also dumb enough to pay big money for the One Weird Trick. Good old sucker filter technique.

Second thought: Well, how do you ACTUALLY stop CIA monitoring? Die.

Third thought: No, wait. That won't work either. The CIA's fronts in the digital world (Facebook, Google, Twitter) have no provision to stop watching you when you die.

Pre-digital businesses take action when a customer or employee dies. They close the account or halt the lease or pay the beneficiaries or whatever is appropriate. When you die in the digital world, your FB page or your storefront keeps on running. This is recognized as a problem, but the CIA fronts are doing nothing to solve it.

Why do they want it this way? There's the question. Ordinary scammers sometimes make use of a dead man's SS number to create fake identities. Is that the purpose here? Doesn't sound right.

= = = = =

Footnote: This spam comes from an outfit called Great American Daily, which was set up as part of faker Trump's scampaign. When faker Trump turned off his scampaign and became Hillary, Great American Daily instantly switched over to standard One Weird Trick scams. No mystery there. Competent scammers know when to trail behind a bigger fraud and when to unhitch.


Monday, January 15, 2018

Random thought.

If Trump really wanted to change things, he'd start issuing executive orders that are PRECISELY THE SAME as Obama's executive orders, EXACT PHOTOCOPIES, with only one difference. The signature of Obama is crossed out and replaced by Trump's signature, and the date is crossed out and replaced by the current date.

Black-robed demons will instantly overrule the order because it was issued by Incorrect President. Repeat this process daily. Over and over and over and over. Pretty soon all of Obama's orders will be overturned BY THE DEMONS, not by Trump. Nothing will be left of Obama's decisions. Nobody can question the actions of demons, and the demons will find it difficult to overrule their OWN actions later.

Needless to say, this won't happen. We already know that Trump doesn't intend to change anything. He didn't do anything remotely resembling this; didn't even call attention to the fact that he was mainly restoring orders that had existed during most of Obama's term. The demons weren't bothered by the orders until Incorrect President restored them.


Sunday, January 14, 2018
  More old drones

I've previously noted that remote-controlled planes are more than a hundred years old.

Here's another old reference that comes closer to the modern version.

'David Harding Counterspy' was a long-running radio series produced by the even more long-running Phillips Lord outfit. Through most of its run, Counterspy was a simplistic cop show seemingly aimed at a young audience, well below the expertise and accuracy of similar shows.

In 1950 Counterspy had at least one seriously science-minded writer. This episode has remote-controlled drones remarkably similar in size and function to the modern version. Dual copter fans, small cargo compartment carrying 5 pounds. They were used by drug smugglers to carry the goodies across the Rio Grande without detection by police.

This episode features a sound spectrograph which accidentally recorded an important conversation in an acoustics lab. The cops find somebody who can electronically decode the spectrograph chart. (Unnecessary level of sci-fi; in 1950 you could find an acoustics expert who could simply read the chart by eye. It was a common skill.)

And this one features a sort of tele-medicine. The main character is shot in the head, and the normal surgeons aren't able to remove the bullet safely. They locate the one surgeon who can do the procedure, and he instructs them by long-distance phone. The anatomy of the brain regions and incisions is accurate.
  Blaming the wrong user /// EDIT: Nope.

The discussion of Hawaii's false nuke alarm is asking the wrong question. 1% of the commenters are blaming the guy who made the wrong mouse-click, 99% are blaming Trump. We can ignore the blame-Trump part, since Trump is the designated scapegoat for everything EXCEPT the things he should be blamed for.

Hawaii should be blaming and JAILING the software company that designed the system.

The dude who clicked the wrong place on the screen is NOT blameworthy. In fact he should be halfway lauded for performing the TEST that the designers FAILED to perform.

Design starts with understanding the desires and limits of the humans who will be using the system. The Hawaii system failed at the start, because it makes the alert too easy and the cancellation too hard. Even for a simple non-critical action like deleting a fucking file, every system makes you go through an extra Are you sure? step. Why didn't this system have a multi-layer Are you sure? for a drastic action like panicking millions of people, some of whom will die of heart attacks or car accidents or stampedes?

Design ends (temporarily) after thousands of hours of testing with humans of all types. Old, young, dumb, smart, trained, untrained, alert, sleepy, drunk. The unfortunate dude who clicked the wrong item has now STARTED THE TESTING PROCESS, which was clearly omitted before. Give him a reward.

Later thought: Of course the best fucking solution for a SERIOUS CHOICE is a fucking PHYSICAL SWITCH with a fucking PHYSICAL KEY-LOCK. For 180 years SERIOUS CHOICES have been made by PHYSICAL SWITCHES.

= = = = =

EDIT: Update after more info emerged: Well, the software did have an Are you sure? choice, and the agency employee went ahead and sent the alert anyway. Twice. So he is to blame. The software should obviously have better protection as well. The stupidest part of all is that the Hawaiian agency had to check with FEMA in DC to get permission to turn off the alarm.

Major conclusion: As always, USA STRONG's overriding Prime Directive is to kill its own people. We are pure crime, pure evil, pure omnicide, pure wickedness. We need to be removed from the universe.


Saturday, January 13, 2018
  Aberree and Manweller

In Oct '60, Aberree brought in two astrologers to forecast the '60 election.

