Tuesday, October 31, 2017
  Neighborhood blue note

This neighborhood is near a VA Hospital so a lot of old vets live here. Several of them have industrial-strength flagpoles in their yards, complete with clanking chain. They raise the flag at dawn and lower it at dusk, following the rules.

On yesterday's walk the wind was clanking and flapping the flags, so my eyes were caught by a flag with an extra blue stripe. Mistake? No, the rule-following vet wouldn't use a misprinted or blurred flag.

Turns out the extra stripe is something of a movement, signifying solidarity with police.

Excellent movement. Especially in a "city" dysruled by a copkiller "mayor" and copkiller omnicidal alien monsterblobs illegitimately and criminally and fraudulently posing as "councilindividuals". The police need all the support they can get.

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Monday, October 30, 2017
  Archimedes fable

The story of Canadian counterfeit gold is a nice metrology fable, and a lesson in SKILL-ESTATE.

Ottawa jeweler Samuel Tang has his store close to an office of the Canadian Mint, and he simply walks to the Mint when he gets an order for custom gold jewelry. He spent $1600 for a card-sized wafer of gold, walked it back to his store, and handed it to his goldsmith. The goldsmith started to cut up the wafer and noticed that it didn't behave like gold. So he ran the classic acid test, and found it was only slightly gold, mostly tungsten.

Tang tried to inform the mint that it was counterfeit, but they wouldn't take it back and wouldn't acknowledge the problem, so he went public to CBC, which is also part of the government. After that, the mint decided to acknowledge the problem, which is undoubtedly far larger than just one wafer. Most purchasers of these cards are investors who wouldn't dare to cut or test the gold, because the PROVENANCE is what counts for them, not the METAL.


1. Bullypower always works.

2. Gold isn't any better or worse than other currencies when used as a currency. Bars and coins can be counterfeited just like bills or Bitcoins. The problem is as old as Archimedes. (See Eureka.)

3. Trust your own SENSES and your own PHYSICAL measurements, not the government's claims. A skill can't be counterfeited.

Gold is useful as a standard or ground point, partly because its purity is easy to test, mostly because it has always been used as a standard. Measurements are only useful when they are replicable by other people at other times. In this case the standard-ness of the standard is what we're really measuring, and the standard-ness of gold as a standard is well established and agreed.

= = = = =

Will the government pay Tang and his goldsmith for doing the VERIFICATION that should have been part of the government's job? No, of course not. The government will continue paying its own verifiers to falsify. Tang is lucky that he wasn't jailed for being a wiseass.

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  Doesn't really answer the question

Headline: Never play double bass to an oyster

Main point:
To find out if the molluscs are sensitive to sound, therefore, the scientists set up two 16-member groups of them in tanks full of running salt water. The tanks were fitted with suspended speakers, which pushed out a range of different single frequency tones at various volumes for three minutes at a time. The effect on the oysters was measured by whether – and to what extent – they closed their shells when the sounds were running.

The team found that the animals were particularly sensitive to low frequency sounds, especially between 10 and 200 hertz, but didn’t react to higher ones.
Okay, but that's not hearing. Every living thing senses vibrations. So far, we only know that some plants and some insects and most vertebrates derive patterns from vibrations.

Deriving meaning from an input is the definition of a sense. Otherwise it's just an input.

More familiar example: Humans definitely have magnetic inputs. We have magnetic sensors in the nose and in the vestibule (inner ear) just as birds do. But we don't use those inputs at all, while birds use them intensively and intelligently for navigation. Thus birds have a magnetic sense and we don't.


  Talk about limited intelligence....

USA STRONG is suffering from a strange disease lately, with all sorts of businesses taking GREAT PAINS to insult and lose their own customers. Mediademons have been doing it for 20 years, now department stores and sports organizations and others have been infected.

The virus has now traveled to England, where a showbiz creature, after producing a biographical series about Elizabeth and Phillip, takes GREAT PAINS to insult and spit on the intended audience of the show.

Headline: The Queen is 'of LIMITED intelligence’ and Royals are ‘like a VIRUS', says Crown creator
"I wouldn't have guessed there would be anything more to say about this countryside woman of limited intelligence who would have much preferred looking after her dogs and breeding horses to being queen."
This remark shows ZERO intelligence. If you want decent rulers, above all you WANT rulers who would have preferred to be doing something else. USA STRONG has infinitely evil rulers because we have shaped the government to select ONLY the most psychotic megalomaniacal delusional omnicidal aliens. Nobody else could possibly want to get anywhere near DC.
He also told The Times that he was surprised the Royals have lasted the 20th century without “catastrophic errors” from the Queen. He continued: “They're survival organisms, like a mutating virus."
Remove the specifics. Let's say we're talking about a doctor or a janitor or some non-governmental job. If a doctor gets through his career without killing a patient, or a janitor makes it to retirement without ruining a floor, we would assume that the doctor or janitor is competent and intelligent enough to do his job. We wouldn't call him a virus.

If our initial assumption about the doctor or janitor was negative, we would REVISE OUR OWN ASSESSMENT to positive based on a long history of achievement.

This creature is incapable of REVISING HIS OWN ASSESSMENT, which means by definition that he is a pure bigot with zero intelligence. By fucking definition intelligence means ABILITY TO LEARN.
Sunday, October 29, 2017
  Compressed thought

Randomish thought, but maybe a pretty good one....

In building courseware I use a variety of tools for graphics and programming and converting. Some of the tools are EXEs formed in the early years of DOS and Windows, and others are PY scripts written right now to serve immediate needs.

Got thinking about data compression.

Realized that data and code have gone in opposite directions during the history of computing.

Before ~1990, code was compiled into highly compact and efficient form, including ONLY the machine commands actually needed for this program. Data, especially graphic data, was raw and immensely wasteful.

Now we have the opposite. Javascript is written in highly inefficient text form. Every HTML page carries along all the JS code it might possibly need, plus a few megabytes it will never need, all in uncompiled text form. Graphic data is highly compressed.

Are we saving any disk space or memory or CPU time with the new arrangement? I doubt it.


  CataLUnya doubt 3

My initial romantic joy at CataLUnya's move toward independence was quickly replaced by doubt.

Why are they continuing to move forward when the pain/gain ratio is all pain? CataLUnya had a pretty decent arrangement, with some autonomy and tremendous economic advantage. By declaring independence they've immediately lost the economic advantage. Most corporate headquarters have already skedaddled. Now they're stuck between fighting and surrendering. Fighting would be instant death, and surrender NOW will leave them in a much worse position than before.

Their leaders seem to be sane and intelligent. Why are they continuing this?

I have to conclude that the leaders are serving Soros. This closely resembles the Ukraine coup in terms of pain/gain. Ukraine was doing well enough in the Russian orbit, where it traditionally belongs. The coup led to a brief hot war followed by an unending low-level rumble. Classic Soros arbitrage. Break the country, exterminate the people, profit from the loss.

In the Ukraine case the Soros short failed because Russia fought hard to halt the derivative. Soros clearly didn't expect such firm resistance.

Russia has no interest in CataLUnya. (RT is following the dispute closely but doesn't seem to be taking a side.) USA STRONG is officially with Spain. Nobody else is willing to jump in.

When you see a coup with no visible means of support, the invisible support is Soros.

= = = = =

Two weeks later: This settles it. Article by Sorosian Harrington, who favors CataLUnyan independence because the CataLUnyan revolutionaries are ANTI-populist and ANTI-nationalist:
...the movement for an independent Catalonia, whose leaders have stated over and over and over again, their desire to found a republic based on an ethos of social inclusion, cultural diversity, European integrationism and a robust welfare state...
aks Sorosian aka Satanic.

And more fingerprints:
According to internal documents the Soros Foundation provided: - 27,049 dollars to the Consell de Diplomàcia Pública de Catalunya (Catalonia’s Council for Public Diplomacy in Catalonia), an organization that Catalonia’s Generalitat [Translator’s note: this is the institutional framework for Catalonia’s independence] established with different private partners; and - 24 973 dollars to the Centre d’Informació i Documentació Internacionals a Barcelona (the Barcelona Centre for International Information and Documentation, which we will call “BCIID”). BCIID is an independent think tank.
These are small amounts. They don't show that Soros is the "employer" of the movement, but they do show that the CataLUnyans are firmly aligned with Soros, and Soros is rewarding them.

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  Not really the same

I've been placing Musk and Bezos and Zuckerberg in the same category. Total emperors, total criminals, pure Mafia.

Unfair. Musk doesn't belong there. He doesn't want to run the universe and doesn't think he IS the universe. He has expressed some remarkably sane views on education and AI. (The latter may be self-serving as stock manipulation, but nevertheless the view is sane and people listen because Musk is Musk.)

Comparing the current situation with 100 years ago, the early days of both radio and autos, Musk fits perfectly with the 'serial entrepreneurs' who got those industries going. Big plan, big start, overreach, fail. The factories and patents left behind by those Big Start dudes were usually taken over by less dramatic and more competent managers. The Big Starters sometimes tried to retake the factory, but never succeeded.

