Saturday, December 31, 2016
  The Kaiser exception

Observation I've made too often: New gadgets are rarely new. Most are either variations of present gadgets or long-standing old dreams that suddenly become possible. Why possible? New materials. The last truly new invention was around 1908. Everything since then is materials.

Material advancement leads to gadget advancement.

By numerical economics, you'd think a material maker would try to develop gadgets to use the material. Best way to expand your sales!

Nope, it ALMOST never happens that way. Makers of materials almost never spawn or produce gadgets that are enabled by the material.

Cotton growers didn't turn into clothing makers.

Lumbermills didn't turn into housebuilders.

Coal mines didn't turn into electric power companies.

Steelmakers didn't turn into carmakers.

Tungsten miners didn't build light bulbs or vacuum tubes.

Glassmakers (silicon) didn't make transistors.

= = = = =

There are some complex or parallel situations. Ford developed its own iron and wood supplies. Edison (GE) started with appliances, then became a major producer of electricity to help sell more appliances. In both cases the gadgets came first.

= = = = =

By far the most common pattern is old gadget makers turning into new gadget makers.

Carriage builders became (or were absorbed into) auto makers.

Light bulb makers specialized into vacuum tubes.

Tube makers who specialized in miniature tubes moved directly into transistors.

= = = = =

One giant exception to the rule.

Henry Kaiser broke the rule FOUR TIMES and succeeded each time.

Started with a gravel pit here in Spokane.

From gravel he expanded to concrete.

From concrete he expanded into building dams with concrete.

From the power generated by the dams he developed an aluminum industry.

From aluminum into ships.

Each of these is a switch from a material to a thing that uses the material.

He pulled the usual old-gadget to new-gadget switch only once: Ships to cars.

= = = = =

Conclusion: For everyone but Henry Kaiser, skill overrules simple economics. The skills of mining or growing don't translate into the skills of manufacturing.


  Misses every point

BBC did a brief idiot story on the scarceness of female inventors as judged by patents. Needless to say, we MUST MUST MUST "break all barriers and walls" to reach MORE THAN 100% wyyymoenes inventors. They mention that Russia is an exception to the rule. In Russia the proportion is 5:1 male, while it's more like 20 to 1 elsewhere. They attribute this to Soviet education which "broke the barriers for wyyiymmmyunses."

The idiot story gets everything wrong. (Well, I already said it's BBC, didn't I?)

1. Nature. Males are designed to try new things and take risks because males are less necessary than females. This tendency isn't absolute among humans but it's plenty strong.

2. Inventing and patents are opposites. Patents are strategic anti-invention weapons. Corporations acquire patents to HALT competing innovation. Most patents are held by males because males enjoy playing corporate war games.

3. Soviet education did a better job for girls, but not because of "glass ceiling" ratshit. Soviet science education was strongly EXPERIMENTAL AND PHYSICAL AND SANE. This was BETTER FOR EVERYONE except Jews and Orientals. Western math and science education is purely THEORETICAL AND WACKED-OUT LUNATIC, which is better for Jews and Orientals, along with a narrow slice of extremely abstract male Caucasians.


  Year-end Graybill

Already did a personal year-end thing. Ought to do the authorly year-end thing as well. What was the best thing I wrote this year? The least trivial item in a year of trivial shit?

The last few months have been scanty and distracted because of the surgery stuff in Sept. Starting earlier, the Best Thing stands out instantly.

Graybill's Law. Indexing shows 24 entries that mention it. The first mention isn't the best. This item in February where I defined skill-estate is the best.


Hernando DeSoto, who speaks fluent Polistran, comes at Antipope Bergoglio from a more biological and natural-law perspective.
Second, focus on property and not national borders. No one can successfully challenge America’s right under international public law to restrict entrance to people coming from outside across its sovereign borders. What Pope Francis can do is to publicly defend the universal right of all people – sanctioned by the U.S. Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – to enclose, defend and develop property borders inside their countries, so that they don’t have to migrate to America to get them.
Again something is missing. This time the missing element, visible as an afterimage, suggests a NEW notion.

DeSoto constantly and correctly informs us that the problem in Brazil and Mexico is poorly defined REAL-ESTATE. But DeSoto improperly applies the cure to USA/UK/EU. We have good boundaries and titles for real-estate. Our problem is poorly defined, deteriorating and polluted SKILL-ESTATE. See Graybill again.

Skill-estate is an old concept. Guilds developed to protect it. Guilds descended into unions, which then descended into mobocracy. Before this mafiation, guilds and guild-like unions maintained a strict chain of title on skills. Master rented to apprentice; apprentice paid his journeyman mortgage and gained full ownership as master.

We have some remnants of skill-estate, quickly losing legitimacy because they've neglected the importance of the skill itself. Uber vs taxis is purely a skill-estate question. Pro taxi drivers had a level of knowledge and ACCOUNTABILITY that Uber has refused to replicate. We forget this and treat the problem as purely monetary, a question of Market Efficiency. Nope, that's a false flag.

Innovative Disruptors constantly seek to break into skill-estate, vandalizing and burglarizing licensed professions from various angles. Offshoring, immigrant labor, robots. The licensers lack a proper defense because they've let the skill-estate deteriorate into pure money or pure credentialism.

When real-estate loses its basic purpose as A PLACE TO LIVE, it turns into pure GPS coordinates. Fancy neighborhoods in Frisco or Vancouver or London have succumbed to this craziness, becoming nothing more than bonds defined by latitude and longitude. No soul left, which means the abstract value is always ready to tumble.

When skill-estate loses its basic purpose as a WAY TO CREATE, it turns into pure paper credentials. College degrees, taxi medallions. The skill-soul is gone, so the abstract value can be pumped and popped by external factors.

= = = = =END REPRINT.

Later items under the skill-estate tag carry the theme further, but the original definition is sufficient.


Friday, December 30, 2016
  Wasted calibration

Latest item at KSHS hits a metrology theme.

KSHS says:
This is a photograph showing an Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway employee checking the standard mercury clock. There was at least one clock in every room and hallway of the railroad division's office, each of which was checked daily against a report from the U. S. Naval Observatory. The daily check required three minutes, and any deviation from the absolute accuracy was indicated by a card displayed prominently on the front of the case.
KSHS estimates the picture is from the late '40s. Looks more like late '50s to me from the man's glasses and clothing, but I'm usually wrong about such things.

'Mercury clock' was unfamiliar so I looked it up... it's just the usual linked system of master and slave clocks, with a switch on the main pendulum driving the escapements of the linked slaves via solenoids. The switch in this case is a mercury tilt-switch, presumably for less mechanical bounce and friction than a mechanical contact.

The calibration is nicely done but useless. The clocks are so high above eye level that parallax ruins the seconds and minutes readings.


  Natural punishment

Good parents, good teachers and good rulers understand: Punishment by Nature works best. When your stupidity is AUTOMATICALLY punished, you learn more quickly and solidly than when you sense an arbitrary human decision.

Beautiful example from the city Street Dept:

They've been threatening fines and towing for many years. Ineffective. Now they simply TELL YOU THE FACT that your car will be trapped by the plowed-out berm.

Good work.

In city govt and in Federal govt, the upper levels are hopelessly infested by hyperevil demons, while the 'mechanical' parts such as Streets or Social Security are run by normal sensible humans.

Later thought: This doesn't fully fit my usual Emersonian Justice theme. Normally I'm discussing a governmental entity defeated by Nature because it fails to understand Nature. This time we have a governmental entity UNDERSTANDING AND USING Natural Justice.


  Last remaining feedback loop

NR is working through the so-called alleged "courts" against Insatiable demon Michael Mann, who started the war by filing a defamation case against Truth. A Federal demon decided that some of demon Mann's charges could proceed and some were not worth the trouble.

I suppose NR has its Repooflican Eunuch reasons for keeping the "appeal" shit running. They should be pushing the case to a jury trial as soon as possible. Juries are the ONLY remaining reverse vector in this totally fucked totally evil unimaginably criminal former "nation". All other feedback devices have been shorted out.

Juries almost always see the truth, almost always reach correct conclusions. As globalist Insatiable demons stomp HARDER on Deplorables, jury feedback gets STRONGER.


How long will the globalist demons allow juries to exist?

More likely, how long until jury selection loses its randomness? When will a Deplorable Filter be added to the selection process?
Thursday, December 29, 2016
  Wanna talk about Christmas Miracles?

Two events today:

= = = = =

Event 1. Russia and Turkey announce ceasefire in Syria followed by peace talks.

WAR ENDS should be the ONLY headline this morning.

It took longer than I thought because we were committed to continuing our war forever. Despite our Herculean efforts to serve Soros, Russia brought Turkey onto the Allied side. That was enough to break the will of our CIA-Axis forces. Turkey's switch from serving Soros to eliminating Soros is a true miracle.

= = = = =

Event 2. Obama places more sanctions on Russia for the falsely accused crime of providing information, and for the validly accused crime of bringing peace.

Our perfect evil is perfectly exposed.

Jesus said 'blessed are the peacemakers', BushObamaClinton says 'cursed are the peacemakers'.

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  Museum piece

TVW, Wash state's version of C-SPAN, has put up a video of the Electoral College ceremony on 12/19. It's a memorable museum piece of Sorosian lunacy. All the electors are perfectly weaponized Sorosians, each instantly recognizable by Sorosian identity, each performing its identity with robotic precision. Die-Versity to the max. Every stereotype verified.

