Thursday, January 31, 2019
  Se-lu 32, bulletproof edition

The story of Mickey Cohen's bulletproof Caddy doesn't make sense.

When Mickey took over LA, he didn't fully defeat the previous owner Jack Dragna. Jack's soldiers tried constantly to kill Mickey. Cohen built massive defenses for his mansion, and ordered a special bulletproof and weaponized Caddy limo. But he didn't get to ride in the limo. The Highway Patrol licensed the car for ownership but loudly refused to let it drive on the streets. It was delivered on a trailer with a huge police escort, then simply sat unused.

Dumb? Nope.

Se-lu. Loosen the bonds, open the question.

What's the best protection from enemy gangsters? A police escort. Problem: Police won't come when a gangster calls. Solution: Police will come when a gangster violates a standing order.

Cohen effectively informed Dragna that he could mobilize the CHP any time he wanted. So he never had to. He died from alcohol, not gunshots.


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  Thanks, Ralph, 479. Zomboleth edition

This is a pretty good Leth for recognizing which side of an issue is Deepstate:

Deepstate eliminates life. Deepstate ZOMBIFIES everything. Insatiable psychopaths do not recognize BORDERS or BOUNDARIES in any aspect of reality. Deepstate always breaks down SELF-DEFENSE at all levels, from national boundaries to the human body to the human mind to the human soul. The universe is Soros. Soros is the universe. The universe is Bezos. Bezos is the universe.

Here's a good test case.

Every military strategist and historian recognizes that an army works best when the soldiers have a certain degree of AUTONOMY and MODULARITY. Guerrillas often win against rigid top-down robotic forces. Soldiers working for a heartfelt purpose, using their own minds, can find a solution to most problems.

Now the "USA" "Army" is working hard to break down the AUTONOMY of its own soldiers and replace it with rigid robotic obedience to the BIG MACHINE.

If you were convinced you knew the way home, would you still turn on your GPS?

Army scientists recently attempted to answer a similar question due to an ongoing concern that artificial intelligence, which can be opaque and frustrating to many people, may not be helpful in battlefield decision making.

"The U.S. Army continues to push the modernization of its forces, with notable efforts including the development of smartphone-based software for real-time information delivery such as the Android Tactical Assault Kit, or ATAK, and the allocation of significant funding towards researching new AI and machine learning methods to assist command and control personnel," said Dr. James Schaffer etc etc
Modernization = Deanimation.

The Emerson part: These idiots are so zombified that they've forgotten what every military strategist and historian USED TO KNOW. Deanimated zombie soldiers are guaranteed to LOSE against living soldiers using their own minds.

Thanks, Ralph!

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Wednesday, January 30, 2019
  Now vs Then 2

In an age of infinitely fake outrage and fake action and fake every fucking thing, it's hugely refreshing to see genuine RAGE by officials who HAVE THE POWER TO DO SOMETHING about the rage.

= = = = =

Now: William Alsup, The Only Legitimate Federal Judge.
“Usually a criminal on probation is forthcoming and admits what they need to admit. You haven’t admitted much,” Alsup told lawyers for the company at a hearing Wednesday in federal court in San Francisco.

“There’s a clear-cut pattern here: that PG&E is starting these fires.”
Most important is what Judge Alsup DIDN'T say. He DIDN'T say "Global warming started these fires", because Global Warming DIDN'T start these fires. PGE started these fires. It's possible for a utility company to AVOID causing fires, as Avista has proved. PGE did not follow Avista's example.

For the first fucking time in modern history, we are placing the blame for a weather-related event on the CORRECT CULPRIT. It wasn't RUSSIAN_MEDDLING or ALT_RIGHT MEDDLING or GLOBAL_WARMING or SMIRKING_WHITE_PRIVILEGE or any of those nonsensical mythical ENTITIES multiplied by Deepstate to create chaos and exterminate Deplorables and MISPLACE BLAME.

The fires were caused by PGE, and a Federal JUDGE placed the blame on PGE. Historic first. Unprecedented.

= = = = = =

Then: A new item at KSHS. Another item in the huge pile of correspondence to Governor Capper around 1915. This caught my attention because of the name. I was snortling and chortling at Mother Bickerdyke Home For Widows. Aptronym Alert! Ha ha ha! After I read the letter I stopped snortling. The county attorney at Ellsworth visited this state-run home and saw things he couldn't forget.

Edited some for spelling and punctuation:
Dear Governor,

I write you in regard to the numerous complaints that have been made to me by the inmates of the Mother Bickerdyke Home. ... This man Chase who is in charge of the Home at the present time is tyrannical, overbearing and insulting. I have had three separate complaints made to me by inmates. "Pauper, prostitute, liar and thief" are some of the stock phrases that he uses in talking to the old ladies.

... The inmates are perhaps a bit childish and fault finding, but this man Chase lacks the tact and inclination to handle persons of that character. Had you been present today, Governor, and saw these old ladies sobbing out their grievances, you certainly would agree with me that something should be done, at once. These women are in terror of this brute, and he makes life Hell for them, and you know that is not the Kansas way. These wives of old soldiers are entitled to every comfort and the respect of all. Now Governor, I hope that you will take this matter up at once and fire this man so hard that he won't recover from the effects of it during the rest of his natural life.
Serious hardass outrage, expressed as a Biblical curse. Unfortunately the item doesn't record what the Governor did in response.

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  Now vs Then


"We already have full self driving on highways" - Elon Musk


  Did the real one miss a performance? Yes.

The Tesla skeptics are having fun with this:

Both Wednesday performances of @HamiltonMusical in Chicago now are off. Just announced.


= = = = =

Got curious. Did the real Hamilton ever miss something because of FIERY snow and FIERY wind chill? Yes. He missed a meeting with Morris, and the snow also canceled a fireworks exhibition in Philly which had a good chance of burning down the city.

From the Gouvernour Morris biography, part of a letter from Morris to Hamilton.
I arrived here on Thursday evening, after a mighty disagreeable ride, and a mighty whimsical accident in crossing the Delaware, the particulars of which I shall reserve till we meet.

As I promised to write you the politics and news of Philadelphia, I will do it this day; for the snow storm rages so incessantly, that I cannot go abroad. This you will say bodes a long letter, and I fear you will not be mistaken. I would entertain you with a splendid account of those illuminations and fire-works, which, if we may believe the Philadelphia newspapers, were to have been the most brilliant imaginable, but I arrived too late, and only know by hearsay the accident, which happened to them, and which you may know too by consulting the newspapers. The exhibition would have been perfectly ridiculous, but for the death of one spectator, and the wounds of others. These are subjects on which pleasantry is misplaced.

I have been however to see the place, which was to have been the most splendid of all possible places, and truly if the projectors had intended to fire this city, it was an ingenious invention.
Not quite a direct correlation, but close enough for Gaian work.

Hat/tip mode this week: Morris always comes through. When I want a connection or reference to something in that era, the biography always gives me more than I expected. Morris was a sharp observer with a Swiftian view of the world.

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  More 1969

Reading some of the stories of Tesla failure in winter.

The 1969 connection is strong today.

As I read about the Tesla, my neighbor is starting up his '69 Microbus. (He runs some kind of photo service and has a camera platform on top.) Temperature here is 19, not far from the 16 in the Tesla story. Like all non-Tesla cars, the neighbor didn't need to preheat the car before he could even access the doorhandle. Just grab, pull, open. The VW is poorly tuned and runs rough. In the old days I could have smoothed it out in 10 minutes, but I've lost my tools and skills, so I don't succumb to the temptation. Now I'd only do harm.

Despite being 50 years old and poorly tuned, it starts right up. keeps running, and takes the neighbor to his job. VWs were not especially DURABLE in comparison to other small cars of the era, but VWs were RELIABLE. They always started and always tried to run.

The Tesla is only a few months old. All of its parameters are Githubbed to the latest femtosecond. It can't be opened and can't be started.

Later: As the snow piled higher, the neighbor finally gave up on starting his Microbus and decided to take pictures OF it instead of using it as a platform to take pictures FROM. Even without the sign I could tell he was a real photographer. He struck a pose to take the picture. Ordinary people just hold the camera and click the button. Real photographers always get into dramatic poses.


  Two debunks

QTRR (Chris Irons) is a rational observer of the economic scene ... MOSTLY ... but his latest podcast falls into a standard Repooflican routine. He's defending billionaires and saying that billionaires are more likely to run government well, because government should be run more like a business.

This is two separate issues.

1. We should let corporate execs run the government instead of politicians.

2. Government should be run like a corporation.

Taking them separately.

