Friday, August 31, 2018
  Is Trump actually doing something right?

Trump's tariffs are hated by NYC, which is a good sign to start with. NYC loves genocide and hates life.

More specifically, the tariffs are starting to influence business decisions in the CORRECT direction. Ford has decided NOT to import a car from its China factories "claiming that President Trump’s tariffs compromised the business case for bringing the vehicle to the U.S. market."

Also, one US aluminum producer is starting to get more business, and has increased its workforce.

These are small changes so far, but might presage a larger move after things settle out???? Probably not, but we can pretend to hope.


  Y no resonant coupling?

As I never tire of grousing, it's unfortunate that the Web was built on the shitty foundation of HTML. All sorts of useful features were missing from the start, and because of the shitty structure those features can't be added.

One such feature is coupling of words or references within one page. The human mind depends HEAVILY on 'sympathetic resonance' among concepts and words. Many complex pre-digital machines had ways to create such couplings or resonances. Organs and harpsichords had octave coupling.

Switches and controls often have 'tie-bars' that activate a second switch when the first control reaches a certain level. There are hundreds of such tie-bars and interlocks on cars.

So the idea is neither rare nor unfamiliar. It's the basis of thinking, for fuck's sake. Why didn't HTML include it? Mouse touches one member of the coupling, the other members change color or flash.

You can make it happen with some fancy JS trickery involving onmouseenter and div classes. Here's a stupid sample HTML page that couples all even numbers together and all odd numbers together.

It's not impossible, but it should have been intrinsic.


  Flufferbot exception?

Innovative Disruption is another name for stupidity and failure.

Elon specializes in stealing 100-year-old IDEAS that failed the first time, while REFUSING to use 100-year-old METHODS that have been perfected by painful trial and error.

Electric cars failed for a good reason, which hasn't changed. Charging time. Elon didn't solve charging time, so his electric cars will still fail.

Carmakers established dealer networks for a good reason, which hasn't changed. SERVICE and CUSTOMER FEEDBACK. Elon decided to do without dealers because Wi-Fi. The result is perfectly predictable.

Detroit assembly lines have been perfected over 100 years, which means they have figured out the correct balance of human workers vs automation. Elon refused to learn from EXPERIENCE, instead assuming that his vast crackhead EGO could use THEORIES to replace EXPERIENCE.

Perfect example is the 'flufferbot'. Elon decided that a robot should perform the task of fitting a sound-absorbing pad over the battery pack. He spent millions developing a robot, which completely failed.

You don't need to be an industrial engineer to figure this one out. Ever since oxen started pulling rocks, machines have been better than humans at heavy lifting. Ever since the Jacquard loom, machines have been better than humans at tasks requiring near-microscopic precision.

This task is neither heavy lifting nor microscopically precise. It's ideal for humans and completely impossible for robots. It requires a quick and adaptive FEEL for a soft object. Normal factories would pick uneducated low-IQ reliable workers for this task, and those workers would perform it beautifully for relatively low wages. There was NO NEED to even THINK about automating this task.

Experience always wins. Theory always kills.

= = = = =

There's one apparent exception to this rule, but it's not really an exception. In the '70s Detroit was failing. Toyota came along with what looked like Innovative Disruption, and succeeded. But in fact the failure resulted from a DEPARTURE from experience. Around 1958 the dead drunk executives of the Big Three started following their own alcoholic Bright Ideas instead of listening to their customers. All cars expanded drastically and turned horribly ugly. GM went in for Bright Ideas like the Corvair and Vega, both of which abandoned the methods and configurations determined by experience. Detroit also abandoned its previous arrangements with workers, and let Walter Reuther define working conditions to enrich Walter Reuther.

Toyota returned to older configurations and older practicality. Toyota returned to pleasing its customers and workers instead of pleasing the blind-drunk egos of corporate and union executives. In short, Toyota REMEMBERED what Detroit had FORGOTTEN.


  Non-barking fuckheads

The demons illegitimately posing as "attorney generals" of various states, and the black-robed District Demons in the Federal Demon System, had been suing Trump for enforcing existing Federal laws EVERY FUCKING DAY from the inauguration until.... when?

I'm thinking specifically of Emperor Ferguson, the incalculably wicked psychopathic alien monsterblob criminally and fraudulently squatting in the office of "attorney general" here in Wash, and Emperor Orrick The Third, the District Demon in Hawaii. Both of them got up every morning, showered in Demon Water, drank a cup of Soros Brand Demon Juice, and spent all day suing Trump for his crime of Not Being Hillary. It didn't matter that Trump was doing exactly the same things Hillary would do. His offense was ONTOLOGICAL.

Sometime in the last month or two, the suing abruptly stopped. Trump's behavior hasn't changed; he's still enforcing EXISTING laws, just as Obama did. But now Emperor Ferguson and Emperor Orrick The Third aren't suing.

What happened? Did Trump suddenly start pushing back? Did he start using mob tactics against these infinitely crazy mobsters? Or did somebody in the Demon System realize that daily suing wasn't going to give the desired result?

I'm tempted to cite the Putin-Trump summit, when Trump openly surrendered to Deepstate's need for war after initially "misspeaking" for peace. That would be a rational correlation, but I think the shutoff happened earlier.


  Here's what Orlov is talking about.

RT covers a released set of taped conversations between Bill Clinton and Yeltsin. The theme is unsurprising, and was even common knowledge at the time. We didn't bother to hide the fact that we were running Russia through Yeltsin. While Yeltsin was our employee we were giving Russia all sorts of privileges and gifts. After Putin took over, we gradually turned the other way, and now we're making outright war against Russia.

Which was better** for Russia? Unquestionably the blockades and sanctions are better, as noted in previous item.

USA friendship is the worst thing that can happen to any country. Our support uses debt and blackmail to create dependency, serving nobody but our own bankers. Our support always encourages the most corrupt and violent leaders to slaughter their own people. When we withdraw our support, sane adult leaders have to develop their OWN nation's skills and resources for their OWN benefit. This is what EVERY country should be doing all the time.

** Note for clarity: Normal relations between countries, like normal relations between people, often include some debts and some dependencies. Those are not intrinsically bad when constrained and balanced. Absolute independence forced by sanctions is not ideal, but when the ONLY alternative is absolute submission, absolute independence is unquestionably better for a country.


Thursday, August 30, 2018
  Orlov sneaks in a beautiful fact

In his parodic "tribute" to Monster McCain, Orlov hits it out of all the parks. He lists ALL of Monster McCain's murderous achievements, some of which we have forgotten.

Along the way, Orlov sneaks in two non-McCain facts that are vastly more important than the rest.
The effect of the sanctions in simultaneously driving down both the ruble and the Russian stock market has allowed the Russian government to sell dollars high and to buy up Russian industrial stocks low, effectively re-nationalizing Russian industry at bargain-basement prices, shifting the share of its government ownership from around 16% to at least 65% while squeezing out Western financial interests. The profits that would have otherwise been pocketed by Western investors are now flooding into the Russian treasury, to be spent on health, education, housing, roads and bridges and so on. McCain, you socialist you!
The effect of "crushing" an exchange rate is well-known. I've always been puzzled by the assumption that a Strong Dollar or a Strong Ruble is good for a country. Truth is precisely the opposite. If you want a country that FUNCTIONS and MAKES THINGS, you want a WEAK exchange rate. Putin understands the TRUTH and uses the TRUTH to help his own country, which is the PRECISE JOB of a national leader.

Why do Sorosian leaders think they're punishing a country by pushing the exchange down? Maybe I should just be glad they're stupid.

The second fact is more important and SURPRISING, which makes it REAL NEWS. It hasn't been mentioned even by RT or SputnikNews. Putin similarly took advantage of a "crushed" stock market to resovietize major industries.

This is a GOOD thing. As I've noted before, the modern Goldman system of debts and bets EXTERMINATES THE PEOPLE to raise share value. When the government controls investment, it's possible to shape the economy and use profits for the benefit of WORKERS and ORDINARY PEOPLE. The USSR proved it, Russia is still proving it, and many non-Soviet countries like Malaysia are proving it.

= = = = =

Semi-relevant sidenote: Putin is ALL ABOUT self-sufficiency and breaking Graybill's Law at all levels. This YT channel has a selection of Russian news clips with good captioning. Like all other leaders, Putin is often seen in public dealing with ordinary people and students. Putin's response is UNLIKE all other leaders. When youngsters ask him questions, he always turns the question back in a way that reinforces the student's own skills and confidence. Even when the question is an invitation to boast of Putin's own achievements, Putin focuses on the student's achievements. His constant message to the nation and to the people is "You can do it. In fact you're already doing it whether you realize it or not. You don't need my help, and you don't need help from Western countries or corporations."

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  Unanswered assertion


There's an unexamined bad assumption on the techmonster side of the current pointless argument about censorship.

Google and FB claim that their censorship is unbiased because it's done by computer.

Sheer nonsense.

This assertion is unexamined because most people think of computers as arithmetic machines.

Arithmetic by itself is unbiased. After you bring the data in, the operations of adding and subtracting and sines and cosines are strictly mechanical. So an arithmetic machine can't favor one side. This is true and unarguable.

