Monday, October 21, 2019
  Reverse the saying

Rehashing the Shared Lie:

Deepstate always wants us to argue about meaningless details. Names and numbers. Divide and conquer, even within the individual. Cognitive Dissonance and Room 101 keep our brains internally divided and incapable of asking proper questions.

The cure for Deepstate is to stand back, ignore the details, avoid taking either of the assigned "sides" in Deepstate's puppet show, and simply do our duty. Make more life, more value, more beauty. We don't have a duty to ask bigger questions, but the bigger questions are at least possible when we ignore the details.

The devil is in the details validly describes the 80/20 structure of completed jobs.

The details are in the devil tells us how to handle a shared lie or a flat assertion.

On the other side, we could use more details, or simply more concrete realism, from people who claim to be working against the shared lie. Tulsi asks the right questions, but she's not just a blogger. She's interviewing for an executive job, and she doesn't seem to understand the job. We could use more 80/20. We could use a broad sense of what she will work on first. As I've mentioned before, we have three Users Guides for breaking Deepstate. Harding, FDR, Ike. From an outside view we can see that each of them subdued Deepstate and enforced non-intervention. As a current member of Congress and the military, Tulsi has access to better information. She could have assigned staff to analyze the methods that ACTUALLY WORKED in the past, and develop a broad plan of action.


Sunday, October 20, 2019
  Morales wins again

Speaking of defending a country's own people....

Evo Morales just won re-election. Not really surprising. He broke Graybill's Law. Bolivia had been one of our captive cocaine colonies. Evo decided to develop Bolivia's HONEST skills instead of CIA's criminal skills. He nationalized the mineral industry and used its profits to build infrastructure and services for his people. Bolivia's economy is thriving and growing, on its own terms for its own people.

Evo and AMLO are similar. Both of them talk like Gaians and act like FDR.

Deepstate doesn't like breakaways, especially when they succeed. Will Bolivia be next, now that we screwed up the coup in Venezuela?

More personal question: I wonder how it feels to live in a country where the government is trying to improve the lives of ordinary people? I wouldn't know. I was born in USA after 1946, so I've always lived in a country where the government ruins and mocks and slaughters ordinary people. The water in the fishbowl is cyanide.

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  A little late for Pronoun Day but still appropriate

Via ZH,
“Our administration’s been very clear,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told The Jerusalem Post in an exclusive Friday interview, published on Sunday. “Israel has the fundamental right to engage in activity that ensures the security of its people. It’s at the very core of what nation-states not only have the right to do, but an obligation to do.”
Does Russia have the fundamental right to defend its people? No. Does Venezuela have the fundamental right to defend its people? No. Does Cuba have the fundamental right to defend its people? No. Do Persia and Syria have the fundamental right to defend their people against ISRAEL? FUCK NO.

Well then, what does Pompeo mean? Like the old Soviet joke, the secret is in the referent of the pronoun. "The security of its people" does NOT mean "the security of each nation's OWN people." "The security of its people" means "The security of ISRAEL'S people." Thus every nation-state has the right and obligation to defend ISRAEL'S people, not its own people. Perfectly logical.

= = = = =

Fussy grammar sidenote: This particular joke wouldn't actually work in Russian, which has a commonly used 'self' pronoun. The sentence would be "Israel has the fundamental right to defend itself's people." Applied to other countries, the other countries would also be defending self's people, not ambiguous its people.

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Saturday, October 19, 2019
  Getting tired?

I try to ignore the "political" soap opera as much as possible. Occasionally I notice a tiny deviation from Official Orthodoxy that may indicate a larger crack coming.

BBC covers the Tulsi vs Hillary feud with a slightly non-standard tone. It sounds like BBC is getting tired of Hillary's endless false accusations. They quote some of the antiwar types who were previously ignored.
  Constants and Variables 141, big mistake edition

Constant 1:

Boeing is stupid in exactly the same way that Tesla is stupid. Both are making real-world machines using a software-world mindset. Both assume that the real laws of Newtonian physics are just arbitrary Social Constructs which can be overcome by the Will Of Software.

Constant 2:

Both are major players in Share Value. Boeing is a big part of the Dow, and Tesla is a big part of NASDAQ. Both are focused primarily on satisfying NYC investors. Keeping customers alive is not even secondary; more like thousandary on the list of priorities.


Tesla has vast armies of religiously motivated trolls who instantly smash all truth and logic.

There are no pro-Boeing trolls.

At most there are establishment types who defend Boeing's stupid explanations as authoritative, but they don't throw feces at the antis.


Boeing's big mistake is its failure to develop a cult. Even though it claims to be a "tech company", it's not a religion.

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Friday, October 18, 2019
  Why are books bound horizontally?

Convective thought.

Why are books horizontal?

The rule seems to be:

Writable things are up-down (with some exceptions).

Readable things are left-right, at least in the world of paper.

There's absolutely no advantage to the left-right arrangement of pages for writing or reading. Up-down has all the advantages in both modes.

Think of a legal pad or a drawing pad. Up-down. You flip the pages over and out of the way when done with each page. You can lay it flat on a table or clipboard, and your hand (left OR right) can write consistently across the flat surface.

Think of a hardback book. Left-right. You flip the pages leftward, and the used page is always trying to spring back, so you have to hold it. Worst of all, your eyes have to deal with an inconsistent distance and inconsistent angle and inconsistent glare, which is opposite on the left and right pages.

When the paper is flat, the eyes and brain have a simpler task.

History doesn't seem to justify the left-right arrangement. We first wrote on clay tablets, which are not bound in either direction. Then we used scrolls, which are continuous up-down. Sometime in the Middle Ages, scribes started binding pages left-right, and the habit continued through the print era.

Computers developed from an up-down tradition.

Typewriters scrolled the paper vertically. Teletypes, starting around 1910, used a continuous roll to avoid constant manual paper insertion. Computers began by using existing teletypes as output, then developed various forms of printers, still with a continuous scroll. CRT monitors started as direct copies of the teletype output, with printed lines scrolling upward just like a roll of paper.

In the web era, a looser range of shapes and formats are possible, but the scroll continues to dominate. The preferred vertical aspect of iPhones forces vertical scrolling.

Despite the total dominance of vertical pages in digital, and in writable paper media, readable paper continues left-right.

= = = = =

Did we ever have up-down hardbound books? Yes, but only in a peculiar niche.

The textbooks we used in typing class in high school were up-down.

When closed, the book laid flat like any other, except that its aspect ratio was inverted.

The front cover had an extra 'hinge' so that it could flop over the stand fully, and the pages were sewn instead of glued into a wide and flexible spine so they could flop easily.

The only disadvantage of this setup is that you couldn't have printing on the back of each page, but the longer aspect ratio meant that each page contained the same number of lines as two normal pages.

= = = = =

Graphic sidenote: Polistra is typing on an early piano-style telegraph sender.

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  Asked and De-answered

Another asked-answered combo from RealClearScience.

Had to make up a new tag for this one.

If you say that "evolution" tells you something, you have just proved that you are NOT intelligent life. Only an irrational blind follower of idiotic fashion uses "evolution" as a guide for "thinking".

Even if "evolution" could tell us anything, there's no way it could prove that Life Form X is the only intelligent life form, or that Planet A is the only location capable of developing intelligence. Those claims are classic religious claims, and not even rational or provable within the bounds of mature theology.

So the mere phrasing of this statement pre-empts and prohibits all intelligent answers, both secular and sacred.

A shining example of NewThink.

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Thursday, October 17, 2019
  Slime mold or Disney? /// EDIT: Slime mold.

Reuters has a tantalizingly brief news item about a new life form exhibited by the Paris Zoo. The description and video closely fit slime mold, except for the number of "sexes" or reproduction categories.

Checking France24, I see a headline for the same item:

but clicking the headline simply leads to the main website of Disney Films.

Zoos don't normally exhibit fungus-like organisms. Zoos exhibit big semi-familiar animals.

Is this a hack or a misdescribed slime mold or a genuinely new find?

Later: France24 fixed the link which now provides better info. It is in fact a type of slime mold. Slime mold is unquestionably one of the weirdest and least understood life forms, but not a brand new discovery.

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  He's not that stupid.

The latest Irons podcast features McAfee. Mac is making some really STUPID arguments for Bitcoin. He's not that stupid. He wants to make the suckers stupid.

His biggest argument is the old "decentralized ledger" which "can't be stopped by governments".

Raw ratshit. Bitcoin is NSA. It exists because it's useful to NSA. If it ever stops being useful, it will stop existing.

