Thursday, April 30, 2020
  Remarkable intelligence

UncommonDescent has found this rather old video of a Stickleback fish building a nest. It's a real eye-opener, forcing me to expand my definitions of intelligence.

UD is mainly discussing genomes and such, interesting but not the main point.

Watch the way the fish surveys the location, excavates the hole, then selects branches from a nearby water plant and mortars them into place. He's not just running a reflex subroutine as you'd expect. He has a plan in mind. He knows how he wants the nest to look, and rejects branches that don't fit well.

This is a 3-inch fish with a 1/2" brain, showing vastly more intelligence and PRODUCTIVE talent than our 6-foot-long governors and presidents who only know how to DESTROY.

I probably won't edit my usual statement:


But it really should say MAKERS NEED TO MAKE THINGS. ... with MAKERS as an expandable category of species.

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  The secret

As I redid the above icon to extend Polistra's prison sentence into May, I got thinking about psychopaths and governors and mayors.

The basic fact about a psychopath is that he must IMPOSE HIS WILL at all times. Obedience is never enough. After you obey, he has to change the rules and make you obey again, then change the rules again and make you obey again.

And that's the key.

I remembered my first cellmate in April 1969. He was a small-scale psychopath, not qualified to be a governor or president, but he showed the same basic characteristic. He needed to WIN every single interaction, and then change the rules to WIN again, then change the rules to WIN again.

I had no hope of conquering him, but I figured out how to bore him. I obeyed beyond his wishes each time, never protesting or complaining. Each time he got tired of imposing and punching and raping. He got bored. This happened every evening, so it was a bit wearisome and bruising for me, but the alternative was death. I preferred life.

Soon I found out about Beasley's Real Estate Service and quickly spent the necessary cartons of Kools to get moved into a better cell. The first move wasn't much better, but a few more cartons got me into a safe cell with some upper-middle-class junkies from Shaker Heights.

Watching Mayor Woodward dealing with Holocauster Inslee, I can see the same tactic. Woodward constantly emphasizes Calm, Cautious, Courteous. The local police are Calm, Cautious, Courteous. They have authority to arrest everyone who isn't exactly 2.000000 meters apart, but they don't.

Result: No rebellion, no public disobedience. Everyone gets unemployed and isolated and raped and bruised, but nobody gets slaughtered. Governor gets bored, focuses elsewhere on the counties where sheriffs are publicly disobeying.

Woodward has figured out the secret.

= = = = =

Later: A new development. The county commission, acting officially as a commission, has sent a letter to Inslee requesting immediate reopening. The letter follows the same pattern, giving total credit to Inslee for our success in "flattening the curve", and begging him to respect his own accomplishments. Remains to be seen if this is obeisant enough. I'm betting against it but hoping I'm wrong..... Needless to say, I was right. Nothing happened.

And also later and unsurprisingly, it turned out I was foolishly optimistic about Woodward. She is an enthusiastic participant, not a reluctant passive resister. Still, the general rule about psychopaths is valid.

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  Goddamnit, don't let them twist the truth

Berenson cites Bloomberg's sleazy slimy way of pulling out of the craziness:

It’s always worth listening to smart people with ideas that go against the grain.

Well, that's true in general, but it FLIPS the reality in this case.

In this specific case, the 'grain' is using medicine to cure disease.

Using total war to cure disease is EXPLICITLY AGAINST THE GRAIN.

The skeptical side was simply sticking with REAL KNOWLEDGE ACQUIRED THROUGH LONG EXPERIENCE.

Animals have been knocking down viruses for billions of years with our own immune systems, and REAL PUBLIC HEALTH has been helping the immune system with sanitation and vaccines for 200 years. WE KNOW HOW THINGS WORK.


Satanic followers of WHO and CDC were burning and bombing the grain with their incomprehensibly wicked idea of BLOWING UP THE WORLD to cure an ordinary everyday disease.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020
  Final exam in Room 101

Following on previous item, and adding the apparently valid "news" that WHO has suddenly reversed its magnetic field and praised Sweden. The game now has an official starting buzzer and ending buzzer, from the same totally corrupt referee. We knew beforehand that the referee was corrupt. WHO has a long history, a criminal record.

Summarizing previous item: It feels like Deepstate was blindsided by this panication. Most leaders went along, but a meaningful number refused, and the refuseniks weren't instantly replaced or suicided. The refuseniks were ALLOWED to refuse. Deepstate wasn't in full control.

It feels like an external power is giving a test to Earthlings, a power outside of Epstein's circle. The resultant grades are partly surprising and partly expected.

= = = = =

Now let's ask why the power (China? Aliens? God? Satan?) wanted to create this event.

It's a test for leaders AND a test for followers.

Leaders divide clearly into murderous psychopaths vs sane humans. The sane humans are rare, which isn't surprising. Leadership selects psychopaths.

Citizens divide on the basis of Whoists vs Whatists. Whoists will always follow the personal orders given by a personal leader or brand or team, regardless of the validity of the commands or the sanity of the leader. Whatists will always follow reality, whether it's real science or real business or real morality.

In terms of the beacon theme I've been running lately, Whatists are firmly focused on a distant lighthouse with known coordinates. Whoists are listening to the Sirens, the Wreckers.

The test is a classic A/B/A experiment. The power source (aliens, etc) suddenly gives orders to all leaders to cease using normal public health rules, which have been working steadily for 200 years, and start making war on their citizens to "cure" a disease. The disease itself is not new; it happens every year. Nobody has EVER suggested using a state of siege as medicine, so this command has ZERO CREDIBILITY. There is exactly zero evidence that sieges will cure a disease, and huge piles of stinking decomposing evidence that sieges efficiently kill entire cities and nations.

Does the external power need to apply a threat of blackmail or assassination? A cage full of rats as in Room 101? No. Psychopathic leaders, who have been waiting with bloodthirsty eagerness for a way to justify genocide, instantly grab onto the "science". Sane leaders, focused on Nature's beacon. understand the insanity and try to maintain normal scientific procedures.

After a few months of pressure, the populations have been clearly divided and graded, so the test can be concluded. WHO blasts the end buzzer.

= = = = =

Semantic footnote: I didn't notice the WHO/Whoists parallel until after I wrote the item. It certainly wasn't intended by the testers, but works anyway.

Real footnote: The test for the citizens is a perfect Sucker Filter. If you'll believe that obliterating all life is the best way to cure an ordinary disease, YOU WILL BELIEVE ANY FUCKING THING.

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  Non-barking Robinson

Got an email from Art Robinson, who is running again for Oregon state legislature. He comes down hard on the "global warming" fraud, but oddly doesn't even mention the "Branded Flu" fraud.

His campaign website also skips the issue entirely.

Strange, considering that Art is THE best living authority on human immunity, and a courageous skeptic on every subject where Deepstate is destroying real science. Is his own immunity to nonsense weakening with age, or is he just trying to be strategic? If the latter, it's poor strategy, like ML King running for office on an agenda of highway improvement.

Later, more emails and a paper mail from the campaign, but still no mention of the ONE ISSUE that Art Robinson knows BETTER than anyone else, the issue that Robinson helped me to understand clearly and correctly. I don't know what to make of this.
  Klaatu barada nikto?

Here's something that doesn't make sense.

We know there won't be any "accountability" for the presidents and governors who decided to make holocausts against their own people. They will receive vigintillions of teradollars, infinite power and wealth, and trillions of MEGATURBONOBEL Peace Prizes.

BUT: Normally the leaders who FAIL to follow the rules would be quickly and harshly disposed of.

The latter is NOT happening.

Sweden and Belarus haven't been invaded by NATO or Colorrevolutioned by Soros. In fact the Deepstate media have always allowed a slight bit of credibility to Sweden, and now they're seriously asking whether Sweden had it right.

The governors in the Plains who chose NOT to lockdown haven't been suicided or accidented or invaded by the Delta Force, and the federal blackrobes haven't sued them yet.

Social media is thundering in both directions and partly censoring the real science as usual; but again the censorship is not nearly as total or ferocious as with other topics like "global warming" or "variable gender" or evolution. Real epidemiologists have been able to get their message through, even in Deepstate venues like New Superstitionist.

I can't begin to parse the motives, but it feels like Deepstate was caught off guard by the sudden intervention. The power that forced the holocausts came from OUTSIDE of Deepstate, outside of Five Eyes, outside of Epstein, outside of the tech monsters. When Deepstate plans a coup, it plans much more thoroughly. It doesn't leave any exceptions alive.

Later, a much simpler theory.

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When I look at the blog stats provided by Blogspot, I can identify two types of bots.