One of them put out the usual apocalyptic nonsense**, based on the bizarre wacked-out delusion that elections create "democracy", therefore eliminating elections removes "democracy".

He saw Ike cancelling the '60 election and Gen MacArthur taking over in a military coup. The astrologer treated this as a disaster, but he was wrong. Consider how MacArthur improved Japan. He could have done the same for America. Japan won the industrial battle of the '70s because MacArthur brought the best parts of America (ie Fordism) into Japan, while America lost the battle because we replaced Fordism by Goldmanism. This astrologer was broadly right about the 'breakdown' starting in 73, but wrong about all the details.

= = = = =

The other astrologer called the election correctly, with a couple of wonderfully accurate details. Whether the details came from the stars or from an astute analysis of the two men, they're still excellent.

= = = = =

** Apocalyptoids ALWAYS claim that disaster is preventable by picking the correct party. Apocalyptoids ALWAYS tell us that Current President Of Incorrect Party is going to cancel the election and declare himself President For Life. The above item gives us proof that the same idiocy has been running verbatim for 57 years ... probably a lot longer.

They're wrong about both parts. As always, they're hopelessly gullible and naive, the exact opposite of paranoid. They believe that elections exist, and they believe that presidents have power.

The disaster isn't in the future. It started in 1776 when the colonies broke away from Britain and created a new insane country based on nonsensical counterfactual theories. They could have used their protests and boycotts to negotiate better treatment, but they didn't. The disaster got worse in 1787 when the colonists wrote the insane theories into a system guaranteed to produce tyranny. They could have turned back in 1792 when the theories received an early and bloody proof in France, but they didn't. The disaster was locked in 1803 when the Supreme Screeching Demons tore up the bad constitution and replaced it with raw personal authority of the Supreme Screeching Demons. Congress could have shut down the Demons, but Congress failed. Since then, the disaster has been permanent and unsolvable.

And the current president is NOT going to declare himself President for life because he doesn't have the power to declare much of anything. He is Deepstate's slave. JFK realized this and briefly tried to "fight the devil and all his imps". After that he was "not destined to live a long life."

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  Patient things, patient methods

What's the exact opposite of bitcoin and MMT and QE and Soros?

This feature in the English Russia website shows the Russian equivalent of Fort Knox.

First opposite: The gold is being shown. You can see it's there. USA STRONG never shows any of the gold that it SUPPOSEDLY holds.

Second opposite: This gold is part of a long-term strategy to rebuild a true gold standard in the sane Silk Road part of the world.

Third opposite: Inventory is kept on CLIPBOARDS, not web-connected hackable smartphone thingamajigs.

The first two opposites are clearly an intentional display, consistent with sanity and metrology. The purpose of gold is to provide a VISIBLE AND VERIFIABLE GROUND POINT for exchange of value. Gold is not meant to be the primary exchange material.

The third was probably unintentional, so it's the most impressive.

Russia has a long tradition of sticking with physical and analog methods, and this is typical. When you record on paper, there is NO CHANCE of detection or alteration by foreign action at a distance.

When you record on smartphone thingamajigs, you are GUARANTEEING action at a distance and FORBIDDING modularity. Everything responds instantly to the Will Of Soros. Everything is contained within the Mind Of Soros.

= = = = =

BUT: On the other hand, the Russian government has allowed billionaires to buy small hydroelectric plants for planned bitcoin "mining". One deal involves a 30 megawatt hydro and geothermal plant, sold for only 2 million dollars. Bitcoin is strictly illegal in Russia because Russia is sane... but the legislature is considering a looser approach. In any country, billionaires with vested interests can shape legislation, so these deals may be a vesting and shaping move.

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Friday, January 12, 2018
  Rich world problem

HARD winter! Big slushy snow. Had to take the bus BOTH WAYS to the store instead of my normal bus uphill - walk downhill pattern. VERY BAD, as our wonderful idiot leader would say. Shithole snow, makes me use the bus!

= = = = =

Oops. Today is the FIRST TIME I've had to do the bothways routine this winter. Last year was bothways from start to finish. Never a break. Every day was a mountain-climbing nightmare.

This winter is reverting to the mean, or slightly easier than the mean. Snow once a week or so, with dry breaks between to let things melt and recover.

Thanks, weather gods!


Thursday, January 11, 2018
  Blood rain? Alien spaceship?

Never seen that color before. Is Portland getting blood rain? Or is that the shape of a giant alien craft?

A look at the Weather Bureau's Portland forecast shows heavy rain, nowhere near freezing, not record-breaking by Portland standards.
  The best

Babylon Bee has been weak and tepid lately. Today they made up for it with the HARDEST SHARPEST TRUEST PARODY in recent history. Maybe all of history. I don't know how you could do better.
  Constants and variables 86

O'Keefe has started a series on the inner workings of Twitter. As usual the "freedom" advocates are focusing on the non-shocking constant part and missing the evil variable.

There's nothing unusual about keeping records of all the messages, deleted or not. Any company that runs an email server has to do that. It's been the law for 25 years. Before the web, companies were required to keep copies of internal memos for a certain amount of time. And there's nothing unusual about being ready to submit those records to the government. That's why the records are kept.

