Sunday, March 31, 2019
  Two lives to live

Continuing from here and here....

Thinking of entertainment as a primary purpose of life throws new light on several subjects.

For instance. This article discusses the correlation of 'big gods' and complex societies. It concludes that monotheism was invented as a helper for the aristocracy.

Using entertainment as the pivot:

Orientals never did invent a god. China and Korea and Japan basically get along without the spiritual world. When they develop a religion-like system, it's a direct deification of the living emperor in preparation for conquering the world. No extra god needed to advertise the emperor when the emperor IS god. And you can't accuse China and Japan of being simple societies. China had all the mechanisms of economic and governmental and philosophical complexity long before anyone else.

Most cultures elsewhere, from Africa to Europe to Siberia to the Americas, had a collection of godlike creatures who performed soap opera for the benefit of humans. In some cases the soap opera had a moral purpose, but not always. Above all it was just entertainment. The godlike creatures are a standard cast of characters, shared by everyone in the culture, with a standard set of scripts that are also shared and understood and discussed by everyone. Just like soap opera.

The big god, like the phonograph, seems to have been invented only once. But even in the Old Testament we have a standard set of characters whose genealogy is listed precisely. The story is built up through the interplay of these characters. Believers know the relations and the scripts by heart. We've ended up with a sparse collection of a few stories, but it's clear from the gaps in the plot that the original series had many other episodes. Just like the sparse collections of old radio serials at

Christianity began with the Old Testament characters, plugging Jesus into the prelisted genealogy. When pagan Rome picked up the option for the script, pagan Roman characters and events were slipped into the re-mastered series under new names. Papal Rome still maintains this mix, so Papal Rome can't be classified as monotheist.

More recently, some rebels against Rome have stripped out most of the characters leaving only the raw story of creation and morality. First Mohammed, then Luther et al. Other rebels (Byzantium, Henry VIII, Joseph Smith) continued the cast of characters or substituted new characters and stories.

In short, most religions are just Network TV with a wireless network. The only abstract NON-ENTERTAINING gods belong to hard-ass Protestants and hard-ass Muslims.

Bigger question: We are designed to create and crave and appreciate entertainment. Why? No obvious answer. This aspect of our design makes no sense from the usual Darwinian perspective of energy efficiency, but it does fit into the GOD-ASSIGNED DUTY perspective. Because we have this gift, we should be using the gift to honor the designer who gave it, AND we should be using it by the designer's rules. NEVER ATTACK. ALWAYS DEFEND. Don't use entertainment to attack enemies or create chaos and crime. Don't do "journalism". Instead, use it to maintain our sanity and our civilization.

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  Finally noticed, and got it wrong

Well, one of the usual populists finally noticed AMLO! Unfortunately the notice is sloppy and illogical, missing the main purpose of populism.

Buchanan is complaining about AMLO's symbolic request to Spain and the Church.
As the Democratic Party quarrels over reparations for slavery, a new and related issue has arisen, raised by the president of Mexico. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has written Pope Francis I and King Felipe VI to demand their apologies for the Spanish conquest of Mexico that began 500 years ago with the “invasion” of Hernando Cortes. Arriving on the Gulf Coast in 1519, Cortes marched in two years to what is today’s Mexico City to impose Spanish rule, the Spanish language and culture, and the Catholic faith upon the indigenous peoples.

“One culture, one civilization was imposed upon another,” wrote President Lopez Obrador. “There were massacres and oppression. The so-called conquest was waged with the sword and the cross. They built their churches on top of the temples.”
Well, that's exactly what happened. AMLO is accurately describing history. It wasn't an "invasion", it was an invasion.

AMLO is NOT demanding reparations, only a verbal acknowledgment of the aggression.

AMLO is firmly and consistently nonaggressive, and has made a point of NOT joining our invasion of Venezuela. When he opposes conquests, he carries no contradictory or hypocritical baggage.

Here's the main point: Mexico is mainly native. For 500 years the natives have been the underclass, and the Spanish aristocrats (plus other Euros, esp Irish) have been the bosses and barons. AMLO is a populist. He represents the underclass and works to serve their interests.

This is not a fake "injustice". The Mexican natives are realistic and patient people. They've been working hard for 500 years serving the aristocrats and the priests, and haven't received much in return. A little recognition might help to null the balance, to relieve the sense of injustice.

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Saturday, March 30, 2019
  Do we NEED news?

"Journalists" constantly justify their genocide and mass murder by claiming that news is necessary.

Wrong. We don't NEED news, at least in the form provided by "journalists".

At the most basic level, we need some form of entertainment. Active and passive entertainments are universal among mammals and birds for sure, and probably other animals as well. Active: Clowning around to amuse yourself and your friends. Passive: Standing around and watching shit happen, especially watching failure and learning from it. All mammals and birds enjoy and perform both of these tasks.

News has always been a subset of entertainment, with no firm boundary between the two. The troubadour or town crier was news set to music. The earliest newspapers were mainly devoted to gossip and rumors. 'Tabloids' and 'yellow journalism' are 200 years old.

Every new technology starts with entertainment, generally crude and pornographic, and then produces a small "serious" branch to pacify the bluenoses who are only entertained by silencing and torturing others.

= = = = =

Well, what type of information do we NEED? We certainly need our own senses, preferably unmuted and unblunted by drugs, preferably undistorted by false theories and narratives.

Beyond our senses, we can use some warning of incoming weather and war and crime, so we can take cover or defend ourselves as appropriate.

Weather: Broadcast TV only gives you a few seconds of radar each day, often verbally contradicted by the idiot Gaian weathergirl who knows everything about "climate change" and nothing about clouds and maps. All warming, no warning.

War: EAS has been intentionally destroyed by the Federal DE-warners. EAS didn't activate on 9/11, and (at least around here) doesn't activate for weather emergencies. EAS only activates for Custody Dispute Alerts, which are totally unnecessary as "news". The "law" enforcement authorities are already watching closely when a mother dares to repossess her own child from foster care, or a father dares to repossess his own child from a drug-infested mother. Nobody else needs to know about this. We are forced to treat this as an emergency so we will learn that natural parenting is a crime.

Crime: Broadcast and newspapers refuse to tell us about real crime. They only tell us about heresy disguised as crime, or hate hoaxes, or "terrorist" "attacks" carefully stagecrafted by FBI and CIA.

Facebook and are genuinely useful. Both serve the PROPER function of warning about local crimes and swindles, but only in cities and neighborhoods that organize and maintain the service.

= = = = =

So we're really down to online radar and Nextdoor/Facebook as the only NEEDED news in the current era. Everything else is raw nonsense, intentional distortion and fakery, explicitly designed to start wars, incite riots, create crime, and ruin our minds and souls.

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  Certainly fits my experience

Via Eurekalert:
Trips to the toilet at night are a sign of high blood pressure, according to results from the Watari study presented today at the 83rd Annual Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Circulation Society (JCS 2019).
Fits my experience. From age 50 to 60, I was peeing more and more often. Figured it was just the typical prostate stuff that goes with aging. During those years I was ALSO suffering more and more from circulation problems, and finally reached a point where I couldn't walk more than a block without pounding heart and heavy breathing.

At 60 I finally broke down and visited a doctor, and found that blood pressure was WAY up. Started taking pills, blood pressure immediately went down, circulation and endurance gradually improved. Now at 69 I walk a mile every day without any problems. Endurance is actually better than it was at 40.

AND the "prostate" problems also went away immediately. Sleep is never interrupted by need to pee.

Conventional wisdom thinks of high blood pressure as PRESSURE, which is reasonable; that's the name, and that's how it feels.

We'd understand it better, and probably handle it better, if we thought of it as too much water. The cited article explains simply:
"Our study indicates that if you need to urinate in the night - called nocturia - you may have elevated blood pressure and/or excess fluid in your body," said study author Dr Satoshi Konno. "If you continue to have nocturia, ask your doctor to check your blood pressure and salt intake."

Dr Mutsuo Harada said: "Hypertension is a national disease in Japan. The average salt intake in Japan is approximately 10 g/day, which is more than double the average salt intake worldwide (4 g/day). This excessive salt intake is related to our preference for seafood and soy sauce-based food, so salt restriction is difficult to carry out. Early detection and management of hypertension are very important to prevent cardiovascular diseases. We should keep in mind that nocturia is not only caused by urinary organ problems but also by systemic diseases such as hypertension."
Hmm. This paragraph counters TWO separate conventional wisdoms. Along with pressure vs volume, it counters our standard notion that Japs are the role model for healthy diet. In fact their diet is NOT healthy, but they still live to 150. Hmm again. Maybe there's something else going on? Maybe people are .... dare I say .... DIFFERENT? Nah. Impossible. All enlightened progressive moderns know that genes don't exist. All differences are social constructs. We believe firmly in the Holy Name of Darwin and we stoutly defend the Holy Name of Darwin against evil alt-right heretics, but we don't believe in any of Darwin's actual observations.