Unfortunately, computers are NOT arithmetic machines. Computers are SORTING MACHINES that do a little bit of arithmetic. This has been true from the start. Hollerith's 1880 Census machine was strictly a sorter, and the latest CPU is still a sorter. Every useful program spends most of its time sorting and deciding.

Sorting is inherently biased. Deciding is BY DEFINITION an act of bias. This is common knowledge and common sense. When you decide where to put a dish, or decide what to wear today, or decide which candidate to mark on a ballot, you are applying bias BY DEFINITION. You start with a set of preconceptions built from your experience and status and desires. Everyone knows this, nobody doubts it.

The same thing happens in an algorithm, whether it's dealing with numbers or words.

An income tax algorithm decides which expenses are deductible and then deducts them. The subtraction is unbiased, but the decision depends on highly subjective standards.

A censorship algorithm decides which words and messages are deletable and then deletes them. The act of deleting words is unbiased, but the decision depends on highly subjective standards.

Subjectivity is obviously stronger for words than numbers. Even at the basic level of removing the Seven Bad Words, the programmer has to decide which bad words are on the list, and how to deal with peculiarities like the Scunthorpe syndrome. Is Dick an abbreviation for Richard or a word for penis? Is pussy a cat or a front-hole? All of these choices are based on an intentional choice of cultural standards.

Each of these sorting standards must be written into the constants of the program at some level, and the inclusion or exclusion is a purely human decision.


Wednesday, August 29, 2018
  Can cold water be so warm?

Came in from walking in delightfully COLD air. Started the laundry, then rinsed out the kitchen sink with allegedly "cold" water. As I was pushing the food toward the drain, I noticed that the sink felt HOT. Wrong handle? Nope, definitely using the "cold" faucet. The faucet also felt hot, and the water felt hot. Got out my digital thermometer, sure enough the sink was 80, the faucet was 78, and the water itself was 78.

The air in the house is 68, and the outside air is 55. What's going on here? Can the pipes be that hot after two weeks of relatively not-too-hot weather?

Remembered that I'd used a USGS soil temp and moisture website before, in the permafrost winter. Found it again.

Yup. 27 Centigrade is 80 real degrees.

The reading was several weeks ago in a rural spot, but it's likely that urban water pipes, running mainly under asphalt streets, are still plenty warm.

I hadn't noticed the warmness until I came in from chilly air and felt the DELTA on my hands.


  Missing the history

Taibbi is missing the bigger point in this mostly sensible discussion of Google and Facebook as controllers.

He's focusing on "rights" as usual, and ignoring real history. He's worried that the tech-monsters are just now forming a new and dangerous alliance with government, which makes them the equivalent of government censorship.

Nothing new and nothing unusual. There's no such thing as "free speech". Government has always controlled major media, especially since Wilson. CIA has always run the main radio and TV networks, and its management of Google and FB is just a seamless continuation.

State and city governments were often stronger censors than the Feds. Publishers and theater owners before WW2 had to deal with massive censorship operations by NYC, NY State, and Detroit. The Hays Office censored movies for decades. These modular censors were easier to handle BECAUSE they were modular. An overstrict censor would lose tax revenue for the city. The profit motive always works when there's real competition.

The only real variable is whether government is smart or stupid. A smart tyranny allows a wide range of opinion without stepping in and halting the speech, for two reasons. (1) Tight censorship guarantees violence. Opinion WILL find an outlet. (2) If you want to control the public smoothly and efficiently, you need to SENSE what the public is doing. Smooth control always requires good NEGATIVE feedback loops. If you shut down the ERROR-DETECTING channels, you're going to be surprised by new developments, resulting in brutal action and ultimately rebellion.

Our government has become stupid since 1989. The only feedback is internal. It sends out lies and listens to its own lies. It doesn't listen to REAL EVENTS happening outside DC and NYC, and it silences all voices that disagree with war and globalism. It doesn't even listen to what its own stupidly defined "enemies" are doing. Instead it listens to the screeeeeechy voices in its own head.


  De leg bone connected to de brain bone

Continuing on Fake news vs Real news.

Fake news is perfectly predictable and infinitely repetitive copy-pasted talking points claiming to mention EVENTS THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN and THINGS THAT DON'T EXIST.

Real news is surprising and unpredicted information about EVENTS THAT HAPPENED and THINGS THAT EXIST. (See the basic definitions of news and information and sensory data.)

= = = = =

Fake: Elon continues to pour out utter schizy nonsense about PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE and ECONOMICALLY PURPOSELESS tunnels that will NEVER HAPPEN, receiving trillions and trillions and trillions of GOVERNMENT dollars in return for his display of crackhead ranting.

= = = = =

Real: In the parts of science that have thrown away their theory goggles and started TAKING HOLD OF THE THINGS THAT ARE HERE, we have completely surprising NEWS about actual tunnels in a surprising place, tunnels which serve a crucial and surprising PURPOSE.
According to a new study of mice and humans, tiny tunnels run from skull bone marrow to the lining of the brain and may provide a direct route for immune cells responding to injuries caused by stroke and other brain disorders.

They were able to distinguish whether immune cells traveling to brain tissue damaged by stroke or meningitis, came from bone marrow in the skull or the tibia, a large legbone. In this study, the researchers focused on neutrophils, a particular type of immune cell, which are among the first to arrive at an injury site.

Results in mouse brains showed that during stroke, the skull is more likely to supply neutrophils to the injured tissue than the tibia. In contrast, following a heart attack, the skull and tibia provided similar numbers of neutrophils to the heart, which is far from both of those areas.
Surprise 1: Tunnels in the skull lead from the cushioning membrane around the brain into the bone marrow of the skull.

Surprise 2: There is bone marrow in the skull.

Surprise 3: The marrow creates specific immune cells on command.

Surprise 4: The tibia (way down there below the knee!) also responds to the same emergencies.

Surprise 5: The skull marrow jumps in and helps in a heart attack.

This is like suddenly discovering a set of fire departments around each neighborhood, quietly sending ladder trucks to every fire without ever being noticed.

= = = = =

Dubious sidenote: Does this relate to the other recent surprising finding that walking generates new neurons? Are there several unnoticed leg-to-brain circuits?

= = = = =

Less dubious: I've been wondering for a long time if there is a direct coupling between the brain and the muscles and tendons of the scalp. I've figured out that a bad or tense mood can be loosened quickly by loosening the scalp and jaw muscles, especially with a little acupressure. After the scalp is loose, unfamiliar memories and new ideas tend to pop out immediately. This doesn't make sense if the skull is impenetrable bone, but if there are lots of little pores, perhaps carrying axons??? this immediate action could make sense. Also see this.


Tuesday, August 28, 2018
  Orban meets Salvini


As I noted earlier, Putin and Orban and Salvini are doing the same THING WORTH DOING but they have vastly different personalities and thus vastly different HOWS. Orban is the deadly serious Rottweiler, Salvini the smiling Labrador, Putin the quiet thoughtful Dachshund.

Orban and Salvini are holding a press conference right now, and the different HOWS show up nicely. Orban never smiles, is clearly uncomfortable with the camera. Salvini basks in the attention. Both are equally SOLID, equally devoted to the PROPER PURPOSE AND JOB OF A NATIONAL LEADER.

Polistra and friends salute a growing linkage between the older anti-Soros forces of the Soviet area and the new FIRM anti-Soros force in Italy.

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Monday, August 27, 2018
  Piaget fail

Now that courseware is momentarily under control again, I'm returning to the Box Depots. Found the cutest and coziest depot of all, this little octagon:

Note the stovepipe. Judging by the window, I'd guess each side of the octagon is 5 feet wide.

Hey! There's no way a stove could fit into a 5-foot-wide building! Must be a Tardis!

Wrong. My judgment of area fails the Piaget test for an octagon. I'm thinking square.

Here's a numerical comparison. This stove that I made for the depots is 36 inches wide, and its proportions are fairly realistic. I added a simple square 5 feet on a side and a simple octagon 5 feet on a side. You can compare the measurements behind the stove.

My intuition was right about the square. There's no way the stove could fit in a square of that size. But the octagon holds the stove easily, with room for a table and a couple of chairs. The octagon's OD is about 12 x 12, not 5 x 5.

Even if I misestimated the windows, and the walls are only 4 feet, there's still plenty of room. The OD would be 10 x 10. In other words, it would be about like the room I'm sitting in right now, which is 8 x 9. It contains a computer desk, a folded dining table bearing printers and such, a sewing machine, an armchair, two dining-type chairs, and another small desk for hi-fi stuff. Doesn't feel crowded to me!

... And the little octagon wouldn't have felt crowded to railroaders either. They were accustomed to the tight spaces of cabooses. In fact this is broadly true across the centuries. From tipis to sailing ships to covered wagons to trains to sleeper cabs to space shuttles, people who cover thousands of miles live in tight spaces.

