Sunday, September 23, 2018
  Democracy exists in odd places!

Via Reuters: An obscure member of parliament has won election as President of Maldives by 58%.

Yameen, the incumbent, is a classic Roaring Mouse, who has used the "global warming" racket to enrich and strengthen himself. He has also used China's money to build infrastructure. The challenger seems to be representing India against China.

The incumbent tried hard to rig the election but failed.
Yameen’s government has jailed many of his main rivals, including former president and his half-brother Maumoon Abdul Gayoom on charges ranging from terrorism to corruption.

Police late on Saturday raided the main opposition campaign office saying they came to “stop illegal activities”, after arresting at least five opposition supporters for “influencing voters”, opposition officials said.

Influencing voters is a crime. Sounds extremely familiar. Just like Mueller.

Despite everything, a real election occurred and the opposition won. Will Yameen still manage to overturn the result? Will the local Steadystate refuse to perform? The latter is likely, but not guaranteed. Steadystate isn't in control everywhere... Italy is a strong and immediate counterexample. Conte and Salvini pulled a handbrake turn, and the bureaucracy turned with them.

I tried to get a sense of which side is Sorosian, but online info doesn't help. OSF doesn't mention Maldives. Looked at bios of other politicians in Solih's party. None of them indicate an agenda on local issues, except wanting to get rid of Yameen's party and restore their own party. That's not an agenda, just the job description of every politician!
  Less extinct than thought

Biologists are constantly surprised when "extinct" species turn out to be flourishing in places where the biologists hadn't bothered to look.

My turn to be surprised. In previous item I mentioned 'private' as one of the categories a train dispatcher needed to know. I ass-u-me-d that private cars were extinct, totally displaced by corporate aircraft in the '50s.

Not at all! Luxury Train Club rents and arranges for private cars. Even Amtrak promotes private cars!



Returning to those 1930s radio serials that viewed life from the side of Deplorables. Their message went beyond simple empathy.

The writers understood that Insatiables have all the advantages. Natural status plus wealth plus easy access to power structures. If Deplorables want to survive at all we need to grab every available advantage. We can't listen to the Bishops and Kings and Queens who tell us to be nice and sweet and moral. Nice and sweet and moral means losing your property and skills and life.

The best parable is the story of Jack Horner as told by Hix. Jack manages a Bishop's estate. The Bishop, wanting to curry favor with Henry VIII, orders his cooks to include the deeds for six of his estates in a pie. Bishop tells Jack to dress fancy and take the best horse to deliver the pie. Along the way, Jack realizes that the servants in the taverns are treating him in a way he's never experienced before, because he has money and visible status. He gets smiles and kisses from women. The light dawns. He opens the pie and grabs one of the deeds, and from then on he's a nobleman.

True or not, it's a good fable.

Green Valley Line is a constant parable in every episode. Locals are fighting off NYC bankers who want to LBO and merge their small railway. They fight fire with fire, lawyers with lawyers, cheating with cheating.

Chihuahuas need to bark and bite. Great Danes can be nice and moral.


Saturday, September 22, 2018
  Think GUI is NUI? PUI.

Train dispatchers in 1900 had an animated display to show which track sections were occupied and how the switches were set. You can see the little miniature signal flags in the top panel.

The dial-like items are train describers. When another dispatcher needed to know what kind of train was in this section (empty, mail, private, military, etc) the dispatcher would push one of the buttons and the describer would send pulses to the receiving describer.

My version is based on one of the simpler types. More complex GUIs looked like this:

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Friday, September 21, 2018
  Fast development

Browsing through KSHS, I noticed this document forming a utopian community in Sinaloa. The document doesn't give any clues about the purpose or vision of the community, but it pays close attention to monetary details. Presumably this was just a stock pump.

The medium is more interesting than the message. This was done on a typewriter in June 1889. The first practical typewriter was in 1873 and the first with UC/LC was 1878. So the full-fledged typewriter was just 11 years old when this was written.

The method of making corrections in ink was already established. A first draft in 1970 would have the same style of correction and the same brass brads. Note also the ASCII Art under the word Charter.

The skills and tricks of typing were fully developed, and had reached the remote territory of Kansas, 11 years after the introduction. The skills and tricks remained constant till the end of typewriting.

The signature page is more old-fashioned. Jno. W. Breidenthal clearly fancied himself the Jno. Hancock of the new country. At the other end of the scale, Limbocker wasn't even certain about his own first name.

Later: I'm pretty sure this,contract,hadn't,been examined or,checked,by a lawyer,otherwise,the overflowing commas,would have been, removed. Commas matter,in a,contract.

= = = = =

Better info: Turns out the Kansans weren't doing this on their own. They were joining Albert Owen's Topolobampo Colony, which was organized along the lines of Henry George's land-based socialism. A classic MLM scheme, intended to make Owen rich. The colony did exist from 1885 to 1895, and as usual everyone except Owen ended up broke.

The best online account seems to be here, on p 166 of the PDF.
Colonel Owen ... desired to see each state or town organized as a joint stock company, to which the ground should belong and which should sell it to the stockholders, but at the same time the purchaser should have usufruct of the land only so long as he really made use of it. If he or his heir wished to give it up, he received back from the company the earnest money. The chief principles from which A. K. Owen proceeded were: "With united forces" and "integral co-operation"; that is to say, complete social fellowship.
The Kansas document agrees with the joint stock form laid out by Owen.

More: Jno. W. Breidenthal was head of the People's Party, the major populist group. His actions and appearance harmonize with his signature. As I've noted before, the Populist leaders in that era were often serving the bankers or running scams. Their diagnosis was accurate, but their prescription gave MORE power to NYC and bankers. Just like MMT and Bitcoin today.


  Two unusual DOINGS

I'm tuning out the soap opera of "politics", but even at this setting a couple of unusual and salient things are breaking through my filters.

Trump is perfectly obeying Steadystate on MOST issues, and Steadystate is smashing him to the ground as a reward for his obedience. Just like Nixon. The Tribe always demands obedience then kills you anyway.

Two exceptions. Two GOOD things that Trump is actually DOING.

1. Korea. Steadystate wants war everywhere except Saudi and Israel. If Trump obeyed, he would be fucking up the peace process at every step. Instead, he STOOD BACK AND LET IT HAPPEN. This is the best kind of DOING.

2. Tariffs. Steadystate wants NO BORDERS and NO JOBS and TOTAL OFFSHORING. They had already reached the goal with China, but Trump seems to be SERIOUS about pushing back. Despite the noise, business is already starting to move in the right direction, seeking American sources. It will take some time, and it will cost more to the consumer, but after the period of adjustment consumers will have MORE TO SPEND because they will have BETTER JOBS.

USEFUL WORK is the purpose, not the retail price of crap.

These two DOINGS are inverse in their verb forms and seemingly inverse in their connection to China. (1) is a passive DOING that definitely agrees with China and Russia's SANE approach to Korea. (2) is an active DOING that seemingly displeases China.

Or does it? China has reached the endpoint of its export/debt commerce with USA, and is trying to become more self-sufficient, more consumer-oriented. Perhaps the noise of HORRIBLE TRUMP makes it easier for China to move away from this connection while saving face with its own people.

That's a guess, but it fits China's traditional way of doing things.

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Thursday, September 20, 2018
  El Fictiono Pulpo del AMCo

Reading an article about the Mexican branch of AMC, which was gaining popularity and creativity during the '70s as the US branch was starting to fade. VAM had several unique models like the Lerma, and had its own versions and nomenclature for the approximately parallel models.

Here we go.

How do you say Pacer in Spanish? Pacer.

How do you say Gremlin in Spanish? Gremlin.

How do you say Hornet in Spanish? Rambler American.

How do you say Rebel in Spanish? Classic.

Ready for the punchline?

How do you say Matador in Spanish? Classic DPL.

El nuffo dicho.


  Extended quote from Lea

Here's a relevant passage from Henry Lea's 1877 book on the Inquisition.

Whether it's read or not, I feel a duty to bring this out. Partly against the direct successors in the Church, mainly against their SECULAR equivalents in Steadystate.
To what extent the Church was responsible for this may be judged by the terrible condition of Rome under Innocent VIII [around 1490.] Outrages of all kinds were committed with impunity so long as the criminal could pay the papal chancery.

When Cardinal Borgia, the vice-chancellor, was reproached with this, he piously replied that God did not desire the death of the sinner, but that he should pay and live. A census of the public women showed them to number 6800, and when the vicar of the city issued a decree ordering all ecclesiastics to dismiss their concubines, Innocent VIII sent for him and ordered its withdrawal, saying that all priests and members of the curia kept them, and that it was no sin.

Power such as was claimed and exercised by the Church could only be wielded by superhuman wisdom. Human nature was too imperfect not to convert it into an instrumentality for the gratification of worldly passions and ambition, and its inevitable result was to plunge society deeper and deeper into corruption, as unity of faith was enforced by persecution.

