Wednesday, May 31, 2017
  snxʷ meneʔ and balances!

Earlier this year the alien demonic entities illegally and criminally and murderously occupying the "city" "council" of what used to be called the "city" "of" "Spokane" but now is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hades criminally approved a proposal by the snxʷ meneʔ Tribe to build a giant new snxʷ meneʔ casino which is SOLELY AIMED at destroying and cancelling the EXISTING casino owned by the Kalispel Tribe.

Now the LEGITIMATE County Commissioners of the LEGITIMATE County of Spokane are filing a lawsuit challenging Federal approval of the new snxʷ meneʔ casino.

The "city" aliens are so far beyond the realm of legality and sanity and humanity that there's no point in trying to countermand their actions. Any unfortunate innocent sound waves or photons or electrons directed toward snxʷ meneʔ will be hopelessly contaminated and sullied.

Possibly the BIA was acting on insufficient information, or perhaps BIA was just ordinarily corrupt. In either case their actions can at least be dealt with normally via normal legal procedures. Checks and balances may be functional with BIA.
  Is Trump getting ready to TAKE OFFICE?

Various sources claim Trump's admin is preparing to withdraw from the Paris Crimate Crime. If this is true, it will be the FIRST ACT OF HIS PRESIDENCY, the first true fulfillment of a promise. Up till now he has done nothing but tweet nonsensical crap that starts unwinnable fights and gives his enemies beautiful ammunition.

Earlier he took a few steps that APPEARED to be meaningful actions, but on close examination were meaningless. Canceling Obama orders that never actually took effect, or issuing an order on religious freedom that was carefully calculated to do exactly nothing.


  Burger came before bread?

Reviewing an earlier thought and adding more....

= = = = = START REPRINT:

We generally assume that humans picked up the idea of fire from BIG lightning-caused wildfires. Good old Guk and Ik wandered BAREFOOT through the burned savannah, smelled the cooked sabertooth tiger, sampled it, and then figured out how to "store" fire. The "storing" is the hard part. Guk picks up a branch that's still burning and takes it home. Guk says to Ik: "Hmp. Me like hot sabertooth. Me makeum TEDX clip. Show other tribe how makeum hot sabertooth."

Doesn't make much sense when you examine it.

Wouldn't it make more sense if we learned cooking as part of fermentation? We were definitely fermenting stuff from the start. Fermentation can EASILY get hot enough to spontaneously combust. It's a serious problem in grain elevators.

What do you have then? It's ALREADY food, already in the context of preservation, and it's a controlled smolder in the food itself. To remake the fire, you don't need to wait for a T-storm. In any season, just reproduce the way you fermented the barley. Same size of pile on same stone: presto!

= = = = = END REPRINT.

Now add another step:

Here Guk has placed a strip of Sabertooth meat on the fermenting barley. What happens? The fat melts down into the barley, and the top layer of barley fries and solidifies.

What do you have then? SANDWICH. And if Guk uses the stick to turn the Sabersteak over for more complete heating, the barley will grease up and fry up on all sides of the Sabersteak.

What do you have then? Pita or pierogi or pasty. The universal meat-inside-frybread envelope with universal bilabial name.

So I'd argue that barley gave us everything that makes us human. Fire, beer, bread, pita, money, measurements. All from barley.

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Tuesday, May 30, 2017
  Carving IKEA

An Italian investigator working on behalf of Assange filed a FOIA request to the Swedish "government" and received a file consisting of nothing but blacked-out lines. It's funny and/or frustrating for sure.

Call it the IKEA approach to information, and you start to get somewhere. The redaction tells you MORE than the unredacted lines would. An official file is going to contain nothing but officially permitted jargon. The facts never make it into an official file. The blacked-out lines tell you that Sweden KNOWS it's on shaky ground, KNOWS it has no evidence. You wouldn't get that information from the official jargon.

In any type of analysis, whether it's medicine or police work or Intel or electronics or car mechanics, you have to PAY ATTENTION to ALL of Carver's rules.


DON'T look INSIDE you. Don't look at your preconceptions or theories or delusions. Focus OUTWARD on the THINGS THAT ARE HERE. Then,


Use your hands or tools to EXAMINE the THINGS THAT ARE HERE. Don't pay any attention to NON-THINGS like theories or delusions or dark matter or math. Grab onto PHYSICAL REALITY so that you can....


Listen to what the THINGS have to say. Watch them as they go about their daily routine or their motions or cycles or growth patterns or whatever is appropriate. And finally and MOST IMPORTANT,


Useful analysis always ends up in a loop of Talk To Them / Let Them Talk To You.

In medicine, the doctor has to poke and prod and wiggle you. In electronics, you have to apply a signal to see how the circuit responds. In auto repair, you have to hit the gas and brake, or pull a spark plug, to see how the engine responds.

And in Intel, you have to send out signals to see how the enemy responds. This will tell you FAR MORE than years of passive attempts to decode the enemy's intentions or ciphers. You don't have to know WHAT the enemy is saying if you know HOW it's responding to your pokes and prods.

The Italian investigator TALKED TO the Swedish "government". The "government" then TALKED TO HER, far more loudly and meaningfully than the usual press release.


  Meanwhile, NOT annoying........

Watching PM May in England tends to clarify just how totally fucked our system is. May was chosen BY THE TORY PARTY after Cameron failed. She was chosen specifically to take on board the demonstrated results of the Referendum. She has been DOING HER JOB ever since. Not as fast as I'd like, but clearly FAST ENOUGH. Cautiously but RELENTLESSLY she pushes back the internal Remainers and the EU hypersatans. Both sets of bullies have come to realize that she WILL NOT BE ROLLED.

She had the confidence and guts to call an election, which will happen next week. Polls (FWIW!) indicate that the Tories will win nicely, BECAUSE the Tories have responded to a REAL NATIONAL PROBLEM by actually SOLVING THE PROBLEM.

This is exactly how a negative feedback system works. Not quite sharply or precisely, but the desired tendency constantly pulls the system toward the desired result.

Our system continues to fail dramatically and lethally over and over. I'm still puzzled by the odd difference between RNC and DNC in the 2016 election. DNC followed normal practice, ignoring votes and nominating the dynastic successor. RNC apparently violated normal practice by allowing votes to count, but was it really a violation? Or were both parties simply obeying the Clinton mafia? Wikileaks offers some hints about DNC's intention to control both "sides", but we don't have leaks from RNC that would tell us whether RNC was obeying the Goddess or just incompetently failing to cheat.
Monday, May 29, 2017
  Why is it so annoying?

I may have said this before in a more implicit way, but it struck me sharply today.

Even after plenty of SHOULD-BE LESSONS, Trump continues blogging instead of ruling. He comments that people are leaking, but he doesn't arrest them or fire them. He comments that Germany is Very Bad, but he doesn't solve our own end of the Very Badness. He bashes the fake media but hasn't revoked any licenses or arrested or shot any "journalists". (The minimal correct solution is to shoot ALL "journalists.") He says that his own press agent Spicer is "getting beat up" but doesn't replace Spicer.

Ordinary competent adults DO THE JOB. We may bitch and groan WHILE we do our jobs, and we may not do our jobs well or eagerly, but we don't bitch and groan INSTEAD of doing our jobs.

I don't see any indication that Trump is DOING the job he was hired to do. EPA is still ruining entire cities because of bizarre delusions. The Weather bureau is still praising Gaia. Black-robed monsters are still committing mass murder on civilization. The military is still bombing every country except Israel. The Federal Reserve is still holding interest rates at zero. No bankers have been punished. Only a couple dozen federal employees have been fired. Goldman is still in charge of the economy, Soros still runs our culture, and Saudi still runs our foreign policy.

The rest of us are bitching about the situation because we CAN'T DO A FUCKING THING ABOUT IT. We tried to do the job assigned to us as "citizens" in a "democracy". We tried to "vote". It didn't make any fucking difference. Now the ONE MAN who could actually DO THE JOB is just sitting back and bitching along with the rest of us.

It's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay beyond crazy.


  Woodpecker work schedule

Do woodpeckers work a regular daily route? I've been hearing a woodpecker every day at 4:45 AM sharp (heh). During this morning's walk I watched him drilling a phone pole at 5:15, a half mile from my house and definitely not audible at my house. So I'm deducing that he doesn't necessarily "start work" at 4:45, but always hits a pole near my house at 4:45.

More research is needed, as they always say in grant proposals. I'll see if he's working the same pole at the same time tomorrow.

Next day: Nope. He punched in at 4:57 near my house, but I didn't see or hear him anywhere else during the walk. Obviously woodpeckers work a fixed territory like all non-sessile animals, and it's a safe bet that they move around the territory in a habitual pattern, but not rigidly scheduled.


  Real estate swarmers

Spokane's real estate heat is bringing out many houses that have been vacant or slowly flipped. Among them are three that I've been noticing and writing about and "drawing"...