These requirements have always been tyrannical and selectively enforced, but it's a very old tyranny. Not Twitter's idea, not Twitter's fault.

If you want to think of Twitter as a publisher instead of a carrier, the practice is less legalistic but even older. Publishers have always kept a 'morgue' of old copies for reference and for use in copyright actions.

The evil part is Twitter's attitude about this record-keeping. They are proudly using the records for purposes well beyond cold storage in case of audit. They are using the records to censor and inquisit heretics.

The second video shows an even scarier attitude. "Like flags and crosses and guns... nobody thinks that way. Must be a bot. Or a redneck." Bot = redneck = unperson. Since BotRedneckThink doesn't exist, we're not committing a crime by liquidating the unperson which unthinks this way. We're simply removing a contradiction.


Wednesday, January 10, 2018
  Metashaving a metayak 2

Even though I'm not in an office and don't punch a clock, I tend to keep a pretty consistent work schedule without trying. I didn't realize just HOW consistent it was until tonight, when I was putting today's work-steps into the latest todo.txt file.

The todo habit was formed long ago, and serves as a highly useful store of knowledge. Did I solve this particular JS or graphics problem before? If so, it's going to be in one of the todos on a USB drive.

Tonight I noticed that the todos on this project were almost all formed at the same time of day. I don't start the files daily or weekly; each new file happens when the old one is about 6kb in length. Thus each file records a variable number of days but a fairly constant number of actual work-steps.

Here's an Excel of the times when each todo was created:

Bad weather didn't affect the schedule, but the recent yak-shaving of transfer between old, newer, and newest computers really screwed it up. The last four files, starting at 39, are exactly the yakshave period.


  Heavy drizzle?

Weather Bureau yesterday:

Moderate and Heavy Drizzle? Is that the same thing as light torrents or patchy hurricanes?
  Sudden stop to warfever

Last week it looked like Persia was the next Inevitable Necessary Noble War to Spread Democracy. All the political demons of both "parties", and all the media demons of both "parties", were pushing harder and harder in screechy unison. BOMB PERSIA! KILL! KILL! KILL!

Then the Persian government speedily and efficiently ended the Sorosian protests. At that point you'd normally expect a massive multiplication of the warfever. How dare they OPPRESS our heroic Sorosian freedom fighters!!!!! We must obliterate the country NOW!!!!!!!!!!

Nope. The warfever simply halted. Vanished. I don't see any items about Persia in the usual Sorosian media like BBC or DW, nor in the news aggregators.

The only fresh item I can find is one piece in reliable neocon National Review, and it's fairly mild by Israeli standards.

War on Persia was pushed in parallel by Saudi and Israel, and US/UK/EU obeyed. Saudi has definitely changed direction as its new king turns more toward the Russia/China side. Bibi hasn't turned, but maybe he's losing credibility. With corruption charges piling up, are his servants deciding that he's not permanent enough to fight and die for?
  Carver vs Assange

Returning yet again to the biggest point of all:


What's the opposite of purpose? THEORY. Or principle, or ideology, or theology. Subspecies of the same class.

I was thinking of Carver as usual. He operated on PURPOSE, not theory. His purpose was to gain more economic power for his people. He worked toward that purpose by improving the crops that grew in the South, and trying to turn those crops into commercially useful products. I think he got sort of phase-locked on peanuts, which are harder to harvest and less efficient than other crops. He might have made more progress if he had LOOSENED his focus, but that's irrelevant to the main point.

Latest news on Assange shows the opposite. Assange operates on PRINCIPLE more than PURPOSE, and his principle often obstructs the purpose of his work. Never reveal a source is not a PURPOSE. The appropriate PURPOSE of an organization like Wikileaks would be Break monopolies of power. By refusing to reveal the source of the Clinton material he lost the chance to break the Clinton mob's power. Now he's endangering his own safety by favoring Catalunya over Spain. Even to an outsider, it was clear shortly after the first referendum that Catalunya is on the Soros side and Spain is on the non-Soros side. Assange is being protected by Ecuador, which is emphatically and proudly anti-Soros.

If Assange could focus on his PURPOSE, he would see that Ecuador is doing MORE to break monopolies of power than he is. He would gladly give up the principle ... or maybe just a feeling in this case .... that leads him to support Sorosian Catalunya.

Later: Aha. Ecuador managed to tame Assange's wild impulses with an appropriate carrot and stick. I'm glad. Assange is a vital part of God's campaign against Soros and other demons, but his fussy principles were interfering with the PURPOSE.

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Tuesday, January 09, 2018
  Print file

After I got through with the stupid two-layer transfer between computers, the printer began making an awful noise. Sounded like a busted gear, ratcheting every time the carriage moved back and forth. I don't have much luck with printers, but just for completeness I opened up the back flap that lets you remove stuck paper.

The problem was IMMEDIATELY obvious:

Most graphics programs have a Print-File option on the menu, but this isn't what they mean!

How did it get there? After a bit of thought, this must be it....

I normally keep this box of miscellaneous desktop stuff above the computer.

Papers needed for quick reference, cables, USB drives for backup, two or three fingernail files to occupy my hands during long load times or whatever. Things I need to grab immediately and thoughtlessly.

