Monday, February 27, 2017
  Who's the enemy?

Globalists continue to attack Russia on the grounds that "Russia is our enemy."

The only question that matters is WHO STARTED THE FIGHT?

Going back through history, which countries have been our full-fledged enemies? Who actually invaded or attacked us without provocation?

Canada (working for England) in 1791.

England directly in 1812.

Mexico made many small-scale incursions from 1840 to the present. A couple of these skirmishes might be called wars, but overall not important.

Lincoln invaded us in 1861.

Japan invaded us in 1941.

Saudi invaded us in 2001.

Three of those invasions (Canada, England, Lincoln) were in response to an attempted secession from Empire. You could argue that the seceders started the fight by depriving the Empire of power. (I wouldn't argue in that direction, but I understand why people would.)

So we're left with only two aggressive and important invasions. Japan and Saudi.

Those two nations are our enemies. Japan has been pacified and probably won't make the same mistake again. Saudi has not been pacified. In fact we surrendered to Saudi.

Did Russia ever invade us? No.

Did we ever invade Russia? YES, in 1918.

= = = = =

Meanwhile, Bush The Son, who officially surrendered to Saudi, continues treasonously serving Saudi and Soros. This is basically a good thing because it reminds us yet again why Trump defeated all those Repooflicans so easily. It also puts a twist in the Sorosian media. They had a cozy relationship with Bush. He played the standard Repooflican eunuch game, taking verbal abuse in public and working together in private. Now that Trump has stopped playing the game and Bush has accidentally revealed the game, the media have to turn around and treat Bush as an angel. Won't be easy.
  Self-explanatory globalism 2

Single sentence from Wikileaks:

Close Hillary Clinton friend Lynn Forester de Rothschild (Economist publisher) is a trustee of the Saudi funded John McCain Institute.

All in one neat package. It's not a conspiracy theory, it's a conspiracy.
  Self-explanatory Macron

French candidate Macron is a perfect reference component for globalist insanity.

One main symptom of globalist insanity is reversed fatalism. (Poor phrase but can't think of a better one right now.)

Globalists treat inevitable laws of nature like genes and weather as things we can control by spending enough money and giving enough magic power to bureaucrats, or by saying magic words like define as and identify as.

Globalists treat controllable human actions, like wars and migrations and rapes, as things we can't control. We just have to let them happen.

Macron puts it all together:
We have entered a world of great migrations and we will have more and more of it. In the coming decades we will have migrations from geopolitical conflicts that will continue to play, and we will have climate migrations because the planet is in a state of deep imbalance. France will not be able to stem it, and Europe will be affected immediately. We will see a migratory phenomenon far greater than what we have seen with Syria.
Macron says migrations are a law of nature.

No. Migrations are created by aggressive globalist wars, and migrants can easily be stopped by walls and coast patrols and border patrols. Every competent nation has been able to stop migrations WHEN IT DECIDED TO STOP MIGRATIONS. At the moment France has DECIDED to be "unable" to stop migrations because it has surrendered to Kraut hegemony.

Macron says "climate change" is part of the cause. In the globalist mind "Climate change" is a voluntary act by humanity. We cause "climate change" by deciding to breathe and live. If we stop breathing and living, we can stop "climate change." Globalists want us to stop breathing and living.... except fot the globalists, of course. They are the Chosen. Their breath doesn't offend Gaia and their shit is pure gold.


  Just in case

Dream this morning was unusually specific and had a great big asterisk on it. Writing it down in case of prophecy, and also to get it out of my mind. Writing scary things sucks them out of neurons, through the hand, onto the "paper".

I was arriving home from a business trip on the train. (Huh? I haven't taken a business trip since 1998, and haven't been on a train since 1970.) Drove home from the train station in a generic car with a generic passenger in the car. As I drove north on G street from NW Blvd to Wellesley, I realized that all the trees were knocked down. The street was exactly up-to-date, complete with crunched asphalt and potholes. The houses along the street were also accurate. The trees were exaggerated, about 12 feet in diameter. They hadn't been squashed by a windstorm; instead they had been intentionally taken down as a preventive measure. Many of them still had giant saws and giant drills sticking out in various ways.

Most likely this was a backwash from yesterday's thinking about windstorms and preventive tree-cutting. But the unusual accuracy makes me wonder. Normally cars and people are accurate, and locations are either generic or original.

Later: Figured out a connection. The train came from tornados. I had noticed this news item about storm-chasers creating a huge memorial to an actor who starred in the movie 'Twister'. They spelled out his initials on a GPS map by (at least partly) driving to locations across Kansas and Okla, centered on Wakita where the movie was filmed. Neat idea; would have been neater if ALL of them had driven instead of faking the locations with software. In the '70s Wakita was the nearest Amtrak stop to Enid. I drove to Wakita several times to pick up friends from the train. Presumably the dream-scripter filled in a business trip as a plausible reason for taking the train.


  Big thunk

Can't resist. Paul Ratner writes the usual unspeakably bigoted and stupid and ignorant and counterproductive globalist shit at Big Think which ought to be called Big Omnicide.

He lists "5 topics that are forbidden to science".

First, all of these ARE discussed frequently. Second, he entirely skips the topics that are truly

because his brain can't handle

Third, some of his topics don't even need to be handled.

= = = = =

1. Genetic engineering. Forbidden???? Major commercially active research with billions in grants.

2. Geo-engineering to "solve" "global" "warming". Same as 1. This was the ONLY topic discussed in New Superstitionist for a few years. It's gone slightly out of fashion lately, perhaps because the term was hijacked by the chemtrail people.

3. Robot ethics. The public side of science is FULL of this topic lately. As usual the truly ethical side is forbidden. All scientists assume that robots MUST take over all Deplorable jobs but not MY job. Scientists fail to observe the simple fact that MY job is much easier and cheaper to automate than a janitor's job.

4. Secure communication technology. Doesn't need science or discussion. Perfectly simple. There is NO WAY to communicate securely through any sort of electrical system. The only secure communication technology is person-to-person, ideally non-verbal, plus carefully controlled use of handwritten paper. Spies have always understood this.

5. Universal access to science. Ratner has a small point here, but the problem is already solving itself. He's talking about the huge cost imposed by academic publishers and peer review, and the open-source responses like SciHub. Now that the gate has been opened, no amount of discussion will close it, and no discussion will lead to an "official" solution because scientists are physically incapable of solving anything. The sole purpose of scientists is to obliterate facts, logic, and the universe.

= = = = =

If you really want 5 non-discussable topics, here you go.

1. Genetic differences. That's the BIG topic we should have been discussing properly and scientifically for the last 60 years instead of slaughtering every scientist who got within 1000000000000000000 parsecs of thinking about it.

2. Consider OTHER CAUSES for the current unusual weather, such as the ACTUAL changes in our magnetic field, which involve movements of hot spots in the mantle. Those hot spots correspond in time and space to the recent weather patterns. Carbon CANNOT cause this pattern, no matter how many idiotic epicycles you add. Carbon is the TRAILING variable this time, as always.

3. Ask whether "endangered" "species" laws are explicitly contrary to Darwin and explicitly destructive to the species allegedly protected.

4. Does plain old secular biology justify "gender fluid"? You might be surprised to learn that sex chromosomes are permanent, not alterable by magic thinking.

5. Universal access to science, but not as Ratner means it. STOP KILLING SKEPTICS. Open your fucking minds to people who OBSERVE REALITY. Abandon all theories. Abolish statistics. Delete peer review. Eliminate the tenure path. Science should consist of the following three steps: Find something interesting. Observe it carefully, paying attention to constants and variables. Write about it. In Carver's perfect words, Look about you. Take hold of the things that are here. Let them talk to you. Talk to them.

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Sunday, February 26, 2017
  Consistent at all scales

I habitually use the local money-talk station for dull background buzz.

On weekends they feature 'outdoorsy' programs. Most are pro-gun and pro-2nd-amendment types. One of the 'outdoorsy' programs is more corporate and governmental, often cheerfully discussing the SUCCESS of mass murder by grizzly and wolf. The starting assumption for this program is that wolves and grizzlies MUST be reintroduced and MUST kill Deplorables. The only question is how fast and how many we can kill within budgetary limits. Like Goering worrying about the gas bill.

The contrast forced a realization: Globalism and localism are both about WEAPONS.

On every scale the basic pattern is consistent.

Globalists are AGGRESSIVE, localists are DEFENSIVE.

Globalists start revolutions and attack other countries with bombs and armies. Globalists weaponize grizzlies and wolves and "protesters" and media and migrants and "scientists" and criminals, and send them out to destroy innocent lives. Any attempt to defend yourself against any of these weapons is treated as AGGRESSION.

Localists insist on their right to use WALLS and GUNS and BORDERS and FACTS and POLICE to DEFEND themselves against the armies and bombs and grizzlies and wolves and "protesters" and media and migrants and "scientists" and criminals sent out by globalists.

= = = = =

A later followup.


