Sunday, April 18, 2021
  Random thought about editors and selectors

In recent years I've belatedly grasped the importance and value of editors and selectors. Whether the subject is car design or software or published writing, the editor/selector is always more important than the designer or programmer or author.

I've seen this from both angles, most strongly in the editors dealing with my courseware. A good editor doesn't need to know the details; she can smell poor writing or poor coding, and can guide me to improve the output.

Previous item on Tyson's idiocy is a fresh example of the value of editors. I had seen some reflections of the dispute but didn't know what it was about until Elizabeth Whately curated it.

Here's another angle. I like to check Whitney Webb's reporting now and then, because she manages to pick up sources that aren't easily available. She is hard to read because she doesn't have an editor. She tells long stories with lots of characters and personalities, and the important facts are somewhere in the dialog, not emphasized or outlined. I've bitched about this a few times, but finally realized that the unfiltered details are value worth paying for.

In "news" media, the paid editors are evil. They all serve "one" "side" or the "other" "side" of Deepstate. Unedited raw details are best. It's worth doing my own internal editing to sort the meaningful from the trivial. Like buying fresh vegetables instead of TV dinners.

Later: TV dinners? When was the last time that phrase was used?

Surprisingly it was most common in the '80s, not the '50s. The 1986 peak is sharp. A political slogan? The phrase remains about as common now as it was in the '50s. TV dinners never had any connection with TV, unless maybe the marketers were implying that Mom could spend more time watching TV with the family if she didn't have to prepare real food.


Saturday, April 17, 2021
  Burning stakes vs burning steaks

EvolutionNews calls attention to a mysterious but meaningful Tweetfight between orthodox Big Science Fuckhead Tyson and an account belonging to a real brand of steaks.

I had caught a dim echo of the fight on Quora but didn't know what was going on. The argument itself is clear and wonderfully straightforward. Tyson, like all corrupt high priests, wants us to trust the high priests because they are SCIENCE.

Tyson first wrote:

The good thing about Science is that it’s true, whether or not you believe in it.

This is violently and holocaustally false. Science is never true. Scientific findings are never true.

Reality is true, whether you believe in it or not.

A few scientific findings, verified by LONG EXPERIENCE, have turned out to be USEFUL PARTIAL REPRESENTATIONS of reality. Most scientific findings, even before the total genocide of recent decades, were just trivial and useless.

Other findings from dreams or work experience or superstition or religion or random shit can also be useful partial representations of reality. Science is nothing special in this department.

The SCIENCE that Tyson represents is demonically superfalse, determined at every stage to OBLITERATE ALL OF REALITY, and to OBLITERATE ALL TRUE REPRESENTATIONS OF REALITY.

= = = = =

The mysterious Steak-Umm account got off some pretty decent responses to Holocauster Tyson, and a few other people in the fight also put in solid responses.

the irony of neil’s tweet is that by framing science itself as “true” he’s influencing people to be more skeptical of it in a time of unprecedented misinformation. science is an ever refining process to find truth, not a dogma. no matter his intent, this message isn’t helpful

Most of the stuff in the thread is the usual proSCIENCE junk or off-topic. So I thank the Evo News author for picking up and filtering out the important argument!

I'm especially encouraged to see a corporation, though not a large one, publicly taking the side of reality and truth. Another first. A few corporations wisely remained silent about both the riots and the "virus", which is good normal business practice. The vast majority screeched SATANIC EVIL on both topics, which used to be considered atrocious business practice.

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Friday, April 16, 2021
  AIER misses one point

AIER has republished a detailed FACTUAL STATEMENT about muzzles, originally published in a standard medical journal, and written by an unusually credentialed author. He works at the VA, the same place that started the lockdowns.

The author hits all the important points, including recirculation of microbes ruining immunity, which (ahem) some people noticed a long fucking time ago.

The author hits the mental and emotional toll of muzzles heavily, as he should. Emotional destruction is the PURPOSE of ballgags. Oddly he misses one important perceptual problem.

Muzzles cut off the lower third of your visual field.

You can't see what you're doing or where you're going. So far I've managed to avoid tripping over things or falling in the ballgag-forced satanic zones, but there have been many close calls, especially when boarding a bus from an icy sidewalk.

It's pretty clear that Biden was suffering from the same problem when he fell while going up the airplane stairs. Emersonian justice is satisfying, but the lesson should be the same regardless of karma.

Before 2020, one family gagging its kids or grandparents to avoid witchcraft would have been singled out and imprisoned and nationally shamed for a year on all the media. The FBI would raid and obliterate all "compounds" of all relatives and acquaintances, and every religious and political connection of the horrible family would be mercilessly "contact traced" and bombed down to bedrock.

Now we're imprisoned and shamed for NOT committing child abuse and elder abuse.

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If there was still a purpose in doing the Ig-Nobel thing under current holocaustal circumstances when all science is genocide, this study would qualify. It's a perfectly serious description of a perfectly funny natural phenomenon.
Attraction to feces in wild mammalian species is extremely rare. Here we introduce the horse manure rolling (HMR) behavior of wild giant pandas (Ailuropoda melanoleuca). Pandas not only frequently sniffed and wallowed in fresh horse manure, but also actively rubbed the fecal matter all over their bodies. The frequency of HMR events was highly correlated with an ambient temperature lower than 15 °C. BCP/BCPO (beta-caryophyllene/caryophyllene oxide) in fresh horse manure was found to drive HMR behavior and attenuated the cold sensitivity of mice by directly targeting and inhibiting transient receptor potential melastatin 8 (TRPM8), an archetypical cold-activated ion channel of mammals. Therefore, horse manure containing BCP/BCPO likely bestows the wild giant pandas with cold tolerance at low ambient temperatures. Together, our study described an unusual behavior, identified BCP/BCPO as chemical inhibitors of TRPM8 ion channel, and provided a plausible chemistry-auxiliary mechanism, in which animals might actively seek and utilize potential chemical resources from their habitat for temperature acclimatization.
Rolling in shit is ENTERTAINING, no matter how precise and Krautistic the description. It's especially funny when funny critters like pandas do it. Dense jargon and sober acronyms only make it funnier.

There's also an ID corollary. Pandas eat nothing but bamboo, which implies that the two must have developed simultaneously. Now we know that pandas roll in horseshit, and dab it all over their fur, which also implies simultaneous development and reliable simultaneous presence in the same place.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2021
  Microguts better than zeroguts

Speaking of the devil.... Demon Inslee is playing the old psychopath game, changing the rules after a reprieve. He writes constantly changing "rules" for his Phases and Subphases. This week he decided to shove several counties backward on the Phase hierarchy to keep his dick hard.

Amazingly, the Wash State Repooflicans have FINALLY started showing a tiny microgram of microguts. For the FIRST TIME EVER, they express a serious dislike for Inslee's demonic mass murder.

From this morning's email:
This is unacceptable, no one person should wield this much power over citizens and small business owners, who just want to go about their daily lives without the government dictating their every move. Watch our most recent video calling for the State Legislature to reform the Emergency Powers Act, so we can stop Inslee from having unlimited, unchecked power.
This is their FIRST MENTION EVER, after a year of bashing Inslee for raising the car license fee. I donated to them for the FIRST TIME EVER. Pay for value.

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  Reprint from one year ago

I want to reprint this item from April 10, 2020 to reinforce the proper and specific definition of a psychopath.

The word is used loosely.

Sociopaths are not psychopaths. Sociopaths get their way by persuasion and charm, which isn't necessarily evil. They are often selling a scam or fraud, but they make effective salesmen for good purposes as well.

Control freaks are not psychopaths. Control freaks (aka OCD, micromanagers, Karens) are happily doing the dirty work for the psychopaths because the holocaust uses their particular talents fully. But they can be made to work for good or neutral purposes. They are a human type, not an alien demon.

The reprinted piece cites a 1960 British spy show that illustrates better than anything else how a specific psychopath works. Demons need to dominate and humiliate and damage and destroy ALL THE TIME. They need to CHANGE THE RULES. Psychopaths must keep the victim off balance every second. Github, Room 101, Comrade O'Brien.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Charles V, head of the Holy Roman Empire in the 1500s, was a classic neocon psychopath, the direct ancestor of all modern rulers. His own mind was the only mind in the universe. Other things (including human things) existed solely for his amusement and destruction. Like a cat pretending to lick its paw, Charles especially enjoyed giving human things a fake "opportunity" or "reprieve", only to snatch it away.

