Monday, May 31, 2021
  Pretty good explanation, stupid explanation

Two studies that appear in RealClearScience today make a nice pair. Both deal with subjects I've wondered about and written about often. One seems plausible, the other is just stupid. One increases knowledge, the other subtracts.

This study offers an explanation of the electrical fields that precede an earthquake by days or weeks. The mechanism feels a little too complicated, but it does account for the delay. Seems to be based on electrolysis between two plates of different charge. Electrolysis moves bubbles, which effectively carry a current that creates the field.

This mechanism would seem simpler:

A giant electret microphone. The upper plate is charged relative to the lower plate. As the upper plate slides, its serrated field moves across the serrated lower plate, repelling and attracting electrons at each small approach and retreat, and creating a complicated alternating current.

I discussed fields before quakes here.

= = = = =

This article tries to explain why we don't like the sound of our own voices. It misses ALL the points and facts.
Hearing ourselves requires a second process. The sound has to go out through our skull as we produce it before it moves through the air and our ears. “When we then hear our own voice played back from a recording, that sound is then only filtered through air, just like other people's voices, and so it sounds different from when we hear ourselves while speaking,” Maslowski writes via email.
No. We hear ourselves purely internally. The skull moves relative to the eardrum and also shakes the fluid in the cochlea, and we hear the 'inverse' result. The outside path doesn't matter.

There's an added factor beyond the simple bone path. When we speak, the internal sound is so loud that several automatic dampers are turned on to protect the cochlea from destruction. The tensor tympani muscle pulls on the eardrum, limiting and DAMPING its movement. The stapedius muscle tenses up the stapes where it enters the cochlea, providing more damping. These protectors mainly lose high frequencies, so what we hear is bassy. THAT'S why the external recorded sound seems high.

A smaller missed point:
In 1968, only 38 to 55 percent of people quizzed could identify the sound of their own voices. One of the rare exceptions were radio announcers, who got it 100 percent of the time. Similar surveys conducted in 2008 and 2010 found about 90 percent or more of people identified themselves.
Before widespread use of cassette recorders and iphones, it wasn't just radio announcers who heard their own voice electronically from outside. Everyone who uses a regular landline phone hears their own voice echoing in the receiver. This version of our voice is ALSO bassy, since the landline cuts all freqs above 3000. Radio announcers heard an accurate version of their own voice in their monitor headphones.

I've discussed the question here among other places.

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  Unfiltered sucker

Seems to be a lot of hoopla over the "official" "revelations" of UFOs. Nothing new, of course. Government has played this game before, cultivating UFO fans to run an open beta on stealth tech. Deepstate never actually reveals anything. All "revelations" are publicly available info, staged to look new.

I looked at the alleged "Navy UFO video". Jesus. They didn't even bother to stage. This is an insect on the camera lens. It moves like a small fly or beetle, and you can see the legs sometimes.

= = = = =

Broader rant: What happened to professional pride? Deepstate used to apply skill and talent when staging "panics" and "emergencies". The Skripal "event", part of the rehearsal for the 2020 holocaust, was elegantly executed with careful timing of the various parts. Now that they own everything, it's all Sucker Filter all the time. No need for skill when you don't need to persuade.


Sunday, May 30, 2021
  Hiking, skiing, sniffing

An article at Unz puts forward a new theory, possibly a new false flag. The original article was published in March 2020 by The Saker, one day after Lockdown D-Day. Unz is repeating it with additions, and claims to have checked the author's background.

The Saker is a prime source of false flags, and Unz is another, so I'm reading this with my AP goggles tuned sharply.

The author turns the lab leak around, considering that the "virus" started in our bioterror development lab at Fort Detrick. He believes we were attempting to attack both Persia and China.

The hypothesis is plausible from a couple of angles. The 2001 anthrax bioterror was definitely our doing, faked to appear as an attack by Radical Islamic Terrorists. The earliest indications of the current genocide were in Persia and China. Several YOUNG AND HEALTHY Persian officials were allegedly killed by the alleged "virus", which is certainly something we've been trying to do for a long time. Above all, Lockdown D-Day was triggered by a "bioterror advisor" working for the VA.

Another aspect of the article caught my attention more strongly and less AP'ly.
It could have been released during the 7th CISM military games held in Wuhan October 18-27, 2019 and that fits perfectly into the time scale for the actual infections. Now interestingly enough, I was a participant in several CISM competitions in Europe for skiing (I was on active duty for 26 years) so I am very well versed in who these athletes are. In general the best are Olympic competitors who are ostensibly part of the National Guard of their states who pay for their training by extended military active duty periods where their sole job is sports training. I used to lose every year to one of these guys and generally I placed a distant second place in cross country skiing. I also participated in the biathlon competitions and our soldiers were the very top level because they were in fact Olympic athletes. Rumor is that the US participants at CISM were atrocious which is very atypical so one wonders who these “athletes” were. I am reminded of the US military mission in Brazil to help flood victims which coincidentally was the exact same time that all the power transmission stations in Venezuela were destroyed. So, again a hackle or 2 rise when I heard about that. However, it is the perfect opportunity to release a virus on a target population.
Athletes. Skiing. Ping!

I've seen a connection between Deepstate and athletes before. In the '80s when I was a hippie fool, I took part in the anti-nuke movement at KU. One of the groups was called Athletes For Peace, sponsored by a local insurance agent who specialized in sports insurance for college athletes. The group didn't include any actual athletes, but it did include a "retired" CIA dude who just happened to be "observing".

Another connection is the "hikers" who are always "accidentally" penetrating borders in war-torn regions, and always getting "unfairly" caught by the country they're spying on.

Skiing raises a much less definite Ping. When I did jury service in 2014, the foreman was a local semi-celebrity, not exactly a politician but "politics-adjacent" in modern terminology. He was a semi-pro skier and a "motivational consultant". He was definitely an OCD type, obsessed with precisely measured dietary purity.

The whole package activated my Deepstate sniffer, but I don't have any specific reason or evidence.


  Train songs reprint and add

Reprint from a couple years ago.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

As I make these models of Box Depots and related equipment, I'm learning about the equipment. The mail crane was a remarkable font of wasted creativity. Hundreds of inventors patented improved versions, but the original version was vested and amortized in equipment cost and mail-clerk skills, so it stayed.

I chose one of the unused patents because it struck me as especially elegant, and because the patent had a nice clear schematic.

Another bit of learning: Water tanks were simple machines with no particular variation... but real variation sprang up around them, along with grass and trees. This one has a simple float-based 'flag' indicating its level, so an engineer could decide at a sufficient distance whether it was worth stopping here vs the risk of making it to the next tank. The more prosperous railroads installed automatic detectors that signaled the nearest telegraph office when the inlet pump failed or the level was too low. The telegraph office could then send a message to the appropriate train dispatcher. Morsenet of Things.

The Pennsylvania RR developed an in-flight rewatering system for its fast expresses. A quarter-mile long trough was sunk between the rails, kept filled from a nearby tank. When an engineer needed water, he dropped a scoop-pipe into the trough, and the speed forced the water up into the engine's reservoir.

Here's a tender (water tank behind loco) with the scoop in dropped position. The lever mechanism is fairly simple and obvious on the diagram. Fancier versions powered the drop from the compressed air in the air-brake system.

I'm also trying to implement my earlier decision to resume humming and singing while I work, a habit that I abandoned many years ago. As I make these models, I end up humming train-related songs. Chattanooga Choochoo, Sentimental Journey.

To a first approximation, travel songs are train songs. We don't have many popular songs about traveling in other vehicles. Early rock-n-roll gave us plenty of car songs, but they're about racing or tragic crashes. None of them are about road trips. I can only think of one song about traveling in a jet plane.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

Added: Here's an unexpected train song. MacHarrie explained it in an episode of 'Can You Imagine That'. The composer was taking a train trip to visit his girlfriend in Hiawatha, Iowa. He wrote a train song about the trip and the girl, but later decided to change the words into fake Injun form. Nevertheless, the music is pure train, complete with Doppler whistles!

The song itself, extracted from the episode by the Youtube channel that specializes in the Transco Chorale:

Incidentally, this pronunciation of Hiawatha was standard and universal before 1950. The first syllable switched from /hi/ to /haɪ/ after WW2, along with several other words and grammatical forms.

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  From bikini to martini to NFTni

[Couldn't resist the stupid pun.]

Normal people correctly associate heft with value. This makes sense in most real products. A car or house built with thicker materials and bigger beams WILL last longer, and WILL be more resistant to rust and rot and fire.

The correlation continued in analog electronics and mechanical appliances. Heavier chassis, bigger transformers, larger shafts, more shielding. All contribute to better performance, longer life, better cooling, and less unwanted noise and vibration.