Irons isn't making a strong enough counterargument. He's arguing for gold against Bitcoin. That's not the choice. The choice is paper currency against Bitcoin. Paper currency has none of the problems. When your web connection fails, or you forget your password, or the power is out because of a windstorm, you can still spend paper. You can also spend paper without NSA tracking the transaction, while NSA tracks EVERY Bitcoin transaction.

This is tiresome. All of these fake arguments have been definitively debunked for at least six fucking years.

Mac also makes a really dumb supply/demand argument for the value of Bitcoin. He says that the total number of "coins" is firmly limited. Untrue. Debt ceilings and credit limits ALWAYS push up when approached. He also says that about 20% of the "coins" already mined have been lost due to failed computers or lost passwords. (Which destroys his other argument, but let it go.) Because the supply is necessarily decreasing, the price must go up. Here he's acknowledging that Bitcoin is a collectible like vintage wine, not a currency. Unfortunately, collectibles don't necessarily go up when they grow rare. The demand side is equally important and much less predictable. Sometimes people lose interest in baseball cards or '64 Mustangs or Banksy paintings. Fashion is fickle. There's no real collector demand for Bitcoin in the first fucking place, so assuming it will be constant is crazy.

Even in his own department he's making a stupid argument. He says antivirus doesn't do anything. Maybe HIS antivirus doesn't, but AVG works perfectly against hackers damaging or locking up the computer. It doesn't stop NSA, but that's not the fucking purpose. I gave up on McAfee antivirus many years ago because in fact it DIDN'T stop viruses, it only stopped my computer. AVG stays out of the way and halts malware.

Ping! That's the key. Everything Mac does, from his "antivirus" to his "coins", is a total brazen open transparent fraud. Everything is designed to harm the sucker and enrich Mac. He doesn't bother to hide it. The ultimate infinite Sucker Filter.


  Ought to be charged with plagiarism

This proposal for genocide by the climate holocausters isn't especially original. It's an academic proposal for Newspeak, EXACTLY AS ORWELL DESCRIBED IT.

According to the Gaians, we need Newthink and Newspeak to break up our natural pattern recognition skills so the Gaian priestesses can implant Correct Thoughts every microsecond via Github.

Orwell's estate would have a clear cause for an infringement action in a sane world.

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One thing that stands out in the videos of this JUSTICE is the total absence of police. The Gaian holocausters announced their violent sabotage in advance. It wasn't a surprise. The police ignored it because they're too busy arresting and jailing normal people for using the wrong pronoun.

And later, needless to say, the police are arresting the justicers and lionizing the holocausters. I'm sure the UK dysgovernment will reinstate the death penalty for the justicers, and reinstate official sainthood for the holocausters.

Meaningless suggestion: Nov 5 is Guy Fawkes Day. Oct 17 should become Gaia Fucked Day.

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Wednesday, October 16, 2019
  Emoji d'or, troll d'or

Latest item at KSHS is wild, and their writer seems to have been impressed by the wildness.
How did a French coin weight from the late 1700s come to be deposited at a late 19th- early 20th-century archeological site in Smith County? One side of the coin weight depicts the coin it represents, a French Louis D'or from 1785 to 1792. The reverse of the coin weight depicts a hand of Antwerp, indicating it was used in Antwerp, Belgium, markets. Understanding how and when artifacts came to be deposited at a site and what an artifact's association is with other artifacts at a site are questions archeologists ask in order learn how people are interacting with their landscapes. In the case of this small French coin weight, the answer is still being sought.
In modern terms the coin weight would be described as UI/UX with automatic localization. There's no wording, just the image of the coin on one side and the hand (fingers up, palm forward) on the other. Anyone involved in commerce would know what it meant, where it was used, and what it weighed.

Hand of Antwerp? Huh? Not explained by KSHS, but it's even wilder:
The most wonderful cities in the world are founded upon a myth, and Antwerp is no exception. Legend has it that, to cross the Scheldt River, you first had to pay a toll to a fearsome giant, named Druon Antigoon. Whenever sailors on the Scheldt river refused to pay the toll to the giant, he punished them by cutting off their hand. A Roman soldier named Silvius Brabo slayed the giant, cut off its hand, and tossed it into the Scheldt River. Given that the Dutch for "hand thrown" is "hand werpen", the city’s name was born. So, the "hand" has become the symbol of Antwerp and it is looked upon like an official shield of Antwerp. There are excellent cookies and different types of chocolates in the shape of a hand.
Druon Antigoon. Wonderful name for a giant troll. Even better, the coin weight looks just like a chocolate cookie. (Unfortunately it's a square cookie, so I can't use d'Oreo in the title.)

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  Aphid Day 2019

On 9/26 I wondered if the aphids were going to miss their chance this year. At that point it looked like there wasn't another warmish day coming.

Nope, they didn't miss. This afternoon, 3PM 10/16, we hit 66 by my thermometer, and the aphids are just now massively swarming.

No chance of another 60, at least by predictions:

So here we go after all!

[This is the tenth time I've noted it here. Aphid Day in 2010 was the first of Oct, in 2011 it was the end of Oct, in 2012 the first of Oct, in 2013 the last part of Oct, in 2014 (with an actual picture) the end of Sept, in 2015 end of Sept, in 2016 end of Sept, in 2017 near end of Oct, in 2018 around mid Oct, and now in 2019 around mid Oct. ]

= = = = = BELOW HERE IS REPRINT of the original.

Every year in Spokane the end of summer is marked by the swarming of tiny white-winged flies.

Insects don't waste much time in adulthood; lots of bugs live several years as larvae and only a few days as adults.

These flies take it to an extreme. Adults are minimally equipped to get in the air and reproduce. They don't have as much brain power as other flies, nor do they have hard shells. Instead of flying purposefully, they drift with the wind like seeds, and die as soon as they bump into anything even at near-zero drifting speed. Result: for a couple of days, your face and clothes are covered with semi-liquid insects.

Despite their lack of navigation, they must have some kind of superior instinct or 'community intelligence', because picking the last warm day is much harder than picking the first warm day of spring. Termites and ants don't need to calculate their swarming day; they only need a simple neuron to detect when temperature rises past a certain threshold, plus an emitted pheromone to trigger the avalanche.

But how do these flies determine that today is not just warm, but the last warmth for their generation? They must be sensing something besides temperature.

At any rate, they serve as a reliable sign for us, even if our supercomputers can't match their calculations.

Polistra has put it into folk-wisdom format:

White flies swarming, no more warming.

= = = = =

[Artistic note: the swarm in the animation turned out nicely, but Polistra's head looks steroid-swollen and South-Park-ish for unknown reasons. Maybe she's allergic to the bugs.]

[Technical note: According to some sources, these bugs are smoky-winged ash aphids, Prociphilus americanus.]
  What is Tulsi up to?

The question gets stronger every day. She started out as the torch-bearer for the MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE, war vs peace, intervention vs minding our own fucking business.

Now she's focusing on a vague and meaningless question of "fitness". It's not age that matters, it's "fitness", whatever the fuck that means.

Age does matter. I'm 69, and I know how the body and mind start to decline. Many other wrinklies have expressed the same experience-based judgment. We see Biden struggling with words, Bernie having a heart attack, Hillary falling more than walking. Some old folks are still going strong at 80, but most aren't, and our political examples are in the latter category.

Beyond that, Tulsi still hasn't specified what she will DO to suppress or break the war machine. She hasn't spilled any beans from the classified briefings she gets in Congress, hasn't offered any solutions to the problems that she accurately describes.


We had three Presidents who DID SOMETHING about war and Deepstate. Harding, FDR, and Eisenhower. We don't have public information on HOW those three managed to subdue Deepstate and GET SHIT DONE, but a member of Congress would have access to the information. A serious and sincere non-interventionist would be finding and reading those three Users Manuals, and figuring out how to apply the methods to the current hyperlunatic monstrosity.

We also have a very recent partial example. Obama obeyed Deepstate during his first term, letting Hillary start a new war every week. In his second term he fired Hillary and took a couple of hesitant steps away from universal permanent war, loosening the blockades of Persia and Cuba. Obama wasn't explicitly punished, but Hillary took revenge by installing Trump, who promptly resumed universal permanent war.

At this point the best conclusion is that Tulsi is just another Pied Piper like Trump, an attractive trapper who gathers up peace-loving people and neuters them, absorbs their energy in nothingness. Like what mucus does to bacteria, except that Tulsi is prettier than snot.
  Snot superpowers

A perfect example of Carver's rules. Via ScienceDaily, researchers decided to LOOK ABOUT THEM and TAKE HOLD OF THE SNOT THAT IS HERE. When they removed their theory goggles and started looking closely, they found that plain old mucus is a Master Counterspy.

