Tuesday, January 31, 2017
  Gradients in media

The Soros coup is bringing out a noticeable difference among Spokane media. I've already noted that the Spokesman has been trying harder to reach neutrality. KHQ, run by the same Cowles outfit, shows similar efforts. Today their website features an interview with a retired border agent. Headline: "Would a wall work?" And his answer is YES.
Ortega witnessed gruesome acts of violence along the San Diego/Tijuana border. "Witnessing murders along the border fence that you couldn't do anything about. Sometimes several a night. Women and children being raped where you couldn't get to them and rescue them. That went on for decades," said Ortega.

In 1986, San Diego border agents reached a breaking point apprehending 629,000 people, in just one year. In 1989, Ortega witnessed the construction on a 14 mile border fence began to help secure the heavily trafficked border between Tijuana And San Diego. Ortego credited the fencing for curbing the kind of violence he witnessed. "What we did is we built this 14-mile section of fence, and it basically stopped all of that activity." Ortega told KHQ.
This shouldn't be a surprise. Everyone knows that houses need walls and fences, and humans need skin. Life without borders is death. Soros has persuaded our corporate and governmental and "religious" leaders that borders are bad, which means specifically and explicitly that death is good for everyone except the Insatiables.

So a careful Bravo to the Cowles bunch, who had been a source of corruption in earlier decades.

The other two TV stations are pure Soros.

I'm not inclined to blame KREM; they're run by the Gannett chain and they're clearly short on money. Their better employees leave for bigger markets quickly, and the weather dude has to cover sports. They don't have enough resources to write and edit their own stuff, so they just use what the network provides.

I can blame KXLY solidly. They're independent and solvent, and they have been taking Satan's side consistently and PROUDLY for at least a year. When their ABC Fake News bosses spew volcanic Tourette on normal people, emitting words that would normally require the cutoff switch, KXLY laughs and cheers demonically. More evil! Yes! Yes! Yes! We love evil! We hate life!

Along the same lines: The Weather Bureau's twitter feed is still holding to its Gaia-free diet. No Gaian ratshit since Jan 19, just valuable and important and interesting INFORMATION. Thanks!
  Shouldn't be astonished

I try to avoid Sorosian input but sometimes I end up tuning into BBC out of sheer boredom. They occasionally run an interesting feature on economics that wouldn't be heard elsewhere.

Not this morning. They're spending a full hour giving SPECIFIC TACTICAL COMMANDS to Sorosian saboteurs in Britain and USA. I shouldn't be shocked, but the open audacity of this SPECIFIC INSTRUCTION runs beyond previous bounds.

Axis Sally.

= = = = =


The front page of BBC's website shows signs of a hasty backpedal. For the last few weeks the front page has been solid Soros. Every single item SHOUTED TRUMP'S UNPRECEDENTED UNAMERICAN KKK HITLER HITLER HITLER TROLL CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY HITLER HITLER HITLER HITLER!!!!!!!!!

This morning:

No news at all. The page starts with Sport and goes on to the usual set of features, cooking, cars, etc. Could be a glitch, could be a sudden order from the May administration. Expect the former, hope for the latter.

Later: the news section returned, but without the hysteria. Trump's slight alteration in Obama immigration policy is just one headline among an appropriately balanced set of world headlines. Must be an order from above. GOOD.
  That's better.

Trump has acted quickly (hours, not days) to fire openly criminal bureaucrats. These saboteurs are NOT acting on principle, since all previous presidents have issued orders to halt or slow migrants from specific countries. The order itself is perfectly normal and ordinary. The mutineers are purely obeying Boss Soros.

Bullies and criminals and cancer can be halted if resisted and removed EARLY. Most Repooflicans are unable or unwilling to halt bullies and criminals. Trump is DIFFERENT. Good.

Monday, January 30, 2017
  Is Max the answer?

Max Keiser is gearing up to run for Congress in North Carolina where his mother lives. He spent most of his adult life in NYC and London, so he may have a carpetbagger problem.

Basically he wants to pull the Dem party away from Bush and back toward left-populism. Admirable goal but I don't think Max is the right man for the job. His solutions are abstract and bankerish, focusing on monetary policy instead of manufacturing. He understands the economic problems of the working class numerically but has no empathy and no understanding of SKILLS and USEFULNESS. His wife Stacy may be able to fill in the gaps, as she does increasingly on their RT show. That won't be enough.

Bernie had no direct experience of working-class life but he has loads of empathy. He can look at the numbers and accurately imagine how those people live. Max can't.

RT is going to be a giant obstacle since the current DNC structure is solely built on starting a nuclear war with Russia. Anything and anyone tainted by Russia, yea unto the 7th times 7th generation, is nuke-worthy.

= = = = =

Irrelevant sidenote: At this stage of life Max is a dead ringer for the Egyptian movie actor Adel Emam, who was big in the '60s and '70s. Could be identical twins. Looks the same, moves the same.


  Fussy points

Chinese fossil researchers have found a microscopic shell that may be an especially early ancestor of complex animals. Strikes me as the sort of fossil that will turn out to be part of a larger and better-known critter, but maybe they have good reasons for treating it as complete.

What's odd is the universal headline "Earliest Human Ancestor" on all the articles, and the universal sentences like "humans evolved from this creepy blob that had no anus."

Three fussy points: (1) "Earliest Human Ancestor" distinctly implies something in the primate department. Lemurs or aye-ayes. This item is claimed to be the earliest deuterostome, which includes most complex multi-celled animals. "Earliest Animal" would be closer. (2) You can't assume it's a blob when it has a fossilized shell. Creepy blobs don't leave fossils, and shells tend to imply rigid bodies. (3) Lots of animals get by without separate mouth and anus, especially in the ocean where you can let water circulate.
  This is why

Why is Soros running a coup? Why are all the corporations and media joining in the coup?

These two headlines on ZH tell the answer:

Manufacturing up, abstraction down. More jobs for Deplorables, less jobs for Insatiables.

This was the WHOLE REASON for electing Trump. More jobs, less war.

He's already starting to bend the vector in the correct direction.

Soros and Elon can't stand it. They want to obliterate Deplorables and leave only Insatiables occupying the Planet. They want to terraform Terra.

If jobs move from Insatiables to Deplorables, UNACCEPTABLE INTOLERABLE ALL OPTIONS ON THE TABLE. And it's murderously clear that ALL options means ALL options.
  Giant self-explanatory sentence

Antiscientific Antiamerican has been working for several decades to obliterate truth and logic and science and the universe.

Their latest editorial against truth and civilization sounds like a straightforward call for revolution and assassination, and it makes a deeply (or Deepstately) revealing connection at the end.
Americans don’t look kindly on bullies, people who try to suppress the truth, or people who try to intimidate scientists and the press. In the long run, this always backfires. The dustbin of history is full of people who have tried, and failed. You will too.

The next time you visit the CIA headquarters, I hope you will take a moment to notice their unofficial motto, etched in the walls of the lobby. It says, “And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." (John VIII-XXXII.)
In other words, CIA is the gold standard for truth, and CIA is the leader of the coup.

Self-explanatory sentence. Tells you EVERYTHING you need to know about science. Science is omnicide. Science destroys all.

Well, fuckheads, if you don't like the government, you should STOP TAKING GOVERNMENT MONEY. Science could conceivably regain some tiny picofragment of honesty if it ran without government grants. But you're not going to do that. You're going to continue competing for Federal grants even while you plot the assassination of the Chief Executive.

= = = = =

Stupid but irresistible sidenote: Antiscientific Antiamerican cites 'John VIII-XXXII'. I think they must mean John 8:32, since subtracting a larger number from a smaller number is not defined in Roman arithmetic. Aside from that, I'm pretty sure they DON'T mean to imply that 'the truth' = 'Jesus is the son of God', which is what the real Bible verse says. Antiscientific American was running a jihad against all gods except Gaia LONG before they specifically commanded the assassination of a President.

= = = = =

Even stupider sidenote: Since they obviously don't agree with the Bible verse, maybe they're quoting Popes John the 8th through John the 32nd? No, the highest John was 23. Are they mistakenly doing the Roman subtraction to get Pope John the Negative 24th? Or by the commutative property Antipope John 24? Close but no anticigar. There was an illegitimate John 23 in the 1400s, replaced by the supposedly legitimate John 23 in the 1900s, but no John 24 on either side of zero.


Sunday, January 29, 2017
  It's time

It's time to finish off the Soros operation.

Note the precisely tuned total assault. Sorosian media (who normally don't bother to change their website on Sunday!), Sorosian boy-fucking priests, Sorosian idiot protesters, Sorosian treasonous politicians, all working in perfectly timed concert to bring down a President for the "crime" of slightly altering a permanent and long-standing regulation. Immigration policy has ALWAYS rejected people from selected countries and favored people from other countries.

