Wednesday, November 30, 2016
  We need more outlaw songs.

In the Depression of the '30s bank robbers were celebrated. It's time to resume that attitude, in specific channels, now that all channels of "legitimate" "reform" have been slammed and locked and cemented shut.

Start with the dude who grabbed the bucket of gold in NYC. Specific channel fits.

I can feel a direct hands-on empathy with his task, since the bucket closely resembles the buckets of lead pi and dross that I used to haul around when I worked in a printshop. Similar process of melting down waste, similar hefty metal.

The news stories are leaving out or missing several things. First, why do they think he's Hispanic? He doesn't look Hispanic. More like Balkan, somewhere around Romania and Greece. Why do they think he headed for Orlando? No explanation.

I'm glad they're not giving more info, and I'm hoping and praying he gets away clean and rich. More power to you, Balkan bucket man.
  Positive self-selection

Trying to look at the good side...

Trump will continue doing the same things that BushObama did, and the same things that Hillary would have done. Seamless continuity of Satan as usual.

One good part: The media will now OPPOSE Satan's policies because Satan is wearing the wrong label. Satan's policies will get closely examined and properly criticized.

Another: We know that celebrities will not carry out their "promises" to leave, which is unfortunate. But some partisan idiots WILL keep their promises. Some academics will refuse to accept grants that are contaminated by the wrong label. We're seeing a foretaste of this in England, where science organizations are skeptical of an INCREASE in funding by May's administration. May's primary purpose is to carry out Brexit, which is

and May has now committed SERIOUS blasphemy by officially declaring that Christianity shouldn't be entirely EXTERMINATED. Perhaps one or two Christians should be allowed to survive in captivity as horrible examples.

Some academics will take the money and run, but the seriously insane ones will refuse. This is a positive form of self-selection. Insanity will get less money than before.
  Better idea lost as usual

From 1931, an ad for Talkiola:

A home movie projector all in one box. The image was projected on the front-mounted screen, like a TV. (Television using scanning disc techniques was already well known in '31 but not fully commercial.)

Why didn't this setup continue? When home movies finally became mildly popular in the '50s, this idea was lost. Movies required setting up a separate screen, which rarely worked well in the typical living room.

From the same source, an advertising technique you won't see today:

  Nothing mysterious


Science, math tests: US students lag Asia

An old old story and an old old INTENTIONAL failure to understand it.

If you want to understand it, you need to know a little ACTUAL SCIENCE. As usual the official "scientists" claim to be Darwinists while smashing Darwin into the ground and propounding bizarre delusions.

Scanning the various versions of today's story, I see no evidence of understanding.

Here's the Secret Knowledge, visible only to those who are not blinded by Official "Science":

Some of those differences correspond to genetic groupings or breeds. Orientals are better at math. No matter how you teach them, they're better. A country with a small percentage of Orientals is NOT going to match 100% Oriental countries in math. No amount of teaching will help. The wrong kind of teaching, which is the only kind we know, is guaranteed to make the difference worse. We have to find our advantage elsewhere.

Before 1970 we DID find our advantage. Our genetic and cultural mix of mainly Brits and Krauts turns out to be very good at systematic commerce. Not surprising. Brits are good at commerce, Krauts are supreme at systematizing.

After 1970 we abandoned systematic commerce (ie industry) and gave everything to the bankers, thus NOT ACCIDENTALLY favoring a different set of genes. This set is fairly rare in US, so the benefits of the new arrangement are narrowly distributed.

Nothing mysterious about this. It's just science.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016
  Okay, that's all.

By now it's not a surprise.

Mnuchin. Tribal. "Former" Goldman. "Former" Soros.

Trump names this thing as Sec of Treas.

Game over. No change. The Tribe continues to slaughter the world. Hell continues to accelerate without pause.

Now that the Deplorables have been sucked out into the open and identified, the pogrom can start in earnest.

Not that it matters, but I might as well keep saying....

  More fucking idiocy

Trump continues to miss the whole SUPPOSED point of his candidacy.
President-elect Donald Trump on Tuesday threatened loss of citizenship or jail for those who burn the American flag, saying such protests — which the Supreme Court has declared to be free speech — should carry “consequences.”
He won the Repoof primaries because he was DEPARTING from these extreeeeeeeeeeemely tiiiiiiiiired old catchphrases. He won because he was proposing MEANINGFUL ACTIONS TO REFORM THE ECONOMIC SETUP in this country, and to HALT USELESS AGGRESSION against foreigners.

How in the FUCK will this symbolic safespacery provide any jobs or halt any wars? How does this useless law fit into Trump's earlier RATIONAL proposal to eliminate useless laws?

It won't do anything at all. Totally meaningless safespacery. Nobody is burning any flags. Nobody has burned any flags since 1971. We can't argue with the leftist safespacers when we're running our own safespacery. Idiot.
  Not a discovery

Via RCS, a supposedly new finding about half-pipes used as wings.

Their figure:

Note that the half-pipe pushes downward at lower velocities, and upward at higher speeds.

Turn this upside-down and you get a half-pipe open upward, which gives extra lift at lower velocities. This upside-down principle was explored for a long time, with good practical results but little commercial success, by Custer Channel Wing. CCW was mainly based in Enid and I had some indirect connections with it. I was never convinced that the company was trying to succeed; it looked and acted more like a tax dodge, a manufacturer of writeoffs.

Simple logic.

Fact: Soros is a global terrorist and saboteur. Every nation that attempts to defend its people and industries from Soros is destroyed to increase Soros wealth and power.

We're accustomed to thinking of terrorists and saboteurs as serving a nation directly or indirectly. Saboteurs in WW2 were working directly for Japan or Germany. The 9/11 boys were serving Saudi directly. Roy Cohn and colleagues in the '50s were serving Russia both directly and indirectly.

Question: Is Soros really a free-running pirate, or is he a state-sponsored terrorist?

The Turkish situation gives the answer. Erdogan decided to root out saboteurs and terrorists who were working for Soros via Gulen. Gulen lives in Pennsylvania. Erdogan asked US to extradite Gulen. US refused.

Therefore: Soros is a state-sponsored terrorist, objectively working for USA. He lives in USA, parts of the USA government receive money from Soros, and the USA government has never opposed or stopped his terrorist acts.

Countries attacked by Soros would be justified in counterattacking USA to get rid of this global monstrosity. Fortunately for Soros, our nukes make this prospect unattractive.
  Not in the woods


Pope holds firm against conservative pushback

Or more simply and directly,

Pope holds firm against Catholics.

On this particular issue Bergoglio isn't opposing Natural Law, since the Roman tradition of permanent marriage is against the spirit of Natural Law. Experimentally determined Natural Law makes more room for human error, with the primary goal of functional families, not permanent contracts. Romans are following Jesus and Paul, who were foolishly rebelling against Natural Law.

Nevertheless, Antichrist Bergoglio is supposed to be the leader of Catholics, not Muslims; so the NL comparison isn't relevant. He constantly SMASHES the laws and traditions and expectations of the Catholic people who are meant to follow him. He tells them that their difficult journey toward goodness is evil. Like all other globalist Satans, he generates futility and chaos, obeys Soros strictly and precisely.


Monday, November 28, 2016
  Jesus, what a fucking idiot.

Trump had things going the right way for a few minutes. Hillary was running a recount, and even Obama agreed that the recount was a bad idea. EVEN NATE SILVER agreed that the recount was a bad idea, a FALSE idea, not going to change anything. EVEN NATE SILVER agreed that hacking wasn't meaningful. When a Nate Silver opposes the Empire, you know for FUCKING SURE that the Empire has gone too far. The Empire's media were delicately touching the subject for the first time, encouraged by the Tribeforce of Nate Silver.

All Trump had to do was SIT BACK AND SHUT UP.

Nope, that's impossible. He had to jump in with his own false idea, giving Satan's media a perfect reason to pivot away from Satan's false idea. Millions of illegals voting? Maybe thousands, all in California where they wouldn't make a difference anyway. Only California is crazy enough to let it happen in a major way. Not in the states that are being questioned right now. There AREN'T millions of illegals in those states, and those states aren't totally looned out.

Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. Idiot or AP? Probably the latter. Just another servant of the Empress.

= = = = =

More seriously and deeply, this consistent idiocy shows that Trump doesn't know the country he's supposed to be ruling. I supported him for a while because he seemed to understand the problems of the Deplorables, while all previous Repooflicans had simply shouted ZERO TAX ZERO TAX ZERO TAX BENGHAZI BENGHAZI BENGHAZI.

Anyone who OBSERVES REALITY knows that hacking is meaningless, and also knows that voting by illegals is meaningless. Trump is just saying stuff that sounds like Repoof stuff to him. The result is transparently idiotic, just like my attempts to talk about fishing and hunting. At least I know when I'm being idiotic.
Sunday, November 27, 2016
  Angling for birds?

Super-random thought while listening to a radio show about fishing.

I've never gotten into fishing or hunting. I'm non-interventionist. When mice or insects invade MY house, I pull out all the stops to slaughter them. Self-defense. But I've never had any desire to invade the OTHER critter's territory and kill it. Not fair.