Condensed from this historical timeline.
In Wittenberg, Luther publicly burns the papal bull threatening him with excommunication.

Pope Leo X excommunicates Luther.

Charles V receives Luther's appeal to Caesar and tears it up and tramples on it. Within weeks, however, concerned with the reaction of the German people if Luther were to be condemned without a hearing, he reconsiders his decision.

The emperor sends an invitation to Luther to come to the Diet meeting at Worms within twenty-one days to "answer with regard to your books and your teaching."

Luther appears before the Diet of Worms, a general assembly of the estates of the Holy Roman Empire, with Charles V presiding. Luther is to be asked by the Archbishop of Trier about the content of his books and his 95 Theses, and whether he stands by all of what he said. He asks for time to consider his response.

At his second hearing, Luther distinguishes between his books, allowing him to make a statement. On key points, however, he stands firm. He says, "My conscience is captive to the Word of God. I cannot and will not recant anything, for to go against conscience is neither right nor safe. God help me. Amen."

A committee of electors privately meets with Luther and tries to reach a compromise, accepting some of his attacks as warranted by gaining Luther's revocation on other of his points. The committee is unsuccessful in its efforts.

Luther departs Worms. A week later, after a staged kidnaping, Luther is taken to Wartburg.

Charles V presents the final draft of the Edict that declares Luther an outlaw, authorizes his arrest, and bans his literature. The Edict makes it a crime to shelter Luther and permits anyone to kill Luther without risk of punishment.

Frederick the Wise devises a plan (involving a staged abduction by armed horsemen) to allow Luther to escape arrest. He finds temporary refuge at Wartburg Castle.

Luther bravely returns to Wittenberg and begins a series of important lectures on core Christian values.
I've emphasized the kidnapping and counter-kidnapping. Deepstate hasn't changed in 2000 years, but the opponents of Deepstate have been pacified and neutered by centuries of fake "laws" and "constitutions" and "elections". The 1500 independents KNEW HOW THINGS WORK. They answered crime with crime. Modern independents stupidly insist on "suing" and "voting", even after repeated and consistent proofs that "laws" and "constitutions" and "elections" do not exist.

Did anyone ever "hold Charles accountable", another idiot delusion of modern independents? No, he retired rich and powerful.

A fable, told in many books, pretends that Charles repented. Physically impossible. Psychopaths never repent. Still, the fable has a modern resonance.
Few monarchs have had the ingenuousness of Charles V. to confess his error, or the wisdom to profit by his example. The emperor after a reign remarkable for his rigorous and tyrannical efforts to make his own creed of faith universally followed in his dominions, was accustomed amongst other occupations in his retirement to amuse himself by an attempt to make several watches follow up their mechanical purposes without the least variation from each other. At length convinced of the fruitlessness of his task, and perceiving its analogy to the chief policy of his government, he exclaimed, “What a fool have I been to have endeavored for so many years to force millions of minds to conform to my standard of opinion, when I cannot even for a minute make a few watches keep time together.”
In the fable, Charles sees that even metallic objects can't be treated the way he treated meat objects. It would be nice if modern rulers learned from the fictional example, but they can't and won't.

Frederick the Wise offers a USEFUL example.

= = = = =

Semi-relevant footnote: The '60s spy series 'Danger Man' is typical of the genre in most ways, but atypically the writers KNOW HOW THINGS WORK. Like Frederick the Wise, the hero never wastes time on "legal" or "elective" methods. He goes straight to blackmail and kidnapping every time. This episode has a perfect psychopath character, vaguely identified as the head of an international corporation. Like Charles or Soros, his mind is the ONLY mind. His decision must prevail in EVERY transaction no matter how insignificant, and after you submit he changes the rules and forces you to submit again, then changes the rules again and forces you to submit again. Exponentially Insatiable. Room 101^2^2^2^2^2^2^2....

= = = = = END REPRINT.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2021
  Random skill-estate thought

I'm studying the old science of astro-meteorology in my usual way, by trying to animate a machine that performed the function. There are several clear books about the various systems, differing in details and agreeing in broad outline.

As I start to understand the systems and their experimental basis, I'm starting to imagine the analog computer that would have implemented them.

It turns out that I 'built' a similar machine a few months ago as a branch of the bridges and balances theme, but didn't use it in those blogposts. It didn't quite fit the theme.

Lesson, which isn't surprising by now: Never discard a more or less finished idea or product. Keep it around, and keep enough documentation so you can return to it with some understanding.

This is the skill-estate version of STORAGE.

The modern psychopaths, the Innovative Disruptors, consider 'sunk cost' to be absolute anathema. They tell us to pull away from every experimentally proven skill or workflow or thought or device or invention. Amortization is a mortal sin.


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Monday, April 12, 2021
  Wolf hits the nail as usual

Speaking of the ECONOMIC TARGET of the holocaust, Wolf has come through with the LOUDEST GRAPH IN THE WORLD.

See the first graph in this article.

In 2008 the Federal satan started cranking out "money" and feeding it SOLELY to NYC. Since then the net worth of the top 1% has gone from 5 million to 12 million, while the net worth of the bottom 90% is unchanged.

90% of the population hasn't gained anything at all in 12 years. NYC has doubled its wealth.

The fastest increase for the monsters has happened during the holocaust.

Wolf pulls apart types of assets to show how precise the targeting is:
So when the Fed inflates the housing market, most people in the bottom 50% don’t benefit because they don’t own a home. But they have to pay more to rent, and they get further locked out from buying a home.

The second largest category at the bottom 50% is durable goods of $8,899 per person, such as appliances, cars, and cellphones (green line). That amount ticked up over the last three quarters as folks used their stimmies from the government (not the Fed) to buy some durable goods.

Stocks and mutual funds, the smallest category of the assets, account for only $1,131 per person (red line). So when the Fed inflates the stock market, the bottom 50% don’t benefit at all. That’s reserved for the top 10%.
Note especially 'the bottom 50% don't own a home'.

Go back to my detailed look at the 1940 Census in Enid. I was comparing a white working-class neighborhood with the black part of town.

In both of those areas 60% of people owned their homes.

Maybe Enid was atypical, but it's still a dramatic difference. In 80 years the lower half went from majority owners to very few owners.
  Good consequence SO FAR

One strange and unexpected consequence of the holocaust is a resurgence of real federalism. From 1960 to 2010, all states had the same laws. They had different tax rates and different speed limits and weight limits, which made life interesting for bookkeepers and truck drivers, but otherwise no meaningful difference. If X was legal in your state, you could be sure X was legal in all states. If X was illegal in your state, you could be sure X was illegal in all states.

Around 2010 marijuana and immigration started to create real differences. Sanctuary cities refused to enforce federal immigration laws, and the states didn't stop them. This question was publicly presented as D vs R, but it was really much more confused and tangled.

Sanctuary cities were just virtue signals. They didn't have jobs for Mexicans, and didn't have a comfortable culture for Mexicans. The states that were actually inviting and EMPLOYING Mexicans, like Kansas and Iowa, were not playing the sanctuary game.

Traditionally D obeyed the unions, and was stricter on immigration. Traditionally R welcomed cheap wages to disemploy Americans. In practice the tradition was maintained. Obama was actually stricter than Bush or Trump, but the public noise was reversed.

Now the holocaust has created a perfect and unconfused divide. R states and D states are perfectly and totally different. Trump didn't do anything to stop the holocausting states, and SO FAR Biden hasn't done anything to stop the free states. Biden and Trump made the predictable noises, but the divide formed under Trump and continues under Biden.


Sunday, April 11, 2021
  Why the focus?

Calibrating: Why am I focusing so much on the Roman church? I've never been a member, so its internal doings are really none of my business.

Rome is uniquely positioned to oppose tyranny. Despite decades of decline it's still rich and tightly hierarchical, and it's a global empire that crosses national boundaries. It thus has the same quality of power as Amazon and Google, including the power skills of secrecy and blackmail.

In this holocaust, many of the harshest and most brutal nations are Catholic, so the church would be especially vital in those nations. Instead, the church eagerly collaborates in its own destruction, along with the mass murder of the people.

= = = = =

In non-Roman places the best opposer should have been small businesses, organized in a union across national boundaries. Small business is the ECONOMIC TARGET of the holocausters everywhere. Amazon and other giants are benefitting massively from the lockdowns, and the lockdowns are most persistent in places where Amazon and Apple control the government. Many small and medium businesses, formerly competing with Amazon, have been killed. The skills of their employees are now lost.

