Friday, November 30, 2018
  Beautiful day for Earth

Bush The Father has ceased murdering.

A beautiful day for Earth, a hard day for Hades. Roy Cohn, current CEO of Hades LLC, is going to have a power struggle on his infinitely filthy hands. Bush the Father completed the long coup that Deepstate started in 1946. CEO Cohn played a major part in the long coup, but it was Bush The Father who finished off all hope of civilization.

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  Self-defense training

The Tesla skeptic 'Elon Says' has a tremendous talent for summing up a situation in a few words.

His latest pithy proverb:

This is Musk's key insight: Unfinished projects are more valuable than finished projects, because they can be hyped endlessly.

This is also the key insight of all modern racketeers, from politics to cults to drug sellers to media.

It's a basic part of our neural wiring. When we are involved in solving a problem or planning a decision, we're in ANTICIPATION mode. ANTICIPATION occupies far more mental energy and emotion than COMPLETION. If a racketeer wants his product or story or drug or politician to occupy more brain space, he needs to keep it floating in ANTICIPATION.

Elon uses Github Syndrome expertly to keep his cultists in permanent ANTICIPATION mode. First you put down your deposit, then you eagerly await delivery. After delivery, completion is indefinitely postponed by daily "improvements" which never actually improve the car. Each "improvement" triggers your desire for the next "improvement". Just like Elon's own favorite drug, meth.

Understanding this process can help you to defeat it, both in your internal thinking and in your responses to scammers. You can distinguish between REAL problems that need time to develop a solution, versus FAKE problems resulting from bad memories or preconceptions or inputs from racketeers.

If your ponderation is part of a meaningful solution process, give it time but don't let it stretch out. Apply the solution and move on. If a REAL future event is causing anxiety, TAKE CONTROL. Make it happen now, or guarantee that it can't happen. If a FAKE future event is causing anxiety, TAKE CONTROL. Turn off the media input that is injecting the anticipation.

Predictably, nobody offers us any assistance in DEFENDING ourselves against this form of manipulation. Everybody is working for the rackets.


Thursday, November 29, 2018
  Willys to the rescue again

The media hyperdemons are all screeching the same demonic sentences about Brazil's new foreign minister Araujo.

First: He's not "pro-Trump". Araujo happens to agree with some things that Trump randomly said in his scampaign. Trump himself does not agree with those random verbal emissions.

Second: "Climate change" is in fact a hoax perpetrated by cultural Marxists, colluding as usual with Deepstate. So Araujo isn't "asserting" or "claiming" this fact, he is ACCURATELY OBSERVING this fact.

Third: The usual doublethink. The usual fake surprise. The usual assumption that populists own time machines. The Brazilian jungle is ALREADY suffering from overdevelopment under the CURRENT globalist administration, which these articles OPENLY ADMIT, while simultaneously screeching that Bolsonaro will START to ruin the jungle.

= = = = =

The name Araujo reminded me of an earlier Araujo, and I was curious to see if they were related. Apparently not, but looking up the earlier Araujo led to a more important insight about Brazil. Roberto Araujo was hired by Willys around 1960, and headed the first design and styling department in Brazil's newly self-sufficient car industry. Willys started by re-using the tooling for its US sedans, then gradually evolved both the running gear and the styling to fit Brazilian roads and tastes.

From a scholarly article about the Willys design department.

Entre 1958 e 1959, a indústria automotiva brasileira viu um grande esforço no sentido de construir o carro produzido nacionalmente. Em 1958 há o lançamento do DKV-Vemag com um índice de nacionalização 95,6% da produção de seus componentes. Em 1959 ainda houve os lançamentos do sedan Volkswagen (Fusca), com nacionalização da produção de até 90,95%, o Dauphine, Renault fabricado pela Willys com nacionalização em 70,22%, e o Simca, com nacionalização de 67,65%.

A Willys já importava o Aero 1955 americano e em 25 de março de 1960 lança o Aero-Willys no Brasil que tinha 85,34%, de nacionalização em sua fabricação.

Nationalism has ALWAYS been important in Brazil. Note the PRECISE PERCENTAGES of local content for each manufacturer. The government obviously took great pains to MEASURE and ENFORCE local content, in order to maximize local SKILLS.

Note the pride in this passage:

Este veículo foi considerado o primeiro a ser “concebido e construído” no Brasil, o que envolveu grande sentimento de que podíamos fazer “o carro nacional”, sob o ponto de vista do projeto: “Foi em 1961 que a diretoria da Willys Overland tomou a decisão: O Aero Willys 1963 seria um carro inteiramente novo, com estilo próprio e linha inédita no catálogo internacional.”

= = = = =

In other words, Bolsonaro is not "pro-Trump". Bolsonaro is simply pro-Brazil, which is APPROPRIATE for the leader of Brazil. He's returning to a long line of coherent intellectual SELF-SUFFICIENT nationalism.

= = = = =

Semi-relevant sidenote about Brazilian intellectuals... The authors of the piece are listed at the top in English:

Marcia Barana
São Paulo State University

Marcos Da Costa Braga
São Paulo State University

Paula Landim
São Paulo State University

Two women and one man. Female intellectuals are a major part of South American tradition, contrary to USA demonic bigotry. Would any "fxmxlx" academic in USA write an article about cars, an article that supported nationalism and self-sufficiency? No need to ask the question.

Non-academic sidenote: Along with the luxury sedans, Willys do Brasil had some Jeep models that didn't get adopted by US until much later.

The Itamaraty sedan, evolved from the Aero, is in the middle. Several Renaults, also produced in the Willys plant. The beauty at front left is an Interlagos, known in Europe as Renault Alpine. At rear left, a four-door Jeep. We finally caught onto this variant just a few years ago.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2018
  No need for either concept

Obvious reverse causation!

Indian peafowl crests resonate efficiently and specifically to the same vibration frequencies used in peacock social displays,

We can stop right there. No need to invoke evolution or design. Just the dynamic feedback systems of nerves, as in gamma sensors. In oscillation mode the negative feedback sensors flip the motion when the PERCEIVED LOAD reaches a certain point. If the feathers are shorter or lighter, they will reach the intended momentum sooner, and the flipback will occur sooner. The flipping will quickly adjust itself to match the physical resonance of the feathers.

Easy proof: Wave your arm back and forth as fast as you can. Now pick up a heavy small object and wave again. You will wave slower.

Or watch the tail-wagging of a Labrador versus a French Bulldog with bobbed tail. Labrador wags at about 1 cycle per second, Frenchie at about 5 per second. Oscillation adjusts to match resonance, not vice versa.
  BIG Bravo for Brazil and Bolsonaro

Earlier we had saluted Brazil with reservations. Bolsonaro appeared to be on God's side, but Wall Street treated his election positively, which led me to wonder about his seriousness. Is he another Trump, a fake populist talker who loyally serves Soros?

Now he's proved his integrity. Brazil was scheduled to be the next host of the Climate Superdemons in 2019, and Bolsonaro has WITHDRAWN the offer to host the meeting.

So Polistra and friends salute Bolsonaro and Brazil DECISIVELY AND MASSIVELY.

= = = = =

BUT: On the other hand, Bolsonaro met today with Bolton. The meeting itself is automatic and necessary. Major governments need to get acquainted and stay connected. What's worrisome is the sense that Bolsonaro will "align with US foreign policy." This may be a media interpretation, but so far I don't see any counterindications. Does he mean "align with Trump's scampaign", or "align with Trump's actions"? Does he know the difference?

A few hours later, YES, he does know the difference. Bolsonaro clearly realized that the appearance of the Bolton meeting caused concern, so he wrote:

Sujeitar automaticamente nosso território, leis e soberania a colocações de outras nações está fora de cogitação. É legítimo que países no mundo defendam seus interesses e estaremos dispostos a dialogar sempre, mas defenderemos os interesses do Brasil e dos brasileiros.

Roughly translating: Subjecting our territory and sovereignty to entanglement by other nations is unthinkable. It's legitimate for each nation to defend its own interests, and we will always be open to dialog, but we will defend the interests of Brazil and Brazilians.


  Edison vs Tesla again

Via the Tesla skeptics, a report on a giant battery pack sold to the Australian government by one of Tesla's companies.
The 100-megawatt lithium-ion Tesla battery, the most powerful of its kind in the world, has been operating alongside French company Neoen's Hornsdale Wind Farm near Jamestown in South Australia's north since the beginning of last summer.
The article is focusing on a missed deadline. Tesla and its Aussie partner promised completion in 100 days or your money back. They did complete the unit itself, but didn't complete testing until 6 months later. Because Elon is God, the government didn't bother to claim the guarantee. God is all-good, all-knowing and all-powerful. If God wants to take a little longer to create something that never existed before, we mere mortals must be patient.

BUT: There's a much more important implication of the time delay, connected to the choice of lithium ion batteries.

