Thursday, August 17, 2017
  Rohrabacher returns to life

Interesting to see Rohrabacher getting back into the game. For many years he was the MAIN serious voice against imperialism. Sometime around 2010 he went silent but remained in Congress. Now he's returned to the public eye, meeting with Assange and apparently delivering some info to the administration.

I wish he could pull Assange away from one-sided arrogant purity. Wikileaks does a champion job of showing the workings of evil Deepstates in ALL countries, but Wikileaks refuses to show its own workings.

CIA, GCHQ, and all the other Deepstate entities, can do maximum harm because they know how to camouflage their actions as "Islamic" or "Russian" or "white supremacist" or "Currently Fashionable Scapegoat" actions. They've been doing it for 100 years. Wikileaks shows us how the digital version works.

Each revelation of a Five Eyes method eliminates the method from future use. Anti-virus companies and security specialists learn what to watch for, and build defenses.

Admittedly a revelation could eliminate a method from Wikileaks's arsenal, but there are times when revealing a source is the ONLY way to break the enemy. As long as WL's source for the DNC load is not NAMED, Deepstate can continue to destroy truth.

If the source has already been FortMarcied, nothing can hurt him. If the source is not dead, his life will be easier to protect after he's known.
  Stings all the way down?

In previous item on SI, I wrote

The French terrorists were beheading real scientists in the same year when they were imposing the metric system.

I normally write "terrorists" in quotes because the modern version is always a sting or false flag. I normally write "scientists" in quotes because the modern version is nearly always criminally fraudulent.

The French were not running a sting; they were deadly serious about eliminating real science; and they coined the word terrorist to describe themselves. Primary source doesn't need quote marks.

= = = = =

Question arises: How far back in history can we find modern false flags and modern false science?

Specifically, the FBI/CIA habit of inventing organizations and movements to provide a reason for slaughter?

= = = = =

Broadly speaking, deception is the norm in Nature and honesty is the rare outlier. Posing as something else is the default and being yourself is the exception. 80-20, maybe 90-10. Everything from viruses to insects poses as something else by genetic design. Smarter critters, mammals and birds and cephalopods, pose with design plus plenty of intelligence. Cephalopods do it best.

Thus we should start with the assumption that police or armies or philosophers / scientists have always used complicated deceptions.

History is magnificently clear on armies. Organized deception from the start. Fooling the enemy is always better than fighting the enemy. But a fake regiment to convince the enemy to surrender is NOT the same thing as a fake protest to gather Deplorables for slaughter.

There's much less written history for police.

Swift tells us that the London police used stings in the modern form, and in fact Swift helped with one of those stings, writing and publishing a fake confession by a gangster the police had just caught. The confession persuaded the gangster's subthugs that they were about to be grassed, so they would do better to turn themselves in.

Fraudulent science: Swift again! Laputa. Precisely the same as modern "science", and ruining the entire culture just as modern "science" does. But in this case Swift was writing satire, only part fact. In his time the fraudulent philosophers didn't actually run things.

Swift takes us back to the early 1700s on both questions, but I don't know of any earlier records. I'll keep looking.

= = = = =

Later, another question arises. How much deception is the norm INSIDE an organism? Pathogens and parasites always use deception to gain entrance and remain inside as illegal aliens. But what about internal stings? Do neurons ever pose as muscles to form synapses that otherwise wouldn't happen? Do endocrine glands send out false messages via hormones to increase their blood budget? Is pain a sting? (Immediate answer: Yes, sometimes, and I don't mean wasps.)

At the more abstract level, the brain devotes most of its time and energy to fraud, both helpful and harmful. Our optical and auditory image of the world is fiction written by the brain. Some of this fiction is necessary to work around defects in senses or gaps in knowledge, and some of it is harmful. The most harmful part is injected by external propagandists via conversation or media.... which brings us back to FBI/CIA again, and the bringing back brings us back to the universal circle.

= = = = =

So. Deception is a constant, not a variable. Appearance of honesty may be a smarter form of deception.

Despair? No. Sweeping away the meaningless variable leaves the bigger and better variable open for examination.

If honesty and falsehood are undefinable, how do you judge a belief system or a proposition? Direction of vector. Order vs chaos. Life vs death. MAKEFORCE. If this belief system or organization PROVABLY leads to more order, more value, more life, follow it. If this belief system or cult or organization isn't MAKING more value and life, toss it out.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017
  Witch watch

After seeing the SorosLeaks site removed, and some sudden Paypal cutoffs on other sites, I decided to take a couple of precautions. I'm guessing that will start deleting old radio and TV shows that had some contact with reality. My favorite old radio show definitely fits into that category, so I saved the available files to a CD just in case. (I've already got most of the good shows on CD, but this one wasn't safe yet.) Obviously I'm not going to name the shows. That would be Engineer/guillotine. The walls have bots.
  Non-barking antichrist

When witches are burning, Antichrist Bergoglio is normally first to light the torch. He's peculiarly slow on this month's bonfire. As far as I can tell from Vatican and Zenit, Bergoglio is confining himself to tasks and statements that you'd expect from a Catholic Pope.

Where did he get the idea of acting like a Catholic? Or a Catholic Pope? Strictly bizarro. If I suddenly switched from my usual ramblings on metrology, language and Carver to football betting tips, it wouldn't be nearly as strange.

Is Bergoglio growing senile? Losing his satanic drive? Or just taking time to prepare an all-consuming mega-anathema?
Tuesday, August 15, 2017
  SIentific stupidity as usual

Metrology doesn't get mentioned by name often. Polistra's metrology sense picked up this article on problems in SI.....
Water is a precious resource. So protest erupted when, last September, India’s Supreme Court ordered Karnataka state to release 15,000 cusecs (cubic feet per second) of the stuff per day to its downriver neighbour, Tamil Nadu. But what irked keen-eyed scientists was the nonsensical nature of the order. Cusec is a rate of flow, analogous to speed, not something that can be done “per day”. Taken literally, the order was meaningless.
No, it's not meaningless. The meaning of the order is perfectly clear to anyone but a SIentist. Karnataka is required to add a flow of 15k cuft per second to the existing river flow, for a specified number of days each year.

The rest of the article cites a real problem.
The issue arises because the International System of Units (SI) allows combinations of only seven basic dimensions and their units (such as length in metres), and allocates quantities with no extent in these dimensions a unit of ‘1’. That makes life simple, but hides crucial information. For example, a turning force, torque, is often measured in joules per radian. In dimensional analysis, that confusingly becomes joules, the same unit as energy. Hertz — cycles per second — reduces to ‘per second’, just like the frequency of non-periodic events.
I tried to fight this absurd tendency when I was teaching electronics, and still try when I deal with waves in courseware. I base all calculations on explicitly named CYCLES, which makes the algebra of units easy to handle and understand. Frequency is cycles per second, period is seconds per cycle, wavelength is meters per cycle.

A cycle is a COUNTABLE THING, unlike kilograms or inches. In fact a circle or repetition is the ONLY universal measurement. Start here, return to here. A completed circle or a return to the original condition is universal and identical in all systems. A degree or radian is a subunit of a cycle, dependent on choice of system.

In modern metrology, seconds and meters are defined ON THE BASIS of cycles or wavelengths, and it looks like kilograms will join the crowd soon.

It's absurd and contradictory to treat waves as non-units in a system that is BUILT ON waves.

But it's not surprising. Everything that started from "Enlightenment" thinking turns out to be antiscientific and contradictory. The French terrorists were beheading real scientists in the same year when they were imposing the metric system.


  Plus ça change.....

The witch-hunt is well under way, as Deepstate shuts off connections to real rebels.

The only good thing about a SERIOUS witch-hunt is that it tells you who's real and who's an AP or a nark. It's a perfect verifier. If "rebel" X has disappeared, or can't take donations, you know with 100% certainty that X was real, not a false flag. If "rebel" Y continues to exist and take donations, you don't know for sure (see proving a negative) but you can operate on the assumption that Y is a nark. This particular burning ALSO verifies with 100% certainty that Soros is at the heart of Deepstate.

Yup, back to '69 yet again.

Reprinting from 2006 (Jeez, 11 years ago!)...........
In March of 1969 (Jeez, 37 years ago!) the Bowling Green police made a massive bust, cracking up a 'drug ring'. Well, we weren't a 'ring'; we hadn't even known each other prior to arrest. The only thing we had in common was that we had all bought from a guy named Scott, who was rumored to be a nark. Scott was never arrested. My roommate was never arrested, even though the only pot in our apartment was found in his room. Why? Well, just a random note, which I mention for no particular reason: he came from a prominent Ohio family, a name you'd recognize. Of course that couldn't have any possible connection with his continued freedom.

Out of the twenty or so 'ring members', only one had a previous conviction. He got out first. Why? Again mentioning some random facts: this guy had not been involved in left-wing politics, because he was on the BGSU football team. By another remarkable coincidence, he was let out of jail a week before practice started, and rejoined the team.