= = = = =

Footnote: I'm constantly and validly bashing the evils of peer review in "science". But what did I just write? I wrote a peeer review of a scientific article.

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Friday, March 29, 2019
  100 years late

Via alJazeera:
They have vegetables, fish and even rabbits to eat and distribute among the community. They say there are more than 20,000 projects like this one in Venezuela.

Venezuela produces only 20 percent of the food it consumes and a turn to farming is crucial for them to survive in the face of their political and economic crises.
Finally breaking out of the Graybill trap after 100 years of obedience to US oil companies.

As I've been pointing out, Venezuela and Brazil share a unique blessing. They possess ALL the resources any country needs. Abundant hydropower, ALL useful and desirable minerals, soil and climate to grow ALL crops and livestock. No other countries are so completely blessed. (USA and Russia come close but lack the tropical climate for some necessary crops.)

Brazil never surrendered to globalism, always developed its own resources and industries. Brazil has been supplying its own food, and exporting beef and crops for profit, for 100 years.

Venezuela surrendered to Big Oil in 1922, and didn't see any reason to break the addiction until the gross incompetence and stupidity of Maduro broke everything including oil.

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  Now I see.

Lately the spam emails from "teaparty" and other Repooflican sources have switched their main target from Hillary to Obama. Previously the emails were falsely promising that Hillary would be indicted or jailed for something or other. This is, of course, PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE. All "judges" and persecutors belong to the Clinton mob.

Now Obama is mythically "about to be indicted" for something or other.

I couldn't see a good reason for this switch. Obama could certainly be "elected" again, since mythical "constitutions" don't apply to Democrats. But he seemed to be genuinely tired of the job and genuinely happy to be out of the spotlight.

Now I see what the Repoofs are worried about!

Poll: Michelle Obama Would Be Frontrunner in 2020 If She Ran

Dynasties. Always dynasties.
  When you have god on your side....

I've been observing the 2/3 rule. God-side leaders have at least 2/3 of the people on their side, so they can win elections without cheating. Sorosian leaders have less than 1/3 of the people on their side, so they have to cheat to stay in power.

How do you get 2/3? It's easy. Serve the people of your OWN country. Don't serve international corporations or international organizations or Soros. Get shit done. Don't fuck around for years and years and years with fake "laws" and fake "orders" and fake "walls" and fake "brexits".

AMLO has been consistently serving the people of his OWN country, as Natural Law requires. He has so much trust and confidence in the people that he's taking a highly unusual step. He advocated, and now he's celebrating, the approval of a constitutional amendment that makes it easier to punish presidents for corruption.
El presidente Andrés Manuel López Obrador celebró la reciente aprobación en el Senado de la República de la reforma al artículo 108 constitucional para que el presidente en funciones pueda ser juzgado por actos de corrupción.

“Esto es un gran avance. Los conservadores ya no podrán dar marcha atrás. Es un paso adelante en la Cuarta Transformación de la vida pública del país. Son hechos, no palabras. Se acaba con la impunidad constitucional”, afirmó el mandatario.
A big step forward in the Fourth Transformation of the public life of the country. Deeds, not words. Wiping out constitutional impunity.

Leaders who lack mutual trust go the other way, changing "laws" and procedures to become unremovable and unpunishable.

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Thursday, March 28, 2019
  Literal shockedshockedshocked

The old line is trite and overused, but the Quadriga fraud is a literal copy of the original movie.
But as amateur sleuths and the auditing firm retained by the exchange dug deeper, inconsistencies began to emerge. The exchange refused to reveal the public addresses of these wallets. And when the auditors finally got them, they found that six wallets that were supposed to hold nearly $100 million in coins had been emptied months before Cotten's death.

Weeks later, Bloomberg reported that a co-founder of the exchange who eventually quit had once been jailed for fraud.

All of this came as a shock to the exchange's clients.
Directly from the movie.

Gambling in a casino????? Impossible! Why would you ever expect to find gambling in a casino? Who could have predicted that people would gamble in a casino???!!!???

Many people predicted it. I predicted it 6 years ago as soon as I heard the story of bitcoin. The setup is a classic scam. Lots of money sloshing around. Suckers are led to believe that the money will be theirs if they play the game right. Suckers are developed into a religious cult. The mythical founder stated OPENLY AND EXPLICITLY that he was CIA, but the cultists are zealously convinced that they are the enemies of Deepstate, the SOLUTION to Deepstate. The cultists are convinced that they are "solving" the "problem" of fiat currency with a non-thing that can't possibly be used as a currency. The cultists are serving Gaia with a system that uses 1.5 days of an average household's energy for EACH meaningless and useless transaction. The cultists believe that running every transaction through NSA's servers is the epitome of "decentralized" and "private" and "outlaw".

Bitcoin has managed to gather into one system a truly record-breaking pile of craziness and idiocy and INSTANTLY DISPROVABLE nonsense, mixing together all the swindles and Prosperity Gospels in history.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019
  Offshoring the cops

Chicago police did an excellent job of finding and laying out the evidence of Smollett's false accusation. This isn't unusual. Real cops have to deal with a lot of false accusations AND false confessions, and they learn to spot the symptoms quickly. Cops don't like to waste time and resources on fakery. When the faker is famous and Die-Verse, stopping the fraud takes SERIOUS courage.

Now Chicago prosecutors have reversed the judgment of the police. This is hugely self-destructive. Arrests are the raw material of prosecutions. When prosecutors tell cops to fuck off, cops are inclined to obey. Why bother to gather evidence on ANYTHING when the prosecutors aren't going to use it?

Parallel to the evil effects of outsourcing and offshoring. When the economy tells ordinary people that their experience and skills aren't needed, ordinary people get the message and answer accordingly. They leave the workforce and quietly sabotage the contemptuous elite.

For a few precious days it looked like the hate-hoax plague was going to end. For the FIRST TIME EVER, a hate-hoaxer was exposed and indicted QUICKLY**, before the lie was able to establish itself. Now that Satan has taken back his territory, there will NEVER be another chance to slow down the monstrous hyperdemonic false accusers.

(**Quickly: Most hate-hoaxes just fade away to silence after the required two weeks of media SCREECHING against EVIL KKK TRUMP HITLER KKK WHITE MALE TRUMP HITLER NAZI KKK. The cops and prosecutors know that it's fake, so they don't try to "capture" the nonexistent "assailant". Eventually we may see a few words in the fine print of some obscure website admitting that the whole thing was a lie. Normally the authorities don't have the political guts to punish the faker. This time the cops had the guts to bring evidence against the faker, and then the cops got punished for their courage.)

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Tuesday, March 26, 2019
  No, wait.

Halfway listening to a discussion of EU's new copyright rules. Automatic response: THOSE FUCKING TYRANTS! THEY'RE SQUASHING FREEDOM!

No. Wait. Stop.

That's a blind overgeneralized team-loyalty reflex. EU is generally tyrannical, so this rule must be tyrannical.

In fact my own PRINCIPLES and VESTED INTERESTS both agree with strict copyright laws.

My small income derives from royalties on graphics and courseware.

More to the point, my tiresomely repeated 'principles' are strongly in favor of MAKING THINGS. From long experience and observation, I know that the best cure for individual and national depression and collapse is DEVELOPING YOUR OWN SKILLS and MAKING YOUR OWN STUFF.

I should be PURELY on EU's side of this issue, even in the realm of blogging.

What I write here doesn't depend on linking to news articles or quoting from news articles. If I had to be strict, it wouldn't make a lot of difference; I could still refer to a current news theme and narrate its meaning in my own words.

I mostly use my own graphics here, just as in courseware. I don't rely on premade GIFs. Again, following the rule strictly wouldn't make a big difference. A quick look at the last few months shows about 20% of the pictures are derived from screencaps of online stuff, which would be forbidden by the EU rule. 80% is either my own work, or scanned from magazines that I've paid for.

In "rights" vs duties form: Nobody has a "god-given right" to use stuff they haven't paid for. Everyone has a GOD-ASSIGNED DUTY to make more life, more value, more beauty. This new rule discourages taking and encourages making. Despite the source, it's a good and godly rule.

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  Interesting hypothesis

An interesting thought from one of the commenters at NakedCapitalism.
Stephen Walt could probably explain it better but one reason “Russiagate” was amplified is because Saudi Arabia does not want to be the swing producer anymore. This put big targets on Iran, Russia and Venezuela as the new candidate.

