Saturday, October 31, 2020
  From cable to cable

Think modern partisans are idiotic? Think the "cable" "news" is totally preoccupied with soap opera details instead of actions? True but not new.

Searchendipity led to this peculiar 1832 publication. I was looking for calculating telegraph. This thing is titled The American Telegraph and happens to use calculating several times in the sense of scheming.

The title is unexpected since electrical telegraphs were just freshly invented in England and unknown here. The word had been coined by Chappe for his mechanical semaphore system. Presumably the word was well enough known here.

It's not about telegraphs or semaphores, it's just a weekly tabloid carrying soap opera shit against Andrew Jackson.

One screenshot:

Soap opera. Dozens of confusing characters involved in dozens of interlocking subplots. Relitigating cold cases. The same lip-smacking prurience you'll hear from MSNBC discussing Trump, or Fox discussing Biden.

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  Tool rule

Previous item about a Soviet navy manual with USEFUL math reminded me of the basic point.

Russian math and science teaching was EXPERIENTIAL and SKILL-BASED. Our STEM was based on theory and memorization. Sputnik should have told us to start imitating Russia, but instead we made our own education even worse with Set Theory.

Here's a pretty good rule:

When a part of math is used in real life, the users develop real tools to make it easy.

Abacuses and ledgers have been used in commerce for thousands of years. Tables of log and trig values have been printed for hundreds of years. Babbage designed and used his computer to print tables, not to solve individual problems.

Specific trades developed highly specialized slide rules or 'wheel charts', usually circular, to figure often-used formulas in one turn. HVAC contractors had slide rules for fan capacity and Freon quantity. Radio repairmen had slide rules for Ohm's law and resonant frequency. Carpenters had slide rules for lumber size and bevel angles. Insurance salesmen had slide rules for annuity values and life premiums.

Later those slide rules turned into specialized calculators, then specialized computer apps.

Conversely, how can you tell if a part of math is useless? No tables or slide rules.

There was NEVER a pocket manual or a slide rule or a calculator or an app for set theory.

You can't even write a computer program to do set theory! It's completely ephemeral and useless.

Happy Ending: Searching Ebay for wheel charts showed surprisingly that wheel charts are still alive. They seem to be most active in graphic situations like color matching or image matching, where computers can't beat human perception. Turn the outer wheel to match the color on the object, and the inner windows show which color name or product is closest to the color.

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  One difference

Calibrating: There's one small difference between Trump and previous Deepstate puppets. I can't tell if the difference is intentional or just lack of opportunity, but it is a difference.

Since 1990, every president has started new REAL foreign wars at a rate of one per year. Bush Senior, Clinton, Bush Junior, Obama. All started real wars that killed millions of foreigners for no purpose except bloodlust.

Trump hasn't started any REAL wars. He's been playing the sanctions game relentlessly, but sanctions aren't bombs. When we hit a foreign country with bombs, there's nothing the foreigners can do to resist or avoid. They just die. When we hit with sanctions, the country can take many steps to avoid the impact of the sanctions, and often those steps make the country stronger instead of weaker. Cuba figured this out first, and others like Persia and Russia have learned from Cuba.

In earlier eras, sanctions might have weakened a country and forced its ruler to surrender. Not any more. The game is well known and the countermoves are successful.


Friday, October 30, 2020
  Irrelevant auto trivia

Just because I was thinking of it...

Around 1965, Dodge cars and trucks probably featured the widest range of 'mixed vintages' ever. They also featured the widest range of entirely different doorhandles.

The big Polaras were new in '65 and had the pullup doorhandles first used in '57.

The 'intermediate' Coronets were repurposed from the downsized fullsized '62 Dodge, and had pushbutton doorhandles.

The Dart had been new in '63, and also had pushbuttons, but not the same as the Coronet pushbuttons.

Pickups had been new in '61, and had pullout doorhandles which had only been used on '56 Dodge cars.

The Town Wagon 'SUV' was mainly '55 with a '58 front clip, and also had the pullout doorhandles.

The biggest trucks used the '55 cab on top of a huge chassis and front end new in '60, and also used pullout handles.

Power Wagons used a cab that was new in '39, with a military front end added in '42, and used the turn-down handles from '39.