  Vaguely localist

Vaguely localist thought after comparing Spokane with Ponca in previous item.

Ponca benefitted from Conoco for nearly 100 years, and served Conoco well in return. Conoco finally betrayed Ponca a few years ago, but the betrayal was extremely late compared to most corporate treason.

Spokane benefitted from Henry Kaiser for many years. He was born here and started his sand and cement business here, and later brought part of his aluminum business here to use the cheap energy from the dams he built.

Spokane did NOT serve Kaiser well. It failed to build a highway to the aluminum plant until 2000 when the plant was already dead.

More recently the alleged "city" dysgovernment has been ruining its own streets and killing its own people because it fails to use

on the streets, and fails to use concrete IN the streets. Concrete tolerates freezing and thawing VASTLY better than asphalt. All new repaving is soft bubble-gum asphalt, which crunches and cracks in a few years.

Dishonoring the founder is repaid with death.


  Every year?

I thought winter was about over, but no. We're getting another few inches today and tomorrow. During the brief break when the unplowed streets dried out enough to walk on, and most roofs were nearly dry, I took a good look at the situation.

My roof categories still hold true from earlier judgment.

Winners and losers:

(1) Winning ugly, blue tarps remaining from previous windstorms. Blue plastic won't let even one snowflake stick. Those roofs gained another chance to get fixed.

(2) Winning pretty, Cape Cod and bungaloid types with occupied attic and relatively steep roof. Threshold is 45 degrees, angle and temperature. Those houses never held more than two inches of snow, thus never formed ice dams or carried a heavy load.

(3) Losing with no surprise, metal structures like carports and garden sheds. A lot of them have collapsed.

(4) Losing with some surprise, the low hip roofs described before. Theory says those houses should be ideal because the entire roof is uniformly cold. Theory is fucked. Those houses were solidly dammed, and many are still about half full of snow.

I notice a lot of busted gutters and a few oddly crushed edges on low hip roofs.

= = = = =

The latest storm seems to confuse the forecasters. Weather Bureau** issued an Advisory implying 8 inches, but their daily prediction looks more like 3 inches, and sees about 2 inches. [Later: was right. Maybe an inch or two. The Bureau took down their Advisory.]

The 8-inch advisory brought the usual comments in news articles. This one caught my attention because it ignorantly compares with the Plains:
This is winter in the Inland Northwest. Don't like it? Leave. Otherwise, prepare for it. Enjoy it. Be glad we don't get devastated by floods or tornadoes EVERY YEAR. I'll bet land is REALLY cheap there..and not much snow.
Well now. Floods and tornados every year?

I lived in Kansas and Okla for the first 35 years of my life, 1950-1985. In those 35 years I saw ONE flood and TWO tornados. (Manhattan tornado 1966, Enid flood 1973, Enid tornado 1974.) None of them affected the houses where I was living at the time.

I've lived in Spokane for 26 years now. Experienced two firestorms, three major windstorms, and maybe four serious snow years. The fires didn't QUITE reach my house, but the wind and snow did some damage each time. Would have been worse if I hadn't taken the precaution of removing all trees in 2011.

Conclusion: Damaging weather is a LOT more every-year-ish here, MAINLY because Spokane insists on keeping and replanting killer trees. Okla gets a lot of straight wind in thunderstorms, but the wind doesn't do much damage because there aren't any pine trees. Deciduous trees get automatically 'pruned' by the constant wind before they grow large enough to smash a house.

Are the prices really cheap? In some towns but NOT because of weather. A quick Zillow scan shows Manhattan is tremendously expensive. Wichita, Spokane's twin, looks about equal to Spokane. Ponca is cheap right now because Conoco (the only major business) left town. Enid is NOT cheap because Enid has diversified business.

I'll admit to being tempted by Ponca's prices. I could get a much better house there for $40k, sell this thing for $40k, and still live without a mortgage. Probably won't do it ... too many other variables. I'd definitely need a car, which would raise expenses considerably.

= = = = =

** I shouldn't be too hard on the Weather Bureau. They have managed to obey Trump guidelines perfectly. Their twitter feed has remained COMPLETELY FREE of Gaian ratshit ever since Jan 20, which must be a white-knuckled strain like constantly repressing a cough. Strain for them, refreshing for the rest of us. It's easier to TRUST their information when it's not contaminated and confounded by theocratic lies.

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Saturday, February 25, 2017
  Thanks, Ralph 455

Dolezal is on welfare. Says that nobody will hire her.
Today Dolezal is jobless, and feeding her family with food stamps. A friend helped her pay this month’s rent; next month she expects to be homeless. She has applied for more than 100 jobs, but no one will hire her, not even to stack supermarket shelves. She applied for a position at the university where she used to teach, and says she was interviewed by former colleagues who pretended to have no recollection of having met her. The only work she has been offered is reality TV, and porn. She has changed her name on all her legal documents, but is still recognised wherever she goes. People point at her and laugh.

Faking racial identity made her famous, but faking racial identity isn't illegal and doesn't hurt anyone else.

Before she got into that form of fraud she had a LONG history of making false reports and specific false accusations, which ARE illegal. She ruined several people and wasted a huge amount of police time and effort.

She deserves prison for the earlier crimes, but the Die-Versity lunatics would turn her into a martyr because of the later insanity. What she's got now is the modern version of banishment and shunning, which is just about right.


  Now I see

I haven't paid a lot of attention to big-L Libertarians. Their sole purpose was Legalizing Pot. Now that they've got their pot, they should disband. Since they failed to disband, they're now following the natural Parkinson path. Organizations or agencies that continue after completing their mission always descend into corruption and tyranny. Nicely demonstrated this year when the LP candidates officially endorsed Hillary.

Still, I'd sort of wondered how LP can continue to push a set of "Individual Liberty" principles after they totally surrendered to Bezos and Soros. Don't they notice the disharmony?

This peculiarly obtuse ZH article by a Libertarian gives the answer. He asks whether Trump is a Libertarian and applies several test questions.

This author doesn't even recognize globalism as the problem.

One of his test questions solves the puzzle:

End government barriers to international free trade? This also seems to be a clear DISAGREE. [ie Trump is not Libertarian.]

AHA! Now I see. Libertarians MUST support globalism.

There is only one way to eliminate all barriers to INTERNATIONAL trade. Only a single empire with a single world government can eliminate all barriers to INTERNATIONAL trade. In other words, LP's principles AUTOMATICALLY REQUIRE a Hitler or a Soros. You can't have Libertarianism without total dictatorship.

If you want to have decentralized nations and provinces, each serving ITS OWN PEOPLE, you absolutely MUST have strong restrictions on trade.

People are different. Each ethnic group and cultural group has its own needs and tastes and skills. The only way to fulfill those tastes and preserve those skills is through a LOCAL government that controls trade to serve the interests of ITS OWN PEOPLE.

Graybill's Law.

= = = = =

Interesting contrast: Another small-l libertarian author, also featured in this morning's ZH, understands the point accurately and completely. Maybe he should talk with the above author who totally misses the point!

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Friday, February 24, 2017
  Not the intended audience?

A completely puzzling radio PSA has been playing recently. It features a sound FX that is allegedly familiar. It's not familiar to me.

The FX sounds to me like tapping an engine block with a wrench, followed by spitting on the engine. Kadink kadink Phoof!

The ad is trying to do a Pavlovian association. The wrench and spit sound repeats, followed by a verbal command "Fake the Vöt."

Kadink kadink Phoof! Fake the Vöt.

Kadink kadink Phoof! Fake the Vöt.

Kadink kadink Phoof! Fake the Vöt.

Kadink kadink Phoof! Fake the Vöt.

After this goes on for a while, the announcer says something about avoiding food waste.

Obviously I'm not the intended audience because I don't waste a lot of food. Each day I throw away exactly three eggshells and one tomato stem.

Maybe people who waste food keep a pet engine block and wrench in their kitchen, and engage in this strange ceremony of tapping and spitting. Maybe they need to be reminded that Faking the Vöt is a bad idea. Or a good idea. It's beyond me.
  Cambodia and Macedonia fight Soros

Continuing to track the breakup of Sorosia.

Map shows countries moving AWAY from Soros in green, TOWARD Soros in violet.

The new AWAY countries are Cambodia:
"Hun Sen's election strategy is clear: bulldoze what's left of Cambodia's democratic institutions by using laws like this one, while simultaneously intimidating civil society into silence with arbitrary arrests of human rights defenders and threats to de-register troublesome NGOs," the group's Asia director, Phil Robertson, said.
And Macedonia, strongly and specifically:
Shortly after the elections, on 20th December the Public Revenue Office sent financial inspectors to the Open Society Foundation (OSF), an organisation run by American-Hungarian billionaire George Soros, and 20 civil society organisations who receive funds from the philanthropic organisation. The formal investigation comes as a result of anti-civil society rhetoric from VMRO-DPMNE politicians, who claim that foreign funded CSOs are attempting to destabilise the country.
And Israel, at least partly:
Israel will stop issuing work visas to Human Rights Watch staff, the NGO said Friday, with the Jewish state accusing the group of being "fundamentally biased" against it. The New York-based watchdog, which has written critical reports about the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories, applied months ago for a visa for its Israel and Palestine director, American citizen Omar Shakir. On February 20, Israeli authorities informed it the request had been rejected because HRW is "not a real human rights group", the group said in a statement.
No new movements TOWARD Soros today. As far as I can determine only Gambia and the Baltics and South Sudan are adding more evil.

