Wednesday, September 30, 2015
  Asked and answered, Duplex Creme Edition

ZeroHedge gets it right on purpose.

And then UK Telegraph, in its usual atrociously sloppy way, accidentally gets it right.

= = = = = = = = = = =

This is an important day. Marks the END of US sole superpower infinite evil monstrosity, and the definite RETURN of a two-sided world with LIMITS TO POWER.

Good old Ralph.

"This law writes the laws of cities and nations. It will not be balked of its end in the smallest iota. It is in vain to build or plot or combine against it. Things refuse to be mismanaged long. Though no checks to a new evil appear [at first], the checks exist and will appear."

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  Why didn't I turn greaser 2

Woke up from an interestingly reversed dream.

When I was young and idiotic, I HATED college but felt that college was expected for the expected jobs. All through the 70s I was working full time and trying to finish college either full or part time. Some semesters were successful, others crashed. Finally pulled together a ragged set of credits in 1979 and got the job that needed the credential. Never used even ONE fact or skill from any of the classes, but the credential itself helped for a while.

My dream-generator has remained stuck in the 70s, using characters and locations and feelings from those years. This morning the generator finally turned off 70s mode, solidly and explicitly.

In this dream I was in college again (as usual in dreams) and in the process of pulling away and dropping out (as usual). I made one last effort to create a big project necessary for a class that I hated.

Suddenly the dream generator cut in with a voice-over. "Now hold on. I'm 65 years old. I'm done with working. I don't need any credentials, so I don't need to plan this stupid project. Stop this."

And it stopped. I walked away "cleanly" without any of the miserable old dropout feelings.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015
  The better mousetrap: Jawz brand.

After two autumns with no sign of mice, I've got at least one mouse this fall. (I know there's no such thing as one mouse, but I want to be optimistic.)

I tried the old Victor traps. Got a snap, but the mouse managed to pull free.

Decided to try the newer Jawz brand. Just now got a solid kill.

The Jawz trap has an immediately obvious advantage: You can set it without losing a finger. Place on a solid surface, push the handle down with both thumbs, get thumbs out of the way. No need for lightning reflexes.

The Victor really requires three hands to set safely. I don't have three hands, so I get it right about half the time. Also it's so damn sensitive that you sometimes trip it when putting it down. Because it's so risky I hesitate to use it, and handle it with heavy gloves and pliers. A weapon that you hesitate to use is not a good weapon.

Now I know that the Jawz has one more advantage: Solid kill. The Victor's wood base is always trying to flip and pull away at the same time that the wire comes down. Not enough inertia in the base. Result is a miss or an escapable tail grab too often. The Jawz clearly stayed in the same position and grabbed the middle of the mouse.

Later thought: The improved safety AND the improved kill both arise from one basic change in geometry, which could have been done two centuries ago but wasn't done for some reason. On Victor the wire pivots 180 degrees; on Jawz the jaw part pivots about 100 degrees. The shorter arc separates the trap between kill side and safe side. Your fingers stay on the safe side. It also means that the jaw moves almost entirely downward, versus the Victor's up-sideways-down travel. Effective kill action starts immediately, without going through the moves that can flip or pull the base. Clearly the Jawz designer put plenty of thought into inertia and centers of gravity.

Parallel to the distinction between Strowger and Bell dials. On Strowger your finger goes mostly downward on all digits, which is an easier and less error-prone move.

On Bell rotaries your finger has to pull up then sideways then down for the higher digits, which was always tricky and often made the phone itself jump and slide.

Superior ergonomics gave way to superior monopoly power. I can't tell if a similar yield happened with Victor.

Later: Aha. Wiki article shows the parallel. The first practical home mousetrap, patented by James Keep in 1879, looks EXACTLY like a metal version of Jawz. So the better design came first here, just as with the phone dial.


  Better prescription

Idiot headline:

Two-drug combination helps older adults with depression

Oh boy! Double the addiction, double the fun! Double the withdrawal bounceback, double the profits!

Nastyass fuckers.

I've got a better two-drug prescription.

#1: Put your right foot out.
#2: Put your left foot out.
Hocipocium fac bd.

Admittedly this is more like гоки-поки than hocipocium, but Polistra felt the need for a salute to Putin. His total defeat of USA STRONG craziness in the UN is cause for celebration. Even some of USA STRONG media are reluctantly starting to understand Putin's logic about Syria. A real cure for senior depression!

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  Obvious causation

Again OTR leads to a, shall we say interesting, modern fact.

This 1946 episode of TIYFBI is the only episode located near Spokane. A pair of criminals escape from Walla Walla and hide out in the woods somewhere east of Tekoa. The escapees carjack a pair of teenagers and take them along as hostages. Finally the hiding place is found with help from the Forest Service's fire lookout towers, because one of the hostages was smart enough to send a smoky SOS with the cabin's fireplace. Yeah, okay, unlikely and contrived. But anything with Morse is my kind of story!

Got me thinking: In the forest GLOBAL WARMINGS of the last several years, I haven't heard even one mention of those GLOBAL WARMING lookout towers helping to spot a GLOBAL WARMING. But I HAVE heard about the Forest Service taking steps to preserve historical GLOBAL WARMING lookouts when GLOBAL WARMING is about to overtake them.

After a bit of googling, the UNSURPRISING FACT emerges.

Story on KING 5 last year:
Fire lookout towers have helped crews fight wildfires for decades, but they are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Efforts are currently underway to help save the structures, and one man from Everett is making it his mission drum up support. Craig Willis has hiked to all of Washington's remaining fire lookout towers. "It takes people to places they might otherwise ignore," said Willis.

There are 93 lookout towers left in the Evergreen State. At one point, there were roughly 800.

Technology allows crews to fight fires in a different way today. Although some of the lookouts are still used, most are falling apart, have been destroyed by Mother Nature or dismantled under government order.

Yes indeed, technology allows crews to fight GLOBAL WARMING in a different way today. From a long Wiki article,
From the 1960s through the 1990s the towers took a back seat to new technology, aircraft, and improvements in radios. The promise of space satellite fire detection and modern cell phones tried to compete with the remaining fire lookout towers, but in several environments, the technology failed. Fires detected from space are already too large to make accurate assessments for control. Cell phones in wilderness areas still suffer from lack of signal.

Different way of fighting = wait till the GLOBAL WARMING burns a few towns and kills a few honkies.

Well, that explains why we're having more explosive GLOBAL WARMINGS in the last decade. GLOBAL WARMING is burning everything, so the Forest Service has to spend extra money protecting the few remaining history towers before they're all burned up by the GLOBAL WARMINGS. Because the Forest Service is wasting money on history towers, it can't afford to actually FIGHT the GLOBAL WARMINGS.

I'm sure that's the only possible causation sequence. Any causation sequence on ANY SUBJECT that does not start and end with GLOBAL WARMING is obviously illogical and impossible.

= = = = =

Sarc off: But this doesn't explain the US vs Canada difference that I noted earlier. On a map of fire coverage, the US/Can border showed up SHARPLY. South of the border fires were exploding. North, fires were starting but remaining small. One fire literally stopped at the border. Our genocidal insistence on eliminating ALL SELF-DEFENSE METHODS wasn't unique. Canada was tearing down lookout towers at the same rate. So this sharp gradient wasn't created by a difference in lookouts.

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Monday, September 28, 2015
  Two biggies

Two BIG announcements of REAL SCIENCE in one week. Oddly, both of them start with 'water' and end with 'flowing'.

The Mars-rivers announcement is dramatic and GOOD SCIENCE but not likely to be useful.

The other one is also GOOD SCIENCE and is almost guaranteed to solve some big problems.

Warm fusion.

Hot fusion, using tritium, has been absorbing billions and billions of dollars for 50 years, and still isn't any closer to reality. Still no net output. Time to shut it down.

Cold fusion remains mysterious. It's clear that some kind of reaction is happening, which releases energy from somewhere. But it's still completely unclear (to outsiders anyway) whether the reaction is chemical or fission-like or fusion-like. Research on this topic has moved into NDA-bound industrial circles at Toyota and elsewhere. It may turn out to be a useful 'fuel cell', but after 30 years you expect more progress.

Warm fusion is simply one step down from hot fusion, but the one step makes all the difference. Using deuterium energized by a laser, it's already giving more output than input. Best of all, it doesn't require the massive and tricky magnetic containment of hot fusion, because it's not all that hot.

Instead of uncharged neutrons, it yields a stream of muons, highly energized electrons. Fast-moving negatively charged particles form an immediate current output, which means this method generates both heat and electricity DIRECTLY. Because the muons decay quickly, they can't simply be sent into the power grid, but a continuous flow of charges can always be turned into useful power.


