Wednesday, February 27, 2019
  Shit. Not the Hiker again. /// EDIT oops. /// UNEDIT nonoops

President Clinton met Kim in Hanoi. The meeting ended sooner than expected, and now President Clinton is playing the Hiker tune again. President Clinton is running on and on about the "bad things" that happened to Spy Warmbier.

The Hiker is a long-standing USA war-starting device. On its first use in 1960, the Hiker was honestly described. Spy pilot Gary Powers crashed in Russia, and we used him as an escalator. More recent Hikers in Persia and Iraq and Korea are dishonest. Everyone knows the Hikers are really spies, because actual tourists and missionaries couldn't get into the places where these spies were caught.

Nevertheless, our dysgovernment and demonic media crash through all facts and common sense, treating the spy as an innocent hostage of the country we're preparing to obliterate.

Earlier in this NoKo process, President Clinton had been passively on the side of peace. He was "negotiating" with Kim while the real peacemakers were getting peace done. The real peacemakers were happy to let President Clinton save face. As long as his infantile ego was satisfied, he wasn't actually interfering with the actual process.

Now it looks like he's falling back into normal obliteration mode. Shit.

= = = = EDIT = = = = =

My seven-second rule got me in trouble here. I turned on the radio, heard the usual shit, turned off. If I had listened a bit longer, I would have heard that Trump is actually REVERSING the usual Hiker shit. He stated that Kim treated Spy Warmbier properly. Astonishing!

= = = = = UNEDIT the next day! = = = =

Via ZH: Trump had to walk back his (perhaps accidental) reversal of normal Hiker policy.
President Trump on Friday went into full damage-control mode over his widely-panned claim that Kim Jong Un was unaware that US college student Otto Warmbier had been tortured, tweeting "I hold North Korea responsible" for Warmbier's "mistreatement and death."
So my initial automatic assumption was right after all. Violations of the seven-second rule are always "accidental" and will be Rectified quickly.

= = = = =

On the exact other hand: Gabbard gets it.

Trump's holding onto our failed regime-change war policies is why NK holds onto nukes. Kim sees what we did in Iraq, Libya, Syria, & fears he's next. Without ending our regime-change war policies, Kim will cling to his nukes as a deterrent.

This is blatantly obvious, and many non-politicians (including me) have been hammering on this point for a long time. I've never heard the point from a politician. Good for Gabbard.
Tuesday, February 26, 2019
  Fun with Soviet maps

Via ZH, the Russian internal TV channel showed several targets. Supposedly these are Presidential hideouts. Camp David is obvious, but the one in this area wasn't familiar. It's Jim Creek Naval Communications station, way out in the Cascades.

Googlemaps shows it at Lat 48.213, Long -121.949. It's east and a little north of Arlington, north of Robe, and south of the midway point between Oso and Hazel.

The Soviet map for this zone isn't as fine as some of the maps I was using before. I've circled the general area using the cities as landmarks. There are no points of interest anywhere in the vicinity.

These maps showed plenty of military sites, including obsolete airfields. If this location had been interesting to the Soviets in 1980, it would have been on the map.

What's REALLY interesting is the identification of Jim Creek as a hideaway. AFAIK it hasn't been mentioned before in Western media.


Monday, February 25, 2019
  The usual "fact" "checking"

Via RT, the "fact" "checkers" are blasting Trump's pronunciation of Venezuela.

In the video he seems to be stumbling a bit and stuttering after the word, but his pronunciation is basically correct.

Most US politicians say something like Ven Zoo Waila, and BBC announcers traditionally say Ven Zoo Wheeler.

These are the same "fact" "checkers" who jump on Trump for saying inflation is 2.9% when everyone knows it's really 2.91%. LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE!

When you bash your favorite enemy for every hesitation and stutter and miniature inaccuracy, you dilute your criticism of his neocon warmaking and his slavish service to NYC bankers.

Of course the "fact" "checkers" fully approve of warmaking and NYC demons, so their hatred of Trump is just brand competition. When your own brand was supposed to win, you can't stand to hear the other brand claiming credit for the genocide that was supposed to be all yours.
  Still puzzled plus new puzzle

Since I'm in Still Puzzled mode this week.....

Still puzzled by the lack of attention to AMLO among populists. I read several of the major populist commentators regularly, and they still haven't mentioned him. The leftist antiwar types haven't mentioned him either. Even in a specific discussion of Latin American nations opposing USA regime change, they include Bolivia and Cuba but not Mexico.

New puzzle: The globalists also haven't noticed him. They aren't preparing to bomb Mexico down to bedrock.

By now there's no doubt about AMLO's consistent purpose. He is the equivalent of FDR in every way, serving the interests of poor people and industrial workers and farmers, turning Mexico's economy inward, and pointedly NOT intervening in Venezuela.

Maybe I should just shut up and be glad President Clinton hasn't noticed him.


Sunday, February 24, 2019
  Not entirely right

Earlier today I reprinted a broad statement about the satanic purpose of the media. Blood merchants, death vendors, murder wholesalers, from the start.

Rethinking: Wrong. There was a partial exception to the universal rule, and I've discussed the exception before.

From 1920 to 1945, most media were NON-INTERVENTIONIST. They continued to encourage and glorify regular crime, especially during Prohibition. Al Capone was a hero. But the media were NOT pushing us toward foreign wars. Entertainment and news were tuned to the same neutral frequency.

In WW2 the media were carrying government propaganda to help us fight the war, but we were still NON-AGGRESSIVE. The Japs had attacked us and the Krauts had declared war on us at the same moment. We were RESPONDING to their attack.

Total blood-hunger, along with total Deepstate tyranny, returned in 1946.

I'm still puzzled by the 25 years of neutrality. How did this happen? Deepstate was fully developed before Wilson, and Wilson turned Deepstate into a total tyranny. How did Wilson's perfect omnicide machine break down? HOW CAN WE BREAK IT AGAIN?

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  Fucking reprint


Want to break the "cycle of violence"? Break the media.

The press has been running this routine for at least a hundred years. It's not mysterious or "unintended". It's an intrinsic part of their business model.

Blood sells newspapers. Blood and chaos and war are the RAW MATERIAL of media, just as wheat is the raw material of bakers. When bakers want to sell more bread, they develop more sources of wheat. When media wants to sell more clicks, it develops more sources of war and violence.

Hearst dared to say it openly. Every media baron since Hearst has followed his methods while sanctimoniously pretending to be against violence.

More war means more clicks, and more clicks give the media more power to create more war and chaos.

Everyone in a position of power is part of the setup. DC profits massively from violence. More budget for the Pentagon, more budget for FBI, DHS, BATF, ETC.

So DC does everything possible to increase the cycle. Pentagon creates coups in foreign countries "justifying" our intervention. FBI cultivates "terrorists" on "both" sides. BATF runs stings. ETC.

We can't do anything about the government side of this positive-feedback death loop. FDR was a one-time miracle, and Deepstate regenerated after FDR's death to GUARANTEE that we would NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER get another sane leader.

We can do something about the media side.

First, don't be a blood farmer. Don't add to their overflowing silos of raw chaos material. Don't protest, don't join organized groups. ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL organized groups are run by Deepstate. This has been STEADILY true since 1946.

Second, don't click. Don't help the retail side of the cycle. Turn off everything. We don't NEED to open our God-given life to the chaos of Bezos.

Life is an island of order in a universe of chaos. Life generates order and beauty. Bezos and DC generate chaos and death. We can't break them but we can preserve our souls by attempting to make more order and beauty.

Listen to Booker T. His advice to black men in 1910 is still SHARPLY APPROPRIATE advice for Deplorables of all colors.


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Saturday, February 23, 2019

I constantly bash "scientists" and "media" for ignoring timelines, compressing data into one blob with stats or extending a brief pulse into a linear extrapolation to infinity.

Now I'm doing it myself, and I need to break the habit.

FEELS LIKE this winter is infinite and permanent. FEELS LIKE it's gone on for months and months and months with no relief, and will continue for years and years and years.

The current LOOKS LIKE isn't far from the FEELS LIKE.

But in FACT this winter has only been here for TWO FUCKING WEEKS, and the real action was contained in ONE EXTREMELY FUCKING WEEK.

Before Feb 8 we had occasional one-inch and two-inch snows, which melted quickly and didn't stick around. Real winter began on Feb 8, and Nature has done a great job of compressing data into one frozen blob.

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  Same old question

I've been asking this same fucking question since 2008. Time to ask it again, just to keep the ball in the air.

For 800 years banks have made a good profit by paying interest on savings and charging more interest for loans.

It's simple retailing. Buy stuff, process it or organize it or make it more convenient, sell it for more.

In 2008 banks STOPPED doing business. Banks ceased to exist. The places called "banks" still run checking accounts and debit cards, which are profitable. But they no longer pay interest on savings and they no longer make loans. They simply act as a front for the securitizing industry, and receive a fee for being the front.

