Wednesday, October 31, 2018
  Security is freedom from people who want freedom

A rare bit of objectivity and insight by a political Expert. Gilbert Doctorow writes about AfD with perfect fairness, adding some info that I hadn't known before.

Info not heard before:
Following its annexation in 1990, the new bosses in the West purged East Germany of all its leaders, not merely the cadres of the Communist Party that governed the country or the Stasi secret police that spied on the citizenry and reported to Moscow, but all the professionals. ... The East German elites were replaced at the top of local society by carpetbaggers from the West, very often second or third rate opportunists.

In parallel, East Germany underwent de-industrialization. With very few exceptions such as the Karl Zeiss enterprise in Jena, East German factories were shuttered and no new manufacturers of scale appeared. East Germany became little more than an incremental consumer market for the West. Consequently its economic indices remain at just 73% of Western levels, and this is set to decline to just 66% by 2045.
Unusual fairness and insight:
What we hear about the AfD in mainstream media tends to be condescending, at best, scornful more commonly. The party’s rise is attributed to one issue: its anti-immigration policy. It is dismissed as xenophobic and nationalistic. Its members are assumed to be “deplorables,” if we may borrow Hilary Clinton’s pungent characterization of their assumed moral equivalents in the USA.

Mainstream occasionally reminds us that the homeland of the AfD is the territory of the former GDR. And it is taken as axiomatic that xenophobia and nationalism would have festered there because of the region’s Communist past, so unlike the open and sophisticated society of West Germany.

Meanwhile, the Ossie origins of the AfD contribute greatly to the rest of its party platform outside of opposition to immigrants. We hear much less about this in mainstream media except when they speculate on the chances of its entering into a coalition with the main traditional parties of Germany and try to match up policies. We find here not merely Euro-skepticism, but opposition to NATO, plus calls for ending sanctions on Russia. These last points we normally associate with the Left of the political spectrum, but they are in keeping with the predisposition of a large part of the population in what was the GDR to trade with and have normal relations with Russia as they did in the distant past.
In other fucking words, the Ossies had a better life under the Soviets.

They had less "freedom", but they had more PRODUCTIVE WORK and more SECURITY.

"Freedom" is not quite trivial, but normal people would GLADLY trade "freedom" for PRODUCTIVE WORK and SECURITY.

Our vicious virulent elites constantly misquote Franklin to instruct us that "freedom" is the only thing that matters, constantly call us SOYBOYS LOSERS 47% TAKERS MOMMY'S BASEMENT if we prefer to be ALIVE and WORKING.

FUCK OFF, you demonic monsters.

I first appreciated this point 50 years ago.


When I was in prison in '69, I learned the difference between professional criminals and lawbreakers. One manifestation of this difference is the attitude toward walls. Pro criminals enjoy most aspects of prison. They get to practice and learn their trade in a controlled lab environment, with hacks ready to halt a fight that gets too deadly. The inmate government offers valuable internships in white-collar crime, learning how to bribe and blackmail real officials. Pro criminals get food and housing without the hassle of maintaining a harem for welfare checks. All fine and dandy, EXCEPT the walls. Knowing that the walls restrict MY TOTAL FREEDOM is the one hitch in the setup. Pro criminals, like Randians and techbullies and stockbrokers, need MY TOTAL FREEDOM above all else. The rest of us need walls to protect us from all four castes.

Non-pro lawbreakers are not bothered in the slightest by the walls. Non-pros are the disposable materials for the lab sessions, like wire in an electronics lab or formaldehyded frogs in a bio lab. They aren't worried about walls or freedom. They're too busy unsuccessfully fending off rapes and beatings by the pro criminals.

Needless to say, Soros doesn't miss a point, never skips a chance to commit infinite evil. Soros wants to break prison walls as well as national boundaries, letting the pro criminals loose to rape and rob and murder all poor people. Eugenics by proxy.


Sidenote: Brazil is an example of the SECURITY side more than the WORK side. Brazil's industries are relatively healthy, but the former regime neutered the police and favored the gangs. Crime was totally out of control. Bolsonaro promises to fix it... if he survives. The regime+gangs already tried to kill him, and presumably will keep trying.

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  Doggy decimal system

Caught a cute moment on the Senior Dogs livestream.

All together now: How MUCH is that beeeeeaagle on the bookshelf, the one with the dangly ears?


  -14k = 1885 = 2018

UD cited an archeological find that helps to pin down the tribes who inhabited the Plains 14000 years ago, long before the familiar Osage and Cherokee and so on.

KSHS has several pictures of artifacts from those early tribes, many of which were found near Manhattan on the banks of the Kaw and Blue. Part of this apparent preference is the old drunk-streetlight story, with the streetlight being government funding for digs before Tuttle Creek was built. One 1885 dig was also along the Kaw, so the preference was real.

The KSHS map of this 1885 location is hand-drawn but it includes clear Township and Range lines, so I was able to superimpose it on a modern map of the Manhattan area. The village (green rectangle) was about 2 miles east of town on 24. The rivers have slithered around since then, but the range lines haven't.

Modern Euro tribes clearly prefer the same area! This spot was formerly known as Swamp Angel, a name I've always enjoyed. I appropriated the name for one of the locations in my Box Depots set.

Later note: This village was the 'capital' of the Kansa nation from about 1750 to 1825. At that time the Kansa had already been defeated and decimated by an alliance of other tribes, before the Euro tribe was even present, so they weren't much of a nation. In 1825 they accepted a buyout and moved to Wyandotte county, where they gained more money and wealth. By 1928 the tribe's chief, Charles Curtis, was important enough to become the US vice president. Moral: Defeat doesn't always force decline. Nature isn't linear.


Tuesday, October 30, 2018
  Work done.

The current courseware project is done. Solid productive work was actually done around the first of August, followed by a long period of sparse QA exchanges. A week of work scattered through three months of waiting.

I've made good use of the waiting time, starting and finishing a nice 'art' project on Box Depots.

Now the pressure of being ready and responsive is gone, so I'll enjoy it for a few days until I get restless for more pressure.

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  Good King Salvini

Short convective thought after watching Salvini's FB page for a while:

Salvini is creating a new/old role for himself. He goes everywhere connecting his people to the government. This doesn't resemble the activities of presidents and PMs in most countries. It does resemble the activities of an enlightened King, a head of state who isn't directly involved in policy-making.

In England, Philip and Charles used to do this sort of spirit-sharing and connecting. Now both of them are too old for it. Harry and William haven't picked up the mantle yet. Maybe they won't.
  Sweet Jesus.

Today's perfect example of "scientific" abysmal brainless stupidity.
The blinking lights and exciting jingles in casinos may encourage risky decision-making and potentially promote problem gambling behaviour, suggests new research from the University of British Columbia.

The findings, published today in JNeurosci, the journal from the Society for Neuroscience, suggest that sensory features in casinos may directly influence a player's decisions and encourage riskier choices--raising new concerns that these features may promote problem gambling.

Real businesses are smart. They operate on the basis of EXPERIENCE and EXPERIMENTATION, guided by a goal of PROFIT. "Scientists" are stupider than bacteria, stupider than viruses, stupider than grains of sand. Nothing in the universe remotely approaches the stupidity and solipsistic arrogance of a "scientist".
  More typical "critical thinking"

Nice contrast to Borstlap, a musician and music critic who UNDERSTANDS how humans work.

This is the default "thinking" among art and music critics:
Leonardo da Vinci may have had a squint, according to new research by an art historian. A study by Dr Christopher W. Tyler of City University, London, argues that Leonardo may have had a form of strabismus, with a tendency for one eye to turn outward. It said this may have actually been an advantage for artistic purposes and contributed to the depth of his works.
Strabismus doesn't broaden your visual field. When the two eyes disagree, the brain picks one and uses it. People with lazy eye have less depth perception in some unusual circumstances.... but in fact parallax doesn't account for most of our depth perception. We perceive the whole scene based on knowledge and anticipation. Lack of parallax only makes a difference in abnormal and unanticipated scenes like the Ames Room, where strabismus is NOT fooled by the illusion.

In other words, it doesn't make a damn bit of difference. Vision is mostly in the brain, and the brain factors out all sorts of physical constraints.
  1968 > 2018?

Buchanan compares 2018 to 1968 and concludes that we're not quite as bad yet. He's right in terms of total violence, but possibly wrong in terms of deep collapse.

This caught my eye:
Describing the radicals disrupting his every event, Humphrey said, these people “aren’t just hecklers,” but “highly disciplined, well-organized agitators. … Some are anarchists and some of these groups are dedicated to destroying the Democratic Party and destroying the country.”
Destroying the Democrat Party? Nope. I was part of those organized hecklers, and we were working FOR the establishment Democrats. It wasn't a secret. I knew it.

Destroying the country? Yes, but NOT destroying Deepstate. We were working FOR Deepstate. We were part of Deepstate's steady campaign to destroy the country. This was already obvious to some people, but not to me. I didn't understand the distinction until 1985.