= = = = =

Later: Made the models. As before, my first attempt was too 'house-like', not matching the extreme smallness of the original. On the second try I got there. It's not a copy of the real, but the proportions are right. And sure enough, the stove still fits easily in both sizes. The large one has enough area for all the functions of a regular house. The small one holds a table and chairs and cot, with room to walk around.

And a more refined interior pic of the small version, with front walls ghosted:


  Where are the goddamn PHILOSOPHERS?

Via ZH as usual:

The Washington Post reported on Sunday that Davis said in an interview that he is "no longer certain about claims he made to reporters on background and on the record in recent weeks about what Cohen knows about Trump's awareness of the Russian efforts."

99% of our "news" is ATROCIOUSLY BAD EPISTEMOLOGY. If we had actual philosophers, they would be unraveling this nonsense and pointing out its infinite bonkersness.

Since the philosophers aren't doing their JOB, let's try to do it for them. Systematize this mess.

[WaPo claims that [Davis claimed to [know that [Davis no longer knows about [his claim to [know what Cohen [knows about what Trump [knows about a [totally non-existent and thus unknowable fairy tale.]]]]]]]]]

That's EIGHT LAYERS of claims and knowledge and anti-claims and anti-knowledge, based on a delusion (RUSSIAN_MEDDLING) that anyone who ACTUALLY KNOWS THE SLIGHTEST MICROBIT OF REALITY knows to be a delusion.

There is NO ACTUAL EVENT in any of this mess.


Which means there is NO NEWS and NO INFORMATION. All we have is a stupendous and stupefying pile of BAD PHILOSOPHY. It's a mishmash of midrash.

What are the professional philosophers doing? According to this article on current trends in philosophy, they're philosophizing about the comparative value of current trends in philosophy. They're disputing whether professionalization of professional philosophers is a good thing, disputing whether Analytic Philosophers are better than Continental Philosophers.

Pissing contest. Swift's Bigendians vs Littlendians, still running 200 years later. Totally useless waste of money and academic office space.

= = = = =

Counternote: It appears that a few philosophers have been trying to systematize knowledge and claims, but they're not USING their symbols and systems for any ACTUAL PURPOSE. Mainly they're pissing on each other.

= = = = =

Literary note: I read Gulliver when I was a kid, and I didn't understand most of the references. I hadn't really thought about the Bigendian stuff since then. Now that I've been cooking and eating eggs for 50 years, I know that you can't break an egg at EITHER end. You aim the spatula at the middle. Did Swift know this? Was this the point of emphasizing the ends? Hard to tell. I doubt that he ever did any cooking; he would have relied on domestic staff. Before plumbing and refrigeration, cooking was strictly a full-time job. Now I can step into the kitchen, grab ingredients from the fridge, slap them together in a pan, eat the result, then return to my regular work 30 minutes later.

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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Still waiting for the last few edits from the publisher, and I was getting tensed up with the approach of the supposed deadline. It's their deadline and their delay, but I want to get DONE with this as fast as possible and switch modes. I don't like halfway situations. Work or not work.

So I spent 10 hours today trying to cinch up the package as far as it can go without the last few edits.

Just after I finished, I stepped outside to stand in the back yard for a while. We finally have COOL weather after a long dry hot August, so standing outside is pleasant.

Just after I stepped outside, RAIN!

Thanks, Ma Nature. Nice touch. Maybe your workload is also lighter with Monster McCain off the earth.


Saturday, August 25, 2018
  Earth is vastly improved, Hell has a problem.

The world got rid of a GIANT STINKY TURD today. McCain, the ultimate traitor and ultimate superkiller, finally ceased slaughtering. McCain supported and boosted EVERYTHING evil, from total permanent war to infinite welfare for the Bank Tribe to the "climate" "science" genocide to open borders. If it was total infinite mass murder, McCain was right there running it. Vile filthy incalculably wicked alien monster.

Roy Cohn, current CEO of Hades LLC, is going to be busy delegating troops of unfortunate minor malefactors to build yet another Circle. None of the inhabitants of the existing Circles will be able to tolerate the newcomer.

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  You shall not [inauthentic behavior deleted]

Facebook's autotranslator seems to be depassioning Salvini's impassioned rhetoric.

Note the missing part: indaghino, mi interroghino, mi arrestino.

If I'm not mistaken, this is a third person subjunctive form serving as imperative, roughly "Let them investigate, let them interrogate me, let them arrest me."

English has lost this form but retains one vestige of the 1st person plural imperative in Let's.

Machine translation naturally misses idioms and metaphors, but this isn't an idiom. It's standard grammar.

It's like reprinting Jennings Bryan's Cross of Gold speech without the last line.

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  The modern Carvers

Via BBC, a research institute in sane anti-Sorosian Malaysia is doing for the modern tropical world what Carver tried to do for the South.
Spindly moringa trees, cream-coloured bambara groundnuts, the sour kedondong berry – these are crops which have been farmed for centuries but are virtually unknown outside the places where they grow. Even here, demand is dwindling. They’ve been relegated to the sidelines, says CFF head Azam-Ali, in favour of the “big four”.

Prof Azam-Ali explains that just four crops – wheat, maize, rice and soybean – provide two-thirds of the world’s food supply. “We’re dependent on these four,” he says. “But actually there’s 7,000 crops we’ve been farming for thousands of years. We ignore all of those.”

Researchers are trying to unlock the potential of these ignored crops – plants they describe as forgotten, under-used or ‘alternative’ as they are displaced by increasingly uniform diets fuelled by processed ingredients from the major crops.
Not surprising to find sanity in a sane country!

This approach would be equally good everywhere. Get rid of overcentralized monoculture, find a wider variety of profitable and nutritious crops that can be raised efficiently. Industrial agriculture is necessary, but we've taken it too far in the last 20 years. Graybill's Law. Globalization reduces the range of resources and skills.

What we really need here in lunatic USA STRONG is even simpler. We need to treat food as food. We need to quit wasting gasoline and electricity to raise corn as an additive that lowers the quality of gasoline used to raise corn as an additive that lowers the quality of gasoline used to raise corn as an additive that lowers th

We also need to plant more sugar cane in the South, and quit using corn as the main source of sugar.

Our insane supermonoculture of corn is driven by exactly one hyperinsane factor: The Iowa Caucus comes before the New Hampshire Primary. If the Iowa Caucus moved to June, we could stop misusing corn for totally wasteful and totally harmful ethanol, and let corn be a nice crunchy vegetable.

This won't happen. Everyone knows it's PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE to change the date of a meeting.

Polistra and friends salute the original Carver:

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  When you know how things work.....

A good direct source of information helps to understand what's going on. Satan's media will always destroy your understanding of what's going on. Eliminating common sense is a MAJOR PART of Soros's mission. Satan wants you to be COMPLETELY VULNERABLE, completely defenseless physically and mentally, completely incapable of predicting what will happen next. If you follow the "logic" provided by Satan's media you will always be lethally surprised by ordinary events.

Here's a good example from the ONLY local source of direct information.

Since I got whomped by an SUV in 2008, I've become extremely patient. I'll always wait for traffic, always let cars go first. When a car halts in mid-block and motions me to cross, I'll do it, but otherwise the cars have total right-of-way.

A few days ago I was standing clearly on the sidewalk at a four-way stop, and motioned the car at the stop sign to go ahead. Instead of going, he shouted something about calling the cops. Huh? What's going on?

Now I see why.

It's not clear what the tweakers are trying to accomplish by this trick. They're not likely to get insurance payments. Or maybe that's a bad assumption? In any case this explains why drivers are suddenly pissed at patient pedestrians.


Friday, August 24, 2018
  Advantages of being a Russian Bot

Youtube clearly has me pegged as a Russian Bot, and I'm proud to claim the peg. Today they "suggested" this clip, which isn't new but shows another distinction between Soros and non-Soros. Sorosians live by psychotic murderous delusions. Non-Sorosians live by facts.

Putin is being interviewed about immigration. He responds with careful quantitative judgments. EU and USA STRONG have much worse problems, but Russia is not immune. Russia has it easier because most immigrants are from Soviet or Soviet-influenced countries, with some degree of common culture. Russia is doing a better job of protecting its people, but it's far from perfect.

In an attempt to show the opposite angle, he doesn't give enough credit to ordinary Russians and ordinary Americans. He tells the story of a grandmother who left Russia 15 years ago and moved to NYC. She still doesn't know English, and talks about "going to New York for shopping", even though she's in New York.

The Russians and Yugoslavs who came here to Spokane in the '90s don't have that problem, which shows the difference between NYC and humans. Spokane is mainly Deplorable, and the Russians moved into the more Deplorable neighborhoods. Everyone works, everyone smokes, everyone goes to church. The Russians stand out slightly because they work more, smoke more, and go to church more; but it's not a dramatic difference. They are fully assimilated.


  One big mistake

Tesla tent catches on fire and burns part of the structure.

Those old Triangle Shirtwaist bosses made one big mistake. They didn't turn their company into a cult. Elon fixed the mistake. When your employees and shareholders are zealots willing to sacrifice their lives for the Maximum Leader, you don't need silly little laws and regulations. You can burn the whole place down and triple the share value.