The niche is still there. The suppliers are still EAGER to supply the raw material and receive rent. Small businesses are hungry for loans. The opportunity for a middleman is open and unfilled.



  Bottles vs pipes

Two of the recent Gaian wackeries are in direct conflict.

1. An intense focus on plastic bottles as a source of "toxins", both for drinking and as trash floating in the ocean.

2. An intense focus on parts per trillion "toxins" leached into water supplies, which requires people to drink plastic bottled water.

I've demonstrated the conflict quantitatively in the specific case of Airway Heights water "contamination". The "toxin" in question was PFOS, a fire retardant. The water supply was shut down for several weeks, forcing people to use bottled water. The bottles have MORE of this "toxin" than the piped water.

Gaian ideology is insanely religious, but Gaian rules are crassly corrupt, as Feinstein demonstrated yesterday. (At least she didn't accuse the kids of being RUSSIAN_BOTS.)


The crusade against piped water is obvious. Big Bottled is paying to drive people away from tap water.

The crusade against plastic isn't immediately obvious.

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  More tragic stupidity

I'm obsessed with the classic tragedy of Maduro's stupidity. None of this shit was necessary. Other countries in the same position have turned US blockades to their advantage, strengthening their own skills and resources and developing other markets.

Hyperinflation is never necessary. Smart rulers can always avoid it. A country like Venezuela, in the rare privileged position of owning ALL necessary internal resources, could have used one specific resource to avoid it.

GOLD. Venezuela has 20000 tons of gold in the ground. That's about 15% of all the gold in existence, and about half of the total gold held in central bank reserves by all countries. But Maduro hasn't been trying to mine it and hold it, or mine it and sell it.

A smart ruler would mine the gold and hold it, creating an honestly gold-backed monetary system. Banknotes that promise redemption on demand could actually be exchanged for gold coins. When people are CONFIDENT that the bank can give them real value, they aren't inclined to test the equation.

A smart ruler would also use the gold to buy manufactured goods from China and India, both of which LOVE gold. When you have half the gold in the world, you don't need to worry about bank restrictions and SWIFT.

A smarter ruler would develop his country's own manufacturing, as Brazil always did, so he wouldn't need to use very much gold for foreign purchases.

And the smartest ruler would spend some of his gold to buy a dozen nuclear-tipped missiles from North Korea. Then he would be SAFE from all foreign invasions.


Friday, February 22, 2019
  Better comparison

The Tesla skeptics constantly equate Tesla with Theranos.

Bad comparison.

Theranos was pure fraud from the start. The blood testing machine was NOT INTENDED TO WORK. It was only meant to enrich and empower Holmes. She used the machine to establish a cult.

Some of Elon's companies are pure frauds, like the tunnel and the AI shit. But his cars and rockets are real products, manufactured in real quantities and used as cars and rockets.

Elon's cars and rockets are deceptively priced and deceptively described. Several features are pure vaporware, and both products are distinctly inferior to their competitors. Cult worship and governmental support create the high price. Without the added COOOOOLNESS, the cars and rockets wouldn't sell at all.

I've been searching for a better comparison and finally found it. Not a perfect match but better than Theranos.

Brüel & Kjær.


As I continue binge-reading old electronics mags, I'm feeling guilty about helping to ruin American industry. Some of these mags focus heavily on acoustics, with plenty of pictures and articles about acoustics labs and speech labs. Since I worked much of my life in such labs, I pay close attention to these articles.

The labs shown in the magazines always used GenRad instrumentation, made in Boston by a company with close ties to MIT and Bolt Beranek. This makes sense. GR made all the tools you need for those labs, and the tools were designed to work together.

In 20 years of work at three universities, I never used any GR equipment; can't even remember seeing any GR stuff. Everything was Brüel & Kjær, made in Denmark.

Brüel & Kjær equipment was notoriously fragile, designed to fail. Their sound-level meters had capacitor mics energized by a 200 volt charge. When used in high humidity they quickly and permanently zapped. Pennsylvania always has high humidity, so the BK equipment in the Penn State acoustics lab was permanently fried.

Atrocious design.

I don't know if GR equipment was better overall because I never used or repaired it, but it's clear that GR sound level meters of similar vintage were more convenient in form:

Note that the weighting control is part of the main box on the GR meter. The BK had a "detachable" module for weighting and filtering, but in practice you always needed the "detachable" module. So the BK meter was long and unwieldy and wiggly, with scratchy plugs between the modules, and the fried mic wasn't pivotable.

Looking at the schematic, the GenRad was designed to take several different types of mic including dynamic, piezo and condenser. You could pick to suit your conditions.

Every component in Brüel & Kjær was peculiar and unique, so every repair required ordering parts from Denmark. The GR schematic shows several specific-value resistors, but the tubes and transistors are standard. Ordering the specific Rs from Boston would have been a lot faster and more convenient than ordering from Denmark. No international customs, no exchange rates.

Given all of those practical considerations, why was Brüel & Kjær the ONLY CONCEIVABLE equipment? Why was there no GenRad?

If I had known there was a better alternative, I could have influenced purchasing decisions toward GR. But I didn't know, so I didn't influence.

It had to be the natural academic preference for COOL foreign stuff. I shared that attitude for many years, which is why I drove fragile and literally fry-able VW deathtraps instead of sturdy Ramblers. Same comparison. The Rambler American was similar in size and gas economy to a Beetle, but much more convenient and resilient and SAFE and comfortable. Parts were easier to order.

Practicality doesn't count when COOOLness is at stake. Brüel & Kjær had COOL ümlæuts and WEIRD kj combinations, while GenRad only had dull generic English words. General. Radio. Rambler. American.

I'm deeply sorry.

= = = = =

Later note: GenRad's 1961 brochure shows that the BK humidity problem was well known, and GR was specifically answering it with their products:
Its characteristics approach those of condenser microphones classed as laboratory standards. Unlike condenser microphones, however, the ceramic unit does not require a special preamp with a high dc polarizing voltage supply, and its impedance is an order of magnitude lower, so that leakage due to high humidity is less of a problem.
So there was NO EXCUSE for using BK in a place like Pennsylvania.


Close comparison in three ways.

1. Inferior product made popular by COOOOLNESS and government usage.

2. Brittle, hard to repair, hard to get parts.

3. Completely useless in the "wrong" kind of weather.

I mentioned VW in the reprint. VW would be a more familiar comparison, but it only fits (1) coolness and (3) weather. VW had a large network of dealers with competent mechanics, so it doesn't fit (2).
Thursday, February 21, 2019
  Where have all the ulcers gone?

In radio and TV shows before 1970, businessmen always complained about their ulcers. It wasn't just on TV. When I was a kid I heard adults talking about ulcers in the same way. An ulcer was a status symbol as well as a disease. It was an indication that you had arrived in the world of business. An ulcer was the male equivalent of a mink coat. The proud ulcer owner made a big show of drinking milk in between martinis.

Later, of course, it turned out that ulcers were secondarily related to stress but primarily caused by Helicobacter pylori.

I haven't heard ANYTHING about ulcers since that discovery. Not in media, not on "science" websites. The subject has completely disappeared.

Have ulcers disappeared? Skimming online, the answer seems to be negative. Some British articles say ulcers are actually increasing.

Conclusion: Bacteria aren't a good status symbol.


  Fact-processing dream

In waketime I've been participating in a neighborhood forum at, and I've seen the picture of heavy demand and low supply for skilled trades.

Tonight's dream was a typical conference-table scene among colleagues, probably turning the online conversations into a physical form. After much discussion about causes and effects, I admitted to the others: "Okay, I admit it. The jobs are there."

So I'll repeat the admission in waketime. Okay, I admit it. The jobs are there.

This is a major change of opinion!

Here in Spokane as of this year, there's a genuine shortage of skilled workers. This isn't true in many places, but it's true here and now.

The problem is on the training end, not the demand end. Community colleges are doing somewhat better, but public schools are still totally missing the boat, still preparing kids for Harvard instead of life.

= = = = =

Sidenote: The change of opinion might be easier because I'm in work mode again. Previous courseware assignment ended in October, and I took a break for a couple of months. I knew what the next assignment would be, so I started on it in December. The new project began officially in early Feb. I'm always saner and smoother when PAID work is underway, even though it's just barely paid.


  Turning point?

Up till now, ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL "hate" "crimes" "reported" in the "news" were self-imposed fakes and frauds. ZERO exceptions.

Actual race-motivated crimes are common. They're STRICTLY AND SOLELY within the gang world. Gangs are ethnic enclaves, and gangs OFTEN use racial insults when attacking or tagging other gangs. These ACTUAL race-based attacks are NEVER reported.

Now, for the FIRST FIRST FIRST FIRST FIRST TIME IN FUCKING HISTORY, the Smollett "hate" hoax is being REPORTED as a hate hoax almost from the start, and even better, the black police chief is CALLING OUT the Smollett criminal fraudster in the harshest possible way.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019
  AMLO at el bato

AMLO is doing a whole bunch of sane and useful and MASSIVELY GOOD things for Mexico, and doing them FAST.