More and more "independents" are getting shut down because they were INSUFFICIENTLY PARANOID. They might have talked about Deepstate but they clearly didn't think Deepstate existed. Now they're finding out.

Some of them are facing barrages of lawsuits from individual rich satans who have Deepstate on their side. Others are losing the servers that they RENTED from satanic corporations.

Semi-reprint from a few months ago:

If you want to be a powerful independent voice, you need your own separate platform. This was true in the era of printing presses and still true now. The only difference is that we have forgotten the truth!

An editor who wanted to counter the establishment paper didn't expect to rent the big paper's presses and Linotypes. He knew that renting would limit his freedom. He bought his own press and equipment.

He certainly didn't expect the big paper to PAY him for using their press. Modern "independents" are shocked when Youtube stops PAYING them for using Youtube's equipment. This is just silly.

The Aberree is an excellent example. In 1954 Alphia Hart wanted to edit a periodical to counter the Hubbard cult and discuss related subjects in the 'spiritualist' camp. He knew in advance that he wouldn't be able to rent the services of the Enid News-n-Eagle or Cromwell Press. He knew they wouldn't touch the subject. Partly because it was uncool, mostly because Hubbard sued anyone who questioned his cult. No business wants to stand in front of a bulldozer. So Hart bought a mimeograph, rented a storefront, and got up and running. He later upgraded his equipment after he was making a bit of money. He was then able to make more money by printing and mailing material for other independent thinkers.

When government starts to shut things down OFFICIALLY, there's no solution. But so far that isn't happening. So far the campaign is lawsuits by individual rich fuckheads and collective action by the corporate branch of Deepstate. The solution to this threat is the same as Hart's defense against Hubbard's lawsuit machine. Have your own press or servers in your own building.

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  Stupidest article in history

This is the most lethally stupid and murderously wrong article about education that I've ever seen. Can't be beat... but I'm sure it will. Soon. Experts are paid to be lethally stupid, and the standard is constantly raised.


  More right than he knows

Earlier I noted with pleasure an essay on music by John Borstlap. He got EVERYTHING right, both musically and neurologically.

Seeking a bit of sanity today, I checked for other articles by Borstlap. Unsurprisingly, this one also gets everything right... and in fact he's MORE right than he knows!
In the last century, the concept of “progress” was often projected upon the arts as a measurement of quality: “good art” was “progressive art.” If an artist did not commit some “groundbreaking” artistic deed, his work was considered worthless. While progress in science is a fundamental notion, in the arts it is meaningless because the nature of art has nothing to do with progress. There may be progress in terms of physical means—like the types of pigment used in paint, which became more stable in the last century, or the relatively cheap paper for musical notation that became available with the advent of the 19th century industrial revolution, or the iron fittings in architecture that allowed builders to vault bigger spaces. The discovery of perspective by Bruneleschi in the 15th century was also something like progress, as was the “sfumato” brushwork developed by Leonardo da Vinci, which gave painters the means to create a hazy atmosphere on the canvas. But expression, artistic vision, the quality of execution has never been dependent upon the physical means of an art form: Vermeer has not been superseded in terms of artistic quality by Picasso or Pollock, Bach not by Mahler or Boulez, Michelangelo not by Giacometti or Moore, Palladio not by Gropius or Le Corbusier.

Why more right than he knows? Because progress in science is NOT fundamental, and real progress in technology comes solely from advances in materials and techniques. Just like art.

The last TRUE AND VALID advance in science was around 1840. Everything since then is materials and methods. We have a whole bunch of FRAUDULENT and CRIMINALLY INSANE "advances" in the publicly famous branches of "science", but those are the opposite of knowledge. The "science" that consumes trillions and makes headlines is NEGATIVE knowledge, sucking out real knowledge and replacing it with psychopathic delusions. The "art" that consumes billions and makes headlines is NEGATIVE beauty, sucking out real beauty and replacing it with psychopathic delusions.

The recent headline-making "art" that shredded itself immediately after purchase was the very first HONEST "art".

The "scientific" equivalent is unfortunately hard to appreciate. The LHC is explicitly and cheerfully designed to obliterate the universe. When it fulfills its purchase price, nothing will exist.


Monday, October 29, 2018
  All-consuming Soros

Via Eurekalert, the latest in a series of vicious feral savage murderous genocidal CONNECTIONS.
Greater freedom of movement and investments in human rights and social opportunities can help protect humans from environmental threats like rising sea levels, new research says.

In a major review of evidence, researchers from the universities of Exeter and Melbourne found inequality of social opportunities and freedoms made it hard for vulnerable populations to respond to climate change threats.
In other words, Gaia loves Soros. Gaia loves popes and bishops. Gaia loves EU. Gaia loves mass invasions by migrants. Gaia hates the false-flag image of "populist" "Trump". Gaia hates Brexit. Gaia hates Orban. Gaia hates Salvini. Gaia hates all sane normal human adults.

From God's view, Soros is running a protection racket. Give me all your money or I'll organize a coup and send in a migrant army.

From Gaia's view, Soros is engaged in a eucharistic sacramental carbon-neutral sacrifice of heretics.

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I'm nearing the finish and release point on this set of 'lonely railways', inspired by the photos of Howard Killam. The originals were all abandoned and decaying when the pics were taken in the 1950s.

In the digital world it's easy to make clean and new things with straight lines and euclidean polygons.

In Digitalia, strict order is natural and entropy takes REAL WORK.

Well-designed digital objects have smooth surfaces and a minimum number of bendable points. Adding entropy often means a complete rebuild of the object with more wiggleable pieces, and complicated repainting of the surfaces.

= = = = =

Nature works the other way around. Chaos is the default. Order takes REAL WORK and constant maintenance. Life has to consume a constant supply of unordered chemicals and poop out a constant supply of different unordered chemicals, in order to fight the unending battle against chaos.

= = = = =

Elon and his evil cohorts grew up in the digital world of pure math. They were able to steal tremendous amounts of money by playing in the pure math world of the stock racket. When Elon started building REAL OBJECTS he was shocked by entropy, and he still hasn't figured it out. Maintenance and quality control are NOT part of his mental universe. Software doesn't fall apart when it goes through a puddle. Software doesn't kill anyone when it misconstrues a cement wall.

Older industrialists who started out as mechanics or salesmen grew up with a real-world understanding of entropy. Mechanics know that surfaces wear down and rust and rot and wobble, and they learn through years of experience how to fix and maintain devices to prevent entropy. Salesmen understand the rust and rot and wobble of human emotions, and they learn through years of experience how to fix and maintain a sales relationship ... which often requires calling in a mechanic.

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Sunday, October 28, 2018
  Bravo with reservations

Five flags in one day!

Bolsonaro wins FIRMLY in Brazil.

Bravo with reservations because Bolsonaro is not an economic populist. His goals are almost entirely in the area of plain old LIFE and SECURITY. Brazil's recent rulers were pro-chaos, favoring crime over safety, gangs over cops. Bolsonaro promises to reverse that trend.

International "markets" seem to be happy with his win, which makes me a little suspicious. Globalists are binary. You can't have global-oriented business without Sorosian chaos. Will he be able to split the two parts?

Remains to be seen. But overall Brazil is getting a fresh start on LIFE. If you aren't alive you can't worry about outsourcing.

Outsourcing isn't Brazil's main problem anyway. Brazil is the only perfectly self-sufficient country, with ALL the agricultural and mineral and energy and industrial resources any country needs. It uses those resources well, exporting for cash but not importing products it could build internally.
  The scary part

Via "Nature":

The demons who design autonomous cars are pretending to seek "moral" values for the "moral" conundrums that a driver supposedly must resolve.

They ran a survey and found that people in different countries want their cars to make different decisions, depending on who the pedestrian is and what he's doing.

The details of these decisions are trivial.

The scary part, as usual, is the FLAT IMPLICIT ASSUMPTION that doesn't need explaining.

Rahwan gathered an international team of psychologists, anthropologists and economists to create the Moral Machine. Within 18 months, the online quiz had recorded 40 million decisions made by people from 233 countries and territories. ... Nations could be divided into three groups. One contains North America and several European nations where Christianity has historically been the dominant religion; another includes countries such as Japan, Indonesia and Pakistan, with strong Confucian or Islamic traditions. A third group consists of Central and South America, as well as France and former French colonies.

Unsurprising except for the French grouping with South America.

The choices were rich vs poor, male vs female, legal pedestrian vs illegal, human vs animal, old vs young.

The scary unstated assumption is that the car knows how to categorize people.

In other words, autonomous cars are REALLY roaming Inquisitors, automatically sorting out the Keepers from the Tossers. When the order is given from Tesla Central Dreadnaught Command, the car will give up its normal compulsion to crash into long walls, and will joyously take out the nearest Tosser.

= = = = =

Astrological sidenote: I've been pointlessly hammering on this topic for a long time. The two links I href'd above were the closest fit to this aspect of the problem. They were ALSO remarkably close to today's date. 10/31/14 and 10/27/15. Do I think the same way in the same week every year? Seems likely.

