Friday, May 31, 2019
  MMT conquers all

DW has a cute feature on the Trabi, with pix from a 25th anniversary meeting of the Trabi club. Most of the description is accurate, with one notable exception.
When you finally received your Trabant, you couldn't drive around as carefree as these guys at the Anklam convention. You had to keep track of how much gas was still in the tank — regular Trabis didn't have a fuel gauge. The only sign that the car was running out of fuel was when the engine started sputtering. That was the driver's cue to find a gas station, and fast.
Not quite. Like the early VW, the Trabi had a two-way valve in the tank. In the normal setting, the fuel came from a couple inches above the bottom. When it started sputtering, you quickly turned the valve to 'Reserve', which opened up an inlet at the bottom. You then had about one gallon left, which would take you 30 or 40 miles. Unless you were way out in the wilderness, you had plenty of time to find a gas station.

= = = = =

In an MMT mood, this leads me to.........

= = = = = START REPRINT:

What happened to free samples in the mail? I used to enjoy getting those little one-use packets of soap or shampoo or aspirin, keeping them as 'reserve tanks'.

A habit inspired by the old pre-1961 VW, which had no fuel gauge. You were supposed to be Krautistically disciplined, filling the tank every 200.00 km on the dot. As a concession to sloppy non-Aryans the Bug had a little lever under the dashboard that gave you an extra 'Reserve Tank' to reach the next Official VW Petrol Station. (Actually there wasn't an extra tank; the lever simply switched from a high inlet pipe to a low inlet pipe so you could use the lowest gallon in the tank.) Needless to say, the device worked exactly once for us disorganized non-Aryans because we not only failed to track each kilometer in the Fahrenlogbuch, we also forgot to set the lever back to the normal high-inlet position after filling up.

Still, I liked the principle and formed the household habit of keeping one 'reserve' for necessaries like soap and toilet paper, in a non-obvious location so I won't just unconsciously pick it up and use it. Those samples were ideal for the purpose, and occasionally served their intended purpose of switching me to another brand.

Sometime in the last decade, consumer companies absolutely stopped all free samples, and charities stopped sending those little guilt-inducing free gifts. Those gifts worked: even though I knew the little gadget wasn't really made by the blind crippled orphans at St Sulphura's Home, my old midwestern ethic required me to pay for something received.

Was the loss of samples a result of 9/11? Heimatssicherheitsordnung? Seems like it would have to be a regulation, not just a postal rate hike; higher rates wouldn't cause total cessation.

Google doesn't have an answer to the question, at least with the phrases I can think of.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

It's not surprising that DEUTSCHE Welle no longer understands DEUTSCHE Schwabischkeit. Soros conquers all.


  What happened?

Via twitter,

A 600-page textbook about MMT has sold out.

Sold out? How can that be? Everyone knows that every resource is infinite! That's the whole point of MMT. You can borrow and borrow and borrow and borrow and spend and spend and spend and spend, because you can't possibly run out of VALUE.

But for some mysterious reason, completely outside of your comprehension, the printer was unable to order INFINITE reams of paper, and unable to order INFINITE hours of labor by the pressmen, and unable to order INFINITE space in their storerooms.

You need a new publisher, Mosler! You need an MMT publisher who can instantly create INFINITE paper out of INFINITE trees, and INFINITE ink out of INFINITE petroleum, and INFINITE power for the presses out of INFINITE coal, and INFINITE labor out of INFINITE unpaid slaves, and INFINITE storage space out of INFINITE concrete and steel and asphalt.

That's the MMT world. You believe in the MMT world, but for some reason you were unable to use the INFINITE resources of the MMT world.

What happened?

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  You know you're old....

You know you're old when familiar objects start showing up in archeological digs.

Latest item at KSHS:

Some medicine bottles found by archeologists.

The one on the right is listed as made by Owens Illinois from 1929 to 1954. I remember this as the standard bottle for liquid medications, both prescription and non-prescription. Everything from cough syrup to Calamine lotion. My hands remember unscrewing the cap on gooey Calamine, followed by relief when the lotion hit a mosquito bite.

I'm old.

Sidenote: KSHS seems to be on hiatus or something. Very few listings for several months.


  Big promotion for the 'thals

UncommonDescent has been keeping track of the gradual promotion of Neanderthals from gorilla to human. It's amusing, but it's also a positive sign of decreasing theorigenic blindness among anthropologists.

The standard picture of Neanderthal = Fundamentalist Conservative Deplorable lasted for a century. The actual bones and cave paintings and tool remnants haven't changed, but without theory goggles the anthropologists are finally starting to reassess the remnants.

Now a new step in the promotion! (UD hasn't caught this one yet.)


Declining fertility rates may explain Neanderthal extinction


Population modelling shows population could have dwindled to extinction due to demographics, not catastrophe

In other words, the Neanderthals became Episcopalians and Reform Jews and Unitarians. They became elite cultureless Sorosian secularists who saw no point in reproducing.

Does this mean the other subspecies like CroMagnons will now be demoted to Fundamentalist KKK TrumpHitler Deplorables?

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Thursday, May 30, 2019
  AMLO's greeting card

AMLO has sent an impassioned 'card' or open letter to Trump.

Since the PDF is a photograph, not a proper OCR type, I can't just mechanically copy-paste into Google Translate, so here's my EXTREMELY CRUDE ATTEMPT at a loose translation of the highlights.

(Interestingly, the photograph preserves a hand-penned emphasis on the part about FDR.)

= = = = =

President Trump: Social problems are not resolved by blockades or coercive measures.

The first president of Mexico, Benito Juarez, maintained excellent relations with the heroic Lincoln. Later, during the expropriation of petroleum, FDR understood the deep reasons that impelled Cardenas to act in favor of our sovereignty. For sure, FDR was a titan of liberty.

You know also that we are fulfilling our responsibility to avoid, in the range of possibility and without violating human rights, emigration from our nation. Remember that, just a little while ago, the Mexicans had no need to assist the US, [??] and that migration should be optional, not forced. We are combating corruption, the main problem of Mexico RIGHT NOW. Our nation is being converted into a power with a social dimension. Our citizens should be able to work and be happy where they were born, where their families and customs reside.

Specifically, citizen President:

I propose deepening the dialog, trying basic alternatives to the problem of migration. And PLEASE remember that I don't lack valor, that I'm not a coward, but always act on principle. I believe in a politics that was developed to avoid confrontation and war. I don't believe in the Law of the Talon, the 'tooth for tooth and eye for eye', because if we go that way, we will be toothless and eyeless.

Finally, I propose that you instruct your functionaries, if it's not TOO inconvenient for them, to meet with representatives of our government who are leaving for Washington tomorrow, aiming to achieve an agreement of benefit to both nations.

= = = = =

I've undoubtedly missed a hundred meanings, but I'm pretty sure I captured the tone.

Trump's brainless NYC fuckheads would do well to remember that AMLO is not a coward, not easily bowled over. You're dealing with the FDR of this generation, a true titan of liberty; and like FDR he has the full support of his people because he fully supports his people.

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  Same old song

Important insight from a commenter at NakedCapitalism.

He links an article on the history of black teachers, then observes:

The article points out some aspects of school integration that I’d never considered before: specifically that while the students were integrated, the teachers were not. That’s such an important aspect that I’m a little flabbergasted I’d never read or thought about it before.

= = = = =

Ditto the flabbergast. I lived through that change, but never thought about it before.

When I started school in 1956, Brown vs Board was fresh. Douglass High was closed shortly thereafter. By the time I reached junior high, the students were fully and successfully integrated, but THERE WERE NO BLACK TEACHERS or administrators or even janitors. This was about 5 years after the closure of Douglass High. What happened to them?

Going back as usual to the 1940 Census, black neighborhoods were FULL of teachers and doctors and undertakers and other professionals. There was a strong black upper class. Poor blacks lived on the same blocks with professional blacks, so the classes and occupations mixed.

There were plenty of black teachers. Where did they go? Globalization ate them.

Graybill's Law. Integration is globalization. Integration is LBO. After nations or ethnic groups or companies are merged into a single economic playing field, each module loses its internal variety and fulfills one function in the global field. Blacks are now supposed to be athletes and entertainers and corrupt politicians. Blacks with other talents are out of luck.

= = = = =

The linked article is mostly making a bigger and more urgent point:
Some of the most stressful situations that an individual will go through is during the transition from adolescence into adulthood. As a black woman who teaches Life Skill classes called ‘Leadership’ to high school students, I have witnessed so much desire from students to learn skills that I have thought to be very practical in nature but quite difficult to execute these days. Students need to be provided with tangible skills that can be transferable from the classroom, into a career setting, their neighborhoods, and for future generations to come behind them.