= = = = =

I debunked the first one in 2011. Read it. Since then we have several more data points, both domestic and foreign. We have corporate executive Trump here, and we have leaders like Orban and Putin and Salvini and AMLO and Bolsonaro and Macron abroad.

Trump is doing a great service for his fellow billionaires and FUCKING the rest of the country. He continues to debunk the case for letting corporate execs run the country. Among those foreign leaders, Orban and Putin and Salvini and AMLO are professional politicians who worked up through the layers of government to the top. Bolsonaro started in military then moved into professional politics. Macron is a corporate executive. All of the professional politicians are solving problems FAST and serving the people of their countries. Macron is FUCKING the people and making his fellow bankers rich. Just like Trump.

So my debunk is even stronger now.

Caveat about causation. This DOESN'T mean that every professional politician solves problems! Most of them are demons who want to ruin the country. This DOES mean that a leader who wants to solve problems MUST have the skills and knowledge of a professional politician if he's going to get shit done. He may know the correct path for the country, but he can't steer the country onto the correct path unless he knows how to drive this peculiar vehicle. A leader who knows where the bodies are buried can force the bureaucrat eunuchs to follow his orders.

Also, family helps. FDR was able to move up the ladder faster because bureaucrats were accustomed to obeying Teddy. Putin was able to move up faster than others because Grandpa was Stalin's trusted cook. It's not a pleasant fact, but it's an unavoidable fact. Hereditary monarchy works better than "meritocracy".

= = = = =

Running the country like a corporation? I've debunked this before. Read it.

I agree firmly that the government should be run like a PROFIT-SEEKING business, not a SHARE-VALUE corporation. The Libertarians and Repooflicans DO NOT AGREE with this goal. They EXPLICITLY REJECT the idea of profit for the government. They agree with Democrats that government should provide all the services I want, and government should never tax ME. The I and ME are different, but the rejection of business is identical.

Real capitalism is the exact opposite of this arrangement. Real capitalism starts with PAY FOR VALUE. If you use a gov't service, you should pay part of the cost. If you don't use, you shouldn't have to pay. The only federal gov't service that ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE needs is protecting the borders from invasion. Since we no longer do that, all actual gov't services should be pay-to-play, with a profit margin on each service.

= = = = =

Footnote for consistency: Until two years ago I was more inclined to root for outsiders. Even after debunking the "made a payroll" crap, I still hoped that an outsider would be able to look at things in a new way, catch the bureaucrats by surprise. After comparing Trump with those foreign examples, I saw the fallacy. A politician with long EXPERIENCE in dealing with bureaucrats knows what to expect, and thus has a better chance of fighting their tactics. An outsider doesn't know the tactics. The eunuchs will blindside him every time.
Tuesday, January 29, 2019
  Government by Adverse Possession

Deepstate is trying a new trick in Venezuela. Normally we go in and bomb a country down to bedrock, then install our own puppet to preside over the chaos, then keep pouring in troops to expand the chaos.

This time we're using the old Common Law trick of Adverse Possession.

Traditionally** adverse possession works like this: The real owner has left a property vacant for a long time. Squatters occupy the house and start acting like permanent residents. They repair the house, shovel the snow, respect the neighbors, pay the utilities, obey all laws except for the possession itself. After seven years the squatters are then entitled to claim legal possession.

In Venezuela we started by ASSERTING that the actual current government is now the "former" government. We then ASSERTED that Soros loyalist Guaido is the "interim president" of Venezuela, even though he has no legal claim to the title. Then we began transferring the country's foreign assets (which we had previously STOLEN by refusing to let Maduro repossess them) to Guaido. Then we promoted Guaido from "interim president" to "president" without any change in his actual and totally illegitimate status.

It's nowhere near as honest or benign as the traditional version, but at least it doesn't start with bombs.

= = = = =

Later convective thought: Maduro is all-around stupid, but his worst mistake was FAILING TO ACQUIRE NUKES. Countries with even a few nukes are immune from USA conquest. Castro was smart in all the ways that count. (1) He served his poor people well, preserving natural support. (2) He broke Graybill. He used our blockades and sanctions to develop special skills and industries. (3) He connected with Russia, acquiring vicarious nukes. Maduro failed on all three points.

= = = = =

** Footnote: Small-scale adverse possession is almost universal, and generally happens without any legalistic process. If I accidentally build my fence two feet into your property, and the fence remains without any problems or objections, it's effectively mine. You can legally expect me to maintain the strip of land, and I can't legally expect you to maintain it.


  Y no Scrip Scripts?

The "dramatic" era of cowboys was actually a brief temporary expedient, necessary because ranches developed in anticipation of the railroads. Cattle drives took cattle from the ranches to the current end of track. Soon the railroad network met the ranches and no drives were needed.

The "dramatic" Pony Express was even briefer, again a temporary expedient until railroads were ready to carry the mail across the Rockies.

Despite the temporary and accidental nature of both setups, both have generated a long tradition of stories and movies and radio and TV shows. Euro moviemakers carried on the cowboy tradition after US moviemakers were tired of it.

Why don't we have EVEN ONE STORY about the scrip era?

Scrip was also a temporary expedient, necessary while FDR cleaned out the evil bankers. Scrip also showed the American ability to self-organize, far more HEROICALLY than cattle drives. Local businesses and civic clubs developed and printed their own scrip, putting in time and money that was never compensated by profit. They created VALUE AND BEAUTY all on their own and made the system work properly. They accomplished the task FAST with no government instruction.

They deserve better treatment. As far as I can tell, scrip wasn't even recognized in business journals of the era, nor any fiction or radio or movies.... except for one incidental mention in the best of all radio and TV shows.

The movie about George Bailey vs Mr Potter recognizes the same spirit of the same moment, and has become immensely popular; but it doesn't mention scrip.

Suggested titles: Starkweather Signs Again! or Showdown at the OK Printshop! or Ridin For The Chamber!

= = = = =

Come to think of it, there's a much more immediate and concrete application of the Scrip Spirit. Self-organizing can work around governmental paralysis. The British dysgovernment has been locked in a seizure for two years, like a demented dinosaur screeching and twitching and thrashing across the landscape, smashing everything and solving nothing. You don't have to stand still and wait for it to squash you.

As I wrote a couple weeks ago:

= = = = = START REPRINT:

The process of splitting doesn't need to be complex. It could take about one month. Unsign all relevant treaties, delete all "laws" inserted to satisfy EU, publish the changes, send the changes to Brussels. Since all of the "laws" have been made since 1993, all are well within the era of computer-based records, and all are explicitly written. No need to dig back through centuries of tradition and Common Law and Domesday Books and Magna Carta. One month to do a thorough job.

And after that, just CONTINUE TRADING. If your business buys stuff from France or Krautland, continue buying. If you sell stuff to Spain or Italy, keep selling.


If businesses really WANTED to trade, they would ORGANIZE A UNION (like the Hanseatic League) to apply BULLY FORCE to the bureaucrats. All traders in all relevant countries, working together, would have an unstoppable BULLY POWER against all of their governments.

Bullies like Juncker give way when they encounter serious resistance.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

If 1933 US scrip is too distant, Ireland created an identical self-solution in 1970. Banks were closed by a strike, so pubs set up a scrip network.

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  Mrs Rife the sheriff's wife....

Not really trying to write a limerick. Just continuing this week's hat/tip mode, and this year's jail mode.

Yesterday I berated my stupid failure to master the useful skills available in Mansfield's curriculum. Nevertheless, jail taught me a GIANT PILE OF FACTS about how the world works. I've discussed the biggest fact often.

There were some smaller learnings as well.

I had started smoking a pipe in college because it was "cool" and "intellectual". In jail I learned that tobacco is an important preserver of sanity. It may shorten your life by a few years, but it helps to prevent early suicide. Contrasted to alcohol, which shortens your life by a few decades and CAUSES both early suicide and early homicide.

I hadn't started drinking coffee before jail. My mother's coffee, like her cooking, was horrible. I couldn't imagine why anyone would want to drink such atrocious stuff.

The Wood County Jail changed my view of coffee. The sheriff's wife made the coffee and some of the food for the jail, providing a little extra income for the sheriff's family. Fortunately the "good government" monsters were not active in Ohio at that time.

Mrs Rife's coffee was HEAVENLY. Deep, rich, oily, comforting. A day in jail was always awful, but starting the day with Mrs Rife's coffee made it a little less awful.

And of course the coffee habit is purely healthy, as even the "medical" racket has finally been forced to admit. Coffee isn't exactly nutritious, but it's all benefit and no risk.

So thanks, Mrs Rife! You improved my life. I'm sure you've been gone for many years, but maybe some younger Rifes will read this appreciation.