= = = = =

Doublethink sidenote: We know that the pogrommers who design this code are constantly dealing with those binary categories. Male vs female, old vs young, rich vs poor, globalist vs Deplorable. We ALSO know that the same pogrommers firmly believe the standard leftist delusion that categories do not exist. Anyone can be anything. It's just a matter of momentary decision, not a matter of genes or even epigenes. Pogrommers who do not share this orthodox belief are kicked out.

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  A new way to end a war

For the first time ever, Polistra and friends salute FOUR countries at once.

Russia, Turkey, Germany, and France have agreed to FINISH OFF the Syrian war that USA started.

This is a unique way to finish a war. Normally the aggressor is required to sign a surrender. In this case the normal procedure is unnecessary. USA STRONG's endless aggression has already destroyed us. We're circling the drain in an ever-faster positive feedback loop of chaos and death and lunacy.

No reason to bother about the monster that started the war. Just stand back and let the death spiral accelerate into the nearest black hole.

Russia and Turkey have been struggling with this agreement for a long time. Erdogan is confused and conflicted, wanting to move to the sane side but unable to break out of his political habits. Putin has successfully deconflicted him.

France and Germany are purely surprising. France played a part in starting the war, and Germany seemed to be supporting the USA STRONG side until right now.

BRAVO to all four leaders, and as always primary BRAVO to Putin for making the BIG DECISION to end this war.


  And heeeeere we go again

Want to break the "cycle of violence"? Break the media.

The press has been running this routine for at least a hundred years. It's not mysterious or "unintended". It's an intrinsic part of their business model.

Blood sells newspapers. Blood and chaos and war are the RAW MATERIAL of media, just as wheat is the raw material of bakers. When bakers want to sell more bread, they develop more sources of wheat. When media wants to sell more clicks, it develops more sources of war and violence.

Hearst dared to say it openly. Every media baron since Hearst has followed his methods while sanctimoniously pretending to be against violence.

More war means more clicks, and more clicks give the media more power to create more war and chaos.

Everyone in a position of power is part of the setup. DC profits massively from violence. More budget for the Pentagon, more budget for FBI, DHS, BATF, ETC.

So DC does everything possible to increase the cycle. Pentagon creates coups in foreign countries "justifying" our intervention. FBI cultivates "terrorists" on "both" sides. BATF runs stings. ETC.

We can't do anything about the government side of this positive-feedback death loop. FDR was a one-time miracle, and Deepstate regenerated after FDR's death to GUARANTEE that we would NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER get another sane leader.

We can do something about the media side.

First, don't be a blood farmer. Don't add to their overflowing silos of raw chaos material. Don't protest, don't join organized groups. ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL organized groups are run by Deepstate. This has been STEADILY true since 1946.

Second, don't click. Don't help the retail side of the cycle. Turn off everything. We don't NEED to open our God-given life to the chaos of Bezos.

Life is an island of order in a universe of chaos. Life generates order and beauty. Bezos and DC generate chaos and death. We can't break them but we can preserve our souls by attempting to make more order and beauty.

Listen to Booker T. His advice to black men in 1910 is still SHARPLY APPROPRIATE advice for Deplorables of all colors.

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Saturday, October 27, 2018
  A good generation

Heard a weird squawking sound outside. Huh? Not the neighbor's chickens, not a catfight, not a dog howling. Raccoon? Squirrels fighting?

Nope, it was a kid walking down the street playing with a balloon, blowing it up and making music with the air!

Nice to see kids doing real experiments with real physical objects, instead of living inside the iPhone.

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  Constants and variables 110, Unheard treefall edition

A few days ago Antichrist Bergoglio sang the Golden Oldie about Hitler. Hitler was a populist, therefore all populists are Hitler.


To be sure the media are full of This Week's False Flag, but the media are ALWAYS full of This Week's False Flag. That's constant. Normally they find a little time to spray a firm anti-localist statement by a major fashionable leader. Just a year ago every single TRUMPHITLER eruption by Bergoglio was repeated and amplified by the demons.

Now silence.

This Golden Oldie is prima facie bad logic. Replace the names if it's not obvious. Elvis was a man, therefore all men are Elvis. Coffee is a liquid, therefore all liquids are coffee.

Below the simple failed logic, the implied correlation is instantly disprovable. Aggressive globalists sometimes say populist things on their way to full power, but this is rare. Most aggressors sound like aggressors from the start. Even in the narrow context of the 1930s the correlation doesn't work. Look at Hitler, FDR, Stalin, and Mussolini.

Hitler sounded populist at first, then switched to aggressive globalism.

FDR sounded populist and STAYED populist. All of his actions were STRICTLY in line with populist principles. Clamp down on the rich, advance the poor in your own country, don't start wars.

Stalin didn't sound populist but also applied the same principles, with way too much unnecessary violence. Stalin was NOT an imperialist.

Mussolini had been a populist in the 1910s, but by the time he took power he was openly imperialist.

Four entirely different patterns and trends. No correlation. The only CONSISTENT populist was FDR, and he didn't start wars or run pogroms.

= = = = =

Later: Perhaps Bergoglio is conflating Populism and Nationalism. We need a different type of logic to deconflate these terms.

There are three main categories. Populism, Nationalism, and Imperialism.

Nationalism is simply a focus on the nation or ethnicity, which may be inward-turning (populist) or aggressive (imperialist.)

Populism means that the government is STRICTLY devoted to the welfare of ORDINARY PEOPLE WITHIN THIS NATION. A populist government is tautologically nationalist, thus fully inside the nationalist circle on the Venn... but this doesn't make it aggressive. Exactly the opposite. Serious populists have always EMPHASIZED that warmaking destroys the warmaker. A nation that focuses its efforts on war will necessarily neglect its own people, leading to internal chaos and crime and poverty.

Imperialism means that the government is STRICTLY devoted to conquering other nations, with no attention to the welfare of its own people.

Imperialists sometimes use the name of a nation, such as Germany or USA, but they are always based on a crazy idea like "Aryan supremacy" or "democracy" or "human rights". This would be the shared area on the Venn diagram.

Bergoglio's cohorts are imperialists WITHOUT A NATION, devoted to conquering and destroying the world PURELY for a THEORY. Rome itself is the most perfect prototype. EU, UN, IMF, WTO, and other modern acronyms are also aggressive conquerors based on an IDEA, not on a NATION or ETHNICITY. These occupy the unshared right side of the Venn.

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Friday, October 26, 2018
  Who likes alcohol?

Another item from ScienceDaily, vaguely connected to previous item.

This is a study of how alcohol forms addiction. The details don't strike me as important, but the FACT that studies on this subject are now being funded and published is important. For many decades the "science" establishment told us COUNTERFACTUALLY that alcohol was beneficial, while focusing 10000% on the evils of tobacco. "Health" advice told us that we should avoid tobacco entirely and drink one or two glasses of wine per day.

Now the two traditional drugs are getting more appropriate and balanced attention, more in line with the Natural Law approach. Both drugs have benefits and harms, but alcohol is BY FAR the more aggressive and destructive.

Alcohol kills FAST, and alcohol kills OTHER PEOPLE through car crashes and violence. Tobacco has the OPPOSITE effect, keeping people calm and sane in difficult times.

In the intro to this article:
Even pesky fruit flies have a hankering for alcohol, and because the molecular signals involved in forming flies' reward and avoidance memories are much the same as those in humans, they're a good model for study.
Who hankers? Every animal that eats fruits and grains. Carnivores don't hanker for alcohol.**

Among humans the correlation is the same but the causation is reversed. The ethnic groups that can't tolerate alcohol tend to be carnivores, and tend to be warrior tribes. Ethnic groups that can take alcohol in moderation tend to be farming tribes. Cultural choice is determined by physical tolerance.

** The Youtube clip of a dog refusing to drink beer is remarkable. The dog is saying two things. (1) Damn! This is bad shit! I'm not gonna drink it! and (2) Hey! I'm not in charge here, but you're my friend and I want you to live. Please don't drink this shit! It will kill you!

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  GIANT change of perspective

Via ScienceDaily:

An entirely new way of looking at the cerebellum, based partly on a long series of MRI self-scans by a group of neurologists.
"The biggest surprise to me was the discovery that 80 percent of the cerebellum is devoted to the smart stuff," said senior author Nico Dosenbach. "Everyone thought the cerebellum was about movement. If your cerebellum is damaged, you can't move smoothly -- your hand jerks around when you try to reach for something. Our research strongly suggests that just as the cerebellum serves as a quality check on movement, it also checks your thoughts as well -- smoothing them out, correcting them, perfecting things."

