Sunday, May 31, 2020
  From an extremely different era 6

Second of two related items from 'School Life', a journal published by the Federal Dept of Education in 1935.

We lost our SANITY in 1946, so it's always interesting to see how the Federal government talked and behaved during its brief 12 year lucid interval.

This article demonstrates a point I've hit often. During our lucid interval, NON-INTERVENTION was our official policy. We OFFICIALLY hated war and loved peace.

An official editorial from JW Studebaker, the head of the Dept of Education.
Why does the teaching profession abhor war? Because war destroys what educators build. War destroys the young people we labor to train for competency and fruitful living. War distorts the truth and disseminates lies. War turns our schools and colleges into recruiting stations, and our teachers and professors into propagandists of hate. War uses our researches for developing new and so-called "advanced ways" of killing people. War arouses in men the destructive impulses which we try through education to bring under control. War is followed by economic chaos, poverty, and moral exhaustion.

Of course, educators must oppose war.

The question we face is: What can we do to prevent another world war, or at least to keep America out of it? Merely to be against war because of the harm it does to men and nations is not enough. The people of the world are already sick of bearing the costs of war. The rank and file of human beings want peace, and yet a suicidal conflict is in the process of preparation.

They want to know "why." They want to know what can be done about it. How shall our people find the solution to the war problem? There are numerous splendid books on the subject. There are many speakers and thinkers expounding plans for outlawing war. But the god of war sits on his throne secure so long as these ideas and plans are merely in books or are the possession of only a few thinkers and speakers.

Evil is not conquered merely by the good plans of a few people. Evil is put down by organized masses of human beings who understand the evil to be fought and the plans to be used as weapons.

Therefore, let him who has a plan for putting down war be heard. Let all who want to put it down give ear. Let us discuss among ourselves in every community alternative plans and proposals. In this way shall the people come to understand the forces which make for war. And in this way shall multitudes come to agreement on effective action against war.
Strong and eternal words. Again, this was written by the SECRETARY OF EDUCATION.

= = = = =

Next day, here's a perfect comparison point from, a similar journal for teachers.

Teachers Cannot Be Silent: How Educators Are Showing Up for Black Students Following Protests. Teachers are tasked with helping their students work through their feelings about the protests and police killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor etc.

Instead of trying to avoid war, teachers are now required to help the media and government START the war. Teachers are required to take the fashionable "side" in the puppet show, the "side" that supposedly works "against" Pied Piper Trump and "his" "militias". More importantly, they are required to destroy the authority of police, which is not a fake "opposition" at all. It's genuine destruction of civilization. Poor people need strong police far more than rich people need strong police.

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  From an extremely different era 5

First of two items from 'School Life', a journal published by the Federal Dept of Education in 1935.

We lost our SANITY in 1946, so it's always interesting to see how the Federal government talked and behaved during its brief 12 year lucid interval.

An article about the use of loyalty oaths and pledges of allegiance. Note the OBJECTIVE attitude of the writer.
But it fell to recently enacted and now compelling statutes regarding the salute of the American flag and teacher oaths of allegiance to make patriotism news during the last few weeks. Newspaper columns, both editorial and reportorial, brimmed over with stories and opinions upholding or denouncing actions or activities rising out of demands for teachers to take oaths, or students and teachers to salute the flag.

Chicago commanded that all public school systems shall open with the singing of the national anthem and repeating by pupils of a pledge of allegiance to the flag. Pennsylvania Department of Public Instruction turned back to an opinion written 15 years ago to advise its school boards throughout the State they could require students to salute the flag.

A Betsy Ross descendant, 14-year-old Charles Newcomb, was suspended from Boston's Weymouth High School for refusing to salute. He also is a Jehovah's Witness. Commenting on the stand of this group, an attorney appearing before Lynn, Mass., school committee explained the religious and conscientious objections. He said, "The history of the nations, including the United States, proves that Satan, the devil, is the invisible power which directs their acts. The flag of the Nation then is his flag and it would be a disobedient and dishonorable act for any true follower of Christ to salute it."

Those Witnesses were right all along, but it wasn't PERFECTLY CLEAR until this year when all the fake 'oppositions' fell away revealing Satan directing the acts of all nations. Seriously, I'm going to take a closer look at the Witnesses. I've always politely taken their Watchtowers and later quietly tossed them. Maybe I was wrong.

Needless to say, we do not allow conscientious objectors on ANY issue now, especially "scientific" issues like "global warming" and "variable gender" and "branded flu", where the ONLY POSSIBLE OPINION is not only Satanic but perfectly anti-logic, anti-fact, anti-science, and anti-life.

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  STIR-CRAZY, reprint from April 7


Meanwhile, everywhere except Sweden and Belarus, the world is ruled by holocaustal psychopaths making total war against their own people, which will not stop until all the people are dead. Insanity is starting to spread, and there's no natural immunity against a knife or gun.

Last four items at Spokane News:

Monroe and Summit, SPD with a reported self inflicted stab wound and a tourniquet has been used by officers. -CS

600 West 1st, commercial burglary reported at the bank. Male kicked in a window and entered the bank. #Update male used a fire extinguisher in a room and has been taken into custody -CS

5000 North Lacey, reported male walking down the alley shooting a gun. #Update officers have detained a male that was armed with a gun -CS

4200 South Scott, reported arguement with an adult at the location yelling about everyone being "infected with the virus" -CS

Admittedly it's not binary.... some of this stuff happens all the time .... but it's getting more common and crazier.

STIR-CRAZY is a real word describing a real phenomenon. In a real prison the guards can keep this shit under control. In a city where everyone EXCEPT the criminals is under house arrest, it's a lot harder to control.

= = = = =

Language footnote: Modern sources miss the origin of stir, considering it to be a nickname for Newgate Prison. The nickname and the phrase have the same source, given correctly by the 1874 slang dictionary. Stir, a prison, a lock-up; Anglo-Saxon STYR, correction or punishment.

An 1882 Anglo-Saxon dictionary clarifies further. Styrian generally meant move, as stir still does. But in medieval times styrian was specialized for violent or tumultuous or riotous motion. On the fucking dot. We retain the original specialty in phrases like stirring up trouble.


Adding another endless repeat:


Louder and slower:

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Saturday, May 30, 2020
  Reprint on riots

REPRINT from 2011.

I wrote this after I tossed the TV in 2010, so it's closer to reality than shit I wrote in 2005. I've slightly adjusted a couple of attitudes since then, but no major changes. Still broadly valid.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Excellent article by Steven Reicher in latest New Superstitionist. (I keep reading that mag because they often come up with good non-Established truth in many areas, despite their blind Establishment orthodoxy on "global warming".)

Reicher is discussing the London riots, and makes one big point.
Perhaps the greatest investigation into the nature of riots was the Kerner Commission, established by US President Lyndon Johnson to find out the causes of the civil unrest that erupted in Detroit and other US cities between 1965 and 1967. The commission sent teams of investigators into the affected communities to study those who had taken part. What they found challenged many preconceptions about what had happened.

For example, the investigators acknowledged that many people took advantage of the disturbances to pillage and settle scores, and that this increased with time. But they also discerned clear patterns in the events. They showed that the average rioter was not marginal or part of an underclass but was generally better educated and socially integrated and had less of a criminal record than the norm in their communities.

This conclusion was not secret; it even became part of conventional wisdom for a while. Opinion leaders seemed to understand that the riots happened because Comrade MLK Boulevard had led the blacks to expect instant riches and power; when it didn't happen, they erupted.

Unfortunately, real human nature doesn't stick in the minds of leaders. Leftists have returned to their idiotic view that hopelessness and extreme poverty are the sources of violence.

A recent speech by Comrade Bush The Son illustrates this invincible ignorance perfectly. Despite ten years of experience to the contrary, he has learned absolutely nothing.
“The challenge is that in some parts of the world and in some parts of our country, some are saying, ‘Is it worth it? Does it matter whether or not we help save a life on the continent of Africa? We’ve got our own problems here at home,’ they say. This is isolationism which is dangerous.”

“It’s dangerous because one of the lessons of September the 11th is what happens overseas matters here at home,” Bush continued. “When there’s hopelessness it affects the security of the United States of America. We face an enemy that can only recruit when they find hopeless people and there’s nothing more hopeless to a child who loses a mom or dad to AIDS to watch the wealthy nations of the world sit back and do nothing. It is in our moral interests as a nation that we help deal with diseases.”

What a monstrous pile of lethal murderous genocidal steaming ratshit. [Am I talking about the speech or the man? Yes.]

Riots, revolution, and terrorism do not result from hopelessness. Riots, revolution and terrorism result from an unrealistic excess of hope and expectation.

