Friday, July 31, 2020
  Chinese quages

Earlier I marveled at the Hix picture of a floating island in Massachusetts, called the Quage. On further reading it turned out that floating islands are not unusual in that area.

A French journal in 1876 reported that China had superior floating islands. Instead of drifting in a quiet pond, these floating islands actually navigated up and down the Yangtze like barges, sustaining a village on board.

  More encouragement, maybe???????

The media continues to shift toward reality. Yesterday Bloomberg had an article about Congo (I think) which recognized fully and correctly how immunity works. Bloomberg sounded just like the 'skeptics', in other words like real science. Today Newsweek has an article about Sweden that recognizes fully and correctly how immunity works.

Newsweek isn't a major player any more, but Bloomberg is THE central info source for the stock demons who were the first to push for lockdowns.

BBC is also starting to recognize the real science and turning down the alarm bells.

Last month none of these sources were recognizing that humans are living creatures with immune systems. All of them "knew" that ONE virus particle will kill anyone it touches.

Maybe scientific literacy is starting to spread? Even among journalists? Too much to hope for, but the overall shift in the articles is clear.

In general the cable "news" media can hold onto a story for about six months. This pattern was established a long time ago with the OJ Simpson story. Most of their fake stories are specifically staged to have a run time of six months. The "virus" story has been running for about six months now (Feb through July), so maybe we're just seeing the natural fade of interest.
  Realistic advice

The old 'This is your FBI' series had good scriptwriters who understood human nature, and especially understood the difference between normal people and professional criminals. The intro to each episode was written to satisfy Lady Edgar's staff of Deepstate eunuchs, so it consistently violated reality and followed Deepstate assumptions.

This 1951 episode features some good practical advice for normal people who are trapped by criminals.

Two 'showgirls' have been carjacked by an escaped murderer. After using their car, he stashes them in a remote cabin instead of killing them. One of the showgirls is an old Vaudevillian who KNOWS HOW THINGS WORK.

Youngster: (Banging on door) Let us out! Let us out!

Oldster: Take it easy,kid!

Youngster: But they can't just leave us locked in here! How can you just stand here and not do anything?

Oldster: Honey, at my age you save your strength for a spot where it might do some good.

Youngster: Maybe we could get him to open the door and then hit him over the head.

Oldster: That bit went out with mustache cups. The best thing we can do is just be quiet and not get him annoyed.

Morality is survival. Martyrs only make a difference when they're working for Deepstate. Protests only make a difference when they're working for Deepstate. For the billions who are NOT working for Deepstate, all we can do is stay alive. Do our duty, avoid annoying the kidnappers.

In less grandiose terms. a small businessman who is forced to pay protection to a racketeer can't afford to resist. Resisting will get him killed, and won't save anyone else. He can try to get word to the cops indirectly, but if the cops are part of the racket it won't help.


  Another part of the test

Following on the reprint.

Mentioning test validity led to a separate thought.

Along with personality (Whoists vs Whatists) the citizens part of the test is also a straightforward academic test of scientific literacy.

People with a broad understanding of viruses and immunity saw INSTANTLY AND POWERFULLY that lockdowns and masks are EXACTLY WRONG. The only way to fight viruses is to STAND ASIDE and let our immune system do the fighting. In earlier decades, doctors and governments operated on this principle, encouraging overall good health and using vaccines to help the immune system deal with the most serious and deadly viruses. The principle faded after 1970 and flipped upside down in 2020.

Lockdowns and masks are a PERFECT AND COMPREHENSIVE DESTRUCTION of immunity. Every single aspect is defeated and turned against itself.

Most politicians don't understand anything except POWER, so it's not surprising that most politicians favored the perfectly wrong solution because it increased POWER. They didn't even stop to think whether it would hurt or help immunity. Irrelevant. Lockdowns and masks give the politician more orgasms, so lockdowns and masks are correct. QED.

The political and scientific sides of the test converged at the Public Death Officers. They do understand how viruses and immunity work, and they USED THEIR KNOWLEDGE TO CREATE THE HOLOCAUST.
  Final test in Room 101, reprint.

Reprinting from April 20.

Before the reprint, a note on same/different. The overall situation still looks like a test. Two things have changed.

1. Now the tester looks more like regular Deepstate/Soros, not mysterious aliens. My earlier impression that Deepstate was taken by surprise was probably wrong. This type of test is common in CIA/FBI circles. Create a fake news story or a fake incident, watch how various leaders respond, recruit the most genocidal and crazy psychopaths for CIA/FBI employment and service.

2. The order for lockdowns ceased in April, and total lockdowns ended in most places in May. Most business reopened under various Security Theater restrictions. A few of the star students have continued the total lockdown. The test turned out to have a second question. An order for masks was issued in June, and the pattern repeated. The sane leaders held onto reality, and the holocausters ran wild with masks.

By normal test validity standards, the second question wasn't needed. The leaders gave the same answers on the second question. Maybe the mask question was aimed more at the citizens than the leaders.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Following on previous item, and adding the apparently valid "news" that WHO has suddenly reversed its magnetic field and praised Sweden. The game now has an official starting buzzer and ending buzzer, from the same totally corrupt referee. We knew beforehand that the referee was corrupt. WHO has a long history, a criminal record.

Summarizing previous item: It feels like Deepstate was blindsided by this panication. Most leaders went along, but a meaningful number refused, and the refuseniks weren't instantly replaced or suicided. The refuseniks were ALLOWED to refuse. Deepstate wasn't in full control.

It feels like an external power is giving a test to Earthlings, a power outside of Epstein's circle. The resultant grades are partly surprising and partly expected.

= = = = =

Now let's ask why the power (China? Aliens? God? Satan?) wanted to create this event.

It's a test for leaders AND a test for followers.

Leaders divide clearly into murderous psychopaths vs sane humans. The sane humans are rare, which isn't surprising. Leadership selects psychopaths.

Citizens divide on the basis of Whoists vs Whatists. Whoists will always follow the personal orders given by a personal leader or brand or team, regardless of the validity of the commands or the sanity of the leader. Whatists will always follow reality, whether it's real science or real business or real morality.

In terms of the beacon theme I've been running lately, Whatists are firmly focused on a distant lighthouse with known coordinates. Whoists are listening to the Sirens, the Wreckers.

The test is a classic A/B/A experiment. The power source (aliens, etc) suddenly gives orders to all leaders to cease using normal public health rules, which have been working steadily for 200 years, and start making war on their citizens to "cure" a disease. The disease itself is not new; it happens every year. Nobody has EVER suggested using a state of siege as medicine, so this command has ZERO CREDIBILITY. There is exactly zero evidence that sieges will cure a disease, and huge piles of stinking decomposing evidence that sieges efficiently kill entire cities and nations.

Does the external power need to apply a threat of blackmail or assassination? A cage full of rats as in Room 101? No. Psychopathic leaders, who have been waiting with bloodthirsty eagerness for a way to justify genocide, instantly grab onto the "science". Sane leaders, focused on Nature's beacon. understand the insanity and try to maintain normal scientific procedures.

After a few months of pressure, the populations have been clearly divided and graded, so the test can be concluded. WHO blasts the end buzzer.

= = = = =

Semantic footnote: I didn't notice the WHO/Whoists parallel until after I wrote the item. It certainly wasn't intended by the testers, but works anyway.

Real footnote: The test for the citizens is a perfect Sucker Filter. If you'll believe that obliterating all life is the best way to cure an ordinary disease, YOU WILL BELIEVE ANY FUCKING THING.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

Thursday, July 30, 2020
  Just a little French fun

Stationnaire Polistra is enjoying the nice hot weather.

French telegraph poles at the time of the Foy system had a unique style. Each had a little roof and lightning rod.

English posts at the same time also had a roof, but it was a simple wooden gable, not as stylish.

= = = = =


The Breguet clock telegraph was the universal ancestor and basis of all French systems. Was there ever an iBreguet? A pocket-watch Breguet?

Yes, at least in prototype form.

This was built and tested for military use by M. Trouvé, but apparently not adopted.

By one account the watch had two sides, like the Soviet sliderule watch. One side was turned by the knob to send, and the other side showed the incoming signal for receive.

Another account shows a miniMorse key on the sender.

At that time batteries were large wet cells, so the senders and receivers were 'local remotes' from a portable central station with batteries and wire reel.

If I hadn't already used the title Charge of the Light Breguet, it would be more appropriate here.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Via ZH, Russia has already started mass-producing a vaccine for the Haute-Couture Branded Virus.