  Se-lu 31, good government edition

The "good government" monsters are playing their usual game. Via RT, some EU agencies are trying to halt Google's use of "private" data to target advertising.

Headline: Impotence, substance abuse, brain tumors? New docs reveal ultra-creepy Google ad tracking
Google and other online ad companies use intimate personal information like political beliefs, religion, sexual orientation, and even diseases and disabilities to target users for advertising, according to new evidence filed by digital rights organizations in Poland, Ireland and the UK. Their complaint takes aim at real-time bidding (RTB), online ad auctions in which highly sensitive information about users gleaned from their browsing history is traded by thousands of third-party companies which use these behavioral profiles to target ads.
Se-lu. Loosen the bonds, step back, ask the deeper question.

Why is this creepy? Yes, Google is a vicious invader and injector of information. But this particular invasion is USEFUL TO ORDINARY PEOPLE. It's like a salesman or doctor with good intuition. Targeted advertising lets you know about products and services that could help with your problems, or help you enjoy your job and avocation more. Why is this creepy?

As always, the "good government" monsters are getting the public worked up about the INNOCENT activies of Deepstate, forcing us to watch the wrong end of the snake.

This is directly parallel to the cultivated outrage at NSA spying on Merkel. Spying on leaders of hostile countries is EXACTLY WHAT SPIES ARE SUPPOSED TO DO. Krauts started the two biggest wars in recent history. Watching Kraut leaders is a PRODUCTIVE AND HELPFUL use of espionage budgets. When our outrage is focused on PROPER activities of NSA, we don't have any steam left for the IMPROPER work, which is pretty much EVERYTHING EXCEPT spying on Merkel.

When we are outraged about the GOOD activities, Deepstate can nicely oblige us by slowing down the GOOD activities and moving the budget into BAD shit, which is what it wanted to do in the first place. The "good government" monsters specifically help Deepstate do MORE EVIL.


Monday, January 28, 2019
  Constants and variables 118, making things and babies edition

Listening to Turley's discussion of the increasing split between the Soros and non-Soros world. Sorosian countries are having more abortions and less babies. Godly countries are having less abortions and more babies.


This corresponds to one of Polistra's Laws.

Men need to make things. If men aren't allowed to make things, men will break things.

More generically, when men are allowed to use their particular skills USEFULLY, they are less likely to succumb to craziness and suicide and crime.

This undoubtedly applies to women as well.

Conventional wisdom says that increasing prosperity is the cause of lower reproduction. The correlation was solid UNTIL the recent break from globalism. Before the new trend, globalist countries and prosperous countries were the same, so the correlation was valid.

Now the breakaway countries are getting MORE prosperous AND reproducing MORE.

What's the key? Graybill's Law.

In a globalized system each country is forced to specialize in one skill or resource.

When you break Graybill, you have a better division of labor. In a self-sufficient country, all skills are NEEDED AND USED. When all skills are needed and used, everyone gets saner and more secure and makes more babies.

So the correct causation, revealed by the recent change of variables, is:


Or rephrased in Okie style,

Useful hands, useful dick. Useless hands, useless dick.

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  Obvious when you think about it....

Since I'm in hat/tip mode this week, saluting various thinkers who catch a point I missed....

Here's a financial skeptic who hadn't been looking at Tesla before. He put together a list of commonalities between Tesla and other cultscams. Most are thoroughly familiar to cult skeptics, but this one caught me off guard.

Eleventh, both scams were defrauding relatively wealthy people who don’t make compelling victims. Multi-thousand dollar festival ticket buyers and $100k virtue signaling car buyers probably have immense overlap.

I've made a similar parallel of Tesla and Hubbard, but didn't key in on the simple variable of WEALTH.

It's obvious. The Dillinger Rule. Why fish for rich suckers? Because that's where the money is.

Many cults do prey on the poor, or cover a cross section, but focusing on the rich is far more EFFICIENT. When each sucker gives you $100K, you only need a small number of suckers.

  Those courses did exist after all

Yesterday I wrote:

There was never an academic department teaching How To Counterfeit Stock Certificates. There was never an academic department teaching Methods Of Brooklyn Bridge Salesmanship. There was never an academic department teaching MLM Cult Development.

School courses often discussed those old scams AS EXAMPLES OF SCAMS, but never trained students to PERFORM the scams. Now schools are openly training scammers.

= = = = =

Thinking about this in parallel to the 50th anniversary of my 1969 jail experience.

In fact there WAS a school that trained scammers, and I was IN IT for 9 months. That's a typical school year!

If I had understood how the world works, I would have taken full advantage of the curriculum. I would have learned safecracking and theft and scamming and boxing. I would have misbehaved and added more time to the sentence to gain even more training.

My innate skills and strength weren't fitted for plain old thug work, but I could have been a BRILLIANT counterfeiter or a slimy mob accountant.

This isn't a choice between known then vs known now. A correct understanding of the world was available at the time. I was just too stupid to acquire it or absorb it.

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  Not the usual overcomplication

I talk a lot about insufficient paranoia and overcomplicated paranoia.

Official explanations for mysterious events are either insufficient or (more often now) totally psychotic and delusional. Deepstate no longer needs to waste effort on rational-sounding explanations. It's more fun to spew bizarre impossible myths and watch the media expand the bizarritude.

Alternative explanations often get tangled up in HUGELY unnecessary complexities. The usual conspiracy theory needs a wall-map organizational chart to link all the secret connections to nonexistent organizations. This is a natural tendency among alternative folks, and Deepstate exploits it by using Agents Provocateurs to "help" the alt folks write the craziest possible complexity.

More generally, every event has an optimally USEFUL explanation. Ockham wanted us to take the simplest possible. Later modifications (sometimes "quoting" Einstein) clarified the goal. You want to pull hard toward simplicity but stop before you leave out important variables or concepts. Include every force that really drives the event, leave out stuff that doesn't matter or couldn't matter. It's a delicate balance, requiring constant checking and feedback.

= = = = =

This discussion of CIA and 9/11 is annoying. Robert Scheer is interviewing an author who overcomplicates in an unusual way, clearly serving Deepstate's purposes. The author properly avoids the usual nonsense about "steel doesn't melt" and "controlled demolition", but ALSO avoids the basic functioning of Deepstate. He literally violates Ockham, postulating the existence of mythical entities called "laws", and then assumes that these "law" entities have a mysterious secret way of controlling CIA's behavior. He claims that CIA was tracking the Saudi dudes but failed to warn others of their plans and intentions because CIA needed to "stay inside" these mysterious "laws".

Needless to say, these entities do not exist. CIA has always operated OPENLY inside the USA, and CIA has always done whatever it wants to do. These "law" myths can sometimes be weaponized for Deepstate's advantage because too many ordinary people have been conditioned to believe in the myth. Deepstate never allows "laws" to limit or restrain its own actions.

Sunday, January 27, 2019
  Meanwhile in River City

Gun control works!
  New development

I've been trying to compare Bitcoin and MMT. Both are transparently obvious scams, and both have ferocious cult followings.

The main difference is in the Cui Bono department. Bitcoin easily fits into the Ponzi and MLM models, where the first insiders get rich and everyone else gets poor. MMT doesn't fit those models. The founders are not receiving a cash flow. At most they're getting academic status, which is important but not enough to sustain the level of cult zealotry.

A new hi-tech scam has recently emerged. "Data Ownership" claims to monetize your personal data in some way that isn't yet defined or described. It's even more obvious than the first two. Your web-based data is public property. Trying to own it and rent it out is EXACTLY THE SAME as buying the Brooklyn Bridge for $1000 and renting it out to drivers.

... Well, not exactly. A sucker can easily see why drivers would want to pay tolls for his "own" bridge. Bridges are sparse, and alternate bridges require long detours. There is no visible reason why ANYONE would want to pay tolls for your data, because billions of other data points are instantly available without tolls. Removing your data from the digital commons makes it worth LESS than the billions of other data points, not MORE. The whole fraud can't possibly pay off until ALL data is personally monetized, which will never happen.

Despite the transparent fakeness, all three are developing ACADEMIC SPECIALTIES. Respectable think tanks are assisting all three frauds.

This is an entirely new development.

There was never an academic department teaching How To Counterfeit Stock Certificates. There was never an academic department teaching Methods Of Brooklyn Bridge Salesmanship. There was never an academic department teaching MLM Cult Development.

School courses often discussed those old scams AS EXAMPLES OF SCAMS, but never trained students to PERFORM the scams. Now schools are openly training scammers.

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  Obsolete = Protected

Previous item reminded me of the fake "cybersecurity" theater. Most of the "protections" given or recommended are intentional vulnerabilities. The goal is not to protect you against rogue "hackers" but to guarantee hacking by Deepstate.