So the details of fishing are unfamiliar, which tends to spawn crackpot ideas.

Crackpot idea: Birds go after specific insects in the same way that fish do. Has anyone ever tried fishing for birds? Use a small hard-shell helium balloon to hold the lure and hook 30 feet up. Bait it with an iridescent Jap beetle or ladybird. Or simpler, use a fake Jap beetle filled with helium. Instead of a hook, maybe a glue pad that would grab the beak.


  Good for Switzerland

Switzerland, home of real democracy, has voted down a proposal by the Green Genocidists that would have eliminated nuclear power quickly.

This is a partial victory, since no new nuke plants have been built for many years and gov't policy still aims to attrit nukes gradually to zero. Still, the people are not following Green Genocide, and that's a good thing.


  Why was Bucky special?

Cool people have always admired Bucky Fuller, and academic mathematicians spend lots of time dealing with optimal packings of shapes in space. Mathy packings always have a Bucky flavor. Fancy polyhedra jumbled in fancy ways.

Ratshit. In plain reality, humans already found the optimal packing a long time ago.


Any departure from a rectangle wastes space. The closer you get to a circle, the more waste.

Recent household appliances are growing more bulgy and circular, which makes them harder to fit into a shelf. A bulgy box can't hold more than a rectangular box, and a bulgy box claims more space than it needs.

= = = = =

Why is the rectangle naturally optimal? We don't think of humans as rectangular, but in fact our footprint is rectangular in nearly all situations.



Sitting on a chair:

Sitting Korean style:

Laying down:

The ONLY exception is sitting cross-legged, which is not a common activity. In that pose we're sort of trapezoidal:

But even when trapezoidal we don't 'pack' hexagonally like the mathematicians think. We don't do this:

We do this:

When we form groups of humans or things that aren't purely randomish (milling around) we favor rows and columns.

Why? Because we don't walk in zigzags. An efficient walk is a straight line, so rows of crops or livestock or merchandise or houses are most efficient in a straight line. Later on, the rows were further enforced by pipes and canals and wires and railroads, which are also more efficient when straight.

Our huts and houses can be either round or rectangular. Round houses (tipis, yurts) are favored by nomads who don't settle in villages and don't own furniture. The advantage of a tipi is not efficient space usage, it's minimalist structural stability. A cone of logs is stable when tied with one rope.

When we settle down in permanent villages, with houses packed closely for protection and for convenient walking and utility service, the houses are rectangles.

So why is the Bucky stuff so wonderful? Damned if I know. It's NOT efficient. It's just dumb.


  Bravo for Kenya!

Noticed a Youtube clip that looked like Sorosian activity in Kenya. Looked it up in Sorosleaks. Didn't find the specific organization but did find something HIGHLY encouraging.

First, Soros is focusing strongly on Kenya. From this XLS:

Second, Kenya UNDERSTANDS the Soros problem and is taking firm steps to root out the Sorosian saboteurs. As seen from Satan's viewpoint:
Some examples of government action that violated rights, threatened or closed civic spaces and/or resulted in constitutional reversals include: In April 2015 the government named and threatened to deregister OSIEA grantees Haki Afrika and Muslims for Human Rights (MUHURI) as specified entities under the Prevention of Terrorism Act; In October 2015 the government gave notice of its intention to deregister 939 NGOs; A reintroduction of the unpopular amendments to the Public Benefits Organizations (PBO) Act 2013; and, Amendments to the National Police Service Act 2011 and the Independent Policing Oversight Authority Act 2011 to reinstate powers that had been removed from the Presidency by the 2010 Constitution thereby strengthening executive control of the sector and weakening civilian oversight and accountability mechanisms.

Good for Kenya!



Saturday, November 26, 2016
  Shifting sycophants

Interesting to watch the shifting sycophants after the "election". Foreign governments are "coincidentally" halting their contributions to the "charitable" Clinton Foundation, thus verifying what everyone already knew.

Moving in the other direction, Jill Stein has revealed herself to be a cat's paw for the Clintons. She's fronting a recount effort, presumably betting on a cabinet post or something similar when the Empire is reinstated.

The allegedly "countercultural" Intercept website, always suspected but hard to pin down, now openly shows its hand as a Clinton front. I'm not sure what they hope to gain.

Still waiting for Trump to show his paw. I'm sure he will sooner or later.
  RIP Fidel

I've already discussed Fidel as a Graybillian developer of skills and Fidel as an enemy of American gangsters.

Reuters has a remarkably objective review of the good and bad parts, including a forgotten moment in 1994 when Bill Clinton sounded just like Trump:
Then, wielding the masterstroke in the days that followed, he announced that if the United States would not change its policy on Cuban migrants, the Cuban government would no longer seek to stop people trying to leave the island, instead turning a blind eye. It was a safety valve that allowed the most desperate to go. Castro had allowed a similar wave of discontent to spill off the island with the Mariel boat lift in 1980. It also shifted the problem squarely to Washington.

By the end of the summer more than 30,000 Cubans had left and by allowing an exodus, Fidel Castro put the ball in President Bill Clinton's court. That forced Washington to stop welcoming Cubans picked up in the Florida Strait, and brought about a bilateral agreement in September on more 'orderly' migration that included an annual granting of 20,000 visas to Cubans.
Bill stopped welcoming Dreamers from ONE SPECIFIC COUNTRY? No! That's TRUMP TROLL KKK HITLER. It can't be true! Push it back in the Memory Hole!


  Corn syrup was once a controlled substance!

From a 1931 issue of one of Gernsback's science magazines. P 19 of the PDF.

Top part of the article gives the gist:

Industry was pleased to have the prohibition lifted.

Maybe it's time to rethink the repeal. Evidence is nowhere near solid, but there's a fair correlation between the current epidemic of obesity and the universal use of corn sugar.



Looking for answers to the odd 'overrunning' of some programs, I wandered through the usual forums on Stackoverflow and similar places. Didn't see any answers, but got reminded of the most annoying aspect of such forums.

They spend 90% of their energy REJECTING unfashionable questions. The instant universal response to every question is


If your question is out of phase with Correct Forum Format, the forum will stomp on you. If you're trying to do something real with your computer, the forum will crush you. If you're asking about a program that hasn't been re-versioned on Github in the last millisecond, the forum will stomp HARD.

Aha. It's just like Newspeak. Ideas that are not precisely congruent with Party Orthodoxy as of the current millisecond are

  Why were farmers special?

Before 1960 local radio stations, even in big cities, spent a LOT of time serving farmers and agricultural occupations. Early morning typically featured one or two hours of market reports, detailed weather reports, advice from the local extension agent.

A little piece of the WHB schedule in 1953. From 5AM to 7AM, Town and Country, Livestock. The rest of the daytime was aimed at housewives.

After 1960, farm coverage disappeared along with all other adult programming. As abovementioned, most AM stations gave up on adults entirely and switched to The Teen Market. WHB became KC's rock-n-roll specialist.

In percentage terms, farmers were already rare in 1920 when radio began, and got sparser every year. Industrial workers replaced farmers as the majority. Yet radio NEVER had programs focused on industrial workers or salesmen or grocers or any other specific occupation, until the '70s when late-night radio discovered truckers.

At least one NYC station seems to have been run by and for unions, but that's the only exception.

Personal sidenote: I used to listen to WIBW's farm report around 1959. WIBW had four hours of ag-related coverage each day. Their theme music was the rousing but obscure Marche Lorraine. This version sounds about right:

The piece has remained in my earworm rotation ever since, though I didn't identify it until recently.

Later: Here's a 1928 PROFESSIONAL performance of the vocal version of Marche Lorraine. Shows how much classical performance standards have improved since then. The band might get a C+ in a small junior high, but the soprano would be instantly kicked out of any school chorus. She can't hit the notes, can't keep up with the rhythm. She's horrible enough to be an intentional parody, like Florence Foster Jenkins. Reminds me of a cat yowling at an enemy while its lick-button is being tickled.
Friday, November 25, 2016
  Unexpected perpetual program runs

What's going on here?

Noticed that the computer seemed to be 'busy' and slow when I wasn't doing much of anything. Checked the task manager and found

Irfan was using 50% of CPU time. I use Irfan a lot, but I hadn't intentionally left it open. When I deliberately run it minimized, it shows 0% CPU.

Something similar happened a few days ago with Gom Audio. I use the Gom video viewer a lot, but rarely use the Audio. I had used it once and closed it, then it continued running for a day, using 50% of CPU.

Is this a virus of some kind? Am I serving a bot?

AVG full scan shows nothing. Tried a System Restore to an earlier date, see if that halts this oddity.
  Constants and variables 55

ZH proudly flaunts its presence on Bezos McCarthy's blacklist. But ZH still misses the point:

So in other words, any and every one who is anything but a liberal drone is now a Russian plant? McCarthy would be proud.

It's NOT liberal vs conservative. I don't know most of the sites on that list, but Naked Capitalism and Consortium News and Wikileaks are solidly LEFTIST. They are "liberal" if that word has any meaning. NakedC and Consortium were with Bernie; Wikileaks prefers Jill Stein.