That's eleven different vintages covering a range of 26 years, and doorhandles of all four common types.

Even more irrelevant sidenote: I've discussed the 55-58 truck before as a rare example of trucks getting "ahead" of cars in fashionable styling. The '55 adopted GM's wraparound windshield, which Chrysler never used on its cars. The cars went with a sort of half-wrap from '56 to '60.

While looking closely at pictures, I noticed another misplaced fashion trend on the '58 front. The headlights were inside the grille surround, and the body around the headlights was pulled back to create Exner's favorite "classic" free-standing headlight trick. The trick was later applied to Imperials in '59, after it started on the pickups. It was a completely impractical waste of money in both cases, but at least it wouldn't speed up depreciation on Imperials, with owners who could afford professional washing and waxing. Trucks go through a lot more mud and gravel than Imperials, and rarely get washed.


  More anti-Soviet surprises, not really

Found in the same search as previous item. Pacific Radio News, March 1921 has a story about our 1918 occupation of Russia. Unsurprisingly, the author simply assumes that we own Russia and have the authority to take any land and property we find.
The station itself had been started by the Russians but never completed. They had planned a high power station capable of communicating with Petrograd on one side and San Francisco on the other. Eleven towers, each 100 meters high, had been erected, and two good stone buildings completed. Many other buildings had been planned, the foundations for some having been laid. It is safe to say that had the Russians carried out their project, it would have been by far the largest radio station in the world.

The Telefunken system was to have been utilized, prime movers being two 400 HP Diesel engines burning crude oil, one of which was found at the station. Even a special railroad had been built and laid by the Russians, all of which was utilized by the American expedition.
Wasn't it considerate of the Russians to build all this stuff so we could steal it and use it against them?
The station was completed in the early spring of 1919 and communication was immediately established with Cavite, and later with St. Paul and Cordova, Alaska. Messages were also transmitted to a French station near Irkutsk, about two thousand miles inland along the line of the trans-Siberian railroad. Due to the fact that the telegraph lines between Vladivostok and the interior were constantly being cut by the Bolsheviki or other factions, this overland service proved to be of inestimable value to the French and Czecho-Slovaks who were carrying out military operations as far back as Omsk.
Those pesky Bolsheviks, always falsely claiming that somehow they "owned" Russia, which everyone knows is ours by divine right.

Note again that we were working with the French and the CZECHS, who were supposedly part of the Axis in 1918. (Czechoslovakia was within the Austro-Hungarian empire, and wasn't considered a nation until after the Versailles treaties.)


  More Soviet surprises, not really

Not really a surprise by now.

I was looking for some Russian electronic stuff to "build" as digital models. This came up in the search; it doesn't have any of the diagrams I wanted, but it offers a good insight into how the Russian military worked in the '60s.

This is a Russian naval manual written in 1967, translated by our Naval Intelligence.

Non-surprise 1: It's full of useful applied math and science. No theory, just clear tables and easy to figure approximate formulas for wind force, submarine balancing, strength of ropes and cables, celestial navigation, antenna height for signals beyond the horizon, and many other subjects. I already knew that Soviet science and math education was focused on usage. This is the first 'live' example I've seen.

Non-surprise 2: It's full of legal and political considerations. How to deal with foreign port authorities, what to do when foreign ambassadors visit the ship, foreign weight limits and lighting standards and so on.

Our propaganda always claimed that Soviets were sneaky bastards, trying to outwit and violate all international laws and standards. Nope. The manual simply specifies the laws and traditions, and expects the officer to follow them. Purely objective.

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  Change, most likely for the worse

Suddenly the county commission has fired Holocauster Lutz, the local Public Death Fuhrer. There's no explanation or reason given so far, and most likely we'll never get an explanation.

We can vainly and futilely hope that he was fired for being a mass-murdering monstrous demonic spree killer, but it's far more likely that he was fired for not murdering fast enough or viciously enough or satanically enough. Nothing ever changes for the better.

Best bet: The board will spring Joseph Duncan from jail to replace Lutz. Tanned, rested, and ready to crank up the evil beyond infinity x infinity x infinity x infinity.