People with damage to their cerebellum are known to become uncoordinated, with an unsteady gait, slurred speech and difficulty with fine motor tasks such as eating. The cerebellum also is quite sensitive to alcohol, which is one of the reasons why people who have had too many drinks stumble around. But the new data may help explain why someone who is inebriated also shows poor judgment. Just as a person staggers drunkenly because his or her compromised cerebellum is unable to perform the customary quality checks on motor function, alcohol-fueled bad decisions might also reflect a breakdown of quality control over executive functions.

First thought, irresistibly triggered by the quality-control image:

= = = = = START REPRINT:

It's clear by now that Elon is a crackhead. Presumably he uses only the highest-quality carbon-neutral meth, distilled in secret mountain fortresses in Switzerland and smoked in diamond-encrusted platinum bongs, but nevertheless a crackhead.

Compare this situation to the '50s when all auto execs were blind drunk, falling-down drunk, barely conscious, EXCEPT Romney the Mormon. Romney was the only sober dude in the industry, and his sober judgment pulled a small failing company up to match the big three. He didn't have to be a genius, he only had to be CONSCIOUS while the others were stumbling around. Now the situation is reversed. The other carmakers are led by sober adults and Elon is the only crackhead.

You wouldn't expect the crackhead company to succeed, and it's not succeeding. Elon steals 100-year-old ideas that failed the first time, and finds uniquely stupid ways to make them fail even worse, but this time they fail COOOOOOOL which is apparently better than plain old unenlightened unDisruptive failure.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

Second thought:

Perhaps cognition isn't a separate category at all. It's just a dream-like replay or preplay of motion. All motion is defined by PURPOSE, and it's clear that the millions of stored motion files in the cerebellum are organized by purpose. Cognition is also defined and filed by PURPOSE. Most thoughts involve an image of an action leading to a goal. Or not.

With verbal thoughts you can FEEL the rehearsed motion, as the planned sentence activates the circuitry of the larynx and articulators almost to the point of actual motion. I'm not convinced that the same thing happens with other motions in waketime. It certainly happens in dreamtime. Sometimes the last switch in the muscle circuit accidentally turns on, leading to clumsy speech and movements.

= = = = =

Later third thought:

This change of view would instantly explain one major puzzle. Fact: People can lose HUGE parts of the cortex and still function well. Under the 'standard model' the cortex is the complete home of all thinking and judgment and decision. If you lose any part of the cortex you should lose a corresponding part of your thinking ability.... but in fact you don't.

In this new perspective the cerebellum is the CPU, and the cortex becomes a sort of aftermarket accessory like an extra hard drive to store backup data and high-level programming. Losing part of the backup is a real inconvenience but doesn't interfere with daily work.


  Why aren't we built for sleeping?

Lately I've been watching the Senior Dogs Gathering Room livestream, an assisted living facility for dogs. Probably the least exciting of all livestreams.

A good lesson in PURPOSE. All of the critters are stiff and gimpy. They spend a lot of time sleeping, but all of them perk up with doggy PURPOSE and DUTY when there's a reason for it.

Some of them seem contented to hang around with other dogs. Some are clearly mourning their human families and won't get over the loss.

Since I'm getting old and stiff, I notice their discomfort with considerable empathy.

= = = = =

This position looks comfy, with no strain on joints. Unfortunately humans can't get into this position. Our limbs and joints aren't proportioned for it.

= = = = =

This is more like the typical human sleeping position. Looks uncomfortable, and it's even more uncomfortable for humans because our bodies are wider. More open span for the 'bridge' of the upper-side limbs.

= = = = =

Fortunately for the dog, a human helper came along and noticed the discomfort, and did something to help.

= = = = =

The human helpers always take time from their mopping and poop-scraping to dispense affection.

Bless you, human helper. You're doing God's work.

Back to the sideways position.... Most mammals sleep this way at least part of the time, and humans most of the time. You could argue that sleep isn't an important PURPOSE, but we know that sleep is necessary if we're going to achieve the more active PURPOSES and DUTIES of life. Why weren't we built for more comfortable sleeping?

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  From "rights" to duties, weary and tired edition

Antiwar and antiSoros forces are being banned by Twitter/FB. They are doing nothing in response except bitching about their "rights". Assange violates the terms of his asylum and gets restricted, which is fully appropriate. When Ecuador RESTORES some of his privileges he SUES because of "rights". Spoiled asshole brat.

The concept of "rights" is purely destructive. LETHAL. GENOCIDAL. The concept has always served Satan's purposes and never provided meaningful help for normal people. "Rights" have always belonged to the ruling class, always served as a WEAPON against heretics and Deplorables.

Thinking in terms of DUTIES is far more constructive. If you have a viewpoint that you believe in, and you have the skills and training to express it coherently and attractively, your DUTY is to find a way to express the view in public. Twitter/FB do not have a DUTY to help you express your view.

There are thousands of ways to get a message through. Focusing on your nonexistent illogical nonsensical Satan-serving "rights" to carry the message on Satan's own channels DIVERTS your energy and money from the DUTY of finding new channels of expression.


Thursday, October 25, 2018
  Resisting a bully WORKS

Orban has been pushing HARD AND FIRM against Soros and all of his tentacles. Hungary passed a law requiring Soros's Satanic University to leave. Satan being Satan, he didn't leave easily, but he DID FINALLY LEAVE. He moved the campus to Vienna, where the newer semi-nationalist Kurz now faces a test. Will he have the guts to resist?

Firmness WORKS.

When in the holy fuck do we get our ADULT LEADERS? Never.

Later, repeating a point that deserves more emphasis. Kurz is REANIMATING an old principle that was tremendously useful for hundreds of years, the category of NEUTRAL NATIONS. After WW2 the concept was lost. USA STRONG refused to honor any sort of agreement or tradition. Now that the world is bipolar again, with serious and coordinated resistance to the USA STRONG bully, it might be possible to resume the old tradition.


  Wrong kind of math

The Tesla skeptics are trying to readjust this morning after Elon provided an obviously contrived "accounting" report that jacked up the share value even more more more more more.

Where did the numbers go wrong?

Your numbers didn't go wrong. You're just using the wrong kind of analysis. You're trying to analyze a cult with business methods.

Cults don't function by logic or numbers.

Religion is the difference between Elon and the earlier tech-scammers I mentioned.

Most cults have a money-making side, selling prayer cloths or running theme parks, but the business is treated as a sideline, not the central purpose of the church. Hubbard's cult is the closest parallel in terms of mixing tech and religion, but still not a good analogy. Hubbard didn't tie a share-based business to his cult, didn't claim to be producing anything except power and knowledge for the members. Elon has mixed tech and religion and business into a truly new monstrosity.



In previous item I used the word 'fungible' sort of incidentally.

Mass funding with fungible money is GLOBALIST. Crowdfunding is LOCALIST and MODULAR by definition.

Fungibility is worth closer attention.

This morning I heard one of the stock-booster types saying:

"My whole career is based on being long vol."

First, if your career is based on betting, you're a parasite. You're not making anything or performing services or adding value in any way. You're destroying value, DIVERTING money from its proper job as a carrier of real value.

Second, 'being long vol' implies a multi-layered pile of fungibility and abstraction. You're not even betting on physical events like horse races or dice throws. You're betting on a STATISTIC calculated by others, a statistic that mooshes together all the real events of commerce into a single abstraction.

Honest business depends on specific money that moves in two-way transactions. You grow a tomato, I pay you for the tomato. I make courseware, you pay me for the courseware. You fix my plumbing, I pay you for the improvement.

Rackets and scams depend on fungible money. Every racket has streams of money sloshing and splashing around, moving so fast that you can't see what's happening. The scammer (eg stock-booster) persuades you that you can grab some of the money by paying him for 'secret knowledge'. The only SPECIFIC transaction is the money you pay to the scammer. There is no compensation, no counterflow.

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  Wrong headline


Political competition is hurting our charitable giving

Basic point:
Voters who live in counties where political competition is high give less to charity.

"The more politically divided we get in our communities, the more we're going to see consequences of that spill over into other facets of life, including our charitable giving," said Rob Christensen, associate professor of public management at BYU. "The more political competition in a county, the more suspicion there seems to be in how we spend our charitable dollars."
The headline and tone of the article imply that this is bad.

No, this is good. Why in the HOLY HELL should you VOLUNTARILY support causes you don't support? It's logically contradictory and crazy.

At the end of the article the more important point emerges:
Researchers believe the findings are increasingly important as major shifts in political competition and philanthropy continue. Other research has shown, for example, that younger generations are giving less to institutional charities (think United Way) and more to charitable causes that are more closely connected to them (GoFundMe for a social-media friend).
The growth of refined crowdfunding is the BEST development of modern times. When you can see a proposal or project specifically and give specifically, you know exactly what you're supporting.

This is equally true for businesslike crowdfunding where a profit is anticipated.

Crowdfunding is Sharia. Crowdfunding is NATURAL LAW.

Mass funding with fungible money is GLOBALIST. Crowdfunding is LOCALIST and MODULAR by definition.

= = = = =

Continued in next item.