Along with the obviously good, he's also promoting an expansion of baseball in Mexico. He has made two or three speeches on the subject. In this brief clip he takes a turn at bat, makes a mighty swing, and fouls.

Unlike most USA politicians, AMLO doesn't pretend to be anything other than a politician. His job is politics and he's not ashamed to perform poorly in other jobs.

But I doubt that he's promoting baseball as an indirect way of saying "do your own job well." The purpose is still inscrutable.
  Not so surprising

UncommonDescent catches a neuro development that I hadn't noticed.
The operation of the nervous system has been typically viewed as an intermediary between actively sensing the environment and then actively producing a response. This framework unfortunately ignores the propensity of the brain to generate its own patterned and synchronized activity in the absence of any active input or output.

A major pattern in this regard is the slow oscillation, a rhythm that appears across vast expanses of the forebrain and which entrains other local patterns of population activity. The functional relevance of this input- and output-decoupled slow network rhythm remains a mystery, but one that will probably be solved by an elucidation of both the cellular and the inter-cellular mechanisms giving rise to it in the first place.

What is particularly compelling is that the activity could be not only modulated, but also eliminated or even regenerated by imposed electrical fields. Most shockingly, this activity could be transmitted from one side of a surgically severed slice to the other when the two cut edges were simply placed in close proximity.
Shouldn't have been surprising.

On the receiving end, neurologists have been influencing brain function with magnetic fields since 1840. Magnetic therapy was used and respected until 1920 when the pill-pushers redefined all previous cures as "quackery". The tinfoil stayed on until 1980, when magnetic fields were "newly" discovered and actively used again.

On the sending end, radio fish have a transmitting antenna containing ordinary neurons arranged and configured to match the impedance of the muddy water around the fish. The field from this antenna carries at least several feet and probably more. The fish uses the field for radar and also for two-way communication with nearby fish.

So wave-based communication inside one brain is pretty much guaranteed. It's far LESS surprising or demanding than the ways Nature already uses electric fields.


  More life

The "conservatives" who claim to be working for "family values" should read Putin's new SOTU speech carefully. He's valuing the family in extremely specific and concrete ways.** His goal is to pull out of the demographic death spiral that has already crashed most of Europe and the Orient.

I'm fond of repeating: Life is an infinitely valuable gift. Our god-assigned duty in response to the gift is to MAKE more life, more beauty, more value.

Up to now Putin has been focusing on more value, with solid results. This year he's going for more life.

= = = = =

Later: Perusing various websites, looks like the "conservatives" are focusing entirely on Putin's "threat" of new hypersonic airplanes. Wrong focus. We are suiciding ourselves by smashing work and value and life. Russia's hypersonic weapons aren't going to attack us. They're only an attempt to CONTAIN our maniacal psychopathic omnicide while we finish suiciding.

Graphic sidenote: Previously I'd shown USA STRONG as a musclebound headless weightlifter. I think a meth-addled sword-swinging zombie is more appropriate now. We're noisily dead. Lots of motion and energy, no work done, no order created. We are North Chorea.

= = = = =

** Putin's incentives for larger families are in fact a near-verbatim restoration of Soviet incentives. See this 1959 Robert Myers article, on p 6 of the PDF. Putin is a GENUINE conservative, or more precisely preservative.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2019
  Sacralizing work

A long time ago I noted this picture....

....of Hungarian workers in the Tungsram tube factory. Adopting technology WITHOUT losing culture.

= = = = =

Found in BW Retro twitter...

Helen of Many Glacier Hotel, 1925.

Headdress = headset. Helen has turned her work tool into a symbol of her skills and power, using the images of her culture.

God's work.

The modern tech-tyrants from Elon to Zuckerberg specifically use tech as a weapon to OBLITERATE culture. Changing the world means killing the world.


Monday, February 18, 2019
  Where's Det Sgt Snow?

In wintry places Detective Snow is a great helper to human cops, almost as good as a K9. Stupid criminals leave perfect tracks. Stupider criminals slip on the ice and faceplant. After the cop finishes laughing, he can cuff the unconscious idiot.

Det Snow also does off-duty private security work for people who want to spot peeping toms or sneak thieves or squatters.

How come Det Snow never appears in cop shows or stories?

I absorb a lot of old radio and TV cop shows. The straightforward good vs evil is a helpful vaccine against the multi-layered brain-dissolving confusion of modern demonic media.

I can think of only one episode where Det Snow is shown at work, and even there he's not the main problem-solver.

TV is understandable. TV is filmed in LA where it never snows. But that's no excuse for radio.


  Best column of the year

CH Smith hits the nail on the head. Best expression of the Gouvernour Morris spirit concording with Natural Law.


  It's Roy all the way down

Most modern "movements" are Deepstate stings intended to fail. Deepstate runs "both" sides of important issues, intending to produce chaos and destruction.

Roy Cohn was the best puppetmaster with the best record of destroying the sides he penetrated. Joe McCarthy, Birchers, Trump. All designed to make "right" wingers fail. Roy's record is perfect.

Green New Deal is the latest effort. It can't possibly succeed. When it fails, it will force us to adopt MMT to eliminate all real value.

What if earlier movements were also intended to fail, or simply intended to create chaos?

The agitators for "rights" in the 1700s were the same species of demonic alien monster as modern "leftist" activists. Their agenda of "rights" and "equality" was perfect nonsense. All sane people at that time knew that people are different. Sane people also knew that government works best when it runs on the basis of inherent duties, not "rights".

The course of antihuman events ran differently in US and France. Both started with chaos, then the US chaos settled quickly into a system that served NYC bankers, which was undoubtedly the original goal. Later sub-revolutions served to reinforce and extend NYC power. We're still there with Trump and Gaia and MMT all working for NYC. The French setup ran out of control for 20 years while the branches of the revolution engaged in mutual head-chopping. After all the heads had rolled, France settled back into normal neocon imperialism. Still there.

Farther back, the Jesus cult smells a lot like a Roy Cohn setup. Jesus posed as an enemy of the Roman imperialists and the Jewish high priests. His advice to his followers was just as crazy and self-destructive as the "equality" crap of the Endarkenment. His movement failed initially, then persisted underground for a few centuries until it re-emerged as the power vector of the imperial bureaucracy. The Roman branch is still there, still serving and emulating Caligula. (=Soros in modern currency.)

The miracle of the Jesus cult is that later rebellions FROM the cult, like Islam and LDS, genuinely escaped from the original Deepstate motive and returned to Natural Law.

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  Skill-estate three ways

I mentioned AMLO's use of skill-based socialism in previous item.

What do I mean? Here's the concept expressed three ways.

First and most perfectly, in sharia law:
The Almighty has created this world as a trial and test for man; every person has therefore been made to depend on others for his living. No one in this world can live independently as regards his needs and requirements. A person of the highest rank turns to the most ordinary to fulfill them. In other words, every single person has an important role to play, without which this world cannot continue.

This role depends upon his abilities, intelligence and inclinations as well as upon his means and resources, which vary from person to person. In fact, it is because of this variation that a society comes into being. Consequently, laborers and workers, artisans and craftsmen, tillers and peasants are as indispensable as scholars and thinkers, savants and sages, leaders and rulers. Every individual is an integral component of the society and contributes to its formation according to his abilities.

By creating various classes of people, the Almighty is testing whether the big and the small, the high and the low create a society based on co-operation and respect or create disorder in the world by disregarding the role each person has been ordained to play.

= = = = =

Second, in the 1977 Soviet constitution:
The state exercises control over the measure of labour and of consumption in accordance with the principle of socialism: "From each according to his ability, to each according to his work". It fixes the rate of taxation on taxable income.

Socially useful work and its results determine a person's status in society. By combining material and moral incentives and encouraging innovation and a creative attitude to work, the state helps transform labour into the prime vital need of every Soviet citizen.

= = = = =

Third, in FDR's fireside chat on Sept 6, 1936.
I have, however, used the argument in relation only to a small area -- it holds good in its effect on the nation as a whole. Every state in the drought area is now doing and always will do business with every state outside it.

The very existence of the men and women working in the clothing factories of New York, making clothes worn by farmers and their families; of the workers in the steel mills in Pittsburgh, in the automobile factories of Detroit, and in the harvester factories of Illinois, depend upon the farmers' ability to purchase the commodities they produce. In the same way it is the purchasing power of the workers in these factories in the cities that enables them and their wives and children to eat more beef, more pork, more wheat, more corn, more fruit and more dairy products, and to buy more clothing made from cotton, wool and leather. In a physical and a property sense, as well as in a spiritual sense, we are members one of another.

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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Well, not necessarily greater because the goals and purposes are identical. But AMLO is getting there faster, partly because FDR already performed the lengthy experiments. AMLO has learned from history, which is an incomprehensible and illegal act in Sorosian lands.

This video starts with a promo for Sembrando Vida (Sowing Life), an agency set up to assist SMALL farmers. The promo DOESN'T mention global warming even by reference or implication. It's not about Gaia, it's about LIVING HUMAN BEINGS.