Let's compare with Edison's eternal Nickel-Iron batteries.

According to the article, the Lithium setup cost 41 million Aussie dollars, which is 29 million US.

For comparison I'm using the retail price list from Iron Edison, figured for small installations. The price for a huge installation would involve a lot less overhead, but I don't have access to those numbers and I'm not going to ask them for a quote! So the best I can do is plain multiplication.

Using the retail numbers, the biggest available pack is 48 volts at 1000 amp-hours = 48 KWH. This setup is listed at $42k dollars = $875 per KWH. If you simply put together enough of these to reach 100 MWH, the cost would be $87.5 million. About three times the cost for the Tesla-branded setup.

The real difference comes in upkeep and replacement, not initial cost. Lithium batteries last two years, so the Lithium outfit was already halfway to the first replacement point when it finished testing. Nickel-Iron lasts INDEFINITELY. Iron Edison recommends flushing and replacing the electrolyte every TEN years. NiFe batteries made by Edison have lasted 90 years in continuous use.

I wouldn't want to assume 90 years, but I don't need to go that far. The breakover point will come MUCH earlier.

= = = = =

Beyond the simple numerical argument: The Github/Debtist approach to life keeps everything vulnerable and dependent on a complex supply chain that OFTEN breaks down.

When your power storage requires constant fast replacement, you're always on the verge of a breakdown, so you put most of your effort into building ever more reserves and spares.

When your storage lasts indefinitely, you can RELAX. You don't need constant intensive attention and labor to keep up with the breakdowns.

VULNERABILITY IS THE PURPOSE OF DEBTISM. No confidence, no self-defense, no relaxation, no time for anything except serving the debt-masters and Github-masters.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2018
  Random Ynos

A random selection of old ideas from 1890 - 1909.

Compressed air was commercially practical for city vehicles:

This form of transmission was used on several cars, and of course remained hugely popular on the Ford T.

And a hydraulic clutch was available.

Why didn't these two pieces get combined to make HydraMatic? I've noted the fully automatic Sturtevant in 1905, but it used centrifugal clutches instead of hydraulic.

This isn't advanced, it's just cute. A steam-powered city delivery vehicle. It would have been better as an electric, with plenty of room for Edison Nickel-Iron batteries. The front could open up into a display stand for a mobile vendor.


  Constants and variables 113

An article on the rapidly growing anti-vax movement in France shows a good contrast between one or two officials who sort of halfway GET IT and the vast majority who DON'T GET IT.

If you want to increase belief, you MUST do two things consistently and loudly and HUMBLY. And when I say HUMBLY, I mean literally ON YOUR FUCKING KNEES begging for forgiveness and mercy which you DO NOT DESERVE because you've spent your entire career spitting and shitting and kicking ordinary people in the face and then stomping on them over and over and over after they're down.

First, acknowledge ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL of your own biases. You work for the government, which means you agree 100.00000000000000% with a standard set of biases and beliefs, constant across all Sorosian lands. A few of these biases accidentally and trivially agree with reality. For example, "water is wet" agrees with reality. All of your non-trivial biases are virulently lethally omnicidally false and crazy beyond crazy beyond crazy. As long as you are claiming to be "objective", nobody will believe you. (See Demon Roberts claiming that Supreme Demons are not political.)

Second, drop the condescending attitude. You are NOT the authority, and you do NOT have a monopoly on truth. Your "truth" changes and flips constantly. Sometimes fat is good, sometimes bad. Sometimes eggs are good, sometimes bad. Sometimes alcohol is good, sometimes bad.

= = = = =

Officials who sort of halfway get it:

“We are not going to convince the conspiracists,” the official said. “When you are the government, people are already skeptical to begin with, since they think you’re political.”

Correction. They OBSERVE THE FACT that you're political. Unless you acknowledge this OBSERVED FACT, you can't possibly win.

“Our objective is to reassure parents on the subject of vaccination,” Mulder said. “If a parent is going to worry, if he falls on these [anti-vaccine] groups, he is going to confront information that is not necessarily reliable. Our job is to bring a discourse that is more nuanced.”

If you're actually more nuanced, you might be starting to do some good.

= = = = =

Officials who don't get it:

"As the internet allows readers and viewers to sidestep traditional media, micro-communities have sprung up on social media, where fellow travelers can click their way to self-affirmation."

The anti side is growing rapidly, which means it's NOT just confirmation bias. It's gaining NEW followers who hadn't previously thought about the issue.

"The grand majority of fake news concerns health, with politics second,” said Jocelyn Raude, a professor at the EHESP School of Public Health.

You lost it all when you called the other side fake news.

"And if online activity in the U.S. is any indication, some of the vaccine skepticism in Europe could be driven by Russian bots."

Russian bots, if they exist, don't drive anything. You lost it all when you treated a genocidal NSA lie as received truth.


  Speaking of kinesthesia

Worth noting for future reference...

Several people heard "weird train-like noises" by Audubon Park, felt like earthquake. Would have been around 9PM on 11/26.

I was asleep at the time, with the OTR playlist turned up loud to mask the rain, so I can't compare.

Sometimes the whistles and diesel sounds from a railroad along the Rimrock will channel into this part of town, especially in rainy weather. But this seems to have been more than just sound?

Sidenote: Looks like we've got a typical El Nino winter. Lots of rain, no snow YET. I don't have a definite hunch or feeling, so I'm not going to lay a "bet" on snow amounts this year.

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  TAKE HOLD of the things that are here

Reviewing Carver's functional definition of science:


Via Eurekalert, a detailed and fresh verification of what good teachers and good salesmen have always known; and of course a fresh proof of Carver's advice.
Compared with visual information, relatively little is known about long-term memory for information sensed through other modalities. Hutmacher and coauthor Christof Kuhbandner decided to focus specifically on haptic, or touch-based, experiences.

In one experiment, participants wore a blindfold as they explored 168 everyday objects, such as a pen, for 10 seconds each. The researchers told the participants they would be tested on the objects later, so they should pay close attention to the texture, shape, and weight of each object. The participants, still blindfolded, completed a haptic memory test for half of the objects immediately after exploring them. They held each object they had explored and a similar novel object that was distinguishable only by subtle details - their task was to indicate which object they had explored before. Participants showed almost perfect recall on the test that followed the exploration period, correctly identifying the object they had explored 94% of the time. Remarkably, participants still showed robust memory for the original objects 1 week later, with 84% accuracy.

But would they still remember objects so well if they weren't intentionally memorizing them? And could objects that were explored by touch be recognized via a different sensory modality?

In a second experiment, a new group of participants explored the same 168 objects without knowing they would be tested on them. ... Participants returned 1 week later for a surprise memory test, completing a blindfolded touch-based recognition task for half of the objects. For the rest of the objects, they completed a visual recognition task...

Again, the results showed that participants remembered the objects with high accuracy. In the blindfolded test, participants answered correctly on 79% of the trials. In the cross-modal visual test, participants identified the correct object 73% of the time.
Kinesthesia is also involved in TAKING HOLD. The experimenters told the subjects to pay attention to weight, but that's only part of kinesthesia. How does this object respond to angular or linear inertia? Static vs dynamic friction? Does it respond actively like an animal or passively like a rock? The internal representation of these sensations is another part of the big picture.

Humans have always overemphasized vision and neglected sound and smell and touch and kinesthesia and magnetism and electrostatic senses. In the computer age we're taking this overemphasis to a new extreme.

I'm worried about my part in this overemphasis. I try to bring in the other senses in courseware, but it's impossible when you're not actually running the classroom. My first courseware project showed the student how to set up simple experiments with air and water to get a kinesthetic feel for waves and electronics. More recent projects have lost the suggestions and thus lost much of the learning. I'm trying to bring back the experimentation in the next effort.

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Monday, November 26, 2018
  Repeating for the record

Yesterday I wrote a comment on a site where it will probably get deleted. It wasn't an original thought by any means, but it was more concise than my usual ramblings. Putting it here for the record...

In a meritocracy the worst people end up at the top by self-selection. In Gilded Age 1 and Gilded Age 2, our leaders came from humble backgrounds and rose to the top through intense unyielding crime and evil. From JP Morgan to Bezos and Soros and Zuckerberg and Musk, our leaders are psychopathic all-consuming destroyers whose sole purpose in life is to BE the universe. All civilization must be SMASHED so that MY WILL can occupy all of space and time.

In an aristocracy the leaders gain their position through tradition and history. Some aristocrats are crazy, but most are sane. The sane aristocrats are NOT inclined to destroy the traditions that give them power.

This thought arises from Paine vs Morris, the ideal fable of meritocrat vs aristocrat.

= = = = =

A bit later: Thanks, Elon, for proving my point: "There are way easier places to work, but nobody ever changed the world on 40 hours a week."