In this enforcement, as I have said, faith became the only object of supreme importance, and morals were completely subordinated, tending naturally to the creation of a perfectly artificial and arbitrary standard of conduct. If, to win the favor of Satan, a man trampled on the Eucharist believing it to be the body of Christ, he was not liable to the pains of heresy; but if he did so out of disbelief, he was a heretic. If he took interest for money believing it to be wrong, he was comparatively safe; if believing it to be right, he was condemned. It was not the act, but the mental process, that was of primary importance, and willful wrong-doing was treated more tenderly than ignorant conscientiousness.

Thus the divine law on which the Church professed to be founded was superseded by human law administered by those who profited by its abuse. As Cardinal d'Ailly tells us, the doctors of civil law regarded the imperial jurisprudence as more binding than the commands of God, while the professors of canon law taught that the papal decretals were of greater weight than Scripture. Such a theocracy, practically deeming itself as superior to its God, when it had overcome all dissidence, could have but one result.

When we consider, however, the simple earnestness with which multitudes of humble heretics endured the extremity of outrage and the most cruel of deaths, in the endeavor to ascertain and obey the will of God in the fashioning of their lives, we recognize what material existed for the development of true Christianity, far down in the obscurer ranks of society. We can see how greatly advanced might be the condition of humanity had that leaven been allowed to penetrate the whole mass in place of being burned out with fire.

Unorganized and unresisting, the heretics were unable to withstand the overwhelming forces arrayed against them. Power and place and wealth were threatened by their practical interpretation of the teachings of Christ. The pride of opinion in the vast and laboriously constructed theories of scholastic theology, the conscientious belief in the exclusive salvation obtainable through the Church alone, the recognized duty of exterminating the infected sheep and preserving the vineyard of the Lord from the ravages of heretical foxes, all united to form a conservatism against which even the heroic endurance of the sectaries was unavailing.
Of course that was 500 years ago. Everything is good now.


  Modest GenRad proposal

Lately there's a lot of discussion about transparency and cost in academic journals. Atypically it's a real debate with two or three sides actively contending and responding to each other. Most of our "discussions" are one-sided auctions, bidding up the number of innocent victims we need to murder to accomplish a delusional non-purpose.

This article focuses on alleged secondhand smoke effects of SciHub and similar free archives. The author correctly points out that any hacking can lead to deeper hacking. He tries to extend 'can lead' into a broad accusation that the main purpose of the archives is hacking identities.

Dubious. Some of the commenters go beyond dubious, following the Official Steadystate Line. Because the hacking is ACTUALLY coming from China and Thailand and USA, it must be RUSSIAN_MEDDLING. All problems are caused by Russia.

The real problem, of course, is simpler and deeper. The whole tenure system produces a pointless self-feeding economy of status and money, with very little real output of knowledge. As I tiresomely repeat, most real knowledge is generated outside of academia.

= = = = =

Since tenure is not going away, here's a modest proposal based on my own EXPERIENCE on both sides of the divide. I was involved in research for 20 years and listed as co-author of a few papers. Now I'm consuming articles, partly for my own pleasure and partly to increase my understanding of subjects I need to illustrate in courseware.

Those two PURPOSES are different types of consumption. For my own pleasure I'm not willing to pay $30 or $40 to get through a paywall, and I've found that the paid article usually doesn't go much beyond the free abstract. For courseware I need to know accurate details, so I'm willing to pay even though there's no way I can charge off the expense.

= = = = =


Separate the two purposes, following the model already established for instrumentation. You can buy a usable sound level meter for about $100. You can buy an OFFICIALLY REGISTERED sound level meter for about $3000. What do you get for 30 times the price? You don't get a meter that's 30 times better. You get OFFICIAL TRACEABLE REGISTERED calibration by GenRad, which you can include in court testimony as part of a chain of evidence.

Let's make the same distinction in published articles. If you're just learning or satisfying your curiosity, you pay a nominal fee of a few dollars. If you need to CITE this article in your OWN OFFICIAL PUBLICATION, you pay $100 or more, which buys a REGISTRATION in an official database. Citing an unregistered article causes instant rejection of your paper.

This will certainly make life easier for non-citing students, and thus ease the pressure for free hacked copies. This could lead to secondary advantages. (1) Citing will become more selective, making it easier to follow the real precedents of an article. (2) If citeable articles cost a lot more, the quality of citeable articles will tend to improve. Citers will be less willing to pay for material that doesn't advance knowledge.

= = = = =

Later thought: If my instrumentation metaphor is unfamiliar, you could think of open source software. Single user gets it free, while the cost is chiefly handled by expensive commercial licenses.

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  Point of inflection

This is a point of inflection.

Since the "election" of Bloombergian Copkiller Condon, Spokane has descended rapidly into what used to be called third-world conditions. Copkiller Condon brought in his NYC buddy Straub to smash the police department to smithereens. He succeeded. Now our property crime rate beats Compton and Detroit.

The demons criminally occupying the city "council" have been passing a series of genocidal resolutions aimed at killing the poor and enriching the demons.

What are they doing about the homeless? They've proposed a draconian zoning code that basically requires all houses to be brand new, embodying all the latest "environmental" features. Any neighbor can trigger the zoning Gestapo by filing a complaint, which will not be checked. Complaint triggers inspection without search warrant, followed by eviction of Deplorable.

This will guarantee FAST demolition of EVERY house that ordinary people can afford.

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  Dream scripter has a theme in mind

Recently I added the Green Valley Line serial to my bedtime playlist. I picked it up because it's (obviously enough) about railroads, nicely harmonizing with my current "art" project.

Like some other '30s serials, Green Valley turned out to be a whole lot more significant. It's a pro-localist and pro-populist fable. Spunky youngsters and experienced oldsters are working together to keep their LOCAL railroad from being LBO'd by greedy capitalists. They're fighting against typical NYC sabotage and espionage and murder.

As usual, dream scripter grabbed up part of the sound and wrote its own story with an entirely new setting and purpose.

In this case dream scripter retained the spunky youngsters and experienced oldsters, and FLIPPED their purpose. A group of #antifa and #resistance types had established a phone connection to Monster McCain in the Hades area code. Monster McCain was giving them specific strategies to DEFEND Steadystate against localists and populists.

Dream scripter seems to be following a pattern. Last week it rewrote an episode of Strange as it Seems into a campaign appearance by Mondale returned from the dead.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2018
  Think bad Photoshop is new?

Still studying and modeling old railstuff. Found a wonderful source of detailed pictures and diagrams. Here's a fantastic gadget on p 493 of this PDF:

A 'three-aspect flagman', flashing, swinging and ringing.

The picture itself is beautiful, sort of Currier&Ivesian. EXCEPT: the locomotive had to be still when taking the photo, so the developer added a crappy airbrushed smoke cloud. Is that glazed ceramic smoke, or snow-covered smoke?
  Asked and answered

Perfect asked-answered pair, from National Catholic Register headlines.

Nuff said.


  John Smith? Never heard of him.

On TV and radio cop shows, the detective sagaciously detects that a hotel guest has registered as "John Smith". The detective, gathering up his vast and famous and brilliant deductive powers, begins investigating to determine if "John Smith" might possibly be an alias.

This happens all the time in fiction.

Today I stopped to think. How does this compare with EXPERIENCE? I spent 5 years as a motel clerk in the '70s, so I do have actual experience in this area.

Half of the guests were 'shady', and maybe 1/5 of them were using the motel for criminal activities.

NONE of them ever signed "John Smith" or "John Doe". It's a safe bet that some names were fake, but none seemed suspicious.

VW is getting passionate around the electric car space. Along with two or three high-priced makes, this pretty much wipes out Elon from all angles. Won't matter to Tesla stock, of course. Everything is bullish for share value. Total failure of production, accelerating criminal stupidity, crushed by superior competition, all bullish. When you're COOL nothing matters.

VW is an especially apt competitive match for Tesla. From the start VW was a dangerously bad car with a COOL reputation and a rabid cult following**. In recent years it was passionate around the crime space with its diesel software cheating.

Here's what caught my attention:

VW is returning to its roots. Platform frame, aircooled rear engine, swing axles. Torsion bars, the only good part of the original setup, are missing. Only the bad parts have returned.

= = = = =

** Disclaimer: I was part of the VW cult until I grew up and reformed. That's why I'm so hard on the Tesla cultists. Reformed Ex Syndrome.
Tuesday, September 18, 2018
  More goggles stripped off

Another good sign of real Carverian science returning.

Standard THEORIES assume that pre-Cambrian life forms were simple and dumb. Like Neanderthals. Like plants. Like Deplorables of all species and epochs.