When you're permanently down, you stay down. When you've always been on the first rung of the ladder, you don't feel any need to be higher.

Violence happens when your perceived status drops. When you have been on the third rung, a drop to the first rung will bring on violence. Or, when you have come to believe that you are (or should be) on the third rung, suddenly realizing that you're still on the first rung will bring on violence.

In every aspect of human perception and behavior, it's always the Delta. Always always always the Delta.

= = = = = END REPRINT

Those ladder rungs nicely represent the "phases" used by the holocaustal psychopaths to break our adaptation over and over and over and over.

I'll add that spatial deltas matter almost as much as temporal deltas. When we see that nearby states or countries have been released from prison while we're still in prison, we respond powerfully. This is why successful tyrants always block outside info and brick up the windows.
Friday, May 29, 2020
  Sometimes it works

Basic fact 1: When all "legal" means of self-defense have failed, people will try violence.

Basic fact 2: Sometimes violence works.

Back in '69 before I went to jail, I remember attending a campus speech by Dick Gregory. He was describing the '68 Detroit riots, which led to more jobs for blacks.

"The fire got too close to their Mustangs."

Clearly this is happening now. Minneapolis isn't physically close to Seattle, but it's politically and culturally close. Portland is both physically and politically close. And Seattle is very close to Seattle.

Holocauster Inslee, seeing the possibility that his holocaust might be answered by a defensive holocaust, has suddenly provided a teensy-weensy micromicromicropermission for counties to move ever so slightly faster through the infinite maze of Phases and Plans and Petitions. Who knows, maybe the state will be fully free by the year 35485843534857857489375 instead of the end of the universe. We can look forward to freedom for our great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-(infinite)-great-grandchildren, who won't exist anyway.

Later: In NY the trigger was a classic riot-starting move. Holocauster Cuomo had scheduled a major relaxation of tyranny for June 1. Yesterday he abruptly CANCELED the relaxation.

Dashed hope guarantees war.

I don't know if Holocauster Inslee is taking note; perhaps he should. Of course all governors and presidents SHOULD simply abandon the whole monstrous EXPERIMENT and let the country try to regain its EQUIPOISE. Return to the distant prehistoric past as of December 2019. Even CDC has finally admitted that the "virus" is nothing special, so we could have continued doing what had ALWAYS WORKED BEFORE. But the governors and presidents won't back off. They followed CDC's genocidal fake "science" at the start because it gave them permission to slaughter the world. Now that they've tasted blood, they're feral and can't be re-domesticated. They will continue with microscopic relaxations and astronomical clampdowns, until everyone except Bezos and Soros is dead.

= = = = =

Etymological footnote: I started calling him Holocauster because in previous years he had used LITERAL PHYSICAL FIRE as his genocide weapon. He guaranteed that forest fires would expand exponentially (the psychopath's favorite math function) and prohibited counties and landowners from defending themselves.

Stupid proofreader footnote: The Gregory quote doesn't seem right. I used it here several years ago, but must have deleted it because it's not in my archives. Presumably I was concerned about seeming to encourage violence. Now I don't give a fuck. This is war.

Back when I cited it before, I tried googling it but couldn't find any other refs. I have the vague sense that the original was alliterative, as in The M???? got too close to their Mustangs. But I can't think of an M-word that would fit there, so it's still dubious.

Update: Ahem. Sometimes it works. Michigan's tyrant governor suddenly lifted most of the siege. Maybe it works in Michigan but not elsewhere?

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  A genuinely odd exception

I was unnecessarily and wastefully thinking about the holocaust as usual.

Chain of thought:

If the whole world hadn't decided to use this virus as the "justification" for killing everyone, the virus itself wouldn't have hit the news at all. Hospitals have a vast array of facilities and trained people ready to handle annual epidemics. They were already handling this one quietly and calmly until the monsters decided to kill everyone. The virus would have made a brief cameo appearance if it killed (not infected, KILLED) some important celebrity. That's normal in a soap-opera world. Only celebrities count. But in fact it DIDN'T kill any celebrities.

And that's the odd exception. This holocaust breaks out of the normal soap-opera rules. Many existing celebrities tried to barge into the publicity by claiming that they were "infected", which normally wouldn't have made news even in the world of fans. Flu doesn't make news. They didn't gain much traction, so they stopped claiming.

Only people who were ready to die died. The age pattern of this virus is identical to the age pattern of life, peaking at 84.

But no important people were killed. Not even any old formerly important people.

There is a celebrity aspect. Monsters posing as "doctors" and "public" "health" "authorities", both national and local, climbed onto the bandwagon and became instantly famous AND INFINITELY POWERFUL by giving the killers total "justification" for total genocide.

Several years ago, in the context of the vastly smaller "climate" genocide, somebody asked Christopher Monckton what drove scientists to violate all the rules of science. He answered "Money, power and glory."

Concise and terse. But money isn't the main thing. Power and glory are the main things.

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  Breed-standard alien

This grotesque alien blob verifies all the assumptions about alien Mascoid holocausters.

It also agrees with my long-term observations of aliens. They always show their lower teeth.

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  Behavioral metadata

Via Eurekalert, an interesting study on researcher behavior.

The researchers are looking at dog behavior, but the study is interesting for what it says about researcher behavior.

Traditionally researchers have refused to credit what owners know about dogs and what dogs know about owners. Instead, the researchers follow Pavlov in treating both dogs and owners as passive inanimate mechanisms.

These scientists are refreshingly different. They started by assuming LIFE, assuming that dogs want to rescue their owners from bad situations. This is generally true, with exceptions for stupid dogs or bad owners.

Only one problem: The study required the dogs to rescue the owners by opening a door. Most dogs, whether smart or dumb, don't understand doors. They won't even go through an 'official' enclosure when it has no physical barrier. A few dogs have been trained to deal with doors, but it's emphatically not a dog talent.

A better study would see if the dogs tried to lead the researchers to the owner. Dogs normally try to tell another human, reasoning that other humans will know how to handle mysterious human problems.

Later: The bio page of main author Clive Wynne is especially refreshing. You rarely see a top academic who loves and appreciates LIFE. He studies dogs because he loves dogs, and wants to publicize the unique virtues of dogs.

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  The Karens are in charge

Three items from today's SpokaneNews:

East Main and North Woodlawn Rd, Commercial Structure Fire Reported. #Update no fire, it was a trucks exhaust.

9600 North Wickiup, reported bear in a tree. Law enforcement as well as fish and wildlife responding #Update officers on scene reporting it's a raccoon, not a bear. -CS

1700 South Grand, at Manito Park. Reported 19 people playing volleyball and hugging while not social distancing. -CS

Epidemic of Karenitis. Mistaking ordinary events for GIANT DISASTERS and reporting them to the authorities. Fucking snitches.

After an enemy occupation is over, collaborators traditionally get unofficial justice. I hope the tradition still holds.


  MIssing the point as fucking always

Wash state Repooflicans are missing the fucking point as fucking always. They've sent a letter to the Trump admin asking for action against Mad Bomber Inslee's latest proposal.

They never objected to the state of siege. Obliterating the whole state is fine with them, because they loyally serve Boss Bezos alongside Hitman Inslee.

Now they're objecting to contact tracing, which is a normal part of normal public health procedures.

Needless to say, Hitman Inslee is misusing contact tracing. It's pointless and impossible when a virus has already run through the population and created immunity in most people. Tracing is only useful and possible at the very start, when an unfamiliar virus comes in via travelers or immigrants. Under our suicidal HIPAA "laws", tracing is always impossible.

Nevertheless this is the ONLY thing he's done that bears the slightest microresemblance to real science. Everything else is just plain genocide. So now the idiot Repoofs are weakly complaining.


= = = = =

BUT: Reminding myself again that governor candidate Josh Freed is hitting the main point head on with strong language and EFFECTIVE action. No weak waffling, no point-missing.
Thursday, May 28, 2020
  More recalibration

Via ZH, Greece is building a full border wall against Turkey, with EU approval and help.

This is the other side of Boris's new freedom to kill Britain.

It's clear now that Brexit accomplished two nicely balanced purposes.

1. Boris is free to kill his own people. EU had been constraining his murder.

2. EU is free to guard and protect borders like any sane nation or group of nations. Britain had been pulling EU toward borderless insanity.

I'm incurably stupid about Sorosian Revolutions. I wasted 3 years cheering Brexit and bashing EU, under the idiotic false assumption that Brexit was meant to restore sanity to Britain and let EU remain insane.

Backwards on both. Brexit has freed Britain to be insane, and freed EU to be somewhat more sane.

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  The Dictaphone

Returning to the series of Early Sound Recorders. I needed a booster shot of Metrology, so I detoured to lamp-clocks.