Most of the 'ring' (including me) spent six months in the walls, then served a few years probation and had our rights restored. Two guys stayed longer; their charge was the same, and I don't think they misbehaved inside, but I do know that they had been the most active and well-known leftists. These coincidences just keep piling up higher and deeper, don't they? c'est la même witch-hunt.

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  Glorifying, not horrifying

I've been consoling myself with good or at least normal news from the sane parts of the world. Russia, Kenya, Hungary, etc.

Finally ONE piece of good news from the insane beyond insane beyond insane realms:
The financier is thought to have been working on the first floor, but fell from the seventh floor.

His colleagues were said to be devastated, with several having been sent home. Police are trying to contact the man's wife to inform her of the incident. One worker based at the London Stock Exchange said: "It's horrifying, that's all I can say."
Not horrifying, glorifying.

Score this year:

Insatiable suicides 1.

Deplorable suicides 40,000.

One literally down, 39,999 to go.


  Poker/sucker parallel

Still continuing from previous:

Here's a rule that runs parallel to the poker/sucker thing. I never understood the poker/sucker thing because I don't gamble. I understand this rule. Most likely nobody else will, but fuck it.

Background: Traps, whether cults or bubbles or protests, thrive on the Magician's Secret. The enemy and destroyer of traps is


Show your motives and your goals and your mechanisms.

= = = = =

So here's the rule:

If your leaders (government, media, corporate) can't or won't explain what they're doing, they're setting a trap.

If you can't explain what you're doing, you're IN a trap.

= = = = =

Showing my work: In the '69 protests our gurus were clearly working for the D party, not for Peace and Justice. They encouraged us hippies to protest the war AND to campaign for standard pro-war D candidates. The gurus never explained this conflict; we were supposed to trust their "strategy" and "necessary compromises". Later, when I was discussing the whole mess with people who hadn't been involved in the Sixties, I found that I couldn't explain my actions. I could only come up with vague words like hope.
  The only thing we manufacture is evil.

Continuing from previous:

ZH is noting a mass resignation of Globalist CEOs from Trump's fake "council of manufacturers". The manufactured Charlottesville "protest" is the assigned and scheduled reason for their resignations.

This meaningless gesture closes the book on one part of Trump's alleged promise. He campaigned on Less War and More Jobs. The falseness of the More Jobs part was obvious even before the election.

If Trump had really meant to restore industry, his project would automatically and necessarily START with drastically restricting the power of bankers, just as FDR did.

Jobs are destroyed to enrich bankers.

Immigration and outsourcing and automation are mechanisms, not purposes. Trump talked about two of the mechanisms and pretended to "do" something about immigration, making small alterations in existing orders which were immediately and conveniently deleted by black-robed demons.

He didn't even PROPOSE any restrictions on bankers, so I knew before the election that the More Jobs part of his promise was empty. The emptiness of Less Wars took longer to show up.


Monday, August 14, 2017
  I missed two points

I've made this analogy a couple times before but completely missed TWO main points. Now I've caught both.

= = = = =

What I didn't miss: All organized protests are traps, stings, APs. If you're responding to a Clarion Call with specific instructions, you're falling into a trap.

The only exception is a protest you make entirely on your own, against a subject that nobody else is pushing. For instance, I might get passionate about Dropbox's upcoming elimination of its Public folders, which makes it slightly more difficult to host videos on a blog. I might go to Dropbox's headquarters and start picketing. Guaranteed that nobody else is bothered about this, so it's not a trap. It's just stupid and completely pointless. Nothing will happen.

If the protest is organized and scheduled, it's a trap.

= = = = =

First point that I missed: The biggest traps have two entrances.

When I made the analogy earlier, I compared the current protests with the 1969 antiwar movement, which got serious and organized IMMEDIATELY after Nixon was elected. The obvious purpose was to catch and destroy rebels. I got caught in that trap and ended up in jail. Nixon also got caught because he was blamed for cracking down on the rebellion. He didn't get caught for being antiwar, because he didn't halt the war until the war was lost.

Rebels were one side of the trap. Nixon was the other.

In the modern case, rebels are one side and Trump is the other. Direct parallel, except that Trump is blamed for NOT cracking down on the rebellion. Irrelevant. Deepstate doesn't care about the HOW. Any old HOW will serve as long as the proper WHO is exterminated.

(Both Nixon and Trump CLAIMED to be antiwar. Both were loyal warmakers in PRACTICE. It's possible that both were actually working for Deepstate; both volunteered as chief shitcatcher in response to some combination of monetary reward and blackmail. This possibility doesn't really alter the fact of the two-entrance trap, so it's sort of null.)

= = = = =

The other thing I didn't see earlier:

I was thinking that the '69 trap and the current trap are opposite in intention. The '69 college administrators were non-hippies who hated hippies. They "needed some muscle here", so they called on Phi Delts to "crack some hippie heads." The current situation is different. Admins are hippies who hate non-hippies, and they're calling on Antifa and Soros groups to "crack some fascist heads".

Now I see. Not opposite at all. In both eras the administrators are GLOBALISTS. They are serving the builders of empire, and the rebels are against aggressive imperial wars. The rebels of the two eras had other things on their minds ALONG WITH imperial wars, and those other things are unquestionably different. But the administrators aren't really worried about the incidentals. For them the only thing that counts is Global vs National. USA STRONG must control everything. Rebels don't want USA STRONG to own everything, so they must die.

Continued here and then here.

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  Back in the comfort zone

Nice little point of inflection, perfectly sync'd with the Charlottesville AP work.

The Bureau of Instigation has switched the party of their cultivated "terrorists" from the temporary Muslim flavor back to their natural comfortable Christian flavor.

The Bureau was founded in 1918 to create "enemies" of Globalism so Deepstate could justify its slaughter of Deplorables.

Lady Edgar was forced to create "communist" enemies for a while but was always more comfortable slaughtering Christians. After 1989 the Bureau joyfully returned to its normal Christian slaughter in Ruby Ridge and Waco. But another snag appeared when Bush Junior, perhaps retardedly and accidentally, keyed in "Muslims" as the Current Enemy. Now that SAC Trump has admirably performed his job of stirring up the Deplorables with false hope, FBI is back to the good old comfort zone again.
  Watching Kenya with envy

As the Soros final solution accelerates beyond light speed into a screeching crawing glakxnpting tjoxetret543gngsgsazing frenzy in USA STRONG, it's encouraging to see Soros and his usual USA STRONG helpers FAILING in Kenya.
Kenyans largely ignored an opposition call to go on strike on Monday, re-opening shops and returning to work as they shrugged off demands for demonstrations against President Uhuru Kenyatta's re-election and against the killing of protesters.

Cars, buses and motorcycles returned to the streets of the capital, Nairobi, and the western town of Kisumu after days of quiet due to fears of violence after last Tuesday's vote. Kenyatta beat rival Raila Odinga by securing more than 54 percent of the vote, official results show.
Odinga is the preferred candidate of Soros and Deepstate. Kenyatta is the preferred candidate of Kenyans. Since he is the ruler of Kenyans, their opinion is the ONLY THING THAT MATTERS.

Note the media assumption that Kenyans SHOULD be protesting and striking, because Odinga is the ONLY POSSIBLE candidate. Media simply CANNOT IMAGINE that anyone anywhere can act against Soros.

Kenyans are not bothered by the media's preference. They like what their leader is doing, partly because he has kicked out Soros NGOs, mainly because he is competent. (Come to think of it, evicting foreign enemies is just an automatic PART of competent leadership.)

US/EU media CANNOT IMAGINE competence. Competence and sanity are long long long extinct.


Sunday, August 13, 2017
  Se-lu 3, me-lu edition

Cool weather loosens me up. More concretely, with the air conditioner finally getting its well-deserved rest, the desk where I do electronic stuff is more comfortable. Since courseware work is under control at the moment, I decided to do electronic stuff.

Earlier I had redrawn Volney Mathison's electropsychometer circuit, which was stolen by Hubbard to create his fake religion. I speculated that it would be more interesting with a zero-center meter instead of Volney's one-way meter protected by diode. Redrew it again, substituting NPN transistors for the tubes, 18-volt power for 250-volt power, and eliminating the diode. Some of Volney's suggested R values aren't standard, so I sub'd the usual 20% standard values.

Built it on my usual breadboard using a zero-center meter. After fiddling with the pots, sure enough it works as specified.

Body resistance registers on the meter. In other words, it's a bridge-style ohmmeter. Not surprising at all, but it's nice to verify WITH ACTUAL EXPERIMENT that Volney's ckt does what it's meant to do! Also the pots do what the patent says they do. One is balance, other is sensitivity.

Next I'll try to rejigger it as differential, with an electrode for each side of the body and a centerpoint on the neck.