Several companies are still in testing stages in US and UK.

Sputnik all over again, and for the same reasons multiplied tremendously.

Russia beat us into space because their education system was EXPERIENTIAL. We were relying on leftover Nazis, not our own trained engineers.

Russia beat us into space because they didn't have a stock market diverting all resources into the pockets of Goldman. They could organize available resources toward a goal.

The education and skill gap is infinitely worse now. Russia maintained its superior education system, AND MAINTAINED ITS OWN INDUSTRIAL SKILLS, for the last 40 years, while we continued idiotic memorize-and-theorize "education" and offshored our INDUSTRIAL SKILLS to China.

Russia has a stock market now, but important industries are still state-controlled.

Russia maintained the superior Soviet medical system, which was organized to keep people healthy. We destroyed what little health care we had by turning the whole thing over to Wall Street via Obamacare.

We learned backwards from Sputnik, and we will learn even more bizarrely backwards from Shotnik.

This contrast shows up even more dramatically in Belarus and Turkmenistan, which maintained even more of the Soviet tradition. Everyone is useful, everyone produces, everyone is NEEDED. Nothing depends on Goldman. Everything depends on the SKILLS AND LIVES OF THE PEOPLE. Therefore, Belarus and Turkmenistan continued practicing REAL MEDICINE and weren't tempted to KILL THEIR OWN PEOPLE under orders from Goldman.

= = = = =

Meta: Of course nobody NEEDS a vaccine for this virus. We just need to TRUST OUR BODIES. We need to understand that HUMANS ARE ALIVE, and we need to GET OUT OF THE FUCKING WAY of immunity. Stop trying to defeat and destroy immunity with lockdowns and distancing and enforced panic and suicide masks.

But since we arbitrarily defined the vaccine as a goalpost, we started the "race", and Russia beat us.

The same thing happened in the '50s. We didn't need satellites and rockets. We arbitrarily defined satellites as a goalpost. We started the "race" and Russia beat us.

So even on a metalevel we learned backwards. Sputnik should have taught us that we are the stupidest entities in history, and we should have found ways to start learning forward instead of backward.

= = = = =

Update Aug 8 via RT:

Russia is making the Shotnik point explicitly.
Kirill Dmitriev, the head of Russia’s sovereign wealth fund, which has bankrolled the research, last week compared the vaccine discovery process to the Space Race. “Americans were surprised when they heard Sputnik’s beeping, it’s the same with this vaccine. Russia will have got there first,” he told US TV.
Sovereign wealth fund emphasizes another huge difference between US and Russia. The Soviet system ran on PROFIT AND SAVINGS, while the US system runs on share value and debt. The Soviet government and people were savers, not borrowers. Putin continued the tradition, collecting TAXES from PROFITABLE ENTERPRISES and saving the taxes for important projects like this one.

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  Encouraging trend

Trying to focus on encouraging trends.

Ginn cites a graph from WSJ. The graph is poorly designed in terms of color, but Ginn helpfully reads it:

Consumer spending trends in the US.

General merchandise and healthcare industries are nearing recovery.

Entertainment and travel industries are still suffering.
Well, travel is the one industry that SHOULD be losing in an epidemic. Real public health starts with banning travel, not banning life.

Though Ginn doesn't mention it, the curve for groceries is especially encouraging. Huge burst with hoarding in March, then continuing about 20% above normal since then. Good news for the stores and their employees, who have been working extra hard. I was afraid they were losing money, but that's NOT the case. This explains why they're NOT complaining about the lockdowns and masks. They have a good proper BUSINESS reason, so I apologize for my earlier wrong assumption.

Another positive trend: The consensus on reopening schools has shifted toward YES. A huge group of mainstream pediatricians demanded opening. The director of CDC has stated firmly that schools should open. Today BILL GATES said firmly that schools should open. Earlier, Mad Bomber Inslee insisted on keeping the schools closed forever, precisely and explicitly because Trump wanted to open. Inslee won't be able to maintain the same infantile hissyfit against BILL GATES.
  Reviewing reality vs fog

Just trying to pin down reality versus guesses at this point.

The best measure of reality is this long-term graph from Sweden, a rich modern country with excellent records, and the only 'Western' country that DIDN'T follow the evil game.

40 years of seasonal death patterns. Roughly every fourth winter is worse than the rest. This season was among those every-fours, but not the worst. Five of the bad years were worse than this one.

Without all the craziness and evil, this was just a relatively bad season, and it would have been handled like the other bad seasons, quietly and smoothly, with some hectic moments in some hospitals, but without any public panic or special requirements. Hospitals are prepared for those hectic moments. US hospitals were also prepared, and were turning on their well-honed mechanisms when the craziness interrupted everything.

That's the reality.

= = = = =

One thing is clear and unambiguous, before any guessing about motives: All of the shit we've been doing (lockdown, distancing, masks) is precisely CONTRARY to all normal public health rules, and perfectly calculated and intended and designed to DEFEAT AND DESTROY HUMAN IMMUNITY.

Beyond that it's foggy and muddy and ambiguous. We still have no idea who started the evil or why.

At first the evil decision appeared to be a total universal crime, ordered by one mastermind, backed by threats and blackmail. It appeared that all countries were acting under one leader. This is clearly wrong, as most of Europe has stopped making the mistake, and a few US states have stopped or never started. The stopped countries and never-started countries haven't been punished.

In fact the stopped and unstarted places are being RICHLY REWARDED BY REALITY. Their businesses are running, their hospitals are running, their governments are receiving taxes instead of paying unemployment, the virus is fading out as viruses always do, and their people are healthier and happier. This difference will last for generations.

If there was a threat, it was empty.

We know from Lukashenko that the evil was encouraged by bribes, which should be easier to track and detect than blackmail.

At this point the governors and presidents who continue making the lethal mistake are acting on their own, for a variety of reasons. For Inslee and some others, the reason is innate psychopathic evil. Inslee's tendencies were already clear before this year. He enjoys doing harm.

For most governors and mayors, it's just standard bureaucratic fear and inertia. They don't understand viruses and immunity, and they don't understand how to spot scientific frauds. They do understand liability and lawsuits. So they do what the Public Death Officers tell them to do. Following orders is less visible and suable than disobeying orders.

= = = = =

Another argument against the total universal conspiracy is that dissent isn't being seriously censored. The MSM are doing what they always do, carrying only the side that creates maximum war and suffering and death. That's the permanent job of the press, true for 200 years. But outside the MSM, truth is holding its own. Some media on the 'skeptical' side are overblowing the role of demonetizing and occasional censorship. This is fake outrage. Skeptics in earlier eras never expected to be PAID for using Deepstate's presses and broadcast studios. Today's dissidents have VASTLY more outlets than ever before, with no obvious punishment or censorship. Some of those 'overblowers' may be false flags working for Deepstate to cause more self-censorship and anxiety.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2020
  Bayou monkeys?

Earlier I mentioned that old French tech books are vastly superior to British or American tech books. French books have clearer diagrams and more dramatic woodcuts.

Example of the latter from one of those 'Merveilles de Science' books:

The text makes clear that this telegraph line was supposed to be in US, not Brazil. The trees might be found in a Louisiana swamp, but monkeys?


  Keeping his promise

Extra bravo to Tennessee Gov Bill Lee. He already promised that he would not lockdown again, and would not require suicide masks. He recommends but doesn't require, which is the proper role of public HEALTH.

Now he has KEPT HIS PROMISE in a SPECIFIC disobedience of Federal meddling. Holocauster Trump's chief murderer Birx "recommended" that Tennessee should close bars. Lee said NO.

Ideally the situation would be opposite. A few crazy governors would be killing their people, and the Feds would be meddling to stop the killing. Now a few sane governors are trying to KEEP THEIR PEOPLE ALIVE, and the Feds are meddling to resume the killing.


= = = = =

Special subtle BRAVO for resisting a recommendation from the "same" "party". Resisting the "opposite" "party" is the usual game, which Trump has been playing expertly for four years. Trump blogs something absurd, knowing that Deepstaters of the "opposite" "party" will kill people to "resist" his absurdity.

Lee has recognized the game, recognized that Trump is really working WITH Inslee and Newsom.

When you're grounded in reality the teams don't matter. Reality doesn't change. Viruses don't change. Human immunity doesn't change. The way to HELP people survive doesn't change. The way to KILL people doesn't change. Morality doesn't change. Helping people survive is moral, no matter which "team" wants it. Killing people is immoral, no matter which "team" wants it.