Now a group at Vanderbilt has removed their Theory Goggles and looked at the actual animals without condescension.
The analysis showed that a majority of fossil assemblages bear the hallmarks of being ecologically complex, and Ediacara biota were forming complex communities tens of millions of years before the Cambrian explosion. The creatures lived partially submerged in what was once the ocean floor, some of them suspension feeding, others filter feeding, still others passively absorbing nutrition. A few were even mobile.
If you started with EXPERIENCE you wouldn't have these limitations. Our actual EXPERIENCE with all life forms tells us that all life is INFINITELY COMPLEX, forming INFINITELY COMPLEX networks with other individuals and species, kept running by HYPERINFINITE negative feedback loops and INCALCULABLY COMPLEX communications between and within individuals and species.

Life had to be INFINITELY COMPLEX from the FUCKING START, otherwise it couldn't have been life.

If you are LOOKING ABOUT YOU and TAKING HOLD OF THE THINGS THAT ARE HERE and TALKING TO THEM and LETTING THEM TALK TO YOU, there's no way in hell you could assume even finite complexity at any level or any era.



  Bravo to Mike Lee

Via ZH:
The law requires that the US Postal Service to keep electronic records of incoming foreign shipments like their contents and the identity of the sender - records that other shippers like UPS and FedEx already provide. It also includes funding for treatment while altering laws to increase the availability of certain medications designed to fight addiction.
In other words, we're going to make a problem worse by pretending to "solve" it as usual.

When people are seeking relief from tyranny through chemicals, you can't possibly fix the problem by restricting sources of chemicals. New sources will develop internally.

Nice inverse pattern in terms of Graybill's Law.

We use sanctions and blockades to prevent imports of GOOD STUFF to Persia, Russia, and Cuba. Result: Those countries developed their OWN skills and industries to make GOOD STUFF.

We use offshoring to FORCE imports of GOOD STUFF to America. Result: America loses its OWN skills and industries to make GOOD STUFF.

Second result: Because our ordinary men are not able to make GOOD STUFF any more, they turn to BREAKING stuff and committing suicide and homicide, speedily or slowly.

Of course we respond BACKWARDS to the epidemic of BREAKING. Instead of restoring our own industries, we blockade the import of BAD STUFF. Result: We will develop our own skills and industries to make BAD STUFF.

Amazingly, one resident of DC is sane:
Sen. Mike Lee, the lone hold out, has blasted the bill as a giant waste of taxpayer money that will do little to stem the flow of illegal drugs into the US.
Bravo. I hadn't heard of Mike Lee before. Now I'll try to pay more attention.

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  Constants and variables 107, MISSING THE WHOLE FUCKING POINT edition

Gave a quick listen to the first O'Keefe Steadystate expose.

O'Keefe is missing the WHOLE FUCKING POINT, running the classic pork-buster distraction. Karaffa says at the start of the clip that his section had been "modernizing, democratizing, shining light where it should be". Since his budget was cut, he's spending most of his time doing political party shit.


Now that Karaffa is no longer OBLITERATING other countries, he's spending time on pointless political activity which will replace current Steadystate politicians by other Steadystate politicians. Inconsequential and harmless. [Replacing Steadystate politicians with non-Sorosians would be helpful, but it's PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE, so there's no reason to fantasize about it.]

Think in terms of Parkinson. Bureaucrats are going to be in their offices no matter what they're doing, and bureaucracies will always expand no matter what they're doing.

Since an expanding bureaucracy is an ineradicable constant, I'd much rather pay them to waste time instead of BOMBING MILLIONS OF INNOCENT PEOPLE.

Later: The second /// AND THIRD /// clip in this series is the same. Bureaucrats doing harmless and meaningless shit instead of ruining the world. Even worse, the government is going to "investigate", thus forcing the bureaucrats to stop piddling and resume murdering. Which side are you on, O'Keefe?


  Constants and variables 106, Mormon Mennonite Mandarin edition

As I've noted repeatedly, the line between Soros and non-Soros corresponds pretty closely to debt vs saving. The one BIG exception is China, which has fueled its tremendous mercantile expansion with pure debt. Now that the debt is starting to unravel, the non-Soros side may need to make some decisions.

History has a pattern. Debt fails, saving succeeds. Theory fails, experience succeeds. When a debt and theory society crumples, savers and experiencers move in and take the territory without war. Natural selection = natural law.

You can see this on a smaller scale with Mennonites and Mormons. Both groups obey Natural Law closely. No debt, no gambling. Make more valuable life, make more living value.

In the Kansas and Okla wheat belt, Mennonites moved in and started living by Natural Law. No mortgages, no bank debt, have lots of kids, train the kids to do useful work. Several waves of 'English' moved in UNDER THE COMMAND OF NYC BANKS, then quickly went bankrupt because they lacked EXPERIENCE. Each time the wave returned Eastward, the Mennonites quietly claimed some of the vacant land and let their kids turn it into successful farms.

Between the Rockies and the Sierras, a similar process. Banks promoted waves of LBO/IPO "pioneers" aka debt slaves. Each wave improved the land, added irrigation and barns, then failed because they were living on debt with no reserves. The NYC banks remortgaged the improved land at a higher price. Mormons were quietly living with massive reserves and lots of disciplined and trained kids. The kids grabbed up the foreclosed land and added more reserves and more disciplined and trained kids.

Does this analogy apply to Russia (saving, experience) and China (debt, theory)? I can't see it working. China has never been bought out or invaded. China may be the huge exception to the pattern.

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Monday, September 17, 2018
  From an extremely different era 4

Continuing the theme of constrained monopolies....

I was thinking about the timeline of USEFUL and MEANINGFUL research in speech and hearing and language. Realized that the timeline is simple and binary. When Bell Labs was running, there was meaningful and useful research. After Bell Labs closed down** in '84, no more meaningful and useful research. We're just reheating Bell's leftovers.

Broadly, in all fields of learning, academia has never been the major source of useful and meaningful research and knowledge. Real knowledge has always come from commercial and military developments. EXPERIENCE and PURPOSE, not theory.

In most subjects the commercial and military developments are scattered across many companies and agencies and countries. In speech and hearing it's just Bell Labs, nobody else.

Why was Bell unique? Constrained monopoly, similar to Soviet industry. ATT was granted a monopoly under strict rules. It issued stock like other corporations, but it couldn't listen to The Market, couldn't play the usual manipulation games. It had to work toward the public interest, so it did. Its research was nominally aimed at improving the phone system, but every topic expanded far beyond Bell's narrow interests.

Key points: Socialism does NOT mean entitlements and free stuff. Socialism does NOT mean non-zero taxes.

More subtly, the usual dictionary definition, "state ownership of the means of production", doesn't hit the target. We have partial government ownership of GM now, without the advantages of socialism. The best definition is "state CONTROL of investment." Bell exemplified state CONTROL without state OWNERSHIP.

When invested money is controlled and distributed by Goldman and Bezos and Elon, the economy serves Goldman and Bezos and Elon, which means EXACTLY ZERO useful and meaningful developments in any area. It means TOTAL DESTRUCTION OF ALL REAL VALUE AND LIFE.

** The lab supposedly continued as Lucent after ATT broke up, but the real research stopped at that point.


  From an extremely different era 3

Noticed in a 2002 Collectible Auto article on GM's sneaky "severe usage" models aimed solely at professional racing:

Unfortunately all the effort came to naught. On January 24, 1963 GM, fearing an antitrust suit from the Dept of Justice, announced that it was pulling out of all factory-sponsored racing activities. Apparently the "Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday" marketing was working too well, pushing GM's market share dangerously close to the 60% level that would trigger a Federal investigation.

60% was the threshold, and the Feds obviously MEANT IT. We can guess that GM was also taking several other steps to control its market dominance.

Can you imagine any Federal market regulator "working too well" now? What is the threshold where Bezos will take steps to control his market dominance? Null concept. Unimaginable. He can own the entire world and the Feds will continue to give him infinite subsidies and zero taxes to help him own all universes. We've gone from anti-trust to Required Trust.


  A break in the embargo?

Here's something unusual. Spokane airport noted via Twitter:

You may have seen a larger than usual plane in the skies above Spokane this afternoon. An Antonov AN-124 landed at Spokane International Airport earlier today.

The plane is branded with Looking at their website, they're a specialist air cargo firm. They handle pharmaceuticals, manufactured goods, big animals, and several other categories.

Spokane airport didn't give any further info about the flight, so it's still a mystery. The picture doesn't show any forklifts or trucks moving cargo.

Any commercial connection between US and Russia is welcome in this infinitely loony time!

Later, the airport added: "The Antonov needed a place to park for a couple of days and we were more than happy to assist." ... which still doesn't explain much.

