Friday, June 30, 2017
  Basic fallacy

The basic failure of Romneycare is being missed by both "sides" in the current pointless donnybrook.

The ADVERTISED purpose of Romneycare was to bring the people who were using ER instead of doctors into the insurance pool. Insurers charged more "because" they were now handling and pooling those people. In my case, Group Health's premium went from $300 a month to $500 "because" they were now charging me for pregnancy, drug addiction services, and child dental care, which I could not conceivably need or use.

Basic fallacy 1: Those ER-using people were ALREADY in a pool. Hospitals and doctors and clinics have ALWAYS charged wealthier patients extra to cover free services to poor patients. This has been going on for CENTURIES.

Basic fallacy 2: Romneycare DID NOT SHIFT the location of the pool. Hospital and doctor bills DID NOT GO DOWN. Insurance bills DID GO UP "because" those patients were supposedly now in the insurance pool instead of the hospital pool.

What really happened is simple. Patients who had been using the ER continued using the ER because it was now EVEN HARDER to see a real doctor. Hospitals continued pooling the expenses of those poor patients as they had ALWAYS done. Insurers made tremendously larger profits for providing exactly NOTHING to ANYONE. NOTHING to the payers, NOTHING to the non-payers. NOTHING.
  Deep thinking

Wandering through old movies on Youtube, ran into "The Creature from the Haunted Sea." Nice poetic atmosphere, but how would that work?

A house or tomb has walls, so it can be securely haunted without the haunt-field escaping. Think Faraday shield.

A sea, by definition, is not a closed body of water. It's more like a region within an ocean. (There are a few exceptions, but they're misnamed. The Sea of Galilee and the Salton Sea are really lakes, not seas.)

How does hauntation remain confined in a region of the ocean? Why isn't the haunting diluted by inflowing unhaunted water from other parts of the ocean? Why doesn't it flow out to haunt the rest of the ocean in an attenuated way? Are there spirit dams or weirs** around the haunted region, invisible to ordinary sailors? If so, why isn't EPA agitating to breach them?

** A spirit weir would be an ectoplasmic reticulum.

= = = = =

Later: I thought I was being creatively stupid, then remembered that the Ghost Hunters As Seen On TV always carry little hauntation field strength meters, presumably controlled by finger pressure. Nothing new under the stupid sun.

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  Kudos to Reuters

Item in Reuters:
Despite hacking charges, U.S. tech industry fought to keep ties to Russia spy service

As U.S. officials investigated in January the FSB's alleged role in election cyber attacks, U.S. technology firms were quietly lobbying the government to soften a ban on dealing with the Russian spy agency, people with direct knowledge of the effort told Reuters.

New U.S. sanctions put in place by former President Barack Obama last December - part of a broad suite of actions taken in response to Russia's alleged meddling in the 2016 presidential election - had made it a crime for American companies to have any business relationship with the FSB, or Federal Security Service.

But the sanctions also threatened to imperil the Russian sales operations of Western tech companies. Under a little-understood arrangement, the FSB doubles as a regulator charged with approving the import to Russia of almost all technology that contains encryption, which is used in both sophisticated hardware as well as products like cellphones and laptops.

Second thought: Wait. Before starting the torture, I need to PRAISE Reuters for doing real journalism, REPORTING the infinite omnicidal evil and phrasing the text and headline to EMPHASIZE the massive infinite evil. Note especially the alleged hacking and accused meddling, in sharp contrast to all other media treating the nonexistent "meddling" and "hacking" as a fact of Nature requiring no proof.
Thursday, June 29, 2017
  Wsa this insensional?

ZH features the idiot NYT "editors" striking for something or other.

The ZH writer proves that editors are useful:
The walkout reportedly began at 3 p.m., Eastern Time and lasted fifteen minutes. After what looks like a sizable portion - if not the entire staff- of the New York Times New York headquarters spilled out onto 42nd street and Eigth Ave. (the location of the Times' Time Square headquarters), photos and video of the walkout are begining to emerge on twitter ... Can the paper afford to keep all these editors while still meeting the onermous demands for profits from shareholders?
Unfortunately the Times, even WITH copy editors, isn't any better. The last time I read their print edition regularly was in the late '80s, when I was generally leftish but too busy to get excited about politics. The Times was available on newsstands at Penn State, so I picked it up regularly. Even though I approved of the leftist bias, I couldn't stand the constant typos and sloppy syntax. I switched to the Altoona paper, which was unbiased and carefully edited.

The editors weren't earning their pay then. Now, with auto spellcheckers fixing most errors, they're even less necessary. ZH could use them! (Admittedly, onermous is a nice accidental portmanteau.)

Just for fun, editing the above by my 'stylebook'...
The walkout reportedly began at 3 PM and lasted fifteen minutes. After what looked like a sizeable portion (if not the entire staff) of the Times's New York headquarters spilled out onto 42nd St and Eighth Ave [Times Square], photos and video of the walkout are beginning to emerge on Twitter ... Can the paper afford to keep all these editors while still meeting the onerous demands for increased share value from Carlos Slim?

  A command.

A command to US/UK/EU, and to WaPo, NYTimes, CNN, FOX, CIA, NSA, GCHQ, ETC, ETC, ETC.

Written by a not-so-ordinary Russian. Consider it to be a prophetic scripture carrying a command from God.


  No, that's not verification

Headline from Economist:

Fake news: you ain’t seen nothing yet: Generating convincing audio and video of fake events

I can't get through the paywall, but the gist seems to be that "journalism" will be impossible to verify after digital graphics becomes even better.

No, that's NOT the problem.

Verifying the news from the printed or displayed output has never worked, and you shouldn't expect it to work.

Verification has always required BEING THERE, either at the scene of the current event or in a similar situation. If you're in the area of the tornado, you can verify the report. If you've been in a tornado, you can tell whether the report is plausible. If you've worked in a motel, you can tell whether a report about a motel robbery makes sense. When you've been reading RT or SputnikNews, and when you know something about how NSA and CIA operate, you can verify that WaPo's (and CNN and CIA and everybody else's) account of RUSSIANMEDDLING is totally false. All of the assumptions and "facts" and motivations and hardware and software are perfectly wrong.

= = = = =

Journalism AS A BUSINESS has always required surface fakery. Shocking headlines, misleading pictures. The Extry Extry newsboy deliberately made the headlines hard to understand. The first newsreels by Pathe in 1895 were completely staged.

If you want to grab and hold people's attention, you can't simply narrate what happened.

Good example from previous item: The front page of the Lawrence Republican on statehood day. Just the NEWS, not journalism. A direct copy of the Congressional Record, showing when Kansas was officially statized. Mechanical and dull. Because the event was already dramatic to Kansans, the paper could get away with it for one day.

Better example: The Spokane News facebook page. This is ACTUAL NEWS with BUILT-IN VERIFICATION. Exact opposite of journalism. People are describing real events in real time in their own words and their own pictures. Most of the events are undramatic to outsiders, but intensely interesting to people who live near the vandalism or fire. Sometimes life-or-death interesting. So there's no need to gin up interest with fakery. If you're near the event, you can verify. If you've been robbed by the same Gypsy or crashed at the same intersection, you know the report is likely to be true.


  Swinton, Verres, beer.

Assange spent some effort in tracking down a quotation about the cynicism of the press. The original quote was badly misplaced in time and geography.

The relevant quote from John Swinton, misdated to 1953 but actually written in 1880:
There is not one of you who dares to write your honest opinions, and if you did, you know beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid weekly for keeping my honest opinion out of the paper I am connected with. Others of you are paid similar salaries for similar things, and any of you who would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the streets looking for another job. If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone.

The business of the journalist is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread. You know it and I know it, and what folly is this toasting an independent press?
Assange found a long bio of John Swinton including this:
Scottish born, he learned typesetting in Canada before moving to the United States. During the trouble in Kansas he was active in the freesoil movement and headed the Lawrence Republican. Moving back to New York he wrote an occasional article for the Times and was hired on a regular basis in 1860 as head of the editorial staff. Afterward holding this position throughout the Civil War, he left the paper in 1870 and became active in the labor struggles of the day. He later served eight years in the same position on the New York Sun and published a weekly labor sheet, John Swinton's Paper.
Looked in KSHS, which covers the details of Madman Lincoln's War pretty well. They have one full copy of the Lawrence Republican, from statehood day in 1861. At that time it was edited and published by John Speer and Verres Nicholas Smith. Nothing about Swinton.

Tracing the unique name, found an 1877 report from Kans State Board of Ag, giving the history of the paper.

[This is an amazing book! It includes a history and current description of all the major cities in Kansas, and some beautiful maps.]