A contrary movement started in the 1880s with minimalist art, which has expanded into all areas of products and food.

Rich assholes want less heft and less material. The movement penetrated ordinary life around 1950 with Loewy, bikinis and martinis.

Loewy's slogan was "Weight is the enemy." Bikinis gained value as they lost material and became more like dental floss. Martinis were allegedly best when the vermouth was reduced to exactly one molecule.

Nouvelle cuisine reduces food to a random splash of dots on a plate.

Now rich assholes buy only supersuperabstract 10th derivatives of reality like NFTs, which are a weightless digital package representing some kind of art, gaining "value" by a meaningless association with Holy Bitcoin.

The Dow absolutely HATES real material. No products, no factories, no employees, no customers, and above all NO STORAGE OR STABILITY. Only PURE MATH has Share Value.

As a formula:

Real value varies linearly with heft, up to an asymptotic limit where the heft becomes impractical for its purpose. Tanh as always.

Asshole value is the reciprocal of real value. As real heft goes to zero, asshole value increases (as always) exponentially.

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Saturday, May 29, 2021
  Surprisingly perfect article

This article was linked by RealClearScience, normally a pillar of genocidal orthodoxy. I started reading it with my eyes halfway averted as usual, ready to shut down the page before I needed to smash the computer.

Amazingly, everything in the article is correct and wise. No gotchas, no poke-throughs. The author is discussing the latest NSF appropriation, separating out the useful and useless parts.

Core of the article:
There is deep and ongoing disagreement within the scientific community about the nature and extent of the crisis — including whether it is a genuine problem and what, if anything, can be done about it. Nevertheless, the NAS report points to a growing consensus that the replication crisis is symptomatic of deeper flaws with the way scientific research is currently organized and conducted. These include obstacles to sharing scientific data, inadequate statistical training among researchers, problems with the peer-review system and grant culture, misaligned financial and professional incentives, and the corrosive effects of publish-or-perish.
The last sentence covers everything, conclusively and comprehensively. None of this is new. My father saw it in 1959 and warned me about it. Ike saw it at the same time and warned the nation about it. I listened, the nation didn't.

The author then suggests a path toward solution:
New Zealand, for example, has been experimenting since 2015 with a lottery system for scientific grants. Lottery systems set aside some portion of well-qualified government grant seekers to be selected at random, rather than through the traditional merit system. The underlying idea is that scientific discoveries often come from unexpected places and require breaking out of existing consensuses.
Putting it another way: Big Science is uniformly Darwinian. So let's apply Darwin to science itself, instead of constantly using a grotesque parody of Darwin as a weapon against heresy.

Create random mutations and let nature select them.


Friday, May 28, 2021
  If this is how it happens, fine.

The "lab leak" false flag has become the standard line.

At first I thought it made sense, in Jan 2020 before the entire world joined the insanity.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

The CDC (Centers for Dissident Control) and WHO have a long record of overstating "epidemics" for Parkinson reasons. Bigger panic = bigger budget.

If I had to make a hypothesis, I'd say Wuhan was brewing some kind of rebellion, and China's government decided it was time to shut the province down. Note this headline.

USA found the panic convenient as another way to sanction China.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

I had the Parkinson history right, but I couldn't see the problem with the new theory yet. The controlled experiment in holocaustery started in March, and quickly disproved the theory.

Now we're back to the same point after 15 months of blaming and killing everyone else. In the meantime, our actions removed the possibility that a real virus was causing a real epidemic anywhere. There may be a virus corresponding to the brand name, but it didn't cause an epidemic. The ENTITY of a virus is contradictory and unnecessary, just as the ENTITY of "Commie agents" in the '50s or "Radical Islamic Terrorists" in 2001.

It's witchcraft every time. The ENTITY in each case probably existed, just as real witches existed. The actions attributed to the ENTITY are impossible, and the actions "needed" to "control" the ENTITY are nonsensical. In each case the "controls" only made life difficult or impossible for ordinary people. The latest case is by far the most deadly.

Now the fake focus is back on China again, which seems to be the chosen path for backing out of the hunt after the desired damage is done.

Okay. Fine. I'm tired and used up, no appetite for further argument. If this is what it takes to STOP THE MURDER, then fine.

The end of the holocaust is a lot less organized and precise than the start. Europe and South America and Canada are still killing hard and fast. A few US governors are still joyously expanding the murder, while even Calif and Wash have reluctantly declared a partial temporary ceasefire.

This pattern often happens at the end of big wars. There are always countries or regiments or commanders who are having too much fun, who aren't ready to give up the slaughter when the bigger players stop the music.

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  Pussy-ass sissy-ass bitch-ass chickenshit COWARDS


Republican Introduces FIRED Act: ‘Fauci Incompetence Requires Early Dismissal’

You vile filthy fairies. YOU LOVED EVERYTHING FAUCI DID when he was working for Roy Cohn's toyboy Donnie. Now that he's working for the wrong toyboy with the wrong team letter on his toyboy shirt, you suddenly decide that he's not so wonderful.

Nuremberg rules, fuckheads. You can't turn back time and pretend you were on the right side when you were actively participating in the holocaust.

Needless to say, we'll never get a real Nuremberg for this holocaust, because there are no allies and no victory. All countries except Tanzania eventually joined the slaughter, and Tanzania doesn't have any appetite to play the avenger. So the sane side has to imagine a virtual Nuremberg.


Thursday, May 27, 2021
  Diamond in a sewer

Every now and then a beautiful answer appears on Quora. Diamond in a sewage pit.

The question:

Are good mathematicians and scientists out there okay with the fact that there will always be logical answers that don't have accurate methods of proving these answers?

Most of the answers parrot the standard Big Science idiocy. PROOF IS THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD. ALL THINKING STARTS BY PROVING A THEOREM.

Here's a truthful answer:
Most scientists have, quite literally, zero reason to care. Physics, chemistry and biology are not threatened by the challenges of proving statements about infinite domains using consistent, recursive axiom systems.

Many mathematicians (good or bad) don’t care either, and those who do are perfectly okay with it. Failing to “be okay with it” is, in fact, one of the telltale signals of not being a mathematician.


  Interesting hint

An interesting hint or revelation from Justin Hart, a data-gatherer who has a pretty good ear to the ground.
2 things I’ve learned.

1) I was right. Trump lost because federal Covid lockdowns morphed into state mandate nightmares
... and ...
2) Mike Pence bears a BIG part of the blame for the lockdowns. I’m serious. When everything comes out I think it will show Pence ran the show.
I've been steadily trying to remind people that Trump OWNS Fauci. He didn't fire Fauci and never silenced him, and the lockdown command was issued from a "bioterror" adviser IN the Trump admin.

Repooflican politicians have been trying to disconnect the shitpile from Trump.

Maybe ordinary voters didn't need to be reminded. It's normal to blame the admin IN POWER when bad shit happens, and clearly many of them got it right.

The focus on Pence is surprising. I hadn't heard this connection before. Will be interesting to see if Hart has inside info.
  Y2K returns

Via the fact-gatherers:

Spain reported a large number of young kids "dying" from the "virus", then found out later that the deaths of 0-9 year olds were actually 100-109 year olds. Their database handled only two digits.

Bigger point, as fucking always, obvious from the fucking start: This "virus" has always "killed" people who were already dying. It's a rebrand, an intentional arbitrary transfer from one column to another. An accounting trick that Kills Granny without being detected.

When a person dies at 101, it's not a death from a disease, it's a miraculously long life.

BIGGEST POINT: WHERE IN THE FUCK ARE THE MOTHERFUCKING EDITORS? What happened to careful measurement and careful debugging?

I wouldn't let this type of error happen in my courseware, which is infinitely less important than public "health" stats. The grades are just a small part of a course grade, if the teacher chooses to count them.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2021
  Another oddly specific dream

My dream scripter has been active lately after several months of dull dreams. Tonight I was running a political campaign against Demon Inslee, trying to elect someone named Hugh Imhoff.

During the dream, the name seemed suspiciously parallel. Jay Inslee vs Hugh Imhoff. Did the dream scripter create a character for phonetic balance?

After waking I checked dim memory. Imhoff was real but not interesting. He was a newsreader for the local PBS station for many years, then moved sideways into corporate publicity and occasionally ran for office. A common career path around here. His appearance was also parallel to Demon Inslee. They could be cousins.

After googling and finding his twitter: He's been retired for a long time, and his political views are also parallel to Demon Inslee, as you'd automatically expect from a "journalist". So the "election" would be a perfectly normal choice between two identical demons.


Tuesday, May 25, 2021
  Some people are learning how to be maximally cynical

Speaking of romance-type scams....