= = = = =

Another example of death cults:
Washington state will not arm teachers, according to state superintendent Chris Reykdal.

He released a statement Thursday in response to reports that U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos would consider using federal funding for firearm training in schools.

Reykdal's statement says, "I will not authorize, permit, or distribute any resources to support efforts to arm teachers. State law is clear that our schools are gun-free zones for teachers and students."
In other words, the PURPOSE of the State Board of Education is to SLAUGHTER kids and teachers.

This is the difference between Soros and non-Soros. In Sorosian lands, every government and corporation has the SOLE AND SPECIFIC PURPOSE of EXTERMINATING its own employees and participants to raise share value. In non-Sorosian lands, governments and corporations attempt to PROTECT AND DEFEND their citizens from evildoers who want to slaughter them.

Life vs Death, Good vs Evil, God vs Satan. Perfect diametric opposition.


  Constants and variables 104, sneaky Soros edition

A sneaky article by pseudo"independent" Brandon Smith. He tries to defend the Sorosian Deepstate by pointing out that the Russia-China side is also forming alliances, which means it's also globalist.

Well duh. Alliances are the WHOLE POINT.

In business or in politics, size isn't the worst problem. Monopoly is the worst. Large-scale operations perform some tasks better, small-scale operations are better sometimes.

When one entity, like Amazon or USA STRONG, has ALL the power, it operates without any sort of limits or boundaries. There are no fences, no feedback, no error correction, no laws, no modules. ALL business and ALL political power follows the UNIVERSAL WILL of EXACTLY ONE MIND. Small businesses and small countries have no choice. They must surrender totally to the single power.

Before 1989 the world had two major powers, each supporting a genuinely different set of values. Small countries didn't have to surrender. They could play both sides for favors. Some chose to align strictly with one side, but each side had "semi-satellites" as well as total satellites.

In other words, we have constants and variables. We have a pretty good controlled experiment on a world that hasn't drastically changed in population and technology. Before 1989, balance created a better and more PEACEFUL order, with more room for modularity. After 1989, one system controlled everything, leaving no space for alternate views. USA STRONG has even exceeded the normal mob mentality of obey or die. We force obedience, then we kill anyway. See Libya and Iraq and Afghanistan.

Now the Silk Road side is forming a new set of alliances, a new large-scale entity, which is already fully capable of balancing the Soros side commercially (see Persia), and is learning to balance militarily (see Syria.)

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  Life vs death.

Another victory for PURPOSE-based thinking. (See also this and this.)

Via ScienceAlert: Lymph nodes have brains.
Traditional microscopy approaches analyse thin 2D slices of tissue, and the researchers think that's why SPFs haven't been spotted before – they themselves are very thin, and they only appear temporarily.

In this case the team made the equivalent of a 3D movie of the immune system in action, which revealed the collection of many different types of immune cell in these SPFs. The researchers describe them as a "one-stop shop" for fighting off remembered infections, and fighting them quickly.

Lymph nodes have been examined by microscopes billions of times, so these specialized organs have been SEEN billions of times. Their FUNCTION wasn't clear until a new technology watched the FUNCTION in action.

= = = = =

The anti-life forces are fighting hard to retain and defend a PURPOSELESS and LIFELESS and STATIC view of the universe, despite daily DRAMATIC proofs that we have been totally BLINDED by the lifeless view.

The pro-death side has written a maximally evil and murderous defense of chaos and death, specifically designed to provide a "logical" justification for barbecuing heretics en masse.
Collectively, these results identify teleological thinking as a new predictor of conspiracism, independent of agency perception, anthropomorphism, science rejection, analytical thinking and randomness perception. As a finalist and purpose-driven view of the natural world, teleological thinking has long been associated with creationism and identified as an obstacle to the acceptance of evolutionary theory. We suggest that this powerful cognitive bias extends to social and historical events, and nowadays to conspiracy narratives. As such, creationism could be seen as a conspiracist belief system (indeed, involving the ultimate conspiracy theory: the purposeful creation of all things, and conspiracism as a type of creationist belief targeting socio-historic events (e.g. specific events have been purposefully created by an all-powerful agency).
This is a direct and deadly answer to the forward motion of science caused by PURPOSE. Most of medicine and biology had been blocked and motionless for 50 years while the randomists and deathists were in full control. Now that PURPOSE is starting to drive observation, NEW AND USEFUL science is starting to emerge. USEFUL science is the perfect sin in the mind of a theorist. SCIENCE CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO SOLVE HUMAN PROBLEMS. INTOLERABLE UNACCEPTABLE ALL OPTIONS ON THE TABLE.

On the pro-death side, see also this and this, clearly part of the same supersatanic omnicidal movement. Almost the same text.

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Thursday, August 23, 2018
  BLASTING through borders

ZH reports something that MYSTERIOUSLY hasn't been noticed** by the "green" "left". Volkswagen and Nissan have been using hail cannons to pre-empt hailstorms over their huge fields of stored new cars.

ZH commenters are no better than the greenies. They're nominally "libertarian", nominally in favor of property rights and non-aggression, but they miss the point entirely.

Pollution laws have been around since Hammurabi, and proper pollution laws are STRICTLY about property and non-aggression. If your business creates a lot of dirt, you're supposed to keep it on your own property.

Modern pollution laws, since the founding of the Gaian religion in 1974, have been solely about eliminating all real jobs and infinitely enriching the banker tribe. So VW's actions are not only permitted but required by modern Gaian laws. Ruining farmers is a prime goal of modern pollution laws.

The old approach required farmers to fence in livestock, and required oil companies to contain their waste in ponds, which was the normal method until EPA decided that it was better to BLAST the waste into the ground to make earthquakes which can then be blamed on the oil companies.

VW is explicitly and WILDLY violating this old principle of keeping your dirt to yourself. Instead of simply building a roof, or wrapping the cars, VW is BLASTING the storm clouds, ruining the weather for everyone downwind of the plant.

Halting normal rain IS POLLUTION AND AGGRESSION just as surely as dumping sulphur dioxide or lead or bombs on the downwind population. Diverting a river is a traditional and modern ACT OF WAR. Diverting rain is identical to diverting a river.

VW belongs to the Sorosian open-borders mode.


VW's need for maximum share value is the only thing that matters. Boundaries do not exist. Nearby people do not exist. Their needs are Negative Externalities.

= = = = =

Non-Sorosians build roofs and fences and ponds to protect themselves and to protect others.

Sorosians literally BLAST through all borders to protect share value and obliterate the universe.

= = = = =

** Hasn't been noticed: For instance, look at the website of The Ecologist, longtime advocate of "environmental justice". They are protesting VW's cheating on diesel, but nothing about ruining farmers.

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  Explains it

Recently I noted that I've never seen ONE Tesla Model 3. I've seen more Studebakers than Teslas.

By the alleged numbers, there should be about 300 Teslas in Spokane. They should be a daily sight if not quite an every-minute sight like Fords. Where are they? I guessed they were all in garages, waiting for Gaian Rapture when electric cars finally become practical. Electric cars and batteries have been actively developed for 110 years, and still no usable cars.

Maybe it's more specific. One of the Tesla skeptics was discussing the progress of Tesla's network of charging stations, which seems to have come to a screeching halt. No new construction in recent months.

The map of existing locations explains the local mystery:

No charging stations in Spokane. The nearest one is in COOOOOOOL Coeur d'Alene. Since construction has stopped, this situation isn't likely to change. Cultists were buying a useless product, betting that their idiot drug-infested** Lord and Saviour would magically make the product useful one day in the Heavenly Future. Lost the bet, fools.

= = = = =

** Drug-infested: It's clear by now that Elon is a crackhead. Presumably he uses only the highest-quality carbon-neutral meth, distilled in secret mountain fortresses in Switzerland and smoked in diamond-encrusted platinum bongs, but nevertheless a crackhead.

Compare this situation to the '50s when all auto execs were blind drunk, falling-down drunk, barely conscious, EXCEPT Romney the Mormon. Romney was the only sober dude in the industry, and his sober judgment pulled a small failing company up to match the big three. He didn't have to be a genius, he only had to be CONSCIOUS while the others were stumbling around. Now the situation is reversed. The other carmakers are led by sober adults and Elon is the only crackhead.

You wouldn't expect the crackhead company to succeed, and it's not succeeding. Elon steals 100-year-old ideas that failed the first time, and finds uniquely stupid ways to make them fail again, but this time they fail COOOOOOOL which is apparently better than plain old failure.
Wednesday, August 22, 2018
  Hairtrigger day

I was noticing that I'm sort of twitchy and hypersensitive today. Every sensation and emotion is a little too sharp, too ready to kick in. Full moon is approaching. Maybe also pending earthquake?

Looks like I'm not the only hairtrigger today!

= = = = =

More seriously, this shows why the Spokane News FB page is VALUABLE. "News" reported through Satan's media is AT BEST deceptive and OFTEN pure fiction, pure stagecraft.

