Tuesday, June 30, 2015
  Leap-second problem? No.

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Part of Statcounter's record of this blog. I looked at the same info a couple hours earlier, and these super-long reads weren't there. The "multiple reads spread over days" notice caught my attention!

I suppose this could be an intentional change in their way of recording things, but it seems mighty weird.

Later: I guess it's an intentional change. Still weird.
  Everybody's cranky

This long El Nino hot spell is affecting everyone.

I saw a squirrel acting like a cat. He hid in a bush, watched three crows eating something on the ground, then POUNCED at the crows, driving them away. He didn't eat whatever they were eating; he just needed to assert his authority.

I understand.

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This long CLIMATE CHANGE CLIMATE CHANGE is affecting everyone.

I saw a cat with a squirrel background. Um hid in a FORBIDDEN NAME, watched three crows eating something on the ground, then POUNCED at the crows RACISM RACISM RACISM. Um didn't eat whatever they were eating ROSA PARKS LUNCH COUNTER SELMA SELMA SELMA LIVING SAINT JOHN L. LEWIS OUR SAVIOR AND PROPHET; um just needed to define.


  We're there now

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Orwell would love us. I mean hate us. I mean love us. I mean hate us. Please, Mr O'Brien, what is the Correct Line as of this picosecond? Love us. Thank you. Now will you take those rats away from my face? No. I mean hate us. I mean love us. I mean haAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

= = = = = =

What's the point of this little weirdness?

Remember where Room 101 was? Minilove.

We're there now.

Orwell's point was that shifting sands of certainty gave infinite power to the Party. Only the well-connected Party insiders had the cultural habits and information access to ride the waves. The modern version is stronger and broader. Complex fast-moving rules still favor government officials because the officials are making the rules; but they also favor the super-rich and big corporations who can afford an army of Compliance Monitors and Oppo Researchers. If you aren't in a position to make the rules or blackmail the rule-makers, you're in trouble.

Some politicians on the side of civilization haven't figured this out. They still believe ... or claim to believe for the sake of gaining money ... that "democracy", whatever the fuck that means, can be used. "Democracy", whatever the fuck that means, doesn't exist.

Power comes from bucks, bombs, and blackmail.

In simple situations where money itself is the issue, money can make a difference. But money given by a Heretic only makes things worse for all Heretics. It is LETHALLY counterproductive. Consider Brendan Eich, or consider this.

There's no practical way to gather a fleet of ICBMs with 100-megaton warheads. I pray daily that USA STRONG will get so fucking crazy that Putin will finally do us a favor, but unfortunately Putin is sane and Russia is cautious. Remember Stanislav Petrov.

That leaves blackmail. Blackmail got us into this mess, and blackmail is the only way that might get us out.


  Wrong concern

One of the ZeroHedge types is worrying about accidental problems in stock-trading caused by the end-of-June leap second.

If we're going to worry about this at all, we should be more worried about intentional scams.

Long before atomic clocks, scammers found ways to use mismatched clocks to run horse-betting rackets. Gather some marks in a room. Feed them a fake broadcast of race results. Either delay the actual radio for a few minutes by audiotape, or pick up the results by ticker and read it in broadcasting style. Because of the delay, you know the results before the bets are placed. There are several ways to skin the marks after they're convinced, but the central point is that you can shape "reality" as seen by the marks.

This trick wouldn't be possible now. You'd have to gather up everyone's Devices, or possibly wi-fi-hack them all to change the time. Neither would work properly.

But in the world of HFT, one second is plenty long enough to reshape reality, provided you know which systems are going to miss the second.

Nice example of careerism here. A seriously confused ramble from a sheriff. He's worried about "right-wingers", and he's also worried about a "war on police".

The "war on police" is NOT coming from the "right-wingers" he's worried about. The "war on police" is coming from the OTHER side.

Confused but understandable.

Where does a sheriff get his money? Partly from the county taxpayers, and heavily from the side that's creating the "war on police", i.e. the Feds.

He also knows that his re-election depends strictly on the same Sharpton-worshipping media who implement the "war on police".

No point in getting riled about this. He's competent. He does his basic job of catching criminals properly. Anyone who managed to get elected in his place would have to say the same idiotic things to stay in office. Given current conditions, a replacement is guaranteed to be worse.

Unfortunately but NOT accidentally, these remarks may have the effect of CREATING the situation he claims to be worried about. Now that he has slapped the "right-wingers" in the face, a response that the media will instantly define as a "war on police" WILL be coming from the side he wants it to come from.


Sunday, June 28, 2015
  OPT 4

Randomish observation. When I was younger, my sleeping and dumping patterns were strongly influenced by circumstances and behavior. I knew which weather conditions or moods or foods or work shifts would lead to better sleep and better dumps. If sleep or dumps were poor, I could properly blame myself most of the time.

Now, at 65, it's all cyclical. None of the external or internal conditions make any difference. If this week is a short-sleep week, it's going to be a short-sleep week. If this is a big-dump week, nothing gets in the way.

I don't know if this is elderly rigidity or just plain optimality. It could be that I've finally tuned my diet and habits and moods to the point where small differences stay inside the 'good enough' range, leaving the month-scale cycles of the gut biome as the primary controller. ... But that's just another way of saying 'elderly rigidity', isn't it?

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Saturday, June 27, 2015
  More quitters

I see the Greek prettyboys have finally done what they should have done first. Decided to GET OUT of EU hell. They're doing it the bankshot way, of course, via a referendum, but they're still doing it.

Good. Now let's have more.

We need more quitters.

We need more people and institutions and countries who are instantly ready to GET OUT of whatever traps them. We need to save our own souls first.

Science would be in better shape if careerism didn't dominate. If students and postdocs and faculty were more willing to say "No, this project is crap and I'm not going to participate", we'd have a lot less crap.

Same applies in business and politics. Entirely too often we hear the truth about Satan from FORMER officials who spent 30 years ferociously advancing Satan. If the official had quit the first time Satan asked for his help, his talent wouldn't have been serving Satan.

What's the key?

Debt vs savings.

It's blazingly obvious with Greece, which has been living like an aristocrat on Kraut credit instead of living as a free peasant. Other small EU countries who chose the realistic peasant path (eg Slovakia) are especially irritated at Greece.

More subtle in academia. Before Tenure took over in 1970, professoring was a fairly leisurely occupation. It didn't pay very well, but it also didn't require lots of time. Many profs had 'old money' or inherited property. They lived better with the money from profing, but they could survive for a while without it. Result: a lot less crap and (comparatively) more careful and thoughtful research. Now that graduates start with a lifetime of debt, maximum employment and maximum grants are desperately necessary for survival.

= = = = =

ZIRP is no mystery, no mere accident of math. ZIRP is an intentional pogrom against savers, designed to force everyone into debt servitude.


Friday, June 26, 2015
  The next development

The latest unspeakable _______ from the black-robed Satans is not at all surprising. Its purpose, though not the details, became inevitable when the tyrannical ball started rolling in 1962. The details, the "marriage" bit, are sort of incidental. Some other newly created "right" would have served equally well. We should focus on the overall pattern. Create "new rights" for a few fashionable aristocrats who already have maximum status and privilege. Use the "new rights" to squash everyone else. Squash the poor first.

Surprising or not, this written "decision" has given infinite permission to government and media and corporations and NGOs, and to post-Christian "religious" institutions. Those groups are now absolutely free to imprison and kill Christians and Muslims. Nothing can slow them down. That's the purpose and point. Total pogrom. Free kill.

I'm watching specifically for one development. USA STRONG doesn't like to be seen killing its own civilians directly. It prefers bankshots.

For 30 years USA STRONG has been running first one, then two, big AP's against Muslims. In concise terms, AQ and ISIS were created to kill Muslims and blame Muslims. We've made considerable progress so far on this side of our pogrom. One million killed out of a total world pop of 1.6 billion Muslims. A long way to go, but I'm sure we'll get there. Genocide is our product, our only product.

There isn't a parallel AP running against Christians yet. Westboro Baptist looks like an AP, but it's too small, too weird and too family-based to expand into the needed ISIS-like monster.

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  Another way of putting it 3

Since I'm into different ways of saying old things this week, here's another.

Emerson (and lots of other wise writers) put it this way:
If the government is cruel, the governor's life is not safe. If you tax too high, the revenue will yield nothing. If you make the criminal code sanguinary, juries will not convict. Nothing arbitrary, nothing artificial can endure. The true life and satisfactions of man seem to elude the utmost rigors or felicities of condition, and to establish themselves with great indifferency under all varieties of circumstances. Under all governments the influence of character remains the same;
Another way, more appropriate for the soil conservation metaphor:

Power, like any other resource, has to be used carefully.

Overfishing and overhunting and overfarming and overpowering. Each form of overuse leads to the destruction of the resource and then the destruction of the users. Overpowering leads first to a bankrupt economy, then quickly to a totally dead land. Ruling people is fun when you can steal their money and punch them in the face and stomp on them and hear them screeeeeeeam for mercy.

When there's no more money and no more faces, no more fun. Aw poop.

Overuse isn't inevitable. It happens when each farmer or fisher or hunter or dictator feels alone and omnipotent.