= = = = =

Sidenote on constants and variables: Note the tone of those three paragraphs written by various Sorosian media. In each case the Sorosian organization is treated as default and perfect and heavenly, while all opposition to Soros is evil. (Rhetoric, claimed, scare quotes.) Even Israel is treated as evil in this context, which violates the normal journalistic rule placing Israel at the head of all goodness and angelism. Must have been serious cognitive dissonance for the writer, but the correct hierarchy prevailed. Soros is EVEN MORE ANGELIC than Israel to a journalist.
Thursday, February 23, 2017
  Ten bananas

Headline at BBC:

Fruit and veg: For a longer life eat 10-a-day

First paragraph:
Eating loads of fruit and vegetables - 10 portions a day - may give us longer lives, say researchers. The study, by Imperial College London, calculated such eating habits could prevent 7.8 million premature deaths each year.
Calculated? 7.8 million? Why not get more precise? 7,843,671.49 premature deaths sounds more scientific.

But did they actually calculate? Later paragraph:
The researchers do not know if eating even more fruit and veg would have even greater health benefits as there is little evidence out there to review.
Got it. Little evidence, therefore we MUST do it.

Admittedly the article has one marginally good point. Unlike most nutrition crap, it specifies the meaning of "portion"......
A portion counts as 80g (3oz) of fruit or veg - the equivalent of a small banana, a pear or three heaped tablespoons of spinach or peas.
This only makes the nonsense more obvious. If you eat ten bananas or ten pears or 30 tablespoons of peas, you're going to get sick.

= = = = =

Graphic serendipity sidenote: I meant to show Happystar eating a huge pile of peas. The result looks more like Happystar is puking the peas.... which fits the sentence above.


  Money where mouth

Attempting to boost the feeling of gratitude, I checked to see if any good teachers are trying to set up a project that deserves support. This one caught my attention, and I immediately completed its funding:
The heavy rains we are experiencing this winter (January/February 2016) have caused numerous mudslides in our area, and flooding near students' homes. The students had the chance to watch the effects of a mudslide here on our own school campus that sent muddy sand and silt in a dramatic swirl around the storm drain near our classroom. Needless to say they are pumped up to learn more about how erosion works. We will use the tubs ordered, fortified with plywood underneath, tilted up on two by four boards. The tubs will be filled part way with sand, gravel and silt. We will fill plastic cups with water and try out different sized holes in the cups drizzling water down onto the sand in the stream tables as the first phase of our study. Students will measure, observe and identify variables they want to pursue for further study in small groups. Student skills of observation, and critical thinking will be enhanced through this project.
Starting with real-life personal experience, learning through hands-on teamwork with sand and water. No theory, just muscle memory.

Exactly right.


= = = = =

Then I noticed from other parts of the description that the students are probably illegal migrants. (Not explicit but clear enough.)


As I said in previous item, the school doesn't deserve Federal funding because it's helping to violate Federal law... but a great teacher with kids who are there through no fault of their own deserves NON-FEDERAL funding. I'm glad to help.


  Need to control my impatience

Trump strikes a blow for science and facts, getting rid of Obama's science-denying and civilization-crushing "transgender" ratshit.


This move was surprising, since Trump had NOT been promising any action on this front. His pre-political career and his stated agenda showed no interest in cultural issues and no eagerness to undo bad "laws" in this area.

He's under-delivering on the no-war side and over-delivering on the domestic sanity side.

After 30 years of Federal governments doing ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING WRONG, 30 years of TOTAL INSANITY, I'm inclined to get a little greedy now that the door to rationality is open. Come on! More! More! Faster! Above all he needs to start INSTANTLY defunding sanctuary cities, school systems, counties, and states. Any entity that violates federal law doesn't need federal money. It has declared financial independence and should be treated as such.

I need to control the greed, need to be grateful for every step back toward civilization.


  Self-explanatory meth

Brief headline in typical form at Spokane-News:

300 West Sprague, Reported subject armed with a knife beating on his bicycle refusing to leave the location. SPD en route

The joy of meth, tersely and definitively contained in one neat sentence.
Wednesday, February 22, 2017
  Maximally random thought

Probably the randomest and trivialest thought I've ever written... but I don't recall reading it or hearing it anywhere.

We have four limbs with relatively equal first and second sections, then a hand/foot with five digits. This layout is the most common among LAND vertebrates. Most amphibians and reptiles share these proportions. Many other mammals share this pattern.

Observation: The animals we get along with, our domestic partners and our food, DON'T share this pattern. Ruminants have strangely distorted legs that are mostly one toe, with all the other stuff either absent or shortened. Dogs and cats have short first bone, long second bone, and modified paws with vestigial thumb. Birds have wings and talons. Fish have fins.

The animals that share our proportions and limb functions, the animals that hold and manipulate objects the same way we hold and manipulate, are NOT our partners. We don't get along with mice or raccoons or lizards or monkeys, and (at least in cultures descended from the Old Testament) we don't eat them.

Hypothesis: Was the OT rule about kosher/haram animals a hand-based avoidance of cannibalism? Were hands associated with intelligence?


  FEC cunthead DOESN'T get it

In perfect constrast to previous item about Occupy founder Micah White, here's a cunthead who PRECISELY doesn't get it, who has all facts and logic exactly backwards.

Cunthead Ann Ravel, resigning from the pointless FEC:
“I respectfully urge you to prioritize campaign finance reform to remedy the significant problems identified during the last election cycle,” Ravel wrote, noting Trump’s own criticism of the campaign finance system during his race for president. “Disclosure laws need to be strengthened; the mistaken jurisprudence of Citizens United reexamined; public financing of candidates ought to be expanded to reduce reliance on the wealthy; and commissioners who will carry out the mandates of the law should be appointed to the expired terms at the FEC.”
Trump's election ALREADY ACCOMPLISHED all of those goals, with NO HELP from the idiotic useless FEC. He canceled out the role of money.

Fact 1: Money is crucial when candidates and parties are identically toxic. The only way to get voters to swallow Cyanide Brand A instead of Cyanide Brand B is by spending billions of dollars advertising Cyanide Brand A.

Fact 2: Every new rule and regulation on campaigns makes things worse, because all the rules and regulations are INTENTIONALLY DESIGNED to make life harder for independent candidates. FEC is a perfect fraud.

Trump broke the whole paradigm by offering SOMETHING DIFFERENT, which sounded less toxic than the universal poison of all other politicians.

When you offer a real change, you don't need a lot of money. And when you don't absorb a lot of money, voters recognize that you're not owned by the corporations and banks who were placing all their bets on other candidates.

Admittedly Trump's name recognition came from decades of previous publicity that was unavailable to an ordinary citizen, but none of the publicity had been in the political realm and very little was paid advertising. I don't recall ever hearing or seeing ads for Trump brands on radio or TV.
  Occupy founder GETS IT.

BBC talks with Micah White, one of the founders of Occupy, who has some understanding of reality. He's breaking out of the pluponent idiocy.


In a certain sense Trump IS the Occupy candidate. He actually got money out of politics. ... The left must realize that the revolutionaries are on the Right and the Left is anti-revolutionary. ... Donald Trump's victory should embolden us. It is possible to imagine a revolutionary movement taking power because we just saw it happen.


You are PRO-WAR and PRO-GLOBALIST and PRO-CORPORATE protesters. You are PLUPONENTS, explicitly employed by Soros, agitating for even more war and poverty and inequality. Trump's voters are AGAINST Soros and war and poverty and inequality.

Micah White (at least in this interview) doesn't offer a new vision and doesn't say what the goals of a left-populist movement should be. He will have to face some uncomfortable realities. He will have to embrace FACTS about blacks and whites. He will need to figure out that poor people, ESPECIALLY black poor people, need FIRM POLICE AND FIRM SOCIAL VALUES. The Left has been killing cops and killing religion and killing culture for 50 years, which has DESTROYED poor American blacks and empowered a handful of (mostly Jamaican) rich blacks.

Even more uncomfortable, he will need to figure out that Die-Versity and Gender Fluids and Immigration and Environmentalism are SLAUGHTERING poor people. Education is not the solution because education is not the problem. Henry Ford was the solution, and Fordism can still return to solve the same problems.

Again, Trump is generally on the side of Fordism, and is already taking steps to bring back jobs that a poor MAN can do. We don't know how serious he is, and we especially don't know how long the Leftist establishment will let him live.

