Tuesday, March 31, 2020
  A quickie

I'm not playing basketball, but I am getting a good walk every day, and TRYING to avoid the incoming tyranny and panic. My best shit shield is making art. See MAKEFORCE.

Here's a quick little Poser set, mainly assembled from existing pieces, maybe useful to artists who want to do a 1918 comparison.

A 1918 Army ambulance,

and a Signal Corps truck with authentic equipment inside.

The set at ShareCG.


  Good to see

Neighborhood kids are playing basketball in the street, not worrying about Metric Yardsticks and Chinese Tyranny.

Fresh air. Confidence. Exercise. Sane and healthy. These kids will shake off the virus much better than the snitching chickenshits. (Chickensnitches?) Guaranteed.


  The biggest oddity

And the most extremely variant variable ever, which makes it the metabiggest metavariable.

Until now, Sweden has been the UNQUESTIONED LEADER in all Sorosian trends. No borders, no gender, no common sense. Break all rules of Natural Law, violate all traditions and experiential learning. Other Sorosian countries watched Sweden eagerly and followed blindly.

Now Sweden is the SOLE counterexample to the most genocidal trend of all. Sweden stuck with TRADITIONAL EXPERIENCE-BASED PUBLIC HEALTH, and the low death count PROVES it right.

Of course this shouldn't be a surprise. Public health has been handling THIS TYPE OF EPIDEMIC for a hundred years, and the methods have been honed and perfected. There was NO FUCKING REASON to do anything different. The only FUCKING REASON was the bloodthirsty need for a HOLOCAUST.

Even more variantly variant, Sorosian media are NOT doing what I'd expect. BBC is looking at Sweden's NON-EXPERIMENT objectively, not lying about it, not MemoryHoling it, actually ASKING if it's worth repeating elsewhere.

Harding again:

America's present need is not heroics, but healing; not nostrums, but normalcy; not revolution, but restoration; not agitation, but adjustment; not surgery, but serenity; not the dramatic, but the dispassionate; not experiment, but equipoise; not submergence in internationality but sustainment in triumphant nationality.


= = = = =

Footnote: Japan and Korea are also following NORMAL PUBLIC HEALTH, but they're so biologically distinct from Euro types that they don't form a useful comparison against most of EU/US/UK. Viruses interact differently with different races. Sweden is a valid comparison, constant except for this one single difference.

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I'm doing my usual end-of-month stuff. Archive and backup monthly folders, run CCleaner, scan AVG, reboot.

Noticed a couple of oddities. CCleaner has jumped onto the bandwagon of medicalizing everything with a new feature:

Must admit the feature is a good idea. It autoruns several steps that you could manually choose in CCleaner.

And Windows 7 ran a short update during the reboot. I've kept 7 because it ALLOWS you to turn off updates. 10 spends half its time updating and half its time spying on you, leaving no CPU cycles for actual work. You can't turn anything off. When you try, Win 10 pretends to obey, then quietly turns everything back on.

But I thought MS had stopped OFFERING updates for 7 a long time ago. Can't tell what's new from the log files. New spying tools? Prison bedcheck?

I also added recent months to the blog size record...

...which has asymptoted strongly in the last 10 years, exactly since I discarded the TV. You wouldn't think a complex measurement like letters per month could stabilize so firmly, but it did.

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Monday, March 30, 2020
  It means

Wolfstreet, tracking the bailouts as usual, has a nice headline:

Now even the fig leaf is gone.

This trend started a few years ago and was accelerating FAST even before the Branded Swine Flu intentional holocaust.

2020 is the Great Unmasking. All purported "independents" have snatched off their grinning Joker masks to reveal the bloody horrible Soros zombie skull beneath. Sucker Filter from top to bottom. Everything is wide open.

When criminals don't care what witnesses see, it means the criminals are getting ready to kill the witnesses.

Less deadly version: It means the criminals are 100% confident that all feedback and justice mechanisms have been permanently disconnected. No alarms, no coups, no cops, no courts, no Nuremberg Trials.



A couple of accidental rediscoveries...

Safeway is doing the full Security Theater, with markings on the floor for Chinese Distancing, and sneeze shields in front of the cashiers. They're also banning those Gaian cloth bags, which were KNOWN FROM THE START to be disease carriers, and using good old NON-POLLUTING plastic bags. I wonder how the Seattle stores are handling the change? Seattle, capital of Gaian idiocy, banned all plastic bags several years ago.

Spokane Transit's Security Theater consists of blocking off the front section of the bus and letting passengers in and out through the servant's entrance. The blockage is done with crime tape just to be sure you grasp the Theatrical message. But simultaneously they've opened most of the windows for fresh air. Old-fashioned public health STARTED with fresh air and open windows and sunlight.

Will these changes continue after everyone is killed and the lockdowns are released? Null question. Buses and stores won't be needed after all the Negative Externalities are cleaned out and the state of Washington consists of Inslee and Gates and Bezos.
  Most convincing variable

The more rational discussers are focusing properly on CONSTANTS AND VARIABLES. The clearest variable is Japan and Korea, which were closest to China and first to get big doses. Both have avoided holocausting the public, and both have much less death than the countries which are holocausting the public. (Unsurprising in itself; when you don't commit mass murder you have less death.)

Many possible theories are advanced, some of which appear sensible but fail when extended. For instance, Japan and Korea are low-touch cultures, while Italy and Persia are high-touch cultures. This works for those four. BUT Britain is also low-touch, and Mexico is extremely high-touch.

Here's the most convincing theory, found among comments on a Norman Lewis article at Spiked.
And, anyway, as a mathematician I can tell you that even though the stochastic modelling used to determine by our government to determine how easy / difficult it is to do contact tracing are correct in an off themselves, they do not tell us when we should have given up contact tracing for people infected with Covid-19, which by the success that the Asian countries are having with using it to control their outbreakes without smashing the Economy was clearly not as soon as we did.
In other words, Japan and Korea used NORMAL PUBLIC HEALTH METHODS, which always include careful tracing of contagion from known spreaders.

Britain apparently did very little tracing. In USA we did essentially zero tracing, because our suicidal HIPPA law prevents the use of medical data to help people. We never give the public the names of the spreaders, and we don't even announce the age, race, gender, locations and hangouts of the spreaders. The latter would be sufficient for people who know the spreader, and people in the same hangouts, to call in and get checked. Instead, we mindlessly trust the spreader to remember and specify the people he might have contacted.

Japan and Korea also have permanent strict control of borders, which is another basic part of NORMAL PUBLIC HEALTH.


Sunday, March 29, 2020
  It would help....

At the moment a rational observer must conclude that all governmental officials at all levels in all** countries are fully committed to killing everyone and feeding our carcasses to the bankers.

It would help if some local or provincial or state officials would show a tiny sign of life.

Convince us that you are not WILLING PARTICIPANTS IN THE HOLOCAUST. Tell us that you know the plain facts of disease and public health, but you are forced to assist Satan by billions of dollars in bribes or hundreds of blackmail files.

We would still ask why your reputation is worth more than the millions of jobs you are permanently destroying, why your life is worth more than the millions you are killing.

But at least we would understand your plight on a human level.

It would help even more if some official ACTUALLY REBELLED against the orders and cancelled the lockdowns, but that won't happen.

** Partial correction: All officials in Sorosia, not all officials in the world. Putin, of course, is taking a different path. Many other countries are not panicking, just following normal public health procedures, which means they were ALWAYS CONTROLLING THEIR BORDERS.

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  Worth reading

An interview with Karin Mölling, a SERIOUS German virologist who has worked on lots of epidemics, and authored many books and papers on the subject. She doesn't see anything special about this epidemic. She understands the problems with lockdowns.

She points out:
20 dead again, how terrible! Do you know when I’m starting to panic? If there are 20,000. Then we get close to what went on completely quietly two years ago. The 2018 influenza epidemic, with 25,000 deaths, never disconcerted the press. The clinics had to deal with an additional 60,000 patients, which was no problem in the clinics either!

I tell you: Nobody did [shutdowns] two years ago. Where is the need now? Is that just an imitation effect of what happened in China? I relate what is happening now to other situations. I know people tell me: influenza is different from [this] illness. But flu is a very serious illness, let’s make that clear. 25,000 deaths is a very heavy burden that we don’t want to have. But the clinics handled it.

= = = = =

I think we'll find out sooner or later that the lockdowns were more than just imitation. This smells like Chinese blackmail.
  Baby, bathwater

Some of the websites valiantly trying to carry the truth are stepping a bit too far in the right direction. They're placing compulsory vaccination in the same tyrannical category as shutdowns.

Exactly wrong. Compulsory vaccination WORKS. It's one of the few real benefits of post-medieval technology. Indoor plumbing, refrigeration, vaccines. The rest is decoration.

The key variable in all of this is the function of our immune system.