Obviously mucus protects surfaces from dust and microbes and acids, just by being a gooey film. But wait, there's a whole lot more!
A new study from MIT reveals that glycans -- branched sugar molecules found in mucus -- are responsible for most of this microbe-taming. There are hundreds of different glycans in mucus, and the MIT team discovered that these molecules can prevent bacteria from communicating with each other and forming infectious biofilms, effectively rendering them harmless.

"What we have in mucus is a therapeutic gold mine," says Katharina Ribbeck, the Mark Hyman, Jr. Career Development Professor of Biological Engineering at MIT. "These glycans have biological functions that are very broad and sophisticated. They have the ability to regulate how microbes behave and really tune their identity."

Ribbeck thought they might play a major role in the microbe-disarming activity she had previously seen from mucus. To explore that possibility, she isolated glycans and exposed them to Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Upon exposure to mucin glycans, the bacteria underwent broad shifts in behavior that rendered them less harmful to the host. For example, they no longer produced toxins, attached to or killed host cells, or expressed genes essential for bacterial communication.
Nature beats us to the punch every time, in ways that we haven't even BEGUN to explore. Life is infinitely amazing, and we owe a duty to its creator.

On a more prosaic level, this new knowledge leads to new guidance. For instance, think twice before using mouthwash. Clearing out the goo feels good, but the goo is doing much more to control bacteria than the mouthwash.

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Tuesday, October 15, 2019
  What's the Italian word for Berwick-upon-Tweed?

A highly interesting feature on a little exclave caught between Switzerland and Italy. Campione d’Italia was handed back and forth by princes and bishops in the Middle Ages, and later ended up as a haven for spies of all sorts. Why did the spies like it?
A casino was first set up in Campione in 1917, designed as a way to listen in on foreign diplomats cutting loose there. Its status as a quasi-neutral playground prompted the OSS, the CIA’s precursor, to set up a base there briefly.

I've been noticing the role of casinos as a power base for a long time, and I've also discussed the ties between casino-owning ethnic gangs and Deepstate.

But I hadn't thought about the intentional USE of a casino as a trap for spies. It makes sense, and it completes the circle.

Bloomberg is reporting on Campione because of a new exclavian back-and-forth. The casino went bankrupt a few years ago, so the town is in economic trouble. The new post-Salvini government in Italy is going all in for Soros and EU, leaving no stone unturned in its murderous efforts to destroy all vestiges of Italy. Thus the new government wants to eliminate some traditional exemptions that had given Campione an economic advantage. Campione's leaders believe that neutral Switzerland would do a better job of maintaining its unique in-between status. Switzerland apparently likes the idea, so it's not just talk.

= = = = =

Stupid sidenote: Given these connections, I'm surprised Buckley never wrote a spy novel titled The Well-Tempered Exclavier.

= = = = =

Geographical sidenote: A little googlestreeting shows that Campione is built on a sharp hillside with lots of switchbacks in its streets. Sort of like a high-class version of Logan, WV.

With casino money:

Without casino money:

Casinos are evil, but if my small town faced that choice, I'd fight to keep the casino.

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  Mixed-up beans

In the latest O'Keefe videos focused on CNN, we see CNN executive Christian Sierra sprawled arrogantly on a sofa, hands behind head, feet up.

He's spilling the beans, but in fact he seems to have LESS beans than outsiders do.

He states the obvious fact that media demons cover shootings in elite locations and ignore shootings in black neighborhoods.

But Sierra thinks the purpose of this bias is simply racist. Black victims don't matter.

He's missing the point entirely. The purpose of the bias is to create a climate of "terror" based on "white supremacists", ie Deplorables.

The bias is based on the shooter, not the victims. If the shooter is black, nothing to see here. If the shooter is white, we got a story.

The same principle applies to "hate" crimes and "hate" speech. In all cases the content or behavior is not the variable. The speaker or actor is the variable. If the speech or crime comes from a Deplorable, it's "hate" speech or "hate" crime. If not, no story. Media is all about WHO, not WHAT.

= = = = =

Later: This series of videos is sort of reassuring on the basic human level. The hidden reporter is showing us that LOTS of CNN employees, both technical and on-camera, are disgusted with the total loss of objectivity. CNN was always Democrat, like 100% of media including Fox, but back in the '90s CNN occasionally allowed a fact to slip through the filters. Now the censorship is total and personal. It's not broadly Democrat as before. Everything serves Hillary.
  Bad, by satan

Via the Bush family website Politico, several "conservative" and Repooflican pundits have met with Zuck. All of them accepted Zuck's NDA requirement, and all are obeying Zuck's NDA and remaining silent.

Knowledge is Power. In earlier centuries priests had power and privilege because they heard confessions. The modern Weblords have even more power because they operate a much more complete confessional. Zuck has direct access to the private lives of everyone, and politicians know it.

God's rule is simple in a situation like this. The only reason to meet with Satan is to spill the beans. Opening the confessional and breaking the seal decreases Satan's blackmail power. By accepting Zuck's terms and conditions these "conservatives" have become an integral part of Satan's team.

It's possible that Zuck is making genuine compromises toward a more objective policy, but we can't know that unless you tell us EVERYTHING. When you allowed Zuck to be the sole provider of information, your meeting was totally pointless. Satan retains ALL the knowledge and ALL the power.
  Good, by god.

The first open acknowledgment that we're ACTUALLY ending a war and ACTUALLY moving troops out.

Via ZH:
A stunning development in the key northern Syrian city of Manbij — the Pentagon has confirmed a planned handover to Russian military forces is underway amid a Turkish military assault on the region. This also hours after President Trump tweeted that Assad "wants naturally to protect the Kurds" and that the problem should be left to local powers.

Late Monday the main US base in Manbij was filmed empty of US forces, and American convoys were also spotted hastily pulling out of the city as Syrian national forces entered
Blogger Trump sometimes makes noises about ending a war and sometimes makes noises about starting new wars. Blogger Trump is not in charge, so his noises are meaningless. This confirmation from the military is meaningful.

This means that our real bosses in Israel and Saudi are losing force. Bibi is in a parliamentary stalemate, and MbS is moving cautiously toward the Russian side. Without clear guidance from both bosses, we no longer have a clear reason to destroy Syria.
Monday, October 14, 2019
  Shit or get off the pot, Tulsi.

First she said she will boycott this week's "debate", which seemed to me like a dubious decision. Today she says tersely and minimally "I will be attending the debate."

No reason or motive given, no purpose. Up and down, back and forth, whipsaw, chaos.

This feels too much like Bush behavior, especially Bush Senior. He made cryptic remarks and short speeches, clearly meaningful to other Deepstaters but puzzling and de-communicative to humans.

Knowledge is power. Tell us everything or go home.


  Constant Russia

As mentioned in previous item, I don't know enough to guess the validity of Martin Sieff's BIG hypothesis that Saudi is about to collapse.

One part of the article raises two questions that fall within my department.
In a time without speed of light communications, telegraph wires, radio or Internet, the fall of the British Empire in America still rocked the entire world. It was celebrated and welcomed from the Emir of Kuwait to the Tsarina Catherine in St. Petersburg.
First question:

Successful revolutions are always backed by foreign governments. Not all foreign-backed revolutions succeed, but revolutions without assistance always fail.

Our NYC-based revolution was strongly backed by Louis in France, and we then rewarded him in typical NYC style by sponsoring the revolution that killed Louis. But what about Catherine? At that time Russia owned and occupied Alaska plus part of BC, and made a dubious claim to the entire West Coast. Russia certainly had interests on this continent. Did Catherine fund the revolution, hoping for a weaker power here?

Morris, as always, answers the question: [p269 of the PDF]
France, it is well known, went into the war for the sole object of severing America from England, and she came out of it with no other gain, than the independence of the United States. In all the secret overtures for a separate treaty, that were made to Count Vergennes, (and they were several) by emissaries from the British Court during the war, he invariably insisted on the recognition of American independence as a preliminary step. When Russia and Austria proposed to mediate between England and France, Count Vergennes accepted the offer, but imposed as a condition, that commissioners should be admitted from the United States, and take part as the representatives of an independent power in the negotiations for peace. He maintained the same ground when Spain came forward as a mediator.
Then as now, Russia was a mediator, not an aggressor.

= = = = =

Second question:

The mention of telegraph wires raises a different question, also in my department. Electric telegraphs began around 1830, but visual semaphore systems were widespread in Europe and Russia around the time of the Revolution. In those countries, news traveled much faster than horseback but somewhat slower than electricity. Why didn't USA copy the idea? For 50 years those systems were well known and highly functional, but we didn't use them. We made do with horses and runners until Morse and others persuaded the government to try the electric system.