If Micah White is serious, he should try to restrain the Leftist establishment and focus on the actual interests of actual poor people. When Trump moves in the correct direction, grab the correct direction, pull it even harder, and rebrand it without destroying it.


Tuesday, February 21, 2017
  Why we build dams

Latest item at KSHS is a series of photos taken in Topeka just after the 1951 flood. Each picture has a detailed description on the back.

One of them says:

6 days after crest. All new houses in this area. This picture between N Logan and N Kansas Ave, and between Paramore and Evelyn, 9 houses washed away, 14 others washed out of position and lodged in other locations. Water 15' deep on morning of July 12.

Manhattan got inundated, Topeka got smashed. This is why Tuttle Creek and Milford Dams were built a few years later. Since the dams, a couple of smaller floods but no smashers.

DAMS WORK.... when you maintain them and use them PROPERLY. They don't work when you fill and drain them to satisfy the omnicidal EPA.


  How did they reach that number????

A real puzzle...
Dr. Sajid Ravasia, a psychiatrist who works for Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center, and Dr. Debra Ravasia, a gynecologist, jointly filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in federal court on Jan. 18. They list between $500,000 and $1 million in personal assets to be split among the thousands who may assert a claim for up to $191.2 million.
191 MILLION? That's a Federal-scale number. That's the same amount that the idiot dysgovernment of Spokane is spending on malarial flood-generating pits to satisfy the bloodlust of EPA.

Apparently the debts are not connected to actual medical practice. The male is a psychiatrist working for a hospital. The female was running some kind of spa and weight loss clinic, which was the source of the problem.

How in the hell do you run up 200 million in debt? How did the 8000 creditors ALLOW such an accumulation without suing much earlier? 8000 people is 3% of the population of Spokane. The mean debt to each of them would be about 24k. Wouldn't you NOTICE such a number? Where was the BBB? Where was the accountant? Is this evidence of official Dot-Indian Privilege?

= = = = =

Few days later, an article at Spokesman has no useful info in the text, but the commenters include several people who worked BRIEFLY for the female, or were BRIEFLY her patients. All of them got out fast and tried to report the problem to various authorities. So there wasn't any lack of information about the crimes. Lots of people NOTICED the problem. The failure is entirely with the authorities. Medical boards, government agencies, etc.

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  Maybe positive

An interesting hint in a short item from Reuters:
Turkey sees the new administration of U.S. President Donald Trump as being more understanding and sensitive on the issue of extraditing U.S.-based cleric Fethullah Gulen, Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said on Tuesday.... Yildirim said talks were continuing with U.S. officials on the extradition of Gulen, whom Ankara accuses of orchestrating an attempted coup in Turkey last July.

Monday, February 20, 2017
  Thanks, Ralph 454

Politicians are so firmly locked into their old delusions and bigotries that they are ruining their own careers. This is GOOD.

(1) EU leaders are continuing to spew volcanic curses on Trump and nationalism. They forget that a definite majority of their own people are even MORE FIRMLY opposed to migration than Trump is. Politicians who spit on their own people don't hold power easily.

(2) USA Democrats are pushing hard toward impeachment. What are they thinking? Didn't they see what happened when Repoofs tried to impeach Clinton in 1998?

Impeachment DOESN'T WORK AND CAN'T WORK. When the Const was written in 1787, the founders stupidly believed that politics without parties was a good idea. The VP was supposed to be the guy who lost the election, so you could bring in a different "faction" by removing the P. That didn't last long. Since 1800 both have been chosen together by the winning party, which means that impeaching the P gives you the VP of the same party. Why would you want to do that?

Do the Dems think they can raise money by making noise about impeachment? That worked for the Repoofs in 1998 but it won't work now. Whether you like Trump or not, his primary and general victories PROVED that money is no longer the most important factor. He beat 16 Repoofs with near-zero money, and beat Hillary with comparatively small spending.

If you want to win now, you need to present a convincing argument to working-class Americans that you can SERVE THEIR INTERESTS, not the interests of Goldman or Soros or Saudi or Mexico or China or "gender fluids".


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  Constants and variables 63

Via Eurekalert, a Chinese study on decreasing severe weather.
In one of the most comprehensive studies on trends in local severe weather patterns to date, an international team of researchers found that the frequency of hail storms, thunderstorms and high wind events has decreased by nearly 50 percent on average throughout China since 1960.

"The frequency of thunderstorms and high winds decreased gradually over the time period we studied, but not hail," said Qinghong Zhang. "This is something we don't fully understand at this point but plan to investigate more."
To their credit, the Chinese researchers are real scientists, considering a variety of causes. USA "scientists" are blind bigots, locked into worshipping Gaia. (For instance.)

Pollution makes sense as the major cause. More particles means more seeding, more steady precipitation AND more even distribution of charge. Less chance to build up heavy clouds and heavy charge differences, thus less severe thunderstorms. More particles also means more even distribution of temperature over both space and time, thus flatter thermal gradients, thus less push and pull for wind.

= = = = =

Here's a chart of tornados and wind over a similar period in USA, from NOAA.

I'd like to find a chart of US particulate pollution from a similar period, focusing on tornado territory. Closest I can find for now is this from AEI.

The lower line is national. Pollution has decreased steadily nationwide since 1920. Nationally the EPA didn't change the curve much, which is typical of all Federal "solutions". The purpose of a "solution" is to preserve the problem and increase bureaucratic workforce. Parkinson.

However: I know from living in Oklahoma that pollution decreased strongly during the 1970s as EPA shut down most of the refineries. I often drove from I-35 to Enid. In 1970 you could see the Champlin refinery from about 5 miles away. In 1980 you could see it from 20 miles away. (Of course it was no longer a refinery, but at least you could see the structure.)

Given that tornados and severe T-storms are Okie specialties, the observation may be relevant.

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  Missing most of the point

ZH features the latest feminist fad, "affirmative consent". The author and commenters miss the point. Post-1968 feminism is ferociously anti-male in its RHETORIC, but the actual EFFECT is about class and status, not gender. This was already clear in 1978 with sexual harassment "laws", and affirmative consent continues along the same path.

Raw nature defines status by raw physical attractiveness. Civilization tried to level the playing field, providing alternate paths to status. Men could gain status by working and producing, women could gain status by good parenting and nest-making. Feminism explicitly deletes both of those leveling mechanisms, deleting civilization and allowing raw nature to roar back in.

High-status males understand feminism. They know that "harassment" doesn't exist and "affirmative consent" isn't needed when you have what it takes.
Sunday, February 19, 2017
  That's more like it.

Trump has apparently decided to do the Erdogan thing FAST.
Trump had appointed Craig Deare last month to head the National Security Council's Western Hemisphere division. On Friday, Deare was escorted out of the building where he worked.

...Deare's termination was linked to remarks he made Thursday at a private talk at a Washington think tank, where he slammed the Trump administration for its policies on Latin America and its start to relations with Mexico.
Excellent. When you're dealing with an unsalvageable Sorosian Deepstate determined to retain and regain power, you have to start hardass and stay hardass.

FAST and PUBLIC and HARD. Plenty of public frogmarched firings at the start will intimidate the other bureaucrats for a while.

= = = = =

Meanwhile, the real Erdogan continues fumigating the Sorosians in Turkey.
  Really dumb idea

This has to be the dumbest health policy idea since Romneycare.
Precisely because it is so hard to regulate and prevent the spread of these pseudo-scientific non-treatments, we should be cracking down on one of their lucrative revenue streams by ending the tax-free status of workplace benefits plans that cover them. People should, at the very least, have to pay tax on pseudo-scientific treatments covered by their benefits plans.
Basic problem: The usual definition of "pseudoscientific" is totally independent of actual science. It's purely a matter of fashion and status and grants.

Electrotherapy (magnetic fields or passing current through the body) was normal and mainstream from 1840 to 1920, then pseudoscientific quackery from 1920 through 1980, now normal and mainstream again. Psychiatry has been totally and definitively disproved from the start, but it continues to be "scientific" because the Tribe owns it. Diet advice switches back and forth at a dizzying pace. A doctor who tells you to avoid fat is "scientific" today, "pseudo" tomorrow, "scientific" the next day.

What happens if you tax a bad treatment for a while, then "learn" that the same treatment is now good and necessary? Do you refund the taxes from the bad time? Conversely, do you retroactively tax a treatment that has switched from necessity to quackery?


Saturday, February 18, 2017
  Why is life?

This may not be the Best Video Ever, but I can't think of anything better at the moment....

Life is Purpose. Life is learning to do something and teaching it.

Not sure why this particular clip is so damn good. Maybe because it's not enhanced with narration or Kevin McLeod music. The human just follows the dogs around. Papa dog never looks at the human, which is unusual for a Lab ... he's purely focused on teaching the kids.

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  Ecuador fights Soros

Article in Telesur, pointed by Wikileaks for its own Assange reasons, turns out to be more broadly interesting.
This government is the first to scrutinize NGOs, but their scrutiny has not been limited to Accion Ecologica. In 2012, Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa boldly declared that NGOs have been entering the country like never before during the previous decade. Many, backed by foreign states and foreign money, are out to destabilize the state, Ecuadorean leaders stated.

