Tuesday, June 30, 2020
  Positive propaganda!

I've been noting and patronizing the rare businesses who simply AVOID tyrannical propaganda.

Here's the first POSITIVE move.

Citicard's email is promoting All For Small, a matching donation setup to help small businesses reopen.

Amazing! This is the first time a big Share Value corporation has pushed AGAINST lockdowns and FOR reopening.

Maybe things are starting to turn around? For a few minutes anyway, until the next TOTAL STOMP.
  Reprint about humiliation

Trying to parse out why Euro countries are returning to sanity while US/UK are stuck in maximum holocaust mode.

This item from 2017 is vaguely parallel and may lead to better parallels. Grammar is a tool of humiliation and subjugation, and a countertool for sane people.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Yesterday I was thinking about language as a genome, and I was thinking about early cyberwar.

Those two questions modulated in my raggedy non-linear mind, emitting a new question as one sideband.

Question: Has anyone ever modified a genome as a form of war?

Again the biological side is easy. That's exactly what viruses do.

Again the linguistic side is hard, but history offers some possible examples. As abovementioned, when simple-noun people mix with complex-noun people, simple nouns win. When article-at-end people mix with separate-article people, article-at-end wins. Verbs seem to be immune to this type of horizontal gene transfer.

We know this type of modification occurs. Was it intentional? Did the Latin people mock and punish the native noun cases, essentially forcing the Teutons and Slavs to adopt Latin ways? An underclass that imitates the masters badly is even weaker and more Deplorable than an underclass confidently and comfortably using its own language and culture. Humiliation is a primary** goal for masters.

Modern invaders are trying to alter the grammar of their victims. Sorosians are using social force and legal force to remove the gender division of pronouns in English, and simultaneously trying to implant temporarily created and individually chosen pronouns for gender categories that don't exist. The latter effort fits the 'imitate badly' goal. There's no way a normal person can keep up with the daily changes of 'my pronouns', so the imitation will always be unsure and humiliating.

So far the latter effort is canceling out the former. There's no way to adapt the deep categories of language to the momentary whims of delusional people. If the Sorosians would give up the Trans nonsense, they'd have a better chance of wiping out the gender distinction.

This change won't work in any language except English, because all other Euro languages have grammatical gender that affects all nouns and doesn't correlate with actual human gender. Only English has purely semantic gender that correlates exactly with biological gender.

Again it's fortunate that the Sorosians don't understand this basic point.

= = = = =

** Exception to this rule: Stalin, a master of subjugation, didn't use this form of humiliation. He took pains to preserve and strengthen the languages and cultures of various indigenous groups within the Empire. Orwell, echoing Stalin, also skipped this form. The proles were not expected to imitate the clothing and manners of the Inner Party; they were left free to maintain their own Cockney ways. Maybe Stalin wasn't a champion subjugator after all. Maybe he understood that strong government is more energy-efficient when the people feel respected.

= = = = = END REPRINT.


  Babs and duty

For the last year or so I've been watching the Old Dogs Channel for inspiration and fun.

Those dogs are unlucky and lucky. Unlucky because their original human partners either died or couldn't handle them any more. Lucky to end up in a trustworthy place with a reliable supply of food and water and love.

Babs is a specific inspiration.

She's a basset hound whose original human partner must have used her actively in hunting. Her partner is gone, but she continues to accomplish her PURPOSE in life, tracking critters and talking about them with voice and tail.

I'm doing the same. I understand that the people who formerly used truth are no longer listening. Instead, they've switched to erasing truth, pouring skunk oil across all available tracks and scents.

Skunk oil doesn't stop me. I was born and bred and trained to detect truth in science. So I keep on sniffing and talking about it with voice and animation.


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  Probably true but wrong reason

A study in "social" "science" agrees with observed reality, which is highly unusual. But the authors don't understand WHY it happens.

Agrees with reality:
The UArizona researchers wanted to know how often older adults spontaneously bring up memories in the course of their daily conversations - outside of a controlled laboratory setting. Over the course of four days, the daily conversations of 102 cognitively healthy older adults, ages 65 to 90, were monitored with the EAR, or electronically activated recorder - a smartphone app that lets researchers record random samples of study participants' conversations. "We found that the older individuals in our study shared fewer memories. Additionally, we found that the level of detail also decreased with older age as people were describing these memories."
Yup. Most oldsters don't waste time telling about the old days. Supposed reason:
The reason memory sharing declines with age is not entirely clear, but it may be linked to age-related changes in the brain,

Reversed motivation:
It's important for people to recall and share memories, Grilli said. Doing so can help them connect with others. It can also guide planning and decision-making and help people find meaning in other life events and circumstances.
The researchers think it's important. In a sane society it might be. In modern US society it's futile. Nobody learns from their OWN fucking experiences, let alone from stories by grandparents.

Old folks realize this, and that's why they don't bother.


  Not just DGAF

Pulling out a line from previous item.

I don't give a fuck about spending on security. If a governor wants to be secure or cruise around the world, that's just fine. He deserves to be secure and have fun.

This is actually more important than just DGAF. Natural Law, properly applied, makes a deal with monstrous universe-obliterating psychopaths like Inslee and Lutz and Woodward. They are allowed to indulge their hedonistic tastes to the max, as long as they use their power to serve the public. The deal is precisely detailed in the original Sharia form.

Decadent lazy potentates are too busy eating and screwing to spend much energy on ruination.

FDR made a similar deal with the Wall Street psychopaths. We don't care how rich you are, and we don't care how many servants and estates you have, PROVIDED you run your business in a way that doesn't cheat and kill workers or destroy other businesses.

The deal was canceled after FDR died, and now we're seeing the holocaustal result. The "good government" shit constantly clamps down on salaries and privileges and bribes for government officials, depriving them of the benign way to enjoy power. Simultaneously, Deepstate has opened up all the channels for malign uses of power through 75 years of fake emergencies and fake panics and "libertarian" innovative disruption.

This pattern of incentives guarantees that corporate and government officials will be ascetic skeletal pure perfectionist ideologues, relentlessly laser-focused on perfectly detailed and perfectly thorough murder and mayhem.

= = = = =

Later: There's a secondary factor at play. When everyone knows that the ruler is wildly dissipated, engaged in all sorts of vice, there's NO ROOM FOR BLACKMAIL. Consider Henry VIII. He must have weighed 500 pounds, ate everything in sight, constantly brought in new virgins, married them, then killed them. He started a new church to officially approve his dissipation. Absolutely no way for an Epstein type to honeytrap Henry into secret obedience. Instead, Henry did a pretty good job of serving real business and real workers. He created Trinity House, a mutual benefit association for sailors that cleaned up the Wreckers who had been running fake lighthouses to crash ships and steal the cargo. Modern politicians are expected to be skeletal ascetics, so their bad habits are instantly available to Epstein.

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Monday, June 29, 2020
  Not new, not new

Speaking of idiot Repooflicans missing the point, this is NOT NEW. Inslee's psychopathic bloodlust is not new, and the utterly useless Repoofs are not new.

Here's a rant from ONE YEAR AGO, June 2019.


Still getting spam emails from Wash State Repoofs, even though I haven't sent any money to Repoofs since 2006.

Here's why I haven't sent any money.

Latest email:
Friend, did you see the latest video of Bob Ferguson laughing at a voter's concern over Jay Inslee using $4 MILLION of taxpayer money to fund his personal security?

Inslee is traveling the country pitching the same ideas that resulted in record increases in taxes and government spending and Bob Ferguson thinks he's entitled to your tax dollars to pay for it.

This arrogant, liberal elitism has become a mainstay of the Democrats' agenda and their war on hardworking Washingtonians but with a monthly contribution of $5 or $10 we can spread the word on the Democrats' toxic attitudes and flip our state RED!

I don't give a fuck about spending on security. If a governor wants to be secure or cruise around the world, that's just fine. He deserves to be secure and have fun.


Note that Inslee's "ideas" are not even described or mentioned in the email, because Repooflicans are the original and real Gaian loonies. The only only only only thing that matters to Repoofs is ZERO TAX ZERO TAX ZERO TAX ZERO TAX ZERO TAX ZERO TAX ZERO TAX ZERO TAX ZERO TAX ZERO TAX ZERO TAX ZERO TAX ZERO TAX ZERO TAX ZERO TAX ZERO TAX ZERO TAX ZERO TAX ZERO TAX ZERO TAX ZERO TAX ZERO TAX ZERO TAX ZERO TAX. Their only moral principle is TAX EVASION.

In fact Inslee's Gaian ideas are GENOCIDAL AND HOLOCAUSTAL. He seriously intends to SLAUGHTER ALL HUMANS. Genocide is EVIL whether you spend any fucking money on it or not. A bargain basement holocaust is no better than a premium luxury holocaust.