A hundred years ago, farmers had a national organization that served their interests. The Grange was a Mutual Benefit Association with 'lodges' in every small town. Small businesses have never had a Grange-like MBA. Some of them have lobbying groups, but the lobbyists are part of the DC establishment and thus serve DC first. O'Sullivan.

Speaking of the power of Google... Immediately after writing the above I got bored and checked Quora. First question on top:

Note the time. Somebody or something must have generated this question "for me" as soon as I wrote about the Grange.

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  More Leila

Since I praised Catholic writer Leila Miller, I should null the balance by noting when she's wrong. Her latest column calls on Catholic men to stand up against the collaborating hierarchy.

This is a fallacy, parallel to politicians blaming the voters for bad government.

In both cases the people who are still INSIDE the institution have been selected as collaborators. The people who might have been able to oppose evil have stopped voting and stopped attending a long time ago.

One commenter gave an illuminating inside view. Heterosexual men left the church for obvious reasons. Churches are mostly women, and the women in the Roman church are a specific type. They're Karens. (See 'scrupulosity'.) So the bishops and priests are simply going with the flow when they collaborate with the holocaust.

I don't have an inside view, but this agrees with what I used to hear on EWTN. The callers to their talk shows were Karens, citing every section and subsection of the rulebook verbatim, snitching on the priest for every mispronounced syllable or misfolded vestment or misplaced gesture.

Leila also called the weak men effeminate. This is both inaccurate and counterproductive, and the inaccuracy is immediately relevant. The young Hispanic priest who Leila praised for his courageous apology is physically delicate and high-voiced. He would be called effeminate by the schoolyard bullies who like to use the word. He turned out to have more GUTS than the beefy cigar-puffing priests who easily go with the evil flow.

What we need is GUTS, no matter what kind of package contains the GUTS.


Saturday, April 10, 2021
  Increasingly infamous?

The controversy over the Em Drive continues.

I don't have a dog in the fight. Not convinced either way. I do think we'll eventually admit that an ether exists, that there is an absolute baseline or ground point for waves. Michelson-Morley didn't disprove an absolute baseline, it only disproved the idea that light waves are a distortion OF the ether in the same way that sound waves are motions OF air molecules. If there is an absolute baseline, devices like the Em Drive might be able to push against it.

The latest "final cancellation" of the Em Drive:
Just four days after headlines announced that a team from Germany’s Dresden University led by researcher Martin Tajmar had seemingly proven once and for all that the increasingly infamous EmDrive fails to produce any measurable thrust, it’s inventor Robert Shawyer, took the stage at a virtual propulsion conference to not only refute those test results, but indicated that he told the team undertaking those tests years earlier that their flawed designs would guarantee failure.

This idea of thrust without an emitted propellant not only violates Newton’s 2nd and 3rd laws of motion governing the conservation of momentum, say skeptics, but would pretty much upend a century of mathematics and science that all seem to support those laws.

“The idea not only violates Newton’s third law of motion,” wrote Rochester Institute of Technology astrophysicist Brian Koberlein in a May 2017 Forbes piece, “it violates special relativity, general relativity, and Noether’s theorem. Since these are each well-tested theories that form the basis of countless other theories, their violation would completely overturn all of modern physics.”
Increasingly infamous is political language, not scientific language.

I thought the whole point of science was to upend existing theories. Mostly a myth, but in areas like atomic subparticles, the big grants do support attempts to upend those same theories. Upending Einstein is cool when the right people do it. I guess Shawyer isn't the right people.

Status is innate and permanent. Everything in the world, including science, is solely about status. Cool people win everything. Uncool people lose everything.
  Salute to Benjn Pike Jr part 3: Spectacles

[Following from part 1 and part 2.]

Benjn Pike Jr was mainly an optical manufacturer. In this section I'll focus on the optical side of his 1848 catalog, which contained spectacles with sliding parts and spectacles with sliding parts.

= = = = =

First the product you expect from an optician: eyeglasses. These had sliding bows, common at that time, so you could adjust each side for comfort or focus.

A lost feature. Why was it lost? Deskilling. Offshoring. Every branch of medicine and life has been yanking functions and skills away from normal people and reserving the functions for specialists or foreigners. Only professional opticians are allowed to adjust glasses, and after adjustment there are no user-serviceable parts.

= = = = =

The other type of spectacle with sliding parts shows the interface of science AND education AND entertainment.

The Magic Lantern.

I had thought the magic lantern was just a slide projector with light furnished by flame instead of electricity. The machine was partly similar, but the ACTUAL USE of the magic lantern before 1900 was interactive and animated, unlike both slides and cinema.

The key to a good magic lantern spectacle was in the slideRs, which were NOT the same thing as slides.

Closeup view of a lantern with a typical slideR mechanism:

The lamp (alcohol or whale oil) was focused by the mirror in back. The tiny cranks drove a miniature conveyor belt, making it possible to move one slider back and forth, or move one smaller slider across a bigger one.

Here the fixed slider is Polistra's home, and the movable slider is HappySun moving across the horizon.

Another way of animating was the dissolver, a pair of lanterns with a mechanism to gradually hide one and display the other. I'm trying to do a ticking pendulum here, but the dissolver doesn't work well in the Poser digital setup because Poser doesn't have real lenses and doesn't merge the images properly.

Sliding and dissolving animations were highly developed in 1850. Many other variations were available, including miniature silhouette figures that danced when you turned the crank. These were about 3 inches high, packing a lot of mechanism into a small space.

Some were intended solely for amusement:

We know what French means, don't we? Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

Others were more educational:

Cinema later redeveloped similar techniques, BUT they weren't interactive, weren't user-serviceable. Hollywood editors performed the dissolves and animation, then packaged them as unchangeable and uncontrollable sequences. In the 1950s every school had a slide projector for stiff unchanging slides, and a filmstrip projector with a similar rack-type mechanism used only for advancing to the next rigid picture.

The mechanism was the same, only the techniques and the magic were gone.

A similar process of centralization and deskilling happened in the digital era. The early PCs, especially Amiga, had plenty of DIY animation available. Windows EXEs could perform similar tricks, and I used those tricks in my early courseware to create interactive experiments. After everything moved online, the tricks were much harder to accomplish. I had to remake my "live" interactive animations as uncontrollable sequences of frames, just like the change from slideRs to slides.

In fairness, slider and dissolver techniques are available in SVG controlled by JS, but they're not used for animation. Dissolvers are only used by paywalls to show you a fading-out version of the page before you pay. User-controlled sliders remain in one specialized vestigial situation: Then vs Now pictures of cityscapes.

= = = = =

The Scientific Lantern is the real interface point of magic and entertainment and science. Magic shows and science shows were the same thing. Serious scientists like Faraday enjoyed creating stage spectacles to illustrate the devices and principles they were developing.

This Scientific Lantern has the lamp as above, but instead of sliders it has a big space between lamp and lens where you could mount various kinds of experiments and displays.

Here the target is a conductivity cell, which would be part of a full experimental setup like this:

The bubbles and reactions in the cell would be visible to the audience.

The platform in the Scientific Lantern could also hold an aquarium or terrarium with critters, preferably transparent or translucent critters.

= = = = =

Along with the loss of interactivity, there's a MUCH BIGGER moral to this story. When science was a form of entertainment, everyone could see and ENJOY the actual process of observation and experimentation. When science had user-serviceable parts, everyone could participate in science.

In 1946 science merged with Deepstate and became a tool of surveillance and genocide. We are no longer allowed to see how science works. We no longer get to hear or participate in open descriptions and discussions. Nothing leaks out, nothing is ever displayed or revealed.

We only get to experience the massively evil and demonic ACTIONS of science when it imprisons and binds and gags and kills us by the millions.




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Friday, April 09, 2021
  Delayed aptronym alert

Thinking about architecture and astrology and Philip dying at 99, converged to Grandma, who maintained her NYC lifestyle in Oklahoma, and lived to 99 by spiritualism and astrology.

She adhered to Mary Baker Eddy's "Christian Science" and consulted a seer or prophetess. I often heard stories about the predictions given by this seer, but until right now I never noticed the NAME of the prophetess.

Mrs Early.



  RIP Philip

Apparently Prince Philip has died at 99. A significant loss to Britain. Philip was the last unchanging beacon of real ENGLISH culture, and the last unstoppable truth-teller in the British government. His truth didn't have any influence on the real rulers, but nevertheless he kept saying true things, kept reminding people of the truth.