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  New definition of Practical

Now that Georgia has limited Satan's freedom to kill babies, Satan Iger of Disney Satan says:

"I don’t see how it’s practical for us to continue to shoot there."

Practical: Unfettered freedom to murder anybody we want.

This has always been the definition used by maniacal omnicidal holocausting psychopaths, but most of them didn't feel quite so unfettered in their ability to EXPRESS the definition. Now all the boundaries are down. No fences, no walls, no laws. Only zombies marauding through a dying landscape.

= = = = =

Later thought: Following Ashera's theory that abortion laws are all about regulating the price of fetal commodities, Satan Iger is using 'practical' in the normal sense. The movie business depends on a reliable and cheap supply of processed fetal parts. Movie stars start every day with a Power Drink made of pureed baby livers, and lunch on Calvarium Salad. These delicacies are vegan by definition, since fetuses are non-life by the Tribe's definition of life.


Wednesday, May 29, 2019
  Constants and Variables 132, six in one edition

"News" is focusing on tornados in Okla and Mo this week. Those are bad but normal. May is always tornado month, and some of the twisters are always serious. The ABNORMAL part is the flooding from constant unceasing rain.

This list in the Enid News & Eagle is impressive. Every county has some flooding.

The accompanying map is even more impressive.

Everything east of the Dry Line has received six months of rain in one month, plus heavy rains everywhere for a full season. So far there's no massive full-city flooding like the '51 Kansas floods or the '73 Enid flood**. All rivers are above flood stage, mainly affecting low areas near the river.

We're repeating the '30s. Stuck jet streams are holding the rain in one place for months. Flood here, drought there. In a sane country this would have called up a huge research program to unstick the jet streams. We are not sane. We are dead. We will continue pouring ALL of our resources into propitiating Gaia, which is another name for enriching NYC. We will continue burning all Deplorables and feeding the ashes to NYC to boost the Dow.

** The '73 Enid flood was caused by six months of rain in one NIGHT. Specifically, 20" in two hours.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2019
  First entertainment, now decoration?

Earlier I postulated that entertainment is a universal purpose of life.

Here's some evidence that decoration is also universal.

Headline: This Fungus Mines For Gold, Then Wears It

Main point:
The gold-crusted fungus, called Fusarium oxysporum, doesn't just look fancy; it also seems to benefit from the bling, spreading faster and growing larger than unadorned fungi, researchers reported in a new study.

The scientists used a scanning electron microscope to create highly magnified images of F. oxysporum collected in western Australia, revealing the fungus's tendrils liberally encrusted with tiny bits of gold. The fungus is thought to gather the gold through chemical reactions with underground minerals; it dissolves gold flakes using oxidation and then produces another chemical to make the dissolved gold solidify around the fungal threads.

However, it is not yet known how the fungus identifies gold, and though gold decoration seems to benefit the fungus, the precise mechanisms of how that works are unclear, according to the study.
The gold particles aren't continuous, so the fungus isn't building a low-resistance signal wire. Maybe it just enjoys being pretty. Or maybe the reflectors form a heliograph-type semaphore. Or more likely, the gold dots are charge-eaters like pine needles.


  Elon's hundreds

Latest idiocy from Elon:

"Opposite is true: you can have 100's of layers of tunnels, but only one layer on surface (to first approximation), therefore trains should be on surface, cars below,"

I had written a long text to point out all the absurdities, then decided that a long graphic would do the job better.

This is just 24 tunnels, not 200. Even on this smaller scale, how do you get a constant stream of cars going up and down and in and out and accelerating to 150 MPH and decelerating to 0, with no LEFT AND RIGHT LANES to absorb the changes? You can't.

How about elevators instead of parking-structure ramps? Freight elevators go about 100 ft/min. The 200th tunnel will be about 4000 feet down, so it will take 40 minutes down and 40 minutes up. That's 80 minutes of purely wasted time. If you want to imagine a grain elevator manlift 4000 feet high, capable of carrying several 4000-pound cars, you're welcome to try. Next, imagine what happens when one car fails to exit at its desired tunnel and flips over the top, or crunches down into the bottom well.

Also, when you stack up "hundreds" of tunnels you're creating a long and deep perforation in the earth. This picture makes it clear. In other words, you're creating a FAULT LINE.


  Aberree vs SAT

I added this 1951 episode of This Is Your FBI to my bedtime playlist. I hadn't heard this episode in several years. Between the first hearing and today's hearing, I had spent time studying the Aberree, learning about the early history of the Hubbard Cult. Now I can see that the episode is unquestionably talking about Hubbard.

The Aberree was published from 1954 to 1964, providing a printed voice for Hubbard refugees and dissidents. According to various articles, FBI was curious about Hubbard at the start, because Hubbard seemed to be opposing many of FBI's pet fake-"Russian" projects. FBI instigated and penetrated in the usual way, but lost interest after realizing that Hubbardites were NYC, not Deplorables. FBI's job is to defend NYC from humans.

This episode is unique in tone and structure. It's the only episode where Special Agent Taylor is shown having a private life, and the only episode where Special Agent Taylor is reluctant to bring the full weight of FBI into a problem. Normally he finds a way to fit the problem into FBI's fake "limitations". In this case he resists, even though the situation clearly demands FBI action.

= = = = =


One of Special Agent Taylor's friends, while trying to make time with a girl, realizes the girl lives in a strange situation. As he gets to know her better, he finds that the situation is the Astral Control Cult, which strictly regulates the friendships of its members. As an outsider, he is cut off from the girl. The friend approaches Agent Taylor, who is uncharacteristically unhelpful.

Friend: I went there, and they wouldn't let me in. A zombie in a long white gown gave me some doubletalk about rules. Said Mary was in seclusion.

Special Agent Taylor: What does that mean?

Friend: I don't know. I get the feeling Mary is being held against her will.

SAT: Well Bruce, this is 1951.

Friend: Jim, can you help me?

SAT: [Ironic tone] Suuuure. I keep a white charger in the garage. The minute a fair damsel gets in distress, I whip out my trusty suit of armor.

Friend: Can't you help?

SAT: [Lecturing tone] Look. The constitution allows people to worship a matchbox if they want to. She can study Astral Control, voodooism, or whatever she likes.

Friend: You sound like you don't care.

SAT: It's not that. You see, the FBI has jurisdiction over 127 "laws". None of them cover religious cults as such.

= = = = =

Because every episode needs to end with a dramatic arrest, SAT eventually finds out that the cult leader is using the slaves to steal stuff. He arrests the leaders for theft.

Given the timeline and the description, this is clearly the Hubbard cult; and the hands-off attitude also fits the timeline. FBI seemed to be signaling Hubbard that he was safe.

Note specifically that held against her will, the prima facie definition of kidnapping, receives only scorn from SAT. Kidnapping is normally the TOP PRIORITY among those 127 "laws" that FBI handles.

Other cults have experienced, shall we say, a more hands-on attitude from FBI. Christian cults are highly flammable and bombable. 1993 provided a controlled experiment. The Branch Davidians and the Church Universal Triumphant were similar cults, both gathering guns and building bunkers. Koresh was nominally Christian, CUT was literally Astral Control. Koresh was destroyed, CUT was ignored.

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Monday, May 27, 2019
  More verification that the brain never stops growing

Via RCS:
Lazarov and colleagues looked at post-mortem hippocampal tissue from 18 people with an average age of 90.6 years. They stained the tissue for neural stem cells and also for newly developing neurons. They found, on average, approximately 2,000 neural progenitor cells per brain. They also found an average of 150,000 developing neurons. Analysis of a subset of these developing neurons revealed that the number of proliferating developing neurons is significantly lower in people with cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease.
There's some Kuhnian resistance to the idea. Many generations of scientists have grown up with the firm notion that brains stop growing at 21. This latest bit of straightforward histology should help to overcome the non-plasticity of the non-plasticity advocates.

150K developing neurons isn't an impressive number compared to the billions that develop in the first year of life, but it's still a firm disproof of the non-growth theory.


(Also, Lazarov is a nice semi-aptronym!)

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  They don't even listen to their paycheck

I'm constantly amazed at the total disconnect between paid "experts" and reality. "Experts" don't listen to anything.

Extreme example on BBC's coverage of their own total defeat.

All of their experts were saying "For the sake of democracy our party needs to stay in power so we can call a second referendum on the Brexit question. The first referendum was invalid because it came out wrong."

JESUS. Yesterday's election WAS THE SECOND FUCKING REFERENDUM. And it came out even MORE decisively against the government's wicked satanic desires. The experts, WHO WERE PAID TO DISCUSS THE RESULTS OF THE SECOND REFERENDUM, were calling for a SECOND REFERENDUM.

It's like driving a car and bitching that you want to be driving instead of walking.