BezOS and Zuckerberg belong in the same class with SorOS. Perfect universe-smashing demons.
Saturday, October 28, 2017
  Four and twenty plums

Listening again to the wonderful 'Strange as it seems' version of the Jack Horner story, with its uniquely accurate understanding of men, women and status.

One question doesn't seem to be answered by online sources: How did those documents tolerate baking in the middle of fruit or pigeon brains or hedgehog bladders or whatever the Brits put in pies back then? Baking often exceeds the ignition point of paper. If you lifted the crust and laid the paper on top after baking, the water and fat would ruin the paper.

Oh. Obvious answer. Documents were written on parchment, not paper. Animal skin can unquestionably withstand baking. Think sausages. And oiled parchment used to be a common waterproofing method. So the deeds were parchment, probably wrapped or pouched in oiled parchment.

Well then, what about the four and twenty blackbirds? Were they documents too? One source asserts that they were THE EXACT SAME documents that John Horner was delivering to King Henry. Two songs, one pie. (Blackbird = bishop's costume.)


Friday, October 27, 2017
  How do you know it's meaningless?

While the 'alt media' mice keep nibbling the JFK bait, we have a forensic analysis of the bait itself.

BBC thinks the story is worth covering.

It's poison. Don't eat it.


  Going on the offense!

Many countries have kicked Soros out of their own borders so they can survive. Now, for the first time, one country is fighting Soros EVERYWHERE. Hungary has ordered its intel agencies to start tracking down the whole Soros octopus. A global response to a global omnicide.

Polistra and friends salute Hungary LOUDLY AND JOYOUSLY!


  Why not literal?

I was looking (as usual) at the steady rise of Nash/AMC through the '50s.

A pattern seemed to appear. Both GM and Ford got totally drunk on grotesque ugliness and impracticality in '58 and '59, then started to sober up in '60. Chrysler got drunk in '61 and '62, then started to sober up in '63. Rambler remained sober all the time, and buyers rewarded the difference.

Hey! Maybe that's not a metaphor. Biographies agree that the leaders of the big three were dead drunk in those years. Barely able to stand up, let alone form rational decisions.

George Romney, a Mormon, was always sober. His judgment was unimpaired, always correct, sometimes brilliant.

Designated Driver wins.


Thursday, October 26, 2017
  Has this ever been tried?

Convective thought after waking from a particularly weird dream. Reminded yet again of the dream universe that includes a whole set of persistent places and people I've never known in waketime.

Dreams are, of course, the equivalent of hacked leaks. What you "know" in waketime, and what you can "reveal" in a conversation, are the equivalent of FOIA releases. Forced by culture and regulations, carefully rewritten and crafted to reveal nothing of the inner world.

Dream interpreters, whether astrological or Freudian, understand this basic distinction. I wonder if any interpreters have tried doing traffic analysis? Don't try to match up the apparent content of the dream document with predetermined Zodiac or Greek-myth templates. Simply assume the content is written in a code you can't read. Instead, do the old Midway Island trick. Feed an unfamiliar fact or image into the dream mechanism and see how the content changes.

Different metaphor: Use the black box method of circuit analysis. Wiggle and watch.

This can't be done internally; it would have to be done by an external interpreter who manages to hide the trick from the patient without losing his trust.

Later, after rereading: I'm not sure what good this trick would do. Couldn't learn anything meaningful that would help the dreamer. It would still be an interesting experiment to see how the mechanism works.

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Stupidest headline of the month:

AI can be as biased as humans.

I don't need to read the stupid article because my WELL-FORMED prejudices on this subject save me the trouble.

FACT: Intelligence and bias are synonyms. The whole reason for learning and remembering shit is to acquire useful prejudices. Bias is survival.

Poorly formed prejudices are non-optimal because you'll miss opportunities to learn things from certain groups of people. But poorly formed prejudices are still better than NO prejudices in terms of raw survival.

The real question: Why are AI researchers, and the Deepstate grantors who support them, trying to produce a perfectly UNintelligent computer?

Obvious answer: They're not really trying to do that. When they say 'unbiased' they mean a system that will appear to learn while firmly maintaining Deepstate's hard-wired preferences. Exterminate Deplorables, Enrich Insatiables.


  I suppose

I guess we should wait till the official midnight deadline, but it's obvious by now that Deepstate is not going to release any of the JFK info.

Assange thinks Deepstate is trying to make Trump look weak. Insufficiently paranoid interpretation.

Government agencies stopped obeying Trump in early March. Disobedience is simply constant and normal now. They KNOW he's weak. They KNOW he's the sweetest plumpest bitch they've ever fucked.

We'll never know what event made them switch at that point or what they feared before that point.

Did Trump give them an explicit vow of obedience, or did they try a couple of test fucks to see if he would fight back? Before March 6, did they think he might be willing to use blackmail from his hotel chain's cameras?

Details and words are irrelevant. Only observed behavior counts.

Later and better thought: The "released" files are also irrelevant. Deepstate has been sorting and cleaning and rewriting them for 54 years. Nothing useful remains. Any release through official channels is either meaningless or intentionally disinforming. Only unwanted leaks provide information, and all potential leakers from 1963-65 were silenced or removed a long time ago.

Few hours later: Watching the 'alt media' mice nibbling on FBI's bait. One thing that stands out clearly in the docs is FBI's constant and permanent hatred of anti-Communists. The Bureau has always been obsessed with catching Christians and honkies and southerners. Basically any non-NYC type is a criminal and a subversive in FBI's eyes. These old interviews with "KKK" types include lots of juicy "info" about the bullet and the autopsy and Oswald's links, and the mice are treating the info as valid new leads worth exploring. Nope, it's just the latest way of catching Christians and honkies and southerners. SNAP!

A day later: Still nothing new in this stuff. ZH describes it as shocking. Yeah, but all of these shocks have been revealed before in various books and articles. The Wikileaks load of CIA docs from the '70s had a lot more previously unknown info about Deepstate operations. (Oops, previously unknown info is redundant since information explicitly means something you didn't know before!)
  Free Willys!

A stock newsletter mentions that Fiat is thinking about spinning off the Jeep part of Chrysler as a separate company.

Polistra and Happystar love the idea.

Willys is one of the few 'ground points' in the auto industry. The genes of the 1933 Willys 77 continue today in both the Jeep itself and the many SUV versions. Willys hasn't been corporately independent since 1954, but its soul has never been digested by its many owners. Still in Toledo, still making vehicles recognizably descended from the original. Willys has rescued each of its owners from bankruptcy. Good genes.

Now it deserves autonomy, far more than Catalunya does.


  God is bad!

I wish BBC would stop posting these little articles that I just have to answer. I've got work to do and BBC is keeping me from my work. GOD IS BAD!

Actually I've already written several answers to this feature that asks what the world would be like if the VW bug hadn't existed.

The article hits part of the point accurately: VW managed to Own The Conversation via the Doyle Dane Bernbach advertisements in the '50s.

But it misses the most important and serious reason. VW mastered exporting because it mastered REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE. Morris and Renault and Rambler and Willys made better cars, but those companies were sloppy about dealers. Morris and Renault didn't bother to establish a dealer network at all, and Rambler and Willys didn't control the quality of their dealers and repairmen. Even good cars fail sometimes. If you can't count on the dealer to find and fix the failure quickly, the car's intrinsic goodness doesn't matter.

This is a very old story. Edison and Bell and Facebook and Apple succeeded because they knew how to set up a SYSTEM.

A good product won't conquer the world unless it has tentacles to keep you connected to the company.

= = = = =

Returning to the original question, my guess is that the Morris Minor would have become the universal car if VW hadn't Owned The Conversation. In the '70s Morris won indirectly, via Toyota which beat out VW with Morris-format cars plus perfect quality. A few years later Morris won again when the format of the Mini became universal. Even the new retro "Beetle" is built on a Mini platform.

So the Emersonian score is: Ferdinand Porsche 0, Alec Issigonis 2. Game, set, match to Alec.


  Gold standard Insatiable

Polistra The Metrologist likes to locate Standard Units for measurements.

Let's consider the two-way scale from Insatiable to Deplorable.

We have several notable candidates for the Standard Insatiable this week. Hillary continues to blame everyone else for her overwhelming ambition that pulled her into a position she couldn't sustain. Jeff Flake blames Trump for his ambition** that led him to lose the confidence of his own voters.

Winner without question: O'Reilly blames God for the fact that his employer stopped paying protection money to sustain O'Reilly's predatory habits. Even champion Insatiable Murdoch had to draw the line somewhere, and $45 million in blackmail was apparently the line. But it wasn't enough for O'Reilly. He wanted INFINITE protection and INFINITE impunity, and when he finally lost it after 20 years, God is bad.


= = = = =

I'm not claiming perfection on the other end, but a little event this morning struck me as a nice contrast. Yesterday the grocery store was out of my preferred coffee, and the can in the kitchen felt nearly empty, so I resigned myself to making the trek to Safeway again today. After I boiled up this morning's pot, I took a good look in the can and realized it's not empty! There's enough coffee for two more days before a store trip is needed! Yay! Thank God!

