Friday, June 18, 2021
  Interesting observation

Seen on Quora:

Why do a lot of people I know, myself included, get sick when masks came off even though we are all vaccinated?

Given the source, it could be entirely fake. If it's not fake, it's an observation worth investigating.

The most obvious explanation is that muzzles destroy immunity. Your body gets accustomed to a super-narrow range of microbes, constantly recirculated. When you go outside without the muzzle, you're suddenly exposed to new microbes that the body hasn't learned about, so the new microbes make you sick.


Thursday, June 17, 2021
  Another pointless effort

Collateral Global something or other. At first this looked like a meaningful step toward a Nuremberg Moot Trial.

We know there won't be a real Nuremberg for this holocaust, because there are no victorious allies. All the world except Tanzania joined the holocaust.

A Moot Court would put the crimes on the record in the same form as a real trial, so the proverbial Martians could see exactly how the world destroyed itself.

Unfortunately this Collateral Whatever is just more of the same writing by the same crowd of genuine skeptics. They've always been correct, and always courageous, but they've never truly DONE anything. One more Twitter account featuring the same people isn't a project.

I looked back at some of their previous efforts under the false flag of ACU. Those projects also dissolved. There was a Kickstart for an ambitious movie, and I contributed a fair amount, but its website has been inactive since November.

Putting it harshly: They're doing the same thing I'm doing. Trying to find and publish the truth. If they were using their organized bullypower to influence governments, then their work would be worth paying for. But they're not. They're just blogging.


Wednesday, June 16, 2021
  Unnecessary credential of the year.

From Quora.

Incidentally, the former English teacher broke an ACTUAL rule of punctuation in the same phrase where she was "correcting" a fictional rule of grammar.

(My credential: Former proofreader.)

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  Persuasion gets it again

Persuasion hits another homer.
Constant supervision wasn’t always an American credo: Today’s parents had plenty of time to play and roam on their own when they were kids. But children’s safety has turned from a concern into an obsession within a generation. The abductions of Etan Patz in 1979 and Adam Walsh in 1981 became huge news stories and led to missing kids’ pictures on milk cartons. (The vast majority of the kids were runaways or taken in custodial disputes, a fact never made clear to the public.)
The fact isn't stated explicitly, but it has always been clear if you're paying attention. 99% of Amber Alerts are custody disputes. The other 1% are runaways. The "suspect" is described anonymously like a stranger. (More relabeling.) When we learn more details, the "suspect" always turns out to be the biological mother or father. Sometimes both parents are together, "kidnapping" the child from an official foster.
The problem with a society devoted to zero risk is that kids grow up overprotected and under-socialized. They miss out on the thrilling experience of fending for themselves, crucial in forging confidence. They miss out on learning to assess risk and dealing with minimal danger without constantly deferring to an authority.

A dynamic society requires citizens who appreciate that difficulties and failures are a part of life and that’s OK. Just as kids recover from a bike crash or playground fight, they can bounce back from failure and frustration in their adult lives, too. This is possible only if children grow up with some independence so that they arrive at adulthood with the resilience to handle life on their own.
Amen. No quibbles or additions. Just Amen and Bravo.

= = = = =

Bike crash reminded me of something I hadn't remembered in a while. When I was 11, I had a useless little bicycle, basically a toy without brakes or coaster. I decided to ride down a steep hill on a rutted road behind our house, and ran into the end of a rut. My face went into the gravel and some sharp rocks. I walked back up to the house, covered in blood. Even though I was probably in shock, I knew that I shouldn't walk into the house, so caught my mother's attention through the screen door. She told me to turn on the hose and wash off first. So I did. She then put iodine on the cuts, and that was it. 60 years later, I still have the little scars above and below the right eye. Near miss, but no big deal.

= = = = =

A picture is worth 1000 words! Via GoogleMaps, here's the entrance to the road now.

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  Reprint on CASES

Reinforcing previous item with a reprint from July 2020.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Another where's the guild question. In this case I'm not really puzzled by the absence of a guild response because I know exactly how and when the guild was subverted and flipped. It happened 20 years ago.

The current holocaust is based HEAVILY on cheating with software.

The use of software to create and expand a fake crisis began with the Carbon Cult, with Mann's fake hockey stick models showing exponential increase of CO2 "pollution".

A more visible example for outsiders was VW's diesel cheating. Diesel is intrinsically and incurably MORE DIRTY THAN GASOLINE, but the Carbon Cult flipped the comparison and redefined diesel as clean because VW bribed them to flip. VW then used software to fake the numbers. The control computer in each car sensed when the car was connected to an official test rig, and outputted artifically low numbers.

Same thing with the "virus". Exponential models can't possibly represent reality because reality is never exponential. Governments use the models because governments want to kill everyone. Software processes the "cases", and HIPAA prevents us from checking the "cases". Even if the "cases" were honestly counted, "cases" are THE WRONG FUCKING MEASUREMENT. Just as with diesel vs gasoline, the holocausters have flipped medicine upside down, redefining "cases" as dirty.

The proper MEANING of "cases" isn't in the models, so we don't get to hear it.

= = = = =

From a modern perspective it seems obvious that ABSTRACT software makes cheating easier, but this total misuse wasn't always normal. There was a guild spirit in software that tried to protect the craft from misuse and cheating.

When did it change? 2000. Dotcom. Cheaters took over the biz.

Computing began with the government census, at a time when the government wanted accuracy. From 1890 to 1990 software mainly served corporate accounting. Computers were seen as fancy adding machines, and they were REQUIRED to be strictly honest.

Bookkeepers and their adding machines were the honest end of the system. After the bookkeeper had carefully verified the accuracy of the double-entry ledger, the accountant walked in and arbitrarily moved numbers around to cheat on taxes. This may be unfamiliar to outsiders, but it was standard procedure. You can see the setup powerfully in this Racket Squad episode.

The machine was the honest end, and the human accountant was the criminal.

The dotcommers reversed the paradigm. They used the software itself to create false impressions of their wealth and corporate solidity, then used software to manipulate the market, and had no compunction at all about ruining lives to EXPONENTIALLY increase their wealth.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

Later question: More specifically, how did software switch in the public mind from an adding machine to an authority?

In the Racket Squad episode, the boss tells the bookkeeper to release an arbitrary and dishonest set of numbers. The bookkeeper refuses. Boss says "Are you calling me a liar?" Bookkeeper says "No, but my adding machine doesn't lie either." In that situation we can see clearly who's lying.

The trick seems to be AI. Most people don't understand that AI is still an adding machine. The AI hype by both commercial and governmental propagandists has persuaded us that AI can make its own decisions independent of human input, while remaining impartial and mechanical.

Can't have it both ways. The trick conflates the demons who are writing the intentionally bad predictive models with the computer that doesn't lie. Because the DECISION POWER has been falsely transferred to the computer, we don't blame the demons who actually DECIDED to write counterfactual and unrealistic math models.

If most people learned math in the context of job-related problems and projects, they would understand the stages of this process better. They'd know that the PROGRAMMER can lie, even if the CPU doesn't lie.