The history of Speer and Smith and the Lawrence Republican:

Sounds like old Verres had an eye for opportunities. As Greeley said, "Go west, young man, then come back and marry my daughter." Still nothing about Swinton or Swindon. He may have written for the paper, but he wasn't an editor or publisher.

Major question: If Swinton was actually there, did he leave because he realized that he was serving rich Yankees? Or was he fooled by the whole "abolition" crap? Madman Lincoln's War was designed to replace the older version of slavery, which gave lifetime security and family support to the slave, with Yankee industrial slavery that offered the freedom to starve. Some of Swinton's quotes indicate an understanding of Yankee exploitation, but not in the specific context of Lincoln's war to increase the share value of his railroad baron bosses.

= = = = =

Returning to the maps, here's Riley County:

A closeup around Manhattan shows a steam flour mill at Temple Lane, and a brewery at the original Polistra townsite!

Should I rename the blog? No, a brewery would probably include a barley mill, so the name is narrowly correct despite the wrong location. Here's a picture of the brewery.
  Seriously missing the point

Tech-tyrants always see governments as the problem and corporations as the solution. Not surprising for the leaders of the movement, who work for the corporations** that will "finally solve" us. The followers really ought to be thinking more carefully.

This article from EFF shows how it works.
In a decision that has troubling implications for free expression online, the Supreme Court of Canada upheld a company’s effort to force Google to de-list entire domains and websites from its search index, effectively making them invisible to everyone using Google’s search engine.
The case itself was typical of another problem that I noted yesterday: Missing the essential business of Google. One company complained that Google was giving their competitor better placement in searches. Well duh. The competitor was paying for better placement, and Google quite properly gave them what they paid for. Google is an advertising agency running a library.

If you want a library without advertising, you can find one downtown. The Public Library has its own biases and does its own censorship, but it probably won't edit the phone books to favor one router company over another. Unless one router company is suspected of Christianity, or suspected of considering the possibility of harboring the thought that one or two Christians might be allowed to survive, in which case the Public Library will carbon-neutrally burn all books that might possibly contain the name or anything remotely resembling it.

You pays your money and you takes your tyrant.

In the Canadian case the court forced Google to alter its listings everywhere. EFF is complaining that this is globalist tyranny by the court.

No. It's globalist tyranny by Google. If Google operated strictly within one country, the court wouldn't have "global power". It would be ruling only for Canada. Stupid or not, the ruling would be legitimate. Because Google is illegitimately global, crossing all boundaries without respecting laws or taxes, the decision is leveraged up to the global level.

Back when the West was sane, Canadian laws forced US companies to build their products in Canada using Canadian labor and Canadian-sourced parts. Amazingly the US companies went along with the laws because they were operating as BUSINESSES who made PROFITS. They were not operating as SHARE-VALUE-INCREASING MACHINES like Google. They understood that paying people for labor was part of the circle of commerce. Canadian workers used their pay to buy Canadian Chevies, which added profit to GM in Detroit. If GM simply exported Chevies from Detroit, Canadian workers would have less money to buy Chevies and everything else.

The concept of paying for labor is now extinct. The concept of modularity, keeping commerce alive within each nation or province separately, is now extinct.

Local content laws helped to maintain a broad range of skills and industries in each country. GRAYBILL'S LAW. Sanity ended with a Free Trade Treaty in 1965, the first draft of NAFTA, opening the path for Canada to lose its skills and talents, and allowing US corporations to control everything.

The only solution to ALL of these problems is more modularity. I think this particular range of problems will be solved SOON without any special effort. EU is insisting on unenforceable limits, Canada is insisting on unenforceable limits, and BRICS/Silk Road is building its own independent net. Google will have to find a way to modularize. It will have to conform to local content laws in the same way that GM and Ford did before 1965. Create separate structures for each nation, with only limited coupling between them.

= = = = =

** I don't believe in trying to recover the "original" meaning of words; you have to go with current usage. Fascist and Marxist have no meaning at all except "I hate you". Nevertheless, the original meanings still apply here. EFF-style tech tyrants are exactly Fascists by the original Mussolini definition. Their utopia subsumes all life under one giant holy corporation run by a benevolent scholar-poet-king named Elon Musk. Anyone who disagrees with the benevolent scholar-poet-king is a Marxist.


Wednesday, June 28, 2017
  Other end

The computer on Driscoll Baptist's readerboard has gone into some kind of fail mode this morning. Instead of the usual mix of Bible verses and schedules, it's just showing a big green happyface. Nothing else.

Hacked by Satan? Nah. If Satan wanted to hack a Baptist board he'd couple it directly to Antichrist Bergoglio's twitstream, and append fake biblical citations to each item.

Who am I to judge? ... Judges 48:12

Every day, when I browse the newspapers, I see violence, here in Italy. this one who has murdered his girlfriend, another who has murdered the mother-in-law. ... Acts 31:15

It is like a fruit salad; there's everything. ... Leviticus 666:666

I believe that in pretty much every religion there is always a small group of fundamentalists. Fundamentalists. We have them. When fundamentalism comes to kill, it can kill with the language. ... James 3:6 (Oops, that one is real.)

= = = = =

No, this hack comes from the other end of the Angelistic Spectrum. This is the Angel Jimbo, who cheerfully polishes the Pearly Gates every day under close supervision.
  Why didn't anyone else do it?

During WW2 all automakers and other major manufacturers were required to work for defense. Automakers built trucks and tanks and aircraft and weapons of all types.

After WW2, Willys decided not to return to civvies. Willys simply kept making Jeeps, and expanded them to station wagons and pickups. The result was tremendously successful. Now, after 70 years and 6 changes of ownership, Willys is still in Toledo, still building Jeeps and station wagons and pickups.

Why didn't any other manufacturers 'civilize' their war products? Why didn't they amortize their acquired skills and tools? If Willys could do it, there wasn't a legal restriction. Packard would have done far better as a maker of luxury jets. Gulfstream should have been Packard.

Lack of imagination? I dunno.

= = = = =

Later, remembered a partial exception. Buick developed a hydraulic transmission for a tank, then turned it into Dynaslush after the war.


  Just pinned this down........

When I read news and commentary from earlier eras, I always notice OBJECTIVITY.

In the middle of WW2 our own propagandists were strongly pro-US, but simultaneously recognized and stated that both sides were issuing propaganda.

This 1966 editorial in the trade mag Electronics shows a similar ability to stand back from partisan rigidity. Vietnam was heating up and proxy wars in Africa were going strong, but the writer was able to see the separate interests of individual countries on the Soviet side.

Orwell and Huxley hit the same point repeatedly. The inner party and Alphas had to know and see facts on both sides, needed some degree of empathy, IN ORDER TO RULE FIRMLY AND LASTINGLY.

Rulers MUST have the consent of their own people. In order to rule with consent, you must understand the people OBJECTIVELY.

OBJECTIVE understanding is extinct in EU/US/UK. Our leaders on all "sides" share the same set of unprecedentedly weird delusions that blind them to all aspects of reality.

Putin is winning because he's OBJECTIVE. He knows what his people need and want, and he knows how to satisfy them. Those concepts are utterly alien to our leaders. They only know the incoherent grakbjrtnax of the screechy voices in their own extraterrestrial cranial organs.
Tuesday, June 27, 2017
  Where did all the Econ-O-Milers go?

Watching a dumb Mexican movie made in 1971.

The intro caught my attention immediately:

Hey! That's a Lark Econ-O-Miler taxi. When Studie chopped down the '53 body to make the Lark, they continued their strategy of two slightly different sizes. In previous years the longer body had been the semi-luxury Land Cruiser. As a Lark variant the longer version didn't make sense, but they continued building it solely for taxicabs. No self-respecting USA taxi company would buy the Econ-O-Miler.

Now I know where they went!

A rear view of the Econ-O-Miler (or is it El Milero Del Econ-O? El Kilometrador Del Cheapo?) shows another unusual feature. (Along with the Lark standard equipment oil smoke.)

Those taillights were not used on Larks north of the border. I've included the '59-60 Lark wraparound and the '61 chrome-bezel versions. This Mexican taxi doesn't match either one. It DOES match the '47 Champion with divider bar in the middle. Were they meant to be interchangeable? Was this the regular Mexican version? Or just replaced by a clever Mexican mechanic who made them interchangeable?

= = = = =

Graphic sidenote: When I was hurriedly copy-pasting the rectangles, I stretched the '59 horizontally. The result looks MUCH better than the stubby actual '59. Too bad MacRae didn't have computer graphics. I suppose you could have used stretchy paper as a serendipity generator in those days....


  Unexpected sympathy

Sympathy for Google? Impossible. Until this.