  Nice exception

On the Bitcoin fraud, most 'mainstream' economics writers go along with the Standard Version, claiming that Bitcoin like serves InDiViDu4l LibEr7y and like EvErytHin6 F0r Fr33 and shit. (Notice how I cleverly encrypted those key words and shit!!!!!!!! No chance that N54 will read those! Haha! Gotcha, N54 and shit!)

The Standard Version is, of course, written by NSA to bring those types inside the belly of the NSA beast.

Here's a nice exception in UKTelegraph:
No politician is likely to prohibit cash entirely, at least not until it has already all but disappeared from day to day life. Concerns about surveillance and the power of the state are likely to grow, as electronic money is completely traceable.
Yes. Exactly. Good to see a plain flat statement of fact.
  BBC Chutzpah 2

BBC is running a feature that blames the current troubles in Arab lands on Saddam's 1980s war against Persia. Needless to say, BBC blames the Ayatollah for starting that war. Everything must be maximally backwards in BBC's alien calvarium.

According to BBC, Syria is "TEARING ITSELF APART" because Ayatollah.

In fucking fact, USA STRONG is tearing Syria apart, in abject obedience to Our Most Noble And Radiant Prophet BINYAMIN NETANYAHU [pbuh]. We decided to tear Syria apart for reasons that have absolutely no connection to either Saddam or Khomeini. (Well, except that Our Most Noble And Radiant Prophet BINYAMIN NETANYAHU [pbuh] also ordered us to destroy both Saddam and Khomeini. We obeyed on Saddam but mysteriously resisted on Persia.)

Fortunately BBC is a little behind the Crime Curve on this one. Now that Putin has assembled a set of powers to oppose us, USA STRONG seems to be backing down slightly.

In this war EU/US/UK is the Axis. We are pure crime, pure evil. We are the aggressors.

Putin is leading the Allied side.

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Sunday, September 27, 2015
  Tips for observing Supermoon

Various websites have been offering Tips For Observing Tonight's Supermoon.

I was going to snark the Tips with a detailed list of instructions like:

(1) Open eyes.

(2) Look.

But then this showed up.

And this.

And this.

No need to make any effort. Supermoon will come to you.
  BBC chutzpah 1

BBC is joining Antichrist Francine in her vicious vile campaign to kill all poor people by letting criminals run loose in poor neighborhoods. (BBC also joins ACF in other fronts of her anti-poor war, like immigration and "global warming", but I'm only talking about this one front right now.)

BBC talks with 'activist' satans about the 'atrocious' conditions in the Philly jail Antichrist will visit.

It's 'overcrowded', with some prisoners having to 'sleep on the floor', which turns out to be a cot, not the floor.

The prisoners are 'starved' because their food is presented on 'tiny plates' with dimensions of 4 by 6 inches.

Well, my meals are all contained in a bowl with a diameter of 8 inches. About the same volume as the 'tiny' metal tray. I'm not starving. I'm overweight despite all attempts to exercise.

Only one question matters.

How many of those prisoners are falsely accused?

Since most of them are black, I'd say zero. False accusation is a white-on-white crime, specifically a crime committed by white females against white males.

It's a safe bet that EXACTLY 100.0% of those prisoners are real criminals who have committed a real crime, and somewhere around 80% of them are professional criminals who would be serving life under a sane system.

They are marooned between arrest and conviction BECAUSE the same satans interviewed by BBC have jammed up the court system with insane obstacles.


Later: In fairness to Antichrist, BBC was putting its own thoughts into her mouth. BBC claimed that Antichrist was opposing life sentences as well as capital punishment. This is, of course, a standard part of EU satanism. All punishment is brutal and inhumane, unless, of course, an ultrafarultrafarright ultrafarrightwingnutwingnut ultrafarwingnuthitlernazi UKIP hitlernazinaziwingnut is being punished for existing and breathing. In that case eternal torture is insufficient. But I've been reading all the speeches and listening to the jail speech. Antichrist DID explicitly oppose capital punishment in other speeches but DID NOT say anything about life sentences at all. Oddly enough the actual jail speech seems to have been solely about some dude named Jesus, who Antichrist has never mentioned before.



Saturday, September 26, 2015
  Source for scrip ideas

This article is a deeply detailed account of a few frantic months in 1933. Oklahoma banks were forced to close. All sorts of businesses and business groups and banks and governmental units issued all sorts of scrip with all sorts of payment and clearing mechanisms. The state actually ran on scrip for about a month, until FDR finally finished the 'Bank Holiday' and currency returned to normal.

Okla's own banks were reasonably solid because Okla had learned a lesson from the panic of 1907 which coincided with statehood. The state's founding laws thus included heavy regulation of banks. The problem in 1933 was that banks in other states were collapsing and closing, so most transactions were impossible or dubious.

Modern groups looking to create scrip or local currencies should read the article. Plenty of clever schemes using existing laws and banking mechanisms to set up a currency that isn't exactly a currency.

Scrip is unique as a DIY form of fiat currency. A small business can't generate its own gold, and it can't legally print its own dollars or pounds. But a small business CAN generate scrip to help trade its own products and services with other businesses and customers. Search '1933 scrip' on Ebay. Most of those certificates were printed for individual businesses, not for banks or governments. [I'm going to return to the DIY theme shortly.]

= = = = =

Sidenote: What got me thinking about scrip was this episode of 'Strange as it Seems'. The story of JW Tilden, a gas station owner in Vancouver, Wash who was injured and blinded by robbers in 1932, then decided to keep running his station on a semi-self-service basis. In the dramatization, a customer pays with scrip. Tilden apparently has no trouble identifying the scrip. Customer then asks "But if I should give you money, how would you make change?" Tilden then describes the trick of keeping different bills in different pockets, and says that nobody has even tried to short him since he was blinded.

Was there something about the scrip in SW Wash that was identifiable by tactile methods? Online info doesn't help much, except for the unique wooden bills produced in the little town of Tenino. Amazing lost technology. Not just chunks of wood; flexible translucent laminated 'cards' with a watermark between the layers. Were those wooden bills widespread? Or was the scrip simply sized to match denomination? Probably never find out.

Graphic notes: I tried putting a uniform cap on the Tilden character, because gas station men (and just about everyone!) had specific uniforms in the '30s. With the cap he looks too much like a soldier to my modern eyes, so I took it off. Now he doesn't look authentic without it. I guess there's no middle ground. Also, I use Polistra so often that I forget how GODDAMN BIG her head is, until I put her next to a realistic human character.

Continued here.

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  Jesus. Can't they ever learn?

Latest from idiot Jeb:
Jeb Bush told a crowd in South Carolina on Thursday that Republicans could attract more African-Americans with a message of “hope and aspiration,” and not with promises of “free stuff” — a phrase that echoed comments made by Mitt Romney during and after his 2012 bid for president. “Our message is one of hope and aspiration,” Mr. Bush said. “It isn’t one of division and get in line and we’ll take care of you with free stuff. Our message is one that is uplifting — that says you can achieve earned success.”
Supposedly the Repoofs are the Party Of Business. If you had even the slightest understanding of Business, you would know several things:

(1) Don't waste time and effort marketing to people who are PERMANENTLY INCAPABLE of using your product. If you're selling beef, don't advertise in Hindi.

(2) Don't kick out your ACTUAL CUSTOMERS. Again with beef, don't make a giant point of SPITTING ON people who like steak and hamburger. Don't tell them that only vegans are moral.

(3) "Free stuff" is a completely inaccurate description. Proper politics IS business, and ABOVE ALL it is DIVISIVE. You give me your votes and I give you paved streets and jobs. I don't give paved streets and jobs to parts of the population that DIDN'T vote for me. That's how politics worked when it did work. It DOESN'T work now on either "side", but Dems ran PROPER politics with blacks and poor folks for so many years that the memory of PROPER commerce remains.


Trump appears to understand these basic points, and Trump is showing some evidence of fucking competence, but there's still no reason to believe he can or will deliver.

** Yeah, I've been watching that stupid but irresistible sunfish video. Masshole Bro is hopelessly annoying, but anyone who can maintain his level of wonderment and astonishment for 10 minutes can't be all bad. Sort of like a puppy jumping and barking and chewing on your finger out of sheer enthusiasm for life.
  The cursed canal?

Listening to a 1938 episode of Ripley's show. Ripley always included some items that were only 'amazing' if you didn't pay close attention to words.

Did you know that peacocks don't lay eggs?

Peahens do! Ha ha ha! Gotcha!

Did you know that the US has only 44 states? Amazing!

What happened to the others?

The others are commonwealths! Ha ha ha! Gotcha!

This episode mentioned a "territory that is owned by the US but ruled by a foreign country." Turned out to be the Corn Islands and Swan Island near Nicaragua, which had been purchased as part of our plan to build a canal across Nicaragua. When we abandoned the project we basically let Nicaragua take the islands back, but never technically relinquished our claim.