1. Obscure URLs in obscure places seem to be "reading" items with obscure titles. When I try to be "clever" with made-up words in the title, or use foreign alphabets, or include math symbols in the title, the ObscureBots "read" and register the item.

Here's an example, caught by itself. The graph shows the bots swarming regularly once each day. The item they swarmed on includes the made-up word inancienate. The bot itself is a perfectly obscure combination: Auto Capsule Filling Machine companies mail/?p=19

Earlier the ObscureBots had .Best domains, with a prefix made up of made-up words.

Hazarding a guess: These ObscureBots are using my blog as a steppingstone in some kind of scam process, and they want unique search terms to steer the sucker along the correct path without obvious roadmaps. A title with mixed Russian and English, or a word that doesn't occur elsewhere, or a combo of math and English.

2. Bots working through Google or Amazon have an unerring AI taste for dissident topics. All of my venting about Current Panication gets "read" and registered, even though I typically use nonstandard terms for Current Panication. Google knows what I'm talking about.

Which items are NEVER read by bots? The items that I consider to be unique expressions. My animations of tech history, or semi-math analysis of culture (eg tanh and exp), or real experiments with electronics. I put my educative soul and passion into these items, and nobody reads them.

The pattern is remarkably clear. When I get silly without any real purpose, the ObscureBots gobble it up. When I vent, saying stuff that others have usually said better, the BigBrotherBots gobble it up. When I leave a unique expression of a meaningful topic, it just sits there.

And now I've vented about venting. Which bots will eat this item?

Later: The ObscureBots gobbled it. I should have guessed, because the title is a made-up word.
Tuesday, April 28, 2020
  Three responses to the GOTCHA

Stupid convective thought.

Fakers like Trump and Boris and now Putin have a standard plotline, comparable to many "long buildup" scams, and comparable to modern plays and novels.

In the Long Buildup, the scammer cultivates a relationship with the suckers. He does meaningless favors for them without ever using his own money. After the trust relationship is formed, he offers the suckers a chance to share in a BIG WINDFALL, but he doesn't have quite enough money to make it happen. He needs an extra $10k to get access to the BIG WINDFALL. The suckers feel obligated, so they throw in the $10k. The scammer then disappears.

The novel version is simpler. For the first 2/3 of the book, the sucker thinks he's reading a clean old-fashioned story about realistic people doing normal things and solving normal problems. At the 2/3 mark, GOTCHA! The characters turn out to be modern fuckheads doing bizarre anti-civilization shit, abusing the trust relationship formed in the first part, persuading you to adopt modern evil.

I can see three different responses to the Long Buildup / GOTCHA. They're clearest with Trump because he pulled the GOTCHA immediately after inauguration. Plenty of time to watch the course of response.

1. Suckers remain loyal, even though the scammer has made it PERFECTLY CLEAR that he hates them and wants to torture and kill them.

2. Suckers learn the lesson and avoid similar scams.

3. Non-suckers (eg establishment Repooflicans and Deepstaters) knew from the start that Trump was working for them. They took the "opposite" side in the puppet show leading up to the GOTCHA. Now they don't need to pretend. They're loyal to him for RATIONAL reasons.

  Objective but stupid

Via Eurekalert:

Poorer rural Amazonians are going hungry despite living in one of the most biodiverse areas on the planet - a new study reveals.

The good part: The study doesn't mention "global warming" once. It describes the problem objectively. The problem is that the tribes who live along the river depend on fishing, and the Amazon floods regularly, washing the fish populations out toward the ocean.

The stupid part: Despite always means because. Biodiversity doesn't feed people. Cultivation of a few crops, or a few types of livestock, feeds people. Farming and biodiversity are opposites.

A better and more productive question would be: Earlier South American tribes like Maya and Aztec were MASTERS of hydro engineering. They covered the continent with catchbasins, reservoirs, and irrigation canals. They solved this exact problem in this exact place. Why hasn't the modern tribe carried on the tradition? Form a pond on higher terrain, stock it with fish. Control the inlet and outlet to add more fish when the fish are washing downstream. Can we teach this tribe to regain the old SKILLS?

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  Equipoise and Experts

It's tempting to blame the murderous Experts for government crimes. Government has been using evil Experts to justify its torture and war and genocide for a long time. In economics and "social science" and "global warming" and now medicine, we must trust "science" as defined by grotesquely evil psychopathic hypermonsters.

The experts are not the problem. In all of those areas, genuine scientists were formerly available along with genocidal monsters. After the genocidal monsters became the sole recipients of funding and respect, the honest scientists no longer got tenure and had to find other jobs.

With "global warming", the government formerly listened to the honest climatologists. In 1975 the CIA decided to use murderous experts instead, because CIA needed to obliterate civilization.

The same sudden switch has now happened in epidemiology. Neil Ferguson, the murderous expert whose intentionally bad models "justified" this holocaust, has been producing bad models for a long time. Before this year governments WEREN'T LISTENING to him. They were following normal public health procedures, which have been PROVED BY 200 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE AND SURVIVAL.

So the real question is why governments want to kill everyone. Well, no. That's an unproductive question. Ours not to reason why, ours but to die and die. The productive question is why they are ABLE to give up their earlier dependence on live people and functioning economies, why they are ABLE to indulge their incomprehensibly wicked blood-fetish now.

From a Natural Law viewpoint, the switch happened when governments lost equipoise, when they stopped conducting balanced transactions with the people. Pay for work, work for pay.

Or in less peculiar language, when they switched from taxes to debt.

A government that depends on taxes can't afford to kill most of its people and obliterate the economy. A government that depends on counterfeit "value" CAN kill the people and economy, so it DOES kill the people and economy.

= = = = =

Sidenote: Many "conservatives" are saying that Holocausters like Inslee and Newsom and Cuomo are Soviets. Exactly wrong. The Soviet system was strictly dependent on VAT tax, so it provided productive work and pay for everyone, and had an excellent and free medical system to keep the population alive. After Soros crashed the Soviet system in 1990, the Wall Street mentality took over, obliterating the economy and killing 5 million Russians.

Stalin was unquestionably heartless and evil, as he showed in his industrialization that killed Ukrainian farmers; but the system forced him to stop killing farmers if he wanted to retain overall power.

= = = = =

Footnote for clarity: Natural Law is HARDASS realist about the character of power-loving monsters. In both the Soviet and Sharia versions, NL starts with the accurate observation that rich powerful monsters are murderous psychopaths. The job of civilization is to HARNESS the power of psychopaths, to grant them a limited license for power and pleasure, in order to use their talents for organizing and directing large enterprises. Just as Natural Science harnesses the destructive power of fire and flood and fission to generate useful services, Natural Law harnesses the destructive power of fuckheads to generate useful services. Fire, Flood, Fission, Fuckheads. All must be counteracted by strong negative Feedback. Equipoise.

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Sunday, April 26, 2020
  Experiential learning and immunity

One thing that has surprised me in the current coup:

Lots of smart skeptical people seem completely unaware of the basic concept of immunity. When the editors of Off-Guardian quoted Ioannidis, panicators accused them of supporting herd immunity. The editors bristled and steadfastly denied the horrible accusation. Others seem gobsmacked when they encounter the concept via clips or texts, and have trouble absorbing it.

I always thought this was superbasic scientific literacy, on the same level as the round earth.

When did this vital part of scientific literacy get lost? Immunity wasn't a major subject of public discussion before this coup, so the panicators haven't had time to memoryhole the knowledge. It must have been missing before this year.

The antivaxers have been around for quite a while. Have they succeeded in removing the concept? Most of them don't seem to question the concept itself; they think the risks of vaccination outweigh the benefits. (And they're not entirely wrong; some specific shots aren't worth the risk. The antivaxers falsely extend this to all shots.)

Is it a generational thing? My generation learned about immunity EARLY and PAINFULLY, through the smallpox inoculation required at the start of first grade.

The nurse used a tattoo needle to poke the fluid into our arms or hips, initially leaving a big scab. We were actually sick for a week or two as our bodies developed defenses against the virus, then after the scab came off we had a clearly visible inch-wide circle on our upper arms for several years, often permanently.

The nurses and teachers did a pretty good job of explaining the process, without getting into the deep details of T-cells and such. The newly found polio vaccine was a national campaign at the same time, with plenty of media coverage.

Later generations have received shots, but the shots didn't make them sick and didn't leave permanent tattoos. I don't know if teachers and texts still cover the subject, but teachers and texts NEVER train you as effectively as painful MUSCLE MEMORY affecting all of your senses.