= = = = =

Footnote: Volney's own use of the meter strongly implied a zero-center pattern, even though the meter itself was one-sided. So in some sense I'm retrofitting Volney's meter to match Volney's philosophy. Of course it was mostly** hooey, but Volney was vending harmless hooey, which helped some people to loosen up and solve their own problems. Hubbard used the same hooey to create a vicious Mafia that harnessed people to enrich and empower Hubbard. Crucial difference.

Toenote: Mostly hooey, but one of Volney's observations is real neurology that deserves exploration. More later.

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  Vitamin Δ

Today: Rain at last!

Six months ago: Sun at last!

Six months before: Rain at last!

Six months before: Sun at last!

Simple point: Humans need variation. Too much of one thing leads to stress and strain in the land and our houses and our machinery and our bodies and our souls.

It's all about DELTAS.

In the current weather phase, this part of the country is getting locked into one form too often. Long stretches of rain or snow or heat or cold. Not enough change, not enough Δ.

Maybe I should move back to Oklahoma where change is more constant? Probably a bad idea, but the appeal is growing.

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  Pointless hint

Deepstate is losing power on all sides. It's an infinitely evil machine spinning out of control. It has lost HALF THE WORLD to sanity and order. (Thanks, Putin! Thanks, Orban!)

Don't give it a reason to grind up the other half. Let it roar and screech and foment and vomit. It's using up energy. Enjoy the bizarre spectacle. STAND BACK AND WATCH AND LAUGH.

You can't win by fighting an infinitely evil monster. It owns everything. It owns the media, the courts, the schools, the milifairy. Its budget is infinite because the same Tribe that holds the controls of Deepstate also runs the counterfeit presses of the Treasury.

But its workforce and energy are NOT infinite. Its demonic employees are busy creating chaos all over the world, with zero benefit returning. Pure waste.

Let it waste. Let it burn life into death, let it burn order into chaos.

You have NO influence or power over it.

If Deepstate wants to cut down a statue of Lee, it's not accomplishing anything. It's destroying order. It's removing a piece of bronze that represents a man who once existed.

You're not a statue of a man who once existed. You're a man who exists right now. What you CAN do is create a new reason to appreciate the South. Make more order, make more life. Make a new song or a new garden or a newly repaired air conditioning system. More order, more improvement, more value, more life.

Let Deepstate take care of making chaos and violence and death and insanity and raw pure unspeakable indescribable evil beyond all possible imaginings and conceptions of evil. Those are its JOBS, and it's the best performer in history in those departments. Nobody ever came close. It doesn't need your help.

= = = = =

Next day: SEE WHAT I FUCKING MEAN? Satan's inquisitor KREM never bothers to "report" local news that normal people can actually use. But when a Deplorable DARES TO COMMIT HERESY on the other side of the country, Satan's inquisitor KREM finds out about it and BLASTS IT OUT FROM THE TOP OF THE FRONT PAGE! This unfortunate young dude will now be anathema. DON'T FALL FOR SATAN'S TRICKS. MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS AND STAND WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY BACK FROM SATAN'S MACHINE. IT'S DISSOLVING AND MELTING BEFORE YOUR EYES. LET IT DISSOLVE.

Few hours later: Anathema has already started. It will proceed to total destruction.


  So that's what they were talking about

This must be what Wikileaks was talking ignorantly and stupidly about:

Or was it this?

Frankly, the African version of 'health attacks' makes more sense than the DC version.
  Non-rare idiocy

The usual Catholic shit:
Others of us emphatically disagree: Under no circumstances would the use of nuclear arms be justified. Our reasons hinge on the sixth commandment, “You shall not murder,” and the indiscriminate nature of nuclear weapons. Simply put, they end up killing a great many more civilians than combatants, and therefore, their use violates one cardinal principle of just war: proportionality.
No. Dead wrong.

When considering any weapon or defense tool from guns to walls to armies, you have to consider both its effects when used and its effects when not used. People and nations buy and build guns and walls MAINLY for the not-used side.

As I've noted before, just after August 1945 our military took an open source approach to the A-bomb, making the recipe and design available to other countries. At that point we were still following FDR's non-interventionist mode. We didn't want to run the entire world and we didn't want to see Germany and Japan running the entire world either. We understood that the A-bomb had deterrent powers beyond any previous weapon, and we wanted to spread the deterrence as far as possible.

When the globalists took back the power that FDR had suppressed, the open source attitude was replaced by "non-proliferation". We were determined to be the ONLY nation with the top weapon, capable of squashing all other nations under our jackboot.

Fortunately the non-pro evil didn't work completely. Russia continued to build and maintain its own bombs, and several small countries have managed to build their own deterrents against our jackboot.

Libya is the perfect and sufficient experiment. Qaddafi had a few bombs, and we let him rule. After our 9/11 globalism-advancing theater piece, we persuaded Qaddafi to give up his bombs. We rewarded him for his niceness by killing him and turning his country into bloody chaos.


Saturday, August 12, 2017
  Rare wisdom

ZH has a sort of interesting but skimpy article on digital decay, one of the many faults that incompetent "genius" Berners-Lee designed into the Web.

Other institutions have proper provisions for change of address or end of business or end of life or disappearance of information. Post offices, banks, libraries, landline phone systems, all have mechanisms. The wonderful Web, so carefully and painstakingly assembled by "genius" Berners-Lee to serve NSA, didn't bother to copy those well-established mechanisms.

Even the business end of the Web makes no provision for a vendor who dies or disappears. The storefront keeps running, taking orders and sending out digital products. Where does the money go?

Amid the usual squabbling and irrelevance, a sharp exchange in ZH's combox:

Anything worthwhile is not in a book. Anything worthwhile is common knowledge.

That's wisdom. A comment that makes you stop and think. Yes. Monsters who want their words to be part of history KNOW that the web is ephemeral, and they ALSO KNOW that librarians of all types, both paper and web, are firmly on their side. Librarians will carefully store and catalog vicious genocidal lies, and librarians will carefully MemoryHole plain truth.

= = = = =

Footnote: Computer languages also have exception-handling facilities. Use this file or item; if the file or item isn't there, fall back to a default file or item. If "genius" Berners-Lee had ever used a computer, he would have been familiar with this concept. The web could then have included a similar beneficiary link mechanism...

Python exception works like this...... try: fig=scene.CurrentFigure() except: fig=scene.Figure("NullFig") Beneficiary link could work like this..... <a href=""
bref="">As Polistra said,</a>


  Dude couldn't wait for the rain

But where are Mary Ann? Ginger? The Professor? Something's obviously missing in this story.

Will he be charged with ewading arrest? Sentenced to swim wit da fishies?

(Seriously, I hope they go easy on him. He doesn't look like a pro criminal, and he clearly WISHES TO FUCKING HELL that he didn't get carried away with the excitement of the chase.)

Checked radar just now and saw this:

These speckles have been wandering around Oregon and California for the last two weeks, but Rex has blocked them from entering Wash. Today they're finally wandering northward, which says that Rex is finally dead and normal cool weather is about to resume!

The Rex is dead! Long die the Rex!

1:45PM: Rain is here! Sort of.

I could detect a slight dampness on the front porch, no actual drops.

Here's the important part. Temperature was going up like usual, then did a U-turn when the front arrived. Amazingly and blessedly, the front came WITHOUT wind.



  Hey Google!

Hey Google! You're not keeping up with the competition!

Boko Haram's bombers are 56% womxns! Your bombers are only 20% womxns! Get with the game!

Especially critical from a religious and ethnic standpoint. Google's management consists of two ethnic groups, both of which are currently engaged in killing Muslims by the millions. One group is doing it indirectly by commanding the USA STRONG government, and the other is doing it directly in India and Pakistan.

Your specific target is gaining the advantage in Die-Versity by hiring a majority of womxns! Get with it!
  Aberree and UD

I'm perpetually irritated by the pointless and unjustifiable focus on space and missiles.

Using "the space program" as a marker for advancement is the worst result of this focus.

From the Hart article cited yesterday:

Man is what he thinks he is, and he can go just as far as he permits himself. ... However, when one segment of Man starts spanning space with rockets and looking toward the planets,... he is physically growing up. He should also grow up spiritually.

UncommonDescent, obsessed as always with the "made in the image of God" ratshit, feels the need to push everything except humans out of the consciousness bucket:

Actually, the claim does not make any sense at all. Only humans have the kind of consciousness that would produce a space program. Compared to sponges, octopuses are smart. But that does not make them anything like humans.

= = = = =

Tired of this crap.

In the first fucking place, consciousness CANNOT be judged from the outside. There is NO SCIENTIFIC OR PHILOSOPHICAL REASON to draw ANY LINE AT ALL among living things. If we are conscious, plants and bacteria are conscious. A line between living and non-living is more plausible but still not objectively justifiable.

We can judge some external signs like dreaming. By that standard cephalopods OBJECTIVELY belong in the same category as mammals. Cuttlefish unquestionably have dreams that look the same from the outside as human or dog dreams.

Hart is somewhat closer to the truth when he specifies 'one segment', but both are missing the point.