Selfish sidenote: For me the best part of the British election is Ann Widdecombe as MEP. Widdecombe is a STRICT truth-teller. She has zero patience for idiocy and shared lies, and never wastes time hedging idiocy. Plain truth in every word. Widdecombe is also the ONLY POLITICIAN IN THE WORLD who understands criminals and prisons. All other politicians have a PERFECTLY WRONG DYSUNDERSTANDING of the subject.

Later for clarity: 'Hedging idiocy' is an opaque phrase. What I mean is this: If you respond to idiocy by denying the accusation, you are participating in the shared lie. "I'm not a racist" instantly acknowledges that the accuser has a point, that the accuser is on the right track. You have merely started the trial with an innocent plea. The trial will end up with your destruction. Farage and Widdecombe have learned how to jump past the false accusations, escape from the boundaries of the shared lies, and dig into the real question.


Sunday, May 26, 2019
  Need to watch out

Farage's newly branded party needs to gather a BIG LESSON from what happened to Austria's nationalist party. An obvious honeytrap sting by fake "Russians", as always.

In the '50s and '60s, leftist dissidents were well aware of FBI's satanic evil, and carefully selected and trained their workers and officials to detect and avoid FBI atrocities. FBI is still on the prowl for heretics now, assisted as always by the demon media. The branding of the dissidents has changed since Lady Edgar died, but the methods have remained the same for 1000 demonic years.

In Euro the local equivalents of Deepstate are also on the prowl, assisted as always by the demon media.

For some reason "right-wing" dissidents are more gullible and less paranoid. Roy Cohn was able to literally penetrate Old Drunk Joe, then figuratively penetrate the Birchers and Trump in later decades. "Right-wing" dissidents have always suicidally assumed that strange mythical entities called "laws" and "constitutions" will protect them from FBI and CIA and media penetration. Deepstate knows better. Deepstate doesn't use "laws".

Later thought: Actually the Austrian nationalist party would have done better to simply disband after Kurz adopted their platform and started controlling the border. Mission accomplished, go home and rest. An organization that keeps running after its purpose is achieved ALWAYS descends into corruption. Parkinson's Law.
  Saluting France after a long pause

Polistra used to celebrate France as a country that chose its own path and did many things the right way. Under Hollande and Macron, she didn't find anything to celebrate. France became just another brainless slave of Soros.

Now there's a reason to celebrate again.

LePen's party has DEFEATED Macron's party in the EU election!

Looking at constants and variables:

Constant 1: In countries where Populists are already in charge, the Populists also won the EU representation. (Italy, Poland, Hungary)

Constant 2: In countries where EU is good for the country, the EU party continues in power locally and in EU parliament. (Holland, Krautland)

Variables: In countries where the EU is bad for the country BUT the existing government is pro-EU, the voters are REJECTING the existing bad government. (MASSIVELY in England, meaningfully in France and Greece)

In short: Democracy is working. Where the ruling party agrees with the people, the ruling party continues to rule. Where the ruling party has fucked up, the ruling party is rejected.

Important sidenote: BBC video shows that the balloting is ALL PAPER. Millions of votes on PAPER are being tabulated and finalized by hand within HOURS after the close of polling. There is NO EXCUSE for machine or electronic voting. Electronic voting is SLOWER than paper, and offers VASTLY GREATER OPPORTUNITY for hacking and corruption. When the individual votes and totals exist only in a computer, the result can be altered instantly with no audit trail. When the votes are on paper, the audit trail is AUTOMATIC.

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  Reprint on high-status hippies

In previous item on Senior and Junior Niedermeyer, I mentioned the high-status hippies who used the hippie era as a springboard for prosperity. This deserves a slightly edited reprint of a 2015 item on the fact that fashionable people retain fashionable beliefs.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Here's a typically stupid article on culture in the Atlantic.

Main point of article:

The congressmen with facial hair were thought to be more masculine, less feminist, and less likely to support women’s rights, Herrick wrote in a blog post about her work. As a consequence, women and self-identified feminists in the group said they were less likely to vote for them.

Totally confused. Probably some truth in the observation, but the article jumbles up every possible constant and variable in discussing causation.


Start with one constant rule: Attractive people hold fashionable beliefs.

Like most rules of behavior, this is far from absolute. Circumstances and random shit can get in the way. Still, it's a fairly valid generality. Why is it mainly true?

Attractive people get most of what they want. Jobs, mates, status.

For obvious reasons, culture tells us that the way to get jobs, mates and status is to follow the currently fashionable beliefs and behaviors. Culture also makes it easier to follow fashionable beliefs and behaviors.

Therefore, most people start out doing the "right" things. Attractive people get good results, so they have no reason to change. They continue doing the "right" things and believing the "right" beliefs. Unattractive people get poor results, so they lose faith in the fashionable beliefs and start doing unconventional things.

The rest is temporary variables. The permissibility of beards is strongly variable. In 1850 every man had a beard unless forbidden by religion or occupational necessity. In 1950 every man was clean-shaven unless forbidden by religion. At those points in fashion history you couldn't use beards as an indicator.

Since 1960 whiskers are purely optional. Thus owning a beard is a pretty fair indicator that a man is unattractive and wants to improve his appearance.

So we have the basic causation. Variable: Beard means unattractive. Constant: Unattractive men have been forced to examine fashionable beliefs closely, because adhering to fashion doesn't work.

One more variable: Currently fashionable beliefs about human characteristics and behavior are wildly delusional, which means that unfashionable beliefs are inevitably closer to reality. This wasn't always the case. Before 1960, the beliefs you'd pick up from books and schools and media were reasonably close to the facts of Nature, so unattractive people were more likely to hold delusional views like feminism. Since 1960 the Correct Line has been steadily accelerating toward an unimaginable set of bizarre psychotic hyperdelusions. As late as 1990, any human who held today's LEGALLY REQUIRED beliefs would have been considered dangerously insane.

Professor Polistra attempts to illustrate. Top part of graph shows the range of fashionable views (beige blob) in 1950. The fashionable blob was clustered near truth. Unconventional views thus had to move away from truth. Bottom part of graph shows the range of fashionable views in 2015. The blob is literally off the chart, beyond all measurable lines of falsehood. Unconventional views have to move closer to truth because there's no room on the more delusional end.

Closing the circle back to the original survey: The politicians with beards were correctly perceived as low-status and unattractive, and that's why the female voters didn't like them. The female voters correctly attributed low-status beliefs to the low-status men. The rejection was based on the primary judgment of status, not on the secondary beliefs. We're not allowed to think in terms of caste, so the judgment had to be associated with ideology.

= = = = = END REPRINT.
Saturday, May 25, 2019
  Father/son dynamics

It's interesting to see the father/son dynamics between Paul (father) and Ed (son) Niedermeyer. Both are extremely smart and detail-minded and ambitious. Both run websites about cars. Their attitudes are opposite. Paul (about 60) is one of those high-status hippies who managed to use the hippie era as a springboard to prosperity; so he retains the values that have served him well. Ed (about 40) rebelled against hippie COOLness toward a more old-fashioned view.

Paul is an all-out Tesla cultist, even though he doesn't own one. He will rip out the throat of any commenter who questions Elon's wisdom.

Ed is one of the leading skeptics, but always strictly on the basis of facts. His website has consistently and coherently exposed Elon's fakes and idiocy.

Today's wisdom from Ed:
The difference between a Tesla and its growing competition has less to do with the design/performance car itself and far more to do with the build quality, reliability and service ubiquity/availability. Don't read the reviews for consumer advice, read the forums.
Yup. It's an old story. In the '60s, VW beat the other imports on "service ubiquity/availability". VW built a huge dealer network with competent mechanics and well-stocked parts departments before it tried to go national. Renault and Fiat skipped that step.

Renault was a better car than VW in EVERY way, including reliability, but without regular maintenance Renaults failed faster than VWs. Fiat was equal to VW in unreliability, so without service Fiats failed SUPERFAST.

Judging by what I read, Teslas are in the Fiat category. Crappy and unreliable, with very little service available.

The important then/now difference is the FORUMS. In the '60s you had to rely on the experience of friends and family. If you didn't know several people who already owned a specific car, you had no way to prejudge the experience.
  Tesla as seen from 1949, part 3

More proof that Elon is watching the same serial I'm watching.


Taxi pulls up, looks legit.

Good scientist is TRAPPED! Door won't open, taxi drives under remote control.

Taxi's heating system emits clouds of poison!

Nuff said.

Repeating the more serious point.... These adventure serials weren't meant to be real science. They weren't even trying to be high quality sci-fi. Nevertheless, they were deeply and permanently right about autonomy. Machines can NEVER make their own decisions. Machines will ALWAYS be remote-controlled by humans. The taxi that appears to be autonomous is really operating under the command of Bad Scientist Vulcan. It's the same now. The taxi that appears to be autonomous is really commanded by Bad Scientist Elon, and its job is to poison Good Scientists.