Via ZH:
Google suffered a major regulatory blow on Tuesday, when the EU's antitrust regulator fined Alphabet’s Google a record €2.42 billion ($2.71 billion) fine for "abusing its dominance in search" and favoring its own comparison-shopping service in search results: a decision with far-reaching implications for both the tech sector and already strained transatlantic relations. The EU further ordered the search giant to apply the same methods to rivals as its own when displaying their services in search results.
Skewing search results is what Google does. That's not disingenuous or parodic or ironic, it's just a simple description of how they make money. Google is an advertising agency running a library.

Expecting Google to produce results that are not paid by advertisers is like expecting BBDO or Saatchi to create full-color layouts for all products at once with no special attention to the companies that pay the agency.

Google does all sorts of evil things and tries to consume the world, but its core business is normal and comparatively honest. You can't have commerce without advertising. EU wants Google to cease its only honest activity.
  Where's the example?

Halfway listening to EWTN talking about Mary as a model for marriage.

Convective thought: Properly functioning churches try to keep properly functioning monogamous marriages together. In the modern world this is the PRIMARY job of religion. LDS seems to do the job well. Most other churches fail.

But where is marriage in the Bible? Adam and Eve had several sons but weren't married. Most of the main characters of the Old Testament were polygamous. Mary was married to Joseph, but Jesus was the product of some other babydaddy. Jesus wasn't married, and seems to have been running a homosexual cult. His disciples told us that marriage MUST be permanent (which is contrary to Natural Law)... but none of them were married. Not to females anyway.

Among the major characters in OT and NT, only Abraham was definitely married to one wife.

Not a good set of examples for the primary task of modern churches.

The latest O'Keefe expose of CNN is surprising. Producer Bonifield, who was interviewed by the O'Keefe agent, is a NORMAL HUMAN. He has a fully intact mind with a solid sense of facts and logic and evidence. He knows what journalism SHOULD be doing, and he's comfortable working for CNN while knowing that it does the exact opposite. He has clearly decided to make money and gain power by cynical evil methods, but without losing his internal compass.

This is sharply distinct from the baby-killing executives interviewed by Daleiden. The abortuary execs are evil clear through. They never had any sense of morality or logic. Killing babies is not something they do because it's profitable; they are ASCETICALLY COMMITTED TO EVIL. Murder is their mission field. They are Satan's nuns.

I had assumed that CNN/MSNBC/FOX/NYT/ETC were the same. Evil from inside to outside, from top to bottom, deeply committed to obliterating the universe. The front-line monsters like Anderson Cooper and Shep Smith clearly fit into the baby-killer category, but it appears that one or two people in executive positions are curable.
Monday, June 26, 2017
  Good logic, bad logic

The Supreme Criminals made two surprising rulings today.

The big one allows Trump's ENFORCEMENT OF EXISTING FEDERAL LAW to proceed. This is a strong signal to the lower criminals who have stated EXPLICITLY AND OPENLY that Trump was not allowed to enforce EXISTING FEDERAL LAW because he had the WRONG BELIEFS. They used the word 'motivation' instead of belief, but it's exactly the same thing. He was elected by the WRONG SORT OF PEOPLE, so he's not allowed to take office.

The smaller decision favors a parochial school in Mo that was trying to get a state subsidy for playground improvements. In terms of teams and sides, I'm happy to see the religious side "winning" one, but in terms of logic I can't see it. If I'd been a juror on that case I would have ruled against the school. This is NOT a question of belief, it's a question of subsidies.

The First Amendment is perfectly clear. Government shouldn't FAVOR OR DISFAVOR religion. Government shouldn't DO ANYTHING AT ALL in connection to religion.


Here the state was following the principle correctly by denying a subsidy to the religious school.
  Pluponents and zero

Looks like I'm stuck on a theme today.

Still thinking about the origin of zero as a mark for an empty column or an empty slot.

Pluponents are not satisfied with filling the Correct column entirely and emptying the Heretic column entirely. When a mediasatan like BBC or CNN runs quality control, checking itself for balance and bias, the check always finds insufficient balance. This means that the stories and columns, which are already EXACTLY 100% EVIL AND EXACTLY 0% TRUTH, must go farther IN THE SAME DIRECTION. Balance means MORE THAN 100% EVIL and LESS THAN 0% TRUTH.

If the physical medium was expandable, the first part would be achievable. Just write more evil. But the medium itself is finite. A broadcast day has 86400 seconds. Can't make more. Media webpages are standardized, with a fixed number of pixels available. A newspaper page has a fixed maximum number of characters.

In theory you could jam in more by speeding up the speech or using finer print and smaller fonts, but that's not practical. You want your evil to inject properly into the minds of your minions, so it needs to be legible and comprehensible.

What vain thing do the satans imagine? How does MORE THAN 100% EVIL look in their demonic vision? What does LESS THAN ZERO TRUTH look like? What is MORE EMPTY THAN EMPTY? Negative numbers won't serve here. Adding negative truth is the same thing as adding more evil, which is already maxed out.

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  Not that it's needed

By now all the data is solidly consistent.

Trump is a miserable rotten nasty faker.

One item seals the deal: The Federal Dept of Jesse Jackson is continuing to sue Arpaio for doing the same thing that "Trump" was pretending to do. During the campaign, "Trump" emitted words that appeared to defend Arpaio. Now the actual Trump is seamlessly continuing Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama policies.


Federal courts are suing Arpaio for enforcing Federal law.

Let's try that again and see if it makes more sense.

Federal courts are suing Arpaio for enforcing Federal law.

Let's try that again and see if it makes more sense.

Federal courts are suing Arpaio for enforcing Federal law.

Let's try that again and see if it makes more sense.

Federal courts are suing Arpaio for enforcing Federal law.

Let's try that again and see if it makes more sense.

Federal courts are suing Arpaio for enforcing Federal law.

Let's try that again and see if it makes more sense.

Federal courts are suing Arpaio for enforcing Federal law.

Let's try that again and see if it makes more sense.

Federal courts are suing Arpaio for enforcing Federal law.

Let's try that again and see if it makes more sense.

Federal courts are suing Arpaio for enforcing Federal law.

Let's try that again and see if it makes more sense.

Federal courts are suing Arpaio for enforcing Federal law.

Let's try that again and see if it makes more sense.

Federal courts are suing Arpaio for enforcing Federal law.

Let's try that again and see if it makes more sense.

Federal courts are suing Arpaio for enforcing Federal law.

Let's try that again and see if it makes more sense.

Federal courts are suing Arpaio for enforcing Federal law.

Let's try that again and see if it makes more sense.

Federal courts are suing Arpaio for enforcing Federal law.

Let's try that again and see if it makes more sense.

Federal courts are suing Arpaio for enforcing Federal law.

Let's try that again and see if it makes more sense.

Federal courts are suing Arpaio for enforcing Federal law.

Let's try that again and see if it makes more sense.

Federal courts are suing Arpaio for enforcing Federal law.

Let's try that again and see if it makes more sense.

Federal courts are suing Arpaio for enforcing Federal law.

Let's try that again and see if it makes more sense.

Federal courts are suing Arpaio for enforcing Federal law.

Let's try that again and see if it makes more sense.

Federal courts are suing Arpaio for enforcing Federal law.

Let's try that again and see if it makes more sense.

Federal courts are suing Arpaio for enforcing Federal law.

Let's try that again and see if it makes more sense.

Federal courts are suing Arpaio for enforcing Federal law.

Let's try that again and see if it makes more sense.

Federal courts are suing Arpaio for enforcing Federal law.

Let's try that again and see if it makes more sense.

Federal courts are suing Arpaio for enforcing Federal law.

Let's try that again and see if it makes more sense.

Federal courts are suing Arpaio for enforcing Federal law.

Let's try that again and see if it makes more sense.

Federal courts are suing Arpaio for enforcing Federal law.

Let's try that again and see if it makes more sense.

Federal courts are suing Arpaio for enforcing Federal law.

Let's try that again and see if it makes more sense.


Sunday, June 25, 2017
  Auctions, blanks, cups

Listening to a Strange As It Seems episode about the auction that sold the entire Roman Empire in 193 AD. In their dramatization, various rich dudes are bidding in millions of sesterces, then one dude ups the ante by bidding in denarii.

Had to look up those units ... apparently the denarius was equal to a daily wage for a working man, and the sestertius was 1/4 of a denarius. So the Den was about 4 dollars in 1930, or 80 dollars now; and the Ses was about one dollar in 1930, or 20 dollars now,

For some reason this led to thinking about the alleged lack of zero in Roman numerals. I can see how you get along without zero in a non-positional system, but how do you represent a zero answer to a subtraction?