But how did one of the files get into the printer?

During the transfers, I had two computers stacked on the spot where the box normally fits, and

the box was on top of the printer. I must have tossed the file toward the box and missed, bouncing the file into the printer's tray instead.

Maybe this is the first time I've succeeded in solving a printer problem? Remains to be seen.

And of course, this is yet another yakshave.

A wildly unlikely problem that WOULDN'T HAVE HAPPENED if I hadn't started down the stupid path of replacing a mostly functional Win 7 computer with a mostly fucked Win 10 computer. At least this stupid problem was easy to solve.



Via RT:
State Representative Steve Alford (R-Kansas) has admitted he “was wrong” when he said African-Americans are more susceptible to using marijuana because of their “character makeup” and genetics.”

“I was wrong, I regret my comments and I sincerely apologize to anyone whom I have hurt,” Alford said Monday, according to the Topeka Capital-Journal.

Dammit, fool. First of all, there's no such thing as "character makeup" unless you're talking about this sort of thing. It's an empty phrase with zero semantic content.

Second, if you're going to fuck around with genetic explanations you have to start with ACCURATE FUCKING OBSERVATIONS.

For the 54385834867986058790789058789573456467th TIME:

Every human taste, talent and tendency is partly genetic.

REPEATING FOR THE 54385834867986058790789058789573456468th TIME:

In this case we have an OBSERVED FACTUAL TENDENCY, which is EXACTLY OPPOSITE to your idiotic claim.

In fact Africans are the LEAST SUSCEPTIBLE to chemical addictions.

Northern people are the MOST SUSCEPTIBLE to all chemicals, and Orientals plus their genetic relatives among the original American tribes have special problems with alcohol.

Don't ruin the validity of genetic explanations with FALSE genetic explanations, idiot. GET YOUR FUCKING FACTS RIGHT, IDIOT.

  Thanks, Ralph 472

The best proverbs and jokes force a doubletake. At first you think Yeah, that's about right and then BLAMO!

ZH reports on Elon's latest overreaching failure, which destroyed a supersecret spy satellite. Nice Emersonian justice. Deepstate always works with the banking class, and Deepstate projects like "global warming" and wars and Bitcoin are designed to reward the banking class for its collaboration. In this case the banking class gets the reward but Deepstate gets nothing. Thanks, Ralph!

One commenter hits a magnificent doubletake in a short sentence:

They shouldn't have used the self-driving option.

At first trite but true.

Then you stop and think: Missiles are ALWAYS self-driving. Autonomous control is not a new and untested optional feature for missiles; it's an intrinsic and necessary part of the entire concept. BLAMO!

Elon has managed to fuck up the self-driving part of a device that can't exist without self-driving.


Monday, January 08, 2018
  Block verse

Newspaper columnists used to write short verses about current events. Now that "poetry" is the exclusive province of bizarre avant garde civilization smashers, these little cheerful verses are obsolete...

But not in the Weather Bureau. Their anonymous writers (who sometimes use the wonderful name Rex Block) have given us an old-fashioned verse about today's fog:

With H2O vapor condensation
To 100% saturation
Darn sustained dense fog
Makes commutes a slog
Deserving full throated condemnation.

It's not quite Robert Frost, but it's good stuff.


  Taming Win 10, maybe

Been trying all the hints available online to tame the full-time 100% CPU and 100% disk activity of vile foul Windows 10. Two hints made a big difference. After applying BOTH of these, the activity is finally close to normal** computer behavior. One is Superfetch and the other is Diagtrack.

Both of these are OFFICIALLY REQUIRED FORCED MALWARE THAT YOU ARE FORCED TO PAY FOR. Both occupy the computer so fully that the lowly User can only grab an occasional CPU cycle, and both are reporting the lowly User's heretical activities back to Microsoft. That's MALWARE by any definition. With both turned off, the disk and CPU are closer to normal behavior but still noticeably more active than in Win 7.

The turnoff procedures (using services.msc) APPEAR to be holding after 24 hours. Other turnoffs via the task manager didn't last; the malware came roaring back after a few minutes.

Some of the online discussions say that you shouldn't turn off Superfetch on a physical HDD, but the performance is unquestionably BETTER since turning it off.

If these fixes don't hold, I'll trash this computer and return to my old Win 7 unit. Unshave the yak. I figured out that its audio didn't go bad after all; it was just a bad solder joint in one of my speakers. The old unit has one or two other problems that don't matter much by comparison with TOTAL MALWARE that prevents me from USING MY OWN FUCKING COMPUTER.

Maybe I can figure a way to transfer the Win 7 system and license to the newer computer.

** For clarity, 'normal behavior' = busy when running a major task like Firefox or Poser; idle otherwise.
Sunday, January 07, 2018
  Saluting Persia again

Polistra and friends offer a quick salute to Persia, which has successfully defeated our latest evil aggressive monstrous demonic attack.

Soros and USA STRONG will continue to attempt infinite infinite infinite demonic satanic evil beyond evil beyond evil, but God's part of the world is getting stronger and more unified every day. Our attempts are failing more often. God is winning.


Saturday, January 06, 2018
  Nice contrast

Excellent paired example of good and bad scientific thinking in a little feature on a new Mars observation.