If a non-Sorosian published such a group portrait of absolutely predictable stereotypes, he'd be hanged on the spot.


  Gets it right

Daily Mail in Britain has a long article about a mysterious story that ended in Spokane. It's a longer and better article than any in Spokane media, and it gets all the local details right, which is rare even in local media and unprecedented for big metropolitan media.

Congrats to Daily Mail for PAYING ATTENTION and CHECKING FACTS.

I doubt that we'll ever know what really happened, and we don't need to know what really happened. Even so, curiosity burns bright. The available narrative doesn't fit a predictable false accusation pattern. There's no obvious motivation for such a complicated false setup. The people involved aren't rich or famous or political.


Wednesday, December 28, 2016
  Hopeless idiot

Idiot news:

The Obama administration is preparing to announce, as soon as Thursday, a series of retaliation measures against Russia for meddling in the US election.

First, if there is any evidence for Russian involvement, nobody has seen it. All we have is sound and fury by idiots.

Second, the basic circumstances of the leaks fit the actions of an insider with physical access to the server. A long 'pull' over the net would have been detected by NSA and halted.

Ockhamly, the most likely suspect is Podesta himself. He certainly had access to his own email archive. His pre-Hillary career was marked by a strong dislike of classified info. While working in Bill's admin, Podesta wrote an executive order declassifying huge batches of diplomatic and military documents. He was Wikileaks before Wikileaks was cool.

Third, even if we assume for idiot argument that Russia ran the whole operation, what was the crime? Not meddling or interfering. Hillary's campaign was the only meddler and interferer. Hillary's campaign ran all the media, wrote the questions for the debates, intentionally cheated Bernie of votes in primaries, and tried to reshape the RNC choices against Jeb. That's interference.

No matter who was delivering the info to Wikileaks, the only action by Wikileaks was PROVIDING INFORMATION.

In previous times we defined PROVIDING INFORMATION as NEWS or JOURNALISM. We didn't punish Germany for running its own shortwave stations in the 1930s, and we didn't punish Russia for running Radio Moscow in the '60s. We didn't jam those stations and we didn't punish Americans for listening to them. We had CONFIDENCE that our own prosperity and security would be sufficient argument for our side. Now we don't have CONFIDENCE. We know that our own poverty and insecurity and infinite evil and infinite insanity are driving our people to find alternate SANE views, so we have to censor and silence the alternate SANE views.

Fourth: Obama claims, just like Bush in 2001, that most of his unprovoked evil aggression will be covert. In 2001 covert unprovoked evil aggression against Afghanistan could remain covert, because Afghanistan was not an active part of the web and because many Americans (including me) were fooled into thinking that Afghanistan had been part of the 9/11 attack.

Won't work now. You can count on Russia to immediately reveal what Obama is doing, and you can count on lots of Americans to be reading the revelation.

Wikileaks opened a door that can't be closed.

= = = = =

Later: Interestingly, Putin's response shows the same CONFIDENCE that FDR and Eisenhower showed. Watching a psychopathic infant's last tantrum, Putin's spokesman says:
In our point of view such actions of the US current administration are a manifestation of an unpredictable and even aggressive foreign policy. We regret the fact that this decision was taken by the US administration and President Obama personally. ... Considering the current transition period in Washington, we still expect that we’ll be able to get rid of such clumsy actions… of behaving like a bull in a china shop, and that we’ll be able to make mutual joint steps to enter on the path of normalization of our bilateral relations.

A sane adult's CONFIDENT response to a retarded baby.


  Define claustrophobia

  Propaganda vectors

Last month I listed several leakages I'd like to see. One was:
(3) A small-market TV station or newspaper. Wikileaks showed us a direct and active conspiracy between DNC and the networks and big papers. DNC provided stories and expected headlines, and media copied as expected. Small stations and papers are equally direct and consistent, even when they're not simply carrying a network program or reprinting a NYT item. The old Groupthink excuse no longer applies. WE KNOW IT'S A CONSPIRACY. How do the lower levels receive their daily commands?
Here's an earlier example of orders to small broadcasters. A booklet issued by Office of War Information in 1942.

Clearly OWI understood the vectors of propaganda. You don't need to push an area that is already full of emotion. There's no emphasis on Britain or France or Australia because normal Americans already felt those countries as friends. Extra force was needed for Russia and especially China because we were unaccustomed to thinking of them as friends.

Since the Switchover our propaganda vectors have been pushing HARD to treat China and Saudi as allies because normal Americans understand that China and Saudi are our MORTAL ENEMIES. Our jobs are going to China, and Saudi attacked us on 9/11. Those are OBSERVABLE FACTS.

Russia required a double reversal. Before the Switchover Russia was our main enemy. Immediately after the Switchover Russia was a friend for a while because Soros was running its economy for the benefit of Soros. After Putin started to kick out the Sorosian elements we had to turn around FAST, which has required two extreme bursts of propaganda horsepower to pull two distinct handbrake turns.

= = = = =

Language sidenote: During the war The United Nations meant the Allies who were fighting AGAINST Jap/Kraut globalism. After the war, The United Nations Organization hijacked the term and flipped it into a fight FOR Wilsonian globalism.


Tuesday, December 27, 2016
  Not aluminum

Raked the roof again this aft. For the record, third raking of the season.

As I was clattering the aluminum rake down the roof, I heard another clattering behind me. Hmm. The neighbor back there has never raked. What's going on?

Looked around, saw that the clattering wasn't aluminum. It was antlers.

Two of these deer were having a gentle play-fight with their antlers. They weren't bothered in the slightest when I got off the ladder, put the ladder away, walked into the house, walked out with the camera, and snapped several crappy pictures. They just kept grazing.

Random sidenote: If curling can be a sport, why not competitive roof raking? There is a fair bit of strategy in placing the ladder, judging the depth and iciness of the snow, and reaching the maximum height. A sneaky competitor could spoil his opponent's dismount by quietly letting a herd of deer into the yard behind the opponent's back.

Jan 1: Fourth raking, for the record.

Jan 9: Fifth raking, for the record.

Jan 12 through 18: Sixth and seventh, I think. It was hectic for a while, but it PAID OFF. Now that we've finally got a thaw after four weeks of supercold, I'm free of ice dams and both sides of the roof are flowing nicely, nearly bare.

Feb 4: Eighth raking after a welcome two-week break in snow.

= = = = =

A couple more random thoughts:

Waist-high snowbanks are inconvenient in most ways, preventing you from using sidewalks even when the walks are clear. But a hard bank provides a handhold to prevent falling, and a place to set things when you need to pause and gather energy or retie shoes. It's almost like walking down an aisle with railings and counters on both sides.

The luckiest roofs in snow are the unlucky houses that still carry blue tarps from the windstorms of 2014 and 2015. The blue plastic is the most perfect snow-shedder of all. Snow simply WILL NOT stick to those tarps.


  Trusting your algorithms

News or something:
A Christmas service at a church in Sri Lanka would have turned into a rap concert if it weren't for members who recognized 1990s hip hop - Tupac Shakur to be exact. According to a tweet by Ravindu Thimantha G., the church accidentally printed the lyrics to Tupac's Hail Mary on the event pamphlet, instead of the more common Christian prayer.
Sooner or later an idiot church looking for lyrics about Christmas will end up playing this:

(Not the worst version by any means, but the more serious versions online don't contain the Christmas Tree keyword.)
  Two Kuhns in one week!

Two enemies of science died this week, doing their part to Kuhnize two separate anti-science monstrosities. A not-very-famous climate criminal named Sellers died, and an astronomer named Rubin who began the unbelievably bizarre hyperpsychotic hyperdelusion of "dark matter" has died.

Unusually, the "dark matter" psychosis is starting to lose momentum BEFORE all of its lunatic monsters have died; but every little Kuhn helps.

Two [clap] two [clap] two Kuhns in one!

Of course the evil monsters of "journalism" see it differently. From ABC demon just now: "... unraveling the mysteries of dark matter that makes up xxx% of the universe but still hasn't been observed."

I didn't catch the percent but it doesn't matter.

= = = = =




  Non-hacking barkers

The "Russian" "hacking" ratshit seems to have faded rather quickly.

As the saying goes, "journalists" are never right, but occasionally they will stop being wrong.

Oddly enough, some real news is getting covered, such as the gang violence in Chicago.

This did not exist while Obama was in office for obvious reasons. Now that Trump can be blamed for domestic events, domestic problems are news again. Note the word 'empowered'. We know where that's going.
Monday, December 26, 2016
  Contra Longenecker

Rev Longenecker on EWTN says: Dark is absence of light, cold is absence of heat. In the same way, evil is not a thing. Evil is the absence of good. We shouldn't pray to get rid of evil, we should pray to increase good.

No. Wrong.

From the viewpoint of LIFE, which is the only viewpoint we have (death doesn't view anything!) all of these spectra are two-sided. We don't see each spectrum as a single vector starting from zero. We see both directions as REAL DESTINATIONS starting from a center that corresponds to our current condition. Movements along either vector can be performed by adding or subtracting various absorbers or generators. We can usually choose more than one method to move in a desired direction, depending on available technology or resources.