Psychopaths and cult leaders and tyrants always CHANGE THE WORLD to suit their own purposes and match their own holy godlike thoughts. CHANGING THE WORLD always requires killing millions of "unchangeable" Deplorables.

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  The real tragedy

A poignant reflection from Machine Planet, one of the Tesla skeptics:

It’s really funny to me that the media still doesn’t recognize that the lasting story will be about how they made it so easy for Musk, about how they jumped to publish his cheap sci-fi blather without so much as a single critical word. Just stenographers for a con man.

Well, this will be the lasting story in the minds of observant humans, but it will NOT be in the media. The media never apologize for lying. They only apologize when their lies weren't murderous enough.

The real classical tragedy is that Elon could have been a solid but undramatic success story if he had known where to stop. He had a good deal going with his original high-status low-production supercars. He was building a few hundred status markers for his fellow billionaire fuckheads. Status markers don't need to function in winter or drive hundreds of miles. Status markers only need to parade in the streets in perfect weather. His roadstars served those purposes admirably.

Roadstars! Beautiful typo. Leave it.
  Excellent article on Orban

EXCELLENT article by Lee Congdon. An unblinking unhesitating unhedged defense of Orban and nationalism. Starts with a biography of Orban in parallel with other major events and leaders of Hungary, and includes some facts not heard elsewhere;

For instance:
This helps to explain Mr. Orbán’s ongoing confrontation with his former benefactor—the “open borders” anti­nationalist George Soros. Mr. Soros is a financial backer of virtually every conceivable leftist cause, but especially of unrestricted mass immigration into Europe and the surrender of national sovereignties to supranational organizations like the EU. He also finances so-called NGOs (non-governmental organizations) whose principal purpose is to undermine or bring down governments, such as Mr. Orbán’s, that resist his imperious will. That cannot be allowed, for as Mr. Soros told the British Independent: “I fancied myself as some kind of god. If truth be known, I carried some rather potent messianic fantasies with me from childhood…. It is a sort of disease when you consider yourself some kind of god, the creator of everything, but I feel comfortable about it now since I began to live it out.”
And this:
Toward that end, Orban shepherded through parliament a new constitution, renamed the “Fundamental Law of Hungary” (April 25, 2011). The existing constitution, adopted in 1989 as a temporary measure, was an extensively amended version of the one that had been proclaimed by the Communist regime in 1949.

To secular and leftist Europeans, Hungary’s Fundamental Law came as a shock. The preamble set the tone—it is the opening line of the Hungarian National Hymn (anthem): “God, bless the Hungarians.” That was already too much for The Guardian. A writer for that left-wing British newspaper noted that the new constitution’s “preamble is heavily influenced by the Christian faith and commits Hungary to a whole new set of values, such as family, nation, fidelity, faith, love and labour.” It was enough to point this out: further criticism would apparently have been superfluous.
I can't add or subtract anything from this perfect article. I'll just note the Natural Law resonance of family, nation, fidelity, faith, love and labour.

Salvini is striking the same notes, emphasizing the LIVING values of modularity and love and work.

The 1890s American populists also struck the same notes, but took the wrong road, perhaps intentionally.

FDR chose the correct road. Unfortunately his solutions were busted up by the regrown Deepstate after 1946.


Sunday, November 25, 2018
  Cults and EXP and TANH again

The bitcoin cultists continue to disregard reality...

Moro suggested that the leading cryptocurrency will lose another 30 percent before bottoming at $3,000. Moro said, “You really won’t find [the floor] until you kind of hit the 3K-flat level.”

Finding the floor means gliding down and finding a level flight at a lower altitude.

In fact Bitcoin is not finding the floor. Bitcoin is getting ready to PENETRATE the floor. The idiots who thought they were "hodling" "value" will find that they are HOLDING DEBT.

Bitcoin is doing what Nature requires after a delusional attempt to PENETRATE the ceiling.

Cultists and share-value lunatics always EXPect an EXPonential rise. Nature doesn't do EXP. When you try to do EXP, Nature cures your delusion.

When you are operating the Natural way, your life or success or profits follow a TANH pattern. No rise at first as you're learning, then fast growth after you find the correct path, then APPROACHING a ceiling and leveling out as you reach the limits of the correct path.

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  Another old catechism

Reading A Locomotive Catechism, written in 1890. Similar in format to the Electrical Catechism by Shepardson, and similar also in wisdom and information.

Along with PRACTICAL info about physics, chemistry and thermodynamics as applied to locomotives, the author gives PRACTICAL advice on health and safety.

This passage on mental and physical health is unusually wise.
Owing to the demands which their daily labor makes upon their strength and endurance, locomotive engineers should be careful not to increase the drain by dissipation, irregular hours, or overwork.

There seems to be something about the power of endurance of the human frame analogous to the capacity of a bar of iron or steel to resist strains. So long as the strains do not exceed the elastic limit, that is, if the bar recovers its original length when the strain is removed, it will bear millions of such strains without becoming weaker; but if it is strained so hard that it is permanently stretched, then comparatively few applications of the force will rupture the bar.

In a similar way, if the strain or fatigue which a man endures is no more than he will recover from after the ordinary rest, he can endure an almost unlimited number of such strains, but if the fatigue exceeds his "elastic limit," then he soon becomes permanently injured thereby. It often happens that an excessive amount of work is unavoidable, but when it can be avoided it should be by those who wish to preserve their health and strength.
The phenomenon of burnout was ignored by "social" "scientists" for many years. They are attempting to reinvent it lately, but always with bad advice. This engineer had it right in 1890.

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Saturday, November 24, 2018
  Euclidean riots

The current French riots expose the total fraudulence of environmentalism. It's a classic indirect proof, applied to pocketbook issues.

For many years Gaia required diesel cars in Europe because diesel was defined as sinless and pure. Because diesel was sinless and pure, VW was permitted to rig the tests using software that tuned the engine differently when the test probes were present. As a result, diesel cars were DOMINANT in Europe.

Last year some honest technicians in the US EPA did some honest testing and caught the cheat. Kudos to them, even if they're working within a satanic agency.

Metrology. Know your baseline, calibrate your instruments. These techs knew the baseline for diesel pollution and got suspicious when the official result disagreed with their independently calibrated instruments.

After the cheating was exposed, diesel suddenly became what it ALWAYS WAS AND ALWAYS WILL BE, incurably dirtier than gasoline. The French dysgoverment switched polarity abruptly, treating diesel as Mortal Sin and taxing the hell out of it.

The current approach is correct. All finite resources should be taxed to discourage consumption, and INCURABLY DIRTY processes should be taxed more heavily. But because the dysgovernment suddenly changed the rules, people got pissed.

And there's the indirect proof.

When a process leads to two contradictory results, you can be ABSOLUTELY SURE that the process is false.

Environmentalism requires us to encourage diesel AND requires us to discourage diesel. Therefore environmentalism is a fraud.

Which we knew already, but it's always nice to have Euclid on your side.

= = = = =

Separate thought about software. As I observed yesterday, relying on software workarounds is a type of moral hazard. When you're using software to cheat, you're relying on ALL CONDITIONS to stay the same. Everything has to work per specs, and the official subsidies and bribes must remain in place. The VW cheaters didn't account for the existence of INDEPENDENT TESTING because they were locked into a closed circuit of official approval and bribery. When unbribed testers looked at the system, the cheat was exposed.

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  Part of the project

The hacker org Anonymous has picked up where Wikileaks halted two years ago, releasing a small but intense set of documents from a UK brain-dissolving project.

Plenty of fine-grained detail in the documents, and a good overall sense of HOW they propose to dissolve our brains.

Example of fine-grained detail. Funding sources for a project in Lithuania.
Funding from HQ NATO Public Diplomacy, £12,000 for each inaugural workshop = £168,000

Funding from partner institutions £5,000 for each inaugural workshop = £70,000

Funding from NATO HQ for educational video films – free provision of camera team

Funding from Lithuanian MOD to provide free all costs for their stratcom team

Funding from US State Dept, £250,000 for research and dissemination activities (excluding any activity in USA)

Funding from Smith Richardson Foundation, £45,000 for cluster activities in Europe and USA

Funding from Facebook, £100,000 for research and education activities

Funding from German business community, £25,000 for research and dissemination in EU countries
Aside from the usual suspects, note Facebook and German business community.

And here's an example output of the project:

From the Bulletin of Acephalic Screechers.
The Russian charges that the Lugar Center and other biological labs in the Caucasus and Central Asia are making banned bioweapons are unfounded. Last week a group of international experts, including this author, visited the Lugar Center by invitation of the Georgian government. We were given access to all areas of the site, examined relevant documentation, and interviewed staff, and concluded that the Center demonstrates significant transparency. Our group observed nothing out of the ordinary, or that we wouldn’t expect to see in a legitimate facility of this sort.
Obvious questions.