= = = = =

1. An excellent but misplaced remodel of an old Avista substation. These old streetcar-era substations were held and maintained by Avista for many years and finally sold around 2000. One of them was turned into a house with slight modification, and it's been occupied solidly since. The other was super-architected into a super-showplace in 2008. The owners occasionally tried to sell it, but without success until now.

My version of the original substation was incorporated in the Electric Village scene:

Zillow's pix show what I mean by super-architected:

An impractical SHOWPLACE house designed for super-rich display, but this area is emphatically NOT a showplace neighborhood. Nevertheless, somebody finally bought it for $180k two weeks ago.

= = = = =

2. The house that I've memorialized as Bad Flip. In the earlier boom of 2007, an owner took a small house and added a GIANT McMansion back wing, but didn't finish the process before the bust of 2009.

My stylized version:

Googlestreet's pic in 2013, just before the windstorm forced action to resume:

This year the remodel is finally finished. During those years the McMansion fashion blessedly faded, so the remodelers revised the back wing to a more suitable 'vernacular' style. It's not shown on Zillow just yet. My pic as of this morning:

Nice and tasteful. Big front porch, windows matching original. Now it's a GOOD FLIP.

July 9 update: Finally has a for sale sign, through Gladhart Realty. Not up on Zillow yet.

Aug 25 update: Sold and occupied! Curtains in the window and cars in the driveway.

= = = = =

3. Biggest of all: the vacant apartment at 4001 W Crown that I've shown in stylized form many times:

This building has been vacant for 20 years, and was squatted and vandalized in the last 5 years.

Zillow's pic:

Zillow's advertisement is more of an avertissement:
Approximately 8 units in disrepair. Needs to be redeveloped if building is to remain multi unit zone. Buyer to complete any and all of their own investigation as to codes and condition. The 8 unit may not be Grandfathered in. Owner to verify.
In other words, you're basically buying the lot and the zoning, but you can't count on the zoning to stay multi. Doesn't sound like a good deal for $150k, but this year I'm sure it will get snapped up. The building may be savable. The shingles have crumbled with age but the roof looks intact and straight, miraculously unhurt by the windstorms in recent years.

A few days later, Zillow no longer shows the for-sale indication for the apt, and it doesn't even show the Zestimate. All houses not currently for sale have a Zestimate, and all give a basic set of Zinformation when you Zclick. Not this one. It has become a Zunproperty.

June 15 update on vacant apt 4001 W Crown: MAJOR ACTION, comparatively speaking. A little barbecue grill that has been sitting at one corner of the building for 20 years has been moved out to the curb. The two old trucks at the back of the property (one a '61 Chevy panel truck) are gone. The manhole for the water meter is uncovered.

July 9 update on 4001 W Crown: Looks like the action indication was false. The barbecue grill is back where it was, and squatters have opened the doors again.

Aug 27: 4001 W Crown Getting worse. All the first-floor windows are boarded, and now for the first time a couple of the upstairs windows have been broken FORCEFULLY. Looks like someone heaved a brick from the ground, which takes serious strength and intent.

Oct 4: Looke like the demonic city has purchased 4001. They're repaving Crown right now, among the thousands of blocks that were ruined by last winter because the demonic city failed to use

The crews are using 4001 as a base of operations, covering the lot with big cement vaults and equipment and porta-potties. I don't think they'd feel free to do that on non-demonic-city property. This would also account for the abrupt disappearance from Zillow listings.

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  Old forgotten roads

Listening to a '30s novelty song about ghosts and such. The song includes a wonderfully evocative line:

...On an old forgotten road....

First thought: Hey! Is that possible now? In the era of total satellite mapping, are there any forgotten roads? Is there anything anywhere that isn't fully recorded?

Second thought: No, that's the wrong question. Ever since airplanes became practical, official maps have included 'casual' and unofficial roads. Full recording is nothing new.

This 1950 USGS map of an area I've discussed before includes lots of forgotten roads.

The right question is:

Who does the forgetting?

In the era of paper maps you could buy a map from USGS and OWN the map. You could use it for exploration; you could make corrections or add houses that weren't on the map.

In the era of DMCA restrictions and 'cloud' storage, you can't OWN any information. Everything is RENTED, and everything must be used exactly as the author created it. When Googlemaps decides that a place doesn't exist, it doesn't exist. You may have printed off an earlier version of the map, but your printed version doesn't count. Only the version in the cloud counts.

In the last three years the information in online maps has been diminishing. The official Spokane GIS map formerly had an overlay showing a 1958 aerial map. Now it's gone. Even on the part that remains, information about each property no longer includes the date of construction. A paper map or paper book that you OWN can't be forcibly diminished. You can tear out pages or burn the book, but the PUBLISHER has no power over the book.

The answer then: Deepstate does the forgetting. The past is illegal.


Sunday, May 28, 2017
  Salute to DRY

This isn't meant to be meaningful. Pretty much the same as the top icon. Polistra and friends hadn't been visible for a while, so they just wanted to restfully and calmly salute WARM DRY WEATHER AT LAST. The plants are doing the same. After growing wildly for a month to suck the oversaturated water out of the soil, they're settling down to wild blooming.


  Trend that never started

Two page ad in a 1968 issue of Record World:

Hip pocket records? I wasn't into pop music, but I was heavily into electronic stuff at the time. Never heard of hip pocket records, never saw one. The player looks like a nice gadget ... radio and 33/45 turntable, highly portable, similar to the Longines Symphonette. The record appears to be SLIGHTLY smaller than a 45, not small enough for a hip pocket. Even if you could fit it in, it would break when you sat down. No advantage or purpose.

The true advantage of 45s was not the small OD but the large ID. The big hole allowed the centerpost of a changer to do all the work of holding and dropping, so you didn't have to fiddle with the extra arm or flopper thingamajig needed on a 33 or 78 changer. You could grab a stack of 45s, slap it down on the changer and start listening.

This "innovation" lost the big hole, so it lost the easy changer action.

= = = = =

Well, I had to get technical. Looked it up. The extra arm thingamajig was called, reasonably enough, the overarm. The flopper thingamajig, which I remembered as fairly common, was apparently a Garrard specialty as seen here, but I can't find a proper name for it.

= = = = =

Later: Still no decisive or universal name for the flopper thingamajig. Closest I can get is this diagram from a Rider manual in 1941. This is an earlier Garrard, not the same as the popular RC-80 series, but the same functional mechanism.

In this diagram the flopper thingamajig is called the platform clip.

= = = = =

While searching through these sources I noticed that RCA was still making a completely non-electric windup phonograph in the mid-50s. Got me thinking about patient things.

A physical record, especially the big-grooved 78s, is the only advanced technology that can be played with the previous recording technology, namely pen and paper. I used to do it often. Place a ball-point pen through the hole in the record. Stick the pen through something like a spool or a properly-sized box with holes on top and bottom. Now you've got the turntable. Wrap a piece of paper into a cone, scotchtape it in place, and glue a pin or sewing needle through the sharp end of the cone. Now you've got the cartridge. Spin the record with one finger and hold the cartridge with the other hand. Now you've got a phonograph. The paper is flexible enough to let the groove hold the needle, so your cartridge arm doesn't need to be highly precise.

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Saturday, May 27, 2017
  Who's VERY BAD?

Trump, attempting in his dim vacant way to make a point that he's heard from other people, says Germans are 'very bad' because they export cars.

Missing every possible point.

Germans are bad in MANY ways. They try to conquer the world every chance they get. We haven't given them a chance since 1945 because we've been filling the Kraut/Jap genocidist niche perfectly. No room for the traditional genocidists.

BUT. German INDUSTRY is VERY GOOD, in exactly the ways that a true Populist should be IMITATING, not criticizing. German industry pays its workers well, doesn't overwork them, puts tremendous amounts of money and effort into APPRENTICE TRAINING, and focuses on quality. The German government has carefully cultivated German industry with tariffs and trade policy.

We are VERY BAD because we have let our own industry collapse. We are VERY BAD because we have focused on finance and debt instead of REAL VALUE MANUFACTURING. We are VERY BAD because we have heavily subsidized mind-crushing universities and downgraded apprentice training. Above all we are VERY BAD because we let EU and WTO and NAFTA and Germany and Japan and China control our trade instead of controlling our own borders and imports.

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  More looniloonilooniloonilooniness

A black-robed loony has decided that Lee Boyd Malvo needs to be resentenced.

If we start with the bizarre loony malassumption that Federal psychosis is "law", then this decision makes a sort of mechanical sense by the terms of the psychosis. The top-level black-robed demons restricted sentencing guidelines for juveniles after Malvo was first sentenced, so the new restrictions must be followed despite the clear prohibition of ex-post-facto "laws" by the obsolete "constitution". This decision probably won't change anything in reality; Malvo will still end up spending life in prison.

I'm more bothered by one bit of memory-holing in the article.