A number of prominent "conservative" sites are NOT on that list. Fox News, the Federalist, National Review, American Thinker.

Those "conservative" sites are globalist. NakedC, Consortium and Wikileaks are anti-globalist.

Back in 1954, globalism was part of the picture but somewhat obscured by left/right. Now globalism is the ONLY variable that matters.

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  New icon, 2nd try

I've moved the top icon to Polistra's new mill town. Not happy with the icon yet... too much hill, too much generator, not enough sky, not enough focus on the characters, perspective too flat. Going to leave it as is for a day, look at it in situ, get a better sense of what's needed.

Next day: There. That's better. First try was focused on the dam. This is focused on the printshop/mill, which is the important part of the scene. This angle fits into the icon template better. Also, Poser gives me a serendipity signal when I get something right. Note the water coming off the mill, accurately serrated by the vanes. Not intentional, just an artifact.
  Fake vs non-fake

A good example, way too close to home.

Official fake news:
SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane police are investigating the discovery of a body at the Shadle Park shopping complex Thursday evening. Police responded to the scene just before 7 p.m. and confirmed someone was deceased. At this time, the body has not been identified as male or female. Major Crimes units are investigating. The Spokane County Medical Examiner will perform an autopsy and identify the deceased person.
What actual information do you get? Approximate location. That's all. Nothing else. How did he/she/ve/um die? Heart attack? Hit by car? Shot? Knifed? Beaten? Meteor strike? Snakebite? Suicide? In a store? In the parking lot? On the roof? In the street? Should we worry about the shooter/knifer/sworder/beater/meteor/snake?

No answers. This is NOT news. It gives you the deceptive image of a decomposed unidentified body "discovered" in some obscure place. This is NEGATIVE INFORMATION, pushing you AWAY from the facts. Fake news BY DEFINITION.

= = = = =

Non-official REAL news, found AS ALWAYS on the Spokane-News facebook page, reported by actual people who were actually there.

Short version: It was a drug overdose; man in car in parking lot; girlfriend tried to help; probably suicide.

That's INFORMATION. Pure tragedy, another Deplorable tossed in the wastebasket by the Masters. Not a shooter on the loose.


Thursday, November 24, 2016
  Nonsensical saying

ZH features a dispute, or fake dispute, about Trump's intentions to appoint Vulture Romney as SecState.

Some of the unskeptical Trump fans are praising this move, quoting the tired old "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer."

Nonsense. When your enemies are close they can shiv you, or pull internal strings to ruin your plans.

If you are important enough to have serious enemies, the only correct rule is "Keep your friends close and your enemies in the graveyard."

Clintons have been following this rule for 40 years and it has worked well. Successful leaders always keep their enemies under tight control if not dead.

HIGHLY RELEVANT example: Obama made the mistake of keeping Hillary close, appointing her as SecState. (Sounds familiar.) Hillary ruined Obama's intentions of slowing down Permawar. She continued Bush's wars and added four new wars. Finally in 2012, perhaps using Hillary's stroke as a justification, Obama was able to get rid of Hillary and appoint the more compliant Kerry. After that, decreased tension with Persia and Cuba, and no new wars.

A more sophisticated solution: Identify possible enemies. Make them useful and secure, not cornered and desperate. FDR was the ultimate expert in this approach. He saw revolutionaries growing strong on Left and Right, so he solved the problems that the revolutionaries were pointing out. (This process is also called Sanity or Responding To Negative Feedback or Life.)

Thankful today?

This year I'm mostly thankful to MYSELF.

For having the foresight and caution to get out of debt and pile up savings 10 years ago, even though the Tribe is continuing to steal the interest.

For having the foresight and caution to prepare for windstorms 4 years before the windstorms happened. Because of MY foresight, I survived unscathed.

For finally building up the gumption to get needed surgery, then the gumption to carry through the process and the recovery despite idiot medical litigocracy.

For finally learning how to be hardass when faced with a separate flank of medical litigocracy. If I had turned hardass 50 years ago and stayed that way, life would have gone a whole fucking lot better.

Fact: When you're unwanted, niceness is lethal. You're not going to be liked or respected no matter what you do, so you need to go hardass to get ANYTHING done.

Kansas slogan: Ad hardastra per aspera.

Beyond myself?

Thankful for a neighborhood of calm decent Western-style Deplorables, firm believers in MYOB. And for ONE valid and accurate news source.

Beyond that?

Nothing on this continent. City, state, nation, all totally owned and toxified by Soros. No hope. All lost. Momentary signs of hope turn out to be stings, APs.

Beyond that?

GIANT ETERNAL GRATITUDE to Putin, busily forming a Fact Pact to oppose our Wacked Pact. Sane countries are rapidly flipping over to the Fact Pact. At some point the Wacked Pact won't be able to bully or slaughter anyone except its own miserable unfortunate Deplorables, and won't be able to enslave anyone outside its own boundaries. It won't even be able to import migrant armies to disemploy and slaughter its Deplorables. It will finally be forced to collapse, unless Putin takes us out of our evil insanity first with ICBMs. Consummation devoutly.

So Polistra and friends salute the Fact Pact.



Headline on Google Fake News:

Hmm. Is this one of those GCHQ entrance puzzles? Are we supposed to find the subtle steganographic difference between the two repetitions of the meaningless text? Is the comma made of microfilm?
Wednesday, November 23, 2016
  GOOD! unquestionably

Cathy McMorris continues to defend dams with ACTUAL SCIENCE and ACTUAL FACTS. If the Trump team can spare a moment from its day job of insulting celebrities, McMorris and like-minded colleagues in Congress may be able to move the marker away from total destruction, leading to real changes in Federal agency actions. I still have zero confidence in the Trump team. But at least McMorris is a serious adult working FOR this country and FOR her constituents.
There are some who believe the Snake River dams are not allowing for adequate salmon recovery. However, thanks to collaboration between states, tribes, federal agencies, and private property owners, our salmon are returning at record levels. Since 2014, more than 2.5 million adult salmon and steelhead passed Bonneville Dam, the highest returns since they began counting in 1938. The Sockeye, Fall Chinook, and Coho were also among record and near-record runs as well.

In fact, one of the biggest threats to fish are not the dams, but invasive predators. Many coalitions in support of our dams and fish have made serious efforts to remove invasive predators. To assist in their efforts, I support Representative Jaime Herrera Beutler’s (WA-03) legislation, the Endangered Salmon and Fisheries Predation Prevention Act. This legislation removes non-native California seals, which eat salmon as they enter the ocean or when they return to our rivers to spawn.

Polistra and friends defend the dam in their new location. This dam is explicitly hydro.

Dams don't need any new infrastructure spending. In fact dams require A LOT LESS SPENDING. We should stop doing "environmental" studies, stop buying explosives, stop DESTROYING THE WORLD.


We are too fucking stupid to build anything new, but at FUCKING LEAST we can avoid BLOWING UP THE WORLD. No, obviously we can't. But I can dream.

= = = = =

Later thought: I've been wishing for an American version of Orban or Erdogan or Duterte. A serious relentless adult who maintains a steady purpose. McMorris comes close, at least by comparison to chickenshit fakers like Trump. In 2008 she held firm against TARP, voting it down every time AFTER the Repoof leaders bribed and blackmailed members to approve it. She has relentlessly defended dams and hydropower and farmers and loggers against the enviroloonies. She doesn't talk like a Populist, but when it comes to ACTUALLY defending the American people from foreign-owned saboteurs, she's the real thing.


  GOOD! sort of

Finally some partial evidence of serious intent by the Trump team!

Guardian hates this, which is a nice exdorsement:
Donald Trump is poised to eliminate all climate change research conducted by Nasa as part of a crackdown on “politicized science”, his senior adviser on issues relating to the space agency has said.
Maybe not so good:
“We see Nasa in an exploration role, in deep space research,” Walker told the Guardian. “Earth-centric science is better placed at other agencies where it is their prime mission. “My guess is that it would be difficult to stop all ongoing Nasa programs but future programs should definitely be placed with other agencies. I believe that climate research is necessary but it has been heavily politicized, which has undermined a lot of the work that researchers have been doing. Mr Trump’s decisions will be based upon solid science, not politicized science.”
Sounds wishy-washy. It's not clear what this advisor means by "politicized".

In fact all climate research focused on CARBON is an INTENTIONAL PREMEDITATED CRIME, and the perps need to be JAILED, not just defunded. The crackpot carbon theory has been disproved a thousand times.

We need some ACTUAL SCIENTIFIC research on the MAGNETOSPHERE to find out which part of the earth's natural cycle we're on. If we're on a short upstroke with a cold downstroke coming, we need to adjust for more cold. If we're on a long upstroke, we need to adjust for more warmth.


  Different attitude

I stopped reading and clicking on Curbside Classics when its publisher imposed 'Best Practices for Cultural Re-engineering', which meant censoring out references to normal civilization. Jalopnik seems to retain a more neutral attitude for the time being.

