Monday, December 31, 2018
  Parallel question

Yesterday I noted Bachman's evocative question:

What is the most elegant piece of engineering (hardware or software) you know of that is unknown by 99.99% of the population?

A parallel question pops up.

What is the biggest populist or nationalist development that seems to be unnoticed by populists and nationalists?

Easy answer: AMLO.

He's definitely a left-populist, unlike Salvini and Bolsonaro. I've been following his speeches and messages closely, and the pattern is consistent so far. He's also digging in and making a STRONG START on implementing his FDR-style policies. He seems to have a natural empathy and affinity with the poor and unrespected parts of the population, like Mujica in Uruguay.

He deserves more attention from both leftists and nationalists.


  The societal consequences of legalizing marijuana

  NO. For the million(+4)th time, it's NOT NEW.

Another Tesla reinvention of an old technology with added fuckup.

Tesla cars have all sorts of problems in winter because they were designed by California loonies and tested in California conditions.

One common problem is delineated here:
So I sent my car in to service on December 13th into Oakville (which was honestly the worst customer service experience I have received from any company.. but that's besides the point)... and they replaced the locking pin with a second generation part.

Due to quite the warm spell here it hasn't really been at/ below freezing until tonight.

Well.. just had to take the hair dryer to my car for a 4th time.

I understand that Tesla is releasing software 2018.50. But I really don't know how they are going to warm up the chargerport locking pin without a heater...
The charging plug is latched into the car by a pin, which is electronically controlled by software.

Completely unnecessary. MECHANICAL latching plugs have been available for 150 years. They come in a huge variety of sizes and types, with all sorts of safety provisions. Some have the release on the cable side, some have the release on the fixed side.

The XLR connector is a simple example:

Or if you want to get literal, here are some charging plugs and jacks for electric cars from 1911:

And while I'm at it, here's a list of charging stations available in the New England states in 1907:

Seems to be about 200 stations. How does this compare with Tesla's coverage in the same states? Looks like a similar number, though again I don't feel like counting.

And while I'm still at it, here's a tribute to our wonderful allies in Japan. We loved Tojo so much in 1905 that we named a spark plug after him. Can't miss a shot! We happily worked with the Japs in our 1918 occupation of Russia, and the Japs took advantage of the familiarity to continue invading Russia through the '30s.

Irrelevant sidenote: Odd names were much more common in those days because most people didn't instantly jump to the dirtiest connotations. The Jap-loving plug was made by Climax Ignitor Co. The charging list includes The Sweat-Comings Co. in Richfield, and Bantam Auto Friction Co. in Bantam.
Sunday, December 30, 2018
  Congrats to Copkiller!

From KREM:
A recent study by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) listed Spokane as the fifth urban city in the US with the highest homeless population. The Department listed Spokane with a total of 1,245 people living in the city without permanent homes, both sheltered and unsheltered.
Raw data is meaningless. Turning the top five cities into percent of population:

Eugene total 169k, homeless 1641 = 0.97%

Oxnard total 210k, homeless 1300 = 0.61%

Spokane total 217k, homeless 1245 = 0.57%

Stockton total 310k, homeless 1685 = 0.54%

St Paul total 306k, homeless 1424 = 0.32%

= = = = =

So Spokane is actually THIRD, not FIFTH.

Congrats to NYC alien Copkiller Condon, and to the alien monsters illegally occupying the alleged "city" "council!" Your assigned purpose is to EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE all Deplorables, and you're making magnificent progress!

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  What's most elegant?

Evocative question from Tesla skeptic Bachman:

What is the most elegant piece of engineering (hardware or software) you know of that is unknown by 99.99% of the population?

That's easy. Telegraphs before Morse. Beautifully elegant in UI/UX terms, usable by ordinary people for real communication. The Morse system reduced the mechanism to key and sounder, which simplified wiring and maintenance but required expert operators.

I've modeled four stages in this development.

(1) Wheatstone's needle.

(2) Breguet's dial.

(3) Gray's Telautograph.

(4) The astonishing Train Describer and related signaling systems, which mixed Wheatstone and Breguet.


  Better analogy

The Tesla skeptics are focusing this morning on 'payment in kind'. Elon won't pay overtime or comp time, so he's giving the employees credit toward purchasing a Tesla car.

One of the skeptics points out that this is yet another reinvention, namely the good old Company Store.

Not quite the same thing, since the Company Store was the only place you could get food and basics.

A better analogy is a reverse one, fitting my theme today.

Henry Ford paid his employees MORE than other manufacturers because he wanted to keep them loyal and contented. He famously said that a worker should earn enough to buy what he's making.

More verbosely, the Fordist idea says that workers should have enough money to buy necessities plus a few treats and luxuries, or necessities plus saving for the future.

Elon is doing it the other way around. Instead of paying workers enough to have disposable income after necessities, he's paying the employees INADEQUATELY, on the CULTIST assumption that a Tesla car is worth infinitely more than old dull non-Disruptive non-Blockchain fiat money.

  Aggression is defense. Defense is aggression.

Two parallel examples of Orwell in today's "news".

= = = = =

1. "News"papers are suffering from a hack or hardware failure. They are, of course, automatically blaming RUSSIA_BOTS, based on the usual false assumptions.

Media outlets are engaged in a total genocidal POGROM AND WAR against Americans. Every issue of every "news"paper kills people by inciting "terrorist" attacks and suicide and crime and war. Many of them, including the San Diego "news"paper at the center of this hack, are OWNED BY FOREIGNERS.

A hacker who shuts down a media outlet would be HELPING America. Why would Russia or China want to STRENGTHEN us?

Hacking USA media is a DEFENSE AGAINST CRIME, not a crime.

= = = = =

2. WSJ discusses NoKo's clever and flexible network of money transfers, designed to evade USA sanctions.
A timber company it controlled in Africa had earned $100,000 by selling wood to a Chinese firm. Pyongyang needed the money to pay its foreign suppliers of oil and other critical products. But U.S. and international sanctions, intended to force North Korea to give up its nuclear program, limit its access to the global financial system. So it turned, U.S. authorities say, to an illicit workaround.
ILLICIT? If you believe in international "law", our sanctions are prima facie ILLICIT. Blockades and sanctions are acts of war. So an attempt to evade an illegal war is a DEFENSE AGAINST CRIME, not a CRIME.

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Friday, December 28, 2018
  Plug your ears, men!

Think modern cartoons are surreal?

Via American Radio History, Odysseus as seen in 1945.....

This was an ad for Cincinnati Electric, maker of hermetic seals for transformers and modular circuits.

Tag line: Interference can spoil any pickup!

The waterdrop mascot sings:

I'm Mister Amp,
the 'lectric scamp,
for whom dampness has that feeling.
But when I'm dry,
I'm really high,
and I go for FUSITE SEALING.

Nuff said. Or something.

= = = = =

Sidenote 1: Those mermaids are clearly naked, though I suppose you could argue that they are part fish, and fish are permitted to be naked. Before the war, Comstock Laws would have banned this picture firmly and instantly, without any transpecies argumentation. During the war, every sane human understood that fighting men needed relief and release, so Comstockery was suspended. Feminist bluenoses were excluded from polite society.

Now that machine-based bluenoses are back with a murderous vengeance, it will be interesting to see what happens to this picture, especially since I've #keyed it as naked.

Sidenote 2: This is a development Orwell didn't foresee. Winston worked in a porn factory where machines turned out 'romance novels' for the proles. But his censorship work was strictly manual. He decided personally, based on the Party's daily orders, how to Rectify each Crimethink.

Now we've got it backwards. Porn is still (mostly) written by humans, but the censors are automatic.

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  Interesting question, useless research

Some academics in Singapore have posed an important question, but their research is the usual worthless computer-based "game-theory" shit.
A recent study by researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS) found that when it comes to making financial decisions under risk, older adults will regard the financial outcomes of others as their own and make choices that they would have selected for themselves.

"Citizens in approximately one third of the countries around the world rely heavily on decisions made by older adults who may be government, business or community leaders. It is important to not only understand how these elderly people make decisions for themselves, but also how they make decisions on behalf of others, as their decisions can lead to significant gains or losses," said team leader Assistant Professor Yu Rongjun, who is from the Department of Psychology at the NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.
It's an excellent question, and it couldn't be asked in European-based cultures. It could be asked in East Asian cultures, and among the original American tribes who are genetically East Asian. Those groups innately respect elders. Euro cultures = Assisted Suicide.

Separating the question into three stages........

Part of the answer is basic biology. Youth loves risk. True of all living things from plants to mammals. The seed, the egg, the larva, the fledgling, are all designed to be quasi-disposable. Carried to new places by wind or waves or wings, most of them die. After life is established in the new place or new situation, the adult defends its own survival fiercely, resisting invaders and changes that will ruin its habits established by painful experience.