Life requires a certain amount of light. Darkness is less luminosity than we need. Light is more luminosity than we have. We can add darkness by painting walls and ceilings black, or by turning off a lamp.

Life requires a certain amount of heat. Cold is less molecular vibration than we need. Warmth is more molecular vibration than we have. We can add cold by turning on the air conditioner, or by turning off the heater.

Life is order, and life requires a framework or matrix of positive order around it. Evil is less order than we need. Goodness is more order than we have. We can add evil by creating confusion and blackmail and cognitive dissonance, or by removing an order-making device.

Example 1: We can add evil in Iraq by training and funding al-Qaeda, or by removing Saddam. We chose to do both.

Example 2: We can add evil in a church by training and funding LGBT activists, or by removing the matrix of the Mass and the authority of Natural Law. We chose to do both.

Example 3: We can add evil in a city by training and funding #BlackLivesMatter, or by paralyzing the police. We chose to do both.

Directly to Longenecker's point:

Any person or government or organization that creates chaos is evil.

The best way to fight a chaos-generator is to ELIMINATE it from your surroundings, not to counter it with order. No amount of order can break the power of a chaotizer like Soros. The only solution is to create firm BOUNDARIES, then remove all of the parasite's tentacles from your BOUNDARIES. This is exactly why SatanSoros hates BOUNDARIES. When all borders are OPEN, there is no way to remove SatanSoros from any area, no way to divide life from death.

= = = = =


We don't typically include sound or smell in these two-way patterns. Modern humans are accustomed to thinking solely in visual terms and ignoring the need for ordered SOUND and ordered SMELLS. Blind people can't afford this modern prejudice.

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  Hey fuckheads!

BBC is running a feature on the 25th anniversary of Soviet collapse. They cheer Ukraine's 1991 referendum for independence.

Hey fuckheads! If referendums for independence are good, then how come you CUSSED Crimea's referendum for independence FROM Ukraine, and how come you're still cussing Britain's referendum for independence from EU?

No contradiction, no paradox.

Soros explains all. Soviet collapse was engineered by Soros, so it's good. Crimean independence was contrary to Soros, so it's bad. Brexit is HIGHLY contrary to Soros, so it's EXTREMELY bad.

Sunday, December 25, 2016
  Guinness record for realism

Vesna Vulovic has died quietly at age 66, long after surviving an early "terrorist" plane crash. The crash didn't make world news at the time because we hadn't yet weaponized "terrorism" as a device to justify exterminating Deplorables.
Vesna, a Belgrade native, entered the Guinness World Records book after surviving the highest ever fall without a parachute. She was the sole survivor of the explosion of JAT Flight 367 near Srbska Kamenice, Czechoslovakia on January, 26, 1972. She was found alive amid the wreckage after plummeting some 10,160 meters.

“It is estimated that the human body reaches 99 percent of its low level terminal velocity after falling 573 m (1,880 ft) which takes 13 - 14 sec. This is 188-201 km/h (117 - 125 mph) at normal atmospheric pressure in a random posture, but up to 298 km/h (185 mph) in a head down position,” Guinness said of her record, that was nothing short of a miracle.
The Guinness discussion of freefall** was wrong since Vesna didn't freefall. She stayed in the back part of the plane as it fell. Still EXTREMELY unusual to survive such a fall.

But she really deserves the Guinness for something vastly more important:
“I’m not lucky. Everybody thinks I am lucky, but they are mistaken. If I were lucky I would never have had this accident and my mother and father would be alive. The accident ruined their lives too,” Vulovic said thirty years after the crash.
Guinness for REALISM AND LOGIC AND EMPATHY. Unquestionable winner in all three categories.

So RIP to Vesna, the sanest person in the world.

= = = = =

** Techy quibble: There's no point in looking for the highest freefall. If you're trying to resist the wind, you'll reach max speed of 120 mph after about 1500 feet, skyscraper or radio tower height. Beyond 1500 feet you won't gain more speed. It's really a question of HOW you land and WHAT you land on.
Saturday, December 24, 2016
  Christmas at the mill

Doing the year-end thing.

Internally this was a messy year. Several months were 'tainted' by the long process of getting through medical litigocracy, lining up surgery, recovering.

Externally, wonderful news from Europe and Africa. The Soros Empire is falling apart. Sane countries like Russia and Turkey are DELETING Soros entirely from their boundaries. Ambiguous news from USA STRONG. It's still not clear whether Trump belongs to Soros or not, and even less clear that he will be ALLOWED to do anything contrary to Sorosian orders. Remains to be seen.

So I'll just use the tower in Polistra's new mill town to make some music. This is purely and unambiguously JOYFUL. Probably the best thing I've ever 'made' in the graphics world. Happystar stars happily in this clip:

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Friday, December 23, 2016

Hundreds of elite Insatiables PROMISED to remove their cancerous evil from America if Trump won. None of them will carry out the PROMISE, because they love killing Americans and drinking our blood more than they love any form of integrity.

Trump should set up a Department of Deportation Fulfillment to enforce these verbal contracts. Any famous Insatiable who PUBLICLY PROMISED to leave will be permanently banished, and all sources of revenue in USA will be frozen. Treat them the same way we treat a "terrorist" country or company, except that these fuckheads are REAL terrorists.
  Frugal thought

Dave Ramsey and Clark Howard are working the same territory from opposite ends. Clark tells you how to serve Satan cheaply. Dave tells you how to avoid serving Satan by staying out of debt to Satan's servants.
  Phrase origin

I always wondered where the phrase 'knockdown dragout brawl' came from.


Thursday, December 22, 2016

North Carolina legislature fails to repeal its bathroom law.

Bad move.

The state law was necessary in the first place because Charlotte had passed a city ordinance REQUIRING "trans" bathrooms. The Charlotte law was objectively evil, antifactual and antiscience. As long as Charlotte insisted on FORCING evil, the state needed to halt the Charlotte law.

Someone persuaded Charlotte to repeal its evil city law with the expectation that the state would then repeal its protection against the Charlotte evil. After both repeals, the legal situation would then return to the CORRECT form, which is NO LAWS AT ALL on this subject. Businesses and organizations should be free to set up bathrooms any way they want. Competition and feedback will NATURALLY eliminate the evil arrangements, as we see with Target.

By welshing on the deal, the state has invited VASTLY more evil. Soros will attack ferociously and relentlessly on all fronts, commercially, governmentally and militarily. Superstupid.
  Gets it.

Amazingly BBC has published several paragraphs of TRUTH. A brief essay by an Israeli historian observes reality accurately.
The liberal story says that humankind is inevitably marching towards a global society of free markets and democratic politics. Those who willingly join the march of history by opening their borders and liberalising their markets and politics will be rewarded with peace and prosperity. Those who refuse to liberalise and globalise are doomed to failure.

However, since the global financial crisis of 2008, people all over the world have become increasingly disillusioned with the liberal story.

Whereas a few years ago Americans and Europeans were still trying to liberalise Iraq and Libya at the point of the gun, they now have second thoughts even about American democracy and European identity. More and more Americans and Europeans are convinced that liberalisation and globalisation are a huge fraud that serves the interests of a tiny elite at the expense of the masses.
Exactly right. Because he's using Euro terminology he misses one USA STRONG detail. Both of our brands adopted globalism as The Only Possible Agenda. The R brand called it Conservatism and the D brand called it Liberalism. This enabled both brands to run their Symmetrical Scapegoating routine, attributing failures of globalism to the OTHER brand. If only WE can get into office and run the same evil under OUR brand, everything will be fine.
Wednesday, December 21, 2016
  Softwarically interesting

Looks like the "State" of Wash will be imposing a fine on the D electors who picked Colin Powell or the Gaian injun. The law is clear on this point. Electors are not just voters who can follow their "conscience"; they are agents of their party, bound to support the party nominee in the same way that a bookkeeper is bound to deposit the company receipts in the company account, not in his own account.

The law itself contains an interesting surprise. There's a movement to end-run the corrupt EC with a system that follows the actual vote more closely. I discussed it in 2009, before Wash had fully passed the law. I didn't realize it had been fully passed.

Here's the relevant section. Note the HOWEVER.
Each presidential elector shall execute and file with the secretary of state a pledge that, as an elector, he or she will vote for the candidates nominated by that party. The names of presidential electors shall not appear on the ballots. The votes cast for candidates for president and vice president of each political party shall be counted for the candidates for presidential electors of that political party; however, if the interstate compact entitled the "agreement among the states to elect the president by national popular vote," as set forth in RCW 29A.56.300, governs the appointment of the presidential electors for a presidential election as provided in clause 9 of Article III of that compact, then the final appointment of presidential electors for that presidential election shall be in accordance with that compact.
The internal link in the law leads to the verbatim text of the National Popular Vote agreement. Here's the key point:
This agreement shall take effect when states cumulatively possessing a majority of the electoral votes have enacted this agreement in substantially the same form and the enactments by such states have taken effect in each state.
Obviously the Compact hasn't yet been ratified by a majority of the electoral votes, or we would have seen it working this year. Maybe the widespread annoyance of this year's result will lead to more ratifications.

It's softwarically interesting to see a provision of written law that is dormant at the moment, waiting for other states to write the same law. Like a function that won't get called until other computers on the network have the same function installed. Normally a written law is always active, ready to return a penalty when its own input is directly triggered.
  Front-panel controls

Looking again at GenRad stuff. For many years GenRad had a recognizable style:

Split-oval meters, square-handled knobs, non-concentric dials.