Unlike total political failure, this IS a brand-new phenomenon.

TV and newspapers and radio have been generating fake panics for decades, probably centuries. Until this year I was able to protect my mind from the fake emergencies by avoiding TV and radio and other paid media.

This year the fake emergency is FORCED INTO YOUR EARS AND EYES by nearly all available sources. When you check your bank account or ride the bus or shop for groceries or check the weather radar, EVERY SINGLE SCREEN AND SPEAKER is blaring and screeching Big Brother's grim fake "milestones" and grim MURDEROUS requirements, instructing us to participate in our own kidnapping and murder.

It's exactly like 1984 or North Korea.

I've been noting and saluting the rare exceptions. Haven't seen any new exceptions lately, but I'll keep watching and noting.


Monday, July 27, 2020
  Do your fucking job.

This isn't really a brand-new problem. It's been around for a while, especially strong in the Trump era.

Politicians have a specified job. None of them are doing it.

When ordinary people have a job to do, whether it's daily chores or paid work, we just do it. When it's time to wash the dishes, we don't blog about the moral obligations of dishwashing. We wash the fucking dishes.

Politicians, especially Repooflicans, NEVER do their job. They just blog about it. Trump has NEVER done even one of his assigned chores. He's constantly blogging about the failings of other politicians, but he has never lifted a finger to take command. Half of the country is screaming and dying under the most murderous and evil and holocaustal tyranny in all of history, and Trump blogs about it, when he's not blogging about his big dick.

Kentucky has two nominally Repoof Congressmen with a national profile, Paul and Massie. The governor of Kentucky is just as crazy as Inslee, maybe even crazier compared to the baseline of his state's culture. Paul and Massie are constantly blogging about the horrible governor of THEIR STATE, WHICH THEY REPRESENT IN CONGRESS, but they haven't lifted a finger to STOP him. Congress has the power of appropriation, and famous congressmen also have personal bullypower within a state's political structure. They could block his federal grants until he stops killing THEIR people, but instead they just blog about it.

Ordinary people can only complain about demonic governors. We complain in speech and writing, knowing that we CAN'T do anything about the problem. It's not our job. Congressmen and presidents CAN do something about demonic governors, and in past decades they DID take steps to control evil governors, sometimes calling out the National Guard. Trump hasn't lifted a fucking finger.

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Sunday, July 26, 2020
  ACU isn't trying very hard

ACU in Germany has been posting helpful info and videos since June. They declared that they were trying to find the motive and the Cui Bono for this holocaust.

I've been watching their website and several associated websites and Youtube channels.

So far no sign of investigations, no really NEW info. It's reassuring to see serious people with serious credentials firmly MAINTAINING the side of sanity, but after a certain point you start to wonder what they're really doing. (They now say they will issue a report "in August", so maybe I'm jumping the gun.)

The only way to HALT this hell is to break the blackmail. Thousands of Public Death Officers and politicians KNOW the secret, and some of them should be disgruntled enough to talk about it with proper persuasion.

The only meaningful info came a couple weeks ago from Lukashenko, who told about the IMF's attempt to bribe him into compliance, which he courageously rejected. He also said that the World Bank DIDN'T try to bribe him, offering loans without forcing compliance. Taken together, these two data points should be major clues leading to the source of the holocaust. The barking dog and the non-barking dog. But I don't see anyone tracking them.

Now that several Euro countries have officially pulled out of the holocaust, there should be less internal pressure on bureaucrats in those countries. But still no info.

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  It's a clock! It's a printer! It's SUPERBAIN!

In this case I'm venturing up from the Ungreats into the Semigreats. Alexander Bain isn't a household word like Morse, but Bain successfully competed with Morse for a while.

The earliest failed attempts at telegraphy used chemical processes. Most used electrolysis, with 26 separate wires running across the land. Each wire was switched by its own key. All 26 were immersed in water at the receiving end. When each wire was charged, the receiving end formed bubbles under the appropriate letter.

Bain continued using chemistry in a more sophisticated way. His best attempt, which was popular for a while, was a 'ticker tape' that received and recorded the impulses from Morse senders. The current passed from a pointer through a chemically treated paper tape to a grounded backplane, creating visible blue dots and dashes where the dye was activated. This wouldn't have been fun for me to animate, since it was just a box with a paper strip coming out.

Bain's first invention was more fun by my standards. It mixed chemistry with another early theme in telegraphy.

Morse's original project was more like a linotype than a telegraph. The message to be sent was set up in type on a stick, then the sender would read the dots and dashes from specially formed patterns on the side of the letters. At the receiving end the codes would trigger a dispenser for letters, dropping the letters into a stick for printing. This idea never worked properly, and Morse finally realized that it was easier to use lots of human skill operating a simple key and sounder. The actual Linotype developed much later, completely separate from telegraphy and electricity. Even though it used Morse's methods it wasn't a direct evolution.

Here Bain was trying to read a fully set page of type or any other raised pattern as pixels. An engraving or etching, such as a copper stereotype plate, would serve especially well.


I'm calling it the TeleTact. Here I've placed it in my printery scene for obvious reasons. Polistra is loading the TeleTact with a stereotype plate.

Let 'er rip!

A clock movement (hands on other side) powers the heavy pendulum. The pointer is forced to stay parallel, and it scans across the mysterious box line by line. When the pendulum makes contact with the 'ticker' points (just above Happystar's eyes) it energizes an electromagnet that escapes the rope pulley, allowing the mysterious box to drop one line.

What's happening inside the mysterious box?

A closeup view for orientation, with the pointer at the left end of the top line. The mysterious box contains a dense grid of wires running through an insulating mass like ceramic or hard wax. The top of the wires is just above the insulating surface, and the pointer gently brushes each wire as it scans. I'm showing three columns of (overly fat) wires for simplicity.

Here's a partly transparent side view, with a slug of type touching the wires.

The wires that are touching the protruding parts of the type or engraving are grounded. (Shown in gold here.) When the pointer hits those wires, it conducts a current through a relay, sending a pulse through the telegraph wires to the receiver.

Bain's system had one truly unique and elegant feature which hasn't been repeated in any sort of TV or scanner or printer since then. The sender and receiver were exactly the same machine. How did this work?

On the receiving end, the pointer was sending current toward ground at the moments in the scan when the sending pointer had encountered a 'high point' in the engraving. In the receiver, a chemically treated paper was inserted between the wire grid and ground. The wires that received current from the pointer would cause a reaction in the dye, darkening the paper at those points.

So the sender became a receiver by inserting paper instead of an engraving. No other changes needed. ELEGANT.

The magnet on the bottom leg was used for a separate purpose, which Bain intended to be included in the scanning process. It wouldn't have worked that way. The bottom magnet was a solenoid with a little latch bolt inside.

When energized it would pop out the latch bolt and hold back the pendulum for one tick. Bain seemed to intend this as a synchronizer during the scan. This would have been messy, with some ticks used for inking and some for syncing. Heavy pendulums keep time pretty well, so it would have sufficed to run a sync session between scan sessions. Then the signals wouldn't have been confused.

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  Where's the GUILD for software?

Another where's the guild question. In this case I'm not really puzzled by the absence of a guild response because I know exactly how and when the guild was subverted and flipped. It happened 20 years ago.

The current holocaust is based HEAVILY on cheating with software.

The use of software to create and expand a fake crisis began with the Carbon Cult, with Mann's fake hockey stick models showing exponential increase of CO2 "pollution".

A more visible example for outsiders was VW's diesel cheating. Diesel is intrinsically and incurably MORE DIRTY THAN GASOLINE, but the Carbon Cult flipped the comparison and redefined diesel as clean because VW bribed them to flip. VW then used software to fake the numbers. The control computer in each car sensed when the car was connected to an official test rig, and outputted artifically low numbers.

Same thing with the "virus". Exponential models can't possibly represent reality because reality is never exponential. Governments use the models because governments want to kill everyone. Software processes the "cases", and HIPAA prevents us from checking the "cases". Even if the "cases" were honestly counted, "cases" are THE WRONG FUCKING MEASUREMENT. Just as with diesel vs gasoline, the holocausters have flipped medicine upside down, redefining "cases" as dirty.

The proper MEANING of "cases" isn't in the models, so we don't get to hear it.

= = = = =

From a modern perspective it seems obvious that ABSTRACT software makes cheating easier, but this total misuse wasn't always normal. There was a guild spirit in software that tried to protect the craft from misuse and cheating.