And in fact Ferguson's activities are CRIMINAL. He has been wasting the energy and money of the state on utterly nonsensical and CRIMINAL "law"suits against Trump for doing exactly the same things Obama did, which Ferguson DID NOT SUE about.

Ferguson has turned all principles of law and logic and facts upside down. His activities would still be EVIL if he didn't spend a dime on them.



Back then I didn't know how far Mad Bomber Inslee would take his holocaustal bloodlust, but I knew what he had in mind and I knew who he was working for. When it comes to psychopaths I'm a pretty fucking accurate judge of character.

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  Struck me as odd

Most of the "conservative" yakkers and websites totally failed to even NOTICE the genocide. Mostly they continued to focus on the DC soap opera, the latest idiotic meaningless noises from Trump and Tara and Kelly and Biden and other idiotic meaningless puppets. Now they're focusing on the idiotic meaningless noises about statues.

Here's a rare exception, an article at TheIsraelist that gets EVERYTHING right. The author understands how viruses and immunity work, which seems to be a lost art.

= = = = =

This suddenly struck me as odd.... Immunity is strictly an INDIVIDUAL strength with a long TRADITION. Each of us has an infinitely valuable body and soul equipped with a magnificent mechanism to fight microbes. The intelligence of the immune system has been developed through a billion years of experience.

Allegedly "conservatives" and "libertarians" are all about INDIVIDUAL STRENGTH and TRADITION. Both groups have totally failed. The "libertarians" were pushing HARD AND EARLY for total shutdown and total panic, and the "conservatives" just weren't paying attention.

The lockdowns specifically blocked our INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY and INDIVIDUAL STRENGTH, taking away absolutely all of the ingredients of normal life and civilization that help to keep immunity intact. No air, no sunlight, no work, no confidence, no stability, no sleep, no casual contact with other people. Precisely targeted ruination.

The witch hunt specifically destroyed all TRADITIONS, explicitly smashing and inverting science and logic and organization and religion and business and civilization.


Sunday, June 28, 2020
  Did this happen before?

Random convective thought.

I'm trying to parse out the historical purposes and goals of Deepstate.

After Harding and FDR had constrained Deepstate for a while, Deepstate resurged in 1946. This happened in both US and UK. Deepstate resumed its old tricks, creating "two" "opposing" sides on every fake issue to distract all emotions and discussion from the real issues.

BUT: From 1946 to 1973, Deepstate allowed the real economy to continue growing. Some offshoring was underway in electronics, but nowhere else. The stock market was reasonably stable, with an emphasis on profit instead of SHARE VALUE.

The first time Deepstate decided to CRASH the whole economy was Nixon's oil shock of 1973.

1973 is the only past event that resembles the current CRASH in terms of purpose, except of course that the current CRASH is universal and worldwide and all-consuming.

Intentional ruination is NOT the same thing as stock crashes. Stock crashes are created by one banker, or one faction of bankers, to cover their own shorts and ruin other bankers. Most stock crashes have only a minor and brief effect on the real economy. 1929 was an exception to this general rule.

1973 and 2020 are intentional POLICY DECISIONS BY GOVERNMENT to halt the whole machine in its tracks.

Several other giant switches also happened around 1973. Nixon broke the gold standard, which opened the way for bankers to create money without needing employees or products or factories. Nixon created the EPA, which immediately started to SHUT DOWN big parts of real industry. CIA created the "global warming" panic in 1975, which turned science into witchcraft.

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  The first quadraphonic stereo (revised)

Just redoing and expanding this item, after adding the mechanical analog computer and releasing the set at ShareCG.

= = = = =

Returning to the Ancestral Audio theme after a productive sidetrack into the Pigeoneers.

This wasn't the first use of stereophonic sound, but it was the first use that turned into a lasting and practical device. Like most real inventions, it was designed for war.

These weird-looking gadgets were fairly common in WW1. At first they were purely acoustic with no electronic parts at all. Later they continued in WW2 with more electronics.

Each unit required two soldiers, one for each pair of horns. Each pair was rotatable, but the two horns in each pair always pointed the same way. The pairs were perpendicular; one pair focused the observer on east to west, and the other focused on north to south. I'm showing only the observer for the East-West pair here. Each horn had a rubber hose at the small end, leading to the leather helmet on the observer for this pair. Observers were trained to use their binaural hearing to detect the position of an aircraft from left to right on this axis. They also estimated height and type of aircraft.

As the observers announced their estimates of position, they fed the angles into a hugely complex mechanical analog computer that assembled the estimates into an azimuth-altitude reading, which could then be applied directly to a cannon.

Schematic of the computer:

This sound locator fits into my 'patient' category because it relies on sharpened and trained and calibrated HUMAN senses. Non-patient tech weakens and atrophies human skills and senses and immunity.

Despite the experience of the engineers and the experience of the soldiers, stereo didn't break into peacetime uses until 1950.

Constant theme: Hearing matters more than vision in real life, but sound always trails far behind light in artistic and commercial development.

= = = = =

Links for Ancestral Audio so far:

Poulsen's wire recorder

The last windup phono

The Dictaphone

Dictaphone annotator.

Webster Chicago wire recorder.

Anti-aircraft sound detector

= = = = =

The Ancestral Audio set, released at ShareCG.

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  Just the flu? No, much less than the flu.

Another dramatic chart.

Is the Branded Flu "just the flu"? No, it's LESS than "the flu", almost everywhere.

The chart compares deaths from the Haute-Couture Branded Flu with deaths from the 2018 unbranded flu. (Two years ago to avoid conflation.)

In most states the regular flu ranged from 2 times to 5 times as deadly as the Branded Flu.

Here's a graph of the ratios:

You can see that the typical ratio is 5 times as many deaths from 2018 flu as from Branded Flu.

The ratio chart doesn't do a good job of showing the few opposite states, since they're just less than 1.

To show the exceptions I did a log of the ratios.

Here you can see the exceptions (negative logs, below the axis) clearly.

CO and MA and MI and RI were slightly worse this year.

CT and NJ and NY and LA were massively worse this year.

In 46 states this Branded Flu posed no special threat to hospitals or health systems or anyone who wasn't already dying. It was usually much less serious than unbranded.

This set doesn't show an immediately obvious correlation between more vs less lockdowns. Other comparisons show a definite difference, with more deaths from lockdowns. Causation is still open to doubt, with too many confounding variables. I'd guess that the lockdowns made things worse in NYC where people were already in hermetically sealed apts and offices. Total lockdown sealed them in even tighter. In other states the flu affected only dying people in nursing homes, who weren't getting any exercise or fresh air before the lockdown. External changes don't matter much when you're scheduled to die soon.

Note especially South Dakota, the LEAST lockdowned, had only 11 Branded vs 245 unbranded in 2018. If the Branded Flu had a special quality that intrinsically required lockdowns, AS WE WERE REPEATEDLY TOLD, the alleged POSITIVE effect of lockdowns would show up everywhere. No unlocked place could have such a low death count.

What's not open to doubt is the massive permanent damage from lockdowns to all other parts of life, especially medical care for all other illnesses and immunity to future viruses.

The Haute-Couture Branded Flu was a real problem in NYC metro and New Orleans, and that's all.

Here's the XLS that I wrote from the image of the chart. Probably a couple typos.


  Immunity is the new cancer

It's been clear from the start of the "virus" coup that the Public Death Officers are doing ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING to eliminate immunity. They know how it really works, so they don't miss a trick in their wicked use of their own skills for mass murder.

I just noticed a sneaky verbal trick.

Counting "cases" or "infections" is an explicit reversal of real knowledge and science. In fact an "infection" is an INOCULATION.

When a basically healthy person encounters a virus, the immune system reads the particle, checks against its intelligent knowledge of existing immunities, and sends some T-cells to eject the invader. The system then adds this virus to its library of known enemies. This is INOCULATION. Vaccines are extra inoculations, helping us to encounter viruses early. We formerly understood this as part of regular scientific literacy.

From Jules Michelet's 1904 book on the inquisitors and witch hunters:
The method is everywhere identical. Good common sense first of all, followed by a direct frontal attack, a downright, unhesitating negation of common sense. It would seem natural enough, for instance, to say that, love being in the soul already, it is hardly necessary to assume the mysterious intervention of the Evil One to be required. Is not this fairly self-evident? Not so, says Sprenger.
By redefining INOCULATION as a bad thing, the Public Death Officers have redefined immunity itself as a bad thing.

Immunity is the new cancer.

