Monday, June 30, 2014
  Plus c'est la meme merde

From 'Wireless Age', May 1923:

Quoting a few lines: "There is a great and growing dissatisfaction among the buyers of listening-in wireless sets with the service of broadcasting now being given. .... After listeners have figured out the hundreds of thousands of pounds that the companies receive, they wonder why they cannot hear better programs. Some of them cast envious eyes at the US with its flood of excellent programs by day and night. ... The government is greatly exercised over the increasing number of unlicensed receivers."

And 90 years later, from 'Broadcast Now' of today's date:
BBC Scotland faced a fresh barrage of criticism over its referendum coverage from protesters who gathered outside the broadcaster’s Glasgow headquarters this weekend.

Over 300 protesters, made up of both pro-independence and pro-Union Better Together campaign supporters congregated outside the Pacific Quay offices for the second time this month on Sunday.

Both sets of protestors pointed to the BBC’s “unhealthy bias” in its referendum coverage.

Of course I didn't need to search hard for this. Every day brings new complaints, all of them perfectly valid. BBC has a 100% bias on every single issue. It always favors the fashionable views of the super-rich. In modern times this fashionable view is several light-years to the left of Marx and Mao; in earlier times the fashionable view was Nazi. In all times it's tyrannical, firmly devoted to starving and whipping the poor.

American broadcasters mainly share the same bias, but the crucial difference is that American broadcasters aren't forcibly taking our money for the privilege of listening. We constantly complain, but our complaints aren't really valid. We aren't the victims of fraud. We aren't paying a tremendous license fee and getting shit in return. We're getting shit for free, which is a fair bargain.

= = = = =

Next morning: Beautiful example of this steadiness. My bedtime OTR playlist happened to end with an episode of NBC's "Monitor" program from 1962. As I woke up, they were featuring the integration controversy, in which nine tyrants decided that black students in Alabama needed to get an inferior education in the same places where white students were getting an inferior education, instead of getting an inferior education in places where the faculty understood their needs better. Monitor was playing a clip of Gov Wallace shouting: "The people of Alabama will not be subjected to judicial tyranny by a nine-man autarchy that has departed from every precept of law and reason and honor." His description of the autarchy was precisely correct; his defiance was extremely short-lived. Satan brought in tanks and troops. Satan won. NBC's satanspawn lasciviously licked his filthy devillips over Satan's latest victory.

After I washed up and started the coffeepot, I turned on BBC (in the present, of course). BBC's satanspawn was cheerfully interviewing a dyke and "her" "wife", lasciviously licking his filthy devillips over Satan's latest victory.

Satan loves centralized authority. Centralized authority loves Satan. All distinctions, all souls, all purposes, must be extinguished. All humans are identical passive grains of sand.
  Smart for idiot reasons

Calif has passed a law making it clear that various forms of non-standard currency are acceptable within the state. Clearly the pressure for this law came from the idiot techies with their pure-bubble Bitcoin, but the law ALSO authorizes what used to be called 'scrip', as in negotiable coupons and points.

Bitcoin and its relatives will fade as their bubblicious nature becomes obvious, but local scrips need to grow. The best way to decouple from Bernanke/Yellen/Krugman economic tyranny is to decouple from the counterfeit "currency" that BYK generates to starve the poor and enrich the Chosen.

It will be informative to watch how the Feds respond to a spread of real-value currency. They weren't bothered by Bitcoin; IRS decided correctly to treat it as a speculative security like junk bonds. If a real-value scrip starts to go national, it will be a serious threat to the BYK monopoly.

The old Constitution takes a sensible position. The central gov't shall set up a central currency, and state gov'ts can't set up their own state currencies; but banks or organizations are free to set up local or special-purpose currencies. Thus Calif's new law doesn't really say anything new; it only reinforces the original permissions. If this gets in the way of BYK, the old Constitution won't matter. It never matters when it interferes with Satan.


Friday, June 27, 2014
  RIP Nigel Calder

The last science writer is gone. More importantly, the last science editor is gone. The last defender of heliocentric truth is gone. We're all epicyclic Epsilons now.
  Template jingle

Since I'm thinking about ad jingles..... One local business has produced an absolutely brilliant jingle.

Most radio jingles have a brief version, a full version and a concerto version. The brief version is 5 or 10 seconds long, just the first two lines of the jingle. The full version is in conventional song form: first two lines, a bridge section, then da capo al fine. The concerto version sings the first two lines, then fades into a background form (continuo) for 20 seconds while the announcer solos about this week's specials, then da capo.

Northwest Seed and Pet follows these forms. The short version is just

"Northwest Seed and Pet: Our hometown service makes you smile."

The concerto version sings those two lines, then the chorus smoothly fades from the /l/ of smile into a slow progression of chords on ooo. After the announcer's solo is done, the chorus crescendos up to normal volume and runs through three short ooo chords leading smoothly back into the /n/ of "Northwest Seed and Pet: Our hometown service makes you smile."

All very smooth and silky, never a millisecond of silence.

This summer's version:

= = = = =

"Northwest Seed and Pet,



Experience peace, love and understanding this summer with your own magical wind chimes.

ooo ooo ooooNorthwest Seed and Pet: Our hometown service makes you smile."

= = = = =

Regular listeners contain the short and long versions of often-heard jingles. Those are part of our long-standing radio template, part of our perceptual baseline. When this new version skips the second line and breaks into pure silence instead of OOO, we WAKE UP! Where's the OOO? I want my OOO! When the wind-chime starts binging and ponging, we ask WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON? And when the announcer starts talking about wind chimes, the dissonance is fully resolved. Aaaah. Now I see.

Brilliant. A fully-formed short story in 30 seconds.

If you want to acquire an understanding of human perception and behavior, stop reading "social" "science". Everything you read under that rubric is negative knowledge. Worse than false. It sucks real knowledge out of your mind.

Just listen non-verbally to the skills of marketers and advertisers. Those folks KNOW.

= = = = =

This particular trick is rare because it requires a long-term constancy and an assumed customer memory. Johnson's Wax pulled it a few times in the Fibber show. For three or four years Mr Wilcox showed up in every episode to extol the virtues of Glo-Coat or Car-Nu. Wilcox generally had a nominal piece of the plotline or jokeline, but you learned that his real purpose was to give the sales pitch. In the fourth year the variations started. Sometimes Wilcox would show up, play his part in the plot, and leave. Molly would say to Fibber "You know what? He forgot to mention the product." His "forgetting" served two purposes, just like the wind chimes. It woke you up, and it forced your inner jukebox to play the missing parts. You sing Our hometown service makes you smile, or you recite the benefits of Glo-Coat. You sell yourself.
  Could be good? No, it will be evil.

Back in January I cautiously noted the founding of a charter school here in Spokane, the first in the state:
Miraculously, Spokane's Board of Ed has approved plans for a new charter school. This will be the first charter in Wash state. Satan dba "Teachers Union" ruthlessly smashed charter plans in Seattle, but for some unknown reason Satan sheathed his bloody claws here in Spokane.

The new school has been assembled by a team of experienced teachers and educrats, so it's likely to operate on realistic expectations. Its curriculum will be fashionably focused on STEM, which could be a good thing if it's done properly or a useless thing if it's done the normal way. Properly, of course, means HANDS FIRST. The normal way means HEAD FIRST.

In either case ... good or useless ... at least a STEM curriculum won't be actively evil. Unlike, say, a "Transcultural Arts" curriculum.

= = = = =

After hearing a lengthy radio interview with the school's founder yesterday, I'm even more cautious. She is apparently getting support from "some foundations", which means Satan. She also claims to want community support, as in crowdfunding, but she'll have to drastically reshape her pitch if she really wants the latter.

From her presentation the school sounds like the usual unionized poison, all Head and no Hands. Most of the emphasis will be on something called "active citizenship", which means pure reagent-quality adamantine Satanism-Leninism. Students will become missionaries for Die-Versity and Transcultural Arts and Critical Queer Theory.

This may be an inaccurate deduction, but all the standard buzzwords were present in her pitch, and the specific meaning of "active citizenship" is unquestionable. Though unfamiliar here, it's common jargon in the bureaucracies and NGOs of the European Union. It means training students to destroy local autonomy, destroy normal civilization, and spread genocidal tyranny. Look it up for yourself.
  Well, at least we know it's real

Amid all the utter and absolute frauds and symbolic nonsense, occasionally you get a bright indication that an entity or institution is REAL. We have such a sharp sign about ISIS.

What's the indication? US "intel" agencies were completely blindsided by ISIS. They didn't know it was there until it started taking entire cities.

This tells us with dead certainty that ISIS is NOT a sting. It's the first "terrorist" group in 30 years that is NOT a sting.

Why so certain? Easy. US "intel" agencies are only able to predict things that they own. Their record on spotting REAL trends or entities is exactly zero. We knew a lot about Sheikh Osama and his forces because he was always a branch of CIA. We knew a lot about many of the "lone-wolf" terrorists because they were direct products of FBI stings.

This type of "intel" is nicely guaranteed.

For instance: If I had a Household Intelligence Agency, my HIA could predict with 100% certainty that someone would be running laundry in the Household this morning. How would it know? Because I'm the only Someone in the Household, and I'm running laundry right now. HIA could also predict with 99% certainty that someone will be doing programming work on courseware at some point in the day. HIA could predict with 98% certainty that someone will walk to Safeway tomorrow morning.