= = = = =

And this in turn raises a subquestion. Why were semaphores slower than electric telegraphs? The obvious answer is because electricity... but that isn't the real answer.

Two reasons, one of which could have been solved with existing technology.

(1) The moving parts of semaphores were big and heavy, requiring considerable strength and time to overcome inertia. The keyboards of the first electric telegraphs acted easily and instantly, with negligible mass and momentum. This could have been solved with the compressed-air technology of pipe organs. The English six-panel system would be best because its action was binary. Each key would valve air into its own combination of pistons, each flipping one panel. When the key was released, the spring-loaded panels would snap back to default.

(2) More subtle but unsolvable. The first telegraphs were NOT significantly faster than semaphores. The Chappe system, with a dense network of stations and highly skilled operators, was able to send a message from Calais to Paris in three minutes. Early telegraphs shared the limitation of frequent human intervention. Batteries at each station had to overcome the resistance and reactance of long wires. The message might travel about 5 miles to the first receiver, where the operator would have to copy the complete message and then resend it. This is identical to semaphores except for the inertia and momentum. Telegraphs became fast after the invention of the relay, which automatically transferred the information to a new circuit with its own batteries. Relays act instantly, so a well-formed and well-maintained line could send a message through unlimited distances instantly. There was no conceivable way to develop a relay for visual systems. It would be possible right now using video cameras and OCR technology, but it wouldn't have been possible even 20 years ago.

A telegraph system solely USING compressed air would have been possible in 300 BC. The Romans could have built long concrete pipelines, running along aqueducts and roads in the same way that telegraph wires ran along railroads. Air relays work the same as electric relays, and would have been feasible with Roman tech. This setup could have spanned continents with the same speed as electric telegraphs. There were a few attempts at compressed air telegraphy during the semaphore era, but they didn't get anywhere.

And let's take one more step, probably off the cliff.... An air-based telephone system would also be possible. A delicate leather sender diaphragm with a needle valve could modulate a very small flow, which could then modulate a larger flow. The larger flow could easily move a leather receiver diaphragm. Fluidic amplifiers were possible in 300 BC.

More broadly, why didn't any of these developments happen before electricity? You don't need special instruments to detect the movement and pressure of air. You can feel and smell and hear it directly, and you can make the wires and resistors and amplifiers from wood and leather. Surely someone must have tried these ideas during the 2100 years from 300 BC to 1800 AD??? Even the phonograph, a simple mechanism that could have been built in the Stone Age, didn't happen until Edison was fiddling with ways to record electrical telegraph signals.

Since I'm already off the alt-history cliff, one more step. If clay-disk phonographs had been developed in 3000 BC, would clay-tablet writing have been necessary? I think the answer is Yes, because writing didn't start with words. Writing began as bookkeeping and soon found ways to specify the items being bought or sold. You can't talk in columns.

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  Sieff's BIG hypothesis

Article by Martin Sieff at Strategic Culture is a masterpiece, offering a BIG and counterintuitive proposition, and showing how it's plausible. The proposition is that the Houthis are about to defeat Saudi, which will be the final straw that crashes the current crazy world order.

Sieff gives a fast and digestible history of how Saudi developed from the British defeat of Turkey in 1918, and shows how the same change is repeating now.

I know nothing about military strategy, so I can't tell if Sieff's prediction is likely or not, but it's certainly both audacious and rational.
Sunday, October 13, 2019
  New Manweller method

Interesting insight on Brexit from Rod Liddle at Spiked.

Of course this is just good old Manweller's Rule in action. Elections that count don't count. Or more precisely, elections that make a real change in policy or agenda are not allowed to count.

Liddle observes that this British way of implementing Manweller is new. Normally Deepstate invalidates the election through blackrobed demons, who legislate that it was held improperly or counted improperly or corruptly influenced or whatever the demons feel like saying.

This time Deepstate invalidated the Brexit referendum because the voters are invalid. People who want to make a real change are NOT QUALIFIED to vote.

Neither the old Soviet Deepstate nor the US Deepstate had ever used this method. Now it will be the norm.

Come to think of it, the new method is already being used to exterminate Tulsi's voters, who unquestionably want a real change. People who want Tulsi are literally Unpersons and thus can't possibly be counted. Things that don't exist can't be counted.

Later thought: This method wasn't possible at the national level in previous decades because it required precise knowledge of who voted. It worked in old-fashioned precinct elections where the poll watchers knew every voter personally, but not in big national votes. Now, thanks to NSA and Facebook et al, Deepstate knows everything about everybody, so it knows exactly which votes are null. And thanks to computer-based voting, Deepstate can instantly and undetectably delete the Deletables.

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  Sounds like another ultimatum

The Chinese premier is visiting Nepal to line up some Silk Road projects like a railway between China and India across Nepal.

While in Nepal,
Xi said that "anyone attempting to split China in any part of the country will end in crushed bodies and shattered bones. And any external forces backing such attempts dividing China will be deemed by the Chinese people as pipe-dreaming!" Xi said.
Of course he's talking about the current Soros/US/UK "protests" in Hong Kong.

Bring on the crushed bodies and shattered bones! Start at the top!


  Sounds like an ultimatum

Putin has been meeting with Arab and Turkish leaders, and he has issued an ultimatum. All foreign troops should leave Syria. This would include Russian troops if the Syrian government says so. (But so far the Syrian government wants both Persian and Russian troops as helpers.)

His ultimatum doesn't have a date or an Or Else, but I have a feeling those are coming soon.

Ideally the Or Else would include removing DC and NYC from the earth, but I doubt that Putin wants to go that far.
  Y phone plug != phone plug?

Speaking of non-universal technologies, I was fiddling pointlessly as usual with this old Philmore crystal receiver...

which has separate binding posts for headphones.

All radios in the '20s had separate binding posts for headphones...

and all headphones had separate wires, usually with soldered-on tips to avoid fraying....

But the cable itself was always a twisted pair in one insulator, so a single plug would always have made more sense. The single plug was always available...

and it had an obvious name: phone plug.

Modern radios and audio equipment have coaxial phone plugs, which started out at the same size as Bell Tel switchboard plugs and gradually got smaller.

This 1969 catalog page shows the range of sizes, unchanged since then...

When did the standard change from separate to coax? It was certainly before the '60s. All the equipment sold and used during my lifetime had coaxial phone plugs.

GenRad, the calibration company, calibrates the answer.

A 1920 audibility meter, with separate binding posts for phones:

A 1945 wavemeter, with only a coaxial phone plug:

And the answer is: A 1939 wavemeter indicates the transition graphically! Both types of output available!


Saturday, October 12, 2019
  Acid reprint

Not specifically relevant. Just noticed this 2012 item while looking for something else. It deserves a reprint.


Today brings more of the usual Carbon Cult raving about dying oceans, acidification, etc.

I decided to find a past source for comparison. (I like to check publications between 1890 and 1910, which was pretty much the peak period of realistic science. Before those years, instrumentation wasn't well-developed; after those years, most of science was destroyed by Leninism or bizarre abstractions and delusions.) A highly readable and lively 1895 report of an oceanographic voyage to the Bahamas gives a precise figure for dissolved CO2 in that area: 50 cc of carbon dioxide per liter of water.

Then located a passage in a 2011 book, 'Essentials of Oceanography' by Garrison.

Hmm. Still 50 cc per liter after a century. So where's the extreme gasification and acidification? Maybe nowhere.


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  Constants and Variables 140, non-unique edition

BBC's "news" department is solid Sorosian screeching, but their other sections often produce interesting material.

This feature on the generation born around 2000 raises a good question.
Today, we all live with social media at our fingertips. But not all of us were formed by it. Simone and her friends recognise that they are unique in that they grew up and “evolved” as the world made the transition from flip-up mobiles to the smart phone age.
Is that really unique? No.

Variable: Some generations receive stable technology in their formative years, and some have to scramble to learn new stuff while the new stuff is being developed. The latter is a much harder learning task, because the generation has to work with a moving target, and has to reshape the culture for it. When a generation receives an already developed technology, the pre-shaped culture automatically trains the youngsters.

The fastest change was around 1890 to 1920, endured by the flapper generation. They already had railroads and telegraphs and cameras, but they had to learn telephones, cars, phonographs, airplanes, radio, movies, and kitchen appliances. In many parts of the country they also had to learn indoor plumbing.

The Greatest Generation was born after all of the above developments were fairly solid. They only had to adjust to TV when young. Boomers had no adjusting at all when we were young; computers came along when we were 40, and smartphones when we were 60.