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  Epidemic of relabeling, epidemic BY relabeling

In the last 30 years economics and science have been totally ruined by RELABELING and REBRANDING. This is a cardinal sin against the rules of measurement. The first principle of metrology is USE THE SAME FUCKING MEASUREMENT FOR EVERYTHING.

Economics relabeled both unemployment and inflation. In recent decades our unemployment is similar to 1930s, but we changed the metric to achieve the desired 3%. In the last few years inflation has been 10%, but we changed the metric to achieve the desired 3%. REALITY DIDN'T CHANGE, ONLY THE MEASUREMENT CHANGED.

"Mental illness" is constantly redefined to increase the number of "cases" who "need" drugs and treatment. Each change in the metric is treated as a REAL increase in "illness".

And of course the 2020 holocaust is pure relabeling. The "cases" trick is part of the game, but primarily the deaths attributed to "the virus" are not new deaths. They're existing deaths rebranded. Move numbers from one column to another, and you've magically created a "pandemic".

I'm disgusted this week at the data-gatherers who are eagerly running with the obvious false flag of Wuhan, after spending an entire year documenting and proving the accounting trick.

Here's a new and admittedly non-serious relabel.

Headline: Earth's fifth ocean confirmed

Hear the word CONFIRMED? Recognize it from confirmed cases and confirmed deaths? It's not a new ocean. Nothing discovered, nothing confirmed. Some fuckhead has decided to relabel the area around Antarctica as the "Southern Ocean". This doesn't fit the traditional standards for oceans or lakes or bays or gulfs. All the real oceans have clear boundaries formed mainly by land, with a "sightable" water gap. The area around Antarctica is just an area.

Change the metric, confirm a new ocean! Presto!

= = = = =

The biggest relabel of all is NATURAL IMMUNITY. This holocaust has two flanks. One flank, the lockdowns and unemployment and panic and muzzles and distancing, is PERFECTLY DESIGNED to weaken our immunity. ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING that goes into maintaining immunity has been turned upside down. The other flank is memoryholing the entire IDEA and KNOWLEDGE of natural immunity. As I've noted, the idea was already absent in younger folks. Apparently it's been ignored or just mentioned in school "science" classes. In the early part of the holocaust, censorship focused ferociously on wiping out all explanations of real viruses and real immunity, replacing them with the fiendish malware that ONLY VAXES CAN EVER CREATE IMMUNITY.

This point is infinitely more important than the “virus origin” crap, which has always been an obvious false flag.

But WHY? Why is it necessary to eliminate both actual immunity AND the understanding of immunity? Will the next panic be amplified by losing the entire concept of immunity?

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Tuesday, June 15, 2021
  Sharp thought about tenure

Gary Smith at MindMatters:
Unfortunately, the publish-or-perish culture has encouraged researchers to game the system, which undermines the usefulness of publication and citation counts. This is an example of Goodhart’s law: “When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure.”

In the context of publish-or-perish, the widespread adoption of publication counts and citation indexes to gauge visibility and influence has caused publication counts and citation indexes to cease to be a good measure of visibility and influence. The first sign of this breakdown was an explosive growth in the number of journals in response to researchers’ insatiable demand for publication numbers.
I hadn't heard of Goodhart, but this is a basic fact in electronics and mechanics and life. When a circuit or an animal has negative feedback, it will always try to hold the target measure steady. So the measure is no longer an indicator of the 'natural' tendency of the system.

But: the target can tell you when the conditions have gone BEYOND the strength of the feedback side.

Take temperature as a simple example.

An air conditioner has a thermostat that turns the compressor on and off in an attempt to maintain 70. When the outside temp is beyond the compensating ability of the compressor, inside temp rises above 70.

The living equivalent is fever. The body's evaporator tries to maintain 98.6. When outside temp, or inner inflammation, goes beyond the strength of the evaporative feedback, the measured temp rises.

In the tenure situation, the number of pubs is rising fast now. This tells us that the feedback mechanism has failed. Pubs are no longer serving as a selector for quality scholarship.


Monday, June 14, 2021
  More positive

On a more positive note, here's Demon Cuomo speaking REAL SCIENCE for the first time ever. The facts are exactly right, and the tone is exactly right. Also, all the people in the room are unmuzzled on camera.


  fjewitfjrigoe jg ij3igvgk tvu58yp 54uv8puv bhj5j34v

Incoherent title for incalculable wickedness.

Via Justin Hart, a video of a Public Death Holocauster who has just shut down a restaurant. After doing the requisite OCD hand-washing motion, the superdemon turns the handwashing into clapping, then starts a demonic dance of alien evil.

Banality? There's no word for this.

How did these creatures turn into such alien monstrous holocaustal piles of indescribable unnameable ______________??????????????????????

This creature appears to be about 25 earth-years old. Not much time to acquire such a heavy load of monstrosity.

There's only one cure for a psychopath.

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Sunday, June 13, 2021
  30th anniversary reprint

Today is my 30th anniversary in this little house, which has served loyally through snow and wind and insects, despite some long gaps in my attention. THANKS, house!

I'm too weary and disgusted this week to write anything positive, so I'll reprint this from 7 years ago.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

After making a picture of my house in the context of fixing wind damage, I looked back at an earlier entry here in which I traced the history of the house.

Bored without a new work assignment, I decided to look into the first owners, Jim and Bertha Willis. Found them in the 1940 Census, and found obits for both. Jim was born in Howell County, Mo, and Bertha was born in Hazelton, Kan, near Joplin. After Jim and Bertha moved to Spokane in 1909, they first bought (or built?) a house three blocks south of here. I'm guessing 'built' because that house was built in 1910 and has a distinctly Missoura look. It still exists and I see it every day on my walks. I've noticed it because it's next door to this slow construction project which still isn't finished.

Jim then bought or built this house in 1948. It's not clear why they wanted to 'downsize' out of a bigger and better house.

Jim's birthplace in Howell County struck a note, because that's where my father's folks lived before they wandered out to Okla.

Back to the Census. Grandpa and Jim wouldn't be there in 1940, but I hoped to find some indication of the names. Grandpa was born in West Plains, and Jim's obit listed Mountain View. Neither of those cities contained any of either name in 1940. But one township NE of West Plains contained a whole pile of Willises AND a whole pile of my father's folks. They were neighbors!

No wonder this house suits me.

= = = = =

Semi-related sidenotes: (1) It's unlikely that my father's folks ever lived inside the urbane cosmopolitan metropolis of West Plains. Once he told about visiting some of them in the late '40s. They ran a ramshackle semi-farm "way out in the sticks" and they had never gotten around to building an outhouse. Peeing off the porch and pooping in the bushes was good enough for them. (2) The Census for Howell County included a place called Shanty Town. Haven't yet figured out where it was. It consisted mainly of Alsups and DeBoards, both of whom clearly favored VERY large families. (3) Broadly, Howell County resembles the Okla counties I searched earlier. Single-person households were extremely rare, maybe 2% of all households. Income correlated negatively with number of children, and domestic servants were common in middle-class homes. (4) One pattern that I didn't see in Okla: A correlation between names and income. Occupants of the more expensive houses or farms had hard clattery Yankee names like Victor or Ted or Katy or Rebecca. Names you can punch a timeclock with. Everyone else had soft Missoura names like Earl or Wade or Eula or Pearline. Names you can spend some time with.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

Also about the neighborhood: here and here.