Compare with this Okie-centered account of FDR's efforts in the same direction.

AMLO is using old-fashioned SKILL-BASED socialism, just as FDR did. The purpose of Sembrando Vida is not to throw money at people, but to help them develop and maintain their inherited CULTURE and SKILLS.

Continued in next item.

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  Still watching Gabbard

When a politician with a SOLID record of consistent non-intervention goes public, she's worth watching. (She's easy on the eyes, which makes the watching more pleasant.)

So far I haven't heard any deal-breakers, but haven't heard anything fully reassuring.

On the good side, she doesn't grovel and apologize to neocons. She speaks the truth directly and flatly.

On the dubious side, she focuses too much on legalities like treaties and UN resolutions, and hasn't specified CONCRETE action to break the neocon stranglehold. Legalities are useless when the enemy owns the courts and the bureaucracy. The only way to conquer a bureaucracy is by subversion. Blackmail and dirty tricks and plain old disobedience. Ignore them until they get too pesky, then pull a dossier and feed it to Twitter.

I've been fooled too many times by fake "populists", so my filters are tuned broadly and strongly....

....but I'm still tuned to the frequency, still listening.
  More Anti-do

Following on Do vs Anti-Do...

I'm NOT envious of India. Modi has some populist flavor, but he's an incompetent faker like Trump, and his government is devoted to NONDOING just like Trump's government.

He's celebrating India's first SEMI-high-speed train.
India’s first locally built semi high-speed train broke down early on Saturday on its way back to New Delhi from Varanasi in northern Uttar Pradesh, a day after its inauguration by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The Vande Bharat Express can run up to a maximum speed of 160 km/hour.

“There seems to be disruption [possibly due to] cattle run over. It wasn’t a scheduled commercial run,” Reuters partner ANI said in a tweet citing the railways ministry.
The train looks like it was built from leftover pickup campers.

160 Km/h is 100 mph in real numbers. Trains have been running 100 easily since the 1890s. American rural interurbans routinely ran 80 and occasionally reached 100. That's not even SEMI-high-speed, it's just RAILROAD speed, or at least it was until we smashed our own passenger railroad system.

Disruption due to cattle run over? I don't see a cowcatcher on the... Oh, that's right. Can't have a cowcatcher in India. Have to stop and wait, days if necessary, for the holy cows to move on their own.

This is Anti-Do in the same way as our "endangered" "species" toxin. Define some random thing as holy, then STOP ALL NORMAL ACTIVITY to "protect" the holy thing, so the holy thing can invade your cities and eat you.

= = = = =

Credit where due: Modi has taken a true non-interventionist position toward Venezuela. This also makes objective sense for India's trade interests. Venezuela sells oil and gold. India needs oil and LOVES gold.
  Thanks Ralph 481, barbed metaphor edition

This picture is from a story about a fire in Elon's Fremont factory.

Notice something? The barbs on the barbed wire have been dropping rust on the pipe below. Security is melting security.

Since I'm in an Emersonian mood this morning, I'll make an unfair but valid connection.**
The universe is represented in every one of its particles. Each new form repeats not only the main character of the type, but part by part all the details, all the aims, furtherances, hindrances, energies, and whole system of every other.
Elon's whole system ignores centuries of experience and arrogantly assumes that Lord Elon Knows Everything. Carmakers have been experimenting with manufacturing methods and materials since Emerson's time, and have reached an optimum. Elon tossed it all in the trash and started fresh. Now all of those experiments are being unnecessarily repeated, with his cultist customers as willing guinea pigs and sacrificial lambs.

The same aims and hindrances apply to every layer and scale of his enterprise, including the choice of fencing materials.


= = = = =

** Footnote: The comparison is unfair because the fence was most likely built by GM, the original occupant of the plant. But it's still a valid symbol.


  Thanks Ralph 480, utter perfection edition

Via RT:

Klimatführerin Merkel, the current LEADER of the "climate" holocaust. is blaming RUSSIAN_MEDDLING for her own work.
Merkel’s spokesman Steffen Seibert was left to do some urgent damage control after the chancellor appeared to pin the blame for schoolchildren-led environmental protests across Europe on the long arm of Moscow.

“In Germany now, children are protesting for climate protection,” she said. While conceding that it was “a really important issue,” Merkel appeared to cast doubt on its grassroot origins.

“But you can’t imagine that all German children, after years, and without any outside influence, suddenly hit on the idea that they have to take part in this process,” she said.

The "climate" holocausters have been using children as a weapon for MANY years. As leader of the holocaust, Merkel certainly knows the strategy of the Merkeljugend.

Here's the Emersonian justice part: By blaming RUSSIAN_MEDDLING for her own work, she casts doubt on her own work among her fellow demons.
Punishment is a fruit that unsuspected ripens within the flower of the pleasure which concealed it. Cause and effect, means and ends, seed and fruit, cannot be severed; for the effect already blooms in the cause, the end pre-exists the means.
Thanks, Ralph!

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Saturday, February 16, 2019
  Do vs Antido

I'm jealous.

Other countries are getting COMPETENT leaders who DO SHIT for their people. The envy moves close to home with AMLO in Mexico. AMLO = FDR.

This video shows the PROGRESS on the interurban railroad system he started two months ago.

Meanwhile, our leaders are ANTI-DO. Everything that happens in this utterly fucked country is EXPLICITLY DESIGNED TO HALT ALL ACTION AND LIFE. Our wars are designed to eliminate resources that compete with Saudi. Our "economy" is designed to suck the life from real business and industry, leaving only the pure numerical manipulation of the NYC Tribe. Our "culture" is designed to obliterate all thinking, logic, facts, love, and life, leaving only GOD EMPEROR SOROS ruling over a universe of inanimate machines.

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  Axon first again

This new research on neurons fits neatly with something I noticed last year.

This article focuses on the role of the terminal at the end of an axon. Most of the time this terminal is a lot like an output terminal in a circuit, sending electrochemical signals to nearby dendrite inputs that lead to other neurons.

Previously it was assumed that the dendrite inputs did the wandering and searching to find an axon that provided the chemicals they wanted.
The greatest surprises came from auditing the neuron's growth cones -- the outermost tips of the axonal tentacles, which develop into the signaling synapses. This portion contained much of the molecular machinery of an independent cell, including proteins involved in growth, metabolism, signaling and more.

This finding, Macklis says, challenges the dogma that the nucleus and cell body are the control centers of the neuron. Instead, it proposes a more intricate web of decision-making and the existence of semi-independent units far from central command.

"What our results suggest is that growth cones are capable of taking in information from the outside world, making signaling decisions locally, and functioning semi-autonomously without the cell body," he said. "It's a whole new way of thinking about neurons."
So the axon terminal is ALSO deciding which way to grow, which dendrites are suitable receptacles for its signals.

= = = = =

Last year I noticed:

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Linked via RCS, an interesting speculation about brain development.
In the developing brain, the subplate sits below the cortical plate, a precursor to the cortex. During some stages of development, the subplate is the largest layer of the brain—making its ultimate disappearance all the more confounding.

“The understanding about the subplate was that it expands and then the cells of the subplate just die out. But we hypothesized: What if these subplate cells are not dying? What if they’re just moving to a different level of the cortex—becoming part of the cortex?” says Brivanlou.
The researchers tried to duplicate the situation in vitro, and found that the subplate cells didn't die. They migrated outward after they had performed their main function of generating lots of other neurons.

For clarity: the idea of migration is astonishing, and NOT part of conventional wisdom, but it is well-known in serious neurology. This research isn't claiming to discover the migration, only trying to see what happens after the migration.

Here's the migration as currently understood. The subplate forms from the brainstem. It first builds the radial glia (the tracks) extending to the outer rim of the brain (the cortex). Then the subplate generates a few billion fresh neurons, each equipped to ride the tracks. These neurons ride to the frontier where they claim their homesteads.

Previously it was believed that the subplate simply faded out after building the rails and sending the trains. This new finding indicates that the subplate's cells hop on the tracks and join the migration. Do they still have a special leadership role in the new territory?

The article includes a little video of the (in vitro) subplate neurons migrating in open territory without rails. They wander in various directions, but all are traveling axon-first, perhaps showing that each neuron is seeking an appropriate destination for its signals rather than an appropriate source as you might assume. In other words, each neuron knows its PURPOSE, its intended JOB, rather than its desired CONSUMPTION.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

The current article shows that axons are purposeful seekers from a static neuron, like plant roots seeking nutrition. Last year's article showed axons as purposeful seekers on a moving neuron, like free-swimming animals seeking nutrition.

Both modes are amazing, and the combination is doubly amazing.

= = = = =

** Stupid footnote: Early paleontologists guessed that dinosaurs had butt brains. Extremely long spinal axons need many seconds to transfer signals, and dinos had an expanded area in their vertebrae around the hip. The two facts implied an independent sub-brain. Later paleontologists dismissed the idea. Now that we see the axon terminal as an independent decision center, the old idea turns out to be right after all. There wasn't necessarily a visible sub-brain, but the terminals of the axons were serving as a sub-brain.