The Dictaphone breaks the usual rules of invention and progress. Normally an original form serves only to establish that a function or purpose is possible and salable. Other ways of accomplishing the purpose soon replace it, and the original is forgotten. Not so with the Dictaphone, which is EXACTLY Edison's original 1878 phonograph.

As I've noted before, the original was unique from the other time-angle. Most big inventions are ancient dreams and desires that float around for decades or centuries until materials and methods and money come together to make the idea practical. The original phonograph could have been invented 3000 years ago. Since 1500 all the elements have been instantly ready. Clocks and music boxes sideswiped the idea with ALL the necessary technology. Any clockmaker could have made a phonograph in an idle afternoon. Nevertheless, it didn't happen until Edison hit on it accidentally.

The simple mechanical original was still going strong in 1950, after wire recorders and disk recorders had come and gone. It was later electrified and lasted into the '70s, when tape cartridges and cassettes finally knocked it out.

I've made a 1920s version, similar to the ones I used to see in offices at K-State**. Polistra is dictating from a file.

The 1920s version had an electric motor driving the cylinder and worm screw, but the acoustic part was still strictly mechanical. A foot pedal (not shown here) started and stopped the motor. The worm forced the tracker to hold the same position for each revolution of the cylinder, so you could rely on recording and playing in the same grooves.

The lever on top lowered the needle onto the cylinder and engaged the worm drive. When the needle was down, Record and Play were both happening at once. If the cylinder was blank and you were talking, you were cutting new grooves. If the cylinder was already recorded, you could hear the existing sound. Later versions in the 30s were all-electronic, with a microphone and speaker, and separate magnetic pickup and driver for the needle similar to phonographs and disk recorders.

= = = = =

** Intriguingly, one of the old Dictaphones available on Ebay was bought from a surplus auction at K-State. It could be among the units I saw there in the '50s.

= = = = =

Links for Early Recorders so far:

Poulsen's wire recorder

The last windup phono

The Dictaphone

Dictaphone annotator.


  Still the scariest part

The scariest part for me is STILL the blatant transparency of the crime. As I said at the start, when criminals don't care about being seen, it means they intend to kill all the witnesses. Or at the very least, it means that they know there are no cops, no courts, no judges, no negative feedback, no elections, no chance of demotion. They know that they will be REWARDED for participating in the massacre, with NO RISK for them. This applies at all levels from presidents to governors to mayors to "public" "health" officials who have smoothly switched their occupation to public murderers.

The situation in Europe seems to be less crazy. Sweden and Belarus never started the massacre, and now most EU countries are backing away MUCH faster than US or UK. In some EU countries the government is even starting to ask who started the murder, with implications that the worst criminals may be punished.

Verifies another of my earlier realizations: Boris wanted out of EU so he could be free to kill everyone. EU was constraining his psychopathic bloodlust. He started early with Gaian genocide, then moved fast when the Haute-Couture Branded Flu genocide became the top fashion. Brexit wasn't about freedom for Brits, it was about death for Brits.


  Good but 40 years late

Congress is thinking about blocking Chinese students from US universities.

Too late. All the damage has been done. China has already sucked us dry, and continues to suck. Idiot US companies continue to send factories to China with the expectation that China will simply do the work. China takes the ideas, sends US engineers packing, then takes the factory.

It's not China's fault. China is just doing what every nation does at some point in its technical development. USA did it in the 1800s, stealing ideas and knowledge from France and Britain.

It's all our fault. We've been allowing it and SUBSIDIZING IT and welcoming it for 40 years. In the early '80s the Chinese methods and intentions were perfectly clear. Chinese students were sent by the Chinese government to gather knowledge, especially trade secrets and military secrets. The students didn't bother to hide their purpose, because they knew we were working for them.

After 40 years we no longer know how to do anything. We don't train, don't learn, don't make. Our corporate masters have accomplished their omnicidal goal, and finished it off with the latest coup. Thrill killers, skill killers.


  Missed point, doesn't matter

An article by Phil Mullan in Spiked makes a good argument for change but doesn't ask whether the change CAN happen.
It is said that crises provide fertile ground for innovation. This is only partly true. The acute pressures, the falling away of pre-crisis norms and the sidestepping of regulations, liberate individuals and teams of people to come up with great ideas about how to do things differently. This fresh thinking can originate better, more effective and efficient ways of conducting existing productive activity, or it can conceive brand new products or services that improve people’s lives.

We are not just in a period of crisis, but a crisis within an existing state of economic depression. Depression is not simply an extension to recession, in the way it is being discussed today. It is a protracted phase of economic sclerosis that has become self-reinforcing.
Mullan places the blame where it belongs, on debt.
This is what our distinctive shutdown recession is beginning to reveal. It is bringing into the open what hitherto was being camouflaged, not least by all the extra liquidity central banks pumped out ever since the late 1980s, and especially since the 2008/2009 financial crash. ‘Liquidity’ means putting cash into the economy so that there is enough spending going on to maintain a sense of functionality.
This was also true of the 1930s. The 20s had been a period of fast numerical growth with zero change. The 30s had slow numerical growth and fast positive change in both industry and government. When you compare cars or radios from the two decades, the growth is dramatically obvious. 1920 radios and 1930 radios are similar. 1940 radios are an entirely different species in appearance and function. 1920 cars and 1930 cars are indistinguishable. 1940 is a brand new machine in appearance and function. Same with government, except that the 20s were a period of actual decline, not stasis. Harding had tried to innovate and got killed as a reward. Coolidge and Hoover learned the lesson and followed NYC's orders precisely. The Dow sucked out the life and soul from government and business in order to grow exponentially.

Most writers are missing this long-term trend. Wolfstreet has been doing the best job of placing the holocaust in context. The businesses that are failing were ALREADY in prolonged decline. From retailers to universities, all had lost their soul and mission 30 years ago and were losing customers steadily. Many of them were intentionally repelling sane customers to satisfy the crazed monstrous NYC demons who buy shares and donate to endowment funds.

What's the driver of decline? Reliance on debt and Share Value instead of savings and profit.

Real positive change in products or government requires RELIANCE ON PROFIT or RELIANCE ON TAXES.

When business has to sell products for profit, it makes the products better to gain more profit. Business also PAYS WORKERS so they can buy the products. When government has to sell services for tax revenue, it makes the services better to gain more taxes.

The comparison to the 20s works precisely for business. In the 20s corporations were solely seeking Share Value just as they are now. It doesn't work as well for government, because Coolidge and Hoover were not trying to run solely on counterfeit numbers from the central bank. They simply rode the rising tide of tariffs and income tax from the steady numerical growth. They understood that they needed to have businesses and people, so they weren't able to kill everyone. Today's governments don't need anything outside the president's mansions, so they are free to kill everyone.

FDR didn't need to disconnect the central bank from government, so his task was a bit simpler than the task of today's reformers.

Doesn't matter anyway because there aren't any reformers. They've all been Epsteined into total submission.

= = = =

Later, from the opposite angle: If big businesses had not ALREADY lost their souls, they would have RESISTED the shutdown actively and effectively. When you have a soul you don't want to be killed. Small businesses want to live, but they're too small and weak to resist effectively. Corporations and universities don't need factories and students and employees, so they WELCOMED the forced shift to virtual abstract operations. This has been their GOAL AND PURPOSE for 30 years. Pure numbers and pure software.

The ONE AND ONLY EXCEPTION proves the point. Elon has been verbally opposing the holocaust from the start. Last week he ACTIVELY AND EFFECTIVELY resisted, reopening his FACTORY to employ REAL WORKERS. Because Elon has both Share Value and Epstein connections, his resistance has BULLYPOWER. Holocauster Newsom surrendered.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2020
  A huge immodest proposal

There's only one full cure for psychopaths. Nobody is going to do it, so we have to think of other partial solutions.

One simple change would help tremendously.

Elect Biden.

Replacing the puppet in the White House wouldn't change the behavior of the Federal dysgovernment. Biden puppet and Trump puppet are identical passive mechanisms controlled by the same Master. But it would definitely change the actions of the governors and the media.

The holocauster governors are driven by infinitely evil bloodlust, but they are also driven by a specific hatred of Deplorables. In their cranial cavities Trump represents Deplorables, so he must be removed. Removing him would relieve some of the pressure in those alien cavities.

For damn sure electing Biden would solve the media end of the holocaust, immediately and completely. The media aren't in direct control of the ovens and gas chambers, but they are providing the fuel and the torches. If Biden was in the White House, the media WOULDN'T HAVE ANY MOTIVATION to continue killing millions of Americans. They would want their team to succeed. The Branded Witch Flu would instantly be treated as just another ordinary annual flu season, which would accidentally agree with fucking reality.