The Skripal puppet show is an excellent example. Even the "independent" media have been taken in by the staging. The ONLY thing we know for sure is that Sergei and Julia were seen on a parkbench looking unconscious. All the rest comes through Deepstate. The "independents" have fallen for part of the story, describing the puppet show as a poisoning and arguing with motives. There's NO REASON to assume that ANY SUBSTANCE was involved. Sergei and Julia are EMPLOYEES of the British spy agencies, which means that they were willing participants in the puppet show.

The Spokane News FB page gives REAL FACTS a chance. People who ACTUALLY SEE the event tell us about it. In this case the original report of an accident wasn't intentionally satanic, it was just a misunderstanding. The standard is the same. Don't trust anything that has passed through official filters. Trust your own senses when possible. Most of the time your own senses and knowledge will tell you what's right and wrong. When you know HOW THINGS WORK, you don't need details.

If the event doesn't fall within your area of direct observation or knowledge, trust ordinary people who were THERE.

Simplify, simplify, simplify.

  Can't resist

ZH is featuring yet again a symptom of Vancouver's real estate bubble.

This lovely house (as is) for only $3,990,000!

= = = = =

Let's compare with Dayton this time. Dayton is a PRETTY city with a moderate climate. Plenty of rain, not much snow, not much extreme heat or extreme cold. Not quite as moderate as Vancouver, but a whole lot easier than most parts of America.

I wanted to see what you could get for 1/100 of that price, around $39,900.

I didn't even have to click the map! The first house highlighted by Zillow proves the point PERFECTLY.

Beautiful house, stunning interior, nice neighborhood. $38,500.

Jesus. What's wrong with this country?


  Now this is SCARY.

Via Eurekalert:
With Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, as a hub, the world's first global research network into climate change denial has now been established. Building on a brand-new research publication showing the links between conservatism, xenophobia and climate change denial, the network will study how the growth of right-wing nationalism in Europe has contributed to an increase in climate change denial.
The correlation isn't surprising.

People who like FACTS in the world of science also like FACTS in the world of politics. People who live in the REAL WORLD OF OBSERVED FACTS understand that the "climate" "science" racket has ALWAYS been an intrinsic part of globalism, ever since it was FOUNDED IN 1974 BY CIA. THIS IS A FACT.

The correlation also works for the converse. People who live in a world of murderous delusional psychosis hate all facts, in science and in politics. Their PURPOSE in life is to DESTROY all facts, all logic, all science, and all life. Their PURPOSE is to obliterate the universe.

The purge is accelerating as the inquisitors start preheating the carbon-neutral ovens.

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  Morale vs Muzak

About two weeks ago the local Safeway switched its Muzak playlist. The previous selection was modern light pops. No rap, no heavy metal, just soft and bouncy vocals, with some country in the mix.

The new list is MY playlist. A nearly exact copy of my internal jukebox. Albinoni. Early 20s swing. From the late '50s, Somewheeeeere beyond the Seeeeea by Bobby Daaaarin, and Summer Place. The latter aren't my favorites musically speaking, but they're pleasantly familiar from my late-night WIBW listening. All of these old items are certified organic, not reprocessed and autotuned.

What's the motive? Maybe the management figured out that their morning customers are old coots and biddies? Doesn't matter. I like it, I can sing along, and it keeps me in the store longer.

The new list DOESN'T please the young checkout clerks. They were always singing along with the earlier light pops playlist, and they're silent now with grandpop's playlist.


  The purge accelerates

Watch the dominos.

The Bureau of Inquisition is METHODICAL and INFINITELY PERSISTENT. Now that two men who worked briefly for Trump have been jailed and flipped on the usual nonsensical "charges" unrelated to anything, new dominos are being pushed.

Rep Duncan Hunter of California, who had no particular connection to Trump but has been a steady voice against war and globalism, has been indicted for the usual nonsensical unrelated "charges" about campaign "ethics".

Watch Dana Rohrabacher and Justin Amash. They're next** in line.

This is not about Trump, because Trump is part of Deepstate. This is about anti-globalist and anti-war heretics. All heretics will be jailed or discredited, starting from the top and running down to the bottom.

Trump isn't the target. He's the bird-dog flushing the quail out of the weeds so they can be shot.


** Counternote: I don't expect Rand Paul to be knocked over. He's firmly antiwar but seems to have some kind of Kevlar shield against the Inquisition. Maybe it's his solid support for murderous monopolists like Zuckerberg and Bezos?

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Tuesday, August 21, 2018
  Still speaking of Greece....

Westmonster notes that Prettyboy Varoufakis, who was Juncker's champion cocksucker when he was IN government, now pretends to be anti-EU.

He has said: “For the most part of this past decade Greece has lived through the biggest peacetime economic catastrophe since the Great Depression.

“It is therefore absolutely necessary that the country be prepared to return to its national currency.”

Nasty vile traitor. You were the ECONOMIC MINISTER OF GREECE when EU kicked you into a depression. You ENTHUSIASTICALLY HELPED TO MAKE IT HAPPEN. Now that you're out of power you pretend to regret your deeds.

I'm terminally tired of demons who spend their entire career smashing the world to bits, then pretend to regret their actions after retirement. Nothing will change until we have leaders who change the status quo WHILE THEY'RE LEADING. Russia and Hungary and Czechia and Austria and Italy have such leaders. Italy proves that DOING THE RIGHT THING is possible even inside the center of the EU. As more and more countries break the illusion of unity, each new break is easier.

Now even Germany is starting to break from Sorosia, largely motivated by Trump's perfectly evil and perfectly murderous wars against Persia and Russia. Two items in today's news: (1) Germany refuses to enforce Trump's sanction against a Russian businessman, who will be allowed to live and work in Germany. (2) Germany's foreign minister is proposing a separate international bank clearing system for EU, so that Euro companies can deal with Russia and Persia normally without US blockades. Russia and China are already developing such a system. Germany could join it and rebrand it, or perhaps set up a branch to maintain the fiction of separation.

These changes are hugely irritating on the moral level because Trump is purely implementing Hillary's policies. If the same policies had been imposed in the name of Hillary, Germany would be celebrating instead of rebelling. Nevertheless, the right ACTIONS are finally happening, so I have to suppress my irritation.

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  Where is Soros working hardest?

Lately I haven't been sensing any new fronts in Satan's war against humanity. Now Sputnik News has revealed the latest front clearly.

Remember Ukraine? Jeffrey Pyatt started the coup there on behalf of Soros and Deepstate.

Where is Pyatt now? Greece. He's our ambassador to Greece, and he's ginning up a coup there.

The geopolitics are pretty clear. Greece has always been ethnically and religiously close to Russia. During Cold War I we constantly tried to break this bond, and finally overthrew their government and installed a CIA agent as head.

We're doing it again in CW2. Greece has been balancing the two sides fairly well, which is UNACCEPTABLE INTOLERABLE ALL OPTIONS ON THE TABLE. So we're stirring up mobs in Greece, using the absurd but apparently important issue of the name of Macedonia.

Revolution to follow soon and inevitably.

= = = = =

Later thought: In Trump's first week he pretended to fire Nudelman, the other partner in the Ukraine coup. At that point I hadn't yet determined that Trump was a fake, so I naively cheered. Soon it became clear that Trump was not going to fire anyone else. Looking more carefully now, WaPo wrote that Nudelman wasn't fired at all. She resigned BEFORE Trump took office. Trump didn't even pretend to fire Pyatt, who was already in Greece at that point. So the whole thing was a fake, and I was too dumb to see it.

Fool me 50000 times, shame on you. Fool me 50001 times, shame on me.
Fool me 50001 times, shame on you. Fool me 50002 times, shame on me.
Fool me 50002 times, shame on you. Fool me 50003 times, shame on me.
Fool me 50003 times, shame on you. Fool me 50004 times, shame on me.


  That's not a pyramid, it's a furnace!

The tumblr page shows sets of 20 or so related historical pictures. I got pulled into the tumblr by Ida Lupino but found something more substantial.

A set of old banknotes includes an early version of the supposedly Masonic or CFR or Martian or whatever "pyramid". The caption agrees with the normal idea: "The design of continental dollars was not much different from colonial banknotes. But it was on them appeared an unfinished pyramid, which you can contemplate on the back of the dollar bill."

Wrong! The picture is IMMEDIATELY OBVIOUS. It's not a pyramid at all. It's a perfectly clear drawing of a stone blast furnace, common from Pennsylvania to Virginia in the 1700s. It would be instantly understood as a symbol of industry and wealth. Google "stone blast furnace Pennsylvania" if you doubt it.

Was the cyclops-pyramid a stylized version of the furnace that took on a weird life of its own? Or did the Masons (who were unquestionably strong in the early government) decide to transform the furnace into their mystical lunacy?


  Poor metaphor yields good info

Pepe Escobar wrote a nicely-formed fable about the sane countries, using various rock-n-roll bands as metaphors. I know absolutely nothing about rock-n-roll, so those metaphors went way over my head.

The non-metaphorical parts are an important summary of the relationships between the sane countries, listing and describing the various agreements and treaties and new pipelines and railways and roads and bridges connecting the Silk Road. The actual construction is IMPRESSIVE. Europe and US can't even maintain our own roads and bridges and dams, let alone build new. We're too busy tearing shit down.