= = = = =

Another word trick is EMERGING SCIENCE. Central Death Command now claims that masks are proved by EMERGING SCIENCE. In the former extinct world of REAL science, EMERGING science was called by another word. EMERGING science used to be called PSEUDOSCIENCE. When 300 years of experience have led consistently to a solid conclusion about a fact or procedure, a sudden new contrary claim REQUIRES EXTRAORDINARY PROOF, as old Sagan used to say. I'm sure he's an Unperson now.

We can certainly examine the contrary claim. Occasionally a new claim turns out to be right when exploring unfamiliar territory. In this case we know for sure that it's wrong, because viruses are thoroughly familiar. In either case we CAN'T use the contrary claim as the basis for policy or medical practice unless and until it's proved just as solidly as the older belief. Especially when the policy is murder, and especially when the monsters who are pushing the new claim are holocaustal psychopaths.

But now we must ruin our own immunity because EMERGING SCIENCE.

This fits the Michelet pattern. Before the "virus" coup, the "global warming" coup simply lied about the validity of their pseudoscience. They called their pseudoscience "settled science" to imply that it was just like the real conclusions of real science. The new use of EMERGING SCIENCE openly admits that the pseudoscience is fake by all normal standards of real science. The open admission is part of the murder. It's AGGRESSIVELY UNFAIR, intentionally GRINDING OUR FACES IN SHIT to prove that the psychopaths have TOTAL CONTROL OF OUR MINDS. They openly BRAG that they're lying, and we can't do a fucking thing about it.

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Saturday, June 27, 2020
  Another good company

Most corporations are PUNCHING you in the face with Official Satanshit about the "virus" coup AND the "racism" coup at the same time.

Grotesquely horrible PUNCH from USBank, based in Bezosville:

Our commitment to community: As we work to address racial and economic inequities, we’re continuing to support customers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

It's getting hard to find businesses that just want to do business.

You can't get away from banks and governments, but you CAN find plain old non-forcible businesses in other areas. Good companies are so rare that it's important to USE them and BUY from them and spread the word.

I saluted OtrCat.com and Ebay last week.

New good example: Nuts.com.

Barley is the staple of my diet since I switched back to vegy in 2010. Before the "virus" coup I could always find it at Safeway. Since the coup it hasn't been entirely missing, but I can't count on it. So I decided to buy in bulk. Tried several smaller online retailers, but all of them were PUNCHING me in the face with "racism" shit. Finally found Nuts.com, which is a larger outfit with a variety of products. Good price, easy buying experience, and above all NO propaganda. Lots of cheerful promotion of their various products, which is EXACTLY WHAT A BUSINESS SHOULD BE DOING.

Nuts.com is CHEERFUL, a quality we need desperately in this hellish time. It doesn't matter if the cheerfulness is automatically generated; it's still almost unique. Nobody else even bothers to generate cheerfulness. I already ordered more stuff, coffee this time. Trying to minimize store trips and preserve my health as much as possible, now that the stores and the bus force me to wear a suicide mask.

Advertising of actual products is beautiful. Propaganda is ugly.

Later after cooking and eating a few packages: The barley from Nuts.com is much better than Goya, and also somewhat better than the Safeway house brand. The grains retain their structure and cook up consistently plump and chewy, with less starch and 'glue'. I don't have to rinse as much before storing.

I've used the above word once before, and the bots that "read" this blog seem to like it, since it provides a unique search term. So I'll satisfy their tastes again.

For the last ten years I've been tracking the decay and renovation of a vacant apt bldg in this neighborhood.

Here's how it looked for many years:

Here's the fake start of renovation about two years ago:

And the first demo about six months ago:

Now they're FINALLY working steadily. They've closed off some windows and reshaped others, and reframed the inner walls.

This week they did something innovative, or rather inancienative.

They tore off the rotten old porch cover on the left and replaced it with an EXACT REPLICA of the nicer porch on the right. Respecting the original designer. My crappy picture doesn't do it justice. All the dimensions and bevels are exact.

Good work!

Random stupid thought: If copyright laws applied to architecture, this form of respect and symmetry would be illegal. According to county records this apt was built in 1923, just after the Steamboat Willie line specified by the Disney-owned copyright "law". All additions would have to be mismatched.

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  Axonal paths that DIDN'T meet.....

In previous item I quoted the Book of Wonders story about the speed of thought, more properly the speed of nerve transmission. I compared this account with an astonishing new discovery.

The book mentioned experiments by Helmholtz et al. Looking up these experiments led back to a MAJOR point I've been making in an entirely different context. An 1872 periodical called Old and New had a full article on the subject.
Up to a very recent date, it was universally believed that sensory impressions were transmitted to the brain, and that the voluntary impulse returned with the speed of lightning. The time necessary for these phenomena to take place was believed to be infinitely small, in fact, nil. Some physiologists declared that this point could never be determined by science.
This made sense in terms of electricity. After Galvani found the basic connection, it seemed intuitively reasonable that nerves were like copper wires. The counterintuitive fact began to emerge later in astronomy:
About the year 1790, Maskelyne discovered the curious fact that there was a constant and equal discrepancy between his observations of the passage of stars across the thread of a meridian telescope, and those of his assistant, Kinnebrock. Other observers occupied themselves with the determination of this error, which is called the personal equation.
Aaaahhh! Now we're back in beautifully familiar territory. The Personal Equation Machine.

After the realization that nerves weren't simply wires, a long series of related experiments pinned down the general speed of transfer along spinal axons and the associative pathways (white matter) in the brain.
In 1845 Du Bois-Reymond devised a series of experiments, which, in 1850, was carried out by Helmholtz, who had the honor of falsifying the above prediction; and since then, Valentin, Donders, Hirsch, Hipp, and Mayer, repeated and simplified the method of operation.
Hipp leads to an ugly piece of territory. Hipp's methods and Hipp's chronometer became major tools of "social" "science" in the 1920s as it evolved from simple observation to training eugenicists and torturers.

"Social" "science" continues on the Hipp path today, designing and staffing torture chambers and assisting Deepstate's vicious propaganda and genocides.

= = = = =

The Personal Equation branch led to the concept of self-calibration, using refined human senses and skills to derive your own time directly from the Earth's orbit. When you are focused on a distant beacon that can't possibly be influenced by earthly tyrants, you're less susceptible to the propaganda and blackmail of earthly tyrants. When you stick to directly observed reality, you can easily see the lies and twists of verbal facts.

Reprinting the PEQ piece:

= = = = = START REPRINT:

In discussing the splendid Elgin Observatory, I was especially tickled by the Personal Equation Machine.

The PEQ Machine had a domesticated star that moved at a known rate across a small transit. The domesticated star clicked eleven contacts when it crossed the eleven lines on the transit, and the astronomer clicked "simultaneously". This yielded an average reaction delay, and the variability of reaction.

Equation of Time referred to any calibration curve between sun time and sidereal time, or a clock versus sidereal time, or Personal reaction time versus sidereal time. In the era when standard time was still competing with sun time, Equation Clocks and Equation Watches were fairly common.

How was the result of these Equations used? The same telegraphic clock that marked the chronograph also drove sounders in the adjustment workshops of the factory. Each watch was adjusted until its ticks exactly matched the telegraphic ticks.

= = = = =

Elgin even used the PEQ Machine in its advertising:

PEQ Machines (simulators in modern terms) seem to have been homemade by each observatory, not manufactured. The available pictures are all different, and look like the sort of thing you'd slap together if you had clockmaking skills and a junkbox full of lenses and gears and pivots.

So I used my own graphic junkbox in making this one, which closely resembles the Elgin version.

First, naturally, an acetylene beacon. Acetylene was the purest light, closest to starlight, and it was also the least dependent on external pipes and wires.

The light from the beacon is bent by the prism and then constrained and focused by a shield and focus tube. These pieces all ride on a slide that runs back and forth at a fixed speed, driven by some form of clockwork.

The moving beam, simulating a moving star, slides past the eleven-line grid, just as in the real transit. A contactor on the slide sends current to eleven breaker points simultaneous with the eleven lines on the grid.

The Person, again simulating the real star-transit experience, taps the signal key each time she sees the star hit one of the eleven lines.

The chronograph receives the impulses from the contactor and the key, and displays both sets of clicks on the smoothly moving graph paper. Using these clicks, the astronomer calculates her Personal Equation, a curve showing the typical response delay and more importantly the variability of delay. If your delay wasn't close to constant under various conditions, you weren't qualified to measure real star transits.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

Summing up:

Maskelyne's accidental observation led first to methods and training that help you to factor out tyrants and frauds and liars.

The same observation later led to methods and training that help tyrants to kill and torture and lie.

Two roads diverged, and can't possibly rejoin.