11/2 non-update: The typical non-informational non-statement. Apparently there was some trivial personal disagreement between Demonic Hypermonster Lutz and the rest of the hypermonstrous hyperdemonic turbo-holocausters on the satanic Board Of Public Death. Maybe they didn't like the color of his neckties. A new murderer has been appointed, and nothing will change.


  One clue

Reminding yet again that after EIGHT MONTHS of holocaust we still have ZERO INFORMATION about the motives, the Cui Bono, the networking, or the threats that created and maintained the holocaust.

Thinking about the networking led to one clue, but it's not much more than a clue.

All officials use the same Phases and Subphases, all use the same announcements and posters. The data for these precisely synchronized monstrosities had to be transmitted.

The physical method doesn't tell us anything. The web, 5G or 4G or whatever, isn't important. Telegraph systems in the 1870s, or mechanical semaphores in 1800, could distribute this amount of data equally fast.

The important thing about sync is that all of these mayors and Public Death Officers had to be PHASE-LOCKED in a GUARANTEED way, LONG before March 1. There's no point in sending out the kill command in Feb if you aren't already 100% confident that 100% of the receivers will follow instructions 100% and keep the secret 100%.

Questions: Who was synced first, and who was synced strongest?

First: Stock demons. All stock demons from left to right, bull to bear, long to short, were pushing HARD for lockdowns in mid February.

Strongest: Mayors and Public Death Officers.

Governors and county commissions weren't solidly synced. A few of them simply didn't participate at all, and several more stopped participating later. Broadly speaking, Dixie and the High Plains are done with the holocaust.

All mayors are synced, and many of the mayors under non-participating governors simply went ahead and killed everyone, disregarding the governor.

The mayors were 100% confident in their 100% connection to Deepstate. They knew that even rebellious governors couldn't do anything against them.

I still don't know how the PDOs and MDs (Murder Doctors) were linked, but the stock demons and mayors lead firmly to one source.


Bloomberg has owned all the mayors for about 10 years now; and Bloomberg has been running 'closed-circuit' networks for the stock demons since 1981**. His company knows how to send data securely to a tightly restricted set of recipients.

Later thought: Another closed-circuit system was set up in 2014 under Romneycare. All medical facilities were required to link up to a government net, and HIPAA had already conformed them to strict OpSec. Under HIPAA the patient is the enemy, and must never be allowed to know anything about his own health. HIPAA made it much easier to turn a relabeled or mythical "virus" into a black plague. HIPAA also made it impossible to use REAL public health techniques, which depend on identifying early spreaders PUBLICLY so their contacts will know that they need to get medical attention. HIPAA forces secret "contact tracing", which can't work at all unless all movements and activities of all people on earth are known at every second. Sweden didn't have HIPAA, so Sweden was able to use REAL contact tracing at the start.

= = = = =

** Of course the Bloomberg Terminal was just a new expression of the encrypted ticker-tape network, which had dominated both semaphore and electrical telegraph nets. Before Bloomberg, much of the traffic on the pre-HTML internet was closed-circuit stock transactions. Compuserve was owned by HR Block and made most of its money with ticker activity. 1981 marks the date when Bloomberg himself became the central controller of this centuries-old network.

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  Couple of random notes

A few random notes as the "election" approaches.

1. Governor candidate Culp has NOT collapsed or converged. He has held rock-solid on the two issues that matter: Lockdowns and riots. The state Repooflicans are standing back in effete poofter revulsion, nominally supporting him but not mentioning him in their fund-raising spam. They're still focusing on the only real issue in their "minds", which is Inslee's raising of the car license fee from $30 to $60. They enjoy wearing suicide ballgags and bankrupting small businesses and supporting riots. Nasty vile filthy evil slimy slithery servants of Bezos.

Culp can't and won't "win", but he's the only politician who had the guts to be an OPponent instead of a PLUponent, and the only politician in recent years who didn't collapse before an "election".

2. Art Robinson, who should have been a prime influencer in the ANTI-holocaust movement, collapsed immediately and never returned to courage. Robinson was a leader against the "global warming" genocide for the last 30 years, and was also a serious independent scientist who understood IMMUNITY better than anyone in the world. He's running for state office in Oregon, and his fundraising spam hasn't TOUCHED the only important issue, which he should have OWNED. He just rambles about mythical abstractions like "constitutions" and "republics" and "socialism".