Judging by what I see at Quora, there's a MASSIVE VOLUME of fake military and fake prisoner scams right now. Hundreds of people are wondering how to send money and food to a specific military base or a specific prison. The answerers are trying to tell the suckers that this is a scam, but it doesn't seem to be slowing them down. The suckers are fully convinced that the soldier or prisoner who CONTACTED THEM AT RANDOM FOR NO REASON is genuinely in need of money and help.


Monday, May 24, 2021
  Oddly specific dream

I was visiting someone I know in Tasmania and viewing the destruction caused by a typhoon. We were discussing how soil types affected the destruction; I assumed that the soil was clay but the lady corrected me that it was a messy mixed soil.


I've never been out of North America, I wasn't thinking about Australia or soil at all. I never think about soil types. Not my department.

The OTR playlist was running an episode of 'Ignorant', which also had nothing at all about Australia or typhoons or soil types, so the subject couldn't have 'leaked' in from that source.

The subject of wind was on my mind. Before bed I was grumbling about this spring, which has been relentlessly convective and breezy, with one major windstorm in January and several half-serious storms. I said a disgusted prayer to the Weather Gods: This is getting tiresome. Enough already. Knock it off.

When a dream is so specific and so far afield, it seems to be worth recording.

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  Why total cynicism pays

Watched this episode of Highway Patrol last night. A lonely middle-aged lady is romanced by a criminal who uses her money and car to commit crimes. After seeing most of the truth, she bounces back to loyalty a couple of times, aided by calls from the romancer. Near the end she gets hammered with HARDASS truth and finally realizes:

I've been a fool.

Two episodes of other cop shows have similar plots with similar endings. Lonely people fall hard for the slightest hint of respect and affection, and the fall is persistent.

Realizing you're a sucker is NOT fun. It HURTS. After I turned off the TV in 2011, I finally quit bouncing back to neocon mode, and realized I was a fool.


That's why I turn the paranoia up to 999999999 now, avoiding the false flags on "both" "sides". Deepstate knows how to romance everyone.

Madman Lincoln left the key for his successors: You can fool some etc.

He was instructing his descendants to romance ALL of the people ALL of the time, focusing SOME of their poison on each category of SOMEs. But you'll never be able to romance everyone, so you'll always need to exterminate the unromanceables. He demonstrated the process by exterminating 20% of America. That's called GENOCIDE.

The latest Lincoln fans have developed a new stage. After you break up the entire fucking world into individual hermetically sealed pods, muzzled and distanced and lucited to avoid all communication and contact and emotional transfer, EVERYONE is desperately lonely, and EVERYONE is easy to sucker and hard to de-sucker.

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Sunday, May 23, 2021
  More Persuasion poke-throughs

This time the Persuasion Substack is trying to find a non-polarized center ground for discussion in politics. They manage to be objective for a while:
At this level of conflict, emotion is driving the train. I admit to that myself. I remember, early on in Trump’s tenure, he did something—I can’t remember what it was, something about China. I remember having this sudden thought that, actually, that was not a bad idea—but not even wanting to have the thought in my head, let alone verbalize it. Then I realized I felt like if I gave him an inch, he’d take a mile—as if we were in a relationship. It’s a trick of the brain, as if he and I were in conversation, which we’re not.

So, it’s a fear. It’s a lack of trust. It’s easier, in a way, to keep things binary: bad, good. There’s really cool research that haunts me to this day by Robb Willer and Matthew Feinberg, where they asked liberals and conservatives if they would reframe an argument for something in words that would get the other side behind it. Interestingly, they found that 20% of liberals would not reframe their arguments to persuade conservatives, even if it would work better to get what they want. That’s high conflict: when any concession, no matter how small, feels too threatening to contemplate, even when it would be in their interest.
Yup. I remember how that feels. When I was solidly "liberal", I didn't want my holy words and thoughts to be desecrated by entering the Nazi ears of Fascists.

Post-1968 leftists are RELIGIOUS, not political.

Despite Persuasion's alleged intentions, their own religion pokes through as usual:
This is exactly how we get trapped, isn’t it? Because we don't get curious anymore. Journalists are captured by the high conflict. We’re not different. We’re human. I think there’s this magical thinking that we think we’re not. We think, “Oh, we're just dispassionately covering the issues.” That’s just not the case, as we see over and over again. If Trump wins the next election, or some version of Trump wins who’s more dangerous, everyone will say, “How could this happen?!”
Note the flat assertion, riding through on the wave without being seen.

They wish, or pretend to wish, for a ground connection, a standard measure, a readily available source of unbiased information. They don't go beyond wishing, don't try to imagine how such a source would work.

Is independence possible? Yes, but independence requires independence. Independent thought requires independence from money and lawyers and licensing.

I can't think of any examples at all in the political realm, but I know of one perfect example in economics. Wolf Richter remains carefully neutral between the bulls and bears, longs and shorts, scams and counterscams. He stands back and watches all of them with the same jaundiced glare. He sticks FIRMLY to actual data, and makes the best graphs in the world to COMMUNICATE the actual data.

Wolf is a one-man shop. He works loosely with a few correspondents in other countries, sharing the wealth and sharing the pulpit. He doesn't need a lot of licenses and Die-Versity Compliance and Enviro Compliance.

In current conditions, large media can't possibly achieve Wolf's level of independence. Large operations require large staffs and licensing and lawyers. You can't get money and licenses and lawyers unless you conform to Deepstate. You have to take the script that Deepstate writes, and read either the R character or the D character. There's no narrator in Deepstate's satanic stagecraft.

Well, is there any way to have national well-financed media that sticks to facts? Hell Yes. Two little words.


From 1934 to 1970 the FCC rigidly enforced the FD and it WORKED. Don't take my word for it. Listen to radio news from the '30s and '40s. You won't be able to use the Seven-Second Rule because it didn't apply then. You couldn't tell immediately which side the announcer was on. The announcers were human, so they undoubtedly had sides; but the writers and editors were CONSTRAINED BY LAW to stick to the data, just as Wolf does with economics.

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Saturday, May 22, 2021
  Price != status

The latest issue of Collectible Auto has a long and satisfying article on the Ford small V8/60, produced from '37 to '40 in US, failed to sell here, then enjoyed a happy Second Life in many other countries until '67. Ended up as a fast OHV Hemi in Brazilian Simcas.

BEST ARTICLE EVER. Shows how history can include all other subjects. Math, economics, politics, personality, engineering. Every aspect is comprehensive and neatly linked into a solid narrative. Author Karl Ludvigsen deserves an award, if there are awards for this type of writing.

A shorter feature on Chrysler's last custom Imperials is less satisfying and more puzzling:
The Ghia Crown Imperial offers a window into something intangible, the power of glamour. With just 132 produced over a nine-year span, only a very select clientele, the rich, famous, and powerful, could enjoy such a car. That, of course, was the program's purpose.

A Who's Who of users included presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy and Johnson; RCA chief Sarnoff, novelist Pearl Buck, heads of several Middle Eastern royal houses, Dominican dictator Trujillo, and Yugoslav president Tito.
What's puzzling? The Crown cost $18,500. That wasn't a "presidential" price in 1965. It was the price of a basic two-bedroom house. My parents could have bought one if they were savers instead of borrowers. Any upper-middle earner could afford 18k. Inflated to today, it would be $150k. I could buy one if I wanted to use up all my savings.

So price wasn't the constraint. Chrysler must have been selecting the buyers carefully by status, with official standards for the permissible Crown Imperial buyer. Or else they were taking LARGE off-the-books payments. The writer didn't seem to catch this point.

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  New thought, hardly new

Even the allegedly sane fact-gatherers are still blaming a specific named "virus" for the holocaust. I was thinking as usual that real viruses, if they could talk, would be rioting and organizing massive class-action lawsuits.

My thoughts a year ago still stand....

= = = = = START REPRINT:

She seems to be having some nasal trouble. What's going on in her nose?

It's a protest!

= = = = = END REPRINT.

The point, in case it's not obvious, is that we are doing everything possible to make life easy for viruses, all in the name of "eliminating" a virus. At the time when I made this cartoon, I believed the "virus" was probably real but overstated and misbranded.

Since then I've performed the indirect proof, following Ockham as usual. My current feeling is that the named "virus" may or may not exist, but it's an unnecessary entity. Consistently since the start, the "data" pointed to a REBRANDING of deaths. All deaths of old people from medical errors and other causes have been transferred from those columns to the branded "virus" column. Those other columns are empty now. It's like QE.

Here's a new thought. The lack of lawyers and protesters is EXACTLY WHY the holocausters chose to frame a "virus" this time instead of "communists" or "altrightnaziqanon" or "radicalislamicterrorists". Symmetrical scapegoating is getting old, and too many people are figuring how the game works.

