Monday, August 31, 2020
  Familiar in one context, not in another

An interesting piece of neurology research.

Basic point:

Remembering specific experiences from the past requires storing idiosyncratic properties that define particular moments in space and time, but by definition such properties will not be shared with similar situations in the future and thus may not be applicable to future situations. We discovered that, when faced with this conflict, the brain prioritizes prediction over encoding.

The point is well known in perception. When reading or hearing language, we call on memory to create a prediction of the next phoneme or word or phrase. If the next item coming in from ear or eye is missing because of blurs or noise, we seamlessly fill in what it 'should' be. If the next item is different from prediction, the delta causes increased attention and revision of memory. Good writers and speakers know how to use this delta, with tricks ranging from italics to unexpected word choices to unexpected intonations and cabbages.

The point is not as familiar in other contexts. Swindlers and Deepstates understand it and use it effectively.

The basic swindle, the wallet drop or Nigerian prince, is a clean illustration. We know from memory that we don't have any rich African relatives, and we know from memory that unearned windfalls don't exist. We predict ACCURATELY that this offer is meaningless and false. BUT: the swindler paints such a dramatic and detailed picture of future wealth and luxury that the implanted prediction overrides the correct prediction and creates new fake "memories".

Deepstate uses the principle in a negative way, as we see in the current fake emergency.

When analyzing our actual health we call on our memory of previous epidemics. We remember times when we were sick as hell and everyone around us was sick. We compare this with the present actual situation, when NOBODY IS ACTUALLY SICK. Our ACCURATE prediction says that this is not an epidemic and there is no real disease, no cause for worry or special action. There may be viruses, but our immune system is automatically handling them, and we wouldn't have any reason to think about it. We're built to handle all sorts of microbes automatically and unconsciously.

Deepstate overcomes the internal prediction with a DRAMATIC and DETAILED picture of CASES and VENTILATORS and CYTOKINE STORMS and GIANT NEW EMERGENCY WARDS and MASS GRAVES. Every single part of this picture is perfectly false and imaginary, just like the Nigerian inheritance. The implanted prediction of IMMINENT HORRIBLE DEATH overrides our own natural and correct prediction, and we supinely obey all of Deepstate's holocaustal commands.

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Sunday, August 30, 2020

Just one random thought for today, before I get back to some heavy courseware work.

Why do teachers want to factor their own occupation out of existence? I've asked this before, with no good answer.

Partial answer: Experience is the only real teacher. When you are steadily experiencing a job or school or ordinary life, you know what it's like. You know that you're not getting sick and dying, and you know which pieces of the situation are good and bad.

When you're out of the situation, you have to rely on theories and abstractions and feelings. The longer you stay out, the more you rely on abstractions and media myths and phobias.

US teachers (with a few notable exceptions) are totally abstract. They don't use experience in their teaching, and they don't understand that experience is the only real teacher.

Because they don't understand the entire concept, they don't realize that they are giving parents and students a SOLID EXPERIENTIAL LESSON. Middle-class parents who hadn't experienced home-schooling before are now familiar with it. They know they can do it, and they realize that they can get along BETTER without the holocaustal monstrosity of Murder Masks and Chinese Distancing and Lucite Security Theater.

Unfortunately this DOESN'T apply to the poor families who can't possibly manage home schooling. Those students NEED public school, and they're not getting it.

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  Wonderful article

British media are seriously trying to walk back the panic that they created. Here's an article from BBC's own medical editor that gets everything right. He shows the REAL graphs and states the REAL risks, which are zero. He compares the fake "epidemic" to real epidemics clearly and straightforwardly. He states firmly that it's time to get back to REAL NORMAL.

When BBC sounds like me, you know the panic is done. At least in Britain. No signs of change here. We're still stuck in hell forever. The crazy nations and crazy states will NEVER regain sanity.

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  Wonderful speech

A wonderful speech by Mei Sims at a Culp For Governor rally in Seattle. She hits the murder masks from a purely HUMAN and EMOTIONAL perspective, which we don't hear often enough. For that matter, I don't talk about it often enough. I'm focused on immunity and raw survival. This shit has made me COLD AND HARD.

I'm hoping and praying that Culp can hang tough on this topic. He's working with the state Repooflicans now that he's the candidate, and the state Repoofs are still missing ALL the points. They're still focused solidly and exclusively on Inslee's worst sin in their minds: raising the license registration fee. They haven't noticed the riots, or the shutdown of ESPECIALLY small businesses, or the imprisonment of all citizens, or the binding and gagging and MURDER MURDER MURDER MURDER MURDER HOLOCAUST HOLOCAUST HOLOCAUST of all citizens. Inslee raised the car tab fee, so he must go!

Jesus, what a stinking shitpile of insignificant brainless useless pointless purposeless soulless LIFELESS idiots. That means YOU, Caleb Heimlich. That means YOU, Cathy McMorris. That means YOU, Jenny Graham.

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  Berenson picks up the suspicion

Berenson is picking up a 'suspicious circumstance' that I noticed a few weeks ago.

On Aug 7 I said:

Here's the bet. In most places this "virus" is a rebranding of seasonal flu. In NYC and NO, this "virus" also includes a rebranding of medical errors.

The well-established estimates of deaths by medical error strongly resemble this year's "count" of "deaths" from the Haute-Couture Branded "Virus".

Of course this will never be admitted by any official sources, and this specific relabel could be a bad hypothesis. But the overall process of relabeling and rebranding is UNQUESTIONABLE. Nearly all of the attributed "deaths" are people who were already dying, which makes rebranding, shall we say, awfully CONVENIENT.

In a real epidemic nearly everyone is sick to one degree or another. That's the meaning of the word. In this fake epidemic only the people who were already dying get "sick" from this alleged "virus". It's possible that the "virus" is real, but we know with perfect definitional certainty that this is NOT a real epidemic. The "virus", if real, is simply doing what nearly all respiratory viruses do all the time. It's circulating in the air, getting sucked into noses, and getting killed by T-cells. No consequences, no effects, not noticed by the owner of the nose. We've been fighting viruses for a billion years, and we KNOW HOW TO DO IT whether we think about it or not.


Saturday, August 29, 2020
  Keeping track of the map

A couple changes to the map of Free Countries. Two positive changes based on information I hadn't seen before, and one real change for the worse.

Information I didn't see before: Uruguay and Taiwan remained totally free. Uruguay is from this article which is mainly about Brazil. Brazil did a halfass lockdown in some places, but the people remained normal and mainly ignored it. Brazil has been vastly looser and freer than USA for quite a while because it has a healthily corrupt government. Officials are accustomed to looking the other way. US officials have been selected by decades of 'Good Government' shit to be skeletal puritan ascetic psychopaths.

The article has lots of highly informative graphs, comparing Brazil's looseness to Peru's MAXIMAL MILITARY TOTAL LOCKDOWN, and to Argentina's more US-like approach. Needless to say, more lockdown means more death from all causes, especially from the "virus". THE PURPOSE of lockdowns and murder masks is to defeat immunity, extend the epidemic to infinity, and KILL EVERYONE. The tactics are succeeding magnificently.

Unfortunately Korea, one of the original non-lockers, has converged to Satan and chosen death.

Uruguay adds to the political correlation. Belarus and Turkmenistan are true Soviet leftovers. Sweden and Uruguay are both socialist. The worst countries are the most firmly capitalist, and within US the worst states are the most firmly Libertarian. Peru is wholly owned by THE SOROS FAMILY ITSELF, showing another clear correlation.

An odd geographical correlation also shows to some extent, especially within North and South America. I've drawn a vector to suggest the pattern. West coasts of continents are more locked. Southeastern parts of continents are more free.

I've always been hesitant about including Korea and Japan in this list. They didn't use official orders, but they used their rigid cultural authority to commit the same total quarantines and murder masks as everywhere else. Now Korea has made it official, which is a distinction without a difference. I haven't been watching Taiwan as closely, but I suspect it's the same way.

So the four truly sane countries are Belarus, Turkmenistan, Uruguay and Sweden. They maintained normal life and normal science and normal public health both officially and culturally.

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  Harding on NORMALCY

Time to reprint Harding's speech on NORMALCY, exactly 100 years ago.

My countrymen, there isn't anything the matter with the world's civilization except that humanity is viewing it through a vision impaired in a cataclysmal war. Poise has been disturbed, and nerves have been racked, and fever has rendered men irrational.

Sometimes there have been draughts upon the dangerous cup of barbarity. Men have wandered far from safe paths, but the human procession still marches in the right direction. Here in the United States we feel the reflex, rather than the hurting wound itself but we still think straight; and we mean to act straight; we mean to hold firmly to all that was ours when war involved us and seek the higher attainments which are the only compensations that so supreme a tragedy may give mankind.