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  In a sane world....

And here's an easier to read chart, via ZH. The states that didn't officially lockdown, vs the satanic states that committed official genocide. The first two columns are absolutes, so meaningless. The rates and percents are meaningful. Locked states had nearly FOUR TIMES as many deaths per million as unlocked states. Death rate is the only number that really counts. Though not separated in this chart, it's clear that NYC accounts for most of the difference.

NYC shows the crucial variable best of all. Normal encounters with flu can kill people who are ready to die, but a concentrated prolonged exposure kills others as well. As I noted earlier, hermetically sealed apartments are like cruise ships, recirculating the same viruses without a chance to get AWAY from them. Locking everyone IN those hermetically sealed apartments made it even worse. Masks accomplish the same purpose, recirculating your own viruses.

Lockdowns and masks are both INTENTIONAL MURDER. Requiring people to wear masks is like requiring them to smoke cigarettes.

In a sane world the Nuremberg Trials would begin RIGHT NOW. This is not a sane world.

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  Smart observation

This is a meaningful observation that's unquestionably true, but the writer takes it out to a hypothesis that's open to question.

The basic point: Flu is seasonal. Flu happens in the winter. The current Haute-Couture Branded Flu is a flu virus, so it does what flu viruses do. It fades out in the summer.

It fades out in the summer REGARDLESS of all the murderous crimes we've been committing under the criminally fraudulent pretense of "controlling" the virus. Some of the crimes have made the virus worse, but mainly the crimes have ruined and devastated everyone on Earth for no reason at all except infinitely evil psychopathic bloodlust.

The chart shows that the Branded Flu is pretty much done in the Northern Hemisphere because it's summer in the Northern Hemisphere. The Branded Flu is getting stronger in the Southern Hemisphere because it's winter in the Southern Hemisphere.

Hypothesis, open to doubt: States with a lot of traffic and visitors to the Southern Hemisphere (eg Texas and Florida) are getting a backwash from the Southern Hemisphere increase.

If we had been following NORMAL REAL PUBLIC HEALTH PROCEDURES at the start, none of this would have happened. REAL PUBLIC HEALTH always starts with strict border controls. If we had been following NORMAL NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY AND MODULARITY for the last 30 years, none of this would have happened. Globalism is directly responsible for global epidemics, and globalism is ALSO directly responsible for the global holocaust fraudulently "justified" by the epidemic.


  Reminding the BIG QUESTION

Just a reminder of the BIG QUESTION that still hasn't been answered.

When nearly all leaders in the world commit the WORST CRIME IN HISTORY at the same moment, with the same details and procedures and propaganda attached, it's not an accident. It's not groupthink. It's not an idea whose time has come.

It's a SPECIFIC COMMAND backed by a SPECIFIC THREAT, passed to all leaders through a SPECIFIC CHANNEL.

The crime can't be stopped until the blackmail is opened.

We still don't know any of those details. None of the leaders have broken the blackmail. Several leaders at various levels have stopped following the command. Those leaders should be able to tell us how the command was given, but so far they haven't. (I asked one of them directly, and he dodged the question.) Which makes me think that they aren't really disobeying; they're part of the plan. Deepstate always runs "two" "sides".

I'll be happy if the latter thought is wrong, but it won't be wrong until the blackmail is opened.

= = = = =

Recalibrating: Maximum paranoia doesn't always come through. I try to keep the paranoid dial turned to 11, which is inadequate most of the time. So I assumed, based on experience, that the "racism" riots would keep going forever, just as the "virus" genocide is continuing forever. Infinite pileup of fake emergencies. But in fact the "racism" riots faded away quickly as they used up their energy. In a few cities where the government encouraged and aided the riots, they continued longer; but in places where police behaved normally and carefully, the energy dissipated.

So reality doesn't ALWAYS go infinitely beyond my worst fears.

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Friday, June 26, 2020
  Speaking of diluted educators.....

Yesterday, just for fun, I cited a comparison of new media battles vs old media battles. One type of media is always mobilizing "science" and academia to squash the other type of media. The 1933 end of the comparison mentioned diluted educators such as EC Buhler, director of Forensics [debate] at KU.

Here's an earlier example of UNDILUTED educators, also at KU. From 1923 Popular Science, p 177 of the PDF.

The Eugenics Building at the Kansas State Fair, where you could have your family tested for Evolutionary Fitness.

Capper was the media king of Kansas, serving as Governor and Senator at various times.

Media and politicians and academics haven't changed a bit in 100 years. They see humans as passive identical inanimate objects, needing to be bred and branded and prodded and culled and slaughtered like cattle.

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  How fast does thought travel?

While looking for more ancient stuff to animate, found an interesting 1915 book of questions and factoids. The Book of Wonders is something like Ripley or Hix, but more oriented toward serious descriptions of how things work and how people do their jobs.

Some of the questions are predictable, but some are astonishingly original.

At What Rate Does Thought Travel?
Thought travels 111 feet per second, or about a mile and a quarter per minute. Elaborate experiments have been made by Professors Helmholtz, Hersch, and Donders, to ascertain the facts on this question, the result of which was that they found the process of thought varied in rapidity in different individuals, children and old persons thinking more slowly than people of middle age, and ignorant people more slowly than the educated.
Well, this is clearly dealing with axon signal speed, not thought as such. It also shows a standard academic prejudice. "Ignorant people" don't take longer to answer a question because they're dumb. They take longer because they have to think about it. They have to process the answer in CPU. "The educated" have quick answers to most questions stored in lookup-table form. The same distinction applies to children vs oldsters vs middle age. Middle age is a time of certainty when you "know" everything. Children haven't built the lookup tables, and oldsters have learned that the lookup tables are crap. Thought takes longer when you think.

= = = = =

Now a brand-new piece of research has come up with a stunning new answer to the question.

At What Rate Does Thought Travel?

As fast as necessary to maintain EQUIPOISE.

= = = = =

Via PNAS, a study by Noori et al in Toronto. The headline says it all:

Activity-dependent myelination: A glial mechanism of oscillatory self-organization in large-scale brain networks

My summary:

Signals travel along axons at widely varying rates, constantly adjusted to keep the two ends of the path synced up with other paths that are involved in the same resonance. EQUIPOISE, a balanced resonance, is the invariant goal. Glial cells constantly monitor the signal paths along axons, modifying the myelin to slow or speed one path as needed. If one path changes due to damage or revision, the glial cells go to work again to get the bounces along this path sync'd with the other paths involved in this thought.


Is this closer to the Book Of Wonders answer, or closer to the idiotic statistical non-answer at MindMatters? Closer to the Book Of Wonders, which is talking about speed instead of time-free "available choices".

= = = = =

Here's my attempt to animate the idea, since the original article doesn't include an animation.

We're looking at two axonal paths between a pair of brain nuclei. Thought waves bounce back and forth between the nuclei at a speed which is CONTROLLED TO SYNC THE RESONANCE. Happystar appropriately represents a glial traffic cop.

Now the SUPERamazing part. When a path changes because of damage or revision of the pattern, the glial cops change the speed yet again to keep the resonance in sync.

Moral of the story:


Life always manages to restore and accomplish its PURPOSES, despite all destructive efforts by microscopic pathogens and giant demonic psychopathogens.

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  Edweek notes a need for re-education

Edweek.org, which serves Lord Soros perfectly, seems to be noticing something a bit awry:

Educators Support Black Lives Matter, But Still Want Police in Schools

First paragraph is the usual FLAT ASSERTION.
The social justice movement sweeping the country is forcing the K-12 education system to take a hard look at how it treats students of color, why it has taken so long to recognize the need for change, and what approaches would work best to build a better system for all students.
History has only one direction. Lord Soros defines the direction and we obey.

But the survey found some DEVIATIONIST attitudes that need IMMEDIATE RE-EDUCATION.

80 percent of the respondents agreed PERFECTLY with Lord Soros, and 80 percent ALSO want to keep armed police in schools.

Defund the police now! But don't defund the police that keep ME safe! Only defund the police that keep poor people safe!

= = = = =

In fairness, though I shouldn't be fair to idiots, this demonstrates the value of EXPERIENTIAL EDUCATION yet again. The teachers know by EXPERIENCE with School Resource Officers that cops are normal people doing a necessary job. They also "know" by THEORY that cops are VERMIN who must be EXTERMINATED. They haven't tried to reconcile the two types of knowledge because their minds have been trained to reject reality and adhere solely to THEORY in all realms of life.


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Thursday, June 25, 2020
  Constants and Variables 152, Parkinson edition

Parkinson is a good way to test responses to problems.

Natural problems, such as viral infections, are tanh or sin.