Elizabeth lost her beacon status about 10 years ago when she started saying fashionable things instead of true things.

Charles is a mixed bag. He goes with fashion on some big issues like "global warming", but he sticks with truth on cultural matters. His behavior is a non-verbal beacon, performing the classic function of an aristocratic MAN. A double-ought copper ground rod.

The grandsons are useless. Pure fashion.

We need beacons. The old ones are dying and being murdered. New beacons aren't being created or born.

Later: Even in the snide columns of online forums, the memories of Philip are uniformly positive and PERSONAL. A wide variety of people had personal contact with him in a wide variety of situations, from polo games to charity conferences to military maneuvers. In all of those situations he did surprising and unexpected good deeds and told surprising and unexpected truths.
Thursday, April 08, 2021
  Good old 1946

Noticed a chance mention in an article by one of the fact-gatherers.

Central Death Command (CDC) was founded in 1946.

I hadn't bothered to think about its history before.

Now it fits into the bigger picture. Central Death Command was NEVER intended to be about Public Health. The federal and state governments already had public health agencies, performing real public health with real science. A new agency wasn't needed.

But in 1946 we "needed" new agencies for EVERYTHING. Deepstate had been constrained for 12 years, and it vowed that NEVER AGAIN NEVER AGAIN would any politician be able to control it.


  Subtracting from knowledge about subtraction

Another game-theory "study" on a well-known and important topic.

When trying to solve a problem or fix a machine, people tend to add more bells and whistles instead of removing pieces. It's a definite tendency, and it takes serious discipline to reverse the tendency.

I have to slap myself upside the head when I'm debugging a program. SIMPLIFY, SIMPLIFY, SIMPLIFY!!! It's always "easy" to add a conditional or a try/except pair that solves the APPARENT problem in a hard-wired way. This solution is nearly always wrong, and nearly always creates more bugs.

[Example: You see x=0 sometimes in a situation where it should be physically impossible for x to reach 0. The add-on "solution" is something like this: If x=0, set x=0.001. Instead, you should dig in and figure out why the physically impossible situation is showing up.]

The article quotes one observer who understands the tendency clearly:
But curbing our love of excess will take more than nudges and a clear mind, says Hal Arkes, a judgement and decision-making researcher at Ohio State University who was not involved with the study. Organizational and political leaders, especially, abhor cutting the fat. “If you add more people and more dollars, you won’t make any enemies, you’ll just make friends,” Arkes says. “Subtraction has serious downsides.”

Parkinson. Bureaucracies ALWAYS grow. Spending ALWAYS increases, even after the "problem" has entirely disappeared.


The article misses one important category of bureaucratic problems where subtraction is PREFERRED. When we're thinking about cleaning a room or an environment, we sternly resist adding something. Chemical pollution of air and water is often EASILY fixed by adding a plant or a bacterium or a reactant or an absorbent powder, but agencies refuse to adopt solutions in that direction. They insist that the usable solution must be purely subtractive.

So this study subtracts from existing knowledge about subtraction.
  Wrong vector

The usual pointless argument about free will vs determinism is looking at the wrong end of the timeline. There's absolutely no way to discuss what happened before. All arguments are perfectly circular.

Looking in the other direction, toward PURPOSE AND ACCOMPLISHMENT, is not circular at all. The FACTS are clear.

When you know your fate is permanent and innate, you have more real freedom.

Meritocracy is a vicious trap. When you think you can do anything, you end up wasting your life trying to do impossible shit. When you know you can do SOMETHING, and you know exactly what the SOMETHING is, you are free to do it. You no longer feel obliged to improve your popularity or raise your status or please assholes who will never be pleased. You're free to do PURPOSEFUL THINGS that are WITHIN YOUR CAPABILITY.


  Gangsters and Ford V8s

The linkage started in '32 with the Barkers and Dillingers. When French yoots in the '80s copied gang styles from West Side Story, they were still driving and hotrodding Ford V8s.

(The French version, that is.)

The unique rhythm of a V8 is well defined. It can't be smooth by mechanical definition. V8s must strike an innate resonance in the human ear and vestibule, perhaps ringing a specific brainwave pattern that fits with serious driving. Maybe it matches a galloping horse. Ford wasn't the fastest affordable car in '32, so the gangsters weren't simply seeking speed.

The Simcas in these pictures used a smaller V8 that was designed under Henry in the '30s, originally intended as an economical option. It was tried for a year or two but didn't sell. Henry finally yielded to numerological doom** and allowed his company to make a six. The smaller V8 was sent to Europe, where it thrived for 30 years.

** I'm going with the legend here for a better story, but later historians have found that Henry started developing a six at the same time as the smaller V8, and encouraged both projects. The smaller V8 reached production first.


Wednesday, April 07, 2021
  More Michelet

The latest videos from the Inquisition have the same pattern as previous clips of similar encounters.

The Public Death Officers are always led by a drab middle-aged "female" zombie, which chants its magic incantations constantly, reading the demonic catechism to the combustible heretic. Droning on and on behind the witch-protector muzzle, while the heretic either recants or drives out the zombies.

The zombies are inanimate objects. They move slowly and smoothly in unison like rocks in a mudslide, inexorably pushing pushing pushing, unstoppably chanting chanting chanting, unless they encounter serious resistance. After it's clear that the heretic will not recant, the zombies slowly and smoothly pull back and regroup for a more effective and violent charge next time.

Michelet described the earlier version:
To understand this better, read the accursed Registers still extant of the Inquisition, not in the extracts compiled by Llorente, Lamotte-Langon, etc., but in what is extant of the original Registers of Toulouse. Read them in their vapid sameness, their dismal aridity, their shocking unconscious savagery.

A few pages, and you are cold at heart, a cruel chill strikes home to the vitals. Death, death, always death, you feel it in every page. You are already in the tomb, or immured in a little chamber of stone with damp-stained walls. The happiest gate is death. The dreadful thing is the in pace. One word recurs continually, like a bell of horror tolled, and tolled again, to drive the dead in life into despair, — always the same word, Immured.

Dread apparatus for crushing and annihilating souls, cruel press for breaking hearts. The screw turns, and turns, till breath fails and the very bones crack.
Cold at heart. A cruel chill. Dread apparatus. The screw turns and turns.

= = = = =

As seen by the heretics:

As seen by the Public Death Officers:

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  Microsoft understands evolution by subtraction!

Via RealClearScience:
We will soon be ending support for the Cortana app on Android and iOS, as Cortana continues its evolution as a productivity assistant.

As of March 31, 2021, the Cortana content you created—such as reminders and lists—will no longer function in the Cortana mobile app, but can still be accessed through Cortana in Windows. Also, Cortana reminders, lists, and tasks are automatically synced to the Microsoft To Do app, which you can download to your phone for free.

After March 31, 2021, the Cortana mobile app on your phone will no longer be supported.
Of course the understanding is accidental, just a corporate buzzword, but still correct.

A genome or an invention or a language starts out with all important features, then loses them.


Tuesday, April 06, 2021
  Non-point-missing on declining churches

For a nice comparison with previous item, here's an article on the Gallup religion poll that DOESN'T miss the important points. Robert Shedinger is mainly talking about education, not churches. He's telling us what he hears from his own actual college students. EXPERIENCE, not theory.
Many students come to this class with a real curiosity about how scientific and religious thought might intertwine. And this curiosity betrays a spiritual hunger just looking to be filled. These students may not be involved in church, synagogue, or mosque, but they are suspicious of materialism and become very open to the suggestion of an intelligence at work in the cosmos. Cosmological fine-tuning arguments tend to fascinate them. Trying to account for the origin of life from non-life by materialist processes flummoxes them. The evidence of intelligent design in living organisms fills them with awe. The idea of reducing mind and consciousness to chemistry and physics seems utterly ridiculous to them. The fact that they have never encountered these ideas in their science and psychology classes frustrates them to no end.
On the dot, and beautifully written.
Monday, April 05, 2021
  More point-missing on declining churches

Evolution News picks up the Pew survey on declining churches. (Is that the Pew-Dying-Pew Survey?)
Americans’ membership in houses of worship continued to decline last year, dropping below 50% for the first time in Gallup’s eight-decade trend. In 2020, 47% of Americans said they belonged to a church, synagogue or mosque, down from 50% in 2018 and 70% in 1999.