Cautious use happens when each user can see that others are competing for the resource, AND when each user understands that the others have guns.

Both conditions are necessary.

During the 1945-1989 Cold War, Russia and USA STRONG were cautious. Neither went wild with aggressive use of power, because both understood that the other guy had a gun.

After 1989 when Sovietism moved to DC, USA STRONG felt alone and omnipotent. USA STRONG ran wild internally and externally, smashing normal economics and ruining civilization for the benefit of the Chosen, and killing millions for the benefit of Israel.

During those years Russia still had guns but wasn't visible as a competitor. Now that Russia has recovered from our 1989 stomping and re-enters the fight, USA STRONG has gone into a hopefully terminal convulsion of stealing and punching and stomping.

I'm praying hard. Hey you gods! Jehovah? Allah? Zoroaster? Sedna? No, not Jesus. We know which side she's on. Mostly Allah. Time's up. Close this bar. Now.

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  Language update for June

Professor Polistra wanted to gather a larger bucket of linguistic shit, but the first item is 'time-sensitive' as they say on junk-mail envelopes. So it's time to dump the bucket.......

= = = = =

Woman with a white background:

Heard on Deutsche Welle in discussion of Dolezal.

Parallel to A Background In Incarceration, meaning A Long Criminal Record.

Clearly an attempted workaround of the basic logical problem. Satan insists that Race Does Not Exist, and Satan also requires you to rigidly and precisely enumerate people by race to guarantee Correct Proportions in every profession, subsidy, apartment, etc.

If race is only a background, it becomes something like a college degree. You can acquire it if you want, and you can choose to use it or not. Dolezal chose not to use her white background, like an accountant who decides to be a taxi driver.

Intended consequence: This devalues backgrounds that require actual work, like college degrees or criminal records or job experience. A racial background can be acquired or deleted magically by saying the words, provided you have the Correct Party Credentials. How do you know if you have the Correct Credentials? Easy. If you have to ask that question, you don't have them.

= = = = =


Seems to be spreading among a certain type of literate light-hearted female writer.

"From my perch in Fairbanks, the sun sets at 12:45 a.m. and rises at 2:58 a.m."

"From my perch in Nine Mile, the fire appears to be out."

It's a pleasant birdlike image, not a tired metaphor yet.

= = = = =

Once and a while:

Not a common usage, just a noteworthy private interpretation seen in a comment. Taking it literally leads into interesting territory. "X happens once and a while" would mean "X happens only once, AND X happens continuously. I'm focusing on the cases when X happens only once." I'll bet Bulgarian, with its multiple aspects, could handle this better.

Some private interps make great sense, like explicatives or working progress. This one doesn't make much sense, so it probably won't spread.

= = = = = = = = =


From BBC: "The shooting in Charleston continues to resonate in American media."

Another piece of passivation.

Resonating is a passive mechanical process, a tuned echo that doesn't depend on human decision. The American media are voluntarily USING this shooting, as they use all events, to fuel universal war and bloody chaos and mass death. Every newspaper and TV station can CHOOSE whether to cover a story or not. When a story is a couple weeks old and no longer contains any ACTUAL EVENTS, continuing to focus on the story is pure propaganda, pure mass murder. And BBC knows this, because it is also CHOOSING to wallow in the story for murderous purposes.

It would be more appropriate to apply mechanical metaphors to the shooter. He's just one of the conscripts in Sharpton's race war. Until now the conscripts have been black thugs who resonated with a year of media hammering by shooting white cops. Now we have a white thug conscript. We can be infinitely certain that the war will grow as Sharpton's media continue the hammering, and dissatisfied adolescents continue to respond as per specification.

= = = = = = = = =

Special note: Professor Polistra thinks it's a good time to start thinking about some Slavic terms like партизан, самиздат, and ионосферное распространение.


  More sanity

Another good source of information and sanity is the Spokane News page.

Information: The volunteer moderators try to post important police and fire actions, but they're not always around. Other contributors fill in with reports of actual events happening near them. Result: a complete picture of what's happening here, unfiltered by the satanic agenda of the regular media. Almost every event has a directly involved eyewitness. This is what journalism was supposed to do.

Sanity: Many of the regular contributors are night-shift bartenders and waitresses and store clerks. They have a completely realistic view of human nature. They've seen it all, and they know the difference between real trouble and fake trouble. They often say things like "Well, what do you expect?"

You'll NEVER hear that from the satanic media. The concept that behavior leads to inevitable consequences does NOT fit anyone's agenda. We must always find some way to blame a currently unfashionable IDEOLOGY. The Wrong Party or The Wrong Religion is always the cause of everything bad.... except, of course, for things that are actually caused by the currently Correct ideology. Those must be blamed on Nature or Carbon or Fate.

I don't know if local Facebook "news" sites are typical or common, but I'm EXCEEDINGLY GRATEFUL to have this one serving Spokane.
Thursday, June 25, 2015
  Is Readers Digest back to its old standards?

Picked up and read the latest RD while waiting in dentist office yesterday. I was impressed. Some extremely sane articles, useful household hints, heartwarming squishy stuff, and moderately funny humor. I can find the heartwarm on the web, and I can synthesize my own chuckles. But sanity and household hints are nutrients that can't be found elsewhere. Only Vitamin RD provides them. I didn't realize the depth of my deficiency until it was filled!

So I subscribed to the print edition just now. I love to pay for value.

RD has gone through a lot of strange stuff in the last few decades. It nearly failed, then got taken over by Arnaud de Borchgrave who turned it into a specific right-wing publication. I liked the politics but it wasn't RD any more. Then it was apparently taken by lefties who turned it into another Nation. I didn't like the politics, and it still wasn't RD.

The current editorial staff are fairly anonymous and concretely non-political. The latter is valuable in itself. Mainly, though, it's the real RD again, and it's lively and substantial.

Coupld months later: Well, poop. Apparently the issue at the dentist office was atypical in its neutrality. RD turns out to be just another outlet for Establishment orthodoxy on culture and "science". Not worth canceling subscription, but also not worth opening the mag. Straight into the trash.


  At least it's consistent

An entity which was the monarch of Britain until it adhered to Satan a couple years ago has now completed the circle by adhering to Germany as well.

From UK Telegraph:
In a speech at a state banquet in Berlin, attended by David Cameron and Angela Merkel, [the entity] emphasised Britain’s “key part” in the shaping of the Continent. [It] also lauded Britain’s “irreversible” friendship with Germany since the Second World War.
One of the entity's own ancestors had to resign after declaring an "irreversible" friendship with Germany. The current entity can get away with it because Germany has irreversibly won WW3. All parts of the UK government are accustomed to obeying Kraut commands now.
Wednesday, June 24, 2015
  Waterboarding and barley /// EDIT No, tomatoes.

Dentist appt coming up this afternoon. I was getting a little nervous, and then bopped myself upside the head for getting nervous. Lately the twice-yearly appointment is annoying and tiresome but NOT painful. No drilling needed in the last year or so.

Then this little feature from the dental association popped up in a newsfeed, with a rather surprising survey. About half of all Americans hate the idea of flossing, and would rather clean a toilet or wait in a long checkout line than floss.

They didn't ask the most relevant question. Would you rather spend an hour being waterboarded by a rubber dam in the dentist chair, or would you rather spend 30 seconds flossing?

Must admit, though, the correlation isn't very good.

I started flossing around age 30 after seeing a newspaper article explaining how flossing works. It breaks up bacteria colonies, which quickly own all of your mouth's real estate if allowed to establish a foothold.

Even though I was doing all the right things, the hygienist still found persistent inflammation and the dentist still found holes to fill ... until last year. I can tell the difference internally as well; no more bad taste in the morning.

What finally made the difference? I think it's barley. When I switched from sophisticated pre-eaten food to fresh cooked, I decided to use barley as the base. Back in the hippie '70s when I was doing the same home-cooked routine, I used rice as the base because it was cool and Ahimsa and Boddhisatva and shit. Rice might have aligned my chakras, but it didn't help my teeth.

Barley, when not overcooked, has a little 'scrubber' in the middle of each grain. I can feel it scraping gums and tongue and teeth.

Might not be the real reason, but it's a plausible hypothesis. ... Later ... After reading this discussion, I'm inclined to think tomatoes are a better hypothesis. Vitamin C seems to be crucial in preventing mouth infections. I was definitely short on C before changing diet.

= = = = =

After the appt: Still no problems. Hygienist said to dentist: "His home care is getting better." Hmph. My home care hasn't changed in 35 years, but my diet has. Constants and variables.

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  Latest from Greece

Latest from the long-running Greek theatrical production:

Prettyboys. Toldja so.

= = = = =

More seriously, repeating the real meaning of austerity... Modern Greece can be seen as a case of Dolezal Syndrome. Trying to be what you aren't. Operating with an inflated idea of your importance and wealth.

Fakery works for a while, but inevitably fails. Post-imperial Greece is an agricultural country with a couple of irreplaceable products: grapes and olives. It's also an important crossing point for shipping and pipelines. Those factors should be enough to keep a small country running adequately, but they're not enough to maintain a huge public sector and a huge welfare state. You need richer resources or an empire or a strongly disciplined and organized culture of business and industry. In other words, you need Lutherans or Confucians.