Soros is explicitly and transparently and obviously staging a full-fledged coup. He's losing power quickly in other parts of the world. He sees this coup as HIS last chance. It's also OUR last chance to remove his demonic tentacles from the world. His entire organization, and all the media and priests and governors and mayors who conspire and collaborate with the revolution, must be closed and confiscated and jailed.

The Soros coup in Turkey gave Erdogan the guts to remove Soros from his country. Will this coup in USA give Trump enough guts to finish the job? Remains to be seen.

Coup d'etat or coup de grace. Pick one.


  Reference component for coziness

I've discussed whether coziness is a proper sense, and whether it's measurable.

One of the regulars at the Spokane News page has posted the REFERENCE UNIT for coziness.

Exactly 1.0 Cozy.


  Thanks, Ralph 452

Another case of a Federal "judge" demon who thinks he's sticking it to Trump, but in fact is helping Trump.

The enviroloonies and Injuns complained about oil companies using a "fragile endangered vulnerable" highway near "fragile endangered vulnerable" rivers to ship huge modules from Korea to Alberta.

A settlement has been reached, allowing big trucks to use the highway but NOT the monstrous foreign modules.

Ha ha ha, gotcha Trump!

Nope. You're making the oil company unhappy, but the oil company was already unhappy because Trump regulations now require AMERICAN STEEL, which means the steel will be assembled on-site by AMERICAN LABOR.

So you're in full harmony with Trump's intentions, and even worse you're in full harmony with WHAT'S GOOD FOR AMERICA. Fate worse than death for a "judge".

Thanks, Ralph.

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  Good idea, dumb implementation

RCS discusses an attempt to show the economic connectivity of cities. Seems to be proposing new states or regions drawn on the basis of connectivity.

Their connectivity map:

And the proposed provinces:

A good concept. Provinces or counties were originally designed to be spokes from a hub, usually a day's walk or a day's ride. Electoral districts in Canada are literally called ridings.

But the authors have missed the basic point of connectivity in modern times. Cities are connected by culture and skills and business, not by distance. The RCS map misses badly in the Plains. They connect Kansas City to Wichita, and OKC to Tulsa, based on efficient turnpike mileage. Nope, doesn't work that way. Tulsa is more closely tied to Kansas City by Eastern cultural influences. Wichita connects to Denver, not to KC. OKC has a strong connection to Dallas.

Here in the NW, the authors do catch the separation of the Cascades, but completely miss the Mormon Nation. Mormonia is all of Utah, most of Idaho, most of Wyoming, and part of Montana. The map shows this area as unmarked Terra Incognita, with only the SLC metro area influenced by SLC. The authors show Spokane connecting southward into Oregon. Nope, Spokane connects eastward into part of Montana and northward into part of BC.


Saturday, January 28, 2017
  Soros laid bare

As the well-organized protesters and governors and mayors follow Sorosian marching orders with admirable precision and speed, the essential purpose of Soros is laid bare.

It was already clear in Europe, now the same thing is happening here.

These monsters are trying to PROTECT PEOPLE FROM BEING PROTECTED.

Trump is attempting to slow down the flow of Soros's invading army. Not very effectively yet, but moving in that direction.

Soros wants us to be maximally vulnerable. No walls, no police, no laws, no jobs, no culture, no religion, no economy. Naked and starved and DEAD, ready for Soros to take over the territory and suck it dry.

The whole cycle happened already in Russia. Soros took over in '91, crashed the economy, gained power and wealth. Russians are smarter than Westerners, so they figured it out faster. They brought in Putin, who is rebuilding the economy and the police and bringing government law into harmony with Natural Law. Recently Putin finished the war internally by kicking out all Soros-connected NGOs. Now he's finishing Soros's war in Syria, which is winding down as our ISIS armies fall back and agree to negotiate peace.

Soros doesn't want us to see that one of his wars has failed, so he's ramping up his governors and protesters and mayors and media here.

Later: Clearly Trump's team made a tactical error and a strategic error in this case.

Tactical error: Issuing an executive order that requires action before replacing the bureaucrats needed to carry out the action properly. The existing Sorosian bureaucrats have played their sabotage games to the hilt. /// Update: A Federal "judge" has placed a stay on the order, which is a good thing despite the Satanic intentions of the "judge". This action was not properly planned and should be delayed. Thanks, Ralph.

Strategic error: Failing to understand the depth of Deepstate. This is starting to look like Morsi. You can't accomplish anything meaningful while Soros is still holding all the cards. It's necessary to shut down and imprison ALL Sorosian operations. Shut and jail OSF plus all NGOs and media outlets and governors and mayors and city councilmen who have voluntarily conspired with the goals and purposes of Soros. (Some church organizations have received Soros money indirectly without requesting it. They may be temporarily forgiven.) No more Morsi. Do it the Erdogan way. THIS IS LIFE OR DEATH, DAMMIT.

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  Wall tax vs Romneycare tax

Fake "news" is making a big deal of Trump's proposed 20% tariff on Mexican stuff. Supposedly this is a burden. I can figure the burden exactly because my diet and habits are highly predictable. I spend about $36 a month on broccoli and tomatoes, which come from Mexico much of the time. (I think Safeway gets tomatoes locally in spring and summer, but broccoli is always Mexican.) The 20% tariff will raise $36 to $43. Price will rise by $7 per month. Well worth paying to increase safety and wages for Deplorables.

Compare Trump's signature tax with Obama's signature tax. When Romneycare went into effect, my monthly health insurance rose from $300 to $500. What did I get in return for this $200 extra monthly tax? A higher deductible and worse service.

Seven dollars for a small long-term gain, versus two hundred dollars for a total loss.

Trump's tariff is definitely a better deal.

= = = = =

Neural sidenote: When I first wrote this, I had the Romneycare change as 300 to 700, not 300 to 500. The 700 was another example of the odd specific math defect that started in 2008 when blood pressure went wild. The error doesn't happen every time, but when it does it's always triggered by a 5. In this case hitting 500 seemed to reset an "already done" flag in my brain, so that an intended single addition happened twice. I remembered 300 + 200 = 500, and the same addition then quietly happened again to reach 700. Because 7 doesn't trigger any errors, the loop stopped there.

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  Yes it was, but WHY????

I drove a couple of VW Squarebacks for many years. I didn't especially like them, but my tools and skills were 'vested', so maintaining them was comfortable. I had always wondered if VW was influenced by Studebaker. The front end had the same underslung shape as the '50, and the taillights resembled the '52.

This month's Collectible Auto mag answers the question in a surprising way. In fact the design that ended up as the Type III was first COMMISSIONED by Studebaker in 1952!

Picture answers everything except WHY??????

Unfortunately the article doesn't fully answer WHY????? either. The project seems to have been the work of importer Max Hoffman who first brought VW to America. He got the Porsche people together with the Studie people, and Studie paid Porsche $500K (5 million today) for a complete prototype with several size variations.

The picture shows the larger version, about the same size as Studie's original '39 Champion. It's not as pretty as the '53 coupe, but then no human product is as pretty as the '53 coupe. The Squarebaker has a definite advantage in space utilization. Taller hood and trunk makes more room for engine and luggage, and long passenger compartment uses the 111" wheelbase efficiently. This body would have competed better in America than the '53 Studie sedan, which was too narrow and cramped for a full-size car.

Porsche also put a lot of work into designing a front-mounted air-cooled V6 for the car. An even bigger WHY????? Studebaker could have used a roomier body, but they didn't need a bizarre and fragile engine. They were ahead of the competition in engines, with an old small reliable six and a new lively V8.

= = = = =

Later: The front of the Squarebaker reminded me of something else........

Muntz Jet! It's nearly identical. This picture is obviously a '53 model, but the Muntz Jet was a slight redesign of a car first produced in 1948 by Frank Kurtis, the man who put the K in Kalifornia Kustomizing.

In fact the Squarebaker is just a sedan version of a Muntz Jet. No doubt about it. So Studie could have acquired the design a lot earlier and a lot cheaper by hiring Kurtis. Why didn't they? Yet another unanswerable question.


  Good old chutzpah

November news:
A town in Germany is erecting an enormous wall to separate its residents from refugees housed at a local migrant camp. The controversial 4-meter (13.1ft) barrier will stand higher than the Berlin Wall. Located in the Munich suburb of Neuperlach Sud, the stone wall is aimed at dividing the town’s families from around 160 unaccompanied child refugees who are set to move into a nearby shelter currently under construction.
January news:
The mayor of Germany's long divided capital invoked the memory of the Berlin Wall on Friday to condemn US President Donald Trump's proposed border wall with Mexico. The state's press department issued a dramatic plea from Michael Müller referencing the city's infamous Cold War era divide. "We Berliners know best how much suffering was caused by the division of an entire continent with barbed wire and concrete," he wrote.
Doubling the chutzpah: The Berlin wall was INSIDE A COUNTRY, which is historically unusual. The new Munich wall, like the Berlin wall, is INSIDE A COUNTRY. Those two walls are strictly comparable.