  Best title 11, case study edition

Returning again to


The current government of Italy is doing all the THINGS WORTH DOING. It's holding FIRM against Juncker's bluster and threats. Brutal low-IQ drunken thugs like Juncker and Hillary are NOT ACCUSTOMED to serious solid unyielding resistance.

If there are any REAL resisters on this side of the world, they should be analyzing HOW the Italian government gets things done. Obviously Italy has its own Deepstate, but Salvini and Conte immediately conquered and controlled it. The entire apparatus of government and military is WORKING TOGETHER to repel migrants and maintain economic independence. In return, the people APPRECIATE what the government is doing for their nation.

HOW did this happen? I have no idea, but it's a 'case study' that needs to be analyzed by every sane leader who wants to GET THINGS DONE. How do two parties work in concert? How do they mobilize the bureaucrats of Deepstate toward a purpose that Deepstate HATES?


Wednesday, October 24, 2018
  Worried about Putin

In this clip Putin looks seriously tired and seems to be having trouble with his eyes. Worries me. We have only a few ADULT leaders in this fucked world, and we can't afford to lose the best one.

The clip also features Italian PM Conte, who doesn't get much public attention. He's obviously competent and sane, but low on charisma. Not a natural politician. Salvini takes care of the charisma department, so it doesn't matter much.


  Highly refined reagent quality evil.

This Twitter thread is a HUGELY important explanation of how Elon works. Not just Elon but most of Silicon Valley. A concise history of the 'Paypal Mafia'.

Failed quality control and nonexistent customer service are NOT results of sloppy management, which will be resolved after growth slows down. Growth cannot slow down, so quality and service will never be ALLOWED to happen.

These techmonsters are perfectly explicit and open about their goals. They have NO intention of creating jobs or products, NO intention of making things that people can use.

SHARE VALUE is the entire universe.

Products and services are just one incidental and DISPOSABLE way of increasing share value. Anything that gets in the way of increasing share value DOES NOT EXIST.

Contrast this with the attitude expressed by Philco in 1938. Philco was a privately owned high-tech company, at the cutting edge of radio and TV development. Philco's slogan FOR INTERNAL USE, not just for public consumption, was "Sell merchandise that doesn't come back to customers who do come back."

= = = = =

Later constants and variables thought: Capitalists haven't changed. There were plenty of techmonster types around in the '20s. Same criminal characters running scams on the same subjects. Automobile scams, medical scams, subway scams, electronics scams, solar power scams. Same as now. What made the difference in the '30s was FDR. He clamped down HARD on the entire stock racket. In 1938 the cheaters and criminals still WANTED to commit crimes, but couldn't.

HONEST BUSINESS WAS THE ONLY CHOICE, so business was honest.

FDR's clamps remained in place until the '70s when first Nixon, then Reagan, then Bill Clinton, gradually disassembled all of the controls. Since 1998 there are no laws to hold back a feral criminal.

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  Y no Screwdriver Talk?

More classy Spokane:

Swords and machetes and screwdrivers are becoming the weapons of choice for idiots. I haven't done the numbers, but I'm pretty sure incidents with this class of weapon are MORE common than gun incidents now.

Both sides of the weapon debate are falling behind this trend.

On the Soros side, there isn't any agitation for knife control or screwdriver control. (At least not in USA; seems to be happening in England.)

On the non-Soros side, there's a huge community of gun fanciers who support all sorts of radio and TV shows and web forums dealing with a wide variety of numerical details. The typical call on such shows is a complex set of numbers. Model number and year of gun, caliber and weight and powder characteristics of cartridge and slug, magnification of scope, antler count of buck.... All of the numbers are both precise and familiar to the discussers.

Why don't we have Screwdriver Talk shows, with callers passionately debating the static and dynamic puncture properties of a Torx T30, or the quick-draw velocity and momentum of a 1915 Stanley Model 20 6-7/16" slotted, rebeveled to accept Whitworth standard?


Tuesday, October 23, 2018
  Thanks, Ralph 477, expert edition

Populists love it when elitists do our work for us.

This arrogant and condescending essay in SciAm does more for the cause than anything Salvini or Orban says.
Last month, National Public Radio’s current ombudsman/public editor, Elizabeth Jensen, explained why the news organization does not confer “Doctor” on PhDs; it reserves the title for “individuals who hold a doctor of dental surgery, medicine, optometry, osteopathic medicine, podiatric medicine or veterinary medicine.”

As a trained scientist with a PhD in epidemiology, I was extremely disheartened and disappointed to learn that news organizations follow such a simplistic, flawed and misguided recommendation, particularly as national sentiment suggests that experts are increasingly unnecessary.
The expert went on to run the usual tapes about gender equity, Kavanaugh, etc. Amazingly she missed "Climate Change".


SCIENCE requires us to understand how things actually FUNCTION. In the ACTUAL FUNCTIONING of human language, words are defined by common usage, NOT by the personal desires of egomaniacs. Common usage reserves 'doctor' for medical practitioners.

This egomaniac wants to replace the SCIENTIFIC UNDERSTANDING of language by HER PERSONAL NEEDS, thus proving that experts are not only unnecessary but LETHAL TO SCIENCE.

Which we already knew.

Thanks, Ralph!


  Sermon vs story

I've noted often that Deepstate was created by Wilson in 1918, severely constrained by FDR, then reborn with new strength in 1946. The reborn version intended to become permanent, which meant that all human connections to reality and biology and Natural Law had to be ripped out.

The late-40s series 'This is your FBI' played a part in this ripping. The scriptwriters were still operating in the realm of reality, but the moralistic sermon at the start of each episode, presumably written with the approval of Lady Edgar, gave us a hard dose of Newthink.

This 1949 episode has an especially strong sermon. The story is naturalistic, with proper empathy and understanding of the clash between NATURAL talents and social obsolescence. It centers on an old-fashioned actor whose NATURAL talents were devalued when movies came along. His NATURAL ability still comes through in his current alcoholic life, and ends up helping the cops to trap a criminal. An excellent fable for the infinite variety of NATURAL AND PERMANENT talents and tendencies.

Thus the moralistic sermon is especially dissonant and especially salient.

= = = = =

Let's take it sentence by sentence.

There are certain phrases that, because of their constant use, have acquired an aura of truth about them. Phrases like 'benevolent dictator' and 'born criminal'.

In fact there are benevolent dictators, which we understood before 1946, and in fact there are born criminals, which we always understood. Cops and prison officials still understand the distinction, even after 70 years of falsehood.

Despite the public acceptance of the phrase, the fact remains that there is no such thing as a born criminal.

Note the classic FLAT ASSERTION of a lie that everyone knows to be a lie. Repetition isn't the key point. The key is this unemphatic and ordinary assertion, injecting the lie into the compartment reserved for background phenomena like gravity and light that don't need checking.

A child might be born to a pair of the most hardened criminals, and yet, if given the proper amount of affection and moral upbringing, could grow up to become anything. A doctor, a minister of the clergy, or a copy of his parents.

This is how genes work. With complex tendencies like criminality, lots of genes are involved, so a wide spectrum of combinations are possible. If the child gets less of the criminal tendency, he's less likely to become a criminal. If he gets a larger share, he will become a criminal in one way or another. Some uses of criminal talents lead to jail, others lead to riches and respect and high status. Bank robber or banker, murderer or politician, rapist or priest, con man or Innovative Disrupter. Again this concept was DEEPLY understood in the '30s, so it needed to be smashed by Deepstate.

Go to any maternity hospital and see the flock of newborn children. See how alike they are. Even the parents have trouble identifying their own baby.

Obviously false. Even the flatness of this assertion wouldn't have persuaded parents.

It is true that there are such things as young criminals. Some children under the age of ten have arrest records.

Strong innate talents always show up at 9. Great artists, great mathematicians. great housekeepers, great criminals.

But there are no infant criminals or any who are born to be. The basic character of any criminal who breaks the law for profit is greed. Pure unadulterated greed. And that is taught to us, for children are not naturally greedy.

Not naturally greedy? Again parents would need some SERIOUS persuading, which this sermon didn't provide.

If parents keep their children ignorant of greed, then the crime wave will have been dealt a major blow.

Ignorant of greed: This is the PAYOFF. If you train your kids to ignore and disregard all natural tendencies, Deepstate will be able to get away with all sorts of crime. Middle-class parents in the '50s did exactly that, and Deepstate did exactly that.


Monday, October 22, 2018
  A simple BIG explanation

Mainly for my own future reference:

This discussion of Tesla frauds includes a clear and simple explanation of a BIG problem that is almost never heard in public.

"The SEC [also] turned its head the other way on the Madoff Ponzi scheme. That's because Wall St was making a FORTUNE in fees off Madoff's account. Same deal with $TSLA. $GS and $MS are both making a fortune on TSLA funding deals."

Outsiders (like me) don't know about the fees and commissions taken by the various middlemen of Wall Street or other industries, so we aren't disturbed when the standard explanations conveniently omit these fees. There's a similar situation in the medical racket, where Pharmacy Benefit Managers, totally unknown to ordinary patients, are the real profiteers and controllers of the system.
  Get ready?