When did it change? 2000. Dotcom. Cheaters took over the biz.

Computing began with the government census, at a time when the government wanted accuracy. From 1890 to 1990 software mainly served corporate accounting. Computers were seen as fancy adding machines, and they were REQUIRED to be strictly honest.

Bookkeepers and their adding machines were the honest end of the system. After the bookkeeper had carefully verified the accuracy of the double-entry ledger, the accountant walked in and arbitrarily moved numbers around to cheat on taxes. This may be unfamiliar to outsiders, but it was standard procedure. You can see the setup powerfully in this Racket Squad episode.

The machine was the honest end, and the human accountant was the criminal.

The dotcommers reversed the paradigm. They used the software itself to create false impressions of their wealth and corporate solidity, then used software to manipulate the market, and had no compunction at all about ruining lives to EXPONENTIALLY increase their wealth.

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Saturday, July 25, 2020
  Speaking of Cincinnati.... has some dramatic pictures of Cincy's old Main Library. This picture reminds me of the Old Stacks in college libraries where I used to spend many pleasant hours, but most of the Cincy library required the talents of circus acrobats or Mohawk steel workers. Reaching for a huge old folio on the top shelf of the 6th level while standing on a rolling ladder on a tiny cantilevered balcony. One mistake and you're dead.

A commenter added the usual leftist crap that losing track of books made Orange Man possible. Leaving out the partisan nonsense, he has a point. We have lost our ground connection to history, which makes ALL of the horrible genocidists possible, everywhere except the five blessed exceptions, Sweden and Belarus and Turkmenistan and Korea and Japan.

There's no difference between Trump and Biden and Boris and Merkel and Macron. All of them belong strictly to Deepstate, all are holocausters, all are destroying history and science and logic and thought along with billions of human lives, for no purpose except their own deranged demonic pleasure.

BUT: The commenter is absolutely wrong that books are no longer available. FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY, all old books are available to everyone in an instant, with no travel or expense or acrobatics.

Every day I use and thank Google Books, which paid its own acrobats to find and scan all of those old books so we don't have to climb 10 flights of narrow stairs in the Old Stacks and reach up on rolling ladders to pull them out. We don't even have to drive or fly to Cincy or Berlin or Madison to ask acrobat librarians to fetch the books.

If you're not using Google Books to READ the old permanent solid untainted knowledge, it's your own fucking fault, idiot.

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Friday, July 24, 2020
  Showing a regard for SALIENCE

In a time when all agencies and corporations are piling on new fake panics and fake emergencies every millisecond, it's nice to see one agency trying to turn down its own panic generator.

The Weather Bureau is simplifying its structure of Advisories and Watches and Warnings and Special Statements and Short Term Forecasts. Basically they're going to leave Watches and Warnings in place, and simply issue texts for the other conditions, without any automatic triggers attached.

Watches and Warnings are REAL information about REAL dangers. The others are arbitrary. For instance, one inch of snow doesn't generate anything, but sometimes two inches generates an Advisory. Silliest of all is the Pollen Advisory.

All of these messages flow through automatic systems in the media and weather websites, and most of them are NON-INFORMATION. In snowy places nobody needs to be warned about two inches of snow. In windy places nobody needs to be warned about 30 MPH winds.

The real info and non-info look the same in the media and automatic websites, so the REAL info loses its SALIENCE and CREDIBILITY.

A survey about the proposed change is here.
  A look back at sanity

Related to Turkmenistan and also related to Greats vs Ungreats, here's an unusually sane medical article from 1998. At that time the main fake emergency was AIDS, and the author was making his point in the context of AIDS research.
Although the earliest recorded use of variolation in Europe was in seventeenth century Denmark, it was in Turkey that the influential minds of Europe first witnessed inoculation and eventually recommended its use throughout Europe. The Turks attributed this innovation to the Circassians, “...whose women were reported to be very beautiful and sold for slaves by the poorer sort. It was thought necessary that all their females should have the smallpox in their infancy...
Turkmenistan was part of Circassia. The people in that area understood immunity in detail long before Europe heard of it.
It would be 20 years before inoculation was tested in England. Lady Mary Wortley Montagu (1689-1762) lived in Turkey with her husband, the ambassador Edward Wortley Montagu. It was there that Lady Montagu first witnessed inoculation, in 1716, and subsequently had her son inoculated. It is thought that her dedication to preventing the disease grew from the fact that her own once beautiful face had been disfigured by smallpox. Two years later, having returned to England, Lady Montagu had her daughter inoculated during a smallpox epidemic, under the scrutiny of the Royal Society’s Physicians. The inoculation was considered successful when the child developed a limited number of lesions and did not contract overwhelming disease.
The article's main point is that we credit Jenner because he had connections and reputation and lawyers and press agents, not because he originated the idea.

Most of the Greats, the names we remember, stole their ideas from Ungreats. In some cases the Great, or his company, did meaningful work in developing and systematizing the idea. Jenner seems to have done this.

The 1998 article is also a useful point of reference, a beacon crossing the light-years from a saner universe.

It shows that the medical profession actually UNDERSTOOD IMMUNITY before March 2020. Now all medical research is aimed primarily at DEFEATING immunity, and secondarily at eliminating the entire CONCEPT of immunity from the profession. New "studies" are shocked and surprised when they see these "mysterious" T-cells killing the Branded Virus. We need to get rid of those horrible T-cells! Everyone knows that viruses can only be killed by slaughtering all Deplorables and giving maximum sexual pleasure to psychopaths.

In 1998 doctors were fighting AIDS. Now doctors are AIDS.


  Pluponents again

Random thought, not new or original....

The key point in understanding Deepstate's "election" games is that there's no difference between the puppets inside the system.

What matters is not which puppet takes the controls, but who gets INTO the system.

I understood this key point a long time ago in the context of academia and tenure. "Free speech" and "open debate" are meaningless. Discussions do occur, and are rarely censored, BECAUSE the discussers have already been pre-selected for orthodoxy. Think of the range of opinions as an axis with X running from 1 to -1. The myth tells us that discussion involves opposing interplay of 1 versus -1, but in fact the discussion ranges from 1.00 to 1.01, with the end of the axis always pushing outward toward more evil. See Pluponents.

I was slower to pick up the phenomenon in politics because I have no experience or training in politics. Whether I understood it or not, it's always been the same. You can't get anywhere near the levers of power unless you've been preselected and preconditioned in multiple levels and layers.

Innate personality of the leader matters vastly more than ideology or party. Real change happens when a pre-qualified leader effectively changes his personality. He encounters a NOW I SEE moment or epiphany after he's solidly in power, and decides to move in a different direction.

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Thursday, July 23, 2020
  Belated addition

Belatedly adding Turkmenistan to the map of sane countries. This isn't a newly recovered sanity. Turkmenistan belongs with Sweden and Belarus and Japan and Korea as SANE FROM THE START, never surrendering to Satan. The sources I was reading didn't recognize it earlier. I apologize and correct the error now.

The leader's attitude is similar to Lukashenko in Belarus. Trust your body, don't trust the globalist experts. REAL SCIENCE. Like Belarus, Turkmenistan is among the Soviet 'time capsule' countries, which seems to be a relevant variable but not the only variable. Turkmenistan is also strongly Islamic, with government partly by sharia law. Two separate links to SANITY.

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  NOW I SEE moment, Jekyll edition

This will be a wonderful NOW I SEE moment for sports fans.

Superdemon Fauci is trying to boost the fake "re-opening" of baseball. Instead he's showing us that masks are solely about POWER AND SEXUAL PLEASURE FOR PSYCHOPATHIC MONSTERS.

YOU have to mask because you're my victim. I don't have to mask because I'm GOD.

= = = = =

This unending hell has gone beyond all the dystopian novels. The only literary reference that halfway fits is Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. When doctors get power they turn into the worst murderers. Now all doctors are holocausters.

Good old Hix saw this fact and emphasized it several times in 'Strange as it Seems.' This episode points out that the terrors of the French Revolution were developed by doctors.


  AI point-missing quickie

In MindMatters as usual. A clear-minded analysis of claims for and against self-driving cars.

One side is a good reminder TO ME that the skeptic side in the lockdown argument can get carried away with catastrophism. I'm prone to that type of thinking anyway, and I was doing it heavily at first, when it seemed clear that ALL governments were PERMANENTLY locked into lockdowns. Now it appears that the project is more of a test or selection process, determining which presidents and governors and mayors are demented and psychopathic enough to recruit for further Deepstate training. The presidents who completely failed the test (Sweden, Belarus, Japan, Korea, Turkmenistan) haven't been punished. Similarly with the few governors who have failed the test.