Do ordinary old folks have more empathy for financial risk? Maybe. Scammers who exploit the charitable impulses of old ladies are successful.

Finally, do old leaders have more empathy than young leaders? I doubt it. Weak negative correlation.

Current empathetic leaders are widely varied in age, but the older ones didn't become more empathetic with age. Putin is 66 and he's been serving all Russians since he was 40. Mahathir is 93 and again he's always been serving all Malaysians. Salvini and Bolsonaro are empathetic and young.

The anti-empathetic leaders, the raw Randians, are mostly old. Soros, Trump, Hillary, Juncker, Merkel, Macron. Only Macron is young.

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  Soros? No. Sneaky? Yes.

Both Salvini and Bolsonaro have made a big point of cozying up to Israel. Netanyahu will appear with Bolsonaro at his inauguration.

Is this evidence of Soros? No, it's the opposite. Israel kicked out Soros NGOs because Israel understands that Soros is an ACTUAL UNREPENTANT NAZI, personally trained by the original Nazis and seamlessly continuing their war.

Is this a sneaky tactic? Yes. I can't read their minds, but this appears to be an intentional move. Both Salvini and Bolsonaro are constantly called Nazis and Fascists and Anti-Semites by 100.0000000000000% of all media. Cozying up to Bibi won't halt the hyperdemonic media, but it gives normal people a reason to question the media. If Bolsonaro is Hitler, why is Bibi part of his posse?


  Deanimation requires detemporation

Yesterday I wrote:

Globalism condenses places and people into one undifferentiated mass. Globalism condenses time into one undifferentiated moment.

The places and people part is obvious and tautologous. Condensing all places into one is simply the dictionary definition of globalism. Condensing all people into an undifferentiated inanimate object is simply the dictionary definition of leftism.

The time part is not obvious and I haven't focused on it nearly enough.

Orwell focused HARD on the time part. Memory Holes and EastasiaEurasia and

are all examples of detiming.

When your mind has been detimed, you have no way of detecting fraudulent tenses or fake surprise.

Half of all "news" stories cover an event that "could happen in the future" if we don't obey Deepstate fully. In fact the event has BEEN HAPPENING for a long time, generally 30 or 40 years.

The other half of all "news" stories cover a totally fictional event that NEVER happened.

Our detimed brains have lost the ability to compare our past memories with present input. Time deltas do not enter our brains. We can't look back and say "Whoa! This isn't new!" or "Hold on! This never happened!"

Detiming is characteristic of "science" as well. The whole "global warming" fraud depends on detiming. We are not allowed to look at graphs of temperature vs CO2, because those graphs show that EVERY rise and fall of temperature came BEFORE the corresponding rise or fall of CO2. We are not allowed to look at graphs of sea level rise, because those graphs show that the total rise over the last 100 years is just six inches (not 99999999999999 miles), and it's slowing, not speeding. The shape of the curve is crucial, and you can't see shape without a time axis.

Diet and health advice is closer to the classic EastasiaEurasia. Sugar is good sugar is bad sugar is good sugar is bad sugar is good sug

After we follow a few whiplashes, we lose the ability to say "HEY! You told me the opposite yesterday!" We can't compare present input with memory template. We just passively receive and act on current input, LIKE AN INANIMATE OBJECT.

And now we're back to dictionary definitions.

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Thursday, December 27, 2018
  Modular inauguration

Previously I wondered if Bolsonaro's media team knew what they were doing. Maybe they can't do much about the optics of an introvert, but he's using the media cleverly.

He's organizing and defining his transition to power in a transparent way. He will actually take office on Jan 1. The header on his Twitter page changed from 'president-elect' to 'president' yesterday. He's issuing specific public 'challenges' to each of his cabinet members, reminding them of the most important reform or problem. Now they know ... and the people know ... what's expected.

Sort of like a modularized inauguration speech.

Statistics used by Satan as always.......
In a paper published the week of Dec. 24 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, two scientists at the University of Washington unveiled a new statistical method for estimating migration flows between countries, using the so-called pseudo-Bayes approach. They show that rates of migration -- defined as an international move followed by a stay of at least one year -- are higher than previously thought, but also relatively stable, fluctuating between 1.1 and 1.3 percent of global population from 1990 to 2015. In addition, since 1990 approximately 45 percent of migrants have returned to their home countries, a much higher estimate than other methods.
Satan uses statistics to eliminate time and to eliminate modularity.

Globalism condenses places and people into one undifferentiated mass. Globalism condenses time into one undifferentiated moment.

Fighting globalism requires us to use TIME-BASED GRAPHS and PLACE-BASED NUMBERS, because that's how humans perceive the world. We don't perceive global phenomena or constant phenomena. We perceive the THINGS THAT ARE HERE, and we sharply perceive DELTAS.

When migrants come into our neighborhoods or take our jobs, we notice the LOCAL CHANGE. When our income drops every year, we notice the DELTA.

Were these researchers intentionally serving Soros?
These more accurate estimates of migration will ultimately help both migrants and the people who assist them, said senior author Adrian Raftery, a UW professor of statistics and sociology.
Yes. Satan Raftery is NOT concerned with helping the people who are robbed and disemployed by migration. Deplorables are Unexistent Unpersons. Robbing and disemploying them hastens their deaths. Exterminating all Deplorables is a REQUIRED STEP in Changing The World. Satan Raftery is ONLY concerned with helping the migrants and the "people who assist them", working for Soros NGOs.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2018
  Constants and variables 117, non-riddly riddle edition

Riddle: What's the difference between Elon and Trump?

Constant: Both of them spend their days emitting random commands, most of which are contradictory and unfulfillable.

Variable: Elon's subordinates TRY to obey his commands, leading to vast storms of futile and contradictory activities. Trump's alleged subordinates ignore his commands.

Even worse variable: Trump's alleged subordinates in agencies like FTC and SEC and DOJ ignore Trump and obey Elon.

Conclusion: Who's in charge of this totally fucked incalculably wicked former country? Elon.


  Is it worth the (slight) excitement?

"Both" "sides" are making noise about the alleged prison reform act passed and signed this week.

Bishops like it, which makes me instantly suspicious. I had enough of forcible priest-type activities when I was in prison, and vowed never to look back. Aside from those basic vocational activities, modern priests and bishops work for Soros to obliterate civilization.

So let's check the actual text.

Most of the provisions are prima facie trivial and meaningless. Improvements in documentation, minor changes in good-time which probably won't affect any real inmates, free Tampax for female prisoners.

The only part that LOOKS like it COULD be meaningful is titled Expanding inmate employment through Federal prison industries. As I never tire of tiresomely repeating,

USEFUL WORK is the only rehabilitation.


Well, does this bill do anything toward the ONLY meaningful goal?

Here's exactly what it does:

(a) In general.—Notwithstanding any other provision of law, Federal Prison Industries may sell products to—

(1) public entities for use in penal or correctional institutions;

(2) public entities for use in disaster relief or emergency response;

(3) the government of the District of Columbia; and

(4) any organization described in section 501(c)(3), (c)(4), or (d) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 that is exempt from taxation under section 501(a) of such Code.
That's it. That's all. Nothing about training, nothing about the actual work methods. In short, the products of prison industries shall not be real and useful products. Prisoners will not get the experience of making things and selling them at a profit to real customers who enjoy using the products.

So the whole pile of shit is absolutely pointless.


  A century late, a yottabolivar short.

Venezuela is FINALLY trying to break out of Graybill's Law. After a full century of total failure and abject submission to globalist restrictions, stupid Maduro is weakly attempting to open up resources besides oil.

Via RT:
Venezuelan authorities have offered Russian companies to take part in gold exploration and gold mining in the country, according to Russian Ambassador to Venezuela Vladimir Zaemsky.

“As for Russia’s participation in gold-mining or other mining projects, Venezuela has made a wide range of interesting proposals that are currently under consideration by interested Russian operators,” the ambassador said.

The official added that Caracas is deeply interested in cooperating with Russia in the sector of exploration of the country’s solid extractable resources, including gold, diamonds and coltan, which is used for the extraction of elements such as niobium and tantalum.
"A day late and a dollar short" won't do. This is entirely too late and entirely too short.

Like Brazil, Venezuela has ALL the resources any country needs. UNLIKE Brazil, Venezuela stopped using its resources 100 years ago and let Standard Oil run the place for the benefit of Standard Oil, with commissions to El Presidente.

Brazil NEVER surrendered to Graybill, and continues to use ALL of its resources carefully and profitably. Brazil is self-sufficient in agriculture, minerals, energy, and manufacturing. Brazil's industrial economy is highly varied and growing.

Bolsonaro won't have to solve a lot of problems in that area. His main mission is CRIME, which is the only area where previous Brazilian governments have failed miserably.