This article takes an appropriate attitude toward one chaotizer:
Speaking on behalf of floppy-haired environmentalists everywhere, casually racist angst man Morrissey urged General Motors to offer vegan-friendly versions of its hybrid and electric vehicles on Monday.

“I’m writing to ask GM to make Chevy’s Volt and Bolt more eco-friendly by giving buyers the option to choose vegan leather interiors—including steering wheels and gear shifts,” wrote the bendy Briton in an open letter addressed to CEO Mary Barra. “GM is named in PETA’s brand-new investigation of cattle ranches, on which animals are branded on the face, electro-shocked, and beaten before they’re slaughtered and used to make leather interiors.”
Well, if you want vegan cars you should buy old cars. American cars from 1940 to 1980 used very little leather and lots of plastic. Leather was considered to be utilitarian. Tough and waterproof, suitable for truck seats or roadsters. The chauffeur sat on leather while the rich passengers sat on wool broadcloth. Plastic was new and COOOOOL.

And if you're really concerned with eco shit, you should also buy old cars for a simpler reason. Maintaining an old item is less wasteful than making new items.

But Mr or Ms Morrissey is not really concerned with any of that. He and/or she and/or ve is just mindlessly fashionable.

= = = = =

Immediately after reading that excrescence of modern taste, I read this in the latest (paper) Collectible Auto magazine, in an article about mid-60s Dodges:

Drivers made one interesting complaint about the dash: The air-conditioning vents blew ash off the cigarette when you reached toward the ashtray.

Different set of assumptions, to say the least. Modern cars lack ashtrays entirely.

Smokers and Deplorables are pretty much the same set**. A Venn diagram would show two circles with 90% overlap.

1966: Products must be designed to accommodate and please the people who buy them.

2016: Products must be designed to exclude and exterminate Deplorables. We don't want Deplorable customers or Deplorable money. We only want COOOOOL VEGAN money.

= = = = =

** Why do Deplorables smoke? Same reason that inmates smoke. Tobacco helps you to survive futility. When you're trapped in a totalitarian regime that can't be improved or removed by your own efforts, tobacco keeps you going.


  Misplaced outrage

Some conservatives are getting weeweed up because Amherst has removed American flags from its campus.

Dangerously misplaced weewee.

Putting up a symbolic piece of cloth is a form of expression. If a campus wants to exhibit a piece of cloth, fine. If not, fine. The administration is just engaging in ordinary expression.

MOST IMPORTANT: The real problem on campuses is not the symbols expressed by the administration. The real and DEADLY problem is that the administration is PUNISHING students and faculty for engaging in normal expression.

Which hurts you more? (1) Not seeing a piece of cloth (2) Being fired or expelled for not saying the Correct Gender Pronoun

If you are seriously "pained" by seeing or not seeing a piece of cloth, you are EXACTLY THE SAME as the safe-spacers who are "pained" by seeing the word Trump or by not seeing the correct selection of 753 "gender" pronouns. You are in no position to argue against them.

= = = = =

Later: My advice could be abbreviated as follows: If you don't see something, don't say something.
Tuesday, November 22, 2016
  How many minutes?

Taking bets.

How many minutes before Trump tweets

"Ha ha j/k not really running for Pres conceding to Hillary congrats HRC"

It might be hours or even a couple days but it won't be weeks.

= = = = =

Update: It happened semi-officially this aft, 11/29, around 1PM Pacific time. Seven days plus two hours, just a bit more than one week. So I got in just under the line.


  Encouraging trendings

This is Nov 22. What are the big trendings?

Dia de la musica and Santa Cecilia. Pretty much the same thing.

What's NOT there? The one name that was the ONLY allowable trending on Nov 22 for 50 years.


  Probably for wrong reason, but still good.

Trump decides not to prosecute Hillary.

He undoubtedly has self-serving reasons for this decision, but it's good anyway. Most Repooflicans are STILL trying to play the investigation game. Monica Monica Monica Monica Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi. After 20 years of failure, they STILL haven't learned that it's futile.

Comey showed how it works. Standard operating procedure for ALL government "investigations", even when the target is not The Holy Empress. When government "investigates", the subject is eliminated from discussion.

"Can't comment on that. It's under investigation."

All "investigations" lead to exonerations. That's the single sole solitary purpose of "investigations".

Plain fact: It's clear that Hillary doesn't have long to live. Her mind is fading. She's on the way down, on the way out. Let her fade. Don't give her vile filthy murderous omnicidal defenders a NEW reason to kill more Christians and Muslims. Drop it.
  Orwell would understand

Rapper Kanye West has been telling the truth, so he has to be silenced.

A lot of people here feel like they lost... you know why... because y'all been lied to. Google lied to you. Facebook lied to you. Radio lied to you.


sometime we be playing the politics too much


The response by the Inquisitors is standard Stalin. Truth is a pathology. "Nervous breakdown". Here's the specifically Orwellian part:

Billboard reports that Kanye went on another epic (albeit incomprehensible) rant...


From Orwell's essay on Newspeak:
It was intended that when Newspeak had been adopted once and for all and Oldspeak forgotten, a heretical thought — that is, a thought diverging from the principles of Ingsoc — should be literally unthinkable, at least so far as thought is dependent on words. Its vocabulary was so constructed as to give exact and often very subtle expression to every meaning that a Party member could properly wish to express, while excluding all other meanings and also the possibility of arriving at them by indirect methods.


Monday, November 21, 2016
  For once a testable dream

Even without TV and with cautious use of other inputs, there's still plenty of tyranny in the air. Nothing I can do about any of it. I try to observe and analyze, which is pointless. I have occasional scary dreams, again pointless...

.... but finally a scary dream that I have the tools and skills to test. The dream was quite specific: a ground fault in my electric stove. Some liquid spilled from the pan and caused a buzzing short between the ceramic burner and the outer reflector.

Got up, got out the voltmeter, turned the burner on, tried AC voltage between various points of the burner and the reflector. Nothing. Just to see if the reflector is grounded, checked voltage to the refrigerator; a few millivolts, which is typical of ungrounded fridges. Even with no actual leakage, there's always a capacitive wave in a fridge that you can feel with your hand.

So there. No ground fault in the stove. I suspect the dream-scripter was hearing a buzz from the radio. National programs coming in via satellite sometimes drop into a buzzy digital repeat when the reception pauses.

Too bad those larger problems can't be tested so easily. Wikileaks gave us a direct voltmeter reading on DNC, showing the solid copper bus bar between DNC and media. But we can't voluntarily apply the leads to other Sorosian monsters. Have to wait for an unknown hero to grab the wires.


Later: Sounds like Trump has injected a few kilovolts into one end of that bus bar. Makes me feel a little more optimistic. Maybe he's somewhat serious after all.

And later: Just in case, I ordered a new burner element. I always listen to message-bearing dreams, testable or not.

= = = = =

UPDATE Feb 13: The dream was right after all. A few days ago the burner started acting oddly. Some things were heating too fast, some too slowly. A pan of barley would have boiled over if I hadn't been alert. Finally I lifted up a pan and saw the problem.... a small section of the element was red hot and the rest was black. Probably an internal short. Replaced with the new burner.


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  Just a sweat bead

I'm still impressed by the fireworks aimed at a shimmering hologram of "Trump". The hologram is talking about changing the status quo, and the forces of reaction (who call themselves rebels) are screeching and throwing rocks at it.

Meanwhile the real Trump is gathering all the old neocons and WallStreeters around him, preparing to continue the ClintonBushObama status quo.

This bizarre light show doesn't really matter. Our equally imaginary empire is quickly losing its outer boundaries. Since it was built on holograms and visions, it's infinitely fragile and is already dissolving. Trump is just a drop of sweat from the terminal fever. [Guinness record for number of incompatible metaphors in one paragraph.]

= = = = =

Earlier empires were built on real exchanges of real value and real skill. The colonies supplied raw materials, providing jobs for farmers and miners; the center country used the materials to make real products, providing jobs for highly skilled artisans and salesmen.

Before WW2, USA had a real-value empire. It wasn't as large as the British or Japanese Empire because it didn't have to be large. We have most raw materials within our boundaries. Central and South America and parts of the Pacific provided the tropical crops and minerals that we couldn't grow or mine here.

After WW2 we replaced real value with bad theories. We continue to expand an Empire but we no longer use the colonies for anything meaningful or material. We don't provide farming and mining and oil-drilling jobs for colonials, and we don't provide manufacturing jobs for Americans. Instead we provide the raw materials and the colonies do the manufacturing.

Some colonies do nothing at all; we justify them by stationing troops and missiles to "defend" us against a Russian "threat" which never existed.

The flipped colonial model began with a sane-sounding purpose. MacArthur built up Japan's industry so Japan could be prosperous through normal trade. American internal propaganda urged us to sacrifice our food and work to "prevent the resurgence of nationalism". A false premise because Japan and Germany were IMPERIALISTS, NOT NATIONALISTS.