Trump's wall is BETWEEN COUNTRIES, which is standard procedure. A few countries manage to do without serious border controls, but most borders are blocked and fortified to various degrees. The US-Mexico border has always been blocked and controlled in some places; Trump is only trying to increase its coverage and effectiveness.


Friday, January 27, 2017
  No empathy

Local fake "news" is focusing on the trial of some dude who did some violent things. He was heavily into using and selling meth. The fake "news" says that his testimony at the trial is "strange" and "paranoid" because he thinks the government and the Mafia are after him.

Duh. If you're selling meth, the government and Mafia are after you. Obvious fact. Believing that the government and Mafia are NOT after you would be delusional and suicidal.

Try a little empathy.
  Transparentizing evil

Two parallel news items:

Trump defunds international abortion NGOs. The Dutch government jumps in to refund them.

Trump cancels a "global warming" conference held by the Centers For Dissident Control (CDC). Algore jumps in to hold the conference privately.

This is GOOD.

If private citizens and governments of OTHER nations want to support evil, that's fine. No problem. Forcing American taxpayers to support evil without letting us make a decision by referendum is EVIL.

Trump is simply removing the FORCIBLE aspect, leaving evil to be performed clearly and openly by evil people. This is the whole fucking point of replacing globalism by nationalism. Globalism requires all evil to be applied to all people and paid by all people. Nationalism restricts evil to local areas, freeing non-evil people from the moral confusion and burden of helping evil.



NUDELMAN IS OUT! Along with most of the top brass in the "State" Dept.

Every new administration changes some of the top bureaucrats, but usually the evil ones are allowed to stay. Nudelman started in Bill Clinton's admin and continued advancing smoothly through Bush The Son and Obama. Under Obama she was Chief Genocidist And Destroyer Of Nations, running and coordinating revolutions in every country that displeased Israel.

Trump has finally broken the neocon captivity. Kicking out Nudelman proves it.


= = = = =

Graphic sidenote: This location, Polistra's new mill town, is finally done and released on ShareCG.


Thursday, January 26, 2017
  Thanks, Ralph 451

As Trump gets serious about cutting funds to sanctuary cities (including idiot Spokane), an interesting fact will come to light.

Until now, federal funds have served to enforce LEFTIST AND GLOBALIST POLICIES.

Spokane has been afraid to use salt or

on its snowy streets because EPA will withhold funding. Spokane has been required to spend $200 million building miasmal mosquito-breeding flood-creating pits to lower the sewage output of some completely harmless chemical from .000000000000000000000000001% down to .0000000000000000000000000001% of total output.

Most broadly and importantly, schools have been forced into all sorts of genocidal Die-Verse ratshit because they were held captive by federal funds.

All of these federal requirements are INFINITELY more costly in both direct taxation and ruined lives than the funds which supposedly compensate.

SO: A city that loses the chains of federal funds will be free to murder its own people by importing Mexican criminals, but it will ALSO be free to use

on its streets, and free to educate children properly if it wants to.

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  Don't get suey, Amish

Some Amish in Kentucky are suing over a requirement for horse crapcatchers on public streets. They say it's a question of religious freedom, and they think the gadget might scare the horses.

Nonsense both ways. Keeping streets clean is a basic government function. No religion is allowed to dump shit on the street. Other Amish are using crapcatchers routinely, and they clearly don't scare the horses. I found this wonderful picture accidentally via Googlestreet a while ago:

Looks proud, not scared. (He's also using his tail to defeat the crapcatcher, which may be what he's proud of!)

Beyond the horseshit issue, SUING IS DEEPLY AND STRONGLY FORBIDDEN for Amish. Part of their consistent and sane refusal to get entangled with secular governments. So these Kentucky dudes are breaking a basic rule to make a horseshit point about horseshit.
  Thanks for proving my point

A couple months ago I noted Trump's verifiable conversation with Putin, which verifiably reduced the danger of nuclear war. At that point I didn't think Trump would carry out his other promises, but consoled myself that he had accomplished one good thing. Now I'm getting more optimistic as the Trump team blitzkriegs the Deepstate bureaucracy from all angles.

At that point I also said:

If the clock-keepers at the BAS were sane, this event would crank back the hands to 11PM or so. There are still small rogue nations with nukes. Israel could decide to take out Persia at any time, especially now that Shimon Peres has died. But the BIG rogue, USA, has been pacified for a while. So far the BAS clock hasn't taken account of this event. Since BAS is NOT sane, I'm sure they will ACTUALLY move the clock up to T minus 1 microsecond. In their unimaginably hyperlunatic and turbogenocidal "minds", the existence of Trump is the biggest threat ever.

Well, now the omnicidal scientists have run true to omnicidal scientist form. They've set their satanclock FORWARD, to the "latest" minute since 1953. Exactly where they put it when Eisenhower started his term and started to ratchet down from Truman's globalist drive to omnicide.

In the alien infinitely evil microcranium of a scientist,


Thanks, omnicidists, for firmly verifying that Trump is the second Eisenhower. Remains to be seen if he can become the second FDR, but he's making a damn good start in that direction.


  Softly barking dog

I try to spot non-barking dogs. This one isn't exactly non-barking, but it's noticeably quieter than the other rabid Chihuahuas in the pack.

For 20 years the local newspaper behaved like normal USA STRONG media, spitting and shitting on civilization and religion, kicking and punching local citizens in the face, grinding logic and facts into dust. All Sorosian crimes and scams were treated as gold, all morality and goodness were treated as poison.

About a year ago they hired a new editor. Since then things have subtly changed. Editorials are still firmly globalist and satanist, but news is occasionally presented in an objective tone. The chief spitters and shitters have been muzzled and a new columnist occasionally speaks FOR reality. The front page of the website no longer kicks you in the face.

Most amazing of all, but harder to spot: the Spokesman appears to have LEARNED from the Dolezal fiasco. Blatantly obvious hate hoaxes are still top-of-page on other local media, but the Spokesman doesn't help the hoaxers.


Wednesday, January 25, 2017
  Doing it right, by god!

More evidence that the Trump team understands how the world works. If you're going to make change, you need to push IMMEDIATELY and RELENTLESSLY on ALL FRONTS. Blitzkrieg. Overwhelm the bureaucratic enemy, give them no time for sabotage.

When the Trumpians passed over McMorris for a cabinet post, I wondered if they were serious, wondered if they would skip the crucially important fronts of dams and farms. Now I can stop wondering.

Evidence 1: The list of 50 top infrastructure projects includes repairing and improving several major hydro dams and canal/lock systems.

Evidence 2: They've hired two Wash state legislators for EPA mid-level positions. One is temporary, presumably to help with the transition push. The permanent one is Brian Dansel, from the northeast part of Wash. I wasn't familiar with his record, so I checked the legislature's website. Dansel has been focusing on protecting ranchers from the Federal forced invasion of "endangered" "species".

No doubt about it, they're pushing on ALL important fronts.

Another semi-related detail: As part of the pipeline push, Trump requires the builders to use American-made steel. This won't make the oil companies happy because they have been using Korean and Chinese steel and letting Chinese workers build large sections of the system in advance. This causes bizarre complications and long delays but the expense and trouble are necessary to fulfill the American corporate imperative of universal treason. NEVER HIRE AMERICANS, NEVER BUY AMERICAN MATERIALS. CHINA IS GOD.

Speculative sidenote: Maybe this shows their real reason for conferring with McMorris. Get details on dams that need work, find aspiring young politicians who can help rebuild the country.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017
  When did the lying stop?

Hillarian sources are screeching about the Trump admin's prohibition on lies.

Media thinks lies are truth, so of course prohibiting lies is FASCIST TROLL KKK HITLER in their vile bigoted eyes.

I'd been frequently annoyed by the Weather Bureau mixing Gaian lies with valuable FACTUAL information in its Twitter feed. I thought they were continuing to lie after Trump took office, so I skimmed backwards and found the exact point of inflection.

The last lies were on Jan 19. On that date they shat out a giant pile of Gaian lies. Since then, nothing but valuable and useful facts. So the order to stop lying must have been known before the inauguration.

You'd think bureaucrats would prefer to gain the trust of the people who pay taxes, but obviously they don't. They prefer doing evil until FORCED AT GUNPOINT to stop doing evil.


  Constants and variables 59

News item 1: (Constant) Europe is experiencing the coldest winter in 10 years, and many people are freezing to death. EU monsters were unprepared for cold because they KNOW in their DEAD heads that the world is HOTTEST EVER HOTTEST EVER HOTTEST EVER HOTTEST EVER BURNING BURNING BURNING BURNING, and because they are more concerned with punishing Russia for DARING to defend itself against our unprovoked aggression than with keeping their own people alive.

News item 2: (Variable) Trump holds up all EPA grants and contracts pending an FDR-style review; and signs exec order to speed up construction of pipelines. This will help the ACTUAL environment because everything EPA does is LETHAL for the ACTUAL environment, and because shipping oil by pipeline is TREMENDOUSLY cleaner than using trains. Otherwise the pipeline is sort of neutral because production is based on price and demand, not shipping. Stopping the pipeline won't stop production.