PNSN notes some BIG quakes on the seafloor off Vancouver. The BIG squares are three quakes of 6.5 Richter, around 11 PM. Note also the cluster off southern Oregon. These are not the usual quake locations.

  Naming problem

Not the usual classy Spokane!

The cops found these things in a storage unit along with other stolen property. The news release just calls the items "Unique" without giving names. When you look at them you can see why. All of the items are clearly expensive, made of gold and silver and precious gems and enamelware. But none of them are REMOTELY familiar or namable. Some of the silverware might be sporks and foons ??? but one set of Dansk ... things ... has no discernable purpose.

Clearly the people who owned these items are just as UNIQUE as the items. Possibly extraterrestrials.
Sunday, October 21, 2018
  Animated seasons

Still working on the Box Depots set while still waiting for last QA approval on courseware project.

This is sort of a neat gimmick... A terrain that can be directly animated to run through the four seasons.

Too bad Nature doesn't have a single control dial. The Carbon Cultists think it does.

= = = = =

For Poser types, here's a ZIP of the terrain itself, pending later release of the whole set.


  Ghost lights

The Everett TweakerCam is encased in DENSE fog, and the camera is aimed at the interstate. Ghostly effect!

This GIFloop captures the whole scene. A pair of lights moves across the screen repeatedly.

Rohrschach: After watching a few loops, I "see" a '59 Chevy.

Come to think of it, that's an interesting idea. I doubt if shrinks use the old inkblot any more. (Did they ever REALLY use it, or was it just in cartoons?) An animated Rohrschach could be based on minimal images like this, with a hint of motion.


  Consistent trend

In the last three years corporations have been working HARD to eliminate their customers and employees and products, leaving only the pure numerical share value. The purpose of each corporation is to manipulate its share value. Nothing more, nothing less.

This is new in retailing and entertainment and sports but not new elsewhere. I didn't see the big pattern until just now.

= = = = =

Participants in this trend, in attempted chronological order.

1. In popular myth, patents and copyrights are intended to spur innovation. In fact patents and copyrights serve SOLELY to shut off innovation.

2. Politicians have been trying to eliminate voters for many decades. The purpose of campaigning is to disgust and revolt everyone who is NOT a mechanical party-bot, so the outcome can be determined solely by numerical manipulation of the bots. The ideal election has exactly one vote, for MY PARTY.

3. USA wars since 1945 have NOT been about gaining resources, despite the Left's idiotic 'blood for oil' myth. Most of our aggression is purely psychopathic, unrelated to resources. When oil is involved, we're specifically trying to SHUT OFF a competitor to Saudi.

4. 'Mainline' churches, belonging to the corporate culture, abandoned Christianity after WW2. They pretend to be puzzled by their steady loss of members, but in fact they're happy. If they weren't happy, they would become Christian to gain back Christian customers. They continue roaring away from God and toward Satan, so I conclude they don't want customers.

5. For about 20 years, newspapers have been working hard to disgust and revolt their readers. Every headline is a direct PUNCH IN THE FACE. Newspapers want to have a pure numerical connection to advertisers, with no readers.

6. And now retailers and entertainers are getting into the act.

= = = = =

What's the underlying PURPOSE of these moves? ELIMINATE FEEDBACK. Customers and readers and voters provide NEGATIVE FEEDBACK or ERROR CORRECTION, which is another name for LIFE. Without negative feedback, these organizations are free to pursue mass murder and death.


Saturday, October 20, 2018
  Simple logic

Now that "swaying public opinion" has been OFFICIALLY DEFINED as a crime, we need to start REPORTING all media and broadcasters who sway public opinion. There's a WHOLE BUNCH OF ILLEGAL ELECTION INTERFERENCE that needs to be investigated and prosecuted.


  More honest

The various antiwar Experts are getting foofered up as usual because Trump is officially pulling out of another treaty.

Those experts, writing at websites like or Consortium News or interviewed on RT, constantly cite precise chapter and verse of UN Resolutions and agreements.

International "law" is pointless because there isn't an internation.

Back in the '30s when the Japs and Krauts were the empire-building aggressors, we futilely cited League Of Nations resolutions at them. It didn't make any difference.

In recent decades when USA is the empire-building aggressor, other nations futilely cite UN resolutions. It doesn't make any difference.

In our internal situation, "conservatives" constantly cite chapter and verse of a 1787 "constitution" that died in 1803. It doesn't make any difference.

I'd rather have an honest arrangement with no meaningless pieces of verbiage. Trump has accidentally made the situation more honest, removing a purposeless scrap of paper that was WASTING THE TIME AND EFFORT of the antiwar side.

There is only one law. Natural Law.

Don't attack. If attacked, defend.

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  Latest Valdai

Putin's Valdai speeches are his major declarations of purpose.

Here is a partial transcript of the latest Valdai speech, with more promised. The RT video is full-length but useless because they didn't handle the English translation properly. (The translator's voice is similar in pitch to Putin's voice, and the translator's mic is weak, so you basically can't hear the English.)

Putin seems to be seriously weary of defending the WORLD against a pack of incomprehensibly evil and incalculably hyperinsane psychotic retarded infants.

Despite the despair he remains relentlessly PURPOSE driven.

Example on Syria:
The second, no less important thing, is that we have preserved Syrian statehood and in this sense helped stabilise the region. We talked about this in some detail with the President of Egypt just yesterday; he shares this position, and it is shared by many other countries. Therefore, I believe we have generally achieved the goals we had set for ourselves in starting the operation in the Syrian Arab Republic; we have achieved a result.

Look, after all, for some years before us, countries that agreed to participate in these anti-terrorist operations, most often voluntarily, and maybe even with less than perfect goals and objectives – what result have we seen in the previous three years? None. While we have liberated almost 95 percent of the entire territory of the Syrian Republic.
Example on USA:
I was asked whether we were ready and whether I was ready to use the weapons we have, including weapons of mass destruction, to protect ourselves, to protect our interests. And that’s what I answered.

I will remind you of what I have said. I have said that our nuclear weapons doctrine does not provide for a pre-emptive strike. I would like to ask all of you and those who will later analyse and in one way or another interpret my every word here, to keep in mind that there is no provision for a pre-emptive strike in our nuclear weapons doctrine. Our concept is based on a reciprocal counter strike. There is no need to explain what this is to those who understand, as for those who do not, I would like to say it again: this means that we are prepared and will use nuclear weapons only when we know for certain that some potential aggressor is attacking Russia, our territory.

Yes, it looks like we are sitting on our hands and waiting until someone uses nuclear weapons against us. Well, yes, this is what it is. But then any aggressor should know that retaliation is inevitable and they will be annihilated. And we as the victims of an aggression, we as martyrs would go to paradise while they will simply perish because they won’t even have time to repent their sins.
This is Natural Law, in all of its proper formulations from the Old Testament to Anglo-saxon Common Law to Sharia to Soviet.

Don't start a fight. If attacked, defend.

This is why the Soros side is Satan's side, and the non-Soros side is God's side.

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Friday, October 19, 2018
  Yet again

UncommonDescent cites a new piece of SJW toxic sludge:
It has been argued many times over the course of decades and across diverse paradigms that science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education practices-as-usual (re)produce systems of dominance: be it patriarchy, heteronormativity, white supremacy, Eurocentrism, (neo-)colonialism, able-ism, classism, labor inequity, anthropocentrism, and/or others. Thankfully, there are many who are doing the critical and creative work of (re)opening STEM education to the possibility of eco-social justice to-come through a plurality of productive approaches, orientations, and stances: anti-oppressive, anti-racist and critical race-based, decolonizing and de/colonizing, queer, Indigenous, gender-equitable, post-colonial, community-based and participatory, critical place-based, inter-species, and many more.
The good part: This shit is unreadable. The above paragraph contains two sentences. Each sentence is nothing more than a LIST of fashionable jargon, tangled in hopelessly bad syntax. It doesn't say anything, so it can't influence real teachers DIRECTLY.

The bad part: If someone manages to find the point of this shit and translate it into English, it will do MASSIVE LETHAL HARM to EXACTLY THE PEOPLE IT CLAIMS TO HELP.

= = = = =

We do have a real problem in USA education, a problem that has gone on for 100 years with no improvement. As I tiresomely fucking repeat every fucking day, our math and science teaching is solely designed to select and motivate maximally autistic and maximally abstract PhDs in maximally autistic and utterly useless and bizarrely delusional "math" and "science".

The solution is clear and perfectly well-known. Does this shit article get anywhere near the known solution?

