Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Via ZH: Frisco is starting to register non-citizens to vote in local elections. Predictably, Repooflicans are cussing and Dems are cheering.

Both parties are due for a surprise.

First, there's no way to increase the number of D votes in Frisco. PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE. Frisco is already more than 100% D. Out of every 100 votes, 400,000 are D.

Second, ALL recent immigrants come from countries that are INFINITELY more civilized than Frisco. Most come from Muslim or Catholic cultures that are grounded in Natural Law. Places where a husband is MALE and IN CHARGE, places where a wife is FEMALE and OBEDIENT. Places where everyone is expected to work, places where 'welfare' is not a concept.

The only exception, the only country that matches Frisco in demonic chaos, is Sweden, but I doubt that we have any recent immigrants from Sweden.

The new immigrants won't vote Repoof, because that's PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE in Frisco, but they will tend to vote against local politicians and referendums that violate Natural Law, which is ALL local politicians and referendums.


  Unusual piece of the parallel universe

The Soviet parallel universe is famous in the realms of cars and radios, but it also functioned in other fields.

Basic rule: Good stuff disappears fast in the US environment of Innovative Disruption (aka Obliteration of Skills and Civilization) but carries on in sane countries.

Here's an unexpected example. Many years ago Polistra focused on this gadget:

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Polistra demonstrates an invention from Morse's era. Seems like an idea that could be brought back. Moses Farmer's thermo-electric battery dates from the 1860's. It was basically a layer-cake of copper-nickel alloy ("german silver") and zinc-antimony alloy, with insulating layers of mica. The cake was hollow in the center, allowing a chimney to heat every layer evenly. When heated by coal or methane, it generated a significant amount of power: enough to run a small silver-plating plant, according to contemporary writeups.

Doesn't seem to be the usual millivolt-making thermocouple. It's more like a wet cell in its chemistry.

Could be useful in situations where heat is already present, as co-generation. With propane, it could be an emergency source of both heat and electricity. Might work with a solar boiler to provide steady power?

= = = = =

Artistic note for Poser types: The digital model (and the bulb and lots of other stuff) are on my ShareCG page.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

Idly windowshopping on Ebay for 'soviet radio', this thing came up:

Clearly the same gadget. Presumably designed for off-the-grid places like Arctic oil camps or collective farms.

The Ebay writeup says this was specifically designed to work with the Rodina-47 radio, which was a battery-powered table model with LW, MW, and SW bands, made through the late '40s and early '50s. The back-view picture of the radio shows the same four-wire cable leading out of the case. So this generator would have provided separate 2V filament and 120V plate sources. It's unusual to find SW bands on Soviet radios in the early '50s; most urban apartments were simply hardwired to the official Party Muzak. Remote farms and camps must have been granted special privileges. мужик > музак.

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  Sight you don't see often....

Sometimes the mod who controls the Everett TweakerCam turns the camera to catch something non-tweakish. This morning he caught a sight you don't see often:

Planes on a train! The latest in intermodal transport. Zooming along at 15 mph.
  30-second proof

Via Eurekalert, a rare study on diet that actually PROVES causation. The researchers started with an accidental observation. Bipolar folks often reported eating lots of beef jerky and similar high-nitrate processed meat just before a manic episode that caused hospitalization. The researchers explored available data and found a pretty decent correlation.

So far nothing special. Just the usual interesting but dubious correlation. THEN they tried adding nitrates to the diet of rats, and the rats promptly displayed hyperactivity similar to mania. Now we've got CAUSATION.

Well, let's check. Googled "Elon Musk diet", found the Elon Musk Training Diet.
As he explained to astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson in an episode of Tyson's StarTalk Radio podcast, "So I was like, 'Oh, okay. If I can live for a dollar a day — at least from a food cost standpoint — it's pretty easy to earn $30 dollars in a month, so I'll probably be ok."

He passed his own test, living mainly off hot dogs and oranges for 30 days.

= = = = =

Later thought: Mixed causation is also possible. Hot dogs aren't a typical low-budget food choice, and beef jerky isn't an especially common snack. Do manics prefer nitrate-rich meat because it increases their mania? The decision wouldn't have to be conscious.
Tuesday, July 17, 2018
  Back to 1938

Well, now that I've had a brief few minutes of hope shattered by horrible reality, I'll return to focusing on the SANE parts of the world, and the SANE parts of America's timeline.

1938 to 1941 was the peak of sanity. FDR had brought Wall Street under HARSH control for the first and only time. Experts were realistic and humble. Deepstate was itching to resume power, but couldn't fight a President who knew the THINGS WORTH DOING AND HOW TO DO THEM. When the leader knows the THINGS WORTH DOING AND HOW TO DO THEM, the people of THIS country will defend the leader from opposition.

Corporations were proud of their products and employees, and considered separation from Wall Street to be a selling point.

Example from the magnificent American Radio History library as usual: A 1938 booklet published for internal use by Philco dealers. Philco was advising its salesmen on the best sales pitches.

Proud of being a NON-STOCK company!

Proud of using real wood built by craftsmen, proud of NO Innovative Disruption.

I can verify this claim. Through the '60s and '70s I owned three 1938 Philcos like this one:

Used them daily. Wonderful shortwave reception, beautiful room-filling sound, beautiful wood. None of them failed despite being 30 years old; I just left them behind in my stupid hippie moves.

Philco wanted its salesmen to emphasize the angled dials, which were easy to use from a standing position:

Note the intentional appeal to OLDER customers. No focusing on the 18-34 demographic.

Here's some good general advice for salesmen. Note emphasis on FACT, NOT THEORY. Experience is more valuable than book-learning. You won't find that in any advice today. Note also that customers were assumed to be women. Philco understood that women make the choices in the average home. Fact, not theory.

Later emphasis on the same point:

The daughter will gravitate to you. But ... but ... but ... this wasn't 2018! This was before Betty Friedan allowed womxn to handle money! Can't be! CRIMETHINK! CRIMETHINK! No! No! I'm meltinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng


  Well, that didn't last long 3

In the previous post I expressed cautious and tentative hope that Trump might have started to DO THE THINGS WORTH DOING. Now I'm relieved that the brief non-demonic fakery was gone, and the good old familiar Hillary In An Orange Wig is back.

Via ZH:
But more importantly, and as some expected, Trump appears to have folded, saying that he misspoke yesterday and that his past comment on US intel needs clarification, he said that he now "accepts the intelligence conclusion that Russia meddled in the 2016 election."
Back to normal. No hope, no sanity, no adults, no relief from pure monstrous infinite evil on this side of the world.

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  Best title 7 ??? /// EDIT: Nope. Should have known better.

Original version:

= = = = = = THINGS WORTH DOING AND HOW TO DO THEM = = = = = =

Variant for today:

= = = = = = THINGS WORTH DOING ... AND HAS HE DONE THEM ? ? ? ? ? ?

After two years of betrayals and disgusting failures, I've given up hope that Trump is ever going to do the right thing.