In the second fucking place, ants and termites have always organized to accomplish BIG THINGS. Does this automatically move them into the same category as mammals and cephalopods?

In the third fucking place, people have been organizing to accomplish BIG THINGS for at least 10k years. In Babylonian and Aztec ruins we see massive irrigation systems and dams and huge religious structures.

Missiles to the moon have been POSSIBLE since China developed fireworks 1k years ago. There's no COGNITIVE reason why China couldn't have built a huge rocket with enough thrust and fuel to break out of orbit. The potential grew even stronger 200 years ago when Newton and Kepler understood the parabolas and ellipses of orbits. Cannon and steam technology could easily have produced a practical rocket.

When US and USSR finally DECIDED to do the missile thing, the DECISION didn't move the American and Russian 'segments' of humanity into a different category.

In fact the decision DIMINISHED both 'segments'.

We were WASTING massive amounts of money and labor and brainpower on a purely symbolic PISSING CONTEST. The same money and labor could have gone into useful and helpful projects like irrigation systems.

If "the space program" is the criterion, then Russian apes magically became Russian humans on Oct 4, 1957. USA STRONG apes became USA STRONG humans on Jan 31, 1958. A few other 'segments' of apes have become human since then, but most 'segments' of apes are still apes. Do you really want to make that claim?

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Friday, August 11, 2017
  Se-lu 2, Kerry and Kenya edition

Kenyatta wins firmly.

I've been praising him OFTEN for his steadfast adherence to Natural Law and his brave ejection of Sorosians. Obviously most Kenyans approve his performance. Now he will continue. GOOD for Kenya.

The most interesting part is that John Kerry, sent as an election observer by the Carter monstrosity, also approved the election.

For most of his life Kerry was a standard simple partisan. War was good when owned by D, bad when owned by R. Economy good when owned by D, bad when owned by R.

When he was hired by Obama to replace Hillary, Kerry started to act more independently. He seemed to loosen himself from the ropes of partisan idiocy. He was able to work out ceasefires with Russia, and seemed to understand that the Syrian war is bad EVEN THOUGH it was owned by Hillary.

Now he's equally loose. The opposition candidate in Kenya belongs to the Odinga dynasty, which is related to the Obama family. Also, the opposition is clearly supported by Soros.

The old partisan Kerry would have joined the protests for two separate partisan reasons. The new se-lu Kerry says the election was fair because the election was fair.


  Wikileaks just failed the basic journalism test

WL is quoting a very old State Dept memo about USA STRONG diplomats losing their hearing in a Moscow embassy. The State Dept memo is discussing a directional MICROWAVE beam that was sent into the embassy.

The microwave was a form of radar to sense movements of metallic objects. The memo was before the era of modern mini RFID chips, but small UHF transponders have been around since WW2, and could have been attached to things like file cabinets and typewriters and windows to detect motion and sound.

NONE OF THIS HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH ULTRASONIC SOUND. Wikileaks is blithely discussing the damage done by high-intensity sound, which is purely irrelevant.

Ordinary "journalists" make this type of mistake all the time on technical issues, even in the rare cases when they're not intentionally and lethally lying. They don't know the "facts" are wrong, and they're too arrogant to ASK SOMEBODY who might know. WL has much wider resources via the web, and has an obligation to avoid normal journalistic idiocy.

The first rule is KNOW YOUR LIMITS. KNOW WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW. When you DON'T KNOW, just skip the story or ask somebody.
  Aberree and Assange

Speaking of masks and filters and templates....

Assange pushes Open Source hard, and contributes more than anyone else to OpenSourcing the most evil aspects of governments, letting out the Magic Smoke that keeps the evil puffed up and lethal.

He has a blind spot when it comes to crediting his own work. Today he's running an uncharacteristic and unrealistic rant against Russia, because:

This doesn't fit the Open Source spirit.

= = = = =

Alphia Hart had a similar burned spot on his intellectual retina. He was practicing Open Source long before it was cool:
Copyrighting everything you write is a confession that you have little faith in your ability to continue producing salable stuff -- and that there may come a time when you'll have to fall back on your own, protected material to make a living. When we can't produce new copy for The ABERREE, The ABERREE ceases to exist, because we're certain no one wants to read what we said yesterday and today tomorrow.
And he certainly understood the process of grabbing credit, because he was on the spot when Hubbard grabbed Volney Mathison's meter circuit and turned it into a tyrannical cash cow.

But here he falls back into the standard view of inventions and credits:

Give it to the world? Exactly wrong. Over and over we grant credit and fame to the popularizer or systematizer who found a way to become rich by stealing an invention. Hart saw this happen with Mathison, but still fell into the conventional view.

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  How does this work?

Common observation: When I'm short on sleep, all sorts of immune mechanisms and damping mechanisms are weak. Negative feedback fails. Lots of people have noticed and described this in lots of ways. Cult leaders and military trainers use this fact intensively.

Looking specifically at the optical system. Normally the brain has a sort of spatial noise-canceling system that hides the flaws in the retina. When sleep is short the AVC doesn't counteract the flaws, and I see all the sunburns and laserburns accumulated through the years.

How does this noise-canceler work? It's clearly operating way up in the cortex, in an area where the retinal image is rebuilt.

Raw retinal image with burns: (The big slash at lower left happened about 4 years ago when I STUPIDLY looked at the bottom of an optical mouse while trying to clean it. Tip: DON'T DO THAT!)

Up in the rebuilding department, the brain forms a mask from the burned spots. It distinguishes them by a lack of change. Perhaps the mask is a sort of 2-dimensional capacitor, building up more neural charge where the signal is not averaged out by changes. (In other words, a semi-permanent template.)

And then fills in the mask with the details that belong there, acquired by moving the eyes around (saccade).

Finally the filled-in mask is superimposed on the raw image:

Undoubtedly the real mechanism is infinitely more complex, but this is at least one stylized model.

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  Kimchiburger > Nothingburger

RUSSIAN_AGGRESSION RUSSIAN_HACKING RUSSIAN_MEDDLING has been AGGRESSING for the last year. All media devoted 999999 quadrillion yottapercent of their time and effort to RUSSIAN_AGGRESSION, even though Russia has NEVER ATTACKED US EVEN ONCE IN OUR ENTIRE INFINITELY INSANE INFINITELY EVIL HISTORY.

North Korea has been actually aggressing for many years, at least by verbiage and fireworks. In the last month our media and dysgovernment decided to focus on this aggression when the fireworks finally pointed plausibly toward a REAL attack.

During the RUSSIAN_AGGRESSION phase, media and dysgovernment NEVER discussed Civil Defense. Now that NoKo is the favored threat (but not displacing the Russia hysteria; just ADDING to the hysteria...) we have lots of attention to shelters and evacuation.

Local "news" and the Wash state unnameable demons have been pointlessly speculating about evacuation, but not doing anything. Hawaii's demons are the same. Bloomberg notes a surge in high-dollar shelters and shelter communities for the Insatiables.

IN OTHER FUCKING WORDS, the Insatiables KNEW ALL ALONG that the Russia hysteria was a nothing-burger, but they genuinely fear NoKo. They want to protect their own asses. Just like before, our Insatiables do nothing to protect Deplorables, while Russia and China are trying to take care of their own people.

We are infinite evil. We are infinite sin. We are infinite crime. We are the worst entity that ever existed. We deserve to be blasted off the surface of the earth.

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Thursday, August 10, 2017
  Ineffective balloon-popping

Comparing US/EU websites, where YOU are the content, vs Korean and Jap websites that provide content TO you, I included videos among the spy devices. On later thought, videos seemed unlikely. I was about to remove them for 'purity' and then....

Wikileaks latest CIA spy tool is designed to capture videos so Deepstate can tell what you're interested in. Like all other video tools it's built around ffmpeg, the universal video editing engine. And like human perception, it pays special attention to deltas:

pHash threshold [0.0-1.0]
Floating point number that represents a percentage of similarity that if below this value constitutes a “significant change” between two frames in the stream. For use with the image2 encoder only. Default is 0.85. Under most circumstances, the default of 0.85should suffice. WARNING: Too high of a threshold value can trigger many image frames to be captured and sent over the network. Use wisely.

But what's the purpose of this delta? Detecting steganography? Not likely. Good steganography would be smooth and non-deltaish. Maybe they're looking for camera changes in a video that provides location instructions? Take this road, turn here, park here, go through the front door, turn left, etc?

I wish WL had continued the practice of including code. The first two or three releases included quite a bit of C++ and PY code along with the user guide, which helped Deplorables to figure out HOW Deepstate is destroying us. When the HOW-gas is released and dissipated, the Insatiable machine can't function. Without the code we're just learning what we already know: Deepstate monitors everything.

= = = = =

Later: Oh. WL told us what the delta was for. When I saw the release I went directly to the PDF and didn't notice the description.

RELEASE: CIA system for intercepting video chat and security camera streams.