The rover has spotted some small branching tube-like structures, about a half inch long. To my eyes they suggest earthworm casts, or perhaps semi-structured colonial organisms like algae or coral. I can't think of an inorganic process that makes such shapes.

One of the quoted scientists has a proper Carverian approach:
But on first view of the features, Lee said that as a field geologist, "the immediate thought that came to my mind is bioturbation." This is the process through which organisms living in sediments can disturb the structure of these sediments.

"A common example of bioturbation is the formation of worm burrows. The burrows, once refilled with sediments, fossilized and then exposed by erosion, can end up looking like wiggly sticks," Lee told Inside Outer Space.
See what you see, try to compare it and pattern it. No initial assumptions. Carver.

Another shows classic theorigenic blindness:
"Cool, looks like bioturbation and would likely be as such identified if the image would be from Earth," said Schulze-Makuch. "But concretions can look quite similar, and, in [the] case of Mars, it's … more likely concretions," he added, referring to formations of precipitated minerals.
It's from Mars, therefore it can't be life. Theorigenic blindness, aka prejudice.

See also theories vs patents.

= = = = =

Later: Come to think of it, those shapes DO remind me of something inorganic:

Ceramic and stone pipes made by the Kiowa and Kansa tribes. Maybe the old Martian tribes had their own miniature version of tobacco.

= = = = =

Random semi-related semi-thought: Archeologists have often tried to reproduce ancient beer recipes based on chemical analysis of remnants in jugs and bottles. The above pipes are described as containing remnants of tobacco, but I can't find any similar attempts to reproduce the Kansa blend or the Osage blend. Tobacco is CRIMETHINK because it kills you slowly and improves your thinking. Alcohol is WONDERFUL because it kills you fast and ruins your brain long before it kills you. This is logical by definition.


Friday, January 05, 2018
  We need a Soviet daily devotional

Finally pinned down a point that has been semiconsciously itching me for a while.

RT does what it's supposed to do. RT tries to weaken Russia's enemies. It serves the nation where it lives, which is what an international propaganda source is meant to do. Each nation that can afford such a source does the same.

Nature likes it this way. Each creature minding its own business, trying to weaken and confuse and deter its opponents so it doesn't have to fight them.

But an ethnic Russian news source could actually help Americans. A Russian writer who had lived through the Stalin and Khrushchev times could teach us how to preserve our sanity in a crazy tyranny.

Orlov provided the 'old testament', the basic guidelines, for this approach, but he isn't writing a daily news analysis.

This service would be akin to the daily devotionals provided by churches and ministries. Take today's big idiotic story, look at it from a Soviet fatalist viewpoint, with due regard for the real constants and variables, the real permanent and ephemeral pieces. Show the best path to walk your soul through this toxic dump without too many thorns or stings.
  Two translations

I'm terminally tired of "conservatives" quoting Madman Lincoln without observing ANY of the fucking facts, and I'm even more terminally tired of all sides treating a permanent fact as a condition in the future which we could avoid by picking the right party.

Latest example of both in a subhead of a ZH article:

This is no longer a government “of the people, by the people, for the people...It is fast becoming a government “of the rich, by the elite, for the corporations,”

In the first place, it was NEVER a government by the people. Wasn't meant to be.

In the second place, a condition that has always existed doesn't have a chance of becoming anything, because it already exists. If you don't elect me, the earth might become round! If you don't elect me, dogs might become mammals!

Lincoln knew exactly what he meant and his bosses knew exactly what he meant. He was talking about two different peoples, and his intended audience understood the distinction. How do I know this? Because the standard comprehension of this statement makes no fucking sense at all. Madman Lincoln was finishing up a war with the SPECIFIC AND EXPLICIT AND SOLE PURPOSE of eliminating self-determination. He was guaranteeing that government BY the ordinary people would vanish forever.

Remember: Madman Lincoln belonged to NYC. He worked for the Wall Street railroad barons, just as Obama and Hillary and Trump work for the Wall Street tech barons. Tech = railroad. Different centuries, same monopolists. Madman Lincoln was selected because NYC needed to eliminate a competing form of employment so it could get away with near-zero wages and precisely zero security. Then and now, NYC wanted free labor. When NYC talks about freedom, it ALWAYS means freedom for NYC to work you to death and pay you nothing. You work for free.

Lincoln meant:

...that government of the Deplorables by the Insatiables and for the Insatiables shall never perish...

= = = = =

A similar translation applies to a puzzling modern speech. Hillary's basket of Deplorables is an oddly quaint phrase, out of character. Hillary is a stupid drunken thug. Low-intelligence alcoholic brutes like Hillary express their emotions by killing people and throwing things. That's all she does.

Her speechwriters rarely venture into poetic flourishes because they understand the character of their boss and they prefer to stay out of the hospital and the grave.

Well, why the basket? Again NYC explains it. Hillary was talking to an audience of LGBT, which is another way of saying Wall Street. When Wall Street hears basket it understands basket of currencies or basket of future option put call third-order directional tranche indices. A basket is a mashup of numbers that can be fraudulently securitized or shorted or called or futured or optioned or indexed to make quadrillions and quadrillions and quadrillions of criminal dollars.