BUT: The 99999999999999999999 dB SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECH coming from ALL Repooflicans and ALL Democrats and ALL media demons makes me wonder. Has he actually turned away from war and toward peace? Has he started to justify his existence?

Looking at the brief accounts of the summit with Putin, it looks like Trump managed to SAY all the right things and none of the wrong things. This is the first time since the scampaign that he has actually SAID sane things.

Remains to be seen whether he will be allowed to DO any of the right things before Deepstate assassinates him. They are OPENLY planning the assassination now, and OPENLY gathering recruits to do the shooting.


  Y no rename?

Stupid convective thought.

Many serious Christians make a point of avoiding Christmas and Halloween because both are leftovers of pagan holidays.

Why don't they have their own names for days and months?

All of the days in English are Teutonic or Roman pagan gods. The sun-god, the moon-god, Tiw, Wotan, Thor, Freya, and Saturn.

The first six months are Roman pagan gods and festivals, followed by two Roman emperors, followed by secular numbers.

There are lots of saints and martyrs and prophets in any denomination, and it wouldn't be hard to associate them with days or months.
  Do "experts" have brains?



SF State researcher explores how information enters our brains

We may have less control over our thoughts than previously assumed


Nobody I can think of. From Augustine to Freud and beyond, all competent thinkers assumed the exact opposite. In fact, most of those thinkers FAMOUSLY worried and prayed and worked to get MORE control over their conscious thoughts, because they KNEW that we have VERY LITTLE control over our conscious thoughts.

Well, what did this expert actually "find"?

"The data support the view that, when one is performing a desired action, conscious thoughts about alternative plans still occupy the mind, often insuppressibly," said Morsella.


In this case I shouldn't be blaming the "expert"; the real problem is the administrators and journal editors and accreditation agencies who continue to accept and reward this utterly pointless drivel.


Monday, July 16, 2018
  Not enough Ockham

A common failing among "independent" writers is a tendency to seek complex explanations.

From Finian Cunningham, who is generally a pretty good independent:
Over the past two years there have been increasing reports of supposed “sonic injuries” among US diplomats. First in Cuba and more recently in China. Controversial implications are that the US officials may have been maliciously targeted by a “sonic weapon” in host countries. However, a more likely explanation is that the alleged victims are the result of US attempts to create “super spies”.

... It is known that the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) is investigating brain stimulation devices to greatly enhance learning ability in subjects.

DARPA, as recently as last year, reported the successful use of trans-cranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) devices to boost the cognitive skills among experimental monkeys.
There's no reason to go that far. DARPA is undoubtedly doing those experiments, but you don't need to connect the two things.

With the Skripal hate hoax, all the "independents" start with the assumption that some kind of poison existed and was used by somebody. The "independents" then try to erode the credibility of Deepstate's blaming Russia by pointing out that Novichoks are made by many other countries, etc.

There's NO REASON for those details. The only thing we know for sure is that the Skripals, who are EMPLOYEES OF MI6, were SEEN by non-insiders looking drunk or unconscious. The rest of the "facts" come directly from Deepstate. Therefore we don't need any details. The simplest and best explanation is that MI6 told its EMPLOYEES to go to a specific place at a specific time and act unconscious. The rest is stagecraft.

With the "sonic attack" hate hoax we also have to start with what we KNOW. The only thing we KNOW is that Deepstate is saying a bunch of stuff about "sonic attacks" on its own EMPLOYEES. Therefore we don't NEED to hypothesize that a PHYSICAL EVENT happened. The only thing that happened is LIES.

When all sources of "information" are EMPLOYEES OF SPY AGENCIES, the only thing you need to assume is that Deepstate wants us to believe a bunch of ratshit.


  Paging Dr Darwin!

You asked for it:
"Lava Ocean Tours Big Island lava boat tours are an exciting way to experience the molten hot lava entering the sea. See, Hear & Feel the heat from your front-row seat on board one of our world class catamarans,” it said on its website.
You got it!
A 'lava bomb', a flying chunk of molten rock, hit an ocean tour boat near the Big Island of Hawaii, puncturing the vessel's roof and injuring the people on board. At least 22 people were injured when the lava hit the boat, which carried 52 people in total. One of the tourists' injuries were classed as severe. Ten people were treated on-the-spot when the boat arrived back to Wailoa Harbor, while the rest were sent to hospital.
Nuff said.

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  No inflation?

Now that I've got a lull in work, decided to check grocery inflation. Back in 2014 I made a list of my standard items. I compared them with the same items on today's Safeway receipt. Each 2018 item is 1.4 times the earlier price, which means 40% inflation over 4 years. This factors out to 9% per year.

The DC and NYC "experts" are still wondering why we don't have inflation. The prices paid by "experts" haven't gone up, by trivial definition. "Experts" get everything for free, just for being who they are. Infinite income, infinite status, zero expense, zero tax.

For normal humans who PAY FOR STUFF, the average of normal expenses is well over 9%. My Medicare B payment to Group Health has gone up from $50 in 2015 (first year I hit 65) to $110 now. That's 30% per year.


  Atypically, not enough hype and buzz!

Just calling attention to an EXTREMELY interesting bit of research. The important point is sort of hidden by the headline.

Via Eurekalert:
Kaoru Inokuchi and colleagues show that reducing neurogenesis in rats impairs recovery of learning capacity while promoting neurogenesis through physical activity on a running wheel increased hippocampal capacity. This finding implies that neurogenesis, which can be reduced by stress and aging, underlies the brain's capacity for new memories. The study may also explain why exercise is especially important for patients with memory disorders such as Alzheimer's disease as well as for healthy people to help maintain memory as they age.
The headline emphasizes Alzheimers, but the finding is much bigger.


This deserves to be a major part of all discussions and education about health. Conventional wisdom, even among scientifically literate people, still holds that the brain stops producing neurons in adulthood. "It's all downhill after 21."


  'Brave' still completely useless

A year ago I tried the alleged "browser" called Brave. I wanted it to be good because I sympathized with Eich. Unfortunately Brave was completely useless. Wouldn't do any of the things that I expect from a browser, and blocked popups without any way to unblock.

This morning I'm trying to resolve one remaining fussy little error in courseware. One animation (out of several hundred) fails to show in FF, but runs fine in IE. So far I can't see the problem. Everything in the code looks the same as all the other animations that run properly in both browsers. Obviously something must be different, but it's not reaching my attention yet. (Sidenote: This is unusual... normally when there's a difference between FF and IE, the failure happens in IE.)

I decided to give Brave another try. Sometimes an extra variable helps to spot the problem. Surely they must have fixed some of their giant bugs.

Nope. Brave is still completely useless.

The ScormCloud LMS platform always runs lessons in a new window, which Brave sees as a Naughty Popup. You don't get the option of accepting popups. You're just locked out.


Looked through lots of online discussions, and all of them agree. There is no way to allow popups, even for ordinary WORK applications.