Those islands are familiar to radio hams because they're still a separate nation-like entity, and they're easy to reach from USA STRONG. Hams often run DXpeditions to the islands, setting up a portable station and making lots of contacts in a short time so mainland hams can increase their country collection.

But wait! Isn't this canal finally getting built? Isn't China creating its own private alternative to Panama?

Turns out the Chinese project is technically under construction but in fact nothing is happening at all.


Come to think of it, 'The Cursed Canal' would be a PROPER non-trivial Ripley item.
Friday, September 25, 2015
  Bye bye, Boo-Hoo.

Bye bye, Loucheboy. Don't let Planned Parenthood's dildo poke you in the ass on the way out. I'm sure you'll enjoy it, but show a little decency. Rent a room.

This should be a lesson to Repoofs in general. Check your leaders more carefully. Don't hire fakers. Be what you are.

Compare Barney Frank with Boo-Hoo-Ner. Frank is frank. You know what he is. Therefore he was hard to blackmail. He was able to speak the truth once in a while.

When you pick fakers like Boo-Hoo-Ner or Larry Craig, you end up with steadfast defenders of Planned Parenthood and ACLU and teacher union thugs, who continue to get votes and money from Repoof idiots simply because they're wearing the right color of team T-shirt.

(No point in even suggesting that the Repoofs should pick openly admitted heterosexuals. In DC that's clearly not an available option.)
  Coulda hada 2

In '55 Willys developed a practical COE pickup called 'Forward Control', which gained some popularity among agricultural and commercial users but didn't catch the eye of retail customers. It was sort of odd-looking but remarkably efficient in terms of space usage. You got a standard-size pickup bed on a vehicle only 146 inches long.

Brooks Stevens designed all Willys products from '46 to '62. Around 1957 Willys commissioned Stevens to try a van based on the Forward Control. He made a couple of superweird prototypes:

(Pix from Collectible Auto, July 2007 issue.)

It's easy to see why these didn't get anywhere. Awful. Even a genius like Stevens has bad days.

But at the same time Willys was ACTUALLY PRODUCING a van for military uses:

Practical, economical, and attractive in a businesslike way. Not a prototype, already in production, tooling made and in use.

Willys could have scooped the Econoline by 3 years! Why didn't they?

Maybe someone in corporate offices was thinking: "Nah, we couldn't just civilianize a military design. Nobody has ever done that. We certainly haven't done it before. Wouldn't sell in any case."

Oh wait... Yes we did, and it became the most timeless of all American cars.


  Stupidest statement of the year

A detailed look at Thug Henrikson's escape plan.

The details are interesting and rather puzzling. From the outside the jail windows look escapable, but they narrow down toward the inside. The available width is nowhere near what a skinny dude could get through. When I was young and skinny and idiotic, I could just barely squirm through the 8" x 16" space left by one concrete block. The window is clearly less than 8 inches, and Henrikson is a big hulking mass of thugmuscle. So what was the point of the bedsheets? He wouldn't need to haul something up that way; his money and power were sufficient to acquire contraband the easy way. He was planning a more effective escape by paying $500K to organize a hit squad. When you can throw that much money around, you can bring in anything you want.

Oh, now I get it. The bedsheets were meant to embarrass the authorities into transferring him, and the hit squad would act during the transfer. That makes more sense. In any case it didn't work. Yet.

Here's the stupid statement, complete with typical media punctuation and grammar:
The motion, filed by prosecutors, says this evidence of an escape is proof of a guilt writing, "an innocent man waits for his day in court, and a guilty man does his best to avoid it. The Court should admit this evidence."
Absolute raw nonsense. Alien delusion from a Venusian entity that has never encountered a human being.

FACT: Everyone WANTS to escape but not everyone TRIES to escape.

A falsely accused man WANTS to escape because he knows with 100% certainty that "law" and "justice" do not exist. His own case is PERFECT PROOF of those extinctions. The falsely accused man doesn't TRY to escape because he ISN'T A CRIMINAL AND DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO ORGANIZE AN ESCAPE.

A criminal WANTS to escape because he is devoted to daily criminal activity, and the walls make it harder to carry on his vocation. There are very few easy victims inside the walls. The criminal is more likely to ATTEMPT an escape because he IS A CRIMINAL AND KNOWS HOW TO ORGANIZE AN ESCAPE.

Putting it another way, both men understand that "law" and "justice" are vicious cruel jokes, but the pro criminal knows how to create REAL law and justice for his own purposes.

A bit later: Thugrikson was planning on a full jury trial until his transfer made it possible for his subthugs to plead guilty without instant death. Now that the subthugs are giving evidence, his lawyers have apparently talked him into pleading guilty. Best all around. He won't serve life, but he will serve long enough for his powers to fade.


Thursday, September 24, 2015
  Aphid day!

A couple weeks ago I thought we were getting the last warmish day, and the birds and squirrels agreed. But the aphids didn't show up. They knew better. Today (9/24/2015) they're swarming in convincing quantities. This messes up the partial pattern of alternate years that seemed to be forming based on very limited data. Looked like an alternation between late Sept and late Oct, and this year "should" have been a late Oct year.

= = = = = BELOW HERE IS REPRINT of the usual.

[Annual feature. This is the sixth time I've noted it here. Aphid Day in 2010 was the first of Oct; in 2011 it was the end of Oct; in 2012 the first of Oct; in 2013 it's the last part of Oct; in 2014 the end of Sept; now in 2015 end of Sept again.]

Every year in Spokane the end of summer is marked by the swarming of tiny white-winged flies.

Insects don't waste much time in adulthood; lots of bugs live several years as larvae and only a few days as adults.

These flies take it to an extreme. Adults are minimally equipped to get in the air and reproduce. They don't have as much brain power as other flies, nor do they have hard shells. Instead of flying purposefully, they drift with the wind like seeds, and die as soon as they bump into anything even at near-zero drifting speed. Result: for a couple of days, your face and clothes are covered with semi-liquid insects.

Despite their lack of navigation, they must have some kind of superior instinct or 'community intelligence', because picking the last warm day is much harder than picking the first warm day of spring. Termites and ants don't need to calculate their swarming day; they only need a simple neuron to detect when temperature rises past a certain threshold, plus an emitted pheromone to trigger the avalanche.

But how do these flies determine that today is not just warm, but the last warmth for their generation? They must be sensing something besides temperature.

At any rate, they serve as a reliable sign for us, even if our supercomputers can't match their calculations.

Polistra has put it into folk-wisdom format:

White flies swarming, no more warming.

= = = = =

[Artistic note: the swarm in the animation turned out nicely, but Polistra's head looks steroid-swollen and South-Park-ish for unknown reasons. Maybe she's allergic to the bugs.]

[Technical note: According to some sources, these bugs are smoky-winged ash aphids, Prociphilus americanus.]


  Dreaming of Versailles

For no particular reason I was thinking about the Missoura habit of duplicating city names from elsewhere and mispronouncing them. Decided to see what Versailles (rhymes with Bails) looks like.

Googlemaps immediately gifted:

Then this tiny Victorian cottage with a TV mast overtaken by flowers:

Then this pair of roads branching apart but not really branching. Like a boulevard but not.

And what's that to the left? Yup, an old tornado siren complete with old CD logo.

I've never been anywhere near Versailles, but I know the place. It rings all sorts of dream-bells. Not too surprising.... 3 of my grandparents were born in Missoura, and there's evidence that epigenes are shaped by places.

Later thought: A good writer could roll those four pictures into a positive post-apocalyptic story.

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Atrocious word, but can't think of a more fitting term for this atrocious modern trend.

Everything must be crammed into one place and one time, and must be run by an International Organization made up of alien power-drunk bureaucrats. Cities compete to be the next victim of the IOC. Cities spend huge amounts of tax money and lose an entire year of normal business, to gain the next Superbowl location, or the next Formula One car race, or the next Presidential visit....

Who benefits? Obviously the international aliens who run the monstrosities. Also the private security firms and corrupt government agencies that weld everything down, build Potemkin cities, and stop all normal activity for days or weeks or months around the event. Also the mediasatans who sell advertising time for trillions.

Who loses? Everyone else.

So why does everyone else keep doing it? I dunno.

Even the Hajj has become an Olympics, with predictably deadly results. It wasn't meant to be an annual event that every Muslim attends. It was meant to be an obligation that you accomplish once in your lifetime, at whatever time of year seemed appropriate.
  Putting down.....

Putting down my usual metaphors for a moment, I really think Bergoglio is simply not very smart. His intrusion into politics makes no sense.
The three priorities he chose were two that are dear to the American bishops — immigration and religious liberty. Those two have dominated the bishops’ public-policy advocacy in recent years. The third was dear to the Pope himself: the need for global regulation to fight climate change.
He is also (at least for now) mildly opposed to abortion, and strongly favors the destruction of normal families.