America's present need is not heroics, but healing; not nostrums, but normalcy; not revolution, but restoration; not agitation, but adjustment; not surgery, but serenity; not the dramatic, but the dispassionate; not experiment, but equipoise; not submergence in internationality but sustainment in triumphant nationality. It's one thing to battle successfully against the world's domination by a military autocracy because the infinite God never intended such a program; but it's quite another thing to revise human nature and suspend the fundamental laws of life and all of life's requirements.

The world needs to be reminded that all human ills are not curable by legislation, and that quantity of statutory enactments and excess of government offer no substitute for quality of citizenship.

The problems of maintained civilization are not to be solved by a transfer of responsibility from citizenship to government and no eminent page in history was ever drafted to the standards of mediocrity. Nor, no government worthy of the name which is directed by influence on the one hand or moved by intimidation on the other. My best judgement of America's need is to steady down, to get squarely on our feet, to make sure of the right path. Let's get out of the fevered delirium of war with the hallucination that all the money in the world is to be made in the madness of war and the wildness of its aftermath. Let us stop to consider that tranquility at home is more precious than peace abroad and that both our good fortune and our eminence are dependent on the normal forward stride of all the American people. We want to go on, secure and unafraid, holding fast to the American inheritance, and confident of the supreme American fulfillment.


  Manifesto but no revelations

This brief look at the big Berlin protest tells the story.

Only the cops are Alien Mascoids. All the HUMANS are HUMAN, doing what HUMANS normally do. Talking, sitting, eating, drinking, mingling. All ages, old and young, parents with kids. A vast crowd LEARNING BY EXPERIENCE that NORMALCY is still possible, and NORMALCY keeps you alive.

I suspect the cops also know this, which is why they're not moving in and breaking up the crowd. Cops are human, even when they're forced by their bosses to play the Alien role.

= = = = =

As part of the preparation for the protest, the ACU and other groups have put together a Manifesto that presents all the relevant facts and problems in one place. The English version is here. (PDF form).

The English translation is weak in places, but it gets all the points across clearly enough.

This part is important enough and weak enough to deserve a bit of editing, so I've done the editing.
We say to citizens: do not be afraid, this virus is benign unless you are part of the populations at risk.

If the TV channels had been doing the same thing with the flu, the figures would be much higher than for the coronavirus! The TV channels would report 3 million cases every day and 2,000 flu deaths every day. And for tuberculosis, TV channels would report 30,000 cases and 5,000 dead every day.

In fact the seasonal flu virus infects 1 billion people each year and kills 650,000. In fact tuberculosis infects 10 million people each year and kills 1.8 million people.
BUT: ACU still hasn't opened the blackmail, still hasn't popped the balloon. Who gave the original command? How was the command sent to ALL Public Death Officers and ALL governments at the same time? Why was the universal switch from lockdown to murder mask scheduled for the end of June? What was the accompanying threat?

We know now that the threat was empty, but it must have sounded impressive, because only one government official in the world has told us part of the threat. Of course that's Lukashenko, the ONLY fully sane leader in the world, who told us that the IMF tried to bribe him into compliance but the World Bank didn't try to force compliance. This would seem to be a variable worth pursuing, if anyone was interested in finding the truth.

= = = = =

Later thought: The most consequential aspect of the demo isn't the demo itself, but a shift in the Kraut government before the demo. The Berlin city government banned the demo, and then a national COURT stepped in immediately and overturned the city order, allowing the demo to proceed.

Nope, I spoke too soon. The Gestapo has decided to halt the demo. I hoped the Krauts had learned something from the past, but obviously they haven't. The people have learned, but it doesn't matter because all "western" governments want total obliteration.

The London demo is less organized, but it's being allowed to continue. No obvious police presence. Unlike here, the rebels are mostly young and distinctly multiracial. It's clear that UK Deepstate hasn't succeeded in dividing the people along party/race lines.

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Friday, August 28, 2020
  Writing for the ear

Listening to 1947 episodes of the low-quality quiz show Double or Nothing. This was a big-budget network production, but the questions were stupid by comparison to other quiz shows. Even the advertising jingles were stupid.

Campbell Soup was the sponsor, and two familiar products had jingles.

The Franco-American jingle was sung to the tune of 'Oh dear what can the matter be', which is already a dubious association.

F! A! Franco-American!
F! A! Franco-American!
F! A! Franco-American!
It's got that really good sauce.

It's got that really good sauce? Is that the best you can do? Also, a lot of US radio was being heard in Britain through AFRS, and F A has a very specific meaning in British English.

The soup jingle is the universally familiar tune, but the words weren't the same as later versions.

Mmm Mmm Good.
Mmm Mmm Good.
That's what Campbell Soups are: Mmm Mmm Good.

The sentence doesn't make sense unless you can "hear" the colon.

Later versions straightened out the sentence into a declarative statement.

Every Campbell Soup is Mmm Mmm Good.

Writing for the ear isn't easy. Often the low-budget syndicated shows did a better job, because they weren't trying to be Grammatical And Elegant.


Thursday, August 27, 2020
  Internal same as external

Convective connection. Shouldn't have taken me this long to catch it.

With the "virus" holocaust, I started out thinking it was a Grand Plan to conquer all nations. Soon it became clear that the sane nations weren't being punished, so the Grand Plan didn't explain it. I concluded, and still conclude, that it's just a Grand Opportunity for extreme psychopaths to do what they do.

I had reached the SAME conclusion about Deepstate's wars several years earlier.

Here's the clearest version, from 2014, complete with an older "virus" connection.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Both political "sides" have a set of truly weird beliefs about the other "side". Especially weird because the "sides" are identical in most ways.

One of the weirdest and most persistent is the left-wing "Blood For Oil" crap. Heard a rather extreme example of it today from some leftist caller on some radio show. He was saying that Ebola was created by CIA to get rid of Africans "so we could get the land."

We've been running this neocon routine for 70 years now, beginning with Korea. At first we were jumping into existing conflicts and wasting huge amounts of money and lives for nothing. More recently we've been creating new conflicts and wasting huge amounts of money and lives for nothing.

WE HAVE NEVER "TAKEN THE FUCKING LAND". We've never taken the fucking oil or the fucking diamonds or the fucking water power or the fucking gold or the fucking titanium or the fucking opium. We've never gotten ANY advantage from our imperial ventures. It's not Blood For Oil, it's just Blood For

Even now, when the neocon ventures are temporarily owned by D-label Obama, the leftists can't give up the idea. This myth is so persistent that it doesn't even switch sides for partisan purposes!

You don't need to add mythical nonsense to your conspiracy theories. Plain old hardass reality is already evil beyond imagining.

Later thought: No, it's not Blood For
Actually it's Blood For Pure Numbers. The Chosen have figured out how to gain riches without exploiting huge new resources. By counterfeiting "money" and pouring it directly into the pockets of the Chosen, they've established a form of riches that the Non-Chosen can't access at all. It's no coincidence that the values of real resources like labor and oil are dropping. The top levels of the economy are no longer demanding real resources. Under this layout, Pure Wars (with no motive but plenty of blood) are needed to keep ordinary people scared and submissive and dead, so the Chosen can justify their exclusive ownership of The Source Of Pure Numbers.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

There's no goal, no plan, no conquering. It's just UNCONSTRAINED DEMONS doing what they do best. Wiping out the universe. The "virus" holocaust is just a new variation and extension of the same theme. Now the obliteration includes NYC.

Has the main power center shifted? Is Bezos the chief psychopath, preserving Seattle and taking down NYC? No, that doesn't work either. Seattle is burning. Geography isn't a relevant variable. The only boundary that counts to a psychopath is ME vs OTHER STUFF. The psychopath's constant and all-consuming goal is to eliminate all OTHER STUFF, including human stuff, so the universe consists of nothing but ME.

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This essay by John Griffin is a bracing contrast to the previous idiocy, and in fact a contrast to pretty much everything else being said and written. Griffin gets it all precisely correct, and offers a long historical perspective on human resilience. Normal people have immunity to viruses and immunity to insanity. We can turn chaos into order, turn ugliness into beauty. God has given us a gift, and our duty is to use it. Make more order, more life, more value, more beauty.


  Reluctantly bashing

I'm hesitant to bash Francois Balloux, who is sort of halfway vaguely on the side of truth and facts. But he misses the BIG point in these two comments:

(1) Actually, I reckon 'Science' will come out stronger on the other end of the pandemic. Many excellent scientists were completely unprepared to deal with the fear and anger the pandemic unleashed, and found it difficult to get their voices heard. I feel this is slowly changing ...

"Science" will come out stronger for damn sure, in the same way that Hitler came out stronger after Munich in 1938. "Science" is holocaust. Before 2020 large parts of "science" were already devoted to obliterating the universe. Now the whole shitpile has openly declared its intentions. If the alleged "excellent scientists" really wanted to be heard, they could have been heard. Exactly ONE scientist (Ioannidis) did speak out, and was heard. After he was heard and NOT PUNISHED, those other "excellent scientists", if they existed, should have felt more empowered. There are plenty of well-established UNCENSORED places for dissident voices on the web, and a large enough mass presence would be seen and heard in other places. Censorship is a minor and insignificant factor. The alleged "excellent scientists" didn't choose to be heard, so we MUST ASSUME** that they are active participants in the holocaust.