Why do they continue developing a "browser" that can't be used?

I guess it's the same thing as Tesla, a "car" that can't be driven, or Bitcoin, a "currency" that can't be spent, or Windows 10, an "operating system" that prevents you from operating your computer. Stock fraud.
Sunday, July 15, 2018
  Done with work


The latest courseware project is done and submitted, exactly on deadline. Been scrambling hard for the last few months. Now I can come up for breath. There's still a month of backandforthing on debug, but the MARK is now placed.

I haven't used Polistra and Happystar in any new pictures for many months; no graphics energy left after making serious models and animations. For the moment, just reusing an old 'work-done' picture as a promise to P and H and friends.

Saturday, July 14, 2018
  No it's not a fallacy.

Stupid article on the sunk cost "fallacy".
The behavior of people who remain committed to a choice, even when it is clear that an alternate choice would be a better option, has been a perplexing phenomenon to psychologists and economists. For example, people will continue to wait in the slow line at a grocery store, stick out an unhealthy relationship, or refuse to abandon an expensive, wasteful project -- all because such individuals have already invested time, effort, or money. This well-known cognitive phenomenon termed the "sunk cost fallacy" has long been considered a problem unique to humans. New research has discovered that humans are not the only species that share these economically irrational flaws.
It's not a fallacy, and it's not an irrational decision. In all of the given examples, experience leads an adult to predict the results of switching lines or relationships or projects.

In grocery lines, the shortest line is usually short because other people have SEEN that the line is locked up by an intransigent customer or a credit-card problem.

In relationships, an outside observer is applying his own preferences to the people involved. Maybe you wouldn't stay there, but you're not the one who is making the decision. The insiders are usually making a rational choice.

In projects the decision is more often clearly irrational, but a failed project ALWAYS increases skills and knowledge. The ideas developed in a failed project are transferred into a new and successful project.

Experienced adults generally know when a switch is UNQUESTIONABLY better, and generally make a GOOD ENOUGH decision given the AVAILABLE knowledge. AVAILABLE is the keyword.

Better question: Why are these researchers STUCK on a line of thinking that is obviously fallacious?


Friday, July 13, 2018
  More salient now

Before 1980 serious alcoholism was nearly universal. When I was a kid, half of the families I knew were dead drunk, including many of my relatives. I learned from their experience and turned the other way at a crucial point. Maybe I would have "accomplished" more with the benefit of lubrication, but I would have died at 45.

It's clear from history that American industry would have done a LOT better in those decades if the executives had been conscious. There were lots of other problems, including coziness with unions and regulators, but you can't SEE the other problems when your brain is pickled.

Given the comparative rarity now, falling-down drunks are more salient.

Both of the major mob leaders are falling-down drunks. They don't even bother to hide it. Both of them make absurd excuses like "pneumonia" and "sciatica", but anyone who has been around drunks can recognize the problem.

These two brain-damaged lushes inspire absolute loyalty in the Sorosian lands. Deepstate's most effective witch-hunters are among the crowds who blindly follow Hillary and Juncker.

Where's #metoo when you need them? Fuck. #metoo is just another way of slaughtering the unpopular and empowering the popular.


  Constants and variables 99, breed temperament edition



Constant: Salvini continues to HOLD FIRM on all of the THINGS WORTH DOING. He joins the two other FIRM adults in Europe, Orban and Putin.

Variable: Salvini's HOW TO DO THEM is new and unique. He seems to be hugely enjoying his duties.

In dog terms, Salvini is a Labrador, Orban is a Rottweiler, and Putin is a dachshund.

All three breeds are serious dogs who know the THINGS WORTH DOING and never hesitate when duty calls. But their normal temperaments are entirely different. Salvini the lab is smiling all the time. Orban the Rottweiler is grimly determined. Putin the dachshund is quiet and thoughtful.

Three HOWS, same populist DUTY. Protect and preserve the PEOPLE of your OWN country. In Salvini's words, Difendere i frutti della nostra terra significa difendere il lavoro, la tradizione, la salute dei nostri figli.

Come to think of it, that's also a dog's idea of DUTY.

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Thursday, July 12, 2018
  Speaking of Frost again...

Following loosely on this.

The Spokane Weather Bureau hasn't posted any nice gentle poems lately, but today they're having nerdish pun-fun with Roman numbers. It's clever and cute. It also shows an unsung advantage of Arabic numbers. The Y-axis is in Arabic, and the literal columns for temperatures are Roman. The Arabic representation grows wider with increasing value. You need more digits for 100 than 90. The Roman representation is completely random. The lowest temperature needs 7 digits and the highest needs 2 digits.

Later: They missed the best pun. It's a graph of temple-ature.
  Quantum globalism

From May's fake "exit" plan:
More notably, the White Paper revealed that May has accepted that the UK's banks will need to leave the European banking union. Instead, she's set her sights on "regulatory equivalence" agreements with the EU that have applied to countries outside the trading bloc.
In other words, we won't follow EU rules. Instead, we will have our own perfectly independent rules that happen, by pure random coincidence, to be verbatim copies of the EU rules.

Quantum entanglement applied to politics.

Not surprising. All the frauds of Big Science, from digitalism to quantumism to globalwarmingism to "social" "science" to economics, are branches of globalism. All Big Scientists collaborate with the political side of globalism and work intensely with the spy agencies and activists and bankers who form the Globalist Tripod.

This is the first visible instance of collaboration in the other direction.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

I'm terminally tired of fake "reformers" pretending to "hold government accountable" for various evils.

Email from Judicial Watch:


Hillary Clinton thinks she got away scot free with breaking the law.
But, at Judicial Watch, we believe nobody is above the law…not even Hillary Clinton…
And we believe you don’t either!

Hillary IS the law. When the mob owns EVERYTHING there is NO law outside the mob.

You're expecting mob-owned "judges" and mob-owned bureaucrats to prosecute their owner. PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE. The mob never punishes its capo or its hitmen. It punishes snitches, aka leakers.

The mob kills people who threaten it. Even if we counterfactually assume that honest non-owned judges might exist in some alternate universe, those mythical creatures would be human. They would want to stay alive, and they would want their families to stay alive. They will NEVER rule against the mob.


  30-second disproof

An author displays a total lack of memory and knowledge of his own academic field:
An important aspect of the study's findings for Jäncke is that they reflect the great developments made in the field in recent years: "Just 30 years ago we thought that the human brain had few or no individual characteristics. Personal identification through brain anatomical characteristics was unimaginable." In the meantime magnetic resonance imaging has got much better, as has the software used to evaluate digitalized brain scans -- Jäncke says it is thanks to this progress that we now know better.
Ratshit. The individuality of brains has been known pretty much forever.

30 seconds in Googlebooks finds this 1919 textbook on 'Brightness and Dullness in Children'. At page 90 of the PDF:
Bolton believes that differences in the intelligence of normal individuals are due to variation in the same cortical features as those by which feeble-mindedness is so clearly shown. “As a final remark,” he writes, “I would add that there is reason to believe that this physical basis of the cerebral functions . . . exhibits equally important though less extensive variations in the cases of presumably normal individuals; and thus indicates the likelihood of a structural origin for individual differences in mental endowment.”"