If you're serious about helping poor people, these advocacies are wildly dissonant. I'll put them in color columns. Red means bad for poor, green means good for poor.

Religious liberty is GOOD for poor people. Poor people need strong churches.

Strong policing, including capital punishment, HELPS the poor. Crime victims are almost entirely poor. Rich fuckheads can afford private security and gated communities. Poor grandmas in the ghetto need to have criminals harshly controlled by the GOVERNMENT. Catholic opposition to policing and capital punishment KILLS the poor.

Abortion is explicit genocide of the poor. That's obvious. No mystery or secret. So opposing abortion helps the poor.

Devaluing normal families and confusing the culture makes it harder for poor people to keep families together. Rich fuckheads don't need cultural support for proper marriage. They can afford illegal immigrant servants, in vitro fertilization and lawyers.

Open borders are a DIRECT AND INTENTIONAL WAR against the poor and working class. The ENTIRE PURPOSE of open borders is to remove income and dignity from poor people, maximize the profits of the Chosen, and provide cheap servants for the Chosen.

The "climate change" crime is another DIRECT AND INTENTIONAL WAR against the poor. Its chief purpose is to destroy the jobs a poor man can do; which in turn eliminates the families that poor men could form if they could get industrial jobs. And, of course, maximizes the profits of the Chosen.

= = = = =

Well, when I started writing that list I was expecting an equal alternation of red and green. Looks like the reds dominate.

= = = = =

Later, after reading the text of Francine's congressional address... Except for the favorable mention of Moses as a patriarch, the speech could have been written by Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Pure Satan from start to finish. Not dumb after all. Infinitely evil.

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Today's idiocy
Earlier in the day, Dimitris Avramopoulos, the EU’s migration commissioner, announced plans to deploy RABITS – Rapid Border Intervention Teams – to states facing chaos on their borders that request help. The units are comprised of armed border guards from other member states, who wear blue arm bands with the EU logo on. “This measure will strengthen controls while respecting the dignity and rights of refugees. We are defending Schengen,” he said.
CS Lewis, thou shouldst be living at this hour. Europe hath need of thee.

In fairness, it appears that EU is finally, WAY TOO LATE, doing a microscrap of the right thing. Finally HELPING TURKEY, which has been FEEDING AND HOUSING TWO MILLION refugees from neighboring Syria for more than a year. Up till now, EU has only been mocking and stirring up revolts in SANE Turkey.



Wednesday, September 23, 2015
  Strong language from Africa

This declaration by a group of African bishops earlier this year is STRONG STUFF. In effect it's a Declaration of Independence for Africa, on behalf of Natural Law. It's a clarion call for African leaders to stand firm against the satanic invaders from EU/US/UK.

I've been admiring the moral intelligence and moral rigor of Africans for a long time. This pulls it all together in one package.

Definition of Satan:
6. Africans are becoming aware of the ongoing manipulation. Africa is not developing in harmony with her soul. The agents of the civilization of death are using ambivalent language, seducing decision-makers and entire populations, in order to make them partners in the pursuit of their ideological objectives. They are coopting a great many in partnerships of which they are, in reality, the masters. They take advantage of poverty, weakness and ignorance in order to subject peoples and governments to their blackmail.
Talking to Margaret Sanger here:
11. The billions of dollars allotted to the production and distribution of condoms and contraceptives and to the establishment of sex-education programs that do not respect universal moral norms are a scandal that cries to heaven for vengeance, a new slavery at the service of the idol “money”. The objective that is clearly being pursued is, inter alia, the efficient control of demographic growth in Africa, according to the western “model”, which has become a zero growth model in Europe today.
This part hits the universality of Natural Law explicitly:
14. We, the Bishops of Africa and Madagascar, know that our concerns are shared by the members of other religious confessions present in Africa: Christians, Muslims and followers of traditional religions. They are also those of our peoples, rooted in cultures that celebrate the beauty and sacredness of life and the family. Authors and partners – African or foreign – of so-called “sexual liberation” agendas, listen to the voice of your conscience! Wake up your conscience! Remember that every human person will have to render an account of their actions before God.
Events in the Northern Hemisphere have convinced me that God is no longer active, but after reading this, I could be persuaded otherwise! Maybe God has decided to focus in places where humans are still able to listen and observe accurately.


  Coulda hada

Coverage of Antipope Francine mentions that the Popemobile is a Fiat. Too bad it isn't a Fiat Luxus. Not quite Latin... Luxus is the German version of DeLuxe, which became the general Euro version of DeLuxe. Just as all Kraut things become general Euro things.

Another random note: It's odd that Francine is addressing the American audience in Italian. Like most Argentinians she has Italian genes, but Spanish is her first language.

More random. Francine's accent in English is not a South American sound at all. None of the usual markers of Spanish, like tense vowels and soft frontalized consonants. Sounds more like Hungarian.

The actual Catholics in USA STRONG speak Spanish. "Church members" who speak English are post-Christian. So it would make far more sense, on both the transmit and receive ends, to use Spanish.

Later... the canonization of Serra was more appropriately all in Spanish. Interesting ceremony with excellent music. EWTN's announcers noted Francine's emphasis on the motto Siempre Adelante. Also appropriate for this Antipope, nicely fulfilling Polistra's earlier prophetic vision, if you will.

The excellent music is 'Albricias Mortales' by Mexican Baroque composer Manuel de Zumaya. The performance in DC was enthusiastic but not authentic enough for my tastes. Here is a performance that basically ascends right into Heaven. Don't listen unless you're ready for the trip.

= = = = =

Much later: I was joking about Fiat Luxus, but turns out I was right.


  Good riddance, New York Straub.

After three years, NYC Straub is forced out as Police Chief. He was hired by Bloomberg's Best Bitchboy Condon against the advice of actual policemen, and it appears that actual policemen finally got tired of his NYC behavior. Top-level commanders resigned or demoted themselves to get away from his presence.

I can sympathize, having spent 2014 dealing with NYC types. Always in your face, always minding your business, always pushing when pushing isn't needed, always trying to accomplish Corporate Imperatives instead of getting the goddamn JOB done.

By Parkinson standards Straub performed well. Increased the budget and workforce, brought in more Fed money because Feds understand NYC bastards. Some stats indicate that crime rates are down.

Maybe the stats make sense for downtown, which is important. Can't argue with that. Downtown is where the jobs are.

But for this quarter of town the stats don't ring true. You can see and feel gang activity spreading steadily northward and westward.


  BAP! POW! OOF! Steamboat Willie goes down!

Another sane man! A Federal JUDGE (not a satan or saboteur as usual) struck a blow for REAL LAW, with a hidden sucker punch in the decision.
King ruled that Warner/Chappell’s claim to the “Happy Birthday” lyrics were simply not supported by the facts. The Hill sisters “did not try to obtain federal copyright protection” and so could not pass those rights on to another company, and eventually to Warner, King wrote. And when a copyright was registered in 1935, it was for a particular piano melody, not the lyrics, King pointed out. Besides, by then “Happy Birthday” was already solidly in the public domain.
Breaking Warner's stolen monopoly is good, but not the important part.

Did not try to obtain federal copyright protection is the sucker punch. Until now, Disney's bespoke copyright "law" has been illegally applied retroactively. We were forced to assume that the bad 'implicit copyright' rule applied to all works after 1923, even though the bad rule didn't exist until 1998.

This sane JUDGE knows what ex post facto means.

Bravo to JUDGE King!
  Today's FDR

Among today's newsmakers there is only ONE sane man. Orban of Hungary.
Built in a matter of weeks by soldiers, prison laborers and cadres of the unemployed, a vast new wall along Balkan frontiers is a monument to the ruthless efficiency with which Prime Minister Viktor Orban has mobilized Hungary against migrants.
As mentioned before, prevention would be the cure for this particular termite problem. But since EU/US/UK will NOT stop fucking around in Arab lands and creating new swarms, a sane country has to build walls. For a 'compact' and inland area like Hungary, walls do the job.

Note also that Orban has given jobs to inmates and unemployed laborers, thus helping to keep them civilized. He is preventing the formation of new swarms from those populations.

Note also that the mediasatans describe civilization as "ruthless". Thanks for proving my point, satans.

This is how you solve problems. FDR would be proud of Orban.


Tuesday, September 22, 2015
  Gift for the visitor!

Infinite Traitor Inslee is trying amazingly hard to win the Worst Human award.

Infinite Traitor Inslee will have a huge gift for China's emperor when the emperor visits next week! 35 new factories for China!
Some of Washington’s largest polluters will have to cut back greenhouse emissions under new rules state officials are developing.

The rules would target about 35 industrial facilities jointly responsible for 60 percent of the heat-trapping gases[sic] produced in Washington. The proposed regulation follows Gov. Jay Inslee’s failure to get a cap-and-trade system and carbon tax approved by the Legislature this year.
Infinite Satan Inslee needs to be tried and tortured and executed for Infinite Treason.