(2) It wasn't science that ran policy, it was public opinion. In a democracy, scientists advice, elected politicians decide on behalf of the people. This bit worked ...

Grotesque bizarre delusional supernonsense. Entirely disconnected from history and reality. "Democracy" does not exist. Politicians are not "elected". Politicians are chosen by blackmail and ORGANIZED BULLYPOWER, and decide on behalf of Epstein and Bezos and Soros. 'Public opinion' is always DIRECTLY OPPOSITE to the actions of politicians. If those alleged "excellent scientists" had organized their own BULLYPOWER and hired some sleazy private investigators, they could have moved the politicians to some extent.

The best hope is that normal people will COMPLETELY ABANDON all trust in organized "science" and "medicine", and return to the pre-1946 attitude of trusting your own body and mind and senses.

We need an organized and wealthy BULLYPOWER to preserve plain natural truth, devoted to eliminating all false beacons and deceivers. We need a new Trinity House.

= = = = =

** Must assume: This is actually a gentler assumption than the Nuremburg rules. Nuremberg assumed that officials were participants if they continued working for the side and didn't resign in protest. Under Hitler, an official who chose not to participate was instantly killed, so the assumption was unfair and unjust. In current conditions a dissident scientist isn't killed or imprisoned, and will probably keep his job. He will lose status for sure. You CAN'T expect people to commit suicide for principle, but you CAN expect people to sacrifice status or employment for principle. Especially since crowdfunding does a good job of compensating for the employment.

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  Mr Iacocca and Mrs Hunholz

Uncommon Descent asks a good question.
Here’s a question: How many people would study biology with interest if we took the Darwin out of it and said, learn what the natural world of life is like without all these theories of how it came to be that way? Who would still be interested?
My kind of question. Learn Nature without theories.

It's really two separate questions.

(1) Would this help to sort out and develop the future professionals?

(2) Would this help non-professionals to pay more attention to biology?

I suspect it would decrease the future pros and increase interest among the rest.

Paid science has VERY LITTLE CONNECTION to actual interest in actual science. It's a fiercely competitive field that requires RELIGIOUS passion and orthodoxy and ascetic 25/8 devotion to getting the grants. Only Darwinian orthodoxy gets the grants. So the best way to attract future orthodox warriors is to emphasize all Darwin and no science.

Now that ALL of "science" has openly and violently and genocidally declared that its single sole solitary purpose is HOLOCAUST, "science" will automatically attract an EXTREMELY specialized type of student. (I suppose it's vaguely conceivably imaginable that one or two paid "scientists" are only 99.9999999999999% committed to obliterating the universe, but the public never hears from them.)

For the non-pro types we need to gather their interest via senses and muscles, specifically taste and smell. Mrs Hunholz, my 2nd grade teacher, was the brilliant master of taste and smell. She always had something cooking in the classroom, and used the food to branch out into job-related skills like baking and chemistry.

A fable from an unrelated industry:

In 1956 Ford was pushing safety, a THEORETICAL concern and an UNPLEASANT concern. Thinking about safety leads to thinking about death. Seat belts, padded dash, recessed controls, indented steering wheel. A Philadelphia Ford dealer named Iacocca realized that safety theory wasn't bringing in his blue-collar customers. He rigged up a more effective campaign.

His salesmen went around to supermarket parking lots and placed a little package of potato chips under the wipers of 'tradable' cars, along with a note saying

The chips are down!

Would you take $____ for your car?

We're selling '56 Fords for $56 a month.

Come see us!

Fords started selling fast in Philly, and corporate management brought Iacocca to Detroit.

What's the key? Muscles and taste and hearing and sight. Customers opened the package with their hands (rip!) and chewed the chips (crunch, crunch) and enjoyed the salt and grease. While they were crunching and enjoying, they were reading the note and thinking about the deal.

= = = = =

Irrelevant sidenote: $56 a month sounds like a lot of money for 'blue-collar' neighborhoods. It would be $560 in today's money. But according to census figures, manufacturing workers had a median income around $6000 = $60k in today's money. So they could afford it. Before the offshoring coup, blue-collar was solidly middle class.


Wednesday, August 26, 2020
  Useful info from Satan

Interesting "study" on learning modes. It's funded and purposed by Satan, but nevertheless the findings are relevant to courseware makers like me.

Main point as expressed from Satan's perspective:
Audiences shown a video about coral reefs had less willingness to pay (WTP) for conservation than when shown a slideshow of texts and photographs. The findings suggest the importance of the type and amount of information used in science communication.
This agrees with my experience, but I don't think the amount of information is the key variable.

Interactivity is the key variable. Hands and muscles and senses. The best learning, the only REAL learning, comes from direct relationships with the real physical object, or at least a physical model that you can get your hands on. For living things the physical model is actually better, because you can't dissect a living human and put it back together again.

Interactive software is the next step down. I try to create as much interactivity as I can. It was easier in Windows EXE form where the OS is stable. In AUDIN I was able to create all sorts of virtual experiences and experiments, including a build-your-own-circuit lab.

It's much harder in online setups where you have to keep things inside a dozen competing and contradictory constraints and non-standard standards that change every day. (As it happens, I'm wrestling with those standards this week, trying to transfer content between different LMSes. Highly frustrating.)

A slideshow or book is the next step down. The advantage over video is that a slideshow has 'pages' with pauses between, giving you a chance to process each chunk before moving to the next.

Video is the least interactive because it steadily flows into your eyes without a break or page. In the pre-digital world this also applied to projected films or closed-circuit TV. The students just sit there and receive, with no chance to stop and think, and no muscle involvement at all.


Look about you.

Take HOLD of the THINGS that are HERE.

TALK to them.

Let them TALK to you.

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  Detemporation reprint

A major piece of the current holocaust is lost definition of time. This is not new among media and politicians, and not generally new in "science", but it has reached a new extreme in "science". Before 2020 no paid "scientist" would have pretended to rediscover immunity, or pretended that the common cold virus was a brand-new horrible alien threat. Now we have CONSTANT headlines in "real" "science" websites like RealClearScience or Eurekalert, claiming to be surprised that people can develop immunity, or suddenly discovering T-cells.

Detemporation is easier in the digital era. Paper notebooks and printed books are hard to bulk-delete from a distance, and hard to redate from a distance.

Two years ago I analyzed the phenomenon carefully.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Yesterday I wrote:

Globalism condenses places and people into one undifferentiated mass. Globalism condenses time into one undifferentiated moment.

The places and people part is obvious and tautologous. Condensing all places into one is simply the dictionary definition of globalism. Condensing all people into an undifferentiated inanimate object is simply the dictionary definition of leftism.

The time part is not obvious and I haven't focused on it nearly enough.

Orwell focused HARD on the time part. Memory Holes and EastasiaEurasia and

are all examples of detiming.

When your mind has been detimed, you have no way of detecting fraudulent tenses or fake surprise.

Half of all "news" stories cover an event that "could happen in the future" if we don't obey Deepstate fully. In fact the event has BEEN HAPPENING for a long time, generally 30 or 40 years.

The other half of all "news" stories cover a totally fictional event that NEVER happened.

Our detimed brains have lost the ability to compare our past memories with present input. Time deltas do not enter our brains. We can't look back and say "Whoa! This isn't new!" or "Hold on! This never happened!"

Detiming is characteristic of "science" as well. The whole "global warming" fraud depends on detiming. We are not allowed to look at graphs of temperature vs CO2, because those graphs show that EVERY rise and fall of temperature came BEFORE the corresponding rise or fall of CO2. We are not allowed to look at graphs of sea level rise, because those graphs show that the total rise over the last 100 years is just six inches (not 99999999999999 miles), and it's slowing, not speeding. The shape of the curve is crucial, and you can't see shape without a time axis.

Diet and health advice is closer to the classic EastasiaEurasia. Sugar is good sugar is bad sugar is good sugar is bad sugar is good sug

After we follow a few whiplashes, we lose the ability to say "HEY! You told me the opposite yesterday!" We can't compare present input with memory template. We just passively receive and act on current input, LIKE AN INANIMATE OBJECT.

And now we're back to dictionary definitions.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

Self-calibrating footnote: I'm susceptible to detiming, and proved it right here and now. I started writing this item with the assumption that detiming was common in media and politicians but UNCOMMON in "science". Then I read what I wrote two years ago and revised the top paragraph. Detiming has infected some parts of "science" for a long time. It's obviously part of the Deepstate flip. When each area of "science" is subsumed within Deepstate, it loses its memory.

Moral of the story: As Winston Smith knew, you have to keep records of your thoughts to avoid detiming. This blog has served the same purpose often. Rereading old items reminds me that I was previously STUPID about some issues, and previously SMARTER than now on other issues.


Tuesday, August 25, 2020
  Cinderella vs Booker T

Convective thought.