Oh. The same way you do it in non-positional money units like LSD. 4/3/- is four pounds, three shillings and nuppence. The dash or blank for nothing has persisted in bookkeeping; I remember finishing off the columns of a handwritten ledger with _ to indicate balance, and putting _ in slots that had no cost or payment. It's still commonly used in forms like income tax returns. The blank line basically means "I didn't overlook this slot. I've entered or calculated the result for this slot, and I know for a fact that nothing goes here."

So that wasn't a mystery at all. The role of zero as 'just another digit' is NOT THE SAME as the role of zero or _ representing an empty slot or an empty spoon or a balanced column or nulled circuit.

The trouble is that we've grown spoiled by the universality of decimals. We've lost our previous ability to deal with units that represent coins or cups or columns, units with individual personalities like LSD or pints or inches. Our minds are odometers.

When looking up Ses and Den, I bumped into an interesting project called Nova Roma, an attempt to study Rome and Latin by being Roman and doing everything the Roman way. It's along the same lines as Society for Creative Anachronism, but seems more scholarly and serious.

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  A teensy bit of science

Biologists have been puzzling about a sort of coin-shaped critter found in pre-Cambrian strata. They named it Parvanicora. Computer models reached dubious conclusions about its movement and location. Was it supposed to drift in the current? Did the sail-like structure cause a favored orientation?

Just for fun I tried making a physical model, using aluminum foil and paper. First try was too heavy in the base, not enough height on the fins. I put it in the kitchen sink and created a flow with faucet at one end. Nothing much happened. The model moved jerkily in the current but didn't have a favored direction.

Second try has a thin base and taller fins. Tried it in the sink current, and it instantly and reliably floated. Not surprising; it looks like a boat. So I floated it in a bowl, positioned it in various ways, and blew on it. The sails gave it a solidly consistent position.

The outer shield always faces into the wind. This is contrary to my own guess; I had figured the pointy sail would face into the wind.


  snxʷ meneʔ Near nature, near perfect

Well, near nature anyway.

Nuff said.
  Wanna gate? Harrogate.

Assange sometimes misses the point of USA STRONG politics, but this time he mostly GETS IT.
4. The twin result [of the RUSSIAGATE ratshit] is to place the primary self-interest concerns of most Americans, class competition, freedom from crime and ill health and the empowerment of their children, into the shadows and project the Democrats as close to DC and media elites. This has further cemented Trump's anti-establishment positioning and fettered attacks on Trump's run away embrace of robber barons, dictators and gravitas-free buffoons like the CIA's Mike Pompeo.

5. GOP/Trump has open goals everywhere: broken promises, inequality, economy, healthcare, militarization, Goldman Sachs, Saudi Arabia & cronyism, but the Democrat establishment can't kick these goals since the Russian collusion narrative has consumed all its energy and it is entangled with many of the same groups behind Trump's policies.

6. The Democratic base should move to start a new party since the party elite shows no signs that they will give up power. This can be done quickly ....
Well, he still doesn't get it entirely. It can't be done quickly. It can't be done at all. Nothing new can happen here. We are petrified.

= = = = =

USA STRONG is like the old Dropping Well of Harrogate. A nice dramatization of the well was done by Strange as it Seems in the '30s.

An older account is here:

Anything that falls into USA STRONG is petrified. All of its living tissue is turned into rigid inanimate matter.

= = = = =

Is petrification simply the natural condition of a big modern country? Just good old Parkinson's Law as I'm always tiresomely insisting?

FUCK NO. Reading about Goias opened my eyes to Brazil's NON-PETRIFIED NON-PARKINSON condition. Brazil is famous for producing good cars after USA STRONG and Germany abandoned them. Brazil offers a similar alternate universe for good practices and good government.

= = = = =

Example 1:
To further drive economic growth in Brazil, in 2007 the Programme to Accelerate Growth, or PAC, was launched. Investment under this program was planned to amount to BRL504 billion (US$236 billion in 2007) until 2010. PAC is based on five blocks: investment in infrastructure, credit and financing promotion, enhancing the investment climate, tax exemptions and improvement of the tax system, and long-term fiscal measures. The BRL504 billion in infrastructure spending was to be distributed as BRL275 billion ($175 billion) for energy-related projects, BRL171 billion ($109 billion) for social infrastructure and BRL58 billion ($37 billion) for logistics.
What were we doing in 2007? We were TEARING DOWN DAMS to avoid offending Privileged Fish. We were pouring trillions and trillions of dollars into the black hole of the Tribe, which already owned trillions and trillions of dollars plus a privileged connection to the counterfeiting press of the Treasury. We were putting ZERO EFFORT into repairing and building infrastructure.
ANEEL also approved test operations of the 21 MW Nova Aurora project, on the Verissimo River in Goias State, in December 2010. The small plant is owned by Goias Sul Geracao de Energia. And in November 2010, six hydro stations with a total capacity of 645 MW in Goias State were inaugurated. The six projects had a total cost of BRL2.9 billion ($1.72 billion). Construction of these stations was intended to boost the electricity capacity of the less economically developed cities in Brazil’s interior and thereby attract more outside investment, according to officials.
Many of these projects were built with engineering help from USA STRONG firms. The picture is clear. Since 1970 EPA and the Tribe have eliminated all CONSTRUCTIVE activity in USA STRONG. We only DESTROY things. We smash our own industries and dams and roads into smithereens. We smash with extreme passion and multiple greed-orgasms the "less economically developed cities in the interior". We smash any foreign country that offends Saudi or Israeli interests into femtosmithereens.

Engineering firms can't find work here because we are DESTRUCTION. So they went to Brazil where CONSTRUCTION is still encouraged and funded.

= = = = =

Example 2:
Due to the relatively large territory of the state, which was over 600,000 square kilometres (230,000 sq mi), communications were obviously very difficult. The northern part of the state began to feel abandoned by the southern government and began a movement for separation. Local political leaders, many of whom were large landowners and were eager to gain important positions such as governor or senator and financial gain with the construction of a new capital, also encouraged the movement. In 1989 the northern half of Goiás became a separate state called Tocantins.
What happens to state-splitting movements here? Nothing. We can't even split a county any more, let alone a state. We can't DECENTRALIZE anything. Only LBO mergers are possible. All must be subsumed and consumed in one giant black hole. Soros is the universe. The universe is Soros.

= = = = =

And now we're back to Assange again:

1. The Democratic establishment has vortexed the party's narrative energy into hysteria about Russia.

Perfect word.

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Saturday, June 24, 2017
  Nature speaks

RT mentions:
Having suffered nine previous launch delays, the NASA Terrier-Improved Malemute sounding rocket was supposed to eventually take off Saturday. However, the day before the launch, NASA, once again, announced that it would have to be delayed because of unsuitable weather conditions.

“The launch of the NASA Terrier-Improved Malemute sounding rocket scheduled for Saturday, June 24, has been postponed due to expected cloudiness in the region,” NASA said in a statement.

Clear skies are required for scientists to view the colorful clouds of vapor that will be deployed by the rocket during the flight.
A rocket that makes rainbow colors.

A few years ago I made a cartoon for a different NASA "gay pride" rocket.

Not quite the same functionality, but same agenda and same failure. Nature is trying to tell you something, NASA.


  Self-extinguishing stupidity

This has to be the most complexly stupid idea in history.

Headline: 'Quantum gambling' could make betting fairer for all involved

A team of researchers in China and Bristol has developed a way for two parties to play a gambling game fairly, without the need for any third party to step in, using quantum mechanics. The authors think this area of ‘quantum gambling’ could one day be used in casinos.

"The fairness of our protocol does not rely on the integrity of any participant, but relies on the assumption that both parties are rational and would like to choose a strategy to maximise their own gains," Xiaoqi Zhou, co-author of the paper, told WIRED.
1. Game theory is nonsense.

2. Quantum quackery is nonsense.

3. Game theory * Quantum quackery = nonsense * nonsense.

4. Gambling is a profitable business because it's unfair. A "fair" form of betting will not be implemented by any actual bookies or casinos.

5. Bettors don't want "fair" gambling either. The thrill of gambling comes from beating the house because you KNOW the house has the advantage. If there's no advantage, there's no sense of revenge.

6. And that's the good news. Most stupid ideas are implemented with bombs and bullets by governments, because governments are fueled by psychotically stupid ideas. This stupid idea depends on sane and moral businessmen (ie non-governmental Mafias) to implement it, so it won't happen.

Thanks, Ralph.


  Precise observation

Every year around the first of July the alleged "city" of snxʷ meneʔ holds an event called GangFest, when they invite gangsters to shoot hoops and honkies. They always shoot a bunch of hoops and a few honkies. The ratio of hoops to honkies depends on heat.

Unusually precise observation about temperatures from the head of GangFest.
"It's like 77...75 to about 88 is actually when our side operations in partnership with Spokane police kind of go on high alert," said Executive Director of [GangFest] Matt Santangelo.