So EU is still killing people to serve Gaia, while USA is moving toward preserving and defending its own people AND cleaning up the ACTUAL environment.

= = = = =

Graphic sidenote: The ears on these Poser deer figures look absurdly large, but they're still nowhere near the GIANT EFFING EARS on the real mule deer around this neighborhood.

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  Constants and variables 58

Last night Trump's nominee for CIA head was approved.

Last night Hannigan, the head of GCHQ, "suddenly and surprisingly" quit, citing the sudden and surprising need to spend more time with his family.

If Hannigan was at odds with the new administration in Britain he would have quit six months ago. Since he's quitting immediately after the change of admin in US, we can assume he's responding to the US change, not the UK change.

Of course none of the "journalists" even try to ask the question. They mindlessly copy-paste Hannigan's letter about the urgent imperative need to spend time with his family, and leave it there.


  Contagious "pneumonia"

Mark Dayton, illegitimate "governor" of Minnesota, suffered an attack of Hillarian pneumonia while illegally spewing the State of the State Address.

Good. More pneumonia, please. Dayton is the stupidest of all the partisan hacks illegitimately posing as governors. Inslee of Wash is a very close second. But no illegitimate governor can compete with the Upper Nuthouse, where McCain and Graham have set a permanent gold standard for partisan stupidity.

I wonder if we're seeing an epidemic caused by lack of vaccination. Partisan hacks have been living in a totally insulated and totally dark Clean Room, never allowing the light and dust of reality to penetrate their stainless sphere. Now that Trump is drilling holes in their sphere and allowing light and dust and facts to squeeze through, these hacks are unequipped to handle the microbes of reality. Cognitive dissonance invades their pristine miniature cranial organs and runs rampant.
Monday, January 23, 2017
  Toldja so. Toldja so. Toldja so. Toldja so. Toldja so. Toldja so.

Fully reprinting an item I wrote 5 years ago (Jan 2012):

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Supposedly Steve China-Jobs set up the huge Foxconn factory in his beloved motherland of China because Apple couldn't make a profit on its phone devices otherwise.

Let's think about it. Did we always need to have slaves working 35 hours without a break, ruining their bodies, just to supply all Americans with telephones?

Hell no. For 70 years Western Electric supplied phones for every American. WE's Hawthorne Works employed about 50,000 Americans, and was famous for good working conditions. In fact it was a laboratory for improving working conditions.

Are the new devices so complicated that they require a different level of labor? I doubt it. In electronic terms the iPhone is literally a billion times more complicated. But in terms of human labor the old and new are about the same, with roughly two dozen parts needing human assembly. So the comparison is valid.

Was the old Bell System actually able to make a profit, despite using those horrible lazy unskilled American workers and paying them actual money in exchange for labor? Hell yes. Back when stocks were bought for steady dividends instead of picosecond-scale pico-variations in share price, ATT stock was the gold standard.

So what's the difference?

Industrial policy.

Bell insisted on protection against foreign competition because its executives liked America and understood Henry Ford's correlation between contented workers and contented customers.

Apple insists on "free trade" because its executives are sadistic treasonous monsters who hate America, love slavery and enjoy using Chinese slave labor. This system is called "The Free Market" or "Individual Liberty".

That's the difference.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

Note the number 50,000.

Bloomberg today:
Foxconn Technology Group is considering building a U.S. display-making facility for upwards of $7 billion, a major investment for Apple Inc.’s main manufacturer that may create tens of thousands of American jobs during President Donald Trump’s first year in office.

The envisioned facility could cost more than $7 billion and may create 30,000 to 50,000 jobs, according to Gou. It would also bring manufacturing closer to the largest market for iPhones and iPads, a potential boon for Apple.

Note the number 50,000.

Take that, you tech-tyrant satans and economist satans.

Bringing back industry is NOT technically or economically impossible. It's NOT pointless KKK TROLL WHITEBOY nostalgia. It's just a question of DECIDING TO STOP BEING EVIL. With enough of an economic incentive, even Applesatan can decide to be somewhat less evil.


  Wouldn't need a hero

Article on a heroic cop. A modern car, fully equipped with "intelligence", rebelled against its owner and tried to kill her. Faced with deep slush, the car stalled and the engine immediately started burning. All electrical systems failed, which meant the door locks and window openers failed. Fortunately a human cop, fully equipped with tools and skills and COMMON SENSE, got her out.

Can't argue with the heroism, but isn't there a larger point here?

A car without "intelligence" can't hold you hostage while it burns you up. When a plain old analog carburetor catches fire on a plain old analog car, you can steer the car to a safe place and you can unlock the doors by yourself. No hero needed.

Irrelevant sidenote: The video with the article also shows a couple of big ice dams on the same species of house that I've identified as the champion dammer.


Sunday, January 22, 2017
  Albinoni 1, Cameraman 0.

This is an amazing performance of a short Albinoni sinfonia by a Russian ensemble.

The hall and audience are noisy. An asshole cameraman with a giant camera (NOT the camera filming this clip!) jumps into the MIDDLE of the performers and starts panning and zooming and raising and lowering his tripod and blocking the violins.

Despite all the shit, the performers are filled with Albinoni. Nothing else is there. Music wins.


  Not crazy, just dead.

For a long time I've been trying to parse out the mental defect of our elites, currently Sorosian.

The stupid "definition of insanity" doesn't get there at all. Normal insane people can't be compared with Sorosians. Real schizies and real psychopaths are fully capable of changing their actions to reflect reality. Schizies build an unnecessarily complex set of reasons for the actions, and psychopaths have an evil goal, but they're NOT completely removed from sensory feedback.

I tried to describe the Sorosian defect as negative intelligence but that doesn't hit the mark either. There are a few cases where the elites move in exactly the opposite direction from normal human behavior, but mostly they just FAIL TO ACCOUNT FOR REALITY ALTOGETHER.

Sorosians simply continue doing the same thing. I can't attach another clause to the sentence. It's not continue doing the same thing regardless of X or continue doing the same thing despite Y. It's continue doing the same thing. Period.

Now I get it.

Sorosians are INANIMATE. You can't compare them with any living thing because all living things, from seeds to bacteria to plants to animals, sense reality and respond accordingly. Sometimes a living response is counterproductive because it includes too much or too little context, but life always RESPONDS to a stimulus.

Sorosians are like rocks dropped from a cliff, or dust grains carried in the wind, or a projectile shot from a cannon. They move at a predetermined velocity and acceleration until stopped by a larger and harder object.

They are DEAD. This explains why they see everything as identical grains of sand. Death can't comprehend life. This also explains why their goal is to reduce everything else to DEAD. No walls, no borders, no gradients, no distinction between order and chaOS.

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  1933 MIDI

Programmable mechanisms for entertainment go back a LONG way. Greeks were making water-driven clocks and animals 2000 years ago. Around 1200AD the trend started again with clockwork. Music boxes expanded into orchestras with human-like performers.

Analog electronics didn't join the trend in a major way. Some fountains and carillons were driven by music-box technology through relays instead of gears, but that's not really electronic.

Here's one attempt at a fully electronic music box, found in a 1933 radio journal.

The Talk-A-Lite by Operadio. Clearly not a home consumer product. Chassis to be mounted in some larger setup. Seems to have several switches on the front, Strowger relays inside and a turntable on top. But how does it work?

Fortunately the patent was available, and clearly shows the mechanism.

On the top part of the circuit you can see the turntable, the needle (15), leading to a simple amplifier with speaker (19). This part is just a phonograph.

= = = = =

The system takes advantage of a basic property of hearing. If two signals are ADDED or mixed linearly, we hear them separately. The control signals (big wiggles on the wave) are ADDED to the speech or music (small sharp wiggles). Because the control waves are too slow for us to hear, we don't even notice them. [You'd also want the upper amplifier to be AC-coupled so the speaker doesn't move with the control wiggles. This was default design for tube amps, so the inventor probably didn't think it was worth specifying.]

To demonstrate, I pulled a few seconds from a Ripley radio program that sounds sort of educational, then generated a couple of control pulses typical of the patent's concept.

Separate waves as seen in Audacity:

Hear the Ripley by itself.

Hear the control pulse by itself.

After adding the two waves, you can see the mixing clearly in the waveform.

Can you hear it?

Hear the mixture.

Despite the appearance, you can't hear the control pulses.

= = = = =

The lower part of the circuit leads to the real action, which is described in the text but not shown completely as a schematic. Several tunable circuits pick up the various control tones, and each tuned circuit kicks a Strowger relay forward by one step when it picks up its own tone. You would then tie your lights or solenoids to appropriate outputs of the Strowgers.

The inventors did a good job of imagining a wide range of uses. You could click through a sequence of pictures, or demonstrate some phenomenon or device, or trigger special effects in a theater.