At some point, maybe initially or maybe later, American corporations figured out that an inverse colonial model would enable them to fulfill their long-lasting dream of canning salmon with ledgers. No need to pay wages to those deplorable AmuriKKKans. Good old slavery was back. Pay almost nothing, get low-quality shit that can be sold for pure profit. Loan money to the AmuriKKKans so they can buy the shit, receive high interest as pure profit. Pure ledgers! Yaaaaay!

Now that we're culturally and mentally insane the colonies, largely inhabited and ruled by sane people, don't want to encourage our wild psychosis. Now that we're economically bankrupt, our bribes aren't large enough to keep the colonies in the same cage with the rabid demon. So the colonies are drifting over to Russia and China. Russia is comparatively sane, and China knows how to run an old-fashioned real value empire.

= = = = =

Next day: Perfect illustration. Adjacent headlines on Reuters:

The fictional hologram of "KKK HITLER TROLL TRUMP" created and cartooned by Sorosian media continues to provide Sorosian "reasons" for the upcoming total Sorosian EXTERMINATION of Christians and Muslims. At the EXACT SAME TIME, the actual physical Trump fades back into ordinary Repooflican territory, identical with Bush or Romney or Clinton. We're fucked beyond recognition.

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  1 and 2 but not 3

Half-baked thought.

The following three statements are nearly identical. The first two are mainly true, the third is false. Why?

(1) Successful religions start as rebellions

(2) Successful products start as rebellions

(3) Successful countries start as rebellions

(1) The major western religions all started as rebellions against previous religions. Moses was a Baalite who rebelled against Baal. Jesus was a Jew who rebelled against Moses. Mohammed was a Christian who rebelled against Jesus. Later versions of Christianity were rebellions against Rome, or against Calvin, or against the theology of the current pastor at Spruce Avenue Pentecostal, or against the congregation who rebelled against Spruce Avenue, literally ad infinitum. Each new religion forms its theology as an argument. Nobody even tries to start fresh, using our innate natural understanding of god as a basis for theology.

(2) The first version of a new invention rarely succeeds. The second version is able to pivot against the first version, thus locating what people REALLY want.

(3) Revolutions always make things worse. At best a revolution fails quickly, letting the former EXPERIMENTALLY TESTED government return. At worst (eg USA, USSR) the revolution leads to decades or centuries of tyranny and corruption.

What's the important variable here? I dunno, but it's worth thinking about.

Later thought.... My definition of successful is Populist in flavor. Success = serving the needs and desires of the people who use the item. The usual definition is Globalist: Success = spreading or expanding usage and influence.

For religions and products, these two definitions correlate positively. A religion or product that serves its users will spread and expand naturally when others see the improved lives of the users.

For nations these definitions are opposite. A nation spreads its influence by war and blackmail. The inhabitants must sacrifice their comfort and lives to support imperial expansion. Revolutions are always expansionary. The new utopian ideology MUST be imposed on the world. One measly little nation is never enough for a utopian.


Sunday, November 20, 2016
  We have floor wax. Why not roof wax?

After super-rainy October, lots of roofs grew bumper crops of moss. Old roofs cluttered with pine shit have always grown moss, but the extra water stirred up moss on new and clean roofs as well.

Made me wonder: wouldn't a wax coating prevent this, and also strictly halt water penetration and ice dams? Non-porous and slippery! That's why Nature made wax.

In WW2 some wax companies quickly developed specific fungus-resistant waxes to protect vehicles and weapons in jungle conditions. Where are the wax developers now?

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  Online media almost happened 2

Earlier I noted the failed experiment of remotely printed newspapers via fax.

I speculated:
At three 8x11 pages per hour this was guaranteed to fail. A real 1938 newspaper was a two-dimensional experience, with lots of different eye-attracting material on each BIG page. News, humor, poetry, cartoons, photos, ads. No time for any of the good stuff on this system.

If the system had concentrated solely on text, it could have used Baudot teletype instead of facsimile. Teletypes could rattle out a page per minute, using the same SW bands with less modulated bandwidth. That would have made it worth the trouble for a serious text-consumer. With a little more inventiveness (eg using something like a Vari-Typer for output), the teletype could have turned out a big two-dimensional page with headlines and columns and 'ASCII pictures', coming close to the real newspaper experience.
Turns out IBM was thinking exactly the same thing in 1945. They were calling the idea Radio-Type........

Remote control of business machines. A girl might be punching cards remotely, and at the same time a tabloid newspaper would be printed.

Obviously nothing came of this, but why?

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Radio talkers always try for empathy. I'm just like you. I started poor and learned how to be rich and successful. Ratshit.

There are all sorts of shibboleths that prove ratshit. A fairly subtle one:

The talker will give a statistic like "68.72% of millenials have less than $1000 in savings. 13.65% of millenials have no savings at all." (Talkers love unwarranted decimals.)

Then he wonders: Where is the money going if not to savings?

His answer is always "Must be in the mattress."

Everyone understands that mattress is shorthand for keeping money in physical form, in a safe or strongbox or some other secure place. The talkers often expand the shorthand, so this isn't the shibboleth.

The shibboleth is here: Keeping money in physical form requires resources. Safes are not cheap, and ADT security to protect the safe is not cheap. Putting cash in a safe deposit box requires both money and knowledge. Even acquiring a meaningful amount of physical cash from a bank is difficult for non-credentialed Deplorables.

Deplorables DO NOT keep money in physical form.

50 years ago this was different, because the system was not biased against cash. Since 1970 banks and employers have moved strongly away from cash, and since Deepstate invented "terrorism" in 2001 cash is essentially forbidden.

Where do Deplorables keep extra money? In the checking account. This was already true in the '70s, and it's exclusively true today.

= = = = =

A more important variable cuts across rich and poor: Savers vs Wasters. I've been talking only about Savers.

Among Wasters the rich-poor distinction is less drastic. Deplorable Wasters lose their money in the Injun Casino, and Upperclass Wasters lose their money in the Jew Casino. It's just a brand preference.

This down-deep variable explains why the talkers don't understand the habits and motivations of Savers OR Deplorables. Talkers are Upperclass Wasters. Their job is simply to move waste into the Jew Casino. Buy stocks. Buy stocks. Buy stocks. Buy stocks. Buy stocks. Buy stocks. Buy stocks. Buy stocks. Buy stocks. Buy stocks. Buy stocks.

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  Not so dumb

A semi-forgotten piece of radio history....

Some TV shows from the '50s had a peculiarly confused notion of how amateur radio operated. For instance, this Highway Patrol episode is about a ham who picks up a radioactive thingamajig, thinking it's just a source of useful parts. HiPo is trying to trace the gadget, and enlists the local "ham radio broadcast" to warn all hams that it's deadly.

Ham radio broadcast? No such thing.

This is not an amateur facility. Hams do not broadcast. It's strictly illegal, with one specific exception carved out for ARRL's headquarters station W1AW in Boston. Really dumb confusion!

Whoops. Confusion, but not entirely dumb. From the late '30s to the early '50s, fully commercial broadcast stations operating in the FM and TV bands were considered experimental, and used ham-like call signs.

This station, described here, was an FM "experimental" station operated by WFIL in Philly. Looked just like a typical commercial station because it WAS a typical commercial station, except for the ham-style call letters.


  Monsters be there

The usual lunacy:
Le Quéré says it’s unclear whether that rise in CO2 absorption is a return to normal or a deviation from the long-term weakening of the sink. Regardless, she says, it’s now clear that the Southern Ocean might be much more fickle than scientists thought.
Always linear, always one-directional. Swift exposed your delusions 300 years ago but you're still fucking stupid after all these years. Ever hear of a CYCLE? Your OWN FUCKING GRAPH shows an 11-year cycle, which SHOULDN'T BE A FUCKING SURPRISE.
The level of warming in the deep ocean came as a surprise, and researchers have proposed several explanations that centre on the Southern Ocean. One factor could be that surface waters around Antarctica have become less salty, in part because of an increase in summer rainfall over the ocean. Fresher surface water is less dense, so that change would choke the supply of cold water sinking to the sea floor to feed the bottom currents. “The deep water warms up because it’s not getting as much cold-water replenishment,” says Gregory Johnson, an oceanographer with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in Seattle, Washington, who co-authored the 2010 analysis.
More fucking surprises.

An actual scientist, unblinded by theorigenic bigotry, would see deep water warmer than surface water and start looking for a HEAT SOURCE UNDER THE OCEAN, ie FROM THE EARTH'S MANTLE.

As I noted several years ago, the movements of the ACTUAL CORE as measured magnetically indicate a hot spot or upwelling of the inner molten iron under the South Atlantic. What would an upwelling do? IT WOULD HEAT THE OCEAN FROM BELOW. But these vile filthy superstitious monstrous delusional bigoted religious zealots cannot IMAGINE facts or logic. Everything must be blamed on carbon because carbon gets you grants and prestige.

Monsters. Monsters. Monsters.