A swing producer needs to have a threadbare budget to be able to fluctuate production without destabilizing the country. As such, any leader that gives any signs of putting its citizens first will be targeted. The focus on Deripaska was likely an attempt to remove Putin and install some libertarian crime boss oligarchs in Russia. Similiar to the recent attack on Maduro and the GOP wanting to install a terrorist death cult in Iran. The GOP, Dems, Europe and China all have a different preference as to who the loser oil producer is going to be in this game of musical chairs so that has created chaos in foreign policy.
Interesting because it doesn't fit the standard talking points of "both" "sides". It's based on plain observed reality, not ideology. In other words, it has the same flavor as Machiavelli or Parkinson.

This helps to explain the odd ambiguity toward Saudi since MBS took over. The Khashoggi affair didn't make sense. Why would we make so much noise about ONE killing of a Saudi citizen, when we REWARDED Saudi for killing 3000 of OUR citizens on 9/11? By this theory we're trying to blackmail Saudi back into its previous 'swing supplier' role, without doing anything drastic that would firmly force them into the Russian sphere.

At the moment this hypothesis doesn't strike me as definitely true, but it's worth holding and comparing with future evidence.


  Constants and variables 123, non-orthogonal edition

Three events this week are parallel in many ways, but one piece of the parallel chart is saliently incomplete.


1. SPLC's business model was "revealed". Their shakedown business was well known and published in LOTS of books and magazines and websites, but it wasn't "revealed" until the New Yorker published it. Authors who normally tell the truth don't count. Only a habitual liar is believed by the media.

2. Avenatti was charged with extortion.

3. Mueller closed his "investigation" with no results.

= = = = =


1. All three have been MASSIVE sources of material for the demon media. All were IDOLIZED by the demon media. Mueller and Avenatti were literally Our Next President.

2. All three are professional false accusers. SPLC's sole business is false accusation. Mueller's sole business is false accusation. Avenatti was more flexible, but he was responsible for the false accusations against Kavanaugh.

3? All are running shakedowns? This one is tantalizingly incomplete, because Mueller didn't appear to be making any money from holding back accusations.

BUT: The FBIII NEVER NEVER NEVER CLOSES A CASE until ALL ALL ALL of its chosen witches are DEAD DEAD DEAD. I assumed, based on 100 years of demonic evidence, that Robert Mueller III would keep his "investigation" running until all important Deplorables were DEAD DEAD DEAD. Instead, he shut down without killing anyone. This is so wildly unnatural for an Inquisitor that there must be a specific reason. Did he finally extract enough money to satisfy his greed?

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  Round and round she goes

Reading a 1986 issue of Collectible Auto.

= = = = =

From a feature on a '52 Ford panel truck:

Time would soon overtake both the sedan delivery and the truck-sized panels. ... The final blow came with the growth of shopping malls and big supermarkets, which meant fewer and fewer merchants delivering the goods they sold. Nowadays Ford panel trucks are in short supply. How pleasant to be reminded of the days when merchants actually delivered to your doorstep.

Now Bezos has "newly" "invented" the idea of calling in your order and having it delivered, which was the NORMAL way of shopping for groceries before WW2. And sedan deliveries are definitely back in style,

= = = = =

From a feature on the Stepdown Hudson:

Though its high waistline and low-profile windows seem very dated now, the Stepdown offered outstanding visibility.

= = = = =

Speaking of panel deliveries but not from the magazine:

It looks like the PROPER use of electric vehicles is finally coming around again after 10 years of delusion. Mercedes is introducing an electric panel delivery specifically aimed at in-city "short radius distribution" with a range of only 100 miles. This was the ORIGINAL USE and still the BEST USE of electric cars and trucks. Short range stop-n-go driving, with daily scheduled downtime for charging. Lithium batteries are far less durable and far more explosive than nickel-iron, but lithium batteries still require hours to charge properly.

Elon led us down a fraudulent path toward the PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE goal of an all-purpose electric sports car for drag racing and highway travel. Now we're finally settling down to the CORRECT purpose.


Monday, March 25, 2019
  Contradictory requirements

Vintage Everyday has pics of people watching TV in the '50s.

All the kids are sitting on the floor, either Injun-style or sprawled in various uncomfortable poses. Nobody is sitting in chairs. This is a typical pattern. I always sprawled uncomfortably on the floor to watch TV.


Because of a peculiar OFFICIAL REQUIREMENT that everyone knew and obeyed in the '50s. The TV was in fact the focal point of the living room, but the TV was NOT SUPPOSED TO BE the focal point. The chairs were arranged for "adult conversation", focused anywhere EXCEPT the TV.

Our 1950s living room looked like this. If you wanted to watch TV, you had to sit on the floor.

Another OFFICIAL REQUIREMENT contradicted the first one. "Expert" "eye" "doctors" officially advised us that watching TV from below was a terrible strain on the eyes. You must look DOWN toward the TV if you want to escape blindness. Nevertheless, we all sat on the floor and we all ended up blind. The experts said it, so it must be true.

[I'm in floor plan mode this week for some reason.]
  From red star to red octagon

Via ZH, Russia has sent a small but meaningful contingent of troops to Venezuela.

Russia has always been the STOPPER for Western imperial demons. From 1812 to now, empires have busted their crazed swords on the immutable unbreakable LAND and CULTURE of Russia.

Now USA STRONG, the latest sword-swinging meth-addled zombie, tries again and fails again.

Natural Law.


In recent centuries Russia has almost always obeyed Natural Law.

Sorosian lands always violate both sides of the law. We always attack everywhere and we never defend our own people. Invade and invite.

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Sunday, March 24, 2019
  Sloshing swindles

Lately I've been comparing Sorosian dysgovernments to various forms of old-fashioned swindles.

Four variants on the old change-raising scam. The old-fashioned version involves lots of money sloshing around, and lots of apparent action. You're dazzled by the rapid motion so you lose track of the money. At the end of the grift, NOTHING has really happened except that your money is all gone.

Example 1: The "death penalty". Triggered by this meaningless news about Robert Duncan:
Fourteen years ago, Duncan murdered a Coeur d'Alene family before kidnaping and molesting two of the family's children. Duncan, a convicted sex offender, murdered Brenda Groene, her boyfriend and son at their home near Coeur d'Alene. Shasta Groene and her brother Dylan were kidnapped by Duncan and molested. Dylan was eventually murdered.

On Friday, U.S. District court officials said a judge denied Duncan’s post-conviction claims and upheld his convictions and sentences on all counts except for one death sentence. The court has taken one of the death sentences under advisement pending the resolution of a legal question being considered by appellate courts.
FOURTEEN YEARS of sloshing around. Millions of dollars sloshed, several lawyers spending their entire career on sloshing. Now that one court has tentatively not quite failed to partially remove two of the three alleged "death sentences", we can be possibly potentially sure that Duncan could be executed only 500 years after he dies peacefully in his sleep at age 95, instead of 50000 years after he dies peacefully in his sleep at age 95. Things are moving FAST now! Tell your greatgreatgreatgreatgreatgrandchildren to watch for the result!!!!!

Example 2: Trump. Mueller. The wall. Executive orders. An unending soap opera with every episode the same. Trillions of dollars sloshing around, precisely zero change or action.

Example 3: Imperial wars. Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Venezuela, ad infinitum.

Example 4: Brexit.

= = = = =

In the old-fashioned version, the sucker is mainly dazzled by the money. At some points he thinks the money has come into his hands, so he keeps anticipating that he will win in the end. In the political version, the sucker is mainly dazzled by the appearance of team competition. At some points he thinks that his side has "won" a trial or an election or a battle or a vote in Parliament, so he keeps anticipating that he will win in the end.
  Another BIG finding

Brain response to electromagnetic waves was observed in the 1850s, and was USED CLINICALLY in the 1880s. After 1920, the Freudians and pillpushers tinfoiled earlier OBSERVATIONS. Finally around 1980 the OBSERVATION was "newly" "discovered" and USED CLINICALLY again. Since then our understanding has gradually increased, but conventional wisdom, even among scientifically literate folks, still hasn't caught up.

Here's another advance in understanding, which obviously leads to a MAJOR change in our overall view of human senses and behavior.
The study, led by geoscientist Joseph Kirschvink (BS, MS '75) and neuroscientist Shin Shimojo at Caltech as well as neuroengineer Ayu Matani at the University of Tokyo, offers experimental evidence that human brain waves respond to controlled changes in Earth-strength magnetic fields. Kirschvink and Shimojo say this is the first concrete evidence of a new human sense: magnetoreception.
A beautiful example of REAL science.

Quoting Carver:

Look about you.

"Many animals have magnetoreception, so why not us?" asks Connie Wang, Caltech graduate student and lead author of the eNeuro study.

Take hold of the things that are here.

To try to determine whether humans do sense magnetic fields, Kirschvink and Shimojo built an isolated radiofrequency-shielded chamber and had participants sit in silence and utter darkness for an hour.