  Constants and Variables 131, drunk squirrel edition

Just as every corporation must rigidly conform to the demonic dysvalues of the investment class instead of the customers, paid "scientists" must rigidly conform to the demonic dysvalues of the granting class instead of science. Every study must insert the required plug for either "global warming" or "evolution". SHARE VALUE IS THE UNIVERSE.

Sometimes the required plug is just excess verbiage that can be rejected by your mental ad-blocker, but usually it spoils the real purpose of the study.

Example of the latter via Eurekalert: A finding that starts to explain the beneficial action of lactobacteria in fermented food.
Now, Stäubert and her colleagues have found one way that lactic acid bacteria interact with our bodies. Initially the researchers were investigating proteins on the surface of cells called hydroxycarboxylic acid (HCA) receptors. Most animals have only two types of this receptor but humans and great apes have three. The researchers discovered that a metabolite produced by lactic acid bacteria, D-phenyllactic acid, binds strongly to the third HCA receptor, signalling the immune system their presence.
Good so far. Not a solution yet, but a path that could lead to better understanding and more precise use of lactobacteria.
The researchers propose that the third HCA receptor arose in a common ancestor of humans and great apes, and enabled them to consume foods that are starting to decay, such as fruits picked up from the ground.
Here's the ad for good old Savannah Sabertooth.

First, it's simply unnecessary. Descriptions based on "evolution" are ALWAYS unnecessary. All problems can be understood fully, and all solutions can be implemented fully, without TOUCHING the whole concept of "evolution".

Second, EVERY mammal eats fermented fruit, and many mammals enjoy it. So the ability to eat fermented fruit is NOT specific to humans and chimps. If research focuses on this distinction, it will waste time and effort.

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  Award for poor survey design

The city's website offered this WSDOT survey aimed at walkers and public transit users. Since I'm the target demo, I took the survey.

Atrocious design!

Faint gray outlines, clumsy blocking of text, poorly worded questions, vaguely distinguished choices. It would have been somewhat easier with the choices in rows instead of columns, but that wouldn't solve the wording.

Maybe this arrangement looks better on a Portable Cellular Telephonic Device, but I don't have a Portable Cellular Telephonic Device. I just have a computer. And there's some correlation between walkers and non-device users, so the survey is biased against the target demo.
Friday, May 24, 2019
  Missing the motive

Noted this strange story via Jalopnik, which left most details out.

Looked for more detail. As usual, Bing failed to catch it even with the full word:

but Google knew what I meant with just one letter:

Looking at a story from NYC media, dude is obviously a gangster. Short hair, flat expression, long criminal record.

The "news" accounts emphasize that he's not political or "terrorist" but miss the more obvious criminal motive. Halting a train or coach is a time-honored way to rob lots of people at once. Either he's practicing for a bigger operation, or the other gang members were ready but decided not to proceed.

Always on the watch for Self-Explanatory Sentences, or One-Sentence Biographies.

This is the BEST EVER. Nothing can ever approach it.

Stefan Halper is a ratfucker and a spy.

Gives me the syntactic shivers. Semantic orgasm. Intensely packed and condensed perfection of meaning.

Best of all, it's the first sentence of a legal document, filed by one of the millions of people Ratfucker has fucked.



  Beadboard-ers again

In previous item I noted:
The real difference between then and now is the ease of renting storefronts and rooms with a view. Before 1970, most downtown buildings had an assortment of rentable rooms, often serving as apartments. Malls and restrictive zoning and "fair" housing laws eliminated most of those rooms from the market.
Here's an example of those rooms from the 1940 Census. This page lists the residents of an unnamed 'hotel' at 111 W Maine in Enid, which later became the Cromwells store. When I worked at Cromwells in the early '70s I often went upstairs to fetch various items from storage, and gradually explored the place. At that time the rooms were no longer rented but contained some leftover furniture. A few downtown buildings still had occupied apts in 1970.

The upper two stories of the building were all beadboard, divided into small rooms with a central hall running front to back.

Each floor had one common bathroom and no kitchen facilities. Residents must have eaten in nearby lunchrooms. (Though the census doesn't list businesses, the details suggest that the ground floor was a cafe in 1940.)

Most of the rooms were occupied by older single men. Four of the rooms contained families.


Thursday, May 23, 2019
  Disappointed but not surprised

As the EU parliament election runs through various countries, Holland voted first and stuck with the Union. I'm not especially happy, but not surprised. Holland gets the good end of EU both culturally and economically. EU was originally designed BY and FOR Benelux, and its direction hasn't changed. Holland's culture and laws are already Sorosian, so EU laws help to enforce its satanic biases and bigotries against Christians and other Natural Law Deplorables.

Holland doesn't have the urban/rural divide that shows up in France and Italy. It's all urban, all Soros. It hasn't suffered much from the Soros invading army of migrants. So a pro-EU vote is rational and sane for Holland.

In a definitional way, sticking with the union is the populist choice for Holland. EU serves the interests of Holland's own people. Even though the survival of civilization REQUIRES the end of EU, I can't consistently argue with this decision.


  Hacking was hard!

Hacking wasn't easy before the internet. You had to figure out a way to SEE or HEAR the adversary with actual EYES and EARS.

= = = = =

Example 1:

Collectible Auto this month has a historically important biography feature. The focus, Bill Robinson, wasn't one of the big names, but he's unquestionably the last survivor from the era of big names, the last man alive who knew Exner and Engel and Earl. He worked at Chrysler from '48 to '80, and had a major part in designing the '57 to '60 models. At 93 Robinson is fully active and extremely sharp.

Robinson tells some details that I haven't seen in print before.
Each of the Big Three had a spy system. We had a full-time spy, and when he would go to Ford he would rent an Olds so they would think GM was spying on them. We built a U-shaped wall adjacent to our building so nobody could see in. It was made of telephone poles. We called it The Fort. But there was a house in Highland Park with a third story on it, and we found out that GM was renting that house. Another incident: I was working on a concept car, full-size, and they decided not to do it, and I threw the drawing in the trash. I got a call later from a friend at Ford who said "Bill, we've got your drawing here." They were buying our trash.

= = = = =

Example 2, from Telegraph Age in 1906, p 339 of the PDF. Several radio and TV shows about rackets featured variations on this time-shifting system, and I've always been suspicious. It didn't seem plausible. Seemed like way too much effort and expense for the payoff. Obviously I was wrong!
The scheme of tapping race wires and returning a false winner is not by any means the most up-to-date method of affecting the poolrooms. In fact, it is regarded nowadays as crude, risky and uncertain. There are other methods more elaborate, but less dangerous, by which, it is said, eight or ten men have cleared between $75,000 and $100,000 a year out of the poolrooms for the past few years. It is a game upon which even the law would find difficulty in laying its hands.

At this season of the year certain men meet in New York, the leader of whom is known as Big Al, to formulate plans for the season. A week later these men will have scattered over the country, North and South. They begin by spotting poolrooms and “clocking” them to ascertain the exact time between the start of a race and the cessation of betting. They also take note of the windows of the poolrooms, and the availability of securing rooms on the opposite side of the street.

An important essential to the plan is the establishment of a central telephone office. This central office is connected with a telephone overlooking the racetrack, from where a view of the finish can be obtained. Now suppose that the conspirators have planned to fleece half a dozen poolrooms in New York on a certain race. Each one of these poolrooms has a window opening on the street, on the opposite side of which Big Al's contingent has hired a flat or a room or a real estate office, or whatever they may choose to call it. These rooms or offices are fitted with telephones.

On the race programme each horse is given a certain number. Previous to the race to be beaten Long Jack, who next to Big Al is the most prominent in the gang, takes up a position in the infield from which he can command a clear view of the race. At a window of the house outside the track where the telephone is worked stands one of the men with a powerful field glass watching Long Jack. Another man sits at the telephone connecting with the central office.

At the central office are two telephone men, one at the race track wire and the other at the wires connecting with perhaps three “real estate" offices opposite the poolrooms to be fleeced.

In the real estate offices men are at the phones and also at the windows. In the poolroom about the time the race is to be run a harmless looking young man takes his stand near the window, where he can be seen from the street. Thus the entire gang is set up and ready for business.

The horses get away from the post. Long Jack never moves his eyes from them, and the man outside the ground never takes his eyes from Long Jack. Half a furlong from the finish Long Jack, with his wonderful gift of race reading, knows just how the race is going to finish. He looks over at the telephone house and raises his left hand with his glasses high in the air. The man at the window without losing an instant, says, "Left hand up.” “Left hand up” runs along the wire from the track to the gang’s central office. “Left hand up” races along the wires to the real estate offices.