*** Not-so-stupid footnote: When we cut off a dog's tail for the sake of fashion, we aren't simply eliminating "useless" length from the spinal axons. We are excising the reflector brains at the end of the axons.



  Uncle Tom's Macula

It seems surpassingly odd that cars are valued primarily on one peculiar Newtonian variable.

Linear acceleration.

Uncle Tom McCahill gave us the standard measurement for linear acceleration, the 0-60 time.

Obviously there is a minimum baseline for car value, plus some other minor factors like perceived quality and visual drama. But the McCahill is what counts most. As McCahill approaches zero, price approaches infinity.

Price = BASE + (2K * COOL) + (5K * DRAMA) + (100K * (1/MAC) )

This formula holds true from Duesenberg to Tesla.

Must admit I've NEVER understood this variable. When I was driving regularly, my absolute consistent goal was to minimize acceleration, minimize wear, and maximize economy. I rarely exceeded 45 MPH, so 0-60 wouldn't have been a usable measurement even if I'd wanted to achieve it.

For the vast majority of car buyers, the McCahill is what counts. The McCahill is mediated by one tiny sub-organ within the inner ear.

Here's one cochlea. The loopy things are the semicircular canals, which measure linear and rotational acceleration in all directions. Linear forward-backward accleration is mainly handled by the macula of the posterior canal, pointed by the arrow.

Movements of the body and head cause inverse movements of the fluid in the canals, as the fluid inertially tries to remain static. Inside the macula, a few miniature pebbles (otoliths) are embedded in a sort of gel, which drives some specialized hair cells.

As the body jerks backward and forward under the influence of linear acceleration, the heavy otoliths slop forward and backward, creating a signal in the hair cells.

So the value of a car is determined by a microscopic pebble-filled gel sloshing a few hairs around.

= = = = =

Sidenote: Hair-cell gel was a popular product for the designer of sensory circuits. See this new finding of gel as modulator in the auditory part of the cochlea, and gel as radio receiver in radio fish.


  Ex post facto everything

A quick thought on metrology.

Our media demons use many tactics to dissolve our brains.

One fairly new tactic is ex post facto judgments and measurements.

Behavior that was normal and legal in earlier eras is now pulled forward through a time warp and treated as immediate current behavior, and punished by current laws and norms.

Diseases and economic variables are constantly re-defined, and we use the change in definition to create a fake variable. The criterion for "Autism" changes every month, and the "number of autistic children" increases every month. We consider this to be a growing epidemic, without ever acknowledging that the definition is changing. The criterion for unemployment has changed several times. If we still used the same definition that we used in the '30s, our current unemployment would be about the same as the '30s. We changed the standard so we have "low" unemployment, even though 1/4 of the working population is out of work.

= = = = =

Functional cultures, functional legal systems, and proper scientific procedure, all prohibit retroactive judgments and measurements. Each standard must be permanent. You're not allowed to switch standards in midstream, whether you're using the switch to de-normalize old normal events or normalize new abnormal events.

The reason for the prohibition is obvious in science and economics. Why do we measure or sense anything? To provide negative feedback and error correction. As we attempt to achieve a purpose or reach a destination, our senses and measuring tools tell us which way to steer and how fast to move. When the measuring tool changes constantly, the feedback is false. We are directed to steer AWAY from the real goal.

In legal and cultural systems the reason is the same but less obvious. When you want people to behave according to a specified standard, people need to KNOW what the standard is. Ordinary people want to conform, want to be approved and rewarded. When people are able to aim toward a KNOWN AND CONSISTENT goal, and feel rewarded for getting there, enforcers can relax and watch for the few abnormal folks who don't respond automatically.

= = = = =

Ex post facto rules and definitions are part of Room 101. Constantly changing goals BREAK DOWN internal rationality, leaving the victim with NO INTERNAL STANDARD. Deepstate is then able to treat the victim as a lifeless passive machine.

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  Just figured it out

Going through some old web bookmarks, trying to find a half-remembered source, I bumped into New Samizdat, one of RT's propaganda branches. Looking at it again, I remembered why I had tried it once then abandoned it. New Samizdat is PURE SOROS.

RT and Sputnik are mostly Soros with occasional recognition of the value of populism. New Samizdat is 100% IDENTICAL to all US media. It's the exact opposite of real Samizdat.

I've been puzzled by this for a long time. I'd figured out half of the answer. Finally got the whole answer.

What is the purpose of Soros and Bezos and Zuckerberg? Their purpose is to DESTROY WESTERN CIVILIZATION. Obliterate religion, science, facts, logic, truth, love, and life. Nothing remains in the universe but the Emperor.

What is the purpose of external propaganda? To WEAKEN THE ENEMY.

Russia has ALWAYS recognized this basic fact, because Russians are REALISTIC. Russians have never suffered from weird delusions about "democracy" and "human rights". Stalin used the same "leftist" activists who were also serving our Deepstate, because Stalin and Deepstate had the same concrete goal.

New thought: Stalin and Deepstate had different REASONS for the goal, different ulterior motives.

Stalin understood that a strong USA, allied with a strong Germany, will always attack Russia. He wanted to keep us weak to protect Russia from our natural aggressive imperial mass-murdering psychosis.

Deepstate wants to obliterate civilization because Deepstate is sadistic. Deepstate jacks off to holocausts. Torturing Christians and Muslims is the ultimate orgasm for Deepstate.

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Friday, February 15, 2019
  And here's the beer

Repeating the work of an anonymous genius:

And here is a time-lapse clip from the GOES satellite, showing the beer. A series of huge cyclones in the Pacific, impacting Hawaii on one side and the West Coast on the other. NWS claims the series is fading out, which means we might finally get a break from the chugging contest. I hope and pray they're right. I don't really see the fading in the video.

The neatest part of this video is the movement of dawn and dusk. We tend to think of the sun's horizon as a straight north-south line sweeping westward. Our image is probably assisted by longitudes. Our image is wrong. It's not 'vertical' at all!

Stopping to think, dawn and dusk have to move this way to give northern places a shorter day than southern places in winter. But the actual shape is still a surprise. Can't wrap my mind around it yet.

Later: Now I get it, with the help of HappySun. The satellite pic is mysterious because the earth is still and the sun is moving. When you hold the sun still, the effect is obvious.

As always, Ptolemy and Galileo are both right. Each view is better for some purposes.

Meta-both-right: When we 'liven up' the sun, normally we show the sun's benevolent face looking down on us. This animation needed to have HappySun facing the other way, which means the sun is mooning the earth. We are blessed and illuminated by lit sunfarts. More like the depressively realistic Eskimo god-stories.

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Thursday, February 14, 2019
  One-second disproof


Blockchain can strengthen the credibility of meta-analyses.


Fraud can strengthen the credibility of fraud.

Didn't need to look up anything, didn't need to see the details.

Self-contained invalidation.

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  Skillentines 2

The Weather Bureau's resident punster is issuing a series of Valentweets to cities in his district.

He sends hearts and flowers to:

Deary, Bliss, "Dear" Park, Date-ton, Heart Lakes, and Hartline.

He has a special salute for Hartline, where a local citizen has been operating a remote weather station for the Bureau since 1952. That's impressive loyalty.


Incidentally, he missed a good one. Flowery Trail Road, near Usk and Cusick, is often listed as a location in Watches and Warnings.


  Wrong measuring instrument

Via ZH:

Chicago is rated the most corrupt city in USA on the basis of convictions for corruption.

This is the wrong measurement, and may even be a reversed measurement.

Chicago is undoubtedly corrupt. But a city that ARRESTS AND CONVICTS bad officlals is LESS corrupt than a city that allows corruption to run wild.


Wednesday, February 13, 2019
  More misunderstood Franklins

Thinking about Franklins and the Tribe led sideways to a new thought about those two subjects.

Henry Ford was allegedly anti-Tribe, but in fact his love of Germany was typical of US industrialists at that time. We have always loved and emulated Krauts, except for the brief moments when we were fighting them.

Henry was DIFFERENT from other industrialists in his respect for the Soviet experiment. He tried to open a factory in Russia but ran into problems because he didn't understand that Russians are more individualistic and freedom-loving than Americans.

Henry respected the Soviet experiment and hated Wall Street for a consistent FACTUAL reason. His business AND his product were aimed at serving the needs of poor people. He understood that Wall Street enriches stock traders and kills poor people. When NYC controls capital allocation, capital slaughters the poor. The Soviet experiment attempted to allocate capital for the benefit of ordinary people, and mostly succeeded.

Henry was correct in those beliefs and biases.

BUT he also hated Franklin Roosevelt because FDR was a "socialist".

This contradicted Henry's genuine socialism, and contradicted all the facts about Henry and Franklin. In fact Henry and Franklin were on the same side in every important way.

1. Henry and Franklin were both non-interventionists. Henry's dislike of war was called anti-Tribal. Franklin's dislike of war was not.