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  Trivia or torture

"Social" "science" is either trivia or torture. No middle ground. Here's a great example of trivia:

Takes money to make money.
Two socio-demographic characteristics in particular – your age and your wealth – prove crucial for whether you managed to make good money on the Oslo Stock Exchange in the last 20 years, according to a new Norwegian study.

Financial researchers have previously found that the rich and experienced investors are those who over time make the most money on shares by far.

The media constantly reports on young people and students who have doubled or tripled their money through bold stock purchases in companies such as Kahoot, NEL, Gamestop and Tesla.

“I’m afraid that a lot of people who’ve now made money on the stock exchange have a slightly overly rosy perception of what the future will bring,” he says. “A lot of them could get burned.”

Admittedly the part about media hype is a lesson that youngsters could learn, but won't.
  Wish I'd said it 2

Now we're back to astonishingly perfect writings by others.

Q: Can you write a poem on the lockdown?


--What Fools These Mortals Be--

To save me from Covid they locked me in my house

Where I caught the plague from a flea on a mouse.

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  I did say it

I wrote this Quora answer, pulling together some themes that I hadn't properly connected before. Worth repeating here. I should have written it here first.

The question was: What's the opposite of cancel culture?


Cancel culture is more subtle than usually described.

Censorship and editing have always existed, and are necessary parts of civilization. Before the cancel era, editors and administrators decided who to fire, or which articles to censor, based on experience and laws and internal rules.

Cancel culture gives total power to ONE complainer or accuser, provided the complainer is on the correct side. Admins or editors who had been following the normal rules now fire and censor after one single button-push.

This is part of a much larger abdication of power by editors and selectors and judges and legislators. The abdication also allows the opposite type of unmediated individual power.

One “scientist” who runs obviously wrong statistical models and advocates obviously murderous “measures” can take over the entire medical profession, provided the “scientist” is in the right direction. Ethics boards and FDA regulators and lawyers stand back and let him murder the world.

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Saturday, June 12, 2021
  Wish I'd said it

A perfect answer on Quora.

Q Do you prefer having the coronavirus variants identified by their Greek name or their geographic origin?

A It would make more sense to identify them by their designer / sponsor name.



Several times I've mentioned the spam-like advertising of, which has been teasing me with "mentions" of my name for a long time. Last week I finally gave in and bought a membership, and the membership has immediately provided real value. Academia contains several otherwise unavailable articles on astrolabes and Islamic science. Excellent sources for my current "studies".

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Friday, June 11, 2021
  Plus ça change, plus c'est la même BBC.

BBC is memoryholing the 2009 Climate hack with a "documentary" showing that Mann et al were the unsung heroes of "science". Good timing, now that "science" has been fully and finally flipped into pure holocaust.

Orwell wouldn't be a bit surprised. He worked at BBC for a couple years, and derived most of Winston Smith's job from what he learned at BBC.

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  Incomplete analogy

I hit this point a couple weeks ago:

= = = = = START REPRINT:

At that point in history astrology WAS a science in the precise sense. Astrologers observed and measured star and planet positions in order to predict weather and cultural changes. Other scientists observed and measured the positions and shapes of electrostatic fields and magnetic fields. Others observed and measured the positions of small physical objects in order to predict and build engines and mousetraps. Same practices, same methods, same focus on USEFUL RESULTS.

Nature is lawful. Nature is determined. If we can figure out the laws, we can use them reliably.

At that point in history, astronomy on its own was ENTERTAINMENT. If you just wanted to see the stars and paint pictures of them, you were having fun, not trying to do useful work.

The two purposes FLIPPED, by a mysterious and accidental coincidence, at the same time as the French terror. Robespierre and Marat needed to abolish all beacons, all external influences and predictive laws, so they could be perfectly FREE to destroy minds and culture and people. So they declared purposeful science to be "unorthodox science" and banned it.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

Since then, Fauci has obligingly filled in the analogy.

Fauci literally said: La Science, c'est moi.

Robespierre also said the same thing by his actions, but the more familiar echo of the sentence is Louis XIV: L'etat, c'est moi.

This echo shows that the analogy is incomplete.

Robespierre was backed by the peasants, who wanted to abolish a brutal aristocracy that was killing peasants.

Fauci is backed by the brutal aristocracy, not a revolution. His explicit purpose is to kill all the peasants.

The ultimate result is the same, using Science as a god of genocide. The sponsorship is opposite.

As usual, Hix made the point beautifully back in the objective '30s.

The Four Doctors, starting at 4:30 in the mp3.

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  Perfect picture

Picture found on Quora. I'm probably busting a copyright, but I no longer give a fuck. This is PERFECT.

I tried to make the same point here, but didn't get anywhere near the same perfection.

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  Rambling leads to important question


What happened to the Carter Mecher story? It was all around the usual fact-gatherers for a couple days, then gone. As I mentioned, it's NOT the whole story, and doesn't account for the worldwide synchronized holocaust. A few utopian wackos working as government contractors can't force 200 countries and all governors and premiers and mayors to act in unison, destroying their own countries, for no gain.

Utopian wackos don't control the BLACKMAIL MACHINERY.

Who does? As I also noted before, Epstein went underground via the old intel trick of fake death, shortly before the holocaust started. Does this connect? We don't know, but we DO know that Epstein had full control of MANY countries and corporations and NGOs and foundations, especially in the tech world.

= = = = =

Another possible connection drifted back into my tired mind today. Mecher was "bioterror coordinator" for the VA.

Spokane had some of the earliest publicly known cases of the "virus" that served as the pretext for the holocaust. Those cases were in the VA hospital. I had discussed this before in the context of contagion. I live a few blocks downwind from the VA hospital. If the "virus" was the sticky all-pervading glittery orange TrumpWitch Powder that we were reliably informed, this entire neighborhood would have died. The vent fans from the VA hospital, and random comings and goings through the doors, would have dispersed the Witch Powder downwind.

Important question:

When I wrote about the VA hospital exactly a year ago, I didn't know the Mecher story. Mecher is "bioterror coordinator" for the VA.

Now the connection is worth examining. WHY were the earliest cases in the VA hospital? Allegedly the "virus" came from China. There aren't any Chinese vets**, and we haven't been stationed in China since 1946, except for the handful of athletes who may have been vectors in one direction or the other.

= = = = =

** No Chinese vets: The US military sometimes semi-integrates members of other national militaries. Before our SOB Khomeini broke his CIA contract, we had been training Persian air force and army personnel as if they were our own. Filipinos had emigrated and served in the same not-quite-citizen way. We were doing this share routine with China in 1946 before Mao took over, but those were only a handful, and would be dead by now.


Second thought: We allowed and encouraged Chinese spies to steal our tech secrets in the '80s. I saw it. So maybe we've been doing the same thing with the regular army, without much publicity?