Thinking more broadly, it's clear that the torch of real science has been extinguished in the Deepstate parts of the world (US/UK/EU) for MANY years. The "virus" holocaust is just the final solution, the last absolute perfect strangulation of the few remaining tiny sparks of knowledge. Africa, which has always been the leader in morality and integrity, is now becoming the leader in real science. Young Tanzanians have picked up the torch of real science and real sanity.

3. For about two months the screeching Big Brother Loves You messages on public address systems were largely absent. Last week they resumed in full force, presumably ordered or freshly enforced by Thrill Killer Mad Bomber Holocauster Inslee. It's not clear what he's trying to accomplish; maybe he's hoping for a riot that will cancel the counting of the "ballots". With mail "voting" he can't simply cancel the "election" itself, because nearly everyone has already "voted". (Another advantage of mail "voting", which would be important if "elections" themselves mattered.)

Later in the day: Holocauster Lutz, the local Public Death Officer, was suddenly fired. We'll never learn the reason. I wonder if the messaging change was related. The board presumably felt Lutz was slacking in his responsibility to accelerate the slaughter beyond max, and decided to crank up the crackdown and lockdown before they could formally fire him.


Thursday, October 29, 2020
  More Lodge

Just completing the history of the Lodge precipitator. Previously I showed two experiments.

This is the later practical version produced by Cottrell. Variants on this form are still in common use. Practical versions have dozens or hundreds of coaxial pipes. I've placed it next to a factory-style building which might contain forges or smelters.

Before turning on the charge:

Air laden with dust and smoke simply passes through. Nothing falls into the hopper below.

= = = = =

After turning on the high voltage:

Particles are ionized and attracted to the inner rod electrode or the outer cylinder. They cling to the electrodes, and a tapping hammer (not shown) loosens the mass every few seconds so it can fall into the hopper. The air itself is also ionized into ozone, which the EPA describes as a "pollutant" because EPA's job is to ban all effective pollution control.

Self-calibration: This isn't a good animation because I didn't find this device especially interesting. I simply wanted to complete the history and move on to a more interesting subject.


  Sales and service

Returning to the vague subject of radio and culture from a different angle, which may be more relevant.

Profit vs share value. With corporations that sell a physical product, the change is easy to define. Companies that seek a profit want to sell a product that SATISFIES the customer, and they also want to have a customer class that can afford to BUY the product. So they want employees, and they PAY employees. PAY FOR VALUE in both directions.

Companies that seek Share Value don't need employees or products or customers. Share Value rises to infinity when all employees are gone and all customers are dead.

This change happened in most industries in the '80s, and it ALSO happened in radio at the same time.

Rush brought in the Share Value mode aka Silicon Valley mode. He claimed falsely that he had no employees, and he made it clear that the listener was the PRODUCT, not the buyer. Listeners existed to provide calls that he could ROAST or SMASH or DESTROY.

Profit-based companies focus on SERVICE. They want live and solvent customers who return to buy more of the product, so they want to be sure the product satisfies the customers.

The Philco slogan said it all. Sell merchandise that doesn't come back to customers who do come back. This was an internal slogan, not a fake advertising phrase.

Service in broadcasting was harder to pin down because the product was abstract entertainment, not cars or appliances or soap. Nevertheless, many stations and programs provided specific services and opportunities to participate. The FCC demanded real evidence of real service before renewing licenses, so this was good business AND legally required.

The most common service was local daytime women's programs, which acted as an exchange for recipes and household 'hacks'.

Several syndicated or national programs provided specific services, either steadily or occasionally.

Examples I've noticed:

Dick Tracy was all about participation and learning. Young listeners were organized into clubs and invited to help solve this week's case, using the 'secret' codes and methods provided in the 'secret' manual.

An odd west coast program called In the Crimelight was similar in some ways to Strange As It Seems, focused strictly on crimes. Each episode discussed a specific historical case or a type of crime. At the end of each episode the host, a retired cop, offered to help or advise listeners with crime-related problems. He gave his address and promised to answer every letter in a helpful way, whether he could solve the problem or not.