If "we" thought that brains were identical, it was because "we" were rigidly orthodox adherents of fashionable bizarre delusions that were mandatory in academia after WW2. (Good old 1946.) Some parts of "we" have recovered from this form of dementia, though the recovered folks are still viewed with suspicion in academia.

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  Tribalism? A little late

Some commentators are just catching up to the resurgence of tribalism.

I think they're a couple years behind the curve, which is certainly better than most commentators who are 40 years behind the curve.

Tribalism is still strong in the Sorosian lands, but it's being phased out and replaced by pure personal loyalty to Lord of Lords Soros and his Prophetess Empress Hillary.

Example: Greenwald visited Russia last week on a 'goodwill tour' similar to the old cultural exchanges of the '60s. Greenwald was universally bashed by the #resistance department of Deepstate.

A few years ago, when tribalism was ascendant, Greenwald's PURE tribal membership would have insulated him from all criticism. He's (1) Jewish by ethnicity (2) openly and cheerfully homosexual by preference (3) firmly Leftist in ideology (4) journalist by trade. Aristocratic in all the ways that count.

Now his 4-way perfect tribal credentials don't save him. By visiting Russia and saying non-negative things about Russia, he has offended the Cult of Prophetess Empress Hillary. He is Unperson.

Later thought: Openly and cheerfully may be part of the problem. Greenwald is non-invasive and non-imperialist about ALL of his caste qualities. These are just parts of his life. You're not supposed to treat your identities so casually and loosely; you're supposed to use every one of your caste cards as a FEROCIOUS WEAPON against heretics.
Tuesday, July 10, 2018
  Speaking of....

Speaking of industrious and resourceful and realistic, the Everett Tweakers are working together to build a sort of house from available materials. Well, two of them are working together. The one on the right is shouting at invisible opponents.

Note the pergola built from leftover fencing and a packing piece, and the tent which seems to be holding its own in a stiff wind.

Since the city comes through and cleans up the place two or three times a week, these structures will be gone in a day or so.

Again, this is what happens when you remove civilized purposes from life. People still work intelligently toward a goal, even knowing that the goal will only last a day.

We can't stop being purposeful. Deepstate can steal everything else, but can't steal PURPOSE.


= = = = =

Later thought: By Deepstate standards the dude on the right is sane and the two housebuilders are crazy. Dude on right is shouting incoherent noises at nonexistent enemies. He's BRILLIANTLY QUALIFIED to serve as a journalist or senator or congressman or CIA chief or Federal "judge".


  Cultural appropriation squared... or squawed

I used to** remember sin/cos/tan by the famous image of Big Chief Soh-Cah-Toa, sitting Injun style next to his triangular tipi.

Filipinos use the same mnemonic, but apparently without the cartoon.

This would drive a Sorosian crazy with cognitive dissonance. The Pinoys are guilty of Cultural Appropriation in two steps ... but Pinoys are also Indigenouses Firsts Nationses Peopleses ... but Pinoys are Christian ... but their leader is a horrible TRUMP PUTIN NAZI KKK HITLER TRUMP TRUMP ... but the same leader hates Christians ... but ... but ...

At least this teacher isn't using the equivalent Pythagoras joke about the sons of the squaws on the other two hides. In this video anyway.

**Since I started working with computer graphics, I don't need the memory trick. After applying the rules in all sorts of real PHYSICAL situations, the three ratios are built-in functions of my mind.



Our experts and heroes and "scientists" are people who have never lived in reality.

Beautiful example: Elon just flew over to Thailand and spent a couple days trying to convince the rescuers to use his special "submarine".

It's PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE. The submarine is a rigid tube about 8 feet long. It would work in the open water of a lake, but CAVES AREN'T BUILT LIKE THAT. Caves have irregular squirmy passages that you have to slither through flexibly. Caves do NOT have smooth tubes like Elon's idiotic Hyperloop. Elon only proved that he's never been in a cave. Even worse, he proved that he's too arrogant and psychopathic to bother with GOOGLING a cave.

Fortunately for the trapped kids, Thais are immensely industrious and resourceful and REALISTIC people. They know what caves are. They know how the world works. Fortunately for Elon, Thais are also polite. They didn't spank his delusional ass and send him home crying.

All of the "solutions" proposed by our experts, and by "both" "sides" in various Deepstate-sponsored bilateral protest movements, are PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE. 100% of our goals are ABSOLUTELY UNACHIEVABLE.

This is not accidental. An unachievable goal, coupled with the delusion that it's possible, is the heart of addiction. Must try harder! Must have more budget! Must have more power! Must have more protests! If we can only get enough money and power and emotion, by god we'll get there!

No you won't. Your goals are PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE.


Sunday, July 08, 2018
  Best title 6

= = = = = = THINGS WORTH DOING AND HOW TO DO THEM = = = = = =

The LAST thing worth doing: SAVE YOUR OWN SOUL.

How to do it: When you have a position of authority, you can try to influence the path of the government or corporation toward God. But when you see that sanity and normalcy are PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE, your DUTY is to GET THE FUCK OUT.

Earlier I formed the impression that Davis is a sane adult among the hyperinfantile hypersatanic hyperloony alien monsterblobs of USA and UK. Now he has proved it by GETTING THE FUCK OUT after a long and futile attempt to do what's worth doing.

Most of the alleged adults in US and UK turned out to be vile fakers, who willingly and enthusiastically serve Satan after a brief moment of pretending.

The only MAN in the US government is Tom Price, who SAVED HIS OWN SOUL by getting out of DC before the infection could set in. All the others have turned out to be serpents.

Later: Genuine surprise! Boris, the scaliest of the serpents, has also saved what little remains of his microsoul! This is getting INTERESTING.

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  Best title 5

= = = = = = THINGS WORTH DOING AND HOW TO DO THEM = = = = = =
According to the decree 18,632 people, including nearly 9,000 police officers, 6,000 members of the military, 199 academics from universities across the country as well as hundreds of ordinary teachers were sacked. Their passports will be cancelled, according to the decree published in the Official Gazette early on Sunday.

Turkish authorities had already dismissed around 160,000 government workers since the failed military intervention SOROS COUP, of whom more than 50,000 have been formally charged and kept in jail during their trials.

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  MLK, tripods, natural selection

One of the writers at NakedCapitalism referred to an unfamiliar quote from MLK.

Found in full form here.
Yet with his basic thesis I would concur. Our economic system is going through a radical change, and certainly this change is needed. I would certainly welcome the day to come when there will be a nationalization of industry.

Let us continue to hope, work, and pray that in the future we will live to see a warless world, a better distribution of wealth, and a brotherhood that transcends race or color. This is the gospel that I will preach to the world."
I was impressed by the LOGIC of the sequence.