When the "intel" and the "threat" are the same entity, prediction is neat and clean. And when the "intel" is totally devoted to CREATING CRIMES, it has very little need to predict the actions of real outside threats.

Is there any real outside threat? Probably not. Not unless "our" agencies bring it in.

Update a week later after seeing a bigger picture: Nope, my assumption was wrong. The intel agencies were not surprised; they pretended surprise for plausible deniability. It's obvious now that ISIS is simply taking over the contract from al-Qaeda. We had hired Sheikh Osama to create disorder in the countries around Israel, and to give Islam the appearance of a ferocious enemy. When he got old and sedate, we knocked him off and built a superior replacement.
Thursday, June 26, 2014
  ... even educator fleas do it ...

After making the silly picture of a hydra taking a smoke break, I tried to get even sillier, imagining an ad jingle aimed at the Pre-Cambrian Demographic. "Dalyia tastes good, like a [clap clap] algae stem should". Nah. "You get a lot to like in Pikaia: segments, swimming, spinal tube!" ... Even more nah.

Led to a more serious question: How would you market a product to a hydra? If you wanted to sell your products to a tree, where would you start?

Aha! Nature has already answered the question.

Reprinting a notion that I tacked onto an earlier entry:

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Think especially about tomatoes. There's plenty of evidence that humans live longer and better with tomatoes. I've experienced this in my own life. It's a safe bet that we were designed to want and need tomatoes. Did we really get along for a million years without them? ....

It may seem strange that we would have specialized connections with certain plants, but why should it be strange? Nearly all animals have specialized connections with certain food sources. We've been smart enough to find and cultivate a huge variety of foods that we like, but that doesn't exempt us from having specific needs and wants before we started farming and cooking.

Putting it another way: Nature doesn't assume that a bee or a crow or a koala will learn which foods to eat through spoken or written transmission of culture. Nature gives those animals a specific sensory template to recognize their proper and necessary foods by sight and/or smell. Since we didn't have spoken or written transmission of culture until rather late in our existence as a species, how did we know what to eat before we had words for things? Only one possible answer. We were given a specific sensory template, just like every other animal.

And here's the key: NICOTINE. Tomatoes have a noticeable and tasteable trace amount of nicotine, as do most fruits.

Conventional wisdom tells us:

Plants: Produce nicotine to repel and poison insects.

Humans: (1) Strongly addicted to nicotine. (2) Nicotine makes us calm and alert and sociable.

But why should we be addicted to nicotine if it's just a bug poison? And why should it have positive effects on us? Doesn't make a lick of sense. We're not bugs, and we came along after the plants vs bugs battle was set up.

Think in Grand Blueprint terms. Purpose is all. Inescapable conclusions:

Nicotine serves two purposes in plants. To poison bugs and to addict mammals, so the mammals will eat the fruit and poop the seeds elsewhere. We are the plant's wings. ["Every time you hear a toilet flush, that's another plant getting ...." No, probably not.]

Nicotine serves two purposes in humans. (1) It serves to attract us and addict us to fruits, so we will gain the other necessary nutrients in fruits. (2) When we consume nicotine we get along better. Societies that get along better last longer.

It's a double win on both sides, though we probably get the best end of the deal.

Plants get poop-wings. We get nutrition from fruits, and those of us who eat fruits last longer as individuals AND as civilizations, giving wings to more plants.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

Nature's marketing strategy! Equip fruits with taste, color and nicotine. Grab our attention with the color, get us addicted with the nicotine. We get nutrition and civilization, plants get a commission in the form of seed carriers.

Alcohol fits the same slot in humans, but it's not an innate product of plants. Maybe it's more of a co-op advertisement, or a mutual product placement, between plants and yeast.

You could call it teaching instead of advertising, since good teaching and good marketing are nearly identical. A good salesman gives you valuable information that helps you to buy his product; a good teacher gives you a positive experience that helps you to buy her valuable information.

Of course we've busted the positive addiction circle by overdosing on nicotine from non-nutritious sources, thus swamping our detection of the positive advertising. And Nature has been attempting to instruct us about this error, hasn't she?

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014
  You mean we didn't invent it after all?

Science-y news:

One more thing turns out to be part of the original blueprint....
The research team led by the evolutionary biologist Professor Thomas Bosch from the Zoological Institute of Kiel University have now achieved an impressive understanding of the roots of cancer. Bosch has been investigating stem cells and the regulation of tissue growth in Hydra for many years. "Now we have discovered tumor-bearing polyps in two different species of Hydra. This provides proof that tumors indeed exist in primitive and evolutionary old animals."
Sort of like this?

No, probably not.
  Invite and invade

Here's an unbeatable example of the fantastically evil "invite and invade" technique designed by neocons. Lindsay Graham, the stupidest of the neocons, is joining neocon Obama in agitating to invade Iraq for the 3458957834578943758347th time. Graham is pushing the tired old "terrorists will follow us home" shit:
He is most worried about threats to the U.S. ally of Jordan, he said, quoting the FBI director as saying, “the pipeline for the next 9-11 attack on our homeland will likely come from Syria” and “there are numerous American citizens who have gone to Syria for jihad.”
Obama has also been running the same tired old Bush script. The only difference is that Obama reads the script in English, while Bush said something like "Uuuuuhhhh turris uuuuuhhhh follers home."

How can the turris foller us home? ONLY IF WE LET THEM. These dudes are easy to identify by national origin and appearance. We intentionally let them in before, even though we knew who they were and what they were doing. We did it again with the Tsarnaev brothers. Russian intel told us about them, and we still let them in and failed to watch them.

So, does Graham want to prevent the turris from follerin us?

As some party leaders counsel a strategy of simply trying to get out the white vote more effectively, Graham is not afraid to confront Republicans’ declining fortunes among Hispanics in presidential campaigns—down from 44 percent for George W. Bush in 2004 to 27 percent for Mitt Romney in 2012. “This is an odd formula for the party to adopt, the fastest growing demographic in the country, and we’re losing votes every election,” he said on Fox News. “It’s one thing to shoot yourself in the foot—just don’t reload the gun. I intend not to reload this gun when it comes to Hispanics. I intend to tear this wall down and pass an immigration reform bill that’s an American solution to an American problem.”

Invite and invade. We invade other countries supposedly "to prevent them from sending turris home", and then the chaos in those countries develops new turris, and then we open our borders and ports completely to allow turris in.

Net result: Total chaos EVERYWHERE. Not an unintended consequence, but the entire purpose of "our" government. Complete and utter destruction of civilization. Raw hell EVERYWHERE.
  People skills?

In techy news:
Yahoo's chief executive Marissa Mayer has responded to critics after she came under fire for oversleeping at an advertising festival in Cannes, insisting the event was productive and that she apologised for being late.

Mayer was supposed to meet with clients and give them an update on Yahoo's strategy under her watch. Instead, she fell asleep and, by the time she made it to her table, some of the guests, including IPG's CEO Michael Roth, had left.

Mayer, who left Google for Yahoo while being six months pregnant in 2012, has previously been criticised for being too focused on technology and product development while lacking people skills.

In January, Mayer fired her chief operating officer, Henrique de Castro, whom she persuaded to leave Google for Yahoo and was mainly responsible for advertising. Mayer has effectively taken over his duties with no direct replacement for de Castro announced so far.
TOO FOCUSED ON TECHNOLOGY? Lesus! As a plain old customer, I don't care what happens at executive meetings. I only notice that Yahoo's TECHNOLOGY was getting worse for a long time, and it's been getting worse DRASTICALLY FASTER since Mayer took over. Before Mayer, Yahoo Groups and Flickr were still usable. Now they're not worth looking at. Serious photographers are abandoning Flickr in droves.

It's blazingly clear that nobody at Yahoo actually USES their products. There's no feedback.

I don't know how they manage to develop stuff without trying it. When I develop stuff, whether it's courseware for a large publisher or humble tools for fellow Poser users, the company or customers try it out intensely and let me know when something is inadequate. None of the recent Yahoo shit could get past this trial process. Ergo, Yahoo is simply not testing its shit.

That's the opposite of TOO FOCUSED ON TECHNOLOGY. I don't know if it's GOOD PEOPLE SKILLS or not. But I can safely conclude that Yahoo's customers are not the 'people' who matter. Only the next LBO purchaser of the entire company is 'people'.


Tuesday, June 24, 2014
  Another Dust Beul?

Here we go again. BBC "reporting" about drought conditions "rivaling the Dust Beul" in the Oklahoma Panhandle, which they call the Euklaheumer pnHANdle. Of course BBC, and the academic loonies they interview, are DEAD CERTAIN that these conditions will get worse and worse and worse and worse because of you-know-what.

Time for NCDC again. Let's look at the Euklaheumer pnHANdle precip and temp.

Precip: One serious drought in 2011, as bad as 1955, but clearly reverting to the mean after 2011. As I've noted before, 1955 was the real landmark for drought in Eukler. The Dust Beul had more to do with extremely stupid farming than extreme drought. 1955 didn't cause a second Dust Beul because (1) the dumbest Eukies had moved to Californier; (2) the remaining farmers had learned better techniques, and (3) FDR and state gov't had built lots of lakes to keep moisture in the air.

Temp: More interesting. Looks like the pnHANdle had a mode shift in 1930, followed by a long reversion; and another big peak in 2011, followed by a quick reversion.