So the delta was meant to catch each person in the chat, or to catch movements in the security cam. We know from previous releases that the latter was part of a system to defeat the cam when CIA was physically burglarizing a building. Pure criminality.

I should have Read The Fucking Manual Manual before Reading The Fucking Manual. Sorry, WL.
  Los prophetos del Ring

Hillary vs Trump, Trump vs Kim, nicely prefigured in the dystopian world of Luchadores!

Octagoncito & Dinastía vs Mini Psycho Clown & Mini Psicosis.

El nuffo saido.
  Infinite trans-gression

Reflexive story from Krautland:
Police found Mr. W. at the beginning of April in a parked freight train car at Dortmund's main train station. He had no money, no ID card and no clue who he was or how he came to be in the train wagon, according to the statement.

The only items the man had on him were in a brown bag, namely an asthma spray and four books - three of which were historical biographies on figures in the Habsburg family.

When police asked who he was, he told them he was King Ludwig of Bavaria.
Well then, why are you arbitrarily calling him Herr W?

When Doug Perry defines as a woman named Donna, you INSTANTLY LEAP TO OBEY. Doug never existed. She's Donna. When Chastity Bono defines as a man named Chaz, you INSTANTLY LEAP TO OBEY. He's Chaz.

This man has defined as King Ludwig. THEREFORE: No other name ever existed. He was always King Ludwig.

NOT incidentally, the previous King Ludwig had the same problem. He lived in a fantasy world where kings and queens of earlier times talked with him and ate meals with him. The previous King's define was obeyed because he was King. Why isn't the current King's define obeyed?

Seriously: The current King Ludwig has a genuinely regal appearance. Looks like a dignified authoritarian who would be a good monarch.
  Can you prove a negative?

Reading some Wikileaks-related site:

Bla bla bla has PROOF that McMaster is a Soros operative!

First thought: Nearly everyone who reaches positions of power in USA STRONG is a Soros operative. You can't get power without Soros. I'd rather see proof that SOME FUCKING BODY is NOT a Soros operative.

Second thought: Nah. Can't prove a negative.

Third thought: Wait. Everyone says that, and I believed it until just now.

Fourth thought: You can prove some negatives. Depends on the nature of the positive.

= = = = =

The traditional rule works beautifully when the positive is (1) physically possible and (2) not found in any recorded information. The positive event COULD have happened without being recorded, so the negative history doesn't tell you much.

When in an automotive mood I've been chewing on a hard-to-prove negative that fits the traditional model.

"There was never a pickup truck with an inline eight."

The positive is definitely possible. You could even argue that it SHOULD have happened, since many carmakers were turning out pickups during the same years when they offered a straight eight in cars. Why not give the trucks extra power as well? But as far as I can tell the combination never happened.

Ford is easy. Ford never made an inline eight at all. Dodge is hard because Dodge was making pickups during the four years ('30 to '33) when it had straight eights in cars. I've checked several books and online sources, and I'm pretty sure it didn't happen. GMC is similarly hard. In the early years GMC trucks were not rebadged Chevies; they were based on Pontiac drivetrains, and Pontiac offered both straight sixes and eights. Again I can't find a recorded example. The nearest approach is Pontiac sedan deliveries in the early '50s, which could be bought with an 8. But a sedan delivery isn't a pickup. Willys, Studie and Hudson also fit the category, and again the books are pretty clear that pickups were always fours and sixes.

Result inconclusive, which is typical of the pattern.

= = = = =

Returning to the original question, "X never worked for Soros." Entirely different situation. When we're dealing with important or powerful people, their public actions and decisions are fully visible. We know what they do in each situation. If a public figure often makes decisions that agree with Sorosian goals, he is objectively working for Soros. If a public figure never does anything Sorosian and often acts directly contrary to Sorosian goals, he is objectively not working for Soros.

In this case the negative is easier to prove than the positive. We have one perfect shibboleth which is easy to find and check. If a leader KICKS OUT SOROSIAN NGOs, he is NOT working for Soros.

No US leader has ever kicked out Sorosian NGOs, so all US leaders are objectively working for Soros. The leaders of the green countries on this map have actively kicked out Sorosian groups, so they are NOT working for Soros.

The violet countries have gone beyond objective support to full omnicidal conspiracy with Soros.

VOA headline:

South Korean president criticized for lax attitude on nuclear threat
South Korean President Moon Jae-in has reacted with quiet restraint to increasing talk of conflict over the rapidly advancing North Korean nuclear threat, and in particular over U.S. President Donald Trump's remarks threatening an overwhelming military response.
Who has the EXPERIENCE of dealing directly and commercially with NoKo? SoKo. Who has the GENETIC EXPERIENCE of understanding NoKo because it shares the same genes? SoKo. Who will get the wonderful EXPERIENCE of annihilation if we start the war? SoKo.

As always we have THEORIES. Our THEORY OF EVERYTHING is simple.

All countries except Saudi and Israel must be obliterated.

SoKo is not Saudi and SoKo is not Israel, so it's open for obliteration if it happens to get in the way of our primary obliteration target.

Actually we do have EXPERIENCE with NoKo in 1950-1954. Our specific EXPERIENCE should have taught us that aggressive war is pointless. As always we learned nothing. We simply continued implementing our THEORY OF EVERYTHING.


  Better explanation

Convective thought.

It's likely that the whole RUSSIANHACKING poison was developed by DNC as a weapon against BERNIE, not a weapon against Trump. All of DNC's war effort, all of DNC's ACTUAL hacking, was aimed at destroying Bernie. Trump was not supposed to be a contender. After Bernie was down, Empress Hillary could safely and easily step onto the Throne and rule forever and ever amen.

Obvious connection 1: If you're going to build a narrative based on collusion with Russia, who is the intended colluder? The candidate who has always described himself as a SOCIALIST, or the candidate who was known as a real estate mogul?

Obvious connection 2: In fact Russian media HAD been favoring Bernie for several years. This was perfectly clear to anyone who read RT and Sputnik. Our media are too stupid to read anything, but operatives like Podesta aren't NEARLY that stupid. RT and Sputnik were NOT Trump fans.

When Bernie was knocked out early by the DNC hacking of primaries, the narrative wasn't needed, so it was turned against Trump, where it required a lot more work to develop nonsensical nonconnections. Our media slavishly obeyed because the Clinton mafia kills disobedient slaves.


Wednesday, August 09, 2017
  Random but meaningful observation.

Random but meaningful observation: Recently "in response" to "RUSSIANHACKING", all US and EU websites have grown unmanageable piles of "security" devices which are actually NSA spy tools. Almost every website takes at least 15 seconds to load, and some never reach completion unless I hit the X to stop loading.

Korean and Jap websites load INSTANTLY.

You can see the difference in Firefox's loading tooltip below the main window. US/EU sites show an endless parade of Google API, Twitter API, dozens of TLS handshakes, dozens of different adtech thingamajigs adding their cookies and beacons and videos.

Korean sites show 'reading' for about 1/4 second if you look fast enough, then the site is fully loaded. Nothing else. No adtech, no Google, no Twitter, no TLS, no Truste, no handshakes. Just the goddamn website.

In other fucking words, US/EU websites are more about spying on you than providing content. Korean and Jap websites are solely about providing content.
  Aberree vs Billboard

I was looking through a 1955 issue of Billboard mag. At that time Billboard mainly served the 'amusement' industry. Carnivals, fairs, arcades. I was looking for something to inspire the next graphics project now that the latest courseware has settled into a workflow. Life goes better when you have more than one thing running so you can duck into a second type of productivity when the first one runs low.

Billboard didn't give me any inspiring gadgets, but did give an amazingly direct answer to Hart's antivax attitudes.

Yet again, EXPERIENCE MATTERS. The 'amusement' industry had money on the line. Polio was not only killing people, it was killing outdoor businesses. So Billboard paid CONSEQUENTIAL attention and got it right. They cited the same facts as Hart, but understood the PURPOSE of vaccination correctly.

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  Refreshing old-fashioned point-missing

Amid the RUSSIAN_AGGRESSION omnicide, it's sort of refreshing to see a media piece on ANY subject that misses the point for old-fashioned reasons, instead of intentionally obliterating the truth to kill Deplorables.

This item on the BBC website caught my attention.

Headline: In the US, buying streets can be cheaper than buying houses.

The immediate subject is a pair of Chinese investors who bought a short street in Frisco for $90K, while each house on the street is "valued" at two million.
But how could the common areas in a street where homes sell for millions go for a relatively small sum? More to the point, how could it be sold at all?

The answer goes back centuries and is a very American approach to an age-old question of the role of government.
Well, no. It's not especially American and it's not typical. Reading the underlying Frisco newspaper article, it's clear that the street in question was NOT a public street. It was ALREADY part of a gated subdivision, owned by a homeowners association. The HOA neglected to pay property taxes, so the street was auctioned.

The other cited examples are also atypical. A few bankrupt Democrat cities have been trying to sell streets to gain a little revenue, without much success.