Since I'm in drift mode, here's another military-related mystery. Early in the holocaust, one of the regulars in the Poser graphics forum announced that he would be out of contact for an indefinite period. He was a Navy man who was on a ship at the time when the lockdown order was issued. The Navy was keeping all ships far out at sea indefinitely and limiting email contacts. Why?

Everyone knows by now, and the public data has ALWAYS BEEN CLEAR, that the named "virus" is no risk at all to young healthy people. Military men are the healthiest of all. So the sailors were NOT being protected against this particular "virus". Were they being protected from KNOWLEDGE of reality, so they were ready to strike down all opposition without being confused by facts?

Later ramble: Justin Hart appeared to be tracking Pence as an important power center, but also left the story dangling. I'm probably being too impatient. From day 1 this shit has needed to be OPENED, and now that a few hints are appearing, I want MORE!


Wednesday, June 09, 2021
  Wrong question as always

Quora question: Does science produce atheists?

This is well-traveled territory among ID types, but I never stopped to think about it from the other angle.

What DOES produce "science-led" atheists?

For 5000 years we've had specialized scientists who weren't called scientists. Astronomers/astrologers, as I've been discussing lately. Alchemists/chemists. Blacksmiths/metallurgists. Aristocratic doctors who had the time to do research on diseases.

The vast majority of them were solid theists, in the prevailing system of their era. Among those who wrote about the subject, opinion is unanimous. The more you learn about stars or organs or cells, the more you recognize that this stuff was created and designed. Only a superficial text-based knowledge can retain a belief in atheism.

I've gone through this sequence personally. After public school I was a standard Dawkins-type atheist, contemptuously dismissing all theism. After I started learning and teaching (via courseware) the fine details of human speech and perception, I was FORCED BY FACTS to see the design. The more I learn about the details, the more I'm convinced of design.

And that's the key.

Science doesn't produce atheists.

Science EDUCATION, and superficial public science as seen on TV or magazines or government genocides, produces atheists.

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Tuesday, June 08, 2021
  What's this Tulsa crap?

I don't keep up with politics directly, so I catch echoes via Quora and other random websites. It's clear that the D politicians are hitting hard on the 1920 Tulsa riots. Why bring back a hundred-year-old riot?

Part of the motivation is obvious. The "January 6 Violent Insurrection" has reached the standard six-month media halflife, so something new is needed to keep pressure on white Deplorables.

But why specifically Tulsa?

Speculation: Tulsa is one of the current destinations for tech types who are tired of the HOLOCAUSTAL INSANITY and PERPETUAL RIOTS in Portland and Seattle and Frisco. Tulsa is an ATTRACTIVE destination, though its attractiveness is not well known to outsiders. Tulsa has always been a center of serious culture and art and architecture. It has always been a "liberal" town in the older sense of the word. Jews and Unitarians and Episcopals are more influential than Baptists and Pentecostals. (OKC is the opposite, newly reinforced by Pentecostal Hispanics.)

In 2020, Oklahoma was among the states that broke away from the holocaust, though not as early or firmly as Florida and South Dakota.

So the specific linkage of Tulsa and Riots and Alt-Right is designed to keep tech types away from Oklahoma. You think you're leaving riots and moving to sanity? Think again!

It's an old-fashioned political punishment. The winning party rewards the states that helped and punishes the states that didn't help.


  Bryan again

An old thought leads to a new 'data visualization'.

Old thought. This is one of my Thiel questions, one of the relatively unknown facts I've figured out by research.

Jennings Bryan was a faker like Trump. The other populists of that era were following Bryan and proposing the same fake solution, but I'm pretty sure most of them didn't understand it was fake.

They diagnosed the PROBLEM of globalism brilliantly. Graybill stated it elegantly. Their SOLUTION, more debt and looser money, was precisely backwards.

More debt and looser money means more power for bankers. More savings and harder money means more power for real business, including farmers.

Bryan was smart enough to know this. He was also working toward a goal, using the populist appeal to catapult him into power. After he got into the Wilson administration, he IMMEDIATELY abandoned populism and started making foreign wars and designing the League of Nations. Total betrayal, just like Trump.

= = = = =

This basic rule about savings vs debt was NOT NEW, to put it mildly.


Jesus taught it firmly and violently. Mohammed and his economic writers put the principle into complete and logical form.

So there was no excuse for missing it. The lesser populists were most likely swept along on Bryan's coattails, eager to gain power and not thinking deeply about the principles.

Visualization: Storage and savings and experience and culture are on the real axis. Just-in-time and debt and theory and Room 101 are on the imaginary axis.

When you stay within known cultural and economic territory you're always on solid ground, always sure of your steps. When you think you're Innovating and Changing The World, you're on IMAGINARY TERRITORY, always vulnerable to psychopaths and scammers who are CREATING FAKE MAPS for you.


= = = = =

Later and alternative thought. Returning to the Pied Piper theme. We know that Trump's purpose was to guarantee that no American would EVER consider any agenda besides Soros and Bezos. Like all the other "terrorists" created by Deepstate, he made populism look HORRIBLE.

Bryan was designed for the same purpose, but the Piper pooped out. Wilson took globalism to the extreme with Bryan's full collaboration, and took internal tyranny to the extreme via Lady Edgar. The people saw the problem and chose Harding, who tried to break down both sides of globalism. Deepstate scandaled him and possibly killed him, so Coolidge and Hoover reverted to norm. But the people still remembered, and FDR finally got past the assassins and started to solve problems for the first and last time in our miserable fucked vile history.

Did Trump take the HORRIBLE too far by piling the "virus" on top of all the pre-existing panics and depressions? We can't tell yet. Some factions in the Biden administration appear to be vaguely Hardingish, attempting to dial down the panic.

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Monday, June 07, 2021
  Semantic mixing

Right now I'm listening to a woodpecker working on one nearby tree, and a chainsaw working on another nearby tree. The two sounds are dissimilar in acoustical form, but they're mixing and conflating at a semantic level. My mind knows that both sounds have the same PURPOSE and tries to mix them.

It's sort of like hearing the same text in English and Spanish at the same time.


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Sunday, June 06, 2021

Random convective thought.

I was pondering yet again the total lack of apologies and real revelations. Asked a broader question: When was the last time a politician or CEO apologized for ANYTHING?

The answer is obvious. Rulers apologize all the time, but they NEVER apologize for their own crimes. They apologize for shit that happened hundreds of years ago, done by people who couldn't possibly be under the control of the ruler.

Apologizing on behalf of someone else makes sense when the someone else is your employee, under your control. In that case the proper action is to apologize for the subordinate, apologize more strongly for your own control of the subordinate, then resign.

When the someone else isn't your subordinate, on-behalf apologies are FRAMEUPS, not APOLOGIES. When a CEO apologizes for slavery, he is FRAMING and BLAMING people who lived a long time ago, who were OBEYING LAW AND MORALITY at the time.

Agrarian slavery was normal for thousands of years, and in fact it was BETTER for the workers than Yankee sweatshop slavery. The agrarian owner had to take care of his employees for life, while the Yankee owner can discard an employee whenever he wants.