= = = = =

Closely related but less mysterious: Earlier generations knew the value of sunlight and fresh air. I've already discussed fresh air. Sunlight was demonized over the last two decades by a confluence of Global Warming nonsense and cancer panication. "Responsible" medical authorities have been warning us to stay inside, or wear Hazmat suits and Sunblock coatings if we need to venture out for more than 15 seconds. In fact melanoma is rare and mostly inherited, and the other sun-caused cancers are not deadly. The risks of avoiding sunlight are much more definite and certain. With sunlight and fresh air, the current lockdown picks up the pre-existing panic and adds the fear of encountering germs and acquiring immunity. Horrible fate!

Immunity is the new cancer!

Continued and extended here.

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  Another zinger

Another one-liner, maybe a bit too short and terse.

Harmeet Dhillon writes simply:

Every job is essential.

I'm not familiar with Dhillon; she seems to be a 'civil liberties' lawyer, which makes her motives dubious by my standards; but the intent of the sentence is clear enough.

Natural Law, in both Soviet and Sharia forms, would look at it from a different angle.

Everyone's talents are essential for civilization, so everyone can and should use their talents productively. In return, everyone who produces useful things or services should be paid decently.

The current coup is the final stage in eliminating ALL productive talents. From 1975 to now, we've been eliminating industrial production. Those jobs are all gone, so the elimination now moves to service jobs like plumbers and hairdressers and schoolteachers, who formerly felt safe from offshoring.

The only jobs that haven't been eliminated are Governors, Presidents, and CEOs of Share Value corporations. They are essential by current standards because they have an irreplaceable talent for obliterating civilization.

The only essential job now is genocide.

Every job is essential is a clarion call to restore the essentiality of PRODUCTIVE jobs, even those that may seem trivial. Or even simpler, STOP DECIDING which jobs are essential, and let customers decide.

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  Fan clocks

Fan clocks might be nothing more than an idea, or might have really existed. The evidence for existence is scanty. As with the magnificent Ridhwan clock, the only documentation is a couple of crude sketches and a clear description.

The clock on the left was supposedly mounted in a piece of church furniture called an ostensoir. The larger sketch above was an attempt to reconstruct a similar clock in the 1890s, described clearly in SciAm.

The ostensoir above looks obscene in several ways, so I decided not to copy it. Most ostensoirs look more Decoish, so I went with Deco, making a building-size clock.

With the Ridhwan, I was bowled over by its structured Islamic beauty, and tried to do it justice with my reconstruction.

This fan clock didn't bowl me over, but it nicely demonstrates how an Equation Clock worked. Equation Clocks served to bridge the gap or Equation between Sidereal and Local or Personal Time.

The fan blades represent Sun Time, narrowing down in winter and widening out in summer. The hands rotate at constant speed like any clock, and you can read the Sidereal or standard time by the notches on the outer case. When the hands pass over the Sun Time blades, you can see the time referenced to the span of sunrise to sunset.

Here's a fast animation through the seasons, showing the fan contracting from summer through equinox to winter.

= = = = =

Links for the Ancestral Clocks set so far:

The magnificent Ridhwan.
Clock dance.
Crude water clock.
The Elgin observatory.
The Riefler clock.
Personal Equation Machines.
More Elgin ads.
Fan clocks.

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  Constants and Variables 148, hatless edition

Another self-calibration.

Looking at old pix of NYC streets and noticing the taxis as usual. Thinking the usual NYC thoughts: Everything in NYC is for, by, and about The Tribe.

No, wait. Checker cabs were Tribal. Morris Markin was emphatically part of The Tribe. But Checkers were NOT dominant in NYC. DeSotos were dominant.

Recalibrate 1: Why did NYC enact the medallion setup? Not because Markin wanted it. Exactly the opposite. Because Markin was cornering the market. Medallions were specifically aimed to prevent Markin's monopoly.

Recalibrate 2: Why did NYC get rid of its strict requirement that taxis must be limos? This happened in 1954. Checker didn't change anything in 1954; Checkers were always limos with jump seats, up to the bitter end in 1983. Checker needed the rule. Who needed the change? Chrysler needed the change. Chrysler's 1955 cars were going to be low and "hatless" for the first time, completely unsuitable as limos. Chrysler stopped making low-cost limos then, and resumed with the minivan in 1984, which immediately became the favorite taxi everywhere.

Chrysler had a much bigger presence in NYC than any other car company. Walter liked NYC and always worked there, ruling the Detroit plants from a distance. The Chrysler Building dominated the skyline. There were GM and Ford offices in NYC, but there wasn't a notable GM Building or Ford Building. Walter was distinctly non-Tribal. A Kansas farm boy who disliked debt and stock manipulation. He didn't dislike Wall Street as much as Ford or Nash, but he was closer to that side of the ledger.

Rereading, I noticed a posthoc. Checker closed down in 1983 and Chrysler introduced the minivan in 1984. There was never a year without limos suitable for taxis.


  Dream was accidentally correct (or intentionally?)

In the dream I was watching some kind of athletic exhibition where college athletes were competing to jump over hurdles. They were reaching previously impossible heights like 20 feet.

In the dream I was thinking a sequence of thoughts that I'd already done in waketime:

Superstar syndrome. There's an extreme difference between these superathletes and normal youngsters. Normal youngsters are getting fat and lazy. No, that's an old misimpression. Around 1990 it was probably true for a while, but most young folks now seem normal-sized, not fat.

After waking I noticed that the self-calibration in the dream repeated the existing sequence in waketime. I always have to recalibrate old misconceptions.

BUT: After three months of house arrest, the misimpression will now be true. Especially in OCD households that are strictly enforcing absolute arrest, even when the government isn't QUITE enforcing it. Those kids are not getting the twice-daily outside recess in school, and not getting any outside play at all. They WILL be fat, atrophied, and starved for sun and fresh air. It will take a couple years to restore their health, and in the states where the siege continues forever, those kids are doomed to an extremely early death.


Saturday, April 25, 2020
  Briggs is on the case

Aha! Statistician Briggs, the only valid statistician, is on the case. I've been repeatedly citing his uniquely accurate insight into the consequences of the 2008 TARP coup. Now he applies the same uniquely accurate views to the Branded Flu coup.

It won't matter, of course. There will never be any "accountability", never any "lessons learned", never any "justice", never any New Nuremberg Trials. The holocausters will get quintillions of dollars and perpetual infinite power and millions of Nobel Prizes.

Still, it's nice to have the ONLY VALID USER OF STATISTICS writing the ONLY VALID BOOK on this holocaust.

As I've been saying forever, the only lesson is NO THEORIES, NO MODELS, NO STATISTICS.

All problems have already been solved by EXPERIENCE.

We don't need to do anything new, because everything we do will be incomprehensibly WICKED and incalculably STUPID. Just follow EXPERIENCE. In USA terms, just copy FDR. He faced all the relevant economic and scientific problems and found the correct solutions by PAINFUL TRIAL AND ERROR. Since 1946 we've been intentionally REVERSING all of FDR's solutions, and we're predictably paying the horrible price.


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  Instant response, instant disproof.

Thursday afternoon: Holocauster Inslee made his first micromove in the right direction. Lord Inslee graciously and kindly allowed "essential" construction to restart.**

Friday morning: Construction instantly restarted right here on 4001 W Crown, the vacant apt building that was supposedly turned toward renovation two years ago.

Just before the holocaust, contractors had been measuring the place and stacking materials on the ground. Then the holocaust struck and work halted.

On Friday the work resumed. They're filling in some windows and resizing other windows.

In other words: Before the lockdown they were casing the joint. Now they're casing the joint. (Har har har! Taint funny, McGee.)

= = = = =

As fucking always, the IMMEDIATE response disproves the TIRESOME conservative ratshit about Tocqueville and 47% and largesse.

FACT: Real humans DO NOT WANT to be paid for sitting.

FACT: Real humans WANT to work for pay.

FACT: Real humans WANT to pay for work.

Real business is an intrinsic and innate part of humanity. Balanced transactions are an intrinsic part of our nervous system and soul. EQUIPOISE.

Conservatives and Liberals refuse to comprehend EQUIPOISE. Both believe that people would rather sit than work. Conservatives dislike the Shared Lie, Liberals like it. Both are lethally wrong.

= = = = =

** Semantic footnote: Why is he Holocauster and Lord in the same paragraph? I made a vow and I will keep it. Also see the Binary Name Principle.

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  Best one-liner of the year

Spokane News was following a typical police pursuit. High-speed chase, car stuck, one suspect ran, requesting taser, requesting drone, requesting K9....


Unable to fly the drone because it's too close to the airport. K9 is discontinuing the track because the suspect is likely a minor.

Best one-liner:

Minors don't give off a scent?

Expresses our universal disgust and repulsion about SUICIDAL limitations on police.