Talk to them.

During that time, they shifted the magnetic field silently around the chamber....

Let them talk to you.

... and measured participants' brain waves via electrodes positioned at 64 locations on their heads.

= = = = =


During a given session, the participants consciously experienced nothing more interesting than sitting alone in the dark. However, among many participants, changes in their brain waves correlated with changes in the magnetic field around them. Specifically, the researchers tracked the alpha rhythm in the brain, which occurs at between 8 and 13 Hertz and is a measure of whether the brain is being engaged or is in a resting or "autopilot" mode. When a human brain is unengaged, the alpha power is high. When something catches its attention, consciously or unconsciously, its alpha power drops. Several other sensory stimuli like vision, hearing, and touch are known to cause abrupt drops in the amplitude of alpha waves in the first few seconds after the stimulus.

In other words, MAGNETISM IS A SENSE.

Like other senses, it responds to DELTAS, which is probably why we don't feel it or think about it consciously. In pre-technological Nature, the earth's field is constant except before an earthquake. We experience a change in field when we turn while standing or walking, but all sorts of other DELTAS are happening at the same time. Our visual field changes, our binaural hearing changes phase, our semicircular canals experience the turn, our kinesthetic sense picks up the muscular twists involved in turning, the sun heats a different side of the body, the wind ruffles a different side. The subtle effect of the changed magnetic direction doesn't get a chance to reach awareness. Pre-tech hunters and nomads undoubtedly used their internal compass for navigation in the same way that bacteria and birds do, but without knowing what they were sensing.

The only time a magnetic DELTA isn't completely overwhelmed by more familiar senses is before an earthquake, or during a geomagnetic storm (sunspot), when many people experience an unexplained mood shift.

= = = = =

Speculative: Previous research on the magnetic sense was focused on finding the sensor, which is reasonable because most senses do have an easily-defined locus. Eye, ear, nose, semicircular canal. Fish have a magnetosensor that closely resembles our semicircular canal. So far we haven't found any obvious deposits of ferromagnetic material in humans. If we're sensing the field dynamically via perturbations of constantly running waves in the brain, we don't need ferromagnetic otoliths.

Even more speculative: You can imagine a literal compass on a literal map. When we turn CCW while walking, the wave patterns in the brain are pulled slightly CW, turning the 'needle' CW on a spatiotopic memory map in the hippocampus.

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Saturday, March 23, 2019
  Thanks Ralph 99999999, BEST DAY EVER edition

Via ZH: The NYC Super-Rich Crime Center (NSCC) sometimes known by the perfectly Orwellian acronym "SPLC", is falling apart.

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Friday, March 22, 2019
  AIn't so smart

Well, I've been saying this for a long time. Here's a new bit of evidence.

Supposedly the various generators of ads and 'suggested for you' and email spam are using Big Data and AI to target customer preferences.

The assholes who set up the AI still haven't figured out the difference between populism and "conservatism". Even though my actual online reading and writing and monetary contributions are strictly antiwar and populist and pro-Islam, the ads and spam are still PURELY Repooflican.

They assume that "Trump fans" love the stock market and hate taxes. They assume that "Trump fans" are gung-ho for war against Muslims. They assume that "Trump fans" want to hear lengthy appeals from Traitor McCain's vile widow Miss Lindsay Graham. They assume that "Trump fans" are interested in the soap opera crap involving Judge Jeannie, whoever she is, versus Fox News.

None of these assumptions are derived from my online writing or reading or buying. Most of them are directly contrary to my tiresomely expressed opinions. All are plain old bigotry.

In contrast, advertisers of real products use Big Data to draw uncannily accurate inferences from my writing and reading and purchases. Ads magically appear for products or software that I could and would actually use.
  Filthy faker Trump does it again

Faker Trump has pulled his favorite fake trick again. He wrote a fake "executive order" designed to provide political ammunition for the enemies of populism without actually changing anything.

His previous fake "order" encouraging religious freedom told federal agencies to think about religious freedom while they continue exterminating believers.

The new fake "order" encourages federal agencies to think about free speech on campus while they continue censoring free speech on campus.

Neither order requires ANY changes in rules or budgets. The new one pretends to "withhold" federal funding from colleges that violate free speech, but EXCLUDES all ACTUAL federal funding from the rule.

And the enemies are obligingly responding.


Universities Spooked by Trump Order on Free Speech

Part of the article states the simple truth:
Universities already have to comply with numerous federal regulations — such as laws barring discrimination based on race or gender — to receive federal research funding, Ben-Porath adds. Complying with the new order could be as simple as filling out a little more paperwork, she says.
Yup. Just another document.

But the "spooked" universities are already mobilizing to guarantee that populists are tortured even more painfully than before:
“It is also troubling that in his remarks the president sought to drive a wedge between students and faculty, casting his executive order as a ‘clear message to the professors’ that their funding was now at risk while also raising the specters of ‘political indoctrination’ and ‘coercion,’” Schmid wrote.
In fact most of the indoctrination and coercion comes from administrators in league with SJW students, not faculty. The indoctrinators know that they can count on the black-robed demons to cancel the "order", so they will immediately create hundreds of test cases.
Thursday, March 21, 2019
  The fake cop again

Old-fashioned scams often used a fake cop to persuade you that one part of the scam was illegal. The next step varied. Sometimes you "paid off" the fake cop to avoid prosecution.

Sometimes you were steered into the supposedly "legal" part of the scam. Sometimes the fake cop was warning you against fake "enemies" of the original scam to strengthen your faith in the original scam.

The latter trick seems to be most common in modern political scams. Warn people that the original swindle is being "corrupted" by evildoers so you'll put all your faith in the swindle.

Here's a classic example from Phillip Giraldi, who is a "former" CIA agent accustomed to playing fake cop games.
Be that as it may, if there were a modern version of the Rothschild comment it might go something like this: “Give me control of the internet and no one will ever more know what is true.” The internet, which was originally conceived of as a platform for the free interchange of information and opinions, is instead inexorably becoming a managed medium that is increasingly controlled by corporate and government interests. Those interests are in no way answerable to the vast majority of the consumers who actually use the sites in a reasonable and non-threatening fashion to communicate and share different points of view.
NO. The internet was NOT originally conceived as a free platform. The internet was developed by NSA to make its spying more focused and cost-effective. When most communication runs through NSA's own wires, NSA doesn't need to tap the phone company's wires or intercept paper mail or pay human spies or plant hidden microphones.

That's all. That's the sole solitary entire purpose of the net. It was clear in the '80s, and it hasn't changed since. Now everyone willingly buys and carries and installs hidden microphones for NSA, which is even more cost-effective. Old-fashioned spies could only dream about planting a microphone in every pocket and room and body part.

Those "corporate and government interests" are not "enemies" of the "free" net, they're the owners of the real spy network.

Before the net this particular scam didn't work.

Nobody believed that newspapers were an open and free medium. Everyone knew that you could write a letter to the editor, which might be approved if it served the editor's purposes. Smart advocates figured out how to use the editor's criteria to get their message through, by satire or poetry or indirection.

Nobody believed that TV and radio were an open and free medium. Radio was strictly supervised by the FCC. Fairness rules required balanced presentation of opinions, and FCC was FEROCIOUS about enforcing the rules. Most stations simply avoided opinions and stuck to verifiable facts.

And that was a GOOD THING.

Aside from the prevalence of FACTS, there was more room for genuine differences in attitude and worldview, as I've noted often.

When you KNOW that the public channels are not free, you don't waste energy and passion on prepackaged TidePod opinions designed to get you hooked on "free expression". True dissidents find or create truly non-public channels.

Giraldi wants us to continue "expressing" our "opinions" through NSA's own channels.

Victory speech by Thierry Baudet, leading a brand-new party that suddenly equals the voting power of the incumbent party in the upper house.

Baudet hits ALL the necessary points and gets EVERYTHING MORE THAN RIGHT, in a poetic and intellectual style that hasn't been heard in a century. A complete and comprehensive answer to Soros.

Jennings Bryan, your poor tired ghost can stop spinning now. You can rest. Your successor is here.

Later: It will be interesting to watch the response of the demonic EU incumbents. They delegitimized Wilders and LePen and Farage because of "attainder of blood" from previous generations and earlier associations. This dude doesn't have any history and his party is brand new. He's intellectual and nimble, so they won't be able to use the standard Illiterate Country Hayseed insults for populists. Is he nimble enough to endrun and workaround the censors? Remains to be seen.



Via ZH: Maduro has started arresting the coup plotters.

I don't understand why he allowed this coup to continue.

No competent leader allows an ENEMY NATION to send TEAMS OF SOLDIERS into his own country with the OPENLY STATED AND PROMISED PURPOSE of conducting a revolution to overthrow the government.