= = = = =

Pure stupid speculation: There's a lot of action lately around the cannabis space as the IPO fraudsters say. Canada is all legal, Calif and Wash have been legal for a long time. DEA is finally starting to loosen up in the direction of "medical" marijuana, which is of course not medical at all but the first face-saving step toward plain old legalization. US freight companies are still locked into federal regulations which are getting stricter, not looser. A Russian air freight company specializing in pharma wouldn't have the same limitations...??
Sunday, September 16, 2018

Since I'm bitching about old radio and TV this week...

Youtube's grand automatic purge is taking down most of the good '50s TV channels.

Orwellian rectification = Github. Eliminate everything that doesn't fit the orthodox fashions of the current picosecond. Remove reminders of former civilizations.

So far isn't joining the purge. I'm picking up and storing some of the good stuff before it disappears entirely.
  Why you can't avoid Google

I was trying to find something halfway reliable about the mysterious closure of the NM Sunspot observatory. I prefer to avoid Google, so I tried

NOTHING about the observatory, NOTHING about sunspots. Scrolled down at least 300 items, and it's all varied and miscellaneous stuff about Baltimore. The Baltimore sport teams, local Baltimore politics, Baltimore real estate, Baltimore weddings....

What does Baltimore have to do with sunspots, and why don't sunspots have any connection with sunspots?

Oh. The Baltimore newspaper is the Sun. Bing thinks you want to see stuff from the Baltimore Sun when you type sunspot.

Google knows what you mean. The first few scrollpages are on the observatory story, plus a variety of other scientific items about actual sunspots. Nothing about Baltimore.

This is why Google wins, whether you WANT to use it or not. The alternatives are perfectly useless.

"Conservatives" keep talking about the need for alternatives to FB and Google and Twitter, but they haven't done anything meaningful. As always in partisan politics, maintaining the talking point is all that counts. Actual solutions are unthinkable.

Back when newspapers were worth reading, I used to enjoy the more obscure parts of the paper, especially the Legal Notices. Will and quitclaim notices, with their long strings of akas, were fun to recite or sing. Other lawsuits implied a fascinating backstory. I never quite figured out what a friendly lawsuit was. It was fairly clear from the context. Two companies, or one company and its union, had settled a dispute on their own. They wanted the court to register the result as an enforceable judgment so future executives on one side couldn't back out of it.

Techdirt has a story about a summary judgment, which sounds like the same thing. I'd never properly looked up a definition of friendly lawsuit, so I googled it.

Some online sources agree with my inductive conclusion. Most of them seem to think that a friendly lawsuit is ONLY an agreement pertaining to guardianship of a child.

Which is true? Obviously these two info sources need a friendly lawsuit to settle the issue.

  Wheatstone all the way down

As I learn about the astonishingly complex and creative computing system called Railroads, one DOMINANT concept appears over and over.

From the start, railroad circuitry and mechanisms were DIFFERENTIAL. Two-sided, like nervous systems. The hugely complex staff system was diff all the way.

On the electrical side, this was a British tendency, starting from Mr Diff himself, Wheatstone. Later British electronics carried on the principle of balance. A balance doesn't have an absolute zero, it only has DELTAS between two or more inputs. British culture and politics are also diffish. See Shadow Cabinet.

American electronics has tended more toward on/off, 1/0, again starting from Mr On-Off himself, Morse. An American system does have an absolute zero. Our politics and culture continue the On-Off tradition. See Impeachment.

Obviously both tendencies are needed in various situations, but railroads are a British invention and always retained the British preference for diffs and deltas.

The simplest mechanical expression of a diff is the switch.

Always this way vs that way, SPDT. Not this way vs no way, SPST. There are always two destinations, even when one of them is a short siding for a loading dock. You can't send REAL PHYSICAL OBJECTS into nowhere. You can send bits and bytes into nowhere. An economy devoted to bits and bytes, or a "store of value" consisting of bits and bytes, can be obliterated in an instant.

Switches have been part of the system for 170 years. There are an uncounted number of switches... probably millions? ... in the world. Each one moves back and forth by just a few inches, turning a vast load of REAL VALUE toward one path or the other, bearing millions of tons of weight, lasting many decades.


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  The three Ins

Yesterday I was bitching about a 1951 radio program that turned out to be awful. Another bad experience with a '50s program tonight led to a minor Aha.

Why were the cheap programs from the '30s better?


The division isn't precise, but in general 1930s movies and radio were written from a realistic view of human genes and differences. When you're down you need to understand that you're permanently down, and shape your life to survive the predicament. Hearing stories about other people who are in various predicaments helps us to understand and tolerate variety, and helps us develop our own strategies. The writers were conscious of this mission, and shaped their stories toward understanding, not mass action.

Genes were abolished in 1946. Instead of genes, choices are responsible for everything. Cop shows started with a moralistic lecture aimed at parents. If your kid turns out bad, it's entirely your fault. If lots of kids are turning to crime, it's everyone's fault. Education cures all ills, so we need to spend more money on education. But if YOU'RE not rich and popular, you need to try harder. You CAN be rich and popular after you obey the orders of the rich and popular people As Seen On TV and buy the products they recommend.


When most of life is seen as predetermined, there's no reason to obey mass instructions. Everyone is permanently different, so everyone has to figure out how to survive his own unique life. You can't do much about other lives; you can only do your own.

When everything is possible, solely depending on actions, the authorities can mobilize people to action. Mass guilt leads to mass action AS RECOMMENDED, individual shame leads to individual action AS RECOMMENDED.

Rome has always done things the latter way. Original Sin and Prosperity Gospel. Our priests are rich and powerful because Jesus was rich and powerful. Anyone can gain power by sucking up to the priests (lit and fig). If criminals misbehave, it's everyone's fault. We shouldn't punish the criminal or protect ourselves against the criminals. Instead we should try harder to worship the authorities.

= = = = =

The Sorosian world follows the Roman model. Three steps. Insinuation, Instigation, Inquisition. Unsurprisingly, the FBIII, founded by the perfect Roman, implements these three steps perfectly.

Insinuation: There are evil forces MEDDLING with our souls. Witches or Terrorists or RussianBots. You may be a witch, or you may know a witch. All of us are responsible for finding and detecting witches.

Instigation: Some people will respond to the You May Be part of the message by deciding to Be. When you're down and out, watching the rich and wicked succeed with impunity, the bonds of guilt-based action break. You've been obeying, and things keep getting worse. The authorities As Seen On TV are disobeying every rule of natural and written law, and they get away with it. They are committing mass murder all the time with no guilt, and they want us to feel guilt for having wrong thoughts (such as thinking the authorities commit mass murder all the time.) You say FUCK IT. Okay, I'm a witch. At this point the authorities give you an organization and a plan so you can FUCK IT in a way that will serve their purposes.

Inquisition: Now that the witch has been cultivated, it's time for the Star Chamber and the barbecue.

= = = = =

Credit footnote: Henry Lea's book outlines the three steps in the earlier version of Sorosia. I've simply mirrored them into modern times. Lea's description of the link between Insinuation and Instigation is especially powerful and still fresh. Modern writers either don't understand it or deliberately skip it.

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Saturday, September 15, 2018
  Language update for ... 2018?

Professor Polistra has missed her language updates for almost a year! She finally returns with a relatively new bucket of wordshit.

= = = = =


In the last few years kippa has TOTALLY replaced yarmulke.

Google's ngram thingie only goes up to 2008, but it does show yarmulke dropping off after 2002 as kippa rises from zero. If it continued to the present, you'd see a sharp increase in kippa, and a crash of yarmulke.

Why? No obvious reason. SPLC and ADL haven't been publicly complaining about yarmulke. If they had complained even once, ALL MEDIA AND GOVERNMENTS AND CORPORATIONS AND SCHOOLS AND CHURCHES would be SLAMMING AND BASHING AND BURNING AND EXECUTING everyone who had ever written or mentioned or thought about yarmulke in any context, public or private. The FBI would be bombing the "compounds" of all possible and accused and suspected offenders.

= = = = =


Why do combox mockers always spell America as Murica? Presumably they're trying to mock the way Deplorables say the name.

In fact NOBODY has ever pronounced it that way. Not even close.

Serious right-wingers are precise. They always say Thee U ni ted States Of A mer i ca. The president is always Thee Pre si dent Of Thee U ni ted States Of A mer i ca, and the unused extinct constitution is always Thee Con sti tu tion Of Thee U ni ted States Of A mer i ca.

= = = = =


An odd autocorrect found here.

With no obvious exit available, @CSUtilities is responding to open a manhole cover above the Barre in hopes it will climb out. Then @COParksWildlife officers will haze the bear in hopes of scaring it away from this neighborhood and back into the forest.

Barre is pronounced like bear in exactly one rare context: Wilkes-Barre. The capitalization verifies. The more obvious autocorrect error would be bare.