Saturday, November 19, 2016
  Unquantifiable chutzpah

Antipope Bergoglio continues to surpass all previous standards for CHUTZPAH.
"Ours is an age of grave global problems and issues. We live at a time in which polarization and exclusion are burgeoning and considered the only way to resolve conflicts.” Using the current global migration crisis as an example, he noted how easy it is to view those considered to be “strangers” to be seen as a threat, and to “take on the status of an enemy.” Whether it’s because they have different customs, different colored skin, a different language, a lower social class or even because they have a different faith, these people are often marginalized and “without our realizing it, this way of thinking becomes part of the way we live and act.”
The current migration crisis is a direct result of wars started by Soros, acting through the agency of USA STRONG. Libya and Ukraine and Syria are OUR wars. The refugees from our wars were trying to get into Europe, so Soros tool EU decided to weaponize them as an invading army. Maximize chaos, maximize genocide, maximize Soros wealth.

Antipope Bergoglio strongly encouraged all of the above. Now he has the CHUTZPAH to mock the poor people he's helping to slaughter. He blames the poor people (many of whom are good Catholics) for failing to APPRECIATE AND WELCOME his rapes and robberies and murders.

Evil beyond measure.

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  1946 again

I've previously noted the 1946 attempted coup by globalists. WW2 defeated globalists who had been running Germany and Japan, so the idea was discredited everywhere. Globalists like Bernard Baruch didn't enjoy being discredited, and tried to bring back the joy through weapons like James Byrnes and Norman Corwin and Phillip Morrison.

The media and "science" were fully infested by globalist venom. Most Americans didn't seem to notice. Truman, acting under the influence of Byrnes, implemented real and bloody globalism in Korea, and Americans finally noticed. They kicked out Truman and brought in the comparatively non-globalist Ike.

Robert Ripley was an expert showman and a globalist but not a very sharp thinker. His show had previously embarked on stupid and pointless "crusades" like globalizing all traffic laws to cut traffic deaths. A better thinker would have been advocating SEAT BELTS, which were already familiar and already known to save lives.

In 1948 Ripley visited Hiroshima and issued this grotesque and illogical piece of Corwin-style propaganda. This episode isn't online for free as far as I can tell, and the sound quality is poor, so I'll just do a rough transcript. I've marked and numbered paragraphs for reference.
(1) I am now in Hiroshima, a city whose name will live long after NY, London and Paris are gone and forgotten. For it was the unhappy fate of Hiroshima to have been chosen for the eternal and frightful honor of being the first city on earth to receive the atomic bomb.

(2) The end of the world began on August 6 1945, at 8:15 AM it happened, for a fraction of a second it was a blinding flash so bright that the very sun turned black, and a temperature and a power generated which goes beyond the meaning of those terms. The heat and the pressure in the heart of the hottest star of the universe is insignificant compared to the violence. A vast [cloud?] shot up into the sky, in a terrible pattern 50 thousand feet high. History held its breath.

(3) In Hiroshima 15k people vanished from the face of the earth, 47k were dead, 60k more died within two months of the blast, and 100, were injured. Of the city's population of 220k people, only 6k escaped.

(4) I am standing now on the spot where the atomic bomb exploded. I am standing on the famous shadow bridge, so called because the bridge left the shadow of a [???] on the [???] stones. Here in the center of the city two rivers meet. I am standing on the bridge, and above my head was the exploding point of the bomb. Before me stands a ruined [???] of a steel dome that was once the Exposition Building. This building, the largest in Hiroshima, was the target of the bomb, and it will never be repaired, they tell me, and will always be kept as it is, as a monument not to violence but to peace.

(5) But as they say, home is where the heart is, and the heart is strong, and now people are coming back again to build small shacks and establish homes once more among the wreckage. The scars of the wreckage are being covered with vegetable gardens. To the left of me, I see a little patch of ground being cultivated by a man, where an office building once stood. To the right of me, an old fellow with a wicker basket on his head is picking grass from what was once a main street. In the distance I can see a group of Japanese boys playing baseball on a lot where once a big apartment house stood.

(6) The people here seem happy, and [????] never forget what happened here, they all seem well fed, and no wonder because Hiroshima is on the shores of the famous inland Sea of Japan, which abounds with fish. I can see a fishing junk [????] now. The tide is out and over to my left are hundreds of women who have waded out to catch mussels and other shellfish on the mudflats. The [farm fields?] which were white and seared with fire, now they're turning green again with little terrace farms, and trees are growing once more.
By number:

(1) Who started the war? You seem to think we did.

(2) History held its breath? Why didn't history hold its breath during the 40 years when Japan was robbing and raping and murdering half of Asia, killing and enslaving many millions?

(3) Japan killed more than 250k in just one area of China, punishing the locals for refusing to turn over an American pilot who crashed there.

(4) Monument to peace? How did the peace happen? It didn't happen because of Baruch. It happened because of the bomb, AND because Russia immediately showed the Japs that the bomb wasn't the end of the war. A fresh new war awaited them if they didn't surrender.

(5) Nice to see that you respect Jap hearts. How about respecting the hearts and homes of the Chinese and Filipinos and Koreans who were slaughtered and enslaved by the Japs from 1905 to 1945?

(6) If the atom bomb was such a history-ending unique phenomenon, how come Nature was returning in abundance, WHICH YOU OBSERVED AND DESCRIBED, just three years after the end of history?

= = = = =

The plain and simple fact is that war is always horrible. Atomic war is not exponentially worse than other kinds of war. Even in Japan, our attacks with non-atomic Thermite did vastly more damage than the atom bomb. But there was never an anti-Thermite or anti-fire movement. Why?

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From a Chinese press release announcing the new Hong Qi limousine in 1958:
The design was completed in only one month. It is a black six-seat sedan with a maximum speed of 185 kph. The new car is powered with an eight-cylinder engine, delivering 200 HP. One of the new devices is a hydraulic power transmission and steering. It is shock and soundproof and air-conditioned. Doors and windows are all electrically controlled. The dashboard, made of scented Chinese mahogany, a famous Chinese timber, and a Chinese rug on its floor, give the Hong Qi a special Chinese flavor.
Nothing special about using smell to sell a car; "new-car smell" spray cans are ubiquitous, and the smell of leather unquestionably imparts luxury.

But this is the only intentional use of a national smell to make the driver and passengers feel locally comfortable.

Why wasn't this more common? Some national smells were present without trying. Old VWs and Borgwards and Mercedes shared a peculiarly German plastic. This clearly wasn't intentional.

Marketers liked to create variations with local or regional labeling. Fifth Avenue, New Yorker, Texan, Malibu, Daytona, Tacoma. They failed to add local scents which could have endeared the cars to real locals. The New Yorker could have upholstery stuffed with dead rats. Texan could have a mesquite dashboard. Kaiser Manhattan needs an Osage Orange dashboard. Caddy El Dorado should have a little block of asphalt electrically heated to emit crude.

It can't happen now, of course. All distinctive sensory inputs are not only banned but pathologized. Distinctive smells cause Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Christmas lights cause seizures. The sight of chalk triggers extreme pain. The sound of truth is HATE SOUND.

Because sensory inputs are now known to be pathogens, public health laws require the removal of all distinctive inputs. Life must be the same as death.

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  Easy to see

It's easy to see why Zuckerberg is the target of the "fake news" nonsense. He's a traitor to the cause and a traitor to the Tribe. All other techies are 100% attached to Hillary's dick. All other techies are Libertarians, firmly devoted to small government and free-market economics and Hillary.

Zuckerberg broke away from the pack by ACTUALLY following the ACTUAL RULES of ruthless competitive free-market economics.

When you're trying to run a big business, you don't want to shut out half of your customers.

This used to be obvious. It's no longer obvious in the tech world, where Twitter and Grubhub and Google and Apple and all other tech companies have decided that loyalty to the Empress is the ONLY thing that counts.

Zuckerberg has been publicly seeking ways to EXPAND his customer base, while others are ferociously PRUNING their customer base. Now the Hillarians are running a campaign against the Curve-wrecking Capitalist for daring to be an ACTUAL Capitalist.

What do Libertarians really stand for? Maximum government-sponsored force. Guns and tanks and bombs and torture chambers to EXTERMINATE heretics.

This was already obvious 10 years ago, but it's nice to get dramatic proof.
Friday, November 18, 2016
  Roaring mouse will go hungry

The usual Mouse That Roared extortion routine has been using "Global Warming" as the blackmail tool in recent years:
Representatives from 47 of the world's most disadvantaged nations have pledged to generate all their future energy needs from renewables. Delegates here welcomed the move, saying it was "inspirational".
Inspirational = Effective extortion. We're going to make ourselves COMPLETELY DEPENDENT on welfare instead of partly dependent. You'll have to support us TOTALLY.

Much of the progress towards meeting these renewable energy goals will depend on finance from richer nations. They have promised that they will contribute $100bn a year from 2020, as part of the Paris climate agreement.

However, there are concerns that any possible pullout from the Paris agreement by the US could impact that fund. While the America has promised $3bn at present for the initial capitalisation of the green climate fund, it has only paid some $500m to date.
As usual in modern science, DEPLORABLE TROLL KKK HITLER TRUMP DENIERS are supermonsters capable of time travel. TROLL TRUMP has reached back through the 8 years of Obama and cut the funding for Climate extortion, long before TROLL TRUMP even thought of running for President.