This isn't a question of "democracy" vs "tyranny" or any of those idiotic useless distinctions. This is basic and universal.

A competent government protects its people and protects itself. If it doesn't protect itself, it's not a government at all and deserves to be overthrown.

Natural Law.

  AMLO vs el Monstruo del Norte

AMLO doesn't talk much about the monster to the north.

Today he mentioned a meeting between Jared Kushner and Mexico's FM Marcelo Ebrard to discuss migration.

Goal: Migration should be optional, not forced. AMLO is improving Mexico's wages to lower the gradient between the two sides of the border.

A nice little gotcha:
Indicó que su gobierno no hará “turismo político”, por lo que sólo saldrá del país si se trata de firmar convenios de inversiones para México y Centroamérica.

“Nosotros no haremos turismo político porque tenemos muchos asuntos por solucionar en el país. La mejor política exterior, es la política interior”, remarcó.
Pointedly unlike other Latin American leaders, AMLO won't engage in political tourism. Instead, he will solve Mexico's own problems, MINDING HIS OWN BUSINESS.

The best foreign policy is a good internal policy.

Populism in one sentence.

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  The real cure

Today is the 50th anniversary of my arrest for possessing a forbidden seed in 1969.

I was planning on writing something, but I'm in the middle of courseware work and don't feel like delving into those subjects at the moment.

And come to think of it, that's the real point. USEFUL WORK is the best cure for craziness and crime. If I had been exposed to USEFUL WORK earlier, none of that shit would have happened.

In a saner place and time, my parents would have apprenticed me to a printshop at age 12. My natural talent and love of language and letters would have flourished and developed into physical and emotional discipline. (Physical? Yup. Lead is HEAVY and HOT.)

In 1969 the culture and laws of this demonic place had effectively eliminated the good and USEFUL options for development, forcing everyone to endure 16 years of insane delusional THEORY in public "schools" and "universities". This is called Our Precious Liberties And Freedoms.

Eventually, after many wasted years of THEORY, I got back on the right path of PRODUCTIVE work.

Well, I did write something after all.

Earlier this year I wrote a less grumpy piece.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2019
  Fucking fucking idiots

The parade of idiots marches on.
Residents of New Jersey's largest city might find themselves showered in cash, as Newark Mayor Ras Baraka says the city will study a pilot program to provide universal basic income (UBI) to all residents whether or not they have a job.

"We believe in Universal Basic Income, especially in a time where studies have shown that families that have a crisis of just $400 in a month may experience a setback that may be difficult even impossible to recover from," said Baraka during last week's State of the City address at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, noting that 1/3 of the city lives in poverty.
No no no no no no no, you fucking fucking fucking fucking idiots idiots idiots idiots.

UBI is just another way to KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL the poor, and you fucking well know it.

Newark used to have REAL PRODUCTIVE USEFUL USEFUL USEFUL JOBS JOBS JOBS for ordinary men, and a lot of hi-tech jobs for engineers as well.

Here's just one tiny sample of one sector of industry, from the ads in a 1957 electronics buyers guide.

And the same was true in other sectors of industry.

Newark, Newark, Newark, Newark, Newark. Jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs.

= = = = =

You want numbers numbers numbers? Okay, here's some data from the 1960 census.

Unemployment: Newark 4.5% vs national 5.1%.

Median income: Newark $7149 vs national $5660.

Newark 10% of pop under $3000 vs national 21%.
Newark 26% over $10000 vs national 15%.

Half the national poor end, twice the national rich end.

[Inflation since then is about 10, so just tack a 0 on those incomes for modern equivs.]

Newark may not have been a pretty place to live, but it was a good place to work.


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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Earlier I discussed the mysterious meaning of beadboard:

= = = = = START REPRINT:

In making my graphic tributes to lost places I use a lot of beadboard surfaces.

From 1880 to 1920, beadboard was nearly universal on inner walls of commercial buildings and schools, and often on the utility parts of residences. The 'nice' rooms had plaster walls, and the laundry or back porch had beadboard.

Beadboard would have been hard to clean and hard to paint. Wood is more resilient than plaster, so it could take bumping by furniture without chipping or cracking. But wider slats forming a flat surface would have served better. Tongue-and-groove wood flooring would have been easier to paint and clean, and would re-use existing materials and installation skills.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

I got sidetracked by the acoustical and optical stuff and slid past the important point, the social signal of beadboard. When you were in plaster, you were in the leisure class. When you were in beadboard, you were a tradesman (iceman, milkman) or a servant or a boarder.

Before WW2 it wasn't uncommon for small residences to have live-in servants or lodgers, so it made sense to have special sections for servants or lodgers.

= = = = =

One beadboard area that resonates especially in memory is the back part of Grandma's apartment. She lived there for 40 years, and I did some 'handyman' work for her at various times, so I knew most parts of the building.

These two buildings were elegant when first built in 1910. They had terra-cotta facades echoing the Ponca landmark Arcade Hotel. The facades were removed later.

Like NYC apts, they had separate Plaster and Beadboard Zones, separate areas for the residents and the servants or boarders. Separation made sense in a NYC highrise with dozens or hundreds of units, but it was hugely inefficient in a fourplex. I've lived and visited in plenty of apartment buildings, large and small, and never saw this separation anywhere else.

Here's my initial attempt to redraw the plan from memory. This is the second floor. Grandma's apartment was the left upper unit, so I've placed furniture and doorways in that one.

The front stairway for the Plaster People is wide and varnished, and leads to the small front entry hall for both apts.

The Beadboard Zone (shown with lighter-colored walls) isn't part of the main building. It is built lightly, sitting on concrete blocks.

The back stairway is a tight squared-off spiral, gray painted** wood in beadboard walls, leading to the back hall and then the Mystery Hall. From the back hall you can directly reach the Beadboard Zone for servants or boarders. The small room could have been a bedroom or closet, and the large room could have been the 'living room' for maid or lodger. The boarder's room has its own entrance to the bathroom, and can reach the kitchen via the Mystery Hall without going through the Plaster People's bedroom.

The iceman and milkman had to climb the twisty little staircase to leave milk in the back hall, or deliver groceries to the kitchen via the Mystery Hall. Note that the Mystery Hall doesn't open into the front entry, even though it bumps directly against the front entry. A door would have made sense for traffic flow, but the designer wasn't interested in traffic flow.

My memory is solid on the Plaster Zone but vague on the Beadboard Zone. I couldn't figure out how the Mystery Hall was set up. I remembered it as a continuation of the back hall, perhaps with a door to a brief short section between the kitchens.

As I tried to draw the digital plan, this didn't make sense. The bathrooms were too narrow this way, and there should have been a division in the floor between the back porchy part and the front main-building part, but there wasn't.

I looked at Googlestreet, hoping to get a sense of the interior from the windows. Googlestreet did me an even bigger favor!

The left building has been abandoned for a long time. The right building (where Grandma lived) has remained occupied. Now the Beadboard Zone of the left building has fallen off, leaving the original doors and windows of the Plaster Zone exposed. The center doors (arrows) told me that the Mystery Hall ran all the way back to the Beadboard Zone, with an outside-type door between the back hall and Mystery Hall.

Corrected plan:

This makes complete sense, even though it doesn't match my vague memory.

= = = = =

For comparison, here's a Sears manufactured fourplex of similar style and form. It has the same front stairway and a basic porch on the back, but no Mystery Hall.

= = = = =

** I remember that the tight steep spiral was painted gray. I never stopped to wonder why it was still fully painted in the '70s after 60 years of use. The answer is obvious. This was Oklahoma, not NYC. The NYC custom of separate trade entrances and separate trade halls never caught on, which is why I never saw them in other buildings. The iceman and milkman simply used the wide varnished front stairs like everyone else. The back door at the bottom of the spiral was never opened, and the Mystery Hall was only used when the 'handyman' needed to replace a fuse or climb through the hatch to the roof. It was a time capsule.

= = = = =

Modern footnote: Unlike the trade entrance, the custom of renting the sunporch to boarders was still widespread in the '70s. I remember three examples. One was a great-grandma on the other side of the family, boarding on the back porch of another elderly lady. Two were impoverished hippies.

Now the custom of keeping boarders has returned, thanks to the wonderful Share Value economy of globalism which lifts all NYC boats to the heavens and bombs all other boats to bedrock. Modern houses don't have sunporches or grade entries so they make do with RVs or garages. BUT: I've noticed that several of the boardinghouses in this neighborhood are default bilevels, essentially the modern version of the grade entry, allowing lower-level boarders to enter without passing through the upper-level rooms.

Continued here.

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Monday, March 18, 2019
  AMLO vs las Gaianas

As I've been noting, USA "leftists" don't consider AMLO to be a fellow "leftist". In fact he's a genuine leftist, devoted to the welfare of working folks.