Vaccines are like spies or advance scouts, giving our system a preview of the virus. Here's what the enemy looks like. Now you can figure out how to fight it.

A prepared system can then fight the virus, using all the strategies developed in a billion years of war between animals and viruses.

Real public health focuses on keeping unfamiliar viruses out of a community or country, and strengthening our immunity.

The current Deepstate approach goes backwards on both. WHO and EU insisted that countries were NOT ALLOWED to close their borders. Wash and Calif also insisted on keeping the China pipeline open, suing every fake Trump attempt to slow down the flow.

And the lockdowns of individual people and businesses and schools prevent us from getting a natural preview of the virus. When we encounter a larger dose, as when we go to the hospital or doctor for "symptoms", we are unprepared. The virus makes a surprise attack and wins.

Worst of all, the unremitting shrieking PANIC ruins our immunity. Health depends on STABILITY. All of our senses, including the immune sense, need to detect external changes versus a STABLE BASELINE. When we see the conditions changing every minute, we can't detect what's happening. We're spinning in a void.

Immunity also depends on CONFIDENCE, which in turn depends on work and exercise and relating to familiar people. All three are specifically blocked by the shutdowns.

Most basic, life depends on EATING the right things. When you can't eat normally, can't get the right foods, you die.

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  Deetstate (reprint)

Looking back at the Don't be there theme, noticed this item in Sept 2018.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Interesting insight about an insect repellant....
First developed in the 1940s, DEET can be found in most bug sprays used today. Research has shown that, in flies and mosquitoes, the chemical works by interacting with odor receptors that are unique to insects. This research, however, cannot explain how DEET exerts its effect on non-insect species.

In a recent paper Vosshall and Dennis show that, like insects, the nematode C. elegans succumbs to confusion when DEET is around. The team also describes the genetic and cellular mechanisms underlying this response, shedding light on how a single chemical might confound the senses of vastly different species.

The presence of DEET limited the worms' movement toward isoamyl alcohol, a chemical that usually attracts them; it also reduced their avoidance of 2-nonanone, a compound that they typically dodge. Still, the worms reacted normally to some other chemicals.
Human Deetstates, from Rome to DC, use the same trick on a larger scale. Limit our movement toward survival behavior, reduce our avoidance of suicidal behavior. Keep the rational parts of the brain boiling and roiling with constantly CHANGING nonsense. See Github, see Comrade O'Brien.

Remember: The entire nervous system responds to CHANGE and ignores STATIC conditions. Each change is processed as a DELTA from the current static BASELINE.

Deetstate breaks into the mind by presenting a dazzling display of constant CHANGE, constant FAKE SURPRISE, reinforced by the TV trick of changing the camera view every few seconds.

If you can stand back and examine the supposed changes, you'll see they are irrelevant and superficial. The "details" are just words about words about words, with no actual EVENT at the base of the wordpile. But the "details" are custom-made to grab your survival processor. The "details" sound like dangers that you need to think about, but in fact they're NOTHING AT ALL. Your danger watcher is fully jangled with impressive attractive NOTHING, so it doesn't have any energy to form inductive conclusions about REALITY.

Most of what we really need to know is permanent and unchanging. Natural law is permanent. Newton and Ohm and Faraday are permanent. The behavior of organizations, as described by Machiavelli and Parkinson, is permanent.

= = = = =

The cure is Carver.





= = = = = END REPRINT.

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Saturday, March 28, 2020
  The people understand

Some excellent comments in this Spokane-News post about a suicide. Shows that many people understand the genocidal PURPOSE of the shutdowns.

Of course it doesn't matter how many people understand it. We don't have Epstein on our side, so we have less than zero power.

Less than zero? Yes, it's a positive feedback loop, a vicious circle. Our actions and beliefs cause the monsters to do MORE evil.

= = = = =

This leads back to my Don't Be There theme. My initial STRONG immune response to this tyranny was outright rebellion, but I had to squash it. Open rebellion always leads to vastly worse tyranny. See Gouvernour Morris's thoughts about revolutions.

Don't Be There was triggered by the conservatives on campus who were getting in fights with the Antifa and #resistance types. This is EXACTLY what Deepstate wants. Deepstate wants a visible display of disobedience so it can "justify" ever more crackdowns.

Rock and hard place, Scylla and Charybdis. Rock = creating a visible disturbance. Hard place = violating my GOD-ASSIGNED duty to truth and science. In the Don't Be There stuff I concluded that the best course is avoiding visible aggravation while quietly speaking the truth.

If you want to "change the world", there's absolutely no ACTIVE way to do it. The best you can do is AVOID strengthening Deepstate. All you can do is STAY THE FUCK AWAY from these atrocious fake puppet shows. Don't invite "controversial" speakers, don't join protests, don't join movements. Speak the truth when possible, do your duty.

At the moment this is still possible here. It's not possible in Britain where Deepstate cracks down equally hard on speech and imputed beliefs. I'm sure our Deepstate will get there soon, but it's not there YET.

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  The best thing

Random followup to the magnificent Harding speech.

I'd never heard or read this speech before, but we heard and read ABOUT it in high school "history" class. As with all good things in "science" and "history", we were not allowed to look at the original source. We were INSTRUCTED that Harding was a corrupt numbskull. We were INSTRUCTED that the only notable thing about his Normalcy campaign was the "fact" that Normalcy was not a word**.

Ha ha ha, we learned. What a dummy. He couldn't even speak English.

You nasty fakers, Harding could outspeak and outwrite anyone. We were NOT ALLOWED to know it.

The best thing about the Internet is that we are now able to READ and HEAR original sources on every possible subject. We don't have to drive hundreds of miles to a specific museum or library to find them. When the media or authorities tell us ABOUT some old or unorthodox writing or concept, we don't have to take their evil word for it.

= = = = =

** In a technical sense, by their grammarrhoid standards, they were partly right. Using another web service that would have been impossible in real libraries:

Normal was strictly math jargon until 1900 when Freudians brought it into common usage. Normality started a bit later, and it's pretty clear that Harding coined Normalcy as an alternative to Normality. So Normalcy wasn't a word until Harding said it, but it was a word AFTER he said it. A word in common usage is a word, no matter how many grammarrhoids claim it isn't.

Observing that the Ngram thingie chose red for Normalcy and blue for Normality made me curious. Is there a political and cultural difference? An informal ngram on this blog's archive answered the question clearly. Normalcy appears 16 times and Normality appears 4 times. All uses of Normalcy are in my own writing, all uses of Normality are in hrefs from NPR or Zerohedge. "Blue" types consciously reject Normalcy because it's associated with the corrupt dummy.... or more precisely with the non-globalist. "Red" types use Normalcy because it's shorter and easier to pronounce.

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  The Harding exception

When I get too depressed about the Parkinson inevitability of expanding tyranny, I try to remind myself that there are exceptions, such as Harding. There are leaders who have the guts and insight to restrain or break Deepstate.

= = = = =

I got curious whether Harding made any references to the Spanish Flu pandemic. I didn't even have to google it specifically. I was just searching for '1920 campaign speeches', and this was the first item.

From the transcript:
My countrymen, there isn't anything the matter with the world's civilization except that humanity is viewing it through a vision impaired in a cataclysmal war. Poise has been disturbed, and nerves have been racked, and fever has rendered men irrational.

Sometimes there have been draughts upon the dangerous cup of barbarity. Men have wandered far from safe paths, but the human procession still marches in the right direction. Here in the United States we feel the reflex, rather than the hurting wound itself but we still think straight; and we mean to act straight; we mean to hold firmly to all that was ours when war involved us and seek the higher attainments which are the only compensations that so supreme a tragedy may give mankind.

America's present need is not heroics, but healing; not nostrums, but normalcy; not revolution, but restoration; not agitation, but adjustment; not surgery, but serenity; not the dramatic, but the dispassionate; not experiment, but equipoise; not submergence in internationality but sustainment in triumphant nationality. It's one thing to battle successfully against the world's domination by a military autocracy because the infinite God never intended such a program; but it's quite another thing to revise human nature and suspend the fundamental laws of life and all of life's requirements.

The world needs to be reminded that all human ills are not curable by legislation, and that quantity of statutory enactments and excess of government offer no substitute for quality of citizenship.

The problems of maintained civilization are not to be solved by a transfer of responsibility from citizenship to government and no eminent page in history was ever drafted to the standards of mediocrity. Nor, no government worthy of the name which is directed by influence on the one hand or moved by intimidation on the other. My best judgement of America's need is to steady down, to get squarely on our feet, to make sure of the right path. Let's get out of the fevered delirium of war with the hallucination that all the money in the world is to be made in the madness of war and the wildness of its aftermath. Let us stop to consider that tranquility at home is more precious than peace abroad and that both our good fortune and our eminence are dependent on the normal forward stride of all the American people. We want to go on, secure and unafraid, holding fast to the American inheritance, and confident of the supreme American fulfillment.
Jesus. It's all there. Everything we need to hear and know. Every word and sentence is a perfect answer and perfect rebuke to everything we're doing now. It's all there, expressed in dramatic and evocative language.