This pattern is widespread across many parts of US. Sudden extreme in 2011, followed by quick return to mean. Something big happened in 2011, which the crimate "scientists" won't explore because they're mass-murdering genocidal apocalyptic psychotics, not scientists.


Monday, June 23, 2014

Journalist-satans are screeching and roaring and spraying green glop across the landscape, now that the new Egyptian regime has imprisoned a couple of journalist-satans.

Hmm. How come you satans were CHEERING when the same new Egyptian regime was hanging hundreds of Muslim politicians?

No mystery, of course. Those Muslims were RELIGIOUS people. They steadfastly refused to convert to Gaia. Infidels must be hanged. Dawkins said it, I believe it, that settles it.

You been SERVED, fuckheads. You been CAME FOR. You been NIEMOLLERED, and you're too fucking stupid, too fucking absorbed in your hyperevil satanic bubble, to realize it.
Friday, June 20, 2014

I've been embattled and beleaguered by the fashionable 'Responsive Web Design' stuff. Along with handling the bug-fixes and specific design changes wanted by the QA people, I'm also supposed to make the app RWD within limits. For two weeks I've been trying all sorts of stuff, mindlessly copying from various templates and testing in various testbeds, with no success. Finally found the key!

Now I can sleep a bit better. The innards still need to be redone to follow the outer frame, but that part should be manageable now that I know the 'magic', now that I can SEE when things adjust.

(This wasn't really worth writing about. Mainly, as per Mill tradition, I wanted to pull Polistra and friends out of the horrible predicament I left them in yesterday.)

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  I've got an idea.

Some wild-eyed white psychopath who is PAID to write for an asylum house organ called "The Seattle Times" has decided that he/she/it/bi/tri/cis/trans can no longer write the word "Redskins" in the context of sports.

I've got an idea. Let's apply another wild-eyed leftist principle to this subject. Commies love to apply the Precautionary Principle. Any object or substance that might conceivably bother a Holy Endangered Species, or might conceivably aggravate someone's asthma by .00000001%, or might conceivably increase the risk of ANYTHING by .00000000000001%, MUST BE ELIMINATED.

It's obvious that the presence of Indians causes a very large number of Important People to suffer severe cranial pain. When in the throes of this cranial pain, Important People burn books, launch lawsuits, and destroy the English language.

Apply the Precautionary Principle. Stop the pain. Eliminate the Indians.
  Slipping the pulleys

Generally speaking, local and state governments are not quite as far gone as the "Federal" "government". Most of what they do is necessary and sensible. So when I saw this in yesterday's headlines, I was initially reassured:
Some criminals are so habitual that Spokane County judges recognize them when they first appear in court after their arrest. In an effort to stop the spinning of what some say is a revolving door at the Spokane County Jail, the Spokane Police Department has launched a “chronic offender unit.” The new unit targeted the top 20 residential burglars – those with multiple charges....
.....Good! About fucking time. Break through the legal logjam and get these dudes into jail for life on a Habitual Offender sentence. The laws are already there, and the laws do get used sometimes; they need to be used more often. When you look at the arrest records for nearly everyone who gets arrested for a real crime, you see a life totally and ascetically devoted to crime. As with any other definite talent (pianist, mathematician, athlete, teacher, etc) you find the first evidence of criminal talent at age 9, and every year after that is spent in the 'revolving door'. In juvie for a month, out for a few days, in again for two months, out for a day, in for a year, out for a day .... and so on until the latest offense, which was committed one day after the latest release from custody. It's an absolutely predictable story. The delays involved in court procedures are the only reason these folks ever spend more than a day out of the walls. By all means let's target them....
..... for intensive tracking and services designed to help them break their addictions and find housing and jobs.

Does the idiot police spokesman recognize how atrociously useless and counterproductive this project is? Does he know what a fucking CRIMINAL is?
Spokane’s new unit was greeted with suspicion; many offenders worried that police were just trying to pin more crimes on them, Meidl said. “The way we’re working with offenders isn’t anything like what they’ve seen from law enforcement before,” she said. But on the whole, the chronic offender unit has been well-received, Meidl said.
THE ONLY FUCKING CONCERN IS WHETHER THE FUCKING OFFENDERS appreciate the idea!!!!!!!!!!!! Logic and sense and facts? Never heard of those things. Criminal personality? No such thing. These fragile little dear little wilting violets need to be persuaded ever so carefully that KEEPING THEM OUT OF JAIL is a good thing.

Lesus save us. Mohammed save us. Buddha save us.

No. Pointless. Those gods don't exist. Only Satan exists, and he is roaring ahead with accelerated acceleration.

All the mechanisms of "government" and business and culture and media at all levels are mechanically working together to SMASH every aspect of civilization. There are no feedback mechanisms, no control dials.

The only thing we can do is minimize the contact, try to decouple ourselves as much as possible. Slip the pulleys, break the static friction, as Danbo is trying to do here. Avoid TV, avoid** obvious Agents Provocateurs, stay sane, maintain humor. Withdraw consent. Take a hint from the unfortunate citizens of places like Czechoslovakia and Poland in the 1950s.

= = = = =

**Expanding a bit: In the cultural and political realm, many partisan 'teams' and 'support groups' and 'movements' have been infested by APs, or are entirely APs. Their job is to steer you into viewpoints that serve the purposes of the authorities. In some cases it's an outright criminal Sting; in others it's just making you a convenient scapegoat for propaganda and arrest. This probably doesn't apply to support groups for genuine medical conditions, but it applies to everything else. Recent advice from a Calif mayor is perfect. Grow a pair. Don't let a bully flatten you, and don't let a support group pick you up. Frustrate the bullies, frustrate the APs. Withdraw your consent.

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  More reasons to defund Science

Today's science news:
The sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays have a similar effect on our bodies as heroin, scientists claim, and by topping up our tan we're acting in much the same way as an addict satisfying a yearning for heroin or morphine. Experts knew that sun-seeking behaviour could fit the clinical criteria for a substance-related disorder, but what underlay this apparent "addiction" had been unknown until now.

Lead scientist Dr David Fisher, from Harvard Medical School in the US, and his team investigated links between UV exposure and the opioid receptor pathway in "naked" laboratory mice. After a week in the artificial sunshine, endorphin levels in the blood of shaved animals increased. At the end of six weeks, the mice were given an opioid-blocking drug, naloxone. Abruptly denied the drug-like effects of UV, they suffered an array of withdrawal symptoms, including shaking, tremors and teeth chattering.

"It's surprising that we're genetically programmed to become addicted to something as dangerous as UV radiation, which is probably the most common carcinogen in the world," said Dr Fisher, whose findings appear in the journal Cell.
Lesus Christ. What an absolute idiot. Surprising that we're designed to seek the FORCE THAT GIVES US LIFE? Surprising that we want to ACQUIRE ENERGY?

I can't begin to figure out the alien non-thought processes inside the alien cranial cavity of this well-funded and well-respected alien weirdo. If this is "science", we need to eliminate it ENTIRELY. All of it. Every single bit.
Thursday, June 19, 2014
  31 hours of rain

Bleah. After a long spell of sheer perfection, Nature reverted to the mean meanly:

That's 31 hours of unbroken rain. Total was 1.2 inches. Certainly a once-a-year event. Last year's equivalent was in August.

Now it looks like we're going to step-function into hot summer, completing a year of steppy seasons.

An observation about this steppy year: Rain has been blowing from the east much more often. I notice this because my bedroom window faces NE, and rain has been waking me up more often this year. In most previous years, night rain didn't wake me unless it was seriously hefty, because it was banging on the other (SW) side of the house. I remember only one earlier year, maybe around '95, when rain consistently blew from the east.

Years with this pattern may correspond to a more continental influence on Spokane's weather. Most of the time we get our precip via the jet stream from the Pacific, which is a SW flow. Yesterday's storm was purely continental, with rain constantly wrapping from NE:

Metrology-type sidenote: We got a typical month's worth of rain in one day. That phrase, often used in media reports of big rains, makes it sound like a Biblical flood or deluge. Nope. Streets with blocked gutters ponded for a while, and a few yards ponded because homeowners stupidly let their sprinkler systems run during the rain. Aside from that, no flood, no problems. The soil happily absorbed the inch. This is a situation where the absolute matters more than the proportion. If your area typically gets 72 inches of rain in a year, then a month's worth in one day could be serious.


Wednesday, June 18, 2014
  Can we appoint a Guardian ad Litem?

The monster in DC, illegitimately claiming to be something called the "government" of something called the "United States", now claims that it can take away a trademark because it doesn't like the trademark. It claims that Fragile Endangered Non-violent Delicate Flower-Like Firsts Nationses Peopleses don't like this trademark, so it can't exist.

Well, I suppose the claim makes sense. Fragile Endangered Non-violent Delicate Flower-like Firsts Nationseses Peoplesesesese NEVER used offensive names for competing groups.

OOPS! The Tonkawa tribe had its own name originally, but neighboring tribes took a distaste to them and started calling them Tonkawa, meaning 'cannibals'. Neighboring tribes then proceeded to exterminate the Tonkawa, all before the Euros came into that part of the country. The unfortunate Tonkawa didn't get a chance to sue the other tribes for defamation; they just got slaughtered.