A good response to a natural problem is also tanh or sin. Our bodies work this way, and a sane organization or government also works this way. The body or organization doesn't notice the problem immediately. As soon as it notices, it cranks up an appropriate solution or response or defense. The response is metered by negative feedback. As the problem increases, the response increases in an attempt to push the problem down. As the problem fades, the response fades.

In the current holocaust, EU countries have surprisingly turned out to be the proper non-Parkinson responders. They hit hard at first, following the holocaust model, then faded their response quickly as they realized THROUGH NEGATIVE FEEDBACK that the response was harmful.

= = = = =

A bad response, a CANCEROUS or TYRANNICAL response, is Parkinson. The response starts appropriately, then completely loses all connection to the real problem. The problem grows then fades as always, but the organization is in a POSITIVE FEEDBACK LOOP WITH ITS OWN NEED FOR GROWTH AND POWER, so it continues to create fake news and fake panics and fake emergencies and fake problems, even after the natural problem has completely disappeared.

Britain and most US states are Parkinson. Cancer. Exp. Start the holocaust at a time that appears natural. As the virus fades (doing what viruses always do) the tyrants keep cranking up the "response" higher and higher and higher, satisfying their own wicked demonic bloodlust but making ALL problems, including the virus, INFINITELY WORSE.


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  Healthy immune response!

One of the small counties in the Cascades (I think Chehalis?) has already declared that it will not enforce the Mascoid Alien Order.

The police chief of Republic, Loren Culp, has stated FIRMLY that he will not enforce. He's also running for governor, and seems a lot less wiggly than Freed. I'm sending money to him, though I know that "elections" will not count, and I know that he will eventually surrender and converge to Satan like all politicians.

Now Yakima County, which is BIG, has declared firmly that it will not enforce.

Big BULLYPOWER can make a difference, but even if it doesn't move anything else, it will certainly help the citizens of Yakima to survive and live longer.

No hope for Spokane. All the local officials are completely enjoying the holocaust. Circlejerking with Big Chief Jay. Climaxing over and over and over. Bloodlust fetish.
  Constants and variables 151, quickie edition

In previous item I noted:

Resistance will only get you killed unless the resistance is ORGANIZED AND FORCEFUL, with superior violence and blackmail. That's why the "racism" rioters can do whatever they want, while law-abiding people are stuck in prison. The rioters have guns and Soros. Violence and blackmail.

Which variable matters most? Blackmail.

Ordinary people have guns. About half of all Deplorables are armed. But we don't have any power because we don't have Soros or Epstein on our side.

Long before Soros, the black community was smart enough to maintain its Mutual Benefit Associations, while white folks stupidly allowed ours to dissolve or morph into insurance companies. Black churches have always worked closely with a network of NGOs, specifically and solely for black people. After integration destroyed the black business sector and the black school system, the NGOs became the source and organizer of good jobs.

Some of the CHAZ types seem to realize this aspect of reality, realize that "civil" "rights" and "human" "rights" were invented by the bankers to serve the bankers. They sound more like Booker T than MLK. I wonder if they could turn their unique power at this moment toward rebuilding the old-fashioned black community with its unique moral strength and unique skills. Right now they're focused on pointless "reform" of policing that will make life WORSE for ordinary black people. Soros wants everyone to work for "reforms" that will slaughter everyone except Soros.

Castro and Khomeini pulled the change of focus trick, started out as servants of CIA, took advantage of CIA's training and funding, and then switched to serving their own people. It's not impossible.

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  What's the diff?

A lot of Karens are using the seatbelt analogy to defend their forcible imposition of Alien Masks.

I had to think about this, because I'm not an overall Libertarian, not an anything-goes anarchist. I'm cautious, cat-like and risk-averse. When I was driving regularly I was a real Karen about seatbelts. Always wore them, and "strongly encouraged" others to wear them, to the point of annoyance.

What's the difference? Simple. I know how things work. I want to do things that help. I don't want to do things that harm.

Seat belts were around for many years before they were required, and were PROVED BY ACTUAL EXPERIENCE. The facts were clear, and I knew several horrible examples of what happens when you don't wear belts.

Masks have been around for a long time, and ACTUAL EXPERIENCE proves that they're meaningless. Dental hygienists never wear masks, and they're exposed to all sorts of viruses and bacteria at close range, 8 hours a day, sprayed out of the patient's mouth. Hygienists don't die. All studies previous to the Murder Moment on March 1 2020 agreed with the hygienists.

Masks are ineffective, and worst of all they PREVENT NORMAL IMMUNITY. If you're masked all the time, you'll never encounter small doses of viruses, so your body won't develop defenses. If you're masked all the time, you're recirculating your own microbes so the immune system doesn't get a chance to reject them and go on to other tasks. Immunity is broad and intelligent. We can handle this latest Branded virus because it's basically the same as the common cold, which we've encountered constantly.

We don't have a built-in immune-type system to guard against 60 MPH impacts with glass and metal, because we're not meant to go 60 MPH, and nothing in Nature goes 60 MPH. We need external assistance if we insist on going 60 MPH in an arena with other machines going 60 MPH.

Well, how about vaccines? Again we know from 200 years of experience that they help, not hurt. Vaccines work WITH the immune system to give it a preview of viruses that can kill young people who aren't already dying. Vaccines are a substitute for normal encounters, not a prohibition of normal encounters. Vaccines help to develop herd immunity. Masks work AGAINST the immune system to prevent herd immunity.

Most of all, it's a question of EXPERIENCE with the monsters who are requiring the masks. If they had recommended (not officially required) masks in February INSTEAD of destroying the world, I wouldn't have been bothered by the recommendation. Now that they have destroyed the world, EVERYBODY KNOWS that they are genocidal holocausters who intend to kill all normal humans. The intention is lethally obvious. Everyone from top to bottom, except for a few states that remained normal and sane. The virus is following the same course in the sane states as in the insane states, which proves what was obvious at the start, that this entire set of war weapons has NOTHING to do with viruses and EVERYTHING to do with genocide.

The mask requirement comes AFTER the real virus is pretty much finished. The virus has done what viruses always do. Killed the most vulnerable, then faded out after the non-vulnerable have encountered and rejected it. The overall pattern of deaths is the same with or without lockdowns, which was obvious from the start to people who understand reality.

Because of the previous EXPERIENCE with the "public" "health" mass murderers, we know that the masks are just another psychopath STOMP, just another way to humiliate and degrade and destroy normal people. Everything a psychopath does is lethal.

= = = = =

So what will I do tomorrow? I'll comply in a minimal way, because I've ALSO learned from experience that fighting a psychopath is futile and wasted effort. When there's no BULLYPOWER counterforce, no unions or Mutual Benefit Associations or "justice" system, you go along. You pay the two dollars, pay the weekly protection fee to the gang. You know it's criminal, but resistance will only get you killed unless the resistance is ORGANIZED AND FORCEFUL, with superior violence and blackmail. That's why the "racism" rioters can do whatever they want, while law-abiding people are trapped in prison. The rioters have guns and Soros. Violence and blackmail.

Mainly I don't want to put the front-line workers in an untenable position. Everybody knows now that the whole pile of shit is Security Theater. The bus drivers have done a heroic job of maintaining civilization during the period when Alien Masks were "strongly recommended", and I don't want to force them to make an uncomfortable choice.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2020
  Plus c'est la même merde

Via ZH today:
Newspaper executive Peter Wright has slammed big tech for secretively developing and changing algorithms for news distribution without giving the industry any indication whatsoever of what they are doing. Wright of DMG Media, which is the parent company of The Daily Mail, was testifying before the House of Lords Communications and Digital Committee Tuesday.

He accused companies like Google and Facebook of ‘monopoly behaviour’ as they seek to seize ‘all the power’ in online news and advertising.

= = = = =

Via Radio Log in 1933:
Radio broadcasters of the United States are up in arms at what they declare to be an organized move to discredit commercial broadcasting as it exists in this country and to cause it to suffer in comparison with the British Broadcasting System.

Prime movers in this plot, say the broadcasters, are the same newspaper interests that have continually sponsored adverse legislation at Washington and that are continually trying to throw a monkey wrench in the broadcasting show, the alleged reason being that broadcasting is more and more becoming a competitive menace in the advertising field.

Teamed up with the newspaper interests are said to be a faction of professional office-holders in the national capitol with an eye to soft bureaucratic berths, with these two carefully pushing a group of diluted educators into the foreground.