1. Why are we building bioweapons labs in countries bordering Russia? When we move battleships or missile battalions toward Russia, we are NOT using them to research and examine marine biology or gravity waves. We are preparing to attack Russia.

2. Why should we believe the Bulletin of Acephalic Screechers at all? You've been at the forefront of EVERY US propaganda effort against facts and science. You have never said one true thing in all of your satanic universe-obliterating existence. In recent years you've been blaming "global warming" and your delusional image of "Trump" for your disinformation. Now you switch to blaming "Russian disinformation" for your disinformation.

3. The language is Clintonly legalistic. You didn't say "This lab does not produce weapons". Instead you cited "significant transparency" and "nothing we wouldn't expect in a legitimate facility". Of course they're transparent to you. You're Deepstate. This is a military facility. Making weapons is a legitimate purpose of a military facility.

= = = = =

Fortunately these efforts aren't working. Modern Russian propaganda works because it corresponds to observed reality. Soros propaganda fails because it does not correspond to observed reality. Before the 1989 Switchover ... or perhaps more accurately before the 1974 coup in DC ... this pattern was reversed. We were mostly sending out propaganda that agreed with reality, and Moscow was mostly sending out obviously false propaganda.

If these projects really wanted to push back against Russia, they would try telling the truth. Since they are doing the opposite, I conclude that they do not want to push back against Russia. They are solely interested in spreading brain toxin on THIS side of the world. Deepstate's steady goal since 1946 is to obliterate civilization and thought and logic and morality HERE.


Friday, November 23, 2018
  What's going on with Ghosn?

Two questions:

1. Why is Ghosn in LEGAL trouble? He's been behaving like every other CEO and politician. Misusing funds and accounts to pile up stuff he can't possibly use. Strictly normal.

In political circles, "ethics" charges are always a formal way of removing a heretic. Everyone commits the same crimes, but you don't get prosecuted unless you've offended Deepstate. The corporate equivalent would be offending the board, or offending the major shareholder.

2. More importantly, why did Nissan and Renault EXPECT anything different? They are separate companies with some areas of collaboration and some areas of competition. When you hire one guy to manage two huge companies, you KNOW you're not getting a real manager. You're getting a NAME, and that's all. Your own managers will continue to do their jobs while the NAME helps to improve share value.

Ghosn is behaving the way a NAME is supposed to behave. Jetting around the world, being seen in lots of places. He hasn't stirred up the usual SJW hornet nests, racism, sexism, transphobe, etc, so he's not obviously bad for the brands.

If they EXPECTED him to spend any time in either of the two offices, they were hopelessly naive. I don't think these companies are naive.

= = = = =

Admittedly this is an area that I know nothing about, but it strikes me as surpassingly odd. There must be a lot of hidden actions and hidden motives behind the insipid surface.
  Senior seven-second rule

Polistra applies the seven-second rule to 'continuous' broadcasts or media. When you tune into a radio station or TV network or livestream, the IMPORTANT THING will show up within seven seconds. For TV, the IMPORTANT THING is DNC's current talking point. For other broadcasts, the THING is more varied.

Lately I've been tuning into the Senior Dog Gathering Room at various times. It's usually uninteresting, with occasional moments of cuteness or sadness or living purpose.

Here's the seven-second rule:

At any time of day or night, this fellow is PACING. (Left panels) He's always up, always padding around, checking smells. Occasionally he will halfway settle into a bed (Right panels) but he never stays more than a minute.

He must sleep sometimes, but not when I'm watching.

Sidenote: The upper left panel shows a typical old-dog gait. Mammals normally walk with front limbs opposing back limbs. Humans retain the pattern though our forelimbs don't touch the ground. Old stiff dogs move both limbs on one side in parallel, not in opposition. Pretty much the quadruped version of shuffling.

Update a month later: Rule still holds. The pacer is still pacing all the time.


  NO. For the million(+2)th time, it's NOT NEW.

Tesla has yet again reinvented an old idea and found a way to fuck it up. The Model 3 has frameless windows which simply don't work. The door can't be opened until the window is lowered an inch, so the software workaround uses an electric motor to lower the window as soon as you pull the doorhandle.

In winter you can't pull the doorhandle at all. After you've used your remote control to preheat the interior for a minute, you might be able to move the handle. But the motor that lowers the window still isn't strong enough to break the ice, so the door can't be opened.

Frameless windows on convertibles date back to the '30s. On hardtops, GM started the trend in '49, and everyone followed until the mid '70s when Federal safety rules forced a return to pillars. Two-door coupes, four-door sedans, and station wagons were all available in pillarless form.

Frameless windows don't seal quite as well as windows sliding inside a slot that's part of the door, but they NEVER had trouble opening. Detroit solved that problem instantly and permanently. It's just a matter of shaping the rubber properly. Tesla unsolved it.

= = = = =

Broader thought: The design equivalent of moral hazard. When you're accustomed to having a software workaround for every hardware problem, you get lazy on the hardware design. This is okay when EVERYTHING is working up to spec, but it fails completely when even one piece is constrained by weather or power loss or Github bug-injection updates. When you're NOT expecting to have a software workaround, you HAVE TO get the hardware right, which means the system WILL work in unusual conditions.
Thursday, November 22, 2018
  An Emersonian thing

For more than ten years a neighbor has been bringing a plate of food to me on Thanksgiving. I didn't ask for it or expect it; it's just a graceful gesture. But I haven't been eating the food because I've been (more or less) vegetarian for the last 10 years.

This year the food was on a real plate which would require a return, instead of the usual paper plate. It suddenly seemed like too much trouble and waste on their part, so I decided to halt the flow.

I did it as gently and delicately as possible, but I don't know if I did more harm than good.

The real purpose is balancing, as expressed by Emerson:

If you are wise, you will dread a prosperity which only loads you with more. ... In the order of nature we can only seldom render benefits to those from whom we receive them. But the benefit we receive must be rendered again, line for line, deed for deed, to somebody. Beware of too much good staying in your hand. ... Pay it away quickly in some sort.

I've never been in a position to "render benefits" back to this neighbor. They have an extended family with enough labor and cars to do everything needed. If they needed money, I would supply it gratefully and overflowingly; but that request is unlikely.

The most I can do is keep my own house neat and respectable, and improve it occasionally, so I'm not hauling property values down. That's a sort of "sideways" payment, but I'm doing it anyway, so it doesn't feel like a counterbalance to the Thanksgiving gifts.


  Deer in the yard

Haven't seen deer in a couple years. The weather this year hasn't been extreme, so there's less 'gradient' pushing them into town for food.

Almost bumped into one of them. I was taking out the trash. As soon as I turned the corner to the side of the house, DEER! Later they spent some time in the front yard and I was able to get several pics through the door.


  Deep switchover

For a closeup view of the Switchover, try this set of Youtube videos. Under the title 'Different Russia', a lady is simply walking through various places in modern Russia. We see a village, several different stores, dachas, apartments, etc. She points out prices, translates them into dollars, notes the good and bad items.

One WalMart-like store has the same variety of merchandise as an American WalMart, but the shelves are better stocked and the place has a cleaner feel. The grocery store also has the same stuff, much of it labeled in English. Again better stocked and cleaner.

The village, with only 88 people, has one small 'convenience' store, more like a 1950s corner store than a 7-11. Most importantly, the village has a bus stop, with regular bus service to Moscow.

If you wonder why Putin wins elections easily, here's the answer. His administration has preserved the good parts of the Soviet system (medical care, state-owned companies, public transit) while fixing the bad parts (housing, consumer goods).

If you wonder why American politicians can't win elections without cheating, here's the answer. We now have the bad parts of the American system (poor public transit, broken "medical" racket) and we also have empty store shelves and abandoned decaying houses like the old Soviet system.



Wednesday, November 21, 2018
  Not promising

From the ScienceDirect abstract of a "social" "science" "study":
6185 students from 35 countries were asked, “What contribution do you think the country you are living in has made to world history?” They provided an estimate from 0 to 100%, where 0% indicated that the country made no contribution to world history and 100% indicated that all contributions came from the country. U.S. students provided an estimate of 30%, quite high in some regards, but modest compared to other countries (e.g., 39% by Malaysians). Country-level estimates varied widely, ranging from 11% (Switzerland) to 61% (Russia). The total estimate (summing for all countries) was 1156%.
Summing up percentages.

Well, that's an Innovative Disruptive way of using numbers, but it's TOTALLY MEANINGLESS. Basic 6th-grade math tells you not to do this.

Dividing 1156 by 35 countries gives a mean of 33%. The mean would be the expected number here, but the median is VASTLY superior to the mean in all situations.

The full article is paywalled, so I can't tell if it gets any better. Judging by this weirdly stupid abstract, I doubt it.

A more useful analysis would account for the lifetime of countries. Switzerland is 800 years old in its current form, so its contribution to history OUGHT to be larger than Malaysia, founded in current form in 1963.