In fact the "failed" leaders are being richly rewarded by REALITY, with local economies that didn't collapse, and local schools and hospitals and civilizations that remained intact. The sane places will be better off for a long time, maybe forever. This isn't much comfort for those of us who are stuck in the crazy places, but it offers a vague tiny hope of spreading sanity.

= = = = =

The catastrophist side on autonomous cars says that self-driving cars will be the ideal tool for the NEXT fake emergency, since forbidden destinations can be automatically forbidden. You can't get there from here. Luckily, this can't happen because autonomous cars will never work.

So most of the article is valid, and a good self-calibrator for me.

Here's the point-miss:

There is no clear historical precedent for a society in which almost all vehicles are autonomous.

Ever hear of horses? For thousands of years all vehicles were autonomous. We've only had fully human-directed vehicles since 1920.

With regular human-directed cars, a much simpler way of controlling travel is gas rationing. It was used in WW2 for necessary and good purposes, and Nixon used it in '73 for nefarious Deepstate purposes.

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  Partial bravo, maybe.

Amazingly, the Spokane Schools have decided to resume mostly normal classes in the fall. I didn't look closely at the regs, but it appears that K-4 will be full time, and upper grades will be part time.

As I point out tiresomely and perpetually, reality is the best teacher. When students can get their eyes and hands on reality, they are immune to verbal evil.

When nobody is in the building, nobody gets to see reality. The Public Death Officers want to divorce us from reality so their murderous THEORIES can be the only thing in our minds.

When most teachers and students are in the building most of the time, they will SEE that nobody is dying. The tyrants will have a much harder time maintaining their holocaustal THEORIES in the face of plain old reality. The theories will fade out, and the requirements "forced" by the demented deranged theories will also fade.

This restoration will make a BIG difference to parents. Older kids can be left alone or trusted to do their own homeschooling, but K-4 needs daycare, which was also screwed up by the tyranny. Parents with young kids can now return to work in a more normal way.

This is the first indication of OFFICIAL sanity encroaching on this part of the world, so my superstition is running high. I'll offer a cautious partial salute, always watching and waiting for the STOMP that tends to follow an apparent pause in tyranny. If my superstition proves wrong for the first time ever, I'll be happy.

= = = = =

Sidenote: It's been fairly clear that UNIONS and administrators were the main blockage. The idea that TEACHERS wanted to keep schools closed is a classic Shared Lie. The media wanted to maintain the lie because the media wants to keep EVERYTHING closed in order to slaughter all Deplorables. And the conservative side wanted to maintain the lie because conservatives have a permanent bigotry about "lazy teachers". So the voices of most teachers weren't being heard in the cacophony of Shared Lies. This positive change indicates that the local union is actually listening to the teachers and parents, and possibly even shows courage by administrators, though that's an extraordinary claim requiring extraordinary evidence.

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  Reprint on Greats

Following on previous item. Two years ago, in a less panicky but more prophetic moment, I wrote a better piece on the same subject.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

After pulling some interesting goodies from the 1922 Classical Journal, decided to look at the 1918 volume, a more inflective year.

When Wilson's Deepstate switched on the anti-German frenzy, teachers of Latin and history faced two problems.

One was a generic problem faced by all academics.

As I've pointed out before, American schools and colleges had been slavishly following Kraut fashion in both structure and course content. We organized our schools by the Kraut model, deifying rote memory and delusional theories. Practical hands-on learning (ie learning) was reserved for the cretinous unwashed who clearly couldn't handle the precious luminous intellectual fog of theories.

When we drew inspiration from foreign scholars, we cited Germans. Krauts get credit, all others pay cash.

Typical example:

The other problem was peculiar to the subject matter. How do you cover the history of the Roman Empire without mentioning Germany? How do you cover the endless wars of Roman aggression without treating the German territory and Germanic tribes objectively?

How do you deal with Luther objectively?

These were vexing problems for the classicists of 1918. They were wrestling with the questions honestly, trying to maintain integrity without losing their lives or funding. Some saw an opportunity to gain new ground:

A few were hoping that we would TURN TOWARD THE LIGHT after the war:

= = = = =

Modern "scholars" of the "humanities" are no longer vexed by these conundrums, because modern "scholars" departed from objectivity a LONG time ago... in fact shortly after 1918. After we defeated the Krauts we became the Krauts. We turned away from the light.

You can see the tidal shift around 1920 in all areas except engineering. Training students to understand the universe and to WORK USEFULLY with reality is now completely unimaginable and GANZ VERBOTEN. The sole purpose of the "humanities" is witch-hunting. Spread lunacy through the universe at tachyon speed. Enforce the latest Deepstate orthodoxy by infinite violence and exquisite blackmail. Dissolve heretics into dark matter.

= = = = =

Our current RUSSIAN_MEDDLING frenzy is not going to vex anyone because we've NEVER followed Russian fashion in anything, even when we COULD have gained by doing it.

In 1957 when Russian education beat us with Sputnik, we COULD have learned from the comparison. We COULD have noticed that Russian science and math teaching was HANDS-ON and EXPERIMENTAL, centered on open discussion and teamwork. Instead we decided to catch up with Russia by turning EVEN MORE GERMANIC, by departing EVEN FARTHER from reality and learning. Rote memory of mostly accurate factoids wasn't good enough. We had to memorize lunatic delusions instead.

In 2000 when Putin pulled Russia out of the collapse we triggered, we COULD have learned something useful, COULD have figured out how to halt our own collapse. We COULD have noticed that Putin was getting OUT of debt and expanding his country's PRODUCTIVE capacity in agriculture and manufacturing. Instead we decided to go even DEEPER into hyperexponential debt, decided to SMASH our own factories even faster.

As always we "solve" problems by creating more problems, which justifies more budget and power for the agencies that "solve" problems by creating more problems, which justifies more budget and power for the agencies that "solve" problems by creating more problems, which justifies more budget and power for the agencies that "solve" problems by creating more problems, which justifies more budget and power for the agencies that "solve" problems by creating more problems, which justifies more budget and power for the agencies that "solve" problems by creating more problems, which justif

= = = = = END REPRINT.

Only one thing has changed. Since then, Putin has mysteriously switched to the dark side, partly joining the lockdown brigade. But that doesn't erase his 20 years of working toward God's side.


Wednesday, July 22, 2020
  Greats and Ungreats

For a long time I've been tired of conservative focus on a few Great Thinkers.

This essay by Bradley Bitzer hits the same old points.
In times of chaos, it’s profoundly necessary to remember those who have come before us and the innumerable sacrifices they made. Each of these great men, whatever his individual faults, sought to live according to the Good, the True, and the Beautiful. They preserved, and they conserved.
The best preservers of SKILLS, and the culture that surrounded the SKILLS, were guilds, Mutual Benefit Associations, and unions. Sometimes even governments, like the unique French preservation of semaphore skills in 1845.

Too many of those Great Ones were part of the Deepstate of their time, whether the Roman Deepstate of 1000 AD, or the FBI/CIA Deepstate of 1950, or the Epstein Deepstate of 2020.

In any era you have to be part of the inner elite to be widely published and remembered. The inner elite always has an evil motive. A few famous figures have pushed back the elite. Harding and FDR did it. Most of the conservative favorites were on the other side.

I'm constantly trying to focus and magnify the thoughts and desires of the ungreat. Many of them didn't write books or make speeches; instead they taught or invented. Their desires and purposes come through in their patents and activities. There's a lot of purpose in a patent after you dig past the boilerplate.

Three examples come to mind: Claude Chappe, Mary Jameson, Lucius Curtiss.

There are billions of decent sane people in any era, most of whom deserve more credit than any of the greats or ungreats. But it's simply impossible to focus on them because they didn't leave any record at all. A few historians are trying to give them credit by writing semi-fictional stories about the ordinary peasants and parents of various eras. I don't have the skill for that work, so I'm focusing in the middle ground.

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  Another day, another CINCINNATI Breguet

In previous item I saluted a somewhat impractical but decent invention by Lucius Curtiss of Cincinnati. He was trying for a dial telegraph but missed the advantages of a real Breguet.

Could have been worse!

I won't bother to model this one. Patent 97076 by Ezra Gilliland, ALSO of Cincinnati. Gilliland didn't miss the Breguet advantage. He simply copied Breguet. This is a Breguet-on-a-stick.