“Their interest is not the country, impoverished sectors, natural resources or strengthening democracies,” said Paola Pabon, director of the National Ministry of Political Management, which is responsible for tracking NGOs, in an interview with teleSUR last year. “What interests them is having control over governments, having influence over civil society to create elements of destabilization.”
Exactly. So Ecuador took positive action, expelling many NGOs.

What are the NGOs doing?
USAID sends hundreds of millions to local projects in Ecuador, some less explicitly political, but some indirectly benefiting opposition groups, according to U.S. Ambassador in Ecuador Adam Namm. BBG affiliate, TeleAmazonas, has been accused of fomenting strong opposition rhetoric against Correa. And the NED spends over US$1 million annually on dozens of local programs with broad objectives like “promoting citizen oversight of elected officials,” “monitoring due process and the independence of the judicial system,” "monitoring the use of public resources in government advertising" and "facilitating dialogue and consensus on democracy."
In other words, HACKING ELECTIONS.

So I'll add Ecuador to my map of countries that are moving away from Soros (green) and toward Soros (violet).

Also, browsing a little in the Soros documents, it's blazingly clear that the South Sudan revolution was PURE Soros from start to finish. I was fooled by this one, even after supposedly "learning" that modern revolutions are fake. Shame on me.


  Way beyond potholes

Reprinting an item from last year. The phenomenon is even worse this year, because Copkiller Condon was even more negligent. He followed an algorithmic rule instead of direct observation, and failed to use

Now the problem has gone way beyond potholes and dips; this year about half of all the asphalt is hopelessly cracked up. I'd estimate 40% of all streets need complete repaving.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Bloomberg-sucking Copkiller Condon decided to neglect the most basic function of city government, making streets safe for cars and people. Hard mountains of ice have been piling up on side streets for a month.

Emersonian justice, aka Budget Karma, is already showing up, and the winter is only half over. Now that we have a temporary thaw, some of the ice mountains have melted, leaving valleys underneath.

Good old glacial subsidence.

I can see the same process on a smaller scale in my tiny front yard. I don't have a paved sidewalk, so I shovel a path through the grass. In the spots where I let snow and ice harden, my footsteps push the ice down. After it thaws, those spots are dips.

On the streets:

Cars hit the ice mountains, punching them down:

After thaw, the punched-down pavement stays down.

Well, Bloomberg's Best Little Bitchboy, you thought you were saving money for your next tithe to Your Lord And Prophet Bloomberg? Nope. You'll have to spend even more in the spring fixing all these deep valleys.

= = = = = END REPRINT

I started to observe this pattern among Sorosians last year.

Sorosian protesters always wear TRAPEZOIDAL glasses and have TRAPEZOIDAL mouths.

My recent parody on Sorosian "scientists" made it more explicit:

An imperfect example in yesterday's news.

The mouth is showing the upper teeth, which isn't Breed Standard. Must show only the lower teeth.

= = = = =

Another connection occurred to me just now. Many people have been wondering about the TRAPEZOID hand posture that Sorosian EU leaders use consistently and naturally. Speculation often connects this sign with the Masonic frustum that appears on USA STRONG currency along with 'New World Order' in Latin.

I'm not convinced by the Masonic connection. It's true that Freemasonry used to be a strong global cult with its own ideology and rituals, but the current incarnation of globalism specifically COMPETES with Masons. Antichrist Bergoglio, servant of Soros, recently acted strongly to REMOVE a Masonic faction from the Order of Malta.

The current version of globalism involves a lot of Jews because it's based in banks, but Jews aren't the foundation of the pyramid. The same banks formed the dark heart of globalism in Wilsonian times, when the banks were largely Protestant. Infinite greed is the foundation, no matter which ethnic group currently dominates the greedosphere.

= = = = =

Later geometrical correction: Most of these shapes, including the proper Masonic G icon, are more like rhomboids than trapezoids. The EU hand sign is definitely rhomboid.


Friday, February 17, 2017
  Walking at last!

Yesterday's big rain was tricky and flooded some places, but it finally cleared out the GODDAMN ICE.

Nothing cures anxiety and cabin fever like a fast striding walk. After weeks of cautious mountain-climbing with every step tense and risky, finally I can just plain WALK.

Polistra and friends are stretching the point just a bit while testing the Cape Cod I've been "making" as a salute to experiment-proved snowproofing architecture. Not done yet; interior not in yet, and colors not right yet.

Purely personal note for the record: Two years ago at the start of 2015 I resolved to lose weight. I had gained 25 pounds in 5 years, and was uncomfortable. Weight was getting in the way. Started eating somewhat less and exercising somewhat more. Result: Lost about 18 pounds since then. Switched the vector from plus 5 per year to minus 9 per year. Not quite back to the weight that seemed 'optimal', but close. Weight isn't interfering with exercise now... which of course makes exercise more fun, thus helping to lose more.


  First meaningful move

Trump has already abandoned Less War, but he's finally starting to make MEANINGFUL moves toward More Jobs, which was his major promise.

Trump has repealed a job-killing regulation that Obama slipped in at the end of his term as a poison pill.
Regulators finalized the stream protection rule in December, but they spent most of Obama’s tenure writing it. The rule is among the most controversial environment regulations the former administration put together. The coal mining industry said it would be costly to implement and lead to job losses across the sector, which is already suffering from a market-driven downturn in demand for its product.
Obama knew the regulation would be harmful to America, but he also knew that it would hurt coal-state Democrat politicians. He jammed it in at the end, hoping that the harm would be blamed on Trump, along with all other problems in the universe. Trump has removed the harm quickly.

And I'm even more reassured by the appointment of Pruitt to rein in EPA. Pruitt has been working FIRMLY AND UNRELENTINGLY toward that same goal in Okla, but Federal "judges" were pushing him back. Now he's in a position to throttle back the monster DIRECTLY, with his hands on the budget control levers. His biography shows absolutely no squishiness. He considered his job as State Atty General to be enforcing the 10th amendment, which is the most crucial part of the Constitution. All the rest is unnecessary if you get HARDASS about the 10th.
Thursday, February 16, 2017
  Bernie gets it more than right

Now that Trump has sacrificed the Less War part of his mandate, reverting to Hillary's nuclear attack on Russia, he's apparently trying hard to destroy the More Jobs part of the mandate as well. His nominee for Sec of Labor had hired an illegal disposable Mexican, and publicly proposed replacing his own restaurant employees with robots.

Bernie says this is completely wrong for a Secretary of Labah (I think he means Labor) and he's more than right. This is ESPECIALLY bad for a Sec of Labah APPOINTED BY A POPULIST. Rich fuckheads are entitled to have servants, but they're not entitled to deprive Americans of jobs. Those jobs should go to citizens.

Later: Trump's news conference incidentally announcing the new Labah appointment was sort of reassuring. At least he understands the need to push relentlessly against the Sorosian media.
  I wonder

I wonder if the coup plotters in the Sorosian media and intel Deepstate have thought about the aftermath. Yes, they can and will reinstall Hillary, but the rest of the world is still moving the other way FAST. Who will work with them? Who will trust them now that they've shown their bloody disloyal hands? Germany is the only major EU country likely to stay firmly Sorosian, but NSA has made a personal enemy of Merkel by spying on her directly. With USA in chaos, where's the economic and military power to play with? Yes, you can push the button and wipe out Moscow, but Moscow will wipe us out in return. Will that be fun? What's the point of being a globalist when the rest of the globe is nationalist?
Wednesday, February 15, 2017
  Slipperiest day in history

Slipperiest day in history.

I somehow made it to the store and back without falling, but it was a fucking miracle. As usual, in the few places where the unspeakable unnameable infinitely evil "city" had accidentally allowed one grain of

to remain, I could get decent traction. Where there was not one grain of

verticality was only maintained with considerable help from God or something.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017
  I knew they had a monopoly....

Checked using my standard bookmark. Note the 99205 zip code (NW Spokane) in the URL.

Here's what came up:

How did 99205 translate into 98058? Does now consider all of Washington to be within the Microsoft campus?
  Alarm response

Convective thought:

Sorosian media are most demonic about Trump actions that are nearly indistinguishable from Obama actions.

Trump wants to expand deportations slightly, which Obama had already expanded hugely from Bush. KKK NAZI HITLER TROLL HORRIFYING TERRIFYING!

Trump wants to add more length to the ALREADY LONG Mexican wall. KKK NAZI HITLER TROLL HORRIFYING TERRIFYING!

Trump wants to get along better with Russia**, which Obama was already doing. KKK NAZI HITLER TROLL HORRIFYING TERRIFYING!

Trump wants to continue existing lunatic "protections" for nonexistent "trans" things, without any changes at all. KKK NAZI HITLER TROLL HORRIFYING TERRIFYING!