Greece needs to learn what it is, be what it is, and live accordingly. Every day of EU Broadway simply postpones the fallback to adequate reality.
  True purpose

Another example of Polistra's Law of Intent.

All the headlines agree:

Dutch court orders carbon emissions cuts TO PROTECT CITIZENS.


Even the harshest believers in Prophetess Gaia don't claim that one little country can PROTECT anything by altering its carbon emissions. Even Michael Mann and Al Gore will acknowledge that China's increases will overwhelm tiny decreases from a tiny country like Holland.

So: Absolutely nobody would agree that an action by Holland will have any effect on Our Manifold Sins.

What effect will this have for sure? It will seriously damage Holland's industries and agriculture. It will eliminate entire categories of jobs.

There's no doubt that we're going through a phase of unusual weather in some places. What we need during this phase is the ability to adapt, the ability to keep people alive and working. We should do what FDR did when faced with a similar phase of unusual weather.

Creating another Greece, another economically helpless dependent, won't PROTECT anyone.

Thus we know the true purpose. Correct headlines:

Dutch court orders carbon emissions cuts TO KILL CITIZENS.

This is the demonstrable and objective and accurate purpose of all the actions of all US/UK/EU governments. Kill everyone except The Chosen.

A bit later: But then, considering what the citizens of Holland are doing, the world would be vastly better off without them. Let's cut carbon emissions by 9999999999% and eliminate Dutch Human Disease QUICKLY.


Tuesday, June 23, 2015
  Read it.

World Without Work in online Atlantic.

Read it now. Think about it now.

Most important and most accurate article of the year.


  Beyond passivation

Another improved way of explaining something. I've yammered often about passivation, the government habit of blaming 'inevitable forces of nature' for the evil and intentional acts of government.

Some of these passivations, maybe not all, deserve a better description.

Dramatic example in today's Euro news: a French strike clogged traffic into the Channel Tunnel, and migrants from Syria and Libya are taking advantage of the situation to hijack slowed cars and trucks.

This isn't just passivation. This isn't just Sailer's Invade And Invite. This is bankshot genocide.

Governments don't usually mobilize their soldiers to fire directly on their own citizens. I can think of only four times when the US gov't has tried this: 1932 Bonus March, 1970 Kent State and Jackson State, 1991 Randy Weaver, 1992 Waco. The first three caused media criticism of the president because the president had an R on his shirt. The last one caused media congratulation of the president because the president had a D on his shirt.

Cameron has the Brit equivalent of R, so he is reluctant to kill his own civilians.

Solution: Send soldiers to Arab countries to kill their civilians. Generate a bounceback with millions of desperate refugees who "can't be controlled" and "must be admitted" because of "human rights". Let the refugees kill your own civilians.

Bankshot genocide.

The North American equivalent is our War on Drugs. We send our soldiers to Latin American countries to kill civilians and create chaos there. When the chaos runs wild, we "can't control" and "must admit" the bounced-back "Dreamers" (we're light years beyond Orwell now) because of "human rights". The "Dreamers" then do the job of slaughtering our civilians.

Bankshot genocide.


  Better way of saying it

Just struck me that there's a better way of saying one of the things I'm always saying.

Polistra's Law of Consequences, as I usually phrase it: Ignore words. Pay attention to action.

When you see that Jim's job title is "Vice President of Maintenance" and you've only seen Jim sweeping the floor, you know that Jim's real job is sweeping.

When you hear Ashton talking about "Resisting RUSSIANAGGRESSION" and you've only seen Ashton starting wars against Russia, you know that Ashton's real job is starting wars.

There's a clearer way of explaining the idea, based on the Clinton shit about results and insanity.

The Clinton saying is a clever misdirection.

"Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is crazy."

In ordinary life this makes perfect sense because ordinary people CAN be crazy at this level. After I "fix" the faucet three times and it's still leaking, I'd be crazy or at least stupid to "fix" it the same way again. I should call the fucking plumber. But I won't call the fucking plumber, because I'm stupid. I'll "fix" it again the same way.

Ordinary people are often limited by stubbornness, pride, false economy, or lack of information. None of those limitations apply to government.

When you see government spending trillions over and over and over and over to "fix" poverty, and poverty keeps getting worse, you CAN'T ASSUME that government is crazy or stupid. It's not crazy or stupid, it's just lying. The purpose is exactly what happened. The purpose was to increase poverty.
  The usual symbolic shit

The usual tiresome symbolic shit. Now, with dreary predictability, the Confederate flag is getting into the act. And we have the usual calls for Conversation And Honesty, which of course means KILL WHITEY.

The only halfway interesting aspect of this week's toxic dump is Obama's use of a word that his worshippers in the media can't repeat. Sort of amusing to watch their idiot confusion.

= = = = =

Our Lord And Prophet Barack Hath Spoken.

He Hath Spoken A Word That He Is Allowed To Speak Because He Belongeth To The Correct Race.

Race Doth Not Exist. Race Determineth Everything.

We Cannot Repeat Our Lord And Prophet's Word Because We Do Not Belong To The Correct Race, Which Doth Not Exist.

But We Must Quote Our Lord And Prophet Accurately Because HE HATH SPOKEN And His Holy Word Is Perfect In Every Way.

Oh Dear. Whatever Shall We Do?

= = = = =


All of this symbolic toxin hides the real problem.

The real problem for BOTH RACES is that we are no longer providing useful and decent jobs for young men. If young men, both black and white, could work and support wives and kids, they wouldn't be out rioting and killing white cops and killing old Christian colored ladies.

The hiding, of course, is no accident.

Goldman's profit would only increase finitely if we provided jobs for American men. And everyone knows that's Unacceptable! Intolerable! All options on the table! Goldman's profit must increase at an infinite rate, which means all jobs must be in China.

Monday, June 22, 2015
  Aptroplanet alert

NASA has formed a closeup image of Pluto, showing a sort of 'man in the moon', which they are of course calling a 'person' instead of a man.

He's not a 'person', he's a man, and he's just right for modern times....

He's Mr Plutocrat!

= = = = =

Sidenote: According to Wiki, the Monopoly Man was "actually" known as Rich Uncle Pennybags. Nonsense. Probably retrofitted by Parker Brothers for some kind of promotion, long after the game became popular.
  Bravo to Taylor Swift!

Well, I never .... NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER .... thought I'd say this. Never thought I'd have a reason to think about Taylor Swift, let alone congratulate her.

Bravo to Taylor Swift!

I don't know if she's a good singer or not, but I know that she has just done something dramatic and revolutionary. She has essentially re-invented the union movement.

For the last 60 years unions have been just another corrupt monopoly, starving their own workers to enrich the union leaders and bureaucrats. Industrial workers understand this, and vote to avoid unions whenever they get an actual choice.

Swift has done what unions were SUPPOSED to do. She used her own market power to improve the fortunes of all musicians, while sacrificing money she could have easily pulled in.

Applesatan is starting a new kind of streaming service, and planned to skip payment to musicians for the first few months.

Swift said NO, and threatened to pull her own products unless Applesatan reversed.

Applesatan surrendered, agreed to pay musicians.

All normal stars and unions and corporations use their power to infinitely support Satan, and gain more billions thereby.

Using power to force Satan's hand is absolutely revolutionary. This could restart unionism or guild-ism, if anyone follows.

Nobody will follow. Thus it's a unique act that stands alone in modern history, unprecedented and unpostcedented.


  Fucking idiots.

All the fucking idiots called Benny XVI a Nazi because he had been drafted into Hitlerjugend like every other Kraut boy who didn't want to die immediately.

Now all the fucking idiots are cheering and creaming in vile filthy ecstasy as Antichrist Francine declares straightforwardly that Germany should have won the war.
People who manufacture weapons or invest in weapons industries are hypocrites if they call themselves Christian, Pope Francis said on Sunday. Francis issued his toughest condemnation to date of the weapons industry at a rally of thousands of young people at the end of the first day of his trip to the Italian city of Turin.

- - - - - - - Stop and think. - - - - - - -

You aren't going to stop and think, of course. You are no longer capable of thinking. You have been decorticated. You have been reduced to a passive grain of sand, just as your masters want.

If anyone could think, they would instantly see the result of Antichrist's recommendation. If Christians in US, Britain and Russia had refused to make weapons, Hitler would have won easily.

And after that, Antichrist's other idiotic recommendation would have been pointless:
The great powers had the pictures of the railway lines that brought the trains to the concentration camps like Auschwitz to kill Jews, Christians, homosexuals, everybody. Why didn't they bomb (the railway lines)?
The war was NOT about Jews. It was about stopping Kraut and Jap conquest of the world. The great powers were trying to eliminate Germany's MILITARY and LOGISTICAL abilities, and trying to break the fighting will of ordinary Krauts. The camps were wasting German resources, so it was strategically better to leave them running. Getting rid of the camps would have freed up more trains to transport Kraut soldiers. That's why, fuckhead.

Simple conclusion: Antichrist Francine is OBJECTIVELY pro-Nazi, OBJECTIVELY supporting every massively evil tyrant in history, OBJECTIVELY opposed to self-defense by normal people. Which isn't surprising. Satan always hates self-defense (mental and physical) more than anything else.