"Anything above that they aren't as worried about fights any longer because people are too hot, too tired," Mike said.
Pulling it out of the poor mediasatan writing: 77 to 88 is the danger range. Below 77 anger doesn't develop; above 88 it's not worth the effort.

= = = = =

If we're running the TEDX evolution routine with savannahs and sabertooths and all that, we should ask why humans would need to fight in that particular range.

I've been reading about Goias, which is described thusly:
Goias has a tropical wet and dry savanna climate (Köppen-Geiger classification: Aw) with a pronounced dry season in the low-sun months , no cold season, wet season is in the high-sun months.
Sounds like TEDX country for sure. Those temps stand out in the climate records.

77 is daily mean and 88 is daily max pretty much all year. It's exact for December, the wettest month.

TEDX conclusion: Warriors need to be ready to fight in the daytime, year-round. Sleep when it's dark, fight when it's light. You could extend this to other forms of work. Anger helps to harvest crops, hammer iron, build stone walls, sharpen flints, and discipline subordinates.


Friday, June 23, 2017
  Bryan avenged, sort of, not really.

The Populists of the 1890s were good diagnosers but terrible prescribers. They analyzed the problems of financialism and globalism beautifully, but their proposed solution was always a weakening of the gold standard. Exactly backwards. What happened when Nixon finally killed the gold standard? Final victory for the bankers and globalists.

For some reason the usual Populist Pill was Bimetallism, which mixed 15 parts silver and 1 part gold into a magic token that would destroy all bankers.

Now bimetallism has returned in an equally useless way. In Max Keiser's latest episode he discusses a metal-mix ETF, which supposedly has some properties of a currency. When you buy a unit of this thing, you're supposedly claiming title to a mix of metals stored in bullion warehouses somewhere. The mix is 93.75% silver, 3% gold, and the rest platinum and palladium.

93% sounds familiar. 15 to 1 is 93.33% silver, 6.66% gold.

= = = = =

Is that why they chose 15? Were they consciously beasting gold? I doubt it. 666 wasn't a big deal in 1890. Only a few scholars and offbeat snake-handling churches focused on Revelation themes. Public attention began with TV evangelists in the 70s.

Oddly, Google's Ngram thingamajig doesn't show the pattern. I can't think of a way to distinguish the religious context from incidental occurrences of 666 in technical publications. 666 volts, 666 hours of part-time work, etc. I'd expect the incidental references to be fairly constant over the years; the Ngram is fairly constant, which tells me that the printed publications of evangelists never made it into libraries. There is a mild correlation between the peak frequencies and preparing for war. 1811, 1844, 1917, 1939, 1989. When we are riling ourselves up to attack some foreigners, we talk about the Beast.

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  No bollards

Catholic Register has an article on a church vs state conflict in Peru. The government of Peru is pure Soros, and (atypically for NCR) the author hits the Soros connection hard.
[President Kuczynski] has a long-standing relationship with Soros and his family. More than 20 years ago, he helped Soros double his investment in a Peruvian brewery, Compania Nacional de Cerveza. He helped Soros’ brother, Paul, secure rights to mining deals at the Peru-Ecuador border.

And he was helpful with Newmont Mines, which owns controversy-racked Yanacocha, the largest gold mine in Latin America, located in Cajamarca, Peru. Soros has owned significant shares of Newmont stock.

PPK won the presidency a year ago by a very slim margin against a conservative Catholic candidate, Keiko Fujimori, 42. However, Fujimori has the majority in the Peru Parliament, where she can block Kuczynski’s agenda...
The church is protesting:
On June 1, “Don’t Mess With Our Kids” deployed some 1,500 banners across bridges and major intersections to remind the elite, including President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, the people “refuse to surrender.”
The article mentions that the priest leading the protests comes from Ayacucho, formerly the center of the Shining Path movement.

= = = = =

Okay, let's do some more Googlestreeting. Is Ayacucho similar to Valparaiso de Goias in Brazil? Lots of walls, precise infrastructure designed around the walls? No dogs and cats?

Here's the main plaza. Looks okay. Got chola, got Peru. New building, some visible infrastructure.

Got brakes?

Got braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa YAAAAAA!

Well, so much for the precise infrastructure. All of the electrical connections look like this. Casual, to put it nicely. No trash bollards. Got dogs.

Got police. Despite the collapse and casualness, the place looks fairly safe. People are strolling around, and I don't see any groups of threatening or loitering youths. (UNLIKE right here in Spokane!) The blue police Cushman probably explains the peace. These blue scooters are EVERYWHERE. Just about every block has one or two.

This pic says it all. Supersteep terrain, frequent earthquakes, 400-year-old buildings cantilevered over the streets, no infrastructure, no maintenance. Got fatalism?

I need to watch the Soros conflict closely. Looks like a fault line ready to tumble one way or the other. The nation is governed by the literal and actual Soros family, and the population is inclined to reject Soros.


  Checking myself

I've been giving myself credit for knowing a long time ago that NSA monitors everything. Is this justifiable? Did I pick up the idea from Snowden, or did I really know it before Snowden came along?

Reassuringly, I knew it earlier. From a December 2005 entry:

After a couple days of yammering about NSA surveillance, the internal enemies have dropped the SHOCKED, SHOCKED, SHOCKED, SHOCKED, SHOCKED facade. Everyone who keeps up with politics and technology has known for many years that NSA listens to anything it finds interesting, so nobody in DC is truly shocked by this. The enemy's true complaint now becomes clear. Aside from the overarching fact that they want the terrorists to win, they specifically hate to see authority in the hands of elected officials.

The key point for the enemy is that a JUDGE ought to be controlling everything. No mystery: Judges are trained in Leninist law schools and selected by Leninist Senators with no objections from chickenshit cowardass 'Republican' 'politicians'. Judges thus form the most reliable and powerful division in the anti-civilization army.

When authority leaves the hands of a judge, it falls into the hands of elected officials. And a few elected officials (including Bush, for all his faults) are loyal Americans who want to see civilization win this war.

Well, I was LETHALLY wrong about Bush, but I was right about NSA. Direct knowledge is always better than guessing and theorizing.

What incident was I bitching about? No way to tell. I was slow to adopt the bloggy habit of hreffing, so a lot of those early entries are 'free-floating' with no recoverable context.

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  Deep Deepstate

The last three Vault releases from Wikileaks were uninteresting. Yeah, of course NSA monitors and hacks wifi. NSA monitors everything, and wifi is within the class 'everything', so NSA monitors wifi.

Today's release is more dramatic because its title and graphics reveal the depths of depravity in Deepstate.

Emotional Simian is the title for a USB-infector. The release date is May 2015.

At the same time, Deplorables were getting fired and permanently banned for making monkey jokes. CIA can make monkey jokes because CIA is Deepstate.

Full frontal O'Brien, jamming thousands of rats up your nose.

Tyranny in its highest and most omnicidal form. You do not define or know truth. We define truth at each picosecond, and we define crimethink at each picosecond. Crimethink is crimethink when Deplorables think it. The same sentence or the same cartoon or the same logic is REQUIRED when the Tribe thinks it. You must accept and repeat what the Tribe says.

Do it now!


Ha ha ha, you thought we meant that you could say it.

No need for carbon-generating ovens and lead-polluting bullets when you can magically turn a normal useful human into a bridge-jumping wreck. Gaia is well pleased.

= = = = =

Later: The user's guide is typical of Windows systems, with instructions for handling 32-bit and 64-bit versions...

Even within the dull techy details, O'Brien is still active.

First, I couldn't and WOULDN'T let an error like that slip into instructions. CIA can make an error like that because CIA is CIA.

Second, is it an error? "ES Sever(64).cfg has to be the same name as ES Server(64).exe"

Well, which is the same name? ES Sever(64) or ES Server(64) or ES Sever64 or ES Server64? More O'Brien arithmetic.


Thursday, June 22, 2017
  Pointless research, interesting fact.

Pointless research: A software researcher is seeing if you can predict passage of a newly introduced bill in Congress, solely by processing the bill's text.

You don't need analysis. Just ask a Congressional staffer to speak on background. You'll never get the truth from any elected politician, but a staffer who feels like leaking will tell the truth.

Interesting fact:

Because bills fail 96% of the time, a simple “always fail” strategy would almost always be right.

Damn. I knew most bills were pure noise, but I didn't think it was 96%!

If I wanted to analyze it mechanically, I'd compare bills in the Upper Nuthouse and Lower Nuthouse. If a nearly identical bill is running through the pipeline in both "parties" and in both Nuthouses, there's some chance of passage. If the bill is in only one "party" or only one Nuthouse, it's pure noise, designed to score talking points and bring in campaign money.