The thing that has aroused the broadcaster's ire is a book compiled by E. C. Buhler, director of Forensics, University of Kansas, entitled "American versus the British System of Radio Control", said by the broadcasters to be part of a plan to undermine broadcasting on a large scale. This alleged piece of propaganda is supposed to go hand in hand with a move to inaugurate school debates throughout the land on the same subject, "American versus British System of Radio Control."
Same shit. One type of media using soft bureaucrats and diluted educators to create a "Robust Debate" aimed at killing the other set of media.

Diluted educators. Not nearly as mysterious as Prueters, and vastly more appropriate.


  Nature wins again

EWU is in turmoil that has NOTHING to do with the "virus" shit or the "racism" shit. The turmoil is caused by a proper negative feedback response to the long term trend of globalism.

The faculty voted massively to declare No Confidence in their president. She's trying to deal with loss of students and financial support by firing faculty and cutting programs, which is a perfectly rational move.

Simple basic fact: Colleges serve two purposes.

1. Networking and hobbies for rich fuckheads. This was the original purpose. Give aristocrats a way to meet other aristocrats, and give them a superficial grounding in "culture" so they can fulfill their trivial duties of appreciating and collecting art.

2. Training a few highly specialized skills like medicine and engineering.

Since 1946 colleges have been turned into Deepstate indoctrination camps, and Deepstate's media have enforced the myth that all jobs require college.

The myth worked for a while, and easy debt helped it to continue for a while longer.

After 30 years of chronic globalist destruction of skilled jobs, students and parents finally figured out that college isn't needed for a barista or an Amazon warehouse grunt or a hopeless meth addict. Negative feedback comes into play.

Male students understood it first, assisted powerfully by college's explicit and aggressive rejection of male students.

Now, thanks to the lockdowns ending ALL jobs, everyone sees it.

There's still a demand for highly skilled training, but we don't need hundreds of colleges to accomplish that task, especially since we've offshored engineering to China along with manufacturing. Doctors no longer need any training at all. Their new job is murder.
  Really silly AI point-missing

Silly is the perfect word for the latest point-missing at MindMatters.

Eric Holloway tries to use the characteristics of effective running to say something or other about Information Theory. At every step he tries to use the theory to test the effectiveness of running, and at every step he fails. Despite the consistent failure, he finishes off by declaring success.

Information theory fails here because it's STATISTICAL, not based on WAVES and RHYTHM. Running is rhythm, and all of the characteristics of good running are defined by synchronized periodicity. It has nothing at all to do with "available choices".

The biggest missed point of all is the PURPOSE of running. Neuroscience has established that running, along with other rhythmic physical activity, CREATES NEW NEURONS. Running doesn't consume information, it creates information. New neurons are new information by definition. The PURPOSE of this new information is to de-emphasize and fade out old countersynced memories and create new synced memories.

= = = = =

Just after I wrote this, a FANTASTICALLY BEAUTIFUL counterproof appeared, based on REAL brain data.


Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Trying to work through this shit, trying to avoid doing what Deepstate wants us to do.

What is Mad Bomber Inslee really after? Above all he's HUMILIATING us, hoping we'll rise up and give him a chance to slaughter us. He RUBBED OUR FACES IN SHIT when he released criminals from prison and placed normal people in prison. He RUBBED OUR FACES IN SHIT again when he encouraged the CORRECT SORT OF PEOPLE to riot and gather in thousands without masks. Now he RUBS AGAIN by requiring normal people to wear masks in all public situations. It's TRANSPARENTLY GROTESQUELY UNFAIR, and that's the whole fucking point.


Everyone knows now that the virus has exactly zero connection with any of this nonsense. The virus is doing what flu always does, killing people who were already dying. The rest of us just inhale it, acquire immunity, and exhale it.

Many of us already understood how viruses work, so we weren't fooled by any of the shit. Thanks to the riots, now everyone knows.

We have no power, no bullies on our side.

All we can do is physically comply. But we don't have to consent to the humiliation.

Comply minimally when ordered, treat the idiotic mask as a piece of cloth without meaning. Disconnect the emotions from the physicality. It doesn't remove the tyrant, but it removes the tyranny from our heads.

None of this would have happened if those counterforces, those intermediating BULLYPOWERS, had still existed. Unions, real political parties, Mafias, Mutual Benefit Associations. Organizations on that scale can mobilize against a tyrant and stop him.

The way to avoid a second wave of tyranny is to get some of those BULLYPOWERS up and running FAST.

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  Only one cure

Shit. Every time you start feeling a little bit secure, Thrill Killer Inslee hammers you again. STOMP STOMP STOMP STOMP.

Monster. He's already won the sweepstakes for Most Evil Creature in History, but that's not enough. Nothing is ever enough for a psychopath. He is killing everyone in the state. Superholocaust. Superorgasm for Inslee.



= = = = =

Later and a BIT calmer. In fact most people are sane. Most people around here are FEROCIOUSLY REBELLIOUSLY sane. But sane people have zero power. There is no BULLY on our side. In earlier decades the Federal government would have stepped in long ago, but not now. Trump is on the same side as Inslee, competitively circlejerking and spraying bloody demoncum on the ceiling as Deplorables die en masse.

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  Salute to a faithful company

As long as I'm talking about companies, it's time for a salute to OtrCat.com in Lenexa. I've been buying CDs from them since 2007, pretty much monthly. They sometimes make an indirect reference to current events with their choice of featured programs for the current month, but never hammer a message.

Recently they added a wonderful feature. After you buy a CD, it remains on your account and you can download it directly at any time. I've been using this feature heavily since I cut out ALL modern input for the duration. The items I bought 10 or 12 years ago are still there. I'd forgotten most of those old items and gradually tossed the CDs that weren't interesting.

My tastes have changed over the years, so some of those old forgotten items are distinctly interesting now, and worth adding to the bedtime playlist.

One of the best 'little pleasures' in life is finding a forgotten or ignored item on the shelf.
  Not new

It's hugely annoying to encounter pro-riot advertising everywhere you look, but I was reminded just now that it's NOT NEW. I was looking at some radio magazines and radio station brochures from 1968-69. Same shit. Jumping on the hippie bandwagon, cheering the "protesters".

Remember "I want to buy the world a Coke"?

There's a more negative tone now, because Share Value has freed up big corporations from the need to have customers. In '69 the corporations weren't openly ordering people to Kill Whitey. Now they are.

But even now there are a few notable exceptions among the companies I use. Ebay has been free of messages so far, and Google's front panel hasn't pushed the message nearly as hard as others.



Via ZH:

Mayor Jenny Durkan said at a news conference that the violence was distracting from changes sought by thousands of peaceful protesters seeking to address racial inequity and police brutality. She said the city is working with the community to bring the “Capitol Hill Occupied Protest” zone to an end.

This is an absolute and perfectly consistent shibboleth.

Any time you hear a politician or corporate spokesman saying that violence DISTRACTS FROM the virtuous cause that allegedly inspires the violence, you know you're listening to a demon.

Violence and crime are bad. Sometimes violence is necessary in self-defense, but it's still bad.

In these 'distracting' situations, there's never any self-defense. The violence is aggressive and unnecessary. The protesters are not seeking "changes". When the police agree to the allegedly desired "changes", the protests get stronger, which tells you that they weren't seeking the "changes". They're only seeking CHAOS AND MAYHEM AND DEATH.

If you can't say that bad is bad, you're bad.

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  Trucks are often first

One of the persistent oddities of the auto industry is that trucks are much more resistant to change, but trucks often got new features before cars.

I've always been puzzled by the fontanelle or soft spot in car roofs, which was finally fixed by GM in 1935 and later by others. Supposedly the obstacle was in the metal-forming tools. Forming a broad shape with pillars on the sides and an unwrinkled middle part was impossible with regular presses. It had to wait for a complex and sequential deep-draw press. Until the tool was perfected, automakers left the middle section of the roof open, and filled the space with a wood frame coated with leather or cloth. This was a serious problem for both maintenance and structural stability. Owners had to refinish or replace the cloth often, or suffer complete leakage.

I don't know anything about presses, so I can't argue with the basic necessity. But the wood and cloth solution is obviously a bad idea, and could have been done better from the start.

In the '20s, the open area was a one-dimensional curve, flat from side to side. A single piece of metal could have been cut and simply draped over the frame, then welded in or weatherstripped in. Later the area had a slight side-to-side curve, so a simple drop-in wouldn't have worked, but the piece could have been formed by an ordinary rolling mill without noticeable wrinkles.

After GM developed the deep-draw technique in '35, others scrambled to meet the advance. Chrysler and Hudson switched to a metal piece for the open area in '36 as a temporary expedient, thus proving that it was always possible.

Here's proof that the open area was never necessary on coupes.

A '35 Ford coupe showing the cloth part clearly.

A '33 International pickup, based on a Willys design. Clearly the roof is all metal, and the shape is pretty much the same as the '35 Ford coupe.