This information is impossible. It is Uninformation. It is Crimethink. We have hereby Rectified this Uninformation.

Seriously, I wonder if there's some way to declare the monster in DC to be incapacitated by reason of hyperhyperhyperhyperinsanity beyond all possible definitions of insanity, and to have it involuntarily committed to some type of Asylum for Crazy Entities that Delusionally Believe Themselves to be Governments.

Then all of its bizarre genocidal "laws" and "rules" could be automatically superseded by rational laws and rules made by a Guardian ad Litem.

Old-fashioned monarchies occasionally had to do something similar. When the genetically designated King turned out to be a lunatic, a sane Regent ruled in the name of the King. But our problem is on a vastly larger scale.


  surprisesurprisesurp..... NO! TRULY SURPRISING!

Science-y news:
Diabetes was lowest in the most walkable neighborhoods, where incidence fell 7 percent over 10 years, whereas neighborhoods rated least walkable saw a 6 percent rise in diabetes over the same time period. Overweight and obesity, as well, was lowest in the most walkable neighborhoods and fell by 9 percent over 10 years, whereas it rose 13 percent in neighborhoods with the least walkability during that time.
Heard a simplified version of this on radio news. My instant response was the old surprisesurprise shockedshocked thing. No shit, Sherlock. No duh. Etc.

Then I stopped to think.

If you had first asked me to guess whether this connection would show up in statistics, I would have said no. Walkability is a fairly fuzzy concept, and in general the most walkable areas are lower-income areas. Built solely for cars = built solely for rich. So the exercise effect would be more than canceled by income and access to medical care.

My guess would be wildly wrong. The total difference, not explicit in the article, is 22%. Down 9 in one place, up 13 in the other. This 22% difference is GENUINELY SURPRISING, and it's life-savingly important information. It means that walking by itself is responsible for considerably MORE than 22% improvement in average health.


Tuesday, June 17, 2014
  Happy fish

More from the book on Civil Defense in Spokane, in the chapter on the decline and fall of shelters:
The federally provided medical kits held phenobarbitol tablets that were attractive targets for thieves. .... In October 1971, Spokane CD director Pounds announced that robbers had stolen pills from 60 public shelters in Spokane County. Later that year, the feds ordered the removal of pills. CD officials pulled 1.25 million sedative pills from all Spokane area shelters. Pounds and his aides mixed the pills and hot water into a slurry and flushed the mixture into the sewage system.

Must have been some mighty happy (or dead) fish all the way down the Spokane River into the Columbia and then the ocean. Oh well. Whatever it takes!!! to keep people away from any sort of narcotics. Now let's have a smoke and a highball to celebrate our success.

Reminds me of the many scenes in '50s cop shows where Joe Friday or Dan Matthews disgustedly snorts "Narcotics are worse than murder!" while puffing a Pall Mall and sipping a martini.

This has no relevance at all, just a pure distraction. One of the better Poser artists has made some wonderful Burgess Shale critters, so I decided to make a picture with my Diskagma Buttonii critters at the bottom of the food chain.
  Sweat 3

Listening to a second-string Repooflican radio talker. He's running the same old tape about The Forty-Seven Percent, the same old line about Voting Largesse From The Public Treasury. He's saying that Obama is guaranteeing perpetual D majorities by offering lots of free goodies.

Nope. Not a good correlation. If there's any correlation in this area, it's not Welfare = Votes, it's Jobs = Votes.

Let's run back a few decades.

Roosevelt didn't provide welfare. He provided USEFUL WORK with pay. He got re-elected three times, and probably could have served forever if he had lived forever.

Truman first term: No new welfare, but hugely increased prosperity. Narrowly re-elected.

Truman second term: Big addition to Social Security. Doubled benefits for most, added 10 million people to eligibility. Didn't help Stevenson in '52.

Ike first term: No new welfare; jobs plentiful; re-elected.

Ike second term: No welfare; jobs lost in recession; defeated.

JFK: No welfare; jobs gained; Dems re-elected in '64.

LBJ added Medicare, a vast new piece of WELFARE, along with big urban welfare programs; but didn't add any jobs. Dems lost in '68.

Nixon's first term: No new welfare, lots of jobs. Re-elected.

Nixon's second term: Added EITC, a vast new welfare program. Oil shock lost jobs. Reps defeated. (Of course a whole lot of other shit happened to Nixon, so this variable probably didn't matter.)

Carter: No new welfare, big job loss. Defeated.

Reagan: No new welfare, big job gain. Re-elected twice. (Bush The Father was fraudulently portrayed as a continuation of Reagan.)

Bush The Father: No new welfare, job loss. Defeated.

Clinton first term: Best test of the variables. Actually REMOVED a major welfare program at end of first term, required welfare recipients to take jobs. Didn't even provide the jobs as FDR had done; the booming economy provided the jobs. Re-elected.

Clinton second term: Dot-com bust. Defeated.

Bush The Son first term: Added Medicare Part D, which nobody wanted. Strong jobs. Re-elected. (Other shit happened, overpowering these variables.)

Bush The Son second term: No new welfare, huge job loss. Defeated.

Obama's first term: Might be the only exception to the rule. Terrible job record, brought back the welfare program that Clinton had canceled. Re-elected.

= = = = =

Looks like an imperfect but pretty decent correlation overall. People don't want welfare, they want to work. Maybe Obama has changed the rule, but more likely it was overpowered by other factors. (When one party is pushing an unpopular program like Romneycare, the other party shouldn't run the FUCKING AUTHOR OF THE FUCKING UNPOPULAR PROGRAM against the IMPLEMENTER of the unpopular program. Makes no fucking sense.)

= = = = =

2017: Let's update this to include the 2016 election. We have a tremendous bloc of former workers who have given up on the world of work entirely. By the 47% Largesse Rule, these folks should be HAPPY with welfare and disability. Before the election I heard Repooflican yappers saying this explicitly. Are they happy? FUCK NO. They are overdosing and jumping from bridges. They voted for Trump, knowing that he's a shallow faker and possibly a Deepstate mole, but NEEDING TO SEND A MESSAGE THAT WELFARE IS NOT A HAPPY PLACE.


Monday, June 16, 2014
  WMD, always an 'Occasion of Idiocy'

Reading another Spokane history book. This one, 'Take Cover Spokane' by Lee O'Connor, is worth reading all the way through. Good mix of research and anecdotes.

Spokane's experience in the A-bomb era was typical. Federal agencies had correct information and correct plans for shelters, but weren't doing shit. Entrepreneurs filled in the demand gap with lots of incorrect info and inadequate wood shelters, along with some good culvert-based structures.

Finally a reference to this part of town! Some of those entrepreneurs set up a 'living shelter' exhibit in the new Shadle Center in 1961. They hired a family to occupy a shelter for a few days.

The WMD idea was just as idiotic then as now. Though the acronym wasn't common yet, politicians were already using the concept to instill pointless and counter-factual panic.

Scoop Jackson:
If the majority of families suddenly spent what would amount to billions of dollars on fallout shelters, Khrushchev would announce immediately that the Soviet Union is prepared to retaliate against any aggression with bacteriological or chemical warfare. Against this type of an attack, a fallout shelter would be no defense at all.

Raw nonsense. First of all, gas and bacteria have NEVER been threats for a widely distributed attack. Nerve gas was useful on a battlefield, where a fog-gun or sprayer plane could cover an acre or so.

Our air defenses were good in the '50s, so there's no way old Nikita could get a fleet of crop-sprayer planes into the country. If he could make that happen, it would mean he'd already conquered the territory, so he wouldn't need any further weapons.

Second, a correctly built fallout shelter, with filtered ventilation to block out fallout dust, would also block spores. An ordinary fucking house, with a little extra fucking ductape on doors, would do just as well.

And a gas mask would take care of both spores and gas. If we had distributed simple gas masks to everyone, we could have made ourselves invulnerable to these supposed threats. Vastly cheaper than fallout shelters. Of course we never did that, because "our" "government" has never wanted a confident public. Much better to keep everyone vulnerable, so "our" leaders can paralyze us at will.

= = = = =

And right now, Scoop's idiot descendants (teaspoons?) are doing just that.
Congressman Michael McCaul, chair of the Homeland Security Committee, said that sources familiar with the situation have described the success of ISIS as the greatest national security threat since 9/11. “Al-Qaeda owns more territory, more resources, and what's happening in Iraq now is really chaotic,” he told ABC news. .... Some US politicians believe that ISIS can cause violence throughout the globe, once it gets a foothold in Iraq.
Oh? How the fuck is that supposed to happen? How are these "terrorists" supposed to hit us? Not by boat, not by land, not through a time warp. The only way they could reach our territory is by airplane.

And if they do get here by airplane, it would be through the SPECIFIC AND INTENTIONAL COLLABORATION of "our" "government", which has been sponsoring and arming these dudes all along.

= = = = =

Sidenote: Mutually Assured Destruction is a perfectly valid principle. We apply it all the time in everyday life. We don't crash into other cars because we know we'll be hurt or killed; a bully can be stopped by consistent resistance; a shooter prefers Gun-Free Zones. But the peculiar inverse implementation of MAD that "our" Cold War strategists were selling, the implementation that led Scoop to disdain shelters, was pure fraud. Those strategists knew something that the ordinary public didn't know: Russia had GOOD shelters for everyone in cities. There's no point in using A-bombs on rural areas. Thus Russia could survive our attack. Conclusion: Those strategists were serving Russian interests by 'dissheltering' us. They were making us the only vulnerable side. Those strategists later continued to serve Soviet interests by disarming us without disarming Russia.