Of course a good AV takes care of all threats. Since I switched to AVG about 5 years ago, no viruses have successfully penetrated. The "security" gurus NEVER recommend using AV, which is sufficient evidence that they are NOT on our side.

One of the recommended "protections" is to keep your OS updated all the time. You MUST use Microsoft Malware 10, because earlier Win versions are no longer "protected".

I just ran my monthly AVG scan, detecting zero threats as usual. Thinking about "security" theater called my attention to a deeper zero.

Last April I switched back to a FUNCTIONAL Win 7 system after trying Microsoft Malware 10 for a few months. Malware 10 destroyed the new computer, as malware is supposed to do.

In previous years AVG would typically catch and remove an intruder about once a month. AVG always notifies when it catches something. Since switching back to the old computer with HOPELESSLY OBSOLETE AND UNPROTECTED WIN 7, I haven't seen any notifications. For 10 months AVG hasn't needed to remove anything.

What's going on? It's pretty clear. The "rogue" writers of malware and spyware always concentrate on the most popular systems. Win 7 is no longer popular, so it's no longer a major target.

In other words, obsolete isn't more vulnerable. Obsolete is more protected.


  Toldjaso * 3

Latest submission in the Integrity Initiative leak isn't especially interesting from a US viewpoint, except for this brief bio of a participant:

22. Phil Jolley

Phil is currently an executive partner at IBM and the UK national lead on ‘Blockchain’ technologies. He is particularly interested in the development of algorithmic technologies and the roles of ‘Bots’ both in processing data and in the multiplication of data capacity. This falls out of his work examining the management of OSINT and the management and manipulation of large data. Phil is the UK MOD cluster leader for IBM and a member of the IBM Global Defence Board.

Toldjaso. Toldjaso. Toldjaso.
  I learned something!

Excellent concise analysis by Marshall Auerback.

Point: Antitrust regulation shouldn't simply break BIG rocks into LITTLE rocks. Big corporations are necessary to accomplish big tasks, and very small companies can't pay decent wages.

Even though I've made this point repeatedly, and even though I'm FDR's biggest fan, I never pulled the whole picture together. I never focused on the failures at the small end of the scale. Auerback did it, and I learned something! Thanks, Auerback!
Saturday, January 26, 2019
  Idiot, not idiot

QTR (Chris Irons) did a second podcast with Aaron Greenspan, the real founder of Facebook.

Greenspan is an idiot. At the start he made it crystal clear that he believes the RUSSIAN_MEDDLING ratshit perfectly and loyally and zealously.

Even though he knows BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE that Zuckerberg is a fraud, who stole Greenspan's idea and made billions from it, he's still a sucker for the MOST FRAUDULENT ASPECT** of the whole mess.

When you start the hour by declaring your suckeritude, you can't expect people to listen to your allegedly skeptical observations afterward.

And in fact his allegedly skeptical observations aren't revealing a secret. Advertisers (FB's real customers) have already figured out from their own feedback that the claimed eyeball count is wildly inflated. They've been pulling away from all digital advertising because it's not cost-effective. They're NOT idiots.

Makes me wonder which side Greenspan is on. "Revealing" already-known info is a classic intel trick.

= = = = =

** Footnote: The strangest part is that FB itself has publicly disproved the RUSSIAN_MEDDLING ratshit, showing that RUSSIAN_BOTS were an infinitesimally tiny part of all ads in 2016, and that only half of the tiny part was political, and that the political half was anti-Trump. This agrees with OBJECTIVELY OBSERVED REALITY. So we don't really need to wonder which side Greenspan is on. He's told us. Given the choice of believing CIA or Facebook, he goes with CIA.

PZ Myers has a short piece about the New Atheists. He makes one important observation and one dubious point.

The important: This set of atheists began with anti-Islam and broadened to anti-religion. I hadn't made the connection, but it's certainly true of Dennett and Hitchens and Dawkins.

The dubious: Myers thinks that Dennett and Dawkins and Harris have moved on to promoting the Alt-Right, which isn't nearly as big or menacing as Myers thinks it is. The Alt-Right is just a puppet created by Deepstate.

= = = = =

Thinking about it, Anti-Islam is an ODD STARTING POINT for western atheists. Previous generations of famous atheists mainly popped out of Rome, and popped out for a good reason. They didn't like being fucked by priests, or (less directly) didn't like witnessing the abysmal wickedness of priests. Their atheism was a rational response to a bad personal experience.

This Gang Of Four is NOT responding to personal experience. They have never lived in Muslim territory and never known any actual Muslims. Their writing about Islam is bizarrely ignorant and bigoted. They spread all sorts of pure fictional delusional nonsense.

Why did they pick Islam as the specific theism to oppose?

I can think of two possible answers, not mutually exclusive.

= = = = =

1. From a scientist's viewpoint, Islam is the most dangerous theism because it's the closest to science. Islam makes only one postulate: God created the world. Everything else follows by valid logic, plus a lot of math and geometry. Rome makes dozens of internally contradictory and just plain weird postulates, most of which are not supported by Scripture. Three gods = one god. Jesus is sometimes a god and sometimes a man. Jesus came to save the world but failed completely, therefore we must wait for him to try again. Mary is sort of a god and we worship her but we don't really worship her.** Same for saints. Purgatory. Indulgences. Virgin Birth. Infallibility. ETC.

The Gang Of Four has to prevent scientists from seeing the ELEGANCE of Islam by confabulating all sorts of complicated delusions and passing them off as true.

= = = = =

2. More likely: The Gang Of Four are working for Deepstate, serving as Missionaries To Science. Deepstate had big trouble with scientists in the earlier Cold War against Russia. Scientists were familiar with Russian science and often knew Russian scientists personally. They didn't bellyfeel the urgent need to blow Russia off the planet. This time Deepstate recognized the problem and took steps to prevent it. Many engineers, especially in petroleum, worked closely with Islamic engineers and didn't bellyfeel the urgent need to eliminate Islam from the planet.

I can testify that the Missionaries were effective. I had known several Arabs and Persians in engineering circles, and knew that they were smart sophisticated moral people, not stone age perverts. In fact I recognized that their families were more functional than ours. Reading Hitchens in 2001 helped me to FORGET the plain human side of Islam. I came to believe some of the nonsense, even while reserving the contrary facts. I didn't break out of the nonsense until 2011 when I unplugged the TV.

If the Gang have moved on to promoting the Alt-Right, this would fit their existing Deepstate mission as Agents Provocateurs. Make a group look horrible so Deepstate can exterminate it without opposition.

= = = = =

** Footnote: Apparently Big Pulpit's blog layout software agrees with my judgments of crazy Roman dyslogic. It's quietly rebelling in a uniquely appropriate way!

Polistra made the same point a long time ago:


  Think it's foggy?

Superfog this morning. The curtain is about 100 feet away.

A good demonstration of how senses are always measured from a baseline.

Normally Spokane's air is so dry that smells don't stick around. Our olfactory baseline is adjusted to those conditions.

Fog holds every smell for a long time. Last night I got scared by an intense smoke smell in the house. Turned out to be from a neighbor's woodstove, not a fire in here. Normally woodsmoke dissipates and doesn't penetrate. Normally an intense smell means it's RIGHT HERE.

Similar phenomenon:

Normally the propane smell would dissipate quickly. Today it hung around and intensified, which quite properly triggered an alarm in the person who called.

= = = = =

Separate and probably stupid thought about fog. We "naturally" know that fog doesn't get into a building. This is physically true for modern buildings with forced-air heating and air conditioning. Both systems decrease relative humidity. But it's NOT automatically true for older heating systems, or in moderate weather with the windows open. Fireplaces and steam radiators ADD humidity. Despite this, we know that we can "go inside away from the fog."

Is it just a question of distance? When we're in a 10-foot room, all visible objects are well within the 100-foot curtain. The curtain effect is exponential, so the first 10 feet has zero observable attenuation.

An open window with a cold metal screen acts as a condenser, like an inefficient air conditioner; but this wouldn't work with a nylon screen or an unscreened window.

Or is our "intuition" correct in assuming that fog can't come inside?


  1917 > 2019

Noticed this in a 1917 Electric Vehicle journal:

Does Spokane have a Tesla battery swap facility?

Null question. In fact NO CITY has a Tesla battery swap facility. Tesla pretended to demonstrate the idea as usual, then gave it up as usual. The pretended demo pretended to use 1917 technology as usual. 1917 actually USED the tech as usual.

Well then, does Spokane even have a supercharger facility?

Nuff said as usual.

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  Four-legged stool? Not exactly

In my IMPORTANT piece on Deepstate before Wilson, I sideswiped a connection that hadn't appeared before. Thinking more about the connection, it should have been obvious!