  First thought, second thought

Chief demon Roberts:
In a highly unusual public statement, Chief Justice John Roberts rebutted President Donald Trump's statement that a ruling against the administration was made by "an Obama judge."

Asked Wednesday by the Associated Press about the president's comment, Roberts responded, "We do not have Obama judges or Trump judges, Bush judges or Clinton judges. What we have is an extraordinary group of dedicated judges doing their level best to do equal right to those appearing before them."
First response: Why do you bother to say such plainly idiotic crap? Everyone knows that the Supreme Demons are legislators with party alignments. This is APPROPRIATE because the Supremes are the national legislature.

Second response: Well, in a deeper sense he's right. On important issues the demons don't follow party divisions. From the start, all economic decisions have served the economic interests of the NYC robber barons. and all cultural decisions have supported the immoral code of the NYC robber barons.

The flavor and ethnicity of the NYC aristocracy has changed over 250 years, and the details of the immoral code have changed accordingly. The Supreme Demons have always kept up with those changes, always giving NYC all the money and power.

So Roberts is right. There are no Obama or Trump or Bush or Clinton demons. There are only Satanic demons.
  Better metaphor

Business Insider exposes the demonic internal thinking of the autonomous exterminator crowd at Uber.

Living things are "squishies". Nuff said.

A few years ago I made a cartoon on this subject:

I didn't include a driver, which was literally accurate but missed the main point.

The Business Insider article shows an actual picture of Uber's squishy-exterminators:

Unsurprisingly, they look just like what they are.

Much clearer metaphor.

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  What does the S in S-400 stand for?

Via ZH, a beautiful example of the Switchover. We are now the Commies and Russia is the Free World.

Why are so many countries buying Russia's missile system?

First answer: It's a good product at a good price.

When you're outside the monopoly, outside the cult, you have to compete sneakily and subversively. You have to offer a high-quality product with good customer service at a good price. The monopoly (Amazon) or cult (Rome) can afford to fuck the customers because the customers are locked in. The customers can't IMAGINE living outside the fishbowl.

Second answer:
"Many of these countries do not want to wait for U.S. regulatory hurdles," said a CNBC source with first hand knowledge of the assessment. "The S-400 has less export restrictions and the Kremlin is willing to expedite sales by skipping over any regulatory hurdles."
Metaphor to previous item. Russia is serving as the LABOR UNION for small countries, helping to protect them against the monopolistic mobbed-up robber barons.


Tuesday, November 20, 2018
  Unimaginable goal

From 1920 to 1975, most American workers were treated decently by their employers.

I'm always focusing on Fordism aka Social Economics as one source of decent treatment, but unions were the other side of the same coin.

I was reading a 1918 union magazine, Railway Carmen's Journal, trying as usual to find details and ideas for digital models. This journal didn't illustrate equipment, but it did illustrate the power of unions DRAMATICALLY.

The union came to the defense of the workers in every possible way, from working conditions to medical care. If something was wrong, the union tried to fix it.

Union men and their wives wrote many of the columns and articles in Carmen's Journal. They openly expressed a wide variety of thoughts on a wide variety of subjects, including some fierce criticism of the capitalist system.

NO worker in ANY industry would DARE to express such thoughts now. You can get fired for the remotest delusional suspicion of heresy or "racism" or "transphobia" or anti-global sentiments.

= = = = =

Fordism developed as an answer to unions. This response would be impossible now.

Stop and think:

Corporations didn't like unions. Corporations felt the need to COMPETE with unions by MAKING UNIONS UNNECESSARY.

Corporations and unions were competing to provide BETTER SERVICE for the employees.

The GOAL of competition is inverse now.

Now unions and corporations are competing to eliminate jobs as fast as possible. Unions are doing it by making impossible demands that lead to shutting down companies. Companies are doing it directly by shutting down factories and stores.

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  Not overspecified

Headline: Volcano del Fuego erupts

Remember the Blizzard of Snow? Or the Flood of Water? Or the Earthquake of Shaking? Or the War of Shooting? Or the Famine of Starvation? Or the Landslide of Soil? Or the Epidemic of Illness?

Those were terrible unique events, seared into my Memory of Neurons.
  Handy example

A few days ago I praised the ONLY correct article about crime and prisons, written by Ann Widdecombe.

I started by saying: 99% of published articles on prisons are lethally genocidally wrong. A few are only mortally wrong.

And here's a perfect example of the lethally genocidally wrong shit. This article by some ignorant think-tank fuckheads appears in TAC, which occasionally gets some things right.

TAC, you OUGHT to know better.
  Self-destructing "science"

I suppose it's sort of vaguely advantageous that social "science" is trying to reform itself. But even within the context of the reform, the academics are still missing all the important points.

From a solid fair-minded article in Atlantic:
Despite the large sample sizes and the blessings of the original teams, the team failed to replicate half of the studies it focused on. It couldn’t, for example, show that people subconsciously exposed to the concept of heat were more likely to believe in global warming, or that moral transgressions create a need for physical cleanliness in the style of Lady Macbeth, or that people who grow up with more siblings are more altruistic. And as in previous big projects, online bettors were surprisingly good at predicting beforehand which studies would ultimately replicate. Somehow, they could intuit which studies were reliable.
Well then, you should be paying the online bettors instead of paying the academics.
Sanjay Srivastava from the University of Oregon says the lack of variation in Many Labs 2 is actually a positive thing. Sure, it suggests that the large number of failed replications really might be due to sloppy science. But it also hints that the fundamental business of psychology—creating careful lab experiments to study the tricky, slippery, complicated world of the human mind—works pretty well. “Outside the lab, real-world phenomena can and probably do vary by context,” he says. “But within our carefully designed studies and experiments, the results are not chaotic or unpredictable. That means we can do valid social-science research.”
No. In fact the results within the study context are uniformly random, predictably uncorrelated to the academic expectations. That's what the big replication test tells us.

In other words, the big study has proved decisively that you CANNOT do valid research within the usual academic context. The more research you do by this method, the more you disprove your own research by this method.

Outside of academia there's plenty of valid and useful analysis of human behavior, based on REAL experimentation with REAL consequences. Those bettors are obviously doing a valid analysis with their own methods. Successful salesmen and scammers and editors and design selectors and hit-pickers have been analyzing human behavior in great detail for a long time, with valid results.

Cult leaders are the best of all. Jesus and Hitler and Hubbard understood human behavior better than a million academics.
Monday, November 19, 2018
  Two obvious flaws

Via Sciencedaily:
Why do we like the bitter taste of coffee? Bitterness evolved as a natural warning system to protect the body from harmful substances. By evolutionary logic, we should want to spit it out.

But, it turns out, the more sensitive people are to the bitter taste of caffeine, the more coffee they drink, reports a new study...
Two blazingly obvious flaws.

1. "Evolutionary logic" is not logic. Natural selection is a tautology. Traits that survive survive. Loving coffee is a trait that has survived, so ipso facto it has been selected by natural selection. These concepts are not meaningful logic, just equations built from synonyms like '3 = three' or '27 = XXVII'.

2. If you're truly thinking like a scientist, the OBSERVED love of bitter foods (coffee and most leafy vegetables) should force you to discard the hypothesis that the bitter sensors on the tongue are meant to protect us from poison. They're meant to sense bitter tastes, and that's ALL you can say about them. The brain takes all sensory inputs into account, along with innate and experiential templates, when deciding whether this food is good or bad.

In fact coffee is good for survival, as "science" has finally started to admit. If you're better able to detect a GOOD food, you're more likely to consume a GOOD food, so you will survive longer. So enhanced sensitivity to the taste of coffee SHOULD lead to drinking more, and SHOULD gradually be selected into the genome.

Coffee drinking has only been widespread for a few hundred years, which is long enough to modulate some epigenes but nowhere near enough to lose any permanent genes.


  Fordism returns?

Via ZH, an interesting return to an old tradition.
Over a dozen top US energy firms have agreed to devote $100 million towards much needed improvements in West Texas and New Mexico, in order to help the regions cope with shortfalls in health care, education and civic infrastructure in the wake of the shale oil and gas boom, the group said on Sunday.
In the first oil boom from 1910-1920, oil companies built and supported towns and cities and schools and recreational facilities. Conoco built Ponca, Phillips built Bartlesville and Tulsa, Champlin built Enid.

Social Economics was already established by then, beginning with NCR in Dayton and Weston in Massachusetts and Ford in Detroit.

The current oil boom started after Social Economics was killed by Share Value. Companies no longer feel an obligation to pay employees or keep employees alive, let alone build communities for employees. Employees are Negative Externalities EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE. Boom towns have developed without any planning or support from the company or the state.

So this consortium is truly breaking away from modern Satanic economics and turning back toward Natural Law economics.