To be fair, Gilliland later went to work for Bell where he developed some useful improvements in telephone equipment.


  Where are the national businesses?

I'm thinking of Safeway / Albertson, but this would also apply to WalMart and every national chain. They have stores in sane states like South Dakota, and stores in crazy murderous psychopathic states like Washington. They keep records of employee deaths, so they know that no employees have died of the "virus" (if it exists) in the sane states, and no employees have died of the "virus" (if it exists) in the deranged genocidal holocaustal states.

They know the lockdowns and suicide ballgags make no difference in the "virus" if any.

They also know that their employees are suffering from the ballgags, having to slow down every normal process to compensate for blocked vision and blocked speech and blocked breathing.

They also know that their customers are strenuously avoiding the stores where they have to be strangled with suicide ballgags. The stores in psychopath states must be doing considerably less business.

Even if Safeway and WalMart weren't privy to the original order to Kill All Deplorables, they have figured everything out by now.

Well? Why haven't they taken any action or at least tried to pressure the psychopaths?

Have their executives received billion-dollar bribes to maintain silence?

= = = = =

We know now that such bribes are part of the package. Lukashenko of Belarus revealed that the IMF offered him billions to get with the program and start exterminating his own people, so the EXPERIMENT wouldn't be visible. He refused the bribe.


= = = = =

A few days later: WSJ shows a graph of sales by type of business. Groceries had a huge pulse in March from hoarding, then have been selling 20% MORE than normal since then. This shows that my assumption of lost business was wrong. Grocery stores have a genuinely GOOD reason not to complain about the lockdowns. I apologize.

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  Not gonna quibble again

I'm not going to quibble any more about Whitney Webb's overuse of details.

In her latest piece about Epstein, showing that Epstein's connections to Deutsche Bank are currently 'hotter' than his sexual blackmail factory, she mentions:
A similar “surge in business” for Kroll followed the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq after the company’s investigations into Saddam Hussein’s and the Bath Party’s finances had been used as partial justification for the military incursion. Kroll became a major provider of mercenaries along with companies like Blackwater and DynCorp to the U.S. invasion and subsequent occupation through its subsidiary Kroll Security International. Its clients included the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), which has long fronted for the CIA, and also provided mercenaries for the war in Afghanistan.
DynCorp is just listed along with the other companies, one of those "excessive" details.

This excessive detail answered a question. I sometimes check the blog stats to see if a few humans are reading along with the bots. When it appears that someone is reading my tech history and science crap, I feel rewarded. This item looked to me like a human who might be finding the scientific material interesting:

NOW I SEE why this particular reader is reading. It's not for science.


Tuesday, July 21, 2020
  Another day? About right.

Previous item was 'Another day, another Breguet'. Pretty close to the literal truth.

I've been frantically churning out new 'courseware without a course' since the holocaust started in March. Trying to barrage the infinite evil with spiritual T-cells. Since July 1, seven separate projects, each involving some research and understanding along with forming up and animating the item:

(1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (6), (7), plus one actual scientific experiment.

Lots of folks are doing the same thing. "What are you doing now" items in Facebook groups show all sorts of interesting arts and crafts. In the neighborhood, gardens and lawns are blooming and neat, and several homes have built new pretty fences or put up those little miniature library kiosks.

War always causes an artistic response. Grotesquely unnecessary and ferociously unjust wars cause the greatest artistic responses.

The best part of all is the HUGE numbers of people who have come out of passive ignorance, triggered by the "racism" riots. At that moment everyone who was capable of learning LEARNED. This holocaust has NOTHING to do with any microscopic pathogen. It's ENTIRELY caused by giant psychopathogens acting as presidents and governors and mayors and especially Public Death Officers. Worst of all, the actual virus is getting worse SPECIFICALLY because of the lockdowns and masks, along with the direct ruination of lives and culture and business and medical care.

In places with sane rulers, the virus is done, which is how viruses work. Our immune system is ALL WE NEED to fight a virus. Anything that interferes with immunity is helping the virus and helping death.

Nature always tries to balance. Fight chaos with order, fight ugliness with beauty, fight insanity with intelligence.

Later, pulled the set together and released at ShareCG.

Also later: One neighbor is leaving literal seeds, and not just in his own garden. Just before the holocaust started, the "city" dysgovernment built a set of curvy walks in the median of the boulevard, which was intended to carry an interurban in 1910. A neighbor who lives across from the median has been working every morning, bringing a little wagon full of tools and seedlings, down on his hands and knees digging and watering and establishing an almost museum-quality garden along the neglected sidewalk. Heroic work in defense of civilization. Amazingly, the "city" hasn't yet mowed it down. I'm sure they'll get around to it sooner or later. Psychopaths have finite resources, but they never let anything decent or normal remain for long.

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  Another day, another Breguet

One more dubious unbuilt telegraph based on the dial design. This one was American, and the inventor wanted us to know it was American.

Lucius Curtiss of Cincinnati invented this in 1848, and proudly titled it The American Indicating Disc Telegraph.

It certainly would have worked, but it would have been unnecessarily hard to use because it didn't make proper use of the Breguet-style dial. Curtiss had one distinctly French idea. Following Chappe instead of Morse, he intended to make phrases and words the major unit of information. He also tried to incorporate the idea of letter frequency, which most early telegraphs ignored.

The dial had 25 segments, but they weren't letters. They were 5 repetitions of 01234. Sending required you to rapidly hit the key until you saw the dial reach the desired number, then vibrate the key again to the next number and so on. You would pause between sequences. A single number meant a vowel; two digits between pauses covered the consonants and punctuation; and three or four digits would encode common words.

Each key impulse would trigger the magnets to tick the escapement, and the weight would gradually pull the wheel around.

You'd watch your numberwheel to form the sequences, which would also appear on the numberwheel of the receiver.

Curtiss was clearly a deeply religious man who lived by the Bible. His suggested list of common words included eg chance, church, God, good, give, except, accept, shall, shalt, should.

Unfortunately real telegraphs, from Chappe to the Web, are primarily used by stock swindlers. So a more practical list of common words would include eg short, long, corner, monopoly, evade, tax, cheat, gyp, steal, kill, slaughter, exterminate, Negative, Externalities.

I've resisted the temptation to 'correct' the mechanism, because I feel a strong empathy for Curtiss and his futile attempt to use technology for good purposes. Nevertheless, the original Breguet dial could have been relabeled to send a similar numbergroup code with a lot less uncertainty and a lot less wasted motion.



The KSHS website has suddenly turned active again after several months of lockdown. Might be a sign that Kansas is starting to unlock? Hard to tell.

One of the new items happens to answer a random thought I'd been entertaining this week. I was thinking about the Goodnow Mansion, which was across the street from the house my parents owned for much of my school years in Manhattan. I spent a lot of time digging around in the midden behind the Goodnow house, which contained all sorts of relics from earlier decades. I remember a Model A bumper and other car parts.

Interesting trash disappeared in the '70s as part of EPA's "cleanup", which offshored trash along with industry and skills.

This week I was randomly wondering why K-State didn't pay any attention to that midden. They were doing archeology digs in those years, and the midden was just 6 blocks from campus, AND Goodnow was the founder of K-State. Should have been interesting to them, but apparently wasn't.

Turns out K-State did get around to investigating the midden, much later after it was buried.

Here's a horse bit from the Goodnow midden. (It's possible that I might have examined this item, but I was only interested in car stuff and electric stuff, so I wouldn't have remembered it.)

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  More fake outrage

I've been trying to point out that most complaints about Big Tech censorship are spurious. Not necessarily false flags, just failing to consider history and failing to notice reality.

The same applies to outrage about cancel culture on campus.

Here's outrage from Frank Furedi at Spiked:
What is happening here? Throughout modern history it was the university that sought to uphold free speech against encroachment by governments. Until relatively recently, the commitment to freedom in all its forms was far more robust on campuses than in any other part of society.

When I began my career as an academic in 1974, I had no doubt that we enjoyed a wide degree of freedom to express even the most controversial of views. We felt reassured that the freedom to argue and debate was seen as being integral to academic life.
Nonsense. I was on various campuses at various times in the '60s and '70s. Several big state universities and one small 'liberal' Christian college. There was freedom to argue for minor variations in the Currently Fashionable view, but no room at all for real alternatives. A serious Christian or Islamic view of the world, or a populist view of politics, or an Aristotelian (purpose-based) view of science, would have been dismissed instantly.