  Come on, you don't need to be so literal

More doublethink...
A bipartisan group of US representatives has demanded answers from the news agency AP after it signed a memorandum with its Chinese counterpart Xinhua. RT looks at how a formality caused quite a stir. The 14 legislators wrote a letter to question AP’s wisdom about doing business with Xinhua, stating that unlike AP’s “independent journalism, Xinhua’s core mission is to shape public opinion in ways sympathetic” to Beijing, according to a Washington Post report.

However, the answer may be more simplistic. AP explained: “The recent memo of understanding updates a relationship that has been consistently the same since 1972 and opens the possibility for future commercial interactions, similar to agreements AP has with other state news agencies around the world.”
China has been our ACTUAL ADVERSARY since 1950. Our surrender to China started with Nixon in 1972.

So now we're doing the Eastasia / Eurasia thing LITERALLY. These same Congressmonsters have been ASSISTING China's takeover of our industries and technology since 1972, while fiercely attacking Russia for being the country we want to attack.

I'm sort of ruefully satisfied to see a switch to reality after 40 years of lunacy, but the switch itself is so crazy that I doubt it will do any good. I can guarantee that our new dislike for China will NOT lead to any meaningful change. We will NOT start to rebuild our own industries and infrastructure. We will NOT kick out the thousands of military spies.

What WILL happen? Deepstate's real constant enemy is unfashionable Americans. Now we will start treating Deplorables as CHINA_BOTS instead of RUSSIA_BOTS. That's all.

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  Constants and variables 116, I'd rather not edition

For many years I've been marveling at the naivete and innocence of techmonsters. They know ... or CLAIM to know ... the details of the Web, the packets and protocols and encryption. They claim to be ferocious advocates of privacy. BUT they still go ahead and USE the Web for everything. They never LEAVE the web and use plain conversation or paper or hand signals or shortwave or any other communication channel.

The most obvious example is Bitcoin. As I've been POINTING OUT since 2013, Bitcoin is Deepstate. It's OPENLY DEFINED AND DECLARED. The fictional founder SAYS he's CIA. What more do you want? All transactions go through NSA, all "mining" performs free mathematical labor for NSA. Still, the cultists chant nonsense about avoiding Big Brother, decentralization, etc, etc, etc.

Before NSA dissolved our brains, we had a MUCH more careful attitude about opsec, and media helped us by modeling the careful attitude. In movies and radio shows from the '30s and '40s, shady types constantly said "I'd rather not discuss this on the phone. We need to meet in the [cough cough] usual place." Everyone understood that phones could be tapped, that operators could listen in.

Does anyone ever say "I'd rather not discuss this by texting. Let's meet in person." If so, I've never seen it in reality or fiction.

In fact the OPPOSITE attitude is universal. Even when people are sitting at the same table they'd rather discuss by text. They're rigorously trained to send EVERYTHING through NSA.

The key variable is not the behavior of ordinary people, it's the behavior of people who know they need privacy. People engaged in illicit or highly unfashionable activities have a good reason to understand how communication systems work. Before the brain melt, those folks said "I'd rather not use the phone." After the brain melt, those folks INSIST on using the phone, delusionally believing it's safe.


Tuesday, December 25, 2018
  Correlated nunchucks

ZH clickbaits a rather unusual "ruling" by a Federal blackrobed demon. The demon decided that nunchucks couldn't be entirely prohibited.

If we still had a Constitution, this "ruling" wouldn't have been conceivable let alone possible. The obsolete 1787 document was CRYSTAL CLEAR on the subject. EVERY tool or thing or method that could POSSIBLY be used for self-defense MUST be allowed. People MUST be able to possess and carry EVERY defense tool. The obsolete document was NOT talking about guns, it was talking about ANY WEAPON AT ALL. So there's no need for a demon to select and filter the permissible tools. ALL tools are permitted.

Under the original common-law system, bad state laws were not meant to be overturned by Federal demons; they were meant to be overturned by juries. If a law is bad, competent juries will refuse to convict anyone, thus nulling out the bad intent of the evil state legislature. Sooner or later state persecutors would get tired** of losing every case, and would instruct the legislature to alter the law.

In this particular "decision" the demon rationally cited the simple fact that nunchucks are not a practical weapon. Nobody uses them to kill or rob. The plaintiff found a statistic showing that nunchucks had been involved in "incidents" only 56 times in the last 45 years, roughly once a year.

Does this agree with Spokane, where weird weapons are the norm?

Meth induces a lot of swinging and twirling motions. Female meth addicts apply this set of motions to clothing and blankets, often appearing to do a strip-tease or ribbon gymnastics. Male meth addicts like to swing and twirl swords and machetes and hatchets.

Checking the Spokane News FB page, which enjoys reporting on weird weapons, I find only three nunchuck incidents. One in 2014, one in 2015, one in 2018.

About one per year. Pretty much in sync with the statistic used by the plaintiff.

= = = = =

** The old system still works in self-defense cases. A few years ago a Spokane persecutor got a bug up his ass about self-defense and tried to impose alien NYC psychosis on the comparatively sane civilization here. He pushed three cases and got nullified three times. He gave up, didn't run for re-election. Since then, persecutors have carefully avoided self-defense cases, letting the police make the decision.


  Fraud runs in the family

Reinventing old stuff and fraudulently claiming it as your own seems to be an innate tendency of the whole Musk family, not just Elon.

What are these new Innovative Disruptive things called "plants"? Never heard of them. Whatever they are, I'll be eagerly awaiting 2020 when many of them will be "growing", whatever that means.

Elon only reinvents things from the last 300 years. Bro Kimbal and Mama Maye are reinventing things from the last three billion years! Better try harder, Elon!

= = = = =

Carver as always:


If the THINGS THAT ARE HERE could TALK to Elon, what would they say?

And a later addition:


  Non-poetic non-populists

Meanwhile in USA, our fake "populist" will never come close to prose let alone poetry, but he did sneak in a pretty good Xmas gift to the world.
Saudi Arabia has now agreed to spend the necessary money needed to help rebuild Syria, instead of the United States. See? Isn’t it nice when immensely wealthy countries help rebuild their neighbors rather than a Great Country, the U.S., that is 5000 miles away. Thanks to Saudi A!
Yes, it is nice. I can't argue with that!

The fake Khashoggi crap seems to have been effective blackmail. Maybe Trump is finally taking control of the dysgovernment after two years of letting Deepstate have its way?

Appropriately, this is retributive justice in Sharia style.... at least partial justice.

Saudi and Israel ordered the Syria war. US and EU collaborated to make it happen. Russia stopped it. Trump has finally repented of the war and decided to get out, and now he's billing one of our clients for the reparations. He'll never bill Israel or Adelson because the Tribe never pays for anything, but half a reparation is better than none.


Monday, December 24, 2018

A couple of poetic Xmas thoughts.

From Salvini:

Buon Natale a tutti voi Amici.

Un pensiero soprattutto a chi è solo, a chi soffre, a chi lavora anche stanotte, a chi cerca serenità, a chi ha avuto giorni difficili e spera in un futuro migliore, a chi non si arrende, mai.

From Bolsonaro:

Com humildade, aceitando quem tem no coração a vontade de construir um Brasil melhor, buscaremos nos próximos anos restaurar o sentimento familiar há muito desgastado em nossa sociedade, bem como a paz dentro de nossos lares. Tenhamos todos um Feliz Natal! Fiquem com Deus!

The Salvini poem is truly and heartbreakingly beautiful. You could set it to Wagner's Evening Star with a couple of alterations.

Sort of parallel to the silly notion of Attent-ions reprinted earlier today.

After a year of using only the Shadle Safeway, I've switched back to the NW Blvd store for various reasons, mainly related to walking in winter and bus schedules.

The two neighborhoods are sharply distinct in economic terms.

NW Blvd has a fair number of truly poor and homeless folks, plus lots of working class and some comparatively prosperous oldies.

Shadle is solidly middle-class, ranging from lower to upper middle with a slight emphasis on lower.

This morning in the NW Blvd store, the ragged dude in front of me was paying for one bottle of beer with coins. He came up two cents short. I automatically pulled out a nickel and handed it to the cashier. The cashier immediately knew what I was doing, automatically took the nickel, and finished the beer transaction. Nothing special, no comments needed.

In the solid-middle Shadle store, I wouldn't have automatically pulled out the nickel, and the cashier wouldn't have automatically known what I was doing.

As with attent-ions, the poor neighborhood is pervaded by a static field of civilizat-ions. The middle-class neighborhood lacks the static field, so civilized transactions are salient and exceptional.


  Don't help them!

Headline: Gonzaga cites possibility of protests, refuses to host Ben Shapiro

Unsurprising. I'm not really sure who Ben Shapiro is, but I get the impression from Youtube's Suggested For You that he's popular among "conservatives". Gonzaga has been the dark center of the modern Inquisition for a long time. It even has a Department of "Hate" "Studies" to cultivate and develop young Inquisitors.