Malvo was 17 when he was arrested in 2002 for a series of shootings that killed 10 people and wounded three in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia, causing widespread fear throughout the region. The attacks brought worldwide press coverage amid concern that the hit-and-fly attacks — many carried out from a sniper's nest hidden in a modified car trunk — were possibly carried out by terrorists.
Concern that the attacks were possibly carried out by terrorists?

By your OWN definition Malvo and Muhammad were "terrorists". They were unquestionably Muslim, and they were unquestionably acting explicitly on behalf of Islam, and they unquestionably killed several people. So what's the problem?

Two possible answers. (1) M and M cannot be "terrorists" because they're black. (2) M and M were not operating under orders from the Federal Bureau of Instigation, so they are not officially licensed "terrorists". They're just criminals.

I can't begin to figure out which answer applies, because I'm not crazy.
  Two indirect proofs

British politicians are arguing about blowback wrt the latest "terrorist" attack. The concept of blowback is

and all proper politicians must reject it. Corbyn, who is unfortunately stupid in many ways, is factually correct about blowback. The current wave of "terrorism" started AFTER we began making unprovoked wars against Muslim countries in 1990, and all of its leaders state openly and clearly that they are seeking revenge and justice for our unprovoked attacks. If we will stop bombing innocent Muslim countries because they are Muslim, then Muslims will stop attempting to defend their people from our unprovoked wars. This is a fact.

= = = = =

Indirect proof #1:

Okay then. Let's take your premise as given. Blowback doesn't exist. An unprovoked attack must be allowed to proceed without any defense by the attacked people. The attacked people must be abolished and obliterated because the attacker wants to abolish and obliterate them for no particular reason except RAW UNMITIGATED EVIL.

And let's take your OTHER premise as given. You say that Russia is attacking us without provocation. You say that Russia wants to obliterate us because Russia is evil. Let's take that nonsensical counterfactual assumption as a fact as well.

If Russia is attacking us AND if blowback is physically impossible, then our ONLY POSSIBLE ACTION is to surrender and let Russia have its way. We shouldn't be bothering to investigate and prosecute people who want to make peace with the attacker. We should instead be prosecuting all the people who express a dislike for Russia. Disliking the attacker is terrorism by definition. YOU SAID IT YOURSELF, FUCKHEADS.

= = = = =

Indirect proof #2, meta:

If logic still existed, the above sequence would be persuasive. Since nobody can possibly understand the above sequence of facts and logic, facts and logic no longer exist.


  Why do tech-tyrants love globalism?

Tech-tyrants, who call themselves Libertarians, are the wildest and harshest Globalists of all. This is especially STUPID because techies SHOULD understand better than anyone else why GLOBAL is bad and LOCAL is good.

Basic point: Primitive algorithms and primitive computers (both mechanical and electronic) are purely GLOBAL. Sophisticated algorithms and computers are ABLE to be sophisticated because they apply MODULARITY and LOCAL STORAGE and LOCAL MEMORY. Without modularity and reliable internal storage you can't do much.

= = = = =

This little mechanical computer

is all GLOBAL. It has one line of computation, with no separate sub-actions or separate memories.

This slightly more sophisticated computer

has one subroutine and one memory. When you set the X switch down, your entered number stays in place so you can add it repeatedly (loop) to form a primitive type of multiplication. The subroutine and memory are GLOBAL because the whole machine has access to the memorized number.

Better adding machines have several automated subroutines for mult and div, and several registers to hold numbers for loopy usage.

= = = = =

It's the same with programming. Early BASIC and FORTRAN had no provision for modularity or local storage. All variables have to be declared at the start of the program, and any subroutine can use and CHANGE the global variables. No subroutine has any form of SECURITY or PRIVACY because all activities are VISIBLE to every other subroutine, and all numbers can be CHANGED without notice.

After 1980 or so, all computer languages have provisions for LOCAL memory and storage. Numbers or words or arrays are usable and changeable ONLY by the module that creates them. Each separate operator can store its own needed numbers or words, and can rely on them to remain in place until the next time it needs to work on them. You can set up global variables, but the language deliberately makes it HARDER to go global.

= = = = =

Life works the same way, except that life departed from primitive global forms so long ago that none of them survive. Everything from viruses to parrots is almost infinitely modular, with strong borders and boundaries at each level. Each module has its own internal organization and communication. Borders can be opened to let nutrients or signals in and out, but ONLY at the command of the cell or organ or creature INSIDE the border. All border decisions are LOCAL.

= = = = =

Tech-tyrants understand all of this in the context of technology. WHY do they want a PRIMITIVE NON-FUNCTIONAL world without borders, a world without savings, a world without privacy?

Because they're more tyrant than techie.

A better question: Why don't we hear more from tech-loving people who CONSISTENTLY appreciate localism and modularity in everything? They do exist, but it feels like a losing fight.

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Friday, May 26, 2017
  Probably not quite the same thing

"News" item with good advice for once.......
According to WSU veterinarians, while bunnies, fledgling owlets, squirrels, fawns, and others may tug at our heart strings, they don't usually need our help. Their advice to the public remains the same every year, which is to leave all young wildlife alone regardless of whether or not you think they are abandoned by their mothers.

Most young animals do not need human help unless they are obviously injured. ... Fawns are left alone for long periods of time while the doe goes out to feed so she can maintain her milk supply.
I was thinking about turning on the air conditioner for the first time this year, so owlet merged into something else in my senile mind...

How often do two words look the same AND describe objects that also look the same?

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  Gresham vs Graybill vs Bitcoin, reprinted.

Looking at the latest shit about Bitcoin, I thought "Hey, I should write about this in terms of Economics As A Verb." Then I realized I'd already done it. So I'll just republish or pop the earlier item as is.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Returning again to Graybill's Law:

The people of Free-Trade countries are therefore driven into the few occupations which are left, by reason of the destruction of their formerly more varied pursuits. Hence those diversified talents with which men are endowed are not developed but remain latent and unused, an incalculable detriment to the prosperity of their respective countries.

Let's try to expand the notion of skill-estate.

News item about the alleged developer of Bitcoin got me thinking about Gresham's Law.

The last time we had two INDEPENDENT AND COMPETING currencies was before 1870. Since then we've had one currency .... until Bitcoin. I had a hard time grasping Gresham until Bitcoin.

What Gresham really says is this: If two items both claim to be currency, and one of the items becomes much more valuable, the valuable item will NO LONGER BE A CURRENCY. It will become a COLLECTIBLE like vintage wine or classic cars. And that's Bitcoin. It claimed to be a currency until its value rose quickly. At that point it became Picassos.

But the current Bitcoin system doesn't even qualify as a collectible asset, because it requires ALL OF THE HOLDERS of the asset to give permission for every transaction. The permission is automatic through computers and nets, but it's still permission.

Bitcoin is not a thing you can buy or sell openly and freely. Thus it's not even PROPERTY. More like a trust-based inheritance.

= = = = =

Now think of currency in a dynamic way.

A coin represents a DELTA of value. If you have HONESTLY acquired a coin, it means you have INCREASED THE VALUE of something. You have cut down a tree, or turned the tree into paper, or helped to print a book with the paper, or arranged books attractively in a store to raise the sale price.

We can apply Gresham as a verb to the Graybill world of SKILLS as delta-makers.

The skill that yields the greatest number of coins for a given amount of effort will become a collectible, no longer freely transferred.

What's the highest-value skill? Counterfeiting. Money as pure numbers. What's the SKILL or EFFORT that creates counterfeit money? No skill at all, just access to the treasury. If you belong to the correct tribe you have access to counterfeit money. It's an inherited trust from the start!

Among other traditional skills, what's the lowest-value? Farming. Requires long ownership of property and generations of skill development. Payoff depends on weather, speculators, and the actions of other farmers. BUT farming is critically important to the existence of civilization, so a sane civilization takes steps to subsidize farmers.

Most other skills are in the middle. Pottery, welding, weaving, programming, cooking, selling. These are available to anyone with some innate talent, but the genetic aspect is non-exclusive. Doesn't depend on your name. You can learn them in a year or two of apprenticeship.

These skills qualify as currency. They can be transferred freely to anyone who can use them, and they can be used freely by the recipient. The resulting delta of value depends on all sorts of internal and external factors that don't apply to simple coins, but the basic idea is still the same.

Because these skills can be acquired (comparatively) easily, they don't need subsidies... BUT a sane civilization will take steps to maintain their value, just as it maintains the value of coins.

And there's the link between Gresham and Graybill. Our insane "civilization" is depriving ordinary skills of all value. Hyperinflation of skill currency, leaving ONLY ledger money, aristocrat money, vintage money, with any value. The only skill that counts is the skill of being born into the correct ethnic group.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

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  Good, by god.

Good news:
Republican multimillionaire Greg Gianforte won Montana's only U.S. House seat on Thursday despite being charged a day earlier with assault after witnesses said he grabbed a reporter by the neck and threw him to the ground.

Instead, the win reaffirmed Montana's voters support for Trump's young presidency in a conservative-leaning state that voted overwhelmingly for him in November.