This picture, first posted about two years ago, serves as my Gold Standard Deplorable.

Picture was taken as part of an Urban Renewal project in Topeka around 1962. An old cafe in the black part of town. Dude on the right isn't even noticing the camera.

Got coffee. Got burger. Got money to pay for them. Life is good.

Perfect Deplorable.

= = = = =

** For clarity: Having ambition doesn't make you Insatiable. You become Insatiable when you don't recognize the limiting asymptote of your ambition, when you assume that your upward path MUST be exponential. If you can quit while you're ahead, you're not Insatiable.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2017
  Negative feedback is life. Positive feedback is death.

Adding New Zealand to this month's list of countries where Populism is taking control by pulling existing parties in the correct direction.

NZ's new female PM (Labour Party) has stated a FACT. Capitalism has failed.

She has stopped foreign purchases of real estate, which is a practical solution to the actual problem in NZ. They weren't receiving an uncontrolled flow of migrants from Sorosian wars, so they didn't need to restrict migration as such. Their real estate was being monopolized and bubbled by Chinese millionaires using property as a savings account.

Wherever you have a functioning Parliament, you'll get rational adaptation to real problems. Negative feedback works every time.
  Vestigially wrong

BBC's Future section has a mildly interesting article on vestigial features in common objects. Most of the alleged origins make sense, but two of them strike me as wrong. I'm sure of the first one, not sure of the second.

= = = = =

First, BBC claims that the Diner's card has rounded edges because....
In 1949, Frank McNamara was dining with clients at Majors Cabin Grill Steak House, New York. When the bill arrived, he realised that he had left his wallet at home in another suit. There are a lot of rumours about what happened next. ... Regardless of the truth, a year later McNamara returned to the restaurant and paid with a small cardboard card known as the Diners Club Card. This was a landmark step in the development of the credit card – the first multipurpose charge card.

“I had a look in the archive to the first 2,000 that they made. They’re not the same shape that they are now,” says O’Hara. Instead the cards were rounded at the top two corners. “It’s a really unusual shape. The only other example is a rolodex card.”
A Rolodex card was larger than a credit card, rounded on all corners, and had two T-shaped slots in the bottom. No reason to assume it was the origin.

Clipped or rounded corners have always been a desirable feature on cards that need to slip in and out of wallets or pockets. A square corner splits or folds over quickly, making the card unusable and unstackable.

Here's a 1938 example from Billboard:

When Social Security was new, people wanted a more permanent card than the square-cornered card issued by SSA. Vending machine operators obliged with a round-cornered card containing an engraved plate. Library cards and store charge plates were similar, well before the Diner's Card.

Maybe Mr Diner wanted to be unusual. Maybe he printed up the first batch (fairly expensive with engraved serial numbers), realized at the last minute that a sentence on the bottom was improper, then cut the bottom off to meet a deadline.

= = = = =

Second: The article quotes a Wikipedia explanation for America's right-hand driving habit. The explanation seems to have appeared first in Popular Science in 1925.
Then the balance of power shifted. In the United States, wagons were increasingly common on the roads. Drawn by up to 20 animals, they were a popular way of transporting goods over long distances – and the men helming these vehicles liked to drive on the right. They’d sit on the rear leftmost horse, so it was easier to make sure oncoming traffic didn’t get too close if it was also on the left.

There wasn’t any arguing with the momentum of 20 1,000-pound (453kg) horses. Other road traffic quickly got used to driving on the right and the rule stuck. Hundreds of years on, right-side driving is irreversibly embedded in US street design.
Supposedly some drivers of Conestoga wagons formed a national habit. I can't prove this one wrong, but a tendency among some long-distance freighters seems unlikely to set a habit for city streets.

More likely:
In France, traditionally foot traffic had kept right, while carriage traffic kept left. Following the French Revolution, all traffic kept right.

The first keep-right law for driving in the United States was passed in 1792 and applied to the Philadelphia and Lancaster Turnpike. New York formalized RHT in 1804, New Jersey in 1813 and Massachusetts in 1821.
Note the dates. We were consciously following French trends and erasing British tendencies after the Revolution.

This 1799 engraving of Philadelphia streets shows carriages on the right.


Tuesday, October 24, 2017
  Finns speak Latin better than Italians

I sometimes read Zuhlsdorf's blog. He's a Roman priest on the 'traditional' side, which means the Christian side. He pushes for Natural Law without getting bogged down in legalistic details. More importantly, Zuhlsdorf understands how language works. A good Christian writer is rare, but a writer who understands language is nearly unique.

Come to think of it, those two are parallel. The usual traditionalist constantly quotes paragraphs and subparagraphs from Canon Law, most of which are irrelevant or wrong from a proper Natural Law standpoint. The usual grammarian constantly quotes the Canon Laws of "grammar", those fantastically stupid fictional "rules" about split infinitives and prepositions and such, all of which are wrong and irrelevant to Natural Language.

Recently Zuhlsdorf discussed methods for introducing Latin to kids, especially in a home-schooling situation. He got several sane and sensible contributions from commenters who had done the job.

Obviously you can hear Latin in a traditional Mass, but where can you hear it in an ordinary secular context?

The answer was surprising, and the sound itself was also surprising. An obscure Finnish radio station has regular podcasts of news in classical Latin.

Classical Latin had phonemic vowel length, which was lost in its later stages. None of the Latin-derived languages preserve length, and the Latin used in church is much closer to Italian than classical. Because length is not phonemic in any of those languages, speakers can't replicate the proper rhythm.

Vowel length is strongly phonemic in Finnish. Double-length vowels and consonants are common in Finnish, and are represented in writing by double letters. So the Finnish announcers apply their habits to Latin, and the result has an unfamiliar rhythm which is probably close to the real thing.


  No magic

When I heard that the "Niger incident" involves four deaths, I knew it would have to be compared to the Benghazi thing, which also involved four deaths.

We don't get excited about FORTY THOUSAND Americans killed by overdoses, but for some reason we always get excited about FOUR deaths. Kent State, Benghazi, Niger.

Sure enough, politicians are getting ready to "investigate".

I can tell you right now that it won't work. An "investigation" only works if you can turn it into a magic word. Repooflican commentators were required to chant


for FOUR years. They never told us what a BENGHAZI is. They never said that we needed more BENGHAZI or less BENGHAZI. Were we supposed to eat BENGHAZI or drive BENGHAZI or smoke BENGHAZI or buy BENGHAZI? Tax BENGHAZI or vote BENGHAZI or impose BENGHAZI or repeal and replace BENGHAZI? Never told us. It was just a word.

There's NO WAY IN HELL the current incident can become a magic word. Guaranteed.


Not gonna happen. Even if a D commentator was dumb enough to try it, the TV networks would censor it.

Dead serious for a moment: The correct solution to BOTH of these incidents is even more unspeakable than the magic words. The correct solution is DON'T START WARS. If we hadn't been AGGRESSIVELY DESTROYING those countries WHICH NEVER ATTACKED US OR EVEN BOTHERED US, there would be NO FUCKING INCIDENTS AT ALL. No Americans would be killed in those places because no Americans would BE in those places. Needless to say, no politician will EVER suggest the correct solution to ANYTHING.


Monday, October 23, 2017

Purely local observation.

Before 1980 it was fairly common to see cars rumbling around with unrepaired crash damage. In recent decades the sight is much less common.

Since I haven't owned a car in recent decades I don't know why this changed. Better construction doesn't explain it. Modern cars are more fragile than pre-1980 cars. Less steel, more plastic. Better brakes and handling would be a more likely explanation.

This year the trend seems to have reversed. Now I'm seeing a considerable number of crunched and wrinkled cars driving around unrepaired.

Last winter was hard on everything including cars. The infinitely brainless and infinitely evil copkilling "city" dysgovernment totally failed to plow the roads and apply

so the roads were a skating rink for 6 months.

That could account for the increased wrinkles and crunches, but doesn't account for the decreased ability to repair the damage.

Incomes are dropping and other costs are rising. Did those curves cross at a critical point this year?

Or is this parallel to the roofs that remained tarped for several years because roof repairmen were overloaded by two major windstorms? Were body shops overbooked, forcing drivers to skip repairs after the insurance "timely claim" limit expired?


  Why hasn't this happened?

Why hasn't Deepstate abolished juries?

In practice jury trials are rare, about 5% of all trials... but this ISN'T because Deepstate consciously tried to eliminate them. It's just a practical and sane response to basic facts.

Fact: 95% of crimes are so fucking obvious that even the criminal doesn't want to argue about it. Requiring every case to run through a jury would waste an ungodly amount of time on fake discussion of absolute certainty.

Plea bargaining works because pro criminals understand that juries will give them harder time. As I observed in my three jury services, young cocky amateur criminals often believe they can beat the lowly squares until they stand in the courtroom and FACE a hundred pairs of hostile eyes. The cockiness wilts and the lawyer (who certainly knew what would happen) is ready to start the plea process.