Why would Brits misunderstand this point? Because the public-private line is completely different in the two countries. The leasehold is a common and typical practice in Britain, and is actually growing recently after fading for decades. Homeowners don't own the land under their house; they lease it from the government. Brits see America as a place where private ownership is more prevalent, so private streets seem plausible.

Later: It would be NICE if street-buying was actually common. Buying back the right-of-way would improve the private-ness and DEFENSIBLE SPACE of ownership. In most cities the frontmost 30 feet (or so) of your lot is technically street right-of-way, which you are obligated to maintain but forbidden to alter in certain ways. If the ROW contains a killer tree you're not permitted to save your life by cutting down the killer tree. The city can kill you any time it wants, and you have to load and maintain the murder weapon.

On my tiny lot the ROW includes the front of my tiny house. Technically the demonic city could have prevented me from getting a new front door last year because the front wall is on their land. Fortunately they don't have enough money to run the all-consuming satanic tyranny they dream about.


  Aberree vs Singer

An Aberree article in 1957, by frequent contributor Hardin Walsh, hits several modern points. Walsh is talking about reincarnation and the spirit world. I don't buy that line of thought (at the moment) but it's unquestionably closer to reality than modern materialist "science".

I started this blog in 2005 with six months of continuous coverage of the Terri Schiavo tragedy.

Terri was killed by theory.

An honest materialist has to acknowledge FACTS about brain function, including the FACT that intelligence and consciousness are only partly located in the brain. Modern "scientific" materialists, led by demon Peter Singer, ignore FACTS and stick with THEORY, which says falsely that intelligence depends on certain measurable dimensions and functions.

It just ISN'T TRUE. Lots of people are living and functioning with major chunks of brain gone, either from birth or from car accidents. The materialists said Schiavo wasn't worth preserving because MRI. Or something. In fact her OBSERVED BEHAVIOR showed plenty of conscious awareness.

This paragraph of Walsh's article shows that the FACTUAL UNDERSTANDING of brain function isn't new:

This story also contrasts with other modern evils. Note that the employer was happy to let the engineer drink because they grasped the FACT that he was MORE FUNCTIONAL when drunk. They didn't have to worry about Federal drug policy requirements or liability requirements.

They also had an old-fashioned attitude about the value of labor. Profit depends on having customers, and customers need to be paid for work so they can buy your products. Closed loop. Now that corporations measure their worth by share value, and now that corporations think globally and act globally, the circle of pay and buy is broken. Functionality, the VALUE OF LABOR, is extinct.

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  Aberree and antivax

Alphia Hart forms a valuable baseline for judging modern insanity. Hart was a stand-back skeptic in a time when skeptics were poorly represented in print. We don't have many 'archeological remains' from skeptics of earlier eras because official doctrine always has the power to overwhelm and censor them.

I noted before that Hart's skepticism worked best in areas where he had EXPERIENCE, like the Hubbard cult and the A-bomb. Didn't work well in other areas like criminality, where he tended to accept the 'jazzy' liberal line.

In '57 he wrote an article on the polio vaccine that sounds identical to modern antivaxers. He cited genuine facts from official reports showing that the '54 national vaccination didn't slow down new polio cases.

The facts were unarguable but he was still wrong to distrust vaccination overall.

Immediate results from one year are deceptive.

(1) The first wave of vaccine was poorly made, and caused many new cases of polio while immunizing others. (2) The second year, and later the Sabin oral version, were more effective and less harmful. (3) Epidemics, once well started, can't be stopped until they've infected everyone who is susceptible. (4) The purpose of vaccination is to PREVENT epidemics from starting.

From smallpox to polio to measles, vaccines have unquestionably succeeded in PREVENTING epidemics from starting. Smallpox is gone from the entire world.

Skeptics should always base their feelings on EXPERIENCE AND EXPERIMENT, which can sometimes take a LONG time to gather and understand.

It's damned hard nowadays because most of public "science" is violently ferally omnicidally anti-scientific. Public and official "science" requires you to accept the currently fashionable THEORIES, most of which have already been proved wrong by EXPERIENCE AND EXPERIMENT.

Vaccination is the sole exception to this rule. For some unknown reason public "science" is pro-vax, even though vaccination, an EXPERIMENTALLY PROVED activity, violates all the rules of public "science".

Later: A counterpoint from the same era.

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Tuesday, August 08, 2017
  BB hits it dead on as always

As always. Nobody GETS IT more perfectly and concisely than Babylon Bee.

And as usual (but not always) the Catholic IDers at UncommonDescent miss the mark badly. They should know better but they don't.
  Is a dial round?

A vague "thought" triggered by noticing a pattern in a 1931 British radio magazine.

Nearly all of the radios shown in the mag had what you might call 'quasi-digital' dials.

Some pivoted on Z-axis, some on X-axis, but all showed only a small piece of the full circle. This was a brief fashion in both radios and automobile speedometers. I suppose the idea was to limit your range of attention. Bad idea. The whole point of an analog display is that you can see your current situation in context. There are several ways to get there, by colors or shapes or a dot on a map or the angle of a needle; but seeing only the currently used digit defeats the purpose.

Radio dials and speedometers soon returned to full-circle.

We need to see the whole available range on an instrument. Or do we?

It's not that simple.

Di-al, day-like, began with sundials. Are sundials full circle? No. The base is often circular, but the actual range of indication is roughly a 270 degree arc, representing the day-like part of the day.

We've grown accustomed to full-circle mechanical clocks, developed from the convenience of gears and spiral springs. We think of DIAL as a full circle because of mechanical clocks, but that's really the exception.

As I was thinking about this I realized that I was looking at all three possibilities within my range of vision....

The clock is full-circle, the 1940 radio is a linear dial, and the meter is an arc. What about the magazine? Not clearly visible, but the '65 Chrysler dashboard ALSO has all three types on it.

Closer view from an online pic:

Arc speedometer (a Chrysler specialty, and a beautiful and readable device!) linear radio, and full-circle clock.

Restricted arcs are also common on household controls. The snap switch was popular at the same time as the restricted-view radio dials above. Snap switches moved in a full circle but only showed you the currently active selection. Snap switches were replaced by toggle switches, with a restricted arc of motion.

Incidentally, note that your eyes take a moment to adjust to the darkness in this little GIF, even though the actual illumination in your surroundings hasn't changed! See well-formed habit patterns.

= = = = =

Later: I was rereading the above to check for typos and poor logic. Didn't see any, so clicked onto some "local" "news" and saw this:

Makes the first point better than I did! The vertical drum is a poor choice for showing the full context of a reading, but it's an EXCELLENT choice when the designer wants to HIDE the full context, as in gambling.


  Wouldn't it be nice?

Part of today's Forecast Discussion from the Weather Bureau:
Monday and Tuesday...There are still some differences in the model guidance, but it now looks like a cold front will pass through the region Sunday night or Monday with the upper level closed low lingering over the region likely until Thursday. This will result in widespread showers and thunderstorms, much cooler temperature and gusty winds through mid-week. For the record...expect the extended forecast to change and likely by a lot as closed lows tend to meander around an area and give forecasters fits as to the timing of various weather features. Tobin

This is why the Weather Bureau is TRUSTWORTHY. Even though they carry some of the national Carbon Cult nonsense in their Twitter stuff, they always SHOW THEIR WORK in their actual forecasts. Here's what we're sure of, here's what we're not sure of, and here's why we're not sure.

When you SHOW YOUR WORK, people trust you.

Wouldn't it be nice if media demons followed the same rule? O'Keefe exposed the inner feelings of real CNN producers. They KNOW they're killing viewers with toxic poison. Their casual way of expression showed that the knowledge is not Shocking Dissent; it's commonplace inside the demoncoven.

Many decades ago the major media were more open about their inner workings. CBS newscasters like Bob Trout constantly illustrated how their information arrived and how it was edited, and gave us a sense of their degree of certainty on major stories.

The current Magician's Secret approach began in the '80s. I think Rush may have been the prime mover. For many years he didn't even tell us that he had a staff of editors and writers; he made us believe that the output magically sprang from his more-than-Godlike superbrain. You could never tell if each item was meant as parody or fact, which made it easy to switch back and forth when facts inconveniently changed. Nevertheless, all of it is FACT BECAUSE I SAY SO.



This trial is getting only minor media attention locally, which is appropriate. We have far more serious and immediate things to worry about. Daily bridge jumpers and infinitely insane alien tyrantmonsters criminally posing as the "city" "dysgovernment".
A federal judge in Spokane has officially denied a request to throw out a lawsuit against two psychologists who helped design the CIA's harsh interrogation program used in the war on terror.

In his written order on Monday, Judge Justin Quackenbush said a jury will hear the lawsuit filed by the ACLU on behalf of three former detainees. The men were subjected to physical assaults and sleep deprivation, forced to stand with their arms chained overhead, doused with icy water and stuffed into boxes.
The trial is being held here because the two CIA consultants were working at WSU when they consulted. It's really a story about DC actions, so it's surprising that SorosACLU didn't hold the trial in DC where more media attention is guaranteed, and where the verdict will be easier to control.