Constant: Everyone learns what they have to learn, and everyone learns it directly by experience. School is never ready to teach the new stuff. Books are never ready to teach the new stuff.

Fussy sidenote: I'm leaving out non-universal tech. Mainframe computers made a huge difference in offices and factories during the Greatest Generation, but computers didn't invade homes until 1990. Air conditioning was universal in some parts of the country by 1960, but is still rare in other parts.

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Ehret, running parallel to my thoughts as usual, has corrected his colleagues on the supposed equivalence of imperialism and nationalism.

But Ehret and I are NOT parallel on Trump's purpose. Ehret seems to think that Trump is a real nationalist:
While some people have chosen to treat Trump as a paranoid conspiracy theorist, President Putin demonstrated his understanding of this coup by calling out the deep state forces managing Ukraine who are attempting to destroy a potential Russia-USA alliance when he said: “we see what is going on in the United States: [some forces] are using any pretext to attack President Trump. Now that is Ukraine and all the wranglings linked to it- I mean the relations with Ukraine and President Zelensky… that once again confirms we had nothing to do with US political games from the very beginning. They have just looked for pretexts to attack the elected President”.

A leading voice of the impeachment camp since 2017, Congressman Al Green (D-TX) showcased where the real anti-democratic sentiments of the deep state lie when he said on NBC “if we don’t impeach this President, he will get re-elected”.
It's clear by now that Trump is just the Pied Piper, hired by Deepstate to pull Negative Externalities out of the woodwork so we can be Exterminated. If Hillary's emails didn't prove the point, the Roy Cohn connection did.

Purpose is important on the question of "impeachment". If Deepstate really wanted to get Trump out of the way, there is a much simpler method available, a method Deepstate is never afraid to use. Since they haven't suicided or accidented him yet, we can conclude that they want him to stay in office. There's never been a better Pied Piper.

Green is lying when he says "If we don't impeach him he will be re-elected." IMPEACHMENT DOES NOT REVERSE THE ELECTION. IMPEACHMENT DOES NOT RESTORE HILLARY TO HER DIVINE RIGHT. Impeachment simply moves Pence into the office. Pence is then free to run twice** on his own, leaving the Trump team in power for THREE TERMS INSTEAD OF TWO.

The obsolete "constitution" doesn't say that impeachment automatically disqualifies the president from holding office. It says that Congress can't go beyond disqualification, but Congress can decide whether to disqualify or not. Congress could "forget" to disqualify, creating even more delicious chaos and mayhem and EXTERMINATION.

Pence will be a more reliable servant of Israel on the verbal level, which will make Congress feel more comfortable. Pence won't even pretend to hesitate when Lord Bibi says MAKE A WAR. Trump has been the best Israeli president in history, even exceeding Nixon's loyalty and sacrifice; but his words seem to make the masters uncomfortable at times.

We can be sure Trump will still be the public face of the administration whether he sits in the office or not, since the Pied Piper role is indispensable.

** If impeachment had happened before Jan 20, 2019, Pence would only be free to run once. That's why impeachment started to gather steam after Jan 20, 2019.


Friday, October 11, 2019
  Charter for self-defense, reprinted

The silly organization 'Common Good' has put out a silly manifesto for 'reform'. Some nice principles but nothing that can possibly turn into action.

Here's a silly manifesto I wrote two years ago. I don't see anything that I'd want to revise now. It's just as pointless as Common Good's manifesto, but it starts from a more biological and experiential baseline.


Let's put together a broad set of equivalences, starting with the idea that Natural Law is meant to provide an INHIBITORY response or NEGATIVE FEEDBACK for Deplorables against Insatiables.

How do you get from order to chaos and death? Positive feedback. Exponential functions. Wanting everything.

How do you restore and maintain order and life? Negative feedback. Tanh functions. Wanting something.

Positive feedback people = Insatiables.

Negative feedback people = Deplorables.

In a HEALTHY organism or culture both forces are always present. The Sorosian side of the world is no longer healthy or survivable because the inhibitory side has been eliminated and outlawed.

Natural Law is explicitly about strengthening NF and suppressing PF. Sharia does it smartly by harnessing the PF people to serve the NF people and vice versa.

The Parkinsonian agency or NGO, the 'War On', is the classic excitatory input, self-generating positive feedback. Make a problem, justify more budget, use more budget to make more problems.

What's the opposite, the inhibitory side?

= = = = =

The opposite of WarOn is SELF-DEFENSE at all levels, physical and commercial and informational. SELF-DEFENSE is the organizational equivalent of inhibitory synapses and negative feedback.

A charter for self-defense would include these items:

1. You should be free to own and use physical weapons and walls to defend your PROPERTY and BODY against ordinary criminals.

2. You should be free to own and use cyberweapons and cyberwalls and pre-Disney copyrights to defend your INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY from thieves and monopolies and governments.

3. You should be able to defend your CAPITAL and BUSINESS against monopolies and hostile takeovers and aggressive lawsuits and arbitrary confiscation.

4. You should be able to defend your SKILL against skill-thieves like schools and universities and innovative disrupters like Uber.

5. Cities should be able to defend their SOVEREIGNTY against black-robed demons, and to defend their people against forcible invasions of migrants and criminals by higher levels of government.

6. Governments and common carriers should not be allowed to eliminate INFORMATION needed for self-defense.

= = = = =

Only (1) corresponds to a currently active law. The others would be new.

I've been discussing (2) through (5) for years. I haven't gotten to (6) until just now.

(6) is needed to protect leakers like Wikileaks and The latter has already been silenced. (6) would also protect policemen or writers who attempt to WARN their local populations about migrant invasions and unsafe areas. This is a big problem in EU, and I'm sure it will be coming to USA STRONG in the next few milliseconds. Evil accelerates exponentially when Soros is in control.

= = = = =

**Semantic sidenote: It's revealing that Insatiables OFTEN use the word negative when describing Deplorables. Insatiables see Deps as antimatter, Negative Externalities, obstacles to the infinite infinite infinite power that is the natural possession of the Insatiable.


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  Sounds familiar

Via ZH:
A new report from Defense One shows the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is installing an invisible shield along President Trump's Mexico-US border wall that will deny access to drug smuggling drones.

CBP recently signed a $1.2 million deal with Citadel Defense Company to install an automated, invisible defense shield at the border to detect and engage unwanted drones using proprietary machine learning algorithms.
Hmm. Seems familiar somehow.


'David Harding Counterspy' was a long-running radio series produced by the even more long-running Phillips Lord outfit. Through most of its run, Counterspy was a simplistic cop show seemingly aimed at a young audience, well below the expertise and accuracy of similar shows.

In 1950 Counterspy had at least one seriously science-minded writer. This episode has remote-controlled drones remarkably similar in size and function to the modern version. Dual copter fans, small cargo compartment carrying 5 pounds. They were used by drug smugglers to carry the goodies across the Rio Grande without detection by police.


Drones are 160** years old. This SPECIFIC use of drones is 70 years old as a concept, and probably close to that in practice. The Counterspy writers seemed to have good sources.

Are we really guarding against drones with a contract for only ONE MILLION dollars? In government circles that doesn't begin to cover the expense of writing the proposal. Meaningless noise.

Even outside of government, it would take more like 50 million to set up a line of sensors along the border.

The real solution to ANY smuggling problem is entirely outside the realm of sensing and shooting the smugglers. Every "war on X" is a new opportunity for the "law" "enforcers" to join the gang battles.

The real solution is to make smuggling unprofitable. Replace prohibition by taxation.

= = = = =

**Footnote: Drones are 160 years old, first made in 1859. From Merveilles de la Science, 1868, p573 of PDF.

S'inspirant du jouet nommé spiralifère ou papillon, MM. de la Landelle et Ponton d'Amécourt avaient fait construire une série de modèles de petits hélicoptères (c'est le nom que leur a donné M. Babinet) ou mécanismes s'enlevant à 2 ou 3 mètres de hauteur, grâce à un mouvement d'horlogerie, qui fait tourner une hélice. Ces joujoux constituaient sur le spiralifère ou papillon des enfants, un certain progrès, puisqu'ils emportaient avec eux leur moteur, tandis que le premier doit être lancé par une ficelle, qu'on déroule rapidement.


Thursday, October 10, 2019
  SPDT, not SPST

Tulsi is messaging her supporters, saying she plans to #desist the next "debate" because it's fake and meaningless.

Most of the comments on the Youtube clip are telling her to stay in and fight.

For ordinary people, #desistance is a sane and moral response to fake and meaningless shit. Save your soul. Stop listening, stop participating. Both "sides" are working for Deepstate, so the only way to avoid Satan is to skip both "sides".