Blaming an invisible "pathogen" or "powder" or "vapor" or "spirit" avoids lawyers and protests. More importantly it avoids REALITY CHECKS. When the "problem" is "caused" by an entity that only the priesthood can see and measure, you have NO WAY TO COUNTERACT the fraud.

It's hardly new, of course. Sprenger and Kremer perfected the technique 500 years ago.

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  True but invalid

I hadn't checked HARDASS REALIST McAfee in a while. He's still in jail in Spain for tax evasion, which is a valid charge, not a false accusation.

His wife Janice makes a point:
Some people can use their businesses to manipulate the price of coins like doge, bitcoin & others on a grand scale with immunity while @officialmcafee has spent the last 7 months in prison in Spain for engaging in similar activities, according to his indictment

True on its own.

But: If you're fully engaged in HARDASS REALISM, you would understand the unfairness and avoid being an unnecessary and unhonored martyr. HARDASS REALISM isn't helpful unless you run your life accordingly. You have to understand that "civil disobedience" and protests only count when they agree with Deepstate, and martyrs are only remembered when they give their lives for Deepstate.

If McAfee was poor and struggling to survive, I might feel more sympathy. He's rich. He doesn't need to take stupid risks to gain even more money.

HARDASS REALISM means being satisfied with what you have, provided it's sufficient for survival.
Friday, May 21, 2021
  Pay to unblock

MindMatters points to an interesting observation.
The percentage of people who suddenly become lucid on the point of death may be small but their stories are remarkable. Psychology Today notes a survey by researchers Alexander Batthyány and Michael Nahm:

So far, the response rate to the questionnaire has been limited. While the results are in no way definitive, out of the 227 dementia patients tracked, approximately 10 percent exhibited terminal lucidity. From his literature review, Nahm has reported that approximately 84 percent of people who experience terminal lucidity will die within a week, with 42 percent dying the same day.
This raises the possibility that some dementia is an overinhibition of function, not a loss of function. Near death, as systems are shutting down, the inhibition shuts off first.

= = = = =

Inhibiting an existing function is used in technology on many levels. In the analog era, shifters and switches and ignition locks were sometimes blocked with physical doors, to adapt for US laws and customs, or to create an option that could be "enabled" by the dealer.

Euro carmakers recognized the American preference for insecure locks and dumbed down their cars for American use. My '63 R8 had a steering-lock ignition ...

... but the deadbolt into the column was removed in the US edition. The same R8 also had a physical block on one end of the light lever, blocking off the high-beam position so the high beam could be diverted to the foot dimmer switch for Americans.

There was no legal requirement for either of these blocks, and the car would have been BETTER if they were unblocked. I unblocked the light lever and removed the dimmer pedal, but I couldn't undo the ignition.

When Nash used an Austin engine and transmission for the Metropolitan, they blocked off first gear to 'de-option' a four-speed down to a three-speed.

When Chrysler turned a regular three-speed transmission into a semi-auto, they blocked off first so the physical shifter had only Drive-hi and Drive-lo.

Similar blocks are common in the digital world. Most big programs have a trial version which is the same code as the paid version. When you pay the subscription, the gate is removed from the extra features. Same with paywalled websites. The content is all there but you have to pay to remove the extra gate in front of it.

Sometimes the pay is reversed. When the electric company switched to "smart" meters, I paid to stick with "unsmart" meters that require a physical reading every month. The meter includes the "smart", and I'm allegedly paying to BLOCK or turn off the "smart". I don't believe it's really turned off. I only want to let Avista know that some customers are willing to pay for "unsmart". It's like "voting" to record a preference while knowing good and goddamn well that "voting" doesn't work.

Back to living things... I often wish I could unblock the huge section of my imagination that is open during dreamtime. It generates original locations and characters and dialog that I can't possibly access in waketime. LSD doesn't open the paywall. I tried it in hippie days, and it didn't "open the doors" as Huxley said, it just produced a bunch of weird shit that wasn't imaginative.

The newer understanding of the genome is more like the Avista arrangement. Full functionality is available on the original platform. Each phylum and order and genus pays to have the unwanted genes turned off for convenience.


  The seven-sentence rule

The Persuasion substack is run by leftists who claim to be trying for a calmer public discourse. Some of the articles are consistent and objective, without any poke-throughs of the underlying purpose.

When I started reading this one, I had a feeling it would revert to the norm, perhaps because it was written by currently employed academics.

Sure enough, the poke-through came quickly.
Taking stock of our public sphere today is a sobering exercise. Righteous indignation abounds. Everyone shouts; no one listens. The sides share one trait: the conviction that they are absolutely right and their enemies are stupid, misguided, or evil. Perhaps worst of all, their certainty makes facts irrelevant: No evidence could possibly persuade them that they are mistaken.

We understand why so many are so upset. A year in lockdown doesn’t exactly bring out one’s humanity. Having witnessed a decades-long rise in wealth inequality, dramatic changes in climate,

Okay, let's count sentences. How many periods before CLIMATE? Seven.

The authors prove their own point. When we're accustomed to treating a belief as a flat assertion, and everyone around us treats the same belief as a flat assertion not requiring any explanation, it becomes an absolute fact.

Fortunately the rest of the article returns to objectivity, and concludes with a truly persuasive point that should be obvious by now to self-righteous witch hunters of the 1500s or the 2000s:
With influence comes responsibility. Those who acquiesce to violence and intimidation because it is invoked in the name of justice in fact invite it. Actions inconceivable one year become fringe the next, and soon they’re mainstream. Once the intelligentsia condones such excesses, the slide begins. The cancellers are soon canceled. There is no limit to how far that process can go.
The flame starts with the noble mission of burning poor and powerless peasants, but sooner or later the flame flashes back on the nobles.

Later: One of the commenters on the article also caught the CLIMATE dissonance.

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  God says TLM.

In previous item I had the tardigrade protesters carrying a 'Tardi Lives Matter' sign, just because it's a typical sign nowadays. I was throwing together a fast silly picture because I felt a shortage of silly pictures. Amusing myself.

Maybe it's not so amusing.

There are many similar critters living in the same places. Arthropods, annelids, nematodes, rotifers. Some are more complex than tardis, some are simpler. Tardis are ordinary in size and complexity.

Only tardis have superpowers.

None of those other critters have special mechanisms to survive all sorts of conditions that don't happen in nature. A shady moss grove doesn't experience gamma rays, vacuum, absolute zero, or being shot from guns.

It's clear that Tardi Lives Mattered in the mind of the designer. Why? Were tardis the original colonists sent to establish life on earth? Or sent from earth to colonize other planets? They have exactly the powers needed for a long spaceflight. After the flight, they live everywhere and they're inconspicuous and innocuous, maybe even cute. Nobody hates them.

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Thursday, May 20, 2021
  SES on programming

Q/A seen on Quora:

Q: What would the first generations of software developers think of today's developers?

A: Win10 describes it all.

= = = = =

On the dot in 4 words. I'm not quite the first generation; I didn't deal with COBOL and mainframes; I started with Fortran and PDP-11 assembler. That's fairly early.

Win10 uses all of the computer's time and memory to update Win10. When it's not spying on you, it's learning how to spy on you more invasively and efficiently. That's all it does. Occasionally you can slip in a CPU cycle to type one letter on the keyboard if you're really lucky.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2021
  Homers part 2

Speaking of frozen grand slams....
We can now add "being fired out of a gun at high speeds" to the growing list of weird things tardigrades can survive.

The researchers loaded two or three individuals of Hypsibius dujardini into a number of nylon sabots, which were frozen to induce the creatures' hibernation state.

These sabots were then loaded into the gun, and fired at sand targets in a vacuum chamber at a range of velocities from 0.556 to 1.00 kilometers per second.

That's about 1100 to 2200 mph in real measure. The faster shots didn't survive; the limit of survival was about 1800 mph.

I suspect the exact number was 1812.


  Thanks Ralph 137, homer edition

Last month I randomly mentioned baseball star Ted Williams, who took endorsement money to front a contest for Nash, then broke the contract and kept the money. A real asshole.

Today I noticed an ODD question on Quora, trying to stir up a conspiracy theory about Ted Williams's frozen head.


The story is hopelessly weird. When Williams died in 2002 he ordered his body to be cryo-preserved by Alcor Cryonics in Phoenix. Alcor has been in business since 1972!!! and has a couple hundred "guests".