Obviously this isn't a SANE way to restore normalcy, but it's the ONLY way that could work.

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  The how of how isn't surprising; the what of how is surprising.

Via Eurekalert, a mostly unsurprising study on HOWism. The pleasant surprise is the fact that academics are PAYING ATTENTION to HOW!
Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have found a way to find decode the procedural information required to tie various knots, with enough precision to identify which knot is being planned or performed. To reach this conclusion, Drs. Robert Mason and Marcel Just first trained a group of participants to tie seven different knots, and then scanned their brains while they imagined tying or actually tied the knots while they were in an MRI scanner. The main findings were that each knot had a distinctive neural signature, so the researchers could tell which knot was being tied from the sequence of brain images collected. Furthermore, the neural signatures were very similar for imagining tying a particular knot and planning to tie it.
Unsurprising. Each knot has a different sequence in the brain, and rehearsing looks the same as doing. Anyone who learns or teaches HOW-knowledge knows that.

Could get interesting if they try an experiment to see if learning solely by planning (virtual) gives the same result as learning by doing with hands. I'd bet the virtual results are inferior, but I wouldn't bet heavily.

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  Possible slight exception

Until now the Wash State Repooflicans have totally ignored Thrill Killer Inslee's holocaust, focusing instead on their tired and lethal ZERO TAX chant, serving Boss Bezos just as Hitman Inslee serves Boss Bezos.

Here's a candidate who is starting to give real opposition.

Josh Freed, former mayor of Bothell.

His agenda sounds more like Harding than Bezos. He has already proved his seriousness with SUCCESSFUL action against the holocaust, filing a legal case against Hitman Inslee's prohibition of church services. He won the suit. The holocauster backed down.

ACTION counts. Words are meaningless noise.

= = = = =

Putting it my way but not nicely: The rule for politicians is RECIPROCITY. BALANCE. PAY FOR VALUE.

You do something for us FIRST**, and then we'll do something for you.

Freed is UNIQUE among modern politicians. He DID SOMETHING REAL FOR US, so I've donated to him. Pay for value. Equipoise.

I have no illusions about "elections"; even if "elections" ever mattered, there's no way in literal Hell that a candidate with the R label could ever be governor of literal Hell. Pay for value is the only meaning.

= = = = =

** Well, before FIRST is the ZEROTH rule, which is DON'T KILL US. DON'T PUT THE WHOLE FUCKING WORLD IN PRISON AND STARVE IT TO SATISFY YOUR OWN BLOODLUST. Unfortunately, 99.5% of all politicians have blown right through that rule this year. Genocide is total.


  How effective was Harding?

Looking for more examples of the French Revolution decimal clock, Google led me to this trade journal for jewelers. While looking, I bumped into an account of the Wash State Jewelers Convention, held in Spokane in June 1921.

Familiar location:

The Davenport.

Familiar rhetoric by Repooflicans:
Tuesday morning Dr. W. J. Hindley, director of education for the Washington State Retailers' Association, spoke for over an hour on "Modern Merchandising as it Pertains to the Jewelry Craft." He is an eloquent and magnetic speaker and held his audience in closest attention for over an hour.

He pointed out the alarming trend of modern government activities in the direction of socialistic control of industry both in State and nation until the time has been reached, he said, that thoughtful people were crying "less government in business, more business in government."

He graphically portrayed the alarming attacks which have been made upon the present distributive system of the country which he declared the most efficient the world has ever known.
Wash State Repoofs still sound exactly the same.

BUT: Hindley wasn't talking about FDR. He was talking about Harding.

How effective was Harding? Very effective. He was trying hard to flatten out the distinction between rich and poor.

Leads to a simple permanent definition. Socialism as seen by Repoofs and Libertarians doesn't mean government control of the means of production. Harding was tearing down Wilson's agencies that REALLY DID control the means of production. Harding was moving away from the dictionary definition of socialism, which isn't accurate in the first place.

Simple definition:

Socialism means paying workers.

Capitalism means not paying workers.

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  Tiny signs of spring?

5/20: I've been keeping track of positive REAL developments in this item, originally dated 4/24. Simultaneously I've been tracking the infinitely evil ABSTRACTIONS of the psychopaths and holocausters. For my own EQUIPOISE, I'm going to keep the REAL stuff closer to the top of the blog so I can see it and remember it better. Real normalcy and abstract evil are moving farther apart, and the chance of a total return to REAL clampdown seems small but not zero.

= = = = =

4/24: Street traffic indicates that Spokane is returning to normal fairly fast, despite the ongoing tyranny from Inslee. In the first week of the siege, every day was Christmas. Then traffic was about 1/3 normal for several weeks. Last week about 1/2 normal. Today for the first time traffic is indistinguishable from normal. If I hadn't been consciously watching, I wouldn't notice anything unusual.

Traffic in business parking lots is also approaching normal. A tax service in a NW Blvd strip mall is typically open by appointment most of the year, and open to public during March and April. This year it didn't open in March, so I figured it was killed by the siege. A couple days ago it opened with a flourish and a poster, and cleaned up the rest of the strip mall. (The rest of the mall has been vacant for a while, not a siege casualty.) Customers are in the office today.

4/30: This week street traffic is absolutely normal, maybe even above normal. Bus passenger count is returning to normal. At some point the bus system will have to give up the Security Theater, will have to "follow the science", now that "the science" has EastasiaEurasiad. Nobody will ever admit that the whole pile of carcasses was the most monumental and murderous and holocaustal fraud in all histories of all conceivable universes. I just want them to STOP the fucking war.

5/8: Traffic still normal and fast. A lot of the traffic is heavy construction vehicles, which gives me a microsmidgen of optimism. Contractors are connected to the chickenshit city "government", so they probably know something that isn't coming out in public yet. Still no panic or masks in the neighborhood, kids still playing outside. I LOVE THIS NEIGHBORHOOD. Choosing to live here was the ONLY wise decision I've ever made. Another tiny positive change: The mobile dog groomer lady who normally spends Friday morning with a neighbor's poodles was absent for two months. This morning she's back.

5/18: After two weeks of constant, another definite increase in traffic, another increase in bus passengers, a slight decrease in visible Security Theater.

5/20: Beggars are back. This doesn't match the 1933 cheerfulness of BEER'S BACK! but it's a useful measurement. The sign-carrying dudes are on street corners, and I got sparechanged at the bus stop. I gave cheerfully if not beerfully. Beggars are good judges of market conditions. They've figured out that people in cars are willing to open their windows again, and people at bus stops are willing to touch hands again.

5/22: Two major decreases in Security Theater. I won't specify them because I don't want to cause trouble for the decreasers if they're 'unofficial'. One of them is probably 'official'.... Later: Apparently both are official, because the city "entered Phase 2" today. It's a meaningful change. Basically all businesses are now able to open, with restrictions on some. I'm surprised. I really didn't think Holocauster Inslee would EVER say Yes to a request. Now that he has said Yes, he'll have a hard time reversing the change, but I'm sure he'll find a way. Psychopathic thrill killers always find a way to create MAXIMUM CARNAGE.

5/27: I've already written an appreciation for the local cops who are trying to maintain civilization. I'll add an appreciation for the bus drivers who are doing the same, despite the satanic efforts of the holocaust accomplices who infest the upper levels of the city dysgovernment. The managers are placing the front-line employees in an EXTREMELY DIFFICULT position, and the front-line employees are handling it heroically.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2020
  Finally a GUILD response... but not here

During the long "global warming" monstrosity, and now during the "branded flu" holocaust, I've been asking steadily:


Where is the IMMUNE response from real scientists against the LETHAL MURDEROUS INFECTION OF SCIENCE by the psychopath-ogens of politicians? Who is defending the PERMANENT PROFESSION AND REPUTATION of science against the misuse of science by genocidal monsters?

Here's one competent GUILD response in Brazil. A letter written by Marcos Eberlin and 20 others. The signers are all CURRENTLY EMPLOYED scientists with lots of peer-reviewed citations. They place their names and pictures on the letter, placing their good reputations on the line. Most of the pictures show people in mid-career, not idealistic beginners.

During both monstrosities we've had occasional responses from RETIRED officials or RETIRED scientists. No good. If you were able to see this problem, why weren't you complaining about bad science when you were employed? Why didn't you use your authority to MODIFY BUDGETS toward real science? After you're retired, you're no more meaningful than any blogger or twitterite.

The strong opening:
During this pandemic, the term “science” has been used “ad nauseam”, that is, has been repeated to exhaustion: “Science, science, science”, “I’m pro-science”, “For from the science, through the science and to the science I guide my decisions and acts” and “I am, therefore, fully right to do so”. It is clear that the intention here is to lead all of us to the idea of ​​decisions based on something unquestionable and infallible, as scientific as law, as the law of gravity.