Reprinting the relevant part:

= = = = = START REPRINT:

I've been occasionally trying to trace the prehistory of modern Deepstate. Wilson started its current form; FDR subdued it; Truman allowed it to resume full strength. Since 1946, pure viral growth.

I couldn't see an earlier form. Here it is. Sherburne Hopkins.
Sherburne Gillette Hopkins was an American lawyer and influential lobbyist in Washington DC. His clients included oil tycoon Henry Clay Pierce, financier and "father of trusts" Charles Ranlett Flint, Guatemalan President Manuel Estrada Cabrera, and Mexican President Francisco I. Madero among others. He specialized in connecting American finance with Latin American revolutionaries.
And here's the Deepstate Tripod.

(1) Banking and monopolistic finance: [Plus big data!]
One of their largest clients was the "King of Trusts," Charles Ranlett Flint. In 1892, Flint, also from an old Massachusetts family, had merged several rubber companies to form the monopolistic conglomerate United States Rubber Company. His principal lawyer for this merger was Thomas Snell Hopkins. In another famous merger, Flint organized the main bubblegum manufacturers into American Chicle Company in 1899. In 1911, Flint founded the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company, which later became IBM.
(2) Intel agencies:
Hopkins' involvement in the Nicaraguan change of government was critical. He represented his clients and acted on behalf of the U.S. government, especially Philander Knox who had become Secretary of State in 1909. Hopkins also supported Knox's efforts to properly finance and equip the rebel forces. Guatemalan President and another puppet of the United Fruit Company, Manuel Estrada Cabrera, received funds from the United States, mainly in the form of loans.

"I knew exactly what was going to happen. I knew that nothing could save Zelaya," Hopkins boasted to Senator Smith in 1912. Upon the question of whether Hopkins' intimate information about Nicaragua's troubles came from sources in the government, he replied: "I should not say directly from our Government, Senator. I knew what was going to happen before our Government did, and stopped Zelaya's loan from going through. I am also free to say that I received a great many hints that things were going to happen. I knew the sentiment in the State Department and elsewhere."
(3) Leftist activists:
Clearly, there were only three areas in which work was required: Procuring loans to finance arms and ammunition purchases; building an organization for the revolutionaries that procured and shipped arms and ammunition; and creating political support in the United States for the rebellion. Showing how much his connections were worth, Hopkins successfully interceded with his friend, Secretary of State Philander Knox, to allow munitions to pass unchallenged from El Paso to Ciudad Juárez to aid revolutionaries.
All elements were in place just before Wilson. So Wilson didn't invent Deepstate, he grabbed the ball from Hopkins.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

PLUS BIG DATA is the sideswipe. Charles Ranlett Flint, the corporate and finance leg of Deepstate, created IBM.

From IBM's own history page:
Flint brought together in 1907 the principals of three companies -- the International Time Recording Company of Endicott, N.Y.; the Computing Scale Company of America, of Dayton, Ohio; and the Tabulating Machine Company of Washington, D.C. -- to propose a merger. Talks and detailed planning among the parties continued until June 6, 1911, when the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company (C-T-R) was incorporated as a holding company controlling the three separate firms. Flint remained a member of C-T-R's board of directors until his retirement in 1930.
Here's the part I should have noticed before: The Tabulating Machine Company was Hollerith's own company. Hollerith initially developed his sorter and counter for the Census Bureau.

Should I count Big Data as a fourth leg of the Deepstate stool? No. Our modern hand-wringing about Google and Facebook doing subcontract work for CIA and NSA is Fake Surprise as usual. Like "global warming" and all other officially assigned hand-wrings, Big Data was a government project from the start. Big Data is an intrinsic PART of the intel leg.

From the start? Yes. Since Zero AD on the fucking dot. Remember why Joseph and Mary went to Bethlehem, and remember who was running Jesus.

There's one important difference on the personal level. Hollerith himself was NOT a universe-conquering monster like Caesar and Hopkins and Byrnes and Zuckerberg and Bezos and Musk. He was NOT an Insatiable.

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Friday, January 25, 2019
  AMLO gets more impressive every day.

I've been puzzled by Mexico's quiet support for Maduro in Venezuela. Cuba and Bolivia are easy; they're linked to Chavez and Maduro by Soviet tradition. Sticking with the Party. Mexico doesn't fit that category, and AMLO is taking it in new directions which don't fit any category. AMLO hasn't been seeking ties with Russia, but Mexico and Russia are working together on this issue.

This article at France24 helps.
Mexico still backs Nicolas Maduro as Venezuelan president, the government's top spokesman said Wednesday after the head of Venezuela's opposition-controlled legislature declared himself interim president. "We recognize the authorities elected in accordance with the Venezuelan constitution," Jesus Ramirez, spokesman for Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, told AFP.

He later wrote on Twitter that Mexico was "analyzing the situation in Venezuela. For the moment, there is no change in our diplomatic relations with the country nor its government,"

Mexico has taken a hands-off stance toward Venezuela under Lopez Obrador, a leftist who took office in December and has said his foreign policy is based on the "principle of non-intervention" in other countries' affairs.
There it is. THE PRINCIPLE OF NON-INTERVENTION. Populism in its purest and best form. Mind your own fucking business, not everyone else's business.

I've been waiting anxiously for a specific reason to add Mexico on the God Side of the Sorosia map. This is it. Guaido represents USA and EU and specifically Soros. AMLO has been taking God's side on every issue so far, but this is the first identifiable anti-Soros step. My map tracks MOVEMENTS in and out of Sorosia, not just Godly countries vs Satanic countries.

Here we go!

This is the first appearance of a God-country in the Western Hemisphere since Ecuador was reconquered by Soros last year.

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  Those damn shorts

Example 1:
Elon’s mom, Maye Musk, blamed the media and short sellers on Thursday for manipulating Tesla stock, which fell nearly 4 percent during trading on Wednesday. “Short sellers and the media are manipulating Tesla stock,” she wrote in a tweet. “[The Securities and Exchange Commission] must be very busy issuing fines.”

Example 2:
"If the Internet represents an extraordinary possibility of access to knowledge," the pope said, "it's true that it has also revealed itself to be one of the places most exposed to disinformation and conscious and targeted distortion of facts and interpersonal relations, which often assume the form of discredit".
So that's why Catholic shares have been plummeting for the last 70 years! It's the internet!

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Thursday, January 24, 2019
  "Science" worse than unnecessary

Via RCS, a "study" that first agrees with an obvious and certainly true fact, then removes the certainty with bad methods, then spoils a potentially useful finding.

= = = = =

Agrees with the obvious:
An international study of the genetics of 300,000 people has confirmed that physical activity can help prevent depression.
Everyone knows this. I prove it every day in my own life. It doesn't need "scientific" proof.

= = = = =

Discredits the obvious:
However, this new work by a team at Massachusetts General Hospital, US, shows a causal link between exercising and avoiding depression, and also shows that the opposite is not true – being depressed does not cause people to exercise less.
MURDEROUSLY WRONG. The converse is UNQUESTIONABLY true. When you're down you don't feel like getting out and moving. Not moving brings you further down. Positive feedback loop leading to death.

= = = = =

Bad method:
...used a Mendelian randomisation design, which can treat genetic variation between people as a kind of natural experiment. “Although Mendelian randomisation is not without its own limitations, it can be used to answer familiar questions using a very different approach from what has been done before.”

“Put simply, if exercise causally reduces the incidence of depression, then people who carry gene variants that increase exercise should proportionally be less likely to get depressed.”
You DECONTROLLED the experiment by INTRODUCING a gene variant which could INNATELY include less depression.

= = = = =

Missing the potentially valuable:
Results suggest that activity measured using the accelerometers did protect against risk of depression, but self-reported activity did not. The authors propose this could result from bias and inaccuracies in self-reported physical activity. Objective readings from the accelerometers capture activities like climbing stairs, walking to the shops or housework, which people might not think of as physical activity.

With accelerometer data, the researchers found that replacing sedentary behaviour with just 15 minutes of vigorous physical activity, like running, or an hour of moderate activity, like fast walking, reduces depression risk by 26%.
You almost had the key with ordinary activity, though housework in a modern house generally isn't the right kind of exercise. Rhythm is crucial, and most housework is standing, not walking.

The big miss: "Vigorous activity like running" is GYM CLASS, in other words UNMITIGATED SCREAMING HELL. Depressed people shouldn't do ANYTHING that reminds them of bullies and competition and failure. If you're going to prescribe "workouts" or running, you're going to lose the client immediately. Fuck off, vile nasty gym teacher. You ruined my life once, and I'm not going to let you ruin it again.