Why was there a particular controversy about Williams, as opposed to the other "guests"?
But the worst was yet to come. Fast forward seven years to 2009, when a book by a former employee of Alcor hit the shelves containing explosive allegations of Alcor’s abusive treatment of Williams’ frozen head. Author Larry Johnson wrote that an empty tuna can was used as a pedestal to support the slugger’s head while experiments (which subsequently cracked his frozen brain) were conducted. When the tuna can became stuck to the head, an Alcor employee allegedly tried to dislodge it by swinging at it with a monkey wrench, in the process missing the can and connecting with Williams’ head instead. Johnson wrote that the impact sprayed “bits of frozen head” around the room.
Grand slam! Out of the park!

Emerson would love it.

But maybe it's a little too much Emersonian justice even for an obnoxious asshole.

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  From an extremely different era 15

From an 1880 guidebook for weather observers, published by the official British Meteorological Council.

Mistrust all rules.

Study all supposed weather signs, and collect all available information thereon.

From those signs which appear in your part of the country to be well authenticated, deduce such inferences as our present knowledge of atmospheric phenomena shows to be probable.
Fancier language than Carver's guidance for scientists, but conveys the same meaning. Can you imagine OFFICIAL guidance starting with Mistrust all rules now?


  Good but not good enough

Texas has joined Florida and a couple others in banning city muzzle requirements.

Good, but still halfway. Banning the requirement isn't enough.

We won't get back to normal until muzzles are EXPLICITLY BANNED EVERYWHERE, AS THEY WERE IN 2019.

Before March 2020, if you walked into a store or bus wearing a muzzle over your nose, Security would ACCURATELY ASSUME that you were a robber, and you would be hauled in for serious questioning and searching.

We need to get back to the ancient Victorian era of 2019. Wearing a muzzle marked you as a criminal, and forcing others to wear ballgags convicted you as a vicious kidnapper. Automatic life sentence.

= = = = =

Later I re-watched the Highway Patrol episode that I had screencapped last year. In retrospect it's even more perfect.

Right here:

the muzzled Fauci is saying

DO AS YOU'RE TOLD and there won't be any trouble.


  What were the riots for?

The summer riots deserve more attention. I don't have any special info or clear thoughts, just trying to pull the subject back into the open and ask some stupid questions.

Riots are ALWAYS government projects. Anyone can start a small demonstration, but a protest that grows and turns into a riot is ALWAYS sponsored by government.

The sponsorship of these riots was upfront and out in the open. Mayors and governors LED the riots. Can't get more obvious.

Corporations joined in unison, issuing OFFICIAL statements that riots are good for "democracy". Kaiser Permanente issued an OFFICIAL MEDICAL PRESCRIPTION that riots are a necessary part of public "health".

Some of the corporations backed away after learning that BLM leaders were pro-Palestine, but they never disowned their OFFICIAL INCITEMENT TO VIOLENCE.

Can you yell RIOT in a crowded theater? Yes, if you're a Correct Person. In fact you are required to yell RIOT in a crowded theater. Yelling STOP RIOTING is illegal now.

Part of this is normal Deepstate procedure, but where's the connection to the "virus" holocaust?

Media have been telling us for a long time that riots are necessary and good when the riots agree with Deepstate. It was already blazingly clear in the 1992 LA riots.

Was the public "health" connection just a fashionable way to tie the same old statement into today's genocide? Or was it intentional and meaningful?

Open leadership by mayors is new. Previous riot seasons like 1968 and 1992 were not openly led by mayors or governors. Quiet leadership is not new. Political leaders have often been closely tied with gangs, using the approved gang as a private army to blackmail or bomb unwanted citizens and merchants.

And going back even farther, aristocrats led their armies into battle in medieval times.

Now that 1000 has come around on the calendar again, this isn't really surprising.


  Metrology Day 2021

Metrology Day again. A year ago I wrote:

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Polistra always marks Metrology Day. Most of the time she just repeats an old item about WWV.

This year the subject was INFINITELY more important than ever before. The whole world (except Sweden and Belarus) committed a TOTAL HOLOCAUST based on INFINITE VIOLATIONS OF ALL RULES OF MEASUREMENT.

Starting with two items on Jan 25, pretty much everything in this column has been devoted to the HYPERINSANE HYPERDEMONIC INFINITE INFINITE VIOLATIONS OF ALL LAWS OF MORALITY AND SCIENCE by the infinitely satanic holocausters of nearly all countries. No point in repeating those here.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

I was partly wrong about Sweden and Belarus. They were free at that time, but both later converged to the norm. Only Tanzania remained truly free from start to finish.

Since then I've continued to turn out a barrage of 'backfires', trying to assert real science and real measurement in several ways, and trying to make a little beauty when possible.

Now I'm just tired and weary. The bang is ending with a whimper, as always, and we will never learn the truth, as always, and we will never get any explanations or apologies, as always, and there will never be any justice or Nuremberg Trials, as always. The joyous psychopaths will rest from their year-long orgasm, the surviving humans will try to rest and recover, and then the next STOMP will happen in unison when we're least expecting it.


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Tuesday, May 18, 2021
  Constants and Variables 164, who hates edition

Totally random note from a bored and sleepy mind wandering through websites.

Among 'intellectual' writers, who hates Islam?

Catholics and Protestants and atheists are constantly slamming Islam itself in all sorts of stupid and bigoted ways, spreading bizarre delusions. Atheists are probably the worst.

[Confession: I was in that crowd before I turned off the TV in 2011. Again I deeply apologize for 10 years of bigotry.]

But: Jewish writers don't hate Islam at all. They treat it objectively and sometimes sympathetically.

Paradox? Israel has been fighting Palestinians since 1948, and occasionally fought other Arab countries.

But: Palestinians are largely Christian. For a long time Israel was allied with Persia, then after the revolution Israel decided to hate Persia.

In other words, Israel's wars and hatreds are ethnic and economic, not religious.


  Political physics

Just as astrology can be a hard science, political analysis can be a hard science.

Schachtel shows how it's done. Most of the fact-gatherers on the sane side are hampered by a naive faith in "laws" and "liberties" and "ideologies". Schachtel turns politics into physics. Force, friction, flow. Just like Newton or Ohm. He asks the question:
How was the Biden Administration able to flip the switch on COVID Mania and turn off the Safety Regime virtually overnight, after 15 months of a ruthless propaganda and fear campaign claiming that America was in the midst of a perpetual pandemic of endless death and destruction? Luckily for Team Biden, the current White House are beneficiaries of Democrat, or D.C. insider privilege. And because they are part of the insider’s club, they have the ability to control and manipulate the power centers in D.C. at a moment’s notice. To make sense of this rapid, perplexing change of events, you have to understand how our institutions in Washington, D.C. actually work.
He then runs through the forces:
Now, the somewhat level-headed individuals in the Biden Administration have been seeking a way out of COVID Mania for quite some time. While the power grabs related to “the pandemic” have helped the people in charge accumulate power (particularly maniacal state governors) and install an authoritarian Safety Regime, the pandemic policies have also manifested several crises.
The frictions:
The Biden Administration is dealing with countless domestic and international upheavals, in addition to a sinking economy, among many other impending bubbles and catastrophes. They needed a way out as soon as humanly possible. COVID Mania had so many residual effects that it began to threaten the integrity of the entire system.
The flow:
They needed an exit strategy, so they simply asserted their insider privilege, moved the political appointees and the federal bureaucracy into order, and switched off COVID Mania like it was no big deal.
The bureaucratic circuit is protected by diodes. When the force is coming from the correct (D) pole of the president battery, the diode conducts and the bureaucratic circuit amplifies the orders. When the force is coming from the R pole, there's no action, just a lot of Zener noise.

= = = = =

Exactly one year ago I was hoping (but not really believing) that something like this could happen:

= = = = = START REPRINT:

One simple change would help tremendously.

Elect Biden.

Replacing the puppet in the White House wouldn't change the behavior of the Federal dysgovernment. Biden puppet and Trump puppet are identical passive mechanisms controlled by the same Master. But it would definitely change the actions of the governors and the media.

The holocauster governors are driven by infinitely evil bloodlust, but they are also driven by a specific hatred of Deplorables. In their cranial cavities Trump represents Deplorables, so he must be removed. Removing him would relieve some of the pressure in those alien cavities.

For damn sure electing Biden would solve the media end of the holocaust, immediately and completely. The media aren't in direct control of the ovens and gas chambers, but they are providing the fuel and the torches. If Biden was in the White House, the media WOULDN'T HAVE ANY MOTIVATION to continue killing millions of Americans. They would want their team to succeed. The Branded Witch Flu would instantly be treated as just another ordinary annual flu season, which would accidentally agree with fucking reality.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

I was underestimating the elasticity of the federal bureaucrats. They turned out to be changeable after the Orange Witch was burned.

Incidentally, this final flip OUGHT to prove to anyone who still hasn't figured it out that the entire holocaust is a HOAX.