No one can say what this will mean in a country whose foundations have leaned so heavily on Christian faith. It can’t mean anything good. So Stephen Meyer’s new book, Return of the God Hypothesis, could not be more timely.
Oops, it's Gallup, not Pew. There goes my pun.

This particular point-missing is forgivable, since they're using it for good commercial purposes. Still, there's a crucial difference between churches and belief. The problem isn't belief. The problem is churches.

And the solution is simple. Churches are ALSO a commercial endeavor. A church is offering products and services, and asking customers to pay in money and time and effort for the products and services.

A business declines when the product doesn't meet the desires or needs of the customers. The need is still there. Everyone has some kind of faith, and everyone needs a community with a deeper core than Facebook.

Most other businesses have intentionally repelled their own customers and removed their own employees, preferring to operate solely in the abstract ethereal realm of Share Value. The rich 'mainline' churches have done this in EXACTLY the same way. They make it MURDEROUSLY CLEAR that real Christians and poor people are LITERALLY ANATHEMA, not just unwelcome.

These point-missers are also hitting the ethereal and missing the concrete, whether intentionally or not. They're focusing on the abstractions of theology and belief, not the bad products and services.

(Other point-missers on the same survey.)

= = = = =

Later: Meyer himself is breaking out of the usual boxes in an interesting way. He's appearing tonight on the Art Bell late-night show, ready to take on all comers. The usual discussions are pointless, just repeating all the standard official talking points on the "two" official "sides". Meyer might hear some non-standard questions from the Art Bell crowd, and might give some non-standard responses. I've turned my radio off for the duration of the holocaust, after trying just once and receiving a BLAST OF SATAN. I might turn it on again for this show, at least briefly.

= = = = =

Briefly for fucking sure. I turned on the radio, and the good old seven second rule worked perfectly.

CLICK! Radio on.

One, two, three, "... Mask up!"

SNAP! Radio off, and stays off.

Polistra's seven-second rule: When you tune into a radio program, you know what it's about in seven seconds. You don't need to go beyond seven. Repooflican radio: Seven seconds to ZERO_TAX. Dem radio: Seven seconds to RUSSIAN_MEDDLING. BBC: Seven seconds to CLIMATE_CHANGE. NPR: Seven seconds to LGBTQQ2A.

Now all media are the same UNISON SATANIC BLAST.

Seven seconds to MASK_UP!
  Where did the Carter Family go?

Chennai, that's where.

These folks are amazing. Their harmony is pure HARD Appalachian, no autotune wiggles. The same channel has a whole bunch of old American and English hymns, done with the same perfection that is LOST in America and England.

Especially apt for RIGHT FUCKING NOW:

= = = = =

Vaguely related sidenote about India. Only a few MDs and virologist types have dared to defend real science against the holocaust's total reversal of all logic and facts and science. MOST of those heroes have Indian names. This is true in US and Canada and Britain and Germany. I haven't been following other countries but wouldn't be surprised if it's the same there. I don't know what causes this correlation, but it's a STRONG correlation. Were scientists from India left out of the demonic circle of secrets and blackmail? Distrusted by Deepstate, or just forgotten?


Sunday, April 04, 2021
  Aimee GOT IT.

Looking back through a chain of links, bumped into this. I had originally used this clip in a superficial way to illustrate that Aimee Semple MacPherson was a VERY DIFFERENT type of female cult leader. I hadn't listened to the whole piece before. The whole piece is eminently worth hearing RIGHT FUCKING NOW. (And not just because it happens to be Easter again.)



  Good advice from an obscure source

Around 1920, "Social" "science" split away from the original goal of analyzing and perfecting techniques of persuasion. The academic side got in bed with Deepstate and began serving the tyrannical forms of persuasion, designing and staffing torture chambers, and planning genocides.

The real craft and science of non-violent persuasion stayed on the commercial side, in the skills of advertising and marketing.

Here's some REAL SOCIAL SCIENCE from an obscure source found (naturally) at American Radio History Library. This 1944 book of hints and templates for commercial writers was written by Marynelle Williams, an expert commercial writer, who clearly understood and EMPATHIZED with both the writers and the customers.

General advice about attention:
A listener has TWO ears . . . he only listens with half of ONE! Maybe it's because commercials are directed to a twelve-year-old mind. You can't sell somebody something when you begin wounding his intellect! It's a vicious cycle. Or, more probably, he pays little attention to the commercial because it doesn't DEMAND attention . . . it isn't CLEVER enough . . . it doesn't FLATTER the listener into listening, because it doesn't appeal to his intelligence.

Arthur Brisbane said "I have written a good editorial when the reader says "that is just what I would have written myself." And you can accomplish the same thing if you tackle commercial radio copy delicately, but with common sense and truthfulness.

In reality, there is only ONE selling point in any advertising business . . . the imaginative mind must state it untold numbers of ways. It is this: People can be persuaded to try a product ONCE, but only GENUINE SATISFACTION will make them CONTINUE to buy it, day-in, day-out . . . year-in, year-out.
In other words, only EXPERIENCE changes minds, but if you're respectful and truthful and empathetic, you might be able to start an EXPERIENCE with a sample.

From a section aimed at stations in rural areas:
A farmer deals with the soil, and you can't fool him with golden-voiced oratory and clever phrases. You approach him on his own terms . . . putting yourself in his position, whatever you're selling him. He knows that a state-tested flock of chickens are a better gamble than more inexpensive, unselected ones . . . he knows the advisability of buying seed, feed and fertilizer by brand name. Therefore, he'll listen to your story, and, in his unhurried, reasonable way, he'll come around to your way of thinking if you talk in commonsense, down-to-earth . . . but NOT PATRONIZING language. Remember that a farmer is subconsciously en garde where city slickers are concerned anyway, and you've got to be sincere in what you write.
People who work with Nature can't be fooled.

I guess in some ways it's good that our persuaders have forgotten this advice. Arrogant bigoted EXTREME CONDESCENSION has led to a healthy counter-reaction, and healthy independent thought.

... And maybe I shouldn't be reminding anyone of the better way to persuade.

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  More from Leila Miller

Via Leila Miller, one priest has apologized for his passive participation in the holocaust.
The worst thing is that I cannot assure you that such a thing will not happen again, because as far as I know, I have not heard anyone express regret for what happened. What I can promise you is that I will never again be a party to something similar, and that if obedience places me in such a situation again, I will withdraw so as not to be a responsible and guilty party to something that, even today, weighs on my conscience, as the act of which I am most ashamed in my entire life.
He understands reality. He doesn't try to offer any fake hope or optimism. Hope is poison in hell.

This is the FIRST public apology by any of the active or passive participants in the holocaust.

I know with 100% certainty that none of the active mass murderers (presidents, governors, mayors, Public Death Officers, Doctors) will apologize, because they are pure supernazi demons who will never rest until all Deplorables are EXTERMINATED.

Will we see more contrition from the passive low-level courtiers? I wouldn't bet either way at the moment. Deepstate allows exactly one exception to its rules for a limited time, but the exception always has a pull-date. See Magufuli, who was pulled after exactly one year.


Saturday, April 03, 2021
  Platonic houses?

I enjoy spotting the automatic assumptions made by writers of various eras. When a fact or connection is unstated, or stated oddly, it gives you a clue about what the audience KNEW without thinking.

Here's a failed tautology from an episode of Ignorant:

Which room is a dining room table found in?

The obvious answer wasn't generally true, especially for the New Yorkers who wrote the show and provided the live studio audience. Most apartments didn't have dining rooms. Many people lived in furnished hotel rooms. The better class of houses and apts had separate dining rooms. A typical Midwestern bungalow had a long living room, and the dining table was in the part of the living room near the kitchen.

A more peculiar assumption showed up in the Dick Tracy radio show, mainly aimed at kids and sponsored by Quaker Oats.

If you don't have a box of Puffed Rice in your pantry, ask Mother to get some.

Pantries were extremely rare. Only the best houses had separate pantries, and most people had never SEEN a real pantry. Yet the writers assumed that everyone had a pantry and knew what was in it.

These rooms must have been part of a shared Platonic house, an image that was mapped onto the reality of each physical house. You knew which area of the kitchen or living room was the Platonic dining room, and you knew which cabinet in the kitchen was the Platonic pantry.

= = = = =

The first generation of mass-produced FHA houses after the war often had separate dining rooms which were too small to hold a table and chairs.