  Taste test

No comment possible...

And more (from a different location):

Isn't meth wonderful?
  Even demons can be right

I hate to admit the rare instances when a black-robed demon is right. Nevertheless, he's right for once. (Later checking: this demon has actually been on the right side more than once!)
PG&E said it’s committed to system upgrades and wildfire prevention but contended that a criminal case being handled by U.S. District Judge William Alsup was not the right forum to address such measures.

Earlier this month, Alsup proposed ordering PG&E to remove or trim all trees that could fall onto its power lines, poles or equipment in high-wind conditions and to document its inspections and work.

He also proposed ordering PG&E to reinspect its entire electric grid and to cut off power during certain wind conditions regardless of the inconvenience to customers or loss of profit.

Cutting trees that can fall into the lines is pure common sense. Shutting off power at the right time is also common sense. Both are VASTLY cheaper than losing the entire system and losing payments from customers.

Avista did nothing after the 1991 firestorm. They did some cutting after the 1996 icestorm, which improved the situation for the next few windstorms. Then they dropped back to normal neglect, resulting in the LONG outage in 2015. After that they finally got on the ball. Rebuilding your entire system tends to focus your attention for a while. Since 2015 no major fires or outages.

PGE clearly didn't reach "on the ball" status yet.
  One successful movement

Latest item at KSHS is a 1914 defense of home-schooling. It's part of a long series of documents and letters from the files of Gov Capper, who was a major influence in the state's history.

The item is a newspaper clipping of an article written by EA Nichol of Burdette, with a handwritten letter from Nichol calling the article to Capper's attention. Nichol, a real-estate man, was articulate and sharp.

First part of the article:
Through what was no doubt an oversight, the school law does not permit the parent to educate his child at home. Some of the very best educational results have been attained by individual instruction. The Sidis boy and Helen Keller were so taught. President Wilson did not send his daughters to school until they were twelve years old. Many other instances can be given.

Individual instruction admits of being adapted to the needs of the pupil. He is not retarded by the laggard nor overworked to keep up with the precocious. The confinement is less irksome; the sanitary conditions better and the development more normal.

105 years later the distinction is the same, BUT all states finally got around to allowing home-schooling. In many states the requirements are looser than Nichol proposed. Kansas only requires 'notification' of the authorities. Most of the action was in the '70s and '80s; by 1992 all states allowed home-schooling.

The early victories were in state courts, followed much later by legislation.

Peculiarly and uniquely, the Supreme Demons have never intervened. Why did they ignore this mainly Christian movement toward modularity? They jumped into EVERY other battle and gave Deepstate the final victory.


  Drunk streetlights and deanimation

Returning to the topic of deanimation to hit a point that was sort of implicit but not hammered. I need to hammer the point.

Earlier I wrote:
There's a common theme among all tech-monsters, which shows up constantly in this situation.

The car's automatic shit FAILS ALL THE TIME but the cultists NEVER TURN IT OFF, even when it's possible. One idiot is complaining because the AUTOMATIC DOORS on his roadster are always closing on the heads of his wife and kid. WHY DON'T YOU JUST LET THE WIFE CLOSE THE DOOR AS PEOPLE HAVE BEEN DOING FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS? Unthinkable.

Microsoft Malware aka Windows 10 formalizes and mandatorizes this attitude. In previous versions the automatic bug-injections aka "updates" could be turned off. In Microsoft Malware you can't turn ANYTHING off. All the bugs are MANDATORY, so you have ZERO CHANCE of getting any actual work done.

This pattern follows from the USA "education" system, which has always forced people to lose contact with their senses and muscles. The higher you go, the less reality. All of life must be PURE ABSTRACTION, PURE NUMBERS, PURE THEORY. We must let the machines do ALL physical action and experience ALL physical inputs. We must DISCONNECT OURSELVES from all feedback loops. We must LOSE everything that makes us ALIVE. We must be INANIMATE OBJECTS.
Point that needs more attention:

The machines are not really machines. They are AGENTS of the demons. The machines are EXPLICITLY DESIGNED by demons to enforce the will of the demons.

Software is NEVER mechanical and objective.

When you write a program you include your assumptions as variables to be worked with. More importantly you LEAVE OUT things that are not part of your assumptions and knowledge base. This is inevitable whether you're trying to do evil or not.

A living mind can be open to serendipity, open to LOOKING ABOUT YOU and TAKING HOLD OF THE THINGS THAT ARE HERE. Software can't do serendipity. Software looks for data in the places where you told it to look, and processes the data using the assumptions you wrote into its functions and variables.

Algorithms for driving a car can never work as well as live drivers. Never. They can respond FASTER to a defined obstacle, but that's not new. Automatic obstacle detection was already part of railroad signaling systems in 1880. No algorithm, mechanical or electronic, can understand an UNEXPECTED TYPE of obstacle. Only a living mind can do that.

Algorithms for spotting "hate" "speech" will always follow the definitions given by Zuckerberg. In this case we don't need comparisons to older systems, because the SOLE PURPOSE of these algorithms is to impose Zuckerberg's will on the universe. We have consistent testimony from insiders. This is not an "unintended consequence".

= = = = =

So we are not simply surrendering our life to a machine. We are surrendering our life to Zuckerberg and Bezos and Soros and Elon.

Universe-obliterating monsters have always hidden their will behind "objective" mechanisms. In earlier eras they used the mechanisms of "courts" and "investigations". Those old processes are still active while software is expanding the field exponentially.

= = = = =

In case the streetlight isn't clear, let's look at an unemotional and simple example from one of my graphics pythons. This was a 'helper' to be used inside Poser.
  ver = float(poser.Version())
  if   ver < 6.0: return s # No alt units for pre-6
  elif ver < 7.0: # find INI in runtime
  else: # 7
    p=os.path.normpath(os.path.join(f,'Application Data','Poser 7','poser.ini'))

Poser changed its handling of config files several times. My 'helper' checked the version so it would know where to get its config information. At the time when I wrote it, 7 was the latest version. Now Poser is up to v12, and the config location has gone through several more changes. This program embodied my assumptions and knowledge at the time of writing, but couldn't ANTICIPATE future versions. No possible mechanism could ANTICIPATE the mindset of Poser's designers in the future.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2019
  Are we on the right side?

Maduro is so egregiously stupid and bad for his own country that EVERYONE wants him out. Most nations in South America have declared that the opposition leader should become the president.

The exceptions are not a uniform group. Bolivia and Cuba are supporting the Chavez party for traditional partisan reasons. Uruguay and Mexico are more independent and interesting. AMLO is not a standard Soviet-tradition socialist.

Usually our coups replace a competent and popular leader with a corrupt and incompetent one. This time we're accidentally on the right side... Maybe.

Almost anyone could be better.... Maybe.

BUT: A close look at Guaido's political party shows that it's pure Soros, and EU officially supports it.

From Wikipedia:
The party supports LGBT rights, and following the 2015 parliamentary election, the first two LGBT members of the Venezuelan legislature (Tamara Adrián and Rosmit Mantilla) were elected under Popular Will's banner.

The party platform, “The Best Venezuela” (La Mejor Venezuela), calls for an open, transparent government and for the punishment of abuses of power by public officials. It supports globalization and calls for an inclusive society “without regard to wealth, religion, age, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, or political opinions.”
The next part of their platform doesn't have the Soros trademarks, but still conforms to Graybill's Law of globalism.
The party seeks to make Venezuela the world’s largest producer and exporter of oil. López does not seek to nationalize oil firms but says that oil income should be used to form a “Solidarity Fund” to help alleviate extreme poverty and finance an efficient system of social security, as well as to diversify the non-oil sectors of the nation’s economy. López also opposes price controls and favors subsidizing domestic production. He supports the market economy and opposes “state capitalism.”
Becoming the largest exporter of oil is what globalism wants for Venezuela. This is the Graybill pattern, and this is exactly what Chavez was already doing. He was using oil income for welfare. Maduro screwed it up because he's stupid, not because he's "socialist".

When you train the people to depend strictly on one resource, you are NOT going to diversify the non-oil sectors.

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  Better question

Headline at RCS: Why you can't poop when you travel.

Didn't read the article, but it raises a more interesting thought.

Modern humans unquestionably prefer pooping in familiar and private places. In the nest.

Other social mammals are the exact opposite. They insist on pooping as far from the nest as possible, preferably in a public location that expands territorial range.

Why are we different? When did we switch?

Later: But there are exceptions.


  AMLO y los Indios again

Hint to US political parties: You need a candidate like this. A man who unquestionably LOVES the people and happily receives LOVE in return; and also GETS SHIT DONE.