[Fussy footnote: I first posted this item with a bunch of other stuff about Harding, then happened to find the speech. I removed the other stuff to focus on the magnificent speech itself.]

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  Shared Lie note

When Deepstate creates a new tyranny or panic, it always creates "two" "sides" and manipulates both of them to direct our thoughts away from the real question. Ordinary people who choose these sides aren't necessarily following Deepstate orders, but the drivers of the sides always work for Deepstate.

With the Branded Swine Flu, the underlying Shared Lie is that the virus is new and unprecedented, unlike any previous virus we've ever encountered and handled, so it imperatively requires new and unprecedented responses. This line has previously been used for Global Warming and Terrorism and TARP.

I've been watching for the Official Tinfoil Side, and I think it may be the focus on "biowar" sources for the virus. This is a common thread in "leftist" and "independent" websites. Was it created by China? By Mossad? By the Pentagon?

As always with Shared Lies, arguing about the details prevents us from examining the Shared Lie itself. If the virus was created by biowar, it's still new and unprecedented so it still requires unprecedented responses.



Some Euro countries are creating new intel agencies to coordinate neighbors snitching on neighbors.

Here in Wash we're creating the agencies but not making the official assignment ... YET.
Single avenue for the community to report non-compliance of Governors “Stay Home Stay Healthy” order

Please use this as intended and not for minor complaints about your neighbor

In an effort to coordinate phone calls, emails, and social media concerns around businesses that remain open during the shutdown, Inland COVID-19 Response IMT has set up one contact point for the community.
Not for minor complaints about your neighbor ... until we tell you to do it.

Agencies never disappear. Agencies always expand their mission. Parkinson. Parkinson. Parkinson.


  Reprint on del Giudice

Following up on the mention of strategies and counterstrategies.

From last August:

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Continuing with Del Giudice's magnificently productive question about mental defensible spaces against pathogens.

I noticed an example of dreamtime vs waketime spaces tonight. Words from the incoming OTR episode slipped into the dream and got reinterpreted. There wasn't any reason for the reinterpretation; it started a new subject that wasn't already in the dream's plot.

Previously I had considered this to be a peculiar accident. Per Del Giudice, this is necessary. The purpose of dreamtime is to jumble and repattern incoming data, so that data generated by pathogens can't serve its intended purposes.

= = = = =

How about defensible cases? Languages are certainly distinct mental spaces. Well known. An idea or a joke rarely transfers properly between languages. I've noted before that a well-structured language with good internal modularity protects people against invasive ideas.

Often-invaded cultures and languages like Russia develop sophisticated complexities that are impossible for invaders to understand.

Invading cultures like USA and invading languages like English are simple and crude. We are the pathogen, so we don't need to defend against other pathogens.

Babel tells us that God wanted modularity, not universality. Why? To protect us against both physical and cultural pathogens.

Globalists FORCIBLY break all of these defensible spaces and cases. Globalists want one universal language and one universal culture and one universal mindset. Why? So the Imperial pathogen can spread into all lands. Globalists are like the seed-pod fungus.

= = = = =

Do globalists in fact bear one single bacterium in our gut biomes, or one single virus in our nervous systems? Does this bacterium or virus cause the genocidal disease of globalism?

= = = = = END REPRINT.

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Friday, March 27, 2020
  Just one question

The panicators don't believe immunity exists. They are running this shutdown shit on the base assumption that humans are passive inanimate objects.

The constant focus on CASES is the plainest indicator. Simple fact: When an airborne virus is in a community, EVERYONE acquires it. If you aren't infected, it means you were already dead and not breathing. When we focus on preventing people from ENCOUNTERING the virus, we are EXPLICITLY PREVENTING IMMUNITY. Normal public health focuses on emphasizing and strengthening immunity, because immunity is the ONLY real defense against a microbe. This was common knowledge in previous decades and centuries.

Question: Since these monsters don't believe in immunity, why are they bothering to develop a vaccine?

Followup question: What will happen to ALL diseases now that we have DELETED THE ENTIRE CONCEPT OF IMMUNITY? If we continue inverting and flipping all the normal techniques and understandings of public health, ALL diseases will run rampant, and the shutdown will need to be absolute. Everyone must be contained in capsules with no inputs or outputs. In other words, coffins.

This is the purpose of the panicators, and they're reaching it FAST in some places.

Reminder: Sorosian countries never solve a problem. We always make problems worse with our "solutions". This has been true for a long time in many different fields and subjects. Until now this rule wasn't extended to public health. Now it is.

= = = = =

An excellent article by Atzmon cites more highly credentialed public health authorities who have NOT submitted to the new genocidal orthodoxy, who are continuing to use the REAL concepts and rules of public health. Some of them have already been censored and deplatformed.


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  Thanks to Robinson

Sort of following on previous item.

I need to partly thank Art Robinson for my resistance to this particular circuit breaker.

The idea of hormesis is old and well-established. It's been familiar for thousands of years, and it's been scientifically precise since Jenner and Pasteur. Along with all scientifically literate folks, I always understood the idea. Robinson acted as a vaccine, helping to boost my knowledge.

In the early '90s Robinson helped me to understand the "Global Warming" fraud. I had been agnostic, probably closer to the Green side. When I closely examined a long-term diagram of CO2 versus temperature and realized it was INTENTIONALLY REVERSED, I started looking around for other sources and found Robinson's newsletter. He filled in the gaps on that subject.

Art Robinson's main lifetime focus was hormesis in all its aspects. He constantly pushed against the culture of inanimate objects, constantly experimented with hormesis in radiation and microbes, constantly reminded us that life IS adaptation.

All globalist fetishes start from the assumption that humans are inanimate mechanisms incapable of adaptation. Globalists are OCD. Every tiny change in every variable must be ruthlessly reduced to perfect constancy, perfect zero. Humans must never be allowed to adapt, never allowed to exert negative feedback or error correction. All aspects of life must be obliterated, reducing the universe to a perfect void with no actions, no boundaries, no objects, no nothing.

Globalists see every change as an exponential. Some exponentials are good. Exponentially rising Dow and Debt are good for The Tribe, so they must be maintained to infinity. Most exponentials are bad. Population, temperature, epidemics, all look threateningly exponential when you don't know what LIFE is. In fact LIFE always blocks an exponential in one way or another. When negative feedback is allowed to function, attempted exponentials flatten into tanh or sin. Negative feedback acts FAST, so you rarely get to see the exp part of the rise in a healthy system with healthy boundaries and modularity.

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Thursday, March 26, 2020
  Pretty good analogy

Immunity to evil works the same way as immunity to microbes.

We've had three epidemics of massive infinite evil in the last 20 years.

9/11, 2008 TARP, and the current Branded Swine Flu.

In each case the global Deepstate created an "event" to "justify" obliterating everything outside Deepstate, obliterating truth and logic, and further enriching The Tribe.

My responses to the three circuit breakers show a typical immune pattern.

I was fully sickened by 9/11. For several years I was gung ho to obliterate all the "terrorists" and all the "subhuman Mohammedans". Like all Good Germans, I went around hunting witches and begging for more genocide. I didn't finish recovering until I UNPLUGGED THE FUCKING TV in 2010.

I was mostly ready for 2008. I saw the fakeness of it immediately, but took a couple months to comprehend the unbridled holocaustal evil beyond evil.

I was completely ready for the Branded Swine Flu, and tossed off all of the information viruses with a solid and unremitting barrage of Truth-cells.

As with physical viruses, immunity to information viruses depends on the size and suddenness of the dose. If you're locked into TV and media, you get ALL THE VIRUSES DIRECTLY INJECTED INTO YOUR BRAIN.

If you're mainly disconnected, you can detect the smell of evil and disconnect even more, allowing only controlled doses into your brain.

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  Small experiment

I'd been hoping for some kind of balanced experiment on shutdown vs non-shutdown. A map of 'hot spots' seen at ZH starts to answer the question. The map shows hot spots for Branded Swine Flu, and it uses per capita numbers instead of simple numbers. In this metro area, the map has separate spots for Spokane itself and Coeur d'Alene. Both are small and equal. We have about a dozen confirmed cases and no deaths.

Wash and Idaho have performed the experiment. Wash, including Spokane, shut down schools early and permanently, and the shutdown of normal life has been clamping down harder day by day. Idaho was much slower to close schools and life, just starting this week.

In this one small experiment ... SO FAR ... the early shutdowns didn't make any difference. There wasn't a huge import of viruses, so the slow infiltration seems to have allowed immune systems to catch up. The real key in any epidemic is big doses vs small doses. In places like Seattle with a huge Chinese population and lots of Chinese travel, the initial dose was big.