I've been pushing back against conservative whining recently, chanting Put Up Or Shut Up. You're NOT going to win by trying to work inside enemy lines. It's worse than futile. Every "conservative" speaker on campus strengthens the Sorosians, gives them a reason to raise more money and gain more supporters. Find alternate media, find alternate places to talk.

Here's a contrary thought from a longer perspective.

In the long run those Gonzaga monsters will be well prepared to serve as Inquisitors but NOT well prepared to live an ordinary life. They will be accustomed to a perfectly one-sided set of inputs. They will never hear a single word that deviates in the slightest from pure Soros. They will be unable to defend their beliefs in a less sheltered situation, unable to make rational decisions in work and neighborhoods. In real life you have to do business with lots of folks who are not EXACTLY LIKE YOU. Even if you can get an ideal job in a NGO serving Die-Verse Peoples, you will find that Persons Of Colour and Firstses Nationses Indigenouses Peopleseses have extremely unfashionable ideas about gender variability and marriage and religion. You will run away screaming.

In the long run a student who skips college entirely will be VASTLY BETTER PREPARED for real life.

Fighting a war requires strengthening your own side and weakening the other side. When the other side is weakening itself, DON'T TRY TO FIX IT. We do not have a duty to cure the enemy's problems. Let Gonzaga students dissolve their own brains. They will be useless.

= = = = =

Both perspectives lead to the same decision. Immediately, attempting to "offer an alternate viewpoint" gives the fashionable side more money and members, so you shouldn't do it. In the long run, attempting to "offer an alternate viewpoint" could help to prepare the enemy for real life, so you shouldn't do it.

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  Universal Carver

Thinking about the puppet shows in Sorosian lands. The "drones" that don't exist, the "poison" that doesn't exist, the "RUSSIAN_BOTS" who are actually DNC bots, the "government shutdown" that doesn't exist, the "booming economy" that consists solely of one stock index, etc, etc, etc.... Our leaders are loyal to OTHER countries, work hard to serve OTHER countries. We even require teachers to swear loyalty oaths to ISRAEL, not to USA. Our leaders never tell us anything, never answer any questions. Our leaders simply emit random selections of Official Party Talking Points, unrelated to any real question or issue.

Comparing this to the governments in non-Sorosian lands, which are BUILDING ACTUAL PHYSICAL OBJECTS to help ACTUAL PHYSICAL PEOPLE live better lives and have better jobs. Dams, railroads, farms, etc, etc, etc.... Non-Soros leaders (eg AMLO, Putin, Salvini) spend lots of time talking directly to the people, mingling with them, answering questions meaningfully and fully. They are loyal to their own people, not to multinational corporations or incorporeal and false theories.

= = = = =

Suddenly noticed that Carver's rules apply to governments as well.

Good scientists follow Carver.


This is exactly what good (populist) governments do. They look at the situation IN THIS COUNTRY. They deal with THINGS that are HERE, as opposed to BIZARRE DELUSIONS that DO NOT EXIST, or corporations and governments that are ELSEWHERE. They listen to their own people and talk to their own people in a direct discussion.

The rules also define real journalism. Pay attention to the EVENTS AROUND YOU, not to the voices in your head or the theories of your Party. Get into the situation as far as possible. Talk to the people. Let them talk to you. Report what they ACTUALLY said, not what your grotesque demonic NYC bigotry imagines they say.

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  Non-snide vs snide

A typically snide article by the usual "skeptics" who are actually steadfast defenders of Current Fashion.

Do you believe that people’s eyes emit an invisible beam of force?

According to a rather fun paper in PNAS, you probably do, on some level, believe that. The paper is called Implicit model of other people’s visual attention as an invisible, force-carrying beam projecting from the eyes.

To show that people unconsciously believe in eye-beams, psychologists Arvid Guterstam et al. had 157 MTurk volunteers perform a computer task in which they had to judge the angle at which paper tubes would lose balance and tip over. At one side of the screen, a man was shown staring at the tube.

The key result was that volunteers rated the tube more likely to tip over if it was tilted in the direction away from the man gazing at it – as if the man’s eyes were pushing the tube away. The effect was small etc
Aside from the stupid** pointless computer-based "experiment", it's clear that most people do innately believe in the power of attention. And not only people. Other vertebrates also share the same belief. Eye contact is understood, used, and perceived immediately and solidly among all sorts of species with all sorts of facial arrangements.

I speculated on this a few years ago, in a more open-minded way....

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Warning: The following is a loooooooooong stretch applied to an initially dubious analogy. At the moment the stretch looks reasonable to me, and seems to yield some interesting questions. No answers yet. (Your stretchiness may vary.)

Starting question: Where do you draw the line on awareness and consciousness? There's absolutely no reason to assume that humans are alone, but how far does the boundary extend? All animals? Plants? Bacteria? Rocks?

Intuitively or childishly, it seems that there's something special about birds and mammals. Possibly all vertebrates, maybe a few top-grade invertebrates like cephalopods. Beyond those bounds it feels less likely.

Well then, what distinguishes those inner-circle animals from the others? If awareness is the essential quality, what's the measurable manifestation? Getting engineerish as usual: If awareness is the pressure, what's the flow? If awareness is the static field, what's the current?

I'd pick ATTENTION or FOCUS. We 'smarties' (birds, mammals, cuttlefish) are capable of PAYING attention to an INTERESTING object, and we are equally capable of RECEIVING attention. There's the flow.

I know when a cat or crow has his eye on me, and the cat or crow knows when I have my eye on him.

Those verbs are trying to tell us something. Paying and receiving attention. Making and consuming attention.

Consuming? Yes. Humans and social mammals unquestionably consume attention, and it can be more nutritious and necessary than food.

Attention behaves like flowing charge. We can be positively or negatively attent-ionized. We can have an excess or deficiency of attent-ions, or we can be neutral after a discharge.

Comfortable nestmates are constantly bathed in a mutual field of attent-ions, like the plates of a capacitor or the primary and secondary of a transformer.

We can certainly tell when our attent-ions are being consumed by the receiver, but how? An electric source can tell when its electrons are being used, by comparing absorbed and reflected power. Can we sense absorption when we send out an attentive charge?

Artistic sidenote: Those bubbly attent-ions exuding from the mutual charge sphere around Happystar and Danbo are serendipitous, not intentional. They're just GIF artifacts, somehow arising from the random points of the grass. The grass itself is not changing from frame to frame in the original renders.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

** Later thought on the experiment: The picture of a man on one side doesn't prove that the subjects were thinking about "eye-force". They could have been empathetically imagining what the man wants to do. He should push the tube away from him to remove the instability. Pulling a tippy object toward you is not a safe or normal way of restoring equilibrium.


Sunday, December 23, 2018
  Jesus. More puppet show

Now it seems that the "drones" that "forced" a British airport to shut down didn't exist at all.
A man and woman arrested in connection with drone sightings that grounded flights at Gatwick Airport have been released without charge. The 47-year-old man and 54-year-old woman, from Crawley, West Sussex, had been arrested on Friday night.

Sussex Police said there had been 67 reports of drone sightings - having earlier cast doubt on "genuine drone activity". Det Ch Supt Jason Tingley said no footage of a drone had been obtained.
Like the "poison" that "permanently injured" the Skripals, it's just another stageplay designed to create chaos for a specific purpose. Now those two completely innocent people have been arrested and publicly doxxed, which may or may not be the real purpose.

If nothing else, this does explain why the cops didn't shoot down the "drones". There wasn't anything to shoot.
  NO. For the million(+3)th time, it's NOT NEW.

Elon boasts about his NEW INVENTION of regenerative braking, and his NEW INVENTION of cars that put energy back into the grid.

As usual, not new. One hundred years old.

From 1919 Railway Engineering Journal:

(Got wheels?)

This 28-wheel monster had regen braking, and fed the generated energy back into the power line. Other electric locos with the same characteristics were running routine service in the coal-mining area of West Virginia.

Why did Norfolk & Western decide to use electric locos to haul coal?? Exactly because of the regen braking. Downhill trains were feeding power back, which was then used by uphill trains on the same line. Required less surge capacity in the central generating plant.


  The puppet show

Craig Murray links to an intense highly-detailed document about the "Integrity Initiative", the semi-secret agency that is creating most of the RUSSIAN_MEDDLING toxin in UK and Europe.