At the end of one 1945 episode of It Pays to be Ignorant, Lulu McConnell, who posed as a drunken Irish barfly, dropped out of character and sweetly invited lonely soldiers to write to her.

We don't know what happened to those invited letters, but we know for sure that they weren't simply Product. The Crimelight host never used the info in the letters, and Lulu didn't mock the writers in other episodes.

We could use a little more sweetness and a WHOLE FUCKING LOT LESS mockery and arrogance and condescension.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2020
  One answer to the previous question

Well, I 'asked' the plains tribes what to do when the leaves turn brown.

The Cherokee had a simple and obvious answer:
So all the people knew that Wahkoda had given this strange plant to the people. They knew of other plants they might eat. They knew there was a time when each plant was ripe. So they watched the strange plant; they guarded it and protected it. Then a flower appeared on the plant. Afterwards, at one of the joints, a new part of the plant pushed out. It had hair. At first the hair was green; then it was brown. Then the people thought, “ Perhaps this fruit is ripe. " But they did not dare touch it. They met together. They looked at the plant. Then a young man said, “My life has not been good. If any evil comes to me, it will not matter." So the people were willing, and the young man put his hand on the plant and then on its fruit. He grasped the fruit boldly. He said to the people, “It is solid. It is ripe.” Then he pulled apart the husks, and said, " It is red." He took a few of the grains and showed them to the people. He ate some. He did not die. So the people knew Wahkoda had sent this plant to them for food. Now in the fall, when the prairie grass turned brown, the leaves of this plant turned brown also. Then the fruit was plucked, and put away.
There's a lot of objective science and human wisdom in that story, but the conclusion is simple: Leaves are an idiot light telling us when we can harvest corn. This isn't a reciprocal duty to the trees, so not quite an answer to the original question. [The Cherokee thought deciduous trees were cowards for letting Winter steal their leaves. Maybe they didn't feel duty-bound to the cowardly parts of Nature.]

The Kansa didn't seem to have an answer, but they had an interesting intuition about stopping storms.
When there is a blizzard, the other Kansa beg the members of the Tcihaci clan to interpose, as they are the Wind People. They say, “Oh grandfather, I wish good weather. Please have one of your children decorated.” Then the youngest son of one of the Wind People, but one half grown, is selected. He is painted all over with red paint. Then he goes out into the storm and rolls over and over the snow, reddening it for some distance. This stops the storm.
See vortices and hail cannons.

Some pieces of leftover memory make you wonder if much older cultures had a hi-tech civilization that entirely vanished.

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  More on beauty

A beautiful essay about beauty by Tom Gilson at Evolution News.

Nicely associated with previous item.

Gilson asks a good question about deciduous trees. There isn't an obvious answer from either evolution or design.
So both the evolutionist and the proponent of intelligent design can look at the colors and say, “I am having an experience of beauty and I enjoy it.” The evolutionist cannot honestly and coherently say, however, “It’s glorious out there! The trees are beautiful!”

But here as I am write this by dictation, I’m on a two-mile walk that goes mostly through woods near my home. These snapshots came from that walk. And the trees? They are indeed beautiful. We all say that, don’t we? It’s because we all know it’s true. The beauty is in the trees, where it belongs, where we all know it to be. It’s not just in some evolutionary adaptive subjective experience.

This is a gift, a most wonderful way to transition into winter. It could only be intentional.
Nature is commercial. Beauty is purposeful, and intended to induce payment in some form. Honeytraps lit and fig. But what form? What are we as animals (insects, birds, mammals) supposed to do for the trees when we see them dramatically change color? Should we ask the birds and bees? Did older human cultures know the answer and perform the appropriate service? Should we relearn the service?

= = = = =

Partial answer from the older tribes in next item.

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  Actively and passively bad, continued

Extending the fruit to music analogy.

From previous:

Analogy in nature: We consume and appreciate the separable products of plants without concern for the "evil" actions of the plant itself. We appreciate the colors and aroma of a rose without worrying about the thorns. We consume and appreciate apples and beans without worrying about the caterpillars that were poisoned by the plant's natural defenses.