Proof: See This 1971 Civil Defense document in PDF form. It's a formerly classified study of shelter and evacuation options, and it explicitly cites Soviet shelters and plans as a 'gold standard'. So we knew good and goddamn well that we were providing less protection than the USSR.
Saturday, June 14, 2014
  Grandma was right yet again

Been skipping through another Spokane history book, focused on downtown in the '30s and '40s. The book was published in 1997.

Still nothing about my neighborhood, but some solid research on interesting stuff like underground steam tunnels and the remarkable thoroughness of the Davenport Hotel. Two stories relating to breweries, at opposite ends of the rich/poor spectrum:

Example 1: The Schade Brewery was closed by Prohibition. It was a vast solid brick building with lots of interior rooms, and it was used as a sort of semi-organized flophouse by jobless men. City government sympathetically allowed the squatting, and the place became known as the DeGink Hotel. Gink was apparently a local term for bum, perhaps cognate with geek. (Incidentally, Schade was an ideal beer brand for a mainly Lutheran city. Let's have another tall glass of Shame!) (Incidentally2, note the dog photobombing the soupline. The dog wasn't obviously a dog in the picture printed in the book; he showed up clearly after I scanned and brightened the pic.)

Example 2: When the date for ending Prohibition was known, the Davenport financed the Bohemian Brewery to resume operations well in advance of the date so the hotel could resume serving Davenport-quality beer at the exact minute when the law changed. The brewery got its facilities running again, and had the requisite number of bottles and kegs ready. Davenport paid to have a truck specially exempted and police-escorted the day before the Big Event, so the beer would be ready to open when the Big Event happened.

At the end of the chapter on Restaurants:
How nostalgic to think of the downtown restaurants of those days! Wishful thinking might make us want to go back to the prices in the restaurants then, but wages were much lower too. We might long for the freedom to eat such delicacies as mocha log, fish and chips, and chocolate almond slabs without pangs of conscience because we knew nothing of the dangers of fat and cholesterol. It was a more innocent time.
The part about inflation is smart, rarely seen in this genre of nostalgic books. The part about cholesterol is tragic.

We knew nothing in the '30s, and we were right.

Bad "science" has created unnecessary guilt and anxiety. Recently this particular area of bad "science" has been canceled out and returned to reality. Salt isn't the problem. Fat isn't the problem. Cholesterol may be a side-effect of the problem, but it's not the problem. Don't try to lose weight. It won't work.

Essentially all the diet advice of the 20th century was fatally wrong. Grandma was right. Don't eat too much, eat lots of colors, get lots of sun and exercise. And that's all you can do.

Billions of dollars wasted, untold anxiety and stress leading to early death, untold amounts of bad eating, all caused by "science".

Time to eliminate all government funding for science. Government-funded science is LETHAL. Let businesses, foundations and crowdsourcing do the job. Almost all genuine advances were made under private funding. This was true for hundreds of years before gov't took over, and it never stopped being true.

= = = = =

Sidenote: The sudden change in public output from the diet-and-heart specialists is remarkable. When any branch of science gets tied closely to granting agencies like NIH and CDC, it gets locked into a cycle of falsehood. There's always an Alpha Man who monopolizes grants with his pet theory, and his monopoly on money enables him to turn out generations of PhD acolytes to carry on his pet theory. All peer reviewers enforce the pet theory, all grantors are accustomed to funding the pet theory. Normally the Alpha Theory retains full power for a couple of decades, then slowly fades without ever acknowledging that it was bad science. Not so in this case. Somebody with budget power has grabbed the steering wheel and slammed on the brakes, causing a sudden switch to fact-based public output. The new output even criticizes and disowns the old pet theories.

This deserves a case study by someone who might be called a 'philosopher of science', someone who can find the key players and determine how they broke out of the Kuhnian prison!

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  Wrong twice

NecroPhiliac Radio is interviewing some Dakota Indian official who was visited yesterday by Obama. In response to a dumb question about "what the visit meant to you", the official said "...And for our youth it's encouraging. It lets them know that they could grow up to be President."

Wrong, idiot official. Wrong two ways.

(1) Empirically, Indians had an excellent chance of becoming President in the 1920s and 1930s. Charles Curtis, a Kanza chief, was Hoover's VP. If Hoover had died, an Indian would have been President. And Robert Kerr (Cherokee) was a powerful and effective Senator for a long time, often considered as a Dem candidate for Pres. Since then we haven't had any actual Indians in positions of national leadership, and this doesn't seem likely to change. Why? Because Indians decided to get radical in the '70s, and all of their national leaders since then have been leftist wackos who accomplish exactly nothing for their own people.

(2) Obama is so totally incompetent that he's unfortunately spoiling the chances for all non-whites, not improving the chances. Similar to what's happened in big cities. For a couple of decades it was Fashionable and Die-Verse to pick a black mayor. After trying the experience, nearly all big cities (even Detroit, for fuck's sake) have returned to other ethnicities. Italian, Jew, plain old Anglo. The cities realized that Africans are simply not very good at governing, and the nation has now observed the same fact.
Friday, June 13, 2014
  Self-explanatory sentence

SES's seem to be rather rare lately. Here's a gem:

"Spokane Police are responding to Browne and Sprague on a call of man armed with a large knife in front of Frontier Behavioral Health."

SES. No additional context needed.
  Did we grow up with tomatoes?

Random little thought while mainly preoccupied with work....

Polistra has often focused on aspects of technology that disappeared into oblivion or disdain, only to return triumphantly when the "right" people "discovered" them.

How about disappearing food?

It's generally believed that tomatoes and potatoes were known only to South Americans until Spanish explorers brought them to Europe around 1600. There's no evidence to counter this belief, perhaps because nobody has bothered to look.

Think especially about tomatoes. There's plenty of evidence that humans live longer and better with tomatoes. I've experienced this in my own life. It's a safe bet that we were designed to want and need tomatoes. Did we really get along for a million years without them?

Or did we lose them through bad cultivation or bad weather in the Eastern Hemisphere, while the Western Hemisphere continued growing and eating them?

Bear in mind that the Western Hemisphere people came from the Eastern Hemisphere to begin with.

It may seem strange that we would have specialized connections with certain plants, but why should it be strange? Nearly all animals have specialized connections with certain food sources. We've been smart enough to find and cultivate a huge variety of foods that we like, but that doesn't exempt us from having specific needs and wants before we started farming and cooking.

Putting it another way: Nature doesn't assume that a bee or a crow or a koala will learn which foods to eat through spoken or written transmission of culture. Nature gives those animals a specific sensory template to recognize their proper and necessary foods by sight and/or smell. Since we didn't have spoken or written transmission of culture until rather late in our existence as a species, how did we know what to eat before we had words for things? Only one possible answer. We were given a specific sensory template, just like every other animal.

= = = = = EPIPHANY = = = = =

June 24 update.

Figured it out. Found the key. NICOTINE. Tomatoes have a noticeable and tasteable trace amount of nicotine, as do most fruits.

Conventional wisdom gives us one fact about plants and two facts about humans.

Plants: Contain nicotine to repel and poison insects.

Humans: (1) Strongly addicted to nicotine. (2) Nicotine makes us calm and alert and sociable.

But why should we be addicted to nicotine if it's just a bug poison? And why should it have positive effects on us? Doesn't make a lick of sense. We're not bugs.

Think in Grand Blueprint terms. Inescapable conclusions:

Nicotine serves two purposes in plants. To poison bugs and to attract mammals, so the mammals will eat the fruit and poop the seeds elsewhere. We are the plant's wings.

Nicotine serves two purposes in humans. (1) It serves to attract us and addict us to fruits, so we will gain the other necessary nutrients in fruits. (2) When we consume nicotine we get along better. Societies that get along better last longer.

It's a double win on both sides, though we probably get the best end of the deal.

Plants get wings. We get nutrition from fruits, and those of us who eat fruits last longer as individuals AND as civilizations, giving wings to more plants. This probably applies equally to other omnivores, and applies equally to alcohol. Squirrels and bears clearly enjoy fermented fruits. Nature's way of shaping omnivores toward the healthier side of our range of consumption.

Nature always knows what she's doing.

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ontology is an area of philosophy that I normally ignore. I'm somewhat interested in the uses and misuses of epistemology (how we know things) and lately I'm ALL about teleology (purpose); but the subject of 'existence' doesn't seem to deserve a lot of thought.

Still, sometimes it has to be noticed, especially when it's misused.

= = = = =

(1) The long list of "gender types" that I copy/pasted in previous item is ontologically remarkable. All 56 of those bizarre lexical variants describe something that DOES NOT EXIST. There is simply no such thing as a mixed-gender person, and there is no way to "change your gender".

Of course people are wildly different in physique and temperament. Some males are comparatively soft and hairless; some females are comparatively strong and hairy. And there are a few dozen true hermaphrodites, born with both sets of equipment. But these 56 terms do not include those super-rare true hermaphrodites. All describe people who believe that they are "mixed-gender" in some fashion. The belief is false. These delusional people are either plain old male or plain old female.