The most salient detail:
The Integrity Initiative works closely with the Lithuanian government and armed forces. The officially-encouraged spread of Holocaust revisionism in the Baltic States has been documented in detail by the magazine Defending History. Lithuania and Latvia have passed laws that limit discourse about the Holocaust in their territories and deny the role of local helpers in the Nazi genocide. In Ukraine a law passed in 2015 assigned officially protected status to the OUN and other organizations that collaborated with the Nazis and played a key role in the mass murder of Jews.
The Integrity Initiative documents report that Lithuanian armed forces have been training the British Army’s 77th Brigade.
StopFake has defended Ukrainian parliamentary speaker Andriy Parubiy against French commentators who have denounced him as a Nazi. When Parubiy visited Scotland, David Leask, one of the journalists listed by Integrity Initiative on its social media team, reported in almost identical terms to the earlier StopFake defence of Parubiy following his visit to France that Parubiy is now ‘on the centre-right’ in Ukrainian politics.
As I safely presumed, the "neo-Nazis" are being organized and trained by Deepstate to provide a convenient fake enemy for "liberal" globalists, who are also organized and trained by Deepstate.

A couple other "partners" that confirm my focus on Macedonia and Catalunya as important pieces of the Soros genocide:

Barcelona Centre for International Affairs (CIDOB)
University of Macedonia Public Opinion Research Unit

Some connections are unsurprising: Atlantic Council, William Browder.

Pablo Miller – formerly Sergei Skripal’s MI6 handler, now Orbis Business Intelligence according to his deleted Linkedin profile.

Murray adds that Pablo not only handled Skripal, he lived with Skripal to exert maximum control. If the house and neighborhood were totally "contaminated" by the mythical "poison" which mythically "killed" instantly and "lasted" forever, how come Miller wasn't hospitalized or "killed"? Also, Orbis is the same outfit that created the "Trump Dossier" intended to overturn the 2016 election.

In the simplest terms, Stalin was right. We are the Nazis. We have always been the Nazis.
  Trivially shockedshockedshocked 2

Via LifeSiteNews:

The Trump administration and the Repooflican eunuchs in Congress have restored and reinforced Obama's anti-science "gender-free" ratshit in a foreign aid program. As always, the violation of a promise was snuck into an unrelated bill just before the supposed "deadline" for budgets.
The law will mandate that USAID perform "gender analysis" and "gender integration" in USAID policy planning and implementation. It will give USAID gender specialists the authority not just to "analyze" the impact of USAID policy, but also to impose requirements on USAID partners to ensure gender equality. The two requirements were first adopted by the Obama administration, and become permanent statutory requirements when the President enacts the WEEE Act into law.
The only shocking aspect of this perpetual mess is that pro-lifers continue to vote for Repooflican eunuchs. For 45 years the Repoofs have been pretending to support SCIENCE AND GOD on the questions of abortion and gender, while uniformly and predictably going along with ANTI-SCIENTIFIC DEMONS.

After 45 years of 100% betrayal we ought to learn something. In Sorosian lands ALL the cards are stacked against God. Government, corporations, "churches", schools. Any attempt to work within the system through "law"suits and legislative lobbying is PERFECTLY FUTILE. The system WANTS US TO USE UP ALL OF OUR TIME AND EFFORT AND MONEY, and we obligingly comply.

The only valid and moral solution is disobedience, and in some cases supported exile. Instead of pouring money into "court" fights that only enrich "law"yers, we should be creating trust funds and sending dissidents like Daleiden to sane countries without extradition treaties. As I discussed in detail, the $20 million wasted on lawyers for Daleiden could have supported 20 dissidents in sane countries.

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  Trivially shockedshockedshocked

ZH cites a fraudulent monstrosity fraudulently titled "Global Happiness Score", produced by a Soros NGO and co-authored by Jeffrey Sachs, who led Soros's war against Russia in the '90s.

The fraudulence is blatantly obvious. This score is not about happiness at all. It's about wealth and social safety nets. The variables are EXPLICITLY DESIGNED to give the top score to Scandinavia. The survey should be titled "Global Scandinavianness Score".

And waddaya know!!!! Amazing! Scandinavian countries score highest in Scandinavianness!

I'll give them one point for an accurate understanding of economics: Their wealth measure is the LOG of GDP per capita. Most "economists" use linear measures, which are easier to calculate but irrelevant to human perception.

The actual OBSERVABLE happiness of actual people is PRECISELY opposite to these scores. Africans and Brazilians and Indonesians are MUCH happier than Finns and Swedes. Brazilians smile all the time. Finns never smile in their entire life.

= = = = =

This measure is trivially valid in the same way that IQ tests are trivially valid. IQ tests are designed to measure success in theory-based university courses. That's all. They work pretty well to predict success in theory-based university courses. That's all.

Using IQ to measure or predict ANYTHING ELSE is nonsense.

Does success in theory-based university courses connect to success in life? Somewhat, but even if you narrowly define success as working in a job that requires credentials from a theory-based university, many other factors are more important. Innate status, extroversion, determination, ambition.

In the totally insane demonic evil-soaked Sorosian lands, we place tremendous weight on credentials from a theory-based university. It's our official equivalent of noble rank. But even here the causation is mostly backwards. The people who can get through a theory-based university without dropping out or committing suicide are the same people who will do well in high-ranking jobs. Ambitious, competitive, high innate status. There are some exceptions, but not a lot.

= = = = =

Footnote: Looking up the funders of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network, which is a branch of the UN, I find this list:

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)
Dubai Expo 2020
Electricité de France International N.A. Inc.
Federal Office for the Environment FOEN, Switzerland (for the DDPP)
The William, Jeff, and Jennifer Gross Family Foundation
Ministère des Affaires Etrangères et du Développement International (France)
Svenska PostkodStiftelsen
Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida)
Ted Turner
The Kresge Foundation
The Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

Notice a certain geographical tendency?


Saturday, December 22, 2018
  Did gaming start with Pac-Man?

Latest item at KSHS:

These shaped Dakota sandstone artifacts may have once been used as gaming stones or had another unknown purpose. They were collected from the excavations during the 1977 and 1978 Kansas Archeology Training Programs at the Tobias site in Rice County. The Tobias site is a Late Ceramic period proto Wichita village site that had dense artifact deposits (including chain mail), house remains and numerous deep trash-filled storage pits.


  AMLO again

AMLO speaking to los Indios again.

A few screencaps:

Note that the youngsters are happy to be seen and selfied with him. Can you imagine any US youngsters, especially among Indigenouses Firstseses Nationseses Peopleseses, smiling in the presence of a NATIONALIST leader? Our yoots have been STRICTLY INDOCTRINATED to exterminate anything that deviates .0000001% from Sorosian orthodoxy. [Also, can you imagine the Secret Service allowing a US leader to bump and jostle with a crowd, even a happy crowd?]

Sacred smoke pervades the room. Can you imagine any USA leader allowing POLLUTION in his presence, especially germophobic Trump? Los Indios have a much saner attitude toward sacred smoke.

AMLO may be a slow speaker, but he speaks from the heart. No script, no teleprompter. He knows every corner of his country, especially the poor corners, and his EMPATHY is unquestionably genuine.

Overall, the new nationalist and populist leaders share the qualities of KNOWLEDGE and EMPATHY. From Putin to Orban to Mahathir to Salvini to AMLO, all of them KNOW AND UNDERSTAND their people in great detail. No major US politician knows anything beyond Wall Street. The Dow is the entire economy, NYC demonic antimorality is the entire culture. Soros is the universe. Outside of Soros is an unimaginable void.

Irrelevant linguistic sidenote: The -ist on populist turns out to be a job description -ist, not an ideology -ist. An entomologist knows and understands insects. A botanist knows and understands plants. A radiologist knows and understands X-rays. A populist knows and understands his own people.

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  Debtoleth = Deatholeth

While futilely searching for info about direct payment from banks to heretics, I came across an 1883 text on banking with lots of nice clear history on banks, governments, and debts.

There's an extremely simple pattern that holds true for a thousand years.

Governments use taxes to finance popular policies. Governments use debt to finance unpopular policies.

Every breakaway from savings and solvency, every breakaway from real value, was "necessary" to finance an AGGRESSIVE WAR that nobody except the leaders wanted to fight.

Every internal genocide, every policy that DESTROYS THE GOVERNMENT'S OWN PEOPLE, must be financed by debt for a brutally logical reason. When you kill your own real-value economy, you kill the source of taxes.

The correlation is so perfect that it can be used as a shibboleth.

If the government uses debt instead of taxes, you can be sure the government intends to kill all real economic activity.

None of our politicians want to raise taxes, which means BY DEFINITION that none of our politicians want to have a functional economy or a functional country. They want to be a free-floating bubble sustained by infinite exponential counterfeit credit.

The oft-quoted "no taxation without representation" misses the mark. Legislatures always end up serving Deepstate, always end up committing genocide against their own people.

I've made half of this point before, in discussions of VAT. A government SHOULD be like a business. It should try to make a profit from its own activities. It should derive its revenues strictly and solely from real economic increase of value, so that it will be MOTIVATED to assist real economic increase. When the government operates this way, decorative filigrees like "voting" are unnecessary. Profit does the voting.