= = = = =

Later in the shit article, one section appears to be getting close....
Nikki Rotas’ contribution “puts to work” (Lather 2007) Baradian notions of diffraction in her work with children (ages 10–12) in an afterschool robotics club. Rotas’ goal is to engender an understanding of design that can resist or escape rigid disciplinary pathways of both experience and design through cyborg embodiments of vision with wearable technologies. Can learning lead to and from alternate ontological and epistemologies that emerge from engagement with multiple assemblages and apparatuses?
Well, I'll bet those kids appreciated Baradian notions of diffraction and alternate ontological and epistemologies. If nothing else, they UNlearned(pre) how of writ(noth)ing Englishes the sentenced and.

Looking through the references and links, I found a vast universe of the same brain-dissolving toxin, wasting vast piles of university money.

Every penny of school budget, and every second of teacher attention, wasted on this SHIT is money and time that COULD have gone to real teaching that would really serve black and poor kids.

Yet again USA education is RUINING its own kids by taking the MOST DESTRUCTIVE PATH IMAGINABLE, when the CORRECT path has always been available.

And that's the WORST part. Schools should be focusing STRICTLY on experience-based and job-like training for the vast majority of students who are NOT going to be autistic PhDs.

The small silver lining: Many good teachers are TRYING to focus on job-like training. They are visible and HELPABLE through

= = = = =

Slightly calmer afterthought: I suppose this is just the latest and greatest Edufad. Ed administrators and planners have always been pushed and pulled by immeasurably stupid Edufads, always expressed in incomprehensible jargon. Edufads ALWAYS pretend to "solve" a problem by making it worse, so the admins can demand more budget next year to "solve" the worse problem, ad infinitum. Parkinson.

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Thursday, October 18, 2018
  Not a paradox

A political theorist who has obviously never met any ordinary people comes up with a truly ignorant "paradox" about "authoritarians" like Bolsonaro and Orban.
I use the World Values Survey and European Values Survey to examine the relationship between democratic discontent and the left-right political spectrum. I find that, contrary to much contemporary commentary, hostility to democracy is strongest not at the political extremes, but in the center. Respondents at the center of the political spectrum are the least supportive of democracy, least committed to its institutions, and most supportive of authoritarianism. I refer to this surprising finding as the ‘centrist paradox.’
No, it's not a paradox.

Ordinary non-extreme people want to LIVE AND WORK.

When a "democratic" government brings in cheap foreign labor to disemploy you, and brings in criminal gangs of migrants to kill you, and neuters the police so criminals can rob you, you are NOT LIVING and NOT WORKING.

Ordinary people get unhappy when they are not allowed to LIVE AND WORK. They understand ACCURATELY that it takes a FORCEFUL leader to fight against the corporations and NGOs and bankers who are KILLING us.

The "extremes" aren't nearly as interested in living and working, because (at least in Sorosian lands) the "extremes" are organized and funded by Deepstate.

This isn't new. In the 1850s NYC industrialists funded and organized the abolitionists. In the 1960s CIA was running both the hippies and the Birchers. In modern times CIA is running both the alt-right and the Antifa.

Those "extremes" don't want a new system of government because they're EMPLOYEES of the existing Deepstate.

There. No paradox at all.

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  More dumb "whistleblowers"

The biggest and SMARTEST scam of modern times is the idea that NSA's web is decentralized, uncontrollable, free, etc, etc.

Previous tyrants, both factual and fictional, never thought of this trick. In Stalin's Russia or Orwell's Airstrip One, everyone understood that the communication systems were fully bugged. Dissidents developed ways of communicating without connected technology.

When everyone is self-deluded, there's no pressure to develop alternatives. Everyone continues using NSA for all of their communication, which is wonderful for NSA but not so wonderful for dissidents.

The same trick works on a smaller scale with Deepstate outlets like The _Intercept. At first it looked like an independent publisher. By early 2016 it was obviously part of Deepstate, a fully owned division of the Clinton Mob. Despite the obvious connection, "whistleblowers" continued to use it. The entity named Reality Winner, who was working for NSA, was too stupid to figure it out. Now another "whistleblower" working for FBI has fallen into the same trap.

What's wrong with these people? Outsiders can be forgiven for innocence. When you're INSIDE THE SYSTEM you're supposed to understand the system.


  I call him Doesn't Have Sword

More classy Spokane:

This one didn't get any clever comments, but it struck me as an ideal Self-Explanatory Sentence. A short description that captures all SALIENT parts of the subject. Clearly the police know this dude. For him, going without clothes is normal, but going without swords is salient.


Wednesday, October 17, 2018
  Realism wins

ZH notes a brief attempt to move Assange out of the Ecuadorian embassy and into Moscow, which failed for reasons that aren't clear in the article.

Easy explanation. Russia didn't want Assange.

Russians are REALISTIC. Assange is not. He's romantic and notional, devoted to vague useless false abstractions like "rights". He doesn't understand that fighting must have a PURPOSE. His unyielding support for Catalunyan "independence", which was clearly a Soros project, showed his lack of common sense.

He knew that his Ecuadorian hosts disapproved. At that time Ecuador was anti-Soros. Because he has access to lots of inside info, he SHOULD have known that Catalunya was Soros. I have no access to info, and I could smell it almost immediately.

A week later: Assange has SUED Ecuador, and Ecuador QUITE PROPERLY AND MATURELY decided to stop helping him entirely. Good. Assange is acting like a spoiled Elon, and it's time for a spanking.

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  Aphid Day 2018

Last week I wasn't sure if we'd get Aphid Day this year, but they grabbed their chance today, 10/17.

So, here's the annual reprint with additions...........

= = = = =

[This is the ninth time I've noted it here. Aphid Day in 2010 was the first of Oct; in 2011 it was the end of Oct; in 2012 the first of Oct; in 2013 the last part of Oct; in 2014 the end of Sept; in 2015 end of Sept again; in 2016 end of Sept again; in 2017 near end of Oct, now in 2018 around mid Oct.]

= = = = = BELOW HERE IS REPRINT of the original.

Every year in Spokane the end of summer is marked by the swarming of tiny white-winged flies.

Insects don't waste much time in adulthood; lots of bugs live several years as larvae and only a few days as adults.

These flies take it to an extreme. Adults are minimally equipped to get in the air and reproduce. They don't have as much brain power as other flies, nor do they have hard shells. Instead of flying purposefully, they drift with the wind like seeds, and die as soon as they bump into anything even at near-zero drifting speed. Result: for a couple of days, your face and clothes are covered with semi-liquid insects.

Despite their lack of navigation, they must have some kind of superior instinct or 'community intelligence', because picking the last warm day is much harder than picking the first warm day of spring. Termites and ants don't need to calculate their swarming day; they only need a simple neuron to detect when temperature rises past a certain threshold, plus an emitted pheromone to trigger the avalanche.

But how do these flies determine that today is not just warm, but the last warmth for their generation? They must be sensing something besides temperature.

At any rate, they serve as a reliable sign for us, even if our supercomputers can't match their calculations.

Polistra has put it into folk-wisdom format:

White flies swarming, no more warming.

= = = = =

[Artistic note: the swarm in the animation turned out nicely, but Polistra's head looks steroid-swollen and South-Park-ish for unknown reasons. Maybe she's allergic to the bugs.]

[Technical note: According to some sources, these bugs are smoky-winged ash aphids, Prociphilus americanus.]



Macron is rearranging les chaises du deque dans le Titanique, and doesn't even realize it. He says that he's NOT changing any policies. Perfectly wrong message. He's losing popularity and losing sub-leaders because people want to see CHANGE, not because people want to see EVEN MORE OF THE SAME.

Via Politico:
When Emmanuel Macron swept to power, French media marveled at the organizational skills of a man they dubbed the country’s first “managerial president.”

There were wide-eyed articles about Macron’s color-coded schedules, his 2 a.m. text messages to members of parliament and his interventions into minor matters of executive power. Most of all, Paris was fascinated by how tightly Macron controlled presidential messaging, handling important communication personally and never, ever letting his subordinates speak out of turn.
Those are signs of an INEFFECTIVE leader, not "organizational skills".

An effective leader, like an effective organism or an effective organization, is MODULAR.

The 2 AM calls and microscopic interventions kill MODULARITY. If the top leader is doing all thinking about all issues, the subleaders stop functioning. You can call it laziness or despair, but the result is the same. After you learn that top leader is going to override all of your decisions, you stop deciding.

Then the top leader is FORCED to make all of the decisions, which is PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE.

Life is infinitely modular. All tasks are delegated and TRUSTED to lower levels, from the hive all the way down to the mitochondria. Effective leaders follow Nature's way. In earlier decades this principle was understood and celebrated; the whole point of becoming a leader was to WORK LESS, not to work 25/8.


Tuesday, October 16, 2018
  It's the epigenes, stupid.

The Randians and Repooflicans are slamming down hard on the DNA aspect of Elizabeth Warren's story.

Their focus on the numerical is not mysterious. They understand that the HUMAN aspect of her story appeals to humans in the middle part of the country, people who would normally be Repoof voters. The Repoofs can't possibly counter the human side because they no longer have any humans in their leadership stable.