Some people believe that they have "changed their gender" when they change their name and alter some features surgically. Nope. The only way to "change your gender" is to take a trip in a time machine, back to the moment when one sperm chose to poke its head into the egg that would become you. Then you would need to become microscopic and walk into your mother's womb and pick a different sperm with a different set of sex chromosomes, and then you would somehow persuade this other sperm to poke its head into your mother's egg.

Problem: This replacement process would wipe out your own existence. Someone else would have been born instead of you, so you would never have existed in the first place and you wouldn't have been able to gain a delusion about changing your gender and you wouldn't have needed to rent the time machine which doesn't exist anyway.

= = = = =

(2) Groundhog Day in Iraq. The army of the "nation" of Iraq is melting away in the face of Islamic opposition, which looks set to take the whole place. Didn't this happen before? Yes, twice. The army of the "nation" of Iraq melted away in the face of our unprovoked attacks both times. But didn't we train and equip them? Didn't we "nation-build" the "nation" of Iraq after our two unprovoked attacks? Yes. Well then, what the fuck is wrong?

Simple. The soldiers belonging to the "nation" of Iraq don't feel like defending the "nation" of Iraq because the "nation" of Iraq does not exist. The "nation" was a semantic category falsely imposed on pieces of four real nations in 1920, just as all of those trans-cis-bi categories are falsely imposed on two real genders.

= = = = =

Important difference between (1) and (2). In the wacked-out West, we are asserting nonexistent superloony hyperdelusions more and more strongly. We are in a wild positive-feedback loop of exponentially exploding psychosis. In the Middle East, nonexistent categories imposed by the insane West are being eliminated, and natural ethnic boundaries are returning. The process is messy and deadly, but it would finish much more quickly if the wacked-out genocidal superpsychotic West would stop pouring money and weapons into various factions to keep the nonexistent insane entities in place.

= = = = =

Later update: Looks like someone tried to de-birth and re-birth himself without a time machine!


  The inquisition continues

In today's Malleus Maleficarem:
JK Rowling has been subjected to obscene online abuse after becoming the pro-UK campaign's biggest donor by giving £1 million.

The Harry Potter author was variously labelled a "specky bitch", a "Union cow bag" and a "disgrace" in social media posts from fervent nationalists.

One Edinburgh-based charity is being investigated by regulators after calling Rowling a "bitch" in a message sent from its official Twitter account.

Attempting to buy an election is WONDERFUL! HOLY! ANGELIC! if you are of the Noble Classes.

Complaining about an attempt to buy an election is HORRIBLE! EVIL! VOLDEMORT! if you are an Untouchable.

Everything is okay if you are Noble. Nothing is okay if you are Untouchable.

If you are Noble, you can steal, cheat and kill without limit and without punishment. If you are Untouchable, every breath is provisional and probational.

This is called Die-Versity, boys and girls.

Oops, I can't say that. I must say "This is called Die-Versity, Agenders and Androgynes and Androgynouses and Bigenders and Cises and Cisgenders and Cis Females and Cis Males and Cis Mans and Cis Womans and Cisgender Females and Cisgender Males and Cisgender Mans and Cisgender Womans and Female-to-Males and FTMs and Gender Fluids and Gender Nonconformings and Gender Questionings and Gender Variants and Genderqueers and Intersexs and Male to Females and MTFs and Neithers and Neutrois and Non-binarys and Others and Pangenders and Transes and Trans*es and Trans Females and Trans* Females and Trans Males and Trans* Males and Trans Mans and Trans* Mans and Trans Persons and Trans* Persons and Trans Womans and Trans* Womans and Transfeminines and Transgenders and Transgender Females and Transgender Males and Transgender Mans and Transgender Persons and Transgender Womans and Transmasculines and Transsexuals and Transsexual Females and Transsexual Males and Transsexual Mans and Transsexual Persons and Transsexual Womans and Two-Spirits."

Oops, I can't say that. I've covered the Gender axis, but I haven't covered the newest form of Die-Versity, which is the Liveliness axis.

I must also say "This is called Die-Versity, Formerly Living Persons and Insufficiently Vivified Individuals and Adherents of the Oxygen-Free Lifestyle and Persons of Rigor."
Tuesday, June 10, 2014
  Modest proposal

Our satanic media have been generating and amplifying the school-shooter fad for their own hellish profit. The fad exists because of media coverage.

They could redeem themselves. Here's how.

Maintain the high publicity value of shooting, but eliminate the actual deaths.

You want to go out in a blaze of glory? Fine. You've been practicing for several years in Virtual Reality, so we'll simply provide you with a Virtual Reality setup that looks just like your school, complete with all the bullies who need to be avenged. You won't be able to tell the difference, and the TV audience won't be able to tell the difference. You can see the bullies lose their skulls and bleed out, and then you can genuinely kill yourself.

We'll still make our hellish profit, and you'll still be dead.

The only difference is that no actual humans will be hurt.

= = = = =

Dead fucking serious now:

If media wanted to do something fucking positive, they would simply





Since the above "if" is logically and physically impossible, this will not happen.
  30-picosecond disproof

Some shit deserves a looked-up fact or two to disprove it.

Some doesn't.

Latest shit: "New evidence links air pollution to autism, schizophrenia"

Instantly wrong. Autism is "increasing" because of changing diagnosis criteria, and schizophrenia doesn't appear to be increasing; but both of these tendencies mainly occur in countries with LOW pollution.

So how are these shit-vendors making their atrociously false connection?

"In three sets of experiments, Cory-Slechta and her colleagues exposed mice to levels of air pollution typically found in mid-sized U.S. cities during rush hour. The exposures were conducted during the first two weeks after birth, a critical time in the brain's development. The mice were exposed to polluted air for four hours each day for two four-day periods."

First, a hyphen. As soon as you see a hyphen, you know you're looking at shit.

Second, it's mice. We have some basic physiology in common, but we share very little of our higher mental functions with mice.

Third, it's TRAFFIC pollution. Where do you find TRAFFIC pollution? In big cities. And what ELSE is true of kids growing up in big cities? They don't play outside. They don't dig in the dirt. They don't get sun and air and exercise. They don't get normal interactions with other kids.

Fourth, see this.

Nuff said. No need to look up anything.
Monday, June 09, 2014

Continuing the theme of Soft motors and decoupling as an alternative to the permanently destroyed feedback mechanisms of culture and government.

Earlier I wrote that decoupling is unfamiliar. It was more familiar to car drivers and radio listeners and machine operators in earlier times. A printing press or loom would be run via pulleys from a central shaft, and you'd start, stop and adjust your machine by tightening or loosening the leather pulley. A Model T driver learned how to apply the low and high bands to shift gears.

On an early crystal radio, adjusting the coupling between antenna and detector was an integral part of tuning.

Polistra shows off her Signal Corps SCR-54 of 1916 vintage.

Artistic note: I had an animation of decoupling here, but after looking at it I decided it was both technically wrong and visually useless. Even though I knew what I was trying to express, I couldn't derive any meaning from the animation! So I took it down. But I had fun building it, which is the only thing that matters.

The notion of slipping the pulley probably offers a better analogy for thinking about cultural and political decoupling. I'll return to this theme after clarifying my own thoughts.

Later: I returned to the slipping-pulleys theme here.
Saturday, June 07, 2014
  Buggy whips

A tiresome cliche, heard every time some lowly non-progressive human complains about losing his good solid decent job in manufacturing: "Well, buggy whips had to give way to automobiles, so your job has to give way."

It's an evil trick, a misdirection to blame "the inevitable march of technology" for unspeakably evil decisions made by demons. "We're not doing this because we enjoy watching you starve! No, no, no, we're not doing this because your suffering enlarges our bonuses! No, no, no, we're forced against our will to implement the Inevitable And Unstoppable Law Of Globalization. Time Marches On, and we must follow. This hurts us more than it hurts you!"

But what about the precise metaphor? Were buggy whips the main casualty of automobiles? I suspect the unspeakably evil metaphor-makers would acknowledge that they really mean horse-drawn carriages.

So let's look at carriages vs autos. Again pieced together from the 1915 Chicago Tribune almanac:

Data from 1909, when the Model T was just starting production. Horses and streetcars were still dominant, and would remain so until 1920. Already automobiles (85K employees) had outpaced carriages (82K employees). But this wasn't a displacement. Carriage makers were actually subsumed into the auto industry. Studebaker switched directly from buggies to cars. Billy Durant was a buggy maker when he bought Buick to start GM. Many other carriage-makers turned into auto body makers like Fisher, which later became part of major auto companies. In other words, the buggy industry became the auto industry.

The real loss was railroads, not carriages.

A quick comparison from 1909 to 2011. The categories have changed. I assume whips are part of "manufactured leather goods", and I assume that the handful of carriages still produced for horse racing and parades are part of "other transportation", which cites golf carts as an example.

1909 whips 2k / 2011 leather 12k
1909 railroad rolling stock 400k / 2011 railroad rolling stock 27k
1909 automobiles 85k / 2011 "transportation equipment" 1.2M
1909 carriages 82k / 2011 "golf carts, etc" 12k

Where's technology in all of this? Present but complicated. Yes, autos were a new technology, but they expanded the carriage industry into a new form. They didn't kill carriages. They did kill passenger railroads, but freight railroads are still a huge industry, still successful with 1940's tech.

So tech is NOT the primary force in the buggy-whip story, and these sectors are NOT the real losses to American manufacturing anyway.