Gianforte dropped out of sight after he was cited by police and ignored calls on Thursday by national Republicans for him to apologize to the reporter.
GOOD, by fucking god.

Not despite, because.

The AP "reporters" couldn't allow themselves to understand the real reason for the victory. It's not primarily about Trump, because most Trump supporters now understand that Trump is not a Trump supporter. It's mostly about "reporters". We're onto your infinite infinite wickedness and your depravity beyond all conceivable bounds. We LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to see you slammed to the ground. As you might say in a different context, slamming you to the ground is only a tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny baby step in the correct direction.


  Won't happen but should

The Bureau of Instigation is refusing a subpoena from Congress. Normal and predictable. FBI's sole mission for 80 nasty slimy grotesque years is to create and commit crimes, and this is a crime. Doing their job as usual.

But this particular crime SHOULD be the final justification to execute the agency. Eliminate its budget, eliminate all "laws" that justify its existence, bomb its buildings, and shoot all of its employees.

In other words, treat FBI the same way it treats Americans. This would not be mere Emersonian justice. This would be

Won't happen, but we can always dream wonderful heavenly dreams.


Thursday, May 25, 2017
  Thanks, Ralph 460

Emersonian justice at its finest.

A couple of headlines as seen at ZH:

Trump didn't really intend to change anything, and his ACTUAL executive orders wouldn't change anything if allowed to take effect. They are continuations of current policy with minor adjustments in language.

But the Globalist monsters saw their opportunity to use the hologram of KKK HITLER MUSSOLINI KKK HITLER TRUMP TROLL HITLER HITLER HITLER as a weapon against Deplorables. They want to make DEAD SURE that no action REMOTELY RESEMBLING SANITY has the TINIEST PICOCHANCE of success. In the process of fighting and publicizing the "Trump" nationalist that DOESN'T REALLY EXIST, they persuaded many people around the world that "Trump" was planning to do the right thing.

So people elsewhere are responding properly to a nationalist policy, even though the actual Trump had no intention of making the slightest move toward nationalism.

Thanks, Ralph!

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  Cocky Bachy? Nope.

Yesterday I got cocky about sticking with Bach in the '60s while other hippies were guzzling CIA-sponsored musical chaos-toxin.

Decided to check the cockiness. What was CIA pushing in the classical realm? Tried a few keywords. Mostly consistent with the jazz and art preferences. Modern chaOS is good, classical structure is bad. Pierre Boulez was among their favorites, unsurprisingly paired with Leonard Bernstein.

Baroque as a search term didn't yield much, which is sort of reassuring. In the period covered by these Wikileaks documents, CIA was clearly sponsoring 'Crofut & Cooper Folk & Baroque', apparently an academic duo that tried to corrupt Baroque music into folk shit. Lots of attention to this one group, very little else under 'baroque'.

This paucity is especially notable in baseline terms. The 70s, though reputedly bad for pop music, were a GOLDEN era for Baroque. Pinnock, Hogwood, Ehmann and others were restoring crystalline order and precision to the performance of Baroque after a century of muddy blurry variable-rhythm Brahmsian performance.

Seems to be a pattern in CIA's special cultivations. In jazz they were sponsoring Dick Goodwin and the Millikan University Lab Band, in semi-classical they had this Crofut & Cooper. Obscure and academic. In the commercial world sponsors want big audiences, but CIA clearly wasn't looking for maximum propaganda output. Was CIA more concerned with input? Was one of the performers paid to develop contacts with members of the small audiences in various countries?
  Metrology day 3

I won't try to fudge the date on this one to May 20, but it still follows directly from Metrology Day 2, where I observed that cultures GROUNDED to Natural Law are immune to Sorosian confusion.

The previous observation is a definite correlation. Here's a more hazy and less obvious correlation.

= = = = =

Grounded cultures are unafraid of closeness and touch. If people want to hold hands, fine. A certain amount of rough stuff and horseplay is also fine among friends.

Ungrounded cultures are SCARED SHITLESS of all contact. The digital principle of leverage applies. One touch and you've crossed the line.

= = = = =

Think of Africans, Persians and Russians. All grounded in Natural Law, and all comfortable with closeness.

US/UK/EU: all deathly afraid of any touch.

= = = = =

Okay, got the correlation.

How about causation? Which comes first, grounding or comfort? I think both are parallel results of a single underlying tendency toward connection. Like all human traits, talents and tendencies, this is about half innate and half learned. Genes are part of it but genes can be overcome by training. Russians and Swedes are genetically similar but opposite in grounding and coziness.

USA STRONG and Brazil are a good test case. Both contain a similar mixture of Euro and native and African genes. Brazil is solidly cozy, and USA STRONG is solidly isolated.

Before 1946 we were more comfy but never as tight as Brazil. The change started in '46 when we ceded control of culture to Globalist Experts. The Experts (authors, doctors, psychiatrists, lawyers, "judges") worked together to break loose all ties to the ground of God, and to treat all normal contact as crime.

Globalism requires USA STRONG to be the Consumer and Debtor. We can't be perfect Consumers and Debtors unless we're starved of all contact with reality, morality and emotion.

Casual contact provides a steady slow discharge of both affection and anger. Productive MANUAL jobs channel emotions into the satisfaction of completion. Zero contact and zero production: all emotions build without discharge. Result: Violent unsatisfied desires. The unsatisfied affection is channeled into consumption; the unsatisfied anger into violent crime and permanent wars, both justifying STRONG tyranny.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017
  Price != value 2

I wonder if the sudden jump of prices around here has made realtors complacent. Checking Zillow again, I noticed this house is for sale. I see it constantly on walks, and had sort of kept it in mind. The price, like all prices this year, is out of my range. Too bad.

It's a solid house, not deteriorated by winter. Roof and siding and windows are all good.

The inside pics by Zillow show that the interior is equally solid and straight.... BUT you have to look twice to figure out that the house is solid, because tenants or squatters left a horrible mess inside. No damage, not even major spills or dirt; just a whole bunch of STUFF scattered around.

I'm a grubby old bachelor with no housecleaning skill. I could make that house presentable in about one hour of tossing and vacuuming.

WHY didn't the realtor hire a cleaner who could toss and scrub everything up to spotless condition in 30 minutes? Complacency.

[The dirt is so visually dramatic but superficial that it raises the possibility of DE-staging, intentional temporary lowering of value????? The asking price on this one is well below the county's assessed value, while all other houses are asking WAY above the assessed value. I can't see any proper reason for the distinction.]


  O'Scrip just like Scrip

BBC has a feature on an Irish bank closure in 1970. Bank employees went on strike for 6 months, but commerce continued normally because pubs organized to clear checks without banks.

Sounds remarkably similar to the 1933 bank closure here. FDR closed all banks for 3 months so his regulators could sort out the solvent and insolvent banks. I've discussed how businesses developed ways to print and handle scrip (which was basically fixed-value checks); and I've noticed that the change had no visible impact on ordinary commerce.

Do we need banks at all?

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017
  More pied pipers

Seems to be an epidemic of FAST bait-n-switches lately. Trump was the biggest, promising to fight globalism, then turning into Hillary after two weeks of faint verbiage in the right direction.

Now the New Zealand self-promoter Kim Dotcom promises a BIG REVEAL about the Fortmarcying of Seth Rich, then gives us a meaningless contentless statement.

Trump's motive is still a mystery to me, but Kim's motive is clear now that the action is done.

He's in legal trouble, and the persecutors offered him a break if he would help them pull more Deplorables out of the basket so we can be slaughtered.

Classic FBI trick, going back 80 years. FBI generally "forgets" the promise to the low-level thug, pulling its own bait-n-switch. Sane thugs have figured out that it's better for soul and survival to hold firm and take the full jail sentence.

I see Trump has followed the standard stupid line, calling "terrorists" losers.

What's the best way to turn losers into "terrorists"?

Call "terrorists" losers.

More importantly, it DOESN'T MATTER what you call them. Completely null point. We are actively GENERATING "terrorists" by bombing Muslim countries. That's why we bomb Muslim countries. We are actively funding and organizing and planning "terrorist" actions in Muslim countries through CIA, and in America through the Federal Bureau of Instigation.

Maybe these terminological distinctions matter to New Yorkers. New Yorkers seem to be extraordinarily fussy about using properly registered trademarks like Coward and Loser and RadicalIslamicTerrorism. Trademarks aren't important to humans. Revenge and justice are important to humans.
  Random antiquity

Old TV and radio shows often featured an 'intellectual bum' character who spoke precise antique English when he wasn't too drunk to say anything at all. I've never met any examples of this type. The 'outlaw intellectual' was common in Okla, and I probably fit the template ... but none of us talked like King James.

I wonder if anyone still speaks antique English in public and gets away with it? Not just in semi-private contexts like blog posts and sermons, but in business meetings and restaurants?

"Now, Robert, prithee vouchsafe unto us thy meditations upon the KerMac SuperCenter account, if thou wilt."