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  Excellent point about paper vs digital

One of Berenson's commenters wonders what historians will think.

Historians will be scratching their heads at this time period. I was thinking today, how much info will be lost bc of the digitization of docs & less physical docs available for historians to dig through? It would be much easier for agencies to "shred" digital docs then paper.

Well, "historians" are extinct, so it's a null question. But if we speculate that the proverbial Martian historians will someday examine how Earth committed suicide, digital vs paper would be a huge part of the story.

In money (especially if we switch to Bitcoin) digital makes it possible for Deepstate to change all numbers at once.

In "journalism" and "history", digital makes it possible for Twitter and Facebook and Google to discard all Crimethink with one keystroke.

In measurement, digital eliminates our sense of proportion and context. Everything is stored and displayed as pure numbers. Loss of proportion is a CRUCIALLY IMPORTANT INGREDIENT of the current panication.

Digitization of medical records was the second step after the HIPPA shit. The HIPPA shit made your own records unavailable to you, made it difficult for a hospital to get your records from your regular MD, and made overall transparency impossible. The latter effect has been deadly in the current panication. Digitizing, required by Romneycare, eliminated the MODULAR records formerly kept by each hospital and clinic. All records are now under central control, only visible with Deepstate's permission. There's no way for independent analysts to gather and process raw data, no way to see the CONTEXT of other diseases for a SENSE OF PROPORTION. We only see what Deepstate wants us to see.

= = = = =

Another part of the digital trend is loss of the time dimension. Using stats instead of time-graphs is a big part of the "carbon" fraud. When you're accustomed to time graphs, you can see that CO2 is not the leading variable. Stats intentionally hide all phase relationships. This is showing up again in the Flu fraud. Life and death are the ultimate time graph. Flu, both generic and Branded, kills people who are expected to die this year or next year. The Branded flu is killing people who would ordinarily have died of the generic flu. When you concentrate solely on IMMEDIATE stats, and skip the context of expected death time, you can convince people that the Branded Flu is a unique unprecedented threat that we've never encountered before, requiring unprecedented solutions like killing everyone. The same INSTANTANEOUS stat prevents us from seeing the patterns of immunity. When you retain normal civilization, a few more people are likely to die earlier. When you slow the spread of the virus, those early deaths are postponed, not eliminated. Those people were scheduled to die this year or next year, and they will still die this year or next year.

= = = = =

Reminding myself: The BIG question is how and why the Chinese lockdown, developed to wipe out a Christian church, spread to every country except Sweden and Belarus. Why did all of those leaders, even Putin and AMLO, instantly commit total war against their own people? The richer countries were fully prepared for epidemics, with public health systems ready to handle surges. We'd been handling surges OF THE SAME SIZE for many decades, without drama or publicity. We started handling this epidemic normally. Shortly thereafter, SOMETHING OR SOMEBODY intervened, persuading all governments to commit a holocaust against their own people.

What was the SOMETHING OR SOMEBODY? How did it persuade Putin and AMLO? Trump and most Euros didn't need any persuading. Trump and most Euros had been slaughtering Deplorables en masse since 2008, and were ecstatic when a more efficient Final Solution became available.

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Friday, April 24, 2020
  Good little Belarus

In the midst of the increasing fog of war I lost track of good Belarus. I somehow got the impression that Lukashenko had surrendered to the Chinese lockdowns. Folks in Europe, closer to the situation, didn't lose track. They count Belarus along with Sweden as the only holdouts.

So Sweden is the only POSITIVE surprise, and Belarus is the only POSITIVE non-surprise.

I'd been following Belarus for years and admiring its steadfast adherence to the GOOD parts of the Soviet tradition. Of course I'd also been admiring Putin for the same, but he surrendered to Satan.

So it's time for a revised FINAL Sorosia map. Until now the map was keeping track of changes, not steady states. Countries like Sweden that had been Sorosian for decades remained white. Countries like Italy that (ever so briefly) moved out of Sorosia turned green.

Here's the February version, marking the loss of Italy and Malaysia:

And here's the Final Solution. Everything except Sweden and Belarus turned to Satan. Sweden is the biggest change, from the leading edge of Satan to the leading edge of God. Belarus also counts as a change; I had previously shown it as uncolored because it was steadily on God's side, but in this context holding steady is a relative change for the better.

And as always Korea and Japan are off the map, off the planet. Koreans and Japs are a different species. They remained sane in their own alien way, but they were never susceptible to the Soros virus.

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  Or maybe

The following line of thought is common among 'conservative' critics of the state of siege:

OK but if we let doctors run things, we would all stay inside for the rest of our lives - and eat no chocolate never have another drink & spend all of our time doing jumping jacks. Doctors would never advise you to take any risk ever I’m not sure we can hang our economy on that.

Unfair to real MDs. This crazy tyranny is created by lawyers, not by real MDs. The lawyers use corrupted MDs as paid Experts aka whores.

I don't have a lot of experience with MDs, but in recent years the MDs I've dealt with have been vastly more commonsensical than the "medical" websites or the paid Experts. The "responsible" "medical" websites are clearly run by lawyers and for lawyers. They do rule out ALL risk. Every single symptom is MEDICAL EMERGENCY CALL 911. Real MDs tend to take your history and lifestyle into account, not ordering unnecessary tests or unnecessary pills.

Relevant anecdote:

Soon after this mess started, I noticed some "scientific" studies that seemed to single out ACE-inhibitors like lisinopril as an accelerator for the Branded Flu. Lisinopril is the only medication I take, and it has proved highly effective in controlling blood pressure. I wouldn't want to give it up. The "news" made me anxious, which was not good for immunity.

I looked at more studies and found less certainty. The correlation might have been incidental. I emailed my assigned MD at Kaiser, figuring that since he was the official prescriber he might have better info. He didn't have better info; we briefly discussed the matter in a scientific way, not a doctor-patient way, and agreed that the evidence was ambiguous, so no problem.

That's common sense, and it matches previous experience with those folks.

Later research seems to indicate that ACE-inhibitors are distinctly protective and might even be worth prescribing for Branded Flu patients who aren't already taking them. Made me feel a lot less nervous!

Maybe MDs in some places are like the "responsible" websites, fiercely OCD about the slightest hint of risk. Or maybe the above idea is just a standard conservative misconception, like the notion that tenure causes lazy professors.
  Underlying agreement

It's refreshing to see a real discussion without partisan nonsense, even if it's a trivial point.

Matt Walsh cites a Japanese politician recommending that men should do the grocery shopping in lockdown, because men are faster. The respondents seem about evenly divided.

The underlying agreement, which they don't see, is "I am fast and others are slow." Extending, "My gender is fast and the other gender is slow."

Nobody is irritated by other people shopping faster. Everyone is irritated by delays.

My two cents: Males and females are equally fast when shopping alone. Delays are caused by couples or parents with kids. Couples and families discuss and negotiate every single item, often taking 5 minutes to pick one donut.


Thursday, April 23, 2020
  Irrelevant venting

Just venting a couple of related but totally irrelevant annoyances. One is current, one isn't.

1. Some of the commentators on the current tyranny consider genocidal monsters like Inslee and Newsom to be nerds gaining revenge on jocks. Not a good diagnosis. Nerds and politicians are distinct types from birth. Politicians are smart and get good grades, but they don't spend all their time doing science and math crap. Politicians spend their time exerting power. They don't need to gain revenge on jocks because they have always been allied with jocks against nerds.

2. I was uneasy about Jordan Peterson's motives. He smelled like an Agent Provocateur or a cult leader. He was pulling in alienated nerd types, telling them to BE INDEPENDENT! TAKE IT LIKE A MAN! This is a good goal but not the first task on the todo list for alienated nerds. The first task is to find a productive job. After you gain experience in using your skills productively, independence and confidence come naturally. Unfortunately productive jobs have been hard to find in recent years because of offshoring. Productive jobs will be beyond impossible now. Simultaneously Peterson was getting the followers to DEPEND on his guidance. This is the same trick that feminists pulled in the '60s and '70s, advising alienated young women to seek independence in a way that guaranteed failure and dependence on the feminist leaders. I never did figure out his motives, but fortunately he disappeared from leadership after it was revealed that he was a drug addict. Telling the nerds to TAKE IT LIKE A MAN while he was TAKING IT IN THE ARM. This is an extremely rare example of real Natural Justice, outside of the "legal" "system".

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  Most of the country will be free on May Day.

Things are looking up nationally. I hadn't bothered to check, assuming everything was closed forever. In fact about 30 states will start reopening during the next week or so, from 4/27 to 5/4. Those dates haven't been receding. Another 10 states didn't really close, or have already reopened.