In the mid-60s they briefly tried a different style, which has always been relatively rare:

I guess you'd call this an analog toggle. It seems to have started with aircraft controls. The '36 Cord brought it into the automotive world, where it later became universal for heater controls. In an electrical context, analog toggles were common on stage lighting systems and broadcast studio equipment.

This form is 'organic' in the sense that it works like fingers and arms and jaws. But fingers and arms and jaws are OUTPUT transducers, not INPUT controls.

Question: Why don't we have more physical INPUT transducers? More front-panel controls? Nature designed all sorts of communication systems between the earth and plants and animals, but didn't use any of the physical controls that we build into our devices, with one exception.

I asked this question in a narrower sense earlier...


Most mammals have a number of external 'action buttons'. Cats are famous for their lick-button near the first sacral vertebra, and the ears are a good pleasure spot on most of us. One button that seems to be common to humans, cats and dogs is just over the eyes. When rubbed at just the right speed and with just enough pressure, this spot leads to calm and ultimately to sleep.

Thinking in terms of the Grand Blueprint idea... The common genome contains instructions for each significant part of the animal or plant, drawn up as purpose or function instead of specific form.

I'm tempted to impute some thoughts to the Designer. "Hmm. These mammals are likely to get awful feisty, and I've given them enough brainpower to do great harm. Maybe I should provide an external Standby Switch in the same place on everyone, and see if they learn how to use it."

Will the Designer ever decide to click all of us into Standby Mode?


These sweet spots are basically pushbuttons or touch sensors. Their function is limited and non-forcible. There are no pull-switches or twist-knobs or toggles or sliders on an animal or plant, no way for the hive or pack to provide info or restrictions via physical manipulation. (Obviously the hive or pack can kill or eject or starve a heretic, but that's not the same thing as panel controls.)

Nature has always preferred wireless. Chemical signals between plants. Radio broadcasts between fish. Acoustic and visual signals everywhere. Static fields between flowers and insects. Magnetic fields between the earth and living creatures.

Each living thing is meant to run its own life without FORCIBLE intervention by other living things. We DETECT the intentions or conditions of other creatures, then we DECIDE what to do about those intentions or conditions, while engaging in constant two-way feedback with the other creature.

Considering this universality, it's odd that our machines were so slow to incorporate wireless or contactless sensors. For a thousand years we were building and using controls in a way that Nature never intended.

Radio depended on a long string of development in materials and understanding, so it probably couldn't have happened sooner. We could have built voice-controlled gadgets in 2000 BC but we didn't. Everyone who plays a stringed instrument experiences sympathetic resonance. Many players learn to use it. Why didn't anyone think of using resonance to trigger a larger action? Whistle the right note, drop a rock on the enemy.


  Where are the deprogrammers?

Cults in the '70s turned alienated kids into weapons. Some of the cults had a religious flavor, some economic. All used the same boot-camp methods to replace ordinary logic and common sense with Total Obedience To Maximum Leader.

Late in the '70s, parents called on Deprogrammers who ran an inverse boot-camp to rip out the cult wiring and let normal wiring rebuild itself.

Where are the Deprogrammers for Sorosian cults?

Their job would be a lot harder today. In 1977 the cults were DIVERSE, owned and run by DIFFERENT PEOPLE who were competing for followers. In 1977 the media was not part of the cults. TV wasn't trying to teach common sense, but at least it wasn't explicitly reinforcing the messages of Moon or EI. The telephone system didn't actively censor your conversations to replace "fake thoughts" with Moonie thoughts. It just carried your speech in electrical form.

Now all cults are fully owned by Soros, all media are fully owned by Soros, and the Soros-owned phone system acts as an ever-present thought squasher. Deprogramming would be a lot harder, but it's always possible.

[I think I've asked this before, but it's still an important and unanswered question.]

= = = = =

Later thought after reading this remarkably objective account of a young intellectual's journey into ISIS, war and death. The story is identical to the experience of the '70s, except that the '70s cults didn't make actual war.

Clearly the shock of entering a secular college is the key to many of these stories. People who skip college don't get the shock, so they're less likely to need a cult. We'd have a lot less cult problems if we shaped our expectations and subsidies toward apprenticeship instead of college. Alternately, we could return to an earlier era when both Rome and Islam had strong quasi-monastic centers of learning. It's clear that this particular story would have ended happily if the dude had been able to use his intellect in a sacred environment for sacred purposes.


Tuesday, December 20, 2016
  Mai? Sempre.

Via Real Clear Clickbait:

Lamborghini. Just saying the word conjures up images of supercars and the life of luxury as only Italy can supply it.

Luxury? Italy? First thought: Luxury isn't a good word for stuff that doesn't work.

Second thought: How would I know? I've NEVER owned anything made in Italy. Delving back through memory, I can't spot one item. No cars, no radios, no clothing, no books or magazines, no food.

Food with Italian names like minestrone and spaghetti and zucchini and broccoli, certainly. Nearly everything I eat has Italian names! But no food actually made there.

I've always been a geography nerd, so I've always been conscious of where things are made. I like to think about places and imagine how an object carries the flavor or feel of a place. Most of the imagining is pointless and wrong, but nevertheless it's an innate universal.

Italy is purely alien.


As I was writing this, I was looking at the monitor and keyboard part of the time, then as usual glancing over to the right to think. Here's what I see when I'm thinking.....

Olivetti. So I'm COMPLETELY UNFAMILIAR with Italian things EXCEPT for all the food I eat, and EXCEPT for this thing that occupies my field of vision half the time. Jesus.


  Someone of uuuuhhhhh

The baby subdemons at KXLY did their usual fake news timeslice with their boss superdemons at ABC Fake News.

The subject is yesterday's Berlin truck attack. ABC superdemon performed amazing verbal gymnastics to avoid saying Muslim or Arab or Of A Migrating Background. He said the Kraut cops were interviewing "someone of uuuuuhh" but weren't satisfied with his answers, so Krauts were warned to stay vigilant in case the real "someone of uuuuhhh" was still at large. KXLY baby subdemons, to their credit, used the prohibited word ISIS in asking the next question, but ABC superdemon stuck the landing: "Well, all the usual suspects, left, right and center, are popping up."


  Why Powell?

Three Hillarian electors here in Wash voted for Colin Powell. One voted for some injun associated with Gaia. The Gaian injun vote is normal for fuckheads, but why Powell?

If the Hillarians are protesting against "Russian" "hacking", Powell is exactly the wrong protest vote. He's famous for using CIA lies to start a war. His lie has been used lately by the Wikileaks side to help prove (unnecessarily) that CIA always lies.

Powell is a warmonger using CIA lies, Hillary is a warmonger using CIA lies. Are the electors saying that they'd rather have a Warmongering Liar Of Colour instead of a Warmongering Liar Of Gender?
  Dropbox follows the Yahoo model

For several years I've been paying for a full Dropbox account. It was needed when I was working with NYC publisher on courseware. I kept it going after the work was done for two reasons.

(1) A new courseware contract is possible but unlikely. [July 2017: It happened after all.]

(2) Better reason is to serve as a holder for blog material. I've been using UOL/FreeServers for this purpose, but they're getting flaky about payments. Almost every month their payment system rejects my card, and I have to go in and switch to the other card, which then succeeds. Card #2 fails the next month, so I switch back to card #1 which then succeeds. Both cards are perfectly good for all other vendors. UOL's system is obviously fucked. Maybe it doesn't wait long enough for the bank's return info. At some point this mess will fail entirely, so I've been trying to find an alternative.

Dropbox is easier to use, I'm already set up and paying, and their payment system never fails.

Now Dropbox has made this use impossible with a new policy that eliminates Public folders. You can't use Dropbox as a repository for embedded images.

They must be inviting Marissa to buy them out. They want to look maximally attractive to Marissa, so they're eliminating useful features. Only useless shit is good enough for Marissa.
Monday, December 19, 2016
  Best graphic of the year

This cartoon on hypothermia from the Weather Bureau.

Super-simple, gets the point across with humor. The mouth on the 'speech difficulty' item is perfect. Been there, done that, know how it feels.
  Old wine, better by comparison

A couple months ago I was surprised by a new AM station popping up with CLASSICAL MUSIC. The music turned out to be an airtest, not the format. I admired the unusually high fidelity of the signal, well above other local AM signals. Reminded me of old pre-1960 radio when classical was an expected part of AM broadcasts.

Now the station (KFIO) is fully operational, and it turns out to be a return of Tom Read's commercial Christian station to AM. I used to listen fairly steadily in the early '90s, then wandered away. Read's outfit has bounced around the AM and FM bands since then. Much of the programming is 'old wine in new bottles'.

Since the alternatives were even more annoying, I went ahead and listened to good old J Vernon McGee's daily sermon. In the early '60s McGee recorded a 5-year sequence that runs through the entire Bible. The sequence has been repeating on Christian stations ever since, with modern intros and outros.

Today's segment dealt with another repeating sequence, a piece of Levitican Natural Law that I hadn't heard before: the fractal 7s. Every 7th day is a sabbath for human labor. Every 7th year is a sabbath for land and other assets. After 7 sabbath year cycles comes a Jubilee year, which forces an end to debt and serfdom contracts. Land contracts and labor contracts were supposed to be priced in proportion to the time remaining before Jubilee, providing a positive feedback loop to keep the Jubilee running. (No excuse for skipping it because a contract was priced for a longer term.)