There the operators call out the signal to the man on watch, who raises his left hand in the air. The man at the poolroom window rushes over to the poolroom man and bets all that he can get down on the horse which by this time has won. Only an instant is required to make the bet. A few seconds later by the telegraph route comes the customary “They’re off!” followed by the usual calling of the race to the finish.

= = = = =

BUT: Even now the real hackers still use eyes and ears. Every day we read about 500 billion identities hacked at some named company or website. Those hacks never lead to real losses. The real losses come from visually observing your PIN number at an ATM, or from buying your trash, or persuading you to give your data in exchange for a nonexistent reward. Just like 1957.

= = = = =

Later thought: The real difference between then and now is the ease of renting storefronts and rooms with a view. Before 1970, most downtown buildings had an assortment of rentable rooms, often serving as apartments. Malls and restrictive zoning and "fair" housing laws eliminated most of those rooms from the market.


  Why is it a problem?

Latest political soap opera is swirling around Trump's tax returns.

Step back and ask the bigger question: Why should anyone's tax forms be private?

Repooflicans should be PROUD to show that they are perfect traitors who pay exactly ZERO TAX ZERO TAX ZERO TAX.

Non-Repoofs should be PROUD to show that they are doing their part to support the country.

Everyone should be PROUD.

So where's the problem? Best guess: Showing the forms would reveal trade secrets of the evasion industry, would let competing rich fuckheads copy your special crimes.

= = = = =

Proving my non-Repoof credentials: I did show my 1040 here back in 2012. Since then the amounts have naturally varied, but the effective tax is about the same.
  Tesla as seen from 1949, part 2

Now I'm sure Elon has been watching these old adventure serials. Several "different" serials used the same Rocket Man equipment and footage with slightly different "characters" and "plots".

Footage of Rocket Man taking off: (Pretty good FX. The flights looked real.)

The standard control system: (Poor ergonomics even by 1940 standards!)

Elon's latest idiotic and impossible proposal: Personal rockets that fly you to anywhere on earth in less than an hour.
  BBC askedanswered

BBC website has a pretty good article on malingering. Point: Amateur malingering is easy to spot. Expert malingering can be damned hard to objectively detect. Hardest of all, genuinely crazy people often make their craziness seem worse to gain more benefits or leniency.

One sentence caught my attention:

Another red flag for fakery is the suspect who endorses improbable symptoms, such as agreeing with the question, “Have you ever believed that automobiles are members of an organised religion?”

Whoopsie! Another paranoid theory turned to fact. Now that automobiles are "intelligent", they are automatically priests of the Tesloid Cult. The unintelligent human servants of the cult abandon all control and rationality to the four-wheeled Angels of Elon.

Then I read an item about Elon hiring a former museum press agent as his new Twitter manager. The candidate sucked up to Elon with a clever bit of avatar-switching, turning the icon of his museum employer into the Holy Face of Lord Elon.

The combination leads to a serious question which the $TSLAQ skeptics have already been asking. Is Elon playing crazy to get out of penalties for his obvious and transparent crimes? Or is he just crazy? Or both?

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Wednesday, May 22, 2019
  Tesla as seen from 1949

Several of the sci-fi adventure serials in the '40s featured self-driving cars. It was NOT a pleasant experience!

The evil scientist equipped the good scientist's car with a radio control system.

The system trapped the good scientist in the car.

Evil scientist talked to good scientist through the radio.

The car couldn't be controlled!

It was horrible, but the final result was exactly the same as modern self-driving cars, so everyone lived happily ever after! Science wins!

Modern enlightened progressive tech-savvy geniuses can't understand why those knuckle-dragging Neanderthals were dissatisfied with sealed doors, total loss of control, and a fiery death. Those are mandatory ingredients of a perfect machine.

Sidenote: The inside and outside of the car were completely different cars, as always in movies. The outside was a '39 LaSalle, and the dashboard was a '46-'48 DeSoto with the name painted over.


  Let's do it!

“But when you really think about it — when someone says that it’s ‘too hard’ to do a green space that grows Yucca instead of, I don’t know, cauliflower or something — what you’re doing is that you’re taking a colonial approach to environmentalism, and that is why a lot of communities of color get resistant to certain environmentalist movements because they come with the colonial lens on them,” Ocasio-Cortez said.

“What I love too is growing plants that are culturally familiar to the community. It’s so important,”

For most North American tribes, the native and culturally familiar food is buffalo. Let's raise buffalo in our community gardens and slaughter them the culturally correct way by running them off a cliff.

For Eskimos, the native and culturally familiar food is whales. Let's turn our gardens into oceans and raise whales, then harpoon them and bring them up on the beach and strip off the blubber and leave the rest of the carcass to rot.

For Cubans, the culturally familiar plant is tobacco. Let's fill our cities with tobacco farms and bring back smoking.

Krauts would raise pigs to make Blood Tongue and Griebenschmalz.

Communities Of Colour should raise watermelons and collard greens.

Koreans and Vietnamese should have community puppy and monkey ranches.

The possibilities are endless! Let's do it now!


  Life is purpose.

A fairly typical screenshot from the Senior Dogs Gathering Room.

Life is purpose. Life is NOT energy efficiency.


Tuesday, May 21, 2019
  Erdogan starts to straighten up

Erdogan is finally figuring out that Russia is the better partner for Turkey.

I don't know why he played both sides for so long. Even after you eliminate ideology and power, the geography and economics are obvious. Turkey has a border with the Russian Empire, if not Russia itself. Turkey has a major gas pipeline from Russia leading to the Mediterranean. The Bosporus is the gateway into the Black Sea, which is Russia's Mediterranean outlet.

Turkey is two oceans away from America, and doesn't touch any American sealanes or pipelines or anything.

We were using Turkey as a forward base for our constant aggressions against Russia, but we weren't giving Turkey much in return. Our Syrian war poured millions of refugees into Turkey, which has been feeding and housing and educating them for years without any compensation.

With all of those permanent and temporary factors, the choice should have been immediately obvious.

Erdogan is still stupid on economics. He continues to force Goldman-style policies which harm everyone except Goldman. Since Turkey doesn't have any members of the Goldman tribe, there is nobody in Turkey who benefits from low interest and high exchange rates. Turkey has a strong manufacturing sector which is directly harmed by high exchange rates.

Erdogan should learn from Russia's head central banker Elvira Nabiullina, who comes from a Tatar family, linguistically and ethnically close to Turks. [Most Tatars are Muslims, but I can't tell from online sources if Nabiullina's family is Muslim.] Nabiullina has done the HARD WORK of cleaning up the damage done by Soros in the '90s and restoring Russia's economy to proper Russian/Soviet form, with low debt and strong productivity. She's not afraid of high interest rates because she understands BASIC FUCKING ECONOMICS. So far she has made all the right moves for God's side, which is absolutely unique among central bankers. All other central bankers are 100% Satan.

Semi-relevant sidenote: Nabiullina is also the only banking or treasury official in all of history whose face would make a coin more pleasant instead of more repulsive.

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  Unusually objective

France has a PVS situation parallel to the Terri Schiavo case here. The family involvement is identical. Lambert's wife wants to pull the plug, just as Terri's husband wanted to pull the plug. Lambert's parents want to keep him alive, just as Terri's parents did.

At this point a judge has ruled in favor of the parents, but we know the idiotic court fight isn't over.

The Sorosian media, both France24 and DW, are covering the case with unusual balance. DW is interviewing Terri's brother, asking appropriately hard questions but not squashing the answers as you'd expect.

I started this blog with the Schiavo case, so this is familiar ground. Since 2005, morality hasn't changed but the "scientific" "consensus" has changed. More medical "experts" are realizing that PVS isn't necessarily P or V. MRI scans are providing better insight, and more attention to similar cases shows that waking up is not uncommon.

Update 6/28: Needless to say, the French black-robed demons have ruled in favor of death. Easiest bet in the world. Demons will always favor ETHICS.


  Speaking of baselines....

Speaking of perception from baselines:

Econ websites are viraling a Chinese propaganda song for Trade War. They note that the same tune was used in the '60s for a propaganda song celebrating WW2 victory over the Japs.

Here's the 1960's Chinese picture of a Jap:

Here's the 1940's US picture of a Jap:

Coming from opposite baselines, yielding the same picture.


  Happy (retreaded) Metrology Day!

I'm under the weather this week, just keeping up with courseware, so I'll reprint a condensation of 2017's good three-part Metrology Day salute.

= = = = =

Polistra always marks World Metrology Day. This year her theme is BASELINES. Human perception is never absolute. We measure everything ... light, sound, income, mood, health ... by comparison to a slowly adapting baseline.

Instrumental measurement works the same way. You have to know where the baseline or ground point is, and you have to specify whether your measurement is a delta from baseline or a calibrated absolute.

= = = = =

Part 1.