The demonic governors have suddenly abandoned their Phases and Dashboards and Data and Cases. On May 3, Demon Inslee was getting ready to pull most of the state back into a stricter Phase because Cases. Now he has announced a full reopening on June 30. The start had nothing to do with "viruses" and the end had nothing to do with "viruses". Inslee's boss gave a new command and Inslee obeyed. That's all.


Tiresome but still crucial: We still don't know how the orders were given and what threats accompanied the orders. More importantly, we don't know anything about the PREPARATION before the start date. Everything clicked in perfect unison on March 12, 2020. You don't get a million bureaucrats in 200 countries to act in perfect unison without a couple years of training and rehearsals and drills. All of this shit was going on under the radar. Every Public Death Office in every city and county and province through the world was running through these rehearsals without giving anything away.

More abstractly, we still don't know the PURPOSE of the holocaust, the cui bono. There are several economic winners, like Amazon and Big Pharma, but those gains don't seem to balance out the much larger economic losses by governments and other corporations.

My usual Ockham answer is that there's no defined purpose. It's just psychopaths running rampant, deciding to work together for mutual sexual satisfaction. A global circlefuck. A planetfuck. This may be too simple, but at the moment I can't see anything more complex.

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  Another home run by Avi Loeb

Loeb analyzes orthodoxy.

He starts with the response of other astronomers to his assertion that a big space rock might be an alien spacecraft.
Innovation blossoms in a culture willing to acquire new knowledge rather than being trapped in its past belief system. A mainstream astronomer who worked on rocks in the solar system for decades commented grudgingly: “‘Oumuamua is so strange…. I wish it never existed.” Such a sentiment is not the trademark of an intellectual culture that fosters discovery. In the weeks following the publication of my book I received numerous e-mails from astronomers, some tenured, who confessed that they agree with me but are afraid to speak out because of the potential repercussions to their careers.
Loeb sticks to astronomical questions, thus avoiding THE BIGGEST CRIME IN HISTORY, which is probably wise. Writers who want to keep their heads attached to their necks need to talk sideways. In a total tyranny, oblique references are harder to chop. See nursery rhymes.

I notice only one missed point:
Finding extraordinary evidence requires a commitment of extraordinary funds. This was true in the successful searches for the Higgs boson or gravitational waves, and it is definitely true in the so-far unsuccessful search for the nature of dark matter. Lack of evidence can be a self-fulfilling prophecy, the result of not investing enough in the search.
Might be true in quantum crap, but it's NOT true in biology. Big money and big equipment haven't made any big discoveries. In fact big money and big equipment LIMIT your vision, because (as Loeb noted) the grantors and administrators are unwilling to devote part of the big equipment to an unpopular search.

Big discoveries happen when you take off your equipment, take off your theory goggles, and






Monday, May 17, 2021
  When copywriters open up

This article by Tamara Wilhite is far more valuable than any technical discussion of AI.

Wilhite is a copywriter who has written some of the scripts used by AI bots and also some of the scripts used by human call centers. She gives a long set of REAL Turing tests, based on speed, variability, and language.

Her point is that the dividing line isn't digital talkers versus human talkers. The dividing line is programmed talkers (both silicon and wetware) versus unprogrammed talkers, who are only wetware. You can't really distinguish a programmed silicon writer from a programmed wetware writer. They are both on the mechanistic side of the line.

Reminds me of the 1944 book by Marynelle Williams, another copywriter telling us how copywriters work.


  Exponential as a counterweapon

The article discusses a recent Moscow Arbitration Tribunal ruling ordering Google to restore Tsargrad’s YouTube account, which the censors had deleted citing the usual vague pretext of “community guidelines violation.” The best part: “The consequences are financial, and exponential. For the first week of non-compliance, Google would have to pay a little over one thousand dollars, nothing to speak about there. But afterwards, the fines double each week, and in half a year’s time Google would have to pay over $70 billion!”
Demons are exponential. Demons use exponential increase as a math weapon to scare people shitless. They tell us FALSELY that population and CO2 and viruses increase exponentially, and they create exponential predictions to run the holocaust.

Finally we have an exponential PUNISHMENT against the exponential CRIMES!

Like fighting a forest fire with a back-fire. Fighting mathfire with mathfire.

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  Astrometeorology 3: from static Ferguson to magnetic Kepler

Picking up from previous post on James Ferguson.

Previously I showed a couple of science entertainments using static fields to drive gadgets. Ferguson's main focus was orreries or planet simulators.

He began with another static-driven toy:

From the top:

In action:

A simple orrery, not intended to be accurate, using 'electrical spray' to drive the earth and sun. Each pivot represented a center of gravity, and a pointed pin on each concentrated the overcharge and let it spray, like a reaction rocket.

= = = = =

Now I'll use Ferguson's real orrery as a branching point to a larger topic. (In later parts I'll return and use the orrery for more specific conjunctions and oppositions.)

This is a geocentric orrery unlike most modern types. The earth is the central pivot, and the sun and planets orbit around it. The mechanism is driven by a clockwork motor in the can under the sun.

Running through a year in fast motion:

And the same from above with other stuff cleared out, showing only the planets:

= = = = =

Detour into determinism vs freewill.

There's no way to figure out which is ultimately right. Most indications tend toward determinism in most things. We may have freedom of decision in small things, but negative feedback should pull us back toward natural law.

Islam says that since we can't know the real combination for sure, we have to assume determinism.

Christians were totally for freewill, and the Endarkenment of the 1700s got SERIOUS about freewill, (see "rights") in order to give full range to the Innovative Disruptive psychopaths of the French Terror.

Assuming determinism leads to a happier and healthier culture. If you know how things are supposed to run, you can detect departures from Natural Law and steer back into the lane. If you don't resonate with a natural pattern, you're vulnerable to every new monstrosity. As we see now.

= = = = =

Back to astronomy:

Islam picked up astronomy from the Greeks around 800 AD, and refined it tremendously, always aiming to know the will of the universe by reading the patterns of planets and stars.

When Euros came back to astronomy in the 1500s, they picked up the Islamic work and resumed along the same lines. Early astronomers were purely astrologers in the modern sense.

Kepler was interested in the stars for useful purposes. He designed a system of weather prediction, and was also thinking about human influences.

He explained the motivation for his work:

A most unfailing experience of the excitement of sublunary natures by the conjunctions and aspects of the planets, has instructed and compelled my unwilling belief.

The excitement of sublunary natures includes everything that happens on earth.

At that point in history astrology WAS a science in the precise sense. Astrologers observed and measured star and planet positions in order to predict weather and cultural changes. Other scientists observed and measured the positions and shapes of electrostatic fields and magnetic fields. Others observed and measured the positions of small physical objects in order to predict and build engines and mousetraps. Same practices, same methods, same focus on USEFUL RESULTS.

Nature is lawful. Nature is determined. If we can figure out the laws, we can use them reliably.

At that point in history, astronomy on its own was ENTERTAINMENT. If you just wanted to see the stars and paint pictures of them, you were having fun, not trying to do useful work.

The two purposes FLIPPED, by a mysterious and accidental coincidence, at the same time as the French terror. Robespierre and Marat needed to abolish all beacons, all external influences and predictive laws, so they could be perfectly FREE to destroy minds and culture and people. So they declared purposeful science to be "unorthodox science" and banned it.

= = = = =

And back to Ferguson's geocentric orrery.

Holding the earth steady makes it easier to chart and visualize how planetary angles cause sublunary influences. In a heliocentric model everything is moving, so it's much harder to see.

The interplanetary magnetic field is shaped by the motions and magnetic pulls of all the planets. For the sake of modeling, I've drawn the magnetic field as a surface below the planets. Venus has a positive pull and Mars has a negative pull. This corresponds to one Kepler-derived scheme of planetary influence, attributing raininess to Venus and dryness to Mars.

When Venus and Mars are in opposition across Earth, a sharp gradient is formed:

When Venus and Mars are more distant and off-angle, there's no particular gradient around earth, so no particular influence:

This field does a good job of modeling the influences found by Kepler and his followers through experiment and observation.

What's the mechanism? The interplanetary field shapes long-term weather patterns in two ways, one definite and the other speculative.

1. Definite: The field directly moves and shapes our semi-liquid iron core, which moves heat into different areas of the globe. The icecaps are melting FROM BELOW, not from above. The Gulf Stream is being redirected FROM BELOW, not by the atmosphere.

2. Speculative: Bacteria and other plankton are magnet-driven. They navigate by the declination of the field, riding a declination line up or down. When the declination lines change, as they are doing now, bacteria move in different ways, redistributing shade and photosynthesis and nutrition in the ocean. Think Nino/Nina.