In the previous discussions I didn't see the other side, didn't see that government by debt is AUTOMATICALLY SUICIDAL.

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Friday, December 21, 2018
  Dirty not so cute

A cutesy Reuters article on Amazon's "dirty-talking" Alexa includes a truly DIRTY number.

Amazon has 43 million Alexa users, which is 2/3 of the "smart speaker" market. Backfiguring, this means 65 million people have "smart speakers" of all brands.

There are 126 million households in USA.

HALF of Americans have voluntarily submitted their entire lives to full-time monitoring and recording by the government.

That's DIRTY.
  Best nerd pun of the year

Elon's pun is pretty good, Bachman's response is priceless.
  PERFECT contrast

While Russia and China and now Mexico are building and rebuilding PATIENT THINGS, infrastructure that will last many decades and serve many millions of people and businesses, USA is putting money into absolute frauds and hoaxes that will benefit NSA.

$1.2 billion for "Quantum" Computing.
... National Quantum Initiative Program to advance the research and development of quantum computing in the U.S. over the next 10 years, as well as the creation of two to five National Quantum Information Science Research Centers within the Department of Energy. Each of those centers will receive $25 million in funding annually for the next five years to go toward conducting basic research.

Basic research = money wasted on sheer nonsense and hoaxes and scams. The total outcome of basic research is that some researchers gain status and some researchers lose status. That's all. No problems are solved, no human lives are improved.

The benefits from fast computing go to hoaxers and scammers and criminals and murderers and genocidists and devils. Fast computing makes it possible for stock racketeers to "earn" money without making anything. Fast computing allows Climate Criminals to fake their data more comprehensively and quickly. Fast computing makes it possible for NSA to gather blackmail information more efficiently so NSA and CIA can commit more crimes and frontrun more stocks and kill more millions of people.

Later and better thought: "Within the Department of Energy" tells the whole story without any correlations or causations. This is for weapons.


  A nice asked-answered

RealClearScience is always a good source of Asked-Answered pairs. The best are self-contained.

Nuff said.

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  Missing the obvious correlation

Via ZH, a chart of suicide rates by occupation.

Highest two categories, well above all others: Construction and Extraction, and Installation, Maintenance and Repair.

Lowest two: Business and Financial operations, and Education, Training and Library.

The article looks for correlations but misses the BLAZINGLY OBVIOUS one.


Construction and installation are SMALL BUSINESSES, mostly independents with a handful of employees. Both areas hire lots of temporary workers from ths 'shady' side, both are highly seasonal.

Education and library = TENURE.

This is no mystery to a populist. It's also no mystery to the Financial operators who have set up our genocidal system of EXTERMINATION. The Financial operators know exactly what they're doing.

As I noted earlier,
Natural Law recognizes two forms of work, and recognizes that each form has a place.

Ownership, with permanent lifetime obligations on BOTH SIDES, gets big shit done. Organized massive shit like pyramids and railroads and cars.

Independent workers get small shit done. Specialized and personalized shit like plumbing and haircuts and art.

Around 1800, London and NYC capitalists developed a new setup that breaks both rules. Debtism spawns big organizations WITHOUT permanent loyalty on either side. The boss can fire anyone for any reason, and the boss can work you to death and toss your carcass into the forge.

London and NYC propagandized this bad setup by stigmatizing the balanced system of ownership. You're supposed to work hard in the new system because you're "free". You have "God-given rights". You can start your own company any time you want. You can move up in the ranks.

Those claims are legalistically true but Naturally untrue. In Natural fact most people are not independent artisans. Most people are not leaders. The NYC system puts your focus on a goal that AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN. Everyone spends their energy in a futile pursuit of position instead of getting shit done.

Men want to be useful. Men want to make things. When the making is gone, men will spend their energy seeking POSITION instead of ACCOMPLISHMENT.

And that's where we are now. Our goals are no longer aimed at making more life, more value, more beauty. We are solely focused on BEING instead of DOING. We tell youngsters that they can BE anything they want, including Gender #47 or God or Boss or an Artist or a President. These BE-promises are flatout lies. Everyone has a fixed set of skills and a fixed status. When you KNOW your position, when you KNOW your skills and your status, you can then focus on GETTING SHIT DONE, which is the GOD-ASSIGNED REASON FOR OUR EXISTENCE.

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Wikileaks is moaning and squealing because Twitter halted its accounts.

"Conservatives" constantly moan and squeal about the unfairness of Facebook and Twitter and Youtube.


Wikileaks has plenty of experts in 'workarounds' and alternate communication. WL's main job is exposing the evils of Deepstate channels. Why did you EXPECT Deepstate channels to help you publish your exposure of their evils????? You've had plenty of time and skill to develop alternates. You didn't. Too bad.

"Conservatives" don't have tech skill but they do have money and corporate influence and lobbying influence. You could put together an alternate social network, and you could persuade the regulators to clamp down on FB. You didn't. Too bad.


= = = = =

Well, it appears that some fairly big players are finally PUTTING UP. Jordan Peterson, Dave Rubin, and Sam Harris, all carrying big audiences, are trying to start a substitute for Patreon. Not really social media as such, but at least they're trying. Some commenters think any effort is doomed because Paypal and other online pseudo-banks won't let money go to the heretical alternative. True, but a workaround for that problem already exists. Direct payment from real banks, without the intermediary. Lots of online subscriptions are already running by direct payment.

Can banks refuse payment to heretical payees, when the payer and payee are both legal and solvent? Oddly enough this question doesn't seem to be answered in any online source I can find. I suppose Peterson et al will have the resources to find the answer.

Later: Here's most of the answer. The "Know Your Customer" rules implemented by the 2001 Anti-Patriot Act give banks the authority to halt transactions that seem suspicious. The provision was aimed at catching money contributed to "terrorist" groups, which means any group or activity that questions the Perfect Godly Authority of Goddess-Empress Hillary and God-Emperor Soros. The groups and activities banned by Paypal et al are definitely "terrorist" by this definition. A bank is less likely to make its own designation of "terrorist" groups, but any bank that fails to follow the lead of Paypal and Twitter and Facebook will risk prosecution, so banks will generally follow.

= = = = =

WAIT. HOLD IT. A strongly contrary thought.....

Twitter and Youtube may be demonetizing or banning a few nationalists and heretics, but the BIG and IMPORTANT nationalists are using all social media without any observable limits. AMLO, Salvini, and Bolsonaro have highly active FB and Youtube accounts, carrying lots of important news and views that are perfectly opposed to God-Emperor Soros. So maybe the whole dispute is just a source of talking points.


Thursday, December 20, 2018

Convective stupid thought:

I wonder if anyone has tried to correlate Hubbard cultists with Tesla cultists. They're the same personality type and same social and economic class. Their behavior toward skeptics is identical.

The correlation would be difficult because Hubbard membership is mostly secret, but a lot of Hollywood Hubbardites are publicly known. How many of them own Teslas?
  Saluting Mexico

I was unimpressed by AMLO at first. His campaign rhetoric was standard boilerplate, and his speeches seemed hopeless.

I was MISSING THE POINT. Since taking office, AMLO has been a dynamo of positive action. He has started fixing and expanding all the PATIENT THINGS that are necessary for a nation to make progress. Railroads, oil refineries, hydro dams, traditional culture. He's replicating FDR.

Here's a brutal comparison:

In 20 days AMLO has done more for Mexico than US governments have done for US in 40 YEARS.

And that's an understatement. Since 1975 US has been actively and ferociously RIPPING APART our own infrastructure, economy, culture, and people.

So it's time for Polistra and friends to salute Mexico!

Graphic sidenote 1: It's also time to move the salute into Polistra's new home.

Graphic sidenote 2: The snow in this new scene came out nicely, but it doesn't match current local conditions. We're having a real El Nino winter. Late December, and only about 5 scattered inches of snow, none of which hung around. Plenty of rain. I've only shoveled once, and haven't even thought about the roof rake. NOTE TO WEATHER GODS: I'M NOT COMPLAINING!

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  The undiscussed question

A Muslim speech therapist was fired for refusing to sign a loyalty oath to Israel. Caught my attention for vocational reasons, but on looking more closely there's a big question missing in all the discussions.

Ideally all "discrimination" laws should be abolished. The original obsolete constitution was PERFECTLY CLEAR on this point. The government should provide services without unnecessary discrimination, but the government should also MIND ITS OWN FUCKING BUSINESS and let companies and individuals choose their friends and churches and customers. A business that decides to lose half of its customers will fail. Capitalism works.

In the original paradigm this firing is discrimination by government, and would be prohibited. The school district forcibly collects taxes from everyone, so it should serve everyone without unnecessary restrictions. (Obviously you can penalize people for not paying taxes, or fire employees for not doing their jobs.)

Unfortunately the constitution died in 1803, so there's no point in bringing it up. In practice we operate under "laws" derived from the psychotic skrawkings of alien demonic entities wearing black robes.