Only one of the metaphors was indirectly classical, so I could understand it. Unfortunately it was completely inappropriate. Presumably Escobar knows classical the same way I know rock-n-roll.

The miss:
So what will The Sanctioned come up next? A doozy like Deep Purple without Gillan and Blackmore or an epic like ELP’s Fanfare for the Common Man?

The Fanfare for the Common Man geoeconomic scenario reads like this.....
Well, I'm not sure what an ELP is, but I know the Fanfare was written by Copland, who is the PERFECT representative of US Deepstate. He belongs to all the Deepstate categories. He is a perfectly wrong metaphor in the context of sanity.

Hey! Given that he was the perfect representative, was he an actual asset for CIA?

YES. The Wikileaks archive helps here because he was an asset during the years covered by the archive. There are a dozen different memos from USIA and State, who were the coordinators of Deepstate's chaos generator program. Copland made several tours for them, and they were busy clearing the path for him to insure his chaos had the maximum effect.

Two examples:

From 1974:


From 1975:


= = = = =

We are making chaos and death on a massive scale. The sane countries are making life, value, and beauty on a massive scale. Satan vs God.


  Paging Dr Carver!

This is a BIG change in understanding.

The traditional idea of reptile brainstem vs mammal cortex just isn't true. Completely false.

Why did it take so long to figure this out? Because we were BIGOTS. We didn't bother to LOOK closely at the actual brains of reptiles. We just LOOKED at our Darwinian prejudices and listened to the Darwinian voices in our Superior Mammalian heads.

I'm being a bit unfair. The failure was a bit more complicated. We were looking at the visible STRUCTURES instead of the observable PURPOSES. We were focusing on nouns, not verbs and sentences. Reptiles lack some of the structures that we can see in mammals, so reptiles must be simpler.

Sort of like assuming that a motorcycle can't possibly run because it has two wheels and it doesn't have an engine up front. After you've reached SCIENTIFIC CONSENSUS on a theory, no amount of observation can shake it. Reality is utterly irrelevant to a theorist.

After we started looking at PURPOSE and ACTIVITY of cell types, we began to realize that reptile brains accomplish the same PURPOSES with structures that look different.

= = = = =






When you start by LOOKING ABOUT YOU instead of LOOKING INSIDE YOUR HEAD, you are more likely to observe that motorcycles run under their own power and reptiles do all sorts of intelligent things, requiring empathy and a view of the future.


Monday, August 20, 2018
  Don't be there, expanded edition

Continuing from previous.

I've contributed to the Thomas More defense fund for Daleiden. They're begging for more, which is EXTREMELY UNDERSTANDABLE. They estimate that the defense will cost 20 million.

New thought:

Don't be there applies to legal defense as well. We've seen REPEATEDLY AND CONSISTENTLY that heretics are NEVER ALLOWED TO WIN. Satan owns all the black-robed demons and all the prosecutor demons.

Both sides are playing a game. The defense side knows perfectly well that Satan NEVER GIVES UP. Satan has INFINITE resources because SATAN OWNS THE COUNTERFEIT PRINTING PRESS. There is exactly ZERO chance of winning. Defender organizations gain budget and workforce by running a permanent defense. Parkinson, Parkinson, Parkinson.

Satan doesn't really like to kill heretics, because death ends the wasted energy and creates a martyr. Satan prefers to keep heretics OCCUPIED FOREVER with pointless fighting that will never succeed.**

What's the alternative? Don't be here. Live elsewhere without wasted energy.

Orwell showed us part of the picture in the last piece of the book, where Winston is living on a small pension, sipping coffee with other heretics in shabby cafes, discussing simple topics with the few neurons remaining after their brains were Rectified. Is this good Victory Coffee? Yes this is good Victory Coffee. Do you love Big Brother? Yes I love Big Brother. Is this good Victory Coffee? [loop]

= = = = =


Instead of crowdfunding an endless and EXPONENTIALLY COUNTERPRODUCTIVE court "fight", we should be crowdfunding a proper pension or annuity for heretics. We know that heretics will never be allowed to work, so we should honor them and protect them by giving them a decent retirement in a sane and INDEPENDENT country like Brazil or Russia.

Assuming a 3% return, a fund of 20 million would support 20 heretics decently and permanently in Brazil, where 30K is a professional-class income.

In other words, a thousand people donating a thousand each could annuitize one heretic. Realistic and achievable, if someone with the right connections can set up the fund properly.

= = = = =

** Footnote: OCCUPIED FOREVER with pointless fighting that will never succeed. That's exactly what we do to heretical COUNTRIES as well.


  It's just PG after all

ZH is doomporning as usual, pointing to a company in Wisconsin that implanted RFID chips in the hands of its workers. In the ZH context it's clickbait, but it's unquestionably happening in many places now. Sweden first, naturally. The 666ers were right. They weren't crazy, they were prophets.

I've been trying to figure out why tech cultists WILLINGLY give up all their data to their tech gods, why they continue pouring money and faith into frauds like Bitcoin and autonomous cars and flying cars which are PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE. It's obviously religious, but exactly how? What's the motive, what's the gain?

A dream just now helped to figure it out.

I was riding in a car with an Insatiable driver. He was confidently describing the qualities of his car, telling me in a BOOMING CONFIDENT ALPHA++ VOICE how his car would compute all possible situations, using the physiological data derived from his implanted sensors. Suddenly we were heading into heavy opposing traffic. Headlights were blinding us, and I was screaming! Stop! Turn around! Can't you see the traffic? Insatiable continued looking at me and BOOMING Insatiably and alpha++ly while I was screaming Deplorably and gamma--ly.

At that point I woke up and figured out the cult puzzle. It's good old Prosperity Gospel.

The more obvious PG variants (eg Tammy Faye, Joel Osteen, Popes) are about money. If you surrender all of your tainted cash to the Leader and his sub-priests, you will be rich too! Just wait! Keep pouring the money in! Leader needs another dozen limos and Gulfstreams! Subpriest needs another mansion! After Leader gets these, you will be rich beyond your dreams! [Fine print: in heaven.]

Key point: Money and power and status are the same thing. The more sophisticated PG cults, like Hubbard and his successors Jobs and Musk, are primarily about power, with money as just one measure of power. If you surrender all of your personal AUTONOMY to the Leader and his subpriests, you will have POWER beyond your wildest dreams.

Linking your body directly to the Leader's algos and servers is the modern version of the Eucharist. Bride of Christ and Union With God and all that crap.

Rome never thought of converting Hypostatic Union to Hydrostatic Union, equipping each believer with a miniature IV pumping measured doses of Holy Water in response to your constant confessions. Hubbard figured out what Rome had missed. He invented the physical linkage with his E-Meter, and his disciples Jobs and Zuckerberg have brought the invention to its final form.

= = = = =

Later sidenote: At the start of this piece I mentioned the 666er prophets, who have been proved correct. Toward the end I mentioned Jim and Tammy Faye, cult leaders and fraudsters who based their cult on 666 prophecies. Is this hypocritical? No. Is this confused? YES.

Try to clear up the confusion. Prophets and priests are not doing the same job, not serving the same purpose. Prophets and priests occupy opposite ends of a familiar relationship.

Two secular examples. (1) The prophet is the bookkeeper and the priest is the accountant. The bookkeeper carefully observes and records monetary transactions and checks them for errors. The accountant takes the sums and "adjusts" them to accomplish his goal of fraudulent profits and tax evasion. (2) The prophet is the experimenter who carefully measures temperature and pressure and verifies the calibration of his instruments. The priest is the "climate" "scientist" who takes those numbers and "adjusts" them to accomplish his goal of getting billion-dollar grants and influencing governments.

In this case the prophet carefully observes and writes his visions of the future. The priest uses those writings and "interprets" them to accomplish his goal of vast riches and power.

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Saturday, August 18, 2018
  Don't be there.

Listening to the latest little Anglican dialog. Ashenden mentions that he recently participated in a BBC talk show, which went the way Satan's media always goes. Ashenden was the sole heretic in a firepit of Inquisitors, and got barbecued. Ashenden is the Perfect Englishman, always polite and understated and cautious but FIRM in his beliefs. None of that counts in a room full of acetylene torches. If you are THERE, you will be CRISPED.

A while back I wrote:

If you want to "change the world", there's absolutely no ACTIVE way to do it. The best you can do is AVOID strengthening Deepstate. All you can do is STAY THE FUCK AWAY from these atrocious fake puppet shows. Don't invite "controversial" speakers, don't join protests, don't join movements. Speak the truth when possible, do your duty.

Clearly Ashenden would have done better to follow this new rule. When you KNOW GOOD AND GODDAMN WELL that your presence will only REINFORCE AND STRENGTHEN SATAN, you should stay home. Take a nap. Take a walk. Make things. Do your duty.

Just now I realized: This new rule runs contrary to a long-established rule for dealing with bureaucratic or organizational opponents. CP Snow put it simply: BE THERE. I'm sure other realists like Machiavelli and Drucker have made the same rule in other ways.