IH didn't have nearly as much money or staff as Ford or GM, and truckmakers were always focused on function instead of styling. Despite those limits, IH didn't have any trouble forming a single piece metal roof.

I think the key difference was the pillars. After the war Willys wanted to return to passenger cars but didn't have the bullypower to contract with the bodymaking firms, who were more than fully occupied with the Big Three. So they asked Brooks Stevens to design a station wagon that could be formed with the resources of a basic sheet-metal shop. The result had a long all-metal roof, smoothly curved in both dimensions. In both of these Willys designs the roof is a cap, placed on top of the pillars and welded. The bigger carmakers apparently wanted to have a smooth curve from pillars to roof, and were willing to sacrifice structure and durability for this one curve.
  Important piece

An important article at Spiked on school shutdowns.

British schools have already reopened in a limited way, which places them ahead of most US schools but behind most Euro schools.

The author, Katharine Birbalsingh, is a British school principal who knows what she's talking about.
We have currently got our Year 10s and 12s in, except they are only in school one or two days a week and we have been doing video lessons with them as well. Because we are quite a strict school, we have had them working really well. We have done phone calls to every single family once a week throughout lockdown, and the kids have been completing the work.

And yet it is really interesting – we find that they do not remember a lot of it. My teachers are pulling their hair out. It really is a great concern. I really think this has put to bed once and for all the idea that technology could ever replace a school or a teacher. Schools and teachers are essential for children to learn, particularly for children from disadvantaged backgrounds.
Yup. EXPERIENCE is all that matters. Learning comes from the EXPERIENCE of being in the same room with the teacher and other kids, and working TOGETHER on shared projects. All muscles and senses are involved.

With video or software, the eyes and ears are involved but nothing else. There's no walking to the blackboard, no math toys, no Legos or aquariums or dissected frogs. No muscle learning.

Life is PURPOSE. A good teacher can create a shared PURPOSE for the learning, and can use the faster kids to help teach the slower ones. Competition and cooperation are part of the process.

Parents with more time and resources can create a similar environment at home, but poor parents can't. Video and software are good HELPERS for real teachers but can't possibly REPLACE real teachers.

(Note that I have a vested interest in courseware, so I may be overestimating the value. It may be nearly zero.)


Monday, June 22, 2020
  Nature always wins

Continuing on the theme of Tanh vs Exp again. It's scary as hell when the whole world believes in Exp. Nobody is even trying to give suckers an even break. Everyone in power is trying to go exponential, to wipe out the rest of the universe. There is no counteracting bullypower, no unions, no insurers, no Mutual Benefit Associations, no Mafia. Governments stopped constraining bankers in the '80s, and governments are now supporting rioters and mobs.

Even so, Tanh ultimately wins. Everything hits a barrier of negative feedback ONE WAY OR ANOTHER.

Example: Mobs pulling down statues. "Conservative" Deepstate puppets are stirring up pointless outrage at the "liberal" Deepstate puppets. The outrage will not stop the mobs. In fact the outrage will STRENGTHEN the mobs, which is exactly why Deepstate wants it.

Statues aren't jobs or schools or lives. They're pieces of bronze. Why waste OUR energy on the outrage? It's much better to let the mobs waste THEIR energy. Energy is finite. After the orgasm, sanity has a chance. Some members of the mob will realize they have pulled down a piece of bronze that nobody was NOTICING in the first place. Most of them will move on to the next assignment by Deepstate, because Deepstate runs on Parkinson. Failure justifies greater failure, exponentially to infinity. But some of them will rethink their devotion to a pointless task. [Update two months later: Sure enough, the statue-pullers gave up quickly. The outrage was completely unnecessary.]

Trying to see the positive... The riots DID fade out here, thanks to careful policing plus a little help from the weather gods. After three weekends of gradually decreasing "protests", this weekend had no "protests".

Civilization functions when GOVERNMENT tries to give suckers an even break, as Harding and FDR did.

But when government has abandoned civilization, the basic limits of nature are still there.

Nature hates monopolies and exceptions. The varieties of conditions tend to equalize themselves. There is always some leveling circumstance that puts down the overbearing, the strong, the rich, the fortunate. Things refuse to be mismanaged long. Though no checks to a new evil appear [at first], the checks exist and will appear.

= = = = =

Important: If insurers were still doing their job, they would already be the best countervector to the "virus" holocaust. A smart insurer would write a group liability policy for sane people, guaranteeing instant lawsuits, plus "private investigator" blackmail, against any corporation or government or school system that forced you to damage your own immune system with masks and lockdowns and distancing and unemployment. If the insurer was large enough and rich enough and nasty enough, the corporations and governments would soon back down.

= = = = =

Later thought: I suppose the riots themselves can be considered as an Emersonian equipoise to the lockdowns, at least in terms of public awareness. All REAL science was immediately and constantly and perfectly opposed to the lockdowns, as I've been tiresomely repeating since Feb 27. But the REAL science wasn't publicly visible until the riots. A perfectly balanced esperiment, an ultimate test of the hypothesis. Thousands of people gathering in close crowds without masks, breathing heavily and shouting and exerting. Four weeks later, none of them have died. Now everyone knows the REAL science about viruses. The knowledge doesn't matter to the psychopaths; it just gives them another reason to kill us all. Of course the fact that we exist is already sufficient reason, since the psychopath's sole purpose is to eradicate everything outside his own universe-consuming body.

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  From an extremely different era 9

Just for fun I'm continuing to look for the mysterious mythical Prueter. Searches are often serendipitous. [Later, solved the mystery in a prosaic proofreadery way.]

A 1924 issue of Electrical World seemed to get close but didn't help with Prueters. It did contain two nice examples of Federal SANITY during Harding's era.

Harding wanted the Federal government to insure EQUIPOISE, not EXPERIMENT. He wanted the government to slow down booms and busts instead of accentuating them, and he wanted the government to control frauds and chicanery. As seen by modern Libertarians like Bezos and Soros, Harding was an outright Commie.

Example 1:
NO SUFFICIENT reason exists for much of the foreboding prompted by the west coast drouth, in the opinion of Major H. S. Bennion, assistant chief engineer of the Federal Power Commission, who has returned from a trip through the Pacific states. Rainfall has its peaks and valleys, he points out, just as has the demand for electric power. When a trough happens to dip a little lower than has been the case for fifty years, there is no more reason to think the curve will stay at that point any longer than it did fifty years ago when there was a comparable drouth.

Major Bennion understands how the serious difficulties occasioned by the drouth are calculated to depress those who have to meet the situation, but as one who is not so close to the picture, he feels that there is no reason for serious concern.
Nature moves in CYCLES and has PREDICTABLE PATTERNS. Nature never does infinite linear or exponential expansions. Modern governmental "scientists", whether dealing with economics or climate or viruses, always assume UNCONTROLLED expansion with NO NEGATIVE FEEDBACK.

Example 2:
Official approval of the final plans of the home lighting contest being conducted by the lighting educational committee has been received from the Post Office Department at Washington, so that nothing stands in the way of a successful campaign. Strict regulations are in force by this department of the government to assure that contests of this nature will be perfectly legitimate.
Amazing. The Post Office was guarding against cheating and fraud.

Unimaginable in modern times when the government ACCENTUATES and ACCELERATES all cheats and frauds.

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  The final answer on the Final Solution

This should end all arguments. But it won't.

These graphs make it holocaustally clear that the "public" "health" murderers in most countries KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING. They understand how viruses and immunity work. In previous years they had used the understanding to help our immune systems. Starting on March 1 2020, the "public" "health" authorities used their knowledge to KILL EVERYONE.

The SOLE PURPOSE of lockdowns is GENOCIDE.

It was obvious to sane people from the start, and these graphs now provide precise forensic evidence of the intentional universal crime to beat all crimes. No other conclusion is possible.

In a sane world the Nuremberg Trials would start RIGHT NOW. This is not a sane world.

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Sunday, June 21, 2020
  COOLness rant continued

Continuing the theme that truth and accuracy never matter. Only COOLness counts.

Here's a general rule: Getting real work done is never COOL.

A typical example today in the Renderosity forum for discussion of Poser and other CG apps. The OP is complaining loudly about Poser's lighting system. He shows a picture of a terrain, and complains that it looks horrible. The respondents all know why it's horrible, and add other examples of horrible lighting.

All of them look just fine to me. The first one is unusual, but without a comparison picture showing what it SHOULD look like, I don't know why it's supposed to be wrong.

I know for sure that the makers of Poser will immediately listen to these complaints and immediately fix the "bug" that makes these pictures look "incorrect" to the COOL eye and just fine to the UNCOOL eye.