First, one unquestionable absolute truth.

All human traits and talents and tendencies are innate and permanent. Some traits are more strictly determined than others, but the initial condition is always permanent. You can't change your status or your skills or your likability.

In his strong and lyrical discussion of peasant life, Michelet sees the origin of fables like Cinderella and Ugly Duckling.
A very real and very genuine passion underlies it, that of her unhappy, quite hopeless love, one that cruel Nature often sows between pure souls of too widely separated ranks, the poignant regret of the peasant woman that she cannot make herself fair and desirable, to be loved of the knight; the stifled sighs of the serf, as looking down his furrow, he sees riding by on a white horse a too, too charming vision, the beautiful, the adored, mistress of the castle and the lands he tills. It is like the Eastern fable, the melancholy idyll of the impossible loves of the Rose and the Nightingale.

But there is one great difference; the bird and the flower are both beautiful, equal even in beauty. But here the inferior being, so low placed in the scale of rank, confesses humbly, "I am plain and homely, a monster of ugliness!" The pity of it ! . . . But all the same, with a persistency and a heroic power of will unknown to the East, and by the very ardour of his longing, he breaks through the silly obstacles in his way. He loves so truly he is loved in turn, this monster; and Love makes him beautiful.
Those fables may have been helpful in an era when your job was also predetermined and permanent. They're destructive in an era when jobs, and other ways of using your skills, are more flexible.

Unpopular people can't become more popular or respected, but they CAN seek indirect popularity for their products or services. This is the ONLY way to avoid total frustration and depression. If you are hoping for a miracle that makes you attractive or likable, you're bound to fail. If you try to provide respectable products or services, you have a good chance of success.

Even in the empathetic '30s, very few stories made this point. After WW2, raw meritocracy sponsored by Deepstate made the truth impossible to say or see. Every source tells us that riches and popularity are possible for everyone if you try hard enough. This is a DEADLY LIE.

Booker T Washington is the only celebrity who ever told the truth. He has been forgotten and canceled for a long time.

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Monday, August 24, 2020
  What's the diff?

After Mad Bomber Inslee, actively assisted by Demented Dominatrix Woodward, required murder masks in stores and buses on July 1, I've been doubling up my walking. Changed the grocery trip from three a week to two a week and changed the bus route. Reduced Time In Murder Mask from 90 min/wk to 24 min/wk. Also doubled up on regular neighborhood walks, adding a noon walk to the existing daily morning walk. Total is around 12 miles/wk now, up from previous 6.

More walking is the best way to build up the MENTAL immune system against monstrous demonic evil. It also improves general physical condition. I've had less trouble with vestibular crap since doubling the walks. (Sidenote: Maybe the 10,000 Step stuff, which translates to 10 miles per week, is a meaningful threshold, not just a meme.)

After adding the noon walk I started to notice a difference in the population. The other morning walkers have remained resolutely human, with absolutely zero Alien Mascoids. Many of the noon walkers are Alien Mascoids, walking out in the open fully bound and gagged.

What's the diff? I figured it out today.


Early morning walkers are old. Noon walkers are young.

Old coots and biddies lived through REAL EPIDEMICS in the '50s. We got ACTUALLY SICK, and received smallpox inoculations and the brand-new polio shots. Immunity was in the news and in the classroom, literally punctuated by the smallpox vax.

We know how viruses work and we know how immunity works, because we LEARNED BY DIRECT SENSORY EXPERIENCE. We trust our bodies to handle viruses.

Folks under 40 haven't been through a real epidemic, and haven't learned by experience how the body works. They obviously haven't learned anything in school either, but that's not the real variable. Nobody learns much from reading books.

Allegedly the old are more allegedly "vulnerable" to the alleged "virus" than the young. Everyone says we should be doing more to "protect" the elders from the alleged "virus". In fucking fact the oldsters are LESS vulnerable to all REAL viruses, and LESS vulnerable to the MENTAL virus spread by psychopaths, which is the only REAL epidemic.

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  Unique semi-Luddite

Checking the blog stats to see if there are any actual readers. The two regulars are still there (THANKS!) plus one highly unusual item.

First, the reader is in Greece. I've never noticed a reader in Greece before.

Second, the target is an item that has never been read before. It's completely irrelevant (musings about lawn sprinklers), which generally means a bot instead of a real reader.

Third: My occasional real readers often show semi-Luddite tendencies. Unsurprising for a blog that focuses specifically on old technology ... including the oldest technology of all, God's designs for life. Early versions of browsers and OS are common among occasional readers.

But: WIN 2003? Nobody used it when it was new, and it's been completely forgotten. Greece was an alternate universe for cars. Is it an alternate universe for computers?

Footnote on another uniqueness: The Elegant Gadget item in 2011 was about seeing a hummingbird flying in and out of the sprinkler. I've been using the same sprinkler since then, and often look out the front door while it's running. Ordinary birds sometimes drink the water, but I've never seen a hummingbird before or since. Just that one time.


Sunday, August 23, 2020
  Belarus is holding firm.

Lukashenko is gradually wearing down the Sorosians. Most of the people are on his side.

One look at this rally and you can see why they're on his side. NO MURDER MASKS. Belarus is the only SOLIDLY SCIENTIFIC and SOLIDLY FREE country in Europe. The industrial and agricultural economy continued running without a hitch, and the people are FREE to gather and breathe.

Lukashenko's speeches are full of REAL SCIENCE and REAL FACTS and REAL LOGIC, diametrically opposite of ALL American leaders except Kristi Noem. Everything he says is powerfully and precisely true.

The Sorosians don't seem to realize that they are fighting a man who KNOWS what they're doing. Putin, after temporarily surrendering to insanity, seems to have returned to God's side, and also knows ONLY TOO FUCKING WELL how Soros works.

I pray constantly that Lukashenko will win this battle. If he loses, the best man on God's side will be gone. More precisely the ONLY man on God's side.

[Meanwhile, still no revelations from ACU, which "promised" to break the blackmail sometime in August. Yet another faker.]

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  The oldest difference and the oldest confusion

Looking back to see if I could link the Coherer subject to an earlier discussion of modulation and rectification, I found this 2016 item with a broader view of communication, and a unique point that deserves reprinting.

Marconi initially treated wireless the same way as wired because he was trying to replace the transatlantic cable with wireless. Tuning and resonance weren't needed if your signal was the only one on the path. Experience soon showed him that tuning was needed. Coherers matched up with spark gaps in a "wired" analogy that didn't really work. Tuning gradually led to a new matchup between rectification and modulation, opening up the field for separate stations broadcasting separate programs.

The conflict between wired systems and wireless systems is exactly as old as life, starting with bacteria.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

These modern debates about encryption (ie the Bitcoin scam or the fake dispute between Apple and FBI) ring hollow to my ear, but I hadn't figured out why until just now.

Both sides are missing the oldest and deepest fact.

Encryption is the PRIMARY form of communication. Encryption came first. Publicly readable speech and writing came later.

Most living things communicate through chemical, visual and audio signals. Some fish communicate through AM and FM radio waves. Bacteria and mitochondria communicate electrically via wires. Most of these 'channels' are intrinsically and physically private.

Smarter vertebrates turn public audio channels into private channels through individual variations. Why do birds develop special grace notes? So a male can stand out as a mateworthy individual, and so members of a family can recognize each other.

Why did humans take it to the next level with more complex and more articulate syllables? Not so everyone could understand. That's SUICIDAL. We developed language so OUR FAMILY and OUR TRIBE could communicate without OTHER FAMILIES picking up the information.

Why did humans later develop ways of recording information on clay or wood? Three semi-separate motivations. (1) The priesthood of bookkeepers (my kind of priesthood!) developed numbers so they could keep track of business transactions. After the idea of visual mapping became familiar, the specific number symbols for One Ox or One House came to represent the ox or house itself, and then the sounds for Ox or House. After that, metaphor expanded or specialized the symbols.

(2) Census-takers picked up the trick, using it to register information about residents for governmental purposes like debts and taxes. (3) Religious priesthoods used writing to keep the scriptures within bounds, so they could gain power and money by renting out little bits of the ceremony. Guilds developed their own special sublanguages to protect their ownership of skill-estate, so they could rent out skilled labor without passing the skills to outsiders.

All of these priesthoods were trying to keep information within their own circles. Otherwise, why bother?

Audio encryption pretty much disappeared after writing became commonplace. It didn't re-emerge until electronics made tricks like multiplexing and modulation possible. Later on, DSP made complex audio encryption easier.

And that's where we are now. The same place we've always been.... except that AS FUCKING USUAL we intentionally reverse our understanding.

The initial and permanent purpose of communication is EXCLUSION. DIVISIVENESS. XENOPHOBIA. When communication REALLY MATTERS, it's coded.

Families no longer matter, so families no longer encrypt. Businesses still need encryption to stay ahead of the competition. Government data-gatherers still need encryption to stay ahead of the citizens. Armies still need codes to protect strategies.