There has always been "reassurance" about "the commitment to freedom", but there has never been freedom. Universities have always been rigid tyrannies. Tenure made the tyranny even more rigid after 1970.

Censorship is probably louder now, thanks to social media, but it has always been total and effective.
  Big shift in the media

An editorial by the Boston Globe says it's time to reopen schools. Even better, the editorial says that THE SCIENCE agrees. Risk to kids and teachers is minimal.

Earlier, Mad Bomber Inslee had been screeching that he won't let Bad Orange Man Trump bully him into reopening.

The Globe is owned by NYTimes, so it can't possibly be mistaken for Orange Witch Powder Trump. NYTimes is the opinion center for Democrats.

= = = = =

Another interesting shift comes from a tech-monster outfit that is typically at the head of all Fashionable Panics, typically the first to SOUND THE ALARM about everything associated with Orange Man.

An email from
Summer is in full swing, but in many areas recreational facilities are closed and gatherings limited. Wondering how to stay entertained when movie theaters, pools, summer camps, amusement parks, playgrounds, concerts, and sporting events are all canceled or closed? The Internet Archive has a huge number of resources that you can use to make your own fun. Here are a few ideas for activities you can do in small groups, outdoors, for free, AND while using our collections!
Notice what's missing? No Malign Misattribution, no mention of the "virus" that AUTOMATICALLY FORCES us to stay closed and stay inside and stay bound and gagged. Instead, just the objective fact that recreational facilities "in many areas" ARE closed.

This is how businesses FORMERLY conducted their messaging. State the facts, don't try to turn the facts into witch hunts or partisan screeches. Try to gain commercial advantage from the situation without driving away 80% of the customers. As a bonus, they're giving GOOD HEALTH ADVICE, stating the permanent fact that going outside is good for you.


Sunday, July 19, 2020
  Sidereal sharia

Since this holocaust started, my dream scripter has been trying to preserve a separate mental space, which is a proper mental immune response to epidemics of insanity and evil. Often the dreams are obvious attempts to maintain CONFIDENCE in the face of the CONFIDENCE-SMASHING psychopaths.

Tonight's dream had the same confident tone, but the subject matter was unusual. It linked the 'Be Your Own Beacon' theme (stick with observed Nature no matter which team agrees with it) to Sharia Law.

Neither of those topics had ever appeared in a dream before.

The historical linkage of beacons and Islam is easy, and I've been thinking about it and writing about it already. Every advanced culture has used astronomy for religious purposes. Early Islam made a special point of this linkage, as seen in the Ridhwan clock.

The dream made the connection on a more personal level, avoiding a fake 'team' that was supposedly on the same side as Sharia. This temptation hasn't actually come up in real life, so I doubt that it's a literal warning; it's just a personal-level metaphor.

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  Adding Tennessee to the Reclamation Map.

Tennessee governor says firmly, NO new lockdowns, NO mask mandates.

Even more amazing, the state's Public HEALTH Officer is supporting public HEALTH instead of public DEATH.
Dr. Lisa Piercey from the Department of Health encouraged Tennesseans not to look just at the number of positive cases, but the rate of positive cases. That means the number of confirmed cases divided by the total number of tests reported that day. The positivity rate in Tennessee has stayed around nine or 10% with relative consistency. “This has more to do with batch reporting from labs than actually daily counts,” Piercey said of why the state averages more positive tests at the beginning of a week. “But [the positivity rate] hanging out in the plus or minus 9 percent range which is relatively stable and reassuring.”
Miraculous. Real facts and real science from a Public HEALTH Officer, and ACTIONS that support the real science. Placing numbers in correct context! Metrology! The epidemic of sanity is slowly spreading. How many DECADES before it reaches the West Coast?


Later: Some ambiguous semi-positive moves from Britain. Agencies are admitting officially that they've been using completely fraudulent death counts, and Boris says he "doesn't want" another lockdown. "Doesn't want" leaves plenty of wiggle room. But Britain is still totally mandating suicide masks starting next week. The official confession might presage a real change, but no real change yet.

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  First false flag

A new video from ACU.

Ruppert is talking in stark and heartbreaking terms about the INTENTIONAL DESTRUCTION OF JOY AND CONFIDENCE by the psychopathic terrorists. He's hitting the mark precisely, because this is the innate permanent natural purpose of psychopaths. Killing is always available, but killing is just spitting out a used-up wad of chewing gum after it loses its flavor. Destroying confidence is the FUN PART. Victims must NEVER be allowed to keep their mental balance. Every time the victim adapts to the latest grotesque incomprehensible tyranny, every time the victim starts to feel slightly stable and normal, the psychopath PUNCHES the victim and SLAMS his face back into the shit.

Unfortunately Ruppert also seems to be supporting one of the obvious false flags, the microchip vaccine story. It's clear that vaccination is expressed as a goal by the Public Death Officers, but this is solely to create a plausible and forever-movable goal post. Vaccinations don't work well for flu and common cold viruses, and this Haute-Couture Branded Virus is the common cold with a designer label. "Masking and locking until the vax works" is a deceptive way of saying "Masking and locking FOREVER." And of course the masking and locking serve to extend the epidemic forever, along with causing millions of extra wonderful deaths from all other causes. Beautiful positive feedback loop.

Even from a prosaic monetary standpoint the vax doesn't fit. If Big Pharma and Gates wanted to profit from a new forced vax, the previous mechanisms of Public Health, before it was switched to Public Death, could have done it. Many vaxes are already required for infants or school starters. With the power of the Gates Foundation, it would have been easy to add a new vax to the required set. No need to destroy the world.

False flags on all topics misuse constants and variables in this way. Flaggers tell us that the new evil is needed to accomplish a goal that either ALREADY EXISTS, or could have been accomplished easily without all the effort and expense of the new evil. The 'vote-by-mail' false flag is a good example. The flaggers claim that this holocaust is designed to force mail voting. Immediately wrong, because Wash and Ore and Calif, the heart of the holocaust, ALREADY HAVE mail voting.

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Saturday, July 18, 2020
  Rare candor from an insider

Spiked UK has an article written by a former prime minister of Iceland. We rarely get to read candid thoughts by former PMs, even though Iceland is an extremely small place and its PM is more like a mayor.

He shows how Iceland, an ethnically pure and strong community, pretty much one big family, was ripped apart by social media. The ripping helped to make the 2008 bank coup possible.

One particular fact stands out. The hack of the Panama Papers exposed several tax-avoiding crooks in Iceland, but also "exposed" this PM. He was able to refute the false accusation easily because of the small and basically transparent structure of Iceland. Still it's a good warning. Deepstate always runs both "sides". Some hacks are real, some hacks are Deepstate's efforts to destroy its enemies.

In the end it comes down to Be Your Own Beacon as usual. Observe reality directly and don't let Deepstate memoryhole or distort your own direct observations. Treat hacks the same way you treat other media excrescences called "news" "stories". If a hack agrees with what you already know from direct experience, it's probably valid. If it disagrees with direct experience, it's probably fake. If it's outside of your direct experience, you simply can't judge.

Hacks aren't Shannon information. You can't rely on them to tell you something you don't already know.
  Trying to de-LSD-ize an invention

Another semi-real descendant of the Breguet family, and another link between several of my patient machine sets. In this case I've reimagined the original to work better, using techniques fully available and understood at the time.

This was invented by a Monsieur Regnard in 1855. It was clearly intended as an alternate receiver for the Foy-Breguet system, which was the French official telegraph in those years. I've rigged it to use the same code patterns.

Regnard was trying to show letters on a screen. He used two wheels triggered by the incoming pulses. Each wheel always turned clockwise, and the pointer on the screen was pushed and pulled by a complex lever arrangement between the two wheels. His screen, shaped to fit the vector sum of the levers, was just plain weird and hallucinatory. (I'm convinced that inventors and artists in the 1800s were influenced by ergot in the bread.)

See what I mean?

The same function could have been accomplished in a much neater way by thinking in three dimensions, using Azimuth and Altitude as in telescopes or cannons. The pointer would then look like a telescope or cannon. Or a toucan.

One of the two input signals would tick the pointer from side to side by rotating a horizontal wheel. The other input signal would tick the pointer up and down by rotating a vertical wheel.

With those two motions coordinated, the pointer could find grid locations on a square screen, or could find letters arranged in grid form.

A larger version with a pencil or chalk mounted on the pointer could transmit pictures.

Later, of course, the Gray Telautograph accomplished the purpose in a strictly 2D way, again using two pulse-controlled wheels. The Telautograph became the standard way of transmitting signatures and sketches from 1890 to 1970.