For a candidate, that's not enough. A candidate needs to do something INSTEAD of the satanic puppet show. Give the viewers a genuine debate or a genuine interview at the same time as the fake "debate".

Provide two real sides. One real side is already there: the fake pair of fake "sides". The other real side should be your real interview.

I'd suggest Joe Rogan as the interviewer. Among the widely viewed podcasters he seems to do the best job of asking genuine non-stupid questions.


  Chaos is THE purpose.

Via ZH, the latest Sorosian idiocy. British elites are pushing to ban kitchen knives.

Britain doesn't need less weapons, it needs stronger police and stricter courts. 90% of all crime in Britain goes unpunished.

Most idiotic part: If you ban kitchen knives, you force people to eat fast food. Proper cooking requires chopping. Sorosian idiots are concerned about fast food, and on this issue they're accidentally right.

As always, Sorosian movements contradict other Sorosian movements. This is intentional. Mental chaos is THE PURPOSE.

Later, after reading the 'open letter': It's even stupider. They're not exactly banning knives, they're just banning knives with a point on the end. (1) Criminals can file the knife to a point in a minute. Next you need to ban all files, grindstones, and surfaces made of materials that can possibly file a metal tool to a point. (2) Stabbing is only one way of doing harm with a knife.

Clearly this is an intermediate step toward banning all hard objects made of metal or plastic or wood or stone. We must return to the wonderful peaceful era before all materials and cooking, when humans grabbed fruit from trees and ate it with... OOPS ... SHARP TEETH!

MUST BAN HITLER NAZI KKK TRUMP TEETH! But this raises a carborundum conundrum. How do you file down incisors without HORRIBLE TRUMP KKK HITLER FILES AND GRINDSTONES? And how do you pull teeth without HITLER KKK METAL TOOLS that can be broken or filed to create ULTRA-FAR-RIGHT ISOLATIONIST HITLER SHARP EDGES?

Come to think of it, fast food would solve both problems. Confine all cooking to official EU-licensed Vegan Gluten-free Carbon-free GMO-free Food-free McDonald franchises. No knives in houses, no teeth in people.


  Magic number

Via BBC "science":

Dunbar and his colleagues applied this basic principle to humans, examining historical, anthropological and contemporary psychological data about group sizes, including how big groups get before they split off or collapse. They found remarkable consistency around the number 150.

According to Dunbar and many researchers he influenced, this rule of 150 remains true for early hunter-gatherer societies as well as a surprising array of modern groupings: offices, communes, factories, residential campsites, military organisations, 11th Century English villages, even Christmas card lists. Exceed 150, and a network is unlikely to last long or cohere well. (One implication for the era of urbanisation may be that, to avoid alienation or tensions, city residents should find quasi-villages within their cities.)
There's a lot of Savannah Sabertooth "evolution" shit in the article, but the number does seem to be pretty well established.

Caught my attention because I'd just been listening to a 1949 episode of Truth or Consequences that proved the point.

TOC sometimes moved around the country, and this episode was broadcast from the Municipal Auditorium in KCMO.

The best prank in the episode starts at 16:00. Mrs Maggie Johnson of Sibley, population 150, is induced to sing an old song into the microphone, and the host offers her a prize if she can call someone in Sibley who heard her sing. (She's a pretty good singer, in old Appalachian shape-note modal style.) They bring her a phone, and she starts calling. She doesn't ask the operator for names, she asks for numbers, and it becomes clear that she knows the phone number of everyone in Sibley. These are complicated party-line numbers like 30F22, not modern dialable numbers. The host lets her call more numbers while he goes on to other pranks, then returns to her after she has called pretty much everyone. She's frustrated because nobody is home, so she can't win the prize. The big reveal: Everyone in Sibley is in the audience, behind a curtain. The show has gathered them up and bused them in. Again Mrs Johnson immediately recognizes that everyone is there.

Sure enough, 150.

Sidenote: Googlemap shows that Sibley is still there and still about the same size. It has a Johnson St, so Maggie's family must have been prominent.


Wednesday, October 09, 2019
  Underground came first 2

Another convective thought that was boosted by studying early telegraphs and semaphores. Learning that the Chappe system was primarily used for Revolutionary propaganda and stock swindles opened my mind to the basic purpose of all widespread communication systems. The earliest electrical telegraphs were meant to run underground to avoid detection and interception.

Reviewing a discussion of 'Benefit of Clergy':


Sudden question: WHY did they exempt clergy from punishment? It's a peculiar ancient custom, impossible for secular moderns to understand.

Sudden answer: It wasn't because the clergy could read. That was just the marker. The benefit was provided because the clergy heard confession.

Priests knew everyone's secrets. They could reveal everyone's secrets if they were threatened with any loss of privilege.

Sudden insight: And that's why our Web Lords are also exempt, why the SEC and FTC and DOJ and FCC can't touch them.

Zuck knows all of our secrets because he built the confessional and requires us to attend daily. We can't receive full sacraments unless we use Devices that confess all to Zuck.

Elon knows the secrets of his cultists because his rosaries on wheels are constantly reporting location and driver behavior as part of the "machine learning" for the heaven of FSD, which will not arrive until the Second Coding when Lord Elon resurrects as the Holy Emperor Of The Terraformed And Gloriously Carbon-Free Mars Kingdom.

Bezos knows the secrets of his customers, Kalanick knows the secrets of his riders, and so on.

Not so strange after all.


Primary thought: Benefit of Web was there from the start. NSA originally built the web as a confessional for academic research and corporate communication. NSA could gain indirect access through the postal system and Bell Tel, but the indirect access had to go through other bureaucrats and judges, who could then detect what NSA was trying to accomplish by each search. After the Web brought all communication in-house, "warrants" and external detection were no longer needed or possible.

Later developments are bringing storage and software in-house, via the 'cloud'. All stored INFORMATION and all TOOLS are now subject to instant and unstoppable alteration and confiscation. The power of confiscation was illustrated this week by Adobe, which has cancelled subscriptions in Venezuela for its graphics software. Tech monsters like to insult Trump, but they LOVE to confiscate and kill, so it doesn't matter if the action is dirtied up by association with Trump. Killing is fun. This is the digital equivalent of raiding workshops in another country and stealing all the tools. By all normal standards a clear and obvious act of war.

Secondary: This also explains the "need" for electronic medical records. Before medical records were webified, doctors owned medical info and could use it for their own purposes, which might even include serving patients or letting patients know about their own health. This is INTOLERABLE UNACCEPTABLE ALL OPTIONS ON THE TABLE. All info must serve Deepstate's blackmailers, and can't POSSIBLY be used to keep Negative Externalities alive. Now all medical info is available to NSA and hackers, and totally inaccessible to patients or other doctors. Best of all possible worlds.
  Underground came first

Avista is bringing back power to the area where the icestorm was worst. At first 30k houses were dark. As of 8PM, just 16 hours after the storm, 20k houses are back on.

This is considerably faster than previous storms, probably because the affected area is rich. Shareholders and politicians live there, not just Negative Externalities.

Downtown never loses power from storms, because the wiring downtown is underground. Other hi-tech countries have placed all urban wiring underground.

One of the Spokane News commenters made this point harshly.

The money spent on repeated repairs to overhead wires has unquestionably exceeded the cost of putting everything underground. Avista missed a chance to do it cheaply 20 years ago when they added natural gas service to parts of Spokane. Since they were trenching already, they could have moved the wires into the trenches at the same time.

Underground wiring was the FIRST idea of early telegraph inventors, and they developed the technology of troughs and encased cables BEFORE they developed poles and insulators. They had it right from the start.

  Nooo from Kalamazooooo, just for yooooo!

With power outages in the news, both here and in Calif, maybe it's time to bring back the GENUINE innovation displayed in this 1953 ad for Kalamazoo stoves.

In 1953 some rural areas had unreliable electric power, so a flexible stove was an advantage.

Note the combination models. Gas/coal/wood and electric/coal/wood. Gas models were ready for piped gas or bottled gas.

Now that we're UNbuilding our infrastructure, tearing out dams and power plants and letting trees grow into our power lines because trees are HOLY SAINTLY UNTOUCHABLE GODS, we've reverted to the primitive era of unreliable electric power. Thanks to the wonders of environmentalism and Share-Value economics working in demonic tandem, this old innovation would be advantageous again. What we need now is a combination electric/propane/wood. This would eliminate the need for separate camp-style propane stoves.

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  Fair and balanced

Two different opinions about snow.

(1) A husky enthusiastically investigating a snowdrift, with tail wagging.

(2) A chihuahua trying to get as close as possible to the fireplace without actually burning up.