So the ex post facto apology is a FALSE ACCUSATION and a FRAMEUP.


  Astrometeorology 4: Maragha and astrolabes

I'm running slow on graphics lately. I'm weary and used up. Now that the holocaust is starting to ease, maybe I can recover my graphical gumption.

Continuing the theme of astrometeorology, focusing this time on a side trip into the Islamic history of astronomical instruments. I'll return to the main theme of solar magnetic fields in the next entry.

Astrolabes were developed first in Greece at the time of Ptolemy. The Arabs and Persians picked up the subject and the instruments around 800 AD. They expanded the subject and the instruments in their tireless effort to measure and predict the patterns of weather and civilization.

An astrolabe is an observational instrument AND an analog computer, all in one. Ordinary telescopes are only observers. Slide rules are only computers. I can't think of a similar combined tool in other areas of science, at least before the electronic era. (The anti-aircraft sound detector was an acoustical astrolabe, developed after electronics but not using electronics.)

An observatory at Maragha near Tabriz in northern Persia was a center of study and invention. Maragha built small Greek-style astrolabes as well as huge building-size instruments. Archeologists have restored it and figured out how the various instruments worked.

This is the tool that archeologists call Instrument 3. It's a simple sighter for both azimuth and altitude. Polistra is trying to realign with the beacons of the universe.

The sighting bar with two pinholes or gunsights is the alhidade. It's the key element of these instruments and astrolabes.

Below is a scope-like tool. It didn't include a lens; the scope was apparently just to shield your eyes from ambient light while observing moon and stars in partial daylight.

Why no lenses? My first thought was that glass wasn't available, but that's exactly wrong. Glass technology was highly developed in that part of the world 15000 years ago in the Bronze Age, and many practical and artistic glass items were found in the same place and era as the observatory. Even worse, some of the scholars who wrote about the observatory ALSO wrote in detail about glass technology. So refined glass tech was right there in the same place and in the same minds. Why didn't they look at the moon through the bottom of a bottle and think Eureka? We'll never know.

= = = = =

Here Polistra is using an astrolabe inside one of Maragha's giant azimuth dials.

= = = = =

Astrolabe makers were highly valued and famous artisans. One of the best was a Syrian named Mariam, here in a picture from the 1001 Islamic Inventions website.

Also from that website:
The making of astrolabes, a branch of applied science of great status, was practiced by many including one woman from Aleppo, Mariam “Al-Astrolabiya” Al-Ijliya, who followed her father’s profession and was employed at the court of Sayf al-Dawlah (944 - 967 AD), one of the powerful Hamdanid rulers in northern Syria who guarded the frontier with the Byzantine empire in the tenth century.
Hmm. Aleppo. Sounds familiar. Isn't that one of the horrible anti-womxn Muslim places that Hillary enlightenedly bombed down to bedrock in order to bring Enlightened Womxns Rights to the horrible primitive anti-womxn Muslims? Yes indeed, it was. I'm sure glad we got rid of those primitive simian anti-womxns. We wouldn't want any womxns to learn a useful craft. And we certainly wouldn't want a womxn to gain a justified reputation as an astronomer and instrument-maker. All womxns must spend all their time drinking to blackout, shouting incoherent Correct Slogans, and beating up peasants, following in the staggering footsteps of Our Most Noble Goddess Hillary.

= = = = =

Now back to the astrolabe itself.

A typical astrolabe has a static mater (the outer ring) containing a separate and removable plate, the inner map. The plate could be switched out for use in different locations, or to provide a different set of curves and functions for the movable parts. The mater corresponds to the base containing A and D scales on a linear slide rule. The part that looks like a horse was called the horse for mysterious reasons. Descriptions are unclear on its function; maybe it was a cotterpin to hold the movable parts.

The starmap pointer is the rete (net), including specific labeled extensions for major stars. The upper circular part is used in calculations, and can be turned independently on some versions. The rete corresponds to the slider (B and C scales) on a slide rule.

On top of the rete is the rule, corresponding to the cursor on a slide rule.

The unique part is the alhidade, on the back. As with the big instruments, you sight through the pinholes to determine height of a star or sun. You could also lay the astrolabe flat on a table or pillar, line up with north, and use the alhidade to sight an azimuth.

= = = = =

Jumping from 800AD to right now:

I bought an astrolabe kit from Dreipunkt in Germany. They make a variety of kits and learning toys. The kit is an interesting mix of old materials and new methods. It's entirely made of wood. Even the axle and joining pegs are wood. The wood comes in a hi-tech form, three VERY thin laminated layers, and the pieces are cut by lasers. I built it in one hour with no errors, despite my complete lack of wood skill. No tools or glue needed, except for some careful hammering of the joining pegs. Dreipunkt must have done some heavy Murphy testing on their instructions if even a wood-idiot like me can get it right!

Real astrolabes were kit-like. The horse cotterpin allowed you to remove any of the pieces, or switch the starmap plate to different maps or latitudes. Dreipunkt custom-printed a starmap for my location, labeled Spokane!

Back side with alhidade:

Front with rete:

Blurry closeup of the location:

I tried following the directions to determine the time of day, which isn't really useful now but would have been routine in 800 AD before clockwork.

I used the Alhidade to measure the height of the sun over the horizon, sighting through the two pinholes. 18 degrees above horizon.

Then I re-used the Alhidade to locate the 'starsign date' from today's date. June 6 = Gemini + 16 degrees.

Then I turned the Rete to line up Gemini+16 with the great circle for 18 degrees on the Plate. 18 is between 10 and 20, with no finer lines, so this didn't feel very accurate.

Then I turned the Rule to the same Gemini+16 on the Rete, and read off the time on the Mater. Appeared to be about 6:05. The clock time when I sighted the sun was 6:13 standard time, so this isn't too bad for a first try! (Later, used an online calculator to get solar time from standard time, and the astrolabe is about 15 minutes from solar time.)

= = = = =

Astrolabes should have spawned circular slide rules but for some reason they didn't. The linear slide rule developed from Napier's Bones, and the circular slide rule or wheel chart developed much later. None of those rules included the measurement tool, so astrolabes (and their descendants like sextants) are still unique.

= = = = =

Later footnote: Yes, the horse was a cotterpin.
This duty would be originally discharged by a pin with a large head at one end, and a slot at the other through which a cotteril or wedge passed to hold it in place; this wedge is sometimes made into the shape of a horse, and is so called.

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Saturday, June 05, 2021
  Where is Gary Locke now?

Locke, who is half Chinese, was governor of Wash in the '90s. He did a pretty decent job, but clearly didn't like politics and seemed happy to get out. His first replacement was Christine Gregoire, who did an excellent job and also seemed happy to get the hell out. She was replaced by Superdemon Inslee, who LOVES ruining and burning and harming and KILLING AND KILLING AND KILLING.

Gregoire vs Inslee is a perfect comparison. Gregoire was a specialist in handling emergencies and saving lives. Inslee is a specialist in CREATING emergencies and KILLING AND KILLING AND KILLING.

Politics doesn't exist. Ideology doesn't exist. Personality is the only thing that counts.