The plant INTENDS the products to be consumed. That's why it infuses them with beauty.

We don't snap off the thorns and appreciate them for their ugly pain and toxin. Or at least ordinary humans don't do that. Psychopaths like Schoenberg only appreciate and use the thorns.

Nature, of course, is more complicated and efficient. Often the poison serves two purposes. Arsenic in apples and nicotine in tomatoes are dual-purpose poisons. They kill and repel bugs, AND they contribute to the beauty and consumability of the fruit. Arsenic is an alternate nutrient for animals, and some of us learn to tolerate and require it. Nicotine adds allure to the flavor, improves our mood, and habituates us to the tomato.

In both cases the 'poison' makes us want more of the fruit, and in both cases more is good.

The fruits of Stockhausen and Schoenberg have no alluring qualities at all, which is fortunate. The people who "like" them are propagandists and ideologues who like the ideology as modulation, not the product as carrier wave.

Nature is strictly commercial. Roses and apples and tomatoes are sold to animals through the advertising of beauty, and habituated in animals through arsenic and nicotine. In return the plant gets pollination and seed-spreading services. Bees spread the pollen. Birds eat the fruit and poop the seeds. Humans plant the trees and vines in massive numbers to get more of the fruits. Pay for value.

The best art is also strictly commercial. All good music, even religious music, was produced for money. Bach had contracts with cathedrals, and Mozart had contracts with aristocrats who wanted entertainment. Pay for value.

Schoenberg and Stockhausen were academics, producing music as evil propaganda, not as desirable and nutritious fruits. They were 'paid' through their psychopathic zombie enjoyment of dissolving brains and enslaving the Untermensch.

  Rambling about culture and radio

Thinking about Colonel Green's unapologetically aristocratic radio station....

I've discussed this point often. Radio began with an overlay of high culture, which was sometimes condescending but usually productive.

Classical music and poetry were major parts of LOCAL radio for several decades, offering opportunities for LOCAL performers to showcase their capacities. The cultural slant was enforced by FCC, thus enhancing and broadening the SKILLS of LOCAL talent and LOCAL appreciation for culture.

So Green's pure aristocracy wasn't unusual or contrarian, just more extreme.

TV started without the overlay of culture. Why?

One possibility: The basic skill of radio was new. Writing for the ear and acting for the ear were new techniques that had to be developed from scratch.

Some older cultures had a tradition of oral storytelling, with all characters voiced by one narrator and no visual output. Those cultures weren't involved in the birth of radio. No Osages or Kiowas.

The dramatic side of radio began with Vaudevillians and 'classical' stage actors. The biggest stars in the first two decades were Vauds. Gracie and George, Fibber and Molly, Jack and Mary, Amos and Andy, Edgar and Charlie. Serious actors like Hans Conried and Katharine Cornell were also well represented.

Vaudeville had a visual aspect, but it was primarily audio. Vauds had to walk into an unfamiliar theater without any stage sets and create a scene in the minds of the audience. Stage actors were accustomed to fixed sets, but they were focused heavily on projecting the WORDS of the playwright. Both of these groups had to aim toward a large audience at a considerable distance, so their faces weren't important and often weren't attractive.

Who was missing? Movie actors. Occasionally they made cameo appearances in dramas or quiz shows, but they never fitted into the dramas and couldn't handle the quiz shows. They were accustomed to performing FOR THE CAMERA, not for the ear, and most of them weren't intelligent or flexible. They were hired for attractive faces and obedience, not for creativity.

When radio started in 1920, movies were still silent. Successful movie actors were PURELY visual, and the visual emphasis continued after sound was attached in the late '20s.

When TV started in 1948, the movie actors transferred their skills easily and directly. Exactly the same situation. A set built for camera angles, acting directly to the camera. Following the director's instructions perfectly.

= = = = =

Hmm. Well, that didn't answer the cultural difference, did it?

The FCC was still pushing culture and public service in '48, so its influence isn't the variable. I'm guessing that plain old money made the difference. Most of the founders of radio were starting on a shoestring. They were turning a hobby into a business, often working with a local store that was willing to support the bet as an advertising method. They had to follow FCC's guidance. TV requires a lot more money, and the networks were already established and powerful in '48. They could afford to lobby and ignore.