Back in 2011 I wrote about the 1937 syndicated radio series Komedy Kingdom. I've put the series back into my bedtime playlist, and the show has a new flavor. Obviously the recordings didn't change, but the BASELINE changed, therefore my PERCEPTION changed.

In 2011 the Komedy aspect of the show was most salient. The music was excellent but the Komedy seemed flat compared to the precisely timed wordplay of Fibber & Molly or Burns & Allen.

This year the Kingdom aspect is more salient. I hadn't noticed it before. In the intro to the first episode, Elvia lays out the concept explicitly:

Hello, you merry subjects! A royal welcome to the Komedy Kingdom. Your only passport is a smile, and the only thing you must leave outside the boundary is a case of the blues.

In later episodes the 'conceit' got weaker but the overture made the point every week with the line

Throw away your troubles, cast aside the blues....

As delta from today's baseline, the Kingdom is a virtual enclave, a hidden valley of empathy where even non-elites can feel like citizens.

= = = = =

Of course today's comedy is INFINITELY more precise and exact than any non-enlightened 1930s humor.


= = = = =

Part 2.

In electrical terms the purpose of all cultural tyrants from Robespierre to Lincoln to Lenin to Hitler to Soros is simple.

Cut the ground wire. Remove the baseline.

A culture that has an earth ground, a firm zero-point reference, can't be yanked around in every possible direction to satisfy the blood-fetish of Maximum Leader. Human actions and cultural components have strict limits on gradients. When people and cultures are grounded, the parallel impedance of mass elements absorbs small delusions easily and refuses to be pulled up beyond natural limits.

Tyrants succeeded in cutting the ground wire for EU/US/UK. Now these areas can be charged up to infinite gradients by all sorts of bizarre unnatural voltage patterns.

In the modern world Russia and Africa have remained grounded. Their cultures have a double-ought copper bus bar to God, a permanent lock to the zero-point of Natural Law.

When ungrounded cultures get charged up to fantastically high voltages, they always gain the delusion that they can grab Russia or Africa and pull them up to "civilized" standards. The grab always fails and the result is a shocking discharge.

= = = = =

Illustrating the point.

First, we have our familiar Sorosian characters. Humanoid entities of variable gender, equipped with trapezoidal glasses and trapezoidal mouths. They live in Laputa, the cloudland of projectors. Of course Swift's neanderthal gender-binary name is unsuitable, so it is Lxputx now.

Let's put them into motion and place a voltmeter to ground.

As is typical of SorOS, their action is perfect chaOS, and their charge is equally random.

= = = = =

On the opposite side of the world we have a pair of RUSSIANAGGRESSIONS who are doing what RUSSIANAGGRESSIONS always do. AGGRESSING! MEDDLING! INTERFERING! HACKING! ATTACKING the poor defenseless Lxputxns MERCILESSLY!

Well, not really. They're just doing what Russians like to do, so their action needs no animation and their GROUNDED culture needs no measurement. Zero volts gradient from God.

= = = = =

Now we see what happens when Lxputx gets one of its random impulses to extend the Gentle Wand Of Democracy And Civilization toward the benighted RUSSIANAGGRESSIONS; accompanied, of course, by millions of troops, bombs, rifles, tanks, etc, seasoned to taste.

Nuff said.

= = = = =

Part 3.

The previous observation is a definite correlation. Here's a more hazy and less obvious correlation.

= = = = =

Grounded cultures are unafraid of closeness and touch. If people want to hold hands, fine. A certain amount of rough stuff and horseplay is also fine among friends.

Ungrounded cultures are SCARED SHITLESS of all contact. The digital principle of leverage applies. One touch and you've crossed the line.

= = = = =

Think of Africans, Persians and Russians. All grounded in Natural Law, and all comfortable with closeness.

US/UK/EU: all deathly afraid of any touch.

= = = = =

Okay, got the correlation.

How about causation? Which comes first, grounding or comfort? I think both are parallel results of a single underlying tendency toward connection. Like all human traits, talents and tendencies, this is about half innate and half learned. Genes are part of it but genes can be overcome by training. Russians and Swedes are genetically similar but opposite in grounding and coziness.

USA STRONG and Brazil are a good test case. Both contain a similar mixture of Euro and native and African genes. Brazil is solidly cozy, and USA STRONG is solidly isolated.

Before 1946 we were more comfy but never as tight as Brazil. The change started in '46 when we ceded control of culture to Globalist Experts. The Experts (authors, doctors, psychiatrists, lawyers, "judges") worked together to break loose all ties to the ground of God, and to treat all normal contact as crime.

Globalism requires USA STRONG to be the Consumer and Debtor. We can't be perfect Consumers and Debtors unless we're starved of all contact with reality, morality and emotion.

Casual contact provides a steady slow discharge of both affection and anger. Productive MANUAL jobs channel emotions into the satisfaction of completion. Zero contact and zero production: all emotions build without discharge. Result: Violent unsatisfied desires. The unsatisfied affection is channeled into consumption; the unsatisfied anger into violent crime and permanent wars, both justifying STRONG tyranny.


Monday, May 20, 2019
  Constants and Variables 130, sabertooth secretary edition

Here's an interesting piece of anthropology. It's as close as you can get to a controlled experiment, and it reveals a commonly observed truth that isn't normally published.
Hunter-gatherers in the Philippines who adopt farming work around ten hours a week longer than their forager neighbours, a new study suggests, complicating the idea that agriculture represents progress. The research also shows that a shift to agriculture impacts most on the lives of women.

For two years, a team including University of Cambridge anthropologist Dr Mark Dyble, lived with the Agta, a population of small scale hunter-gatherers from the northern Philippines who are increasingly engaging in agriculture. Every day, at regular intervals between 6am and 6pm, the researchers recorded what their hosts were doing and by repeating this in ten different communities, they calculated how 359 people divided their time between leisure, childcare, domestic chores and out-of-camp work. While some Agta communities engage exclusively in hunting and gathering, others divide their time between foraging and rice farming.

On average, the team estimate that Agta engaged primarily in farming work around 30 hours per week while foragers only do so for 20 hours. They found that this dramatic difference was largely due to women being drawn away from domestic activities to working in the fields.
Normal discussions of tech history, like normal discussions of "evolution", are based on energy efficiency. If a new organ or a new way of doing things leads to less work and more leisure, it will survive.

In fact "evolution" doesn't work that way. All cells and organs and creatures are implementations of PURPOSE. Each item wants to implement its PURPOSE, and will waste tremendous amounts of energy or even sacrifice itself to achieve its PURPOSE.

And in fact cultural history doesn't work that way. People need to be USEFUL. If a system requires more hours to achieve our USEFUL PURPOSE, we will work more hours.

The computer era has already disproved the more-leisure trendline. All predictors told us that computers would let us work only three hours a day. Where computers have become dominant, people are now working far longer, because DIVISION OF LABOR has dissolved. Work that was previously done by secretaries now must be done by executives ALONG WITH their meetings and decisions. The women who previously worked as secretaries are now exotic dancers or 7/11 clerks or crack addicts.

Now this nice controlled experiment shows the same thing happening at a much earlier stage of tech development. DIVISION OF LABOR is dissolving, with women forced to do man's work along with woman's work. When you misuse skills, you AUTOMATICALLY lose efficiency.

The numbers also serve to disprove the standard trendline. Note that the hunters are working 20 hours and the farmers are working 30 hours. Our standard wisdom tells us that peasant farmers toiled all the time. Careful historians have recently busted this myth wrt the feudal peasants of Europe. The myth was implanted by industrialists in 1800, persuading us that 12-hour days in the sweatshop were an "improvement" over previous back-breaking labor.

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  Good diagnosis, wrong prescription


We Should Cure the Ills of Society to Combat the Depression Epidemic

Concluding paragraph:
There is an epidemic of depression in developed Western nations because normal emotional reactions to adverse socioeconomic conditions are increasingly labelled as medical illness. This has led to a massive medicalisation of unhappiness, that is, overdiagnosis of depression and overprescribing of antidepressants. Intense sadness, despair and sorrow undeniably can be very burdensome and painful, but they are part of the human experience. Except possibly in endogenous melancholic depression, there is no scientific evidence that depression episodes are the result of (inherited) brain pathology. Instead of medicalising individual reactions to adverse living conditions, we should primarily intervene at the community level and try to combat the root causes of depression, in particular socio-economic hardship. Prescribing evermore antidepressants will not cure the ills of society.
Mostly right. The automatic use of drugs to cure all sorts of oddness is a first step toward a pogrom. Drugs rarely work, and drugs often produce a lethal bounce on withdrawal. When drugs fail, the next medical response will be euthanasia.

But changing external circumstances is impossible and misguided. Any enforced national or global change to accomplish this purpose will fail, leading the organizers to seek more change for more budget. Parkinson.