[I've shown magnets that would 'flip' the ratchets forward. This probably wouldn't work well in reality; a system more like the rack and snail that drives a clock chime would have worked much better. I didn't feel like forming the more complex details needed for that setup, since this is just an imaginary reimagining of an imaginary invention.]

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  They just didn't bother

Good to see videos of Culp's rallies in small towns like Colville. Normal people gathering at normal distances with no alien suicide masks anywhere, no crime tape sealing off every aspect of normal healthy life, no visible Security Theater.

Verifies what I've been suspecting. Small towns just didn't worry much about Mad Bomber Inslee's slaughter. They kept living normally to a large extent. Spokane has been slammed because Mad Dominatrix Woodward LOVES to destroy civilization and humiliate people, just as much as Inslee does. Maybe more.

Next day: A similar pattern seems to hold in many of the crazy states and countries. In this Berenson thread today on the intentional use of suicide masks to create more illness and death, people from various countries are telling about the degree of masking. Someone will say that all of Canada is totally masked, then someone else will say Nope, not in this city. Someone will say that all of Mexico is totally masked, then Nope, not here.

If this worldwide terrorist attack is meant as a test, it seems to be testing leaders at the city level as well as states and countries. Which leaders are psychopathic enough to DERIVE SEXUAL PLEASURE FROM RUINING AND KILLING THEIR OWN COMMUNITIES, and which leaders are relatively sane? The extreme psychopaths will then be selected for further training and development toward the next stage of ruination.

This is a classic intel agency tactic. CIA would plant news stories or create fake events in various countries, then watch responses and recruit the most totalitarian responders.

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  Nice manipulation

For the last 12 years Wash has used a top-two system for its primary "elections". When this began, I was curious to see if it would change anything. I sort of hoped it would make life easier for true independents, if such creatures actually exist. In fact it didn't make much difference. The "two" "parties" still ended up "opposing" each other in the general "election".

This year it's clear that Deepstate is making good use of the system.

Here's the governor column of today's primary ballot:

This has never happened before. In previous years the primary had three or four reliable extras outside the "two" parties, perpetual candidates who enjoyed the game.

Now we have (I think) 35 candidates. Good old Goodspaceguy is still there. Three of the Repooflicans (Eyman, Freed, Culp) are serious with significant support. The others are new and meaningless.

The tactic is clear. Inslee has been slaughtering everyone in the state except himself and Bezos. Seattle enjoys being tortured with suicide ballgags, but doesn't enjoy being beaten by uncontrolled rioters. The rest of the state hates starvation and imprisonment and unemployment and torture. Something for everyone!

With so much dislike, it's theoretically conceivable that one of the other Ds might get on the ballot "opposing" Inslee, offering a palatable "choice" to Seattle. So it was necessary to clutter and confuse the space with dozens of meaningless names.

I "chose" Culp, the most serious and persistent of the Repoofs. I have no illusions that "elections" matter, but I still enjoy registering a sort of survey answer, for the sake of those Martian archeologists who might be interested in how Earth committed suicide. And I've shown it here as part of my overall futile push for opening up secrets.


  A little self-calibration

Denyse at UD recommends supporting all dissidents who are being attacked by Deepstate, whether we fully agree with them or not. I commented that it's not a good idea to blindly support all the "victims", because Deepstate always runs both sides of every dispute. Some of the victims are working for Deepstate, creating counternarratives that lead down the tinfoil path. A better rule is to stick with observed reality, stick with what you know best, and avoid automatic reactions. Let Nature speak for itself.


Until two years ago I was firmly agreeing with Denyse. Always support the dissidents. I had a NOW I SEE moment while defending Daleiden, the anti-abortion documentary film maker.

Even though I've understood the two-sides game for a long time, I was still putting money and words into one of the sides. It became clear that the organized support for Daleiden was fake. The Thomas More Society was filing endless "legal" actions, knowing full well that the problem couldn't possibly be solved in the courts. All "judges" serve Satan, and all lawyers serve Satan. Every one of their legal efforts failed, and they kept pursuing failure.

NOW I SEE. Daleiden himself may be real, but his defenders are part of the game. The organized effort is just another Pied Piper, another way to pull in a crowd of suckers, milk them dry, and lead them off a cliff.

In the current fake emergency I'm trying to adhere to the newer rule. When I see obvious false flags like "biowar" and microchipped vaccine on the skeptic side, I avoid them and criticize them. I stick to what I know. There's nothing new or fake about viruses and immunity. Those have been constant for a billion years, and the real knowledge about them has been constant for 200 years. No mysteries, no surprises. I know** the truth about viruses, and I know the truth about psychopaths based on personal experience. I'm trying to stay connected to the ground of real knowledge and real metrology. I'm undoubtedly failing in some ways, but so far I haven't spotted a failure.

= = = = =

** More to the point, our BODIES know the truth about viruses, and our BODIES can handle viruses without any conscious knowledge. They have been doing it for a billion years, and the later technical knowledge served mainly to help our BODIES do their job. Until March 2020, when the entire profession of "medicine" switched over to mass murder.

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  Reminding yet again

The BIG QUESTION remains untouched.

Who started this holocaust? For what purpose? How was the command distributed? What was the threat or blackmail that enforced it?

At this point about 1/3 of the world has come OUT of the holocaust. Some Euro governments have even stated openly that it was a mistake. They aren't pretending it was necessary to "cure" a "virus".

But nobody has answered the BIG QUESTION, even among the governments that stopped obeying.

Opening the blackmail would be the quickest and best way to SAVE the rest of the world from further destruction.

ACU is supposedly working on the question, but I won't believe it until they do it.

It shouldn't be hard to find somebody who knows the answer. All major governmental officials know. All the Public Death Officers know. Probably a million demons know the answer.

Until the blackmail is opened, there's no chance of preventing the NEXT stage in the destruction.

= = = = =

Let's think back to the last major fake emergency, 9/11. At that time there was lots of mainly pointless discussion about the value of torture. Would it be justified to prevent a mass casualty incident? My view at the time was that torture WOULD BE justified for that purpose, BUT we were torturing people who were NOT terrorists planning a mass casualty incident. So our ACTUAL use of torture was not justified.

Well, we now have the largest mass casualty terrorist attack in all of history, and it's still going on. Many parts of US are still being subjected to mass death and torture by psychopathic governors. We've expanded from torturing a few fake "terrorists" to torturing ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE who doesn't work for Deepstate.

Masks are waterboarding.

If we had a meaningful counterforce, a Mafia devoted to opposing Deepstate, the Mafia would be justified in finding one of those secret-holding demons and using all necessary means to extract the truth. Persuasion and threats first, then honeytrapping and blackmail, then torture if necessary.

Simple persuasion (backed by credible threats) is surprisingly effective on a criminal who isn't naturally psychopathic. When a youngster has been led into criminal activity by gang leaders, his natural moral sense is unhappy. He's ready to be led out of crime. Smart cops know this and use it.

As far as I can tell, nobody is even TRYING to find and persuade the weak links.

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Friday, July 17, 2020
  Bravo for Georgia.

Following up on previous item, here's another place where the genocidal clinical trial HAS been instantly halted.

Georgia Gov Kemp has been holding firm for a while. Today he established SOLID GROUND by ordering the Atlanta mayor to stop FORCING masks.

Like DeSantis of Florida, Kemp understands REAL IMMUNITY, not the grotesque fake murderous anti-science that infects most of this utterly fucked "country".

I'm adding Georgia to the Reclamation Map. Kemp hasn't taken down all of the nonsense yet, but his FIRM STAND against tyranny deserves celebration.

(Most of Europe has been fully restored now, but I'm using this map to mark courageous moves, not just going with the flow.)


  Clinical trial

Just another pointless observation.

Holocaust Central tells us that masks are supposed to "reduce" the "virus".

In fact increased mask usage INCREASES the "virus".

You don't need to know anything about the microscopic sizes of the cloth pores, and you don't need to know anything about immunity or recirculating microbes.


In real science, which is now utterly extinct, a clinical trial of a new pill or surgery would be HALTED INSTANTLY as soon as measurements show the treatment is causing MORE cancer or MORE pneumonia or whatever.

We are doing a HUGE worldwide clinical trial of masks. We are quickly and dramatically seeing an INCREASE in the disease wherever the "treatment" is used more extensively.

The clinical trial should be HALTED INSTANTLY, but it won't be. It will be extended forever because the epidemic will extend forever.

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