Warless world ---> Better distribution ---> Brotherhood.

Peace is necessary for a better distribution of BOTH WEALTH AND STATUS, and a better distribution of BOTH WEALTH AND STATUS is necessary before you can have brotherhood.

The Soviet system, especially after Stalin's death, tried to accomplish all three goals and partly succeeded. State-owned capitalism makes room for civilization. Capitalism controlled by NYC inevitably turns into monopoly by the most ruthless psychopaths and death for ordinary men. Neither destiny is automatic, but the tendencies are strong.

= = = = =

New thought: The globalist tripod creates an incurably war-loving world by preferential selection.

Start with the pre-globalist setup which was once called Civilization. A civilized system, typified by Sharia and Soviet, leaves room for ordinary non-warlike people to have jobs and status. Males are valued as providers and makers, not as giant muscle-bound hulks.

The globalist tripod is (1) Predatory monopolistic financialism (2) Die-Versity activism (3) Spy agencies.

Only the first two are directly involved in this process; the spy agencies are coordinators. Die-Versity, especially feminism. breaks the civilized division of labor. Men are not allowed to be providers, and women are not allowed to seek out makers. Result: Raw simian tendencies return to the forefront. Females go for big muscle-bound all-conquering ruthless hulks. Predatory capitalism works in the same direction, even more strongly. Manufacturing jobs are moved overseas. The only permitted path toward wealth and status is by stealing and killing, whether in the drug business on the streets or the stock business on Wall Street.

We've had at least three generations of the Globalist setup now, and we're seeing the result of selective mating. The upper-status parts of the culture are ferociously warlike, invading and smashing businesses and countries with equal bloodthirsty frenzy.

Pre-industrial wars involved hand-to-hand combat. with kings and generals actually leading the charge. This automatically leveled out the balance. War was like a fever, preferentially wiping out the most violent end of the population and leaving the civilizable types. After a war, civilization had a chance to regenerate.

This may still work among the hand-to-hand fighters in Afghanistan and Iraq and Libya and Ukraine and Syria and Yemen, but they are not the generals and kings who started the war. Now the war-starters are safely across the ocean in DC and NYC and London, getting richer and more predatory with every war.


Saturday, July 07, 2018
  Non-orthogonal Nature

Convective thought.

Nature uses magnetic and static fields and ion currents ALMOST universally, but there are some exceptions. Why?

= = = = =

Static fields are used for internal communication EVERYWHERE. Inside a cell, between cells, in the nervous system, inside muscles, EVERYWHERE.

Static fields are used for external communication more narrowly, but one of the narrow uses is common. Plants communicate with pollinating insects by fields, telling the bugs which flowers are ready for pollination and which are used up. Mud-dwelling fish use static fields for radio communication, in FM Stereo.

Static sensors are part of the communication systems in above paragraph, and more broadly used by just about everything to detect nearby objects. (Even dull humans use the hairs on our arms for this purpose!)

Static fields are used directly for motion in two ways, one of which is nearly universal. Cells drive their flagella with a synchronous motor, using phased variation of static fields. Spiders alter their charge to move away from walls and toward plants when hanging from a silk fiber.

= = = = =

Ion currents are also EVERYWHERE for internal communication. The nervous system is all about ion currents.

Bacteria use ion currents to communicate via miniature wires, and some plants send currents through fungal wires.

Ion currents are sensory as part of the wire systems above.

Ion currents are NOT used for motion as such. Currents are a vital part of muscle action, but the current isn't what moves the animal.

= = = = =

Magnetic fields are used by EVERYONE for sensing 3d position, but NOT used for the other purposes. It's possible that bees use magnetic motion for communication in their waggle dance, but this doesn't seem to be established.

= = = = =

Static field Ion current Magnetic field
Internal communication Yes Yes 0
External communication Yes Yes 0
Sensory Yes Yes Yes
Motor Yes 0 0

Seems like an oddly non-orthogonal chart. Nature normally uses all resources to the max. Empty spots in a chart should invite closer observation to see if those spots are actually full. For instance, I'll bet somebody ejects a stream of ions like a reaction rocket engine. We haven't spotted it because we aren't looking for it.

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Friday, July 06, 2018
  Speaking of 1920 poets

Idiot article in ZH:

In a move straight out of the Soviet Union handbook, PG&E has warned they may cut electrical power to some California residents during “extreme weather” to help prevent wildfires.

In the first fucking place, this is NOT the conventional idea of Soviet procedure. Conventional wisdom said that the Soviets kept industry running regardless of environmental consequences. This idea was basically true. American industry was usually more careful about avoiding pollution, fires, etc.

Since I've been exposing these conventional ideas about USSR, I tried the usual procedure on this one. I found a 1962 book on the Soviet power grid, which turned out to be HUGELY more interesting for its authorship than its information.

It didn't tell me anything surprising about the Soviet electric grid. Conventional was right. Stalin started from scratch in 1922 and forced everything (including farmers) to lay down and die for the sake of rapid electrification and industrialization.

The book included a neat overlay map giving a clear sense of Russian climate zones compared to North America;

But the best part was the authors. The book was written after a US Govt delegation made a FRIENDLY VISIT to Russia. Unthinkable concept now, as a Congressional delegation learned this week.

I was talking yesterday about modern vs ancient businessmen and poets.

This picture of the delegation is a timely gift:

Transcribed caption:

The delegation departing from Friendship Airport. 1. Secretary of the Interior Udall, 2. James K. Carr, 3. Joseph C. Swidler, 4. Howard Morgan, 5. Lee C. White, 6. Orren Beaty, 7. Floyd E. Dominy, 8. Charles F. Luce, 9. Maj. Gen. R. G. Macdonnell, 10. T. W. Mermel, 11. Fred Chambers, 12. Curtis W. Kamman, 13. Paul E. Shaad, 14. James F. McNulty.

Under a separate exchange program departing at the same time were: 15. Robert Frost, 16. Frederick Adams, 17. Franklin C. Reeves.

Most of these men were politically active Democrats, and they were making a point of seeking objective facts about Russia in a FRIENDLY way, even while the Deepstates on both sides were making warlike moves.

Best of all, there's ROBERT FROST, a poet who made beauty, a poet who celebrated the virtue of FENCES. Frost was taking part in a "separate exchange program", sharing the plane. Note that Udall is subtly supporting the 88-year-old Frost, who died four months after this picture.

All of these people were GETTING ALONG WITH EACH OTHER, and trying to GET ALONG WITH THE RUSSKIES.

Can we learn? No. We are brainless zombies.

= = = = =

Footnote: Here's an article that covers Frost's participation in this trip, and here's a poem Frost wrote after the trip. Seems sort of pointless; the title is much sharper than the poem. He should have simply published the title!

Footnote 2: I'll bet university "English" departments are busily burning Frost's TRUMP HITLER KKK ALT-RIGHT PUTIN CRIMETHINK.