For many years Quakers had their own peculiar pronouns, which sounded antique but weren't proper grammar of any era. I'm pretty sure they gave up the practice.
  Selling chaOS

Reprinting part of a note from two months ago:

= = = = = START REPRINT:

There's plenty of evidence that "modern" "art" was used as a cultural weapon by CIA. Several CIA-owned foundations helped to fund the "artists" and helped to spread their "work" to Europe and the Soviet Bloc.

Jazz was used similarly without any pretense of secrecy. (See Willis Conover.) Not surprising that "modern" "art" would run the same way.

Many Americans considered "modern" "art" to be a Commie tool. Cleon Skousen included it in his list of Commie attempts to break down American society. He was right about the Commies but misattributed the source to Russia. (And I was dumb enough to go along with him.)

Commies in America were always working primarily for OSS/CIA/FBI. It's the good old Globalist Tripod. Banks, Intel, Leftists. Some were also working with Russia at times, because Russia has always been happy to help weaken America. But Russia was not the source of these ideas. CIA and internal Leftists have been the CONSISTENT source of chaos.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

This picture of the Monterey Jazz Festival appeared in a 1964 issue of Billboard mag:

See it? The attractive chaos of jAZz was clearly indicated and sold by the marquee. A 1964 audience was still orderly, but they were making the largest chaotic gesture permissible within their gradient limits. All had removed their gray flannel suit jackets to reveal (shock!) shirt sleeves and uniformly narrow ties. Oooooh!

CIA's masters** of chaos must have been impatient to move the needle faster, but they had to work with the human material at hand. Now, of course, thanks to Apple and Tesla and Google, the material itself can be uniformly chaotized.

= = = = =

** Footnote: Who were they? Today we can identify the prime movers of omnicide easily because everything is a monopoly. It wasn't so simple in the '50s and '60s. There were many centers of business power and cultural power. Presumably CIA had a designated department of artistic and musical destruction.

Aha. Searching Wikileaks archives for jazz yields a cornucopia from the '70s. The bureaucratic center of these activities was the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs in Dept of State. At that time CIA/State was clearly running the Dick Goodwin Quintet and the Millikan University Lab Band. Both ensembles have dozens of reviews and progress reports. Every international festival gets close attention. Fifth Dimension was happy to do a concert for CIA. Even in 2007, CIA was still organizing jazz festivals with 'cool' outfits like Playboy.

= = = = =

Personal note: In the hippie era I never understood the appeal of rock-n-roll or jazz. I stuck with Bach and Schütz. Other hippies chided me for unprogressive pro-Establishment tastes. (Where's that at, man?) Now I get the last laugh. They were slurping up CIA's toxins without knowing it.


Monday, May 22, 2017



In general anti-satan writers don't last long. They turn insipid or flip to Satan or just fade out.

The anti-satan satirists at Babylon Bee have NOT faded or flipped. They continue to poke barbs at boring Christian types like Calvinists or Prosperity Gospelers, and occasionally fire high-velocity silver bullets at real Satans.

One of those silver bullets makes a SERIOUS point that nobody else has hit before.
Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson filed a lawsuit Thursday against longtime florist Willie Pace for refusing to openly weep tears of joy at the mere thought of a same-sex wedding after a lesbian couple came into his shop to order flowers for their upcoming ceremony.
Satan Ferguson hasn't actually filed this specific lawsuit as of this morning. He will soon. Guaranfuckingteed.

The serious point: We have reached EXACTLY the same level of tyranny as Dear Leader Kim, who arrested people for crying an INCORRECT NUMBER OF TEARS at his father's grand public funeral. Merely assenting to evil is NOWHERE NEAR ENOUGH. Quoting evil verbatim is only a TINY TINY TINY TINY BABY STEP. The only BARELY SUFFICIENT action is to allow EVERY SYNAPSE OF YOUR NERVOUS SYSTEM, AND MORE, to perform EXACTLY the assigned pattern of electrochemical zips and zaps, accurate to the nanosecond. Your brain is Soros's brain. Brains that are not Soros's brain are EXTERMINATED.
Sunday, May 21, 2017
  Now you can impeach him.

If you want to impeach Trump for COLLUDING with a hostile power, fine. AS OF YESTERDAY you finally have a case on those grounds. Trump has now JOINED the last 8 Presidents in colluding MASSIVELY with a hostile power.

Saudi is a hostile country. Saudi ACTUALLY ATTACKED US AND BOMBED US on September 11 2001. All recent presidents have COLLUDED with Saudi in the deepest possible ways, both before and after Saudi ATTACKED US. Nixon started the trend, then Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush The Father, Clinton The Husband, Bush The Son, Obama, and now, as of yesterday, Trump.


We invaded Russia in 1918 and occupied it briefly. If being invaded by USA is the definition of a hostile country, then just about every country except Israel counts as hostile.

The only countries that have DIRECTLY ATTACKED US are as follows: Britain, Canada, Mexico, Japan, and Saudi. That's it. We are actively COLLUDING with all of those countries now, and nobody is punished or criticized for those collusions.
  Peculiar assumption

For many years the coverage of malware and spyware in ALL media, both techy and mass, has COMPLETELY IGNORED the best solution. A good anti-virus system, especially a paid subscription, NEARLY ALWAYS handles NEARLY ALL malware without any effort on your part. If you have AVG or Norton or McAfee or several other systems, you will automatically be protected. You don't need to wait for Microsoft or Sun to handle the latest problem, which will always be too late. [In my experience AVG is best, but all are better than relying on Windows.]

Why is the obvious solution TOTALLY MISSING? All articles assume that the ONLY way to protect your system is through the OS maker.

This is like discussing flat tires without EVER mentioning that you can get a tire fixed at a service station or a tire store. All media, car-fancier magazines and TV, would uniformly assume that the only way to fix a flat tire is by sending your tire directly to the headquarters of Toyota or GM or Ford, where they would apply the patch and send it back.


  Parkinson answers the question as always

"Science" media is getting screeched out by the failure of the Arctic seed vaults.

Question: Supposedly the whole point was to preserve the seeds against "global warming". So why didn't you build the vault to withstand "global warming"? Engineers can't foresee all problems, but engineers must provide for the problems that get top billing in the project's specifications.

Parkinsonian answer: Failure was the purpose. The vault was NOT meant to solve a problem. "Science" is NOT meant to solve problems. The sole purpose of "science" is to create disasters that justify more funding for "science".


Saturday, May 20, 2017
  It's all about PURPOSE

The American Radio History site has a section for promotional brochures issued by major stations.

Two of these brochures look remarkably similar, and the automatic first impression is that they are related. Maybe branches of the same operation, or maybe one was a later location of the same operation.

KTNT in Muscatine Iowa, and KFNF in Shenandoah Iowa. Similar call letters, similar towns.

Each brochure shows the radio facilities and personalities. Each shows the vast grounds around the station, with crowds of tourists happily wandering and buying merchandise. Each shows the vast mail-order business selling merchandise of all sorts.

Under the surface KTNT and KFNF are PERFECT OPPOSITES.

KTNT was run by Norman Baker, who was in fact a perfect parallel to JR Brinkley. A carnival barker who loved to start new carnival-style enterprises, and loved to skirt the law. Like Brinkley, Baker ran a fraudulent medical clinic. Like Brinkley, he soon scurried across the border into Mexico where radio regulations and fraud laws were looser.

KFNF was run by the Fields Seed Company, which had been selling seeds to farmers and gardeners since 1892, and is STILL selling seeds to farmers and gardeners. The mail-order business and catalog printing plant had been there before radio was invented. Radio was a useful advertising tool for a while, with programs of gardening and cooking hints encouraging people to buy and use Fields Seeds.

In terms of PURPOSE, KTNT was the WORST possible type of business. Medical fraud.

In terms of PURPOSE, KFNF was the BEST possible type of business. Real products serving agriculture. Can't get better than that.


  Pluponents again

Earlier I discussed the peculiar modern plague of pluponents. In sane eras OPponents opposed crimes and atrocities because crimes and atrocities are bad. Now we have PLUponents who oppose crimes and atrocities because they want MORE crime and WORSE atrocity.

Here's a classic case.

Oddly enough, I find myself sort of backhandedly sympathizing with Bill Nye The Omnicide Guy. He's been working ASTONISHINGLY HARD to replace all facts and logic with inconceivably hyperpsychotic hyperdelusions. He's been pouring out MEGASWEAT AND MEGATEARS to KILL ALL THE UNIVERSES as fast as possible AND MORE.

All for naught. Professional "scientists" are mocking him for being INSUFFICIENTLY CRAZY and NOWHERE NEAR OMNICIDAL ENOUGH. His feeble attempts to obliterate all of existence AND MORE are only a tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny baby step in the correct direction.

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  Metrology Day 1

Polistra always marks World Metrology Day. This year her theme is BASELINES. Human perception is never absolute. We measure everything ... light, sound, income, mood, health ... by comparison to a slowly adapting baseline.