As usual SorosACLU is misdirecting the main question as well. We should be asking whether PERMANENT AGGRESSIVE WAR is a good or successful policy. Globalists prohibit the correct question. Globalists want to eliminate the most effective TOOLS of warmaking because globalism requires ETERNAL PERMANENT AGGRESSIVE WAR.

When you constrain soldiers, you guarantee that wars cannot end. When you constrain police, you guarantee that police will never catch criminals. When you constrain sentencing, you guarantee that sentencing will never reform criminals. When you constrain local governments, you guarantee that local government will never solve local problems. When you constrain small business, you guarantee that BezOS will own everything.

Etymology again:

SOLVE (Latin soluere) comes from Indo-European se-lu. Se is the universal reflexive pronoun, lu means loosen. Solving a problem requires LOOSENING YOURSELF first. You must be free to consider all possibilities, free to examine all internal and external parts of the problem.

Globalists forbid solutions. All potential problem-solvers, governments or businesses or courts or engineers, must be constrained to follow ONE RIGID PATH which is guaranteed to AVOID ALL POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS.


  Hundred flowers

Thanks, Google, for proving the engineer's point.

Two things about this predictable mess haven't been said yet, as far as I can tell:

(1) Hundred flowers. The engineer expressed his FACTS on an internal channel that was supposedly meant to carry a variety of views. Now Google has verified that the purpose of such channels is to monitor and exterminate dissidents.

(2) Facts vs lies. Absolutely everything the engineer said is PROVABLE TRUTH. Engineers have to deal with truth, otherwise buildings won't stand and code won't compile. Google's response verifies openly and explicitly that truth is absolutely illegal. Only perfect lies are allowed.

Neither observation is surprising, but it's nice to have them OFFICIALLY AND EXPLICITLY VERIFIED.

This is why so many "terrorists" have an engineering background.


Monday, August 07, 2017
  Saluting Indonesia

Polistra and friends salute both Indonesia and Russia for:
On Monday Russia warned that it would begin aggressively reducing its dependence on the US Dollar and US-based payment systems, and shortly after it confirmed just that when Indonesia announced that it will barter coffee, palm oil, tea and various other commodities in exchange for 11 Russian-made Su-35 fighter jets, calling U.S. and European sanctions against Russia "an opportunity to boost the Southeast Asian nation's trade."

The Indonesian Ministry of Trade said that a memorandum of understanding for the barter was signed Aug. 4 in Moscow between Russia's Rostec and PT. Perusahaan Perdagangan Indonesia, both state-owned companies. “This barter under the supervision of both governments hopefully will soon be realized through the exchange of 11 Sukhoi Su-35s and a number of Indonesian exports, starting from coffee and tea to palm oil and strategic defense products,” Indonesian Trade Minister Enggartiasto Lukita said on Monday, as quoted by Reuters.
This fits beautifully into the etymology of SOLVE that I'm exploring lately.

How do you SOLVE a problem? Loosen the knots, cut the ropes. Eliminate habitual ties to USA STRONG and eliminate the habit of using dollars or even CURRENCIES. Loosen.

When are you SOLVENT? When you can cut away all debts and clean up all obligations. Indonesia is SOLVENT even though it doesn't have a lot of dollars, because it can pay its way directly with REAL VALUE.

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We're fucked beyond fucked beyond fucked beyond fucked. And more and more and more and more and more.

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  Diameter and nothing else

This corner of the country is under a blanket of smoke from wildfires again. Fortunately the conditions here in Spokane aren't superconducive to fires. Steady 90s, dry, but no wind and no lightning. The smoke helps to moderate the heat, so it's OK by me.

Local "news" has been focusing more on the pollution, of course. They interviewed some veterinary profs at WSU about the effects on pets.

This is one of the FEW situations in biology where simple physical measurement makes all the difference. In most comparisons the infinite feedback of cells and organs and organisms, and the PURPOSEFUL actions of nervous systems, compensate for dimensions. Not here. Smaller nasal passages and smaller tracheas are more bothered by pollution, and larger airways are less bothered. Cats and Chihuahuas have trouble, horses and cows are OK. It's just diameter, nothing else.
Sunday, August 06, 2017
  Ought vs nought

Headline: Bees are first insects shown to understand the concept of Zero
The researchers trained the bees to associate a platform that had fewer shapes on it with the sweet reward, until they made the right choice 80 per cent of the time. The bees were put through further tests with differently shaped objects to confirm that they were responding to the number of shapes and not their appearance.

Next, when given a choice between two or three shapes and “zero” shapes, bees picked zero most of the time.
Good experiment. Not hugely surprising, despite the tiny brain. Intelligence is turning out to be independent of neuron count or brain volume.

I'd argue that this isn't about Zero in the sense of roman vs arabic number systems. This is more about establishing a template and knowing when reality violates the template.

Immediate example: My kitchen faucet has developed a leak at the rotator joint for the spout. Until I get around to ordering a new gasket, I'm trying to avoid the positions that leak the most. Last night when washing dishes I left the spout over the soap-holding pan instead of turning it to the right over the egg pan as I normally do after filling the soap-holding pan. When I finished the stuff in the soap-holding pan and dipped the washcloth into the egg pan to start scrubbing, ALARM ALARM ALARM SOMETHING IS WRONG! Oh. The water in the egg pan was room temperature instead of warm, because the faucet hadn't been over the egg pan for the previous three minutes as it usually is.

Every minuscule detail of a well-developed habit is ALARM ALARM ALARM when any sensed measurement is off by more than a difference limen.

When the bees have formed the habit of expecting some shape objects on the platform, the absence of shape objects is ALARM ALARM ALARM! Brain expects things on platform! No things on platform!

Etymology of NOUGHT: Middle English noght, from Old English nōwiht, which in turn comes from ne-ā-wiht, which was a phrase used as an emphatic "no", meaning "not a thing".

Zero in numeration is a more abstract concept, which developed separately from seeing and marking a NO-THING where things are expected.

Few minutes later: Ordered the gasket. ALARM can be useful.

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Alleged dissidents keep trying to make the Web safe from Five Eyes.

You can't do it. You have to go analog.

How do you get a message out? Shortwave is one way. Some dissidents are already using it.

Five Eyes can eventually pick up shortwave, but at least you're not running DIRECTLY THROUGH the NSA servers.

Printing is another way.

A full-fledged job press is HEAVY and dangerous. Polistra has a better suggestion.

Small weekly papers often got along with a proof press.

The proof press was intended to run off single copies for proofreading, but it can run almost as fast as a basic job press, especially with two people working it. Advantages: (1) Proof press is much less HEAVY than a real press. A job press is heavy like a car, and exerts considerable seismic G-forces on the floor. A proof press is more like a refrigerator, and has no G-force at all. A normal house can hold one. (2) Safety. A job press can squash your hand or grind up other body parts before you know it. A proof press exerts no force, and can be stopped instantly because you're hand-cranking the roller back and forth. (3) Less extra equipment. You need a couple cases of lead type for both, but a job press also requires a serious set of frames and shims ('furniture') and serious skills, to lock up the type firmly enough to stand tons of pressure. None of that is needed for the proof press. You can simply tie the type and slugs into the desired page shape. A wooden frame would help to maintain alignment, but it doesn't need strength. The roller with paper is just touching the type, not STOMPING on it.

= = = = =

Reluctant hint, breaking out of my analog world to say this.... The stresses and strains in a proof press are so minor that I'll bet you could build one from plastic using modern non-analog 3d printing, and you could also use 3d printing or milling to 'linotype' a complete pageform.

3ding the press itself wouldn't violate the pure-analog principle, because the signal transfer to the 3d printer would be a one-time action and wouldn't be meaningful to a wi-fi monitor. Just some gears and rollers. 3ding the type would defeat the purpose of an all-analog life, because the signal stream for the letters would be frequent and readable.


  Bad Boole

Symbolic logic or Boolean logic works beautifully in a computer or a mechanical decision-making system. The most basic operations (AND OR NOT) can be implemented directly and simply by circuits or programs or mechanisms, and the 'arithmetical' laws of symbolic logic guide you toward combining the basics into complex mechanisms.

Symbolic logic DOESN'T work well for describing the logic of ordinary language and thought, or the logic of culture and organization.

This failure means that it's dangerous to trust computerized or mechanistic evaluations of true news vs fake "news".

= = = = =

Simplest example:

The OR of Boole is inclusive, the OR of normal language is exclusive. In Boole, "You can have apples OR oranges" means you can have apples, you can have oranges, you can have both at once. In ordinary language "You can have apples OR oranges" means you can have exactly one of those choices. Boole wants to describe this with exclusive-or XOR, which is a more complex circuit or mechanism.