Only the crazies will stay closed after May 1. Unfortunately Holocauster Inslee is the craziest of the crazies, and from the start he and Holocauster Newsom have been running a deliriously fun blood-fetish circlejerk, competing for maximum genocide. I have no idea how this will end. I hope it doesn't end in total war, but I can't see any other destiny.


  More Elgin

Continuing the Elgin kick. I first found an ad for the observatory in Googlebooks, with an illegible picture. Started looking among the antique ad listings in Ebay, and found a much better picture. Ebay also yielded the Personal Equation Machine ad, plus one extra from the same period. I could have simply pasted the images seen on Ebay, but I'm strict about paying for labor, so I bought the actual paper ads (about $8 each) and scanned them. Now I feel more comfy about using them.

The observatory:

The PEQ machine:

Clockmaker's company:

The third one is interesting as a specimen of Guild thinking, now extinct. Corporations and unions formerly respected the SKILLS of their workers and tried to protect and preserve them against foreign and domestic invasion. Now they do the exact opposite.

There's a conflict between the art and text. The ad was from 1921, the Harding era, a time of conflict between the Gilded Age and the Fordists. Elgin watches were fairly expensive, not exclusive luxury items but well above working class. Buick, not Ford. The artist seems to be with Harding and the Fordists, enjoying the downfall of the effete aristocrats who were buying foreign products. The writer seems to be with the aristocrats: "Despite these high-handed methods, he advanced the art of timekeeping." Despite always means because, but the writer couldn't bring himself to say it.

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  More of the AND trick

Via Eurekalert, a classic case of the AND trick.

Reviewing the AND trick:

One of the logic tricks used in the "climate" fraud is the AND routine. Everything is caused by the real cause AND GLOBAL WARMING.

Flood damage is caused by building in flood plains AND GLOBAL WARMING.

Extinction is caused by overhunting AND GLOBAL WARMING.

Forest fires are caused by poor forest management AND GLOBAL WARMING.

The real cause is mentioned, but you can't hear it because the shouted GLOBAL WARMING fills your brain with panic and fear.

= = = = =

In this case, researchers figured out what should have been obvious to Darwinians. When one species fails, another species is to blame. Humans are the biggest factor in most extinctions, through overfishing and overhunting and bad land or water management. This USED TO BE understood by all scientists and governments, until "climate change" became the sole source of funding for science and power for governments.

These particular researchers play the AND game to the hilt.
Although researchers believe climate change, fishing and pollution are to blame, the lack of baseline data prior to the 1970s has made it hard to determine the precise reasons for these coral die offs. ASU researcher Katie Cramer wanted to document when corals first began dying to better understand the root causes of coral loss.

Now, in a new paper in Science Advances, Cramer has combined fossil data, historical records, and underwater survey data to reconstruct the abundance of staghorn and elkhorn corals over the past 125,000 years. She finds that these corals first began declining in the 1950s and 1960s, earlier than previously thought. This timing is decades before climate change impacts, indicating that local human impacts like fishing and land-clearing set the stage for the widespread coral declines that are now accelerating in response to warming oceans.
In other words, the simple facts agree with what we USED TO KNOW.

Simple facts aren't enough now.
"Recent studies are showing that reefs are better able to cope with climate change impacts when they are not also stressed from overfishing and land-based runoff. So let's get a handle on these tractable problems now to give reefs a better chance of weathering the current climate crisis," said Cramer.
The cause is overfishing AND CLIMATE CHANGE, even though the observed facts say nothing at all about climate change.


  Pretty good fable

Thinking again about an item I wrote back in November, before this latest coup began....

= = = = = START REPRINT:

OCD types have undoubtedly been around forever. It's a distinct genotype that comes through clearly regardless of circumstances.

Here's a funny 1949 episode of 'This is your FBI'. A 'germsy' kidnapper who compulsively cleans everything spoils the perfect crime by scrubbing down the abandoned tourist cabin where the gang was holding the victim. Before his cleanup, hundreds of random fingerprints were scattered in and under the dust and leftover magazines and clothing. After his scrubbing, he carefully touched every surface to check for the last particle of dust, and left perfect prints.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

It's a pretty good fable.

In 1949 the OCD types were NOT in control of the world. Old Germsy tried to force his criminal coworkers to share his obsession, but they wouldn't go along.

Germsy: I don't know how you put up with it!

Artie: What do you mean?

Germsy: This place hasn't been cleaned since we came here.

Artie: Well, is this a hotel? We kidnapped the guy, remember?

Germsy: That still doesn't excuse the appearance of the place. Where's the sink?

Artie: Right over there.

Germsy: Intolerable. Dust everywhere, clothes piled up, food on the table,...

Artie: It was that way when we came!

Germsy: Oh, what's the use.

Artie: Look, I'd rather be living like this than washing my hands every five minutes like you do! Germs are good for you once in a while!

Germsy: Well, you certainly should be an authority on that.

= = = = =

Artie was SCIENTIFICALLY CORRECT, and most scientifically literate people KNEW IT in 1949.

Environmentalism was the lever that pulled Germsies into positions of power, and the Branded Flu was the final coup. Germsies deny the existence of immunity and hormesis and adaptation and negative feedback and LIFE. They firmly believe that humans are identical passive inanimate mechanisms, incapable of self-repair or self-adjustment or self-calibration. All adjustments must be made externally and invasively with maximum force.

Can we apply the fable? We can certainly detect the tyrannical fingerprints now that the dust and trash of fake "independents" has been cleared out. But what can we do about them? There are no cops to arrest these criminals. As Hopkins points out, there is no outside. We're all stuck in the sterile cabin with Old Germsy.

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  Calibrate your own beacon

Graphic serendipity, following on the Personal Equation Machine item.

I wasn't thinking about this question; making and viewing the animation created the question.

Polistra's 'Be your own beacon' shirt shows up nicely in the animation, symmetrical with the same beacon on the PEQ machine.

What is she doing? Calibrating her own beacon against a standard beacon. Balancing her Personal Equation. Checking her own truth-telling ability in a specific literal way.

We have to rely on our own truth-telling now. Absolutely all external sources are now kaput. All alleged "independent" sources have removed their masks. Some may still be genuine, but given the convergence trend we can't rely on them.

In fact this has always been the case. We allowed ourselves to get fat and complacent for a while.

The PEQ Machine is a self-calibrator for one specific job, done by a handful of people 100 years ago. Not broadly applicable, to put it mildly.

What are some broadly and metaphorically useful calibrators? Nature itself is the only beacon, but Nature doesn't provide calibrators to balance our Personal Equations.

Later: I was focusing on self-calibration a couple years ago in the Rights to Duties theme. For instance here and here. But those aren't 'machines' in a metaphorical sense. What's needed now is a ritual or routine, not just attention to biases.

Later again: Hey! I'm the courseware dude. I can do this. In fact I already DID a software equivalent of the PEQ machine 20 years ago, in these old perception programs. I should be able to modify the pattern to detect at least logic fallacies, if not more complex Shared Lies or False Flags.

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  Personal Equation Machines

In discussing the splendid Elgin Observatory, I was especially tickled by the Personal Equation Machine.

= = = = =


The astronomer was also calibrated occasionally with a Personal Equation Machine. The PEQ Machine had a domesticated star that moved at a known rate across a small transit. The domesticated star clicked eleven contacts when it crossed the eleven lines on the transit, and the astronomer clicked "simultaneously". This yielded an average reaction delay, and the variability of reaction.

Equation of Time referred to any calibration curve between sun time and sidereal time, or a clock versus sidereal time, or Personal reaction time versus sidereal time. In the era when standard time was still competing with sun time, Equation Clocks and Equation Watches were fairly common.

How was the result of these Equations used? The same telegraphic clock that marked the chronograph also drove sounders in the adjustment workshops of the factory. Each watch was adjusted until its ticks exactly matched the telegraphic ticks.

= = = = =

Elgin even used the PEQ Machine in its advertising:

PEQ Machines (simulators in modern terms) seem to have been homemade by each observatory, not manufactured. The available pictures are all different, and look like the sort of thing you'd slap together if you had clockmaking skills and a junkbox full of lenses and gears and pivots.

So I used my own graphic junkbox in making this one, which closely resembles the Elgin version.

First, naturally, an acetylene beacon. Acetylene was the purest light, closest to starlight, and it was also the least dependent on external pipes and wires.

The light from the beacon is bent by the prism and then constrained and focused by a shield and focus tube. These pieces all ride on a slide that runs back and forth at a fixed speed, driven by some form of clockwork.