I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work, and it was obviously manufactured and sold. But it didn't succeed, and we didn't get true electronic control until the digital era when MIDI came along.

= = = = =

Sidenote: The Wiki article on Strowger mentions something I hadn't heard before: Alton Strowger sold out of Automatic Electric a few years after he founded it. He decided to take a flat payment of $10k (roughly $200k today) instead of royalties on the patent. Dumb.

The Ripley show mentions that Columbus decided to take a flat annual payment of $16k instead of a 10% royalty on all the gold and resources flowing from America to Spain. Dumb. [Episode not online AFAIK, so here's a longer segment to show what I mean.]

But: as usual, reality wasn't as simple as Ripley. Columbus himself accepted the 10% royalty, then he got crossgrained with the Spanish government, at one point allying himself with some of the Injun tribes (!!!!!!!) against the king. When he returned to Spain he was jailed for a while. Even so, the 10% deal was still in place when Chris died in 1506. His heirs got even more crossgrained, continuously suing for more power and money. The suits were finally arbitrated in 1536, giving the heirs some meaningless titles and 16k ducats per year. This website says a 1500s ducat was about $25 in modern money, so 16k ducats would have been about 20k dollars in the 1930s or 400k dollars today. Ripley was right on the amount, wrong on the sequence of events, wrong on the claim of injustice. Chris got a good deal and accepted it. His heirs got what they deserved for being litigious dickheads.

Moral of the story: Unless you're 100% certain that the company or the contract is going to fail within a year, TAKE THE ROYALTIES. And the unless doesn't even matter. If the company is already failing it won't be able to pay the flat sum anyway. So the rule reduces to TAKE THE ROYALTIES.

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Saturday, January 21, 2017
  Another anti-government government broadcaster /// EDIT

I've been noting that the national official broadcasters of EU countries no longer speak for their governments and people. As the Parliaments and Presidents turn away from Soros and toward the actual people of those countries, the official stations continue to speak for Soros.

Now VOA has joined the parade. For many decades VOA represented the government, while trying to maintain objective language. Now that the President and Parliament are (at least nominally) with the actual people, VOA has remained with Soros.

= = = = =

1/22: Just a couple days after the inauguration, VOA seems to have felt the whip of Trump's team. They've returned to their usual objectivity and even-handedness after a few weeks of screaming like Soros. Good.

THIS IS THE PURPOSE OF ELECTIONS. Real elections with real choices TURN the government in a new direction, and the government emphatically includes the government's propaganda outlets. Those outlets should not continue serving Satan while the government is turning toward the people.

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  What you mean WE, Juncker man?

Der Spiegel calls bravely for an International Front Against Trump, based in EU and UN bureaucracies.
The UN will need to show that it can be a countervailing power in the civil sphere and an advocate for its especially vulnerable members. The European Union should see Trump as a new justification for its existence and make the best of it. It's very possible that previously unthinkable constellations might emerge -- that Europe and China, for example, could act in concert on some issues. Impossible? That's what we thought. But in the now-dawning Trump world, it's not about believing or about hoping. We have no choice but to forcefully defend our interests and our principles.

Okay, let's see who's ready to join the IFAT.

China? Dream on. China is always the ultimate nationalist and protectionist, taking full advantage of globalist fools.

Germany has to be the center of the Axis, just as it was before.... but Merkel is not going to win the next election.

France? LePen is definitely winning.

Spain? Too busy trying to prevent Catalonia from seceding.

Italy? Beppe Grillo is winning.

England? Already getting out of EU.

Poland? Ambiguous but not willing to sacrifice.

Balkan countries? Mostly with the Allies.

Russia? Center of the Allies, thanks to your relentless vicious attacks.

Turkey? With the Allies.

Your newly created Wonderful Utopian Democracies in Iraq and Syria? Hah.

Sweden? Amazingly even Sweden is tired of EU migrant invasions.

Finland? YES! Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia? YES!

So there's your IFAT. there's your WE.

Or in other words,

  As always

Antichrist Bergoglio is serving Soros as always. According to Crux, Antichrist has sent a "telegram" to Trump. Since Western Union is extinct, I'm not sure what qualifies an email as a "telegram". Leaving that aside, here's the main part of the message as given by the Vatican website:
At a time when our human family is beset by grave humanitarian crises demanding far-sighted and united political responses, I pray that your decisions will be guided by the rich spiritual and ethical values that have shaped the history of the American people and your nation’s commitment to the advancement of human dignity and freedom worldwide. Under your leadership, may America’s stature continue to be measured above all by its concern for the poor, the outcast and those in need who, like Lazarus, stand before our door.
Those humanitarian crises were solely and specifically created by Antichrist's boss Soros, with the help of previous USA STRONG administrations. Far-sighted cannot be united by definition. When most of the power structure is short-sighted and evil, a far-sighted response must DIVIDE the government and DELETE those evil people from power.

Concern for the poor, the outcast and those in need is

what Trump was running on. His inauguration speech is solely and strictly about concern for the poor, the outcast and those in need.

Antichrist obviously agrees with Meryl Streep and Soros and Bezos that the people at the OTHER end of the spectrum, the rich and powerful and infinitely privileged, are poor, outcast and in need. He's reminding Trump that presidents SHOULD be helping Streep and Bezos and Soros and Bergoglio to become richer, more prestigious and more powerful.
  Perfect example

Perfect example of Sorosian government:

BBC is running a series called Perfect Country which examines "solutions" used in various countries. Today's feature is Chinese math mastery. Why are Chinks so damn good at math?

Well, the SCIENTIFIC answer is not secret or mysterious. When the low end of Group 1 performs better than the high end of Group 2, you're looking at genes.

Needless to say, BBC cannot possibly acknowledge genes, because genes are a FACT. BBC must oppose and obliterate ALL SCIENCE AND FACTS.

BBC assumes that there's some mysterious magic trick in Chinese teaching methods. They find lots of memorizing and learning by rote, which is the SAME as UK/US math teaching methods. In China this poor method "works" much better than it does in the West, because Chinese kids DON'T NEED ANY TEACHING. Even after the damage done by bad teaching their talent is still superior to ours.

It's still a total mystery to BBC, but they conclude that we need MORE bad teaching if we're going to match the Chinks in math. We must spend more money to make the situation worse, so we can spend more money to make the situation worse, so we can spend more money to make the situation worse, so we can spend more money to make the situation worse, so we can spend more money to make the situation worse, so we can spend more money to make the situation worse, so we can spend more money to make the situation worse, so we can spend more money to make the situation worse, so we can spend more money to make the situation worse, so we can spend more money to make the situation worse, so we can spend more money to make the situation worse, so we can spend more money to make the situation worse, so we can spend more money to make the situation worse, so we can spend more money to make the situation worse, so we can spend more money to make the situation worse, so we can spend more money to make the situation worse, so we can spend more money to make the situation worse, so we can spend more money to make the situation worse, so we can spend more money to make the situation worse, so we can spend more money to make the situation worse, so we can spend more money to make the situation worse, so we can spend more money to make the situation worse, so we can spend more money to make the situation worse, so we can spend more money to make the situation worse, so we can spend more money to make the situation worse, so we can spend more money to make the situation worse, so we can spend more money to make the situation worse, so we can spend more money to make the situation worse, so we can spend more money to make the situation worse, so we can spend more money to make the situation worse, so we can spend more money to make the situation worse, so we can spend more money to make the situation worse, so we can spend more money to make the situation worse, so we can spend more money to make the situation worse, so we can spend more money to make the situation worse, so we can spend more money to make the situation worse, so we can spend more money to make the situation worse, so we can spend more money to make the situation worse, so we can spend more money to make the situation worse, so we can spend more money to make the situation worse, so we can spend more money to make the situation worse, so we can spend more money to make the situation worse, so we can spend more money to make the situation worse, so we can spend more money to make the situation worse, so we can spend more money to make the situation worse, so we can spend more money to make the situation worse, so we can spend more money to make the situation worse, so we can spend more money to make the situation worse, so we can spend more money to make the situation worse, so we can spend more money to make the situation worse, so we can spend more money to make the situation worse, so we can spend more money to make the situation worse, so we can spend more money to make the situation worse, so we can spend more money to make the situation worse, so we can spend more money to make the situation worse,


  What would Bryan do?

The essence of Sorosian government is a two-step process:

1. Locate a "problem" that cannot be solved because it's an inherent fact of nature; or create a "problem" from scratch in such a way that it's logically and physically unsolvable.

2. Eternally pretend to "solve" the physically unsolvable "problem", using techniques that infinitely expand government power and budget. Since the "problem" will never be solved, infinite increase is GUARANTEED.

= = = = =

What happens when a politician breaks out of the process?

Headline in this morning's newspapers:

Beware of the politician with simple answers. Trump still divides, and there's still a lot at stake.