= = = = =

Going back to the start again, it's clear that the Tower of Babel story is intentionally false. Languages and dialects reinforce walls and

Languages didn't start from a single universal tongue. Exactly the opposite. Satan doesn't separate languages; Satan wants everyone to speak the same way so the government can spy more efficiently. The tower story must have been written by the Babylonian NSA.

CORRECTION: I hadn't bothered to read the ACTUAL story of Babel. In fact the story is an accurate representation of Natural Law. A tyrant forced a universal language, and God broke up the universal language into proper modular languages. Our standard FALSE globalist interpretation, which I mindlessly followed, says that Satan broke up the tower, even though the STORY ITSELF credits God.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

In the first steps toward radio, the same confusion arose. Wired telegraphs, like wires between bacteria or fungal wires between plants, are intrinsically encrypted. Marconi had to learn, just as the first users of language learned, that tuning is needed on both ends in a public channel. A universal language can only work if there is EXACTLY ONE SENDER in the entire world. Deepstate is always trying to achieve EXACTLY ONE SENDER, so we need to cultivate and strengthen our tuning ability.

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Saturday, August 22, 2020
  National Coherer Day

August 20 was National Radio Day, arbitrarily created in the '70s to celebrate WWJ in Detroit. This year is the centennial of WWJ's first broadcast, which wasn't exactly the first commercial broadcast but close.

I'll arbitrarily call today National Coherer Day because I feel like it.

Coherers were an odd sidetrack in the history of radio. They were developed by experiment and accident, not by theory. Coherers flourished in a very specific environment, and helped to maintain the environment. Spark gap transmitters favored coherer receivers, and coherer receivers favored spark gap transmitters.

Most of all, coherers were strictly for Morse, and strictly for driving a tape-writer or plotter. They didn't belong in a system that relied on human hearing, whether via Morse sounder or earphones. Printers were part of the early transatlantic cable systems, and printers were mature and reliable at the time when wireless experimentation started. Marconi saw wireless as a replacement for the transatlantic cable, with essentially one sender and one receiver; so his system was surrounded and constrained by the analogy and the existing equipment.

= = = = =

Let's start with a complete Lodge-Muirhead station, operated by Polistra with the help of Happystar.

Lodge designed a resonant antenna, with two conical capacitive elements tied by an inductive element.

The station included, from right to left, the Morse key (hidden by Polistra); the Lodge Buzzer; an induction coil; a spark gap tuned by Leyden jar capacitors and an inductor; the transmit-receive switch leading out to the antenna; a Lodge Coherer; and finally a printer or tape-writer.

The Lodge Buzzer was an overly complex way of providing AC to the primary of the induction coil. Most systems used a simple hammerbreak. The Buzzer was a three-stage relay, allowing the Morse key to handle low voltage and current. The fast switching of high current for the primary was done by a mercury dip.

Now we see the whole thing ticking and tapping away, while Polistra sends a meaningful message through the antenna.

Early telegraph rigs were extremely clocky, with all sorts of mechanical pendulums and escapements, and electrically switched pendulums.

Before looking at the Lodge Disc Coherer, we'll show the most common coherer.

A glass tube with loose metal powder or filings inside. The tube was placed in series with a battery and the printer or tape-writer. Normally the filings had a high resistance, essentially non-conducting. When an RF signal came through the ether near the coherer, or a high-frequency signal was imposed on the DC, the filings lined up and cohered, closing the circuit and effectively acting like a relay. The filings wanted to remain lined up, so a mechanical tapper was needed to break them apart between dots and dashes. This tapper is run by a buzzer, but it could also be pure mechanical clockwork.

The Lodge Disc was entirely different.

Here's a description of its action:

This is done by causing a small steel disc to revolve continuously in contact with a column of mercury, between which is interposed a thin film of oil. In action the coherer operates as follows: When the impinging waves set up oscillations in the resonator circuit the potential difference due to their cumulative effect disrupts the film of oil and at that instant cohesion takes place between the molecules of the solid and the fluid metals, only to be instantly restored by a partial revolution of the disc.

The thin layer of oil between dissimilar metals was probably acting like a semiconductor, similar to a catwhisker or even a bijunction transistor. "Cumulative" implies that some degree of rectifying was going on.

Marconi tried another variation on the constantly moving surface:

Looks like a tape recorder or wire recorder. The large-diameter coil around the moving wire carried the DC, and the antenna was connected to the small-diameter coil inside it. When RF was present, the magnetic particles in the wire cohered, strengthening the core effect, raising the inductance of the large coil momentarily, and thus providing a pulse of added current in the larger coil. The moving loop gave this section of wire a chance to relax its coherence before it was used again.

Another inventor went full biological, reverting to Galvani.

A frog leg carried a pen in its foot, and the RF was enough to trigger muscular contractions.

= = = = =

An early realization of the need for tuning came close to understanding the principle of rectifiers:

To excite the coherer under the conditions presumed to be necessary for long distances, the impulses due to these waves must syntonize with the natural period of oscillation of the receiving circuit, and therefore these successive waves must pass by that circuit (wherever it may be), with the second following in the same phase as the first, or nearly so, otherwise the tendency of the second one will be to weaken or annul the effect of the first one.

Again emphasizing the cumulative effect. Almost got the point of rectifying, but not quite. Fleming finally realized that it was necessary to eliminate or invert the negative side of the sine wave. A symmetrical wave adds and subtracts equally, so the sum is zero. Removing one side made it possible to accumulate the RF power, which could then be filtered to sort out the modulation. But the realization was hard to grasp while the sparks and coherers were working together nicely.

= = = = =

Earlier I mentioned an attempt to see coherer-like activity in the brain. The experiments were interesting, and I noted that the connection was actually better than the 1906 researcher could see.

There's a separate coherer-like response in nearly all neurons, which didn't occur to me at that point. A spark-gap signal received by a coherer, complete with the buzzing and tapping and ticking at both ends, was a pulse train of varying length. A longer series of pulses for a dash, shorter series for a dot. This is how MOST neurons communicate and accumulate their signals. Pulse trains of varying lengths.

= = = = =

Happy ending:

Surprisingly, coherers are enjoying a second life in the new digital world.

In the '50s, US and Soviet researchers were using coherers as computer memory elements, taking advantage of the natural hold time to create a 'short-term' memory.

Several recent Japanese patents use old-style powder coherers for the original purpose, giving a sensitive relay-like response to small added AC. The patents use coherers in touch-sensitive pens, or to detect nearby lightning.

Convective question: Wouldn't it be nice if our wetware memory had a tapper to break up unwanted coherences? Instant answer: We do have a tapper. Walking. Also, some biofeedbackish therapy techniques use finger tapping for this exact purpose.

= = = = =

Here's the set for Poser at ShareCG.

Followup, a real experiment with a real coherer!

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Friday, August 21, 2020
  Journalists doing their job

While the "virus" emergency is stuck in holocaustal hell, with crazy governments stuck on crazy and sane governments stuck on sane or converging back into crazy, one other fake emergency is unraveling fast.

Cancel culture and the attendant riots have fallen out of favor among the elites. The riots were no longer "peaceful" after one BLM leader supported Palestine. Now the media are turning against wokeness and Die-Versity.

Special credit to WIBW in Topeka, which did some REAL JOURNALISM to expose the Die-Versity fraud at the Goodyear plant in Topeka.

I have a soft spot for WIBW, which kept me amused and entertained during long sleepless nights when I was young. It's nice to see an old "friend" doing the right thing.


  Reality is real

Tautology. Real is real.

When a thing is real you know it's real.

The 1957 flu epidemic was a real epidemic. Everyone was sick. I was sick as hell for two weeks, and everyone I knew was sick around the same time. School classrooms were nearly empty but SCHOOL REMAINED OPEN. People were home for two weeks because they were ACTUALLY SICK, not because they were being "protected" from a witchcraft myth.

In those years measles and mumps were also real epidemics. Everybody got ACTUALLY SICK, and two of my classmates had permanent real damage: one lost part of her sight from measles, another lost part of his hearing from mumps.

The current "virus" is not a real epidemic. I'm not sick, nobody I know is sick. Even the "deaths" that we are told about are RELABELED deaths, people who were already dying. Their deaths were rebranded as Haute-Couture Virus. There's no EXTERNAL way to prove that their deaths were caused by this "virus" versus some other virus or bacterium.

This closely resembles the Skripal stageplay, which seems to have been the trial run. Maybe this is a real virus, maybe not. But we know for DAMN SURE that this is NOT a real epidemic.

Some previous fake emergencies had a small real event at the core. Three Mile Island and Asbestos were industrial problems. They caused real disease and death for people who worked in specific plants. TMI didn't release any radiation and didn't cause any problems at all for people who didn't work at TMI. Asbestos didn't cause any problems at all for people who didn't work at Johns Manville. Both were expanded exponentially to create massive disruptions in the whole economy, causing many REAL deaths and REAL lost jobs as a result of the INTENTIONAL disruptions. If the media and lawyers and government hadn't turned those incidents into national fake emergencies, they would have been treated like any other boiler explosion or workplace safety issue.