Genes aren't everything, but genes matter.
  More global warming

The fucking "weather" bureau predicted 20% showers. Instead we've got the usual fucking pinwheel pattern, so far 1/2" of precip in a few hours. It started as rain then turned to heavy snow.

Power lines are arcing and transformers are blowing all over town. Not nearly enough snow to cause this; must be effectively an icestorm.

Sort of interesting... As the heaviest part of the pinwheel slowly moved southward, you could see the reports of arcing and downed trees moving south on SpokaneNews.

Warm your filthy Gaia-worshiping asses, you fucking "weather" "predictors". You missed last week's pinwheel snow, and now you've missed this pinwheel snow or ice storm. Try doing your fucking job instead of insulting Deplorables.

Sidenote: A non-Gaian who did a better job of forecasting.

Later: Power stayed on in this part of town (NW). About one inch of snow here, and the trees aren't even weighed down, let alone broken. South side got 4 inches.

Went outside to take the trash, and got a sense of the quality of this shit. Only one inch on the grass, and the pavement is already dry, but the snow on the grass is hard, and I couldn't get the trash barrel open. The lid was firmly 'glued' by ice. If other places got 4 inches of this glue, the problem is easy to understand.


Monday, October 07, 2019
  Rectifiers at work

Always fun to watch the Rectifiers at work. Before HORRIBLE KKK HITLER TRUMP HITLER desecrated the issue, Sorosian media were objectively hard on China for its well-known and well-documented ethnic cleansing of the Uighur Muslims.

Now that HORRIBLE TRUMP KKK HITLER TRUMP HITLER agrees with them, they are automatically forced to switch sides.

Deutsche Welle back in August:

While Chinese state officials call them "re-education" camps intended to prevent terrorism and extremism, there is mounting evidence that the centers in the Muslim-majority region are actually prison-like compounds designed for mass incarceration. Over 200,000 "suspects" are reportedly being held in the autonomous territory in northwest China.

DW today:

The Chinese governmental and commercial businesses were blacklisted in the US over what it says are rights violations in Xinjiang.

= = = = =

BBC in July:

Evidence gathered by the BBC showed that in one Xinjiang township alone more than 400 children had lost both of their parents to some form of internment. Many appear to have been rounded up as punishment for expressing their faith - praying or wearing a veil - or for having overseas connections to places like Turkey.

BBC today:

US blacklists China organisations over Xinjiang 'Uighur abuse'.

The US has blacklisted 28 Chinese organisations for their alleged involvement in abuses against ethnic Uighurs in China's Xinjiang province.

Note how the scarequotes and allegeds have switched sides. China was awful until Trump said it was awful. Now China is heaven.
  Alt universe cars

Ever see a '38 Buick panel truck?

From an article in an ITT trade journal in '39. ITT was truly International, and its magazines concentrated on radio in Europe. This article showed how the Oslo police department used two-way radio.

The interior, a neat installation matching the dashboard's deco:

Buick would have made good sense for cop purposes. The Model 40 was cheap, not far above Chevy or Ford prices, and it had a powerful and durable straight eight. Buick was accustomed to selling chassis-and-cowl vehicles for hearse conversions. Euro coachmakers were accustomed to using GM products for deluxe limos.

Sidenote: ITT's publications in the late '30s also showed that our corporations were firmly allied with Japan and Germany, which is the permanent default. Even during our wars "against" Japan and Germany, our corporations continued to build Kraut weapons and US weapons at the same time.


  Once in a while justice strikes.

via ZH:

Just two years after being heralded by any and all mainstream media-ites as the next Steve Jobs, Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes now reportedly faces a civil case from her lawyers who claim she hasn’t paid them for more than a year and probably never will, according to court records, and they don’t want to be her lawyers anymore.

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Sunday, October 06, 2019
  Not even valid has a feature on Australian yoots in 1946, originally published by the Aussie equivalent of Life magazine. This picture caught my attention. Three students, obviously dressed for a serious occasion, are using some kind of stylus to poke buttons on a wooden apparatus. The serious dress and faces ruled out a game, so it must have been a mental test, perhaps reaction time? Fortunately the full article with text is available elsewhere online, verifying my guess.

After WW2 "social" "science" was fully dominant, offering false and evil "solutions" to every problem. But aside from the purpose, this machine wasn't even valid by "social" "science" standards. It was crudely built with sharp metal edges and raised parts, so a cautious student would work slower than a risk-taker. In the picture, two boys and one girl are taking the test. The boys are wearing suitcoats with sleeves that could catch on the edge of the box, while the girl is wearing a short-sleeved blouse. She had an extra advantage beyond the innate female tendency toward finer motor skills.

The school system would have been using this device as a supposedly cheat-proof and unbiased correlate of IQ. Risk-takers who rolled up their sleeves would automatically have a higher IQ than cautious and modest students, and would qualify for better scholarships.

Later thought: Despite the invalid correlation to IQ, this test would have correlated beautifully with later status and success. Psychopaths, immune to pain and rules, win every time. Cautious and meticulous people lose every time.

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  Kitchen empathy has a lot of 'Singles and Doubles', old radio shows with only one episode preserved by chance. This 1948 Kitchen Club show is among them.

Hostess Edith Hansen is unscripted and a bit clumsy, but she illustrates empathy in everything she says, from recipe instructions to advertising.

I know that even those of you folks who only have one room; it may be that you're living by yourself; have possibly no cooking to do, very little washing, and very little cleaning. Yet you will have a certain amount. I have yet to know a woman who doesn't have cleaning to do. I'm told that a good many folks object to taking lady roomers because of the fuss and bother of having them rinsing out those undies in their room.

Well, I'd like to recommend to you, whether you wash for a family, or take in washing, or have that little dab of hand washing, doesn't make the least bit of difference; that you try these products we tell you about, especially the Perfex.

Empathy disappeared from media around 1960. Since then, all "entertainment" and all ads presume that the viewer is a variable-gender NYC billionaire with a million variable-gender lovers. If you're not a variable-gender NYC billionaire with a million variable-gender lovers clamoring for your attention, you need to take one for the team and jump off a bridge.

Edith recognized that many of her listeners were boarders, and others were taking in boarders to survive. She appealed to both groups. We're back in the same situation now, but media and advertisers don't recognize it and don't bother to sell products to non-billionaires.

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Saturday, October 05, 2019
  Unilateral is meaningless

Sane and sensible writers often conflate unilateralism with aggression, and conflate nationalism with aggression.

They presume that acting in accordance with "international law" is the same thing as peace.

There's no correlation at all.

Since 1946, USA has been the main aggressor in the world, and USA has also been the main multilateralist and the main globalist. Trump makes nationalist noises, but he acts just like previous presidents. He follows the orders of Saudi and Israel, uses Britain and France and others as accessory armies to destroy countries that displease Lord Bibi and Lord Adelson. That's the opposite of unilateral, the opposite of alone.

Gangsters and loners are opposites. USA is a gangster.

In 2000 Putin decided UNILATERALLY to run Russia defensively, not aggressively. This is a strong Russian tradition, starting with Nicholas. As USA's aggression toward Russia got more violent, Russia broke Graybill's Law and developed its own skills and resources. Again this is a tradition; Russia never offshored its skills and industries, so Putin didn't have to turn the culture and schools around. He just needed to mobilize and organize the existing tendency.

Initially Putin was going it alone. Soon other countries observed the difference. Countries that were tired of the USA mob protection racket quietly began dealing with Russia, developing their own skills and defenses after Russia's example.

Now we have two multilateral groupings. One is an aggressive murderous gang, destroying skills and cultures wherever it touches. The other is a defensive cluster, expanding skills and maintaining cultures.

As for "international law", it doesn't exist. There's no point in wasting thought and effort on the subject. USA built the UN to serve its own aggressive purposes. Sometimes UN rebels against USA control, sometimes it's a pure tool of USA. If you use UN Resolutions as your standard, you're lost.

The only thing that matters is aggression vs defense. If you're aggressing multi-ly, you're still aggressing. If you're aggressing uni-ly, you're still aggressing.


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  Updating the map

Speaking of Sorosia, I need to update my map of Sorosia changes. After one year of sanity, Italy has been reclaimed by Satan.

Again, this map was meant to show countries moving in and out of Sorosia, not the permanent ins or permanent outs. France and Germany have been IN for many decades with no hints of change. Belarus and Japan have been OUT for a long time with no hints of change. When a country explicitly kicks out Soros NGOs, or explicitly outlaws the standard Sorosian crimes, it turns green.

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  Constants and variables 139, life and death edition

A nice controlled experiment shows on the headline page of Eurekalert.