The real losses are clothing, appliances, electronics and household supplies. And in those sectors technology was a REVERSE force. American workers were replaced by Chinese and Pakistani workers using LOWER technology, solely because America-based corporations are treasonous mass murderers who enjoy slaughtering an entire nation to improve their share value.

I wonder what the 'beta' is? The coefficient of slaughter? How many millions of lives need to be destroyed for a one dollar increment in share value? I'm sure Goldman has a well-calibrated equation.

= = = = =

Sidenote: You'd think that gasoline engines (directly or via motorcycles) would have been a major source for the automobile industry. It happened that way in Europe and Japan, but NOT in the US. Only one gas-engine maker went into autos with any success. Maytag had started building engines to power its washing machines, and branched out into making an auto buggy. It didn't sell, so they gave up; but Maytag's engineers, the Duesenberg brothers, went on to make less prosaic machines.


  Rambler town

Polistra has often used Nash and its Rambler as a shining example of corporate 'squareness'. Charles Nash had worked his way up to CEO of GM, and got tired of the high-roller antics of GM's founder Billy Durant. Nash started his own company, vowing to run it the square way. Never borrow, always save, don't throw away workers, don't throw away designs and tooling. Over the decades, his belt-and-suspenders principles gave Nash a strong advantage. It survived 30 years longer than the other 'independents'.

Spokane is a square town. Hipsters and rich fuckheads have their special areas, but most of the city is relentlessly square, a place where the 1950's never disappeared.

Spokane was also a Rambler town. When I moved here in '91, AMC cars were notably overrepresented. Everything from 1959 Americans to 1980s Eagles were common. The Eagles made sense: a low-priced 4WD station wagon is an obvious choice in snowy country. But the dominance of earlier Ramblers didn't make sense.

I just made the connection. Square and Mormon go together. Spokane is a Mormon place. Mormons are square in the best sense. They have big families, work hard, and do innocent things. And they make it look fun.

Square and Rambler obviously go together. And of course George Romney and Rambler go together.

Romney, Mormon, Square, Rambler. Completes the square of squareness.

Back in my hippieshit years I thought I was cool. Of course I wasn't, but I kept trying. And one aspect of coolness was mocking squares, which included mocking Ramblers. Cool people drove VWs and Saabs. Squares drove Ramblers.

Well, those square Ramblers were actually a whole lot greener than our cool VWs. Consider a Gremlin. Same size as a bug. Same gas mileage as a bug. Consumed less oil than a bug. Consumed less metal than a bug, because the Gremlin's belt-and-suspenders engine lasted 3 times as long before overhaul. Drastically safer than a bug. (If you die in a crash, you won't continue being cool.) (Hmm. In a strictly thermal sense the oxygen-free lifestyle is the coolest of all alternate lifestyles, but it's a kind of cool that the chicks don't appreciate... and even if they did, you wouldn't know it.)

Wanna get political? OK. Gremlin traced its heritage to Charles Nash, a poor orphan who escaped from slavery and later started his own company to escape Wall Street trickery. VW traced its heritage to Hitler.

So why did we mock Gremlins? Because we were idiots.
Friday, June 06, 2014
  Time zones and crotches 4

As long as I'm pushing this stupid title beyond its limits, might as well exhaust the possibilities.

Grocery stores have been running wild with 'inflation by deflation', holding prices steady while shrinking packages. They assume, accurately enough, that most people aren't good metrologists and won't keep records of baselines. Well, I haven't been keeping records, but I realized that my house has been keeping a baseline record, a visible timeline, on the deflation of toilet paper!

When I moved here in 1991, toilet paper rolls filled this holder completely. It was hard to pull the paper because the roll rubbed the sides of the holder.

In 2008 I decided that installing rolls was unnecessary labor. Using a free-standing roll is more efficient. At first I balanced the roll on top of the holder, then built this shelf to hold several rolls.

The last almost-empty roll on the holder never got removed, so it shows the width of a 2008 roll.

I put a new roll between the holder and the shelf to take this picture. You can see three distinct lengths in one picture. The holder represents 1991 and all previous years. The empty roll on the holder represents 2008. The new roll is 2014. Each step is a one-inch decrement. Auto-timeline.

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  Crotches and time zones 3

June 6, 1944: US Army carries out Operation Overlord, storms Normandy beaches, helps Russia defeat Krauts.

June 6, 2014: US Army carries out something called "DOD Pride Month", commemorates "inclusion" of LGBTQQ2ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQQRSTUVWXYZ45J3L7KJ individuals.

Nuff said.
  Time zones and crotches 2

Another piece of info from the same 1915 almanac as previous entry.

Everyone knows that women "got the vote" with the 19th Amendment in 1919. Everyone knows that wyyymyyyns were totally excluded from politics until the 19th.

Right? Dead wrong.

I've colorized the timezone map to show where women could vote in 1915:

Some of these states had incomplete voting. In general the Pacific and Mountain time zones had total suffrage, Central zone allowed women to vote for most offices, and the five Eastern states had narrower limits.

So who actually got the vote in 1919? The South and the industrial Northeast.

Or putting it another way, women in Republican states could vote before 1919. The amendment brought voting to Dem states. (Though I hate partisan distinctions in modern times, the parties had some meaning back then.)

So we can reach a final FACT-BASED verdict on those four so-called Progressive amendments. ALL WERE PRACTICALLY UNNECESSARY, AND ALL BAD BY PROGRESSIVE OR POPULIST STANDARDS.

Unnecessary: In each case the idea was either spreading quickly across the states, or already federal law. (16) The feds had imposed income taxes before. (17) A 1914 law had already changed the election of the Senate from the correct state-delegate form to the tyrannical and corrupt direct-election form. (18) Half the states had enacted prohibition of alcohol. (19) Half the states had enacted female voting.

Bad: (16) The original requirement of excise taxes and tariffs worked to keep government limited, AND placed most of the tax burden on the rich, AND strictly limited foreign trade. If government wanted revenue, it had to tax the rich or slow down imports. (17) Senators who directly represented state governments served as an effective check on federal power; senators who represent nothing in particular are just thugs and traitors. (18) No discussion needed. (19) When the electorate includes women, the government inevitably moves toward tyranny.
Thursday, June 05, 2014
  Time crotch

Here's a genuine oddity. After finding that this exact neighborhood was once called Hollywood, I've been trying to get more facts. Ordered some books from Alibris; two of them have come so far, with no meaningful info. Looked through googlebooks; so far nothing, but ran into this extremely strange map.

Standard time zones as of 1915. Look at the triple point or Y-junction at El Paso. That would be almost impossible to manage. In or near El Paso you could cross a line and gain or lose one hour, or you could cross another line and gain or lose two hours without ever passing through the middle hour! To make it even more complicated, Mexico didn't create formal time zones until 1921, so Juarez was presumably following solar time, or more likely not bothering with clocks at all.

The line between Pacific and Mountain made a turn right on top of "East Spokane", which means that most of the City of Spokane would have been in PST, while the Valley would have been in MST.

Was this ever properly applied? Seems like it would create too much weirdness if enforced.

A bit later: I see the problem. These lines were drawn using a steady but stupid principle. It must have made sense in terms of surveying and defining the 'metes and bounds', but it's exactly the wrong rule for timezones. Look at the zigzags in Kansas to see the rule clearly. Each zig is EXACTLY ON a city, causing max confusion.

Now the MST/CST line still passes through Kansas, but now it tries to run BETWEEN cities, not INSIDE cities. I seriously doubt that these boundaries were ever used.


  Soft motors, soft governments

Following immediately on the Surace dystopia. When all the carefully designed feedback mechanisms of culture and government have been ripped out or paralyzed by the Goldman virus, is there any hope? Probably not, but here's a half-formed thought.

Returning to an earlier realization, triggered rather strangely by the virtues of a cheap Chinese gadget.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

It's sort of like a junior version of a Dremel tool, but much weaker and slower. The weak motor is the key to its success, oddly enough. Just run the sander back and forth along the edge of each nail with a light touch, and it takes the nails down to a proper length and smoothness. Time 5 to 10 seconds per toe. No chance of damaging the skin; the small sander always stays on the target toe; and the weak motor stops when you dig a bit too deep. Foolproof and cootproof.

Soft motors can be an elegant solution. The old vacuum-powered windshield wipers had a similar self-limiting quality. In a light rain the wipers would wipe when there was enough rain to slide on, and would stop when (or where) the glass was dry. You couldn't burn out the motor or blow a fuse by turning the knob when the wipers were frozen. No software or interrupting timer needed; just mechanical self-regulation.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

In an electronic or mechanical system, there are two main ways to achieve self-control. Good systems generally use both methods where appropriate. One is feedback; the other is decoupling or softness. (Decoupling is less familiar than feedback. Think of a transformer or a limited-slip differential.)

The weak nail-grinder and the vacuum wipers are dumb systems. They have no CPUs, no mechanical or electric feedback. All they have is softness or weakness. But the softness serves the same purpose as intelligence or feedback. With the nail-grinder, softness prevents the grinder from damaging skin. With the wipers, softness saves the wipers from icy self-destruction and provides a "smart-like" response to rain.

Is there a way to soften or weaken the zero-feedback system of modern Western countries? A way to decouple the central money-generators and secret police from local layers? A way to interpose a high-hysteresis transformer or limited-slip drivetrain?