McGee was a serious scholar who knew how to handle the linguistic and mathematical aspects of this law, and a good teacher who could translate the laws to modern purposes. I didn't appreciate his depth before. Perhaps the rapidly falling quality of everything else makes the gradient or delta steeper.

Could we bring back a sabbath-year sequence as real government-backed law? It would help to break the power of banks.

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  Lost Yahoo

Continuing with the Johnny Mathis view of business:

I want to make the performance perfect so I don't ruin 11 million records.

Mathis sees his job as protecting the investment of his customers, even though most have forgotten him and many are dead. Those people bought his records for a purpose, and he doesn't want to violate their trust.

Compare with Yahoo. For a 'portal' like Yahoo, the trust of its customers is its main asset. Customer loyalty is not just a moral value, it's officially quantified. The list of 500 million names with information is the property Yahoo should be guarding above all.

So naturally, being Yahoo, it doesn't guard the property. Yahoo continued using an old encryption for several years after it was known to be useless. Sort of like a bank using a Yale padlock to secure its vault.

But this was OK because CEO Marissa was ALSO doing everything possible to lose the emotional loyalty of her customers. Eliminating useful services, ruining Flickr, trying hard to lose smart employees. So the loss on the emotional side compensated for the loss on the financial side.

In Marissa Math, a loss plus a loss equals a gain. Or something.
Sunday, December 18, 2016
  La ville du Spocane?

I wonder if the "city" of Spokane has hired un Tweeteur Francophone, or just switched to a non-English autocorrecteur d'orthographie?

Beg pardon, Mon Soor, but round these here parts we call that there place 'South Hill', not 'south face', and we call them there thangs 'streetlights', not 'luminaires'. And when them streetlights fall, we say they done fell, not 'downed'. Only aerioplanes git 'downed'.


  Non-lost Mathis

Nice contrast to Lessig and Stein spoiling their lives and purposes by serving the Empress.

EWTN has an interview with Johnny Mathis, a singer who was popular when I was a kid and is still singing now at age 37816247 or so.

Mathis discusses the discipline and exercise required to keep his voice in top form at 37816247 and the need to skip certain songs that are no longer in range. He makes one BIG point.

Nearly quoting: I want to make the performance perfect so I don't ruin 11 million records.

He considers his sold records to be a CALIBRATED REFERENCE STANDARD, and performs to maintain the STANDARD for the customers who laid down good money for the STANDARD.

Lessig and Stein are performing with the sole purpose of DEFRAUDING their previous customers.


  Lost Lessig

About 10 years ago Lessig made sense. He wrote an incisive and valid takedown of the Steamboat Willie copyright law, and proposed a sane alternative. A real solution to a real problem.

Now he's just fucked. He non-seriously ran for President this time on a platform of OPENNESS AND TRANSPARENCY. GoldmanTrump has been elected SPECIFICALLY BY THE OPENNESS AND TRANSPARENCY OF WIKILEAKS, so Lessig is grotesquely unhappy that OPENNESS AND TRANSPARENCY actually worked.

Like Jill Stein, his supposed platform turns out to be a fake cover story. He didn't have a purpose or a platform. He's nothing more than a Clinton Empire weapon.

What's the battle plan? Best guess: Lessig and Stein were paid to help invalidate the election, based on a Hillarian plan to take over after the coup. When their candidacies failed to invalidate, both were given new assignments. Stein was assigned to run recounts, Lessig to flip electors.

Both of these efforts have also failed.

However: Since GoldmanTrump is also an Empire weapon with a fake cover story, the above HA HA is a hollow and provisional HA HA.
Saturday, December 17, 2016
  McMorris continues as a reference standard

Interview with McMorris in local paper, stressing that GoldmanTrump did NOT offer her the Interior Sec job. Good insight into GoldmanTrump's NYC concerns. He sees 'outdoors' as a place for High Net Worth Recreation, so the Interior is a place for High Net Worth Individuals to shoot trophies. He wants HNW hunters to have more places to shoot trophies, so he gave the Interior job to a HNW gun dude. GoldmanTrump didn't discuss anything IMPORTANT with McMorris, just more access for HNW gun dudes.

IMPORTANT = real value economy. IMPORTANT = defending dams, loggers and ranchers from the omnicidal depredations of Federal environmental and "endangered species" ratshit.

McMorris has been rock-solid and CORRECT on those IMPORTANT matters, and states that she will continue to be solid whether GoldmanTrump likes it or not.

As I said before, a standard measuring unit. One of the few REAL GROWNUPS in DC. I don't agree with some of her unimportant directions, but that's OK. I don't agree with everything that Volts or Ohms or Kilograms do, but I deeply appreciate and respect the FIRMNESS of standards.

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  What was the earlier Unholy Trinity?

Mostly for my own thinking....

When globalism restarted in 1946, it linked three main sources of power, and this Unholy Trinity continues today. Investment banks, intel agencies, and leftist organizations. At the start it was Bernard Baruch, OSS, and mainly Communist orgs.

Along the way most of the banking class has been involved in Leg 1 of the Tripod. Soros is the visible sharp edge in recent decades.

In Leg 2, OSS changed to CIA and then branched out to subagencies like Natl Endowment for "Democracy".

In Leg 3, leftist groups have gradually shifted from Marxist to "Christian". WCC, Episcopal, Rome.

Question: What was the alliance in globalism's earlier incarnation from 1898 to 1929? Bankers are always globalists, so that's a constant. But we didn't have a proper OSS or CIA until WW2, and we didn't have the same network of Quangos on the left. Revolutionaries were stubbornly independent. The only common point I can see is the Red Cross, which served globalist purposes under Herbert Hoover.

Later: Seeing bankers as the constant provides the answer. The other legs of the tripod are incidental tools and weapons for the bankers, not necessary pieces of the globalist machine.

What's the solution?

Complete removal of banks isn't practical or helpful. Banks have a proper and natural international purpose. They make trade and credit possible by exchanging currency smoothly.

Restricting the currently infinite POWER of banks IS possible, as FDR showed. Pure numbers can be infinite. Real STUFF and real SERVICES are finite. Go back to FDR. Eliminate the parts of banking that don't depend on real concrete value. Restrict derivatives and futures to actual contracts for actual future DELIVERY of actual STUFF. Eliminate all abstract bets. Eliminate fractional reserve, restore something like the gold standard.


  What counts

Trying to stand back from the puppet theater of the monsters, remind myself of what counts. Eliminate the Who, concentrate on the How and What.

The most important Big Fact is that the globalists are losing their Empire. Major parts of the Empire have already broken away, and more are peeling off every month.

Are they losing their propagandists? Compare with 1918. Globalists owned ALL the media, screaming against Germany in the same way that they scream now against Russia. In 1918 the media led America into a pointless participation in a worse than pointless war. Now there is a strong and active anti-globalist media, even if it doesn't run the dying newspapers and the dying TV networks.

How about finance vs real value economy? The bankers will never be punished for their infinite thefts, but it looks like they're starting to get tired of crime. Some manufacturers are also getting tired of outsourcing now that China is pulling away from their Empire. Are they responding to Trump? Doesn't matter. They're starting to turn around.

I'm more worried about the localized and cultural tentacles of Soros, through Bloomberg's control of mayors and through the churches. Antichrist Bergoglio can do more damage than any newspaper or network. I don't see an adequate counterforce in this realm. Putin can't help here.


Friday, December 16, 2016

Up to now, all Deepstate Wars On X followed a predictable Parkinsonian pattern.

1920 War On Alcohol: Outlaw drinking, make more drinkers so the Treasury agents can expand their budget.

1965 War On Poverty: "Alleviate" poverty, make more poverty so gov't welfare agencies can grow.

1980 War On Drugs: Outlaw drugs, make more drug addicts so DEA can expand its budget.

2001 War On Terror: Outlaw terrorism, create more terrorists so DHS, FBI, TSA, DOD can expand their budgets.

Now we have a new waron, officially declared by Obama today, but the pattern isn't fully formed yet.

2016 War On Truth: Outlaw truth, create more truth-tellers so ... ???

At this early date it's not clear which agency is meant to benefit. Quangos like Google and Apple and Facebook will certainly win more gov't contracts to exterminate truth. But they aren't exactly agencies. Will we see a new officially defined Minitrue?


  Thanks for proving 2

RCS mentions an intentionally silly study on occupational efficiency by a Swedish researcher.
As many as ten million hotel bathrooms are cleaned each and every day, and in a significant portion, cleaning staff are required to fold the toilet paper roll, assuring guests that the bathroom is clean and ready to use. In more ritzy hotels, staff even leave behind elaborate, artistic designs. Ljung questions how necessary this task really is.

"Is it really defendable and appropriate that someone else has spent time on folding the toilet paper you are just about to use?" he writes.

Recognizing this wasted work, Ljung estimated how much time is spent folding toilet paper in hotels each and every year. Recruiting his two kids as co-authors ... Ljung clocked sixty attempts to fold a basic toilet paper design (shown below). The average folding time was 5.73 seconds. Ljung then multiplied that time by an estimate of the number of hotel cleanings performed each day to approximate the number of hours hotel staff all over the world spend folding toilet paper each year. The range was 3.8 million to 14.2 million hours!
1. You're not entitled to ask whether it's "defendable". The fancy hotels know that their customers like it. If their customers didn't like it, they'd stop doing it. Hotel management is sensitive to feedback. Researchers are not.