The moving beam, simulating a moving star, slides past the eleven-line grid, just as in the real transit. A contactor on the slide sends current to eleven breaker points simultaneous with the eleven lines on the grid.

The Person, again simulating the real star-transit experience, taps the signal key each time she sees the star hit one of the eleven lines.

The chronograph receives the impulses from the contactor and the key, and displays both sets of clicks on the smoothly moving graph paper. Using these clicks, the astronomer calculates her Personal Equation, a curve showing the typical response delay and more importantly the variability of delay. If your delay wasn't close to constant under various conditions, you weren't qualified to measure real star transits.

= = = = =

Links for the Ancestral Clocks set so far:

The magnificent Ridhwan
Clock dance
Crude water clock
The Elgin observatory
The Riefler
Personal Equation Machines
More Elgin stuff

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Wednesday, April 22, 2020
  Playing the game cleanly

Now the REAL resistance is here. New mayor Woodward is sending a specific message to Holocauster Inslee. We have done everything you claim to want, now we are intending to start reopening. The fucking "curve" has been flattened. (In fact there was never a "curve", but that's not how you talk to a crazed mad bomber who has been flattening the STATE for many years.)

We will "cautiously and methodically start to reopen on a timeline that is based on OUR data."

From the start Woodward has emphasized CALM and CAUTIOUS, and so far the citizens have been doing just that, in response to the city government's consistent human decency and common sense.

The challenge has been made, CALMLY and CAUTIOUSLY but now FIRMLY. What will Holocauster Inslee do? Psychopaths never surrender, but sometimes they decide not to kill for a while.
  That's better, maybe

Now the REAL resistance is starting to get close to home. Snohomish county is a major segment of Seattle suburbia.

Many cops, including here, have been using common sense without public noise.

This is how tyranny ends cleanly. The lower-level enforcers and bureaucrats get tired of the shit and simply stop playing the game. The tyrant issues more and more edicts but NOTHING HAPPENS.

Public noise isn't needed, and when dealing with a monster like Inslee, public noise may well be counterproductive. (As always, I'll be happy to eat crow if this turns out to be wrong. Whatever it fucking takes.)

Next day: Unfortunately I was right. Holocauster Inslee and co-holocauster Ferguson have issued an official clampdown response to the sheriffs.

Stomp, stomp, stomp, kill, kill, kill, kill.... The genocide machine runs forever.


  Structure is the savior 2

Headline: Jap park beheads 100k tulips to prevent people from walking around and enjoying the beauty.

This is why I'm emphasizing the importance of MAKEFORCE, the need to CREATE more structured beauty as an immune response to the jackboots who are KILLING beauty along with life.

This is why I keep turning out my pointless little animations of patient technology, reminders of a saner time, courseware without a course.

= = = = =

An interesting experiment on unlikely animals shows the connection.

Researchers took a large population of lizards who communicate by pheromones. They placed the lizards on an island where they didn't have to fear predators.

Freed from the need to communicate urgent warnings of approaching killers, the lizards soon developed a wide variety of olfactory art expressing their feelings and identities.

Humans are somewhat more complex, with more decision-making and more intentionality. We can send urgent warnings AND make art at the same time. We understand the role of art and music and writing as self-defense and community defense against an occupying force that intends to kill us all.

Therefore we are OBLIGED to do what we can in both areas. Create more life, more value, more beauty.

Don't let the predators RESTRICT us to the urgent warnings.

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  Structure is the savior

One tiny good thing about the current mess: It forced me to turn off the radio entirely. I already tossed the TV after the 2008 TARP coup. When ALL available input is poison, the fix is to turn off the input. Only music gets into my ears now.

While listening to Bach, another stupid convective thought struck.

In music and art and language and food, we need STRUCTURED input to defend our brain and body against CHAOS. Order is life, chaos is death.

The digestive system needs to chew on FIBERS. As Ellen Richards knew in 1900 and scientists later "rediscovered", preprocessed food overloads the system with raw nutrients, bypassing the analyzers and synthesizers. When the enzymes and bacteria are able to DO THEIR DUTY and disassemble fibers, they get a chance to synthesize the nutrients we really need. Spices help to liven up the bacteria.

The language system needs to chew on GRAMMAR. Preprocessed SHOCKING verbiage overloads the system with raw poison. When the brain is able to work in sequence on well-organized sentences with implicit meanings and metaphors, the neurons get a chance to synthesize the internal thoughts we really need. The metaphors keep the analyzers awake.

Same with music and art, though the mechanisms aren't as well understood. Bach and Debussy have structure with a few surprises, keeping the structure analyzers on their toes.

And the same with the immune system. When we encounter a mostly familiar variety of smells and microbes, the system can DO ITS DUTY, building defenses against the relatively rare surprises. When we're deprived of natural patterns (see LOCKDOWN), the system gets lazy and decadent, unprepared for an onslaught.

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  It's simple

For once, a non-stupid convective thought....

Paid experts are always working for Satan. This is a known fact. Every paid expert is lying to create chaos and war and mass murder.

I never stopped to ask WHY this is a universal truth.

It's simple.

The people who hire experts never want dispassionate cold facts. The people who hire experts want to justify their evil acts.

If this seems unfamiliar or unlikely in the realm of science, localize it to the more familiar realm of lawyers.

People who employ lawyers (or private investigators) never want cold facts, because the cold facts will often convict the employer. Lawyers are hired to discard and discredit facts, to produce a victory for the employer.


Tuesday, April 21, 2020
  Y pen to mouse?

Convective thought. I've probably asked this before, but for some reason it struck me as a damn good question today.

Why did the mouse take over from the pen?

Electronic writing with pens started in 1890 with the Gray Telautograph, which was commercially popular until 1930 or so.

Light pens were common on analog and digital computers from 1940 to 1980. They were still around in the '90s. I owned a light-pen tracer gadget for a while, but it wasn't adapted to most programs, so I stopped using it and eventually discarded it.

The mouse is less convenient than the pen in EVERY SINGLE WAY.

Humans have been drawing and writing with sticks and brushes and pens ever since we've been human. It's probably an innate talent. We began with pictures, then iconized the pictures to make tallies and ledgers for inventory and transactions, then spread the symbols in two directions toward numbers and alphabets.

We've never drawn or written with big round rocks. We've always used sticks. The rock-like mouse doesn't fit between fingers, requires an unnatural wrist posture, and can't be moved with the same fine precision as a stick.

When writing with a stick or pen, you can SEE what you're writing. Even with a light pen that doesn't leave a trace, your eyes can form an afterimage of the point. You can't see where the center of the mouse is. In the earliest development of typewriters the writing was on the bottom of the platen where you couldn't see it. This was instantly understood as a problem, and it was soon solved by Hammond and others. The same problem has never been seen or solved with the mouse.

The stylus has returned to the computer world in specialized commercial signature devices, where it serves the same purpose as the Telautograph; but it hasn't returned to general usage for drawing.

Was the mouse an intentional dumbing down, a competitive tactic by Xerox to get Apple to steal a poor substitute for pens?

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  Surprises? 2

Following on surprises "in my network".

Of course the biggest surprise of all was on the global scale. Russia joined the holocaust and Sweden broke all the rules.

Sweden's new policy is right, which was never in doubt. Everyone else is MURDEROUSLY GENOCIDALLY wrong, which was never in doubt. REAL SCIENCE, PROVED BY HUNDREDS OF YEARS OF EXPERIENCE, IS NEVER IN DOUBT.

This breaks a long-term pattern. In WW1 and WW2 Sweden was fake "neutral" but really worked with the Krauts. Since WW2 Sweden has been leading the charge toward globalist madness and murder. No borders, no genders, no categories, no life.

Now Sweden is the SOLE leader against Soros.

One consequence will be interesting to watch....

We know with dead certainty that there won't be any "accountability" for this holocaust. No Nuremberg Trials, not even a Watergate Trial. The stock-demon department of the holocaust has ALREADY been rewarded with quadrillions of gigadollars, while innocent honest businesses got nothing but forced bankruptcy and massive death.

What about the Nobels? Until now the Nobel Committee could be counted on to invent a new SUPERMEGATURBO Peace Prize for the universal holocaust. Nobody ever had the audacity to kill the whole world at once. The inventor of dynamite would be PROUD to create such a prize.

BUT: The Nobel Committee is in Norway, next door to Sweden. Until now both countries were parallel in every way. Will they have the guts to punish their neighbor with an ANTI-prize as expected while they watch Sweden functioning and prospering normally?

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Monday, April 20, 2020

Interesting observation from Justin Hart stirs up a bit of thinking.
If you asked me in March to predict which people in my network would 100% back a full multi-month US shutdown without hesitation (as many of them have)... I could peg them to a person.