To the NYC Tribe, leaders are meaningless. Only numbers exist. Specifically, only two numbers count in the mind of an Insatiable. Finite numbers do not exist. Only zero and infinity exist for an Insatiable.





Trump has turned out to be an excellent number for NYC, even though they can't possibly praise him or thank him publicly. The NYC Tribe demands INFINITE loyalty and gives ZERO reward to non-Tribals. Unless your genes are 100.000000000000000++ pure++, you get zero pay, zero recognition, zero gratitude. You are a disposable machine. Nixon found this out when he ruined the entire economy to help Israel. Instead of gratitude he got impeached. That's how the Tribe works.

For humans, leaders are more than numbers. Leaders are personalities. Some of them seem alien and incomprehensible, some are understandable. NYC numberdemons are incomprehensible to humans. Until now, Elizabeth has been tightly associated with NYC, so she was presumed to be alien.

Now she has shown her real connection to real Okies. She moves into the understandable category.

= = = = =

There's a number vs human aspect to the immediate question of ancestry as well. All Okies are part Injun by culture whether we're 1/1024 Cherokee or not. The Cherokee shaped the state's government and business from the start, because the Cherokee were smarter than the late-coming hillbillies. They shaped the black population as well, because the Cherokee were better slaveowners than the hillbillies.

Whether we like it or not, Okies know that Cherokee influence is inescapable, like the red dust of the red land. It may not be part of our genes, but it's a huge part of our epigenes.

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  What am I complaining about?

Momentary convective thought:

Maybe I should be glad Deepstate is starting to focus on Saudi and China as enemies. Unlike Russia, they are REAL enemies. China has been running a trade war and massive spying for 30 years, and Saudi bombed NYC in 2001. Until now we've been COLLABORATING with both of those enemies while we build up toward our third invasion of Russia, which has NEVER ATTACKED US EVEN ONCE.

Unfortunately, the diffused focus doesn't mean the war against Russia is slowing down. We're still adding more blockades and more NATO forces ready to attack.

The attack on Persia is also dropping out of the headlines, but our blockades and threats continue to build up.

So that's what I'm STILL bitching about.

= = = = =

The above thought was pointless, but writing third invasion led to a more productive conclusion.

First invasion, 1918. Full military occupation, with troops and supply lines, aimed at turning Russia into a colony. Didn't work. Failed quickly.

Second invasion, 1990. Not military. We controlled Yeltsin and sent masses of economic "troops" to turn Russia into an economic appendage of Goldman. This invasion worked for a few years until Putin came along and restored Russia's independence.

The first two invasions had a common factor. Both happened after Russia's government had been toppled by internal revolutions. We tried to turn the chaos to our advantage.

Our attempted third invasion doesn't share the common factor. Russia is economically and culturally united now, and its economy gets stronger with each of our blockades because Putin is serving the Russian people in a Russian way.



Normally Elon steals century-old inventions that failed the first time around. He Innovatively Disrupts them into even bigger failures because he fails to adopt the century-old METHODS that make any sort of manufacturing possible.

Now he's managed to take a BRAND-NEW bad invention and turn it into an even worse invention.

Github is a disease infecting all of technology. When you own a modern device or program, you are FORCED to accept constant "updating" of the software, which constantly ruins existing programs, introduces new bugs and security flaws, and prevents you from getting your own work done. The only "good" part of Github Syndrome is that you don't have to pay for the forced injections of bugs and flaws and spyware.

Tesla cars are fully and terminally infected with Github Disease. Now Elon has figured out how to make Github even worse. You pay FIRST for a feature that isn't actually present. The update DOESN'T come automatically; you have to take the car into the dealer to get the new bugs and flaws injected. The dealer will keep the car for an indefinite period.
Monday, October 15, 2018
  Constants and variables 109, motor gaff edition

The REAL reporters who cover Tesla are hitting hard on an "endurance test" but they're missing the more serious deception.

Elon is boasting about running the motor and gearbox from a Model 3 for a simulated million miles at steady RPM.... but he makes it sound like the car itself ran a million miles. Well, that's sneaky but it's an answerable charge. Elon could say that the motor was actually tested and actually endured. It still indicates quality and reliability.

Here's the more important deception: THE MOTOR ISN'T THE PROBLEM.

All electric motors run steadily for LONG periods of time. Many refrigerators run 50 years without needing repair of the motor or gearbox. This is harder than the Tesla run because a fridge is starting and stopping every hour. Huge motors in industrial systems run for many decades under heavy loads.

ANY electric car will need less motor service than ANY gas car. Simple physics. An electric motor has one moving part that turns smoothly. A gas motor has dozens of moving parts that are slamming back and forth, enduring 3000 EXPLOSIONS per minute.

Reliability problems specific to an electric car have always been in the batteries** and switching systems. Aside from that, every vehicle has a body and chassis and suspension and tires. Teslas have big problems in these areas because Elon always favors theory over experience. Carmakers have learned how to forge and mold and assemble those parts by 100 years of experimentation, which Elon threw out the window because he knows everything better than everyone.


= = = = =

**Batteries: In fact the battery problem was ALREADY SOLVED a hundred years ago with nickel-iron batteries, which have an unlimited lifetime. Another old solution that Elon tossed aside in order to fuck things up with theories.


  That's fine....

Glad to see Elizabeth Warren emphasizing her Okie heritage. I was hoping she'd hit that point. It's good politics. Normal Americans have a WELL-FOUNDED SUSPICION of Boston and NYC types, because Boston and NYC have been EXTERMINATING normal Americans for 400 fucking years. Elizabeth's agenda is at least nominally anti-NYC, but it's hard for normal Americans to trust this agenda from a Yankee.

ZH features a campaignish video where Elizabeth talks with her relatives in Norman. These are familiar people in a familiar place, proper Okies with a proper part-Injun genotype and culture.

Needless to say, the ZH Randians don't think much of Okies. That's fine, we don't think much of you either.


  No room for order

UD cites an article by Jonathan Bartlett proposing that software developers need to pay more attention to the 'spiritual' side of users... or at least to our sense of beauty and order in the universe.

When I try to read the article at MindMatters, here's what I see:


Beams and motes, practice what you preach, etc.

I agree with the basic premise as briefly extracted by UD. I've been making the same point often.

This specific failure is a perfect example of Github syndrome. The designers at MindMatters are moving with the latest picosecond, not bothering to make their website readable by ancient primitive Neanderthal Deplorable browsers more than a few months old.

The broader problem is not computers but cellphones.

Full-size personal computers, almost from the start, had enough space and color available to set up an atmosphere via the interface. The atmosphere could invoke spirituality or beauty if designed properly. More importantly, it could improve your workflow and concentration by proper placement of various controls and spaces. Orderly productive work is the best way of answering God's gift of life. Make more beauty, more life, more order, more value.

Since the switch to iPhone/Android and Responsive Web Design, everything is gray rectangles on a gray background, stacked vertically. There's no room for design, no room for ergonomics. Just keep thumbing down and reading the text, if you can see it.

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Sunday, October 14, 2018
  Purpose questions

Still whining about lack of adult leaders ....

One way to develop or find adult leaders is to ask PURPOSE questions. Nobody EVER asks these questions.

"Journalists" never ask ANY questions at all. They just SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEECHHHHH.

Political "opponents" never ask purpose questions.

The questions are easy and normal. In small business settings or project teams these questions are asked all the time.

= = = = =

Why are you doing this?

What do you hope to accomplish by these actions?

Why do you think this goal is worthwhile or necessary?

Why do you think this goal CAN be achieved at all?

How do you plan to accomplish this goal?

Why do you think your plan will accomplish the goal?

= = = = =

Question #4, CAN it be achieved, is the dead end for Sorosian politicians. Sorosian goals are all completely utterly PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE. But you'll never reach #4 in a series of verbal questions because no politician can answer the FIRST question coherently.
  Se-lu 29, containment edition

RT is interviewing an Expert who is arguing that before the Switchover USA was mainly containing Russia. Since the Switchover Russia is trying to contain USA.

Makes sense.

Looking at it from a different angle:

In 1945 both USA and Russia were working together to contain Germany. The purpose of occupation was to prevent Krauts from reuniting, because united Krauts always try to take over the world.

When our Deepstate was restarted in '46, our political propaganda turned against Russia, but the military reality in Europe remained the same. USA and Russia were still working toward the same goal, if not exactly together. We were still keeping Germany weak.

In 1961 the Berlin Wall changed things.

Conventional wisdom says that the Wall "taught us Russia couldn't be trusted".

SE-LU. Loosen the ropes, open the mind. As seen from the containing-Germany angle, the Wall made the division permanent, allowing us to relax our attention on Krauts and focus totally on exterminating Russia. We started the task immediately and succeeded in 1989. The ascension of Putin in 2000 broke our first attack. Like any psychopathic bully, we paused when we encountered real resistance. Now we're trying again, but it's too late. The rest of the world has figured out that we're Satan. Nobody is voluntarily helping us ruin the universe.

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