Innate tendencies are part of the problem, but this is irrelevant. All tendencies, talents and traits are partly innate. All tendencies can be controlled, all talents can be improved or atrophied, all traits can be used to advantage or misused.

In particular socio-economic hardship. The author misses the DYNAMIC nature of perception. Depression doesn't result from lifelong constant hardship. Constant conditions have zero neural response. Depression kicks in when you attempt to break out of a low-status position and fail. Depression is learned helplessness.

The cure is to regain a sense of control, even if you're not really controlling the high-status oppressors.

Two words.

MAKE is a variable. Within the limits of your opportunities and abilities, find a way to CREATE value and beauty that didn't exist before. Start with one-day MAKES, so you can see completion. As you gain more confidence and control. MAKE bigger and longer.

WALK is a simple constant. WALK at least once a day. Stay vertical, keep moving.

= = = = =

For clarity: We desperately need to change the economic system back to real-value industry, but doing it specifically to make people feel better will mis-shape the change. We don't need sheltered workshops for addicts. The entire country needs to focus on MAKING instead of BANKING, for reasons of NATIONAL SURVIVAL.

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  IN != EN

The $TSLAQ crowd have noted Elon's latest utterance:

Am super appreciative of Tesla shareholders. Will ensure their prosperity in any scenario.

This is a sneaky Clintonian use of language. Devices like credit default swaps supposedly INsure the value of a bond or share. Tesla cultists will (consciously or not) believe that Elon intends to INsure their share value, since he has also made meaningless promises to start an INsurance company. But he didn't say INsure, he said ENsure, which has no legal power and doesn't imply any sort of written policy or device.


Classic scams often used similarly tricky phrasing with horse bets or sports bets, forming ambiguous promises about "showing a victory" or "placing all your trust" to mislead suckers into betting on a third or second finish when the fix was really for a first. You think the scammer is speaking in code for privacy. He's not. You lose all your money, and you don't have a legal defense because the scammer didn't literally mislead you.
Sunday, May 19, 2019
  A new "wild" theory

Speaking of the need for new "wild" theories to replace old ones that turned into plain truth, here's a good candidate.

Vlogger 'Ashera Star Goddess' discusses the reasons for changing abortion laws.

Ever since Sanger, abortion has primarily been a pogrom against dark-skinned people. This is a well-known truth.

'Ashera' extends this truth with some facts I hadn't heard before.

Checking some neuro sources, turns out she's right about the quick development of melanin and melanocytes. Melanocytes develop from the neural crest, and are part of the stem-cell lineage. Stem cells are a high-profit resource.

Her description of the philosopher's stone as a source of melanin sounds wild, but surprisingly turns out to be a valid interpretation. We think of the stone as a way to make gold, but the broader and older purpose of the stone was regeneration (as in stem cells) and the first stage in preparing the material was black.

She's also STRONGLY ACCURATE about the motives of Deepstate and tech-monsters and big-money "scientists". Their purpose is to exterminate all Deplorables. Abortion is one end of the pogrom.

Her theory: Melanin merchants are paying some states to ban abortion in order to drive up the scarcity and price of melanin.

I'm not convinced by this, mainly because I'm not convinced that melanin is a major commodity. I'd immediately go along with a broader version: Planned Parenthood is paying some states to ban abortion in order to raise the price of all fetal commodities.

This is how laws work now. All laws and regulations and wars are solely designed to eliminate competitors. The old Bootleggers and Baptists alliance.**

So I'm not convinced by the specific conclusion, but all the pieces are broadly correct, and her description of the pieces is more accurate than any "scientist" or standard religious or political type.

In other words, this "wild" theory is already plausible if not guaranteed true. Can't stay ahead of the demons, can we?

= = = = =

** Fussy footnote: All online sources credit the B and B concept to economist Bruce Yandle in 1983. Yandle might have been the first to publish the concept, but it was common currency in Okla in the '50s, probably earlier.

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  Need to replace used-up conspiracy theories

Most "conspiracy theories" that don't involve Martians have turned out to be essentially true. In fact, many of the realities have turned out to be 10 times weirder and 10 times more evil than the theories.

Time for a little creativity. When "wild" ideas turn out to be drab reality, the stock of "wild" ideas is depleted. Need more "wild" ideas.

How about this?

Plants and bacteria are conspiring to create "global warming".

It makes sense in terms of motivation. Plants need a warm wet world. For most of the earth's existence, plants had what they needed. From 1300 to 1800 we were in an unusual cold period, and plants suffered. When plants suffer, animals and humans suffer as well. We had to develop all sorts of compensatory technologies to keep us alive in the cold period. Since 1800 we've been fading out of the cold, back into the normal warm and wet conditions. Plants love it. When plants flourish, animals and humans flourish.

Conspiracy theory: We know that bacteria are a main player in cloud formation. We also know that forests influence cloud formation. Therefore, bacteria and trees are conspiring to create more clouds, leading to warmer nights and warmer winters and more rain.

= = = = =

Disclaimer: I don't really think this is happening. I think the most likely cause is cyclical changes in the earth's magnetic field and magma flow, heating the crust under the Arctic and moving the deep hot spots that drive ocean currents. The magnetic shift will also change the movements of bacteria, which could influence clouds and currents. But the moving hot spots are the main driver. This hypothesis matches the facts better than any other hypothesis.

= = = = =

Disdisclaimer: HOWEVER, given the universal record of "conspiracy theories" becoming true, I wouldn't bet heavily against my newly invented stupid "theory".

= = = = =

Update three days later:
Fluctuations in the orbital parameters of the Earth are considered to be the trigger for long-term climatic fluctuations such as ice ages. This includes the variation of the inclination angle of the Earth's axis with a cycle of about 40,000 years. Marine scientists have now shown by using a new model that biogeochemical interactions between ocean and atmosphere could also be responsible for climate fluctuations on this time scale.

"In our model, the carbon cycle is largely controlled by plankton living in the surface ocean," explains Prof. Dr. Klaus Wallmann. Plankton consumes atmospheric CO2 via photosynthesis and by microorganisms that degraded plankton biomass and release CO2 back into the atmosphere. Since CO2 is a potent greenhouse gas, the biological CO2 turnover affects surface temperatures and global climate. The growth of plankton is controlled by nutrients that take part in a range of microbial oxidation and reduction reactions.
New record for taming a wild conspiracy theory! Three days from wild parodic stupid imagination to scientific truth.

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  Fucking reprint

The cited piece by Briggs is MANDATORY READING. I'm tempted to show the graphs directly, but I respect the work that Briggs put into creating them. Copyright is important.

If you want to KNOW WHAT'S HAPPENING, you MUST MUST MUST look at the original graphs and understand their meaning. After you see these graphs you will NEVER be fooled by Sorosian or high-tech propaganda.


Statistician William Briggs has made some interesting graphs based on World Bank poverty data from 1980 to present. The most valid set is the third set, poverty RATES in various parts of the world. Inflection points on the graphs show the work of Soros SHARPLY AND CLEARLY.

Briggs clarifies that two of the titles are misleading, but doesn't relabel them. "Europe and Central Asia" means the Soviet zone. "Other high income" means US/UK/EU/CAN/AUS, in other words the Sorosian lands.

In most parts of the world poverty is going straight down. East Asia is unsurprisingly the steepest and longest downward slope. Sub-Saharan Africa turned around in 1994 [why?**] and started heading downward.

"Middle East and North Africa" was going down until Soros broke their governments in 2011. Since Soros took control, poverty is rapidly increasing.

Poverty in the Soviet zone was flat until 1990 when Soros crashed their governments. Poverty rose DRAMATICALLY until 2000 when Putin kicked Soros out. Now it's going down fast.

US/EU/ETC were losing poverty until 2008 when Soros crashed our economies. Poverty is going up exponentially since 2008, with no ceiling or asymptote in sight.

I'm sure Soros is enjoying these measurements of a wonderfully successful holocaust***, and plotting how to return his holocaust to the Soviet zone. As I noted before, he's building advance bases in Armenia and Macedonia to recapture the zone.

= = = = =

** Trying to see why most of Africa turned around in 1994. This inflection point is NOT related to Soros. This article points to a perfect storm of epidemics and famines that caused positive reform, starting in Uganda and Kenya and Tanzania. Might be some Kuhn involved as well. The original corrupt post-colonial rulers were dying around that time, opening the field for younger leaders who had been itching to solve old problems.

= = = = =

*** Holocaust? Yes. Even without counting his wars, Soros has already matched the record of his hero and role model Adolf. 5 million excess deaths in Russia during the 90s, 1 million excess deaths in US since 2008. 5 + 1 = 6 million.


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Saturday, May 18, 2019
  Worth an illustration

Via ScienceDaily, a finding that isn't quite earthshaking but does make an interesting connection.
Moreover, neurons in the insular cortex connect to neurons in the amygdala, but the function of this brain connection was previously little studied.