Looking back - there’s a type.
Most of the responders said there were a few surprises. I'd go with that.

I predicted on Feb 20 that my immediate neighborhood would remain solid, and it did.

There won't be any response in this neighborhood. No snowflakes here. Hump up and take it types. Working-class whites, old vets, Russian emigres, Injuns, blacks. The snowflakes are in Browne's Addition and the new Kendall Yards 'urban haven'.

Still no masks, no panic. The same people are walking at the same time, kids playing outside, no snitching.

Among the 'opinion leaders' I read online, there were no negative surprises but one positive surprise. Typhoid Rod Dreher was predictably among the early panicators. All of the stock demons, "right" and "left", bulls and bears, have predictably remained on the panicator side. The false-flag types, who consistently argue about intentionally meaningless details, have remained in standard form, focusing on the meaningless question of 'biowar' sources for the virus instead of the lockdowns.

The only real positive surprise is David Marcus at The Israelist. Marcus is pure NYC, so I figured he'd be pure panic. Instead, he has steadily offered sanity and wisdom with an old-fashioned tough NYC flavor. Ralph Kramden, not Stephen Mnuchin.

= = = = =

Most importantly, the Spokane city government has done an outstanding job of trying to preserve sanity here, without openly defying or countermanding the genocidal orders of an utterly insane bloodthirsty governor. The cops have acted with restraint, the city has tried to discourage snitches and protect small business. They have responded in a decent human way. GOOD WORK.

I was surprised by this. The previous mayor, Copkiller Condon, would have amplified the craziness instead of restraining it. New mayor Woodward, who started her term in January, was saddled with this shit immediately, and has done a heroic job considering the conditions.


  Goddamnit again.

This is why protesting is intentionally counterproductive. Protesters in Wash capitol. Trump signs and Qanon signs prominent. Official witches as defined and organized by the official witch hunters.

Holocauster Inslee LOVES this. It gives him new bloodlust, new jackoff energy, new Murder Viagra, new "reasons" to lock down the state until 500 millenia AFTER the end of the universe, instead of his previously announced "merciful" one-minute gap before supernova.

Trump KNOWS this. As fucking always, his Pied Piper job is to give Deepstate new "reasons" to kill us all. Trump is taking the side of the protesters instead of ordering all states to open. He could force all states to open NOW and call out the army to remove rebellious governors. Ike did it in 1957 to enforce a decision by the Blackrobed Demons. Presidents can force anything they want. Trump doesn't want.

Goddamnit, we had things moving in the right direction for a day or so, with sane governors ACTUALLY reopening so the non-lethal effects could be seen. We had traffic and jobs quietly resuming, with cops quietly going along, in other states including Wash.

Tyrannies end cleanly through boredom and fatigue and futility. A few sane leaders break the spell. Nothing bad happens. The news spreads. People realize the whole thing was a murderous fraud. Gradually increasing noncompliance filters upward to the bureaucrats, who then blackmail the insane leaders into submission.

Revolutions always end in worse tyranny than before.

Footnote for precision and clarity: noncompliance and protesting are not the same thing. Noncompliance means doing what you were doing before the insanity. Asserting NORMALCY. Noncompliance can get you arrested in some places, but normal cops dislike arresting normal people for doing normal things. Protesting is NOT what normal people would have been doing anyway.

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  Exception to a rule has a feature on an ancient form of self-defense against Experts. In the late 1800s medical schools used huge numbers of cadavers for training, and openly hired criminal graverobbers to supply the bodies.

Ordinary people got tired of losing their loved ones and filling in the holes, so they developed a counter-industry of mortsafes. Some were just heavy stones over the grave, others were iron frames ranging from crude to beautiful. There was clearly a standard blueprint and some degree of mass production.

I'll make an exception to my normal experiential education rule. When real specimens encourage crime, virtual specimens are better!

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Sunday, April 19, 2020
  Jail Mode reprint

Last year on this date I was focusing on Jail Mode, the 50th anniversary of my year in jail. The item I wrote on this date in 2019 was already a reprint from 2015. I'll skip the layers of links and just redo the important part.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Why am I focusing so heavily on analog gadgets with minimal automatic controls? It has to do with defensible spaces.

In any important technology you can trace a path of gradual automation. At each step the machine does more for you, which is GOOD for most people UP TO A POINT. But each step away from strictly manual ALSO removes one interaction between your INTELLIGENCE and the machine. It removes mental exercise and muscle memory. It atrophies your PURPOSE.

When you're accustomed to operating at one level in the manual-to-auto scale, you don't know what you're missing. I'd been using superhet radios for 60 years and appreciated the one-knob convenience. I suspected that I might be missing something by not experiencing regen, which is why the bucketlist. Now that I've built and used the regen, I have a better feel for what I was missing, and it turns out to be meaningful.

We can run similar sequences on many common technologies. Note that I'm not listing all developments that make the tech more powerful or more convenient; I'm strictly listing the progression from manual to auto control. Only the developments that remove a parameter from YOUR direct supervision.

In radio: Crystal, TRF, Regenerative, Superhet, DSP, DSP under Cloud control.

In heating systems: Automatic damper, Bimetal thermostat, Software-controlled thermostat, Nest stat under Cloud control.

In cars: Vacuum spark advance, Bimetal choke, Synchromesh, Hydramatic, Cruise control, EFI, Software that controls everything, Self-driving software under Cloud control.

Hmm. We seem to have a point of convergence here. All roads lead to Tim Cook. Or Jeff Bezos or Eric Schmidt or Elon Musk. Pick your devil. They compete with each other in some ways, but they all want the same thing. INFINITE POWER OVER MORE THAN EVERYTHING. They all want your soul.

= = = = =

Resistance is futile, but self-defense is not futile.

First and most directly, don't merge with the Cloud. Don't take that last step, don't place your devices into Elon's hands.

More subtly, use Makeforce to maintain your borders and keep the soul-suckers at bay.

Makeforce is imperceptible but real. It sounds like an old idea: Idle hands, devil's workshop. The old sayings don't hit the mark. Makeforce is not mere activity. It's creative activity. When you are turning raw materials into a human product, you are turning chaos into order. You are pushing outward against the chaotizers. You are generating a counterforce that deflects the propaganda away from your own mind. When you are cooking from scratch, or knitting a sweater, or installing a manual can opener, or building a radio, or planting a garden, or (most of all!) birthing and raising a kid ... You are exerting Makeforce. You are protecting your own soul and adding to the stock of non-Cloud substance in the world.

At least in my experience, abstract Making doesn't have the same effect. I spent all of 2014 working hard on courseware. The simpler 'idle hands' concept applied; while I was deeply absorbed in wrestling with SVG, HTML5, and JS, I wasn't listening to the incoming propaganda ... but I didn't feel the sense of active protection that I get from physical creation. Perhaps this was because the product itself was meant for Cloud-like usage; more likely the simple lack of physicality. The work didn't yield food to eat or sweaters to wear or radios to enjoy. As it turns out, I won't even have MONEY from the product, because the publisher has decided to abandon the whole subject area as part of its JPMorgan LBO requirements. I didn't know that while I was working, but it fits the patterns and purposes of the infinitely evil Tribe. Total abstraction. Pure LBO, pure debt, pure counterfeit, pure derivatives, pure numbers. Sucking out the soul of America and giving nothing back.

= = = = =

Think about the progression of the chaotizers. Along with automating mechanisms, they are explicitly shutting down all possible sources of Makeforce.

They began with environmental tyranny. Making things always produces smoke or steam or waste. The Makeforce of fire and smoke was appreciated thousands of years ago, as witness its use in medical and religious ceremonies. Prohibiting smoke instantly kills lots of making, and also kills the sacred power of smoke.

Then the tyrants directly killed industries that had allowed ordinary men to generate Makeforce and support productive families. Men are no longer permitted to make, so they break. Gang warfare, more recently disguised as "religious" warfare.

In parallel, the tyrants have made it nearly impossible to birth and raise a productive family. Abortion is easier and cheaper than birth, mothers are forced to work because the fathers can't, and day-care is less risky than discipline.

Now the tyrants are even killing our ability to store order in the form of savings accounts and dams. All dams must be breached, all savings must be confiscated.

At the scale of cultures and nations, we can't generate order from chaos, we can't exchange order for money, and we can't even store order to survive a time of chaos.

All exits blocked.

We can still create order within our own little spheres, and Nature tells us this is good.