2. Henry and Franklin both hated Wall Street. Henry couldn't do much about it, so he refused to participate. His refusal was called anti-Tribal. Franklin did EVERYTHING about it, bringing the demonic predators under harsh control. His crackdown was not called anti-Tribal.

3. Henry and Franklin provided useful employment for poor whites and blacks.

4. Henry and Franklin trained poor people to organize their lives outside of work.

5. Henry and Franklin were especially concerned about farmers. The T was optimized for farm use, and later Ford cars and trucks continued the tradition. Franklin saved farmers from destruction, enabling them to continue buying Fords.

6. Franklin bought a '38 Ford for his own use and had it fitted with hand controls. In '38, Buick and Olds had semi-auto transmissions that would have been more suited for hand controls, but Franklin wanted to be seen in the working man's car.

7. Even if we think of Henry as a crass capitalist, he should have appreciated the CCC's roads and parks and tourist destinations, which vastly expanded the market for cars.

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At, a set of 1903 Valentine cards based on SKILLS.


A cobbler sweetheart I would choose, to mend for me my well-worn shoes.

Cupid said you melted lead, and sometimes melted hearts instead.

Just a line-o-type, my love, to say you will be mine.

Civilization values SKILLS, which can be acquired and improved. Now civilization is extinct. We only value STATUS, which is innate and permanent.

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  You don't have any Social Credit

One of the Tesla skeptics recommended an interview about the proposed Rivian electric pickup truck. I think electric cars are a wonderful idea for a specific niche, which has NOT been filled or even touched by the modern EV developers. So I wanted to hear about Rivian. Are they starting to get it right, or is it just another Tesloid scam?

Followed the link to the podcast and hit an end-of-road barrier immediately:

Account overdrawn.

Credit card declined.

You don't have any devices.

You are phonerupt.

Paupers need not apply.

= = = = =

I predicted this a couple years ago, but didn't see it happening so soon.

The scariest part: Google KNOWS that I'm phonerupt. Google is correct. I don't have any devices. No cellphones at all, no "smart" shit. Just a desktop computer, which is no longer legal tender.


  Proving the point

The young Muslim politician made a light-hearted and ACCURATE comment on the influence of the Tribe, including a common and NON-TRIBAL metaphor about Ben Franklin. Franklin was a Mason, not a Tribal.

In response, Franklin percent of Repooflicans and Franklin percent of Democrats tackled her and piled on, INTENTIONALLY misinterpreting the innocent Franklin reference.

Thus proving her point 1000000000000000000000000000000 times more strongly than she intended.

Unfortunately she surrendered to the squashing.

I'm still waiting for JUST FUCKING ONE politician to stand up against the crowd, to stick with the truth on ANY issue. I would love to hear:

"No, I won't apologize for speaking plain and obvious facts. You need to apologize for being tyrannical monsters."

But I'll never hear it. Never never never. Nothing will change, nothing will improve. We're fucked.

= = = = =

Update: She may have apologized once, but by god she's standing UP now against the same neocons who tried to silence her.



Tuesday, February 12, 2019
  Constants and Variables 122, Unneeded Laxative edition



Having a little parallel fun with the title, but this item is more serious and less obvious than the previous. This might be helpful to others in the same situation, so I'll narrate carefully.

Back in August 2016 I was preparing for hernia surgery. I had been consistently regular since leaving 8-5 office work in 2002. Suddenly the internal tension of thinking about surgery locked everything up, so I started using Senokot. It worked, and the nurse strongly recommended doubling it after the surgery to avoid stressing the abdominal muscles. Double dose continued working, so I kept taking it. I didn't want to lose the advantage.

About six months ago, after two years of the lax, odd things started happening. I was having dizzy spells and my feet were oversensitive and swollen. This gradually got worse, with spells of panic interspersed. It was essentially the same as 2008 when my blood pressure was out of control, but I could tell that the heart and circulation were not the problem.

In January of this year I decided to try an experiment. First cut down to one lax per day, then down to zero.


At one per day: the dizzy spells and foot problems decreased but didn't go to zero, and the steady cramping of the colon disappeared entirely. The latter was obviously connected. This encouraged me to cut down to zero.

Down to zero per day: dizzy spells and foot problems disappeared. Everything back to elderly baseline, as it was before lax.


DUMPING DIDN'T CHANGE. There wasn't a transition or 'bounceback'. I'm still just as regular without the lax. The pattern of mostly good dumps and occasional weak dumps is the SAME with and without. The only difference is the schedule point, which was around 6AM before starting lax and 4AM with lax. Returned to 6AM again.

= = = = =

In short, everything returned to the status quo ante. The lax WAS honestly necessary for about three months, but after that it started piling up. Senna is designed to irritate and overstimulate the nerves of the colon, and it must have been inflaming everything else as well.

In even shorter, the laxative was doing NO GOOD and SOME HARM.

= = = = =

Update two weeks later, just verifying that the changes were real, not a placebo-ish assumption. The dizzy spells are still entirely absent, and the other symptoms are still gone. The dizziness had been daily toward the end of the laxative usage, so the distinction is sharp. Dumping is still consistent and regular. Not quite as enthusiastic as with the laxative, but consistent.

Update four months later, still good. Dizziness and oversensitive nerves still entirely gone, dumping still reliable but not enthusiastic. This is a SETTLED QUESTION.

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  Constants and Variables 121, Unneeded Ladder edition



For 10 years I've been obsessively raking the roof, using the same rake, always mounting a ladder. Last year my old 6-foot ladder was getting wobbly, so I bought a new 8-foot ladder. It's less wobbly, but it's also a lot heavier and harder to lift and move. So raking is harder than before.

I raked yesterday and again today, after back-to-back big snows. Today I was tired, the ladder was especially hard to move in deep snow, and the rake was slippery. After a brief try I said: Fuck it. Let's just work from the ground and get a halfassed partial try. At least clean the edge. Might be slightly better than nothing.

Working from the ground turned out to be BETTER than the ladder. It was IMMEDIATELY OBVIOUS. I was able to reach HIGHER than I ever could from the ladder.

Why is it better? Two reasons. (1) Feeling less precarious means I can move the rake more freely and strongly. (2) On the ground I can walk forward and backward to get the best angle for each pull. Can't do that at all on the ladder.


In fairness, I did try it a few times over the years, but for some reason didn't find the right technique or didn't move the right way. The result was halfassed.

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  Seven second SHIT

Because we finally have some real weather this week, I tuned into one of the local "news" stations by habit. I hadn't used any of those "news" radio stations for at least a year. I quickly turned it off.

Polistra's seven second rule. When you tune into a broadcast or a livestream, within the first seven seconds you will hear the ONLY THING THAT MATTERS.

Seven seconds: Racist pictures in 1968.

Turns out that Gonzaga Satanversity is burning its entire collection of yearbooks because one of Gonzaga's well-trained young Inquisitors and Torturers found a "racist" picture in a 1968 yearbook.

Putting aside the roar of rage, here's a better way of thinking.

These little monsters are dissolving their own brains. They will be useless for all tasks except inquisition and torture. There's nothing we can do to change or fix the organizations and governments that serve Satan. We can't cure or ameliorate this terminal mind disease.

What we MUST do is continue to perform our own duties in a non-Satanic way.

What we CAN do, when we get the opportunity, is to avoid employing or contacting or talking to these grotesque monsters. Ferociously ostracize all graduates of Satanversities. Insure that they can't get a foothold in the few remaining non-Satanic organizations and businesses.

QUARANTINE the torturers.

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  It's not that complicated

An overlong article in Atlantic on the overdue rethinking about animal thinking.

The article spends WAY too much time on the Jainists, who believe that everything has a soul. You don't need to go that far to find people who know the simple and obvious truth about all animals.

I'd separate human-animal relationships into three types. The separation shows why paid scientists are slow to perceive the truth.

1. People who work with animals as teammates have always known the truth. A policeman and his K9, a blind man and his guide dog, a farmer and his plow horse, a milkman and his horse. These people treat their teammates as equal intelligences. Each member knows his own strengths and the other member's strengths. Each trusts the other to learn new situations and help solve problems.

2. People who work with animals as products may suspect the truth but can't afford to think it. Industrial farming of chickens and cows and pigs ignores the individual characteristics and minds of the animals. Feed, grow, kill.

3. People who own pets but don't work with them are in between. Pet owners treat their critters well, but don't need to rely on the pet's brainpower. Many pet owners believe that the animal is simply a mechanism without consciousness.

Where do scientists fit? Type 2. Rats and pigeons and bacteria are industrial products. Most lab animals are not expected to think. Even when rats are specifically used for experiments about intelligence, the scientist is not allowed to see the rats as individuals. It's "unscientific".

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  All lit up again

Britain plans to invade and conquer Russia by converting some old ferries into warships.

Not the first time for this transformation!