Groups of “science experts” or famous YouTube scientists, many of them still “beginners” in science, some of them with a minimal or no experience in fighting pandemics, are selected by the establishment and the media to give “scientific aura” for the lockdown.

Rarely, there are situations in which we reach consensus in science, even a momentary consensus. Some defend the “Big Bang” and the theory of evolution, others, including myself, are skeptical of them. Some defend with data and papers the central role of men in global warming, others defend, with the same data and papers, that human activity is irrelevant. Scientists are human beings, therefore, skeptics and enquirers who can and should speak for themselves, like all scientists have the right to do, but NEVER A SCIENTIST OR A GROUP OF THEM CAN DECLARE TO BE AUTHORIZED TO SPEAK IN THE NAME OF SCIENCE!
Here's the GUILD part:
Who then speaks here in the name of “science”? Which group has a monopoly on reason and its exclusive authorization to be the spokesperson of “science”? Where is such authorization found?

One can choose an opinion, and base his strategy on it, this is fine, but no one should commit the sacrilege of protecting his decision risking to tarnish with it the “sacred mantle of science”.
The English isn't quite perfect, but the logic and the SCIENCE are perfect.

Will we ever see a similar response in US or UK? No. I don't even need to ask the question.

= = = = =

Incidentally, it sounds like Bolsonaro is playing the same slimy game as Trump, probably learned from Trump. Giving satanic governors and mayors the green light to imprison and starve their own people, then pretending he doesn't like what they're doing. Talking out of both sides of his devilmouth, having his bloodcake and eating it. Psychopath's wet dream.

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  1882 stereo

Inventions for sound are always DECADES behind inventions for vision. Other senses like smell haven't even STARTED to develop ways of recording and playing.

From an 1884 book on experimental telephones:
It is a common experience that, in listening at a telephone, it is practically impossible to have even a vague idea of the distance at which the person at the other end of the line appears to be. To some listeners this distance seems to be only a few yards, to others the voice apparently proceeds out of a great depth of the earth. In this case there was nothing of the kind. As soon as the experiment commenced the singers placed themselves, in the mind of the listener, at a fixed distance, some to the right and others to the left It was easy to follow their movements, and to indicate exactly, each time that they changed their position, the imaginary distance at which they appeared to be. This phenomenon, which was very curious, approximated to the theory of binauricular audition, and has never been applied, we believe, before to produce this remarkable illusion, to which may almost be given the name of auditive perspective.
When the singer is at the point A, the transmitter T is more strongly influenced than the transmitter T' ; the left ear is, therefore, more deeply impressed than the right ear, and the singer appears to be on the left to the eight listeners of the group. When the singer is at A' the transmitter T', is more affected than the transmitter T, and the singer appears to the right of the audience; these aural impressions change with the relative positions of the singers, and their movements can in this way be followed.
It's strange that the author was treating this as a mere illusion, only useful for amusement purposes. The importance of localizing sound was well understood by musicians and soldiers. Why didn't they pick up the idea immediately? The author mentioned the analogy to stereoscopes for 3d viewing, which were commercially popular then.

Nothing happened until WW1, when binaural sound telescopes were used for locating a distant cannon or aircraft. After that, the idea sat dormant again until 1940 when it started to percolate into broadcasting and music recording. Stereo sound didn't go fully commercial until the mid 50s. That's a 70 year gap between idea and implementation, with NO technical barriers in the way. Unlike transistors, stereo didn't need to wait for new materials to be developed.

In 1882 the telephone and the phonograph were both freshly invented. This experiment showed how to expand the telephone to stereo, and it's easy to imagine several ways to expand the phonograph. The latter would have been too large and finicky for home use, but practical for theaters.

Brute force: Record two disks at the same time, then play them on two phonographs coupled together, both turned by the same clockwork. The disks would have to be 'keyed' with an extra locator hole to insure synchrony.

Sidenote: I've asked the broader question about sound vs vision dozens of times. This was probably the best answer.

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  Fake science, 1793 style

I've often read about the decimal hours and decimal months that were supposed to go with the metric system. I hadn't seen a picture of a decimal clock before.

From an 1888 French book on horology, here's an 'equation dial' showing the two systems together.

As with most metric units, these hours are toooooo loooooooong for practical use.

There was a good HUMAN reason for the 12/12 pattern, just as there was a good HUMAN reason for the 12-month calendar. There's nothing natural about 10s except finger-counting.

Both 12s arose from an initial division into four seasons. The year-seasons represented the work of plants, and the day-seasons represented the work of humans. In both cases the four seasons can be described as sleep, preparation for work, work, and rest from work. As human society got more detailed and organized, each of the four was divided into start, middle, and end; or intro, story, and outro. The day-pattern was divided again by 2s.

The revolutionaries tried to invoke science for their new units, but the connections were abstract and numerical, not tied to human work. They named their 10 months after plant-related events, but the 10 could never synchronize with four seasons, so the plan failed from the start.

Weeks have always been the outlier. Presumably the pattern of work 6 and rest 1 was determined by long experience and natural negotiation between workers and employers. But 7 doesn't sync with months or years no matter how you parse them, and 7 doesn't divide into internal parts.

Do we have 12s in our nervous system? Hard to say. We have clear evidence for natural brackets of 3 in counting and language, but not much for the outer brackets of 4.


Monday, May 25, 2020
  No surprise to the lawyers

A short feature on jury manipulation in the same 1895 SciAm that gave me the lamp clocks.
In reality the ordinary jury is selected from active working men unused to confinement, and unable to think and reason continuously on any topic outside of their everyday life. They are untrained to discern the probable facts in a contested case, and understand the real from the apparent in the arguments of counsel. The confinement of the court room, its bad, vitiated atmosphere, with the changed diet of hotels in a long trial, make them still more unfit.

There are always men with a mental “twist” or bias in the average jury. In good surroundings and in good health this would be concealed, but after a day or more in the court room it becomes a dominant factor. Strong religious, temperance and political views intrude themselves, whenever the man becomes at variance with his surroundings, and its natural physical and psychical influences.

Lowering and changing the degree of health and functional activities makes him more intolerant of the divergent views of others. After the second or third day of a trial, appeals to these conceptions and efforts to make some facts apply along these lines are always effectual.
The writer is unduly harsh on the intelligence of ordinary men. Modern science writers are still unduly harsh, constantly demeaning the intelligence of Deplorables.

Note that the DESIRED EFFECTS of a lockdown were already seen after three days. Chaos, loss of internal resilience, obeying the commands of the psychopathic lawyer. The "untwisted" people without strong views were already obedient to commands, so they didn't really need the lockdown.

Note also temperance views. Prohibition was the Officially Assigned Science Argument in the 1890s, mixing religion and politics and real science, with both sides using fake "science".

= = = = =

Recalibrate: Well, maybe not unduly harsh. Active working men, unused to confinement, are unable to think and reason continuously on any topic outside of their everyday life. Science IS my active work and my everyday life, so I can think and reason continuously about science. And in this specific case, I am used to confinement, so I know the motives of the confiners. BUT: When lawyers present fake arguments on topics outside my everyday life, I'm completely bamboozled. Every single "velvet revolution" still fools me, and until recently every "war for democracy" fooled me.

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  Sort of halfway related

I've been wanting to thank my father for teaching me REAL SCIENCE through parables and jokes and discussion. If he hadn't cultivated the concepts of CONSTANTS AND VARIABLES and PROPER MEASUREMENT and LEARNING BY EXPERIENCE, I wouldn't be able to resist the onslaught of anti-logic and anti-science viruses in the last 40 years.

He probably wouldn't have been on the pro-science side of this latest battle because he didn't USE the concepts in his own life. He flowed with the liberal tide. Nevertheless, he passed REAL SCIENCE to me like a recessive gene.

This is sort of halfway related to Memorial Day because he had earlier served in the only somewhat necessary war. He got lucky and served in Shanghai, training the useless army of Chiang Kai-shek and indirectly enabling Mao's conquest. Luck doesn't count; like all the other soldiers in WW2 he was WILLING to give his life.

All draftees are worthy of honor. Post-1975 volunteers are NOT worthy of honor because they know what they're doing. They're ruining the world.

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  Not amazing vs truly amazing

Via Eurekalert, an amazing and unprecedented study from UCSD.

What's not amazing is the result. Before 2020 nobody even needed to say:

Public disclosure of COVID-19 cases is more effective than lockdowns

Before Feb 2020, NOBODY thought that lockdowns had any CONNECTION with public health. Everybody knew that SIEGES were a weapon of war, designed to kill everyone. Nobody considered substituting bullets for pills or substituting violence for vaccines.