I've halfway wondered what happened to Locke. Wolf fills it in today:
AMC ended Friday in afterhours trading at $43.72. So Locke had timed his sale very well.

Locke knew what he was doing. The former Governor of Washington State served as Ambassador to China from 2011-2014, the time frame during which Dalian Wanda Group, a Chinese conglomerate, bought a controlling stake in AMC. And Locke became Wanda’s man inside AMC in 2016. But he is up for reelection next month, and with Wanda out of the picture – it had sold nearly its entire stake earlier this year – he is likely outa there.
In other words, Locke found a home in the classic Chinese form of corruption, betting and gambling. Chinese immigrants have never been prominent in political corruption, even in cities like Seattle where they dominate everything else.
  Recycling the timeline of recycling

A not-so-dumb Quora question led to a big realization.

Why aren't landfills located nearer to the city center so that poor hungry people can look for food there?

I've discussed the older approach to recycling before.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Found a couple of USGS topo maps, one from 1950 and one from 1965 or so.

This blinkyGIF gives a better sense of the 'informal' roads around the City Dump. Green arrow points to the mansion, violet arrow to the Mexican restaurant discussed here. Looks like I must have turned onto 'drivable Pott' aka 'Riley Lane' from Manhattan Ave, and then 'drivable Pott' turned into actual Pott, most likely without the clear corners shown on map. At the point where Temple Lane turns south, you're in the Dump.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

Note especially the informally located shacks inside the informal dump, clustered around the lagoon. They were gone in '65, as the city followed the modern trend toward isolating trash. Manhattan moved its landfill several miles south of town and formalized it. The trend became official in the '70s as EPA made it harder and harder to ACTUALLY RECYCLE AND ACTUALLY BIODEGRADE. Because a few materials like asbestos (A NATURAL MINERAL) were sinful in the eyes of Gaia, landfills had to hermetically seal all materials.

Just like the EPA restrictions on factories, this was explicitly designed to remove all economic activity from the areas that needed it, and export all economic activity to China and other poor countries.

Now that China has finished its rise to 1st world status, China is turning off the recycling, forcing cities to rethink their practices. At some point they SHOULD return to the pre-EPA pattern of letting materials ACTUALLY BIODEGRADE, but they won't. I suspect they will end up forcing houses to store the material forever, like the stupid storage tanks at nuclear reactors. Result: Toxic waste and spoilage right inside your house. Oh well. The 'recitied' wolves and grizzlies will break in and consume it, along with the people, and then the problem (ie the peasants) will be resolved.
  By the Booker Book

Yesterday we finally got the first REAL relief from the holocaust locally. It's partial, but worth a celebration.

I made my usual hellish store trip, muzzling in the bus and muzzling in the store, carefully keeping the Time Under Ballgag to an absolute minimum number of milliseconds. I noticed that Safeway no longer had the MUZZLE UP signs outside, and then CAREFULLY read the new inside sign with disbelief melting into relief.

"Masks ENCOURAGED for non-vaccinated customers."

Well, I'm vaxed, so I'm strictly legal. I yanked off the ballgag and enjoyed shopping without immediate danger of tripping and falling over boxes on the floor, and above all without the horrible SATANIC DEVICE SIGNALING COMPLIANCE. First freedom in a full fucking year.

This is a partial relief, but it's the majority of the hell. The bus system still absolutely requires ballgags, but the total time on bus is only four minutes, compared to 20 minutes in the store.

Most of the store employees are also unmuzzled now. Their relief must be INFINITELY larger, since they've been gagged 8 hours a day for 14 months. Employee strangulation started in May, customer strangulation started in July.

Time for a bit of celebration, even if it's a partial victory!

[Graphic note: I've added the Chumbe lighthouse to this scene as a tribute to the BEACON provided by heroic martyr Magufuli and the ONE SANE COUNTRY of Tanzania.]

= = = = =

I've been playing this shit strictly by the book, never taking advantage of unofficial "tolerance".

Partly the caution arises from personal experience with psychopaths. After spending six months locked in a prison cell with a demon, I understand how they work, and I don't want to be the one who triggers the killing frenzy.

More broadly I'm following Booker T's book.

When you're at the bottom of the status stack, YOU WILL NOT GET AWAY WITH ANYTHING. Unofficial tolerance is NOT FOR YOU. If you try to push the unofficial limits, YOU WILL BE THE SCAPEGOAT. Low-status people have to survive by obeying and serving, not by sneaking past the Gates.

As it happens, I first learned the Booker lesson from the prelude to the prison experience. I had thought I was just another hippie. I saw some of the high-status hippies openly dealing drugs and getting away with it. I thought I could try using pot since there was "unofficial tolerance". Nope. A "friend" bought his way out of jail by framing me.

Many years later the lesson emerged from a different angle. In 1969 my parents "had to move" out of Ohio "because" of the shame I brought on the family. In 2000, my mother finally told me the disgusting truth. My father was leaving ANYWAY because he was in a tenure-track position and hadn't published anything. After three years without Publishing he was automatically Perished in the same month when I was framed.

The real framing and reputational framing may be connected, since there was a suspiciously close relationship between the abovementioned "friend" and my parents. Did my parents trigger the whole pile of shit? We'll never know.

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Friday, June 04, 2021
  To impress Jodi Foster

This is crazy enough that it just might be true. Or partly true.

[Correction: this wasn't Gilder, it was Jeffery Tucker writing in Gilder's blog.]

Gilder is analyzing the Fauci FOIA emails, and thinks he's found the point when Fauci flipped from defending normal public health to rabid holocauster. The previous condition was definitely true; I had observed on March 1 that Fauci was trying to hold back the Trump-based craziness.

What flipped him? Jodi Foster. I mean Morgan Fairchild.
So as far as I can tell, Fauci’s first mention of the coming school closures was in an email exchange with... Morgan Fairchild. That’s right, the famous actress from Search for Tomorrow, Paper Dolls, Falcon Crest, Murphy Brown, and my personal favorite, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure in which she played Agent Dottie.

Morgan on February 26 wrote Fauci: “I’m reaching out to see if I can help in any way to get good information out to the public, as I tried to do with AIDS. I have almost 100,000 Twitter followers and have been tweeting articles to them that I feel are helpful, but if you have any info I can help disseminate, please let me know.”
The next day:
Notice the nonchalance in his prose. Closing schools and workplaces, widespread quarantines, forced human separation – hey this is just the kind of stuff we do in a pandemic. Right? It’s just normal! Only the day before (Feb 26), Fauci had told China state media that “the USA is not in a preparative mode... our response is much different than that of China.”
Gilder thinks Fauci was dazzled by Fairchild's celebrity. Wildly unlikely. Blackmail is far more likely. Blackmail is the universal driving force of Federal politics.

We don't know what Fauci was doing in the 80s, but a famous doctor has special opportunities to deal with celebrities. And some of those celebrities might remember those opportunities and might want to disseminate good information about those opportunities.

= = = = =

Watching the false flags line up neatly, it appears that Fauci is assigned to take the fall now, along with China. This is the usual trick. Fauci was not the big boss; he was a mid-level player, initially reluctant, who was deeply enmeshed in Epstein crap and loved to take the spotlight.