Checking: Yup, sure enough. Googling "frost fences problematic" finds several attempts to Rectify Frost's own meaning into a Correct meaning. But these items were in 2012, before Trump was the devil incarnate since the beginning of time, and before we were always at war with Eurasia since the beginning of time. I don't see any refs to Frost in the current No Borders frenzy. I hope I haven't enabled them by pointing out the Russia connection.

Later thought: Why haven't the pro-Deepstate "resistance" rejuvenated Reagan? "Tear down this wall, Mr Gorbachev!" Reagan hated Russia and hated walls. Ideal role model for Antifa!

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  Salvini's league of leagues

Salvini is pouring out ideas at an Elonic pace. Worries me a bit. He started out with SOLID ACTION, and it would be better if he'd let his ACTIONS speak before his words.

One of his ideas is unquestionably important. The sane nations and sane movements within insane nations need to coordinate their efforts more strongly. At least they need to share information and avoid ideological squabbles.

= = = = =

As I keep track of the fronts in the Soros war, a pattern clearly emerges. Soros NOTICES countries that move from neutral to green, and quickly FLIPS them to lavender if possible. It's easier with small countries for obvious financial reasons. He ESPECIALLY tries to flip small footholds in the middle of major God areas.

In the last year, Macedonia and Armenia and Spain and Ecuador moved closer to God through elections or protests. Satan flipped them to FIRM Satanic. England seems to fit the same pattern, though I'm no longer sure that the God-move was ever genuine.

Macedonia and Armenia are unimportant countries in the big picture, but they're strategically located centers of infection. Macedonia in the middle of the hardline God-group in eastern Europe, Armenia next to Persia and Turkey and Russia.

= = = = =

The God side needs to have an equally smart strategy. Floss out these centers of infection before they can solidify. Try to grow the healthy tissue.


Thursday, July 05, 2018
  Well, that didn't take long 2

Pruitt is gone. The idiot article describes him as "embroiled in scandal". NO, you grotesque filthy twats. He was embroiled in trying, weakly and lamely, to do one or two THINGS WORTH DOING.

Because he was actually trying to do THINGS WORTH DOING, the media superdemons "caught" him in horrible scandalous crimes like miscalculating an expense voucher or traveling in government planes, which is what a Cabinet Secretary is SUPPOSED TO DO unless he belongs to the wrong party.

Classic ethicution. Whenever you see "ethics" charges, you know Deepstate is removing a weak heretic. (Strong and effective heretics never get anywhere near DC in the first place.)

That's the last heretic. Hillary in an orange wig now has a PERFECTLY PURE administration from top to bottom.

Infinitely incalculably wicked monsters.

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  Well, that didn't take long

The map of Sorosia is changing fast in both directions.

Another verification of a long-standing suspicion.

I had marked England as green because HM Government seemed AT FIRST to be moving effectively toward Brexit. As the process dragged on for centuries, I found it harder and harder to justify the green, but still didn't have any firm evidence of fakery.

Now we've got it.

The Chairman of the anti-Brexit group financially backed by George Soros has just expressed his support for Theresa May.

Nuff said.

So the Sorosia map now shows:

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  Constants and variables 98, poets and peasants edition

Article in Collectible Auto, Dec 2015, tells the story of Walter Chrysler taking over Maxwell, first turning it into a better car, then leveraging it into his own brand. WPC was working as a Turnaround Man for bankers, and he was advising both Willys and Maxwell. Willys was overextended by unwise mergers but had a good car. [And STILL has a good car 96 years later!] Maxwell didn't have a good car. WPC stole engineers from Willys and set them to work on Maxwell, then took over the company.

In other words, WPC made his money the old-fashioned way, by hard work and lots of theft.

At the end of the article WPC is quoted:

There is in manufacturing a creative joy that only poets are supposed to know.

This doesn't sound like the usual press agent or ghostwriter product, so I'm going to assume it's a genuinely heartfelt quote. It's damn close to poetry.

The first part is VASTLY more important now than in the '20s. Men are meant to make things. A man who can make things and see them to completion is happy**. A man who can't make things because all the factories have moved to Bangladesh is not happy. He may jump off a bridge or he may turn to crime.

Make or break.

But the latter part is wrong now, and I'm not sure it was valid then. Only poets are supposed to experience the joy of creation? Certainly false now. The purpose of a poet is to drive readers to suicide and then commit suicide. Death all around, no joy at all.

Most paid poets in the '20s were on God's side, making more beauty and value, enriching the lives of readers. Did they experience a special joy? Seems likely, but impossible to prove.

= = = = =

**Personal sidenote: I'm a man, so I'm meant to make things. This morning I reached completion on the current courseware project (pending some mopup stuff like indexing and grouping for LMS) so I'm HAPPY this morning.

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  Constants and variables 97, Sorosian edition

For quite a while I've been puzzled about the taxonomic position of this creature:

The Sorosian appears to be vaguely related to mammals, but it has no species or gender. It has mysterious square black optical sensors which are normally hard-wired to iPhones, and it has only one fixed behavior pattern. Obviously it doesn't need a brain for such a simple repetitive behavior, which is less complex and less responsive than any other living creature except possibly viruses.

This article about birds helped me to clarify the internal structure of the Sorosian "brain-like" substance. The article notes the well-known similarity between parrots and crows and humans. Despite vastly different sizes and structures, parrots and crows do pretty much the same things as humans, from tool use to language to trolling.

Constant: The researchers found that the key, of course, is PURPOSE. Birds and humans have the same super-complex and super-flexible coupling between the planning and intention centers in the cerebrum and the sequencing and reflex centers in the cerebellum. The coupling happens in a different area, but it's a similar FUNCTIONAL circuit. Birds and primates have the same PURPOSE, so they have the same circuit.

Variable: Clearly Sorosians have an entirely different PURPOSE from humans and parrots, despite the accidental STRUCTURAL similarity to humans.

Using the diagram in the article, I've added on the Sorosian circuitry for comparison.

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Wednesday, July 04, 2018
  Constants and variables 96, Bribery is better edition

Why is bribery better than "good government"? I've been chewing on this question for a long time. Finally pinned it down.

It's a matter of modularity.

Universal truth: Bureaucrats rule by exception.

In an authoritarian system without the absurd satanic insane pretense of "laws" and "constitutions", exceptions have a specific stated price, just like a loaf of bread. If you can come up with the stated price, you can buy the exception. If another business can ALSO come up with the price, the other business can ALSO buy its own exception.

In a "good government" system with "laws" and "constitutions", bribery is forbidden. A company that wants to buy an exception has to buy a "law", which then APPLIES TO EVERYONE. There is only one loaf of bread. After Disney buys it, nobody else can eat.

= = = = =

The bribe system is MODULAR. Each purchase is a TEMPORARY stack-based VARIABLE, local to the module where the purchaser operates. If the purchaser stops making payments, the exception goes away.