= = = = =

Aside from all that, here's the undiscussed question about the employer's MOTIVES AND PURPOSES:

The speech path was hired by the school district specifically to serve their Arabic-speaking students. Not surprising. Texas has lots of Arabs because of the oil industry.

Now the school district is firing her for being Arab.

They hired her because of her ethnic background. Now they're firing her because of her ethnic background. If they expect to find another speech therapist with similar qualifications but opposite attitudes, they're going to be disappointed.... Especially now that the case has become famous.

In other words, the only law that counts is Sheldon Adelson. All other considerations disappear and evaporate in the face of Sheldon Adelson's imperial command.
  Calling Lord Elon!

Speaking of crazy beyond crazy beyond crazy, and speaking of intentional but purposeless civilizational suicide:

London's airports are closed "for the duration" because a few little model airplanes have been seen. There's no way these little model airplanes could cause even the slightest problem for the real airplanes, but OUT OF AN ABUNDANCE OF CAUTION we must LOCKDOWN LOCKDOWN LOCKDOWN and SHELTER IN PLACE until the "meaning" of these model airplanes can be investigated. We know, of course, that RUSSIAN_MEDDLING is responsible, but we still need a 10-year-long investigation to be sure all RUSSIAN_BOTS are found and EXTERMINATED before we can reopen the airport.

Modest proposal:

We need to invent a thing that can push out a thing with enough speed and force to disable the little model planes. Sort of like throwing a rock, but somehow more accurate and powerful. Sometime in the far distant future, some Elon-style genius may develop this better-than-rock thing.

Meanwhile, airports never shut down when a bird is seen. Hawks and pigeons are about the same size as these little model planes. Big birds CAN AND DO cause real airplanes to crash, because nobody has yet invented a thing that can go in front of the jet engine to keep birds out. Sometime in the far distant future, some Elon-style genius may find a way to put narrow things together in a sort of criss-cross pattern, to let air through but block birds.

Please, Lord Elon, hear our humble prayers! Take some time away from thy Holy Crack Pipe and honor us with these unprecedented inventions! We are unworthy of thine holy attention, but we supinely beg and petition thee for assistance in this our hour of need!

= = = = =

Later: Shit. Pulling out of my stupid failed satire, here's the latest REAL satire: The "British" "Army" has been called out and is now DISCUSSING how to deal with the situation. Discussing? Jesus. JUST SHOOT IT. You don't need fancy crap. Any duck or partridge hunter will have the right equipment and skills to take down a flying object without harming people or planes.

And this line from ZH, probably quoting some Brit newspaper:

In a scary preview of the disruptions that could soon become commonplace in our technology-infused future,

PREVIEW? TECH-INFUSED FUTURE? Radio-controlled model planes have been around for 70 years, and radio-controlled FULL-SIZE planes have been around for EXACTLY 100 years. This is PAST, not FUTURE. You don't need feasibility studies and research task forces. Just call a duck hunter.

As I noted here, we have CHOSEN to be totally helpless and totally paralyzed and totally DEAD. We have SURRENDERED all brainpower and will and LIFE. No previous collapsed civilization has VOLUNTARILY DEANIMATED ITSELF.

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  God vs Satan

AMLO gets into clean energy and does it right:
Conversamos con directivos de Hydro-Québec, una empresa del gobierno de Canadá con la cual llevaremos a cabo un programa de cooperación para rehabilitar las 60 hidroeléctricas de nuestro país y producir 100 por ciento más de energía limpia y barata.
Contracting with Hydro-Quebec to renovate 60 hydro dams, hoping to double their energy production.

= = = = =

Meanwhile in USA, Satan is screeching in demonic celebration:
Last year was a banner year for dam removals across the country. Eighty-six dams were torn down in 2017, beating the previous high number of 78 dams in 2014. Communities in 21 states, working in partnership with non-profit organizations and state and federal agencies, removed the dams to reconnect more than 550 miles of streams.
Ha ha ha. We beat you, Mexico! We're committing suicide much faster than you're regaining health! 86 fatal crashes versus only 60 repairs. We win the demolition derby by forfeit! USA! USA! USA! USA!

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  "Trump" blogger getting wild again

The blogger called "Trump" has said we ought to withdraw from Syria. This "Trump" occasionally says things that make sense, and often implies that he has some kind of power. Unfortunately he doesn't. The president never listens to this "Trump" character.

President Adelson wants us to stay in Syria forever, so we will.
Wednesday, December 19, 2018
  Conveniently misplaced blame

A "journalist" working for Der Spiegel has been fired for "fraud". Out of 60 major stories he submitted, only 14 were totally fraudulent. Obvious failure of quality control. Need to try for 100% fraud, dude.

More seriously, the blame is CONVENIENTLY misplaced. There are lots of fiction writers and fact writers around. This fellow is clearly a good fiction writer, capable of turning out plausible narratives that suit the tastes of his chosen audience.

His talent isn't the problem. The LACK OF TALENT by the editors is the problem.

It's the same in scientific publication. There will always be poorly formed experiments and bad theories. Often the same researcher can do poor experiments and good experiments. Everyone has blind spots and confirmation bias.

In all cases the JOB OF A PUBLISHER is to DISTINGUISH fact from fiction, DISTINGUISH good logic and good science from bad, HELP the good writers to get past their own biases.

By solely blaming the writer or the researcher, the real culprits can continue to produce their INTENTIONALLY BAD products.

= = = = =

Personal sidenote: When writing courseware, I try for accuracy and clarity. I don't always get there. When the publisher clarifies my facts or reshapes my writing to suit their standards, I'm momentarily unhappy.... but in the long run I'm VERY happy that they are doing their job properly. Each layer of the system has its own duties.


  The maker's creed

A clip of Putin speaking to students at a national science fair.

The science fair isn't unusual, and the kids are familiar sciency types. What's unusual is Putin's MESSAGE to the kids.

As translated by the captions on the clip:

When you create a product that lasts for a long time, or forever, only then can you say that you haven't wasted your life. You can say that you haven't just been making money, not knowing where to put it afterward.


This is the EXACT OPPOSITE of Github Syndrome.

This is also a CLASSIC Russian attitude, which used to be a somewhat common American attitude as well. Above all, this was FDR's attitude.

Russia is intensively building PRODUCTS THAT LAST A LONG TIME. Railroads, pipelines, refineries, dams, nuclear plants, bridges, farms.

Railroads are a prominent part of this science fair, along with improved cropdusters and farming drones. REAL VALUE ECONOMY.

USA is tearing down all of those patient products and replacing them with fast-changing infinitely toxic unimaginable abstract evil and incalculable lunacy and EXTERMINATION OF CIVILIZATION.


  Blasphemous comparison

Elon is showing off his mile-long sewer, dug with a standard sewer-digging machine. He demonstrated how a non-autonomous car, piloted by an expert driver, can drive through the sewer.

As I noted earlier, none of this is remotely new and none of it can even BEGIN to function.



Elon has now invented a hard-to-imagine super-futuristic thing that can move cars and people UP AND DOWN inside a thing. This is a WOW INNOVATIVE DISRUPTIVE SCI-FI IDEA that nobody ever imagined before!!!!!!!!!!!

Note the thing that goes up and down! WOW!

I think I've found one of Elon's prototype sketches.

This was never imagined before Mighty Creator Elon dreamed it up! All hail Mighty Elon!

The Mighty Creator says:
The company asserts that it can dig tunnels more quickly and efficiently than has been the case in other tunnel projects, in part because of the tunnel design. Vehicles in the tunnel would be transported on electric skates. Without internal combustion engines chugging away, tunnels would be smaller, as ventilation is less of an issue. An autonomous electric skate would also, theoretically at least, reduce accidents and traffic within the tunnel.
WOW DOUBLE WOW! A transit system that runs underground using ELECTRIC POWER! Nobody has ever CONCEIVED of such a WOW AMAZING THRILLING PASSIONATEING idea!!!!!!!!!!

This seems to be another of Elon's sketches:

= = = = =

Leaving aside the irresistible sarcasm, the invention can't work on its own terms. After the elevator gets the car to the lower shaft, and after the car drives over to the main tunnel, how do you put the autonomous skates UNDER the car? How do you turn the car 90 degrees and merge it SIDEWAYS into the fast-moving traffic in the tunnel with no on-ramp? What happens if just ONE of the autonomous skates runs out of battery power? The whole system freezes up with people in the cars. I'm passionate around the Asphyxiating Gridlock Space! Wow!

In the bad old days when innovation required permission, a patent lawyer would have asked these questions immediately, and would have gently told the presumably 10-year-old inventor to keep trying and learn something about mechanisms. Now we're past those bad old days. We're back in the Disruptive 1300s when the only question was WHO. If the invention was scrawled by the inbred infantile insane King, the entire budget of the Kingdom would be devoted to building it, even though it couldn't possibly work. If the WHO was a non-aristocrat, an older invention known as an "ax" would be utilized.