In reality the rich countries are no longer rich. With or without Trump, there's no money left. Extortion doesn't work when the victim is bankrupt.
Donald Trump has promised that he will stop US federal dollars being spent on global warming initiatives. "$2.5bn dollars was supposed to be in the mail, but now that the mailman has changed that might be a bit of an issue," said Tosi Mpanu-Mpanu, from the DRC, who is also the chair of the group of Least Developed Countries in these talks.
Got it right, Mpanu-Mpanu. No time-travel mysteries there.

What Mpanu-Mpanu DOESN'T get right is that DRC (Belgian Congo) SHOULDN'T have to depend on Mouse That Roared extortion. Belgian Congo is a major and profitable source of uranium. If Congo quit the blackmail game and got its shit together, Congo could be supplying CLEAN AND CHEAP ENERGY to its own people and neighboring countries. It could be self-supporting.

But Mpanu-Mpanu doesn't want to make his COUNTRY rich or make Africa independent. He prefers extortion because extortion makes Mpanu-Mpanu rich without giving jobs to any of his own local Deplorables.


  Interesting, but Nature already got there

Via RCS:
Specifically they showed that the relationship between a pipe’s width and height — or aspect ratio — governs the shape of the chemical spread as it flows with the fluid down the tube. A circle and square are just as wide as they are tall, while an ellipse and rectangle are wider in one dimension than the other. By squishing the tube away from being a perfect circle, the researchers showed that they can change the way that a solute reaches its target: Solute traveling down a skinny pipe barrages its target fast, but if the same solution travels down a fat pipe, the solute crawls slowly upward to its target until the big punch hits at the end.
Nature has designed various pipes with circular or oval cross sections. Dynamically, different pipes close and open in aspectually different ways. The Eustachian tube, larynx and lips are near-circular when open, closing toward flat. Blood vessels and the colon remain circular as they contract. Presumably Nature had different purposes in mind for these valves, requiring different static or dynamic shapes.

Even in human invention, the use of aspect ratio is not new. Streamlining is all about aspect ratio. Designers of fluidic computers like HydraMatic paid close attention to the shape and roughness of various passages.


Thursday, November 17, 2016
  Technically right

China is complaining that Trump called "global warming" a Chinese hoax. Well, they're right in a strict sense. It's not a Chinese hoax. China got involved for a while when one co-founder of the hoax, Maurice Strong, was living in China; but China didn't invent the hoax.

There are lots of fingerprints on the origin of the crime. What do the founders have in common? Globalism.

The crime has been committed by all Three Persons of the Globalist Unholy Trinity: CIA, bankers, and commies. The 1974 founding document was written by Margaret Mead and her leftist colleagues, sponsored by CIA. Comrade Nixon gave it a real kickstart, incorporating it in policy. Maurice Strong wasn't among the first founders; he grabbed the crime a little later and turned it into a financial extortion machine, with help from the UN and China. Lately the financial extortion part, the Bank leg of the Unholy Trinity, has been the major driver under Soros, with the Commie part under UN auspices (Agenda 21) as secondary driver. CIA hasn't been visibly involved recently; maybe it lost interest.



Briefly noting the anniversary of the Big Cold And Dark last year. Eight days without electricity. I made a vow and I'll stick with the vow. Superstition pays. So I'll just express gratitude for presently available electricity. And I'll express unsuperstitious gratitude to MYSELF for being thoroughly prepared with propane-powered equipment.

Many houses are still bluetarped, since roofers are still overwhelmed. This morning I noticed a new tarp on the house next to the wind time-bomb house. There hasn't been any significant wind lately, so presumably the tarp represents contagious time-bomb-ness.

This new location for Polistra was specifically designed as a tribute to electricity and water power as seen in 1910. Pure nostalgia in a "country" that is working ferociously hard to eliminate clean power and electricity.

= = = = =

Coincidental reminder: Electrical crews are working around the neighborhood this morning. Not clear what they're doing. The trucks have cherrypickers but the men are climbing poles instead of cherrypicking. One of the trucks has a big reel of bare grounding-type cable. Avista revised and regrounded their transformers a few months ago, so this work must be something else. /// Few minutes later: Now I see. My assumptions were wrong as usual. They're finishing up the abovementioned revisions. In April Avista moved its own HV wires to new poles with new xfmrs but left the Comcast and phone wires on old poles in some places, including my back yard. Now they're moving the other wires to the new pole.

Another random observation: Before the two windstorms (July 2014 gustnado, specific to this neighborhood, Nov 2015 county-wide storm) the Xmas decorations were increasing rapidly each year. After the two storms, nobody bothered with lights and lawn stuff. Everyone was too busy recovering in every possible sense of the word. This year the lights and lawn stuff are back. Nice. Bright colors help the soul to survive in an increasingly pogromic world, with dysgovernments at all levels cracking down HARD on truth and logic and religion.

Minor quibble: For some reason half of the lighted houses this year are using all yellow lights. Doesn't hit the mark. A string of multicolored lights fights the gray gloom of winter and says Xmas. A string of yellow lights says Used Car Lot.

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  Did Sorosian media finally learn something?

National and local coverage of anti-Trump riots stopped abruptly yesterday.

Are the riots still going?

In Portland, yes. Portland Police twitter notes currently active riots.

But KGW doesn't have anything about current riots, and major news aggregators and TV networks have abandoned the story.

Are they simply pivoting to the fake-news/alt-right ratshit, accelerating the pogrom against Christians? Or have they REALIZED, FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY, that publicizing riots and shootings is the best way to accelerate riots and shootings? Have they grown tired of committing mass murder? Most likely the former.

Speaking of "fake news", KGW also did a fake fact-check of stories about the riots. They "checked" several rumors via Hillary's Snopes, found some were "unproven" and one was true. The true rumor was an attack on a woman in an SUV by rioters. KGW had filmed the attack close-up on their own newscast, so they couldn't deny it. But they did deny that the attack involved a baseball bat, WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY SHOWING THE BASEBALL BAT IN THEIR OWN VIDEO. Straight out of Comrade O'Brien. Don't believe your eyes when our Official Truth tells you the opposite.


  Is this really what you want?

Bad idea:
The U.S. Surgeon General issued a call to action on Thursday to end what he said was a public health crisis of drug and alcohol addiction that is both underappreciated and undertreated.

Dr. Vivek Murthy issued the first-ever Surgeon General's report on substance abuse and said he hopes it will galvanize work on the issue the way a similar report 50 years ago sparked decades of effort to combat smoking.
The current epidemic of pain-relieving chemicals is a DIRECT result of globalism and financialism. When you deprive ordinary people of status and usefulness, some of them will self-medicate to remain alive and (semi)functional. Others will turn to crime or jump from bridges.

What happens when you remove the chemicals? People wake up to harsh reality. In this case the reality is a multi-decade SABOTAGE of American business and culture by the globalists and bankers.

I remember my own awakening. In 1980 I finally finished college and started teaching, which was supposedly my proper career. I used alcohol to keep going. When I stopped drinking I woke up. Hard work and volunteering and rule-following were supposed to yield specified results. The results were not there. No respect, no marriage, not enough money to live decently. At that point I had to choose: (1) resume drinking, (2) jump from a bridge, or (3) quit wasting effort. I chose Door #3, but it was a 'damned close-run thing'.

When you remove the narcotic that hides the real problem, you're going to get even more passive rebellion and even more bridge-jumping. We already have 95 million passive rebels, those "discouraged workers" who have decided not to waste effort for zero results. At some point those passive rebels will turn active.


  First retronym?

From a 1919 electrical trade journal, the very first announcement of an electrical refrigerator for home use.

Note the quotes and socalleds and clumsy terminology. Also note the lack of prophetic boosterism; the authors clearly didn't place much confidence in this development. The glass doors were a good idea that later disappeared. You could see what's in the box without wasting cold by opening it.

Reminds us that refrigerator meant an icebox until the iceless refrigerator was familiar. Around 1940 the iceless version became plain refrigerator and the iced version became icebox. Was this the first retronym?

From the same journal:

Showing the reader how to make and use a retronym!


Wednesday, November 16, 2016
  Who's backward?

Obama, recommending more globalism as the cure for globalism:

"We can't look backwards for the answer. We have to look forward."

Cute but deceptive.

What he means is that the Golden Age of sane trade policy is 'nostalgic' and backward, and Globalism is 'progressive' and forward.

Which came first? Globalism came first. Without going all the way back to Xerxes or Genghis Khan or Caesar or Napoleon, American globalism began with McKinley in the 1890s and got fully underway with Wilson in 1912. This is what Obama means by globalism.

The Golden Age of American industry was 'seeded' by Ford around 1910 and got fully running when FDR broke the bankers in 1933. Sane industrial policy and non-interventionist foreign policy continued all the way through LBJ. (Truman tried to restore Wilsonian globalism but didn't succeed.) LBJ broke the non-interventionist side, then Nixon broke the industrial side by trashing the gold standard and introducing environmentalism.