Instrumental measurement works the same way. You have to know where the baseline or ground point is, and you have to specify whether your measurement is a delta from baseline or a calibrated absolute.

= = = = =

Back in 2011 I wrote about the 1937 syndicated radio series Komedy Kingdom. I've put the series back into my bedtime playlist, and the show has a new flavor. Obviously the recordings didn't change, but the BASELINE changed, therefore my PERCEPTION changed.

In 2011 the Komedy aspect of the show was most salient. The music was excellent but the Komedy seemed flat compared to the precisely timed wordplay of Fibber & Molly or Burns & Allen.

This year the Kingdom aspect is more salient. I hadn't noticed it before. In the intro to the first episode, Elvia lays out the concept explicitly:

Hello, you merry subjects! A royal welcome to the Komedy Kingdom. Your only passport is a smile, and the only thing you must leave outside the boundary is a case of the blues.

In later episodes the 'conceit' got weaker but the overture made the point every week with the line

Throw away your troubles, cast aside the blues....

As delta from today's baseline, the Kingdom is a virtual enclave, a hidden valley where even non-elites can feel like citizens.

= = = = =

Of course today's comedy is INFINITELY more precise and exact than any non-enlightened 1930s humor.


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  Metrology day 2

More thoughts on BASELINES.

In electrical terms the purpose of all cultural tyrants from Robespierre to Lincoln to Lenin to Hitler to Soros is simple.

Cut the ground wire. Remove the baseline.

A culture that has an earth ground, a firm zero-point reference, can't be yanked around in every possible direction to satisfy the blood-fetish of Maximum Leader. Human actions and cultural components have strict limits on gradients. When people and cultures are grounded, the parallel impedance of mass elements absorbs small delusions easily and refuses to be pulled up beyond natural limits.

Tyrants succeeded in cutting the ground wire for EU/US/UK. Now these areas can be charged up to infinite gradients by all sorts of bizarre unnatural voltage patterns.

In the modern world Russia and Africa have remained grounded. Their cultures have a double-ought copper bus bar to God, a permanent lock to the zero-point of Natural Law.

When ungrounded cultures get charged up to fantastically high voltages, they always gain the delusion that they can grab Russia or Africa and pull them up to "civilized" standards. The grab always fails and the result is a shocking discharge.

= = = = =

Illustrating the point.

First, we have our familiar Sorosian characters. Humanoid entities of variable gender, equipped with trapezoidal glasses and trapezoidal mouths. They live in Laputa, the cloudland of projectors. Of course Swift's neanderthal gender-binary name is unsuitable, so it is Lxputx now.

Let's put them into motion and place a voltmeter to ground.

As is typical of SorOS, their action is perfect chaOS, and their charge is equally random.

= = = = =

On the opposite side of the world we have a pair of RUSSIANAGGRESSIONS who are doing what RUSSIANAGGRESSIONS always do. AGGRESSING! MEDDLING! INTERFERING! HACKING! ATTACKING the poor defenseless Lxputxns MERCILESSLY!

Well, not really. They're just doing what Russians like to do, so their action needs no animation and their GROUNDED culture needs no measurement. Zero volts gradient from God.

= = = = =

Now we see what happens when Lxputx gets one of its random impulses to extend the Gentle Wand Of Democracy And Civilization toward the benighted RUSSIANAGGRESSIONS; accompanied, of course, by millions of troops, bombs, rifles, tanks, etc, seasoned to taste.

Nuff said.

= = = = =

Closely related followup here.

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Friday, May 19, 2017
  Anti-Parkinson Party

A week ago I proposed a silly Legalize Information Party. (Well, not so silly, but any thought of any sort of sanity in US/UK/EU politics is silly.)

Here's another silly idea. A loop-breaker or Anti-Parkinson Party. APP.

This movement would attempt to break DEADLY positive feedback Parkinson loops and switch to LIFE-GIVING negative feedback loops.

Sorosian governments currently function as follows:

1. Create a problem from nothing. Either define an ordinary harmless situation as a problem (eg "toxic" water or educational "achievement gaps" or some innocent foreign country that "needs more democracy") or generate the problem by careful cultivation (eg "terrorism" or "hate crimes" or "drug crimes").

2. Urgently request more funds to "solve" the problem you made. Since the defined problems are part of nature, your efforts will never "solve" them. And since the created problems are the result of your efforts, your efforts will make them worse because that's your job. In both cases funding increases exponentially, and thus evil increases exponentially, and thus funding etc.

= = = = =

The Loop Breakers or Anti-Parkinsons would simply REVERSE THE BUDGETING PROCESS. Instead of increasing budgets when problems increase, Loop Breakers would do the old Chinese Doctor routine, aka negative feedback, aka LIFE. Pay agencies MORE when the problem is small. Pay LESS when the problem is large. This will motivate the government to solve REAL problems, and to stop generating delusional "problems".

  Thrifty Nature

Among mammals and birds, intelligent critters live longer. Looks like Nature hates to waste resources. Intelligence takes more brain complexity and more energy, so smart animals live longer and reproduce less often.

Does this correlation extend to other living things? Are turtles supersmart? Many fish have an essentially unlimited lifespan. Are they smarter than short-lived fish? How about plants and trees? Are perennials smarter than annuals? Redwoods smarter than apricots?

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Even though Wikileaks is getting large enough and rich enough to lose its focus on plain truth, the governments of US/UK/EU still haven't lost their focus on raw evil.
The MPS issued a statement saying that its actions had been based on a response to a "European Arrest Warrant for an extremely serious offence". It went on: "Now that the situation has changed and the Swedish authorities have discontinued their investigation into that matter, Mr Assange remains wanted for a much less serious offence. The MPS will provide a level of resourcing which is proportionate to that offence." The MPS said it would "not comment further on the operational plan".
Well, are you going to arrest him or not? There's no way to know until it happens or doesn't happen. So he's still effectively imprisoned without the slightest hint of justification.

Since lawsuits are flying back and forth around this mess, Kafka's estate should join the fracas. Sue UK for plagiarism. This piece of tyranny beats the Trial all to hell.
  Things you still don't know

ZH features some "things you don't know" about the history of money.

One of those things is the idea that 'buck' came from fur traders, who used the skin of a buck for the value of a dollar. Granting that old slang can be hard to trace, this one simply doesn't make sense. First, fur traders were not a fertile source of slang. They didn't connect much with broader society. Second, 'buck' is the same word as 'puck', representing a hard token or coin. Plenty of slang terms, including 'passing the buck', arise from this basic meaning. No reason to stretch all the way to furs when buck already meant a coin.

Here's a specific reference from an 1874 British dictionary of slang:

Sixpence was the most common coin, thus it owned the widest variety of slang terms, including buck. A dollar at that time was about 1/5 of a pound = 4 shillings or 48 pence, but slang doesn't follow exact exchange rates. The more appropriate ratio is Common coin / Common coin.

However, from the same source...

... some slang actually agreed with the exchange rate.

= = = = =

And just for fun, a few more items from the same source that caught my attention.

Moral waste-pipe! Wonderful.


Thursday, May 18, 2017
  Oblivious or polite?

I think Sara Ann knows what part of Old Faithful she's holding.

This was in the January 1933 issue of an RCA periodical, so I doubt it was an intentional joke. Call signs were bolded in all promotional pictures, so this particular call sign wasn't being singled out.


  What Carry carried

Latest item at KSHS is a fascinating look at the mind of an interesting character. It's a copy of Imitatio Christi, given to Carry Nation by a writer at the KC Star.

Several pages have notations. This one seems to be the longest:

Sunday May 5 1901 I got up at four [don't] feel so well went for my trunk at depot with Dodd the turnkey Oh praise God and bless the giver of this book Got a letter from Charlie's Darling child

[Poor Dodd must have suffered terrible nightmares for the rest of his life.]

Most notations are practical, like this one:

Read in the Rotary in Wichita jail April 25 1901

This one is unique. It's sideways, it's written in 'typewriter style' instead of cursive, and it runs directly contrary to everything Carry stood for.

Oh give me not my way O Lord!

Getting her way was the sole purpose of her life. Was she starting to have regrets, or was this written by someone else? Perhaps an irritated cellmate who had heard too many of those 'readings in the Rotary'?

= = = = =

Sidenote: I was looking through the mugshots at KSHS, which are mostly from 1901, hoping to find Carry and her cellie. Carry wasn't there, but this random pairing of two female inmates tells an unchanging story. Blacks have always done a better job of Imitatio Christi.


  Worst toxin

The suburb of Airway Heights suddenly told its residents that its water is undrinkable, hopelessly contaminated.

Was anyone sick? No.

What was the contamination? E Coli? Lead? Plutonium? No.

When did the contamination suddenly start? It didn't.

In fact there was no contamination at all. EPA had suddenly decided to enforce a "law" against Airway Heights.

Well then, what was the delusion of contamination?