Of course gods do not exist. Laws do not exist. Logic does not exist. Science does not exist. Justice does not exist. Only evil exists. Only thugs and robbers and rapers and unspeakably filthy vile vicious monsterblobs exist. Only Inslee exists.

Satan weeps.


  Why not Eleven?

Irrelevant thought. With the current Chinese premier visiting Wash, newscasters are talking about him constantly. I'm surprised that nobody has pronounced his surname as Eleven. It's an obvious temptation, especially since Roman numerals are expected in the context of kings and rulers. Many newscasters did succumb to this temptation with Kim Jong Il. Accidentally right, since he was in fact Kim The Second.

The actual pronunciation is problematic enough.

From KING V's website, I mean KING 5's website:
Xi will likely arrive at Paine Field in Everett Tuesday morning and go straight to his hotel in Seattle. Because Xi is a head of state, he will receive Secret Service protection similar to what a U.S. president would receive. That means a police-escorted motorcade resulting in traffic stops and slowdowns that could affect more than just one highway. WSDOT spokesperson Travis Phelps said not to expect your typical commute anytime during Xi's visit. For security reasons, WSDOT does not know the route Xi will take and will have little advance notice of when he'll be on the road
When I read that out loud, my internal grammar checker wants something like:

"Xi will likely arrive at Paine Field in Everett Tuesday morning and go straight to her hotel in Seattle. Because Xi is a head of state, she will receive Secret Service protection similar to what a U.S. president would receive. That means a police-escorted motorcade resulting in traffic stops and slowdowns that could affect more than just one highway. WSDOT spokesperson Travis Phelps said not to expect your typical commute anytime during her visit. For security reasons, WSDOT does not know the route Xi will take and will have little advance notice of when she'll be on the road."

Aside from my stupid grammar stuff, the last sentence is a genuine shocker, excellent evidence of our absolute and total dictatorship.

EVEN THE DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION is not allowed to know which roads will be blocked to accommodate Her The Eleventh.
  Diesel smell

Several oddities about EPA's fine against VW, and also about the market response to the fine.

I'm certainly not defending VW. It has grown WAY too large, and I'm overjoyed to see extreme automation lose credibility.

(1) There's nothing new about fiddling with emission tests. Other carmakers have been playing this game for 30 years, and I don't blame them. For instance, Honda equipped early Civics with manual chokes. Because EPA tests assumed bimetal chokes, they didn't specify pulling the choke knob. In fact you need some choke for cold starts, and the choked condition would fail the test.

(2) Emission tests, like state safety inspections, have always been a racket. Their main purpose is to create business for favored repair shops. So fiddling with a racket (eg Libor) is only a "crime" from the viewpoint of the racketeers.

(3) Normally huge corporations swallow regulatory costs as part of overhead. Why isn't that happening here? Why is this particular fine larger than usual? Why did VW fail to anticipate, and thus fail to bribe, the EPA regulators?

(4) Normally the stock markets don't worry much about a regulatory cost. Why this time?

= = = = =

I don't know if these oddities are connected, but taken together they smell like a missed blackmail payment.

A bit later: ZeroHedge answers the question and even puts an exact number on the missing payment! $144,699,788.
  Stop digging, doc!

Doc Carson is digging a deeper and deeper hole in a stupid attempt to trump Trump. He still hasn't figured out the basic problem of ACTION vs OPINION. Instead of trying to propose a meaningful action toward his incoherent goal, he's just expressing personal feelings.

I strongly suspect he doesn't actually own the feelings. He's just saying some stuff based on inaccurate media impressions of people who do own the feelings. (I used to own those feelings before I unplugged the TV. When I was locked into that mode, I wouldn't have recognized Carson's rendition of the notions as valid.)

Just for fun let's take seriously his assertion that Islam is incompatible with what he calls the "constitution".

Let's do a quick comparison of the basis of the obsolete Constitution, versus the basis of Sharia.

From the Declaration of Independence:
... that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. ... But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.-

= = = = =

From Islam Awareness website:
In the Islamic view, governments exist only to ensure that the shariah is properly administered and enforced. Governments are subordinate to the shariah and must execute its commands and prohibitions. In other words, what Islam envisages is a scheme of divine nomocracy, in which the law is the medium of social control—truly, a government of laws, not of men.

Should the government of a Muslim society fail in its obligation to uphold the shariah as the positive law, or the judges of this world fail in their obligation to administer justice in accordance with the shariah, the individual believer would still be held to the responsibility incumbent upon all Muslims to conform their behavior to the shariah.
Sounds compatible. In fact, sounds like the same thing.

= = = = =

Continuing with this Indirect Proof, continuing the assumption that Carson actually means what he's saying, only one conclusion is possible. Carson is NOT referring to the 1787 Constitution, which runs nicely parallel to Sharia. He must be supporting the "Constitution" as defined by the Supreme Satans, the 1954 "Constitution" that contains only three Articles:


2. Kill the poor, enrich the Chosen.


This newer "Constitution" is totally incompatible with Natural Law as seen by Jefferson, and even more ferociously incompatible with Natural Law as seen by Mohammed. The Islamic version of Natural Law has specific strong provisions to protect the poor from the Chosen.


  A genuinely new idea!

We rarely hear new ideas or thoughts today. 99.999999999% of the action in the idea arena is brutal bloody destruction and reversal of old ideas that have worked perfectly for 10,000 years.

Here's a genuinely new idea in the area of Real Justice. I'm not sure what it would mean in practice, and there's certainly no way the so-called "court"[sic] system will implement the idea. Possibly the source of the idea has connections who can make it work....
Pauline Abrego lost her son, Mathew-Michael Baroni, and two granddaughters in a crash earlier this month and now she feels the man who faces vehicular manslaughter charges for their deaths is responsible to carry out her son's legacy.

Mike Baroni and his two daughters, eight-year-old Madilyn and six-year-old Molly were killed by a wrong way driver on September 12. Ryan Turner, 27, admits he was drinking before he hit Baroni's vehicle. He's now facing three counts of vehicular manslaughter for their deaths.

“He loved us so much. He loved everybody,” Pauline said. “His life was his children and his family and being the person, the best, he just, he loved people. Now that he's gone, that's what this boy has. This is the legacy that he's accepted by making that decision he made, that's what's left for him,” she said.

In traditional systems of retributive justice a legacy isn't part of the retribution. Still, it's an interesting and rare addition to our stock of CIVILIZED ideas.



Monday, September 21, 2015
  Not especially newsedworthy

From KREM website:

I don't know why this-should be surprisinged. Moscow and Pullman are onlyed about 8 miles apart. After you've hit all the bearded banks in Moscow, you're probably going to try somed in Pullman.

= = = = =

Update a few days later:

Well, at least ..... never mind.

= = = = =

And a few days later, he's been identified and booked. The story keeps giving.
The Moscow-Pullman Daily News reports that 31-year-old Ebrahem E. Arar, of Moscow, appeared in Latah County Magistrate Court on Friday. He was arrested in the Sept. 18 robbery after police released digital still photos of a man at a Wal-Mart in Pullman, Washington, purchasing a wig, false beard, liquid latex and dark face cream believed to have been used in the robbery. Arar said in court he suffers blackouts due to anxiety medication and has no memory of committing the robbery. He wept as he said his wife was leaving him. ... Arar was identified as having lost $1,900 at Mr. Z's Casino in Pullman less than 36 hours after the robbery. The amount reported stolen from the bank was $2,335.
Well, the problem is obvious. Wrong costume and slightly wrong date. Should have dressed as a pirate and robbed the bearded bank on Sept 20. "Avast ye scurvy scum! Belay those alarm buttons! Do ye know who I am???? I'm Arar, and I'm here to rob ye! Ararrrrrrr!"

Seriously, this has to be the most trivial and pointless robbery in history. Spend money on a costume, plan out the robbery, case the bearded banks, and for what? To lose the money in one night at Mr Z's Casino, and then to spend most of your life in jail.

Even more seriously, WHY DOES ANYONE STILL ROB BANKS? You WILL get caught, and your money will NOT be usable. Unlike murky and semi-secret "terrorism" or "cybercrime", the facts about banks have been KNOWN AND CONSISTENT AND PUBLICIZED FOR EIGHTY FUCKING YEARS. Hundreds of movies, hundreds of TV shows, every single robbery in the news. No exceptions. There is absolutely no excuse for failing to understand these facts, when so many easier targets are available. Every target brings a risk of getting caught or shot, but at least you can spend the money from most targets.
  GOOD science.