Don't let the plumber replace your faucet. Don't fix a flat tire. Don't let the doctor give you a vaccine. Don't let the city use

on the streets. Don't let the school DIVIDE kids according to their talents and vocations. Don't let policemen DIVIDE criminals from non-criminals by arresting criminals. Don't execute the worst criminals. Don't let the government build walls or tariffs or anti-missile systems to DIVIDE us from military or economic invaders. Don't let parents DIVIDE people by providing comfort and discipline to their own kids.

Everyone must be TOTALLY VULNERABLE, all real problems must get WORSE, all normal situations must be turned into unsolvable "problems".

This is Soros.

= = = = =

We still can't predict that Trump will do what he says, but his inauguration speech is a clarion call to BREAK the Sorosian two-step. No compromise, no "reverting to mean".

What would Bryan do?

I went back and read some Jennings Bryan and some Graybill. Trump's diagnosis is the same because our conditions are the same as 1890. Trump's prescription is entirely different because the correct solution has been determined EXPERIMENTALLY.

Bryan and Graybill were prescribing changes in the monetary system, which must have seemed like a solution at the time. They were wrong. Paper and silver and gold are all equally good, and none of them help to cure globalism. The cure for globalism is to DIVIDE the nation from all the evils of globalism.

FDR had the right cure even though he didn't talk like Bryan. Banks are the core vector of globalism. You have to decrease their power and increase the power of REAL VALUE PRODUCTIVE BUSINESS. You have to MAKE PEOPLE USEFUL again, which means eliminating the type of business that makes people useless. You have to can salmon with workers instead of ledgers.

Now that the correct cure has been EXPERIMENTALLY PROVEN, Trump is proposing to use it. Yes, it does require DIVIDING because solving always requires DIVIDING.

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Friday, January 20, 2017
  Tracking the breakup of Sorosia

Noticing the opposite changes in Gambia and USA STRONG, I decided to start keeping track of countries that are moving IN and OUT of the Sorosphere. Today Gambia moved IN and USA STRONG started to move OUT.

Green = AWAY FROM Sorosia.

USA STRONG, Russia, Turkey, Persia, Slovakia, Hungary, England, Poland, Bulgaria, Philippines, Kenya. I used lighter shades for weaker changes.

Purple = INTO Sorosia.

I'm seeing Gambia and the Baltics as recent moves TOWARD more Empire.

The map shows only recent changes, not pre-existing conditions. Most of Europe remains solidly Sorosian, and the Orient (China, Korea, Japan) remains solidly non-Sorosian.

= = = = =

Second edition here. Added one country on each side and corrected the placement of Kenya.

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  Real news vs fake news

While Gambia and USA STRONG wrestle with globalism vs nationalism, Spokane wrestles with a more direct drama:

This is why I read the Spokane-News facebook page.

Fake news = globalists posing as nationalists and vice versa.

Real news = GIANT EFFING MOOSE, verified by picture.


  Nice contrast

Globalists have been pushing hard on the former British colony of Gambia, where a long-lasting leader has been trying to stay in office after an election that finally kicked him out. Nearby countries sent troops to the Gambian border to threaten an invasion if the old leader stays.

At this hour we don't know yet if the new leader will be allowed to take office, or even allowed to live. /// Update: The old leader finally gave way, letting the new globalist in.

= = = = =

Globalists have been pushing hard on the former British colony of USA STRONG, where a long-lasting dynasty has been trying to stay in office after an election that finally kicked them out. Globalist forces have mobilized troops to threaten a coup if the new leader takes office.

At this hour we don't know yet if the new leader will be allowed to take office, or even allowed to live.

Update: Well, the new alleged nationalist was allowed to take office. So far so good. /// Update again: DAMN, that was a GOOD speech. Pure SHARP populism, with no compromises or rounded corners. Jennings Bryan is smiling for the first time since 1908. Even Graybill is smiling.
Thursday, January 19, 2017
  Analog sand 2

The idiot "city" failed yet again. We've gone through the typical January Thaw, which was worse than usual this time but not record-breaking. After three weeks of single digits, we're back in the 30s, with a little liquid rain.

Copkiller Condon's algorithms said

if (Temp > 30): No deicer

Nature said:

if (Pavement == 10 degrees) and (Rain washes off useless greasy EPA-approved "deicer"): ICE ICE ICE ICE ICE ICE

Zamboni time again.

If the idiot "city" had used

in the first place, none of this would happen.

= = = = =

On my morning walk I finally found a narrow foot-wide track near the curb where the idiot "city" hadn't Zambonicated. Footprints informed me that someone else had reached the same conclusion. Smart someone. No, wait.... What kind of boots are those? High heels without soles? No, each boot has two heels.... Oh. The someone else was a deer, finding and using the only non-lethal track the same way I had found and used it. Smart analog deer using SENSES and BRAINS instead of algorithms.

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  Another observation

I noted that Deepstate was refusing to use Trump's name. Observation was verified. It's an intentional effort, not just a coincidence.

Now we have a new piece of Deepstate bigotry and infantile superstition. Deepstate is refusing to show Trump's face, which is apparently a "trigger". Instead they show the back of his head.

This could be more about literal triggers than snowflakey "triggers". I suppose we'll know soon.
Wednesday, January 18, 2017
  CIA clearing the decks for something?

CIA has digitized a batch of documents that were declassified by Podesta in 1995. The upload is just before Trump takes over. ZH notes the action but atypically fails to note the Podesta connection.

Bush Senior has decided to die just before the Trump inauguration, and Dowager Empress Barbara seems to be joining him.

Bush Senior assassinated Reagan and orchestrated the Switchover on behalf of CIA, so this is an interesting coincidence of dates.

Reminder: Hinckley is out of jail now, tanned and rested and ready to try again.


  Contrary to vested interest....

ZH points to a Bloomberg article on the decline of Pearson's textbook business.
The capitulation contrasts with months of optimistic statements by Chief Executive Officer John Fallon about the challenges Pearson faces in the U.S., where college enrollments and its testing business are down, and textbook sales unexpectedly declined. Fewer older students are enrolling, community college admissions also are dropping, and more students are renting textbooks.
I hadn't been keeping track of the big picture, but my own courseware royalties (not from Pearson) agree with the pattern:

Three big years charged up my savings, then three nothing years. The last nothing year was frustrating because it came immediately after a year of VERY hard work to build a new online edition. I was blaming the publisher for pulling out of the subject area and halting promotion, but now it's clear that all courseware and textbooks are losing ground.

Despite vested interest, I'm happy to see the trend. College shouldn't be a universal goal, and online material should be secondary to REAL HANDS-ON learning.


Tuesday, January 17, 2017
  Natural justice 4

Spokane school system pulled a neat Emerson on anti-vax parents. In order to get their kids into school without the needle, parents had to sign an agreement that the unvaxed kid would be forced to stay out of school for a MONTH if an outbreak of disease started.

Oh well, that couldn't happen. We don't have epidemics any more, and nobody would actually keep kids out for a month. Sure, let's go ahead and sign this bit of red tape.

Whoopsie! We have an epidemic of mumps, and the school system ACTUALLY DOES keep non-vaxed kids out for a month.

Welcome to quarantine land, anti-vax parents. Why do we have epidemics again? Because of you.

Thanks, Ralph!


  Dangerously innocent

The Ron Paul idiots are proposing that we should abolish the CIA. As usual they're missing the point.

The intel community is deeply woven into everything, ESPECIALLY investment banks and the tech world. Most of the action in recent decades has been via quangos, not official government agencies. Current action is mainly via Google and Apple and Amazon and paid media (newspapers, TV, radio).

Abolishing the front agency will only make it MUCH EASIER for the rest of the system to run wild. Google and Apple have unlimited budgets and literally GODLIKE power. They know when you are sleeping. They know when you're awake. They know when you've been bad or good so be good for Soros sake.

Paulists are dangerously innocent. They still believe in long-extinct antique concepts like "laws" and "constitutions", still think that systems work as described.

Solving this problem requires Erdogan action. First locate EVERY agency, company, bank and individual who is involved in the evil. Then round them all up and check to be sure you haven't accidentally pulled in a UPS driver or homeless dude who happened to be walking through the evil offices. After sorting out the handful of innocent bystanders, shoot the rest. A century of torture would be better justice but shooting is faster.
Monday, January 16, 2017
  Shea needs to learn from Wikileaks

Local Repooflican politician Shea is at it again. Recently he made an unproven and completely unnecessary accusation against a county deputy. Now he's trying to play the fake news game with a false accusation against KXLY. He claimed that they mischaracterized one of his pointless referendums. They were able to show that they never discussed his pointless referendum at all.

This is especially annoying because KXLY is the most firmly Sorosian of the local media, the station that happily participates in DNC cussing against Trump. KXLY deserves to be mocked and discredited PROPERLY. Shea did the opposite.