= = = = =

When Trump takes an action that is ENTIRELY NEW, never even contemplated by Bush or Clinton or Obama, the media can't get tremendously excited. These changes are noted with disgust and distaste, but they don't turn into THE STORY OF THE CENTURY.

Jobs for Americans? Totally alien concept.

Rebuild dams instead of tearing them down? Totally alien concept.

Allow policemen to survive and do their jobs? Waaaaaaaaaaay beyond alien.

= = = = =

Obviously this is an instantiation of Freud's Small Differences. Our nervous systems are designed to detect and sound alarms for small deltas within known and familiar ranges. When the room temperature drops by 2 degrees we notice it. When a vowel formant changes from 3100 cps to 3200 cps we notice it. When a fashionable celebrity gains 2 pounds we notice it.

We're not designed to detect a difference that doesn't fit an existing template. We may notice it if it's forced on our attention, but we probably won't grasp the entirety and won't have a pre-formed alarm response for it. We can't tell the difference between tones in Chinese because we don't have a template for them. We can't tell the difference between a male and female aphid because we don't have the template.

= = = = =

I strongly suspect that Trump's PR people understand this, and know how to keep the SmallDiffs rolling.

= = = = =

** As of this afternoon, it's no longer clear that Trump wants to get along better with Russia. This was half of the reason for his election. Less war, more jobs. Now that he's sacrificed half of his mandate, he'd better get FEROCIOUSLY BUSY on the other half, bringing industries back. Otherwise we might as well have Hillary.
  Try observing reality, cunthead.

Standard fake science:
Men may be at increased risk for a fatal heart attack after a major snowstorm hits, a Canadian study suggests. Compared with periods without any snow, men were 16 percent more likely to have a heart attack and 34 percent more likely to die from a heart attack after a storm dropped at least 20 centimeters (about 8 inches) of snow, the study found. Women, however, didn’t appear to have an increased risk of heart attack after a major snowfall.
First, metrology. Note the standard globalist assumption that fake measurements are precisely accurate to the nth decimal place, while real measurements are "about".

Second, duh. Of course men have more problems because men do most of the shoveling.
“We found that both the quantity and duration of snowfall were associated with an increased risk of heart attack for men but not women,” said lead study author Dr. Nathalie Auger of the University of Montreal.

It’s not clear from the results why researchers only found an elevated risk for men. But the findings suggest people should be more cautious when shoveling and avoid it whenever possible, especially if they have a history of heart problems, Auger said.


Oh, now I understand. Fake scientist cuntheads are rich enough to afford disposable Mexican servants, so they have a choice. For a fake scientist cunthead, shoveling is a luxury "workout" option. Ring for your disposable Mexican chauffeur, order him to drive you to the Snow Shoveling Workout Centre, step inside without touching any actual HORRIFYING TERRIFYING TROLL KKK HITLER snow that might have been breathed on by a Deplorable, change into your $10k custom-made Spandex snow-shoveling outfit, pick up your $15k custom-made web-connected titanium shovel with solar-electric assist, and let the shovel do the work for an hour.

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Monday, February 13, 2017
  Verified dream

Reprinting part of an entry from last November. I'll leave out the sloppy sidenote analogies and just reprint the actual dream...

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Even without TV and with cautious use of other inputs, there's still plenty of tyranny in the air. Nothing I can do about any of it. I try to observe and analyze, which is pointless. I have occasional scary dreams, again pointless...

.... but finally a scary dream that I have the tools and skills to test. The dream was quite specific: a ground fault in my electric stove. Some liquid spilled from the pan and caused a buzzing short between the ceramic burner and the outer reflector.

Got up, got out the voltmeter, turned the burner on, tried AC voltage between various points of the burner and the reflector. Nothing. Just to see if the reflector is grounded, checked voltage to the refrigerator; a few millivolts, which is typical of ungrounded fridges. Even with no actual leakage, there's always a capacitive wave in a fridge that you can feel with your hand.

So there. No ground fault in the stove. I suspect the dream-scripter was hearing a buzz from the radio. National programs coming in via satellite sometimes drop into a buzzy digital repeat when the reception pauses.

Just in case, I ordered a new burner element. I always listen to message-bearing dreams, testable or not.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

UPDATE Feb 13: The dream was right after all. A few days ago the burner started acting oddly. Some things were heating too fast, some too slowly. A pan of barley would have boiled over if I hadn't been alert. Finally I lifted up a pan and saw the problem.... a small section of the element was red hot and the rest was black. Probably an internal short. Replaced with the new burner that I'd ordered earlier.



  More idiocy

Yet more idiocy from Group Idiocy Cooperative. I finally jumped through their immoral hoops to keep my blood pressure pills going. Now the ordering system SHOULD work smoothly for a while.

Nope, still not working smoothly. The mail-order setup often takes two or three weeks to order and ship, so I'm trying to place the order soon enough to avoid missing a pill.

Here's what happens:

TOO SOON? At least you could tell me what date is NOT TOO SOON so I don't have to keep trying every day until it's TOO LATE.

IDIOTS. This is NOT an appropriate place for Just-In-Time Inventory Systems. You love to talk about WELLNESS but you won't allow your victims to be prepared and secure, which is a crucial part of WELLNESS.

Spokane is a sanctuary city because Ben Stuckart has to be cooler than anyone else. What will Ben Stuckart's coolness cost us?

Via Federal funding to Spokane, with a few more lines of the table for context.

113 million from the Feds, out of total revenue of 460 million. About a quarter of the budget.

What are we getting for 460 million? Poor policing, unplowed and un

ed streets, and now a Fire Department that openly says Deplorables Need Not Apply For Fire Protection. Best of all, we get a Parks Department that renames parks in literally unspeakable and unprintable ways.

If we lose the Federal quarter of the budget, we will also lose the pressure to conform with Federal tyranny. This won't matter because Copkiller Condon and Copkiller Stuckart and all the other Copkillers in the dysgovernment are determined to be even more destructive, more genocidal, and more tyrannical than the Feds.

But without the Fed contribution the dysgovernment's ability to do evil will decline. Maybe that's a good thing.


  Thanks for clarity

Mexicans are protesting Trump, calling him a Bad Hombre.

Yes, that's exactly the point. That's why we have nations. The leader of Nation A is SUPPOSED TO BE A BAD HOMBRE to Nations B and C and so on.

Until now, USA leaders have been GOOD HOMBRES for OTHER nations**, which meant they were BAD HOMBRES, aka LOS TRAITOROS, to the people of USA.

Thanks for clarifying the proper definition of EL NATIONO, Mexies.

= = = = =

** Except for the nations we bombed in obedience to Saudi and Soros. But we portrayed those bombings as BEST HOMBRE behavior because we were bringing Democracy and Freedom and Individual Liberty and Goldman and JPMorgan and Graduate Queer Studies to the Benighted And Oppressed Masses.

After spending trillions of dollars tearing down dams instead of building and maintaining dams, Californians are shocked to find that an unmaintained dam is breaking.

Too fucking bad. You deserve to die, monsters. The deaths won't teach anyone a lesson. Learning is extinct. But the deaths will remove some population and thus some power from California.

Darwin, fuckers.

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Sunday, February 12, 2017
  That's better.

I made the mistake of finishing off a graphics project without having a new one on deck. Left me susceptible to cabin fever and overthinking. Yesterday's discussion of the snowproofing superiority of Cape Cods finally gave me the next project. I've 'made' bungalows and odd little cottages but I've never done a proper Cape Cod with dormers and such. Feels better to have at least one project 'demanding' attention.


  Constants and variables 62, consonants and vowels 2

BBC, noticed via Uncommon Descent: More point-missing about primate language.
In comparison to research into vowel-like primate calls, the scientists explained, the study of consonants in the evolution of language has been more difficult. But as Prof Serge Wich from Liverpool John Moores University, a lead author in the study, said, they are crucial "building blocks" in the evolution of language.

"Most human languages have a lot more consonants than vowels," said Prof Wich. "And if we have more building blocks, we have more combinations."

The scientists recorded and analysed 4,486 kiss-squeaks collected from 48 animals in four wild populations. With thousands of hours of listening as the apes communicated, the researchers found that the animals embedded several different bits of information in their squeaks.

The team compared this to how we might use more than one word to convey the same meaning - saying "car" but also "automobile" and "vehicle". "They seemed to make doubly sure that the message was received, so they would send the same message with different [kiss squeak combination] signals,"
Along with the usual nonsense about vowels vs consonants, there's a deeper failure of variables vs constants.

When you hear a wide variation in signals, and everything within this variation yields the same result, you should conclude that the "variation" is superficial, not an attempt to replicate or reinforce the result with an intentional pileup of complexities.

Example using cars and automobiles and vehicles: You observe several people making the same left turn at the same intersection. Some use the flasher, some don't. Some drivers have both hands at 10 and 2 on the steering wheel, some have both hands down low, some use one hand, some use just a finger, and one quadriplegic is driving with a mouthstick. Should you conclude that these drivers are intending to reinforce the left turn message by providing a maximum redundancy of complex methods, or should you conclude that the left turn is the ONLY THING THAT MATTERS?