The magnetic field shapes human behavior in two ways, both speculative.

1. Our cerebellum has an antenna for electromagnetic fields. We don't do a lot of navigating, but we respond in unknown ways to changes in the planet-scale field. When it's stronger, we may be more synchronized and harmonious. When it's weaker, we have less guidance. As now.

2. Bacteria again. Our digestion is performed by bacteria, which are presumably responsive to magnetic fields like the ocean bacteria. When the field weakens or strengthens, they will behave accordingly. Right now the earth's field is weaker, which means the bacteria are confused and sluggish. See Obesity.

The next part will dig into the Islamic approach in more detail.

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  Is the ice starting to crack?

The bonfire may be starting to burn the torch carriers. I don't want to get overexcited and jinx it.

Gates is supposedly being punished for sexual harassment, per the standard #metoo crap. According to this Verge story, the main problem is his Epstein connections, not his affair with a female employee.

This is the FIRST time Epstein's blackmail empire has been cited as a problem that needs investigation. Previously he was just treated as a pervert, skipping over the giant worldwide absolute total power structure of sexual blackmail and extortion.

Parallel to the old Lone Gunman trick. An assassin is always a crazed wacko who heard voices in his head telling him to kill the president. It doesn't matter if the assassin was a close friend of the vice president or a known employee of Deepstate. He obviously didn't listen to those voices, only the voices in his own head. Got it.
Saturday, May 15, 2021
  Question worth thinking about

Seen on Quora, a rare good question.

How can we infer an increase/decrease in the global skepticism of science?

We know that vast numbers of people stopped trusting Public Health, especially when Public Health and all corporations declared in unison that RIOTS CURE EPIDEMICS.

But how can we get a commercial and quantifiable metric for this distrust?

When people stop trusting a car brand, sales go down. When people stop trusting the Episcopal Church, tithing goes down. When people stop trusting a TV network or newspaper, the clicks and advertisers and subscribers drop. All are measurable decreases in revenue.

There aren't any mass-consumption science magazines or science shows. All the magazines are basically aimed at insiders. Subscribers are part of the secret-keeping priesthood. They're not ordinary churchgoers or customers who can lose trust. They're helping to generate the distrust. They know it's a hoax because they're building the hoax.

So there's no measure equivalent to tithing or subscriptions, no way to quantify trust by outsiders.

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  Switched and witched

One aspect of the holocaust deserves more attention. I touched on it briefly before, and it's becoming more obvious now.

Testing and wellness laid the foundation for a fake "epidemic".

Heroic martyr Magufuli understood this from the start. He disproved the fraud at the start when he showed that the official "virus" tests came out positive for samples from a goat, a papaya, and a quail.

I'd been growing suspicious of wellness for a while before this shit started.

Wellness switched the whole basis of medicine from patient-driven to clinic-driven. And wellness also WITCHED the basis of medicine.

Before wellness, you went to the doctor when you felt something was wrong. A competent doctor could distinguish fake reports by intuition, and a chemical or histological test could verify fake reports or hypochondria. In audiology, the OAE test is conclusive because it's completely unfakable, completely uncontrollable by willpower.

After wellness, all tests are performed all the time whether you think you're sick or not. You're screened and MRI'd and colonoscoped regularly, often doing serious damage for no purpose. If you're stupid enough to use a cellphone, you're tested every second of your life.

The central tenet of witch hunting, as per Sprenger and Kremer and Fauci, is that you are not competent to know whether you're evil. Your own claims of innocence are PROOF of witchery. Your own sense of health is PROOF of "science denial". "Asymptomatic" is the most dangerous form of "illness" now.

Before wellness, you made the claim, and the test could prove or disprove your claim. After wellness, the test makes the claim, and YOU HAVE NO WAY OF DISPROVING THE CLAIM AT ALL. The test can be fake, and CDC is finally admitting just now that a huge number of them were fake. The testing procedure was cranked up and down to achieve the desired result, which is LETHALLY BAD SCIENCE by any standard.

No matter what you say and do, the inquisitors can turn it against you. They own all the testing equipment and clinics and doctors and prescribing authority and courts and legislatures and presidents and governors and mayors.

It's one against all, and the one has zero chance.

= = = = =

Credit footnote: This realization was triggered by two things.

1. I've noticed that the most zealous Fauci cultists are 'medicalized' people who had already surrendered their own decision power to constant wellness testing. They take all the tests and get all the surgeries when ordered. Do as you're told.

2. An episode of 'FBI in peace and war' about a fake antique fraud. Owners of valuable collections have their paintings and furniture checked, refinished and reupholstered regularly, to maintain the value and keep the insurer happy. The scammer provides this maintenance service. Instead of fixing and returning the valuables, he substitutes an excellent reproduction and fences the original. The collector isn't alert for fraud because the checking is routine.

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Friday, May 14, 2021
  Ig-Nobel winner before the contest starts!

Mammals can breathe through their asses.
First, they designed a system to administer pure oxygen into the rectums of mice. They then exposed mice to lethally-low oxygen environments and found that mice rectally receiving oxygen lived at least 60% longer than mice not receiving oxygen – roughly 18 minutes vs. 11 minutes. The scientists subsequently found that if they thinned the lining of the mice's posterior intestine, the mice could live radically longer when hooked up to the system. With this method, 75% of mice lived more than 50 minutes while in lethally-low oxygen conditions. Intestinal 'breathing' effectively allowed them to survive in an environment devoid of oxygen.
The diagrams alone win the prize. The artist decided to go for cute instead of gory.

It would be fun to hear the article read by a Touretter who can't resist making appropriate and original comments.

More seriously, this could open a path to survival for people who have lost lung function from cancer or emphysema or tuberculosis.


  Two metaphors

The fast-changing brief side effects of the Moderna vaccine reminded me of two things.

1. Seriously, Room 101/Github.

2. Non-seriously... Once in the 80s I was dogsitting for a friend who was traveling. Her dog was an elderly French Bulldog named Beau, short for Colonel Beauregard. Beau liked beer, so I tried letting him lick a spoonful of beer from my hand while I was drinking.

Beau ran through the stages of human intoxication in fast motion, scaled to his small body and small brain. Calm, affectionate, staggering, fighting, asleep, all in 5 minutes.

These 'effects' are running through a typical flu episode in fast motion. A vaccine is a scale model of a virus, so this makes sense.

I checked Quora just after writing the above, and received a pile of items about small dogs. The Internet Knows Everything.

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Thursday, May 13, 2021
  Slow smolder

While the holocaust is starting to burn out in SOME places, older demonic movements have been smoldering under the surface like Centralia coal.

Here's one that finally burst out to the surface MUCH later than I figured. When Bergoglio took over from Benedict, he seemed to be accelerating toward hell in the usual exponential way, and I figured he'd require abortion in a year or two.

He's finally getting there:
The head of the Vatican’s doctrine office is warning U.S. bishops to deliberate carefully and minimize divisions before proceeding with a possible plan to rebuke Roman Catholic politicians such as President Joe Biden for receiving Communion even though they support abortion rights.
This is actually a return to medieval practices, like everything else now. The church often allied itself with one dynasty of imbecilic psychopathic aristocrats against another dynasty of imbecilic psychopathic aristocrats, and required its followers to obey the favored dynasty. Party is the modern word for dynasty.


  Should be a lesson, won't

Spending way too much time on Quora lately. It's unhealthy but hard to resist, especially when I'm too weary to do serious work on courseware or graphics. Just one more cigarette, just one more little drinky...

Quora is dominated by hero-worshipping autists. They see only the top, and they believe fervently that they deserve to reach the top INSTANTLY. Nietzsche, Rand, and Seneca are the goal-setters. How do I make a billion dollars in a week? How do I create the next world-changing innovation?

Until two days ago Elon was the capo di tutti capi. Everyone wanted to be Elon, everyone wanted the privilege of kissing Elon's ring or other parts.

Suddenly the field has reversed. Now Elon is Trump.

Why? Elon said bad things about Bitcoin, which is the Holy Eucharist of the superstar autists.

The worshippers should learn a lesson from this, but they won't. Superstar status is instantly reversible. You may reach the top, but one wrong word will cancel you. This isn't new.

When you do what you're MEANT to do, whether it's coding or cooking or car-washing, your position is much less fragile and you have more real freedom.

Potential energy applies to status as well as gravity. Some people are naturally higher than others. Stretching beyond your natural height is fragile, and elasticity has a limit.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2021
  Got the poke.

The process itself was quick and simple and free. I waited until it was available in a pharmacy near me so I wouldn't have to spend a long bus trip under muzzle to get there.