2. Doing the fold by itself is unrealistic, and your kids will not do it efficiently. You should have asked a hotel manager how much time it ADDS to the overall room-prep time. The manager already knows, or would be willing to stopwatch an expert maid for precision.

2a. I'm not totally sure of this, but I'd bet $50 that the maids enjoy adding a little art to their routine job, and compete with each other for the best-looking result. More art = bigger tip.

3. Multiplying by all hotels is really really stupid. Only the top few hotels, maybe a few hundred in the world, play this game. You can be EXTREMELY SURE that the Patel Motel in Anytown USA would fire a maid who tried this trick.

4. Thus the better question is: Why would a researcher waste his own time and his university's time by doing a study so transparently poor, with so many obvious mistakes?

Easy answer: Because that's the standard in top-notch fancy "science". Fancy hotels expect and enforce artistic and efficient performance. Fancy "science" expects bottom-quality shit.


  Thanks for proving my point

Yesterday, in a plaintive mood, I wondered what would happen if NSA (etc) decided to spy on Americans the old-fashioned way. Would they finally understand why this country is fucked? Of course not. Their brains contain the same programming as their computers.

1 while 1:
2 find(Deplorable);
3 exterminate(Deplorable);
4 loop;

This morning I noticed an interesting "reader" in Statcounter. Advanced Decision Systems in McLean VA, a company with definite CIA connections. Were they reading the above item? Were they thinking about it?

Of course not. They were reading the stupidest thing I ever wrote, as usual with unfamiliar "readers".

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Thursday, December 15, 2016
  On the ground

An unintended eye-opener in a column by Napolitano. He's mainly worrying, as usual, about the obsolete null question of "constitutionality". He accidentally hits a HUGE point here:

The raw data these agencies examine is the same. Today America’s spies rarely do their own spying; rather, they rely on the work done by the National Security Agency.


Old-fashioned spies planted themselves in real industries and real neighborhoods where they could OBSERVE REALITY with all of their senses.

China's spies still do it that way. China has 100k physical spies in our industries and research facilities. They OBSERVE REALITY DIRECTLY.

QUESTION. What would happen if NSA decided to put less emphasis on its ELECTRONIC monitoring of Americans, and instead did some Chinese-style spying on Americans?

What would a truly observant NSA spy see and smell and hear in an ordinary neighborhood like this one?

He would see white and black and injun people mostly getting along and mostly minding their own business.

He would see a few people who are committing crimes, and he would notice that those people are black. He would see that the police are hesitant to do anything about these criminals because the fucking city dysgovernment fears Soros and does not fear the people who pay taxes.

He would see ordinary black single mothers herding their kids to school just like ordinary white single mothers, both afraid of the black criminals.

He would see Mormon families somehow insulated from cultural rot, and he would see non-Mormon families falling apart and overdosing and jumping from bridges.

He would see some people working 18 hours a day, living no better than the people who are relying on food stamps and welfare.

Would he conclude that the people around here didn't need Russian "hacking" to become discontented with the 30-year-long WAR ON AMERICA waged by the globalists?

No, but at least he would have NO EXCUSE for missing reality.

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  Another industry safe from Amazon? NO.

Reading an article on Packard's concept cars in Collectible Auto mag.

Placing 'Packard' and 'show car' in the same thought is already dissonant. The prettiest of the show cars, the Pan-American,

came close to limited production. It was developed by Henney, a coachbuilder that specialized in hearses.

Even more dissonant. Fast sporty car by a hearse-maker. Henney seemed to enjoy the work, perhaps as a welcome relief from their normally depressive subject.

Earlier I noted that the tobacco industry was the one major business guaranteed safe from Amazon takeover. Tobacco is the epitome of DEPLORABLE.

How about the business of Death and Death Accessories? Is it safe from Amazon for the same reason? If not, what would an Innovative And Disruptive IPO do to the D & DA industry? Would it sport-ify the business like the Pan-American?

Your built-in fitness app detects cessation of heartbeat. A drone picks up your remains, incinerates in carbon-neutral style, and distributes the ashes over your chosen territory, all without providing any human jobs.

Yeah, I think Amazon Gone is coming soon. Drones break into Deplorable houses, snatch up unchipped heretics, quietly incinerate.

Sounds awfully familiar. I guess Disraptive is the correct term here, not Disruptive.
  No, wait.

Headline on article by Ritholtz:

Put Forecasting in Its Final Resting Place

Promising. I started reading....
One of the things I failed to learn after writing a book was the simple fact that methodically demonstrating a thing with data and evidence doesn’t resolve that issue. I shouldn’t have been so naive, given that some people still are flat-earthers, or are anti-vaxxers, or Holocaust deniers, or claim that global warming is a Chinese hoax.

Which is why, despite all of the earlier discussions about the folly of forecasts, I find myself once again compelled to bring up this subject......
I got ready to debunk the usual false conflations, then realized... the people who NEED to learn that forecasting is wrong are the same people who will CALMLY NOD THEIR HEADS at the first paragraph.

People like me who GROWL at the first paragraph don't NEED to learn that forecasting is wrong. We already know.

Though Ritholtz didn't mean it that way, the first paragraph is a proper self-selecting filter, like the sucker filter on scam emails.
  Real scientists should love Wikileaks

In terms of raw information, Wikileaks (and earlier leakers, especially the 2009 Climate Crime leaker) have provided a great service. We now know IN DETAIL how the elite criminals operate.

Less obvious: Wikileaks provided a more subtle level of learning which SHOULD be appreciated by real scientists and real science teachers. It should be ESPECIALLY appreciated by "scientific" tyrants like DeGrasse who insist that politics needs to be run "scientifically".

The more subtle learning is a HUNGER FOR VERIFICATION. In the last few months of the Podesta pile, Wikileaks added an internal verification code to each email, so that people who wanted to run the trace could see that the email was actually sent from or to Podesta. This VERIFICATION made it IMPOSSIBLE for the Hillary syndicate to claim that the emails were forged or altered.

Wikileaks is THE FULL AND PRECISE DEFINITION of running politics scientifically. That's the ENTIRE AND PRECISE POINT of Wikileaks, which DeGrasse is too delusional to understand.

Real science teachers are always trying to cultivate this hunger and respect. It's an intrinsic part of real science. METROLOGY. Calibrate your instruments, know where each measurement came from, know the baseline, keep notes of your raw data and each stage of processing so you can walk back to the real data if you suspect ... or a reader suspects ... that your statistical processing is biased.

Paid "scientists" absolutely hate traceability, as the DOE "scientists" are demonstrating right now. They're afraid that their GOVERNMENT-PAID work which is LEGALLY IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN might be placed in the ACTUAL public domain by the Trump admin. Their climate fakery depends on keeping the raw data secret to make REPLICATION and VERIFICATION impossible.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2016
  Double displacement

Sudden clarity:

This Russian hacking shit is a double displacement.

Most importantly and broadly, Hillary lost because she was on the wrong side. She lost for EXACTLY the same reason that McCain lost in 2008 and Romney lost in 2012. Americans are tired of permanent war. Americans are tired of permanent poverty to enrich the Chosen.

McCain was the perfect warrior, so he lost to Obama who claimed to offer change from war. Romney was the perfect banker, so he lost to Obama who claimed to offer change from banks. Hillary was the perfect warrior AND the perfect banker, so she lost to Trump who claimed to offer change.

Three times in a row Americans voted to move away from war and banks.

All explanations of Hillary's loss that miss this simple fact are false.

On the specific displacements: The fakers are claiming that Russia hacked DNC because Russia wanted Trump to win.

It's unquestionable that Russia wants America to make less war. Americans ALSO want America to make less war, which is why Putin resonates with so many of us.

But this has NOTHING to do with Wikileaks, and very little to do with Russia's propaganda. Russia's open propaganda has always been pro-Progressive and pro-Bernie, not pro-Trump.

Wikileaks showed two themes repeatedly and consistently:

1. DNC and Hillary were working for Saudi interests.

2. DNC and Hillary cheated Bernie in every primary and caucus.

If we want to talk about COUNTRIES and CANDIDATES, Wikileaks was about SAUDI and BERNIE.

Now we're supposed to believe that Wikileaks was about RUSSIA and TRUMP.

Double displacement, on top of the major distraction from Hillary's basic wrongness.

Excellent news:
A Muslim teen who claimed a trio of drunks had taunted her as a “terrorist” on a Manhattan subway train has admitted she made the story up. The woman, Yasmin Seweid, 18, is being charged with filing a false report, according to a high-ranking police source.

BRAVO to NYPD for breaking tradition and actually PUNISHING a faker. Most false accusers get away with their crimes.

There was a flurry of fake "hate" "crimes" here in Spokane after the election. Nobody is bothering to find or arrest those fakers. After all, this is the fucking "city" that celebrated Dolezal's long career of false accusation without arresting or even stopping her.
  Switchyard amphitheater

Lots of folks were noticing an odd sound phenomenon in part of the Valley, which lasted a couple of hours. Fortunately several of them posted short videos.