Also, I'd been wondering who developed the shutdown technique. China did, and we mindlessly copied it from China without asking whether it worked or not. We've offshored all of our engineering and manufacturing to China, so I guess we just offshored our public health "thinking" as well. There wasn't any experiment at that stage, so we didn't know or care whether the advertised result came from developed immunity or shutdown. Now that China is REMOVING the shutdown, we're questioning China's reports of success, while continuing to use China's technique because it suits our power-mad holocausters.

Maybe it helps, and maybe it makes a difference, but the only thing we know FOR SURE is that the shutdowns WILL kill vastly more people than the virus. No experiment needed. When you starve people they die.


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Wednesday, March 25, 2020
  Another nice small business

I mentioned PoserWorld a few months ago. An online storefront previously run by a hardass who drove away customers, now taken over by proper business-minded profit-loving HUMANS.

Got a promotional message from them this morning which makes a good proper HUMAN point.
PoserWorld sincerely wishes good health and comfort to all who are suffering during the global pandemic.

It is during times of high emotion and passion that inspires to perform at our highest level of creativity. Please share your works socially to spread hope and inspiration with the ill and people coping with isolation.

Towards this end are foregoing profits to encourage digital artists and 3d media enthusiasts to embrace their imagination and unleash their creative forces with a 50% off store-wide sale and increased shoppers loyalty benefits.
Well said and historically true. Art flourishes in times of war and turmoil, and art helps both the artists and the viewers or listeners to survive the turmoil.

Our LIVING immune system itself is infinitely creative in its responses to the strategies and counterstrategies of microbes. We need to exercise our mental and physical creativity to keep it running properly.

This is exactly why the fucking SHUTDOWNS are an intentional HOLOCAUST, an intentional STATE OF SIEGE. They not only deprive people of food and money and physical exercise and sleep and confidence, they prevent people from MAKING THINGS.

Digital artists are luckier than barbers and baristas and cooks and schoolteachers. We can continue MAKING without leaving the house, so we are especially obligated to do it.


  Finally! BRAVO!

For the first time in this mess, one GOVERNOR has decided to break the barriers and help IMMUNITY.

Via the Federalist:
South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem urged South Dakotans to act responsibly by staying home voluntarily, rather than the state government having to mandate “shelter-in-place” order to keep the Wuhan virus at bay.

“I want to take a moment to ask each and every one of you to pause, to take a step back,” Noem said. “For South Dakota, we expect this to take many, many weeks; perhaps months to run its course.”

“Put down your smartphones, turn off your TVs, maybe go for a walk. Visit with your families, spend some time with them, call a loved one, just take a break. Focus on the good things you have in your life… My hope is that despite this situation, we all find a way to allow this to help bring us together.”

Noem made clear that while the virus is new, combating an outbreak is not.

“This is not an ancient plague. We have the knowledge and the resources of modern medicine that give us the tools to defeat this, as we have so many other illness that we have dealt with in the past, from polio, to the flu. Rest assured that we will do so,” Noem said.
Perfect facts, perfect advice, perfect tone. The first sign of light in this universal darkness and murderous madness. The first time any government official at any level has acknowledged that people are ALIVE. Everyone else assumes we're passive inanimate receptacles without immune systems.


  Ehret misses the ball

I've been using baseball metaphors for Ehret's unerring aim. I shouldn't do that since I know nothing about sports... but this time he struck out. He swung too hard and missed.

Ehret accurately delineates Bernie's failure of will, but assumes Bernie is Hamlet.
Unlike most figures campaigning for political office with noble intentions, Bernie has been granted several chances to wrestle with his own fears of success and take a leading role in American politics, but up until now he has chosen “not to be” each time.

Nope, not that complicated. Bernie doesn't wrestle. Bernie is simply a puppet of Deepstate.


It's physically impossible to get into the realm of electable candidates unless you are fully owned and fully obedient to Soros and Epstein. One mistake and you're scandaled into oblivion or suicided.

Bernie's job is the same as Trump and Tulsi. Pied Piper. Lead a group of heretics off into the sunset. Guarantee that their cause will fail, and secondarily guarantee that the heretics will lose the desire to participate ever again. Unnatural selection.
  Blind came first

I'll finish the series of Early Typewriters with a braille machine. This one isn't especially interesting or unique by the standards of the time.

The most interesting aspect of braille machines is that they CAME BEFORE regular typewriters. Inventors working for the blind, including some blind inventors, were ahead of the curve.

Among those blind inventors, the story of Lizzie Sthreshley is especially astonishing. Read her 1889 patent. Just imagine, if only the feminist movement and ADA had been around back then, she could have invented and sold a complex machine. Oops, she did invent and sell a complex machine LONG BEFORE the feminist movement and ADA, and made a nice pile of money. Are there any female blind inventors AFTER feminism and ADA? I doubt it. We keep setting up new "cures" for problems, and our new "cures" always make the problems worse. Hint, hint, SHUTDOWNS, hint, hint.

After regular typewriters were practical, blind folks led the way again by developing the touch system of fingering. Sighted typists caught on and started using it instead of hunt and peck.

The machine I've "drawn" is based on the 1897 Swindler patent. Like the first Hammond, it stores a roll of paper inside the carriage. The six puncher keys directly drive punching rods through the paper into a 'die' mounted on the gooseneck above the carriage.

This machine came after Remington had turned the piano keys into circular keys. For brailling the piano style is better because there's only one row and each finger remains on its own key. Modern braillers are essentially the same as this machine, except that they reverted to the piano style.

I won't bother to animate this one, since the function is obvious.

= = = = =

Links for the series:

Michela chordal, ancestor of stenotype.

Hammond, ancestor of VariTyper.

Sholes, ancestor of Remington.

First Remington, ancestor of all manual typewriters.

Optophone, ancestor of OCR.

La Roue Phonique, not really related to typewriters but included anyway.

Braille machines, ancestor of braille machines.

= = = = =

The set at ShareCG.


Tuesday, March 24, 2020
  More holocaust every day

This is getting crazier and crazier, eviler and eviler. The Spokane bus system is still operating, but going into "emergency mode". No fare, board and exit at rear doors.

I'm sure a shutdown is next, forcing people to walk everywhere.

This is a state of siege, fully intended to kill and starve all "non-essential" citizens.

= = = = =

Just for my own records, here's the set of numbers from RealClearScience as of today:

For US:

782 deaths
Deaths per 1 million population: 2.4
Confirmed cases 54,881
Death rate within confirmed cases 1.42%
Confirmed cases per 1 million pop 167.7

Those rates are not dramatic, and wouldn't count as an epidemic for an unbranded disease. The unbranded ordinary flu kills 100 per day, so it has killed about 6000 during the two months we've been counting the branded deaths. We don't call it an epidemic.

Even the death rate among confirmed cases is nothing special, since confirmed cases tend to be pretty serious to begin with.

Some countries do have dramatic rates. Italy stands out as an extreme case with 112 deaths per million pop. There must be a specific reason for such an outlier, but nobody seems to be looking for it. [Later: the reason is clear. Northern Italy has a huge connection with Wuhan through the fashion and textile industry, with lots of people and materials traveling back and forth.]

Compare with Russia at the other end: exactly 1 death, 495 confirmed cases. Not even enough to figure percentages.

Russia must have been doing the right things BEFOREHAND, but nobody seems to be looking for it. We know for sure that Russian medical care is excellent and free, but that can't be the main variable. Italy also has a good single-payer system.

= = = = =

Later: Here's the answer on Russia.

Russia announced back on January 31st that it was closing most of its 4,200-kilometer border with China and banning Chinese citizens from entering the country. This occurred during the same time period when western nations and the WHO insisted that they wouldn’t stop the international flow of people despite the threat of a pandemic.



Looks like the city dysgovernment is having trouble with Good Germans begging for more genocide.
From City of Spokane Police Department :

During this trying time of social distancing, the SPD would like to ask the public not to call 911 to report people or businesses that may be violating the stay at home order and closed business order. These calls divert resources from the immediate and pressing emergency calls into 911.

SPD has no desire to make arrests for violations of the orders and will instead be focusing on educating.
It's possible that some of the callers are sane people trying to jam the system, but in either case the city has made their overall intention clear. Clarity always helps.

Until tomorrow when Holocauster Inslee's jackboot takes the next STOMP.

At some point the cities and counties may get tired of aiding and abetting the jackboot, but that's wildly unlikely. Power is infinitely addictive.


  Found their spines

The folks at Spiked UK were weakening for a while. Now they seem to have recovered their spines and stiffened their upper lips.

This useful article lists a growing (but still minuscule) set of CURRENTLY EMPLOYED HIGHLY PLACED PUBLIC HEALTH PROFESSIONALS who are calling out the "shutdown" holocaust. Ioannidis broke the barrier, now others feel a bit bolder.