"Global warming" is more like the current fake emergency. There is no actual event. Weather has long-term cycles. In 1975 CIA rebranded the current cycle as "global cooling", then later "global warming", then later simply "change", which is the best rebranding ever. "Cooling" and "Warming" and "Change" are supposed to be poison for everyone, and we need to MASSIVELY DISRUPT the entire economy and culture to prevent "warming" or "cooling" or "change", whichever, from happening. 50 years of INTENTIONAL DISRUPTION has caused many REAL deaths from lost jobs and destroyed cities.

Sidenote: Stop and think. If you prevent the climate from changing, every spot on earth will continue to have the same weather that it had at the moment when change stopped. If it's raining at that moment, it will always be raining. If there's a tornado at that moment, it will always be tornadoing. Plants and trees and animals won't be able to carry on their seasonal processes, and they will all die.


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  Fear or fraud or both?

Speaking of profs and online "teaching", Berenson has some interesting and varied responses from profs. Some see fearful faculty as the main block, others see fearful admins, others see a completely cynical tactic by admins.

This seems to echo what happened in some public schools. The admins began by proposing a return to normal, then after they got the contracts signed and the tuition checks cashed they closed down forever. In a sane culture this would be treated as a FRAUD. Pretend to start a business or school, get the money, disappear with the money.

Nothing new about fearful admins. They have been superphobic about lawsuits for decades, and I don't blame them. Their phobia is perfectly rational. On curricular questions like evolution and "global warming" and religion, they ferociously censor all non-Tribal opinion. Even though SOME "court" "decisions" have favored more freedom, the "legal" landscape is so tangled that a solitary activist with no resources can instantly and cheaply force the district to spend millions on a bet with a 5% chance of "winning" a narrow and meaningless prank "decision". It's VASTLY SAFER to avoid the bet entirely. THERE IS NO PROTECTION FOR SANITY, NO BULLYPOWER ON THE SIDE OF SANITY.

First kill all the lawyers. Then establish a new Trinity House.


  Bees do it best.

Here's a quick chain of thought that led to an unexpected place.

Profs are getting ready for fall semester, and most of them will be "teaching" online. This is not good for the students, but it is good for the courseware business.

The publisher has been passing along requests for improvements and corrections as profs start gearing up. I enjoy dealing with these requests, partly because I enjoy MAKING THINGS, and partly because I enjoy serving.

Enjoy serving? That's a new thought and a surprising thought. You're not SUPPOSED to enjoy serving. Everyone is supposed to be aiming ever upward! Everyone MUST want to be president!

I know the latter is nonsense, but I never spontaneously thought "I enjoy serving" before.

In fact normal humans are built to be servants. Like normal dogs, we ENJOY BEING USEFUL and we need to be needed. "Slavery" is normal. We've been taught to reject the better and more secure forms of slavery so our masters can keep us in maximum panic and fear.

The monsters who enjoy being bosses are psychopaths, and we're seeing right now what happens when psychopaths are given ALL power with no Natural Law restraints.

How does Natural Law restraint work?


500 years ago the Circassians solved BOTH problems at the same time. Unsurprisingly, Turkmenistan is part of Circassia.

Circassian girls were a major export product. They were especially beautiful, and the psychopathic sultans of the Ottoman Empire bought them for a good price.

Unfortunately, many of the girls were disfigured by smallpox, decreasing the profit. Presumably by serendipity, the Circassians figured out that a small dose of cowpox prevented smallpox. They developed inoculation into a science.

Selling their daughters to sultans solved the psychopath problem and provided a better life for the pretty ones. A harem girl gets the best food and the best clothing, and has ample opportunity to display her beauty through dancing and ceremonies. She takes her turn occasionally in the bedroom of the blubbery oversatiated Sultan, who can barely find his dick amid the rolling mountains of fat.

If the pretty ones had stayed at home, they would be milking cows, pulling plows, weaving crude clothing, losing their beauty, and enduring daily sessions with a strong muscular farmer. Some would enjoy the sex, but most wouldn't.

So the Circassians used REAL SCIENCE to solve both of our current problems in a SYNCHRONOUS AND BALANCED WAY. The pretty daughters had a better life, the people were protected from smallpox AND protected from the worst excesses of the psychopaths, and the people received PAY FOR VALUE.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

Who does the best job of Natural Law restraint? Bees. Workers know they're meant to serve, and they spend tremendous amounts of energy keeping the queen GROSSLY FAT AND OVERSATIATED. In human terms the queen is as large as a locomotive, and does nothing but churn out eggs. She has no opportunity to start wars or commit genocide.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2020
  Point-missing on "scientism"

An article at UncommonDescent:
Seventy-five years ago, C.S. Lewis published his novel ”That Hideous Strength,” which explored the dangers of government in the name of science. What relevance does Lewis’s advice on the promise and perils of science-based public policy have in the age of COVID-19 and beyond?
Lewis was worried that politicians would become the puppets of scientists.

The problem is exactly backwards.

Start with the proper definition of science:

Using careful measurement and careful experimentation to solve real problems.

Governments have ALWAYS used proper science in many ways. Engineers who build sewers and roads have been an intrinsic part of government for thousands of years. Metrologists and astronomers who determine correct weights and measures and calendars have been part of government for thousands of years. Engineers have been designing weapons for thousands of years, usually with 'spinoffs' to civilian products.

The problem is that governments are no longer using VALID science.

Governments are FLIPPING and CORRUPTING entire fields of science, then using the FAKE numbers and results to do what government wants to do anyway. Obliterate civilization and kill everyone.

And this isn't new either. For thousands of years governments have been corrupting astronomy by asking astronomers to bless the latest battle plan. Corrupt astronomers assured the king publicly that his soldiers would win because the stars were aligned for victory. The assurance made it easier to recruit cannon fodder and steal the gold to finance the totally unnecessary war.

Later the honest astronomers managed to clean out their guild, purging the corrupt astronomers who became astrologers and priests.

Corrupt doctors were at the core of the totally unnecessary and murderous French and American revolutions. Locke and Marat and Sade and Guillotin were doctors.

In modern times the first flip was "social" "science", psychology and psychiatry. Both started serving tyranny in the 1920s, and became key elements of CIA/NSA Deepstate after 1946.

The second flip was climatologists, who had been honestly serving the government since 1880. In 1975 CIA flipped them to "global warming", paying them to create a fake emergency so government can ruin civilization and kill everyone.

The 2008 bank coup flipped economics upside down, but this wasn't harmful to real science. Paid economists were ALWAYS corrupt. There was never an honest discipline of economics, because there's no NEED for an honest discipline of economics. Bookkeepers are honest, and bookkeeping is all you need to run a real economy. You don't need ANY theories.

And now the entire field of medicine and public health has been flipped. As I've been saying, public health was more like engineering until March 2020. Public health officers used proper experience and real knowledge to improve sanitation, assist immunity, and control travel and immigration when an epidemic was underway. Now the Public Death Officers are requiring travel, eliminating sanitation, destroying immunity, and obliterating life.

As I've also been saying, this flip shows us that Public Health Officers weren't really needed. Before they flipped, they weren't serving a useful purpose. Competent governments and businesses knew how to keep things clean, though the previous "climate" emergency often blocked normal sanitation and ventilation. Vaccines were a mature discipline, mainly in the hands of commercial pharma, not needing advice from public health.

Parkinson as always. A discipline that loses its purpose turns to crime.

The flip of regular Medical Doctors to Murder Doctors doesn't fall neatly into the Parkinson category. Real doctors are needed for a few things, but they have been expanding their legal authority into areas where they don't belong since 2010. Central Death Command (CDC) has been using regular doctors to conduct political surveillance on issues like guns and sexual harassment. The doctors willingly joined the tyrants.

As I've also ALSO been saying, we need to do for all of science what the astronomers did to the astrologers.


= = = = =

Later note: I was uninformed on the history of astrology. It wasn't that simple! Government-sponsored astrologers were corrupt, but most of them were trying honestly to predict weather and events, and they were on the right track.

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  ACU more accessible

ACU still hasn't fulfilled its promise of opening the blackmail and finding the Cui Bono. At least they're doing a better job of making their info available in English. Their info and discussions are clear and emotionally powerful.

Discussion doesn't change minds. Minds and attitudes are sometimes open to new info, and it's important to have the info EASILY AVAILABLE in a powerful form when those NOW I SEE moments happen.

Here's the page with proper English subtitles and transcripts on videos.

Also, last week's interview with Pam Popper was natively in English.

And a new interview with Dolores Cahill is all in English. She asks the basic UNANSWERED question for the trillionth time, in clear and strong words. The lockdowns and murder masks are EXACTLY THE WRONG ACTIONS to fight a virus. They make everything worse INCLUDING the virus. So the lockdowns and murder masks must be required for SOME OTHER PURPOSE. What is the other purpose?