The author then makes the SAME error in the final sentence:

Dr Reis e Lameira added: "It's a way of making sure you don't end up in a game of Chinese whispers."

Unfamiliar idiom, clearly another name for what we normally call the game of Telephone**.

The usual linguistic image of Chinese considers the tones to be phonemic, a complex method that adds redundancy. If Chinese whispers are possible, then the tones are superficial variations (allophones), not phonemic. Since many young Chinese men skip the tones, this is highly likely. By citing Chinese whispers the author unintentionally undermines his own case AGAIN.

= = = = =

** Irrelevant footnote: Way back in fifth grade, a teacher tried to illustrate the game of Telephone. It was a snowy day and we were doing recess in the gym instead of outside. For some reason the teacher was inspired to try the Telephone thing, so she lined us up in a row and whispered a long sentence to the kid on the left. By the time the message had passed through all 36 kids, it was unchanged. Illustration failed. We were an unusually smart (and smartass) class.


  What can you do?

What happens when Soros weaponizes the Fire Department?

The Sorosian** hate group Main Street Alliance is spewing Hate Posters around town, essentially saying Kill Christians.
We oppose Trump's Executive Actions targeting Muslims, immigrants and refugees in our communities. We stand with our Muslim community members and we stand with refugees and immigrants in our community. We respect women and we value Black lives. We welcome everyone. There is no place for hate in our businesses, our homes, or in our country.
Leftish small businesses are putting up the Hate Posters.

Okay, fine. No problem.

Humans can avoid shopping there, and natural economics will take its course. Justice works in this realm. Ask Target.

And the Fire Department is ALSO putting up the Hate Posters.

Not fine. Big problem.

When the Spokane Fire Department explicitly takes a partisan political position and explicitly opposes civilization, what should civilized people do? You can't boycott the Fire Department, and you can't legally withhold taxes.

= = = = =

**Is the Main Street Alliance Sorosian? Yes. The Surdna Foundation supports MSA, and Surdna is associated with Soros. Undoubtedly there are other parallel connections, but one is enough.

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  Romania's color revolution? Maybe not?

Is the current unrest in Romania sponsored by Soros? I start with an assumption that all unrest is Soros, but in this case the picture is cloudy and confused.

From a 2015 report on EU activities, focusing on Romania:

Standard Soros. Destroy XENOPHOBE TROLL KKK TRUMP and weaponize Gypsies.

Here Soros is clearly working with Corina Creţu, a Romanian MEP, to improve the weaponization of Gypsies.

Who is Corina Creţu? Now it gets cloudy.

From the Bush family blog Politico:
Among the 28 commissioners, Creţu has one of the highest absentee rates at the weekly meetings of the full Commission, or College, missing nearly a quarter of them. Creţu, a 48-year-old politician who worked briefly as a journalist in her youth, shows a cavalier attitude to Commission rules that fed the frustrations of members of her cabinet, the sources said. For example, former and current staffers said, Creţu smoked cigarettes in her office, flouting an institution-wide ban. “Everyone said, ‘You can’t do this,’” according to a former staffer, “but she said, ‘In Romania, a minister can do whatever they want.’”

Creţu’s bumpy ride in Brussels comes at a difficult time for Romania on the EU stage. She was appointed by Victor Ponta, the former prime minister who resigned last month and faces corruption charges. His wife is one of Creţu’s close friends. According to several sources, Creţu has told her staff she plans to run for public office back home in the future.
Soros's friend Creţu is part of the Establishment that the current protesters are fighting. Doesn't quite disprove the null hypothesis but casts doubt on it.

= = = = =

March 5 update: This article in NY Soros Times verifies that the protesters are definitely working for Soros. I won't change my map until the outcome is clear.
Saturday, February 11, 2017
  Relevant observations 3

Continuing ice dam thoughts. After a lot more snow and a lot more cold, a more refined pattern has emerged.

Factoring out individual variations of shade, materials and insulation, the BEST type of house is a plain Cape Cod with occupied attic and roof >= 45 degrees.

The WORST is the abovementioned low hip rancher.

[Both pictures are obviously Googlestreet pics taken in summer, but both of these actual houses fit the pattern as of this morning.]

Cape Cods with occupied attic never held more than an inch or two. They stayed UNLOADED all the time, thus avoiding both dams and stress. This is intuitively obvious. Warm is good, steep is good.

Those low-hip ranchers are still firmly dammed and heavily loaded. No relief at all.

There was a theory several years ago that you should keep the entire roof cold. The advocates of this theory specifically recommended a hip roof with wide overhangs. I went along with the theory until I started to observe houses by type. Now it's clear that the theory is EXACTLY WRONG. The champion dambuilders are EXACTLY what the theory recommends. I wrote an item about the theory a couple years ago. I was thinking about trying to buy a house of that type. Lucky I didn't follow through. My house loves to build dams, but at least it's paid for. If I'd bought a better house, I'd have ice dams AND a mortgage payment.

March 10 update: Now that nearly all the snow is gone, the abovepictured Poster House For Bad Theory has a brand-new tarp over most of its roof, and the bottom row of shingles has been removed pending repair. Clearly there was significant leakage. /// And March 12: Now another house of the same species is newly tarped. /// March 19: And one more. /// April 4: One more. This one fooled me because it had been tarped for a year after the 2014 windstorm, then finally got repaired. The new tarp, in the same place as the windstorm tarp, didn't immediately register in my perception. I'm wondering if this species of house is just intrinsically weak. /// April 27: one more.



Latest from KSHS.

Now that is ONE GREAT FUCKING PHOTOGRAPH. The camera caught a Topeka hotel collapsing during a fire in 1950. The building is distorting and bending in ways that seem physically impossible, and strangers in the crowd are holding onto each other for support.
  Right goddamn question

One of the deaf Russians at the '15 Republics' Youtube channel is asking a plaintive and important question.

Why is USA attacking Syria and why is Russia helping Syria?

If she was speaking Russian I could halfway understand the answer, but I don't know anything about Russian signing. Nevertheless, her face is sufficient. She doesn't know the answer.

It's the RIGHT GODDAMN QUESTION. Russians are realists.

The answer to both parts, of course, is Soros. USA attacks countries to enrich and empower Soros and his Tribe. Russia is breaking the Soros empire because Russia is one of the victims of Soros. It's the same as WW2 except that USA is on the Axis side this time.

= = = = =

Irrelevant sidenote 1: Deaf Americans are uniquely illiterate in written English. We used to teach deaf kids to write English, but since the Alinsky Die-Versity mandate took over, ASL is their ONLY language. Written titles and descriptions by deaf Americans are hopelessly garbled. Other countries still teach deaf people to write their own language. Their titles and descriptions are literate and normal.

Irrelevant sidenote 2: Signing tends to have the same flavor as the spoken language. Russian signing is FAST and sharp and 'consonantal'. Sometimes it's so fast that you think it must be a time-squeezed video, but stuff happening in the background shows that it's not. Brazilian signing is loose and 'swingy' and melodic like Brazilian speech.


Friday, February 10, 2017
  Constants and variables 61

Gorsuch has set a record for "growing" into the expected Satanic role of Federal "judges". He's managed to "grow" into full Sorosian hyperdemonic maturity even before confirmation.

If Trump wants to maintain his credibility he should de-nominate this pituitary freak and find a more stable candidate. Criminals need to be halted EARLY.

In the big picture it doesn't matter much. One more fake conservative in the Supreme Crime Syndicate won't change anything. The correct solution is to eliminate the Federal court system entirely. It has done nothing but INFINITE GENOCIDAL EVIL since 1803. At the same time, all Federal "laws" should be deleted.

I can think of exactly ONE situation where a Federal "law" may have been beneficial. The Lindbergh law that gave FBI authority over kidnapping led to a distinct decrease in kidnappings for ransom. There's nothing intrinsically Federal about this one crime; the FBI simply had more resources than state or local police agencies. Around the same time, federal laws placed bank robbery into FBI jurisdiction. Again robberies dropped for many years because FBI had better and broader expertise. Now bank robberies are common again despite FBI's continued participation.

Conclusion: there's no consistent benefit from adding FBI participation. It's just a question of budgets and resources.


  You wonder?

Listening to EWTN for lack of anything else. One of their priests is swooning and orgasming about the "love of Jesus"......


"Jesus loves you enough to put his fingers in your ears and touch your tongue."


And you wonder why normal males run away from your church?

We hear the constant talk about sucking the liquid from Jesus's body, and we see the artistic naked sculpture of Jesus at the front of the church, and we hear you saying crap like this. Obviously your priests enjoy this for their own reasons, and normal women enjoy it for normal reasons. You shouldn't be surprised when non-priestly males figure out what's happening.
  Thanks, Ralph 453

DW discusses a Soros proposal for a National Strike next week. Sorosian "writer" Francine Prose started it...
The reason why she still called for a general strike, she said, was simply that while she feels that all protests against the Trump administration have been important, "there is some part of me that thinks the only thing that these people care about is money and commerce. And perhaps the only way to really get to them is to shut it down for a day or to make things difficult, to make things uncomfortable."
Thank heaven for Pluponents.

