Monday, April 30, 2018
  Vector Ockham

I've noticed something lately. Might just be my elderly synapses, or might be a useful trick.

When you're accustomed to operating in Ockham mode, seeking the simplest explanation based on all meaningful facts, Ockham provides a dynamic countervector toward simplicity that increases its force as the idiotic Deepstate complexity gets worse.

Concrete example: Skripal. For the first few days I wasn't paying attention, and assumed that something must have happened, with the hall-of-mirrors entanglement typical of spy operations. I wasn't sure if KGB was involved, but it looked likely from the media "reports".

As the insane contradictions piled up, my assumption got simpler and simpler.

It comes down to exactly TWO facts, the ONLY facts that are not infested and contaminated by government agitprop.

1. Skripal is an employee of MI6.

2. Non-governmental witnesses saw Skripal and his daughter on a parkbench, looking asleep or intoxicated.

Everything else is Deepstate lies, with ZERO corroboration from non-governmental sources.

From those two facts, the Ockham explanation writes itself. Skripal, following MI6 orders, went to a publicly visible parkbench and acted drunk, making sure that non-governmental witnesses saw him. The pre-staged "emergency responders" then hauled him away. The rest of the preplanned nonsense was emitted by UK Deepstate.


  Not ironic, just good salesmanship

Tom Gresham of 'Gun Talk' is a clear thinker. He manages to stand back and observe the situation objectively, avoiding the tired nonsense