I don't know, but it's worth thinking about. In a historical sense, soft governments generally work better than "democratic" governments. In a "democracy", leaders compete to win the prize of power, which means the winner is the most psychopathic, most manic, most powerhungry fucking bastard in the whole country. Soft monarchies or old worn-out authoritarian regimes have a wider variety of leaders because they're selected by genes, not by fights. You get some powermad wackos but you also get some wise men and some ordinary men. Nominally they have strict rules, but practically they don't give a shit unless you seriously and actively oppose them. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a government that just plain didn't give a holy horseshit?
  The most dangerous

A monstrously frightening interview on BBC Business Daily with a futurist named Kevin Surace.

Loosely transcribed, with my own comments thrown into the mix:

Announcer: But can we be so confident? At no stage in history have so many jobs been under imminent threat from technological changes.

Surace: What happens over the next few decades as the intelligence of robots starts to surpass humans, and the tasks that they do begin to overtake ours ... we're approaching a time when a seriously human-like robot may cost around a thousand dollars ... Take autonomous cars as an example. They're going to save lives ... Now there will be a day, 20 years from now, when human drivers are going to be outlawed. ... So what happens if you like to drive? Well, that will be taken away from you.

Now let's take it a step further. What happens when most of our jobs are taken over by robots? There's been a little of that, but it really hasn't impacted the world economy.

Me: Unlike most commentators, Surace has the facts right on this point. In fact most jobs in Western countries haven't been taken by technology up till now; they've been taken by cheap labor in Bangladesh and China.

Surace: What happens when even coders aren't needed because the software doesn't need specific programs? Even you (the announcer) will be replaced by a robot, because it's a lot cheaper to have robots speaking on the air.

Announcer: But we all WANT human interaction, don't we?

Surace: Well, that's the point. We as a society have judged our own worth by the jobs we do. It wasn't always that way, but certainly since the advent of money that's what we've done.

Me: Absolutely wrong TWICE. Not 'AS A SOCIETY', you fucking egregious psychopath. (1) Humans are social mammals. We are REQUIRED to be useful. It's in our genes, or it's part of God's plan. Expressed either way, it's INNATE. We cease functioning if we aren't able to be useful. (2) Money didn't create this situation. Our need to be useful created money.

Surace: We build self-worth out of what we do. What happens when our self-worth can't be built out of a job, in fact we can't earn money from a job, because all jobs can be done better by robots and computers? Now that's not 3 years from now, but it's going to happen 40 or 50 years from now. It means we don't go to work. So as humans we get two choices. We're either going to have this amazing renaissance; this amazing focus on what humans can do ... It's art, it's song, it's dance, it's creativity, it's things we haven't thought of. Or, society collapses because only a few barons own all the robots and get all the money from production.

Announcer: Well, which do you think will happen?

Surace: Well, I think countries that are EVOLVED enough will decide to do the renaissance thing, will find new ways to think of our own personal self-worth.

= = = = =

Me: There's good old "EVOLVED" used in Orwellian reverse as usual. What's the top of the heap in any line of animals or plants? What's the characteristic of a species that thrives in all sorts of situations and adapts to all sorts of perturbations? Social structure. Cooperation, competition, communication, division of LABOR. Bacteria do it, flowering plants do it, bees do it, birds do it, wolves do it, and we do it. Removing the division of labor is DEVOLUTION.

We've seen many examples of parasitic subsocieties who believe they can get along on nothing more than song and dance, or chanting and begging (the religious equivalents of song and dance). They don't last long, because only a few people can sing and dance well enough to get mates.

Civilization functions when the WIDEST POSSIBLE RANGE OF HONEST TALENTS AND SKILLS are rewarded. This means that a WIDE RANGE OF TYPES WILL BE ABLE TO MATE.

We've already lost this battle in the West. 'Superstar syndrome' is the obvious symptom. Thanks to feminism and thanks to the total destruction of manufacturing, only entertainers and barons are qualified to mate.

The most dangerous point in Surace's horrible dystopia: Why in the fuck would these "barons" provide robots FOR FREE to billions of useless humans? It's completely impossible. The "barons" will be the same Chosen People who own the means of producing money now, and they will only provide services if they can find a way to make trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars thereby. How are all those unskilled singers and dancers going to get even one robot or one gram of synthetic food-like substance? Not gonna happen. No reason to feed all those Negative Externalities.

The stupidest point in Surace's stupid argument: The good old Arrow of History, reversed as always. He considers this hellish situation to be physically inevitable, like a rock rolling down a hill. Wrong. This path is guided by unimaginably evil human intelligence at every stage. Western countries have collapsed because the barons have removed or paralyzed all feedback mechanisms that previously stood in their way. Everything that might be able to fight back or hit the brakes has been eradicated. Churches cause doubt about wealth accumulation? Blackmail churches into submission. Families naturally require a man to work for money? Use the owned churches to smash families. Laws and regulators get in the way? Leveraged buyouts of governments. When all feedback is gone, the process is indistinguishable from a rolling rock, because all indications of LIFE are gone. Feedback is life. Life is feedback.

Attempted an answer in next entry.

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Wednesday, June 04, 2014
  RIP Chester Nez

The last of the code talkers has died, taking with him the last vestige of honor in the field of cryptography.

Meanwhile, all the techie fanboys are delusionally trusting in Our Lord And Savior Google Alleluia Amen!!!!! More bits! More bits! More bits! If we can only get more bits, we can be absolutely breakproof! NSA won't be able to tell what we're doing!

Except that NSA designed the fucking algorithm, you fucking fools.

You may be clever, and your machines may be clever, but NSA has thousands of equally clever coders and billions of dollars. You think that you're David and NSA is Goliath, but David wasn't using a slingshot bought from Goliath Armaments LLC. He made his own.

Keeping secrets is a HUMAN business, a deeply PHYSICAL business, and the code talkers were using a HUMAN language plus HUMAN adaptability plus HUMAN honor to defeat the dishonorable Japs.

If you want a real man, a man of honor, you want a Plains Indian. Unfortunately they're quickly going extinct, because the habitat for honor has been destroyed.
Tuesday, June 03, 2014
  Well, that was weird.

Near-zero sleep. Seemed stormish at bedtime (8 PM) but storms weren't on the radar. At 9 a storm struck. 15 minutes of heavy rain, some wind, one flash and one boom. Good storm by Spokane standards, hardly noticeable by Okla standards.

As the rain faded, I was starting to fade into sleep, but awoke again because the computer had stopped playing OTR clips. Instead, the computer was making a big windy sound. The cooling fan was roaring, with no indication of HD activity. I quickly got up and shut off the power strip then rebooted.

Normal reboot, nothing seems to have been lost or corrupted. I don't think the circuitry was actually hot. Power blink or power surge must have put the computer's CMOS registers into a strange condition.

Big area of Spokane is still without power; looks like a major Avista substation got hit directly and created a surge.

One of the contributors on the Spokane News facebook page caught a picture that looks distinctly tornadic.
Monday, June 02, 2014
  Did he ever speak English?

The "release" of Bowe Bergdahl is just as peculiar as his original "capture". It seemed odd to me at the time, but I was still marginally loyal to this monstrous country, and kept my doubts to myself. I did take note of a peculiarity in his "plea for release"....
At one point Bergdahl says "Let me to go. Get me to come home." Those are phrases that NO native speaker of English could ever utter, even when tired and strained. Either Bergdahl is intentionally using strange phrases, or he's carefully emphasizing the non-native bits of the script they're ordering him to read.
I was clearly trying to convince myself that the "capture" wasn't as peculiar as it seemed.

Given the even more peculiar fact that Bergdahl seems completely incapable of speaking English now, a different picture emerges. It looks like he was never a native speaker of English. He wasn't trying to send a code, he was just speaking as well as he could. And now that he's been away from English for 5 years, he's forgotten what he learned.

His parents fit the pattern of "international leftists with CIA connections", a type that Sailer often mentions and a type that I know well from my hippie years.

I'll leave the rest as an exercise for the reader.
  Astrology was right

ID advocate Cornelius Hunter links and helpfully translates a difficult article on epigenetics.

From the article's abstract:
In experimental animals, maternal diet during the periconceptional period influences the establishment of DNA methylation ... with permanent phenotypic consequences. Pronounced naturally occurring seasonal differences in the diet of rural Gambian women allowed us to test this in humans. ... Our results demonstrate that maternal nutritional status during early pregnancy causes persistent and systemic epigenetic changes at human metastable epialleles.
You are what you eat, and you are what your mother ate, and you are what your grandmother ate .... ad infinitum. And what you eat is strongly determined by season. Food availability has been 'smoothed out' by refrigeration and transportation in rich countries, but it's still a hard fact in most of the world.

Astrology and astronomy were the same discipline until about 300 years ago. Astro[log][nom]ers in earlier times were careful observers who tried to figure out why people born at different times of the year had different characteristics. Astro[log][nom]ers picked up the correlation between moon phase and behavior, and the correlation between birth season and personality. They were obviously correct about moon phase. Nothing mysterious about that one. But they misattributed birth-season influence to the planets and stars visible in each season. As scientists so often do, they got too deeply involved with their theories and added an unnecessary entity.

If they had looked at the more direct and visible consequences of seasons, they would have been absolutely and permanently right.

Simplify, simplify, simplify.



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