Sunday, June 21, 2015
  Fannie Farmer for $10 bill!

Might as well join in this dumb thing. The requirement is an American female, already dead, who "did something for Democracy".

Well, I have no idea what "Democracy" is, but if we arbitrarily call it something like "making life better for ordinary people", then Fannie is genuinely ideal.

She brought sanitary and nutritious and precise cooking to ordinary women. Her recipes were based on careful but practical measurement, which was a new concept at the time. This made it possible for poor women and new immigrants to cook decent and healthy food 'by the rules'. The skill of cooking was no longer a secretive family heirloom. Fannie also specialized in shaping diets for medical purposes such as diabetes.

Less seriously, Fannie meets the unspecified but empirical criterion of being ugly as sin. I expect she was a little less awful when young, but the existing pictures are just as horrible as Susan B. Anthony. Her picture has already been used in a banknote-style engraving, so you can see how unbearable the real thing would be.

It would be nice to have a bill that you could look at without flinching. I can think of three women who meet the nominal criteria and would also be easy on the eyes. Ann Dvorak, Karen Black, and Blanche Barrow. Of course that's not gonna happen.

And even less seriously, Fannie satisfies the post-modern taste for disability rights and trans-ness. She was a paraplegic after adulthood, and did all of her teaching from a sitting position. We don't have medical certainty, but biographies imply that her paralysis was 'hysterical' (as they said back then) or a 'conversion disorder' (as we say now).


  Five examples

Several examples of the same bizarre misthinking...

The elephant poaching protest noted yesterday, which will lead to more poaching.

Sanctions against Russia for daring to resist our invasion, already leading to more Russian self-sufficiency in food and military hardware.

US banned China from participating in our space shuttle several years ago, so China zoomed ahead with its own space tech.

1914-1918: We killed 50 million to make the world safe for democracy. We made the world safe for Hitler.

2001-2015: We're killing 1 million to make the world safe for democracy. We're making the world safe for ISIS.

= = = = =

Polistra's Law of Consequences tells us that there are no unintended consequences, but this only applies where the powers understand what they're doing. The first three examples here may be exceptions to the law because the powers are so fucking stupid, so totally wrapped up in their incestuous groupthink bubbles, that they cannot begin to imagine normal human thought and logic.

The last example is definitely not an exception. ISIS and al-Qaeda were designed by CIA to implement total genocide everywhere in the Middle East except Israel, and to blame the destruction on Islam. The destruction part is performing up to spec, but the blame part isn't working as well.

WW1 is less clear. Wilson himself was delusional from birth, and even more delusional after a stroke. In his fairytale dream world, Democracy was a meaningful concept and Democracy would flourish after the fairytale war. His puppetmasters were more realistic. WW1 provided massive profits for DC advisers and courtiers, so they could have been setting up the conditions for another nice dose of profit.
  No, not mutation

Listening to a little PRX feature on why humans like chili peppers. Most of it makes sense, but an Evolutionary Biologist showed the idiocy of Evolutionary Explanations with stunning clarity.

Roughly quoting: "Chilis are strongly antibacterial. Before cooking was invented, a population that made a habit of eating chilis would survive to spread its genes, while a population that didn't eat chilis would die of dysentery and other digestive infections."

I suppose you could set up an experiment that way, and it would undoubtedly work that way.

But this misses the entire point, turning humans into passive grains of sand as usual.

How did the population get INTO the habit of eating chilis, which are painful and aversive?

Not by random mutation and natural selection. If you waited for that process, everyone would be dead. Instead, the habit developed almost immediately, one choice at a time, one ACCURATE OBSERVATION at a time, one EXPERIMENTAL REPORT at a time.

Here's how it happened: Teenage brother, always showing off his bravery, ate a painful chili along with his raw yak meat. The other kids and parents made fun of his usual dumbness. Next day, everyone but Brother was ill and unable to function. The day after that, Sister #2 decided to eat the chili as well. Next day, Bro and Sis 2 were both feeling fine and everyone else was still sick. From then on, everyone ate the chilis and everyone felt fine. Other families heard about this and started eating chilis. Soon the entire village was not only eating chilis but cultivating and finding new ways to use them.

These experiments with spices or salt or fire must have happened everywhere, simultaneous with the experiment of eating meat. Otherwise the experiment of eating meat would have failed instantly everywhere.

Why did Bro decide on a chili? Here we get into territory that seems mystical if you're into human exceptionalism, but seems perfectly normal without that assumption. All other animals have a pre-programmed set of food preferences. They know what they should eat and what they should avoid. They don't need experimentation, though they may experiment with variations on a theme. "I don't know this item, but it smells a lot like something good. I'm hungry. I'll try it carefully and see what happens." Humans must do the same, though we hide it from ourselves with stories about experimentation and innovation.

Plain fact: Even WITH cooking and chilis and salt, the experiment of eating meat was a bad idea that can't practically be deleted. We would have done better without it, but since we failed there, we need to be extremely cautious. Sharia law recognizes this.

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Saturday, June 20, 2015
  Serving the poachers

Another case of universal OBVIOUS idiocy boosted by EVERYONE in the satanic media and the satanic "government", another case of a commenter telling the OBVIOUS truth and adding a useful idea to the truth.

Gov't idiots crushed a ton of elephant ivory in a public display in NYC. All the idiots cheered, all the satans agreed that this will slow down the ivory poachers. All sane people understand that this will speed up the ivory poachers by increasing the price. We can assume that the gov't is being paid by the poachers.

One commenter on the WaPo website gets it EXACTLY RIGHT, plus an excellent idea for an actual SOLUTION.
Normal Federal Government stupid move!! To confiscate and crush the ivory just made a huge market for more of it. Instead the current collection should be identified, registered and sold in a legal marketplace. This would allow legal ownership of known and serial numbered ivory. If unregistered ivory is found it should be confiscated, identified and serial numbered and sold in the legal market. Profits from these sales should go into the general fund.
Exactly. But of course it ain't gonna happen because it would ACTUALLY SOLVE THE PROBLEM. Modern US/UK/EU governments are more than 100% devoted to CREATING NEW PROBLEMS and INFINITELY EXPANDING EXISTING PROBLEMS. Solving a problem is

I'm trying without success to imagine WHY the idiots and satans believe their bizarre magic will work. Do they believe the poachers will see this display and dissolve in shame? "Oh no! Communists in New York dislike what I'm doing! I have SEEN THE LIGHT! I shall instantly stop killing elephants! I shall let my competitors have all the business while my family starves! I shall destroy my own family to satisfy the Holy Will Of New York Idiots!"
  Austerity again

Greek official George Katrougalos, interviewed by RT.
This is not a problem just of Greece. Greece is not an isolated case. It just represents a more general friction of opposition between two different visions of Europe – a Europe of austerity and a Europe looking back to its old social model. We don’t want to continue this road of austerity because it’s a spiral of death: Recession, new austerity measures, new unemployment, again new measures. We have seen that the last five years. This doesn’t work, we want to change it. We are ready to negotiate with our partners, but not to continue on a road that clearly leads to nothing good for the Greek people.
A classic piece of bad thinking. We can learn from it.

First, austerity is an intentional conflation of two separate words. As I discussed before, austerity=frugality is not the same thing as austerity=LBO. Greece got into its current mess because it was NOT frugal. The current mess is an LBO by Germany. If Greece had been austere=frugal, its limited productivity would have supported a limited and sustainable lifestyle. It wouldn't have invited an LBO. It would have been living within its means, with a cushion of national savings. When you have savings, you can do the 'social model' to some extent, again carefully and frugally. Trying to do the 'social model' without savings guarantees a takeover.

Austerity=frugality is the ONLY way any country or household or business can succeed in the long run. Living on debt makes you vulnerable to the household or corporate or national versions of LBO.

Second, if Greece had been independent, the delusion of 'social model' wouldn't have been possible. Greece would have been forced into frugality many years ago, as its neighbor Turkey was. Greece would have found ways to MAKE THINGS that the world wanted. As Turkey did.

This is directly parallel to the balcony collapse. Real-world math again. Do you think it's a good idea to place your car or your country on a structure that depends entirely on leverage? Or would you rather place your car or country on solid ground?

Artistic sidenote: Granted, the cliff in back is far from ideal solid ground. Just waiting for a good rainstorm ... But I wanted to show the two cars at the same height with different types of support, different 'potential energies'. Couldn't think of a better alternative except maybe a pyramid, which would look weird in this context.

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Friday, June 19, 2015
  30-second disproof

I keep hearing on money-talk and news shows that "Social Security was meant for short-lived people". Supposedly the system was designed for people who died before 65, or at best might live two or three years beyond 65. Supposedly it was meant to have lots of input and near-zero output. Supposedly it's in trouble now because our Superior Wonderful Best In The World Health Care keeps us alive a lot longer now.

I went along with this crap until recently. I've probably written this crap more than once.

After repeatedly wandering through the pages of the 1940 census and seeing WAY TOO MANY 80s and 90s in the age column, I started to doubt this crap. I've already doubted other crap about the Depression era.

Google didn't take long to disprove it ... in fact SSA itself makes a point of disproving it!