The sane authorities won't have any effect, but at least this is an interesting exception to the failure of Guilds that I've seen in recent disasters.

A guild or union is supposed to defend the SKILLS and PRINCIPLES of the trade or profession against contraband and counterfeit, just as a money bank defends money capital against counterfeit.

The guilds in science have utterly failed in three major areas:

1. "Social" "science" has never complained about the psychologists who use their skills to design torture chambers and train torturers. This has been going on for 100 years.

2. Economists have never complained about the total violation of all basic economics in TARP, ZIRP, QE, MMT, ETC.

3. Nobody in science has ever called out the "global warming" hoaxers.

When a guild fails to control counterfeit skill capital, the entire profession becomes counterfeit, and its authority has exactly zero value.

So it's sort of vaguely interesting to see pointless vain quiet delicate complaints on this subject. If they start getting LOUD and HARDASS and SERIOUS, maybe it will be more than interesting, but that won't happen.

Later, more encouraging: Even Deutsche Welle is starting to ask the right questions!


  Remington or Hemington?

Earlier I animated the first Sholes and Glidden 'proof of concept', which didn't really prove much.

The Sholes team sold their patent to Remington, who turned it into a practical machine.

Remington has always made guns, but in the 1870s the company had expanded into all sorts of industrial and household products using the same skills as guns. Precision casting, precision machining, precision assembly. Sewing machines were the profit center, and the sewing department was assigned to produce the Type Writer.

Unsurprisingly, it looked just like a sewing machine.

Complete with cabinet and treadle and side-wheel. It was immediately familiar to women, not to men.

The case was decorated with floral designs, which probably helped to turn the job of typewriting into a female specialty.

The treadle activated the carriage return:

Smart idea. The hand carriage return lever on manual typewriters was always clumsy. You had to take your hands out of position and then relocate them. For some reason the treadle didn't catch on, and the hand lever quickly became standard.

The hammer action continued from the original Sholes idea, with a slight improvement. All hammers were still arranged radially around a circle, and each hammer swung up into the center hole to hit the bottom of the paper.

The only improvement was a larger circle with longer hammers, for more angular momentum. Again I've skipped the internal mechanism. In this version the internal wires actually worked, unlike the original where they couldn't have worked.

Later, of course, the circle was narrowed into a crescent and laid sideways so that the hammers struck the front of the paper vertically.

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Monday, March 23, 2020
  Elonic role reversal

Holocauster Inslee has taken the next grimly predictable step, another scene in his lethal mass-murdering Security Theater. Again normal people can see through it. Again we can't do a fucking thing about it.

The worst part of this grotesque play is that nobody can sleep properly. We're all waiting for the next jackboot to fall. Sleep is crucial for immunity. Everyone is getting grumpy and distracted. Only the methies are happy because the cops are also on shutdown. So the methies are running wild, adding to the fear and confusion. THIS IS ALL PERFECTLY INTENTIONAL. Every coup and revolution includes releasing and weaponizing criminals.

Big question: Who invented this "distancing" and "shutdown" shit? It's a brand new idea, never used in previous epidemics.

As always, we're inventing nonsensical ANTI-SOLUTIONS, guaranteed to MAKE THE PROBLEM WORSE. We're ignoring a hundred years of real public health techniques. The first step in an honest quarantine is to stop travel. We still haven't done it. Instead we shut down everything else, which was NEVER DONE IN PREVIOUS EPIDEMICS.

We're copying Elon. He ignores all experience in both directions. He refuses to do things that are known to work, and insists on doing things that are known to fail.

Uncharacteristically, Elon himself is taking the opposite vector in this mess. He seems to be on the sane side, though maybe he's just doing it to irritate the screechy short-selling fairies who were the earliest adopters of the current Holocaust.

Later: The US death count started accelerating AFTER the total shutdown. Before the shutdown it was increasing slowly. Post hoc doesn't prove anything by itself, but when X comes before Y you need to ASK AND EXAMINE whether X is causing Y. Especially when X is a procedure that we've NEVER TRIED BEFORE AND HAVE NO FUCKING REASON TO THINK IT WILL HELP AND PLENTY OF REASONS TO THINK IT WILL HURT.


Sunday, March 22, 2020
  The spirit of Ernst

I'm still encouraged by the number of ordinary people who understand that the government is doing everything perfectly backwards. They may not understand the massively evil purpose, but they do understand logic and facts and DISEASE vastly better than the government does.

Nice example: Holocauster Inslee has closed down state campgrounds. A few idiotic or evil "good Germans" are begging for even more genocide, but most folks are like Ernst Walz. They know it's all wrong, they're not sure why, and they know nothing can be done about it.
  Salute to Ernst Walz

There's a peculiar situation going on right now. We have an active intentional genocide in all the Sorosian lands, versus a rational public health response in non-Soros countries.

Within Sorosia, all "sides" agree that the genocide is necessary and crucial and EMERGENCY. They only disagree on how much money should be spent and how many millions of people need to be killed. The usual Robust Debate.

There's also an undercurrent of facts and logic, with a very few "real" authorities like Ioannidis continuing to speak out, but speaking very carefully. There's no urgency on the fact side, just a sort of casual musing.

I'm reminded of the poignant letter from Ernst Walz in March 1933.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

The American Radio History library has added a collection of newsletters issued by the Scott company, which made the fanciest and most expensive radios from the '30s to the '50s. Scott got into shortwave in '32, before the main trend in '34. So the newsletters focused on foreign stations and foreign owners of Scott receivers.

From the May '33 issue, here's a poignant letter from a German owner.

For a long time I wanted to write you, and only now I am coming to do it.

From this little town on the edge of the Black Forest I greet you. My admiration for you comes not only from the fact that you sold me a radio with which I am well pleased, but also because every month your "Just Friendly Chats" booklets bring cheer and inspiration in my otherwise not too happy life.

Since coming home a year ago, I have made not more than just my living. In spite of the fact that I have learned what life could be, (from living in America for five years) I am satisfied with my life. Most of the others in my age are out of work and depending on charity, while I have still my savings in the bank.

I do not know where any improvement could be made from what my receiver is able to accomplish.

Please keep on, Mr Scott, sending me "Friendly Chats", they bring back to me so many memories, memories of America, which I have come to like and which I am perhaps never to see again.

In closing, I wish you and your work for the future all the success you deserve.

Ernst Walz, Nagold, Wittenberg
We typically think of the Weimar time as hyperinflation, but in fact the hyperinflation was fairly brief and was replaced by deflation. Ernst verifies this by saying that he's living on savings, giving him an advantage over others of his age. In deflation, saved money automatically gains value.

We typically think that ordinary Krauts were happy with Hitler. This letter would probably have been written in March when Hitler was consolidating his power. Ernst is not happy about the change and not sure if he will be able to leave.

Ernst doesn't say why he decided to return a year earlier after spending five years in America, where was able to afford a fancy Scott. Was there a forced return order, or a false promise of prosperity to returning Germans?

= = = = = END REPRINT.

Ernst clearly realized what was happening, and tried quietly and carefully to get the word out. He didn't succeed. Now I salute him.


  Fucking reprint

Fucking idiots are just starting to realize this, way too fucking late.

Many non-idiots have been seeing it and SHOUTING ABOUT IT for decades. The first shouter was George Romney of Nash, who tried in 19 FUCKING 59 to tell Detroit what was happening:

As a country we may be in for some tough sledding, based on my survey of the domestic situation. We have to recognize that since World War II, the enemy has been licking the pants off us.

I've been shouting about it since 2008. The most concise version was in 2011.


Returning to an earlier theme.

The "experts" always tell us that globalization, outsourcing, Die-Versity, "climate change" pseudoscience, and other lethal monstrosities are Historically Inevitable. Modern. Progressive and Infinitely Desirable. It's not just unthinkable to turn back the clock on these genocidal trends, it's physically impossible to turn back the clock. So they say.

= = = = =

Another supposedly irreversible trend is the death of storage. [I know this is a clumsy phrase, but I can't think of a more concise way to say it.]

Refusal to store for the future is supposedly Modern and Historically Inevitable, but in fact it's atavistic, primitive and anti-human.

Many insects, birds and mammals store food by instinct. Humans spent several millenia developing all sorts of ways to store and preserve food, minerals, water, manufactured goods, money, and information. We're now working with intense fanaticism to abolish all storage. We're trying to operate only with immediately available or (worst of all) totally borrowed and imaginary materials.

(1) "Just In Time" manufacturing. Wildly vulnerable to all sorts of disruptions. If there's a bad snowstorm between your factory and the source, you have to stop production. If your source goes bankrupt or gets destroyed in an earthquake, you have to stop production. But if you operate with a large inventory of parts and materials, you'll have time to develop new sources or alter the product.