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  Constants and variables 155, Davos edition

Spiked is alarmed at the latest world government plan from Davos.

It's not so complicated, and it's not so simple.

BIG constant: World government plans and agendas have been announced and implemented for thousands of years. Some of them last, some don't. All of them create some degree of murder and chaos, but none of them create world government.

The Davos shit descends directly from Wilson's League of Nations, exactly 100 years ago. The League didn't work. The United Nations didn't work.

The next big push was the "global warming" panic, which caused massive damage in some nations but didn't accomplish world empire. The current "virus" holocaust is causing the most massive damage in history, but it still isn't achieving world empire. In fact it's causing sharp and beautifully visible divisions between sane and insane governors and presidents.

BIG variable: In reality everything depends on the permanent innate PERSONALITY of leaders. I didn't fully realize this until I watched the current holocaust unfold.

At first it appeared to be a perfectly executed Davos-style plan. Every single country started killing its own people on March 1. Leaders who objected would be removed or suicided.

But after the initial SHOCK AND AWE smoke cleared, the divisions were immediately visible, and grew quickly in April and May. The five blessed nations (and within US the five blessed states) didn't start killing, and by now much of Europe has stopped killing and admitted the whole thing was wrong. Nobody in US has stopped killing. The original sane governors are still sane, the original crazy presidents and governors and ALL MAYORS are still murdering. Counties are probably the least crazy. MANY county officials have tried to block the holocausting governors, with varying levels of success.

Deepstate always creates "two" "sides" to generate chaos. Some of the "skeptics" in any panic turn out to be fake, and some of the "loyalists" realize what's happening and stop killing.

From Spiked:
We are talking about a vast and unaccountable combination of big business and big government. These elites have a homogenous worldview and it tends to get its way. Remember Brexit? They spent four years trying to overturn democracy in response. So with that in mind, their ideas are worth proper scrutiny.
Brexit was a fake skeptic. Immediately after Boris got Brexit, he ginned up the "global warming" genocide, then shifted gears to the "virus" genocide. Immediately after Brexit, the rest of EU started protecting its borders from migrants, and many of the EU countries have firmly abandoned the holocaust.

It became clear that the INNATE PERSONALITY of the leaders mattered far more than the STRUCTURE of the plans.

PEOPLE ARE DIFFERENT. Differences are deep and permanent. Some differences align with gender boundaries, some align with ethnic boundaries, most are individual. The equality myth of the Enlightenment, which was bolstered and weaponized after WW2, prevents us from seeing this. We are required to assume that everyone is identical, which steers us into all kinds of wasted effort, both internally and externally. We waste energy trying to be more popular and more wealthy. We waste energy on elections and wars which supposedly change ideologies and structures. We waste energy on "persuasion" and "debates" which supposedly change attitudes.

Human nature never changes. Differences are innate and PERMANENT. The only result of Davos-style plans is chaos and murder.

What's the answer? No simple answer.

Sane people need to adopt the attitudes and life-plans of peasants in medieval times, who were faced with the same type of incestuous inbred imbecilic psychopathic leaders for hundreds of years. Keep your head down, don't offer visible resistance, maintain your connection to physical reality. Fight chaos by making as much ORDER and BEAUTY as you can. Keep your soul and body healthy, and above all ORGANIZE.

Psychopaths can be slowed down by ORGANIZED BULLYPOWER.

This is dramatically visible in the current holocaust. Who is exempt from distancing and masks? Blacks, who are SMARTER than whites. Blacks maintained their ORGANIZED bullypower through segregated NGOs and segregated churches.

What's the BIGGEST constant of all? Deepstate DOESN'T WANT world government. That's just another false flag to divert attention from reality. Deepstate is simple. Deepstate is an organization of extreme psychopaths who derive pleasure from HARM and CHAOS and SUBMISSION and HUMILIATION and MURDER.

League of Demons, not League of Nations.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2020
  Salieri time

Justin Hart has been comparing 1918 with the present, and finally caught onto one HUGE problem with the present. HIPAA or HIPPA or HIIPA or whatever laws.

Ahem. March 1.

Ahem. April 6.
  Random stories

Halfway following on previous item about candidate selection.

Deepstate runs different brands just as GM and Budweiser run different brands, widening the appeal. If you're too snobbish to buy a Chevy Citation, you'll buy it when it's branded as a Cadillac Cimarron.

Just for fun, let's try to sort out the brands within Deepstate for recent candidates. The pattern is perfectly clear after 1980. Before 1980 I'm wildly guessing, probably wrong.

Start with Nixon. He made some mistakes in his early career, then after Cohn's takeover of the media and Congress in 1954, Nixon decided to ride with the winner. Cohn was the head of the NYC mafia, and Nixon became his main hitman.

Nixon began to take power in '56 after Ike was heartattacked. Castro, initially sponsored by CIA, went rogue and started working for Cuba after winning the revolution. Castro was kicking out the casinos run by the NYC mafia. Nixon worked with CIA to create various countercoups.

JFK is harder to guess. The Kennedy family ran the Irish branch of the mafia, so JFK vs Nixon looked like Irish vs Jewish mafia. Some stories say that JFK rebelled against his masters and got killed. He clearly didn't like the CIA branch of Deepstate, but real rebellion is harder to find. He allowed Nixon's countercoup to proceed. Maybe he sabotaged it, but more likely the countercoup was just a dumb idea. Castro was serving the Cuban people, so the Color Revolution couldn't succeed.

LBJ was unquestionably CIA. He killed JFK, for reasons still unclear, then went ahead and did everything CIA wanted.

Nixon in '68 was simply LBJ's heir. LBJ wanted Nixon to win, so Nixon won. Humphrey was a slot-filler to make the "election" worth the trouble for the media.

From '68 to '73 Nixon served Deepstate perfectly, especially the NYC Jewish brand. It's still not clear why he was removed. He didn't fail or rebel. Maybe Deepstate just didn't trust him to continue serving loyally? Maybe he had plans to rebel?

McGovern was a slot-filler, giving the leftist activist brand of Deepstate something to "vote" "for".

In '74 Deepstate reasserted full control of Congress and the media, and began the long series of fake emergencies with the "global warming" panic.

Carter and Ford are oddballs. Both look like slot-fillers, expected to lose. Carter followed CIA orders, ruining both agriculture and petroleum sectors of the economy "because" "Afghanistan". He went on to serve CIA as an "independent" "diplomat" after the end of his term, but he never seemed to enjoy it. Best guess: Carter was basically a sane man, driven by blackmail, not by natural psychopathic inclination.

After 1980 there's no veil of secrecy. Sucker Filter all the way. Bush Senior was openly and proudly CIA. Following LBJ's model, he assassinated Reagan to prevent possible disloyalty. His shot was good, but the assassination failed because the nearest hospital had tremendous experience with gunshots. Why did they have experience? Because of the drug wars created by Deepstate. Nice bit of Emerson justice, but it didn't really matter. Reagan was weak after the shooting, and Bush Senior assumed the presidency. He crashed Russia to cover Soros's shorts, and advanced the "global warming" panic well beyond Nixon's efforts.

Dukakis? Another slot-filler.

The brand competition gets interesing in 1992. Clinton represented the up-and-coming Epstein brand, closely tied to the new tech industry and Mossad. Bush Senior continued with CIA. Sort of like Saturn replacing Oldsmobile.

Dole? etc.

CIA returned in 2000 with Bush Junior. Gore carried on the Epstein/tech brand. A literal coin-toss gave the "win" to Bush Junior. He focused again on Afghanistan and Russia.

Kerry? etc.

2008 marked the resurgence of the banking brand of Deepstate, which had been out of the public eye since 1946. Obama represented Epstein/tech, PLUS the bankers.

2012: Both markers were working mainly for the bank brand. Romney was pure bank, Obama was bank plus Epstein. Epstein won, unsurprisingly.

2016 was interesting in the same way as 1992. Trump brought the NYC Cohn brand back into the picture, for the first time since Nixon's removal. The NYC Cohn brand "won", but only as a Pied Piper creating useful backwash for the Epstein brand.

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Monday, August 17, 2020
  Random Parkinson observation

I've been talking ad infinitum about the Natural Law solution to psychopaths. Let them have tremendous riches and slaves, PROVIDED they use their power-organizing talent for a useful purpose.

Ambition is another outlet and regulator for psychopathic energy. At some point in the distant past, governors competed to become president. If they improved conditions in their state, increasing prosperity for most ordinary people and making cities more pleasant places, the parties took note and advanced them toward the presidency.

After the federal system froze up, performance no longer counted. Nominations are decided by the head blackmailer, Lady Edgar or Roy Cohn or Epstein.

Parkinson as always. When an organization loses its real purpose, it turns to crime. Governors are no longer REGULATED by the NEGATIVE FEEDBACK of performance-based ambition, so they're free to express their innate personality. A few of them are sane (eg Florida, Tennessee, South Dakota) but most are extreme satanic demons.