Screencap of a table at SSA:

12.7 when the system started, 15.3 for people who are dying now.

Gain of 2.6 years after 50 years of our "Best In The World Health Care". It's a little longer but not a WHOLE LOT longer. Pretty much the level of difference you'd design into the system as a cushion.

Most of the difference in overall life expectancy comes from an improvement in infant and childhood mortality, i.e. FUCKING VACCINATION.

In other words, the demographic predictions of 1936 are STILL GOOD. Medicare is the bigger problem because its 1965 planners couldn't foresee medical costs rising 5 times faster than inflation. Both SS and Medicare are in trouble because of the INPUT side of the equation. 1936 and 1965 failed to predict that future hyperhyperhypersatanic all-destroying omnicidal mismismismismisrulers would DELETE America's entire economy.

This graph shows the evil work of the modern fuckhead monsterblobs. Men have been pushed out of the labor force steadily since 1963, and fast since 2000. The total was compensated by bringing in women from 1963 to 2000, but even women are no longer finding work to be worth the rewards.

Later thought: This myth of tremendously longer life seems to be leading many people into tremendously longer work. They think: "Retirement at 65 was okay for Grandpa because Grandpa was going to die at 67. I'm going to die at 90, so I need to build up millions and millions in my IRA." Financial media are helping to push the myth, because the sponsors of financial media want to have people expanding their 401Ks instead of drawing them down.



Another tragedy, another need for "real-world" learning.

We never allow facts in public discussion. We require all "sides" to start from wildly bizarre delusions and use wildly bizarre dyslogic to reach conclusions that inevitably require more money for tyrants and more power for tyrants. What we call "robust debate" is simply an auction to bid up the strength of the monsters.

If Dylann Storm had understood the facts about races, he wouldn't have shot up a bunch of AME churchgoers. Instead, he would have stayed and prayed.

Hey Dylann. You say "they're taking over and raping our women." There's some truth in the statement, but you've got the wrong They. It is a plain and simple FACT that black criminals commit far more violent crimes, especially rapes, than white criminals. We can't discuss this, so we force young whites like you to misunderstand the problem.

Those AME churchgoers are NOT the criminals. They hate the criminals more than you do, because those non-criminal blacks are OVERWHELMINGLY the VICTIMS of black criminals. There's so much black crime that it sometimes sloshes over into white neighborhoods, but 90% of the victims are black.

Taking over? It's true that gangs and criminals are taking over, but again those AME folks are NOT the culprits. The takeover is happening in DC and NYC, government and media. Obama has made it more open and explicit than before, but he's not the first or the worst. Bush Senior was actually worse, with his deliberate and illegal intervention in the Rodney King mess. Obama has encouraged cop-killers verbally while the lower levels of his bureaucracy have been correctly finding that most of the cops acted in self-defense.

Feds caused the whole problem in the first place by removing jobs from black men. It started with LBJ's welfare, continued with Nixon's environmentalism, Carter and Reagan's push for Free Trade and Deregulation, and accelerated through every administration since. Everything the Feds do is designed to destroy the jobs that black men are good at doing. Everything the Feds do is designed to yank out the financial and legal supports for churches and culture.

Again those AME folks are the main victims. They need working men, strong cops and a firm culture more than you do, Dylann. If anyone needs to take revenge on Federal monsters, those black churchgoers should do it ... but they understand that we're all helpless.

All we can do is pray. You should have joined those praying AME folks instead of killing them.

In other words, you've been operating under DC and NYC propaganda and disinformation. You're just another tool of the Feds, another bid in the auction, providing yet another excuse for more tyranny.


Thursday, June 18, 2015
  Cleansing the palate

While Antichrist Francine is busy smashing civilization, science and poor people, and infinitely enriching the rich, I'll focus instead on one newly published piece of REAL AND CONSTRUCTIVE SCIENCE.

Some neuroscientists and engineers at UTAustin worked together to find the exact neuron that senses magnetic fields. Using the standard nematode C. Elegans, they began with the general assumption: All living things use all available signals and gradients to find food, shelter and mates.

More specifically, C. Elegans is known to burrow downward when it's hungry and upward when it's full. It's still not clear exactly what the worm is seeking in those directions; presumably the better food is deeper and wetter, and the better air is upward, but that may not be the true motivation.

The researchers asked: Does the worm use magnetic fields as part of its navigation? If so, how?

A long series of experiments, carefully eliminating other variables like light, smell and static fields, showed that the worm does indeed follow magnetic fields, but not as expected. The preferred path is about 132 degrees away from the North-south line.

Why? Turns out that the standard lab populations of C. Elegans are all derived from one worm caught near Bristol in England. And it turns out that the angle to a vertical field matches the inclination (dip) of the earth's field at Bristol, so that the standard worm, when hungry, goes straight downward at Bristol.

The researchers picked up worms from various other places in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, and in each case the orientation of the field was correct for the inclination at its native location. For each location, setting the artificial magnets to the same angle as the native angle made the worm go straight down when hungry, straight up when full.

Finally they pinned down the actual sensing to one neuron, which was already considered a likely candidate. The AFD neuron, which sits in the 'nose' of the worm, is also responsible for sensing temperature ahead of the worm. Mutants with this neuron missing, or worms with this neuron physically removed, didn't respond to magnetic fields.

What's not clear yet (or at least not published yet) is how this neuron works. I don't see any mention of iron compounds, which seem to be the main ingredient of magnetic sensors in other critters.

GOOD science.

How do I know it's good science? EASY. Carver. Look about you. Take hold of the things that are here. Let them talk to you. Talk to them.

In other words: No theories. Observe, ask Nature a question, and listen carefully to the answer.

Raises several new questions: How do the worms calibrate this neuron to the correct angle? Presumably there's some epigenetic adjustment in each generation. What happens when inclination changes quickly, as it has been doing recently (i.e. the most likely cause of the "climate change" that Antichrist Francine is satanically misattributing to human activity)? Are these worms and other magnetosensing animals having more trouble in locations with fast-changing inclination? The ADF neuron has lots of open-ended dendrites that resemble a beam-steering array. Do they work like that? Does the gene specify a matrix that effectively filters or rotates the input pattern from the dendrites? Finally, a little wilder: Since all genes are purpose, and all purposes are present in all living things, do all living things adjust their genes for inclination? Is this part of 'sense of place', part of why plants and bees and humans do better when they're not arbitrarily moved around?

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  Not fast enough, Timmy boy

via Engadget:
The Unicode Consortium unveiled its new emoji set as part of the standard's version 8.0 update on Wednesday. Yes, that taco emoji we've all been waiting for on bated breath has arrived and lo, it is glorious. Other food-related icons include taco's big brother, the burrito, as well as a hot dog, popcorn and a cheese wedge. Inedible emoji like a Unicorn head, prayer beads and a volleyball are also available.

In all, 37 new icons (41 if you count the five skin color modifiers) made it past the consortium's stringent vetting process. You can check out the full list, which will eventually make their way into your mobile device's keyboard. While Apple already jumped ahead and put the skin color modifiers in iOS and OS X, it hasn't updated with the rest of 8.0's emoji changes, and neither have Android or Windows.
Whoopsie! Insanity got ahead of Timmy! He/she tried to jump ahead of the trend, but the trend already beat her/him.

It's NO LONGER GOOD ENOUGH to have five constant skin color emoji. Now we need a variable skin color emoji with Schrödinger characteristics. The color depends on context. If the emoji is trying to get into a high-prestige text, it becomes ebony black. If it's trying to become Untouchable and lose all possible functionality, it becomes stark paper white. But the visible color also depends on the status and au courantness of the observer. If it's being read by Max Courants like Prophet Timmy Cook or Prophet Alphonse Sharpton Junior or Prophet Michael Mann or Antichrist Francine, it's accurate. But if it's being read by a ONE-TOOTH HONKY DENIALIST like me, it burns the DENIALIST'S retina and then loopbacks a signal to Apple Central informing the Die-Versity Police of a HATE READ.
Wednesday, June 17, 2015
  Greece as rentier

The best writers on the Web are UK Telegraph commenters. Not the paid authors; they're mostly conventional Western shit-vendors. I can count on the commenters to say what needs to be said, and to teach me something I didn't already know.

Excellent example here. The paid author is running the usual RUSSIANAGGRESSION PUTINHITLER toxic sludge, saying that EU needs to do something to prevent Greece from linking with RUSSIANAGGRESSION PUTINHITLER.

The commenter says in essence, Too late for that. Greece is migrating Eastward PRECISELY because of everything EU is doing.

And Greece is not alone.

Russia is not nice; Russia makes demands; but in the current setup, Russia's demands and rewards are considerably more sane and human than EU's demands and rewards. By any standards, modern Russia is SANE and EU is hopelessly wacked.

While thinking about this, I bumped into a new thought. The usual econ lefties absolutely LOVE the Syriza government and breathlessly follow its absurd theatrics. Partly for obvious reasons: Yanis and "his" "husband" Alex. But there's something deeper and more important that I couldn't pin down. Now I think I've caught it.