Secondary hint: It's a lot easier to GET SHIT DONE when the people know you love them.

No point in offering the hints. We're fucked.
  Je suis Petain++

Not content to outdo Louis 16, Macron is now outdoing Marshal Petain.

Petain surrendered to the Krauts after losing a real fight. Our idiot conventional wisdom treats the French as automatic surrenderers, which is hugely unfair. They fought HARD in both WW1 and WW2, but the Krauts were stronger. In WW2 many Frenchmen continued fighting. Much of the Navy escaped from Vichy command and fought on the Allied side.

Macron surrendered totally to the Krauts without any fight at all. He started out as a Kraut agent and now works completely for them.

Macron, accomplice of the crimes of the past, said: "Those who forget the value of Franco-German reconciliation are making themselves accomplices of the crimes of the past."

Macron, chief spreader of lies, BEATER AND MURDERER of the people he is pretending to defend, verbatim repeater of history, said: "Those who spread lies are hurting the same people they are pretending to defend, by seeking to repeat history.”

Will many Frenchmen continue fighting as before? They've already got a good start.

Polistra and friends salute the FREE FRENCH, not the Vichy++ regime.


Tuesday, January 22, 2019
  Is Trump finally on Trump's side?

Trump decides to give up "news" "conferences".

First smart move in ages. As I tiresomely repeat, there's no point in "fighting" the enemy through "legal" channels, and there's no point in "protesting" the enemy publicly. Everything is 100% rigged. The enemy is guaranteed to win at every stage, from media demons to black-robed demons. Once in a while the blackrobes will grant a narrowly crafted microvictory to God's side, but the microvictory is just Lucy's football, designed to use up even more of our money and gumption before the final slaughter.

"Press" conferences are just an opportunity for the enemy to win.

If you give the enemy an opportunity, the enemy wins. If you skip the opportunity, it means one less win for the enemy.
  Just once.

Fake "news" mentions some fake "racist" incident at some company. The management predictably runs the boilerplate tape about "Zero tolerance for racism".

Just once I'd like to hear an administrator start with ZERO TOLERANCE FOR FAKERY.

On college campuses precisely 100% of these "hate" incidents have turned out to be self-inflicted fakes.

Supposedly colleges are meant to train "critical thinking". If you are thinking, critically or otherwise, you should be capable of INDUCTIVE REASONING and JUDGMENT. When a specific type of event is known to be fraudulent 100% of the time, you don't even need statistics. The null hypothesis is fakery, unless and until facts prove otherwise.

This doesn't apply quite so firmly outside of campuses, where only about 95% of such "incidents" turn out to be fake. In that case a more open and objective null hypothesis makes sense.
  Je suis Louis++

Still marveling at Macron's total lack of self-awareness... or maybe it's not.
An estimated 150 executives, including Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, JPMorgan Chase CEO James Dimon, and Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey, met with the French president at the decadent palace outside of Paris.

“A lot of people thought that it was not a good date to gather here,” Macron told his guests, referring to the execution of French King Louis XVI, who was guillotined on January 21, exactly 226 years ago on Monday. “But when you look at French history, if at the end they ended up like that, it’s because a lot of leaders decided not to reform.”
Is he starting to learn from negative feedback?
Macron reassured his CEO guests that he would “not roll back what we have done in the past 18 months” – unpopular labor and tax reforms that have been cited as sparking the Yellow Vest protests.

Astonishing internal contradiction. "Louis was executed for failing to reform. Don't worry, I'm going to fail even worse than Louis!"

He can't be that stupid, and his Satanic buddies certainly aren't that stupid. They must be receiving a hidden message under the stupidity.


  Finally some pushback

I'm glad to see ZeroHedge pushing back against the MMT monstrosity. This rancid shit has been growing for 5 years, gaining idiotic cultists, with no publicly visible complaints. ZH tends to hit both sides of most issues, but until now they've only carried the positive side of MMT. When ZH links to a side, people read it.


  Not even pretending

This video of a drone peeking at the SpaceX assembly plant...

... is astonishing even by Elon's standards.

Note especially the unfinished "rocket" sitting there WITH ITS TOP OPEN to the dust stirred up by the UNPAVED roads.

Nobody leaves an unfinished item OPEN like that. No competent contractor would leave a hole or a roof untarped during construction. A housewife always puts a lid on a container to keep ants and mice out.

Crucial difference: Roofers and housewives aren't trying to build a precisely calibrated rocket that can carry astronauts millions of miles and then hit a barge. They aren't operating under NASA and OSHA and EPA regulations.

QUESTION: Is Elon operating under NASA and OSHA and EPA and California regulations? We already know that the SEC gives him a free pass. Apparently NASA and OSHA and EPA and California are also letting him get away with shit that no plumber or housewife would think of doing.

The place immediately reminded me of ABANDONED industrial facilities that I explored back in the '70s. Leftover trailers scattered around, buildings and unfinished projects open to the sky.

Update: 50 mph winds blew the "finished" rocket over. Maybe it can't hit a barge, but it can sure as hell hit a building! Oh well. I'm sure it will do a much better job of handling the 200 mph jet stream crosswinds in the upper atmosphere.

Monday, January 21, 2019
  NO. For the million(+7)th time, it's NOT NEW.

Actually the title is wrong for this installment. Electric cars that fail in winter are a NEW invention by Elon.

Earlier generations of electrics suffered horribly from a lack of Elon's inventive genius.

102 fucking years ago, in hilly snowy Lawrence and KC, these ladies were driving calmly and reliably to their desired destinations. Too bad they didn't live to see Elon's magnificent solution to their horrible problem.

= = = = =

Later related addendum, showing the difference numerically:

Per one of the Tesla skeptics, lithium batteries won't charge below 5C, which is 40F. Per the spec sheets from Iron Edison, the nickel-iron battery in those old electric cars could do considerably better:

Sunday, January 20, 2019
  Mode switch

Tesla charging stations, formerly free or cheap, have suddenly raised their prices to about the same as gas on a per-mile basis.

The cultists are revolting.

There are three mutually exclusive systems of economics at play. Tesla tries to mix all three, but the mix is predictably coming apart.

1. Ordinary economics as defined in textbooks. When commodities like gas and electricity are substitutes serving the same purpose, they will converge to the same price per unit of usefulness. You can expect some variation for convenience or status, but not a huge difference.

2. Cult economics as seen in Hubbard and Prosperity Gospel. Members are expected to pay insanely high prices for the exclusive services and products of the cult, which aren't really useful services. Cultists believe that these services give them supernatural powers, justifying the supernatural price. Tesla uses cult pricing for "full self driving" and other nonfunctional or nonexistent features.

3. Family economics. This includes clan-like structures such as Open Source forums, familiar to Tesloids. Members of the family or clan are expected to be loyal defenders and advertisers of the family, and in return get cheap or free services.

The supercharger has just switched from family to normal pricing and the Tesloids are understandably angry. They should be happy that the chargers haven't YET switched to cult pricing.

Gödel would appreciate this....

An independent writer on automotive topics invites Tesla skeptics to send him stories about Twitter's efforts to suppress skeptics. He tells them to 'follow' him, which will turn on the ability to send a private message, and then send a private message. The rest of the thread is Tesla skeptics trying to follow him and finding that it doesn't work.

Pretty neat mechanism. Twötter's algos detect an attempt to talk about unfollowing, and immediately unfollow the attempt to talk about unfollowing.
  All the right words

Via DW:

For years, scientists have raised concerns about the ethical applications of artificial intelligence. Facebook said it chose Germany because of its position "at the forefront of the conversation."

A perfect condensed explanation. All you need to know in a few words.


Conversation means SILENCE ALL HERETICS.

If you want to apply AI ethically, you can't possibly beat Krautists. Krautists have always been at the forefront of precision genocide and accurate slaughter and meticulous torture and exact evil. Especially when ethics and conversations are aimed at Russia.

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  It's slippery

Elon taking part in a discussion on the hundreds of EV startups, especially in China:

I wish them well. Track record in auto startups is tough. Thousands of US auto startups, but only Ford & Tesla have avoided bankruptcy. A similar scenario is likely in all countries.

He says this often. It's slippery. Not strictly false but intentional point-missing.

In any field there are lots of non-serious startups and some serious ones. If we filter out the non-serious and look at 'comparables' to Tesla ... companies that produced thousands of cars for several years ... most of them were ABSORBED or TRANSFORMED, not bankrupted.

Among the serious carmakers present in 1930, many of them ended up as part of Chrysler directly or indirectly. Several switched to other products (beer, HVAC, trucks, trailers, real estate) and continued for many decades.
  Odd non-correlation

Elon laid off a significant part of his employees in both SpaceX and Tesla last week, and his stock WENT DOWN.