Refreshingly good science. Hard work, good observation and analysis, cautious speculation based strictly on real human nature instead of leftist myths.
This is the first evidence that the Ancestral Puebloans and other Southwestern cultures consumed the highly caffeinated Ilex drinks. ... Of the 177 pottery samples — 40 of them, or 22 percent — turned up traces of either cacao or Ilex, even in the sherds from communities that were not known to have Mesoamerican artifacts, or other signs of influence from far-flung cultures. This indicates that the Ancestral Puebloans, the Hohokam, and other Southwestern groups not only traded with the peoples of Mesoamerica and the Gulf Coast, they had prolonged and sustained contact with them.

“Once made into drinks, these plants were consumed,” she said. “So, unlike some other exchanged items, if they were an important part of life in the Southwest, or Northwestern Mexico, there had to be an ongoing supply, even if they were consumed only sporadically."
Eminently sane. Humans LIKE food and water and air, but we LOVE uppers. We will build trade networks, risk instant death, and violate all sorts of laws, to get crack. Not the most pleasant fact about us, but the most solid fact.

Convective thought: Are we trying to restore something we lost at some stage? Is that why we need stimulants?

By analogy: Some biologists say that domestic cats are basically the same as wild felines except that the domestics have a "calming gene" that prevents them from going batshit loony most of the time. Cats love catnip because it releases the "calming" effect.

Are we chimps with a "calming gene" that prevents us from acting like chimps some of the time? Do we feel the need to restore the original wildness?
  Language update for Boo-Hoo-Ner

Professor Polistra decided to hit the blackboard with a few word-turds, mainly because the last one is so perfectly topical.

= = = = =


A new synonym for 'feudal manor'.

The Prince of Wales acquired land at Knockroon, near Cumnock, in 2007 as part of a wider £45 million deal to rescue Dumfries House mansion and its antique furniture collection. The Prince of Wales used £20 million of his own charitable foundations’ cash in the Dumfries House acquisition and planned to build up to 770 new homes at Knockroon in a new “sustainable development”, along the lines of his Poundbury estate in Dorchester. But housebuilder Hope Homes, which said it had “designed, built and marketed Knockroon” for the past six years, has confirmed it has now left the project.
Hmm. Wonder why nobody wanted to live miles from nowhere, with no 'mod cons', serving the whims of His Holy Highness Chuckie The Microwit, solely to help His Holy Highness rescue his antique furniture collection? It's a complete puzzle.

= = = = =

Official Sabotage:

BBC's new term for self-defense.

A French soldier has broken silence to apologize for sinking a Greenpeace genocide weapon. He says they should have disabled and marooned the genocide weapon without sinking it. He's wrong. BBC's on-air headline described France's necessary and appropriate self-defense as "official sabotage".

= = = = =


Not new but suddenly dominant. As in this headline:

Don’t Coronate Carly Fiorina Just Yet

An excellent and necessary back-formation. We don't use golden crowns in everyday life, so crown as a transitive verb doesn't work. It's used most often to mean 'bop upside the head', secondarily in technical situations like road paving or water splash formation.

= = = = =


Seems to be the successor to efforting in dumb journalism.

"Katie is tracking this earthquake. Katie, what's the latest?"

You can't track an earthquake or a celebrity story. An earthquake happens in one place. A celebrity story doesn't happen at all. It's pure fiction.

Tracking is a strongly appropriate metaphor with a wildfire, which moves through the landscape like a pack of predators destroying everything that wasn't protected with metal.

= = = = =


Prof P thinks this is the best word-turd of all. It appeared in this account of the monstrosity known as Emmy:
Here's a of winners and nominees from Sunday's Emmy Awards. Winners are in bold.
Note the word        between a and of. The ideal noun for everything that happens on TV, which has passed beyond all conceivable boundaries of sanity, sense, logic, and thought. No combination of sounds or letters can possibly represent anything in the universe of TV. Only        suffices.

= = = = =


Bloomberg's pronunciation of Kotzebue, Alaska, while praising Idiot Obama's obeisance to Gaia.

= = = = =


A word that hasn't been used in a long time. Google Books Ngram gadget shows that it was common in the early Victorian era, then faded in the 20th century but mysteriously returned after 1980. The latter uses are most likely mentions of the word in books about old novels.

The word suddenly popped up in one of Hillary's emails, containing a description of Boo-Hoo-Ner by Blumenthal:
"Boehner is despised by the younger, more conservative members of the House Republican Conference," Blumenthal wrote to Clinton. "They are repelled by his personal behavior. He is louche, alcoholic, lazy, and without any commitment to any principle," he added.
Yup. In the same week we learned that Fagboy Boo-Hoo-Ner was actively aiding and abetting the abortuaries while puking the usual self-serving lies to innocent Christians who are unfortunately still fooled. No surprise. That's the whole point of Repooflicans. Kill babies, ruin normal families, smash civilization, get the Christians to elect you.

That's louche.

Topical connection:
House Speaker John Boehner has been trying for 20 years to get a pope to come talk to Congress, and now it’s finally happening. To House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, it’s “thrilling beyond words.”
Loucheboy finally shows us where his/her real allegiance is. Heshe agrees with Pelosi and with Antipope Francine.

Sidethought: Without intending it, Blumenthal's observation tells us something positive about those "younger, more conservative members". They are not louche, and they are not cynical hypocrites.


Sunday, September 20, 2015
  Still missing the point

In trying to out-Trump Trump, the other chickenshits are still missing the point.

Trump is popular because he is talking about SOLVING PROBLEMS. He views the job of President as an executive, which is like really really weird because the President is like officially the Chief Executive, head of the Executive Branch. Why would anyone like possibly connect Executive with Executive? Executive and Executive are like completely unrelated things and shit. Anyone can see that like the proper job of an Executive is to like censor and silence opinions and microaggressions, not to somehow "solve problems" and shit, whatever "solve problems" means.

Carson thinks he can horn in on the fact that Trump didn't want to censor an anti-Muslim opinion expressed by someone in the audience.

So Carson declares that, By God, No Muslim Will Be Elected President While I'm President! I Won't Let It Happen! You Can Count On Me!

He has redefined the Presidency yet again. We already have the job defined as Grand Inquisitor by the other chickenshits, now the President's job is to Not Abruptly Quit And Hand The Job To A Muslim.

Doesn't anyone notice the raw idiocy? I can't think of any job, executive or otherwise, that is defined in terms of controlling what happens after you resign. Execs resign voluntarily when they no longer give a fuck what happens to the business. Execs "resign" under force because the business no longer wants the executive to have any power over what happens next. And that covers all possibilities.

= = = = =

In fairness ... though there's no reason to be fair ... I suspect Carson is simply failing to imagine himself in the job. It's sort of like a boy who wants to be a fireman so he can roar around town with bells and sirens. Traitor McCain showed the same failure of imagination in 2008 when he promised not to stand in the way of Supreme Satan nominees who were pro-abort. Since his job as Senator was to guarantee the approval of all pro-abort nominees, he saw himself performing the same duty when President. He couldn't imagine that the President is supposed to CHOOSE the nominees, and thus has FULL POWER to choose NON-MURDEROUS Supreme Satans.


  Regeneration 3

Part 3 of a series, following from 1 and 2.

Why am I focusing so heavily on analog gadgets with minimal automatic controls? It has to do with defensible spaces. Benedict spaces, if you will.

In any important technology you can trace a path of gradual automation. At each step the machine does more for you, which is GOOD for most people UP TO A POINT. But each step away from strictly manual ALSO removes one interaction between your INTELLIGENCE and the machine. It removes mental exercise and muscle memory. It atrophies your PURPOSE.

When you're accustomed to operating at one level in the manual-to-auto scale, you don't know what you're missing. I'd been using superhet radios for 60 years and appreciated the one-knob convenience. I suspected that I might be missing something by not experiencing regen, which is why the bucketlist. Now that I've built and used the regen, I have a better feel for what I was missing, and it turns out to be meaningful.

We can run similar sequences on many common technologies. Note that I'm not listing all developments that make the tech more powerful or more convenient; I'm strictly listing the progression from manual to auto control. Only the developments that remove a parameter from YOUR direct supervision.

In radio: Crystal, TRF, Regenerative, Superhet, DSP, DSP under Cloud control.

In heating systems: Automatic damper, Bimetal thermostat, Software-controlled thermostat, Nest stat under Cloud control.

In cars: Vacuum spark advance, Bimetal choke, Synchromesh, Hydramatic, Cruise control, EFI, Software that controls everything, Self-driving software under Cloud control.

Hmm. We seem to have a point of convergence here. All roads lead to Tim Cook. Or Jeff Bezos or Eric Schmidt or Elon Musk. Pick your devil. They compete with each other in some ways, but they all want the same thing. INFINITE POWER OVER MORE THAN EVERYTHING. They all want your soul.

= = = = =

Resistance is futile, but self-defense is not futile.

First and most directly, don't merge with the Cloud. Don't take that last step, don't place your devices into Elon's hands.