In short, this is a NATURAL self-sorting system that works pretty damn well, considering all the obstacles placed in the road of justice by Federal black-robed demons and their Sorosian agents.

Juries are the last remnant of common law governance, the last place where real citizens can exert any power at all, AND the last place where police and citizens who defend themselves from criminals can be freed from Deepstate's relentless drive to obliterate self-defense.

Three strikes as seen by Deepstate. Why are juries still holding the bat?

= = = = =

Well, I spoke too soon as usual. A few hours before I wrote the above, this article appeared in "American" "Conservative" online. A Sorosian copkiller operating as usual under the label of "Libertarian" is trying to discredit juries because juries help cops defend us from criminals. Clearly the start of a campaign with several flanks.

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  Seven Seconds takes the web

Reading shit on the web is getting harder and harder as the popups get ever more aggressive and ACTIVE. I've been increasingly annoyed by the AGGRESSIVE but didn't connect the ACTIVE until just now.

I was trying to halfway read this article about Antichrist Bergoglio's defense of his bosses Juncker and Soros aka "European Unity". The article is in Italian, so I had to concentrate hard to derive a few drops of meaning. The website was breaking my concentration by popping things at me every 7 seconds.

AHA. The Seven Second Rule. First perfected by TV, first described by Neal Postman 30 years ago. TV didn't become the ultimate propaganda tool until the producers figured out how to PUNCH your visual attention to a new subject every 7 seconds, while flooding your senses with at least three simultaneous video and audio tracks to prevent a single focus from developing.

The PUNCH doesn't work on radio where a camera cut, a total SNAP of scene, is impossible. Radio applies the Three Simultaneous Tracks rule relentlessly. Words are always overlaid on (1) Idiot Sound Effects, (2) Beatles Music, (3) Underlying Backbeat. Radio uses the Seven Seconds Rule indirectly, never allowing more than Seven Seconds to elapse between mentions of The Important Word.

Now the perfected technique of Active Popups has brought the Seven Second Rule to the web.


Sunday, October 22, 2017
  Just what you'd think!

The dot-indian way of speaking sounds squeaky and pitch-shifted to Westerners, like a 33 RPM record played at 78.

What about the reverse?

Yup. In this 1970 Bollywood slapstick "comedy", a parodied Western type (with parodic mustache, hair, suit) sounds like a 78 played at 33.

Makes sense. Perception is ALWAYS baselines and deltas.

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  Got Enid right.

Haven't done an OTR entry in a long time.

The 'Johnny Dollar' show ran for many years and remains one of the most popular OTR series. This 1957 episode puts Johnny in Enid, checking out a strange oilman who seems to have paid for his insurance with counterfeit money. (I won't spoil the plot.)

Atypically for NYC radio, the writers get all the Enid details RIGHT.

Not atypically, Virginia Gregg gets the character of an Okie girl PRECISELY RIGHT. The voice, the dialect, the delicate feminine lady who can fix a car or shoot a rattlesnake when necessary. On the dot.

Gregg was the Universal Voice. Any time you hear a perfectly accurate and uniquely individual female voice in old radio shows, you don't need to wait for the credits. It's Virginia Gregg.

= = = = =

Numerical sidenote: The JD show was organized around a central conceit or framework of Johnny's expense accounts. The accounts are fairly detailed in the earlier shows, including presumably accurate prices for all sorts of objects and services that aren't normally listed online. Expected fees for informants, round-trip flights to Calcutta. An econ researcher could listen to all the shows and build an interesting database of prices.


  Constants and variables 83

Now Czechia has joined Austria in showing how a parliamentary system SHOULD work.

New parties spring up to carry a new and necessary message. As the new parties gain force, the existing parties adopt the new direction in order to retain power. Negative feedback works properly.

Meanwhile, USA STRONG continues to show what happens when you abandon parliament and choose rigid tyranny, as we did in 1787.

New parties are illegal, so the new and necessary message was fraudulently faked within the One And Only Party. On the side of the Party with the D label, the votes for the new messenger (Bernie) were simply deleted as usual. On the side with the R, the votes for the new messenger (Donald) were mysteriously allowed... but now that we see what the "new" messenger is doing, the mystery evaporates. As usual we're left with the same infinitely insane corporatist warmongers running everything. THERE IS NO FEEDBACK MECHANISM.

Later: Two regions of Italy have clearly learned a lesson from Catalunya. Instead of trying for pure independence they are using referendums as bully-power to gain more advantage in Rome. Both referendums were close to unanimous, which is the best form of bully-power. Now the provincial leaders can say WE WANT, and Rome will understand that WE means EVERYONE in the province, not just the leader himself or his party. No room for divide and conquer.


Saturday, October 21, 2017
  Come on, you can do better

Half-listening to an astrology-type show. The host was claiming the following experience as 'clairvoyance':

She saw a picture of a cat in the newspaper among the Adoptables from the local animal shelter. She knew the cat was the right one. Later she went down to the shelter and adopted the cat. Now she likes the cat.


Just a normal process of acquisition. See the object on display, decide you like it, buy the object. Unless the display was fraudulent, you're going to like the object you bought.

Jesus, lady, you've got to be more selective. There are PLENTY of events and experiences that go beyond normal explanations, plenty of evidence for perception and prediction outside the usual bounds.

This ain't it. You're not helping the side.



Something reminded me of Mary Verner, former mayor of Spokane.

Her career has been interesting and contradictory.

As mayor here she served Deplorables well, improving our neighborhoods and defending police against the Insatiable demons of "both" "parties". Thanks!

She failed in the 2006 Valley View fire, and again in the 2009 supersnow. Obvious diagnosis: Good at administration, not good in emergencies.

Later she served as Emergency Coordinator of the state Destroyer of Natural Resources, where she unsurprisingly failed again in the 2015 wildfires. She left that job and now serves as an administrator for the city of Olympia. Finally using her best skills instead of her worst skills.

This morning I noticed a brief step in her career that shows a broader tendency.

She also worked as CEO of Spokane Tribal Enterprises, a group of businesses owned by the Spokane Tribe.

She's not Injun, so it's not an ethnically natural position.... but it is a classic revolving door placement. After mayoring in the tribe's captive town, take a job as rainmaker for the tribe's own offices.

In DC the revolving door moves government officials in and out of the Goldman tribe that controls DC. In Spokane the revolving door moves government officials in and out of the Injun tribe that controls Spokane.

Revolvoleth. You can tell which tribe controls a governmental entity by observing which tribal door is revolving.

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  Owning the bad conversation

Continuing on GM's Owned Conversation. Even the stories that made GM look bad were carefully crafted to move credit into more acceptable places.

I've been bothered by the conventional story of the Palace Revolution that dethroned Harley Earl. The story probably contained some truth but didn't really explain what happened.

In Sept 57, Mr Earl was summering in Europe. The younger stylists made a habit of driving past locations where they might get a peek at the competition's latest offerings. One of them noticed a storage yard full of '57 Chrysler products, not yet released for sale. He knew that GM's designs for '58 were already in the pipeline toward production and couldn't be changed, but the '59 proposals were even worse and would be unsellable next to these lean and sharp Chryslers. The young stylists got inspired, worked up a new set of proposals for '59, and persuaded upper management to go along. When Mr Earl desummered he was presented with a fait accompli.

Why was this dubious? Because the actual GM '59s took absolutely nothing from Chrysler and everything from Ford.

'59 Chevy:

'59 Pontiac:

Compare with '57 DeSoto:

Nothing in common. The GM cars have slanted fins, deeply sculptured sides, and squared roofs, not tall vertical fins and curvy roofs.

Where did the real designs come from? Looked to me like the '57 Mercury was the source.

Turns out that GM didn't steal the Ford designs, it stole the Ford designer.

Larry Shinoda had been at Ford in '54, when he created the back end of the Turnpike Cruiser dream car:

and some parts of the Mystere dream car:

The Turnpike Cruiser developed into the '57 Merc and the Mystere developed into the '57 Ford. By that time Shinoda had moved to GM where he replicated the Mystere in the '59 Chevy.

Hierarchy of status. If you absolutely have to give credit to someone else, you have to pick the least unacceptable source, and above all hide what really happened. Ford was always unacceptable for obvious reasons, and stealing a designer is less acceptable than picking up an inspiration.

The clincher: If tall fins and flat sides had been the Shock that started the Revolution, GM stylists didn't need to peek over the '57 Chrysler fence to see the Shock. They had ALREADY DESIGNED the Shock in the '57 Eldo. Presumably Mr Earl had seen and advised on this design, so he wouldn't have been shocked either.

Shocking Plymouth and boring old Eldo. Which is which?

= = = = =

Later thought: The front end of GM's 59s seemed entirely new. Headlights inside the grille, not above the grille. Definitely not from Chrysler, and not from any Ford car. But Ford pickups had featured headlights inside the grille since 1948.