= = = = =

Sputnik pronunciation

Starting with the very first report, Americans have always pronounced it the Russian way. But for some reason Sputnik News pronounces the word by English rules, Sput rhyming with gut or nut. Is this like Murica? Assuming that Americans must pronounce things stupidly?

Though our pronunciation has always been right, our habitual pictures of Sputnik 1 have always been wrong... again starting with that first report. The CBS image shows a sphere with antennas popping out radially on all sides. The actual Sputnik looked more like a folded umbrella or a jellyfish, with all antennas pointing the same way.

= = = = =

Loading up noses?

From here.

The main inspiration for this research was the use of coffee beans to clear the olfactory pallet, so to speak, in perfume shops.

= = = = =


A very old and totally obscure word that suddenly reappeared in publication.

From RT:
Statistics from the Federal Customs Service showed that in July the country shipped 3.8 million tons of wheat and meslin (a mixture of wheat and rye), up by almost 78 percent from the previous month. The value of exports rose by 74 percent.
The article treats meslin as a common term, but it's far from common. Google has trouble finding anything about it.

The etymology is interesting. It's a shortening of miscellaneous, and it's been in English for a thousand years. Specifically denotes one form of brass alloy, or a mix of wheat and rye and barley.

Judging from the few mentions in official statistics and tariff lists, meslin was never popular in the US, and seems to be a Balkan specialty. Bulgaria and Croatia use it.

= = = = =

Saving vs Debt, non-parallel

An odd semantic asymmetry, noted in Polistra's own writing.

The non-Sorosian side of the world, the god side, is mainly focused on saving and making, while the Sorosian side, Satan's side, is virulently focused on debt and breaking.

The grammatical parallel of saving would be borrowing, but borrowing is NOT the semantic opposite of saving. The sentence would look better with 'virulently focused on borrowing and breaking', which alliterates nicely, but borrowing is NOT the same thing as debt.

Saving works equally well for the act of putting away money and the cultural preference for storage. Borrowing refers only to the act of getting into debt, not the cultural preference.

= = = = =


Bezos declined to defend himself, but did defend the Washington Post, saying it is dangerous for politicians to "demonize" the media.

Professor Polistra agrees firmly with Bezos. It's dangerous to demonize the media. It's dangerous to thunderstormize a hurricane. It's dangerous to goldfishize a shark. It's dangerous to geckoize an alligator. It's dangerous to twitchize a seizure. It's dangerous to sleepize death.


  Plan 9 from outer radio

Yesterday I was bored and restless, needed something new and interesting to grab my attention at bedtime. Started looking through for potentially worthy radio shows. Aha! Here's one I've never heard before. Inspector Thorne. Aired in 1951 on NBC prime time, so it had a good budget and access to good actors. The episode titles seemed promising.

GAAAAKKKKK! It's the worst thing I've ever heard. The budget bought music from a real orchestra, but the writing and acting are worse than any high-school drama class.

Most of my listening is low-budget syndicated serials, with no music and simple sound effects. All of them are written and acted COMPETENTLY, with frequent moments of brilliant insight and empathy. Inspector Thorne doesn't even have occasional moments of semi-competence.

Was it a parody, like Vic & Sade? Could be, but I didn't hear any indications of non-seriousness. According to Radio GOLDINdex, the show was a summer fill-in, lasting only 11 episodes and never acquiring a sponsor.
Friday, September 14, 2018
  Github vs Silk Road

Convective thought while walking:

I've been thinking about the idiotic Github Syndrome a lot, and I've been studying 1880 computing systems while "making" digital models of old railroad stuff.

The two collided.

The non-Sorosian side of the world, the god side, is mainly focused on saving and making, while the Sorosian side, Satan's side, is virulently focused on debt and breaking. Smashing dams, obliterating countries, turning order to chaos.

Does the god side suffer from Github Syndrome? Turns out to be an easy question. What are China and Russia MAKING as part of the Silk Road? Are they making new 999 Terabyte web cables? No. Are they making airports? No. Spaceports? No. Elonian Hyperloops? Fuck no.

They're building RAILROADS and ROADS and PIPELINES.

All old tech. All well-tested tech, with experience and debug times ranging from 6K years for roads to 2K years for pipelines to 200 years for railroads.

More to the point, they're setting up a system to carry REAL PHYSICAL MATERIALS AND PRODUCTS, a system for MAKERS, while the Github side is concentrating on 999 Terabyte web cables to carry false and criminal "information", a system for TAKERS.

Who uses 999 TB web cables? NSA and NYSE. Spies and stock traders. Destroyers of souls, killers of industries, obliterators of the universe, genocidal demons.

= = = = =

Metaconvective thought ABOUT thoughts and walking: Why does walking create new convective thoughts and damp down old bad thoughts? Maybe because walking makes new neurons? New neurons are not part of old memory patterns, and new neurons can form new thoughts. (The damping-down part is already known; the new-thought part is a new thought.)

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  Going beyond selling your soul

When Rick Perry stayed in the Trump admin after it was PERFECTLY CLEAR that Trump was Hillary, he sold his soul. Now he's moved to the Champion Salesman level in the Satan MLM cult:
The United States welcomes competition from Russia on the global energy markets, but Russia can no longer use energy as an economic weapon, U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry said on Thursday during his meeting with Russia’s Energy Minister Alexander Novak in Moscow.

At the meeting, “Secretary Perry also expressed his disappointment and concern about Russia’s continued attempts to infiltrate the American electric grid,” a statement from the U.S. Department of Energy on the meeting says.
We collapsed Russia in 1989 mainly by using oil price as an economic weapon. We got Saudi to overproduce. Now Satan Perry ORDERS Russia not to return the favor. Fortunately it's a meaningless order, since the rest of the world no longer gives a fuck. Even Germany is sticking with Russia on the Nordstream pipeline.

The lie about hacking the energy grid was already exposed as a lie. Even Steadystate newspapers quietly admitted it was a lie after SCREECHING the lie.

Shame on you, Rick Perry. Shame shame shame. You had a chance to keep your soul, a chance to remain human. Now you're a vile filthy hyperdemon.


  Speaking of subjectivity.....

Latest in the Classy Spokane department:

Mooning is a symbolic communication, requiring a sender and receiver. Cats have zero empathy, zero understanding of human signals, near-zero intelligence. Cats survive because of their superfast reflexes. Therefore no mooning occurred. The human was exposing himself to a non-intelligent and non-perceptive object, pretty much like exposing yourself to an ant or exposing yourself to a toilet.
  Subjective Florence

The Weather Bureau has an interesting animation of the latest hurricane. Instead of holding the map still and showing the cyclone moving across the map, this graphic stays with the cyclone and moves the map under it. In modern terms, a GoPro view.

I've never seen an empathetic animation of a weather system. It's always been possible, but nobody used it.

Proper science, Carverian science, starts with making a NEW observation of reality. There aren't any new things on Earth, so we have to achieve NEWness by looking at the old things from different mental angles.

Recent major discoveries in biology happened because the lookers decided to remove their Theory Goggles. Theory tells you that bacteria CAN'T POSSIBLY live in volcanic vents or the stratosphere, so you don't look. Theory tells you that animals can't be thawed, so you don't try. Theory tells you that genes are permanent, so you toss out the part of the genome that looks wiggly.

This is a new angle on weather. Will it lead to better understanding? Only if the meteorologists remove their Carbon Goggles.

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Thursday, September 13, 2018
  Sorosian cognitive dissonance alert!

Be on the lookout for exploding gender-neutral heads wearing square black glasses and butch haircuts.

The DALAI LAMA has said:

Europe belongs to the Europeans.

What to do about migrants?

Receive them, help them, educate them ... but ultimately they should develop their own country.

The Dalai Lama is the ultimate authority for SJW and Swedish types.

Now that he is saying the SAME WORDS as Farage, Salvini, Orban, and Trump....


  Permissionless and pointless innovation


Elon has now invented a hard-to-imagine super-futuristic thing that can move cars and people UP AND DOWN inside a thing. This is a WOW INNOVATIVE DISRUPTIVE SCI-FI IDEA that nobody ever imagined before!!!!!!!!!!!

Note the thing that goes up and down! WOW!

I think I've found one of Elon's prototype sketches.

This was never imagined before Mighty Creator Elon dreamed it up! All hail Mighty Elon!

The Mighty Creator says:
The company asserts that it can dig tunnels more quickly and efficiently than has been the case in other tunnel projects, in part because of the tunnel design. Vehicles in the tunnel would be transported on electric skates. Without internal combustion engines chugging away, tunnels would be smaller, as ventilation is less of an issue. An autonomous electric skate would also, theoretically at least, reduce accidents and traffic within the tunnel.
WOW DOUBLE WOW! A transit system that runs underground using ELECTRIC POWER! Nobody has ever CONCEIVED of such a WOW AMAZING THRILLING PASSIONATEING idea!!!!!!!!!!