You had to slither around the furniture to reach the kitchen. This generation also had a utility closet with storage cabinets (a pantry) just off the kitchen. After 15 years of hell, people wanted to implement the Platonic house, even if it was less practical than the spacious rooms of an "obsolete" bungalow. The second generation around 1955 returned to bigger multi-purpose rooms, more like the bungalow.

= = = = = =

Continuing just for fun.

Here's a house that fits the Platonic ideal perfectly, and has a couple other ideal characteristics. The kitchen has a serious pantry and a breakfast nook, the dining room is separate and large, and the bedrooms are upstairs. The floor plan is elegant, with easy passage in every direction. No bottlenecks. The house is ideal in a more important way, based on EXPERIENCE. The roof combines the best qualities of Cape Cod and Bungalow. Steep slant and warm occupied attic prevent snow from sticking, so no snow load or ice dams. Wide overhang on all sides, and deep porch, prevent both sun and rain from hitting the walls. Much cooler in summer, and no need to close windows when it rains. Also keeps water away from the foundation, decreasing the chance of flooding and termites.

One non-Platonic feature on this house was nevertheless part of the better class of house from 1890 to 1930. The ice door, pointed by the blue arrow.

The house below is a classic pure Bungalow. The ice door happens to be on the side, so the picture shows how it looked to the ice man.

The ice man had a hard job. This door was about shoulder height, so he had to put down the ice block, open the outer door, open the inner door on the icebox itself, lift the 50 lb block to shoulder height, and shove it in.

Ice delivery was a peculiar business, technically unnecessary for most of its existence. Mechanical refrigerators were well-developed in 1880. Slow adoption of electric power made household refrigerators rare until 1920, and the habit of iceboxes continued through the '40s in most places.

The lower house also has a grade entry, one of the desirable features in the '20s, which has turned out to be desirable again for partly different reasons.
  Reprint on auts and krauts

Mentioning autists and Krautists in previous item reminded me of this 2019 defense of a "woke" math movement.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

This academic movement is more important and more valid than it sounds.

First, how it sounds:
Since apartheid ended in 1994, South Africa’s universities have struggled to transform themselves, leading to escalating student protests over the last three years — including the toppling of a prominent statue of Cecil Rhodes, an infamous colonizer who donated the land on which the University of Cape Town now stands. And as students and academics accelerate the process of decolonization across South African universities, the spotlight has fallen onto mathematics.

Exactly what decolonizing math would entail isn’t entirely clear: Curriculum revisions that promote non-Western contributions to the field, new teaching methods rooted in indigenous cultures, and greater openness to ideas outside the academic mainstream are all under discussion. Some want to go further, challenging the philosophical foundations** of mathematics itself.
Sounds like the usual SJW crap.

But the actual leader of the movement is onto something entirely different and hugely more important.
In his evening classes, meanwhile, Chinyoka hopes to broaden students’ understanding of what they can do with the mathematics they are presented with in lectures — from engineering to academia to law. He believes that South African mathematics should be reframed around the challenges faced by South Africa, as well as other developing countries.
In fact Chinyoka is not going far enough in the correct direction. He's treating the real life problems as a supplement after the theory. This is somewhat better than the normal math class which PROHIBITS any mention of the real world. The CORRECT method is to train students in real job-related or household-related solving, and let math come in naturally as a supplement. You're starting to cook a meal for your family. You set out the pans and read the recipe. The recipe is for 4 people but your family is 6 people. Now we have a problem that needs to be solved, and math provides a way to solve it.

After you solve the problem, you can eat the solution.

Back to Chinyoka:
“We still have this more Westernized view: You sit in a mathematics class on topology or abstract algebra, with zero idea about which context it applies to,” he says. Pointing to the current water and energy crises in South Africa, he argues that math should be taught with concrete applications in mind, rather than purely theoretically, which is a luxury afforded only by the West.
Not really a Westernized view, more precisely a Krautized view. Before we surrendered to the Krauts, US math and science teaching often had "concrete applications in mind". Around 1910 we went full Kraut. Theory in the morning, theory in the evening, theory at suppertime, concrete applications verboten all the time.

Soviet math and science teaching recovered from Krautism, focusing PROPERLY on real-life problem solving. That's why they beat us with Sputnik. As always we learned backwards. Fucking idiots.

Chinyoka is on the right track. His approach is better for ALL kids except autists and Krautists.

Western math is SOLELY for autists and Krautists. The EXPLICITLY STATED PURPOSE of math class in elementary and secondary school is to FRUSTRATE AND REPEL non-autists, so only the most precise and bizarre and reality-free wackos will end up with PhDs.

Unfortunately the movement toward USEFUL APPLICATIONS is confused and conflated with silly DieVersitarian nonsense. Many of the participants are more concerned with measuring Identity than measuring rice yield or baking temperatures or generator output. They are simply replacing one set of useless theories with another set of useless theories.

= = = = =

** Footnote: there's no point in challenging the philosophical foundations of math because they don't exist. A real foundation goes in FIRST, and the rest of the building depends on the strength of the foundation. Math developed in all sorts of useful and interesting directions for 5000 years WITHOUT explicit foundations. Around 1880 the Kraut fetish for thoroughness demanded a "logical" foundation, and Krauts shoved in some logic stuff under the massive structure that obviously didn't need the logic stuff. Soon thereafter, a Kraut named Gödel detemined, using the rules of the Kraut logic stuff, that the logic stuff was internally contradictory and thus pointless.

So: If you believe that math has philosophical foundations, you must also believe that math can't have philosophical foundations. If you find math to be a wonderfully useful tool for real life problems, you don't need to think about the foundation question. Just use math.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

I can't immediately find any more recent writings by Tiri Chinyoka, except for an applied math research paper that isn't about education.

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  Sucker Filter Ultra

The latest Bitcoin variant began on April 1, which probably should tell you something. It's a joke based on extreme numbers, issuing something like 616 trillion abstract "coins" with a par value so close to perfect zero that you can hardly calculate it. Seems to be aimed directly at the autistic and Krautistic types who hunger for MORE DECIMAL POINTS! MORE DECIMAL POINTS! MORE MEANINGLESS PRECISION!

So far I haven't seen any echoes of it in the literalistic autistic Quora world, which indicates that even autists understand it's a joke.


  Super-random auto thought

I was wondering why windshield wipers were so late in arriving. They weren't common or standard until the mid-30s.

The answer is simple. Before the mid-30s, wipers weren't seriously needed.

Polistra illustrates with her 1917 Detroit Electric, typical of closed cars before 1933.

When the car is still and the rain isn't blown toward the windshield, rain can't hit the glass at all.

When the car is moving about 10 MPH, which was typical before 1930, the visor would still protect the glass from much of the rain. The vector shows 10 MPH horizontal movement versus the standard terminal velocity of raindrops, which is 20 MPH.

Many cars had wider visors and lower roofs (less glass height), giving even more protection.

You don't need a vector to see what happens with a slanted windshield. ALL rain hits it all the time, regardless of wind and motion.

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  More rambling on copyright

Spinoff from previous item about copyright. This is just rambling, not a basic point.

The alleged American Dream has always been based on permanent private property. Libertarian and sovereign individual types bitch about property tax because they claim all property should be absolute, and property tax means you're just renting from the county.

Well, they're correct about the facts of property tax, but incorrect about the necessity of absolute permanent property.

In fact there's no such thing, and permanent holding is a bad idea.

The original copyright law was NOT permanent. It recognized that intellectual property should be temporary, and required you to officially REGISTER and RENT the material if you wanted to use it for profit. When you stopped paying the rental, the material became public domain. There was no ambiguity, no room for an arbitrary claim by an unrelated thief.

The Disney law creates a permanent "right" without any registration or rental. This means that Disney and a few other giant corporations can claim anything they want and prevent its use for as long as they want, because they have the armies of lawyers.

The old system made it possible for anyone to pay a reasonable fee and create a temporary claim which the GOVERNMENT would help you to defend, because you had PAID THE GOVERNMENT for the service of defending you. Feedback loop, pay for value.

This is closely parallel to the notion of retail vs wholesale "corruption". When petty bureaucrats are for rent, anyone with a reasonable amount of money can get service by paying. A tight feedback loop couples the payer with the servant, insuring accountability both ways.

When petty bureaucrats are supposed to be "pure", only Disney and Amazon get service, because they can exert massive economic and blackmail power over all bureaucrats in the world simultaneously.