BE THERE has been repealed.

It MIGHT still work in meetings with EXACTLY ZERO political and cultural content. If you're going to be discussing details of a project or product, you need to be sure your error-feedback and concerns are strongly represented.

But those ZERO POLITICS meetings are disappearing FAST.

= = = = =

Alternate view after reading the latest in the hilarious Elon saga.

Besides passive self-defense, there's a more positive reason to let the Soros side do all of the BEING THERE.

Too much BEING is harmful. Elon tries to BE EVERYWHERE, from Thailand to his various fake factories to his various mansions to all media channels at once. Everywhere he BES, he does harm to his OWN interests. He would do much less harm with a lot less BEING.

In earlier and saner eras, the WHOLE FUCKING POINT of becoming a rich and powerful executive was that you didn't have to BE anywhere in particular. You chose your managers carefully and gave them plenty of MODULARITY, plenty of room to respond to their various customers and employees.

You weren't allowed to gain share value by stock manipulation because stock manipulation was illegal. So you had to figure out how to increase PROFIT from ACTUAL PRODUCTION with ACTUAL EMPLOYEES selling to ACTUAL CUSTOMERS. And the best way do all of that was to BE ELSEWHERE. Let the managers and submanagers handle their modules and levels. This is hardly surprising because this is exactly how Nature does it.

You could then enjoy your rich life. You could winter in Palm Springs and summer in St Moritz.

Modern Sorosian globalists are global all the way. Each globalist assumes that he is the universe. When you're the universe, you can't allow any little piece of reality to run without your IMMEDIATE AND DIRECT COMMAND. Nobody else knows how to do anything because you've never given them a chance to learn. Machines and organizations are incapable of running on their own. There are no laws of physics or behavior. There is only your universal and absolute WILL.

This obviously gets tiresome, and in the end it simply DOESN'T WORK.

Later: AAACCCKKK! I'm agreeing with Arianna Huffington! Oh well. Doesn't matter who says it, the point is still valid.

= = = = =

Expansion of DON'T BE THERE in this item.

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  Proved something else

Via ScienceDaily, an IgNobelish experiment proving an interesting but useless point.

Can you break one rod of dry spaghetti into exactly two pieces? Apparently it's very difficult. The free ends after the first break still have plenty of momentum, and now they're free to overshoot and vibrate, which causes more breakage down the line. (Human analogy left as exercise for reader.)

Why useless? Nobody breaks one spaghetto. Real cooks break a bundle, which always breaks cleanly. Each stick is constrained by its neighbors, so there's no overshoot or resonance. (Human analogy left as exercise for reader.)

The more interesting (but still obvious) proof relates to the experimenters, not the experiment.

1. "So Heisser built a mechanical fracture device to controllably twist and bend sticks of spaghetti."

2. "In parallel, Patil began to develop a mathematical model to explain how twisting can snap a stick in two."

Heisser builds the machine, Patil builds the math.

Nuff said.


Friday, August 17, 2018
  WMDs prove the opposite

Back in 2008 when I was STARTING to open my mind but hadn't gone all the way because I hadn't unplugged the TV, I wrote this piece on non-intervention.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Here is a three-minute segment of a CBS news program in 1951. Ed Murrow took bits and pieces from Robert Taft and Harry Truman, the probable candidates in '52, and created a "debate" on our role in the world. Taft was the last major candidate who believed in supporting America's direct interests. Of course he didn't get the nomination in '52, and we haven't had a real nationalist since then.

Today the parties have more or less reversed, though both sides have become blurry and squishy. In general the Bush-McCain side wants us to intervene everywhere all the time, while the Obama side wants us to intervene almost everywhere for a slightly different, and perhaps slightly smaller, set of reasons.

Transcribing Taft:

"Either we have to assume that the Russians are not going to attack Western Europe, or we have to assume that they are. If they are not going to attack, then our buildup is unnecessary. If they are planning an attack, why should they bother to wait three years while we build up a great army to oppose them? They would attack now."

Thinking in terms of modern Russia or Persia, we have to remember that these countries know how to play chess. If we are doing something that makes emotional sense but doesn't make strict military sense, perhaps we should ask whether the opponent has led us into this move. If we are spending our military into bankruptcy for a purpose that looks good but is strictly unachievable (eg a Young Democracy In The Broader Middle East) perhaps this is exactly what Russia wants us to do.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

I won't reprint the whole thing because I was still making some lethally stupid media-driven assumptions about Islam, which I couldn't shake off until I unplugged the TV in 2010. I was also falsely assuming that Russia was a real enemy.

The Taft argument is still powerful. When TV and politicians fearmonger about a "threat" posed by an "enemy", you have to ask why the threat hasn't been implemented yet.

I was thinking about this in connection with "cyberthreats" and EMP. "Cyberthreats" are pretty much this decade's rerun of EMP, which was a popular "threat" in the 80s and 90s. Some people are still convinced that Russia, or other Current Enemy, is getting ready to set off a small nuke in the air.

EMP and its relative the 'dirty nuke' have always been achievable. There's more than enough enriched uranium outside of official channels to make these weapons.

EMP has been possible and achievable for many decades but it HASN'T BEEN USED. In fact it hasn't even been THREATENED.

The same goes for "cyberthreats". Hacking is certainly a weapon, and it's certainly achievable. Lots of small criminals use identity theft and blackmail tricks. Some of those criminals are in Russia, some in US, most in third-world countries. But the only nation-level cyberhacks have been made by NSA. First against Russian oil refineries in the '80s, later against Persia's uranium factories.

Taft conclusion: There are no enemies who want to use these weapons. The "enemies" are false-flag hobgoblins constfucted by the crappy magicians of Deepstate.

= = = = =

** Constfucted: Beautiful accidental portmanteau word! I won't correct the typo.


  Answered and answered and answered

These three headlines at RT fit together nicely.

1. We hate Persia because it's religious. Persia is HORRIBLE because it requires women to dress modestly. Therefore we must BOMB PERSIA DOWN TO BEDROCK.

2. We must require women to dress modestly! We must KILL any organization or pageant that allows immodest dress!

3. We hate Russia because it's Christian. We must STRIP DOWN all "Russian" "meddlers" to utterly destroy their HORRIBLE insistence on modesty and morality and self-defense.

Answered and answered and answered.

What's the question?


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Thursday, August 16, 2018
  Dreamtime vs waketime again

Another fine example of dreamtime vs waketime imagination, as mentioned earlier. This was an episode of Blackstone Magic Detective, a low quality series I've been using at bedtime for the last month or two. I've established a consistent setting for each episode. Tonight I woke up immediately after a dream, so I could see the transition from dreamtime location and script to the familiar standard representation.

In the actual episode, a crowd is gathered on a bridge anxiously waiting for Blackstone to perform an underwater escape trick. A truck with a crane is lowering him down toward the water inside a "sealed" box. His assistant Rhoda is exciting the crowd with a description of the unavoidable drowning if Blackstone can't escape. The bridge in my wakemind is a standard location I use for all bridge scenes in books or radio shows. (Efficiency over creativity!)

In the dream, the crowd was gathered inside a concrete building in the OKC Zoo, anxiously waiting for news of an escaped elephant who might break in and trample us at any moment. Rhoda was an annoying female TV journalist who was using a payphone to call her station (Channel 70), exciting the viewers with a description of the mayhem that an elephant could cause.

Waketime = efficient amortization of prebuilt set modules. Same procedure I use in programming and graphics.

Dreamtime = instant and total originality in location and script.

= = = = =

Clearly two pieces of the actual sound filtered through to the dreamworld. The idea of escaping, and Rhoda exciting the crowd. After you add elephants to the two pieces, the rest is a consistent and well-formed narrative. But where did elephants come from? Nothing in the current playlist suggests elephants or zoos, and I hadn't been thinking about those subjects.

Where did Channel 70 come from? OKC's channels in the analog era were 4, 5, 9, 13, 25. I know them as well as I know any set of numbers. 70 would never have been a "news" station. The UHF band above 63 was short-range and used largely for quasi-closed-circuit systems like school district lecture channels.



Pluponents are idiots who "oppose" an evil by doing even more of the evil.
Jay Austin and Lauren Geoghegan, both 29, last year quit their office jobs in Washington, DC, to embark on the journey. Austin, a vegan who worked for the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, and Geoghegan, a vegetarian who worked in the Georgetown University admissions office, decided that they're were wasting their lives working.

"I’ve grown tired of spending the best hours of my day in front of a glowing rectangle, of coloring the best years of my life in swaths of grey and beige,” Austin wrote on his blog before he quit. “I’ve missed too many sunsets while my back was turned. Too many thunderstorms went unwatched, too many gentle breezes unnoticed.”

“People, the narrative goes, are not to be trusted. People are bad. People are evil. I don’t buy it," he continued. "Evil is a make-believe concept we’ve invented to deal with the complexities of fellow humans holding values and beliefs and perspectives different than our own... By and large, humans are kind. Self-interested sometimes, myopic sometimes, but kind. Generous and wonderful and kind.”