This is highly unusual and abnormal in the modern world of Share Value. Normally the Dow HATES employees and products. Normally a stock SOARS when the company exterminates its Negative Externalities. Zero employees = infinite Dow.

What's different here? Is the stock racket trying to return to real economics? Unlikely. Must be something else. Maybe the Dow perceives that Elon has lost his will to kill?

A bit later: Yes. This article in Bloomberg verifies that the racket is disappointed in Elon's failure to offer more stock and incur more debt to continue infinite exponential growth. The job cuts are not the main issue.


Saturday, January 19, 2019
  Ignoring the gap

Following on previous item where I recommended that God's people need to use God's Natural Law organizations and facilities more effectively. Unions, families, Mutual Benefit Associations, etc.

There's one big piece missing in the discussion of Brexit.

The role of the UK dysgovernment is obvious, though it wasn't quite clear at the start. May began with an apparently meaningful effort, but after a few months she fell into the standard bureaucratic routine. Lots of surface action to fool and pacify the suckers, but no real movement underneath.

= = = = =

The process of splitting doesn't need to be complex. It could take about one month. Unsign all relevant treaties, delete all "laws" inserted to satisfy EU, publish the changes, send the changes to Brussels. Since all of the "laws" have been made since 1993, all are well within the era of computer-based records, and all are explicitly written. No need to dig back through centuries of tradition and Common Law and Domesday Books and Magna Carta. One month to do a thorough job.

And after that, just CONTINUE TRADING. If your business buys stuff from France or Krautland, continue buying. If you sell stuff to Spain or Italy, keep selling.

= = = = =


= = = = =

Here's the missing piece. If businesses really WANTED to trade, they would ORGANIZE A UNION (like the Hanseatic League) to apply BULLY FORCE to the stoppers. All traders in all relevant countries, working together, would have an unstoppable BULLY POWER against all of their governments.

Bullies like Juncker give way when they encounter serious resistance.

I don't see any motion in this direction, even after two years of May's grotesque bureaucrat game.

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  Jumping the gap

After watching a bit of that atrociously stupid bus-bomb movie, Jumping The Gap is on my mind.

Among today's inputs, an interesting contrapair. One article by standard academics has already jumped the gap into Natural Law thinking. Another article by a Catholic academic writing in an Intelligent Design website has NOT jumped the gap into Natural Law.

= = = = =

First the already jumped:

A nicely written article on the hydra's regenerative ability.
Researchers at the University of Geneva (UNIGE), Switzerland, have discovered the identity of the inhibitor, a protein called Sp5, and deciphered the dialogue between these two antagonistic activities, which helps maintain a single-headed adult body and organize an appropriate regenerative response. Published in the journal Nature Communications, their study points out that this mechanism has been conserved throughout evolution, both in Hydra and in humans. Sp5 could therefore be an excellent candidate to be tested as an inhibitor of human tumors in which the activator pathway is the motor of proliferation.
Unusual because the authors are working entirely within the Grand Blueprint model. They don't bother with "random mutations" or "increasing complexity"; they simply start with the assumption that a gene is a function, and all functions are present in the initial blueprint. Some phyla use some functions, some individuals use some functions.

= = = = =

Now the not yet jumped.

Winston Ewert, writing in Mind Matters, briefly discusses the threat to human skills from AI. He misses the point because he's thinking in terms of GDP and Dow, not skills.

The true concern that the media coverage implies is that resources will not be allocated well, that almost all of them will end up in the hands of a few owners of automated factories while unskilled workers will end up starving. Many believe that the free market is simply incapable of adapting to that level of automation.

But what is the free market? What makes it free? Certainly not that the price of everything is zero! Rather, it is free in the sense of liberty. The market is made up of many different institutions, both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations including banks, insurers, manufacturers, agriculture businesses, charities, unions, etc. The freedom of the market is the freedom to choose whether to be part of any of these institutions and to what extent. Even a social instrument that seems as fundamental as money could be avoided by bartering or living in a commune.
First, he totally fails to grasp that modern Sorosian economics is NOT a market at all, let alone a free market. It's a black hole, designed to suck all resources into NYC banks and kill all non-NYC humans. It's not based on production or skills, it's based on sucking and killing.
Each of these institutions was invented to address a flaw in a free economy. Trade is much easier with money than with barter. Insurance allows us to pool risks and thereby reduce the damage caused by unlikely but expensive mishaps. Unions enable employees working together to bargain more equally with their socially powerful employer. All of these institutions were invented and then adopted by a free market because they proved useful.
Again he's starting from the Darwin assumption of random mutation and natural selection. Nature doesn't work that way, and an economy doesn't work that way.

All of these institutions arose from SKILLS which are part of the inherent human genome, created at the beginning and gradually diminishing since. Each can be seen in alternate forms among other animals and plants. Exchanging symbolic tokens is a constant activity of the nervous system, and more visibly used by birds and mammals in courtship and hive-control activities. Insurance is just an elaborate version of the family or clan, which developed FROM normal clan behavior via Mutual Benefit Associations. Unions also developed from the same origin.

These institutions weren't adopted by free choice, they are automatic parts of organized society. They grow in different ways within different environments, just as a tree grows in different ways depending on climate and wind.

Ewert concludes with pure Darwin:
If humans are free to experiment with new institutions, I believe we will find an excellent solution. However, there is a great danger that those who benefit from the status quo will use their influence to prevent the adoption of new institutions. Further, others will attempt to force institutions they think best on other people, leading to great suffering. The great danger we face is the danger of not being free enough to adapt to new and changing circumstances.
Again, there are no new institutions. Natural Law tells us what we have to do.

If we are working with God, we have no freedom. We have a GOD-ASSIGNED DUTY to use our skills to the utmost for good purposes. This duty is explicit in Sharia, implicit in some traditional Catholic viewpoints.

"Those who benefit from the status quo" are using their skills to the utmost for satanic aggressive purposes. They are destroying life, destroying beauty, and especially destroying REAL VALUE.

We must counter them by using our skills to make more life, more beauty, more value.

We can make use of existing institutions like unions in our self-defense, and we could also retrobuild Mutual Benefit Associations in their earlier form before they degenerated into commercial insurance companies.

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Friday, January 18, 2019
  Macronism spreads

Germany is considering a Macron-level mistake.
Among the proposals featured in the paper were a fuel tax hike from 2023 onward, an end to tax breaks for diesel cars, electric and hybrid vehicle quotas, and a 130 kmh (80 mph) speed limit on freeways — which is the norm in other EU countries.
Fuel tax? Fine. End tax breaks? Fine. EV quotas? Fine.

Time for riots. Time for the Brown Vest Movement. Time for the Second Reichstag Fire (carbon-neutral, of course).

Krautists are perfectly rigid machines. They MUST drive at precisely 387.32165219 kM/h, with the kM referenced daily to SI atomic-scale standards and all speedometers calibrated daily. All vehicles must maintain an exact spacing of 17.743198 m, with a permissible error bar of 0.00000000046 nm.

If Krautists are not allowed to drive at precisely 387.32165219 kM/h, they will explode.

Just like the movie about the bus....

...which incidentally confirms previous item about modern cars and '50s buses.


  Sudden change

The latest infinite-layered superlie has added another layer, which suddenly changes the approach of the media demons.

Now MUELLER HIMSELF has said that the story about Cohen lying on Trump's orders is a lie.

All the Sorosian media demons were spewing the story yesterday. BBC, DW, and France24 featured it as top headline.

In a brief statement, it said: "Buzzfeed's description of specific statements to the Special Counsel's Office, and characterisation of documents and testimony obtained by this office, regarding Michael Cohen's Congressional testimony are not accurate."

The statement did not say which parts of the BuzzFeed report were inaccurate.

It is extremely rare for Mr Mueller's office to issue such a statement.

The special counsel is investigating ALLEGED Russian interference in the US presidential election and whether Trump campaign figures were complicit - a claim repeatedly denied by Mr Trump.
ALLEGED Russian interference is perfectly unprecedented. Until now, all stories by all media took the """"""fact"""""" of RUSSIAN_MEDDLING as more certain than existence. RUSSIAN_MEDDLING was the flattest of all flat assertions. You don't need to say the universe allegedly exists, so you don't need to qualify or explain RUSSIAN_MEDDLING.

Why the change? No mystery. For media demons, "truth" depends solely and strictly and exclusively on WHO SAID IT. The Clinton Mob is the SOLE DETERMINER OF LAWS AND TRUTH in USA. Nothing exists unless the Clinton mob says it exists. Mueller is the Clinton mob. Mueller says this story is false. This story is false.

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