(2) Disappearing libraries. It's true that most information is vastly easier to reach by digital means, but digital is fragile. One scratch, one power surge, one Chinese virus, and it's gone. Paper is far more durable and far less brittle. A book can last for centuries, and it's still mostly readable after considerable damage from water or bugs or fungus. Major libraries should now focus more on becoming permanent repositories, less on being accessible to everyone. Paper is for storage, digital is for access. Time to bring back closed stacks. [Update: Brewster Kahle has the right idea! A true hero.]

(3) Breaching dams and refusing to build new dams. The genocidal envirokillers "protect" the Holy Aristocratic Old-Growth Infinitely Royal FISH by smashing human work, culture and communities. In saner times, breaching a dam was considered an act of war. It's still an act of war, but we're not allowed to name it. Because we're under permanent siege by the marauding enemy army EPA, many cities and agricultural areas are starved of necessary water. They may do all right in rainy seasons, but they can't outlive a drought.

(4) Living on credit. Home equity loans, derivatives, permanent government deficits, companies running on short-term loans. All fragile, all vulnerable to the slightest disturbance. If you live or function entirely 'in the black', with a considerable reserve, you can outlive a loss of income or a loss of tax revenue. You can retrench and develop new sources. If you're running constantly 'in the red', a year of drought will destroy you.

(5) The non-Euclidean mindset. (More abstract than the others, but part of the same trend.) We don't need no steenkin facts, we can run our minds on purely imaginary values. All the big corruptions of science: "Global Warming", Big Bang, quantum "physics", refuse to start from the facts and methods that have been carefully stored by previous generations of scientists. They start instead with an arbitrary postulate or theory, then build a highly complex system around it and call it science. Doesn't matter if any observable facts agree with the results. With the Big Bang there's not even a way to test the hypothesis. You just keep on building more models and equations and get more publications to advance your career. A similar disconnection from stored facts shows in the Neocon insistence on American Exceptionalism. We can safely ignore every universal law of history, we can do absolutely everything that every competent leader ever warned us against. We'll still succeed because we are a Blessed Moral Force. It doesn't matter that we have clearly and transparently failed for 50 years; we must keep going.

In other words, human capital doesn't exist. We won't use the skills and culture developed by previous generations, and we sure as fuck won't develop any skills and culture for our miserable descendants. It's all unmoored, unfounded and impermanent.

= = = = =

The deepest consequence of non-storage is qualitative. It's a difference in the soul, not the wallet.

When you're operating without storage, you're totally dependent on your government, other governments, international agencies, harsh Nature and higher-status people. You're running scared all the time. You can't trust your own skills and experience, can't afford to depart from the fast-changing official line, because you'll lose house, job, money, credit and status.

When you have a solid cushion of parts, food, water, information, or money, you're ahead of the curve. You don't need to keep up with every immediate trend, don't need to please every creditor or employer. You have room to chart your own course, develop a new product, try better ways of governing, or just relax for a while. You don't need to wait for Experts or Government to tell you what's happening; you can figure it out yourself from facts, experience and history.


I bolded PERMANENT SIEGE above. Now the siege is down to a personal household level, not just rivers and dams.

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Saturday, March 21, 2020

When I call Inslee and Newsom 'holocausters' I'm using the word both literally and figuratively.

Etymologically, a holocaust is a complete burning. It was originally applied to scorched-earth battle tactics as used by Holocauster Lincoln, destroying an entire country by fire, eliminating all farms and industries.

Before the current panication, both Inslee and Newsom used fire to ruin their states and their people. Both created the conditions for maximum forest fires through "endangered species" blockades, preventing normal forest health practices. Controlled burns and thinning and normal harvesting were impossible. When the fires started, both holocausters let the fires burn, halting private and county attempts to stop the fires.

When Deepstate rose from its vampire grave in 1946, it reapplied the word as a brand. Hitler's genocide was The Holocaust™, our genocides are Democracy™ and Individual Liberty™ and Our Precious Freedoms™.

In the current panication, Inslee and Newsom are running a non-fiery genocide. The parallels are perfect. Before the panication, they prepared the conditions for an epidemic by preventing normal public health practices. Border control is impossible. Any attempt by the Feds to limit immigration or shipping was sued down to bedrock. Anti-vaccine activists were officially approved and enabled. When the virus started, both holocausters took drastic steps to prevent all self-defense. Normal jobs and social functions are prohibited. Normal socializing helps us to acquire immunity via small doses of every available microbe. If we stay isolated, the first larger dose of the virus will kill us. Everything that keeps a person healthy, including EATING and confidence, is illegal now.

Same actions, different targets. Normal public health (forest or human) was eliminated, and self-defense against fire or virus was prohibited.

Same result: Complete burning.

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  More pointless thoughts

Another pointless random thought after reading some rational discussion at Wolfstreet.

Governments that depend solely on debt are FREE TO SHUT DOWN THE REAL ECONOMY any time they want to. The government doesn't need the people, doesn't need business, doesn't need a country.

Governments that depend solely on taxes WANT TO KEEP THE REAL ECONOMY RUNNING.

I first realized this in 2008, and it's blazingly clear now by comparing Russia versus USA.

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Just noticed one little consistency while trying to avoid listening to shit.

Trump's role in the Branded Swine Flu "terrorist attack" is exactly the same as all other issues.

He always SAYS sane and factual things (comparatively!) and then DOES what Deepstate wants.

This is not accidental or new. His utterances and "orders" are carefully crafted to bring factual and sane people out of the woodwork so the media and Deepstate bullies can knock them down in every possible way.

When facts and sanity are solidly associated with witches, facts are silenced.

= = = = =

Unrelated observation: Macron's version of the shutdown requires everyone to fill out forms before leaving the house, so the Gestapo can check the forms. What happens when the Gestapo handles the form and gives it back to you? STOP AND THINK.

The whole monstrosity is just Security Theater. It's like the "Accept Cookies" clicks and "This connection may be insecure" clicks on the web. Each click is a new opportunity for hackers to intervene. If you are allowed to passively read the website, there's less chance of contagion.

A bit later: The French are showing a SANE AND HEALTHY contempt toward this nonsense and the Gestapo understands that the tyranny is just Security Theater.

Time for a salute.

Fervent thanks to the Free French, who have real experience with tyrannical occupiers. You give me courage. Nobody in this country is showing the same spirit.


Friday, March 20, 2020
  Stark contrast

Another example of real health care in ex-Soviet countries vs fake "health" care in USA.

Derek Lowe, who used to work for Bayer, has a long and cautious article on chloroquine. He goes into deep detail on the history and chemistry, and says it's promising but "needs more research".

One of the commenters showed the East-West distinction:
In Poland, chloroquine has been officially approved for use in COVID-19 and our generic drug company Adamed has promised to ramp up production. Chloroquine has also disappeared from pharmacies, although it’s not really clear whether it was the government seizing the reserves to distribute to hospitals or people asking their friendly docs for a prescription “just in case”.
Sane countries figure things out and get shit done and solve problems. USA never solves a problem. We only want to EXTERMINATE DEPLORABLES.

Meanwhile here in Wash, Holocauster Inslee keeps taking further steps to satisfy his bloodlust, and promises that he's not done torturing and killing us. He's obviously involved in a competitive blood-fetish circlejerk with Holocauster Newsom of Calif. Each bids up the killcount, daring the other to raise the ante even more.

= = = = =

Sidenote: I find it INSTRUCTIVE that the Holocausters who are shutting down schools "indefinitely" are the very same Holocausters who always told us with arrogant condescension that Education Is The Solution For All Problems. More money for schools was supposed to eliminate crime and disease and poverty. Now shutting down schools is supposed to .... WHAT? What is it supposed to do, other than momentarily satisfy the insatiable bloodlust of the Holocausters?

You can see the distinction precisely in this list of states at EdWeek. States with non-genocidal governors closed school for one or two weeks, or allowed districts to make their own choices. States with genocidal monsters closed forever. I'm hoping the one-week closures don't get bowled over and turned into forever. WE NEED TO HAVE THE EXPERIMENT so future generations, or at least observers in non-Sorosian countries, can see what was really happening.

Update 3/29: Most of the states have surrendered to Closed Forever, All of the original one and two week states have moved the date forward. Only Missouri and Ohio are still listed as scheduled to open April 3, and I'm sure they will fall in line as well. We are NOT ALLOWED to figure out that the official line is HOLOCAUST. Everyone must surrender to Epstein, everyone must die.

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  Praising a GOOD small business

I always try to praise small businesses that do things right.

With schools and colleges on idiot pointless lockdown, online stuff is taking precedence, so it's not surprising that my publisher passed along a request for more online stuff yesterday. One of their customers wanted to have our test questions redone in a form usable in the Canvas LMS. These 'testbanks' were put together by the book's author in regular Word DOC form. They're suitable for printing out and using in a classroom, but not for online use.