When I'm doing my technician thing with a circuit or a program, I like to Wiggle And Watch. Apply a periodic or predictable input (sine wave, numerical pattern, etc) and see what the output does. Pull out or replace various components, as appropriate, and see how the output changes.

You could also treat countries as economic black boxes. The periodic input is already there: seasons and generations. So you pull out or replace various components and see what happens.

With countries like Germany or Turkey or Belarus, pulling out the working class brings the value to zero, and pulling out the governing class increases the value. This tells you that the country is MAKING THINGS. With Turkey, reducing the land to zero decreases the value somewhat. This tells you that the THINGS are partly agricultural. With Germany or Belarus, zeroing the land wouldn't make much difference because industry is the main active component.

With Greece, pulling out the working class changes nothing, pulling out the governing class does nothing, and pulling out the land zeroes the country.

Modern Greece is essentially nothing but location, location, location. It has agricultural and mineral resources but it's not using them effectively. It's not even using location effectively. Ancient Greece became important as a trading and shipping hub; the 'spokes' of that hub are even more important in the era of oil, but Greece has lost its focus on ports and ships. In other words, you could remove all the people and the value wouldn't change.

Humanizing this a bit, Modern Greece is a senile nobleman with a formerly beautiful country estate, who has forgotten how to organize servants and tenant farmers. His grapevines and olive trees have died. All he can do is rent out pieces of the land to campers and Historical ReCreators. He's a rentier.

And that's why the usual lefties like him. Lefties are aristocrats. They hate grubby factories and farms, and love other aristocrats.


  Can serve

The Berkeley balcony collapse is mainly one of those regrettable tragedies that happen because of human imperfection. But it can serve as an argument for real-world math.

13 drunks standing on a WOODEN CANTILEVERED balcony is guaranteed disaster. You don't need to know about Certified Load Capacity or any of that crap. Just look at the way it's made, and have a feel for how things work. When you know how things work you don't need details.

13 * 180 = 2340 pounds. That's a car.

Would you put a dancing car on a structure like that? Fifty feet up?

I know that I wouldn't have stepped out there when I was young and drunk. Second floor balcony, maybe. I knew from experience that I could safely jump or fall 8 feet. But fifth floor balcony, absolutely not.

These kids were undoubtedly busy learning the fine details of infinitely delusional evil insanity, like Climate "Science" Theory and Multiverse Theory and Critical Queer Theory. Too bad they didn't learn a little bit about good old reality.

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  What does "The Economy" mean?

From a Bloomberg RUSSIANAGGRESSION hate piece:
“We’re in for a long stretch of lethargy and apathy in domestic policy,” said Andrey Kolesnikov, a senior associate at the Carnegie Moscow Center. “Putin likes to move armies and borders, but he’s not interested in the economy. He’s the only one who can make a decision, so no decision will be made.”
Hmm. "The Economy." What does "The Economy" mean?
This year, Putin will probably use his keynote speech to deliver a politically neutral message to avoid further flaming tensions with the U.S. and its allies, the people said. He’ll also seek to reassure his compatriots that the worst of the fallout from sanctions and lower oil prices are over and that Russia has emerged stronger than before, they said.

That kind of patriotic talk isn’t what business owners such as billionaire Roman Avdeev say they want to hear.
Ah, now I see. "The Economy" is "what treasonous billionaires want to hear."

Wouldn't it be nice if US/UK/EU had leaders who weren't interested in "The Economy"? Not gonna happen, but I can always daydream.

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  Thanks, Ralph 7

When the Dolezal mess first popped this year, I'd already been following her career of crime for 5 years. It looked like she was going to get away with it yet again. I conquered my righteous wrath and lowered my blood pressure with Emerson:

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Now the mediasatans are mindlessly echoing new accusations from the same liar whose previous lies were so obvious that even "human" "rights" groups couldn't keep her as a leader. Because she's the correct color, all crimes go down the Memory Hole.


No, wait a minute. Pause the Grrrr. Sloooow down.

Listen to Emerson. The specific stripes may follow late after the offense, but they follow because they accompany it. Punishment is a fruit that unsuspected ripens within the flower of the pleasure which concealed it. Cause and effect, means and ends, seed and fruit, cannot be severed.

Okay. Now. What value is NAACP getting from a leader who is known in their own circles to be a habitual liar? They may be fooling the idiot mediasatans, but that's about all.

The parted water reunites behind your hand.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

Well, she's clearly getting away with it again, as predicted. No punishment, moves to NYC where criminal monsters belong, gets her own TV show on MSNBC or FOX.

BUT the organizations that were idiot enough to KNOWINGLY harbor this criminal monster are getting punished, as predicted:
Long after Rachel Dolezal's spotlight has dimmed on the national news, her actions will still be felt at Spokane's City Hall, where the controversy has crippled operations in Spokane's Office of the Police Ombudsman, where three commission members – including Dolezal – are under investigation for misconduct.

A police ombuds is Satan embodied. Destroyer and confuser of order, hurting the poor most of all. Slowing down the ombuds is one way to slow down Satan.

The parted water reunites behind your hand.


Tuesday, June 16, 2015
  How to live.

How to live:

Don't try to be what you aren't.

Mind your own fucking business most of the time, except:

A one-minute disproof of a large section of conventional thinking. The usual crap about Dumb Reptiles, and the usual TED-talk shit about the "crude reptilian brainstem", need to be tossed out.

The flipper gains no advantage from this complex action requiring a considerable sense of mechanics and foresight. He only knows that he has done the right thing for the flippee.

Life is purpose.


  Wrong problem

Idiot greenie protesters have been driving their SUVs hundreds of miles to protest railroad transport of oil. At the same time, of course, the same idiots are stopping pipelines, which would be the solution to the railroad problem.

Meanwhile, a REAL environmental problem that is ACTUALLY CAUSED by railroads goes unprotested and undiscussed. Every summer we get lots of wildfires around here. Some are caused by lightning. CAN'T do anything about that. Many are caused by sparks from hot boxes (dry bearings) on railroad cars. COULD do something about that. Railroads have always fought hot boxes in various ways, but it's clear that they're not fighting hard enough.

We don't need to remove oil from railroads, we need to add more oil to railroads.
  They coulda hada V8

Neat article in Curbside Classic on the popularity of Ford's flathead in Brazil and many other countries.

US car fans tend to think of the auto world in terms of Euro influence on America. We describe various cars as 'Euro-influenced', but in each case the style actually started here and then spread to Europe. I hadn't thought about hot rods or V8s in terms of cultural influence, but the facts are unquestionable.

More broadly, we pay no attention at all to the Southern Hemisphere. Plenty of good cars have been developed in Brazil, Argentina and Australia, BY DIVISIONS OF US AUTO COMPANIES, but those US auto companies never bothered to bring those good cars northward.

During the flathead years our propagandists (like Willis Conover at VOA) used jazz as the vehicle for spreading US influence to the Soviet Bloc and to dark-skinned southern countries where Russia was gaining traction.

Wrong vehicle!.. but understandable. VOA was founded by NYC types who know nothing about automobiles and hate everything about Ford. Jazz is cool. Ford is maximally uncool. Henry gave good jobs to poor people, which is strictly forbidden by NYC sacramental rules. Poor people must be kept on welfare where NYC types can control them.

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Monday, June 15, 2015
  Hold on a sec? No.

After writing previous rant on Antichrist Francine, I had a nagging doubt, based on a question I'd asked recently about Jesus. What if Francine is an Agent Provocateur? What if she was placed by atheist forces to weaken Rome?

Seemed like a good fit for a moment, until I focused on the specifics of APs.

An AP's job is to steer the organization in a direction that initially feels good to the people who already belong, and then to cut the wheel hard and T-bone a cop car. Result: Conflict with the law and the regnant culture. The organization looks horrible to the media and to uninformed people.

Jesus did both.

Antichrist Francine is doing the opposite of both. Her direction does NOT feel good to proper Romans. The braver ones are getting out, and the blindly loyal ones are sticking because they're loyal. Most of all, her direction brings Rome into full harmony with the infinitely evil laws of the West, and makes Rome look better to the infinitely evil media of the West.
  Calling the name

Based on the leaked outline of Antichrist's illegal "encyclical", it's time to stop calling her Antipope Francine and use the correct name.


It was clear almost from the start of Antichrist's satanic reign. In the first few weeks she seemed to be carrying on a traditional style of Roman economic thinking, which is closely aligned with sharia law and thus natural law. I was initially optimistic, hoping to see even more genuine support of the poor, who need FIRM CULTURE and FIRM LAWS.

But no. After a month or so, Antichrist prohibited culture and laws, and stood ferociously with Satan on questions of human life and culture.

Now that she has abandoned the poor in economics as well, her full grotesque anti-majesty and anti-radiance is horribly revealed.

= = = = =

When you prohibit traditional culture, you are squashing the poor and empowering the Chosen.

Poor people need strong police and strong families and unconfused churches. Rich people have privately owned security forces and Life Coaches and lawyers and accountants.

= = = = =

When you prohibit fossil fuels, you are starving the poor and enriching the Chosen.

Poor people burn wood and coal in their iron stoves, and burn gasoline in their old cars. Poor people need industrial jobs, which are most efficiently** based on fossil fuels. Rich people have La Cornue Grand Palais ranges and Teslas and Chair Yellen.