This seems to be another of Elon's sketches:

= = = = =

Leaving aside the irresistible sarcasm, the invention can't work on its own terms. After the elevator gets the car to the lower shaft, and after the car drives over to the main tunnel, how do you put the autonomous skates UNDER the car? How do you turn the car 90 degrees and merge it SIDEWAYS into the fast-moving traffic in the tunnel with no on-ramp? What happens if just ONE of the autonomous skates runs out of battery power? The whole system freezes up with people in the cars. I'm passionate around the Asphyxiating Gridlock Space! Wow!

In the bad old days when innovation required permission, a patent lawyer would have asked these questions immediately, and would have gently told the presumably 10-year-old inventor to keep trying and learn something about mechanisms. Now we're past those bad old days. We're back in the Disruptive 1300s when the only question was WHO. If the invention was scrawled by the inbred infantile insane King, the entire budget of the Kingdom would be devoted to building it, even though it couldn't possibly work. If the WHO was a non-aristocrat, an older invention known as an "ax" would be utilized.
  Permissionless innovation

Strether at NakedCapitalism goes along with the "global warming" racket but on other issues he's sensible and insightful. He worked in manufacturing for a long time and understands the basic difference between making THINGS and making DEBT. Here's an important insight:
“Scooter use is rising in major cities. So are trips to the emergency room.” [WaPo]. “They have been pouring into emergency rooms around the nation all summer, their bodies bearing a blend of injuries that doctors normally associate with victims of car wrecks — broken noses, wrists and shoulders, facial lacerations and fractures, as well as the kind of blunt head trauma that can leave brains permanently damaged. When doctors began asking patients to explain their injuries, many were surprised to learn that the surge of broken body parts stemmed from the latest urban transportation trend: shared electric scooters.” • Yay for “permissionless innovation”! It’s also nice to be able to see Silicon’s real attitude toward safety revealed so rapidly. Remember this episode whenever you read safety claims by Silicon Valley firms on robot cars, and AI generally.
Permissionless innovation. Perfect phrase.

The software industry was developed with lots of government funding but NO regulation. Silicon Valley was never constrained by the need to serve real people or save lives, so it ruins real people and ends lives.

I've been noticing this distinction for a long time, with special focus when studying older industries to "make" digital models. Telegraph and telephone and railroads and radio were regulated and semi-nationalized early on, so they became RELIABLE and CONSTRAINED servants of the public welfare. All are common carriers, all need to own large amounts of property, all need to intrude into houses and businesses in various ways. The ownership and intrusion have been strictly regulated from the start.

The Web also needs to own large amounts of property and intrude. Because it's unregulated, its ownership and intrusion are EXTREME and CRIMINAL.

Web-related companies think and act like Mafias. Everything yields to the need for endless updates, constantly creating MORE bugs and MORE confusion and LESS security, and wasting 90% of the computer's time. The Github mentality is identical to the mobster who hits businesses with a weekly price increase and rule change if they want to maintain protection. "Yeah, $100 was okay last week, but now it's $150 and you have to sell meth for us."

When software intrudes into industries that actually save lives, like hospitals, the result is deadly. Unregulated UI/UX confuses doctors and wastes their time, leading to errors that wouldn't have occurred with paper and dictaphones. The software itself makes errors in judgment that can't be traced.
  Real undertakers do it better

Via ZH: A cryogenics firm is being sued by the family of one client after they mistakenly cremated the body instead of freezing it.

ZH probably intended this as semi-humorous clickbait. Everyone "knows" cryogenics is pointless because there's no chance of thawing back to life.

Common knowledge was valid until a few months ago, when Russian scientists SUCCESSFULLY thawed out some nematodes that had been frozen for thousands of years. Nematodes don't switch to antifreeze mode, so this was genuine reanimation of an animal that wasn't designed to be frozen. This opens a previously closed door.

Aside from the changed context, the mistake is unforgivable anyway. The cryogenics firm was keeping 159 bodies. That's not mass production, it's a quantity that can be handled and inspected CLOSELY AND CAREFULLY without a lot of bureaucracy.

Ordinary funeral homes do a much better job of storing and organizing remains.

AS FUCKING ALWAYS, long experience succeeds and Innovative Disruption kills.


Wednesday, September 12, 2018
  The original Steadystate

Rome is playing the "reform" game again, calling a special council to "deal with" the total depravity of its monstrous hierarchy.

The absolute total depravity has been constant for at least 1000 years. This particular vice has been a publicly known part of the depravity package for at least 700 years. The "reform" game has been going on since the start. Every 20 years the Church calls up a council to "deal with" the total depravity of its monstrous hierarchy, and every 20 years it stays the same. No reason to expect any difference this time.

Rome is the original Steadystate.

Read Henry Lea's 1877 book. Especially the last chapter around page 600. It's all tiresomely familiar.

Later thought: There's an important difference between the Steadystate of an empire and the Steadystate of a church. An ordinary citizen can't do anything about the empire. Entire countries can leave the empire, but a citizen in USA has exactly zero power. With a church the situation is reversed. Ordinary people have ALL the power against an evil church. Just LEAVE. Get out. A church can't hurt its members when the members are ELSEWHERE.



Noticed an unusual and FAST renovation today.

An attached garage on a '50s house had been converted to a room LONG ago, probably soon after the house was built. The front wall was properly wall-like, not an obvious fill panel.

There was no sign of pending construction on Monday. I didn't walk past the house on Tuesday. Today, Wednesday, the garage is a garage again! Looks like it was always a garage.

Structurally the speed makes sense... the wall was designed to hold an overhead door, so the lower part wasn't bearing any load. Removing it wouldn't require any 'engineering'. Just Sawzall + skill.

Culturally it's UNIQUE. I've never seen a conversion in this direction. In Spokane NOBODY uses a garage for cars. They fill the garage with stuff then build a carport in front to hold the car then fill the carport with stuff then build a carportport in front then [loop]


  Another retrofitted dream script

Dreamed that Walter Mondale had returned from the dead and was running for President again. He was campaigning only in laundromats. His agenda relied on one magic word which would solve all problems. The word was MNAIT, pronounced like m'night.


Oh. This was another of those scenes developed by the dream scripter from bits and pieces of my OTR playlist. In this case I was hearing an episode of 'Strange as it Seems' dealing with a contrived coincidence. Three separate shipwrecks, all on the same date in different centuries, all had exactly one survivor. Each of the survivors was named Hugh Williams. Not much of a coincidence, but Hix turned it into a good story.

Where were the shipwrecks? In Menai Strait, near Bangor in Wales.

I have no idea where Mondale and the laundromats came from, but clearly the dream scripter was retrofitting its own interesting narrative to the one salient word. Even though I've heard the episode hundreds of times during non-dream sleep and dozens of times in wakeness, the dream scripter rejected the THOROUGHLY FAMILIAR connections of the word and resolutely invented its own set of connections.

Mondale returning from the dead makes more sense than the facts of USA politics. All the existing candidates in "both" "parties" are 900-year-old zombies staggering around and emitting incoherent screeches.

= = = = =

A week later dream scripter pulled a similar trick!
Tuesday, September 11, 2018
  Fucking reprint

Following on the last two items, it's time to reprint this piece from a couple months ago. It fits nicely.


Political and economic talkers of "both" sides are constantly pushing the Gig Economy. Everyone should be an entrepreneur! Quit the ratrace and start your own business!

Well, it's good advice if your business is crime. It's terrible advice if you're trying to be honest.

In Britain now, the failure rate for crime is only 9%.

Typically the failure rate for new entrepreneurs is about 70%.

Turning it around:

A career in crime has a 9 in 10 chance of success.

An honest career has a 3 in 10 chance of success.

The most serious crime is committed by those advisors. They know EXACTLY what they're doing. They're advising good honest smart people to WORK FOR FREE.

They're selling the best people into debt slavery. Not proper agrarian slavery where the slaves could count on lifetime support. More like the modern migrant system where the victim pays his life savings to the smuggler and then works to an early death with no reward.


This goes along with the Insatiable's cruelly fake invitation to Deplorables. You can be rich and popular! You can be just like me! Start by being an entrepreneur! Spend several years developing new ideas and methods, so I can steal them and LBO you into failure and suicide! Great fun for me! Too bad about you, LOSER SOYBOY MOMMY'S BASEMENT 47% TAKER.

The crime really started with 1776, not with 9/11. The cruelest hoax of all is the genocidal and gene-ocidal myth that all people are identical, that genes don't exist.

When you live by FACTS, you understand that status and popularity are innate and permanent. You don't waste time falling into conveniently provided scams and traps. Instead, you push away the evil by MAKING more value and beauty, which is the duty of all life. Let Satan be Satan. Don't help him.

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  What did 9/11 do?