  Beethoven, Bolero, Beer

Normally our winter starts with a bang in late Nov, then continues through Dec and Jan. Normally Feb is fading toward spring. This winter we got only a little snow in the usual period, then Feb overcompensated.

I'd been thinking of a musical analogy. Normally we get Beethoven, this year we got Bolero.

Some anonymous genius hit a vastly superior metaphor.

Can't top it!
  But not quite ALIVE enough.

Via RT: A Russian village is invaded by polar bears, and the local authority refuses to let the villagers shoot the bears because of "endangered" "species" shit.

Come on, Russia. You can do better than this. Don't let Gaia or Goldman ruin you.

The "endangered" "species" shit is an earlier version of the Soros migrant invasion. Pick a species or a caste or a gender or an ethnic group, declare it to be Protected, then watch the devastation.

Even when the species itself is not named as Protected, Gaia forbids self-defense. You can't trap skunks and groundhogs, you can't poison termites and ants, you can't cut a tree that threatens your house, you can't resist a burglar, you can't arrest a migrant.


Life requires SELF-DEFENSE.

Soros and Gaia obliterate all borders and forbid self-defense.

Result: DEATH.

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Monday, February 11, 2019
  Rare recognition of LIFE

Via RT, Moody's bond rating agency has clicked Russian bonds up to investment grade. The reason for the change is interesting.
Late on Friday, Moody’s announced the upgrade of Russia’s economy from Ba1 to Baa3, acknowledging the “positive impact” of government policies that managed to strengthen the country’s already robust public finances and may potentially help Moscow withstand possible US sanctions.

The agency noted that Washington is highly likely to introduce further anti-Russian sanctions in the coming months. The new measures by the White House could “be contained without material damage to the country’s credit profile,” Moody’s said.
Normally the bond raters follow Wall Street's Deadthink assumptions. Wall Street assumes that other countries are not alive. When US imposes sanctions on a country, the country collapses, just like striking a house with a bulldozer.

Moody's recognizes that Putin is ALIVE. Putin understands Graybill's Law and knows how to break out of sanctions.

There are other predisposing factors aside from Graybill. The Soviet system gave Russia the tremendous advantage of NO DEBT. Putin was smart enough to retain this advantage, switching to real capitalism instead of Goldman debtism.

When a LIVING country with a wide variety of skills, profitable industries, and low existing debt, decides to issue a bond, the purchasers can expect the country to repay with interest.

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Sunday, February 10, 2019
  Where are the goddamn BOOKKEEPERS?

Via ZH, a Florida fraudster is being blamed for the collapse of a Puerto Rico bank.


The fraudster was NOT an employee of the bank, therefore he was NOT responsible for the collapse. He had no power to control the bank's auditing and bookkeeping, therefore the bank collapsed itself.

The whole concept of self-defense has disappeared from the Sorosian world as part of deanimation. Banks are not individual suckers who can be taken in by a complex scheme. Banks have auditors and lawyers for the EXPLICIT PURPOSE OF DETECTING ATTEMPTS TO DEFRAUD THE BANK.

This bank either failed to hire auditors or ignored their advice. Possibly the bank officials were colluding with the fraudster. In any and every case, the bank is solely to blame for its collapse.

As a natural clerk and former bookkeeper, this OFFENDS me in a vocational way.

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  Fucking reprint for verification

Last month I thoroughly EXPLODED the blasphemous "green" "new" "deal", ending with the FACT that the real purpose was the "new forms of financing", in other words MMT.

Now the purpose is verified. Stephanie Kelton, High Priestess of the insane genocidal mass-murdering MMT hypercrime cult, has explicitly linked the two. The blasphemous "green" "new" "deal" is nothing more than a Trojan Horse for the MMT hypercrime cult.


A couple days ago I cited part of the REAL New Deal. It was necessary in 1933 and it would be even more necessary now. Not just metaphorically or 'mutatis mutandis', but pretty much verbatim. We've lost and reversed all the gains and improvements, so we need to start from the same zero point again and fix the same fucking problems again.

Compare with the blasphemous "Green New Deal", which is the EXACT PRECISE DIAMETRIC OPPOSITE of the real New Deal in every way, with one minor exception. I've pulled some points from the official plan.

= = = = =

Dramatically expand existing renewable power sources and deploy new production capacity with the goal of meeting 100% of national power demand through renewable sources; building a national, energy-efficient, “smart” grid;

The real New Deal dramatically expanded REAL renewable power, namely hydro dams. It's PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE to power a country solely with solar and wind. We know for sure that "renewables" will exclude hydro and nuclear up front. We already have a "smart" grid, thanks to the 1999 Enron fraud of securitized power sponsored by Bill Clinton. The "smart" grid cascades a single popped breaker into a widespread outage MUCH faster than the previous "dumb" grid.

Upgrading every residential and industrial building for state-of-the-art energy efficiency, comfort and safety;

EVERY BUILDING, for efficiency, comfort and safety??????? JESUS. This would cost QUADRILLIONS of dollars, even if you could recruit enough contractors to do the work, which is WAY BEYOND PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE.

Eliminating greenhouse gas emissions from the manufacturing, agricultural and other industries, including by investing in local-scale agriculture in communities across the country;

In other words, eliminate all industry and agriculture. This is the most blasphemous part. The Greenies have already accomplished about 2/3 of this goal, so we can trust them to accomplish the rest.

Eliminating greenhouse gas emissions from, repairing and improving transportation and other infrastructure, and upgrading water infrastructure to ensure universal access to clean water;

Water improvement is feasible. This is the ONLY element of the monstrosity that concords with the REAL New Deal.

Funding massive investment in the drawdown of greenhouse gases;

We're already wasting massive amounts of money on this omnicidal holocaust. More investment means more share value for Goldman and more millions of dead Americans.

Making “green” technology, industry, expertise, products and services a major export of the United States, with the aim of becoming the undisputed international leader in helping other countries transition to completely greenhouse gas neutral economies and bringing about a global Green New Deal.

This is the Green version of neocon imperialism. We're already exporting genocide in the form of weapons and wars and CIA cultural extermination. Sanity is spreading fast in the world, and nobody wants a NEW form of US-exported genocide. With any luck, the rest of the world will get together and bomb us off the planet. They should have done it already, but maybe this new super-turbo-extreme imperialism will finally get it done.

The Plan for a Green New Deal (and the draft legislation) shall recognize that innovative public and other financing structures are a crucial component ...... the Federal Reserve, a new public bank or system of regional and specialized public banks, PUBLIC VENTURE FUNDS and such other vehicles or structures .... in order to ensure that interest and other investment returns generated from public investments made in connection with the Plan will be returned to the treasury, reduce taxpayer burden and allow for more investment.

This is the real purpose and payoff. New forms of financing. New ways for Goldman and JPMorgan to generate infinite debt and kill millions of people. MMT isn't mentioned in the outline, but all of the supporters are MMT psychotics. MMT will hyperexponentially expand the omnicide.


GND is not meant to succeed. It's meant to fail, forcing us to adopt MMT to "solve" the hyperinfinite problems created by GND.

= = = = =

Later, a debunk I missed in the first try. On fixing EVERY BUILDING in the country to meet EPA standards, there's a HARD STOP before you can even think about quantity and cost. Houses built after 1980 don't need a lot of improvement for efficiency and "cleanness". Older houses have THREE HARD STOPS. Asbestos, lead paint, and mold. Most contractors will REFUSE TO START WORK when they detect even the slightest hint that any of those Official Sins are present or might have been present at any time. So the whole project would FAIL INSTANTLY.


Saturday, February 09, 2019
  Constants and variables 120, fuckheads and floss edition

Convective thought, triggered by writing "When you have enough money you don't need to spend it" at end of previous item.

There's a critical mass in lots of physical and social variables.

Simple physical example: When a windy day drops a dozen pine needles on your roof, the next windy day will blow them off. Result is zero needles most of the time. But a tree near the roof can deposit hundreds of needles. When the needles reach critical mass, they stick together and gather more. No needles ever blow away.

Simple organic example: Biofilms and flossing. You can't hope to eliminate all bacteria, and in fact you shouldn't. Flossing keeps the bacteria below the critical mass so the biofilms can't take over everything.

Question: Is there a critical mass for wealth? Can we find the threshold where the MAGNETIC POWER is so strong that the rich dickhead no longer has to spend money for ordinary expenses? The threshold where merchants find it more profitable to use the dickhead for display? The threshold where bureaucrats can't conceive of enforcing regulations, and prosecutors can't imagine filing cases?

If this threshold is fairly constant, it would be a good dividing point for confiscation, a good maximum allowable wealth.

The Islamic concept of zakat includes a threshold called nisab, but the official definition of nisab is WAY below the dickhead line. Basically if you're not in debt and have some assets, you must pay zakat. Not the same thing.

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  Verifying SOP, but still a puzzling exception

Via ZH, rich Saudi dickheads treat the US as their red-light district. After they're caught and out on bail, they simply head for home. One of them was at EWU in Cheney.