= = = = =

It will be interesting, in a grim clinical way, to watch so-called "conservative" Romans continuing to defend Antichrist. It will cleanly verify everything that Rome's opponents have always said. Romans are mindless cultbots who blindly follow the cult leader even when the cult leader explicitly and openly smashes every aspect of Christianity.

We obey. We obey. We obey. Exterminate. Exterminate. Exterminate.

= = = = =

** Nuclear would be more efficient, but nuclear is simply not gonna happen in the West. Even though nuclear is purely carbon-free, the Gaians will not allow it. Meanwhile, India and China and Russia will continue to advance and improve nuclear, which will improve the status of their poor.

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  Bad focus

The media and commentators on "both" "sides" are now focusing entirely on Dolezal's identity.

I was afraid this would happen.

By focusing on this essentially symbolic issue, the media and commentators have neatly erased Dolezal's real non-symbolic crimes.

Claiming to be a different race is basically victimless. It doesn't waste anyone's time, and it doesn't ruin anyone else's credibility. The organizations that have hired Dolezal at various times (NAACP, "human" "rights" NGOs, police Ombuds commission) are already criminals. They have always been known as perfect sources of falsehood and evil. Her participation didn't lower their reputation. Can't lower zero.

Dolezal's real non-symbolic crimes are the long series of false "hate crime" reports. These caused law enforcement to waste time and effort that could have been used on real crimes, and caused both media and police to lose credibility. Because the authorities never had the guts to state that the accusations were false, we were left with the strong impression that the KKK HATE NOOSES were real, and that the KKK ONE-TOOTH HILLBILLY CHRISTER FUNDY HATE CRACKERS were cleverly eluding capture. If similarly false reports had been made by a certified HONKY, the HONKY accuser would have been correctly portrayed and publicly shamed as a liar, if not necessarily charged with a crime. (In practice it appears that specific false accusations aimed at one "suspect" are sometimes punished, while generalized false reports are rarely punished.)
  LSD shops

The title of previous entry was an attempted pun on this phrase, which inspired (???) me to go ahead and finish the job.

This is a little jingle that BBC played often during the 1970s changeover from honest pounds and shillings to decimal pounds and Pee. The transition was done one store at a time. Stores that had switched to the new fake system were required to deal only in the fake currency, and unswitched stores were required to use only the old honest system.

The jingle told people what to expect:

LSD shops have LSD prices, LSD shops give LSD change. Decimal shops have decimal prices, decimal shops give decimal change.

Far as I can tell it's not available online as such. It may be contained in some long clip of BBC output from that era, but it's not specifically referenced.

Since I've been singing the bloody thing for 40 years, might as well go ahead and present my rendition. The original was done in an East End dialect, so I've been singing it that way ... but I'll skip my undoubtedly wrong dialect and just use normal American English. I believe I've got the tune right, but after 40 years of constant repetition it may have been reshaped. No way to recalibrate.

Recorded using my homemade Condensed/r Microphone, which sounds exactly like what it is!

Here's the MP3 for what it's worth.

Maybe the sheer awfulness of my rendition will inspire someone to upload the real thing from an old tape.

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Sunday, June 14, 2015
  Singular shops have singular prices, singular shops give singular change

I was looking at old British car 'ridealongs' or road tests. Morris, Austin, etc. Youtube decided to ADHD into this thing:

Marguerite Patten cooks HerringS in Oats.


Well, it's not quite as bad as it sounds. The oats are apparently used for breading. It's not herringS boiled in oatmeal, though you can't outguess the absolute Yaaaarrrrggghhhness of Brit food.

Marmite. Nuff said.

What really caught my attention was herringS. We also say sardineS but we don't say troutS or tunaS or salmonS.

Conclusion: The rule for fish is the same as the rule for mammals. Within each category, the small critters have plurals and the big ones don't. Birds almost fit but not quite.

I suspect the real rule is more like: Upper-class food is singular. Lower-class food is plural.


  Y -2 K

Sorta cute article about a small old church trying to navigate big modern bank bureaucracies.
Questions on the forms included: “What is the weekly footfall?” (This is not known because the church usually remains open); “What is the average 'spend’?” (Mrs Phillipps said church collections are often anonymous and always erratic); and “What is the church’s postcode?” (The church doesn’t have a letterbox or a postcode and the correspondence goes to the appropriate church officer). And finally, “When was the business founded?” (Mrs Phillipps said: “Some time before 1244”).
BLAMO! Take that, Microsoft! Take that, Unix! 1/1/80 ain't nothing. 1/1/70 ain't nothing. Can you handle 1244? You can't handle 1244.

How about Greece or Persia where a farm or monastery or temple could have been operating steadily since 2000 BC?

All of these standardized digitalized expectations are blown away by a business that would have seemed perfectly ordinary just a few years ago. Now, thanks to "anti" "terrorist" "laws", banks have to assume that all normal activity is "terrorism".

I'm still disgustedly amazed that nobody has bothered to reinvent proper banking. Since "sometime before 1244", banks have been MAKING A GOOD PROFIT by PAYING INTEREST on deposits and CHARGING INTEREST for loans. There is NO REASON why a business couldn't still MAKE A PROFIT by doing THE SAME FUCKING THING. In addition, a bank that is ABLE TO HANDLE CASH TRANSACTIONS WITHOUT IDIOT DIGITAL REQUIREMENTS could also make a nice profit.

Why doesn't this happen? I can see the legal hassles on cash handling, but I don't see any legal prohibition on paying interest. The people in charge are the exact opposite of Muslims, so you can't blame Sharia law for this. You can blame the natural tendencies of the people in charge. Moses tried to reform them, Jesus tried to reform them, Mohammed tried to reform them. No go. Continuously stiff-necked since 2000 BC.

= = = = =

Sidenote: Looking at lists of oldest continuous businesses, two definite regularities appear. Many of them are brewers or distillers, and most are in Japan. Instantly yields two common factors: Stable culture for people and products, and long generations for people and products. When you're making 7-year-old whiskey and selling it to 107-year-old people, you focus on continuity. You need to keep your employees for at least 7 years, and you want to keep your customers for at least 80 years.
  Idiot story

Full of sound and fury:

"UK intelligence agents have been moved because Russia and China have access to classified information which reveals how they operate. ... According to the Sunday Times, Moscow and Beijing have deciphered documents stolen by whistleblower Edward Snowden."

You haven't anticipated that your codes and surveillance could possibly be detected or cracked. You didn't have a Plan B. It's your own fault for being arrogant and stupid. As usual. Now you expect us to believe your story about a convenient scapegoat.

Considering that MI6 was fully owned by KGB during the era when Sovietism resided in Russia, this is, shall we say, ironic.

I understand the difference, of course. CIA and MI6 agents have always been hard-line Commies, serious enemies of civilization. Before 1989 their Commie beliefs caused them to pass everything directly to KGB. Now that Sovietism resides in US/UK/EU and Russia is somewhat Christian, Russia is a genuine enemy to CIA/MI6 types.

In that case you should have been treating Russia as an enemy, which means changing codes often and changing codes and methods entirely when you see an event like Snowden. The fact that you're just now figuring out the problem two years after the event tells us everything we need to know.

Indeed, this fact tells us a lot more than Snowden told us. But it's still no fucking surprise.

A bit later: BBC is adding crap about "terrorist attacks" to the story. Hmm. Well, maybe they're right! The Tsarnaev brothers came from Russia, and made their Boston attack after Snowden. Maybe Snowden helped KGB to keep it secret!!!

Whoopsie. In fact KGB tried to warn us about the Tsarnaevs, long before the attack, but we didn't listen, didn't do anything to stop them.

Still tells the same story. Either absolute incompetence or intentional self-destruction. Blaming everyone else for our own suicidal idiocy.

The REAL story is simple. Russia and China are competent nations with competent governments that serve their OWN FUCKING PEOPLE competently. US and UK are light years beyond insane, constantly innovating new levels of wackitude unprecedented in human history.


  Outsourcing crime 2

I've hit this point before. In the '50s, before government and media were completely overtaken by total fraud and crime, both gov't and media often presented shows and information warning people against scams and rackets. Now that gov't and media are pure crime, they don't want us to be careful. They want us maximally vulnerable.

The Sharpton genocide against cops has placed an extra twist on vulnerability.

Article in today's Satan-Review:
The couple, who were wary of potential scammers when contacted by strangers, listened to the man who claimed he was a Los Angeles Police Department detective and asked for their help in an investigation designed to arrest identity thieves. In the end, they lost their entire life savings, nearly $500,000, and were once left unable to buy groceries.

It wasn’t a simple fraud case. The so-called detective was frequently in phone contact with the couple over several months, grooming them to trust him.
Well, no, they weren't wary. If they were wary, they would have called LAPD and asked to speak with the named detective. If there was no such name, end of story. If there was such a name, a brief conversation would establish that he wasn't the same man who was "asking for help". Again end of story, except that LAPD would undoubtedly start looking for a man who was impersonating LAPD officers. Cops don't like that. End of scam. 5 minutes to save $500,000. Pretty good deal.