These "leaks" came through FOIA, which means they're a carefully crafted part of the stageplay. We still don't have even ONE real admission or apology. A million demons working for 15 years ought to include at least one retired semi-demon who feels a slight microscrap of guilt.

We still don't know who the big boss is, and above all we still don't know WHAT THIS SHIT WAS ABOUT. Who was meant to gain? Was there a specific goal other than demons in need of orgasms?

The maneuverings inside DC were only part of it. Britain has always looked like the intellectual center of contagion, and the pre-existing Gaian Gang looks like the boss. Greta said KILL GRANNY, and the world started up the currently available plan, using a "novel virus" that happened to be the scariest available "threat" at the moment.

The carefully staged fake "death" of Epstein feels like a time marker. At the same time, preparations for the holocaust were shifting into high gear. I'd guess that the foundation of the power structure shifted in mid-2019, requiring the boss to bunker down, and also requiring a holocaust to impress the opposition.


Thursday, June 03, 2021
  Random auto thought about names

Naming is innate. All humans give specific names to each other, and nearly all human cultures use two names.

The order varies, and the non-individual name has a few different flavors.

Flavor 1: Family or clan. All Chinese secondary names are family.

Flavor 2: Function or character. John Carpenter, Horace Hazard (=gambler), Wilhelm Langbein, Ernest Runs-With-Wolf.

Flavor 3: Location. In the upper castes this merges with family, as in German von and French or Spanish de. When you're from the castle of Wolf, you belong to the Wolf clan.


Cars have a similar two-part name. A family name like Chrysler or Ford, and a given name like Pacifica or F150. This has been true from the start.


Cars have a third element, which is mostly missing from human names. Cars always have a vintage or generation. Ford Fairlane is meaningless unless you add the vintage. A 1955 Ford Fairlane and a 1963 Ford Fairlane are different types of cars.

Some cars have a more explicit generation indicator that spans several years, as in Packard's 4th Series or Lincoln's Mark VI.

Among humans, only the clan names ever contained a generation. English and Teutonic son/sohn, Irish O', Scottish Mac, Arabic Bin. In the original small villages where everyone knew all families, these son names were unique. Now they've degenerated (heh) into permanent clan names.

The sequence of Senior / Junior / III / IV also denotes generations in the same way as Packard or Lincoln, but this is a relatively rare practice, not even universal among aristocrats.

Only Iceland retains the original specified generation. Thorsdottir is the physical daughter of actual Thor, not the 156th descendant from some long-lost Thor.

No human naming scheme has ever included a vintage, even though birth year is important for many legal purposes.

= = = = =

Tacking on a Plymouth oddity. From '49 through '54, Plymouth sold a significant number of 'chassis and cab' units. About 2000 each year, and finally 5000 in '54. The practice stopped in '55. What were these for? Nobody built hearses on Plymouth chassis. If someone wanted a low-priced limo with Chrysler parts, DeSoto was filling that niche nicely. Plymouths were popular as taxis in cities that didn't require limos, but I've seen plenty of them in movies and pictures. They're strictly standard, not extended or coachbuilt. Possibly these were CKD for export, but the book that gave these lists normally separates out export items.

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  More Pence

Justin Hart hinted a few days ago that Pence was the keystone of the crime. Now he's starting to expand on the theme. This could develop into actual Shannon information, not just another false flag or red herring.
The answer is Birx and Pence. Pence endorsed Birx and Birx made the rounds in person to convince DeWine.

In the end - and I'm serious - Pence needs to own up to his role in perpetrating the lockdowns.
This starts to fill in the missing MECHANISM that led from three wacked-out demons to a million devoted holocausters. Not there yet, but heading in the right direction. Suggests that Fauci was the vector of contagion to the D governors and mayors and media, Birx was the vector to the R governors. (All mayors and media are D.)


Wednesday, June 02, 2021
  Excellent question

Found on Quora:

How did we just magically figure out that itching relieves bug bites?

It's deeper than it sounds. Scratching is a complex intelligent skill requiring lots of target-seeking. It's not a simple reflex like pulling away from pain. Sometimes scratching requires the use of a tool like a tree or fencepost, especially among animals with less flexible limbs.

All mammals do it, and I suspect birds do it as well.

How did evolution magically lead to this complex response?

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  More backstory, still no story

Tucker summarizes the 'backstory' behind Mecher.

Starting in 2005 inside Bush's regime, a few burning ascetic sleepless psychopaths worked together to plot a revolution. They were inside the 'bioterror' department of the government, where Mecher threw the switch on his demonic plan in March 2020.

Okay... but still nothing. Lots of radical plans to ruin the world are hashed out in various parts of government and NGOs all the time. Many of them are equally horrible. This is unfortunately normal.

Radical plans don't become A WORLDWIDE TOTAL HOLOCAUST on their own. They require a huge number of helpers, who are convinced and cultized by the radicals, plus a huge number of lower-echelon workers who are blackmailed into silence.

This particular plan involved ALL THE FUCKING GOVERNMENTS IN THE WORLD EXCEPT TANZANIA. It mobilized and cultized and secretized at least a million people in every county and city of the world.

How did it grow from three typical demons to a million committed holocausters, without any complaints along the way? In fifteen years of development, many of the helpers would have retired or changed jobs, losing the blackmail leverage. Why didn't we hear from any of them?

And why aren't we hearing any of the story NOW from the people in power who turned away from it? Noem never collaborated, and several Dixie governors turned away early and firmly. They weren't killed and weren't blackmailed into submission. They have been actively disproving the whole scheme for a full year, and still haven't been removed or killed.

That's the puzzle. The threats may have sounded serious, but GUTSY leaders have shown that the threats weren't implemented. Is there still a serious threat against talking? If so, why allow the disproof but not the discussion?


  Dammit, stop the Shared Lie.

From Justin Hart:
Seriously, there are dozens and dozens of emails like this in the Fauci dump -- press people claiming that Dr. Fauci is being muzzled and censored and again and again he pushes back and says that is not the case.

In other words - the lockdowns and policy were Fauci's. Period.
NO. In other REAL words, the lockdowns were TRUMP'S. Both "sides" have been separating Trump from the crime, in a classic Shared Lie.

The demon side wants to say that Trump was blocking the heavenly imprisonment and angelic ballgags, in a horrible AltRightNazi attempt to protect the Nazi peasants from the necessary extermination.

The more or less sane side has been trying to say that Trump was weak, and allowed the crime to happen because he didn't know how to stop it.

In plain fact, as I've been repeating over and over, any president can fire or silence any bureaucrat for any reason. Trump knew how to play the blackmail game. He learned from Roy Cohn. Trump fired and silenced LOTS of officials who displeased Israel or displeased Deepstate.

Trump has always been at the heart of all crimes, making occasional fake "opposition" noises to keep the Shared Lie running.


Tuesday, June 01, 2021
  Tribe, not species

I've run this comparison before, and I feel like running it again.

Just now I bumped into the usual authoritative statement that Neanderthals were a separate species, who went extinct after competition with H. sapiens.