But I missed part of the non-new-ness. Elon didn't even invent the 'autonomous skate' trick.

I've mentioned Mujica as a similar character to AMLO. Two plain men who get REAL SHIT DONE.

From Mujica's biography:
In total Mujica was captured by the authorities on four occasions. He was among the more than 100 Tupamaros who escaped Punta Carretas Prison in September 1971 by digging from inside the prison a tunnel that opened up at the living room of a nearby home.

Mujica was re-captured less than a month after escaping, but escaped Punta Carretas once more in April 1972. On that occasion he and about a dozen other escapees fled riding improvised wheeled planks down the tunnel.

He was re-apprehended for the last time in 1972, unable to resist arrest. In the months that followed, the country underwent a military coup in 1973. In the meantime, Mujica and eight other Tupamaros were especially chosen to remain under military custody in squalid conditions. In all, he spent 13 years in captivity. During the 1970s and 1980s, this included being confined to the bottom of an old, emptied horse-watering trough for more than two years.
Not exactly a plain man. A ferocious fighter for his people, finally vindicated, who made good use of his vindication by leading sanely and sympathetically.

What is Elon? I apologize to God for mentioning a cheap chintzy chiseler in the same piece with an effective hero.

  Constants and variables 115, pot of gold edition

China's dominance is finally starting to get noticed ... slightly ... in demon media. When Google and the Vatican make special deals with China, ignoring China's huge concentration camps and ASSISTING China's total internal control, a few people are quietly complaining.

China's own behavior isn't the problem. China's internal actions are NONE OF OUR BUSINESS.

China's massive spying and protectionism are NORMAL. China is doing what every nation SHOULD be doing. Improving its own military readiness and technology, giving jobs to its own workers. Again, that's NOT THE PROBLEM.

The problem is our total SURRENDER to China. Our treasonous corporations and treasonous governments have been GIVING technology and jobs to China for 30 years. We have been OPENING OUR MILITARY LABS and corporations to spies, and EXTERMINATING our own people so China can have jobs.

We are NOT behaving like a normal nation.

Constants and variables question: Why is China special? It's not just size. India has always been about the same size as China. We didn't surrender our jobs to India until fairly recently, and we still haven't surrendered to India's spies.

For more than 100 years we've cherished a delusional image of China as a golden opportunity. Businesses have been trying to reach those hundreds of millions of "customers" for a century, with ZERO SUCCESS for a century. China has always been normal, always protected its own factories while invading ours.

What is the mysterious appeal? Why do we keep whoring after a golden reward that has ALWAYS turned to shit?

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  Surprising null hyp

A somewhat surprising null hypothesis.
Opioids are only slightly more effective than placebos at treating pain, according to a new study.

The study tracked the more than 26,000 people, all of whom who were experiencing chronic, noncancer pain, as they took either real opioids or placebos. People who took opioids reported "statistically significant but small improvements in pain and physical functioning, and increased risk of vomiting compared with placebo."

"What most physicians do not recognize is that 92 percent of people who misuse opioids do so by taking prescription opioids, and that 75 percent of individuals who use heroin report that they started misusing opioids through the misuse of prescription opioids," the researchers wrote, suggesting that people in pain first try Tylenol, ibuprofen or naproxen, which are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
I've never tried opioids. The surgeon gave me a prescription for Oxy after hernia surgery two years ago, but I threw it away.

However: This agrees firmly with my experience on NSAIDS like aspirin and Aleve.

Quite simply, none of that stuff works at all. NSAIDS only cause constipation and weirdness. They don't touch the pain. It's easier to deal with pain when I'm alert and unconstipated.

This raises a serious question about what physicians recognize. Most of them have used opioids personally at one time or another, legit or not. Did they recognize that the drug didn't relieve pain? If not, what do they truly recognize? They recognize a profit from prescribing opioids. That's what they recognize.
Tuesday, December 18, 2018
  Bitcoin and gypsies and Schiff

I've been noticing a pattern lately. People who work with INTANGIBLES like stocks and shares and other frauds ALWAYS believe in Gaia, and ALWAYS go along with EPA nonsense about toxins. They also go along with obvious nonsense like Bitcoin and MMT.

Even the alleged "skeptics" and "leftists" who OUGHT to see the connections between Gaia and Goldman are still Gaians. They are properly suspicious of everything the banks do, EXCEPT for Gaia.

People who work with TANGIBLES, people who make or repair or sell THINGS, are much less likely to go along with these particular frauds.

An illuminating remark from Peter Schiff in the latest QTR podcast:

CNBC invites people who are involved in selling Bitcoin and treats them as 'crypto experts'. The real crypto experts are the people who chose NOT to invest in Bitcoin. Those are the people who understand how crypto works.

Simple point, but never stated before. Conventional and unexamined wisdom, constantly pushed by the tech monsters, says that understanding how a thing works makes you more likely to use it.

Schiff's point is one step back from conventional. He says that understanding a thing makes you more likely to KNOW WHETHER TO USE IT.

Applied to Gaia: Conventional wisdom tells us that scientific literacy makes you more likely to believe in Gaia. Not true. In fact a solid understanding of science gives you a basis to DECIDE WHETHER A THEORY IS TRUE. The CO2 theory is demonstrably false by all the rules of real science.

Applied to Die-Versity: Die-Versitarians tell us that familiarity with The Other makes you more friendly toward The Other. Not true. In fact familiarity with one specific group gives you a basis to DECIDE WHETHER TO ASSOCIATE with that group.

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  Year end thing

Instead of a proper year end summary, I'm just going to reprint the two best pieces I wrote this year. Each represents a long-running theme, and each brings a genuinely fresh idea to the theme. The two reprints are below.
  The three Ins [YEAR END REPRINT]

Yesterday I was bitching about a 1951 radio program that turned out to be awful. Another bad experience with a '50s program tonight led to a minor Aha.

Why were the cheap programs from the '30s better?


The division isn't precise, but in general 1930s movies and radio were written from a realistic view of human genes and differences. When you're down you need to understand that you're permanently down, and shape your life to survive the predicament. Hearing stories about other people who are in various predicaments helps us to understand and tolerate variety, and helps us develop our own strategies. The writers were conscious of this mission, and shaped their stories toward understanding, not mass action.

Genes were abolished in 1946. Instead of genes, choices are responsible for everything. Cop shows started with a moralistic lecture aimed at parents. If your kid turns out bad, it's entirely your fault. If lots of kids are turning to crime, it's everyone's fault. Education cures all ills, so we need to spend more money on education. But if YOU'RE not rich and popular, you need to try harder. You CAN be rich and popular after you obey the orders of the rich and popular people As Seen On TV and buy the products they recommend.


When most of life is seen as predetermined, there's no reason to obey mass instructions. Everyone is permanently different, so everyone has to figure out how to survive his own unique life. You can't do much about other lives; you can only do your own.

When everything is possible, solely depending on actions, the authorities can mobilize people to action. Mass guilt leads to mass action AS RECOMMENDED, individual shame leads to individual action AS RECOMMENDED.

Rome has always done things the latter way. Original Sin and Prosperity Gospel. Priests are rich and powerful because Jesus was rich and powerful. Anyone can gain power by sucking up to the priests (literally and figuratively). If criminals misbehave, it's everyone's fault. We shouldn't punish the criminal or protect ourselves against the criminal. Instead we should try harder to worship the authorities.

= = = = =

The Sorosian world follows the Roman model. Three steps. Insinuation, Instigation, Inquisition. Unsurprisingly, the FBIII, founded by the perfect Roman, implements these three steps perfectly.

Insinuation: There are evil forces MEDDLING with our souls. Witches or Terrorists or RussianBots. You may be a witch, or you may know a witch. All of us are responsible for finding and detecting witches.

Instigation: Some people respond to the You May Be A Witch message by deciding to Be A Witch. When you're down and out, watching the rich and wicked succeed with impunity, the bonds of guilt-based action break. You've been obeying, and things keep getting worse. The authorities As Seen On TV are disobeying every rule of natural and written law, and they get away with it. They are committing mass murder all the time with no guilt, and they want us to feel guilt for having wrong thoughts (such as thinking the authorities commit mass murder all the time.) You say FUCK IT. Okay, I'm a witch. At this point the FBIII gives you an organization and a plan so you can FUCK IT in a way that will serve their purposes.

Inquisition: Now that the witch has been cultivated, it's time for the Star Chamber and the barbecue.

= = = = =

Credit footnote: Henry Lea's book outlines the three steps in the earlier version of Sorosia. I've simply mirrored them into modern times. Lea's description of the link between Insinuation and Instigation is especially powerful and still fresh. Modern writers either don't understand it or deliberately skip it.

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