Quote from one of those old FBI shows: "You can't cheat a careful** man who checks things before acting on them." Nowadays checking is vastly easier than it was in the '50s, but nobody bothers to do it.

Why didn't the elderly couple think of making the simple phone call? Perhaps because everyone "knows" now that police are the enemy. Thanks, Prophet Sharpton! Your hard work is bearing evil fruit!

** This version of the saying is never heard; instead you always hear "You can't cheat an honest man." The latter is PRECISELY false. Honest people are the most cheatable of all. I suspect the people in the above story are strongly honest, which means they are innocent; cheating simply doesn't occur to them. The usual saying refers correctly to a less important case. A dishonest man is somewhat easy to cheat because he's busy looking for his own angle and fails to see the scammer's angle. Careful avoids both problems. If you form the habit of pausing to check everything that looks like a request or offer, your own tendencies can't steer you wrong in either direction.
Saturday, June 13, 2015
  Rich world problem: I miss Radio Shack!

As I get back into electronics, I'm rebuilding a workspace and a junkbox. If I'd kept my stuff over the years, this wouldn't be necessary, but in general it's better to toss than keep. Mostly I miss Radio Shack. In my previous active electronics period, roughly 1967-1988, I could always count on RS for immediately needed parts and tools. They didn't have the big stuff or the specialized stuff, but when you needed a 330 ohm R and a 555 chip and hookup wire, you could just run down to RS.

Now I have to order parts through Jameco, which takes a lot more planning and forethought. It's probably cheaper than RS even after you add in shipping, but money isn't the issue. Keeping a project going with minimal interruption is the issue.

On the other hand, the modern era has one HUGE advantage: Ebay. You can find all sorts of equipment that was NOT AVAILABLE AT ANY PRICE in 1980. Example: My latest silly project is replicating the Phono-Faradic device in modern form. This requires a stethoscope to send both air pulses and current to the ears. In 1980 I wouldn't know where to start looking for a stethoscope, and after finding it I probably wouldn't have been allowed to buy it. In Ebay: 10 minutes of looking, 10 dollars to buy.


  Need to be realistic

A female prison instructor has been arrested for providing tools to the Shawshank boys. It's an unfortunately typical story. The boys obviously promised her something romantic, at least implicitly.

You need to be realistic. You need to understand that romance depends solely and strictly on innate qualities. Impressive or Attractive people get loved. Matt and Sweat are both Impressive, but Joyce is NOT Attractive. She might have been Attractive when younger, but I sort of doubt it. Her face shows the marks of long-lasting defeat.

When you are neither Impressive nor Attractive, love is not going to happen. Love is not in your universe. Anything that looks like love is a con game. You should run away fast.

This is an especially tragic way to learn the facts of life. Now Joyce is going to be in prison on the other side of the bars, and her lack of Attractiveness is going to cause big trouble.

She should have demanded money instead, and she should have RECEIVED the money before providing the tools. In that transaction she would have owned all the power, and she would get some respect after switching sides.

Practical sidenote: The "news" articles say that Joyce brought in a hacksaw blade, drill bits, and safety goggles. No reason to doubt that, but the actual work was NOT done with a hacksaw. Physically impossible. It was done with a power tool like a Sawzall. Somebody else must have supplied the electric drill and the Sawzall.

A couple weeks later: The whole thing with Joyce doesn't make much sense. Turns out Matt and Sweat didn't need any smuggled tools at all; they were simply borrowing tools at night from a construction project. Supposedly Joyce was going to be the getaway driver but then backed out; also not needed, since Matt and Sweat obviously had a better getaway plan. Was Joyce's participation an intentional distraction? Purely Joyce's imagination? We'll never know, but the original story line doesn't work.

And then just a couple hours later: Finally it all comes out and makes sense. The assistance story was a distraction AND a fabrication. In fact Joyce had been plotting with the two escapees to kill her husband, who was also a prison employee. She turned in the escapees in the hope of gaining a little clemency.
Friday, June 12, 2015
  Parkinson break

I've stopped paying attention to the mechanisms of elections, since elections are meaningless... but a little change in the news today is worth thinking about for a moment. The Repoofs in Iowa decided to stop doing their early 'straw poll' because it was meaningless.

Until now, every single aspect of the presidency, and every single aspect of elections, was purely additive. Any event or thingamajig added by anyone remained part of the duties of all presidents and politicians in the future. Constant accretion or hoarding, no cleanups or tossouts. Like skin mites that eat until they explode.

As the actual presidency and the actual election lost all significance, the workload of the president and the operatives continued to increase.

Parkinson, of course.

This little change is a violation of Parkinson as well as an honest recognition of emptiness, so it deserves a tiny bravo.
  Squaring the circle

Continuing from Dolezal stuff, but more abstractly....

By normal standards it would appear that our ruling monsters have painted themselves into a logical corner on matters of Die-Versity.

By normal standards, the following two lines of nonsensical reasoning should collide:

(1) Race does not exist. Race is a Social Construct. Therefore we must be perfectly sure of the genetic makeup of every human being, so we can classify each human into racial categories which do not exist. The only way to create a race-blind society is to enumerate members of each nonexistent race accurately and reliably, and force the correct proportions of nonexistent races in every job and profession and subsidy, down to the second decimal place.

(2) Gender does not exist. Gender is a Social Construct. Therefore we must allow everyone to define her/his/its/ums own gender. Your genes and chromosomes are completely insignificant; the only thing that matters is how you define. For instance, if you are a male who wants to look at naked women, you can simply define as female and walk into a female restroom. Whoopsie! No, you can't do that. Or if you are a female who is tired of menstruating, you can simply define as male. Presto! No more periods! Whoopsie! No, you can't do that.

Those Whoopsies lead to the solution, the squared circle. In fact self-defined Gender is only allowed when it serves the infinitely destructive purposes of Satan. You can't self-define for your own pleasure or convenience; you can only self-define when your define helps Satan to confuse the world, destroy logic, and smash the universe.

BBC's Dolezal solution brilliantly applies the Gender define rule to Race as well. You are free to define race when it serves Satan. Dolezal's self-define as Person Of Colour is correct and unquestionable because Dolezal was loyally serving Satan. Dolezal's parents are not allowed to define her as HONKY OFAY, despite the illusion of simple genetics, because that define would have kept Dolezal out of the positions where she has loyally served Satan.

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I've been following the nasty case of one Dolezal, a serial faker with a LONG record. Dolezal formerly headed a "human" "rights" organization in Idaho, and made news for reporting a bunch of nooses and KKK Honky Ofay Hate Crimes perpetrated against her.

The media went into a Correct uproar each time. WE MUST FIND AND SLAUGHTER THESE EVIL KKK OFAY HONKY REDNECK CRACKER CHRISTIANS! We must defend our angelic Person Of Colour who is, of course, incapable of sin or crime by definition!

Dolezal got fired by the "human" "rights" organization and then got hired as head of NAACP here. She continued creating "crimes" and the media continued foaming at the mouth against OFAY HONKIES. Each time the "crimes" mysteriously faded, as police tried to find suspects but never did find any suspects. Those OFAY HONKY REDNECKS were devilishly clever! I guess we've been under-rating their BUBBA HILLBILLY ONE-TOOTH intelligence! They're in cahoots with EVIL KKKARBON, which is unquestionably causing all bad weather and every other bad event, but never shows its ugly face!!!! EVIL KKKARBON always seems to show up AFTER the crime, disguising itself as a trailing variable, even though we KNOW FOR A FACT that it's the leading variable!!!!!

Now we finally have something that looks like justice, but it's not. This time Dolezal claimed to have received "hate mail" via the post office. Again the OFAY HONKY suspects were remarkably slippery, managing to leave the "hate mail" in her post box without ever acquiring the stamps and markings that actual letters acquire in the process of mailing.

Did the postal authorities finally get tired? Did the police finally get tired of wasting time and effort on obvious fakery? Did the Usual Suspects finally get tired of being falsely accused? Undoubtedly, but the "justice" didn't come in any of those directions.

The "justice" came from the monstrous putrid illegitimate alleged so-called "city" "government", totally contaminated and toxified by Sharptonitis.

Dolezal's fault is NOT a decade-long record of filing false accusations. Her problem is falsely claiming to be a Person Of Colour on her application to serve on the Police Ombuds committee.

In simple terms: As long as she had Blood Credentials Of Aristocracy, everything she did was angelic and holy, because everything done by a Genetically Certified Birthright Aristocrat is always angelic and holy.

Now that she turns out to be a low vulgar HONKY OFAY Commoner who was falsely claiming to be an Aristocrat, the media and "law" "enforcement" are free to go after her.

= = = = =

Instant update, just a few minutes after posting: No, the "media" will NOT go after her. Apparently the Dolezal mess has gone virally twitterish for some reason. BBC mentioned the case just now, and shows us the Correct Line for media coverage. Dolezal's long record of fakery does not exist. It is an Unrecord. She is a Heroic Rights Activist who has been Criminally Assaulted by her HONKY OFAY parents who DARED to falsely claim that she was NOT a Person Of Colour by the fiendishly clever HONKY REDNECK HILLBILLY ONE-TOOTH trick of showing her birth certificate. Yes, now I see the light, Mr O'Brien.

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