More subtly, use Makeforce to maintain your borders and keep the soul-suckers at bay.

Makeforce is imperceptible but real. It sounds like an old idea: Idle hands, devil's workshop. The old sayings don't hit the mark. Makeforce is not mere activity. It's creative activity. When you are turning raw materials into a human product, you are turning chaos into order. You are pushing outward against the chaotizers. You are generating a counterforce that deflects the propaganda away from your own mind. When you are cooking from scratch, or knitting a sweater, or installing a manual can opener, or building a radio, or planting a garden, or (most of all!) birthing and raising a kid ... You are exerting Makeforce. You are protecting your own soul and adding to the stock of non-Cloud substance in the world.

At least in my experience, abstract Making doesn't have the same effect. I spent all of 2014 working hard on courseware. The simpler 'idle hands' concept applied; while I was deeply absorbed in wrestling with SVG, HTML5, and JS, I wasn't listening to the incoming propaganda ... but I didn't feel the sense of active protection that I get from physical creation. Perhaps this was because the product itself was meant for Cloud-like usage; more likely the simple lack of physicality. The work didn't yield food to eat or sweaters to wear or radios to enjoy. As it turns out, I won't even have MONEY from the product, because the publisher has decided to abandon the whole subject area as part of its JPMorgan LBO requirements. I didn't know that while I was working, but it fits the patterns and purposes of the infinitely evil Tribe. Total abstraction. Pure LBO, pure debt, pure counterfeit, pure derivatives, pure numbers. Sucking out the soul of America and giving nothing back.

= = = = =

Think about the progression of the chaotizers. Along with automating mechanisms, they are explicitly shutting down all possible sources of Makeforce.

They began with environmental tyranny. Making things always produces smoke or steam or waste. The Makeforce of fire and smoke was appreciated thousands of years ago, as witness its use in medical and religious ceremonies. Prohibiting smoke instantly kills lots of making, and also kills the sacred power of smoke.

Then the tyrants directly killed industries that had allowed ordinary men to generate Makeforce and support productive families. Men are no longer permitted to make, so they break. Gang warfare, more recently disguised as "religious" warfare.

In parallel, the tyrants have made it nearly impossible to birth and raise a productive family. Abortion is easier and cheaper than birth, mothers are forced to work because the fathers can't, and day-care is less risky than discipline.

Now the tyrants are even killing our ability to store order in the form of savings accounts and dams. All dams must be breached, all savings must be confiscated.

At the scale of cultures and nations, we can't generate order from chaos, we can't exchange order for money, and we can't even store order to survive a time of chaos.

All exits blocked.

We can still create order within our own little spheres, and Nature tells us this is good.

= = = = =

Sidenote: Makeforce is also effective against internal demons. Formerly prisons and insane asylums understood this vector diagram and used it to great effect. Around 1970 the worst of all tyrants, the "human" "rights" advocates, killed Makeforce in prisons and asylums. Prisons have finally started to claw back some of their lost territory, which is the only bright spot in this whole dismal picture. Asylums are stuck in the "human" "rights" hell. No gardening, no farming, no sewing. Just drugs and TV, guaranteed to reinforce and expand internal demons.

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Saturday, September 19, 2015
  Interesting phrasing

Are we actually learning something?

Latest statement from Kerry as he negotiates with Russia about Syria:

“We share the same goals. We share the goal of ridding the region of Isil. They allege that they also share the goal of a political transition that leads to a stable, whole, united secular Syria.”

Obvious facts:

(1) We started the war in obedience to Our Prophet Netanyahu, using our monstrous infinitely evil contractor NudelmanPyatt War Partners LLC.

(2) We created ISIS.

(3) Before we started the war to satisfy Our Prophet's infinite blood thirst, Syria WAS stable, whole, united and secular.

(4) You CANNOT end a civil war by continuing to support a side that has no chance of winning and no chance of forming any sort of government. That is a guaranteed recipe for permanent chaos, as Our Prophet Netanyahu requires. If you want peace, you MUST abandon a side that cannot form a government. You MUST firmly and solidly support the side that has an actual record of forming a (stable, whole, united, secular) government.

Kerry didn't say any of those things explicitly, but you don't have to read very deeply between the diplomatic lines.
  Regeneration 2

Part 2 of a series. Part 1 here, part 3 here.

After using the MFJ regenerative receiver for a week, I'm getting the experience I wanted. The nerdy bucket-list desire of building and understanding regen.

The regen control isn't just a 'booster'. Turning it changes the frequency of an internal oscillation, up to a point where it simply covers everything with a 16kc (or so) hiss. You can use the regen control to boost an AM signal, or you can use it to add a tone to CW or SSB. The regen setting constantly interacts with the main tuning, so you can't just leave it alone. Tuning is an active procedure.

Sudden realization: This partly achieves another bucketlist item, one that I abandoned when frugality and reality took over. I had wanted to try driving a Model T, mainly to get the feel of the interaction of throttle and spark. I already know how a manual choke feels; I've owned and driven many cars with manual chokes; but I've never driven a car without vacuum spark advance.

It's a close parallel. From what I've read, the T's spark control is equally 'active'. You can't just set it and forget it. There is a prescribed default for each click of the throttle lever, just as the regen has a default setting for each band. But you can get different types of performance, adapt to altitude or fuel quality, by twiddling the spark.

When regens were replaced by superhets, the 'activity' went away, which most listeners appreciated; but we also lost the ability to adjust intelligently for different types of signals.

When manual spark was replaced by vacuum and/or centrifugal advance, the 'activity' went away, which most drivers appreciated; but we also lost the ability to adjust intelligently for different situations.

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  Crime has costs.

Old radio cop and crime shows liked to offer moralistic intros and outros. Some of the moralism was Freudian guilt-mongering about bad parenting causing criminality. Nope, doesn't work that way. Pro criminals are born, not made. If their parents are 'bad' it's because the parents have the same innate tendencies.

One frequently stated moralism that DOES make sense is Crime has costs. When a burglar takes your car, or a Goldman takes your bank account, you may get the car back, but the process always costs time, money and confidence that won't be recovered.

We don't often see discussion of this fact now because the media normally aids and abets the criminals.

Here's a rare specific mention of costs. Criminals posing as "teachers" threatened an illegal strike a couple weeks ago. The school district meekly gave in to the blackmail instead of arresting the burglars. Now the school district has a 5 million dollar hole in its budget because it had planned for the earlier legally allowed salaries. Other school operations will have to be sacrificed to the union thugs.

Crime has costs.

Friday, September 18, 2015
  Like the old song

"News" item:

"Trump is taking heat from both sides of the aisle for declining to correct an audience member who stated incorrectly that Obama is Muslim."

First, simple logic. Epistemology. We DO NOT KNOW anyone's religion. By most evidence, Obama has no religion at all; the fact that he made it to the Presidency is evidence that his only firm belief is a love of power. You don't reach that office intentionally unless your sole purpose in life is raw power. Regardless of evidence, you CANNOT say that the assertion "Obama is Muslim" is INCORRECT, and you CANNOT say that it is CORRECT either. Religion is UNKNOWABLE.

More broadly, any politician's STATEMENTS about his own belief are nonsense. For instance, Bitchboy Boehner claims to be "pro-life" while actually taking bribes from Planned Parenthood.

Second, the question of DO vs TALK. Trump is mainly TALKING ABOUT ACTION. He views the job of an executive as solving problems. He names problems and says what he will DO about the problems. Some of what he proposes to DO is workable, some probably isn't; but he is ABSOLUTELY UNIQUE in TALKING ABOUT ACTION.

All other politicians are talking about talk, or talking about talking about talk.

What "both sides of the aisle" want here is even crazier. They are TALKING ABOUT STOPPING TALK. They are insisting that the proper job of a President is CENSORSHIP.

This belief is perfectly understandable for the media demons. Their entire job is censorship and inquisition. Their sole purpose in life is to silence heresy and torture heretics. No other purpose is comprehensible within their alien calvariums.

This belief is inexcusable from other politicians. They should be solving problems. Instead they are only silencing heresy.

Sort of like the old song.

Where have all the epistemologists gone, long time passing?
Gone to inquisitors every one.

Well, that didn't work. And the reality isn't working either.

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FAST moving military jet just roared overhead, near sonic speed. Almost a boom. Heading southward, presumably toward Fairchild.
  Bad Ig

The latest Ig Nobels seem to be declining. Presumably because the source material is declining. In previous years the Ig was able to find lots of good science dealing with trivial or silly-sounding subjects. This year only a couple of the awards fit the standard.