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Sunday, November 18, 2018
  Busting one myth

Both "sides" of the gun "debate" are squirrely today over a comment by a politician on the "progressive" "side". He pointed out CORRECTLY that the state has a MASSIVE advantage in weaponry over an individual. The state has nukes, and is ITCHING to use them against Deplorables. Waiting for the tiniest excuse.

The "conservative" side cherishes an idiotic myth that owning a gun was meant to be a safeguard against tyranny. They love to point out tyrants who took power "because" the people were unarmed. Most of those cases are simply false. Stalin had absolute power over Russia, where everyone outside the big cities had guns. Saddam had absolute power over Iraq, where EVERYONE had AK-47s, as our mythinformed soldiers found out. There's no correlation. In fact most dictators rule with the consent of their own people.

You don't have to think very hard to figure this out.

Successful revolutions ALWAYS require a real army.

There are two ways for this to happen. (1) The typical South American or African revolution is performed by the country's own army, toppling a corrupt dictator. (2) Most other revolutions are aided by FOREIGN armies. Our revolution had financial and military assistance from France (still ruled by monarchs then) and Germany. The French revolution had support from USA and Germany. The Russian Revolution was run by Germany and UK. The Cuban revolution was started by CIA.

One brave man can do NOTHING about tyranny. Even a large portion of the population can do NOTHING unless they can command a set of weapons, and a trained army, which is SUPERIOR to the existing force.

Deepstate has tanks and bombers and thousands of organized soldiers and nukes and Facebook and Google and Twitter.

Opponents could compete with the cyber part of Deepstate's monopoly, but they are either too stupid to figure it out, or more likely they are not opponents at all. They're just one "side" of a Deepstate puppet show.

We should thank this politician for brutally speaking the plain PERMANENT HISTORICAL TRUTH.

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  The usual bigotry

ZH has the usual NYC take on an Okla subject:
An Oklahoma billionaire's foundation is offering remote workers $10,000 to relocate to Tulsa. And though such a move would require Brooklyn-based "social media professionals" and freelance gender issues reporters to swap their avocado toast for barbecue, it looks as if the offer is generating significant interest.
Well, Tulsa isn't Frisco or NYC, but it will be more comfy for those types than OKC or Dallas. Tulsa is on the east side of the Dry Line, so its culture looks toward Chicago and some of its neighborhoods look like the better parts of Chicago. Tulsa has always had an avocado toast zone.
  An amazingly GOOD radio show.

A new gun-related show (Eye on the Target) has appeared on the local money-talk station. The title doesn't fit the show.

It's hosted by a brother and sister, which is unique. Rob and Amanda think the same way and know many of the same things. It's extremely rare now to have a pair of hosts who are ACTUALLY MALE AND FEMALE, and I can't think of a brother-sister show in any decade of radio.

The more important uniqueness is their focus on EXPERIENCE and history. Each week the show tells the full history of one gun-related company. Some of these companies have 150 years of history, so there's a lot to tell. The stories emphasize the reality of invention and innovation and manufacturing, not the techie myth. Innovation is SLOW and CUMULATIVE.

The hosts sometimes talk about laws and politics, again informed by real experience, not the fake mirror-image shared lies of 'progressives' and 'conservatives'.

Even though I've never owned a gun, only touched a gun once, and never plan to own a gun, this show is worth my full attention.

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  30-second disproof

Haven't done one of these in a while.

Noticed an authoritative-sounding comment in a forum: "Fukushima ruined the Pacific fishery."

Could be possible. Is it true? Fukushima happened in 2011, so there's time to see a pattern.

From NOAA stats on fisheries:

First overall poundage:

Then Pacific salmon:

Then Alaska pollock:

In fact 2011 seems to have started a slight UPtrend in those graphs. It certainly didn't RUIN the Pacific fish. There is a DOWNtrend in some Atlantic fish over the last few years, probably due to the changes in the Gulf Stream induced by underground magma shifts.

So the authoritative claim is authoritatively FALSE.


Saturday, November 17, 2018
  Secondary purpose

1. As noted yesterday, tech-monsters REFUSE TO COMPETE with the robots they invite into their lives. No matter how often the Tesla crashes into walls or swerves into the wrong lane, they leave the autopilot turned on. Windows 10 prevents you from doing any work, but the tech-monsters insist it's PERFECT. Even when AI replaces the tech-monster's own job, he continues advocating for more AI.

2. No-brainer headline on "scientific" "study":

Social media leads to depression

Of course the MAIN reason for this is simple and old. Social media, like ALL advertising, is designed to make you depressed and anxious so you'll buy more shit. Depression is Facebook's PURPOSE.

= = = = =

Convective thought: There's something else involved.

What's the best way to break out of anxiety and depression? TAKE CONTROL. Get out of the house. Feel the wind and rain. Do something physical. Walk. Make things.

The tech-monster's REFUSAL to take control, REFUSAL to form a feedback loop of senses and muscles, GUARANTEES that you'll stay anxious and depressed.

Depression normally arises from learned helplessness, long EXPERIENCE of frustrated activity. You try and try and try to be respected or popular or useful, and nothing works. You're punished for your efforts. The tech-monsters short out this process by CHOOSING to be helpless.


  Backwards fucking idiots 2

Continuing the theme of inverted purpose:


DARPA, Army Select These Three Companies For Hypersonic Missile Propulsion

Russia and China have been working on hypersonic missiles for many years. It appears that we've just now NOTICED it. I suppose this publicity could be an attempt to hide our own previous development, but it LOOKS like we've been caught off guard.


Watching foreign military development is the of an intel agency. Spies are supposed to prevent surprises. That's ALL they do.

CIA and other parts of Five Eyes have COMPLETELY ABANDONED their proper job. Instead of watching foreigners, they're feeding rumors to the media demons and then watching the rumors they fed. They're creating terrorists and planning terrorist acts both here and abroad. They're working with corporations and "scientists" to obliterate civilization. They're conspiring to assassinate a president who once or twice accidentally said one or two things that CIA doesn't like.

It doesn't matter that the president is ACTUALLY DOING what they want. It doesn't matter that Trump is FOLLOWING THEIR ORDERS and making war on Russia and Persia.

Obama was OUR DYNASTY by definition. Trump is OTHER DYNASTY by definition.

All jobs are backwards. All purposes are inverted. The only thing we have is a mob war between dynastic families, like the War of the Roses.

  Backwards fucking idiots

The UK Times has decided that Маша и Медведь is pro-Putin propaganda. In their "minds" the Masha character represents wily sneaky Putin, trying to put one over on the West.

Backwards as fucking always. A few years ago I enjoyed watching the cartoon, and I concluded:
Masha is hypercompetitive, always pushing, always getting into everyone else's affairs, always ready for everything even when there's nothing to be ready for. Bear is laid back, always ready to enjoy a good nap. Sometimes Bear manages to turn Masha's hyperenergy toward good ends, sometimes not.

Маша и Медведь is clearly descended from Краденое солнце, which is the best motion picture ever made. (I'm tempted to call it the best thing ever made by humans, but I need to leave room for Bach.) The scenery and secondary characters are the same. Bear is the same Bear, faced with a different opponent in a different era, using different tactics to handle the new opponent.

In other words: Masha is just a little bit ... or a whole lot ... like America.
If you can't even figure out that a bear represents Russia, you shouldn't be trying to figure shit out.

= = = = =

Watching Краденое солнце again four years later, it works equally well for modern times. This moment is September 2015 when the bear, after pleas from the smaller critters, breaks out of his desperation and decides to go after the alligator. The struggle takes time, and it's not quite finished yet, but the alligator has finally released the sun.
  Purpose questions 2

Media demons are focusing today on an "audit" of the Pentagon that found waste.

First: Media and politicians ALWAYS want us to focus on fine details of methods and numbers. Media and politicians NEVER ask questions about purpose. Nobody ever asks WHY we are attacking Iraq and Afghanistan and Syria and Ukraine and Persia and Russia, which should be the ONLY question. Instead, we are required to "debate" how to make the aggressive pointless mass murder MORE EFFICIENT.

Second: This is classic Parkinson. The audit itself consumes time and effort, "justifying" a raise in the budget to cover the added activities. The useless "reforms" after the audit will consume vastly more time and effort, "justifying" even more budget and workforce.

Third and overwhelmingly more important: WAR IS WASTE BY DEFINITION. Bullets and bombs and tanks are produced by the billions, then destroyed in combat. This fact used to be openly understood by politicians and economists, who openly advocated more war to create more pointless consumption.

If you want less waste, you should want less war. That's all.

= = = = =

Later thought: We've actually switched to a different style of pointless consumption. Our soldiers who are killing innocent civilians don't get new vehicles or equipment, and they don't get billions of bullets. They have to improvise armor on old trucks, and they have to account for every bullet to lawyers and auditors who are embedded with the troops.