The e-learning world is fragmented and poorly documented, with each of the major players using its own proprietary formats. There are "standards", but they only serve as points of departure. Each LMS tries to depart from the "standards" as far as possible.

I tried to make the conversion manually and got nowhere. After perusing forums, it's clear that Canvas is the most departurish of all. Many colleges have switched from Moodle to Canvas for unknown reasons, and many profs and IT folks are regretting the switch.

Here's where the nice small business comes in. Respondus makes a converter program to serve this exact purpose. It takes in questions and texts in Word Doc or raw TXT and converts them automatically to the right format for every common LMS.

I bought the program ($79 single-user) and tried it. The output is a little too automatic, assuming you have a connection to a Canvas install. We don't have a connection; we want to place the testbanks in various formats on the publisher's website so universities can install them. Respondus was advertised as having an option to output a file, but the method was not obvious from the program itself or the help PDFs. I emailed the company at 3:15PM on Friday, and they responded TEN MINUTES LATER with a live non-India reply that explained the procedure. I tried it that way, and the result works in Canvas.


[Personal sidenote: I'm very glad this little work assignment came along. Doing real work for a real purpose is the best defense against all-consuming monsters. That's why the all-consuming monsters are depriving Deplorables of real work. Self-defense is the worst of all sins in Soros World.]

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Thursday, March 19, 2020
  Least surprising political development of the century

The sun rose this morning. Tulsi endorsed Biden this morning.

Nuff said.

If you still think that "politics" and "voting" and "elections" exist, after 220 years of consistent disproof, you are too fucking stupid to breathe.

= = = = =

Later: I'm still thoroughly puzzled by Tulsi's PURPOSE. What was she trying to DO? She got the antiwar viewpoint into a few places where it might not have been heard before, but it was clear almost from the start that she didn't intend to CHANGE anything. The best ACTION would have been spilling Deepstate's beans, reading out the redacted shit from documents about the Iraq and Afghan wars and 9/11. As a member of Congress she had access to those documents, and she had the legal privilege of reading them into the record. Every time she had a chance to make a MEANINGFUL move, she spoiled it or forfeited it.

What did she hope to accomplish by gathering some followers and then turning them over to Hillary in the end? The only rational explanation is another Pied Piper routine. Suck the heretics out of the woodwork, get their names via donations, then turn them over to Deepstate for EXTERMINATION. Or less deadly, suck them out of the woodwork and guarantee that they will never participate in politics again.

If the latter, she's doing a real service for those followers. Just as both Bernie and Trump permanently betrayed and disgusted their followers, Tulsi has betrayed and disgusted a different group. This is GOOD AND HEALTHY LEARNING. As I said above, anyone who doesn't understand Manweller's Rule is dangerously stupid.

Joaquin Flores at Strategic-Culture thinks those betrayed people will come together and create a revolution. I doubt it.

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  Especially odd AI point-missing

Latest article by Brendan Dixon understands the AI side but doesn't understand the human side.

Especially odd since Dixon is often sharp and accurate on the subject of PURPOSE and WANTING.

Humans do not mechanically apply rules when we make decisions. We evaluate the situation, we understand the effects of our choices, and then we choose. We all make bad moral decisions at times but we sometimes call a person who lacks the ability to understand the implications of moral choices a psychopath.

So here, then, is what we need to see: All AIs are psychopaths.
No. Psychopaths don't merely lack the ability. They have an intensely focused ability to understand moral choices, and they ALWAYS PICK THE EVIL CHOICE. Our ruling class solely consists of the most extreme psychopaths in history.

Professional criminals are a milder version. They understand moral choices and make positive choices in certain circumstances, but usually prefer to harm someone or steal from someone.

AI doesn't WANT to do harm. AI is just a machine, no different from a mousetrap or a vending machine. Mousetraps are autonomous and intelligent, sensing the weight of a mouse and squashing it. Vending machines are autonomous and intelligent, sensing the weight of a good coin and giving a useful or pleasant item in response.

Mousetraps and vending machines have opposite moral flavors, but neither of them WANTS to do harm or good. Each is simply preprogrammed to serve a human purpose.

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  Don't look back! Oops.

Noticed that this is 3/19, the starting anniversary of my 1969 jail time.

Last year was the 50th anniversary, so I discussed the memory here several times. On Dec 19, the end point, I marked another DON'T LOOK BACK point.

I had no idea that the entire population of Deplorables in Sorosian countries would be placed in jail a few months later.

In '69 I was completely unprepared for the reality of Deepstate, but I learned FAST AND HARD THROUGH ALL ORIFICES. I learned that the high-status hippies who were SELLING drugs and SELLING hippie philosophy were working for the government.

Later on, after achieving some degree of worldly success, I forgot the lesson. When Deepstate pulled its first big shock on 9/11, I went along with the enforced uniformity, and assisted Deepstate in mocking and persecuting Muslims. By early 2008 I had figured out most of the scam, partly as a result of writing and organizing thoughts here. I was still unprepared for the total wipeout, the blatant transparent slaughter of a million normal people and infinite reward of the murderers.

This time I was fully prepared mentally and physically, and unsurprised by the repetition. Living an 'independently poor' life means that I don't need to go out and work, so I'm not directly affected by the shutdown itself, at least in its current form.

I'm still disgusted to see all the alleged "independent" "thinkers" going along with Deepstate, but I should give them more slack. It's hard to perceive the hyperhyperhyperinfinite evil beyond evil beyond evil beyond evil beyond evil beyond evil beyond evil beyond evil beyond evil beyond evil beyond evil beyond evil beyond evil beyond evil beyond evil beyond evil beyond evil beyond evil beyond evil beyond evil beyond evil beyond evil beyond evil beyond evil beyond evil beyond evil beyond evil beyond evil beyond evil that infests our dysruling class. Takes time to absorb it, and requires unplugging the media first.

I'm slightly encouraged in the last few days now that people with real authority are asking the right questions. In 2008 nobody was even asking. We'll never get answers, of course, and we'll never change Deepstate's satanic path, but it's sort of refreshing to see some questions.


Wednesday, March 18, 2020
  Well, duh

"Social" "science" is just as trivial when dealing with dogs as it is with humans.

Via Eurekalert:

New research unpicks root causes of separation anxiety in dogs

The headline is overdone. The research doesn't reach any conclusions or pull out the causes, it just restates the obvious.
Animal behaviour researchers have now identified four key forms of separation anxiety, and suggest that animal behaviourists should consider these underlying reasons as the issue that needs treating, and not view 'separation anxiety' as a diagnosis.

The team, led by scientists from the University of Lincoln, UK, identified four main forms of distress for dogs when separated from their owners. These include a focus on getting away from something in the house, wanting to get to something outside, reacting to external noises or events, and a form of boredom
Not four forms, one form.

Dogs are PURPOSE. Dogs live for DUTY.

A dog deprived of PURPOSE is frustrated, and will express the frustration in all sorts of ways.

Humans are the same, though our PURPOSES AND DUTIES are more complex and varied.

Men need to make things. When men can't make things, they break things.

Dogs aren't makers; dogs are the ultimate servers and caretakers. A dog who knows his place and knows what he's meant to do will serve happily.

Needless to say, this has immediate application to Deepstate's current final solution for Deplorables. The MAKERS have already been separated from their duties. Now the SERVERS are being separated as well. The result will be vastly more suicide and violence.


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  Teachers can't be offshored or automated

In previous rant I didn't include teachers at first. I was thinking more of caste than skill. But in fact schoolteachers, like barbers and baristas, are non-offshorable and non-automatable, and schoolteachers are being shut down even more than baristas.

Here's what focused my attention on the important attribute...

Google handles patents clumsily. Despite 100 years of development, OCR is still twitchy on old blurred documents. Searching by the expected terms doesn't work well, so you have to browse manually by date. While searching manually for more info on the first Remington typewriter, I bumped into this thing:

1873 courseware!

Education has always tried automation. Properly used, machines and courseware can HELP teachers. My courseware helps students understand anatomy and medical terminology in a way that a paper book can't, so it's somewhat useful. But the PHYSICAL PRESENCE of a good teacher running REAL PHYSICAL LABS AND EXPERIMENTS is absolutely irreplaceable.

= = = = =

DonorsChoose is making a special appeal to help teachers who are trying to deal with the shutdown, and naturally I donated a bit. If you want to do the same, here.

Later in the day: The fund is growing fast. When I wrote the above, the fund was about $50k. Just now (4pm), I went back and gave more. Now the fund is $150k. Next day: $310k.


  Another aspect

Another example of the INTENDED results of panication. Along with shutting down THE DEPLORABLE JOBS THAT HAVEN'T ALREADY BEEN OFFSHORED, the panication helps to break up families and culture. Just a continuation of Deepstate's long-lasting EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE.