Fairchild AFB, near Airway Hts, has occasionally used a chemical foam for firefighting in training exercises. This foam contains a chemical called PFOS which has been used for 60 years in household products such as takeout containers, non-stick pans, popcorn bags, outdoor clothing, camping tents, stain-repellent clothing, carpets, and cosmetics.

Writers in the local "newspaper" seem to have realized the absurdity without openly questioning the lunacy.

In the first article:
The thought on everyone’s mind behind the Yoke’s grocery store in Airway Heights Wednesday morning was, “Where’s the water?”

“Everybody’s out,” said Martha Grall, as she smoked a cigarette outside of her car. Behind hers was a line of eight others waiting patiently for a water shipment that was supposed to arrive at 7 a.m., but was more than two hours late.

Grall, who finally received two packs of bottled water after two men donated 20 after hearing about the crisis on the news, said she’s worried and grossed out about the thought her water could be contaminated.

“I’ve been sick for the last two weeks, and I was wondering for a while what was wrong with me,” she said. “And then I find this out and it’s like, go figure.”
In the second article the accompanying picture shows a dude with permanent cigarette clamped in his mouth, pushing a cart full of bottled water.

Point made. Leaving aside the obvious cigarettes, even the idling cars waiting in line will give you more actual toxins than the water, and your clothes, pans, carpets and cosmetics have been giving you PFOS "toxin" since you were born.

The worst toxins in the world, of course, are EPA and TV and USA. There's no chance of decontaminating our BRAINS until we eliminate EPA and TV and USA. Shut'n'shoot.


Wednesday, May 17, 2017
  Why doesn't it happen?

Yeah, another of these questions.

When corporations go stark raving mad, their best product is sane executives and sane engineers who join other companies or form new companies.

Why doesn't this happen with bonkers nations like US? There must be a few sane politicians in DC, and a lot of sane bureaucrats in various agencies. Why don't they leave and work for sane countries? We've been bonkers for 27 years, which should have been enough time for plenty of exits. I haven't seen any.

We do have a 'revolving door', but it turns opposite from the corporate exits. Sane bureaucrats don't join other countries; instead the MOST INFLUENTIAL (ie CRAZIEST) bureaucrats join Goldman and CNN.

= = = = =

Later thought: It's not just corporate executives who leave sinking ships. Corporate PRODUCTS and METHODS migrate to other countries when American corporations stupidly abandon them. Willys in Brazil, Packard in Russia, Ford Falcon in Australia, and FordISM in Japan and Korea. In each case the product or method lived for decades and evolved in its own way in the new country. More recently USA STRONG tossed out MySpace, LiveJournal, Geocities and Xoom. All took root and flourished in other countries.

USA STRONG is a crazy vicious gardener who grows fine plants (get it? get it?) and poisons them and chops them down to the ground, but doesn't notice the birds carrying his SEEDS to sane gardens where they grow and thrive.
  Wikileaks goes Parkinson

Wikileaks has gone around the Parkinson bend. They're no longer serving truth, they're only serving their own budget and expansion. Worst of all, they feel aligned with mainstream "journalists" and feel the need to defend mainstream "journalists", even though "journalists" are the worst enemies of truth in all of human history.

Parkinson had to happen sooner or later. Why now? Tantalizing correlation with the release of Bryan Manning, who seems destined to serve as frontman or leader for Wikileaks. Manning's actual leak was dubious. It was NOT damaging to State Dept, so it looked like the usual bureaucratic self-serving leak. Which side is Manning on? I'm remembering Roy Cohn and David Brock, but those parallels don't prove anything.

Putin, translated in RT:
"We are seeing in the US a developing political schizophrenia. There is no other way I can explain the accusations against the acting US president that he gave away some secrets to Lavrov.

Those who "are destabilizing the internal US political situation using anti-Russian slogans either don't understand that they are bringing this nonsense in on their own side, and then they are just stupid, or else they understand everything, and then they are dangerous and corrupt people."

Exactly. Schizophrenia is an extreme understatement. These monsters are VASTLY farther from reality than real schizophrenics. Real schizies have lucid intervals. These monsters have lost all contact with all aspects of reality, including their own survival.

Fortunately the rest of the world is looking at our unspeakably evil Axis with appropriate levels of shock and horror, and running away as fast as possible without getting bombed or bankrupted. Even more fortunately, the new Allies provide an opposite magnetic pole, a fast-growing source of SANE power.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017
  Purely personal

I'm writing this to settle down my weather PTSD, trying to reset a stubbornly persistent perception.

We just finished a 1/2 inch of rain today, some of which was fierce and haily. In a normal season a half inch would be helpful, not harmful. I'm stuck in PTSD setting from harsh winter, constantly on edge because this is NOT a normal season. (Incidentally, the slow-moving disaster is still killing people.)

Well, is it normal or not? At this point it's close enough to normal. It FEELS like we've had Noah's Flood every day, but IN FACT we've had a MONTH between major rains. That's NORMAL.

The last half-inch rain was April 17, and today is May 16. That's almost a MONTH. Do you hear me, self?

See? There it is in black and white.


  Thanks, Ralph 459

The only saving grace of a government that has roared out beyond all contact with reality is that the total lunatics don't know when they're showing weakness.

Today's lunacy about Trump "revealing" "secrets" to RUSSIANHACKING RUSSIANAGGRESSION actually reveals a real secret.

When we are sanely fighting a war against X, we are happy to have any help we can get against X. Our sane government in WW2 was happy to get help from Russia against the Krauts and Japs, even though we intrinsically love the Krauts and intrinsically dislike Russia. We swallowed our distaste and generously allowed Russia to sacrifice 1/5 of its people and property to wear down the Krauts.

Now the government REFUSES to accept help from Russia, and PUNISHES Trump for attempting to set up cooperation against ISIS.

Thus neatly and decisively VERIFYING what truth-lovers already know. ISIS is a branch of CIA. We are not fighting against ISIS, we are controlling ISIS.


Any attempt to fight against ISIS is treason from Deepstate's viewpoint.

Thanks, Ralph.

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  Deepstate centennial

Writing a pointless comment at Unz, I realized that the current incarnation of Deepstate is 100 years old next month.

There is always a 'deep state' in various forms, but our current Globalist form began specifically when Wilson signed the Espionage Act on June 15, 1917. The institutions created by Wilson have continued (with occasional rebranding) since then.

Happy birthday, Deepstate! Long may you obliterate facts and logic and Deplorables and entire worlds!


Monday, May 15, 2017

Wouldn't it be nice to have a Non-Trite Radio Network? Simple rules. Don't use the stories everyone else is using. Don't quote the people who are always quoted. (McCain, Graham, Pelosi, Schumer, etc.) There are LOTS of politicians in Congress who have INTERESTING things to say, but we never hear from them. Don't play Beatles music. Don't use trite sound effects like the horror scream for IRS. Don't accept globalist ratshit or "scientific" ratshit or Sorosian ratshit or economic ratshit or any other ratshit. No assumptions, no automatic facts, no experts.
  Cui malo?

I was puzzled because the use of Bitcoin eliminates big money as the motive for the WannaCry extortion.

Simpler answer: When mafias and governments use extortion, they aren't after money. They're seeking total obedience. In this case the direct 'victims' are losing some time and a little money, but they aren't seriously damaged. Who is seriously damaged by WannaCry? MICROSOFT.

No real mystery. MS is not nice by any means, but it has remained relatively independent from Deepstate control. Apple and Google and Amazon and Tesla are enthusiastic Deepstate helpers. MS has tried to stay out of the loop. Now its reputation has been seriously damaged by Deepstate's extortion, and it will have to pay ransom in the form of obedience.
  Finally an exception!

Deepstate ALWAYS blames the tool instead of the criminal. The gun commits the crime. This blame is necessary because ordinary weapons are primarily SELF-DEFENSE weapons, and SELF-DEFENSE is absolutely forbidden under ALL circumstances.

Finally we have an exception to this universal rule!
Microsoft President and Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith said in a blog post that the cyberattack is an example of why stockpiling vulnerabilities by governments is a serious issue. "The governments of the world should treat this attack as a wake-up call," wrote Smith on Sunday. "We need governments to consider the damage to civilians that comes from hoarding these vulnerabilities and the use of these exploits."

However, British cybersecurity expert Graham Cluley doesn't want to blame the NSA for the attack. "There are other criminals who've launched this attack, and they are ultimately responsible for this."
Microsoft follows the usual rule. Graham Cluley violates the rule.

Why? Because in this case Deepstate BUILT the gun. We can't blame the tool when it's a custom-made Globalist Brand Extortion Gun. It has NO self-defense uses. It's purely an aggressive weapon.

[There is another major exception to the rule. Same reason. Built by Deepstate, purely aggressive, intrinsically aimed at Deplorables, thus intrinsically a good weapon unless used by The Wrong Sort Of Person.]


  Streamlining again

Still 'making' Moderne and thinking about streamlining...

Here's the outside again:

Now filling the inside:

Local radio stations were LOCAL in the '30s. Some had network feeds, but most of their programming was live. Local singers and musicians and poets had a chance for small-scale stardom.