Our consumption goes to huge "hi-tech" weapons systems, stealth fighters and cyberdrones, which don't work and couldn't be useful if they did work. Money goes mostly for development, partly for construction. After each trillion-dollar airplane is built, it stays in storage because it is completely unusable.

In other words, we've switched from spendthrifts to meth-addled hoarders. We're throwing money into projects that never reach completion and "weapons" that sit around and rust until a flood or hurricane destroys them.



Reading the Tesla cultists again. There's a common theme among all tech-monsters, which shows up constantly in this situation.

The car's automatic shit FAILS ALL THE TIME but the cultists NEVER TURN IT OFF, even when it's possible. One idiot is complaining because the AUTOMATIC DOORS on his roadster are always closing on the heads of his wife and kid. WHY DON'T YOU JUST LET THE WIFE CLOSE THE DOOR AS PEOPLE HAVE BEEN DOING FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS? Unthinkable.

Microsoft Malware aka Windows 10 formalizes and mandatorizes this attitude. In previous versions the automatic bug-injections aka "updates" could be turned off. In Microsoft Malware you can't turn ANYTHING off. All the bugs are MANDATORY, so you have ZERO CHANCE of getting any actual work done.

This pattern follows from the USA "education" system, which has always forced people to lose contact with their senses and muscles. The higher you go, the less reality. All of life must be PURE ABSTRACTION, PURE NUMBERS, PURE THEORY. We must let the machines do ALL physical action and experience ALL physical inputs. We must DISCONNECT OURSELVES from all feedback loops. We must LOSE everything that makes us ALIVE. We must be INANIMATE OBJECTS.

It's no coincidence that the "world's greatest scientist" was essentially a disembodied cortex.

= = = = =

Enough of this shit.

Time for a reprint of my grandpa's deathbed legacy.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

This line of thought originated from a specific conversation with Grandpa in 1962. Grandpa was dying early from alcohol and tobacco, and the family went to visit him one last time. As we hung around Grandpa's house, or visited nearby parks, Grandpa kept saying true things, and parents kept trying to Rectify him, nervously painting over the facts with conventional leftist crap. I wasn't sure what to think. Grandpa's observations matched what I saw with my own eyes, but didn't match what I'd always heard from parents and TV and books.

I think Grandpa got tired of being painted out. At one point he decided to go for beer and cigarettes (yeah, those were killing him, but it was too late to stop) and took me along. No parents, just me. I don't remember most of the conversation but I remember one emphasized item that seemed to summarize his intentions.

We were talking about his old '52 Ford Mainline. I must have been asking why anyone would want a plain car with no power steering, no radio, no automatic, none of the 'exciting' stuff that 'everyone wanted' in 1962.

Grandpa pointed to the manual choke. He told me that Ford was the only car that still offered a manual choke. He said it was important to have a simple car that you could understand and fix by yourself, and it was important to have direct control over the car.

Extend car to life, and there's the message.

Same as Carver's message.

Look about you. Take hold of the things that are here. Talk to them. Let them talk to you.

Dying old engineer trying to pass the key to young potential engineer. He succeeded. I've done a shitty job of following his advice, but I've always remembered and tried.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

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Friday, November 16, 2018
  Sweet deal

Again from the Guardian:

Nestle has a contract with the state of Michigan to tap an aquifer for its bottled water. This bottled water is often used as a "clean" replacement for water that is officially "dirty", such as the genuine and serious lead contamination in Flint, or the idiotic parts-per-trillion "contamination" in Airway Heights last year. Idiots desperately consumed the "clean" bottled water, taking in MORE of the alleged "contaminant" than the Airway water contained.

Nestle pays a flat $200 a year for 130 million gallons of water. (The article doesn't give this figure directly, but says Nestle wants to pump 210 million next year, which is a 60% increase from current. Backfiguring gives about 130 for current.)

The tax rate is thus 1.5 microdollars per gallon, or .00015 cents per gallon.

Compare this to Okla's resource tax on oil production, which has always been a major source of revenue for the state.

Okla gets $300 million a year from oil severance tax.

This covers about 180 million barrels of oil per year, which translates to 10 billion gallons.

So Okla charges 3 cents per gallon.

In other words, Okla charges 20000 TIMES as much per gallon as Michigan.

I'd say Nestle is getting a SWEET deal.

99% of published articles on prisons are lethally genocidally wrong. A few are only mortally wrong.


It's written by Ann Widdecombe, who was formerly the British minister for prisons. Even more remarkable. How did such a MIRACULOUSLY SANE person end up as an official?


Two samples are enough.
It is a fact of penal life that people coming into prison have already been through the route of probation/community service/supervision orders etc, none of which have deterred the convict from further crime. Alternatively they may not have been through such a course because the crime was either too serious or too often repeated. In other words, prison picks up the people who are either more persistent or more serious offenders, so naturally the recidivism rate is higher. There is nothing surprising in that.
Obviously 'A Journey of Hope' is not oversupplied with detail, so what we have here is an evidence-free zone in which old arguments are trotted out but which, above all, disappoints in its promise of suggesting a “genuinely rehabilitative environment”. So let me summarise what one of those actually looks like: a daily routine of work and education, being able to move about without fear, to live in a drug-free environment, having prospects on release.

That is what I asked for in 1999. Yet in 20 years the state has gone backwards instead of forwards and now the Church throws its hands up in holy horror and proclaims that the answer to getting prisons right is not to use them. No, it is to reform them with a sense of purpose and will. Sadly those characteristics are in short supply.

That's EVERYTHING, neatly summarized in a few paragraphs.

And the other side of EVERYTHING is "backwards instead of forwards" and "the answer is not to use them."

The CORRECT RECIPE has ALWAYS BEEN AVAILABLE. It's not new or mysterious. Unfortunately it's never used.

Same as every other fucking pile of shit. We have the data from 50000 years of experimentation. We know what works. We do the fucking opposite EVERY SINGLE TIME.

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  Bonn vs bond

This article on wealth inequality comes from Univ of Bonn, the same place that did the wonderful experiment on electrostatic fish senses. So I decided to read it.

Is scholarly quality widespread at Bonn? No. This economist goes wildly wrong from the start, just like all other paid economists. He misses the BASIC MEANING OF WEALTH. When you start out wrong, you can't end up right.
What do we find? Most importantly, we show that rich and poor households have very different assets. Middle-class households prominently own houses, while the top-10% predominantly own shares and business equity. This gives rise to a race between the housing market and the stock market in shaping the wealth distribution. Housing booms lead to wealth gains for leveraged middle-class households and tend to decrease wealth inequality. Stock market booms primarily boost the wealth at the top of the wealth distribution.
Right about the fact that inequality is getting worse, wrong about the reason.

Housing booms lead to wealth gains for leveraged middle-class households and tend to decrease wealth inequality.

WRONG. A mortgage is the PRECISE OPPOSITE of wealth.

MONEY is wealth, whether it's in an accessible checking account or a delayed form like bonds.

A house may be worth something or nothing, and the only way you can turn it to cash is by moving to another house, which may cost far more than the sale price. Worst of all, a mortgage turns to bankruptcy when you miss a few payments.

A checking account or bond doesn't require you to do anything. It can be turned to cash without uprooting your life.

A paid-for house is an asset which provides physical security and comfort, but still drains money to some extent for insurance and maintenance. If you think it's anything more or anything else, you're a SUCKER.

This economist is maintaining the RACKET of debtism by misdescribing wealth.

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  Curing Github Syndrome

Via Guardian:
A group of scientists is trying to end the “diet wars” raging over how much fat and carbohydrate we should eat, arguing that what matters for most people is quality.

“We have diet wars,” said lead author David Ludwig, professor in the department of nutrition at Harvard Chan School of Public Health. “There are many topics in nutrition in which various colleagues take polarised positions."
If you really want to regain public credibility, if you want ANYONE TO LISTEN TO YOU EVER AGAIN, you'll need to go way beyond this nice musing.

Here's what you need to do.

1. Figure out the truth, if you can. (Of course you can't, so this is just silly fantasy.)

2. Hire people who know how to talk. Send them on a year-long APOLOGY TOUR, hitting all the TV shows and local "news" programs that typically carried your contradictory nonsense.

3. Make a solid enforceable WARRANTY. Pay some reliable insurers like Prudential and Allstate to set up a TRUTH-INSURANCE POLICY for each and every US taxpayer. The TRUTH-INSURANCE POLICY promises to pay each taxpayer $1000 if you EVER CHANGE one word of the truth, or if anyone can ever reliably prove your statements wrong.

A similar approach would resolve the Github and Newspeak problems in other areas. Won't happen. The only permanent fact in Sorosian lands is accelerating dizzying truth-reversal and accccccccccccceleratatatatatating lunalunalunalunalunalunacy.