So Hillary was making an IDO, an Initial Deplorable Offering. She was promising to run the same sort of pogrom that her psychotic Illinois ancestor had run. She was promising to exterminate all those pesky non-traders who thrive on MAKING THINGS. Wall Street doesn't understand MAKING THINGS but it does understand that MAKING is the permanent enemy of share value.

Wall Street was paying the thug for inside information that would enable them to frontrun the pogrom. Short every company that serves Deplorables, long SOROS.

= = = = =

** Language footnote: Of the people is also universally misinterpreted, but this is a trivial and understandable fault. We normally take government of the people to mean government that consists of the people.

Schematizing to remove confusion:

Government of X by Y for Z.

Now you can see the proper meaning of the first phrase.

Refactoring with the help of Professor Polistra:

Y is governing X for the benefit of Z.

For Lincoln, X = commoners who were disobeying DC and needed to be slaughtered. Y = DC. Z = NYC.

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Thursday, January 04, 2018
  Wish fulfilled, sorta

Five years ago I wrote up the remarkably ETERNAL nickel-iron battery which had been an Edison specialty. I cited a story about an off-grid power system built in 1924 using NiFe batteries, which was still running 80 years later when the family that owned the place finally sold it. The batteries had never been replaced, were just barely maintained, and were going strong after 80 years.

At that time I checked to see if anyone was still making NiFe batteries. Only a dubious company in China and (of course) Russia. I wished for an American producer but had zero hope.

Wish fulfilled! This company based in Colorado has started making NiFe again, using the 'Iron Edison' brand name.

Immediate thought: I want to give them some business! Could I buy a battery for use in electronic experimenting? Unfortunately not. The batteries are aimed exclusively at the same type of off-grid usage as before. The smallest one is equivalent to ten car batteries and is priced at $1000.

Excellent price for the purpose. Ten car batteries would run about $1200 and would last only four years instead of 80.

Even though it's out of my range, I'm HAPPY to see that NiFe is back!

Now if a smart entrepreneur would start making cheap little electric cars aimed at the PROPER PURPOSE of electric cars (in-town runabouts), equipped with safe permanent non-toxic NiFe instead of the short-lived explosive lithium, I'd buy one.


  Can't be that dumb 2

This goes beyond all considerations of "unintended consequences". Sessions has pulled back an Obama policy that winked at states legalizing pot. It wasn't much of a wink, because ATF and IRS and banking regulators were still firmly and actively opposing pot while nearly all states legalized it to varying extents. Now the wink is officially gone.

Fantastically stupid in terms of plain partisan politics. Many of the legalized states are solidly Repooflican, and their politicians will now join the demon states like Wash and Calif in moving toward secession. The Trump admin will lose the support of a dozen state political machines.

In the long run, and perhaps guided by the hand of God, this is a beautiful thing. USA STRONG needs to be busted up, returning to a loose confederation. NYC and DC need to be removed from the universe so they can NEVER regrow.

Madman Lincoln's permanent unbreakable crime lasted much longer than an infinitely wicked criminal empire deserves to last. It was held together by ferocious brute force that constantly accelerated.

Time to bust it up.

Later: Sputniknews gets it precisely. Headline:

Colorado to the Fed: You Can Pry My Pot Pipe Out of My Cold Dead Fingers


  On the dot, Mufti. Where are the others?

Via BBC: Egypt's main Islamic leader issues a fatwa against Bitcoin.

Sheikh Shawki Allam, the Grand Mutfi, said the digital crypto-currency carried risks of "fraudulence, lack of knowledge, and cheating".

The Grand Mufti said risks could arise because the virtual currency was not subject to surveillance by any centralised authority. "Bitcoin is forbidden in Sharia as it causes harm to individuals, groups and institutions," the fatwa said, as reported by Egyptian daily Ahram

In August 2017, Egypt's first bitcoin exchange was opened. The crypto-currency was declared illegitimate by the authorities last month.
Precisely right, Mufti. "Harm to individuals, groups and society" is the key point that nobody else has dared to speak.

Natural Law is crystal clear on speculations and gambling of all sorts. Value comes from labor. Wagers are permissible ONLY if they are specific investments leading to more real production. More life, more value, more beauty. Investing in a farm or factory and receiving part of the profits is a good use of money, but ONLY if you are taking the risk of losing your investment when the farm fails.

Bitcoin is worse than previous bubbles because it doesn't even PRETEND to be based on real value. Tulips and houses and grain and gold have real uses or real beauty. They fulfill a purpose. The trading loses sight of the original purpose, but occasionally helps to develop a resource.

Bitcoin has exactly zero purpose. The "mining" process consumes VAST quantities of electricity. What does it yield? Precisely nothing except a "solution" to a set of calculations that didn't need to be calculated.

If the calculations were done as a service for a real business, such as optimizing routes or trying out chemical formulas, they would represent real value and would be worth whatever the business wanted to pay for the service. I'm pretty sure no business would pay $15k for a few hours of heavy calculation.

But the calculations are EXPLICITLY POINTLESS..... unless, of course, Bitcoin's real boss is simply farming out its own decryption math without paying for the service. Supposedly these calcs are related to cryptography, which is NSA's business.