This morning's press conference shows part of the reason for Sorosian disdain. The conference was mainly a presentation by the state-owned oil company Pemex. Increasing oil production and improving refineries are major pieces of AMLO's agenda.

USA "leftists" want to see oil production disappear because oil offends Gaia. More precisely because oil is not finance. Gaia is really NYC. Gaia is Goldman.

AMLO is much closer to FDR, who is respected in name but disobeyed in reality by USA "leftists". FDR's main project, like AMLO's main project, was improving our own industries and farms.

The specific comparison doesn't work well with petroleum, because the Okla and Texas oil industry was relatively prosperous in the '30s and didn't NEED any government help. Mexico's oil industry has been suffering from Graybill, so it does need a boost to gain self-sufficiency.

= = = = =

Later today: An even more perfect event. AMLO is commemorating the 81st anniversary of the nationalization of oil by President Cardenas.

US "conservatives" might celebrate oil verbally, but most of them are more serious Gaians than the typical "liberal". Nixon created EPA, Bush 1 created the Clean Air Act, and New Scientist endorsed McCain over Obama in 2008. "Conservatives" wouldn't celebrate a state-owned industry under any circumstances.

US "liberals" might celebrate nationalizing an industry, but NOT if the industry is Officially Sinful.

Only a real leftist celebrates nationalizing a USEFUL AND NECESSARY INDUSTRY that helps the working class to obtain USEFUL AND PAID WORK.


Sunday, March 17, 2019
  Aptroboulevard alert

Via ZH:

The Yellow Vests have burned a bank on Boulevard Franklin Roosevelt, along with several other stores serving the aristocracy.

First thought: A beautiful salute to the only REAL bankburner we ever had.

Better thought: There's one crucial difference. FDR didn't actually burn the banks. FDR saw that people were ready to burn the banks along with everything else. He CONTROLLED the banks and the monopolists to STOP the burning.

Best thought: Macron's agents provocateurs are busy. This bank is associated with the Rothschild family, thus completing Macron's goal of Nazifying the protestors.

FDR solved the problem of inequality by INCREASING the comparative power of ordinary people.

Macron and Merkel and Trump and May are making the problem worse by INCREASING the power of Juncker and Soros. Juncker is reproducing the Third Reich, and Soros is the only ACTUAL PEDIGREED ORIGINAL NAZI in the world. Now that the protestors are "officially" defined as "Nazis", the ACTUAL Nazis can resume their genocide without obstacles.

= = = = =

Stupid linguistic sidenote: When contrasting problem-solvers vs problem-make-worsers, the lack of a true antonym for solve is dramatically obvious.

Solve is derived from Indo-european se-lu, self-loosen. You solve a problem by loosening the ropes that bind your mind, or by untangling the component parts of the problem.

Online dictionaries list plenty of supposed antonyms, most of which are completely offbase.

Confuse, pose, question, wonder, bewilder, complicate, aggregate, bamboozle, baste, dumbfound, encode, encrypt, mystify, obscure, perplex, aggravate, tangle, twist...

Tangle and twist are literal antonyms of the original loosen, but they haven't gone through the same long history of metaphor, so they don't feel like proper antonyms.

Aggravate is probably the best of this weak list, but still misses the target.

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Saturday, March 16, 2019
  Inverted Deepstate

I stopped following the progress of Bolsonaro after he showed his neocon colors. He's an unusual combination. He's not a standard Sorosian because he's dubious about the "global warming" fraud and firmly traditional on culture. As I noted earlier, Brazil doesn't NEED a populist nearly as much as other countries, because Brazil has ALWAYS been economically populist. Brazil understood Graybill's Law early on, and consistently maintained and expanded self-sufficiency. Brazil never fell into the globalist trap as Venezuela did.

Now we see an added dimension to this unusual combination. When USA STRONG decided to invade Venezuela, neocon Bolsonaro quickly promised support for the invasion. BUT his army, following a more populist tradition, refused to go along.

Mirror universe. Trump is allegedly "trying" to move toward populism but our Deepstate refuses to go along. Bolsonaro is trying to move away from populism and his Deepstate refuses to go along.

(I no longer believe that Trump is "trying" to do anything except trap Deplorables so we can be slaughtered, but we'll take the charitable interpretation for the sake of this comparison.)

= = = = =

Broader sidenote: This helps to prove that non-intervention is an INTRINSIC part of populism, an automatic result of following Natural Law.


Or in even simpler terms, MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.

When you're devoted to DEFENDING the interests of your own people, MINDING YOUR OWN BUSINESS, you automatically refuse to attack other countries without provocation. Building an empire PREVENTS you from serving your own people.

What's the opposite of NEVER ATTACK and ALWAYS DEFEND? What's the equivalent two-sided command for Sorosians?

Sailer said it best. INVADE AND INVITE. Devote all of your energy to creating chaos in other countries. Bring in the refugees from your attacks to create chaos internally. Use the refugees as weapons to attack your own people.

These two opposite strategies have opposite purposes and opposite results.

MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS leads to more order, more value, more life everywhere. Natural Law.

INVADE AND INVITE leads to more death and chaos everywhere except the mansions and bunkers of the leaders. Sorosian Law.

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  Good, by god 4

Reprinting and adding to an earlier entry to mark a SIGN OF SPRING for this neighborhood!

Tracking recent developments...

= = = = =

Dec 30, 2018: The apt at 4001 W Crown, vacant and decaying for 20 years, was supposedly sold back in January of 2018. Supposedly the purchaser was required to tear the building down and build new houses or apts. Since the supposed sale nothing has happened; a few things were moved around, squatters continued squatting, a few more windows were broken or boarded.

[Not current picture.]

Now a PECULIAR thing has happened. The roof has been tarped neatly with tape around the edges.

The shingles are dry and crumbly but look intact, and the roof escaped damage from the windstorms of '14 and '15. The top roof isn't easy to reach, and the weather has been foggy and slippery. Why would you tarp the roof if you're REQUIRED to tear the place down? Did the purchaser get a variance to leave it as is?

Later thought: Variance forced by asbestos?

Feb 2019: The squatters FINALLY forced police attention by lighting a fire in the garage. After that, the owner FINALLY boarded up every opening on the house. Previously one door was unboarded, and it was obviously the squatter entrance as verified by Detective Snow.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = =


There's a temporary chain-link fence around the entire property, with a sign that says


Are they REALLY going to tear it down? Stay tuned!

= = = = =

MARCH 16, 2019: No, they're RENOVATING instead of tearing down. They've unboarded the windows and I can see drywall and insulation stacked inside. They took off the tarp and they're reshingling the roof.

[Current picture!]

Yay for renovation! This old building stood up remarkably well to the ravages of wind and snow, but it was surrendering to the ravages of meth-cooking squatters. Finally the building gets a chance to be civilized again.

And my seven years of prayerful walking have paid off. Life beats chaos occasionally.

April 8: Roof is done, and now they're clearing out the interior. Looks like they plan to leave it as apts, not open it into a single residence.

May 16: Not much action since previous. Still apparently clearing out interior, but I haven't seen any actual workers or trucks since previous.

June 26: Not much action since previous. Still apparently clearing out interior, but I haven't seen any actual workers or trucks since previous.

July 25: Real action at last. The big dumpster is gone, indicating that stripping is done. They've pulled out all the windowframes, and they've removed the old circuit breaker box.

Oct 15: The windows and doors have been out for three months. Windblown snow and rain is covering the bare subfloor. What was the point of fixing the roof if they're just going to let the whole thing flood and rot anyway?

Mar 11, 2020: A year after the previous start of action, another apparent start of action. Contractors with trailers have opened the fence and started doing something. Will they finish the teardown or finish the renovation? Not clear yet.


Jun 12: After years of fits and starts, they're working somewhat steadily. They've cased all the window and door openings, reframed interior walls, and pulled up old driveways and sidewalks. Formerly the bldg had 4 apts downstairs and 4 up. Now it looks like they're intending 3 down and 1 up.

Sept 3: After another 3-month gap, action suddenly started again. Now they're rewiring and replumbing.

Sept 11: WINDOWS!

Oct 10: DOORS! After many years partly open, and more than one year wide open, the building is finally dried in.

Dec 26: Now the siding is done. They're still finishing off outside details, and seem to be working inside occasionally. Who knows, maybe they can start renting in 2023 if they hurry. Strangely they haven't done anything about the foundation. The back shed wing is over a full basement, and the main two-story part is over sparsely scattered concrete blocks. This is the reverse of the usual arrangement. Judging from 1940 census data, the back wing was originally a single house, then the two-story apartments were built on later. So the apartments are really the 'shed'.