Complaints about workflow are NEVER heard or fixed. Most workflow issues get worse, not better, with each new version. One glaring problem with the 'hierarchy list' has been around for 20 years, constantly complained about, never fixed.

It's the same with ordinary Windows programs. With every version the file-open system gets harder to use, not easier. Shortcuts are occasionally introduced, but always removed on the next version. Windows 10 is literally impossible to use. It spends all of its time updating via Github, leaving no CPU time available for actual work.

The conclusion is obvious. Work is UNCOOL. Any improvement that makes work easier and faster is INTOLERABLE. Any improvement that causes you to spend MORE time in helpless frustration is COOL.


  What's a Prueter? /// Edit: probably answered.

Looking at a 1934 issue of Shortwave Radio News. In '34 the FCC was getting fully organized for the first time, with all sorts of new regulations and changes.

At that time police two-way radio was in two bands, one just above the BCB at 1500-1800, and the other around 2400 Kc. Roughly 2/3 of the stations were around 2400, the rest around 1700.

Here's the puzzle:
In addition to stations licensed for police service in the conventional medium - high frequency band - there are outstanding at this time experimental authorizations which permit 50 municipalities to operate 125 stations in the ultra-high frequency range, in the neighborhood of Prueters.
Prueters? It's capitalized, not a blur or obvious misprint. I'm familiar with radio terminology from that era and never heard the word. Google doesn't help; lots of people named Prueter and businesses named Prueter's, but no references that would make any sense in this context.

Do they mean geographical neighborhood or frequency neighborhood? It can't be geographical, because there isn't a city or county named Prueter or Prueters.

Frequency neighborhood seems more likely. Was a Prueter a machine that prueted? Would the readers recognize this frequency range by familiarity with Prueter machines or Prueter-type transmitters?

Was Prueter a brand name for something like a diathermy machine?

= = = = =

The actual FCC publication (p 42 of this PDF) clarifies the frequency but doesn't mention Prueters. The "ultra-high" band being tried by some police depts was around 30 Mc, which is also a typical range for diathermy. The official assignments for diathermy are 27.12 and 40.68 Mc. Still doesn't solve the mystery. Could be diathermy, could be pretty much anything.

= = = = =

Later and better thought: 30 Mc is a wavelength of 10 meters. The assigned area was just over 30, which would be 9 meters. In the neighborhood of 9 meters is a common way of expressing frequency. Was Prueters a linotypist's misread of a handwritten manuscript? A written m can be misread as ru, and 9 could become P. 9meters = Prueters. See p 77 in this 1935 Gernsback mag.

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  That's the whole point.

Since the massacre started, Spokane News has been running the Daily Dashboard provided generously by Holocaust Central under the benevolent guidance of SS Gauleiter Lutz.

The comments have always been mainly sane with a gradually decreasing proportion of Good German Karens.

Today one heartbreaking comment SAYS IT ALL.

Not Everything is As IT appears. I'm over it, already has taken all I work for. F"'$ it

Already has taken all I work for.

That's the whole point of the massacre, which started in a chronic way in 1980, accelerated in 2008, and now is approaching the Final Solution.

Steal everything you work for. Destroy all purpose. Destroy all skills. Turn normal activity into futility. Cruelly mock and mangle and mutilate ordinary people trying to live ordinary lives.

Deify and glorify and INFINITELY REWARD psychopaths and rioters and bankers and criminals and mass-murdering fiends.

The universe must be reduced to Bezos and Soros. Getting there fast.
Saturday, June 20, 2020

I see Berenson is thinking about recirculated HVAC as a special cause for the NYC specialness.

Ahem. Some of us were thinking about it two months ago.

You never get credit for being right at the wrong time. In normal circles you get killed. Even in circles generally devoted to truth, you're ignored until the COOL people decide it's the right time for a truth.

This is just human nature. Status and popularity are innate, permanent, and total. Truth is meaningless. Only COOLness counts.

It wouldn't be so destructive if our myths about life recognized this reality. The disconnect is especially consequential in technology, where the good ideas generally sit unnoticed for 20 or 30 years before a COOL company picks them up for free and makes billions without paying or recognizing the inventor.

We constantly encourage unCOOL people to waste their lives trying for COOLness. We constantly encourage inventors to die in poverty. The myth, of course, is spread by the COOL companies and COOL people to assist their thievery and cruelty.

= = = = =

Footnote: Masks are a personal version of the hermetically sealed building. A mask forces you to recirculate your own microbes, utterly defeating the immune system's normal work of detecting and rejecting microbes. You exhale the microbes, then inhale the same microbes again. The load builds and builds until it kills you, or until it stirs an inappropriate HYPERimmune response... which, not coincidentally, seems to be a problem with Branded Flu cases IN HOSPITALS.

The demonic "public" "health" holocausters have thought of EVERYTHING. They know how immunity works. Using this knowledge satanically, they DESTROY every aspect of life that helps us to stay alive. "Public" "health" is mass murder.


  Random thoughts on trust

Disorganized thoughts about distrust of Experts and the complexity of I SEE NOW moments.

One type of Expert has never been trusted. Reviewers and critics, and the prize-givers in the arts. Pulitzers, Nobels, Oscars, etc. This is true of consumer products like cars as well as movies and paintings and poetry.

Even the media, which pays most of these Experts, recognizes that "critically acclaimed" means "trash that nobody wants to buy or see".

= = = = =

After WW2, as part of the rebirth of Deepstate, all media switched to MANDATORY trust of all experts.

We gave full authority to Freudian shrinks in the court system, even though shrinks themselves knew and sometimes openly admitted that they did more harm than good. We haven't passed through an I SEE NOW moment, but the authority of shrinks has gradually shrunk.

Economists were a more recent development, not really a defined profession until the '30s. Again the Deepstate coup in '46 gave full control of the economy to economists. 2008 was the I SEE NOW moment for economists. Among people who knew something about the economy, everyone realized that economists were simply stock shills, paid to raise Share Value.

There wasn't an instant I SEE NOW moment for climatologists, more of a gradual decade. They weren't well known anyway, but among people who paid attention, the Global Warming hoax that took over the media in the '90s destroyed climatologists. The stain rubbed off on plain old meteorologists who had passively assented to the hoax, even though many of them didn't really agree.

Doctors have moved back and forth on the trust scale. Before 1940, doctors simply couldn't cure many diseases, so most people didn't automatically take their advice. Refusing to obey doctors was a minority view, but it was understood as a legitimate view.

Doctors started to ruin their own authority around 2010, when they became official agents of the government and official Inquisitors for the Center For Dissident Control. The current holocaust is a sharp and precise I SEE NOW moment, totally destroying the authority of doctors.

  More hardass than me!

This guy, Saifedean Ammous, is more hardass than I am!
Epidemiology is a pseudoscience based on the astonishingly idiotic idea that diseases are programmed to spread & kill according to mathematical curves when there is absolutely no reason to believe this. But epidemiologist morons get paid more if they pretend it's true, so they do.
He's solidly correct that math models are murder. But the profession of public health wasn't totally infected by math until this year. Most public health officials were using real science and real knowledge about viruses and immunity, until around March 1, when all of them switched instantly to mass murder.

Neil Ferguson's exponential nonsense was largely ignored by public health experts until this year, when his wildly wrong fake predictions suddenly became absolute truth and gospel and "SCIENCE".

Ammous later says:
The only deadly pandemic in modern times came at the end of World War I, when most the world didn't have sanitation. No pandemic since has killed more than pneumonia kills every year. But the epidemiologists still get paid to pretend their exponentials bear relation to reality.
Yup. Sanitation was the main difference. Also, the 1918 epidemic was part bacterial pneumonia and part viral influenza. Viruses weren't well understood or visible in 1918, so it's impossible to backdate the real mix; but the scientists in 1918 were seeing a lot of pneumococcus bacteria in the flu cases they examined. So 1918 wasn't necessarily an exception to the general rule.

The big point is simple. As I try to point out every day, NATURE DOESN'T DO EXPONENTIALS. NATURE DOES TANH OR SIN. Negative feedback is everywhere in life. A species that starts growing ALWAYS runs into negative feedback, whether the growing species is a virus or a bird or a human. Other animals compete or eat the overpopulated species, or it runs out of food, or it runs into immune systems in the animals it's trying to attack.

Any "expert" who tries to tell you that anything in nature will go exponential is LYING. You can be 100% certain. When you know how things work you don't need the details.

Exponential curves ONLY exist in pure math or software. Debt and Dow can go exponential now because they are pure math, unconstrained by the limits of real business or resources. The government can print an infinite amount of bonds or currency to sustain those curves.

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