These people are already on your side, cunthead Prose. These people poured all their support and money to Hillary and Jeb, hoping to keep the Soros globalist empire in full power. These people are already striking in their own effective ways, pushing illegal criminal "judges" and "courts" against nationalism on all flanks. Your strike against these people won't convert them because they're already ahead of you. The strike will only deprive your allies of a microscopic picopercent of their income, giving them a little more reason to replace YOU with robots. And then you might understand ... No you won't. You're incurable and unsalvageable.

Thanks, Ralph.

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Thursday, February 09, 2017
  Just a competition between mafias

Listening to idiot "virtue signaling" about the Dakota pipeline. Cities are removing their accounts from Wells Fargo because Wells Fargo is one of several banks helping to finance the pipeline.

First question: Why didn't you remove your account after Wells Fargo admitted to massive fraud and identity theft? Why isn't that a problem? Fraud and identity theft is OK but helping to relieve pollution is TERRIBLE HORRIBLE TROLL KKK HITLER?

Second question: Supposedly the problem with the pipeline is that it runs under the river entrance to Lake Oahe for a mile or so, and supposedly this could leak upward (?) and contaminate or desecrate the water supply for injun "religion" if it leaks, which it won't.

Well, why aren't you worried about all those outboard engines that are ACTUALLY spewing petroleum into the lake ALL THE TIME? Boat engines emit exhaust directly into the water. Doesn't that petroleum also pollute and desecrate the holy water?

I googled "boating on Lake Oahe", found a nice picture with dozens of outboards roaring through the water. Went to the source, found it was Prairie Knights Marina and Casino. Who owns the casino? No guesses, no shockshockshock, no surprisesurprise. The Standing Rock Tribe.

That's why they're not worried about the outboards.

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  Altitude determines attitude

Every now and then I wonder how it would feel to be impressive or attractive. Obviously the responses of others are different. When people smile at you and obey you, life is easier. When people run away and mock you, life is harder.

But what about the direct unmediated effects? I got an accidental delta of impressiveness yesterday when I was waiting for a bus. I had stepped onto a platform of snow to let people pass by on the narrow canyon of the sidewalk. Nobody was around, but for some futile reason I continue the habit of courtesy.

The scene seemed different. I felt just a little more dominant, more important. Obviously nobody was smiling or obeying. What was going on?

Three inches of added altitude. I couldn't see the little hump of snow under my feet; I could only see the sidewalk and street, which were just a bit lower than usual to my eyes.


  Whoism laid bare

On any disputed issue the real division is between Independents and Partisans, Whatists vs Whoists.

Independents or Whatists form an opinion based on observation and experience. The opinion may be right or wrong, and it may change for good or bad reasons, but it doesn't change based on WHO agrees with it.

Partisans or Whoists form an opinion based on brands and teams. If My Team agrees with this action, the action is good. If the Other Team agrees with this action, the action is bad. Even if it's the same action, only the brand matters.

I've never heard a partisan stating the above rule explicitly. Partisans simply love My Team and hate Other Team.

Finally we have an exception, from the grotesque Diane Abbott in UK.
She later appeared on BBC Newsnight, defending her vote in the Commons where she added: "I respect the result of the referendum and no-one wanted to thwart it in a perverse kind of way. "But we need to be clear, this is not a Tony Benn Brexit - this is a Donald Trump Brexit - and it's got a very ugly side."
This is not a Tony Benn Brexit, it's a Donald Trump Brexit, and it's ugly.

Both names are dubious associations. Tony Benn has been out of action for many years, and Brexit happened BEFORE Trump was in action. So you can't treat either of these men as a cause of Brexit.

Nevertheless, it's a perfectly clear statement of Whoism.
Wednesday, February 08, 2017
  Neat idea

In earlier times large companies made a habit of sending out newsletters to regular customers. For instance, GenRad sent a monthly Experimenter that kept you updated on the latest in measuring technology.

This benefit is less common now, which makes the rare examples more valuable. Jameco sends frequent little 'magazines' by email, with the same type of info as GenRad.

Today for the first time I got a 'newsletter' from Allstate Insurance. Nicely produced with clever commercial hooks. A quiz on stupid-sounding car names has a sidebar with useful info on safety recalls.

SMART. Keeps your mind occupied with positive stuff while subliminally helping you to fulfill your end of the insurance contract. (The positive stuff was especially welcome today with snowbound cabin fever threatening.)


  Brexit gets going

Polistra and friends salute Britain, where the Parliament has FIRMLY AND DECISIVELY switched on the Brexit process by triggering Article 50. The "courts" and Deepstate bureaucrats tried to stop and sabotage the process there, just as they're doing here. Parliament showed its superiority yet again.

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  What should they wear?

"Scientists" are planning a tiresomely predictable anti-science march on Ira Einhorn Memorial Murder Your Girlfriend And Stuff Her In A Trunk And Let Her Rot Day, typically abbreviated as Earth Day.

Somebody asked whether the "scientists" should copy the Womxn's March, in which the womxns wore pink cunts on their heads. If not cunts, what would be appropriate headgear?

"Scientists" already have appropriate headgear. The rest of the costume needs more attention.

They should follow the fashion tendencies of the Laputa Projectors, since they're already following the Projectors in all else.

Here's the relevant text from Swift:

An earlier illustration of the Projector and the Page with Flapper:

My modernized rendition:

The young page ("postdoc" in modern terminology) is, of course, a Person Of Gender with appropriate Person Of Gender hair. (In other words, it is a postop postdoc.)

Both are wearing standard-issue Sorosian glasses and Sorosian mouth. That's the headgear.

I had trouble with the protest sign. Tried the O'Brien thing [ 2+2=? ] but that didn't hit the mark. Tried something about Carbon, but it was overly verbose. Settled on the basic overriding purpose of modern science.

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Tuesday, February 07, 2017
  Beats Mencken

Think Mencken was hardass cynical? THIS is hardass cynical.
  Not disappointed

Every now and then I peek at the NYTimes ombudsindividual just to verify that her post-election promise to "listen more" and "be more humble" was nonsense. I haven't been disappointed yet.

Latest: an article about attempts to improve editing.

First sentence of the article:

THE NEW YORK TIMES has a reputation for impeccable editing.

Ratshit. I don't know about the reputation, but I know about the editing. Back in the '80s when I was a reliable Reagan-hating lefty, I started reading the Times because it was de rigueur for Reagan-hating lefties. I was immediately and constantly disgusted with the atrocious editing. Spelling errors all over the place, ambiguous and impenetrable sentences, missing lines. I returned to reading the local paper, which had VASTLY better editing and much less blind bigoted arrogance.
  Language update for snow

Professor Polistra takes her classroom on location for just one word.


Berms are a hot topic here, since everyone shares the experience of painfully shoveling out a driveway and a sidewalk, then watching the idiot "city" snowplow close you into a box canyon with superheavy ice.

It wasn't always that way. Decades ago, Spokane's street department actually INVENTED a hydraulic gate that the plow driver could drop when passing a driveway. Other cities learned from Spokane. Sometime in the late '90s, for unclear reasons, Spokane gave up the practice and started the box canyon technique.

It's interesting to watch an unusual word sliding into consistency. Berm is not a word you learn in school, and it's not a word you ever write unless you're a civil engineer. So when people feel the need to write it in a discussion of snow plowing, regularity takes hold, and burm quickly becomes the norm.

But which regularity? Similar words seem to go both ways. Burn certainly pulls in the correct direction, but Bird and Bernie and Term pull the other way. Many of these folks are using Autocorrect, which certainly wouldn't steer you into burm. It's not in the dictionary.

The most obvious pull is CURB, which doesn't share as many phonemes but shares meaning. (A berm is ON a curb.) In fact CURB already followed the very same path toward parallelism, regularizing from British kerb.


Monday, February 06, 2017

Simple solution to many problems: Deannex California TOTALLY.

Treat California as a hostile nation like North Korea. Disconnect all taxes and subsidies. Impose infinite tariffs and sanctions on all Calif shit, especially toxic "entertainment". Disconnect water flow from Lake Mead. Disconnect electricity from Bonneville Power Authority. Halt all oil pipelines and shipments.

California will then be forced to do all the ORDINARY NORMAL SANE things that it has been refusing to do, and it will no longer be able to PREVENT the rest of the country from doing ORDINARY NORMAL SANE THINGS.

California will face a beautiful Hobson's Choice on oil, water and electricity.

Either buy oil from Russia, or open up offshore oilfields and rebuild refineries.

Either start building more dams and desalination plants or dry up.

Either build nuclear power plants or go dark.

Try selling its poisonous "entertainment" to Russia and Korea and Indonesia.


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