  Trash bollards

An article by James Pinkerton discusses walls and bollards as defenses against "terrorist" cars. Seems sort of pointless in the context of "terrorism". When the FBI wants to exterminate you, it will find a way. But walls are ALWAYS valid for overall self-defense. Pinkerton suggests multi-purpose bollards...

I was idly Googlestreeting yesterday; on impulse tried Valparaiso, Indiana. The search offered Valparaiso de Goias in Brazil, so looked there instead.

Like much of South America, Valparaiso is all walls. Every house has HIGH walls on all sides, except in the poorest parts of town. The electric meters and mailboxes poke through the wall. Unlike most, Valparaiso has an extra feature. Each house has a solidly built steel bollard with a basket thing on top. These basket things aren't standardized; some have hinged lids, some not, and they vary in size and shape. What are they for?

Ah. Trash collection. Reminds me of an equally open system that was used in Stillwater until the '70s. Each house was required to have a post by the alley with a hook for an open-mesh bag. You put your trash in the bag, and the trashmen manually dumped each bag into the truck as they went through the alley.

Here's a wall that was broken, currently being replaced. You can see how the square electric meters are mounted to become part of a wall, and you can see that duplexes have walls between the sides of the duplex. All systems are designed around the constant of walls. [Does this explain why Brazilians are so comfy and secure?]

Very few cars are visible. Lots of people are walking around. The cars are mostly VW bugs and buses, which aren't nearly as old in Brazil as they would be here. Brazil made bugs until 1986, and buses of the second generation until 2013.

But not all of the vehicles are VWs.

Later thought: Where are the other animals? In a 'loose' part of a USA STRONG town you'll always see dogs and cats. On my morning walks I'll see two dozen cats on the street, a half dozen dogs walking with people, and sometimes a mule deer family. Aside from the horse which counts as a vehicle, I don't see ANY four-legged mammals in the Brazil scenes.


Wednesday, June 21, 2017
  Thanks, Ralph 465

ZH mentions yet another total crash in the "value" of some bitcoin thing.

It's fun to watch the bitcoiners stoutly maintaining that their meaningless number, which they CAN'T OWN AND CONTROL, is a currency.

The first qualification of a currency is that you can receive it in payment for labor or material, and then you can STORE the currency in your OWN place. Wallet, purse, safe, hole in the ground, doesn't matter. It's YOURS.

After you have received and stored a coin, its value is INDEPENDENT of shit like this:
Furthermore, evidence is accumulating that f2pool was actively manipulating transactions bound for the Status ICO, which they participated in themselves, exacerbating the problem. Experts explained weeks ago that bad ICO designs are vulnerable to such attacks, but this appears to be the first time it was actually executed in the wild.

So now, even though the Status ICO is over, there are still a huge number of transactions clogging up the network and the only way to get transactions in is to pay huge fees (which most of the exchanges probably don't want to do). Until it clears out, people are going to be missing ENS auctions, unable to withdraw from many wallets and exchanges, etc. etc. etc.
None of that can affect a green rectangle or a metal circle. It's true that LARGE events like wars and incompetent governments can affect the value of real currency, but the actions of individual traders, or the malfunction of a computer in an exchange, won't bother you at all.

So it's great fun to watch bubblers getting bubbled.

Oddly enough, Emerson didn't mention this form of justice in his essay, though bubbles and manias were newsworthy and famous at the time when he was writing. In fact he seems to get it backwards here:

Proverbs, like the sacred books of each nation, are the sanctuary of the intuitions. That which the droning world, chained to appearances, will not allow the realist to say in his own words, it will suffer him to say in proverbs without contradiction. And this law of laws which the pulpit, the senate, and the college deny, is hourly preached in all markets and all languages by flights of proverbs, whose teaching is as true and as omnipresent as that of birds and flies.

He seems to be trusting the Natural Law wisdom of markets. Presumably he was thinking of real agoras and souks, not abstract tulips and shares; but he should have been aware of the latter. Swift got it right.

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  Rare scoop

BBC just got ahead of ZH on an important event within the typical ZH coverage range. Kalanick resigned from Uber. I don't see it yet on ZH. Heads will roll in the land of the Tylers!
Tuesday, June 20, 2017
  Question that should be asked

This is a question that should be asked, but I don't hear it.

Ever since Nixon, USA STRONG has delusionally considered China to be our ally. In fact we've become a colony of China, and our elites have close economic and personal links with China. Zuckerberg's dynastic wife is Chinese. Not a descendant of immigrants, a recent direct immigrant.

As the Silk Road thing continues to develop its own GOLD-BASED currency system and its own Web and transportation, we will find it harder to attack RUSSIANAGGRESSION while still obeying China. Now it looks like India is joining the military side of the Silk Road. (India was always economically linked to China, so no change there.) Dot-Indians are intensely involved in our elite occupations (banking, medicine, academia), gradually displacing Jews by force of population.

Until now it's been easy to attack RUSSIANAGGRESSION because we've never formed trade links with Russia, and Russian immigrants haven't moved into the Insatiable ranks. When RUSSIANAGGRESSION and China and India are the same thing, attacking gets a lot harder.

Real value will win in the end. Globalist psychopathic genocide is only supportable when the psychopaths own the whole globe, which seemed to be the inevitable arrow of history just 5 years ago.

Graphic serendipity note: I used the open-outline font because it looked right in context. Thinking about it, open-outline letters are the ideal way to represent a whisper. Formants unfilled by fundamental.

Graphic quibble note: Yes, I know the arrow won't actually fire back on USA STRONG. It's a cartoon.

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  Valid conclusions

Valid stereotypes lead to valid conclusions.

"Local" "news" article about an accused embezzler.

Embezzlers look like this:

The defendant in the story looks like this:

Whoa! All wrong! She can't be an embezzler. Reading the story, turns out she isn't an embezzler in the strict sense. Proper embezzling is done by a bookkeeper or teller who has the power to fiddle with the numbers. This pretty young defendant was misusing the company credit card to pay for personal stuff. She wasn't in a position to juggle the books.

More like theft by deception.
  Notes on Three Sands

I've been "making" a partial model of Three Sands, the iconic oil boom town. Tried to find info in the 1940 Census, because the town peaked around then. [CORRECTION BELOW.] The detailed sheets don't help much. Clearly the Census considered temporary housing to be non-resident, like travelers in hotels. Only the permanent houses that had postal Rural Route numbers were included. Some of the 'upper crust' employees of the town were able to rent real houses.

This page, chopped and channeled as usual, shows what I mean:

Doctor, postmaster, clerk, and some pumpers and roustabouts with families.

This is the only 'pure oil' page from the ED that included 3 Sands. The rest are mostly farmers.

The town was about half in Kay County and half in Noble, mainly laid out along current US 77. (177 moved east.) I put together a map from the Census maps, which might be useful:

= = = = =

A bit later: CORRECTION. No, the town wasn't peaking in '40. It peaked around '28, and the post office was closed in '42. So the census probably gave an accurate sense of the fading remnants.

= = = = =

I've got three buildings so far, crammed together unrealistically here for scale checking. The school, a tenant cottage, and the main shop. All are fairly authentic based on available pix. (I'd already made the tenant cottage, a standard Aladdin unit, for an earlier set.)

Monday, June 19, 2017
  And here we go again.

Every time we start a pointless guaranteed-losing war that destroys millions of people for no reason, we ALWAYS have a heart-rending SINGLE VICTIM ready and waiting to trigger it. There's always some pilot who was supposedly held by the target nation, or some spy hiker who was captured. In every case the heart-renderer was INVADING the target with permission of our misgovernment. He was the forward scout for the unprovoked aggression, turned into a helpless victim.

Now we're doing it again with Warm Beer, a spy who got caught in NK and was either mistreated or poisoned. I'll take Poisoned By CIA for $200, Alex.

  More preciseness

Still in a precise mood.

Headline at ZH:

White House "Weighing" Replacing Sean Spicer

= = = = =

Article in a 1922 Australian electronics journal, about Edison's criteria for a good executive.

When I call on one of my men for a decision, I want it right away. When his department calls on him for a decision, it wants it right away.

Nuff said.


  Perfect comparison

Continuing pointlessly precise mood.

Schools could do a tremendous service if they would teach people how to ask questions that can be answered.

Perfect comparison, adjoining entries clearly referring to the same event:

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When I was an arrogant teenage dickhead I sometimes "corrected" people who didn't need correcting. My dad would respond to such corrections by quoting a line from a '30s radio comedian:

Vass you dere, Charlie?

Dad was actually using the quote backwards from its intended purpose. Now I'm correcting people who don't need correcting again! ... but in this case, thanks to preserved recordings, I know that Baron von Munchausen was using the line to prevent Charlie from detecting his lies. Baron was like modern "journalists" who weaponize authority to protect evil.