The non-bribe system is a GLOBAL system. All variables are persistent globals, which can be altered by any agency or any District Blackrobed Demon. The exception then applies PERMANENTLY to the ENTIRE COUNTRY or the entire EU. A monopolistic monster like Disney or Amazon can design and commission "laws" or "consent decrees" or "precedents" that permanently forbid all competitors everywhere.

Superdemons like Bloomberg and Soros can create "laws" via lawsuit at a local level. When a District Blackrobed Demon writes a "law", the "law" immediately and permanently applies to the entire country.

= = = = =

Footnote for credit: The metaphor was inspired by this elegant 1970 article that turns Parkinson's Laws into equations and pseudocode. I think it was meant as a parody, but it's just plain true.

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  Toldja so!

I had an immediate gut feeling that the new leader of Spain was returning the country to Satan after Rajoy had been quietly anti-Satan.

Soros reportedly met Sánchez on the 27th June at the Palace of Moncola, the Prime Minister’s official residence, however no record of the alleged meeting was put on the Prime Minister’s public agenda nor was it announced to the media. Spanish media claim the Minister of Foreign Affairs and former President of the European Parliament, Josep Borrell Fontelles, was also present at the ‘behind closed-doors’ meeting. The meeting lasted “about an hour and a half” and it is said the group discussed “their economic and future views.”
Toldja so. (I probably shouldn't gloat... I've been wrong about these things more often than right. Fuck it. This time I was right, so I'll gloat.)

While I'm on the subject, it's time to flip Ecuador to Satan's side on the Sorosia map. (Already flipped Spain.)

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Tuesday, July 03, 2018
  Best title 4

Things worth doing and how to do them.

In today's news we have two examples of newly elected leaders DOING what's worth doing, and the HOW is the same in both cases.

One of them is serving God and the other is serving Satan, but within their respective duties both are DOING the correct thing.

On God's side, Mahathir in Malaysia. On Satan's side, Moreno in Ecuador. Both are DOING WHAT'S NECESSARY to get rid of the previous leadership.

If you're going to make a serious change of direction, you HAVE to eliminate holdovers from the old. Sometimes you can just fire them and discredit them; sometime you have to jail them or kill them.

When you see the old regime going to jail, you know the new regime has a chance of changing things.

Trump showed IMMEDIATELY that he was NOT going to change anything. Despite playing YOU'RE FIRED on TV, he didn't fire any of the people who needed to be fired. (All black-robed demons, the top 10 layers of all departments and agencies, the entire FBI from top to bottom.)

That's a lot of firing, but all of it is needed. The FBI needs more than firing. The entire FBI needs to be shipped to Guantanamo because the FBI is the planner and mastermind of ALL terrorism.

Trump did NOTHING. He still hasn't fired anybody EXCEPT his own fake "populist" appointees.

= = = = =

**Footnote for clarity: Trump did fire Comey, but he fired Comey after Hillary disapproved of Comey. Thus Trump showed his true Deepstate colors. He was serving his master Hillary.


  Brit Krauts

More blessings from hopelessly brainless Deepstate:
The Telegraph reports Downing Street has ruled it ‘a red line’ that President Trump doesn’t meet with Nigel, despite the fact the pair have a great relationship that, presumably, could be beneficial for the UK.

A source close to Farage told Westmonster: “Downing Street’s actions have already set the special relationship into a downward spiral. They continue to shoot themselves in the foot again and again by not working with the few people in Britain that know President Trump well.”
This reminded me vaguely of something in the biography of Morris. There was a similar incident in Morris's visits to Britain as representative of the new US government.

I looked it up (p 457 of the PDF) and found that the prohibitions happened in Germany, not Britain. Morris had been in London for a while, where he was free to talk with anyone he chose. He then sailed to Berlin, where the authorities required him to converse with certain noblemen and prohibited discussions with others.

Bear in mind that this was 1796, soon after USA had finished fighting Britain and not long before Britain came back for revenge. We had never fought against Germany.

Now Brits are acting like Krauts.

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Monday, July 02, 2018
  Trying to temper a bias, failing

This morning I was trying to temper my biases in Morris style. After skimming through "local" fake "news" and seeing nothing but virulent demonic infinitely wicked superlies, I tried to calm myself by thinking that maybe the fake "news" occasionally gets a trivial fact right, such as the current temperature.


From UK Daily Mail:
The Chicago Fire Department was forced to hose down bridges after the record-breaking heat caused them to expand and block river access to boats as more than 60 million people across the Northeast brace for day four of the suffocating heat wave. Video shows the moment a boat from the fire department propelled water onto the steel beams of the Michigan Avenue bridge on Saturday. Chicago has several 'movable bridges' made of steel that raise up and let boats pass through. But in extreme heat cases, the steel expands and causes the bridge to become inoperable and unable to raise up or close. The sweltering heat is expected to continue baking the majority of the US for the rest of the week as temperatures are predicted to drop after the Fourth of July. Meteorologists described the rising three digit temperatures experienced in many parts of the country as 'relentless' and 'dangerous'.
Granted that Brits have a different standard of temperature. Anything above 65 is a suffocating heat wave, and anything under 64 is an Arctic deepfreeze.

Even so, many days of triple digits, though HARDLY UNUSUAL for Chicago, can be hard on people and machines.

Well, let's check the Weather Bureau. The Chicago office had an unsensational special listing of the last few 'unusual' days.

Shocking records? Nope. Low to mid 90s, no triple digits at all. This is fucking JULY. What do you fucking EXPECT?

= = = = =

Meanwhile on this side of the country, we've had a HEAVENLY COOL June, which we DESERVE after three hot summers. Today is even cooler, bringing SNOW to the mountains. A ferocious world-ending blizzard by British standards, hardly noticeable by local standards. Still, it was enough to build a little snowman!

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  Holding back....

I'm going to hold back on cheering for Obrador in Mexico. His agenda sounds excellent, but I'll wait for action. Been fooled before, won't be fooled again.

The response of "both" "sides" in USA media gives me HOPE that he may be genuine.

"Leftist" Deepstate media are happy that Obrador will be the perfect enemy of Trump. Really? Obrador claims that he wants to get rid of NAFTA. Trump claims that he wants to get rid of NAFTA. Where's the disagreement? NAFTA has ruined ordinary people and enriched the rich in BOTH countries. Real leftists are supposed to make life better for the poor, and eliminating NAFTA is a good move in that direction for BOTH countries.

"Right-wing" Deepstate media are bashing Obrador for being a "socialist".
Yes, he wants to raise taxes and possibly clamp down on corruption to pay for these government handouts. Rather than encouraging competition, he wants to reverse the energy reforms that ended state owned Pemex’s monopoly in the oil industry. He calls for an end to crude oil exports and instead, he wants to build more oil refineries to help Mexico achieve energy independence while guaranteeing employment of Pemex union workers. Rather than moving Mexico’s economy forward by encouraging free trade, he wants to take Mexico backward by incentivizing agriculture, so Mexico will be self-sufficient in food production. His nationalistic economic policy suggests he’s unwilling to compromise on the NAFTA negotiation with the U.S.
This sounds like an IDEALLY PERFECT agenda for the people of Mexico, but the "right-wing" writer seems to think all of these moves are horrible. Why, for fuck's sake?