In a globalized world you have to become globally known before you get respect. The starting threshold is vastly higher.

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Sunday, May 14, 2017
  Numerology question

The 27 day lunar cycle is obvious. Most calendars were based on the lunar cycle.

Why didn't anyone develop a base-3 NUMBER SYSTEM harmonizing with the lunar month? 3 x 3 x 3. Wonderfully symmetrical and meta-ish. Seems like this should have been the start of place notation. Instead of 4 weeks of 7 days, use 9 modules of 3 days, perhaps grouped in a waltz rhythm. REST work work REST work work ....

This failure is even more puzzling given the neurological basis of 3s. We natively count up to 3 before we start fudging. Languages are packed with 3s. Singular/dual/plural, me/you/him, M/F/N, good/better/best, hither/thither/yonder.

Despite those two innate forces, one built into our brains and the other built into our world, number systems seem to have started from the fingers or from binary observations of folding. Babylon mixed fingers and folds into the 12 x 5 = 60 system, and Romans did 5 x 2 = 10.

= = = = =

Later: Back in the '30s major radio stations took a step in the mod-3 direction with this cue clock.


It's not pure 3 since the minutes are divided into 4 quarters. Still it shows how a 3-based clock might look. Couldn't resist 'making' one........

Even wilder thought: Clearly the Jehovah cult, based on rounding the 27.3 day cycle up to 28, won the battle. Was there a competing system based on rounding down to 27? Ba'al? Moloch? Is the Christian three-part god a hidden remnant or reminder of the defeated system?

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  Self-prohibiting prohibition

Inspiring story with a sour ending:
Tarra Simmons, a nurse and mother of three, loses it all to drug addiction, goes to prison, and serves 20 months behind bars. But when she gets out, she gets clean and stays clean. She turns her life around.

Now, Tarra is graduating from Seattle University's law school, and she is ready to begin a new career as a lawyer. However, the state bar association says she can't.
Turning your life around is wonderful.

BUT .... if you're going to turn your life around, you shouldn't turn into a well-marked dead end. More specifically, if you're trying to be a lawyer you should know in detail what the laws say. Wasting years of effort toward a goal prohibited by law is not a good credential for a prospective lawyer. She will probably be able to find work as a paralegal or legal advisor for a Sorosian NGO, so it would have made more sense to shape her education toward those goals.
  Constants and variables 72

State news mentions a bill proposed by Wash state legislators.

The four co-sponsors are somewhat bipartisan and varied:

Frockt is a standard Sorosian leftist.

Miloscia is a firmly pro-life Repooflican.

Palumbo is a Gaian.

Ranker is a Gaian and tech-tyrant.

SB 5936 simply deletes several nearly identical sentences from the state's Emergency Plan rules. These sentences were added in 1984, removing Nuclear from the requirements of planning. 5936 restores nukewar to the list of emergencies.

Current purpose is transparently obvious. Along with Earthquake Drills and Custody Dispute Alerts and Tsunami Drills, we're going to resume good old Drop And Cover. We must be MAXIMALLY AFRAID AT ALL TIMES so that Our Most Nobel** Leaders can gin up a frothing rabid rage against RUSSIANAGGRESSION RUSSIANWIKILEAKS RUSSIANMEDDLING RUSSIANHACKING RUSSIANINTERFERENCE.

More interesting question: Why did the legislature add those EXCEPTIONS in 1984? That was not a calm time by any means. USA STRONG and Russia were in a notably hot spell of the Cold War. CIA was sabotaging Russian oil pipelines and CIA was running Osama against their puppet regime in Afghanistan. Anti-nuke groups run by CIA with fake Russian identity were highly active, stirring up the same fear we see now.

Why was the exception ADDED during the previous anti-Russian fever, then REMOVED in the current anti-Russian fever?

= = = = =

** Nobel: Mistyped but correct. Leave it.

= = = = =

Later: Found the 1984 revisions which make the purpose clear:

At that time the monsters felt that NO PROTECTION was the best way to maximize fear. Now the monsters feel that Drop And Cover is the best way to maximize fear. The actions are contradictory but at least the purpose is constant.

The 1984 change was based on a proper understanding of human behavior, and was part of a long nationwide drive against Civil Defense. Deepstate figured out that shelters and Drop-n-Cover instilled a sense of confidence which made normal Americans insufficiently fierce. Deepstate needed CORNERED and VULNERABLE people who are more ready to support a pre-emptive strike. The current proposed change, based on a delusional misunderstanding of the 1950s and a delusional misunderstanding of human nature, moves back toward confidence and complacency, which actually fails to fulfill Deepstate's purpose.

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Saturday, May 13, 2017
  What's it all about?

The Bitcoin part of this WannaCry hack raises two (so far) unanswered questions.

= = = = =

First, VERY FEW PEOPLE know how to get or pay a specified amount of Bitcoin, and even those who know might have legal trouble acquiring it. Major corporations and government agencies are among the victims, and they are generally required to deal in real money.

You basically have to be inside the hacker community to get and handle the stuff.

Therefore, the attackers don't expect to gain lots of money. Most victims don't know how to pay or are legally unable to pay.

= = = = =

Second, as I never tire of pointing out, Bitcoin is NSA's own currency. Unlike green rectangles or metal circles or various forms of scrip, every Bitcoin transaction passes through the Net, and NSA can track the sender and receiver even if it can't immediately decrypt the content. Large numbers of victims are specifically known. If any of them have paid, the other end of the transaction can be spotted and the criminals can be caught. When law enforcement WANTS to find the recipient of an electronic message, it can always do so. But it hasn't.

= = = = =

Putting those questions together: First guess, the hack is another NSA/CIA effort to start a war with RUSSIANAGGRESSION. Second guess, NSA/CIA effort to develop charges against RUSSIANWIKILEAKS.

Later third guess: Extortion to force Microsoft into the Deepstate loop.
  College admins starting to improve?

A small bit of good news....

A pro-life group in Fresno got permission from the admin to chalk some rather bland pro-life messages on a campus sidewalk.
Shortly before finishing, William Thatcher, an assistant professor of public health, approached the group and said they had to keep their messages to the university's free speech area. Thatcher then said he would be back to remove the messages. He returned with a group of students and they attempted to remove the group's messages. "You had permission to put it down; I have permission to get rid of it," he says in the video.
Thatcher erased the pro-life messages and his coven of young demons wrote some pro-death messages.
In a statement to CNN, Joseph Castro, president of California State University, Fresno, said the school's policy on free speech is clear. "Free speech on campus is not limited to a 'free speech zone' or any other narrowly defined area," he said. "Those disagreeing with the students' message have a right to their own speech, but they do not have the right to erase or stifle someone else's speech under the guise of their own right to free speech."
Bravo to the admin for TWO good actions. First permitting the pro-life messages, then unambiguously DEFENDING the messages against the censor. No weasely mumbling about balance or inclusion or Die-Versity.

No need to punish the censor. His foot speaks louder than his slogans. Best of all, the fact that he teaches PUBLIC HEALTH verifies what we already know: Public health is no longer about health. It's solely and specifically about STOMPING heretics and ERASING Deplorables.


  SWEET justice.

All the fashionable monsters have been HAMMERING HAMMERING HAMMERING on RUSSIANAGGRESSION RUSSIANMEDDLING RUSSIANHACKING RUSSIANINTERFERENCE. Pouring endless endless endless words and images and military action and "investigation" into a

Billions of dollars wasted on fighting a DELUSION, while REAL THREATS go untouched and unexamined.

Now they got good and properly MEDDLED by some non-Russian hackers using NSA-made malware. British hospitals and Kraut trains came to a screeching halt.

Sweet sweet sweet justice.

Secondary justice: If the British medical system had stuck with good old PAPER for their recordkeeping, they couldn't be hacked by ANYONE, Russian or otherwise. If the Kraut train system had stuck with good old relays and switches and copper fucking wire for their signal system, they couldn't be hacked by ANYONE, Russian or otherwise.


Friday, May 12, 2017
  Non-literal Emerson

Made a sort of Emersonian decision today. Back in midwinter I was trying to maintain gumption. I formed the idea of planting some barley in the yard after all the snow was gone, as a symbol of self-sufficiency or something.

Now the snow is gone, the gumption pulled me through, and the only thing I want to do with the yard is mow it. Just keep it respectable and legal.

Emerson talks about tilling your own soil, but he doesn't mean it literally; he means cultivating your own skills and using them to best account.

Gardening is NOT one of my skills. I did some serious yard work in 2011, cleaning up years of pine crap and replanting grass. The result of the CLEANING was good, but the grass didn't grow. Gardening is not my skill, not my contribution to self-sufficiency.

Electronics IS my skill. Been doing it since I was 9, and always enjoy the DOING as well as the result. The result is (mostly) successful and useful.

So today I threw away the seeds and the spade. Keeping something that won't get used is hoarding, not storage.

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