= = = = =

Makeforce is also effective against internal demons. Formerly prisons and insane asylums understood this vector diagram and used it to great effect. Around 1970 the worst of all tyrants, the "human" "rights" advocates, killed Makeforce in prisons and asylums. Prisons have finally started to claw back some of their lost territory, which is the only bright spot in this whole dismal picture. Asylums are stuck in the "human" "rights" hell. No gardening, no farming, no sewing. Just drugs and TV, guaranteed to reinforce and expand internal demons.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

On 4/19/2019 I could see all exits blocked, but I couldn't possibly imagine that on 4/19/2020 the ENTIRE FUCKING WORLD would be locked in the asylum with no gardening, no farming, no sewing, just drugs and TV. And I especially couldn't imagine that RUSSIA would join the jailers and SWEDEN would be the only sane country in the world. Perfect inversion of all trends.

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  Sort of followup

Not really relevant, just paralleling the Elgin story. And paralleling all of American industry.

When I read old discussions of timekeeping and metrology, the products of Warner & Swasey are EXCLUSIVELY DOMINANT. WS made ALL of the equipment used in astronomy, from telescopes to transits to clocks to chronographs. If you were building or managing an observatory, WS was the only supplier you needed.

I was surprised to see the concentration on scientific equipment. WS was familiar to me from a different context. In the '60s and '70s WS advertised heavily in science magazines. At that time the magazine editors and most advertisers were transit-ing from normal capitalism to globalist nonsense, and their cultural flavor was transit-ing to trans. WS made a big point of holding the line, remaining steadfastly blue-collar and capitalist. The Cleveland beacon, piercing the globalist fog.

By that time WS was making industrial equipment like CNC lathes and automated conveyor belts and forklifts.

This wikipedia article verifies my impression about the change in production, but doesn't mention the advertising messages.

Needless to say, WS was merged and killed in 1980, along with the rest of American industry.

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A perfect one-liner from Justin Hart:

The virus did in 4 months what climate activists couldn't do in 40 years: convince us that what comes out of our mouths will kill other people.

I might add the "secondhand smoke" activists as well.


Saturday, April 18, 2020
  The Riefler clock

When I wrote about the Elgin Observatory a few days ago, I was in a hurry to PRODUCE something as an equipoise to the ambient shit. A magic metrology incantation to balance out the incoming anti-science monsters. The scientific equivalent of showing a silver cross to a vampire.

I cut a few corners, including the Riefler clock. I used an existing railroad clock from the Box Depots set.

Now I've got the Riefler in its proper place.

The Riefler was de rigueur in timekeeping observatories, and it was PURE METROLOGY. It wasn't meant for use as a clock, so the hands were hard to see and not precisely calibrated. If you wanted to know the current time, you could use your watch or a wall clock.

Every aspect of the Riefler was shaped and optimized as a FREQUENCY standard. It was all about the pendulum, which was mercury-filled and held in a partial vacuum. Polistra is pointing to the mini-transit, provided so you could mark the comings and goings of the pendulum in the same way you marked the movements of the stars.

According to various descriptions, the Riefler was sort of semi-electric, with a battery-powered winder that cinched up the mainspring "roughly every 35 seconds". This seems like an absurd violation of the absolute frequency standard, but apparently it worked somehow.

And here's the star animation again with the Riefler. It ticks the same as the railroad clock, but it's prettier. You can see the pendulum through the mini-transit.

Around 1920 Rieflers were replaced by the faster resonance of quartz crystals, again held in precise temperature and pressure conditions. Then in 1970 the crystals were replaced by even faster resonances of single atoms in precisely defined conditions.

= = = = =

Pulling the lesson back to center: Elgin didn't need to take all this trouble. Elgin didn't need to build its own custom-designed observatory and equip it with expensive custom-made transits and Rieflers and Personal Equation Machines, didn't need to hire its own astronomers.

In 1910 the National Bureau of Standards was sending out standard time ticks via Western Union. Elgin could have simply rented a telegraph connection.

But they didn't. Elgin wanted to be its own beacon in the most literal way, using a distant star for the lighthouse. The motion of the earth can't be corrupted by government, can't be hacked by competitors or distorted by media. And Elgin used its independent metrology in its advertising:

Would any company make the same appeal today? No. NYC shareholders would short it to zero. Modern corporations compete to be the most dependent on central standards, the most compliant to all regulations and lawsuits and Github updates, the most reliant on bank debt instead of stored capital, the most dependent on Big Data automation instead of human skill. Anti-metrology, anti-human, anti-Natural Law, anti-God.

Needless to say, Elgin went out of business in 1970. The tradename is blasphemously used by a company that makes shit in China.

= = = = =

Links for the Ancestral Clocks set so far:

The magnificent Ridhwan
Clock dance
Crude water clock
The Elgin observatory
The Riefler

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  What have I learned?

Now that the mess is coming unglued, time to pause and ask if I've learned anything new. Good practice in teaching and learning. Start the lesson with a synopsis, run the lab and lecture, end with a synopsis.

I didn't learn anything new about governments and experts. I've known for a LONG time that all of them are INCOMPREHENSIBLY INCALCULABLY EVIL and infinitely criminal. Since 2008 and ESPECIALLY since 2016, even the apparently human experts and apparently sane governments have taken off their human masks to reveal the horrible Soros skeleton.

I didn't learn anything new about viruses and immunity. I don't have any special knowledge in this field; ordinary scientific literacy is enough. This virus is a virus, and we've been fighting them for a billion years. Nothing new, nothing special, nothing unprecedented, nothing to learn.

I didn't learn anything about real public health techniques. We didn't get much of a controlled test in this mess, but the few countries and states that stuck with real public health came out in better shape. The lockdowns didn't affect the virus either way; the lockdowns were intended to slaughter everyone, not to affect the virus. So the immediate deaths from disease are the same either way, while the long-term deaths from unemployment and suicide and starvation and loss of immunity will be VASTLY worse where the countries and states replaced normal public health with holocausts.

The only thing I learned is the concept of displaced deaths. I hadn't thought about it before. The Branded Flu killed people who would have died of old age plus accumulated diseases, or would have died of the unbranded flu. If they didn't die this season, the next season's flu would take them. The generic flu and the Branded Flu are substitutable products in DeathMart. This isn't true of many other diseases; measles and TB and polio and Lockdowns kill healthy young people who weren't already in the death pipeline.

Secondarily, I learned that people in nursing homes are effectively on Death Row, with a year or so to execution. This wasn't always the case. In previous decades many old folks with comfortable money, not really rich, retired to nursing homes for the last 5 or 10 years of life. It was a good way to transition out of independence. One of my great-aunts did this in the '80s, and enjoyed her last years. (She was a gregarious extrovert who wasn't happy living alone.) Now nursing homes are so wildly expensive that they are strictly a LAST resort.

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  Pulling away

A quick peek at RealClearScience shows some of the usual panicators starting to back away from the panic. Pretty good indicator that the lockdowns will be pulling away soon, followed in a few months by the NEXT panic.

The ins and outs are happening faster and faster.

Needless to say, there will never be any "audit" or "accountability" or "justice" or "law". We can gain vicarious satisfaction by grimly imagining a Nuremberg Trial for the holocaust. Not gonna happen. This holocaust is run by the same demons who ran the real Nuremberg Trial, and they sure as fuck aren't going to put themselves in the hot seat. There is no outside, no auditors, no judges. As always the demons will find a new and SHOCKING way to infinitely enrich themselves and slaughter everyone else.

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  Best trick!

One of Berenson's commenters:

If they abruptly change course and admit they were wrong they open themselves up to endless litigation from the lives they’ve destroyed with their misguided policies. Instead they need to move the goalposts to claim that what they did worked.

This is the key, but not the entire key. We've seen the entire key in the 9/11 crime and the "global warming" crime and the TARP crime. Avoiding litigation requires more than just pleading not guilty. Avoiding litigation requires a substitute defendant.

The substitute technique is clearest in the "global warming" crime, where all problems caused by failed infrastructure and bad policy are now blamed on oil companies. The blame should go to governments who tear down dams instead of building dams, and who create forest fires by intentional "endangered species" mismanagement. With the "global warming" scam in place, all of those lawsuits are displaced to Exxon.

In 9/11 the real culprit was Saudi conspiring with Deepstate, but the blame was displaced onto Afghanistan and Iraq. (In this case the litigation was outright war, not a court trial.)

In TARP the real culprit was Wall Street itself. The artificial bubble needed to be popped in a way that rewarded the criminals and slaughtered everyone else. The blame was displaced onto mysterious Bond Market Witches who were never really identified.

The Branded Swine Flu is pretty much a repeat of TARP. The artificial bubble needed to be popped in a way that rewarded the criminals and slaughtered everyone else. The real culprit is Wall Street again, but the blame is laid off on a Witch Virus that can't be sued.

Best trick of all!

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