Learn from Wikileaks, dude. Wikileaks is able to dent Satan's armor because Wikileaks applies engineer-level caution and metrology. When they published DNC emails they included enough metadata that you could verify authenticity for yourself. DNC tried to accuse Wikileaks of lying, but when several DNC criminals resigned to protect the syndicate from prosecution, the truth was unquestionable. Sorosian media still tried to ignore the contents, but couldn't call Wikileaks false and ended up treating some of the material as important.

The same thing happened with Daleiden's videos of Planned Parenthood. Sorosian demons tried to accuse Daleiden of falsifying by editing, but he posted the raw originals along with the edited finals. The demonic court case was dropped.

Simple rule.

Later: Rereading this, the words UNNECESSARY and POINTLESS stand out. Shea doesn't seem to have a sense of priorities, doesn't distinguish between words and action. What people expect from a legislator is ACTION to serve our interests. We don't expect a legislator to accomplish everything, but we want to see a few important laws or regulations deleted.

McMorris understands these expectations. She doesn't toss around pointless proposals, she just moves the needle toward sanity on a FEW locally important issues like dams and "endangered" "species".


  Picture of an inversion

The Weather Bureau has been discussing an extreme inversion. Temps near zero on the ground, and above freezing at 3000 feet. It's starting to show on the map:

We've been locked in single digits here for days. I thought those 30s were errors until I noticed the mountainous terrain on the underlying map!
  More numerology

Well, not exactly numerology but close.

SorOS was named by his weak commie father who was an Esperantist. The father insisted on speaking only Esperanto in the house. He chose SorOS for the son's last name with the hope that the son WILL SOAR. (Root sor is borrowed from English, os is future tense in Esperanto.)

The SorOS control structure emphasizes Open Society OS above all. Open means Ebola. Open means death. No borders, no walls, no skin, no doors, no controls, no gradients. No life is allowed. All is void and ChaOS. Ctrl-Z on Genesis.

Nothing can MEDDLE with the infinite infinite infinite power of SorOS. SorOS must be the universe. Other members of the Tribe may share power and wealth temporarily as assistants but soon they must also disappear so that SorOS can be the universe.

Now the numerology or perhaps literology. Consider DavOS, the command center for the OS movement. Consider BezOS, the main competitor with SorOS for sole-universe status. BezOS got his name legitimately from a Cuban stepfather; it's not Esperanto. Still an interesting signal. Nature is trying to tell us something.
  How does Spokane get such good judges?

Judge Cozza has died rather young of a heart attack. The obit about his death was open for comments, and all of the comments are strongly positive. A couple are from young would-be thugs who were turned back to a normal life by Cozza's careful actions.

An obit for other types of local officials would draw primarily negative comments, and the comments would be perfectly valid.

In doing jury service three times I watched several judges in action. (Not Cozza.) All of them were excellent. Wise, commonsensical and rational. The persecuting and defense attorneys were self-destructively stupid, but the judge worked around their idiocy to achieve sane results.

How does the county attract and keep so many GOOD judges when the city officials are uniformly corrupt and incompetent?
Sunday, January 15, 2017
  Observation was right

A month ago I wrote:
I've noticed that a lot of the globalist squawkers ... newsreaders and entertainers and such ... are treating the name Trump as an obscenity that can't be spoken. Like the Redskins, who must be called "The Washington Football Team".

These monsters are using the words "The President-Elect", with the standard snide acid-mucus resonance.

They haven't planned this move carefully. What will they do after Jan 20? They ABSOLUTELY CAN'T shift from The President-Elect to The President. That would be admitting a fact, which is even more strictly unthinkable than the Redskins or Trump.

Will they call him The Russian Occupier? The Pretender To The Rainbow Throne Which Belongs By Divine Right To Our Most Noble Savioress and Goddess Hillary?
At that point I wasn't entirely sure of the observation. Now one of the globalist demons has verified:
Mike Kinman, Rector of All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena, California, blogged this week:

“If you come to All Saints this Sunday, you’ll notice that we have removed the proper names from our prayers for those in authority. Whereas before we prayed for “Barack, our president,” we are now praying for “our president, our president-elect, and all others in authority.” This practice will continue for at least the near future. We are in a unique situation in my lifetime where we have a president elect whose name is literally a trauma trigger to some people – particularly women and people who, because of his words and actions, he represents an active danger to health and safety.”
Represents an active danger?

As usual the vile filthy bigotdemons have every fact precisely wrong. Their Lord And Savior Barack was officially uncertain about "gay" "marriage" until late in his term when he Evolved and Completed His Personal Journey. If being uncomfortable with "gay" "marriage" is the standard for active danger, Lord And Savior Barack should have been an unspeakable hissing and byword from 2008 until 2014.

Trump is perfectly comfortable with "gay" "marriage" and has said so repeatedly and consistently for many years. He also said that he's not interested in undoing Federal "laws" on this subject.
  Constants and variables 57

Article in Christianity Today tries to quantify persecution against Christians.

I won't argue with the horrible numbers, but I'd parse the list into two distinct segments.

Basic question: Who started the fight?

If you live in a country where Christianity has always been foreign and unwanted, you're starting the fight by declaring yourself to be a Christian. You know what to expect.

If you're a Christian in a country that has been default Christian for centuries, you should expect to be treated normally. A government that starts to persecute Christians is starting the fight.

= = = = =

The article considers North Korea to be the worst offender. Nope. The rules are clear and constant, with no surprises or bait-n-switch. You know from birth that all religion is forbidden. When you declare yourself to be Christian, you are committing a crime by all the rules of culture and government, so you can't call the government's response persecution.

China is on the same side of the divide, though less violent. China has ALWAYS rejected Christian missionaries.

= = = = =

On the other side of the divide, Syria and Iraq were part of Christianity from the start of the religion, and the Christians in those countries were a normal part of society until WE STARTED THE WARS to remove normal governments. Our ISIS subsidiary is wiping out Christians with tremendous efficiency.

US/UK/EU are on the same side though less violent. We have always been majority Christian, and Christians in those countries were a normal part of society until WE STARTED THE WAR to destroy Christianity. Our governments are destroying the people and culture of the country, though not nearly as effectively or thoroughly as our ISIS branch. Obviously they need to improve their performance.


Saturday, January 14, 2017
  Mechanized negotiation

Latest item at Kans State Hist Soc is a pipe tomahawk. Made in France around 1700. Excellent metal work, especially the ferrules around the shaft/stem piece.

We talk idiotically about replacing politics with computers. Injun had better idea.

Pipe tomahawk = mechanical instantiation of 'trust but verify', all in one compact device.

"Mmp. You smoke peace pipe with me. You not smoke peace pipe, me use other part of pipe."


Later, equally irrelevant: Youtube always "recommends" clips for me based on what I just wrote here. Now it's "recommending" a sciency clip about exploding a Pepsi can with liquid nitrogen. I haven't been writing about Pepsi or nitrogen, but I've been writing a LOT about supercold and ice and snow, and the picture on the clip shows a frozen Pepsi can along with an ax-like tool that closely resembles the pipe tomahawk.


  Well, that's one thing I got right.

For some reason I've been remembering a peculiar item found in Readers Digest in the '50s. It was about a numerologist who officially changed his name to improve the additive properties of the letters. As I remembered it, the original name was Miswald Wrandovakist, and the "luckier" version was Lincoln Disgrowles Wrandavanfgrlmotkets. I no longer trust distant memories, especially when they're bizarrely peculiar, so I finally decided to check it.

Google came through with the original item from a Tucson paper. Though the archived result is messily OCR'd across columns, the name itself is there, and my memory turns out to be mostly right. The "lucky" version given in this source is Lincoln Disgrowles Wrandvanfgrlmotkets. I don't see why my brain would have inserted the a (not o) between Wrand and van, so I'm guessing the Readers Digest did it.

Somehow reassuring.


  Low-quality extortion

Daily Mail has a nice background piece on Fusion GPS, the blackmailer who created the fake "dossier" on Trump. From a skills viewpoint, I find it interesting that the three main players had long and successful careers in mainstream media before they set up this company.


1. Evil blackmail is the main product of MSM. These dudes learned their trade well.

2. Sometimes a corporation finds it convenient to split off a highly talented employee as a "consultant". Not a new practice but has a new purpose.

Previously the "consultant" routine was a workaround for corporate power struggles. When a supervisor disliked a good designer but the upper levels wanted to continue using the designer's output, he would be switched to "consultant".

More recently the "consultant" routine is a workaround for corporate "transparency" and "accountability" laws, which have intentionally resulted in less transparency and accountability. Clearly that's the pattern here. Fusion is a "consultant" so MSM can use the blackmail output without visible control or connection.

3. Aside from politics, this episode illustrates the rapidly failing QUALITY of everything we do in Sorosia. Fusion's blackmail output is remarkably easy to disprove. Serious consumers of extortion products, like KGB or the Sicilian Mafia, would NEVER accept or pay for such raggedy shit.