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Friday, April 02, 2021
  Copyright violates natural law

Convective counterintuitive thought:

If you want to leave a legacy, don't copyright your work.

After previous item on Aberree and astrology, I was thinking again about Alphia Hart's uniquely CONFIDENT view of copyright:

Copyrighting everything you write is a confession that you have little faith in your ability to continue producing salable stuff -- and that there may come a time when you'll have to fall back on your own, protected material to make a living. When we can't produce new copy for The ABERREE, The ABERREE ceases to exist, because we're certain no one wants to read tomorrow what we said yesterday and today.

I reached a similar conclusion a long time ago in making courseware. The restrictions of 'digital rights' get stricter and more tangled every year, but they don't bother me because I have CONFIDENCE in my own ability to produce new images and animations.

= = = = =

Despite his probably fake modesty, Hart did leave a legacy. His work is still eminently worth reading 60 years later.

BUT: If he had copyrighted his work, or even failed to EXPLICITLY turn off the copyright, his legacy would be GONE.

Thanks to recent anti-Hubbard types who found the collection and scanned and uploaded it, all of Hart's work is readable. If he hadn't made a point of turning off the copyright, those blessed preservers couldn't have done their job, and his work would be lost.

A similar situation exists in the recordings of old-time radio. The obscure syndicated shows are better preserved and more available than the big network shows. Why? Because the networks still exist, so a copyright could be enforced. This makes it possible for one of the OTR vendors to play copyright troll games, forcing the other vendors and the free service at to delete items it wants to sell. Even though the one trollish vendor has no inheritance rights to the recordings, the potential of a copyright makes the big network shows harder to find and hear. And because they're less widely distributed, they're likely to disappear when that one trollish vendor goes out of business.

A much more important application of this principle was already operating at the time when those radio shows were made. Local stations and small syndicates and small civic orchestras were able to play live music as long as it was classical. Modern copyrighted music could only be played by networks who had enough money to pay the royalties. THEREFORE: Classical music has been performed and enjoyed and remembered much more widely than modern copyrighted music.

We have a dense and constantly performed legacy from composers who worked before copyright laws. Similarly with literature and visual art.

Not everything is great, but some work that was considered trash when written has been appreciated later because it was PRESERVED in some form. PRESERVED work can be revived and re-judged.

When the work is copyrighted, it has much less chance of being preserved and reprinted or replayed, no matter how good or mediocre it is.

Natural law and Sharia law agree: Use it or lose it. Everything in nature is meant to be useful, meant to serve. Copyright prevents use, so copyright guarantees loss.

See also storage vs JIT.

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  Opening the doors again

Speaking of Fairness Doctrine in science, here's an unusually fair historical piece from Physics Today. It treats unfashionable views and unfashionable cultures with fairness and respect.

I've been lobbying for a return to astrology as science. This article goes even farther, pointing out that astrology did a good job of predicting weather for hundreds of years.

Astrometeorology was developed by Islamic scientists, then picked up by Euros in the 1400s and developed farther. Almanacs continued to mix planetary patterns and seasons, and some may still do it.
Islamicate astrometeorologists were the first to replace the ancient practice of observing only short-term signs, such as clouds and the flight of birds, to predict weather. They based their action on the hypothesis that weather is caused by the movements of planets and mediated by regional and seasonal climate conditions. Improved calculations of planetary orbits and updated geographical and meteorological information made the new science possible and compelling.

The prospect of acquiring reliable weather forecasts, closely linked to predictions of coming trends in human health and agricultural production, made the new meteorology attractive in Christian Europe too. Considerable pride shines through medieval Christian accounts of the weather questions that they could now start to answer. Central among them was one that classical meteorologists had failed to figure out: How can weather vary so much from one year to the next when the seasons are caused by regular, repeating patterns produced by Earth’s spherical shape and its interactions with the Sun?
How did it work? Some of the details are lost, but:
Astrometeorologists noted that the angular relationships between planets were important for determining their mutual effects. Planets facing one another across the zodiac were negatively related; an angle of 45° was also problematic and likely to produce an atmospheric disturbance. However, planets at 60° or 120° would interact more positively and produce more moderate weather. When planets were close together, the intensity of their effects would increase depending on the natures and placements of the planets involved.
In other words, plain old vector algebra.

One phrase caught my eye:
The techniques in al-Kindi’s method required that forecasters confidently judge which factors would have the greatest effects and for how long, and they accepted that experience was crucial in making a successful prediction. Experts put their trusted methods on record for the benefit of others. Especially influential was al-Kindi’s application of the concept known as “opening of the doors.” The treatises do not explain the phrase, but it hints that rain was caused by an almost physical change in the atmosphere, driven by specific combinations of planets and their movements in relation to one another.
Opening of the doors.

Here's the Ridhwan clock, designed by and for those Islamic forecasters, combining science with religion and entertainment. By some descriptions, the upper dial rotated seasonally to show the current arrangement of constellations. I didn't try to animate that part.

Each hour opened a door revealing the number of the hour. The 12 houses behind the doors may have dispensed something to the priests or people. (The balls transferred to the birds were stacked up like a vending machine, so similar devices for the little houses would have been possible.)

Happystar appropriately illustrates.

HOW did planetary position control our weather? The astrometeorologists were correct given the state of their knowledge:
Astrologers believed that the planets and the fixed stars, including those making up the constellations to which the houses of the zodiac were linked, had special affinities with individual elements and qualities. Those qualities determined the nature of the effects each planet would have on the terrestrial world as it moved through the heavens.
Affinities with elements = magnetic field. The planets pull and shape the field of the entire solar system, giving it a different 3D graph of intensities and declinations for each configuration. As the earth passes through this field, the intensities influence the distribution of heat in our core, cause static fields through the dynamo effect, and influence bacteria in the clouds and nematodes in the soil. Not mysterious or metaphysical, unless you're a follower of the modern astrology that attributes all long-term weather to OrangeTrumpQanon Witch Carbon.

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  Fairness and Fraser

Eric Anderson at Evolution News lays down a new Fairness Doctrine for scientific discussion. He's writing as 'advice' to one specific scholar at Simon Fraser Univ in BC who is setting up a new institute; but clearly Anderson is advising more generally.
Similarly, don’t burden your lectures and presentations and published papers with unnecessary Darwin-speak. As Joe Friday would demand, “Just the facts ma’am.” You have great substance in the research you’re doing. Stick with that and focus on the actual observed evidence. In your next lecture, rather than saying, “We’re going to examine an amazing molecular machine that nature evolved,” just say, “We’re going to examine an amazing molecular machine found in nature.”
The FCC fairness doctrine forced this type of factual objectivity on radio for 40 years. It worked.

Was it possible to have political comedy without partisan teams? Certainly. The expert comedians of Ignorant did it all the time.

"How did you get to be so stupid?"

"Easy. First I went to Washington...."

Insults aimed at politicians were aimed at ALL POLITICIANS, not Republicans. This is JUST THE FACTS, since there is precisely no difference between D and R.

When the Fairness Doctrine was abolished, it opened the way for Deepstate to create Symmetrical Scapegoating. We insult the PEOPLE on the other team. We never insult ALL POLITICIANS. Therefore ALL POLITICIANS can now get away with mass murder. Therefore they do.

Incidentally, the target of Anderson's advice could also take some advice from Simon Fraser. He explored the area now occupied by BC. He named a river after his logbook-keeper who found the river, but he refused to name a river after himself because he wasn't convinced it was truly a separate river. He refused a knighthood and died poor. JUST THE FACTS.


  Paris more like Okla? has some pix of French bakeries with their employees posing in front, circa 1910.

What's interesting: Aside from the BIG bread loaves, these people look more midwestern American than Euro or NYC. They don't look the way I imagine Parisians would look. Instead, they're dressed like my Okie ancestors in pictures from the same period.

Several of the pix include kids and dogs, clearly and proudly part of the crew. Everyone was useful before bureaucracies ruined culture.

  Rediscovering as usual

This bit of research is part of the "rediscovery" of electrotherapeutics. Researchers found that:

In compulsive “addicted” rats, low (30 Hz) but not high (130 Hz), deep brain stimulation (DBS) of the STN efficiently reduces pathological cocaine seeking.

I was curious to see if this correlation was known by the original electrotherapists. I couldn't find a direct connection to cocaine because cocaine and opium were just ordinary medications at that time, not forbidden fruits. In the 1880s no substance was considered to be witchy.