Also unamazing, and as I've been tiresomely repeating, we were better able to deal with epidemics before HIPPA or whatever, because we could publicly identify immigrants or travelers who were bringing in an unfamiliar pathogen. We could warn the people who had been contacted by the spreader, because we could NAME the spreader. The real but hidden purpose** of HIIPA or whatever was to ruin normal public health procedures.

It succeeded.

What's truly amazing?

1. Academics admitting the truth about lockdowns.

2. Academics admitting the truth about normal public health.

3. Academics admitting the truth about HIPAA or whatever.

4. Academics IN CALIFORNIA admitting the truth about anything.

= = = = =

** Remember that HIIPPAAAA was passed in the '80s by HIV activists who wanted to stop normal public health tracing techniques. They extended the rule to all medical procedures to hide their real purpose. Now our "legal" inability to trace a handful of contacts through public information is leading to the "inevitable" use of iPhones to trace the inevitable MILLIONS of contacts. This is a rare case of UNANTICIPATED consequence. Nearly all consequences in DC circles are fully intended. The HIV activists couldn't have anticipated iPhones. They just wanted to keep team membership secret so they could continue blackmailing their secret teammates in Congress. Blackmail is the only source of power, and retaining power requires retaining secrets.

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  ObscureBots are back

For a couple weeks the bots that "read" this blog were fairly quiet. Now they're back. The latest obscure search term leading to obscure words here: vacuum cleaner sound effect language:en

This term has made 159 "reads" so far today. Most of the "reads" are back in the first few months of the blog, in early 2005. The items were not interesting to humans then, and still not interesting 15 years later.

I've mentioned the sound of a vacuum cleaner just once, in this 2014 item, but this isn't among the items seen by the bots.

Oops, now I've mentioned it twice.


  Are you really that stupid?

From EdWeek magazine:
Often pushed into the shadows on the national political scene, education could become a significant election issue this year in a way that was virtually unthinkable at the start of 2020, taking center stage due to the massive disruption of the nation’s schools...

President Donald Trump and others already are arguing forcefully for schools, which play a key role in the economy, to reopen as soon as possible, while Democrats are previewing a strategy of pinning a potentially tumultuous school reopening on the Trump administration.
Doesn't it even strike you as ODD that Trump is pretending to support schools, while Democrat politicians are SERIOUSLY ADVOCATING perpetual closure of schools? Are you so purely locked into mindless opposition of the Wrong Team that you have forgotten 50 years of your own propaganda?

In most states the D party and the teacher unions are exactly the same people. Now that the D party is the anti-education party, where will those unions go? They can't agree with anything Trump says. They will continue to support their own destruction, and continue to delete all education. Trump knows this, which is why he says shit. His goal is to obliterate the world, just as Inslee and Newsom and Bezos and a thousand others are obliterating the world. Psychopaths never stop destroying and killing.


Most real teachers are passionate about teaching, and love to see the kids learning and improving. Will they eventually decide that the unions are ruining their own passion and profession? Will they go outlaw?

I'd like to see this, but I seriously doubt that it will happen.

Incidentally, here's a wonderfully sane essay by a real teacher at Spiked. Makes some rarely heard points about the real purpose of learning, and the real correlation between education and economic growth.

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  More midnight oil

Continuing to ramble about linear clocks.

Repeating from previous:

Would we think of time differently if we were accustomed to linear clocks? Would we value the rest of each day more, and use it more efficiently or enjoyably, if we could see and anticipate the consumption as we do on the Ridhwan and the scribal? I've found that modeling and animating these devices tends to steer my thinking in that direction. Constant exposure to the real thing should do even better.

= = = = =

Google finds only one effort to reinvent the linear clock, in 1943. Patent 2333832 by Juan Torroja of Madrid. Not much detail, not a serious invention. Torroja may have been thinking primarily of billboard-type displays on buildings. His hours over minutes display repeats Ridhwan.

...Whereas here the hands travel, with uniform or variable movement, along a line that may be straight, curved, broken or of mixed nature, keeping or not throughout their course a direction parallel to their initial direction. At the end of the above-mentioned periods of time the hands return automatically to their starting point to travel again over the same stretch.
Torroja basically inverts Gabry's mechanism. Gabry used a wrapped pulley or windlass to convert the linear consumption of fuel into rotary motion of the dial. Torroja intended his dial to be tacked onto an existing rotary clock movement, so he used a windlass to convert rotary to linear.

It's strange that we haven't retried linear clocks since 1600. Other common indicators have been tried in both linear and rotary forms. Car speedometers, radio frequency dials, slide rules, traffic signals.

There's no obvious correlation between the natural form of the measurement and our preferred form.

With clocks, the measurement is circular and we prefer circular form.

With speed, the measurement is linear and we prefer circular form.

With radio freq, the measurement is linear and we prefer linear form.

With slide rules, the log pattern is circular and we prefer linear form.

With traffic signals, the green/yellow/red pattern is circular, and we prefer linear form... EXCEPT that circular clock-style traffic lights were common for a long time in ... Madrid.

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  Best SES of the month

In a thread discussing the holocaust and fruitlessly suggesting that maybe it's time to stop killing everyone except Bezos:

That was an easy way to launder money.


Perfect Self-Explanatory Sentence. Terse, concise, comprehensive. Condenses the ACTUAL purpose of the holocaust in seven simple words.


Sunday, May 24, 2020
  Incalculably stupid, or just accomplices

Repooflicans continue in their role of fake "opposition". I noticed this lawsuit by Calif Repoofs against Newsom. Are they suing him for making war against the state?

NO. Of course not. They don't have any problem with starving and imprisoning the whole state. Mass murder is a good thing because it slaughters Deplorables and enriches Apple and Amazon. Solidly in line with Libertarian doctrine. Ayn Rand would love it. Atlas Owns The World, all negative externalities die.

They're suing Holocauster Newsom because they believe (or pretend to believe) that the sole purpose of the war is to bring voting by mail.


Over and over and over.

1. Elections are meaningless, so the style of elections is doubly meaningless.

2. Calif already votes by mail, so this wouldn't change anything.

3. Mail voting offers LESS opportunity to cheat than live voting. With no polling places, there's no way to influence the vote by closing the places early, or relocating them, or stationing gangstas with baseball bats.

4. At the counting end, mail and live voting are equally cheatable. No difference.

This is like Chamberlain suing Hitler because WW2 was solely intended to alter the Trial Of The Pyx, except that the Trial Of The Pyx is more functional than "voting".


  Most Karens are "male".

Just skimming the comments at the local daily Panic Generator. I try to quarantine myself from the Panic Pathogen for sanity's sake, but today was already crap so I went ahead. Most of the SANE commenters are female and most of the vengeful panicators are "male".

This was already true in the first stages of the panicdemic, when the Early Adopters were "male" stock demons.

Maybe Karen was the wrong choice of eponym. It's true that professional busybodies and false accusers have always been female, but the pattern may be changing.


  LIterally burning the midnight oil 2

Another Night Clock or Lamp Clock from the same 1895 SciAm article as the previous example. The first one was actually used by scribes in the 1600s. This one was never used. Supposedly Monsieur Gabry of Liancourt made one in 1819, but never produced it in quantity.

I've shown a transparent view here. The clock contained two pots connected by a pipe at the bottom. Both were filled with combustible oil. The front pot had a wick extending to the bottom.

As the flame consumed the oil in the front pot, the back pot lowered in unison, pulling the float down, and thus turning the dial. When you refilled the front pot, you'd have to rewind the float manually.

The first night clock was elegantly simple and 'patient', with the fuel doing all the work. This one was clunky and overcomplicated, with a lot of unneeded moving parts.

Why all the parts? I suppose Gabry wanted to have a circular dial, which was the standard by then. The magnificent Ridhwan clock had a linear and semi-digital way of consuming the day, and the 1600 scribe clock literally consumed the night, converting it to light.

Ergonomic or perceptual question. Would we think of time differently if we were accustomed to linear clocks? Would we value the rest of each day more, and use it more efficiently or enjoyably, if we could see and anticipate the consumption as we do on the Ridhwan and the scribal? I've found that modeling and animating these devices tends to steer my thinking in that direction. Constant exposure to the real thing should do even better.

Mechanical question: The mechanism in the original sketch was unclear but the symmetry was clear. I had to add the extra shaft and gears to keep both the float and the dial centered. If the back pot had been displaced to the right, or the dial displaced to the left, the rope pulley could have driven the dial directly. Here I agree with Gabry. Symmetry is crucial in a timekeeper. EQUIPOISE. The extra shaft is worth it to maintain symmetry. Clocks and cars fall into the category of intelligent helpers or pets, so they must be bilaterally symmetrical like actual life.