The sound is unmistakably a railroad switchyard. I lived next to a switchyard many years ago, and this sounds just the same. Wheels scraping and squealing on the edges of switches, couplers clanking.

Why was it heard broadly? Supercold air conducts sound beautifully. The molecules are tightly packed, which means less attenuation with distance. I think there may have been an inversion layer for a while, which heightens the "in the room" effect.

A bit later: KREM thinks it was road graders scraping snow in a mall parking lot. Convincing. That explains why it was happening today and not many other days. Still sounds just like a switchyard.
Tuesday, December 13, 2016
  Bergoglio's little budgies

Listening to the Sorosian useful idiots on EWTN. They're chirping about Amazon's latest invasion into groceries.

Wow! Just walk in Wow! and pick up what you want Wow! Walk out and you're automatically Wow! charged for what you Wow! picked up. Wow! This is unquestionably the shopping Wow! of the future!!!!! Wow!


In the first place you shouldn't be giving ANY money or approval to Bezos, who is an explicit and militant enemy of all proper religions, an enemy of humanity, a murderer of capitalism, an enemy of Nature, a destroyer of universes.

Second, the Wow! instant shopping Wow! requires each item to contain an RFID chip. Scanning a printed UPC won't do the job.

What happens when you eat an RFID tomato or a slice of RFID bread? Your consumption can be scanned by any scanner that "happens" to be floating around on an Amazon drone, or more directly by your iPhone and your thermostat and your toaster and your refrigerator and your light bulbs. You are what you eat. When you poop, your output can be identified by your web-connected toilet.

The exact combination in your belly isn't important to Bezos; binarily recognizing NON-CHIPPED HERETICS is important to Bezos. If you walk around with no RFID, or the toilet notices that your shit never scans, you're marked.

Oldeaters unbellyfeel Newfood.

I'm slowly setting up a new[er] computer since my existing machine is starting to get a little twitchy. The new[er] model contains only the Officially Accepted Plugs As Of The Current Picosecond. My monitor is more than one picosecond old, so it needs an adapter to fit the Accepted Plugs. The monitor works, but its firmware pointlessly informs me "VGA Plug Not Found" when I turn it on.

Though the time dimension is reversed, this is parallel to a linguistic universal. Languages with inflectional morphemes have a variety of different plugs, including some "irregular" plugs for Accepted Native Words. But when a non-accepted word is borrowed from foreign sources, there's only one Regularizer available.

English has some old 'strong' verbs and nouns that form past or plural by vowel variation (ablaut). Speak/spoke, foot/feet. New words brought in from Latin never have strong forms**. Nouns always use the single adapter -s and verbs always use the single adapter -ed.

Occasionally the borrowed words will pointlessly inform us "VGA Plug Not Found" by showing their native forms. Most obvious example is data/datum. English stole these two words separately. Data is information, a 'liquid' that can't have a true singular or plural. A datum is a fixed point in geodetic mapping. It happily takes the regular -s plural. When you're looking at several fixed points, you've got several datums. This doesn't bother people who actually use the words, but for some reason "grammarians" have overactive firmware that pointlessly flashes a warning.

** Latin does have some vowel alterations in its forms, but they aren't recognized when the word is imported. Example: nominative singular index, nominative plural indices. Stock-market types are accustomed to talking of plural indices /ɪndɪsiz/. When they want the singular of indices, they backform /ɪndɪsi/, regularizing the suffix and two foreign vowel changes all at once.


  Snow notes

First rake-worthy snow of the season. About 5 inches. As usual one of the near neighbors has joined the obsessive raking trend; I don't expect to see more rakers until we get a truly serious snow.

I'm guessing this will be a six-rake winter, somewhere around 60 inches total.

I don't give a fuck if nobody joins the trend. I learned the ice dam lesson in 2009. Not gonna let it happen again. Anyway, raking is good upper-body exercise. It's almost fun.

= = = = =

Update March 9: My prediction for snow was on the dot. Weather Bureau totals at the airport are now 60.6 inches, with snow probably finished except for an occasional flurry. My prediction for six rakings was low; ended up raking at least 8 times. Got hectic and nearly continuous at one point, lost count. Maybe obsessive, but saved the roof.

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Monday, December 12, 2016
  Smart Persia

Persia has always been a smart and sophisticated country. I noted earlier that Persia is especially smart in its response to Obama's opening. Because Persia is quasi-socialist, the government was able to instantly start CONTRACTS with American and Euro companies that can't be cancelled by a new administration.

One of those contracts has been finalized. Persia's main airline has bought 80 passenger planes from Boeing, for $16 billion. Nice deal for Seattle, but it's not getting a lot of attention.

Why no attention? Cognitive dissonance. Neocons of both "parties" are enslaved to Saudi and Israel, which require Persia to be removed from The Planet. This deal would normally be UNACCEPTABLE INTOLERABLE ALL OPTIONS ON THE TABLE. Boeing would be closed down.

There are two separate Cog Dis problems. Cog Dis 1: Obama made the deal possible, and Obama has the D label. So D neocons are unable to TABLE ALL OPTIONS. Cog Dis 2: Trump seems inclined to re-close the opening. This would be good for neocons, but the PRIME DIRECTIVE of neocons is to HATE HATE HATE HATE everything that Trump might conceivably do. So R neocons are unable to TABLE ALL OPTIONS.

Since this deal runs contrary to Trump's intentions, it must be good. But Saudi and Israel say it's bad. But Obama says it's good. Saudi and Israel say it's bad. CD CD CD CD CD CD BRAIN OVERLOAD BRAIN OVERLOAD DOES NOT COMPUTE DOES NOT COMPUTE DOES NOSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSssssssssssssssss
  First exception?

Polistra's Law of Inferred Intent applies universally to people with power. Pay no attention to words or agendas, look at the RESULTS of their actions. The RESULT is what the leader wanted. Don't assume the leaders are "clueless", don't bother with "unintended consequences". All consequences are intended.

Modi in India may be the first important exception to this rule. In a country that runs almost entirely on paper currency, he pulled the $10 and $20 bills out of circulation. The country is falling apart FAST. Now major manufacturers are laying off much of their workforce because local sales have stopped.

Is this really what he wants? India has an active Parliament that isn't afraid to remove a bad ruler, and India also has a history of killing bad rulers. Is he trying to get shot by his bodyguards? If he wanted to leave his job, he could have simply resigned.
Sunday, December 11, 2016
  More bizarre fake news

Via ZH:

Former US Ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul, penned an op-ed in the Washington Post yesterday that suggested registering RT and Sputnik as “foreign agents,” claiming that they "campaigned openly for one candidate, Donald Trump."

First, RT and SputnikNews are openly working for the Russian government. Nothing secret or spyish about it. They are the Russian counterparts to VOA and BBC and DW and RFI. National propaganda outlets. Every nation has one.

Second, McFaul has only shown his own fantastic ignorance. He has never LOOKED at those two websites. They are NOT for Trump. For many years they have been pushing a standard PROGRESSIVE agenda, as in Noam Chomsky and Michael Moore. Both sites treated Bernie favorably and had nothing positive to say about Trump. Anyone who actually reads these sites can pick up the pattern.

Vile filthy bigot.
  Perfect picture

One of the Spokane-News crowd posted THE PERFECT PICTURE of winter in this part of the world. Maybe not specifically Spokane but definitely 'around here'. Maximum coziness.


  Smoke more

Listening to Sorosian media Deutsche Welle, constantly providing examples of what happens when you work violently against the facts of Nature.

DW is finally discussing the problem of criminal migrants after censoring it for many months.

Nature says: When you are INGESTING a toxic substance, you should STOP ingesting the toxic substance. Every creature understands this. Some toxic substances are slow to accumulate, which means the solution may come too late. Culture helped humans solve this subproblem. We could see what happens when you smoke for 50 years, and we could learn from it. Culture is extinct, so this is just an old vaguely remembered story.

Acting with Nature: When you start coughing every morning, stop smoking. It might not be too late.

Acting contrary to Nature: When you start coughing every morning, smoke more and try to develop a more effective cough syrup.

In the German case, the toxic substance is Arab refugees, who are created by US/EU wars.

Acting with Nature: Stop making war against Arabs. It might not be too late.

Acting contrary to Nature: Instead of stopping the wars we intensify the wars. Instead of halting immigration we .....

Are you ready for this?


Better cough syrup.

Merkel actually states the problem correctly, then proceeds to "solve" it by making it worse.......
Merkel said Germany and its allies had achieved significant advances against "Islamic State" (IS) - pointing to the liberation of the Iraqi city of Mosul as an example. "This in turn has raised the threat level in our country, because the aggressiveness has increased."
Yes, that's the problem. Arabs don't like our crimes and try to defend themselves against our crimes. So how do you fix it?
Merkel's warning was released the same day von der Leyen spoke at the Gulf security conference alongside her US and European counterparts. The German defense minister emphasized that IS could only be defeated once governments put more emphasis on spreading liberal values and creating economic opportunities for the sort of young people who travel abroad to join IS. "We should complement the coalition against terror with a coalition for education," von der Leyen said.
All in one neatly wrapped sentence. We should smoke more and develop better cough syrup.