Note the nostrils that were echoed by the 59 Chevy. Ford's 57 version was even closer to GM's 59s. I can't find a mention of Shinoda in connection with trucks; he seems to have worked in Ford's concept car studio. But the Ford design source is unarguable.
Friday, October 20, 2017
  Open beeta

Random thought defectively spawned by using 'Early adopter' in previous item about beets.

Because GM has always Owned The Conversation, other carmakers got credit for the wrong things, always designed to benefit GM.

Chrysler got credit for the Airflow, an ugly monstrosity with no real advances in comfort or technology. Chrysler didn't get credit for paying close attention to safety and ergonomics a couple years later.

Chrysler got credit for tailfins in '57, which had no value or influence. Chrysler didn't get credit for torsion bar suspension in '57, which made a DRAMATIC improvement in handling.

To my mind Chrysler's unique skill, the one thing they did better than anyone else, was the low-cost limousine. From '36 to '54 you could get a three-row sedan, reliable and comfortable, for half the price of GM's limos. DeSoto dominated the taxi market. And then they REPEATED the achievement with the minivan in '83, which is still going strong in both family and taxi service.

What struck me today is that Chrysler also invented the open beta. Through the '50s and '60s Chrysler was trying to develop gas turbine cars. The research ultimately failed because turbines had plenty of technical advantages but couldn't be made responsive enough for real driving.

All other car research has been closed-circuit, using a few prototypes driven by experts in concealed test areas. Chrysler decided to go open beta. When each new iteration was ready, Chrysler built a few hundred fully drivable cars and loaned them out to ordinary people. The lucky drivers had to keep close track of performance and mileage, but incurred no expense except gas.


  Reversed value, sharpened up

I feel the need to reprint and clarify this item from a couple months ago. The main point got submerged in afterthoughts and updates. It needs to be sharpened.

= = = = =

Basic problem: When money creation happens automatically at the moment of making a LOAN, people who are attempting to run their lives and businesses by thrift, without borrowing, are completely ignored. We don't count as part of the economy.


REAL VALUE comes from REAL LABOR. Turning raw materials and components into a useful product, or cultivating crops and livestock, or arranging and advertising products for easier purchase.

Money creation at the point of lending doesn't even begin to recognize any of these activities.

A business that makes or sells things WITHOUT BORROWING FIRST is not recognized as creating value.

In the Western system, EVERY loan, whether it goes toward real production or gambling or stock manipulation, is recognized as creating value.

The current system treats DESTROYED VALUE as an increase, and completely ignores CREATED VALUE. Perfectly backwards.

Before 1975 the distinction didn't matter quite as much, because many loans went directly toward creating value. Building new factories, improving productivity, redecorating a store. Now that the vast majority of loans are strictly criminal, serving to MURDER real business and expand the already infinite fake "wealth" of the Tribe, the distinction matters.

The alternatives are Sharia and Soviet.

Sharia, when applied properly, should create money exactly when value increases. Unfortunately there is no proper Sharia in the current Muslim world. According to this article, modern sharia banks don't create money differently, but do try to prohibit loans that serve speculation. Might achieve the same goal, but doesn't solve the basic problem.

Unsurprisingly, the Soviet system AS ACTUALLY APPLIED got it right. From this clearly written article:
First, as explained below, [Gosbank] had no discretion over the quantity of money. Its money-creation activity like its credit activity was entirely passive, arising as a byproduct of the production plan.

[Explained below:] When farm delivered its milk output, it would obtain a document from the cheese factory verifying that the latter had received its milk input. The document was then turned over to Gosbank, which credited the farm's account according to the value of the milk delivered, and debited the cheese factory's account by the same value.

Likewise, after the cheese was produced and shipped to the State food store, the cheese factory obtained a document verifying its delivery of cheese. Again, the document was turned over to Gosbank, which this time credited the cheese factory's account and debited the store's account. Finally, when households purchased the cheese with cash, the State store deposited its cash receipts with Gosbank and was given a credit of equal value.

With this simple example, we can see how every transfer of physical output from one location to another, and every bit of value added in production, was mirrored by an associated financial transfer through Gosbank.
I don't know if Marx designed it this way, but this was the reality.

Continued and expanded here.

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Aberree provides a nice match-point for offbeet thoughts and products. Sometimes the modern version has become fashionable again, sometimes it remains equally dubious, sometimes it has become

One product heard on all the second-string talk shows this year is beet juice. The show hosts are required to pretend that they use beet juice daily and gain all sorts of physical and spiritual virtues from it.

Let's compare. Aberree, March 63:

All familiar and all wrong.

'Organically grown' was not a common phrase in 1963. Early adopter!

Note the supposed superiority of 'fiber removed', along with 'live, raw, unheated'. These are two judgments where conventional views and offbeet views agree, and where 1963 and 2017 agree. Both views and both decades place high value on 'pure' and 'raw', and both are WRONG. Both disagree with recent actual science which hasn't quite made it into modern conventional understanding.

We're finally returning to an OLDER realization that removing the fiber removes the nutrition. Digestion requires work. If you don't give the enzymes and gut bacteria some fiber to chew on, they won't bother to digest the 'pure' chemicals for you.

The conventional idea that heating ruins nutrition is mostly wrong, but varies with types of food. In most cases cooking 'opens up' or creates nutrients through chemical reactions.

This is one case where Grandma (circa 1920) was already wrong. Great-grandma was more likely to have it right.

= = = = =

Semi-relevant: In the era around 1960 when Aberree was active, I was strictly conventional and "scientific", didn't pay any attention to non-standard thoughts and products. The only new-agey product I knew about was Cosmic Disks. The father of one of my classmates sold them. Cosmic Disks looked like rose rocks, and were supposed to 'reverse the counterclockwise vibrations' of your water and food. Just right for Aberree, and sold in Kansas. I fully expected to find several Cosmic Disk dealers advertising in Aberree, perhaps including the one I knew. Nope. No mention of the product at all.

This 'D-cell catalyst' is the closest advertised product. Seems to have the same purpose but doesn't sound like the same shape of object.

= = = = =

Highly relevant: Experimenting is a constant theme in Aberree. The authors write about their own experiments with devices, chemicals and techniques, and the advertisers invite experimentation. Compare with modern paid "scientists" who rarely talk about experimenting and NEVER invite people to try shit or experiment with techniques. Everything is locked down in advance. All results are known before the grant proposal is written. You are NOT allowed to experiment unless you have the correct degrees and credentials and licenses and NDAs and grants and ethics compliance boards and diversity compliance administrators and EPA stormtroopers watching and documenting every action.

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Thursday, October 19, 2017
  Aphid Day 2017!

Two weeks ago it looked like the last warmish day, so I tried to bet on the aphids but lost.

Today is unquestionably Aphid Day 2017. On my morning walk I ended up with three of the little squishers glued to my face, and now (10AM) the swarms are dense. Sure enough, they knew another warmish day was waiting.

The warmth arrived atypically at night with a warm push between two cold fronts, but the aphids weren't fooled by the timing.

So, here's the annual reprint with additions...........

= = = = =

[This is the eighth time I've noted it here. Aphid Day in 2010 was the first of Oct; in 2011 it was the end of Oct; in 2012 the first of Oct; in 2013 the last part of Oct; in 2014 the end of Sept; in 2015 end of Sept again; in 2016 end of Sept again; now in 2017 near end of Oct.]

= = = = = BELOW HERE IS REPRINT of the usual.

Every year in Spokane the end of summer is marked by the swarming of tiny white-winged flies.

Insects don't waste much time in adulthood; lots of bugs live several years as larvae and only a few days as adults.

These flies take it to an extreme. Adults are minimally equipped to get in the air and reproduce. They don't have as much brain power as other flies, nor do they have hard shells. Instead of flying purposefully, they drift with the wind like seeds, and die as soon as they bump into anything even at near-zero drifting speed. Result: for a couple of days, your face and clothes are covered with semi-liquid insects.

Despite their lack of navigation, they must have some kind of superior instinct or 'community intelligence', because picking the last warm day is much harder than picking the first warm day of spring. Termites and ants don't need to calculate their swarming day; they only need a simple neuron to detect when temperature rises past a certain threshold, plus an emitted pheromone to trigger the avalanche.

But how do these flies determine that today is not just warm, but the last warmth for their generation? They must be sensing something besides temperature.

At any rate, they serve as a reliable sign for us, even if our supercomputers can't match their calculations.

Polistra has put it into folk-wisdom format:

White flies swarming, no more warming.

= = = = =

[Artistic note: the swarm in the animation turned out nicely, but Polistra's head looks steroid-swollen and South-Park-ish for unknown reasons. Maybe she's allergic to the bugs.]

[Technical note: According to some sources, these bugs are smoky-winged ash aphids, Prociphilus americanus.]