Think about those jobs for a moment. Starting in 1980, Deepstate offshored manufacturing, the best Deplorable jobs. Now that all of the best working-class jobs are gone, Deepstate is focusing with laser sharpness on restaurants and retail stores and beauty parlors. Jobs that can't be offshored or automated. Non-Deplorable jobs like banking, academia, software, and media are able to continue in shutdown conditions.

There's one exception: Public school teachers are non-offshorable and non-automatable, but outside the ranks of Deplorables. Will this turn out to be a mistake? Witch hunts typically end when they start burning people of the same elite caste as the hunters.

When you delete a job, you delete a SKILL. You delete a unique way for humans to be USEFUL. Civilization has spent 100k years developing an infinite variety of SKILLS and DUTIES to match the infinite variety of people. The chaotizers are deleting those skills and duties within one generation, and NOT REPLACING THEM with other skills and duties.

Attempting to replace SKILLS with welfare payments (UBI) is utterly meaningless.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2020
  Major question by a real expert

Via RCS, a major piece by a major expert with unquestionable credentials, raising major questions about all of our assumptions on Branded Swine Flu.

Ioannidis is a prof of public health at Stanford. His big point is that we simply HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA what this flu will do. He runs the numbers, such as they are, and concludes that the dire scenarios are much less likely than a typical flu scenario. Flu is always serious but not worth closing the world.

Note especially what he does with the Diamond Princess cruise ship, where we know for sure that a specific number of people were fully exposed to the virus, and we know for sure that a specific number died.

In contrast, we KNOW what happens when we close down half the jobs in a country for an indefinite period. Lots of people die, lots of people switch to crime. We're already seeing the latter here, after the police department stated that they were releasing some prisoners and going slow on arrests to avoid putting more criminals in jail.

Ioannidis agrees with those sane 1938 experts that Nature does sin and tanh, not exp. Our modern idiots presume that Nature always does exp, because exp is their Share Value wet dream.


  Neighborhood notes

Meanwhile, here on the ground, we finally have a good stretch of decent weather after last week's surprise snow. The neighborhood kids are taking advantage of their early summer vacation to play basketball in the street. Healthy and sane.


  Good writing at Spiked

Excellent article by Brendan O'Neill at Spiked UK. He ties the current panication to the long-term OCD/witch-hunting mentality of our vile ruling class.

I began to notice this 13 years ago while reading the 1938 WPA guides, written during USA's brief time of sanity.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

A passage from the WPA Guide to Kansas, written in 1938 as the Dust Bowl was still going strong.

Recent years of almost unprecedented drought have led to the often expressed belief that the climate of Kansas is changing. Geologists and meteorologists, however, point out that weather runs in cycles, the most pronounced being about a third of a century in length. Conditions during a cycle are easily mistaken by laymen for permanent changes. Despite year by year fluctuations in temperature and precipitation, recorded evidence shows that general climatic conditions remain unchanged.

The scientists of 1938 had knowledge, logic and common sense. They understood the principle of the wheel or the wave: what goes around comes around. Today's "scientists" have lost that basic understanding. Like a newborn babe, they see something going up and they assume it's going up forever.

And the third of a century has continued with fair precision. 1938 was a year of floods and droughts, including a terrible flood in Los Angeles and a hurricane that flattened Providence, RI with a HUNDRED-FOOT-TALL surge. Add 35 and you get 1973, another year of floods, supercells and tornados. Add 34 to that, and you get 2007.

Well, what do you know. Those old benighted scientists just might be right. Things do run in cycles. Amazing.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

In 1938 the scientists had more knowledge and perspective than the "superstitious" masses. Now it's the other way around. Experts run on pure idiotic brainless psychotic sadistic superstition, and the masses are attempting to use sense and logic.
  Nice idea, not gonna happen

Saagar at the Hill TV proposes that the TARP for Branded Swine Flu should go to corporations along with a giant ultimatum. They can only get the money if they BRING THE WORK BACK HOME. Get the fuck out of China and BUILD SHIT HERE.

Not gonna happen. Some of us have been pushing this point for 20 years, and it has never moved, never made the slightest impression. We know with 100000 vigintillion terapercent certainty that ALL ALLL ALLLLLLLLLLLLL of the money will go to stock buybacks and covering Jamie Dimon's shorts.

(Saagar and Krystal are good TV. Genuinely non-partisan, strictly anti-bank, strictly Populist in every sense. I've been watching them for a few weeks and haven't heard a single deceptive or false note.)

Later: Nope, they lost it. They're going along with the Branded Swine Flu tyranny. All paid "independents" reveal their fakeness sooner or later.


  The not-so-astonishing Sholes

In the story of the Astonishing Hammond I mentioned that the Sholes-Glidden typewriter was already in production in 1880, and as with most tech stories, the dominant product was not the best product.

After making and animating the original Sholes patent, I'll double down on that statement.

This is crude and impractical, and could never have worked.

The personalities are perpetually familiar. Sholes was the unworldly idea man. Glidden was the practical engineer. Densmore was the dynamic salesman.

Densmore managed to sell this crude thing to Remington, which was chiefly making sewing machines at the time. Remington basically reinvented it as a sewing machine.

Here's the original:

This was meant as 'proof of concept', but it didn't even qualify there. It had 21 keys, weights and strings hanging all over, and the keys couldn't have made a good impression.

The carriage was just a frame, pulled along by a dangling weight. This scanned the paper across the typehead for each line, sort of like the early Xerox machines.

The paper was advanced line by line with a separate frame riding on top of the carriage frame. In this animation I've made the paper transparent so you can see how the hammers were arranged.

A tight little circle under the paper held 21 hammers radially. Each short hammer pivoted at its own angle, coming around and hitting the paper from below, pushing it up against the ribbon onto a backstop. The letters would have appeared on top of the paper. The short hammers couldn't have developed any momentum, so they were inevitably weak; and the type itself was hitting the back of the paper instead of the front.

How did the keys move the hammers? Supposedly through stiff wires, but I can't see how that would have worked, so I didn't even try to show it! The key and the hammer are moving by magic.

Sholes and Glidden were not taking advantage of existing knowledge and devices. Hammond took the typewheel and hammer from the Brett printing telegraph, and Hammond used the principles of physics correctly and elegantly.

Elon is the modern equivalent of S and G. Ignoring previous experience, ignoring the laws of physics, making crude shit that can't possibly work, and getting paid billions for it.

= = = = =

Continued here with the first Remington.


Monday, March 16, 2020
  Lesson we won't learn

There's a lesson in this mess.

Border controls are an intrinsic part of public health.

This applies at all scales. Within the mind, logic and grammar maintain boundaries of space and time, an important part of mental health. Within the body, cell walls and organ boundaries and skin are important parts of private health. When skin or cell walls are breached, infection results.

This used to be easily and tautologously understood, and it's still understood in many places.

The outbreak in US, which (update!) has just now reached the death count of ONE DAY of ordinary unbranded flu, started in Seattle. The city of Seattle and the state of Washington have been in rebellion against public health for a LONG TIME.

Every time Trump pretended to add more border controls, Monster Inslee sued and halted the pretense. (Trump didn't really mean it, of course; if he had meant it, he could have disobeyed the blatantly illegitimate lawsuits and carried out his orders. Presidents have always been ABLE to resist the blackrobes when they want to.)

The Seattle-based tech industries have been intensely dealing with China for a LONG TIME, which involves lots of travel to and from China.

Seattle is also the epicenter of officially approved anti-vaccine activism.

Similarly in Europe, where Italy became the epicenter because its textile industry has close ties with Wuhan Province. Salvini was trying to control borders, but he was kicked out last year and the kickers immediately opened all borders.

Macron refused to control his borders, and now he's finally shutting the barn door. At the same time he's using the opportunity to send out the Gestapo to shut down the Yellowvest protests. He pretends the Security Theater is aimed at preventing contagion, but in fact it's just old-fashioned tyranny.

Within the US, states that have allowed normal public health measures are not suffering as badly as Seattle and Wash. Within Europe, countries that have been controlling their borders are not suffering as badly as Italy and France.

Putting it simply: Nature is modular. Life is modular at all scales. When you allow Nature to enforce its modularity in ordinary conditions, you won't need to impose extreme modularity in extreme conditions. Neighborhoods and ethnic groups and nations naturally congregate internally and reject outsiders. Any event that breaks these boundaries, whether it's a war or globalism, brings in unfamiliar microbes, literal and virtual. Literal and virtual immune systems are unprepared for the unfamiliar microbes and don't know how to protect the mind or the body or the neighborhood or the city or the nation. This is, of course, the PURPOSE of war and globalism, which are two names for the same evil.

Ironically, those Seattle idiots understand this principle when it suits them. See "smallpox blankets".

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