The insular cortex being similar between mice and men, the scientists turned to mice for their study. The researchers used light-activated ion channels that were genetically engineered into specific neurons in the brains of mice. This allowed them to switch off the electrical activity of neurons in the insular cortex by shining brief pulses of laser-light during the threat-learning behavior.

By switching off the insular cortex during the painful event, the scientists found that mice became essentially fearless against a mild electric shock to the foot. In addition, the ability of the mice to learn from the painful event was greatly reduced.
This deserves an illustration because the insula is a tricky piece of geography.

We're looking at the brain from a right front angle. The right insula (shown with green folds here) is more of a hidden valley than an island. It's a deep infolding or pouching of the outer cortex, which comes close to the right amygdala (circled here).

I suppose you could call the insula an island if you were looking at it FROM the amygdala but that's not the normal way of describing things.

The right insula is known as the center of empathy, and the right amygdala is also known for empathy.

So "I feel your pain" is not just a cliche.


  Not necessarily trivial

Jalopnik has fun with an idiot in Ireland....
Yes, 23-year-old Fitzgibbon spent about $3,800 to lower his Volkswagen Passat so the car now only has four inches of ground clearance, and the result of doing so is that he can no longer take his usual route to work through the village of Galbally in Limerick, Ireland, because the village has installed six-inch high speed bumps on various roads in the town. Fitzgibbon also claims to have incurred around $2,500 worth of damage to his Passat by driving over the traffic calming humps, and he wants the village to pay for it.
The commenters, naturally enough. worked variations on

There was a young man from Galbally....

Best comment:

Or he could have spent nothing and kept his stock springs.

I wonder if there's a bigger agenda driving the lawyers who brought the lawsuit.

Cars have never been a perfect match for roads. For 100 years, carmakers and governments have pulled in loose double harness to improve both cars and roads. When auto tech gets ahead of road tech, roads improve to make the new developments usable. Government has the hardest part of this vector because roads have to serve all NORMAL AND EXPECTABLE cars. So governments made regulations to keep cars from pushing the boundaries. Size limits, visibility requirements, bumper height, etc.

The techmonsters who think Autonomous is THE ONLY POSSIBLE FUTURE are making a bet on the biggest change ever. Autonomous can't possibly work on real roads with real pedestrians and bicyclists and driveways and cars that aren't hooked into the network. Autonomous can only work in a railway situation, where all vehicles are linked to the same dispatcher, all running on rigid tracks or rigidly defined magnetic lines.

So far the idiot governments have surrendered to the Autonomous holocausters without even trying to make new regulations. They simply allow the omnicide weapons to slaughter Deplorables without legal responsibility, because ELON IS COOL.

Even GM at its peak wasn't able to force this level of surrender. GM owned the conversation in the same way that Elon does now, but GM had to stay within size limits and lighting requirements. Regulators were doing their job.

This lawsuit focusing on discrimination could be the foot in the door for a new balance. Fitzgibbon wants roads without speed bumps to satisfy his peculiar vanity, so all roads everywhere must be bumpless. Elon wants all roads to be Boring Hyperloop Tunnels With Autonomous Skates, so all roads everywhere must be Boring Hyperloop Tunnels With Autonomous Skates.


Thursday, May 16, 2019
  Bolsonaro meets Bush

Bolsonaro continues to verify his neoconitude. He made a quick visit to Texas and talked with Ted Cruz and Bush The Son. Presumably making preparations for a Second Front to crush Venezuela.

Bush The Son hasn't been seen in public lately. He looks surprisingly old and delicate. Delicacy doesn't run in the Bush genes. Dubya's two daddies, Mister Barbara and Mister 41, were both strong and active and vigorously masculine in their 70s.
  Wrong acronym

The $TSLAQ world is full of an NTSB report on a fatal crash in Florida. The scenario might have been unavoidably fatal anyway, but here's the important part:
Preliminary data from the vehicle show that the Tesla’s Autopilot system — an advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) that provides both longitudinal and lateral control over vehicle motion — was active at the time of the crash. The driver engaged the Autopilot about 10 seconds before the collision. From less than 8 seconds before the crash to the time of impact, the vehicle did not detect the driver’s hands on the steering wheel. Preliminary vehicle data show that the Tesla was traveling about 68 mph when it struck the semitrailer. Neither the preliminary data nor the videos indicate that the driver or the ADAS executed evasive maneuvers.
In other words, the driver SAW the truck at least 10 seconds before the collision. A human driver would stomp on the brakes and try to steer left or right, preferably heading for the bushes on the right. The idealized stopping time from 70 MPH seems to be about 5 seconds, so a stop or a controlled ditching should have been possible.

Instead of stomping, this driver TURNED ON THE AUTOPILOT AND SHUT OFF HIS OWN SENSES. That's the problem. He willingly surrendered his survival to a complicated badly-coded system that CANNOT WORK AT ALL. FULL SELF-DRIVING IS PERMANENTLY PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE. iT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. If you think it's possible, you're a murderous monster who needs to be removed from the genepool. Fortunately the system does AUTOMATICALLY achieve this goal.

ADAS supposedly stands for Automatic Driver Assistance System.

ADAS really stands for Automatic Darwin Award Selector.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2019
  Ford limos?

An old Collectible Auto article on Ford in the late '30s includes a fact that I haven't seen anywhere else. It seems out of place.

Note the 7-passenger sedans. About 500 of them sold in each year, which counts as mass production. Not just a prototype or a special order for a company executive. DeSoto typically sold about 2500 limos per year in that era, and those are well known.

The text of the article doesn't mention these limos, and there's no indication in the text or the tables that Ford made any long-wheelbase models.
  Convective but not contrastive

Convective thought:

AMLO and Salvini and Orban and Putin get BIG SHIT done because they're RESONANT.

There are three layers involved here.

(1) Baseline for any politician is lifetime experience in politics. I mistakenly believed that the Outsider could break through the fog of bureaucracy, but it can't work that way. Bureaucrats easily cancel out everything the Outsider tries. The four listed leaders are all lifetime politicians. They know how to drive the complicated bureaucracy vehicle.

(3) Beyond the baseline, RESONANCE gets big things done fast and easy. The four listed leaders belong to the native culture and understand how the native culture works. They know how to pick up an existing trend, magnify it, and ride it.

(2) But before a politician can ride the cultural curves, a country must HAVE a culture. Italy and Mexico haven't been totally ruined by Soros. Hungary and Russia were partly ruined by Stalin, but retained their churches and families. US and UK and France and Krautland are totally ruined and unsalvageable. Because our destroyers used the soft power of TV instead of Stalin's iron fist, our cultural immune system was defeated. Now there's nothing to resonate with.

Am I contrasting the four versus Trump? No. He's not a leader at all. He's just a brand mascot like the Jolly Green Giant or the Geico Lizard. He resonates nicely with the Pied Piper mascot role crafted by Hillary and Deepstate, because he only knows how to be a brand mascot.
  Satan is not pleased

All of the Soros Screechers consider Alabama's attempted abortion law to be the MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THE WORLD this morning. BBC, France24, DW, and of course Google.

You'd think BBC and France would have other concerns. France is falling apart. Britain has already dissolved. The Euro Parliament election is one week off, looking like a strong defeat for Satan. None of those things matter nearly as much as ABORTION.

Alabama is only a small part of USA, and the law hasn't even been signed by the governor yet. It's still in legislature.

Needless to say, the Black-Robed Demons will make short work of this. All demons, no matter "which" "party" chose them, are firmly committed to Upholding And Defending Our Precious Constitution. The Constitution is as follows:


That's all of it.

= = = = =

Two days later: Now the bill has been signed into law, and it's no longer on top of the newsfeeds. This is typical. Newsfeeds are not meant to tell you about things that have already happened. Things that have already happened are ACTUAL NEWS, which is strictly forbidden. Newsfeeds are designed to stir up outrage that PREVENTS actual news from happening. Normally the outrage works, scaring the governor into vetoing the God-side law. In this case the governor was NOT SCARED by the stirred-up outrage. Bravo to the gov. She has broken out of the standard chickenshit procedure.


  Unnecessary caption

From a 1940 station album showing the "personalities" of WTIC.

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  Linguistic earthquake!

The Voynich Manuscript has finally been SOLVED. This is the biggest event in language AND the biggest event in cryptography in MANY DECADES.

Earthquake: The manuscript was written in a language that has not been preserved in writing ANYWHERE ELSE. It's the last common ancestor of French, Spanish, Italian, etc.

Read all about it! Author Gerard Cheshire has written a magnum opus, detailing his deciphering process, translating sentences along with the accompanying illustrations, and filling in the history of the people and places surrounding the manuscript.



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