Dad was using the quote to cure me of "correcting" the experienced truth. His use was virtuous in purpose, regardless of quotation accuracy.

From the start, one virtue of the blogosphere was a constant enforcement of Dereness. "Journalists" are always lying. Modern "journalists" have taken the art well beyond lying into bizarre delusions. Their lies can be detected by people who vass actually dere, whether in a foreign country or a non-elite city or a non-elite culture or occupation.

In a discussion of any topic, people who have some degree of real experience can spot "correctors" who vassn't dere. Classic case in a ZH discussion yesterday. People who remember pre-1980 America know that income was vastly more equal than now, within a neighborhood and between neighborhoods. One commenter who clearly vassn't dere insisted that we were romanticizing the past. The income gap within neighborhoods must have been more like 10 to 1. He was trying to "correct" our memories. Sorry, doesn't work. Ve vass dere.

Footnote since I'm in a precise mood today: My use of we in previous paragraph doesn't mean I was participating in the discussion. I've avoided signing up as a commenter at ZH because the site has always smelled slightly provocateur-ish. It seems to invite the sort of comments that Deepstate can use as ammunition. We referred only to my presence in pre-1980 America.
Sunday, June 18, 2017
  Beating a dead flip

I'm always writing about old cars and old houses. Suddenly struck by a comparison.

Bad flip, yet again....

Original, my model:

Flipped in 2008 and finally sold this year:

What's the automotive equivalent of a bad flip?


This thing:

is allegedly meant to resemble a late 20s Mercedes. It's actually a Pinto.

A good flip is the exact equivalent of a minimal restoration of an original. Not even a metaphor. Overhaul the engine, replace bad rubber, fix damage, repaint if really needed. That's all.



I mentioned Bucky's Dumbaxion House in previous entry. Looks like the Chinese, current champions of pointless Oh Wow architecture, have one-upped Bucky's dumbness.

A major feature of the Dumbaxion was its ability to rotate. The new Bund Finance building features a hypnotically moving outer wall. Something like a giant curtain blowing in the wind. It's pretty, but WHY?

Moving outer surfaces could be useful. A rippling roof would throw off snow before it could load up and form ice dams. A spinning roller along the foundation could toss away water and bugs. (Of course there's a simple static way to do both jobs. A warm steep roof and a concrete apron.)

The only purpose of the Shanghai wall is to impress Deplorables with the infinite wealth of China's Insatiables.

  Prefab presumption

A postwar issue of a journal for radio and appliance dealers has an article on Prefab Houses, which were supposed to take over the entire housing market. Didn't happen, though prefabs in the original sense were common through the '60s. The article assumed that most prefabs would come with built-in appliances, offering an opportunity for large sales. Didn't happen, though the LATER incarnation of prefabs as 'modular' or 'manufactured' houses based on trailers did generally include appliances.

The article also had a huge list of supposed makers of prefabs, maybe 200 companies scattered across the country. Only a handful of these were actually in the business; I'm guessing the list was compiled from a survey of companies that wanted or wished to be in the prefab industry.

Here's a chopped and channeled selection from the list, marking three notable entries and one GIANT non-entry.

GIANT non-entry: Where's ALADDIN? They were the biggest prefabber at that time, and continued operating until 1981 when the 'modular' trailer stuff took over.

In the second column: Butler, still going strong after specializing in commercial buildings. Butler has become a common noun for 'steel building', like kleenex or xerox.

In the third column: Fuller, operating from Beech in Wichita. That would be Bucky Fuller's Dumbaxion House. Beech built exactly two of them, one of which unfortunately survives. Later on, Fuller's Geodesic Dumb was also turned out in prefab form, for some unfathomable reason.

And finally, Panhandle in Amarillo made the Homettes that I "drew" and used extensively.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

If you wanted a conspiracy theory you could build this one pretty easily... All of these skyscrapers torched by Environmentally Beneficial Rocket Fuel Cladding housed mainly Muslims.

When you apply Cui Bono, the theory doesn't work well. In Dubai the builders and regulators were also Muslim, and even in London a pretty fair part of the city government is Arab or Muslim.

The one CERTAIN connection is that the cladding was installed to satisfy Gaia's hunger for burnt sacrifices. Wrapping a building in rocket fuel is a damn good way to achieve a massive burnt sacrifice and gain environmental indulgence points. If the dead Deplorables are Muslim or Christian, higher point value.

Still, it might be interesting to see who supplied the rocket fuel to these particular builders. Is there a strong connection to bankers or neocons or CIA?


Also, this happens to be Entry # 7500 in this blog. Not worth a proper celebration, just one of those old meaningless landmark numbers, like 100000 on the odometer.

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  Constants ??? variables ???, ??? edition ???

Trying to parse a constant out of a puzzle.

Reviewing the basics. Since 1946 the Deepstate in USA STRONG has been leading the Globalist side, pushing constantly for total Empire. All fashionable and high-status people (the Insatiables) are for Globalism, because Insatiables are naturally Globalist by temperament. I WANT IT ALL AND MORE AND MORE AND MORE AND MORE AND MORE. ALL MINE MINE MINE MINE. ALL ME ME ME ME ME. I CONTAIN THE UNIVERSE. I AM THE UNIVERSE.

The other side is more variable and less uniform. China and Russia are the counterforces, with a variety of alliances and ideologies since 1946. Both are very old countries, both are former builders of empires who were cured of the disease a long time ago. For at least 200 years both have been fending off Globalists. France, England, Germany, Japan, and USA STRONG have all taken a turn at conquering both Russia and China, and FAILED EVERY TIME. But we keep trying because we're incurably Insatiable, incapable of learning, infinitely dumber than the dumbest bacterium.

= = = = =

Now the puzzles. Nixon and Trump. Both ended up serving Empire loyally, but both are HATED AND BANISHED by Empire.

Nixon turned out to be the best advancer of all the Imperial goals. The Soros agenda was organized and implemented by Nixon before Soros came anywhere near politics. Global Warming, abortion, Die-Versity, all the various "rights" movements, replacement of Real Value by pure math and finance. All firmly started and implemented by Nixon, later picked up by Soros and others.

We don't have much data on Trump yet, but his actual behavior and his actual orders are strictly continuous from Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama.

Both Nixon and Trump made noises that sounded non-Imperial. Nixon claimed the support of the Silent Majority and promised to pull out of Vietnam. In fact he squashed the Silent Majority with forced busing and affirmative action and environmentalism and finance, and moved even farther into Southeast Asia until the war failed.

Are the noises the main problem? No. Obama also made non-Imperial noises during the 2008 campaign, and actually performed two small non-Imperial actions: normalizing relations with Cuba and Persia. Trump is quickly and firmly UNDOING those actions and restoring 100% Empire. Persia was smart enough to get ahead of the inevitable by forming CONTRACTS with major corporations. Cuba wasn't smart.

So the noises aren't the issue. It's more personal, pure blind factless prejudice.

But why? Trump and Nixon are opposite character types: Nixon the suspicious catlike introvert, Trump the rambunctious Labrador extrovert, barking all night and wagging his tail and knocking things over without realizing it.

Nixon was a lifelong politician, making enemies of Insatiables since exactly 1946. He gave Globalists good reason to hate him when he tried to prosecute Crown Prince Alger Hiss. The other participants in that insult were taken out more forcefully; Nixon was allowed to live and assume power, which means he must have submitted to blackmail before 1968. Trump had no history at all, no old insults and grudges. He didn't even get into the field of politics until last year.

No answers, just questions.

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Friday, June 16, 2017
  Good-luck charm

I ordered a center-zero microammeter for an electronics project. It came from Lilly Electronics in China. (I try to buy American when possible, but with new electronics stuff it's basically impossible.) Lilly packed this thing:

in with the meter. Presumably these go in every package. It's a nice old-fashioned touch, even if I have no idea what it is or what the Chinese means!

It's not jewelry for humans; way too small. I'm going to call it jewelry for electronics. I'll hang it on one of the pots of the completed project, sort of like the seal on the red ribbon of old documents.



Well, I take it back. All this talk about Russian threats and RUSSIANAGGRESSION is right. Federal agents conducted massive raids yesterday around the Spokane area and arrested a bunch of serious criminals, drug traffickers, gun-runners, etc.