Both modes have existed all through human history. Both modes are backward AND forward. But in this specific context globalism is MORE backward than localism.
Tuesday, November 15, 2016

So far Trump has performed exactly one REAL executive action, as abovementioned. A REAL conversation with Putin, verified by Russian media, clearly starting to pull away from the ObamaClinton nuclear war. This is GOOD. Preserving the world from total destruction is GOOD any way you count it.

Trump is also "causing" all sorts of other stuff to happen, some good and some bad. This other stuff is NOT coming from Trump's own actions; it's coming from various factions interpreting their own delusional images of what Trump might do. Some of the delusions are generally consistent with Trump reality, most are precisely wrong.

It's a placebo effect. They take the imaginary Trumpill and believe Trump is causing the action.

Commodities and interest rates are moving in various directions based on what the Trumpill "will do". There's no basis for this belief, since the ACTUAL Trump has made it clear that he will continue standard Tribal economic destruction. Slaughtering Americans, infinitely infinitely infinitely infinitely enriching the Tribe. (Aleph sub aleph.)

Little LGBTQQ2ABCDEFGJITHONROW36NEOYJDHNERIOGFDGDFGJHG monsters are screaming in pain based on what the Trumpill will do to them. Their belief is PRECISELY AND PROVABLY FALSE. The actual Trump has made it EXTREMELY CLEAR, over and over, including just yesterday, that he is completely happy with the current pogrom against Christians and Muslims. He just doesn't care about cultural stuff.

Soros-driven Catholics like Antichrist Bergoglio and the American Bishops are laying down fiery anathemas against the Trumpill based on some stuff he said about immigration at one point. The actual Trump has already backed off from the earlier statements, and his business career is no different from any ordinary Tribal. He hates Americans. When given the choice he hires Chinks and Spics.

On the other side, lots of Trump fans are still supporting the Trumpill based on their delusional belief that he MEANS what he said on those various issues.

I'll try to stick with reality, considering only the Trump actions that have been calibrated and verified.


  Where are the moderate teachers?

Headline in EdWeek:

Teachers' Unions Spend Big, Reap Little in Elections
GOP legislators and governors consolidated power in the South and crept into storied union states such as Connecticut and Kentucky. Voters soundly rejected a ballot measure in Oregon that would have provided millions more dollars to public schools—an effort on which the NEA spent more than $150,000—as well as a ballot measure in Oklahoma that would've provided teachers with a $5,000 pay raise.

Teachers' unions will likely feel the political reverberations for years. "It's very disappointing," AFT President Randi Weingarten said in an interview after the results were announced. "When you are all in on anything and you lose, it's heartbreaking." But, she added, "you brush yourself off and pull yourself back together again."

Said Lily Eskelsen García, the president of the NEA, in a statement the day after Election Day: "We must realize that today is not the end but the beginning of what we do to keep our country strong for our children. ... Don't mourn. Organize."
What's missing in the response? LEARNING. Unions are criminal syndicates. They cannot learn. They can only double down on greed and torture. Kill more heretics, strike more violently.

Why do teachers ALLOW unions to represent them? Real teachers do all sorts of GOOD things, but their public voice is an EVIL CRIMINAL. Shouldn't be surprised when normal people choose not to pour more money into a GANG.


  No grade entry, no wall

Nature builds walls for one primary purpose.

Create order inside the walls, leave chaos outside.

The cell pulls in disorganized chemical elements, uses them to build intelligence and genomic culture and infinitely ordered complexity inside, then dumps the waste products outside.

Multi-celled organisms have systems to process input chemicals and distribute them to the cells, and separate systems to gather up the waste products from cells and excrete them to the outside world.

This pattern repeats in a pre-1970 American city. Each house maintains strict order inside, pulling in food and fuel from the outside and expelling trash and shit to the outside. The city has systems to distribute food and fuel, and separate systems to gather and excrete the waste products.

Pre-1970 American houses and apartment buildings repeated the pattern on a smaller scale. A front entrance for the inhabitants to enter and leave on their food (=money) gathering expeditions, and a separate service hall for trash and laundry delivery.

In houses as in animals, the output system was larger and more complicated than the input system.

After 1970 America broke the natural pattern. We decided that there is no outside, no back hall, no grade entry, no area where chaos is allowed, no system to gather and excrete chaos. Inside and outside must be equally orderly. Cities lost alleys and detached garages and chinatowns; apartments have only front entrances. Environmentalism ran parallel to this decision. Stop littering, eliminate landfills, eliminate "dirty" factories that provide jobs for "dirty" Deplorables.

We have devolved from vertebrates to sea squirts. Mouth and anus are the same opening. Unsurprisingly this new arrangement doesn't work well. We have defeated the whole purpose of walls and organisms and cities. Chaos isn't gone, it's everywhere.

Was this part of the same movement that now tries to eliminate walls entirely? The modernist architects certainly belonged to the same globalist caste as the Sorosians, but I don't see any direct cultural link or ancestry.

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  We can't even understand civilization 2

Reprinting earlier entry with slight addition:


We have descended so far into infinite infinite evil and infinite infinite insanity that we can't even UNDERSTAND proper justice.

Consider our coverage of Brazil, Korea and South Africa and Russia. All four are currently embroiled in a process of HEALTHY FEEDBACK. Their ruling parties are being investigated and exposed by ACTUAL JOURNALISTS, and their leaders are being punished in various ways.

How do we see this? We crow about those miserable corrupt countries.



When criminality is EXPOSED AND PUNISHED, corruption is UNDER CONTROL. Corruption doesn't last long. This is how civilization is supposed to work.
When criminals own everything, "journalists" sing hymns of praise to the Empress and courts punish heretics.

We are in the latter condition. Evil owns everything.


The addition is a Russian cabinet-level official who has been fired and charged with taking a bribe. Just as with Brazil, Korea and SA, the Sorosian media are smugly smirking about those primitive corrupt countries. Again they've got it lethally backwards.

When was the last time a cabinet-level official was CAUGHT for actual corruption in USA STRONG? Petraeus was charged with giving classified info last year, but he was really fired for insubordination.** In that case the charge was the corruption. Before that, the most recent REAL arrest for REAL corruption was the FDA commissioner in 2007.

** Nothing wrong with firing officials for insubordination; their job is to implement the president's agenda. Honest leaders would state the reason honestly. Faking the reason is corrupt.
  Well, aside from that, Mrs Clinton....

Sorosian media and Sorosian "police" forces are stretching the bounds of normal falsehood to call the latest riots "peaceful".
All afternoon, students chanted and marched peacefully. The group never turned violent, as several other cities have seen, including Portland, Ore. Three adult men were arrested, none of whom were Seattle students. Two of the men assaulted police officers, and one man assaulted another man who was not participating in the demonstration.
The group never turned violent except when it did, but that doesn't exist because the group never turned violent.

Aside from the violence the protest was peaceful. All Soros-driven protests are peaceful BY DEFINITION. The mere existence of non-Sorosians is violent BY DEFINITION.

In the big picture this is good. They're only hurting other Sorosians. No humans are harmed because no humans live in Seattle or Portland. The victims, including Soros-loving businesses and cops, may learn something, but they won't be able to say what they learned because speaking the truth is violent BY DEFINITION.


Monday, November 14, 2016
  Good, by god.

It looks like Trump is going to be Romney Junior on most matters, but THIS ONE THING makes it all worthwhile:
US President-elect Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin have held their first telephone call, in which the two leaders discussed Syria and agreed to improve and develop bilateral ties, the Kremlin said in a statement.

In their telephone conversation, the two leaders agreed that they share a common view on “uniting efforts in the fight with the common enemy number one – international terrorism and extremism,” the Kremlin said in a statement published on its website late Monday. The Kremlin added that Putin and Trump also discussed ways to settle the Syria crisis.
Obama was running headlong into a full-scale nuclear war, and Hillary would have fast-tracked Doomsday. Trump promised to calm things down, and THIS ONE PROMISE is DEFINITELY coming true. It's not just Trump's random tweeting; we have AN ACTUAL CONVERSATION WITH PUTIN, and we have verification from RT.

I trust Russia completely. I don't trust any USA leader.

I'd like to see action on other stuff like ZIRP/QE and trade policy, but given that Trump is running with the Tribe on economic shit, that other stuff is not gonna happen. The Deplorables will continue to starve, the country will continue to collapse, the Tribe will continue to get infinitely infinitely infinitely infinitely rich.

BUT at least the world won't be nuked. Thanks, Trump. Most of all, THANKS, PUTIN.

= = = = =

If the clock-keepers at the BAS were sane, this event would crank back the hands to 11PM or so. There are still small rogue nations with nukes. Israel could decide to take out Persia at any time, especially now that Shimon Peres has died. But the BIG rogue, USA, has been pacified for a while. So far the BAS clock hasn't taken account of this event. Since BAS is NOT sane, I'm sure they will ACTUALLY move the clock up to T minus 1 microsecond. In their unimaginably hyperlunatic and turbogenocidal "minds", the existence of Trump is the biggest threat ever.

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