= = = = =

Continued here.


  If so, not a big change

ZH thinks @Jack of Twitter is trying to be more open to dissident views. He has apparently republished a long and vague essay about myths and conspiracies, which sort of halfway considers the possibility that some anti-establishment voices don't need to be killed immediately. Later is fine.

I'm not sure it's a big change.

First: Conservative outrage at media bias is fake surprise. Media has ALWAYS served the establishment. It's natural. If you want the money and PERMISSION to operate a big business that can broadcast to large numbers of people, you MUST have the aristocrats and bankers on your side. Dillinger's Rule. That's where the money is.

Second: When I hear about the latest banning or censorship, I look at the facts. Usually the banned spokesman is explicitly advocating violence against specific people, which has ALWAYS been illegal for good and proper reasons. Then I look around some more, and I see that similar dissidents who are NOT advocating specific violence are not banned. This is how "free speech" is supposed to work.

Third: Much of the outrage is directed at demonetizing, which is NOT censorship. Before 2000, no dissident ever EXPECTED to be PAID for using the establishment's presses or broadcast studios. Dissidents were sometimes able to get their letters published in a newspaper, but they knew that they had to do their own printing, or their own word-of-mouth distribution, if they wanted to gain wide and steady influence.

= = = = =

In this specific case, we don't need to quibble about myths. The fact is murderously simple.

When one leader of one country starts killing his own people, it's not a conspiracy. It's one criminal.

When NEARLY ALL countries start killing their own people AT THE SAME MOMENT, using the same TOTALLY TRANSPARENT FRAUDULENT LIE to "justify" the killing, it's a conspiracy by ALL legal and dictionary definitions. It's not groupthink or accidental correlation.

Saturday, May 23, 2020
  Three dramas with the same simple plot

Conspiracy theorists always get carried away with complexity. A few weeks ago I was bowled over by the holocaustal audacity of this REAL CONSPIRACY and started wondering about aliens.

It's simple. No aliens, no Chinese, no dystopian novels presaging The Plan.

This Highway Patrol episode is the whole plot.

1. Ordinary small businesses are doing an ordinary day of work.

2. A bomb goes off in a vacant lot, killing nobody and doing no real damage, but making a huge noise.

3. People are distracted and go out to see what the fuck is happening.

4. MASKED bandits break in and steal everything,

5. leaving the small businessman BOUND AND GAGGED.

6. The businessman is shocked and unable to figure out what happened, unable to give the cops useful info.

This is the simple plot of 9/11, TARP, and "flu". Same every fucking time. Deepstate sets off a bomb in a vacant lot. People are shocked. Deepstate breaks in and steals everything, leaving small businesses bound by LBOs and gagged by NDAs, unable to figure out what happened, unable to describe it or question it because they foolishly believe in obeying laws and honoring contracts.

Deepstate never obeys or honors. Deepstate always kills. Genocide is our only product.

= = = = =

Deepstate, of course, has a larger team than these two bandits. Deepstate has three components, constant since 1890. (1) Intel agencies. (2) Bankers and big data. (3) Leftist activists and media.

The intel agencies set off the bomb. The bankers and big data (in modern terms Goldman and Bezos) do the stealing, via an indirect transfer. Small businesses go bankrupt, leaving Bezos owning the entire economy. Bankers lose a few pennies when the businesses can't pay rent or loans, and the government gives bankers trillions and trillions and trillions as compensation for the few pennies. Leftist activists and media keep the confusion and shock going forever with panication and false flags.

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  Constants and Variables 150, flat edition

Still pondering the BIG variable.

Sweden and Belarus and Japan and Korea avoided lockdowns and stuck with REAL SCIENCE.

Everyone else committed genocide.

I've considered ethnicity, but it doesn't work. Belarus and Sweden are Euro. Korea and Japan and China are ethnically similar, and share a lot of cultural history. China was the SOURCE of the lockdown. Fail.

Personality of the leader is undoubtedly part of the picture. Fighting the rest of the world takes MASSIVE courage. But the apparent power of the four leaders is quite distinct. Lukashenko has been in power since before the Sorosian breakup. The current presidents of Japan and Korea have been in office for a couple years, with fragile majorities in parliament. Lofven is fairly new.

Here's one simple word that fits all four, but still doesn't work well as an overall explainer.


All four have relatively FLAT economic profiles, and all four have RESPECT FOR SKILLS.

All four are Tanh instead of Exp. They have a CEILING for economic distance between rich and poor. Other countries assume riches and power must be Exp, rising vertically to infinity.

Employers provide full-scale benefits, deserving lifetime loyalty and receiving lifetime loyalty.

Fordism respects and honors and trains the real skills needed for real work. Goldman and Bezos HATE real workers, viewing human employees as NEGATIVE EXTERNALITIES that must be ruthlessly cut down. Business must consist of PURE ABSTRACT NUMBERS and INFINITE SHARE VALUE.

Sweden has been Tanh for a long time. Belarus is a time capsule for Soviet economic practices. Korea and Japan picked up literal Fordism from MacArthur and ran with it, while we abandoned it.

All four are relatively you-first instead of me-first. This is the BIG difference from China.

How would this variable create the specific result? Natural Law. The energies of psychopaths are CONSTRAINED to serve employees, instead of running feral toward infinite expansion and infinite murder.

= = = = =

Now stretch the analogy to the breaking point as usual. Why was FDR able to take over USA and solve all of our problems? Why was he able to prosecute and limit the bankers? Because we were already halfway there. From NCR to Conoco to Elgin to Ford, flat economics and beneficial employment were widespread by 1920. Harding was able to pull back Wilson's Deepstate because he was firmly Fordist, and because major centers of economic power were also Fordist. He didn't have to fight them all. Coolidge allowed the NYC oligarchs to regrow, doing their usual evil. Stealing everything and killing everyone. After the mass murder in 1932, Fordism still had power in some industries and unions, so FDR didn't have to fight them all.

Dubious but worth thinking about.

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  Literally burning the midnight oil

Literally. Or rather numerally.

I introduced this model yesterday when Polistra was paroled from prison. (At least symbolically and partially. The full reality remains to be seen, as always when thrill-killing mass-murdering psychopaths are in charge. Reprieves are generally false and temporary, serving as preludes to even more horrible clampdowns.)

Later: Of course I was right. Exactly one month after the fake "reprieve", on June 23, Mad Bomber Inslee required everyone to suffocate ourselves and destroy immunity with Suicide Ballgags, in order to increase his orgasmic pleasure.

= = = = =

I probably should have built this clock a couple weeks ago for Third Shift Workers Day, celebrating the graveyard shift. This oil clock was developed in the 1600s as a timer and light for scribes and illuminators working through the night. It provided light for scribal work, and simultaneously measured the shift. When the light went out, time to go home or go to bed. (In other words, it was an illuminator illuminator.)

Self-calibrating in two ways: The light calibrated and enabled your work, and the flame calibrated the oil flow.

This is a patient machine in the same elegant way as the Willson automatic buoy. The fuel does all the work, with no other mechanism needed. As the flame uses up the oil, the level drops through the hours from sunset through sunrise.

= = = = =

Followed by a less elegant lamp-clock.

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Friday, May 22, 2020
  Don't look back

It's sort of anticlimactic and inconclusive, but we'll call it sufficient.

The tyrant has granted conditional parole to Spokane. In practice most businesses were already running, but this parole opens up ALL businesses officially, with the usual idiotic meaningless Security Theater. The Theater will fade. This will pass ... until the next "unprecedented" "surprising" panic, which will undoubtedly be coming soon.

I do not forgive or forget the INFINITE evil.


Millions of businesses are collapsing, millions are dying for no reason at all except the uncontrollable insatiable bloodthirst of universal hyperinsane tyrants.

= = = = = = = = = = = = =

For now, we need to release Polistra and friends from prison, back home to the Mill for a long and well-earned rest.

Polistra is holding an oil-clock, symbolizing a self-calibrating Beacon.

Don't look back.

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  Constants and variables 149, body and mind edition

An 80-year-old HUMAN lady was chatting with the bus driver. For a while they were gossiping about other bus drivers and I wasn't paying attention.

Then the driver asked if she was worried about the virus.

"Nah. We had all those when we were young. Measles, mumps, flu, chicken pox. We acquired immunity."


Then she mentioned that she still had the scar from the smallpox vaccination.

Exact quote:

"Well, you know, those vaccinations worked. The last smallpox in the wild was in 1973. There are, I think, three labs that still maintain samples of the virus, and that's a good thing."