Look at the long list of Russian names:

Marcos Ramirez-Mercado
Jose Alfredo Mendoza-Vaca
Milton Oswaldo Pena
Giovanni Pena
Federico Ramos-Perez
Jose Antonio Rojas-Calvillo
Donald Reed Daniels
Juan Jose Navarro-Martinez
Jorge Armando Hernandez-Vera
Francisco Martinez-Perez
Enrique Eduardo Rodriguez-Mercado
Angel Rodriguez Amezcua
Sergio L. Lopez
Nahum Martinez-Guadarrama
Victor Alexander Rangel
Trevor Edward Fedele
Edward Wayne Fedele
Edson Marcos Ramirez
Joel Lyman
Mireya Hernandez
Olton Leon Gaines
Horacio Luna-Cano

A regular roll call of the Supreme Soviet. Straight out of a Tolstoy novel. We obviously don't need a wall on the Southern border, we need to block the Bering Strait! Now!

  I don't buy it

A commentator was claiming that most legislators dislike the publicity-seeking camera hogs. Supposedly there are plenty of backbenchers who hate to see McCain, Graham, Schumer and Pelosi making news and wasting time and soiling the reputation of non-hogs.

Sorry, I don't buy it.

In other fields there are good reasons why the sane workers keep quiet, mainly because it wouldn't make any fucking difference. A sane scientist in engineering or agronomy or materials knows that "journalists" won't listen to sanity. A sane scientist working in industry can't speak at all because he's working under strict NDAs to protect competitive advantage.

Those limitations aren't present in legislatures. Sane legislators, if they exist, have a UNIQUE source of power.


A quorum strike could halt all action until the camera hogs stop wasting time with endless "investigations" of Benghazi or Flynn or RUSSIANMEDDLING.

Quorum strikes don't happen, therefore sane legislators don't exist.
  Constants and variables, life and death edition

Okay, let's compare USA STRONG, where Soros controls everything, versus Kenya, which has kicked Soros NGOs out of its borders.

USA STRONG is currently experiencing mass suicide by non-Sorosians, and a successful project of mass assassination by Sorosians.

Two [clap] two [clap] two genocides in one! Much more energy-efficient than the old one-sided method.

Kenya's biggest political story: One party is annoyed because the other party favors one printing company for printing ballots.

Yes indeed, aren't we lucky to be living in a First World Democracy with Peace and Freedom and Justice abounding for all? Boy howdy, I'm surely glad I don't live in a Third World Dictatorship with constant coups and assassinations.

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  Are they taking a break?

I unplugged TV many years ago, and shut off radio news lately. I check the websites of "local" TV stations briefly, just to see if they have room for even one story that ISN'T about TRUMPPUTIN TRUMPAGGRESSION RUSSIANAGGRESSION RUSSIANHACKING RUSSIANMEDDLING RUSSIANINTERFERENCE.

Until two days ago I didn't need to bother reading, because ALL the stories on the front page were TRUMPPUTIN TRUMPAGGRESSION RUSSIANAGGRESSION RUSSIANHACKING RUSSIANMEDDLING RUSSIANINTERFERENCE.

Suddenly those stories have stopped. Even KXLY, the ferociously demonic affiliate of the Lee Harvey Oswald network, has ZERO stories on the ONLY CONCEIVABLE subject.

Is it possible that somebody woke up and decided that it wasn't wise to spend EVERY SECOND OF EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY HOUR OF EVERY DAY OF EVERY WEEK OF EVERY MONTH explicitly ordering your minions to assassinate non-globalists?

Nah. Now that their assassination orders have ACTUALLY BEEN CARRIED OUT, they are too busy jacking off on images of Deplorable blood and guts. No energy left to push the ONLY CONCEIVABLE STORY. Have to let the automatic storybots fill in non-news like local suicides and overdoses and daily bridge-jumps.

I pity the janitor at KXLY's demoncoven, who has to clean up projectile splatters of testicular and vaginal fluids from ceilings and walls.

After the buzz wears off, I'm sure the violent foreplay will resume with redoubled and requadrupled and reoctupled and re2^1000000000000000000pled force.

A few hours later: Wasn't even a whole day. KXLY demons are back to erupting plutonium-laced toxic sludge all over the landscape as usual. I guess the taste of blood gives demons extra energy or something. Vile nasty filthy unnameable hyperevil.


Thursday, June 15, 2017
  Coding well.... not yet

Tech-tyrants and media-demons locked in their bubbles of infinite evil and infinite falsehood SHOULD create a business opportunity for non-demons. This article at Federalist points to several existing alternatives that should be boosted and popularized if we want to slow down Satan's bulldozer.

One caught my attention. Eich, who was Inquisited out of Mozilla for heretical non-satanic beliefs, has gone on to create an alternative company and an alternative browser called Brave.

I immediately gave it a try. Unfortunately it's not ready for prime time, not a proper competitor to Firefox. Eich seems to have missed the main advantage of FF over other browsers: Plugins and extensions. Most important of all is the download helper. Brave doesn't have a built-in downloader and hasn't yet found or developed a plugin for the purpose.

When you're developing a brand-new device or software for a totally new purpose, you have to build the whole system at once. Content, carrier, accessories.

But this is NOT a brand-new device. This is directly competing with an existing device. When you're trying to compete with an existing device or software that has slots for accessories, the FIRST thing you do is rig your new device or software to accept the SAME accessories seamlessly. A new kitchen stove should heat existing pots and pans. A new coffeemaker should use existing filter papers. A lamp should use existing light bulbs.

Eich's team hasn't done this. They're asking users to suggest plugins for adaptation, which means the API slots are not the same. If the slots were the same, you could simply transfer your extensions as easily as you transfer your bookmarks.

I desperately WANT to support this effort. Coding well is the best revenge. Unfortunately Eich hasn't done it yet.


Wednesday, June 14, 2017
  Four examples now

I already noted this strange phenomenon wrt the Reality Winner thing.

Now we have two more examples. Griffin the "Comedienne" and Hodgkinson the Shooter.

All three appear to be fans of Bernie. All three HATE HATE HATE Trump and want to see Trump and all Trump supporters DEAD because (in their minds) Trump was a Putin Puppet Traitor.

Only one problem with the whole RUSSIANMEDDLING RUSSIANHACKING RUSSIANINTERFERENCE scenario. Russia was not for Trump. RT and Sputnik were fans of Bernie.

So we have three people who ACTUALLY agree with RT and Sputnik, doing real damage and committing real crimes under the delusion that they are arguing AGAINST the side that they ACTUALLY support.

Parallel to the "pro-Muslim" vs "anti-Muslim" battle, though the subject of dispute is different. In all of these cases delusional maniacs are violently fighting against their own beliefs without knowing it.

Cognitive dissonance? Not the same. CD means stoutly defending a side that you're not quite sure of, trying to overcome your own doubts with loud certainty. In this case the fighters are not aware of the conflict because they are totally engulfed and soaked in a universal flood of psychotic lies and vicious venom erupted by the demonic media.
  I had it backwards.

I've used the picture above several times when it seemed like the stock market continued to go up regardless of events. I wanted to illustrate that the market was a result immune to all causes.

= = = = =

This morning I realized that the opposite causation makes more sense.

Remembering the Esperanto origin of the name Soros, it makes more sense to assume that the markets are the DRIVING FORCE, not the result. Moving ALL wealth and value into the hands of the Tribe is CAUSING other events to run wild.

Everyone who deals with money at smaller scales, from small bankers to insurers to ordinary businesses to retirees attempting to save, UNDERSTANDS that the stock market is absorbing the world. Everyone is trying to adjust and accommodate to the infinite black hole of the Tribe, but BECAUSE the Tribe is absorbing all resources and skills, there's NOTHING LEFT TO ADJUST. So these non-Tribal actors are going crazy in all sorts of ways, from overdosing to jumping from bridges to shooting everything in sight.

This is the DESIRED GOAL of the market-making Tribe. Total chaOS and death for everything except the Tribe.

= = = = =

Fuck it all. The Brazilians have the right idea.

It's June! Festa!

It's July! Festa!

It's August! Festa!

Hell with months ... Life is GOOD. Feira da Bondade!

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  Towering inferno

Betcha $10000 the "remodeling" took out horrible toxic asbestos and replaced it with wonderful green styrofoam.

Two days later: Yup.

But why do you need "cladding" in the first place? Tall buildings have gone without "cladding" for a century, and for some mysterious reason buildings without "cladding" haven't burned down, while buildings with "cladding" are burning like matches.

"Cladding" is required by Gaia, the goddess of genocide. Ideally we should make extra provisions to sprinkle the "cladding", but we don't. And ideally we shouldn't use FUCKING ROCKET FUEL for the "cladding", but we do. We are loyal servants of Gaia, and Gaia demands total deplorocide. We hear and we obey.

After another two days:

PLANNERS behind the gutted Grenfell tower block refurbishment “far exceeded" required insulation levels to help meet green climate change targets and avoid future improvement work,

Let's double the rocket fuel! Burn up those Deplorables twice as fast! Twice as much burnt sacrifice to Gaia, twice the environmental value!

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