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  Mention of intervention

BBC's website carries the first coverage of the 1918 War of Intervention that I've ever seen in UK/US media. Focusing on a prison camp run by British forces after they had already occupied Arkhangelsk. Pretty fair article overall, but it glides over one important point....
Within months, tens of thousands of soldiers from Britain, the United States, France, Canada, Australia and OTHER COUNTRIES were ordered to Russia in what became known as the Allied Intervention. Some went to the south and far east of Russia and 14,000 troops under British command were sent to Arkhangelsk, near the Arctic Circle. The men were told their mission was to protect military stores and stop Germany from establishing a submarine base.

But the foreign troops also took the side of the Whites in Russia's nascent Civil War. Some European politicians, such as Winston Churchill, worried about Communism spreading across Europe.

Soon after the Allies docked in Arkhangelsk on 2 August 1918, they began locking people up. "They didn't know who to trust or the difference between the Reds and Whites - so they decided to incarcerate anyone who seemed suspect," says Liudmila Novikova, a Moscow-based historian who has become an expert on the post-revolutionary period in the Russian north.
Those OTHER COUNTRIES included Axis troops from Czechoslovakia. In a later branch of the intervention, we were working WITH Kraut troops.

We weren't really interested in defeating Germany. We were ALWAYS interested in conquering Russia.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017
  Got the game now.

After every single "order" and "attempted order" by Trump is instantly overruled by the black-robed demons, I've finally concluded that Trump isn't attempting to DO anything at all. Never was.

If he had intended to make actual changes in immigration policy, his staff could have found ways to do it. There's always an end-run around bureaucrats and demons, even when your team shirt carries the wrong brand.

The record is too perfect.

Most of his "orders" are instantly squashed. We were supposed to conclude that his staff was "amateurish" and didn't know how to work the system. We could accept the excuse in the first two weeks but not now.

The "orders" that aren't immediately deleted, like the "order" about religious freedom, are masterfully written to accomplish exactly nothing. The "order" instructs executive agencies to think about religious freedom while they continue to pogrom Christians.

= = = = =

Conclusion: He's simply playing the same game that Repooflicans in Congress have played for the last 30 years. "Pass" a "bill" in the Lower Nuthouse after making sure that the "bill" will fail in the Upper Nuthouse. Or "pass" a "bill" in the Upper Nuthouse after making sure that it will fail in the Lower Nuthouse. Or "pass" it in both Nuthouses after insuring that the president will veto it.

The strategy always yields tons of talking points and millions in campaign funding but NEVER results in an actual change in laws or policies.

= = = = =


I noted earlier that Trump's twittering always opened new ways for the Clinton mob (Mueller, Comey, media, CIA, et al) to run investigations against nationalists and heretics, without providing any evidence or material to defend humans against the Clintons.

Now it's clear that the "orders" perform the same function in the realm of black-robed demons. In response to Trump's "orders", the demons have created a massive and expanding body of new precedents. These precedents will stand forever because of the tyrannical stare decisis rule which is itself perfectly unconstitutional. The demons have already declared that enforcing the law is illegal if the enforcer is unfashionable. Now Emperor Watson has created a new "law" saying that borders are illegal. He didn't make this "law" until Trump gave him the basis.

These "laws" will stand forever, perfectly unrepealable and undebatable.

Everyone understands how this infinitely vicious and evil system works. Trump himself may be a brainless twat, but most of his team are insiders who can't be forgiven for inexperience or idiocy.

When you're up against demons, your job is to WORK AROUND** the demons, not to HELP THEM. Trump's team did the opposite. They have been handing the demons free ammunition guaranteed to yield PERMANENT "laws" that obliterate civilization.

= = = = =

** Footnote on end-runs and workarounds: The best workaround for bureaucrats is blackmail. Competent politicians use it all the time. Trump has NO EXCUSE for his failure to use the standard tool. His worldwide organization of hotels and casinos has thousands of security cameras, and bureaucrats are always sloshing around the world to various conferences. If he had WANTED to end-run the demons, he had an enormous source of workaround material. He didn't use it, so we can solidly conclude that he was on the other team from the start.


Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Watched the latest DELICIOUS O'Keefe interview with NYC satans.

This particular satan nicely illustrates the standard leftist prissiness about letting Holy Words drop onto Unsanctified Ears. Long pauses as the prissybrain calculates how to phrase a Holy Subject to avoid Sullying The Gaian Godhead.

O'Keefe misses one important point in his narration. He treats "objectivity" as a norm which is recently eroding. Nope, backwards. The myth of "objectivity" is recent, starting after WW2 when the globalists forcibly occupied all thinking and vocabulary, making all crimethink physically impossible.

Before WW2 newspapers were open and candid about their branding, which made it easier to pick your preferred flavor.

From the NW Ayer yearbook in 1920:

NYT was "Independent Democrat". You knew what you were buying, and you knew there were other ways of viewing the news.

From the NW Ayer yearbook in 1962:

By '62 nearly all papers described themselves as "Independent", which meant Rigidly Orthodox Globalist. "Independent" also meant (and still means) The Only Physically Possible Form Of Thinking. Other forms of th.... well, there's no way to assemble a sentence about the bizarre unimaginable concept of other forms. As the satan showed us.
  Double idiocy

The warmongers are getting excited about a new highway that China is building to the NK border. They see it as a route for tanks and troops, which would "start WW3".

Stupid. China has plenty of ways to invade and destroy NK by land or sea or air. A new road means TRADE.

This could be seen as an either-or proposition aimed at Kim. You can join the Silk Road or you can die. We're ready for both. You pick.

It wouldn't "start WW3". In fact full Chinese control of NK would damp down the war fires, because idiot Trump would be deprived of a target. Deepstate is NOT going to destroy China because China is our factory and our banker. Deepstate is too busy destroying America, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Ukraine, and a hundred other countries that have no value to Deepstate.
Monday, October 16, 2017

As tiresomely abovementioned, I no longer listen to official "news" or "entertainment" from either "side". I sometimes use the local money-talk station for noise because it tends to skip the usual "sides". For instance, the chartist types often use astrology to analyze the market instead of trying to parse Ben and Janet's infinitely evil word salad.

The PSAs on the station are astonishingly old. Some have been running constantly for 26 years. One mentions the Department of Health, Education And Welfare, which was renamed in 1983. That's OLD.

So a brand-new PSA on a meaningful topic is salient. A new PSA from physical therapists advocates exercise as a counterforce to opioid addiction.

This is an unexpected approach to the problem, cleanly skipping the usual "sides". Best of all, it makes GOOD GODDAMN SENSE.

Checking out the reference mentioned in the ad, the APTA website mainly discusses the use of PT to manage physical pain so you don't need to get addicted to opioids in the first place.

Missing most of the point. The opioid epidemic is mainly about MENTAL pain, not muscle and ligament pain. I know from experience that exercise avoids and counteracts MENTAL pain. A therapist could help you break out of the positive-feedback spasm-loop of suffering and tension and inertia.

It's unusual for an organization to underpromote its own benefits!


  Vertical, not horizontal

Assange is pointing back to a discussion of his own motives by John Sexton in 2010.

Assange had written:
We can marginalise a conspiracy’s ability to act by decreasing total conspiratorial power until it is no longer able to understand, and hence respond effectively to, its environment. We can split the conspiracy, reduce or eliminating important communication between a few high weight links or many low weight links. Traditional attacks on conspiratorial power groupings, such as assassination, have cut high weight links by killing, kidnapping, blackmailing or otherwise marginalizing or isolating some of the conspirators they were connected to …
Sexton responded:
This is the intellectual foundation of his thoughts on leaks. If you break the links between conspirators, you decrease their control. The “traditional” way is to do this is to cut off the head of the snake, but what Assange is suggesting here is that technology has given him another way to accomplish the same goal. Call it the long tail of regime change. Instead of taking out one very high value conspirator, you could attempt to break the links between lots of low level conspirators by making them too paranoid to communicate.
This is a classic mob-breaking routine practiced by police for centuries, but it only works when there are two or three mobs of similar power AND when the police have power. Convince the leaders of Mob 1 that their low-level operators are disobedient; or vice versa convince the low-level operators that their leaders are switching sides. Observe the action. Mob 1 leaders will start to kill the operators. Some of the low-level dudes will flip and snitch because they see that the police can protect them from Mob 1 bosses. More generally the bosses of all mobs will break out of their closed loop and do unusual things which the cops can observe.

In reality the trick doesn't break the horizontal links between the low-level dudes; it breaks the vertical links from low to high. The employees no longer trust the boss to protect them from other mobs, and the bosses no longer trust their employees to follow orders.

The crucial variable, which Assange's analysis doesn't quite hit, is the presence of competing mobs.

The 2009 Climate Crime leak made a small but measurable difference because the low-level operators like journal editors were able to compare the behavior of the Mann Mob with non-criminal scientists. Journal editors are not innocent; they know how the science game works. They recognized that Mann's behavior toward journals was well beyond the normal bounds of ruthless competition, and they got stricter with the criminals.