I did find one use of frequencies in the same range to get rid of a persistent muscle spasm, which is on the same end of the spectrum as cocaine.

From Journal of Electrotherapeutics:
Aroloring and Chantre have made some interesting studies into the contractions of the sphincter ani. The form and duration of the muscular shock are modified, and the muscle shows a greater aptitude to become tetanized in comparison to other muscles . The contraction is slower in starting and disappearing and in graphic tracings the summit is less acute and the duration of the contractions longer than in an ordinary muscle. Fewer excitations are necessary to tetanize it. Under the influence of excitations induced at the rate of 3 per second , the contractors of the sphincter become confused and cease to be visible when the excitations are increased to 22 or 24 per second. The primary effect of an excitation is to produce a brief diminution of the tonicity of the muscle.
In other words, 24 cps 'confuses' the contracting muscle and breaks up its spasm.


Thursday, April 01, 2021
  Constants allow variables, variables force constants

UncommonDescent points to a study of gut bacteria. In urbanized places with lots of Die-Versity and immigration, only a few types of gut bacteria are found. In isolated tribal villages, bacteria are much more varied.

This is a special case of good old Graybill's Law. Globalization forces rigidity. Learning requires stability. Experimentation requires stability.

Reprinting a 2016 item that focused on Graybill in technology:

= = = = = START REPRINT:

A point I've made many times in many contexts. In its most general form:

Infrastructure is meant to be STATIC. Roads and bridges and sewer systems and rules of morality and rules of discussion and written laws and computer operating systems are all supposed to HOLD STILL so you can USE THEM to get things done. Navigating a fast-changing set of social or moral rules is like driving on Galloping Gertie. There may be a line down the middle where you can slowly crawl across to your destination, but the risk is so obvious that a sane human just doesn't bother. Your best bet for survival is to stay where you are. Shelter in place until the shaking reaches you and kills you.

My point began with a 1978 realization that a classroom conducted with old-fashioned decorum was MORE OPEN to discussion of new ideas. Classrooms conducted by Alinskyan 'anything goes' behavior were dominated by bullies and tyrants who enforced orthodox doctrine.

Constants allow variables, variables force constants.

I considered the same point in the realm of culture and religion here.

In tech: When building an EXE for use in Windows, you can count on a consistent set of API rules. The native Win functions are well defined, and the workings of C++ are well defined. Provided you understand both of these rule sets and use them correctly, you can predict what will happen when you write something like


When you put all those pieces together into a self-contained EXE, you know it will run on the Win versions that were specified in the rules. If there are problems, you can be 99% sure the problems are your own fault, even though you'll always waste time by blaming Windows first.

In the new world of HTML5 and CSS and SVG and JS, none of those certainties exist. All of those standards are only partly standardized and constantly changing, and you can't count on a package running on all common platforms. If it runs today, a version change by Firefox or Chrome may blow it up tomorrow.

In other words, 'platform-independent' really means 'excruciatingly platform-dependent.'

The platform-makers obviously love this, because they have finally reclaimed the power they lost when Windows owned the universe.

= = = = =

Comes down to this pair:

When the rules are stable, ordinary people can function.

When the rules are changing all the time, only the rulemakers can function.

I was looking again at my courseware product in its old EXE form and in its new JS form. The old form was packed with ORIGINAL graphics and ORIGINAL ways of presenting material and asking questions. The new form looks just like any other Imperial web page, with rounded buttons telling User to SUBMIT. Why? Because I was required to use the 'Twitter Bootstrap' pre-written code as the base of the presentation. And why did I have to use 'Twitter Bootstrap'? Because it's AUTHORITATIVELY VARIABLE. It's not contained in my code. It's strictly owned and controlled by the MASTERS OF VARIATION.

POINT: You can't have your own tools.

You must borrow the tools provided by the Master, because only the Master knows which tools will work at this millisecond on the systems run by the Master.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

How does this apply to gut bacteria? When a small town lives together and has constant mutual contact, bacteria are sharing a constant and predictable infrastructure. They are free to vary, and each new variation can count on working in the other people it transfers to. In a Die-Verse city, only a few bacteria that are SIMPLE AND GENERALIZED will be able to handle the transfers among all the quickly changing and varied genotypes.

Language works the same way. In empires, language loses its complexity and its ability to learn and vary. Nuances and idioms don't transfer in a Die-Verse population, so only literal and legalistic speech remains. In isolated tribal villages, language is complex and poetic.

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  Satan wins every fucking time.

They killed Magufuli.

I suppose it was inevitable. Satan does not allow exceptions. Satan does not allow truth and goodness to exist. Satan had already killed another African leader who tried to maintain sanity and freedom.

Apparently the new leaders haven't revoked freedom yet.

Will Noem be next? DeSantis? Ioannidis?

The biggest and most important news story of the year, and it didn't even echo in the usual sources, including the "fact-gatherers".

This distributes the burden of truth-telling more heavily on the remaining faithful.

= = = = =

Later and calmer: Magufuli apparently had a bad heart, and 61 is the typical age when a bad heart finishes. The fact that the new leaders haven't muzzled and locked the country YET may indicate that the death wasn't entirely murder. Nevertheless, I've learned to assume the worst when Satan is involved. Reality is usually worse than I imagine. Remains to be seen.

On the other side, his brilliant experiment proving that WHO's "virus" tests were fraudulent has been verified by authorities in several countries. WHO itself finally admitted that the tests were fraudulent, and Austria's government has just stopped all lockdowns specifically BECAUSE the tests are fraudulent. Needless to say, Magufuli will never get credit for doing the real science FIRST. Real inventors and scientists never get credit. Sometimes they are allowed to survive.

Old saying: First they laugh at you, then they kill you, then they agree with you.

Later again: Whitney Webb, overly detailed as usual, sees the event from a different angle. Magufuli was SERVING HIS PEOPLE, trying to keep resources under national control instead of yielding to the globalists. He created a functional and prosperous and HAPPY country, and the people are heartbroken now that he's gone. He was a direct descendant of the Soviet-flavored founders of most African countries, and exemplified both the Soviet and Sharia flavors of Natural Law. Any leader who blocks the wealth and power of Deepstate, in resources or in culture or in "virus", is an obstacle that must be removed.

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  Luck and chance aren't the same

Still meandering about purpose and design....

The usual ID argument about randomness doesn't quite hit one important point.

Luck and chance are not the same thing.

Every object, living or non-living, is battered by the chance events of weather. Every human is battered by the effectively random events of crazy or sane governments. Once in the life of a nation we get lucky with a Harding or FDR. Mostly we get holocaustal demons.

Inanimate objects can't respond to chance by ANTICIPATION. When a wind gust blows a pebble around, the pebble can't see it coming and take cover.

Living things ANTICIPATE the pattern of random events. Plants learn a pattern of light and dark or prevailing winds, and bend to meet the opportunity before it happens. We feel a storm coming, or feel a quake coming, and take appropriate steps.

On a higher level, humans can ANTICIPATE more complex opportunities. We can see that traffic is thinning out, so we get ready to jump in. We can see that Prohibition is likely to end, so we start converting our factory from cars to beer. We can see that jobs are starting to appear in the neighboring town, so we move there to be ready. We don't KNOW when the slot between cars will happen, and we don't KNOW when the 18th amendment will be repealed, and we don't KNOW that a job for our skill will appear, but we ANTICIPATE and make our own luck.

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  Right for dubious reasons

For a century, biology has considered starfish to be the closest major group to vertebrates. This never seemed right on an intuitive basis, and a new gene-based approach agrees that it's not right.

This article runs through a statistical analysis of constants vs variables in genes, and finds that chordates are closer to insects and mollusks, and farther from echinoderms. I'm not especially convinced by the stat approach, but their conclusion is correct.

When you look at things from the PURPOSE angle, the relationships are clear. What do vertebrates accomplish? What do echinoderms accomplish? What do insects and mollusks accomplish?

Echinoderms are the outcast in this view.

Vertebrates, insects and mollusks are all capable of high intelligence and intricate manipulation of their environment. Echinoderms don't do any of that. They mostly sit on the seafloor and wait for food to come into their tentacles.

All PURPOSES were available in the original genome, just as all FEATURES are available in the first technology or the first language. Descendants pick distinct groups from the original tree of PURPOSE, and later descendants along each branch gradually lose features. When two branches share lots of PURPOSES, they're more likely to be closely connected.

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