Putting it the Darwin way, governors were formerly (at least partly) selected by their fitness to perform the duties of leadership. Now the only selector is their ability to please Epstein.

= = = = =

Mayors are a special category. As far as we can tell from public info, absolutely ALL mayors are total holocaustal mass murdering demonic satanic psychopaths. Absolutely ZERO mayors have complained about the murderous governors, and in fact SEVERAL mayors have viciously committed MORE murder when governors tried to slow down the murder. This pure 100% criminally insane category needs special explanation. Out of 50 governors, about 5 are sane. Out of thousands of mayors, exactly ZERO are sane, and many are crazier than any governor. Why? The only previously known fact that might explain the totality is Bloomberg. For the past few years Bloomberg has been buying up big-city mayors.

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Sunday, August 16, 2020
  Who was Wilson's Soros?

I like to ask historical pattern questions. They don't always have a definite answer, but they tend to pry out other useful insights along the way.

Q: Who was the Soros figure in the first incarnation of Deepstate?

The Epstein figure is obvious. Lady Edgar. A sexual deviant who used sexual deviance to blackmail everyone else into abject submission. Lady Edgar continued to fill that slot until she stopped blackmailing in 1973. Then there was a 10-year interregnum, partly filled by Roy Cohn, who was Trump's mentor and teacher. Epstein showed up in the '80s after Cohn stopped blackmailing.

In the 1946 zombie resurrection of Deepstate, the Soros role was unquestionably filled by Bernard Baruch, always depicted in the media as a humble modest philanthropist. Baruch stopped killing in 1965, then a longer interregnum before Soros took over the position in the '80s. In the '60s there were some semi-Soros types like Allard Lowenstein, but no full equivalent of Baruch and Soros.

I can't see an equivalent for Soros in the first birth under Wilson. JP Morgan basically ran the country from 1870 to 1912, but he was never depicted as a humble philanthropist. Everyone knew he ran the country. He stopped killing in 1913, at the same time when Wilson started the formal Deepstate. Since then the "Morgan Interests" have always owned a large part of the economy, but without total control.

Carnegie fits the philanthropist image. Was he the equivalent? Sherburne Hopkins was in charge of Color Revolutions just before Wilson bought the franchise, but Hopkins wasn't especially rich or famous.

One useful insight already pops out: New monster appears just after old monster expires. Not much overlap, no room for two occupants in the niche.


  Masks kill.

Deaths per million, Sweden vs US.

What happened in the last week of June? Mandatory murder masks.

This shouldn't be a fucking surprise. It was obvious from the fucking start. The SOLE purpose of lockdowns and murder masks is to eliminate immunity and KILL EVERYONE. And it's working.

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  Constants and variables 154, Lincoln edition

Provocative generality from Peter Hitchens:

If you have at any time wondered if you would have conformed or rebelled against the consensus, at *any* of the great turning points of the last century and a bit, I think you now know.

Well, it's not so simple. I've been rebelling LOUDLY AND CONSISTENTLY FROM THE FUCKING START of this fake emergency, but I was firmly conformed to the idiot consensus in the 9/11 fake emergency. I bit hard, wanted to wipe Muslim "terrorists" from the face of the earth. I bashed friends who didn't bite, disdaining them as "truthers". I didn't fully recover from the idiocy until I threw away the TV in 2010.

In science and economics I can spot falseness instantly. In politics and military matters I'm snookered every fucking time. I never learn.

Hitchens disproves his own generality, all within today's Twitter feed.

He doesn't think the Soros attack on Belarus is motivated by Lukashenko's sanity.

Somebody asks exactly the right Constants and Variables question:

Why is Belarus getting so much attention all of a sudden, they have been this way for many years. Is it because they didn’t obey lockdown rules from a higher power ???

Hitchens answers:

No, they have just had a rigged election.

This is blatant nonsense by basic logic. Constant: Every election in every country is rigged. Real opposition candidates are never allowed. This particular election shouldn't be the reason for a sudden Color Revolution. There's a WILDLY OBVIOUS VARIABLE in Lukashenko's maintenance of real science and real health and real sanity while the rest of the world commits suicide.

Madman Lincoln supposedly said you can fool some etc. He wasn't warning people against Deepstate, he was advising future Deepstates on improving their techniques. He was telling them to hit every type of mind and personality from every possible angle, in order to fool as many people as possible. And they took the advice. Some of the people will bite on each new type of crime, and if you vary the crimes enough, you'll get almost everyone.

BUT: There's a counterargument to the Belarus logic. If Soros wants to eliminate a shining example of sanity, he should kill Sweden. Belarus is obscure. Lukashenko's long record of courage and sanity isn't well known. I happened to learn about it earlier because I was buying old Soviet radios on Ebay and got curious about the present condition of Belarus. Sweden is a much sharper counterforce to US/UK insanity because it resembles US/UK in most other ways. The rigged election is meaningless, but Soros presumably has his own calculated reasons for picking off Belarus first.

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Saturday, August 15, 2020
  Remarkable article

This is a remarkable article in the Australian media. The content isn't remarkable. Many of us on the reality side have been saying the same fucking things over and over and over for six months.

What's remarkable is the placement and the author. The article is written by an EDITOR of The Australian, the biggest newspaper in Australia. Not an op-ed by an assigned "official enemy", but an editorial by the paper's EDITOR.

He hits all the correct points with clarity and strength. No pulled punches, no false flags, no wiggleroom for Satan.

= = = = =

Related sidenote: Still no big reveal from ACU in Germany. They promised to find the motive, the cui bono, for the holocaust, sometime in August. Are they going to keep their promise or slither out?


  The Circassian Solution

Idiot headline at RCS:

Why is science letting us down?

I won't read the underlying article since I know in advance that it will be answering the wrong question to serve Satan.

= = = = =

The proper answer is:

Science isn't letting us down. We abandoned and obliterated science.

Science means Solving problems by objective measurement and analysis, refined by experiment.

Science already knew how to deal with a virus, and science had done all the necessary experiments to refine the answer.**

Let the immune system do most of the work. Encourage people to live a normal healthy life. Sunlight, exercise, fresh air, work, social contact, confidence. When possible, give the immune system an early preview of the virus with vaccines so it won't be surprised.

= = = = =

In the few blessed countries that REMAINED with science (Sweden, Belarus, Turkmenistan, Tanzania, etc) this definition still applies.

In all other countries, science was replaced by Satan. There's no other word for it. Pure murder, pure evil, pure genocide, serving no purpose except satisfying the bloodlust of psychopaths. The accumulated knowledge of public health was TURNED BACKWARDS and used to commit a holocaust.

= = = = =

We also have solid scientific knowledge about psychopaths, acquired by observation and experiment. We know what they want, we know how they work, and we know that there are only two ways to solve the problem. (1) Kill the psychopath. (2) Redirect his energy toward hedonism and dissipation.

Natural Law uses solution 2, giving psychopaths plenty of riches and pleasure, PROVIDED they use their powerful talents to serve ordinary people. A satiated psychopath doesn't have enough energy to do serious harm.

= = = = =

500 years ago the Circassians solved BOTH problems at the same time. Unsurprisingly, Turkmenistan is part of Circassia.

Circassian girls were a major export product. They were especially beautiful, and the psychopathic sultans of the Ottoman Empire bought them for a good price. [Why did the Ottoman sultans prefer slaves or commoners? Because they had seen how the Euro habit of marrying foreign royals led to stupid wasteful wars.]

Unfortunately, many of the girls were disfigured by smallpox, decreasing the profit. Presumably by serendipity, the Circassians figured out that a small dose of cowpox prevented smallpox. They developed inoculation into a science.

Selling their daughters to sultans solved the psychopath problem and provided a better life for the pretty ones. A harem girl gets the best food and the best clothing, and has ample opportunity to display her beauty through dancing and ceremonies. She takes her turn occasionally in the bedroom of the blubbery oversatiated Sultan, who can barely find his dick amid the rolling mountains of fat.

If the pretty ones had stayed at home, they would be milking cows, pulling plows, weaving crude clothing, losing their beauty, and enduring daily sessions with a strong muscular farmer. Some would enjoy the sex, but most wouldn't.

So the Circassians used REAL SCIENCE to solve both of our current problems in a SYNCHRONOUS AND BALANCED WAY. The pretty daughters had a better life, the people were protected from smallpox AND protected from the worst excesses of the psychopaths, and the people received PAY FOR VALUE.


= = = = =

** Footnote: This is true of ALL REAL PROBLEMS. We have already solved all real problems that can be solved physically. We've acquired all the necessary data, we've done all the necessary experiments. Anyone who claims we need "new science" or "emerging science" to solve a "new problem" is a criminal and a murderer. The sole purpose of "new science" is to CREATE problems, not to solve problems. We are making valid new observations in a few areas like neurology, and it's possible that the new observations may help to refine existing solutions, but they won't generate new solutions to new problems.

Nature doesn't have new problems. All new problems are created by psychopaths.

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