Still, this is just talk about talk about talk. (I'm talking about the media talking about Obrador's talk.) (And now I'm talking about talking about the media talking about Obrador's talk.) (And now I'm ...

If he starts off with immediate and decisive and relentless ACTION, like Italy's new government, we'll finally have the first real improvement in this hemisphere since 1946.


Sunday, July 01, 2018
  CRC, HFT, 1876

Think ciphers in blockchain are new? Think HFT algos are new? Fool.

From an 1876 book on Banking Telegraphy.

How to set up your own book code:

How to form a checksum to verify that the original message was sent accurately:

Codes for every purpose, including passing and evaluating rumors:

= = = = =

There is ONE HUGE DIFFERENCE between these old codes and the new Blockchain ciphers.

The 19th century folks UNDERSTOOD FULLY that their messages were passing through the hands and eyes of telegraphers (and later phone operators); and they understood that the messages were carried on open wires that anyone could tap. Competitors, cops, mobs, anyone.

Modern Bitcoin fools not only FAIL TO UNDERSTAND that their messages are passing through NSA, they even more stupidly fail to appreciate that their "mining" is solving crypto equations for NSA. Unpaid labor for the supposed "enemy". Some of us have been preaching about this for a LONG TIME.

DIY book codes have served for an EVEN LONGER time and can still serve, provided you know how to distinguish between NSA territory and your own territory. In fact DIY codes are the ONLY possibly secure method of communication. If both ends have arranged the choice of book beforehand, via private totally verbal conversation in an electronics-free location, and both sides acquired the book offline through garage sales or similar, and both sides rigorously keep the book away from all cameras, you've got something like security. There are even better alternatives using pieces of Nature or shared memories. If both sides share a memorized system of turning locations and actions to numbers, any reference to any standard object or picture will do.

There's no point in preaching this to the Bitcoin fools and the MMT fools. They have been hypnotized by Deepstate's frontmen like Max Keiser and Bill Black. Good old Prosperity Gospel. Works every time.

  Constants and variables 95, owl edition

BBC feature on new ways of carrying value in cashless countries.

The headline is about owls as money, but the article is making a broader point. In demonlands like Sweden where the post-living satanblobs have abandoned EVERY SCRAP of civilization and morality and natural life, including physical cash, criminals have to find new sources of easily stealable and easily portable value. "Endangered" "species" are one of the new favorite sources, since prohibition of any object always raises criminal value.

The article includes Britain in the cashless realm, but the inclusion is unfair.

In the UK, where just 40% of all payments are done with cash, there has been an increase in crimes involving birds of prey.

Just 40%? That's historically NORMAL, maybe even higher than normal. An 1880s book on British banks gives percentages from that era:

Physical currency in the Army and Navy Stores looks like 35%.

Earlier I quoted an American book from the same era, which I unfortunately failed to href and can't find again. My quote:

Physical currency is a tiny part of all transactions. Even in the 1880s when real gold and silver coins were active in an (appropriately!) bimetallic system, 95% of all transactions were by check or money order, 4% by paper currency, and less than 1% by actual metal.

Those numbers look suspiciously small, and may have been percentages of total spending rather than percentages of transactions. Still, currency hasn't been dominant for a LONG time.


  Thanks, Ralph 476

I suppose we're fortunate that Deepstate has scooped out its own brains.

This grotesque satanic EU demon was too fucking stupid to restrain his vulturine infantile psychotic hebephrenic screeches while Nigel attempted to speak PLAIN OBSERVABLE FACTS.

Smart demons know when to shut up. These demons continued screeching and skrawking, trying to drown out PLAIN OBSERVABLE FACTS with the sounds of an unoiled machine grinding to a halt. Thus proving Nigel's point more effectively than Nigel could do by himself.

We're lucky to have dumb demons, decorticate Deepstate, imbecilic Insatiables.

Thanks, Ralph.

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  Best title 3



For a national leader, the list of THINGS WORTH DOING is as follows:

(1) Protect the PEOPLE of your OWN country.

That's all. There is no 2, 3, 4, etc. Everything else is optional and luxurious, to be considered AFTER you've accomplished (1). If you're not doing (1), you're not a national leader and you should be REMOVED.

Until a few years ago, all the leaders in Europe were failing this basic test murderously and genocidally. All of them were protecting and enriching Soros by killing their OWN people.

Now we have an increasing number of leaders who are DOING the ONE THING WORTH DOING. The Soros-enrichers are feeling the pressure and pretending to yield, but the PURPOSEFUL leaders are no longer ALLOWING the pretense.

Krauts tried to pretend:
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has secured the consent of 16 European Union member states for the rapid return of migrants who first arrived in other countries, according to a document seen by German news outlets on Saturday. The countries listed are Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, France, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal and Sweden.
The NON-SATANIC leaders won't allow the fakery:
Following reports of the deal, a spokesman for the Hungarian government denied that Budapest has agreed to a migrant repatriation system with Germany. "No such deal has been reached," Zoltan Kovacs said.

Soon after, Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis also denied there was a migrant deal with Berlin, as did a spokesman for the Polish Foreign Ministry.
And what happens to leaders when they FULFILL their ONE PURPOSE?
Salvini has taken a tough stance in office already, stopping NGO migrant boats from docking in Italy as he does everything he can to curb illegal immigration that has plagued his country and the rest of Europe.

The surge in support has been unprecedented – up from 17% at the election March to just over 31% now, according to an Ipsos poll.
This shouldn't be a surprise. When you protect your OWN people, your OWN people appreciate it and want you to KEEP DOING IT.

It's unprecedented because NOBODY HAD TRIED IT until this year.


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  Spreading fashion

A few months ago I observed...
I've noticed a return of an old fashion this year. Housecoats or smocks. On my morning walk I see people taking the trash to the curb, or standing on the porch to sneak a smoke before work. This year the ladies are often wearing houserobes for those outside chores.

Houserobes were common before 1960 but already gone in my boomer generation. These ladies aren't especially old, so they can't belong to the last generation that was accustomed to houserobes. They've picked up the habit very recently.
It's not just here. The fashion has even spread to the Everett Tweakers!

Of course these folks are always standing outside, so 'standing on the porch to sneak a smoke' doesn't quite apply.

And these folks aren't 'taking the trash to the curb'. Instead, they're rooting through the trash, sorting it, cleaning it, wearing it, eating it, tossing it back, rooting through the trash, sorting it, cleaning it, wearing it, eating it, tossing it back, rooting through the trash, sorting it, cleaning it, wearing it, eating it, tossing it back, rooting through the trash, sor


and this is what happens when you remove purpose from life. We've done an excellent job of SMASHING all the purposes that formerly sustained ordinary people.



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