Headline in Deutsche Welle today:

Death of German fuels fears of far-right violence in Köthen

Epitaph for civilization.

This pattern is UNIVERSAL in the Sorosian lands.

An actual crime is committed by Soros-commanded foreign invaders. Ordinary residents are outraged at the actual crime.

In a sane country, the government would ALSO be outraged at the crime itself, and would do everything possible to find and KILL the murderer, and then REPEL the invasion, which is the SINGLE SOLE SOLITARY PURPOSE OF A MOTHERFUCKING GOVERNMENT.

In a Sorosian country, the dysgovernment IGNORES the actual crime and does everything possible to PROTECT the criminal. Instead, the dysgovernment finds and KILLS the ordinary citizens who expressed outrage.

In USA, this pattern began with 9/11. The dysgovernment told us "See something, say something!".... and when we dared to say something, the dysgovernment treated us as terrorists.

The whole point of 9/11 was to establish maximally crazy tyranny as the norm. The point of 9/11 was to pull Deplorables out of the woodwork so we could be exterminated.

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Starting with the scenes I like to build.

And the themes I like to hit in this blog:

Notice the common shape? TANH in the real world vs EXP in the fake world.

I hadn't made the connection until now.

There are two physical reasons for the dominance of tanh hills in the scenes. First, the historically genuine scenes are genuinely set against a bluff. Cave Gas is IN a bluff. Many of my 'lost places' are in eastern Kansas, which is a bluffy place. Second, I want these scenes to be USED by real artists, so I try to make them self-contained and efficient. A hill for a backdrop is 'cheaper' in terms of rendering than a lot of trees and background buildings.

Bluffs and hillsides have a real-life connection to Insatiables vs Deplorables. As I detailed here, rising status goes with rising altitude. Ever since the days of aristocratic castles, Insatiables want to be in a commanding position where they can survey their land and slaves.

On the world scale, you can envision Sorosia in tanh-status terms.

USA STRONG occupies the aristocrat ground. The bear occupies the peasant ground.

In between the two plateaus is an eroded area of tricky terrain, similar to the eroded band that includes eastern Kansas.

USA STRONG believes that everyone wants to be on the high ground with him. An Insatiable always believes that everyone wants to be Just Like Him. Why wouldn't they aspire to My Godlike Perfection? Why wouldn't they want to bask in My Holy Radiance? Why wouldn't they want to live on infinite debt and zero savings? Works beautifully for me! I believe that My Infinite Wealth must always increase exponentially, and the only way to do that is with Infinite Debt.

USA STRONG's radiance is actually gamma rays. The countries that share the high ground are getting sick, and finally realizing that USA STRONG is a crazy omnicidal mass killer.

Down on the low ground, the bear doesn't have to do a lot of advertising. Just continue with a low-side tanh way of living. No aggression, limit the power of monopolies, gold standard instead of infinite debt, preserve Natural Law culture. Make things.

Many countries have already slid down the bluff to the Natural Law plateau. Italy is the most recent arrival. At the moment Turkey, Germany and Holland are somewhere in the crevices of the eroded zone. They can't quite imagine a life away from His Holy Radiance, but the Migrant Rays are making them sicker by the day, and they need to get away from the line-of-sight radiation.

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Monday, September 10, 2018
  Weak points

Again continuing the split Sorosia theme...

One issue that splits Steadystate is 'machine learning' or AI. There are major Steadystaters on both sides. Some are actively developing it, some are loudly opposing it. Elon, of course, is doing both at once.

I think opposition is more natural for Steadystaters, and active development is just commercial careerism. Let's see if I can show how this works.

= = = = =

1. Machine learning is NOT NEW. Long before the computer age, there were mechanical and electronic systems that adjusted their own way of responding as a result of 'remembered' experience.

Start from the start with the PRIMORDIAL technology, cooking fires. A fire behaves differently after the ashes have piled up for days or weeks, and cooks have learned to use this altered behavior for different types of cooking.

Mechanical examples are more subtle but common. In cars, self-adjusting brakes and hydraulic valve lifters change their limit points automatically as the surfaces wear down. Both of these mechanisms are 80 years old. In electronics, volume leveling and noise canceling circuits adjust the current response based on a 'memory' of the last 5 or 10 seconds. Fairly complex, but again 80 years old, well before the era of software.

2. Steadystate HATES experience more than anything in the world. Mechanisms and people who adjust their behavior based on memory and experience are ADAPTABLE, thus UNSTEADY. The only way to achieve ABSOLUTE BRITTLE RIGID STEADY DEATH is by following an abstract THEORY. A theory never changes.

3. Steadystate squashes all invocations of experience with CITE YOUR DOCUMENTATION. This happens all the time in web comboxes and academia. Any attempt to bring PERSONAL OBSERVATION into a discussion is met with the CITE weapon. Only PERMANENT UNCHANGING WRITTEN AUTHORITATIVE THEORY is acceptable.

4. Steadystate hates experiential education because learning from reality, using your hands and senses, enables you to DETECT a false theory. When your hands and eyes are in direct contact with a frog or a circuit or a bridge, you can't be fooled by written nonsense.

5. Steadystate loves statistics and hates phase and wave charts. Statistics are timeless by definition. When you reduce a situation to mean and variance, you have explicitly STRANGLED THE LIFE out of the situation.

6. Steadystate is always surprised by changes that can be predicted easily by an intelligent experience-based mind. Steadystaters don't understand saturation or cycles or the entire fucking nervous system. When a natural phenomenon or a human behavior runs in cycles or adapts to a baseline, Steadystate can't comprehend what's going on, and has to blame it on a mysterious spiritual force like witches or CO2 or "randomness" or RUSSIAN_MEDDLING.

= = = = =

All of these tendencies are WEAK POINTS in Steady thinking. All could be EXPLOITED by the feedback-guided and experience-guided side. We ought to be taking advantage of this weakness.

= = = = =

[Credit footnote: Again I have to thank the NYTimes anonymous neocon eunuch who supplied the correct word, the CLARIFYING word, for our demonic occupiers.]

Later footnote: A reader could rationally infer from this item that I'm supporting 'killer robots' and 'intelligent drones'. I'm not. First: I'm just saying that 'killer robots' are nothing new or special, not any worse than plain old dumb weapons and soldiers. War is war, and war is bad. Second: As a long-time programmer with some experience in this type of work AND some knowledge of neurology, I know that AI is overrated. It can't do the things that its techie supporters claim. Overall, we should be worrying about the basic question of war versus peace, not worrying about specific ways of making war.

In short: Why does Steadystate fear AI-powered weapons? Because any intelligence that gathers EXPERIENTIAL DATA on its own will conclude that war is bad. Bad for everyone and everything, including the nation that built the weapon. All experience in human history agrees 100% with this conclusion. If the weapon wants to serve its maker, it will shut down and do nothing.

The only way to build a loyal war-loving robot is to preprogram it with a THEORY (eg "spreading democracy"), and restrict its inputs and logic to precoded data.

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Sunday, September 09, 2018
  The amazing thing

Carrying on the split Sorosia thought...

The amazing thing is that populists in Sorosian lands have managed to put together the facts and logic for ourselves, with NO help from ANY modern "opinion sources". I try to watch foreign leaders like Putin and Orban and Salvini, and I look back at FDR and Jennings Bryan and Graybill. But most populists are processing the facts and reaching the correct conclusions independently, BASED ON THEIR OWN OBSERVATION AND EXPERIENCE, without reading those temporospatially distant sources.

The "leftist" media like NakedCapitalism and CommonDreams are pluponents. While pretending to critique bankism and debtism, they actually propose more abstraction and more debt. They don't even pretend to critique the cultural side of Soros. They're firmly on board with open borders, variable gender, environmental lunacy, the whole bit.

The "libertarian" media like Reason aren't exactly pluponents, but their alternative is no improvement. They have one thing unquestionably right: Central banks are evil. But at the same time they FEROCIOUSLY defend the tech branches of Steadystate like Amazon and Google. They oppose the forceful imposition of anti-Natural Law culture, but at the same time they FAVOR the anti-Natural Law culture itself, and FEROCIOUSLY support open borders and offshoring.

The media from Russia, supposedly solid enemies of OUR PRECIOUS SOROSIAN FREEDOMS, are nearly identical to CNN and MSNBC. The only difference between RT and CNN is the issue of Russia itself. RT agrees that Christianity is bad, "global warming" is real, migrants are good, prisons should be torn down, cops are bad, bitcoin is good, etc.

RT is normal. After all, the job of a national propaganda outlet is to weaken the enemy. What ISN'T normal is the role of CNN, NYT, FOX, etc. In a normal world they would be STRENGTHENING America by assisting Christianity, breaking up monopolies, and avoiding wars.