First dose May 11: So far the side effects (Moderna) are weird but small. Non-weird: The arm muscle is sore, which is a natural result of any shot. Weird: In the first few hours, I went through brief phases of side cramps, headache, slight fever, slight chills, and general fatigue. I don't remember having any of those effects from a previous flu vax a few years ago, but none of them were serious.

Update: Second dose June 9 was noticeably worse, as many others have reported. One day of real misery, fever and chills. Pretty much done the second day, but still not feeling quite healthy.

A week after the second dose, an odd delayed reaction. I got a mosquito or spider bite on my leg. Bug bites always itch for a day then go away. This one grew into a six-inch red rash, which stayed for about a week before fading. THIS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE IN 71 YEARS OF BUG BITES.

And a month later (7/15) I went into Holocaust central for my annual prescription renewal theater. I've been doing this for 10 years. They always take some blood to satisfy their vampire urges. This year, for the first time, the blood test caused a bruise. Technicolor, lasted THREE WEEKS, finally faded out August 5. THIS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE IN 10 YEARS OF THE SAME TEST. Constants and variables: Consistent with previous effects of vax, inconsistent with previous effects of the blood draw itself.

= = = = =

Why did I do it? Three reasons.

1. Consistency. As a non-psychopath and non-demon, I'm bound to hold onto real science and keep my promises. Leave the Room 101 fast switches to the demons. Unlike all the other satanic "measures", vax is part of real public health. I've said several times in this blog that I'd be glad to do it, so I did it.

2. Consistency from the opposite angle. Along with willingness to do REAL things, I'm also bound to reject the false flags on my side. The German skeptics have fallen under the spell of RFK Jr, who is unquestionably an AP. He's still a major officer of Gaian organizations, and he's pushing anti-vax more than anything else. This is the classic two-sides trick. Deepstate always draws the skeptical side into violent and inverted acts, in order to make the skeptical side look horrible. Trump did the job for populists, and RFK Jr is doing the job for real scientists.

3. Lottery ticket. At the moment some of the national demons are temporarily implying that they might grant tiny micromicroprivileges to people who have been vaxed. Possibly we might be graciously allowed to gather in groups of 2 instead of only groups of 1 for a few milliseconds, and possibly we might be allowed to distance only 874.39 kilometers instead of 874.40 kilometers. Superdemon Inslee will never go along with those dangerous and unorthodox risks, but at least I can look at the rest of the country and imagine what it would be like. The odds of a change here in Superdemon Inslee's Superhell are roughly Powerball Cubed, but if I don't have the ticket I won't be in line for the one in a quadrillion probability.

= = = = =

Next day: CDC has gone all the way FAKELY, stating that fully vaxed people can live a normal life EXCEPT WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW. This is a classic political trick. Congress has been playing this game forever. One branch passes a "law" that sounds good, knowing perfectly fucking well that the other branch will erase it. Trump played the game with executive "orders", writing "orders" that sounded good until you read the fine print. In fact every "order" suggested that agencies might consider doing the right thing unless they wanted to do evil. So they continued doing evil.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

This is encouraging and ferociously scary at the same time.

MIT media researchers infiltrated the "virus" data gatherers and watched how they worked.

MIT was shockedshockedshocked to find real science going on in science circles. The report acknowledges straightforwardly that the "virus" data people are using perfectly correct facts and perfectly correct scientific methods. That's the encouraging part.
The anti-maskers’ deep story draws from similar wells of resentment, but adds a particular emphasis on the usurpation of scientific knowledge by a paternalistic, condescending elite that expects intellectual subservience rather than critical thinking from the lay public.
Since the dissenters are the real scientists, should the paternalistic condescending elite switch to real science? Of course not. Real science is "horrifying", their word, and real science leads specifically and exactly to the "violent coup of January 6", their words.

They conclude that the Establishment needs to lie more effectively and faster. They think that CDC's wavering and fast changes of rules made it easier for the "horrifying" real scientists to gain ground.

They're wrong about this, because REAL SCIENCE DOESN'T CHANGE. The most important difference between the real scientists and the holocausters is on the issue of change. Real viruses and real immune systems have been interacting for a billion years. The rules of this interaction have been known consistently and steadily for a hundred years. If there is a real "virus", it is claimed to be the same type of virus as the common cold, which is extremely well understood. All the "measures" of this holocaust had been tried before and INSTANTLY rejected by real public health before 2020.

If this entity requires constantly changing and brand-new "measures" which do not work on viruses, THIS ENTITY IS NOT A VIRUS. IT IS A HOLOCAUST. And it's also a perfect display of how psychopaths work. Change the rules, demand obedience, change the rules, demand obedience, never let the victim regain balance.

Without the fast change the whole thing would be far less effective.

And without the FIRST change the whole thing wouldn't have happened at all. If the Establishment had continued using the normal rules of public health as determined by 100 years of experience, there wouldn't be anything to write about. Assuming for argument that there was a real virus, hospitals would have ramped up as they always do, the virus would have spread quickly among the UNLOCKED AND UNMUZZLED AND UNDISTANCED population as it always does, 99.9% of the people would have tossed it off and gained immunity without even noticing more than a few sniffles as they always do. NOTHING WOULD HAVE HAPPENED.

The holocaust happened because it was meant to be a holocaust. It was scheduled in advance. All demons in all countries were ready to go into demonic action IN UNISON on March 12. We still know nothing about the preparation and planning and synchronizing.

= = = = =

Later thought: The scariest part is that the MIT monsters are casually calling normal science "unorthodox science". Flat assertion.

From 1700 to March 2020, every single piece of real science was ORTHODOX. How do you stay healthy? Fresh air, sunlight, exercise, work, keep clean but not obsessively clean, stay happy, get sleep, have contact with people but not promiscuous sex. These rules were universal. These rules were as orthodox as gravity. The monsters flipped every single rule upside down, and now the upside down version is orthodox.

No. No. No. Nature didn't flip. Viruses didn't flip. Immune systems didn't flip. Scientific method didn't flip. Mathematics didn't flip. The only fucking thing that flipped is your DEMONIC MONSTROUS INCALCULABLY EVIL INCOMPREHENSIBLY INSANE HOLOCAUSTAL "MIND".

= = = = =

Later again: I used doublethink in the title but didn't get around to the actual doublethink. Here it is: The MIT demons spent several pages observing ACCURATELY that the skeptics are real scientists, then instantly turned around and concluded the opposite. This is like running a basic physics experiment and recording that objects fall downward, then concluding that objects fall upward.

"I've proved that objects fall downtherefore objects fall up."

The INSTANT and PAUSELESS flip is pure Orwell. It's also pure Sprenger and Kremer.

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  They don't skill 'em like they used to. has a wonderful photo feature showing a HUGE ship being towed through the Chicago Ship Canal in 1953, with only a few inches clearance at some points. The ship was being refitted for Great Lakes bulk carrier service, and Chicago Shipbuilding was contracted to do the work. The planners had to do some serious math and geometry to determine if the move was possible, and clearly they got the math right. The ship carried freight until 1979, then was cut down to a barge and served until 2012. It's still functional but not currently used.

Compare with the ship jamming up the Suez Canal, despite modern GPS and computer autopilots.

DESPITE always means BECAUSE. When you rely on high tech you lose your contact with physical reality. River and canal captains before tech knew every foot of their banks and beds, AND took physical soundings to verify the shape.


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  Superstar vs Carver

Some botanists are starting to realize the trouble with tenure and grants. A welcome dose of real humility.
It turned out that the species that were most at risk of extinction weren’t the most likely to be written about. Instead, appearance seems to play a big part in research interest, as they report in the journal Nature Plants. For example, plants with blue flowers were found to be studied the most – much more so than brown or green ones. Also, the taller the plant was, the more likely it was to appear in scientific publications. This disparity could be chalked up to what Mammola and Adamo deem an “aesthetic bias” in botany. “We pretend as scientists to be the quintessential example of objectivity,” says Mammola. “But in reality, we are just as biased as the rest of the world.”
Tall people have all the advantages. Blue-eyed blondes have all the advantages. Turns out to be true with plants as well.
Plus, research tends to follow a self-fulfilling cycle: the more that is known about a certain species, the more likely it is to be studied by other researchers. “And then all the efforts in the fundraising or whatever happens to go towards that one, and then others sort of fall by the wayside – and go extinct,” says Cowell.
Tenure perpetuates orthodoxy. Funding always goes to the most popular views and theories and plants.

Here's the junction point with Carver:
She encourages early-career researchers to pay attention to all the plants around them, not just the ones that catch their eye. “Be the next group of discoverers and explorers. It may be in your own backyard.”
Carver specifically studied the plants of the South, the plants that his people knew, the plants that could help his people. He advised scientists:




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