The worst harm is the waste of power. "Miners" often operate in countries where electricity is sparse. They use up MASSIVE AMOUNTS of coal or oil or natural gas that would otherwise serve NON-CRIMINAL purposes.

= = = = =

Where are the other religious leaders? Google doesn't find anything for "pope bitcoin" or "archbishop bitcoin". "Buddhist bitcoin" leads to this item about a set of fashionable Western Buddhists who claim that they are using blockchain to boost Buddhism in some way that doesn't even make superficial sense. In other words, just another fraud.

If Antichrist Bergoglio really meant ANY of the toxin he spews, he would be issuing an edict similar to the Mufti's fatwa. Bergoglio claims to be on the side of the poor, claims to be pro-life. Like all pure speculations, Bitcoin harms the poor above all. The harm is specific and quantifiable as loss of electric power. If Bergoglio meant any of his screeching about "global warming" he'd put out an infallible encyclical against Bitcoin, the fastest-growing consumer of coal.

= = = = =

Later: Checked the rapture visionaries on Youtube. These folks tend to be closer to God than anyone else in the West. Mixed results. Some are treating Bitcoin as a mark of the beast; others are trying to horn in on the trading by using Rapture as a brand, just like the abovementioned Buddhists. You want a MARK? You want a standard measurement or assay to distinguish God from Beast? There it is.

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Wednesday, January 03, 2018
  Se-lu 20, Tinkertoy edition

The new Dell Inspiron makes a new kind of noise which requires a new solution. The old Inspiron mostly emitted an 8k squeal that formed beat patterns with my tinnitus. The solution required odd placements of acoustic foam to halt reflections of sound, not direct sound.

The new one doesn't squeal. It rumbles. Win 10 keeps the HDD running most of the time. I'm continuing to turn off unnecessary shit, but the unnecessary shit keeps coming back. The Windows nanny state knows what's good for you and unrelentingly does what's good for you whether you want it or not. Nurse Ratched on crack.

After several days of LOOSENING MYSELF and trying various things, I determined that foam UNDER the computer helped somewhat but not enough. Underfoam keeps the rumble out of the desk but doesn't stop the metal case of the computer.

The solution requires major pressure on the case to damp the resonances.

Foam on top, forced down by a couple of Tinkertoy pieces wedged under the upper shelf of the desk. Looks silly, but I'm the only one who has to see it, and I'm not bothered by visual inputs. Only acoustic inputs.


  Can't be that dumb.

One of Polistra's Laws: There's no such thing as an Unintended Consequence. Powerful people and governments know what they're doing. You won't always see what they're doing because you're only supposed to see the parts that drive you to perform your assigned task, which may be "voting" or protesting or donating money.

Still, sometimes you have to wonder....

The latest crackdown on truth by Krauts seems to be fantastically stupid and pointless. The Kraut dysgovernment now requires publishers to eliminate heresy IMMEDIATELY on the receipt of EVEN ONE COMPLAINT.

This rule will be remarkably easy to destroy. If heretics have any sense at all, they will work together to submit massive piles of complaints against orthodox speech, and more importantly against trivial and uncontroversial speech. Snitch on Sorosians, snitch on Kardashians.

Because the publishers have to respond INSTANTLY, they won't be able to analyze the direction of the complaints. They will have to eliminate the orthodox and trivial comments along with the heretical comments that will be algomatically censored.

Result: No speech at all. Nothing to carry advertising to eyeballs.


This countertactic is so absurdly obvious that I can't believe the dysgovernment didn't foresee it. There must be a countercounter. I guess we'll see it when it happens.

= = = = =

Well, that didn't take long. Later the same day, the mess is already starting ... even without any effort by heretics! A sane German politician made a harsh comment about Muslims. Overgeneralized but basically valid in the context of the forced migration. Twitter instantly deleted the politician's account as the law requires. Nobody complained. A Kraut "satire" magazine, following the universal tradition of "satire" by burning heretics in especially colorful flames, requoted the original comment as part of the colorful flames. Twitter automatically banned the magazine as the law requires. Now the rule-makers are worried. Needless to say, they're not worried about their own tyranny, and they're not worried about their own forced invasion by foreign migrants violating Kraut laws, which caused victims of migrant crime to express anger. They're worried because Twitter is a foreign invader who obeys Kraut laws. Can't make it up.

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  Spiritual metrology 2

Continuing the theme of spiritual metrology...

Note how she keeps a lab notebook with precise times of dreams and visions, and tries to keep track of constants and variables. Always asking how this new item fits with the experimental record of the Bible.

Carver: Look about you. Take hold of the things that are here. Talk to them. Let them talk to you.

THINGS THAT ARE HERE includes direct sensory observation of phenomena that may not be instrumentally measurable. Lack of instruments doesn't mean nonexistent, and doesn't justify dismissal or sloppiness. Many of the measurements we now call "scientific" were uninstrumented for many centuries.

This lady is doing better science than any "social" "scientist" by a LONG shot.

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  Which came first?

I like to be surprised by which-first questions, but this one was a true stunner.

Which came first, LCD television or incandescent light bulbs?

LCD television, by 5 years.

Which came first, LCD television or motion pictures?

LCD television, by 30 years.

Which came first, television or telephone?