May 22, 2021: By March 2021 they had finished everything except the foundation. New windows, new doors, new siding, inner walls rearranged and drywalled, HVAC, electric. Then they paused again. Today they're back at work, doing something utterly absurd. They're replacing the new outer doors with DIFFERENT new outer doors, which look the same to my eyes. Probably forced by the utterly insane city zoning board, which exists for the sole purpose of impoverishing the poor and enriching the rich. This city was actively engaged in destroying its own people LONG before the "virus" holocaust.

Oct 2, 2021: After another long gap they returned to action. They added a patio on the back side, and now they've taken down the security fence. Still no fix on the foundation, and there are still doors and pieces stacked inside.

Oct 23, 2021: Looks like they're finally FINISHING, all at once. They've cleared the ground, wired up the porch lamps, turned on the power, and they're actually closing up the foundation!

Oct 30, 2021: Now that they're about finished, they're suddenly starting a NEW project. The house across the street from the apt, a fairly nice '30s Cape, has been vacant for a year. The developers are renovating it, and today they are digging a foundation for a brand new house next to it. Looks like they've subdivided the large lot of this house into three lots, and also subdivided the apt's lot into three lots.

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Friday, March 15, 2019
  Restoring chaos

Feels like time to reiterate a point I made last year as part of the Morris vs Paine series.

Successful revolutions are ALWAYS sponsored by other nations. Other nations DO NOT WANT the revolution to produce a functional "democracy". Other nations want the target to dissolve in chaos.

We can see it easily with the revolutions we sponsor in Syria and Ukraine and Venezuela and Persia and a hundred other victims.

We don't see it easily with 1776, but the same rule holds true. France sponsored 1776 to weaken England. King Louie was NOT trying to "spread democracy" or even spread monarchy. He was trying to generate chaos.

The internal founders of 1776 were trying to create chaos for a different purpose. Their theories and constitutions were intended to weaken natural culture and keep NYC banks on top. Natural culture often prospered despite Deepstate's best efforts, requiring harsh responses like Lincoln's genocide or Wilson's tyranny or FBI/CIA agents provocateurs to restore chaos.

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Deepstate claims that Venezuela's power outage was solely Maduro's fault. The antiwar crowd claims it was solely our fault.

Not mutually exclusive. As with the entire economy, Maduro's absolute incompetence made it EASY for our agents to knock the system down.

Simple example. Is it easier to sabotage a car parked on the street with the doors unlocked, or a car in a locked garage with security cameras?

Natural Law is always two-sided, always differential. Natural Law has symmetrical duties for rich and poor, for authorities and citizens.

The most basic two-sided rule is:


This principle appears in many forms of old common law including real estate and pre-Disney copyright law. The law is ready to prosecute an attacker or thief, but if you haven't taken available and normal steps to defend your life or family or property, the law is much less willing to help. Even after Deepstate's newer "laws" prohibited all forms of self-defense, juries still try to enforce Natural Law in both directions. Juries are slow to convict a man who shoots a burglar, and juries are slow to assist a "victim" who was associating with known criminals or partying at 2AM.

Maduro utterly failed to DEFEND his country against our attacks. He had plenty of opportunities to learn. Cuba is the BEST lesson of all. Cuba has been DEFENDING its survival against our mass murder since 1960. Cuba provides a shining example of breaking Graybill's Law.

Cuba is close to Venezuela geographically and politically. Chavez and Maduro had constant dealings with the Castro brothers. Chavez seems to have learned some but not a lot. Maduro didn't learn anything.

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  Harding did it

Just semi-solved a long-standing puzzle.

Why did the agencies of Wilson's Deepstate fade away? Deepstate never gives up. Deepstate always creates new problems "requiring" more budget to create new problems requiring more budget to create new ....

Parkinson forever.

Something or someone must have stood firm. Someone must have used force and blackmail to slow down Deepstate.

The answer is obvious. Harding did it.

Why is it obvious?

Harding was "brought down by scandal". All successful politicians engage in shady deals, or deals that can be made to look shady. The deals are NEVER publicly noticed until Deepstate needs a "scandal" to destroy a politician.

I still don't know HOW Harding did it, but "scandal" proves that he was trying to break Deepstate, and succeeded for a while.

This article at explains WHY he had to be taken down in one paragraph.
As president, Harding signed bills that reduced taxes for both individuals and corporations, set high protective tariffs, created a federal budget system and limited immigration, particularly from southern and eastern Europe. He also hosted a disarmament conference, at which the world’s largest naval powers agreed to reduce their arsenal of warships.
He died before Deepstate could finish the job of impeachment. Was he assassinated? Not likely. He was a hefty man who didn't pay attention to health. His death was pretty clearly a series of strokes. Deepstate doesn't go in for "natural" deaths. When they kill, they want future leaders to learn a lesson.
Thursday, March 14, 2019
  Aptrohood alert

Via ZH:
The head of the Gambino crime family, Francesco "Franky Boy" Cali was gunned down on Wednesday night in front of his Staten Island home. The 53-year-old Cali was shot six times in the chest and then run over by an assassin driving a blue pickup truck in the lavish Todt Hill neighborhood around 9:20 p.m., while his wife and young children were inside, according to the NY Post.

Live in lavish Todt Hill, end up lavishly todt.

(Six shots + run over = lavish.)

It's sort of nostalgically reassuring to know that old-fashioned Italian mobs are still operating in an old-fashioned way. The real Mafia doesn't spend decades in meaningless "robust debate" about meaningless manufactured talking points. When a job needs doing, the Mafia gets it done NOW.

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  Nope, backwards as usual.

The computer was originally invented to do just that: compute. Numerical calculations were its sole intended purpose, and words were never in the realm of consideration as something to be used by computers. If not for Thomas Aquinas and a Jesuit priest, you might not have been able to read this article.

In 1949, Father Busa went on a trip to the United States, and met with IBM founder Thomas Watson. In the magnate’s New York office, Watson listened to the Jesuit’s request to add the use of words to the recently-invented computer in order to complete his magnum opus. Watson replied at the seemingly-incredulous request: “it is impossible for the machines to do what you are suggesting – you are claiming to be more American than us.”

Busa challenging IBM resulted in the invention of hypertext, textual references to pieces of information on a computer. 57 printed volumes of the Index Thomisticus and a CD-ROM were eventually released.
Wrong from the exact start.

Hollerith's original 1890 machine was originally invented to sort words, not calculate numbers. Each hole in the punch card was a textual reference to pieces of information.

Partial reprint from my overlong description:


Polistra has always been annoyed at the Apple-based revision of technical history. The Great Steve Jobs rewrote the history of computing so it began with The Great Steve Jobs. Everything He touched became a landmark.

Nope. Didn't begin with Steve. Didn't begin with Bill Gates. Didn't begin with Babbage either. Babbage was an interesting dead-end, rediscovered later but not part of the family tree. It certainly didn't begin with Turing, as New Stalinist is trying to claim this week. Turing's "tape machine" was invented long after the discipline was well developed. His little abstract Gedankenexperiment didn't explain anything and didn't play any part in the development of actual computers. Merely an interesting detour. Much like the number-theory "foundation" of mathematics developed by Hilbert, Peano, et al, which was not a foundation at all, just a tacked-on filigree. Thousands of teachers have ruined millions of students by treating the filigree as a footing.

No, computing began in the dull and obvious location, Herman Hollerith's 1890 census tabulator. And the functions in that machine are still the dominant functions of modern computers, descended in a direct line from Hollerith. It's IBM all the way down, with considerable help from DEC and HP and Bell Labs. Steve and Bill contributed hugely in the commercial realm, making the computer seem cool and necessary; but they added nothing meaningful to the technology.

Here's a simple animation of Hollerith's 1890 Census machine. [Polistra and Happystar wanted to get in the picture, but they blocked the view of the important parts. So you'll have to imagine a person operating the press and moving the cards.]

This 1890 Tabulator only automated the most tiresome and error-prone stage of the process, counting the holes and sorting cards into 'pre-programmed' categories. When you pull the handle of the press, a grid of spring-mounted needles tries to poke through all the hole locations. Where a hole is actually punched, the needle drops through to make contact below, closing a circuit that leads to the corresponding dial above. An electromagnet ratchets the Ones dial forward one step, and the Tens dial follows by reduction gearing. Much like the escapement in a clock.

If this particular combination of holes corresponds to one of the programmed combinations, the Sorter pops an appropriate door open. You'd then take the card, drop it into the one open door, and close the door.

The programming of combinations was done mainly by soldering and unsoldering dozens of wires for each setup! There were a few switchboard-style plugin choices, which would have been like user-selected variables, not like actual software. So my animation is arbitrary, not trying to make any real combinations, showing only that the dials increment and a different door opens for each card.

This process was clearly too 'manual' even by the standards of the time, with humans performing several steps that were easily mechanized.