Most of the listed crimes follow a pattern of trapping and fucking. When I served on a jury in 2014, we were handling a similar rich Saudi dickhead with a similar crime. I wondered at the time why he hadn't been shipped back, because deportation or removal was known to be the normal procedure in such cases. I guessed that his parents didn't want him; or perhaps he had committed other crimes in Saudi, so jailtime here would be better than execution there.

His defense lawyer was so cartoonishly incompetent that the latter explanation made sense. Rich dickheads can afford excellent lawyers. An excellent lawyer can guarantee a guilty verdict if he's paid for it.

Rich dickheads everywhere escape punishment, usually because persecutors won't even touch the case. When you have lots of money you don't need to spend it.


  Another BIG finding

Just highlighting a discovery in neurology that deserves more attention.

It's already known (but not part of conventional wisdom!) that the brain continues making new neurons after childhood. It's also known that exercise stimulates construction, especially in the hippocampus which is the main controller of memory.

Now the specific mechanism has been identified. Via Eurekalert:
Physical activity is known to improve memory, and studies suggest it may also reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease. But researchers don't understand why.

A few years ago, exercise researchers discovered a hormone called irisin that is released into the circulation during physical activity. Initial studies suggested that irisin mainly played a role in energy metabolism. But newer research found that the hormone may also promote neuronal growth in the brain's hippocampus, a region critical for learning and memory.
Finding the hormone that turns on the neuron-makers is a BIG step. Could lead to a memory-boosting treatment for people who can't or won't exercise.

= = = = =

A separate study suggests a completely new way of creating neurons in all parts of the brain. This is speculative, not definite.

Astrocytes are the brain's janitorial service. They clean up dead or inactive neurons and repair myelin.
"We identified the most efficient chemical formula among the hundreds of drug combinations that we tested," said Jiu-Chao Yin, a graduate student in biology at Pen State who identified the ideal combination of small molecules. "By using four molecules that modulate four critical signaling pathways in human astrocytes, we can efficiently turn human astrocytes--as many as 70 percent -- into functional neurons."

The resulting chemically converted neurons can survive more than seven months in a culture dish in the lab. They form robust neural networks and send chemical and electrical signals to each other, as normal neurons do inside the brain.
This seems to be purely in vitro at the moment, but it could lead to one important change. If astrocytes can be converted to fully functioning neurons by chemicals, stem cells are unnecessary; and thus the satanic market for aborted babies would disappear.

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Friday, February 08, 2019
  The first weapon

This is the weakest comparison of Metric vs English I've ever read. It may be a parody, but the Federalist is so shitty lately that you can't tell which articles are meant as parodies. Most of the articles are pure Soros.

The author is a gung-ho superspecialized military type who lives and breathes Milspec.

He tells us that yards are better than meters for determining the range of a rifle because yards are slightly smaller. Might be true for professional snipers, but most non-criminal people aren't professional snipers, so we have no desire to check validity of this claim.

Slight differences in one particular unit aren't the determining factor for practicality. Meters and yards are about the same, so they're equally practical for a visual estimation. The system that gives you finer resolution, or the most comfortable unit, is generally better. Fahrenheit is better than Celsius because F degrees are about twice as fine as C degrees. Centimeters are better than inches for objects in the size range of automobiles and appliances, BUT serious metricators don't use cm. They express everything in mm, which is uncomfortable.

What do I mean by comfortable? Humans handle one-digit numbers and two-digit numbers easily. We don't have a solid feel for fractions or numbers much beyond a hundred. For each specific purpose the system that gives us numbers like 6 or 52 is more comfy than the system that gives us 0.035 or 4316.

Sergeant Milspec then tells us that metric is better for land navigation. Why? Because meters, unlike latitudes, are the same everywhere on the earth's surface. Huh? Yards are also the same everywhere.

He then tells us that meters are really better because a digital system called MGRS uses metric.

This is absurd. In the first fucking place, lowly non-milspecs AREN'T ALLOWED to use MGRS, so it's utterly irrelevant. In the second fucking place, when you're using any machine or system that does its own calculation, you have to take the system's output in the form it displays. This has nothing to do with metric vs English. For instance, Poser has its own 'native units' for length. One 'native Poser unit' is 103.2 inches in the latest version. You can try to think in inches or feet or cm AFTER reading off the native distance, but you can't try to do your own calculations based on inches. The internal roundings and limits are based on the internal units, and your external calcs in inches won't agree with the internal results.

= = = = =

In the current US situation, jobs and subjects that find metric to be more practical have naturally switched. Jobs and subjects that find English more practical have naturally stayed with English.

There are two STRONG arguments for leaving the current arrangement alone.

MATH argument: Metric was invented in the era of math on paper and math on slide rules. Metric is definitely better for paper and slide rules, because sliding the decimal point back and forth is easier than dealing with fractions. Now that computers do all of our calculations, metric has no advantage at all. In fact the two-based fractions in English are MORE precise for binary computers.

POLITICAL argument: Each trade and discipline has its own comfortable and habitual units. Forcing people to switch DESTROYS SKILLS and DESTROYS HUMAN CAPITAL. The sole purpose of globalism is to make humans worthless. Metric was designed by globalizers who had this purpose in mind. The French revolutionaries wanted to FORCE everyone to think and work the same way as the revolutionaries. Identical thinking is another name for death.

Globalists aim to obliterate all life, leaving only pure numbers. Metric was the first weapon of globalists, and it's still a major weapon.

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Thursday, February 07, 2019
  Se-lu 33, non-Dillinger edition

I've been incessantly pointing out, both here and in comment boxes, the obvious fact that RT is NOT pro-Trump. RT is pro-Bernie. RT agrees with MSNBC and CNN on everything except RUSSIAN_MEDDLING.

The leaks from the Integrity Initiative showed that the reality is perfectly understood by the ORGANIZERS and SENDERS of Sorosian propaganda, but their OUTPUT constantly hammers on the RUSSIA=TRUMP equation.

I've been so irritated by this nonsense that I never stopped to ask the broader question.

Why does Russia do this?

In 2015, before Trump and before the RUSSIAN_MEDDLING shit started, I assumed that RT was just marketing its message efficiently. Dillinger's Rule. If you want to recruit activists, go where the activists are. The most experienced activists are on the 'progressive' side, so those are the sales prospects. At that time I also THOUGHT that RT would have to switch its advertising to a more populist appeal:

Modern Russian propaganda seems to have missed the switchover. RT and Sputnik are still aiming at hippies, agreeing with everything MSNBC/Fox/CNN/ABC/CBS/ETC say on all topics except Ukraine. They love Earth Day, hate fracking, love Sharpton, hate cops.

They won't get very far this way. Putin himself understands the switchover correctly. He knows that Russia's maintenance of traditions and re-embrace of the Orthodox faith are the best selling points; but his message doesn't seem to be coming through the existing channels.

Didn't happen. RT didn't switch over to supporting and cultivating traditionalists and populists. The much smaller Russian Faith and Russian Insider websites work this side of the street, but the big broadcasters RT and Sputnik are still talking to people who are incapable of listening.

I don't have the answer, but it's a damn good question.

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  Non-barking 1040

Doing income tax today. I've been figuring my tax manually since I started working in 1970, and this year is the first REAL CHANGE in the forms. The personal exemption and standard deduction have been merged into one standard deduction, which makes sense. Form 1040 has been splintered into several new schedules, which doesn't make sense.

Previously I was submitting a 1040, C-EZ, and SSE. This year it's 1040; C-EZ; a schedule that repeats the info on C-EZ; SSE; and a schedule that repeats the info on SSE. Pointless duplication.

I suppose this is yet another stupid fake fulfillment of the meaningless "tax on a postcard" promise that politicians always push.

The most complex part of my figuring in recent years is the peculiar flowchart for Social Security, which usually ends up with zero taxable benefits. This figuring is more complex than the stuff on the schedules but it still doesn't have its own schedule. It's just part of the instructions in the main PDF, so I have to record the process in a plain old text file.

Seems odd that the first REAL CHANGE in many decades hasn't made news. I read lots of econ-oriented webpages, and none of them are talking about this. Caught me by surprise.

= = = = =

When they pulled out those schedules they didn't fix up the instructions. At the end of Schedule 1, on line 36, the total of adjustments to 'other income' just sits there, with no mention of where it flows back into the 1040. The instructions for Schedule 1 don't give the answer. I found the answer in an obscure forum for Intuit software. This total goes into Line 7 on the 1040 itself, and the instructions ON line 7 tell you this. Bad practice. When a total has to go somewhere, the destination should be specified with the total. You shouldn't have to search through other forms and forums to figure out where it goes.

This failure is also unprecedented. The IRS has always done an excellent job with instructions, given the tangled mess of requirements they have to implement. Congress writes tax "law" to enrich specific NYC demons, not to be consistent or intelligible. Until this year, IRS was a shining example of clarity and precision. You couldn't hope to understand WHY this number was supposed to be multiplied by 0.9253 and placed in line 23a, but you always knew exactly WHAT to do with every variable and function.



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