Thursday, November 15, 2018

This is interesting. The Weather Bureau shows how a 'hole punch cloud' looks from a satellite view. In fact the hole is a giant bubble which forms in the cloud, splits into two spherical bubbles, then pops. Without the context it would look just like bubbles forming in soapy water.
  Come on, you can do better

SciAm is trying to get out of the rigid shackles of orthodox fashion, trying to open up to valid philosophy and ACTUAL FACTS once in a while. I'm trying to give them kudos and credit for breaking out of the cage.

This essay on the experience of time does manage to avoid all the standard shackles. No global warming, no die-versity, no TRUMPHITLERKKKALTRIGHTGAB. But it's not good philosophy, and more importantly it skips some obvious empirical observations that could pin the philosophy to real science.
You may claim that, whereas the desert road scenario is static, lacking action, you actually did brush your teeth earlier. So time definitely flowed from then to now; or did it? All you have supporting belief that it did is your memory of having brushed your teeth, which you experience now. All you ever have is the present experiential snapshot. Even the notion of a previous or subsequent snapshot is—insofar as you can know from experience—merely a memory or expectation within the present snapshot. The flow from snapshot to snapshot is a story you tell yourself, irresistibly compelling as it may be. Neuroscience itself suggests that this flow is indeed a cognitive construct.
For some memories you may only have the memory itself as evidence. But for his specific example of toothbrushing you have an objective and replicable TIME-CONSTANT. A curve of discharge and charge. You know from experience that the taste of toothpaste declines over the first hour after brushing, and other tastes, including bacteria, increase over the first hour. If you've been MEASURING and CALIBRATING these tastes carefully, and if you KNOW THE BASELINE, you can tell with fair precision how many minutes have passed since the brushing.

Similar discharge and charge curves apply to other remembered events, such as exercise or eating or drinking alcohol. If you keep track of these events regularly, your internal senses tell you how much time has elapsed since the last instance. With addictive and habitual experiences like alcohol, you also know how much time will elapse before the next instance, and this knowledge can help you to white-knuckle through the painful time before the next dose.

If an elephant-fish can use discharge and charge curves to find its prey and plan its day, why can't humans use time constants? Well, we do.


  Doesn't inspire confidence

When I look at the statcounter info for this blog, I'm accustomed to seeing 98% mechanical bots and 2% maybe actual readers.

Among the latest bot-type stuff is a "read" by

Note yay.htm which seems to indicate that a hacker was celebrating his successful hack. is not just an unclaimed placeholder like most bot sources. It's maintained by W3C, the web standards people.

Almost every webpage contains several 'namespace' references to W3C. If their own system isn't safe from hacking, why should the rest of us even bother?

The answer, of course, is that the rest of us MUST bother. We MUST use good antivirus software BECAUSE the so-called security standards are the REAL hackers.


  NO. For the million(+1)th time, it's NOT NEW.

Another BRAND NEW Tesla idea.

Via Electrek, which is NOT a Tesla skeptic site. The Model 3 has doorhandles that have to be pushed with a thumb to pop out the part you can actually grab. This fails in cold weather.

Brand new? Nope, Chrysler tried the same trick in '56 and ran into the same problem. Chrysler switched to a direct pull-up handle in '57, and stayed with it for 50 years.

This is OBVIOUS when you think about it. A door needs a handle that is always pullable. When you can pull, you can break through ice or other stickiness. If the ice prevents you from reaching the handle, you're helpless. Tesla's "engineers" never think about anything.



Wednesday, November 14, 2018

This is the BEST piece of real science in a LONG TIME. Utterly amazing.

The experiments were done by Gottwald at Univ. of Bonn. Basic point: A peculiar elephant-nosed fish unsurprisingly called the elephant-fish uses its 'trunk' as Doppler radar to detect edible insects. Other fish use their electric fields as weapons and FM stereo two-way radio and radar, but the elephant-fish doesn't just detect echoes.

It distinguishes between uninteresting dead rocks and interesting insects by detecting the capacitive absorption and discharge from the object. A solid rock reflects charge without any dynamic alteration. A living thing has complicated capacitance in its various cavities and membranes, and some active response from its neurons. The echo is non-linear in specific ways.

These experimenters simulated rocks and bugs with actual resistors and actual capacitors. The fish ignored the resistors and tried to eat the capacitors!

Astonishing natural function, and even more astonishing insight and understanding by the researchers.

But the researchers picked an inadequate metaphor to explain the action. They used color vision as a metaphor, which doesn't capture the idea of depth perception caused by phase modification.

Let's see if I can get closer with a sound-based explanation.

The capacitive response reshapes the returned voltage field by initially absorbing and then reflecting in a complex way, as the tissues and neurons of the bug discharge or actively respond to the input pulse.

The reshaped echo has a different and dynamically varying spectral pattern, like the upsweeps and downsweeps that a bat detects, or the upsweeps and downsweeps of vowels that humans detect. In this case the sweeps are based on phase instead of frequency, which humans can't detect. So I've tried to simulate with fast sweeps of frequency.

In this animation the elephant-fish (played by old Five Eyes Opabinia) is sending pulses out and using its trunk to detect the echoes. I'm using sound instead of charge because humans can't detect charge intelligently. The live critter in the middle takes the echo and reshapes the spectrum, while the rocks simply return the original echo. I've tried to give you a sense of what the fish might 'hear'.

Well, as usual Firefox's idiot "security" theater prevents me from including the video, so I have to resort to a LESS SECURE method. Here's the short video for download. Just 20 seconds, but it gets the point across. You can hear how a spectrum-shifted response differs from an unchanged echo.

= = = = =

Later dumb thought, inspired by the easy typecasting of Opabinia. Life is purpose. Each gene is a specific purpose or goal, implemented in all sorts of ways. There must be a basic gene for 'prehensile snout', implemented in unique ways by Opabinia, elephant-fish, and elephants. Possibly the familiar mammalian snout is a degenerate version with the grasping function deleted, leaving only the olfactory and electrical sensing functions. There are some semi-degenerate snouts in mammals like aardvarks and coati mundi.

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  You've got money. Use it.


EFF, Human Rights Watch, and Over 70 Civil Society Groups Ask Mark Zuckerberg to Provide All Users with Mechanism to Appeal Content Censorship on Facebook

This is an indirect indication that FB has expanded its censorship to globalist opinions. "Human rights" and "Civil Society" are exclusive Soros trademarks. These groups are Soros.

When Soros is pissed at FB, things will change. FB will return to its original method of burning only anti-global heretics.

Bigger point: All of these groups have LOTS OF MONEY AND INFLUENCE. The "conservatives" who have been complaining longer because FB has been censoring them longer ALSO have lots of money and influence.

Entirely aside from politics and censorship, FB is fading because advertisers are realizing that digital ads aren't cost-effective.

Given both of these factors, the discontent and the natural fade, there should be room for a strictly subscription-based alternative. A network that doesn't have to obey the wishes of Google and Amazon and Apple because it doesn't depend on their advertising for support. A network that has its own servers and its own lawyers and sleazy private investigators to keep the opposition and the bureaucrats at bay.

Since neither the Sorosians nor the "conservatives" have tried to create such a service, the conclusion is clear. Neither "side" really wants freedom. Both "sides" want to generate talking points. Nothing more, nothing less, nothing else.


Tuesday, November 13, 2018
  This would be a good place for a liturgy

Old Okie joke. When you're highly unimpressed with the food and service in a restaurant, somebody is bound to say "Hey, I've got an idea! This would be a great location for a restaurant!"

It's closely related to the dishwasher story, and also to Injun naming practices. Things should be named by their function, not by arbitrary assignment.

This place doesn't serve the function of a restaurant, so it must be something else. Still, we need a restaurant around here, and somebody ought to start one.

= = = = =

Apply the old joke to churches. Humans have a deep and innate need for liturgy and religious ceremony. Every culture has priests who perform ceremonies.

The process is so deep that you can see priestly actions in the "random" motions generated by meth or Tourettes. Preaching, swinging a censer, swaying, holding up a communion cup, blessing.

Liturgy is part of the preset programming of the cerebellum.

So it's a damn shame that the liturgical churches have become cesspits of gross corruption. Of course it's nothing new; Rome has been maxed out on all scales of evil for 1000 years. The other liturgical churches aren't nearly as wicked, but they've still lost all connection and empathy with the people who NEED the liturgy. Instead they're violently serving Soros.

= = = = =

Broader and sloppier thought: All major organizations in Sorosia have ceased performing their functions. Many have reversed their functions. National government is supposed to protect the borders, not bring in invaders. Banks are supposed to charge interest on loans and pay interest on savings. Corporations are supposed to make things or provide services, not print counterfeit money. Doctors are supposed to heal disease, not create disease. Intel agencies are supposed to spy on foreigners, not create terrorists. Journalists are supposed to report facts, not create wars and crimes.

Smaller organizations (local business, local police) are still doing what they were meant to do, but the failure of function is spreading downward FAST.

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