The DNC leaks have been useless because there isn't a competing mob and there isn't a police force. For 40 years the Clinton Mob has been LITERALLY AND CONCRETELY KILLING EVERYONE WHO EVEN THINKS ABOUT COMPETING WITH THE CLINTON MOB OR PROSECUTING THE CLINTON MOB OR TESTIFYING AGAINST THE CLINTON MOB. Nobody wants to die, so nobody has tried to build up a competing mob, and no prosecutor has volunteered to die. There's no alternative source of power, no Witness Protection Program. Thus the links remain firm, even while Boss Hillary fulfills part of the pattern by running around the country bashing her subordinates. The subordinates bend over and take it because they have NOWHERE TO GO.

The DNC leaks have affected the thinking of ordinary people, but ordinary people have exactly zero power so they're not worth discussing.

= = = = =

We can see plenty of link-breaking at the larger scale of USA STRONG vs Russia, but this has nothing to do with leaks or tactics. The growth of a competing mob was SUFFICIENT to cause the breaks.

As soon as Russia and China began setting up a SANE mob which allows its low-level operatives to SURVIVE AND THRIVE, our low-level operatives began to switch sides. Everyone is tired of the USA STRONG total obliteration approach. Normal mob leaders offer a rational behaviorist reward-punishment paradigm. Obey and prosper; or disobey and die. We're beyond all that. We're EXCEPTIONAL. We simply KILL everything EXCEPT Saudi and Israel. Now even Saudi and Israel are wary of being the exceptions to the total obliteration rule; they no longer trust our exceptionality. When a psychotic killer is on a roll, nobody is safe.

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Sunday, October 15, 2017
  Brits had it right

It's common in tech or mech fields to find British and American terminology overlapping in odd ways.

Here's one I hadn't noticed before. From the same 1935 magazine as the Hivac submini tube in previous item...

The flat-jawed clip is a bulldog and the sharp-jawed clip is a crocodile, which makes sense.

Americans call the flat-jawed version a crocodile and the sharp-jawed version an alligator, which doesn't make sense.

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The city has finished redoing Crown St. At first it looked like they were only going to patch the worst spots, but in fact they turned the whole six block stretch into a perfectly smooth seamless asphalt carpet. Pretty.

The machines were still rumbling back and forth late last night, so there's a fair chance that I'm the first 'civilian' to walk the whole new surface. Meaningless but sort of momentarily nice, like those bucket list achievements that don't achieve anything. Being the first person with misspelled Chinese tattoos on both ankles to summit Everest.**

I'm not worried about buckets. I've been steadily producing software and graphic tools that help people to do art and science for 35 years, and I'll keep doing it until the last synapse fizzles out. It's a tiny and insignificant contribution to the world, but at least it's a net increase in order and value, not a net decrease or a net zero.

Speaking of new surfaces and meaningless discoveries, today is Nibiru 2, the day when the "world as we know it" will end.

Crown Street as I knew it has ended, and a new world of (the top three inches of) Crown Street has been born.

Is that all?

Enough for me.

= = = = =

** Language sidenote: Being the first person to climb Everest without calling the achievement "summiting" would be a real achievement. I don't have a problem with verbing a noun but I have a big problem with snobbing and arroganting a verb.

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  Earlier than thought

I've been piddling around with submini tubes for a while. Credit for their invention goes to American tubemakers like Raytheon, who developed the size for onboard navigation and fusing in missiles and torpedos. Subminis became popular after the war in hearing aids and portable radios. Their reign was brief because transistors took over both duties around 1957. Russians continued using the subminis MUCH longer. Sputnik used subminis in its transmitter. Most of the NOS subminis on the market now are Russian, made in the '60s and '70s.

As usual the credit is wrong, and as usual in electronics the Brits got there first. An article in Practical Wireless in Oct 1935 shows a portable receiver built with subminis.

The British version may have been slightly larger than the WW2 Raytheon version. For dubious comparison, here's a picture from the 10/35 mag:

And here's my hand with a similarly familiar object and two of the postwar Raytheon subminis.

Best comparison is on the fingers. The Brit tube, leaving off the plugs, appears to span 1.8 fingers, while the Raytheon spans about 1.5 fingers. The Brit hand has fatter fingers than my hand, so the difference may be slightly greater.

In any case, these Brit tubes are NOT the 7-pin minis that were far more common in radios and TVs. The 7-pin covers about 2.8 of my fingers.

The Brit Hivac tubes are in between the sizes, but closer to the Raytheon submini.


  How it's supposed to work

Austria is holding a 'snap election' today, which shows how a Parliamentary system is SUPPOSED TO WORK.

From DW:
Austrians on Sunday began casting their ballots in snap elections that are being closely watched as a further gauge of rising populist sentiment in the European Union.

Although conservative Sebastian Kurz, 31, is forecast to win more than 30 percent of the vote with his revamped Austrian People's Party (ÖVP), the far-right, anti-immigration Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ) is considered a strong contender for second place and could thus be a possible coalition partner in a new government.

Kurz has taken some of the wind from the sails of the FPÖ under Heinz-Christian Strache by adopting similar positions on radically curbing immigration to those held by the far-right party. The FPÖ has thus been forced to try to shed its radical image, focusing instead on social issues, jobs and pensions in a bid to enter the mainstream.
Demonic DW portrays 'taking the wind from the sails' as a loss for the sane forces, but in fact this is how a sane attitude adjusts the government in a functional feedback loop. When the currently powerful party is failing to satisfy the needs of the country, a new party forms to carry the inhibitory signal. After the new party threatens to become a majority, the old party LEARNS FROM EXPERIENCE and adopts the message.

None of this could ever happen in USA STRONG. We lost the game in 1787 when we switched from Parliament to tyranny. The 1787 system is explicitly designed to avoid change and eliminate feedback. There is no mechanism for adaptation, no way to get rid of a bad leader, no incentive for a bad ruler to change his ways.

We had one brief exception in the '30s, when FDR acted as a one-man Parliament. He saw new parties developing under Huey Long and Father Coughlin and leftist labor unions, saw that they were ready and willing to work OUTSIDE the system, and 'took the wind from their sails' by doing the right thing. After FDR died the globalists regained full control and restored the fake "two" "party" setup, guaranteeing that no feedback or adjustment could ever break their monopoly, no president would ever do the right thing.


  Se-lu 14, Roussilon edition

Assange is driving home the point that CataLUnya provides a blueprint for other movements, even if it doesn't directly succeed.

I'm not convinced it was a necessary movement or a worthwhile goal, given the existing autonomy of CataLUnya, but I agree with the blueprint point.

Assange is treating it as a case study for Gandhian methods. It's not especially new in that department.

In my peculiar terms, CataLUnya formed a NEW blueprint for GETTING OUTSIDE THE PROBLEM to solve the problem. Half of the ethnic group lives in France, so the leaders of the half in Spain mobilized the French half to provide communication and printing services when Spain shut down services within its borders. This had the side effect of vectoring the French half toward revolution mode.

Any movement that stays INSIDE THE PROBLEM stands no chance of success. Best current example: Bitcoin is touted as a way to conduct transactions outside Deepstate. This is PRIMA FACIE DUMB. When you are EXCLUSIVELY RELYING ON NSA'S WEB to conduct business, you are DEEPER INSIDE the system than ordinary commerce with its mix of paper currency, paper checks and digital checks. You have NO EXTERNAL GROUND POINT, no way of verifying what happened after NSA alters or deletes your INTERNAL records.

The proper soLUtion always involves more paper and less computers.

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Saturday, October 14, 2017
  Math switchover

NatGeo article describes Viking burial garments embroidered with Arabic words for Allah and Ali.

This isn't entirely new; earlier finds indicated quite a bit of trade and mixing among the Northern tribes and Arabs.

Adopting part of a foreign religion without being conquered is EXTREMELY unusual.

From the start, tribal leaders have motivated US to fight THEM because THEM has the wrong god, or the wrong number of gods, or uses the wrong words to worship the same god, or says the words in a different way, or spells the words differently while saying them the same way.

In reality most wars are personal. A tribal leader is crazy Insatiable, so he gets addicted to conquering Deplorables. Conquering is addictive because it rarely works for long. Deplorables may not be ready for rape, but after the rape they get PRICKLY.

So the Insatiable, being Insatiable, has to find new Deplorables to rape. He usually knows that his people don't share his craziness, so he uses Resources or Religion as an understandable motivation.

WW1 and WW2 broke the pattern. In both cases the sides were thoroughly mixed in religion and ethnicity, and in both cases the Krauts and Japs stripped off the religious disguise to reveal pure tribal craziness.

In 1946 the leaders of US/UK donned their religious robes again. We were the Believers making war against the Atheists.

Appropriate for a digital age. Previous math wars had been 1 god vs 3 gods or 3 gods vs Lotsa gods. Now we were 1 or 3 gods, mainly led and fueled by the 1 god tribe, fighting against 0 gods.

After the 1989 Switchover the math switched while remaining digital. Now we are the atheists, the 0 gods side, fighting to kill all non-zero gods. Muslims are bad because they have 1, Russians are bad because they have 3. Some of the warleaders on our side are 3 gods types; for them, Russia is bad because it has the wrong logical symbol joining two of its 3 godparts. Ask Fatima about this. The 0 gods leaders are happy to have this slight symbolic disagreement, as long as the 3-ites keep pushing for war.