However, Austin and Geoghegan's dream trip came to a tragic and gruesome end when they got to Tajikistan, a country with a known terrorist threat and in close proximity to a terrorist presence in northern Afghanistan. They were riding their bikes through the country on July 29 when a car rammed them, ​​according to CBS News. Five men got out of the car and stabbed the couple to death along with two other cyclists, one from Switzerland and the other from the Netherlands.
Stabbing is a fairly active instantiation of a "make-believe concept". Maybe evil isn't just a construct? Nah.

= = = = =

Darwin Award is the first and most obvious response to these idiots, but their problem goes deeper.

Escaping from the digital world of screens, "swaths of grey and beige", is a rational desire. Lots of people do it right. These idiots missed the PURPOSE of escaping from digitality. Digitality is UNREAL. When you escape from UNREALITY, you should be moving into REALITY. You shouldn't be escaping into an even more extreme computer-based FANTASY.

When you escape from digital you are entering the ANALOG world. You should adjust your attitudes and expectations to appreciate and manipulate the ANALOG world.

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  GM Airflow?

Dodge Airflow trucks are fairly well known but still mysterious. From 1934 to 1940, Chrysler made about 300 of these. All were special orders for fleets, all were tankers. Some for gasoline, some for beer or milk. They came in several sizes and the styling was entirely different from regular Dodge trucks. Why did Chrysler, the master of uniformity and interchangeability, decide to spend massive amounts of design and tooling money for such a low-volume item? I haven't read a good explanation.

Now this, from a 1939 Billboard issue:

Note that these are "1935, 1936, 1937 models." Not just a one-off. Was this GM's attempted answer to the Airflow truck? It seems to borrow a lot of the styling. The internal projection screen on the "hydraulic raised roof" is even more astonishing. A drive-in screen for a drive-in theater!

Later: This design was predictive. If you look only at the lower light-colored 'fenders' piece, you've got a '49 Buick.


  Constants and variables 103, five little words edition

It's fun to watch the Romans "looking" for "solutions" to their thousand-year-old vices and sins, pretending that they just now "discovered" the problem.

Don't you think it's just a tad late? And given that you've had a thousand years ... really more like 1500 years ... to examine the problem, couldn't you at least locate the source of the problem?

Constants and variables point to the answer.

Other major religions don't have this particular problem. Among all the religions, many are too alien to form a comparison, but we can take the New Testament as a constant to form a narrower group.

Eastern Orthodox doesn't have the problem. Lutherans and other Protestants don't have the problem. Islam, branching off from the Eastern church and adding more prophecies, doesn't have the problem. LDS, branching from Protestants and adding more prophecies, doesn't have the problem.

Well, what's the variable? It's not quite binary, more like trinary. Here it is:

A man of one wife.

When Paul made this recommendation for church leaders, he was placing constraints in two directions. In the upward direction, he meant that a leader shouldn't be a man of great wealth and status, because polygamy was a privilege of wealth. In the downward direction, he meant that a leader should have ONE LOYAL WIFE and a normal household.

Rome has broken BOTH sides of the constraint. Priests and bishops have always been rich and powerful and wicked, and the Church has rewritten the Gospels to justify it. Prosperity Gospel all the way.

The lower constraint, one vs zero, is more important.

Basic fact of ALL life, from protozoa to plants to priests.

When a necessary item is abundant and available, we don't have a strong desire for it. We don't go to extraordinary lengths to acquire it. When a necessary item is absent, we develop a strong desire and take all sorts of steps, without normal limits, to acquire it.

This applies to food, air, water, security, status, and sex.

When a man has ONE LOYAL WIFE who is willing to give sex at appropriate times, his desire for the necessary item is controllable. He can sublimate the desire into caring and providing and nest-building.

= = = = =

The Eastern branch never departed from Paul's rule, and never acquired this particular problem. The Lutheran and Protestant branches SAW the problem and RETURNED to Paul. Islam and LDS sprang from non-Roman traditions and thus got it right without trying.

Practically speaking, the only REAL solution at this extremely late date is to disband the Roman evil entirely. You can't possibly undo 1500 years of perfect total absolute wickedness and atrocity.


  How long did it take?

I was wondering how long it would take for Satan's media to blame Populists for the bridge collapse in Italy.

Answer: about 24 hours.

The anti-establishment Five Star Movement (M5S) faced scrutiny Wednesday because in 2013 its Genoa activists had opposed a planned road bypass. A provincial study by M5S had referred to the "fairytale (favoletta) of an imminent collapse of the Morandi Bridge."
As always, heretic witches are capable of time travel. In 2013 Five Star was a minor irritant, a clownish parody of politics, nowhere near the circles of power. Nevertheless, Five Star's 2013 comment blew up the bridge this week.

In the real world, infrastructure failure is one of the problems that ordinary people SEE AND UNDERSTAND, and it's one of the main drivers for Populism everywhere. In the real world, Five Star and Lega won the election BECAUSE the existing powers were letting the roads and bridges decay along with everything else. In the real world, the new government hasn't had time to START fixing infrastructure, let alone to COMPLETE the task.


  The good part, maybe

Speaking of "independent" media....
More than 300 news outlets are launching a campaign on Thursday to counter President Donald Trump's attacks and promote a free press.
Excellent logic.

Every media outlet in the country is intentionally conspiring to print the same anti-Trump editorial today.

This proves the importance of a "free" and "independent" media carrying an infinite variety of diverse opinions.

This firmly disproves Trump's obviously fake claim that the media are conspiring against him.

= = = = =

The good part, I guess: The media are so far beyond all imaginable boundaries of sanity, rationality, and humanity that they can't even see what they're doing.

Alternative view: They DO know what they're doing. This fits perfectly into the corporate pattern of intentionally driving away your own customers. The media were leaders in this trend, repelling and disgusting their own readers for 30 years. Share value rises when you get rid of Negative Externalities like customers, products, employees, stores and factories.

Third view: Sucker filter. When you offer nothing but an overmodulated SCREEEEECH instead of information and entertainment, you know that your readers and viewers are perfect addicts, perfect slaves. Their brains have already been rotted away, leaving only a crude radio-control receiver.

= = = = =

Later: I wasn't trying to prove a point by offering three alternate views in a comment about the ONE AND ONLY PERMISSIBLE VIEWPOINT. But I did prove a point, didn't I?

Point: Alternate views are always available and always worth considering. Even a worthless senile coot like me can come up with three different opinions, each backed by some degree of evidence, in a few minutes.
Wednesday, August 15, 2018
  Here we go with the "hiker" again.

Shit. We're playing the usual wargame with a "hiker" spy. This time the "hiker" spy is a "pastor" spy who was CORRECTLY arrested by Turkey for spying BECAUSE HE IS A SPY.

Every time we focus personally on one "hiker" spy who is "unjustly" held captive by a country, we're preparing to bomb the country down to bedrock.

When the captor is an unorganized gang of pirates or revolutionaries, the captive may well be an innocent tourist. (Like the Darwin Award fuckheads who were killed in Tajikistan while proving that "evil is just a construct.") But when the captor is a major sophisticated nation like Turkey, there's a damn good reason for the capture. Sophisticated nations don't grab innocent bystanders for monetary ransom.

Fortunately, it looks like Erdogan has finally settled on the correct path after a year of stupid wiggling. He's moving DECISIVELY into the Russia-China economic sphere, and clamping down on speculators. Ideally all speculators should be tortured for a quadrillion years or the end of the universe, whichever comes last, but it's a lot cheaper to simply control them if possible.


  Hart knew it was unfair

"Conservatives" are bitching and moaning about the "unfair" treatment they get from Youtube and Facebook. It's unfair but it's HISTORICALLY NORMAL. I wrote this comment at a "conservative" site:

If you want to be a powerful independent voice, you need your own separate platform. This was true in the era of printing presses and still true now. The only difference is that we have forgotten the truth!

An editor who wanted to counter the establishment paper didn't expect to rent the big paper's presses and Linotypes. He knew that renting would limit his freedom. He bought his own press and equipment.

He certainly didn't expect the big paper to PAY him for using their press. Modern "independents" are disappointed when Youtube stops PAYING them for using Youtube's equipment. This is just silly.

The Aberree is an excellent example. In 1954 Alphia Hart wanted to edit a periodical to counter the Hubbard cult and discuss related subjects in the 'spiritualist' camp. He knew in advance that he wouldn't be able to rent the services of the Enid News-n-Eagle or Cromwell Press. He knew they wouldn't touch the subject. Partly because it was uncool, mostly because Hubbard sued anyone who questioned his cult. No business wants to stand in front of a bulldozer. So Hart bought a mimeograph, rented a storefront, and got up and running. He later upgraded his equipment after he was making a bit of money. He was then able to make more money by printing and mailing material for other independent thinkers.

The plight of "independent" publishers is the same today, except that they're spoiled. They didn't start with their own platforms. Instead they took the fake "free" services provided by the Deepstate drug dealers. Now that they're hooked on "free" Youtube, they're neutered.

Even the "independents" who chose to pay rent are in trouble. is renting servers from Microsoft, and is about to get kicked out. As I predicted.

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