There were a couple of exceptions to this total absence of public expression. In previous elections Pat Buchanan and Rick Santorum preached the whole populist message consistently and coherently. Both were out of the picture this time. Trump said a few populist things, just enough to bring the desperate citizens out of the woodwork so we can be identified and squashed. But even during his scampaign, most of his message was standard Repooflican. And since the election he has given Steadystate most of what it wants. More war, more debt, higher Dow, less tax, less jobs. Steadystate continues to bash the fake holograph of "Populist Trump", making him attractive to rebels, continuing the Pied Piper role.

REMEMBER: TRUMP IS ROY COHN'S PROTEGE. This tells you everything you need to know.

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  Constants and variables 105b, Snusnik edition 2

I was sort of hoping for an Italy-like overturn in Sweden, but I'm not hugely surprised at the moderate gain for populists. Sweden isn't ripe for an overturn.

Constant: Soros. Variable: Which SIDE of Soros is dominant.

Sweden has totally surrendered to the Sorosians culturally but hasn't surrendered economically. Its heavy industries are still going strong, very little offshoring. Ordinary Swedes may be disgusted by the migrants and variable-gender ratshit, but they still have useful and high-paid jobs.

Italy went crazy the other way. Italy maintained its culture pretty firmly but allowed the bankers and Krauts to snatch away its industries. Ordinary men are poor and useless, especially in the North.

PURPOSE counts more than anything else.

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Haven't had a good scamoleth email in a long time. Most of the scammers have mastered English grammar by now. Not this one.

Subject line:

occa, sorry, but Your appeal 114147 not took into account


Good afternoon, occa.

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Dont be upset, but Your appeal not examined the
From US You NEVER similar Letters DO NOT GET
FROM this project You will accept specifically the best notice. For example, such:
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The first notification will arrive already Today. So – every couple of hours.

Camille Ward
Your connected manager

= = = = =

Almost every word is completely failed grammar and syntax.

It doesn't even work as a sucker filter because it doesn't convey any message at all. It doesn't imply that you could get something by responding.

A week later: A nearly identical email with a new peculiarity. It's not addressed to me; instead the destination is a real email belonging to a professor of marine biology at the Univ of Tasmania. I've never heard of the prof or the university, and couldn't have any connection to her, unless maybe I've clicked on an article in Eurekalert or something like that. Spam always has a fake origin, but I've never seen a fake destination before. What's the purpose?


  Happy to oblige!

NYTimes demon has written some "clarifications" on its bizarre op-ed from a neocon eunuch.

The last line of the "clarification" indicates the main purpose is to rename Deepstate to Steadystate.

Glad to oblige!!! Without even knowing it, the eunuch has DEFINED THE PROBLEM CORRECTLY.

As I've been pointing out forever, Steadystate is bad PRECISELY BECAUSE IT'S UNCHANGING AND NON-ADAPTABLE. Steady is another name for dead.

A functional government, like any functional living thing, runs on NEGATIVE FEEDBACK. Every action and policy is open to change if it's not maximizing the BASIC PURPOSE OF SURVIVAL for the whole organism.

Steadystate is deadly because it NEVER CHANGES AND NEVER ADAPTS. It always makes war, always barbecues heretics. It's a brainless killing machine, a massive meatgrinder that pushes forward with no steering and no brakes.

= = = = =

Later thought: The change of terminology is well-timed. Since the "election" of Hillary In An Orange Wig, the demonic death forces are no longer deep, no longer hidden under the surface. No need for conspiracy theories when Steadystate is POWERBLASTING THE LANDSCAPE WITH TOXIC SLUDGE from every single outlet and portal and speaker and screen and page and mouth.

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  First step

The story about the rich fuckheads who raised $400k for their homeless friend, then gambled it all away, is messy in terms of good and evil. Hard to tell from a distance whether there's some unseen betrayal from the other side. But from a contractual viewpoint it's simple. Homeless dude gets the money.

And GoFundMe has come through with an unusual guarantee:

But regardless of what happened, the donations are backed by GoFundMe's "GoFundMe guarantee," which protects donors and recipients. "We reached an agreement today with GoFundMe and they have agreed to make sure he will be made whole," Fallon says. In a statement, the company said it would back the money raised: "...Our platform is backed by the GoFundMe Guarantee, which means that in the rare case that GoFundMe, law enforcement or a user finds campaigns are misused, donors and beneficiaries are protected."
Before this action the story didn't have any major consequences or meaning. Now it does.

GoFundMe has just established itself as the UNQUESTIONABLY SUPERIOR ALTERNATIVE to the infinitely evil stock market. By SPEEDILY enforcing a clear contract in an otherwise messy situation, GoFundMe has become a true Natural Law answer to Wall Street.

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Saturday, September 08, 2018
  Sorosian stroke

Making a subject unthinkable has real costs. This article in ArseTechnica is surprisingly not-quite-totally-insane, considering the source. It summarizes a TOTALLY INSANE SCREEEEEEEEECH written by demons at MIT, which grudgingly reaches the conclusion that more nuclear power is needed to propitiate Gaia's revenge for TRUMP HITLER KKK ALT-RIGHT NAZI HITLER TRUMP.

Despite the 1% sanity in the Arse article, it still shows a self-destructive blind spot. It assumes that the Soros world is the ONLY world. Nuclear power is no longer being built in Sorosia, THEREFORE it's no longer built anywhere in the world.

IN FACT both Russia and China are building LOTS of new nuke plants, in their own countries and even in Euro countries and Saudi. Economics and technology** are NOT the problem, as Arse and MIT assume. Only our own suicidal hyperlunacy is OUR problem.

This is the exact equivalent of a neurological defect called hemispatial neglect, which often arises after a stroke. The patient simply doesn't know that one side of the world exists. He washes and grooms only one side of his body, reads only one side of a text or picture, and DOESN'T KNOW why the result is odd.

= = = = =

**Even within the visible Sorosian side of the world the techmonsters have memory holes (both Orwellian and neurological). According to Arse, a major part of the technological "problem" is waste disposal, which nobody has ever tried to solve at all. We're waiting for Elon to get to it. C'mon guys, give him time. He's already invented rockets, tunnels, caves, automobiles, factories, the sun, the stock market, the universe, and brains. None of these things existed before the Mighty Creator thought of them. He'll get around to this one pretty soon.

IN FACT the problem of waste was completely and satisfactorily solved TWICE by American engineers. First we invented the recycling Breeder Reactor, which Gaia soon unexisted. After it was unexisted, France picked up the idea and still uses it profitably and safely. Since the problem still hadn't been solved, we had to solve it, so we designed and built a perfectly safe underground storage facility at Yucca Mountain in Nevada. Yucca Mountain was unexisted by a more earthly power. A Mafia crimelord named Harry Reid owned lots of casinos, Nevada, and the Senate. Because he owned Nevada he decided that Yucca Mountain unexists. Because he owned the Senate the Federal dysgovernment agreed with him. Even though God-Emperor Reid no longer owns the Senate, his Imperial Godforce reigns forever and ever forever and ever forever and ever forever and ever hallelujah hallelujah halleluuuuuuuuuJAH. Therefore, as far as we "know", the waste problem has never even been considered, let alone solved, and we're all anxiously awaiting Creator Of The Universe Elon to graciously grant us some time between Holy Eucharistic Tokes.

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  Constants and variables 105, Snusnik edition

Latest item at KSHS is ... amusing? bemusing? just plain weird?

I've cropped and contrasted the picture.

This set of photographs represent a float for the Svensk Hyllningsfest parade in Lindsborg, Kansas. The design of the float was fashioned after Sputnik, the first artificial Earth satellite launched by the then Soviet Union. The Svensk Hyllningsfest is a biennial celebration honoring the Swedish heritage and culture of the community.
Well, no. The float wasn't fashioned after Sputnik, it was fashioned after the sponsor's Snus tin. Excellent piece of metalcraft. A local sheet-metal shop must have done it.

Under the a-be-musement, there are two major historical comparisons between 1957 and now.

1. A parade float sponsored by a tobacco product. Nuff said. Or rather Snuff said.

2. We think of the current phase of Russia-frenzy as a repeat of the first Cold War. Wrong. In the '50s, as I've noted before, it was possible for people to think and talk RATIONALLY about Russian achievements. In the current psychopathic death-dance, this float would be absolutely unthinkable. No sponsor, Snus or otherwise, would IMAGINE a salute to ANYTHING remotely connected to connected to connected to connected to Russia, and the chain of forbidden connections is literally infinite.


We are 999999999999999999999 teraparsecs beyond all previous examples of lunacy and evil.

= = = = =

Later thought: The float didn't represent Sputnik, but it was clearly a positive reference. It seems to be saying that Snus is the Swedish Sputnik. What was the message? Snus gets you high? Snus puts you into orbit?

Footnote: The history of the sponsor is more interesting than this float! Worth reading.

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