LCD television, but probably too close to call. (heh)

From British Practical Electronics, June 68:

Note that the matrix was controlled by using the magnet to rotate polarized light.

These developments were in the 1870-1877 range. Bell's telephone patent was 1876, Edison's incandescent was 1882. TV came first.

Why didn't this development proceed? Mostly because of bandwidth. You'd need thousands of wires in parallel to carry a usable picture this way. Multiplex telegraphs were already practical, and in fact Bell was working on a frequency-based multiplexer when he detoured into the telephone. But higher frequencies, and precise sequencing of signals. had to wait for true electronics with tubes.

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Tuesday, January 02, 2018
  Googlestreet is a time machine

After getting my daily chuckle from the 11foot8 bridge, I wondered: What's the LOWEST underpass on a public road open to cars? Needless to say, there's a long discussion of the topic on a Roads forum. The most impressive entries are in Europe, including a couple in the 5 foot range that hold only low sedans. Not even tall enough for an adult walker.

I remembered a 7-footer under the Turnpike in Lawrence, but Googlestreet shows that it has been replaced by a bridge over the Turnpike. Enid has one constant truck-catcher on East Maine. Checked it with Googlestreet:

Yup, still there. Moving in closer to read the clearance sign:

WAIT. What just happened?

Moved back and forth several times to be sure. Apparently Googlestreet mixes views from different years into the overall stream. The view from a block away is earlier. When the closer view was taken, somebody had given the bridge a self-explanatory emoticon!

Nice work. As I've noted before, Enid has avoided the small-town fade by maintaining a variety of industries. It's no longer a refining town, and the grain elevators are mostly empty (SIN!) but it holds onto oil service and farm service and most of all the Air Force base. Enid has a thriving civic culture, which shows up in museums and public artworks like this one.

Incidentally, it's 11'4. Slightly lower than the famous truck-eater but not dramatic. Spokane has several truck-eaters in the 11 range just south of downtown.


Monday, January 01, 2018
  A new Manhattan Project.

Polistra thinks it's time for a new Manhattan Project. Or rather a Project Manhattan. A vast secret enterprise designing a method to project NYC out of the universe.

Push it out of the earth, accelerate it beyond the solar system, guide it to the nearest black hole where it can be handed to some other universe.

Since the very start, NYC has been the enemy of civilization, the enemy of Natural Law, the enemy of the universe. NYC has been the center of destruction aimed against Deplorables of all eras. The Insatiables of NYC have switched ethnicity over the centuries. First Dutch, then English, then Jewish, now transitioning to Hindu. Always trader types, always exterminating the non-traders, the building and fixing and praying people. The 1776 revolution broke down natural Parliamentary rule and common law, replacing them by insane theories. Madman Lincoln's war eliminated secure lifetime employment for farmer and mechanic types, replacing it by disposable "liberty". 1929 and 2008, among many other bubbles, exterminated the skills and lives of farmers and mechanics.

Every time the non-traders had a chance for security and peace and prosperity, NYC's Insatiables came along and smashed everything.

Revenge is precisely 400 years overdue. Project Manhattan!

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  Metashaving a metayak was discussing the concept of shaving a yak. The original story is worth reading if it's not familiar.

I've been running through a classic yakshave this month.

The process started with a real failure of my old computer. Its audio and USB sections have grown flakier over time, and the audio finally gave up entirely. Luckily I had already bought a "new" refurbished Dell Optiplex, so I went through the messy procedure of transferring stuff.

After a week or so the "new" Optiplex turned out to be even worse than the original Inspiron. I bumped into a real obstacle: I needed to make a model of the Insula to illustrate how the Insula hides behind the temporal lobe. The "new" Optiplex didn't have the right OpenGL drivers to serve the various graphics programs, so I had to restart the old computer, make the model, and transfer the resulting image to the "new" Optiplex. The "new" machine showed other faults, including a failed CD drive.

If I had been simply screwing around, this inconvenience might have been OK. But I'm doing real work this year, a real project with real deadlines. So I ordered a genuinely NEW Dell Inspiron, and spent another day or so transferring and setting up. Now the graphics stuff works, and I'm able to move forward again.

When I read the yak story on Quora this morning, I decided to illustrate it, since I've gone way too long without showing Polistra and friends. Start the new year right and all that.

As I built this image I was cooking ramen in the kitchen. The ramen started boiling, so I got up quickly to stir it and then eat it.

When I returned from eating, the monitor was BLACK. Tried wiggling all the cords, shut down and restarted, still BLACK. No pilot light, no nothing.

SHIT! WHAT THE FUCK AM I GOING TO DO? Without a monitor the whole computer is useless.

Finally I realized: The monitor has a nearly invisible touch-switch in the plastic border, and I must have bumped it as I was getting up suddenly to tend the ramen. Touched it again, and monitor turned on. (I never use the switch, so it wasn't on top of mind, especially in OH SHIT mode.)

This led to an important thought: What will I do when the monitor ACTUALLY fails? So I quickly ordered a small auxiliary monitor to keep in storage against such an emergency.

The last action happened because I was absorbed in illustrating the story of shaving a yak. It didn't happen as part of the process of shaving a yak. So it's metashaving a metayak.



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