After 1890 Hollerith went commercial and quickly developed various ways to feed and read cards automatically, then carry them into appropriate slots. He also began to add more calculation and programming abilities.

= = = = =

The animation doesn't include the first step: Cards were punched using a pantograph-like machine, or by hand, to register the information from the handwritten census forms. One card for each person, with labeled hole locations for male, female; child, adult; white, colored; renter, owner; and so on.

Hollerith borrowed the punch idea from an early use of biometrics on Mississippi steamboats. Tickets contained a list of descriptors: race, gender, height, facial hair, etc. The conductor punched the passenger's description at boarding, then the passenger could reboard at various ports without having to pay a new fare.


And there it is. Hollerith was COUNTING occurrences of WORDS, just as Busa wanted to do. By 1949 the myth of numerical "computing" had taken over from Hollerith's original purpose, so the concept of a sorter for verbal concepts was alien to Watson.

= = = = =

Speculative: A contemporary inventor could have gone a lot farther in the verbal direction with existing technology. Some pre-Morse telegraphs had keyboards that automatically sent a code when each letter was struck, and printers that typed the letter when its code was received. A counter and sorter could have been placed in the pulse stream, outputting or registering an indication for each pre-programmed word. I imagine a setup like this, where each card is punched for a word, and the incoming stream scans across all cards at once, with each dial registering when the sequence matches the punches on its card.

This would have been commercially useful for business telegrams, where most sentences were reduced to peculiar fixed-length 'words'. The sorter could read the incoming stream and automatically place orders for the coded products!

The index typewriter, invented in 1881, was closely related to Hollerith's pantograph mechanism, and could have inspired a way of representing sentence structure on a card.

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Wednesday, March 13, 2019
  Did Boeing sin?

Precise wording is important to the Orwellian media. When they describe Guaido as the "president" of Venezuela and Maduro as the "interloper", they are setting the stage for the next action. When they take RUSSIAN_MEDDLING as sole cause of all problems, they are setting the stage for the next action.

This is highly unusual. Boeing is a major defense contractor. Media demons need a constant supply of blood and mayhem for raw material, and Boeing is a major supplier of blood and mayhem.

Now Boeing's aircraft are "crash aircraft" and the fleet is the "crash fleet" and airlines using Boeing planes are "crash airlines".

Did Boeing commit an unforgivable sin? Did one of its executives accidentally donate $0.01 to a fund that might have been remotely remotely remotely associated with a non-Hillary candidate 300 years ago?


  AMLO y el Muro

AMLO is meeting with El Salvador's new leader Bukele. The body language in the picture doesn't look especially friendly. AMLO isn't afraid to show affection when he feels it.

The caption says they're discussing how to slow down northward migration.

Who's doing more to protect OUR borders? Trump with his years of meaningless pointless noise, or AMLO with his rapid improvement of Mexican wages, and negotiating with other sources of migrants?



What's the point of this highly public "investigation" of bribery to get celebrities into college?

Everyone knows how the system works. It's not new or peculiar. Exclusive institutions, whether country clubs or colleges, are exclusively for rich fuckheads. You get into an exclusive club by proving your capacity for satanic evil.

Bribery in admissions is NOT the most important problem with colleges at the moment. It's not a problem AT ALL because it doesn't ruin any minds. Rich fuckheads are already brainless. There are DOZENS of serious brain-dissolving problems in universities right now, from tenure to tyranny.

I have to conclude that this "investigation" is an indirect way to prosecute one of the targeted people for a heretical or unfashionable action, which wasn't easily punishable by other "laws". This "crime" is like plagiarism or tax evasion. Technically illegal but nearly universal, not prosecuted unless a prosecutable "crime" is needed.

Continued here.


Tuesday, March 12, 2019
  Trump is accidentally right

Trump stated that the 737MAX is too complex to fly.

All the stock demons, both the Tesla cultists AND the alleged Tesla skeptics, are mocking him. Stock demons LOVE overcomplex shit that requires AI, because stock demons HATE HUMANITY AND WANT HUMANS TO DIE EN MASSE. GENOCIDE = INFINITE DOW.

I doubt that Trump knows much about airplanes, but the people who do know about airplanes agree with his opinion.

From an article at Deutsche Welle, hardly a Trump fan:
Boeing's new passenger aircraft has crashed twice within the space of a few months, raising a number of safety questions. So far, the 737 has been the backbone of many fleets globally.

For two years now, the Anglo-German travel company TUI has been making preparations for the arrival of Boeing's 737 MAX flagship plane. The first plane was due to be moved to Germany from Seattle this week. But now a massive debate about the safety of this aircraft is in full swing following the crash of a brand-new 737 MAX in Ethiopia on Sunday.

It's the second crash involving that particular model, following the Lion Air crash of October 2018, in which 189 people were killed. The model has now come under intense scrutiny, so how does it differ from other 737 models, the best-sold aircraft in the world?

It had developed a large number of modernized and improved versions over the years, but some 10 years ago, the company realized it had to come up with something different after rival European rival Airbus gained the upper hand in terms of global sales with its A320neo. Boeing found itself under enormous pressure to keep up. And that was its problem. Unlike the A320, which was able to accommodate larger engines under its wings, the Boeing 737 didn't lend itself easily to the same thing, as its wings were a lot closer to the ground.

Boeing was thus forced to make compromises and overhaul its old 737 model instead of developing an entirely new one. To make the LEAP engines fit under the wings, the nose landing gear had to be extended to ensure enough distance to the ground. On top of that, the new engines had to be mounted further apart from the outboard wing assembly, and that changed the plane's aerodynamics. This in turn causes the plane to lift its nose, which triggers a compressor stall in the worst case scenario, which in turn can lead to a crash.

To counter this possible effect, Boeing uses a special technology called Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS), which automatically lowers the nose to head off a compressor stall.
In other words, the plane is BUILT TO CRASH, and only the MAX performance of software keeps it from crashing. I don't know anything about planes but I know a LOT about software. I know that you CAN'T COUNT ON SOFTWARE for life-critical tasks. You always need a manual override or a human check on results.

Compare with the B-52, which is still the workhorse of our military. We have 76 B-52s built in 1961 and still flying.

Why does the B-52 fly for 60 years? BECAUSE IT WAS BUILT TO FLY, not built to crash.

The Tesla "skeptics" understand this EXACT SAME POINT in dealing with Teslas, but their autopilot bigotry cuts in when Trump happens to say something true.

I don't give a fuck who says it. True is true and false is false.

= = = = =

Graphic sidenote: I made the picture in June 2016, as the Brexit noise was starting. At that point I mistakenly believed that the UK dysgovernment was trying to achieve Brexit. The editing of the linked item shows that the truth was immediately available, but I foolishly chose to ignore the truth and go with hope for a little while. A month later the confusion was gone and the true situation was clear. Brexit is just noise. Now, THREE YEARS LATER, we see an alleged meaningless "deadline" for Brexit approaching, and we will continue to see the alleged "deadline" approaching over and over and over and over and over until the universe ends and the Dow goes hyperhyperhyperinfinite. I'm not sure why I chose to put the skeletons in an airplane; it was just a convenient way to represent a crowd of modern idiots. Modern idiots are always in airplanes because they're idiots. Now the airplane itself becomes relevant.


  All in a night's work

It's not a full moon. Must be the approaching snowstorm breaking through all the neural thresholds.

We were FUCKING DONE WITH SNOW but Ma Nature wasn't done with us.

All from one night:

The bottom item, white male in hoodie waving gun around, is the only normal event. Every night has white male in hoodie waving gun. The others are all outliers.

Later: This snowstorm was underwhelming. The Bureau put out an URGENT WINTER STORM WARNING for up to 6 inches. We got 2.5 wet inches, and it's already starting to melt.

  Twin casinos

I mentioned a dream that Spokane and Hong Kong were twin cities like Minneapolis and St Paul.

Where did this strange picture come from?

It was probably the dream scripter's physical symbol for the following line of thought....

A society based on gambling is intrinsically deadly and satanic. Gambling is PURE DESTRUCTION. Gambling creates no value. Gambling steals value from families and transfers it to the satanic elite.

Our exponential rise of death and evil is closely linked to the rising power of casinos. When casinos are present, they take total control of state and city dysgovernments, emphatically including the dysgovernment of Spokane. The NYC casino has total control of the USA dysgovernment.

This wasn't always true. FDR broke the NYC casino and gave us 40 years of real value economy and real value government. Nixon brought the casino back into power by repealing the gold standard, kicking off the share-value trend. Bill Clinton, who grew up in the Hot Springs mob, finished the job by repealing Glass-Steagall.

What else do Nixon and Bill have in common? China. Nixon unlocked the door to China and Bill married us to China.

Who are the BIGGEST gamblers in the world? Chinese.

It's a natural affinity.



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