Verifies what I've been thinking about generations. Our generation encountered a LOT of viruses, so we acquired immunity to a LOT of viruses.

We also encountered CORRECT INFORMATION about viruses from schools and media, and the info was literally pinned down by the smallpox inoculation. CORRECT INFORMATION about viruses and immunity is part of normal scientific literacy for our generation. We know how these things work.

= = = = =

FUCKING CONSTANT: The current generation is still encountering viruses all the time, though not nearly as many as we encountered, because THOSE VACCINATIONS WORKED. Their bodies are still learning about the viruses and building defenses. This includes the Haute-Couture Branded Virus, which is similar to the common cold. Their bodies don't have to invent new weapons, just pull out some cartridges from the Common Cold Ammo Safe and modify them. No big deal, just part of normal routine in the Billion Years War between viruses and animals.

FUCKING VARIABLE: The current generation is encountering

from schools and media. The disinformation is being SLAMMED into place by imprisonment and torture.

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  Huh? Why didn't you....

There's something fishy about this story.
The skeleton of an extinct 'fish lizard' locked in a glass case over 16ft from the ground for the last 100 years has finally been studied, thanks to a selfie stick on a fishing rod. The 145 million year old Nannopterygius is a species of ichthyosaur, which swam the seas of our planet for about 76 million years. It is on display in the Natural History Museum, London, but its glass cabinet is hung too high for easy examination.

Russian palaeontologist Nikolay Zverkov was desperate to see the London specimen as he thought some of the Russian ichthyosaurs might be similar.

To photograph and assess the skeleton, Nikolay attached a digital camera on a selfie stick to a fishing rod and connected it to a PC via a very long USB cable. He passed the photos on to University of Portsmouth palaeontologist Megan Jacobs who was working on Ichthyosaurs for her Master's Degree.
Clever, but why didn't you just ask the museum for permission to use a ladder? They must have ladders or scaffolds for their own maintenance of those specimens. I'll bet they would even open the glass case for you. Museums enjoy serving real scholars. It's their basic purpose. The tourists just pay the rent.


  The definition of Skill-estate

Looking back through my archive for an item on credentialism, found this item. Not the point I was looking for, but this is the best definition of SKILL-ESTATE.


Skill-estate is an old concept. Guilds developed to protect it. Guilds descended into unions, which then descended into mobocracy. Before this mafiation, guilds and guild-like unions maintained a strict chain of title on skills. Master rented to apprentice; apprentice paid his journeyman mortgage and gained full ownership as master.

We have some remnants of skill-estate, quickly losing legitimacy because they've neglected the importance of the skill itself. Uber vs taxis is purely a skill-estate question. Pro taxi drivers had a level of knowledge and ACCOUNTABILITY that Uber has refused to replicate. We forget this and treat the problem as purely monetary, a question of Market Efficiency. Nope, that's a false flag.

Innovative Disruptors constantly seek to break into skill-estate, vandalizing and burglarizing licensed professions from various angles. Offshoring, immigrant labor, robots. The licensers lack a proper defense because they've let the skill-estate deteriorate into pure money or pure credentialism.

When real-estate loses its basic purpose as A PLACE TO LIVE, it turns into pure GPS coordinates. Fancy neighborhoods in Frisco or Vancouver or London have succumbed to this craziness, becoming nothing more than bonds defined by latitude and longitude. No soul left, which means the abstract value is always ready to tumble.

When skill-estate loses its basic purpose as a WAY TO CREATE, it turns into pure paper credentials. College degrees, taxi medallions. The skill-soul is gone, so the abstract value can be pumped and popped by external factors.



Thursday, May 21, 2020
  Reaction wasn't needed, but.......

An illuminating view of current attitudes via Spokane News.
6700 North Division, reported kids playing with sticks on fire. Fire department is requesting law enforcement response as well. #Update it was adults with a lighters and they ran when Fire Department arrived.Law enforcement no longer needed.
Basic fact: Whether it's methed-up adults or bad kids, playing with fire is WORTH reporting. Wind was strong today, and fire always spreads.

BUT: The discussion immediately evolved into a rant against Karens! Normal people assumed that the snitch was a deranged demented alien Inslee slave stirring up trouble for humans who weren't STAYING HOME.

False accusers and collaborators always feed the blood fetish of the permanently genocidal media. Sane people don't like false accusers and collaborators. Worst of all, when media-feeding collaborators are the main source of accusations, REAL reports lose their credibility. This always happens in a witch hunt, whether it's driven by sex or religion or "viruses". And this is the real goal of the hunters. Unmediated observations of reality must always be discredited, while false observations CREDENTIALED BY THE HUNTERS must be the sole source of "reality".

= = = = =

Nomenclature sidenote: I was surprised that the term Karens is so widespread. I figured it was common currency in certain Twitter circles but not universal. It's an appropriate name for the type, nicely fitting the three actual Karens I've known. Troublemaking control freaks.


  Reaction was needed, but.......

In architecture and design, Brutal Modernism was an overreaction to overdecoration. The slogan Form Follows Function was fraudulent, but sometimes you can see why a reaction was necessary......

An 1884 ad for A. Pinover and Co, jewelers, at 16 Maiden Lane, NY. (I think.)

There's one neat Easter egg in the design. The & sign contains the letters A N D.

Center bottom might also be a rebus: A pinned over and company. Doesn't quite work. I'm probably missing something.

Later: This one image contains a lifetime supply of ReCaptchas. Find all the rings surrounding curlicues with four flips. Find all the hummingbirds. Find all the bees. Dragonflies. Butterflies. Owls. Find all the diamonds pierced by downward-pointing arrows. Nearly infinite details, all verbally specifiable.


  Why should they bother?

Headline from Pew survey:

Trust in medical scientists has grown in the US, but mainly among Democrats

Not surprising. "Medical" "scientists" are in charge of slaughtering the working class, which is the open and joyfully explicit goal of Democrats.

Even before the holocaust, the public voices of MDs have been strictly Woke, advocating abortion and variable gender, bashing Natural Law, and forcing us to answer self-incriminating questions in writing.

From 1933 to 1968, Democrats were the party that supported working people. Under FDR the support was genuine, then it gradually faded into mere verbiage. Now neither party supports the working class. Both support infinite riches for NYC and total genocide for everyone else. For some reason Trump has managed to bamboozle more of the working class into stepping in front of his bulldozer instead of Biden's bulldozer.

You'd think some clever politician would see an opportunity in this mess, but obviously not. No politician has opposed the holocaust. Not even Art Robinson.

Why should they bother when the system is working perfectly for them?


  Where's the Mafia when you need them?

I've been pointlessly asking Where are the Guilds? Here's a better question.

Where's the Mafia?

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Prohibition wasn't a response to flu, and it wasn't an intentional part of Madman Wilson's agenda. It was a Federal formalizing of a movement that had been accumulating in the states for 40 years. By 1920 enough states had their own prohibitions that they could leverage a Federal amendment. Prohibition didn't automatically close anything; most breweries and distilleries were able to switch their output to non-beverage products. Bars and restaurants changed their menus but didn't change anything else.

We might draw a useful analogy from the public response to Prohibition. After a moment of obedience we cheerfully found and developed workarounds, and most police winked at the workarounds because the workarounds paid the police. That's the most optimistic vision of the near future. It's time to resume old-fashioned corruption in ALL fields of endeavor, since ALL HONEST WORK has been outlawed by the holocaust.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

In Italy the Mafia is still active and useful. At the start of the siege there, the Mafia fed unemployed workers who were not receiving anything from the government.

In most of US the Mafia has lost its power.

Where have all the mobsters gone?
Gone to Wall Street every one.

Now they're part of the "official" NYC power structure, able to get billion-dollar bailouts and infinite power with zero chance of punishment. No risk, all murder.

We need to reconstitute a network of non-NYC psychopaths who use their evil powers to employ ordinary people for currently illegal activities like manufacturing and hairstyling and teaching, instead of following the NYC practice of slaughtering ordinary people.

Ordinary people would be happy to work for gangsters if the gangsters offer real work in exchange for real pay. I've seen this setup in Enid, which was a solidly 'connected' city. Low crime, low cost of living, plenty of work as long as you kept your trap shut and paid your vig.

The BIGGEST advantage of operating outside the law: You can eliminate ALL THE OTHER SHIT that gets in the way of doing a proper high-quality job. Rules, regulations, litigations. Mafias don't meekly "comply" with regulations, and mafias don't meekly settle lawsuits. Mafias deter regulators and lawyers with violence and extortion, ideally stronger violence than Deepstate and nastier extortion than Epstein.

The only rules that matter are real safety rules. If you're working around combustibles, don't smoke. If you're doing delicate or dangerous work, you can't be drunk or high.


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