This one is the worst:
MANAGEMENT PRIZE — Gennaro Bernile [ITALY, SINGAPORE, USA], Vineet Bhagwat [USA], and P. Raghavendra Rau [UK, INDIA, FRANCE, LUXEMBOURG, GERMANY, JAPAN], for discovering that many business leaders developed in childhood a fondness for risk-taking, when they experienced natural disasters (such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and wildfires) that — for them — had no dire personal consequences.
Reversed logic, like all "social" """""science"""". I'd guess that more than half of all adults have been in or near disasters without being killed or injured. The vast majority of survivors develop a sensible avoidance of risk after such events. Leader types are innately risk-loving, whether they had an experience of survival or not. Every experience makes a risk-lover love risk more, because he's a risk-lover who loves risk. The survival experience is the fucking CONSTANT and the innate risk preference is the fucking VARIABLE.

If you call yourself a scientist you should FIRST OF ALL be able to distinguish constants from variables. And even morer firster of aller, you should understand that

= = = = =

At the other end, this item....
Michael L. Smith, for carefully arranging for honey bees to sting him repeatedly on 25 different locations on his body, to learn which locations are the least painful. simply GOOD SCIENCE, and is NOT trivial or silly. Variables and constants properly separated, useful information. I suppose he could have used a mechanical stinger instead of live bees, but bees are not known for individuality. It's reasonable to assume that the bee will always optimize her sting. ETHICS rules make it impossible to run such a study on anyone but yourself. Aside from ETHICS, pain is so subjective that the only way to get a reasonable scaling is to keep it on yourself anyway.

Good science and serious science. Pain is not trivial. Shouldn't be an Ig.

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Thursday, September 17, 2015
  Defining Thugpower

Several of the co-defendants in the murder of Carlile by Henrikson have turned snitch and pled guilty for lesser sentences.

This usually happens at some point in a case where one BIG THUG gave orders to several subthugs. Professor Polistra finds it interesting that these pleas happened SHORTLY AFTER Henrikson was moved out of town. He had nearly succeeded in escaping, so the state decided the Spokane jail wasn't able to hold a CEO Thug.

Two weeks after his direct influence is gone, his employees snitch and plead.

Could be a coincidence, probably isn't. Gives rise to a definition of Thugpower along the same lines as Candlepower:

(Miles of distance) / (Proportion of snitches).

In this case 4 of 5 subthugs pled after Henrikson was moved 200 miles. (One of the pleas was rejected by a judge, but that doesn't count for this purpose. Only subthug intention counts.)

200 / 0.8 = 250 Thugpower.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

A few minutes later:

Just after figuring out the measure for blue-collar Thugpower, Professor Polistra heard the non-news that the Thug Bank will continue ZIRP forever. (And will probably move into the NIRP range very soon.)

A similar Thugpower measure for white-collar thieves is required.

To match the other unit, the ratio needs to be a distance over a percent. But simple physical distance doesn't matter here. White-collar thugs don't rob you with a gun. They slaughter you with a [digital] pen.

For the numerator we therefore replace geographical distance with distance between rich and poor, or the Gini coefficient. The denominator is obviously the interest rate.

Gini coefficient / Interest rate = Thugpower.

45 / 0 = Infinity, or for these particular thugs the Cantor cardinal Aleph-null.

Professor Polistra is still in a pictorial mood, so she decided to use an appropriate icon instead of the Cantor number.

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  Are searches filtered for corporate purposes?

Not really a question. We already know the answer. But this quick comparison proves it yet again.



Hmm. Something seems to be missing on the Bing version. Can't quite place it.
  Still in loco after all these years

A strong essay by a comedian I haven't heard of. His NYC funny stuff doesn't strike me as notably funny, but his main point is hugely powerful.

Youngsters who demand to be protected from humor or "microaggressions" are ruining their own chances to handle real life.

His best line: "The real world isn’t going to give you a trigger warning when something unpleasant is about to happen."

Back in the '60s, rebellious students were especially irritated that colleges wanted to act in loco parentis. At that time, acting on behalf of parents meant (1) no PDA between boys and girls (2) no drinking (3) watch your language.

The students won the battle. From 1970 to 2000, colleges refused to act like parents.

Now in loco parentis has returned. This time it's DEMANDED by students, and the students have won again. The new version of ILP means (1) no PDA between boys and girls (2) no drinking (3) watch your language.

Of course the language you need to watch is the EXACT OPPOSITE of the 1960's version. The old Seven Bad Words are now the ONLY PERMITTED WORDS. PDA between boys and boys, or between girls and girls, is REQUIRED now.

The part about drinking has the same flavor in both versions of ILP, and is the only good rule in both versions.
  Too late but still sort of good

After serving Goldman loyally for 7 years, Obama is trying to accomplish a few good things in his last year.

(1) Normalizing with Persia. Because he allowed the deal to be 'examined' by Congress, I was pretty sure he wanted to kill it. That's how things normally work. But it appears that his agents were actually pushing for approval, which he finally got. This is an absolutely good thing.

(2) Normalizing with Cuba, though he didn't have any real opposition there because Israel isn't interested in Cuba. Also a good thing. [As noted before: It seems odd that the Jews are NOT the strongest enemies of normalizing with Cuba. The 1959 revolution was primarily about ejecting US corruption from Cuba. Communism came later as a condition for Russian proxy support. US corruption meant the Mafia, and most of the Mafiosi in Havana were Jewish. But the explanation is simple. The anti-Persian force isn't really "American Jews", it's Sheldon Adelson. And if you ask who stands to gain most from returning the Jewish Mafia to Havana, you get the same answer. Not "American Jews" in general, but Sheldon Adelson in person.]

(3) Common Core. Both union thugs and Repooflicans oppose it, which tells you all you need to know; but the details are ALSO good. A strong move toward experiential and job-based education.

(3a) Yesterday's little event with the Arab nerd who was jailed for MAKING a clock-type gadget. A strong gesture against idiot educrats. As usual the media are getting it wrong, calling it

No, it's just idiot educrats being their usual literal rigid wooden-brained selves. They correctly perceive that the government hates Muslims, so they obey the government by clamping down on every "suspicious device". Celebrating the young nerd, Obama is hitting two points at once: Educrats need to think before jailing, and MAKING THINGS is good.

Later: Oops. I was fooled. The kid wasn't just building a clock-type device. He was intentionally building it to look like a bomb, as a provocation. So some degree of punishment was justified. Maybe suspension or expulsion, probably not jail.

(4 maybe definitely!) While shouting the usual anti-Russian shit, Kerry worked productively WITH Russia to get the Persia deal done, and now seems to be ready to work WITH Russia on Syria. The anti-Russian noise is especially nasty because WE STARTED THE WAR. Putin understands that the only way to get peace is by restoring Assad. Kerry seems to understand this point as well.

Couple days later: This additional news moves the Maybe Good Thing to Definitely Good Thing. "Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter have agreed to re-establish military-to-military contacts between the countries." More formal connections means more of an opportunity for Russian sanity to counteract American hyperbonkerness.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015
  Dumb question of the day

Media say: "Santorum claims Supreme Court decision is unconstitutional. This is impossible."

Santorum is right and media are dead wrong. In fact nearly all decisions by the nine traitors since 1803 are explicitly and literally anticonstitutional. The document specifies exactly what the Supreme Court can do. Making laws and repealing laws are NOT among those permitted actions. The document also says that Congress can expand the jurisdiction of the courts, but Congress never gave the courts permission to make and repeal laws.

I suppose you could argue that the nine traitors do occasionally make permissible decisions. When they rule on a water-rights dispute between states, or when they deal with a criminal or civil case involving a foreigner, they are within the specified bounds. But those cases are rare now. The vast majority of cases that reach the nine traitors are explicitly legislative and thus explicitly unconstitutional, no matter which way the traitors decide.
  Modernizing the Self-Explanatory Sentence

Maybe my old 'Self-Explanatory Sentence' is outdated. In modern times there could be a better way of expressing the idea. A few words that sum up a life, provided you know how things work.

Good example in an earlier post today.
The painting is a portrait of the current leader of the Republican presidential race, Donald Trump – painted with menstrual blood. Artist Sarah Levy titled the portrait "Whatever." It depicts Trump mid-sentence with one eye completely blotted out by red and his infamous hair windswept with streaks of dark blood.
Or this item:
Dr Kathleen Richardson, a robot ethicist at De Montfort University in Leicester, wants to raise awareness of the issue and persuade those developing sex robots to rethink how their technology is used. "Sex robots seem to be a growing focus in the robotics industry and the models that they draw on - how they will look, what roles they would play - are very disturbing indeed." She believes that they reinforce traditional stereotypes of women and the view that a relationship need be nothing more than physical.
These paragraphs are overlong. If you know how things work, a couple words get the idea across.

Solution: Spam.

With ordinary spam, a name like tells you all you need to know. A subject like Urgents Inheritment For You tells you all you need to know. The rest of the story is automatic.

Same with these. After you see the name and subject, the rest of the story fills itself in.

If you saw these in your in-box, you wouldn't need to click on them. Self-Explanatory Spam.



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