= = = = =

If-then combinations depart even more from normal usage. Understanding the departure can help us to untangle bad uses of Boole. In a sentence like "If I have apples you can buy my apples" we're not concerned with the VALIDITY OF THE SENTENCE; we only think of the alternatives.

Abbreviating A = apples, B = buy.

If A then B in ordinary thinking:
A is true ---> B is true
A is false ---> B is false

We're basically forming a time-dependent equation with A as the driving or leading variable and B as the driven or following variable. In a computer this would be written B = A.

= = = = =

The usual programming implementation of if-then is not truly Boolean; it's just a more active (verb-like) way of expressing the (noun-like) one-way equation.

Writing a typical setup in Python style......

if Apples: Buy(Apples)

This could just as well be written


The activity or function Buy happens when I have Apples; the activity Buy fails when I don't have Apples.

= = = = =

The abstract Boolean if-then works on a meta level. Boole doesn't care who's leading and who's following. Boole simply examines the FOUR possible combinations of true and false, and evaluates the VALIDITY of the if-then sentence for each combination.

If TRUE then TRUE ---> Valid
If FALSE then FALSE ---> Valid
If FALSE then TRUE ---> Valid
If TRUE then FALSE ---> Invalid

The first two lines correspond to our normal and computerized versions of if-then. Cause is true, result is true. Cause is false, result is false.

The third line is completely counterintuitive, but it follows rigorously from the arithmetical laws of Boolean logic.

= = = = =

What happens when policy decisions and censorship decisions are based on a FALSE driving variable? 100% of our present driving variables fit this category. RUSSIAN_MEDDLING or EVOLUTION or GLOBAL_WARMING or QUANTUM or SHARE_VALUE or MMT or GENDER_FLUID or EQUALITY or GAME_THEORY or DEMOCRACY.... all are provably false driving variables universally expressed as TRUE assertions. There is never an IF-THEN. The sentences and policies always FLATLY ASSUME without any hedging or qualifications that the driving variable is universally and perfectly true, in the same category as 1 = 1.

From these false driving variables we reach all sorts of driven actions, costing trillions of dollars and millions of lives.

When you trust a mechanical circuit or program to evaluate this situation, the program will evaluate the first and third lines of the truth table:

If TRUE then TRUE ---> Valid

If FALSE then TRUE ---> Valid

Doesn't matter if our assumption is TRUE or FALSE. We are TRULY acting on it, and Boole says our actions are universally valid.

Everything's OK! No problemo! Go ahead and censor, destroy, obliterate, and slaughter!


Saturday, August 05, 2017
  Non-barking Hubbard

Since I noticed the astonishing Aberree in a NW Ayer list of newspapers, I've been writing and citing from it frequently. Alphia Hart was a truly prophetic thinker who happened to work in one of my old stomping grounds, and his writing deserves far more attention.

The Hubbardites have a strong reputation for catching and roasting all criticism, but I haven't seen ANY indication that my items about Hart have been read or noticed. The stats continue to show the same old pattern: two or three fairly regular readers, and frequent reads of two or three old items. The clicks on recent items seem to exclude the Aberree stuff.

I've seen a catch-and-roast pattern once before, when I dared to question a local Repooflican radio yapper. His Facebook fans grabbed onto the item and barbecued it. So I know how to spot such a pattern. It's just not happening with the Hart/Aberree material.

Two days later: The question was answered by an article in Atlantic on new religions.
[Hubbardism] has claimed to have around 10 million members worldwide. But it has struggled recently, as former high-level members of the faith described the immense sums of money required to advance within the Church hierarchy, as well as threatening actions the Church takes against dissenters. The faith’s founder aggressively recruited Hollywood celebrities to promote the faith in a successful bid to generate publicity. But despite all the glitz and glam, many celebrities once linked to Scientology have disavowed it. All signs point to a declining membership, and today the faith is independently estimated to have as few as 50,000 members worldwide.
In other words, about the population of Enid. No longer capable of threatening or roasting every dissident.

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  Short short stories

How the FBI Came to Doubt the Official Story of Dillinger’s Murder

How the CIA Came to Doubt the Official Story of JFK’s Murder

How Charlie Manson Came to Doubt the Official Story of Sharon Tate’s Murder

How OJ Came to Doubt the Official Story of his Wife’s Murder

= = = = =

One of the above headlines was actually written by actual paid writers.

Granted, it's unlikely that CIA was the sole driving force behind Oswald, but we know with 100% certainty that CIA was deeply involved in watching and AP'ing Oswald. His own motives were pro-Soviet, but CIA and FBI are experts in steering internal motives toward their own criminal purposes.

How can PAID WRITERS and their PAID EDITORS be so totally insulated from all facts and reality that they can't even see the problem with their idiot story?

= = = = =

Partial answer maybe: When I tried to look up obvious and famous murders from various decades to generate more fake headlines, the search yielded very few KNOWN murders and lots of UNSOLVED murders. "Journalists" are uninterested in facts because facts don't allow you to spin a six-month-long soap opera.

Plain facts can't even support a short newspaper item.

Let's try it...

Headline: Who Killed Nicole Simpson?

Story: OJ.

When you're paid by the word or the minute of airtime, a two-letter story isn't profitable.

= = = = =

Wildly irrelevant poetic footnote: On the long headline/short story, I wanted to href the famous Ogden Nash poem about fleas. The online references to the poem agree on the actual poem (Adam had em) but disagree with my memory of the title and authorship. All online mentions say that the poem was improperly credited to Nash, but I read it in a book that was an anthology of Nash poems, published when Nash was alive and while the alleged other author was alive. Presumably the other author wouldn't have allowed the poem to be published and copyrighted in a Nash book. Most of the online refs think the title is simply 'Fleas', while others cite variations on 'Lines about Microbes' or 'Lines about Fleas'. The original title was LONG. Something like 'A disquisition on the historical prevalence and origin of Fleas'. That was the WHOLE POINT of the poem. Long title, short poem.

= = = = =

Wildly irrelevant factual footnote to the wildly irrelevant poetic footnote: Actually Adam didn't had em. Fleas don't like humans because we're hairless. We picked up fleas, along with civilization, from dogs. Seems like a small price, but then dogs always charge us a small price for instruction in love and virtue.

= = = = =

Wildly irrelevant Nashian footnote to the wildly irrelevant factual footnote to the wildly irrelevant poetic footnote: Shouldn't a footnote to a footnote be a toenote?

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Friday, August 04, 2017
  Gumpting money

Reading something about the push to eliminate paper cash... Remembered a bad period 20 years ago when I was dead broke and had to pay for everything with credit cards. After I got work again, I pulled all the way out of debt and swore I'd never use a credit card for credit again. (Debit cards are unavoidable for online purchases.)

I always pay paper cash in stores now, partly because it's fast and certain, partly to remind myself that I'm firmly SOLVENT and don't need the bad old credit.

SOLVENT. Seems like a completely inappropriate word for 'got money'. How did that happen?

The etymology is beautiful.

The original Latin solvere meant 'loosen, untie knots, split apart.'

The chemical meaning of solvent is literal.

The most common meaning is untying the knot of a problem. Latin solve = Greek analyze = determine where to cut the rope. Slightly less literal but still easy.

Solvent as 'got money' was later and more metaphorical. Around 1600 when banks and currencies started to branch away from gold, solvent came to mean able to cut the ropes of debts, able to clean up obligations.

Beautiful. It's not just having bucks, it's the economic form of gumption. It's active. See a debt, untie it and dissolve it before it chokes you.

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  Shkreli goes to jail.


In an ordinary prison he'd be turned out before he left the delousing room. The guards would take first crack at the crack. Wouldn't be much left except the part that describes him by the end of the first day.

But he's not going to an ordinary prison. He's going to a Federal white-collar prison. So the scenario will run the opposite way. By the end of the first day the national retail price of KY Jelly will be $150000 a jar. Stock tip: Long Reckitt Benckiser BEFORE the LBO!
  Extra benefits

In hot summer and cold winter I sometimes entertain a transient thought... Why do all this WALKING? I've still got a license, why not buy a car again?

The answer is always firm and immediate.


Exercise brings physical and EMOTIONAL health. Admittedly last winter's superslippery mountain climbing, "thanks" to the alien hyperevil unnameable Sorosian hypermonsters dysdysdysdysruling this unfortunate totally fucked alleged so-called "city" who refuse to use

on the streets, messed up the physical health part of the argument. A car would have crashed every day, but it would do less harm to me than the daily slipping and falling.

Despite all of that, the EMOTIONAL health of walking is worth it. Exercise always keeps the mind out of the gutter, but more specifically a regular morning neighborhood walk has extra benefits.

When you're in the habit of driving, it's too easy to 'hole up'. You can insulate yourself from contact with humans and Nature. Jump in the car, go to the store, drive back, jump into the cave, hole up.

Walking encourages easy and friendly and non-obligatory contact with other walkers. It's just enough human connection for an introvert, without any of the exclusionary forces in other social environments like sitting alone in a bar or restaurant.



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