Variable: Soros.

What happens when you KICK OUT Soros? You live longer.

What happens when you INVITE Soros? You die sooner.

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  Wildfires or bees. Pick one.

Interesting article on wildlife habitat. Some ecologists in New England took off their theory goggles and LOOKED at reality, and found:
The decline of New England farming in the 20th century dramatically diminished the open acreage of what we ecologists call early successional habitat, which provided unique plants and cover for wildlife. Successional habitat is land like old pastures, fields and beaver meadows where grasses, small shrubs and trees grow. In New England, for example, they contribute to the persistence and resilience of many species such as spadefoot toads, box turtles, New England cottontails and birds like towhees.
When you eliminate farms, forests recapture the land. Without farmers, who maintains open land suitable for bees?
Despite being separated at times by a mere 30 feet, forests and transmission line corridors differ tremendously. In a recent study, we found that the sunny, open corridors held nearly 10 times the number of bees and twice the number of bee species as compared to forested plots, where nectar becomes scarce by the end of May.

The diversity of bees found along the corridor was eye-opening. More than 200 species of wild pollinators, half the known species for the entire New England region, were buzzing around the 27 survey plots.
Power companies, that's who.

In the West where the envirogenocidists have total murderous control, power companies must leave trees growing into their wires. The PRIMARY result of this idiocy is massive wildfires. Now this research shows a SECONDARY result: No bees.



= = = = =

Sidenote: Bees depend on sensing magnetic and static fields. There's a strong magnetic field around a powerline. Contrary to my guess, this clearly doesn't repel the bees ... maybe it's an advantage, a guide for navigation?

And speaking of wildfires and envirogenocidists....

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Friday, October 04, 2019

Latest item from KSHS:
This nearly complete Frozen Charlotte doll was recovered from the Martindale Cabin in Greenwood County. Frozen Charlotte dolls, a type of china doll, were made from 1850 to the 1920s. The doll takes its name and form from an American folk ballad called "Fair Charlotte" and a poem by Seba Smith called "A Corpse Going to a Ball." In these tellings a young Miss Charlotte's vanity over her party dress causes her to refuse a cloak and this results in her freezing to death on the carriage ride to the party. This Frozen Charlotte doll measures 1 1/2" tall, has her black hair pulled back into a bun or in a snood, has black eyes and eyebrows and red cheeks and lips.
Merry Christmas, dear! Here's a lifetime of screeching nightmares for you! Play with it and learn the HARDASS lessons of eternal death in an icy grave!

Damn! It's a long long way from Frozen Charlotte to safe spaces and microaggressions. Proper civilization belongs closer to the Frozen Charlotte end of the spectrum, but not all the way.


  An idea whose time never quite came

In a 1937 radio periodical:

An outlet with separate shielded jacks for a dipole antenna on top and regular AC on bottom.

GE thought this would be a good idea, but it was too late for shortwave radio and too early for television. SW disappeared from home use after the war when Deepstate rejuvenated. Deepstate decided that we couldn't be trusted with Russki information.

For some reason TV antennas, though universal in the '50s and '60s, never got a standardized wall outlet. Most houses had internal wiring for the antenna, but the outlet was typically a pair of screw terminals for raw 75-ohm flat, or just the flat cable directly coming through a hole. Apartments more often had a proper plug. Later on, cable TV did acquire standardized coax outlets.
  All too familiar

Ran across this editorial in a May 1965 issue of 'Electronics' magazine. Bear in mind that the magazine was aimed at the contractor class, so their vested interest dominates. Bear also that contractors were not peaceniks by any means. Even so, the description is objective and horribly familiar.
When President Johnson went before Congress to ask for an additional $700 million appropriation to finance the fighting in Vietnam, he confirmed what almost all the experts in Washington have been saying. The exception has been Defense Secretary Robert S. McNamara.

Asked at a press conference on April 26 if more equipment would be bought for the stepped-up fighting in Vietnam, McNamara's answer was unequivocal. "We don't have plans to increase procurement above the previously established level," he said.

Eight days later, the President asked for the additional $700 million "for this fiscal year" and laid out a program that indicated that the Pentagon had done considerable homework.

Either the defense secretary was uninformed, or he was lying. In either case, the incident again raises a question that has bothered people in and out of government since McNamara was first sworn in: Is this pompous egomaniac qualified to be a cabinet officer?

It is becoming increasingly obvious that our government has not been telling us everything.

Less than two years ago, McNamara was issuing statements of confidence on Vietnam. He even predicted that our troops would be out of that jungle country in 18 months. These rosy statements don't mesh with the increased flow of troops into Vietnam these days or the losses of aircraft and life we keep reading about.

McNamara has certainly been one of the most publicized defense secretaries, partly because he is a controversial figure and partly because he has the biggest staff of press agents. The difficult Vietnam war is complicated by political considerations. To bring the fighting to a satisfactory conclusion, the President needs the support of Congress, industry, and the taxpayers.

We wonder if they can give their full support if their confidence in the secretary of defense is shaken. Certainly he has imposed his will on the Pentagon, picking projects that he wanted and contractors that he favored; but the jury is still out on how much he has saved or cost the taxpayers.

Indications from Vietnam are that our troops there have had mediocre communications equipment and outmoded aircraft. The mounting casualty list is indeed a high price to pay for statistically controlled economy.
In '65, well before the full escalation in '67, these folks recognized that the government was not fighting in good faith and not telling us everything. The real fight was between egomaniacs in DC seeking to maximize their personal power. Soldiers and taxpayers were Negative Externalities.


Later thought: One thing is wildly UNfamiliar. A professionally published magazine, normally non-political, was bashing a DEMOCRAT politician, using OBJECTIVE FACTS. This was still possible in '65. Watergate began the rapid slide toward absolute Deepstate and DNC control of ALL experts and publications and writers and thoughts.

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Thursday, October 03, 2019

Like KSHS, my courseware work has resumed after a hiatus. It's the usual barnstorming down to the wire. Blog activity will be brief this month.

Brief convective thought:

Chinese colonial investment in Africa and Asia is SMART. They invest in constructive ways that develop local business and local skills, employing local citizens. They don't try to "spread" "democracy" by bombing the country down to bedrock, as we have been doing since Madman Lincoln. They leave local culture in place.

Chinese colonial investment in USA is STUPID. They buy up high-end houses in coastal cities, inflating bubbles that ruin life for local citizens. They pour money into obviously doomed IPOs, inflating bubbles that ruin entire sectors when they pop.

Stupid? No, smart. Chinese investment here RUINS local housing and business.

Build up your colonies and destroy your dominant competitor. SMART.


  KSHS resumes

After a hiatus of several months, the Kansas State Hist Soc has resumed posting items, and they're making up for lost time. This 1892 picture is a total puzzle. It's about 100 young folks, maybe college age, posed on the porches and balconies of a Sullivanesque building in Wichita. (It's not the courthouse; more like a mansion?)

A group of people from the Normalites of Sedgwick County, Kansas are seen together in front of a large building. A few individual names are listed on the back. The photograph was taken by Nereus Baldwin in 1892.

The group seems to be something like a fraternity or sorority, but it's about half male and half female, which might imply a choral group. What does the name mean?

Later thought, resetting my mental calendar: In 1892 normal didn't mean typical, it meant a teacher training school. The main Normal Schools in Kansas were in Emporia and Hays, later turned into State Univs; but most cities had summer 'Normal Institutes' where current teachers could update their knowledge. This could have been such a group.


Wednesday, October 02, 2019
  A good generation

Father with 2-year-old kid on bus. Father is describing the bus route, how the bus has to take long roundabout paths to reach specific areas.

Kid: That don't make no sense.

Father: You are spot on in your assessment.

Kid: I know it.

I think this generation will turn out all right.
Tuesday, October 01, 2019
  More semaphore

This semaphore was used by the English military around 1800. With six binary planks, it could form 2^6 = 64 characters with no ambiguity.

I haven't yet found an authoritative diagram of the actual code. The six-plank pattern irresistibly suggests Braille, so I've coded up Braille for the time being.

I hadn't paid close attention to Braille before. Turning an alphabet into a graphics control program forces you to pay close attention! Braille is a beautiful system, elegantly fitted to the needs of real language. It would have been IDEAL for parallel-wire telegraphy, with its smooth handling of common words and digraphs and morphemes along with single letters. It's more like stenography or syllabic writing.

Supposedly this military mechanism was usually mounted on crude shacks. The other semaphore systems I've modeled, though run by governments, were more commercial. Their buildings were intended to invite paying customers. I've given this mechanism a vaguely English-ish building toward the same end.

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