Standard Darwinism never dies.

Even after mainstream anthropologists have established that Neanderthal and Denisovan DNA are found in modern humans, Darwinists continue to insist that those groups were species.

Species don't interbreed. That's the DEFINITION of species. The male may attempt to mate, but the sperm and egg won't get together.

Tribes or ethnic groups mix. So those types were tribes, not species. Neanderthals didn't go extinct, they merged.

Darwin also infects our understanding of industrial species and tribes. We assume extinction by Disruptive Innovation. Nope. Mostly the old versions merged or simply became the new type.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

A tiresome cliche, heard every time some lowly non-progressive human complains about losing his good solid decent job in manufacturing: "Well, buggy whips had to give way to automobiles, so your job has to give way."

It's an evil trick, a misdirection to blame "the inevitable march of technology" for unspeakably evil decisions made by demons. "We're not doing this because we enjoy watching you starve! No, no, no, we're not doing this because your suffering enlarges our bonuses! No, no, no, we're forced against our will to implement the Inevitable And Unstoppable Law Of Globalization. Time Marches On, and we must follow. This hurts us more than it hurts you!"

But what about the precise metaphor? Were buggy whips the main casualty of automobiles? I suspect the unspeakably evil metaphor-makers would acknowledge that they really mean horse-drawn carriages.

So let's look at carriages vs autos. Again pieced together from the 1915 Chicago Tribune almanac:

Data from 1909, when the Model T was just starting production. Horses and streetcars were still dominant, and would remain so until 1920. Already automobiles (85K employees) had outpaced carriages (82K employees). But this wasn't a displacement. Carriage makers were actually subsumed into the auto industry. Studebaker switched directly from buggies to cars. Billy Durant was a buggy maker when he bought Buick to start GM. Many other carriage-makers turned into auto body makers like Fisher, which later became part of major auto companies. In other words, the buggy industry became the auto industry.

The real loss was railroads, not carriages.

A quick comparison from 1909 to 2011. The categories have changed. I assume whips are part of "manufactured leather goods", and I assume that the handful of carriages still produced for horse racing and parades are part of "other transportation", which cites golf carts as an example.

1909 whips 2k / 2011 leather 12k
1909 railroad rolling stock 400k / 2011 railroad rolling stock 27k
1909 automobiles 85k / 2011 "transportation equipment" 1.2M
1909 carriages 82k / 2011 "golf carts, etc" 12k

Where's technology in all of this? Present but complicated. Yes, autos were a new technology, but they expanded the carriage industry into a new form. They didn't kill carriages. They did kill passenger railroads, but freight railroads are still a huge industry, still successful with 1940's tech.

So tech is NOT the primary force in the buggy-whip story, and these sectors are NOT the real losses to American manufacturing anyway.

The real losses are clothing, appliances, electronics and household supplies. And in those sectors technology was a REVERSE force. American workers were replaced by Chinese and Pakistani workers using LOWER technology, solely because America-based corporations are treasonous mass murderers who enjoy slaughtering an entire nation to improve their share value.

I wonder what the 'beta' is? The coefficient of slaughter? How many millions of lives need to be destroyed for a one dollar increment in share value? I'm sure Goldman has a well-calibrated equation.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

Footnote: There's one notable exception to the rule. Armbruster Stageway was founded in 1880 as a stagecoach builder, and is still in business in the same unlikely place, still making only bodies and modifications for cars. Never merged, never switched to making complete cars.


  Rings precisely true

By contrast to Jeffrey Tucker's ambiguous and puzzling approach, this is a wonderfully clear and final debunk of the entire pile of shit from a simple scientific and numerical standpoint.

Bravo to author Chris Lonsdale. I was keeping up with the shit pretty well, but I didn't realize how TOTALLY FRAUDULENT the PCR tests are. By any normal standard of metrology this type of process is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN, and would instantly disqualify any real scientific study.

At this point I offer another humble salute to the heroic martyr Magufuli, a trained chemist who DID understand why PCR is shit, and proved it dramatically with a brilliantly simple experiment.

Lonsdale also hits hard on the already dying fraud, showing yet again what was blazingly clear from the start. This is an accounting trick, relabeling deaths from other causes to "the virus" to create the "need" for a holocaust.

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  Something doesn't ring true...

Michael Lewis, who wrote a tell-all on the 2008 economic panic, has done the same for the 2020 holocaust. Tucker of AIER, who revealed the ONLY publicly known fact so far, doesn't like Lewis's book.

Why? Because Lewis treats the monsters as heroes.

Okay... but he did get some facts into the record, regardless of viewpoint. Mein Kampf is a valuable book regardless of viewpoint because it tells us what Hitler was thinking.

Here's the part that smells wrong: Tucker seems to have KNOWN everything that Lewis wrote. He's not surprised by any of it. The story apparently pivots on the monster named Carter Mecher, the Bioterror fuhrer who pulled the trigger on March 12. Tucker gave us this one piece of info, and now it sounds like he knew the rest of the story.

Why didn't he TELL it from the correct viewpoint? Why did he wait for Lewis to tell it from the wrong viewpoint?

I haven't read the book, so I'm undoubtedly missing a big part of the picture. The part I can see is unattractive. Maybe Tucker is really complaining about stolen thunder? Was he getting ready to publish?

= = = = =

Later and semi-separate: The fact-gatherers are getting excited about a batch of emails from Demon Fauci. As usual they're insufficiently paranoid, insufficiently realistic.

FOIA never reveals NEW info. Deepstate never reveals any data that isn't already out in public. A quick skim of the material shows the standard pattern. Demon Fauci, like Demon Trump, plays all sides of an issue at once. He has publicly stated everything that appears in the emails. The emails show the same Room 101 as his public spewings.

One of the fact-gatherers is using a more productive code-breaking technique, focusing on the names that were redacted in the published emails. If he can figure those out, he will generate new info.

We still don't know anything about the lengthy WORLDWIDE PREPARATIONS AND REHEARSALS AND BLACKMAIL that were needed to line up a million bureaucrats and officials into a single precise attack on all humans.

When every leader in the world pulls the same trigger on the same weapon on the same day, it's not groupthink or random, and it takes a lot more than one reply-all email. Especially when the weapon is precisely opposite to EVERYTHING the "medical" "profession" has been saying and doing for 200 years.

Unfortunately the fact-gatherers are all obediently focused on the China lableak crap, which always struck me as a false flag. Plain fact: Since 1946, all evil originates from US and UK. We always frame someone else for our crimes, sometimes China, sometimes RadicalIslamicTerror, usually Russia.

= = = = =

This separate FOIA may be more productive since it shows how the CDC was molding policy to suit Randi Weingarten, head of the teachers union. The fact itself has been circumstantially clear for a while, but the detailed emails firm up the connection with less redaction of names.



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Major tags or subjects:

Carbon Cult
Constants and variables
Defensible Cases
Defensible Times
Defensible Thymes
Defensible Spaces
Experiential education
From rights to duties
Grand Blueprint
Morsenet of Things
Natural law = Sharia law
Natural law = Soviet law
Shared Lie
Trinity House

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