  Nice to know for sure

Listening to Radio Poland, carried by WRN.ORG. All the "national" stations carried on WRN are actually Soros stations, representing Soros with absolute fidelity while some of their national governments are departing from Soros in various ways.

Feature just now on NATO's preparations for unprovoked and lethal attack on Russia. Notable quote:

"US and NATO placements in Poland will continue on a permanent basis."

Will continue. Permanent basis.

In other words, these monsters know that Trump may sit in the Oval Office but he will not be president. Soros will continue as president on a permanent basis.

Nice to have the facts verified.
Friday, January 13, 2017
  Urban cold island?

Weather Underground's temperature map is an excellent piece of graphics. The colors themselves and the 'deadbands' for shading are well-chosen. You can tell at a glance where the hot and cold areas are.

An unusual pattern shows up just now. Normally supercold comes from the N or NE here, as Arctic air either comes straight down from BC or jumps the Rockies from Montana. Normally the urban area retains heat better than rural. Today it's reversed. Looks like a warm area to the north and a cold spot covering Spokane County. From -5 at Spangle to 17 at Mead = 22 degrees in 22 miles. Most likely a difference in cloudiness, but it's a notably SHARP and contrary gradient.
Thursday, January 12, 2017
  I want one!

Ran into this clip among the CCCР ГЛУХИХ Youtubers. Seems to be a club of deaf Russians devoted to bringing back the Soviet Union, or at least Soviet nostalgia. They feature lots of clips under the title of 15 Republics.

In this clip a lady is showing off a beautiful scale model of the GAZ-13 limo, one of those Packard-Ford-Plymouth hybrids from the early '60s. I WANT ONE!

Later: Ebay has lots of these models at nice prices, but I'll resist the temptation. This isn't a toy I'd really use. Need to stick with buying electronic toys that I'll use creatively. Toys should 'fatten' time, not just occupy space.

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  More silliness about language

More of the usual point-missing, along the same idiot lines as this.
The barks, yacks and wa-hoos of the Guinea baboons reveal distinct human-like vowel sounds... The authors studied the acoustics of 1,335 baboon sounds and the animals' tongue anatomy.

They cast doubt on theories that language developed only after the appearance of humanoids with a low larynx. Instead, they say their research suggests that the human vocal system developed from abilities already present in ancestors such as the Guinea baboon.
Baboons have no particular relevance, and the presence of certain formants has exactly zero relevance to language. Language is a message coded into a time-based sequence of changes in ANY variable, which can be reliably received and decoded into the original message.

Almost everything produces 'human-like vowel sounds' at one time or another. Insects, birds, reptiles, trees creaking in the wind, the wind itself, rushing or dripping water, car engines, door hinges, ad infinitum. Animals are doing language for the same reasons as humans, under the command of the same genes. The inanimate things on this list have nothing to do with language.

Professor Scott Moisik of the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics in the Netherlands, who was not involved in the new study, said its findings fit with other research — and his own experience listening to primates in zoos and online animal videos.

"When I hear a cat on YouTube produce a vocalization that very much sounds like 'oh long Johnson,' or the 'no no no' cat, or a dog that gets pretty-darned close in imitating 'I love you' ... I am led to believe that, to use the words of Boe and company, 'speech precursors' (however rudimentary or limited) go back further than 25 million years ago."
I'm glad to see an official scientist using Youtube as a resource. All sorts of ACTUAL OBSERVATIONS are available there, most of which go way beyond the tired handful of official observations that neurologists and behaviorists have been overusing for decades.
[Moisik] and colleague Dan Dediu noted that vowels are just part of the equation — and called for more research on tougher-to-make consonants.
But now he's blown his advantage. Acoustically, consonants DON'T EXIST. What we normally describe as a consonant is just a time-dependent reshaping of the vowel formants, sometimes including a moment of silence. It's entirely possible to "make" "consonants" without any actual contact of lips or tongue. It happens all the time in real speech. Ventriloquists formalized and expanded the technique. There's nothing special or "tough to make" about consonants, because consonants are not a category or entity at all.

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  Raking spreads

Local media are noticing that roof raking is starting to spread. I'm still not seeing it in the neighborhood. Last year we ended up with about 6 nearby houses raking, and they raked in time to prevent ice dams.

At this point it may be too late for some houses. I learned the lesson the hard way in 2008. If you wait until the dam is several inches thick, there's no cure. Since then I've been obsessive about raking after every significant snowfall.

It's directly parallel to plowing. If you plow early and use

early, the streets remain usable with MUCH less work.

Bit later: Aha! A new raker, almost across the street. I'll assume 'trendiness' for this one. Good thorough job.


  Analog sand

More rambling on analog vs digital, inspired by the atrocious performance of Spokane's "city" dysgovernment this winter.

Instead of responding to the actual condition of the streets, Copkiller Condon responds to a numerical algorithm. When X inches are officially piled up and Y inches are scheduled to fall, start Phase 1 Plow Event. When 2X inches are on the ground and 2Y inches are scheduled, start Phase 2 Plow Event.

Nature doesn't work that way. If you don't DIRECTLY SENSE when the snow is starting to harden and mountainize, you end up with nearly unplowable streets that take 2X hours and 3X trucks to handle. And if you fail to use

you need 4X as much plowing and 6X as much useless EPA-approved "deicer". When used numerically the plows act like Zambonis, polishing the ice to a perfect sparkle, and the "deicer" adds greasiness to the polished ice.

I suppose Copkiller Condon feels constrained by regulations and litigations. In the modern Sorosian setup, you don't feel safe unless your performance is enumerable down to the 3rd decimal place. BUT the previous mayor broke out of those limits and altered her habits to match Nature. Verner somehow relearned the value of

to prevent Zambonication. Sand is PATIENT. It sits there for weeks, directly providing traction and absorbing solar heat to melt ice. No chemical reaction, so it doesn't get tired.

Copkiller Condon doesn't care about safety or convenience for flyover Spokane. His filthy little Bloomberg-loving carpetbagger heart is still in New York.

= = = = =

Analog thinking corresponds closely to Common Law. Digital thinking corresponds to Chosen Law. Copkiller Condon lives in an atmosphere of Chosen Law.

Let's show the difference visually. I rigged up a simple relaxation oscillator using a 555 chip. Relaxation oscillators are common in Nature, driving heartbeats and circadian cycles.

On the left is my newly acquired old Triplett analog meter; on the right my Chinese digital meter.

The analog meter lets you see the ACTION. Charge builds up, reaches a threshold, then gets discharged down to zero, like a neuron or a toilet.

The digital meter doesn't tell you anything about the action. It's just a bunch of numbers. You can see 17.57 appearing often, which is probably the maximum charge. But the PATTERN is completely missing.

Natural law responds to OBSERVED ACTIONS AND TENDENCIES, and treats them PROPORTIONALLY TO BASELINES. Juries can watch the needle on the defendant's life. Juries understand the difference between permanent criminals and normal humans, and punish accordingly.

Chosen law responds to PRECISE NUMBERS and PRECISE WORDS. If the law specifies that Grand Theft begins at $100, a thief can steal $99.99 with no problem. If the law specifies that "adult" begins at 18, a murder committed at age 17.99 goes free and unrecorded.

Economists are totally useless because they don't follow the needle. They ignore baselines and proportions and medians, using only data that can be jammed into a closed-form equation. They analyze the data using time-free stats, a jumble of numbers like the digital meter.

Basic point:

Running your life by precise language or precise digits pulls you away from common sense and common law.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017
  Should get interesting

Trump appoints RFK jr to head a committee on vaccines. Clever move. This will throw the "scientists" into a Cognitive Dissonance headspin.

First, RFK jr is a KENNEDY, which makes him a God to scientists, though the Kennedy dynasty is fading in comparison to Goddess Empress Savioress Hillary.

Second, RFK jr is batshit crazy, which makes him Double God to scientists.

Third, RFK jr is flatout Globalist, which makes him Triple God to scientists.

BUT: Almost all the batshit delusions of this Triple God are Comfortable Cozy Orthodox Dogma to scientists EXCEPT for the vaccine batshit. Anti-vax batshit is HORRIFYING TERRIFYING DARK TROLL KKK UNACCEPTABLE INTOLERABLE ALL OPTIONS ON THE TABLE to scientists.

Why? Money. The batshit delusions of scientists are not really crazy. Scientists are just Insatiables. Infinitely greedy and infinitely power-hungry. Money, power, glory. More. More. More.

On nearly all science-related issues, the money is on the batshit loony side. With vaccines, there's real money in clinical trials and development but no money at all in opposing vaccines.

So Trump puts a beloved God in charge of asking real questions about an issue that scientists ferociously and uncomfortably defend.

Should be interesting. From a scientific viewpoint, RFK jr is a conflicted God, appointed by Satan to cast doubt on a source of big money. Do they go with God because he's God, or do they SMASH AND OBLITERATE him because he's appointed by non-globalist Satan?

CD. Tizzy. Dizzy.



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