  Thank heaven for fantastic ignorance

Via ZH:
U.S. Senators Rob Portman (R-OH) and Chris Murphy (D-CT) today announced that their Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act – legislation designed to help American allies counter foreign government propaganda from Russia, China, and other nations – has passed the Senate as part of the FY 2017 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) Conference Report. The bipartisan bill, which was introduced by Senators Portman and Murphy in March, will improve the ability of the United States to counter foreign propaganda and disinformation by establishing an interagency center housed at the State Department to coordinate and synchronize counter-propaganda efforts throughout the U.S. government. To support these efforts, the bill also creates a grant program for NGOs, think tanks, civil society and other experts outside government who are engaged in counter-propaganda related work. This will better leverage existing expertise and empower local communities to defend themselves from foreign manipulation.
Portman, a servant of Goldman, and Murphy, a servant of Soros, believe they're helping their evil bosses to accomplish their satanic purposes.

Nope. This money will go to Soros NGOs ("civil society" is a Soros shibboleth) but the rest of the world already understands what Soros is, and has acquired the guts and strength to kick Satan OUT of their countries. The "civil society" NGOs will simply waste the money they receive from this idiocy, because they will be UNABLE TO DO EVIL.

Just as "scientists" can't handle inevitability in genes and weather, politicians can't handle the inevitability of imperial collapse. Both sets of idiots believe that they can break Nature with "education" and "carbon sequestration" and "information".

These particular idiots are missing every possible boat. They don't realize that our Empire has passed its pull date, they don't understand the Switchover, and above all they can't see that the rest of the world has ALREADY TURNED US OFF for infinitely good reasons.

So their Information Offensive will only waste money. It will only hasten our collapse by censoring and punishing truthtellers, and by diverting money to Soros that could theoretically have served Americans. (Federal money wouldn't serve Americans anyway, but a sentence about wasting money has to say something like that.)

Thanks, Ralph!

= = = = =

Later thought: What would happen if a politician actually COMPREHENDED the facts of Nature? How would a government act if it tried to RESONATE with Nature instead of acting on weird psychopathic delusions?

Oh. That's easy. FDR. He understood how human beings actually function, understood what we need, understood real-value economics. He built hydroelectric dams and encouraged contour plowing, using gravity to advantage. He broke the delusions of stocks and finance.

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Saturday, December 10, 2016
  Not well planned

I've noticed that a lot of the globalist squawkers ... newsreaders and entertainers and such ... are treating the name Trump as an obscenity that can't be spoken. Like the Redskins, who must be called "The Washington Football Team".

These monsters are using the words "The President-Elect", with the standard snide acid-mucus resonance.

They haven't planned this move carefully. What will they do after Jan 20? They ABSOLUTELY CAN'T shift from The President-Elect to The President. That would be admitting a fact, which is even more strictly unthinkable than the Redskins or Trump.

Will they call him The Russian Occupier? The Pretender To The Rainbow Throne Which Belongs By Divine Right To Our Most Noble Savioress and Goddess Hillary?

If they go for the Occupier form, they'll be marching in interesting company.
  Constants and variables 56

It appears that CIA is talking mainly about Wikileaks. In that case the "interference" is nothing more than journalism, nothing more than providing facts.

How can anyone see real journalism as "interference"? There's a constants and variables theme here.

Constant: ALL foreign governments try to influence American policy by funding candidates and parties and NGOs, and by providing propaganda through their official and unofficial media. This has been true since 1776. (Our Revolution was partly an effort by France to "interfere" with the British Empire.)

Variable: In all elections since 1960, with the partial exception of 1972, both "parties" have agreed on 100% of foreign policy questions. Therefore the foreign "interference" was balanced and equal. France might push BOTH "parties" to reduce tariffs on wine, or Germany might influence BOTH "parties" to add more missiles to NATO.

This is the first election when one candidate has strongly suggested a departure from neocon orthodoxy, especially in Europe. The first election when one candidate questioned EU and NATO.

Therefore this is the first election when Euro countries had a reason to favor one candidate over the other. England and France and Germany have been FEROCIOUSLY and openly "interfering" Hillary, the preserver of EU status quo, and LETHALLY "de-interfering" Trump, who wanted to change the status quo. Russia's attitude, and thus its propaganda, runs the other way.

CIA wants the infinite evil and genocide of globalism to continue as is, because CIA created the 1946 version of globalism and hugely profits by maintaining it.

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  Two facts

Established Fact 1: CIA created both alQaeda and ISIS, and continues to run both.

Established Fact 2: CIA says Russia "interfered" with the 2016 election to push it away from the status quo. (For clarity, the saying is established. The truth of the saying is highly dubious, given that all of CIA's statements have been lies for at least 50 years.)

Assuming for the argument that CIA's lie is true for the first time in history:

Which form of "interference" is worse? An "interference" that could possibly lead to more jobs and less war, or an "interference" that has already killed a million Syrians, Iraqis, Spaniards, Frenchmen, Brits, Krauts, and Americans?

I'd choose the "interference" that showed some signs of causing more jobs and less war, and reject the "interference" that has already killed a million people. The positive-looking interference is probably a trick, but at least it's a trick with some demonstrably positive outputs at this point.

= = = = =

Later thought: Until now, CIA has always served the current administration. Now CIA has openly declared that it sees the new administration as a foreign agent. By extension, CIA has declared that it sees Deplorables as foreign agents and spies who need to be EXTERMINATED. This is nothing new in terms of internal attitude, but CIA has never gone public with its default treason before.

CIA has just declared itself to be an enemy of America. After 50 years of factual treason and omnicidal destruction of civilization, it has finally confessed in public. Trump can't tweet this away. This is a You Go Or I Go moment.
Friday, December 09, 2016
  More fantastic ignorance

Another piece of ignorance by "scientists". Lots of buzz around a finding that monkeys have the vocal equipment for language but never developed language because their brains aren't built for it. This is surprising to the "scientists".

No duh.

Speech therapists, and people who work around various types of disabilities, have known for decades that the output equipment isn't the main variable. The vocal tract has a wide variety of shapes and forms. Parts are often missing or not working right. Even without ANY functioning vocal equipment or articulators, people find ways to communicate. Sign language, morse code, plain old WRITING for fuck's sake.

This is beyond elementary. We communicate with language because our brain requires it. Our particular larynx and mouth parts give us a fairly good tool for representing language as sound. Because it's there, we use it. If the tool had never been there we'd still find a way to communicate complex meanings and emotions. Language is part of our PURPOSE. LIFE IS PURPOSE. Genes make a purpose, and the purpose makes or finds a mechanism to fulfill itself.

A more important question is why "scientists" are so ignorant of science. Why are they constantly shocked when genes cause differences in talent and tendencies? Why are they surprised that dogs have emotions? Why do they constantly seek absurd homeopathic explanations for weather, when the true and obvious explanation is literally under their feet?

In other words, what is the PURPOSE of a scientist? Judging by observations, the PURPOSE of a scientist is to avoid facts at all costs. When a scientist sees that a hypothesis or line of thought might conceivably lead to a fact, the scientist quickly steers the opposite way.

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The best propaganda device is treating a murderous lie as a flat obvious fact that doesn't need any explanation, like existence or gravity. You can distinguish pure propaganda sources from news sources that occasionally TRY for objectivity by measuring the flatness.

Nice example in the headlines today. "Russian hacking" is a weaponized theory with zero proof, like "global warming". It is a pogrom weapon aimed at Deplorables.

You can distinguish the eager murderers from the reluctant accomplices by the flatness of the headline. Media that treat "Russian hacking" as an automatic perfectly known fact are eager murderers. Media that try to treat "Russian hacking" as a hypothesis are reluctant accomplices, and Reuters (bottom item) may even be innocent of this particular crime.

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  Calibrated component /// EDIT: CANCEL.

UPDATE 12/13: Trump decided NOT to pick McMorris. Instead he picked somebody named Zinke, who I've never heard of. If "news" can be trusted, Zinke is a gun dude and nothing else. He doesn't have any credentials or experience in dams or farming or logging; he's just a sop to keep the gun dudes quiet. This removes the one positive indication from Trump and kicks Trump back to default Goldman until further notice.

/////////// BELOW IS CANCELLED. /////////////

Trump has picked McMorris as Interior Secretary.

McMorris is a 'gold standard' on important issues. I've been running a calibration curve on her for 20 years. She slides and compromises on many matters to get things done, but holds 100% steady on preserving dams and logging and ranching from "endangered species" nonsense. She's the closest thing to FDR in modern DC.

If I could believe that Trump was acting on behalf of the people, I'd be happy. A traceable reference element would help to stabilize and verify the actions of the administration.

At the moment I can't believe. When you have Cohns and Mnuchins running things, a calibrated component is just going to be shorted out and damaged. Trump's purpose in appointing good people like McMorris and Pruitt is to discredit them and ruin their agendas.

Handy analogy: My current silly project isn't working yet. When I couple it into a high quality calibrated GenRad sound level meter, what happens? Does the calibrated component make the circuit work? No. The GenRad meter's reputation is ruined by being seen in this context, and the dumb circuit could possibly damage the meter.

Poor analogy because my silly circuit is not EVIL. It's just crude experimental crap.

= = = = =

But wait! If McMorris is a reference standard, what is the unit of measurement? That's easy. It's the unit of hydroelectric charge, the Coulee. McMorris represents exactly 1.0 Coulee. And how many Coulombs in a Coulee? Turns out this was a popular physics problem that generated a lot of online cheating.

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