So those Vikings represent a peculiar exception to a nearly universal trend of history. Especially notable because the Vikings were pretty fair Insatiables, famous for taking over entire continents including this one.

= = = = =

Later contrary thought: The embroidered letters could be marks of respect, but in context they look more like notches on a gun or medals on a uniform, indicating "I helped to conquer Allah and Ali." Burial symbols generally honor victory, not assimilation.


  Paying the price of freedom? No, it's the other way.

The commenters on a ZH article about the failure of cable TV got into some meaningful discussion along with the usual crap. One said:

I've actually calculated what I saved since I cut the cable: $20,000+. No joke.

Okay, let's try it. Fortunately I marked the moment when I unplugged the cable.

From August 2010 to now is 86 months. Eliminating cable TV saved $80 a month at that time. Presumably Comcast bills have gone up since then, but using $80 gives a total saving of $6880.

Pretty damn impressive. Since I live on $12K a year, that's about seven months of living. One extra month of income in each cable-free year. More importantly, it's 86 months of FREEDOM from the hard-wired toxic injection of TV.

Repooflicans love to squawk about Paying The Price Of Freedom. In fact you have to pay for slavery in the modern world. Freedom is cheaper.


  Motes and beams

Last month I wrote this set of pairings:
"Scientists" jail you for questioning "science".

Astrologers don't jail you for questioning astrology.

MDs force you to follow orders by withholding life-sustaining prescriptions. (In any other context this would be called extortion.)

Alternative doctors (naturopaths, chiropractors, etc) don't force you to do anything.

Social "scientists" design and operate torture chambers.

Psychics and faith healers don't.

Non-smokers jail you for smoking in the wrong place, which is pretty much every place.

Smokers don't jail you for not smoking.

Bankers jail you for using cash.

Goldbugs don't jail you for using debit cards.

Globalists bomb you for questioning the Empire.

Localists don't bomb you for being a globalist.
= = = = =

Yesterday I commented in detail on the "sonic attack" hate-hoax, more or less dismissing it but remaining objective because this is my proper area of expertise.

Later ZH had a headline: This Is What Americans Heard During The Mysterious Cuban Sonic Attacks, And Why Experts Don't Buy It

Yup, I'm an expert and I don't buy it.

Some experts in acoustics and phonetics are in fact working for NSA and Apple and Google. Their jargon is easy to recognize in the NSA stuff released by Wikileaks, and their work is easy to see elsewhere.

In terms of the pairings above, does that make me an astrologer? Yes. If an analogous title existed I'd happily use it. (Faith acoustician? Phonologer?)

The important distinction in the pairings above is not the professional title but the willingness to serve power. The first group in each pair is willing to use their expertise or passion aggressively. The second group is not willing to serve power. They are defending people against power, lending their knowledge and skills to people who are just trying to live an ordinary life.


Friday, October 13, 2017
  Health attack? Or just scrambler?

Somebody has published a wave that is supposedly the Cuba "sonic attack" or hate-hoax. Not much info about how this was recorded, if in fact it was recorded.

It seems to have a 7100 cps peak, amplitude modulated randomly at a much slower near-syllabic rate. It doesn't bother my ears.

Spectrum of the original:

Piece of the waveform, showing the modulation in speech-fundamental range:

The MP3 sampling rate is 44k, so 7k is getting up into 'aliased' territory which makes the spectrum sort of dubious.

Slowing it down drastically so that the carrier is about 300 cps:

Slowed-down segment

This does bother my ears.

In this form you can hear that the modulation is basically a beat between two nearly identical carriers, shifting ever so slightly in freq.

Without any context I'd guess that this was a scrambler, using something like FSK plus a random component to create the audio equivalent of a one-time pad cipher.

Since we don't have any context, that's as far as I can go. This could have been a VLF radio signal emitted by the embassy, which was rectified and resonated accidentally by some metal surfaces. Or it could be an intentional audio signal.

7k is not an especially meaningful freq in terms of cochlear function or auditory processing. It's well above all the freqs we need or analyze for speech. Landline telephones cut off at 3k, and AM radio cuts off at 5k, without losing intelligibility. The only nearby landmark is 8k, which resonates at the first curve of the cochlea. Long-term exposure to 8k damages the hair cells more than other freqs, and a typical noise-induced hearing problem has a peak loss at 8k.

But this would be counterproductive if you were trying to drive the enemy crazy. The damage produced by long-term exposure to 8k would gradually make the victims more immune to the signal, not more sensitive to it.

If I had the job of driving Yanks crazy with audio I'd go the other way, down to 20 or 30 cps. A subsonic rumble makes you jumpy and edgy without being consciously heard. You don't know it's there until it stops, when you suddenly feel relieved and relaxed.


  Antichrist doing what antichrists do

Antichrist Bergoglio is getting down to business. He wants to revise official "Church" policy to forbid capital punishment. Loyally obeying his satanboss Soros, he also wants to eliminate EVERY form of effective punishment.....
There is an additional factor of interest for American readers. In 2014, Pope Francis said that the use of long-term solitary confinement is a kind of torture. This position is also held by many psychologists, who have noted that solitary incarnation can have a profoundly negative impact on mental health. Long-term solitary confinement is the most prominent alternative to the death penalty proffered by American corrections officials, especially for habitual unmanageable inmates.
So it's not really a question of morality. It's just a question of who's giving the orders. When Deepstate is paying the bill, harsh treatment is godlike and angelic. When civilization is giving the orders, harsh treatment is unthinkable.

Weaponizing criminals is a major piece of the Sorosian project, and now Antichrist has officially enlisted the ENTIRE CHURCH in this part of the Sorosian project. He already enlisted the ENTIRE CHURCH in weaponizing migrants.

At some points in history the Church acted as a counterforce to evil. Now it's one of the strongest pluponents of evil, adding the mass (lit/fig) and momentum of millions of idiot followers to the acceleration of wickedness.

Later: Noticed the typo by NCR: solitary incarnation. Does this mean the prisoners turn into Jesus when in solitary? If that's the case, the "church" should want more of it.


  What are you telling us?

The yappers and advertisers on money-talk shows and websites are constantly trying to impress us with how hard they work. They brag about having 12 careers at once and sleeping 30 minutes a day.

I'm not impressed. Either you're simply lying, or you're telling us that you don't know how to manage money.

The goal of working hard is to reach the point when you don't have to work hard. If you have a valuable skill, and you know how to live simply and avoid gambling, you can reach that point fairly soon.

Why should I listen to your advice about managing money when you don't know how to manage your own?


Thursday, October 12, 2017
  Moodquake verified

Yesterday around 4PM I acquired one of those sudden dark moods that sometimes come 18 hours before a nearby quake. I posted a short item here, then deleted it. (Title was "Just for the record", if anyone feels like checking the Google cache.) Writing then deleting can help to get rid of a mood. Didn't help; good sleep cured the mood.

What about nearby quakes? Yes. This time it wasn't just a trash bin tipping over next to my window!

PNSN shows a long swarm of significant quakes south of Yakima, starting at noon today. 20 hours after the mood started.

The location doesn't seem to be special; it's not near Hanford and not near active volcanos.

10 hours later, the swarm resumes:

  RT is Bernie, aberreedux

RT has an article on the death of a Russian faith healer who became prominent in the later years of the Soviet era.

The tone of the article shows the REAL attitude of RT, not the bigoted ASSUMPTIONS about RT. In fact RT agrees with Western 'progressives' on nearly everything except hating Russia... and in this case it comes damn close to hating Russia.
It’s the height of Perestroika. Old certainties are fading fast, not least faith in the Soviet healthcare system, free and available, but short on new generation drugs, high-tech equipment and magic. Glasnost allows the vacuum to be filled at speed. There are still only five channels – if you live in a big enough city – but they are no longer exclusively broadcasting repetitive party propaganda. Chumak really is a breath of fresh air, yet he also receives authority from being on stuffy state television. ...

The magic could not last. Chumak managed to monetize his gift by mass-producing “charged” water** and creams, but by the time he and his ilk were officially banned by the Ministry of Health for “advocating pseudoscience” in 1993, interest was on the wane anyway. One part of the audience cringed at their earlier selves rushing to fill jars in time, another moved on to a new generation of psychics, who made corpses levitate or claimed that they were reincarnations of Jesus, rendering Chumak’s persona staid, his magic underpowered. Chumak did not retire to penury, but returned to playing to his core fans in smaller venues, and charging clinically diagnosed patients hundreds of dollars for one-to-one healing sessions – much like working psychics around the world.
Note that the ban came in 1993 during the Sorosian period, not during the Soviet period. Who's the bigger atheist?

RT clearly doesn't respect the ordinary Russians who were seeking transcendence. Sounds a lot like US media or US 'progressives'.

= = = = =

**Footnote: Didn't have to look hard to find charged water in the Aberree. From Dec 1964:



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