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Monday, October 26, 2020
  Actively and passively bad

An essay by Michael Kurek tries to answer the statue-pullers by listing several "good" composers and inventors who did "bad" things in life. Kurek includes Schoenberg in the list.
Schoenberg had triskaidekaphobia, a virulent fear of the number thirteen, and he inconvenienced a lot of people who lived or worked somewhere with a thirteen on it.
Well, that's a trivial kind of badness. Artistic temperament. People with extreme talents often have extreme tastes as well. Outlier genes are expressed broadly.

I had the impression that Schoenberg and Stockhausen and other avant gardes intended their MUSIC ITSELF to be bad in the active sense. The MUSIC ITSELF was certainly bad in the passive sense. When you listen to Schoenberg or Stockhausen your brain dissolves.

Looking up Schoenberg, I found that his CRIMINAL PURPOSE was quite explicit.
Schoenberg drew comparisons between Germany's assault on France and his assault on decadent bourgeois artistic values. In August 1914, while denouncing the music of Bizet, Stravinsky, and Ravel, he wrote: "Now comes the reckoning! Now we will throw these mediocre kitschmongers into slavery, and teach them to venerate the German spirit and to worship the German God."
Sounds familiar, doesn't it? We should understand that Hitler was representing GERMANS, not a new and unprecedented Nazi ideology. Our habit of attributing everything to ideology leads us into fatal errors in both directions. We kill millions of people to change their ideology, which always has the opposite effect; and we handle criminals stupidly because we think we can "reform" criminals by changing their beliefs.

I won't argue with Kurek's main point at all. Music and art should be consumed and appreciated on the merits of the product itself, not the personality and actions of the composer. But Schoenberg and Stockhausen cross the line by infusing the PRODUCT ITSELF with both ugliness and criminal PURPOSE.

Analogy in nature: We consume and appreciate the separable products of plants without concern for the "evil" actions of the plant itself. We appreciate the colors and aroma of a rose without worrying about the thorns. We consume and appreciate apples and beans without worrying about the caterpillars that were poisoned by the plant's natural defenses.

The plant INTENDS the products to be consumed. That's why it infuses them with beauty.

We don't snap off the thorns and appreciate them for their ugly pain and toxin. Or at least ordinary humans don't do that. Grotesque holocaustal psychopaths like Schoenberg and Inslee and Newsom only appreciate and use the thorns.


Continued here.

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  Sounds good

McAfee writing from Spanish prison:

If congressmen who make laws concerning prison sentences were required to spend a few weeks in prison prior to taking office, I can assure you we would have a more just and humane system of handling people who possess illegal drugs or commit non-violent offenses.

Sounds good but wouldn't work.

If officials were human, it might work. In other times and places, some officials were human. Here and now, all** officials, especially Federal officials, are monstrous psychopaths who would have been quickly executed in those earlier sane times.

Psychopaths don't have inputs. They don't have empathy. They aren't influenced by facts or opposition or anything except their innate and unstoppable and insatiable BURNING URGENT NEED TO OBLITERATE THE UNIVERSE.

= = = = =

** Not exactly all. This can be quantified. By the Nuremberg Rules, all national presidents except Sweden, Belarus, Tanzania, and possibly Turkmenistan and Uruguay, would be executed. All US governors except Noem and DeSantis would be executed, and most of them would need to be tortured as well. All US mayors would be tortured and executed. All US Public Death Officers would be excruciatingly tortured until the end of the universe. Only the sheriffs and county leaders would be worth the trouble of processing and examining individually. Many of them have tried to remain human.

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  Mayflower radio

Many of the early radio stations were founded by rich aristocrats as toys, with varying degrees of seriousness. Here's one that went all the way with aristocracy, yielding no quarter to the hoi polloi.

WMAF in Dartmouth.

Their brochure, written in 1923, starts with the Mayflower and traces the family of Colonel Green down to the current day.
Within recent years Colonel Green has established there his summer home "Round Hills House."
Here's the station on the grounds of his summer home:

Some genuine technical experimentation:
Colonel Green's interest in radio began in 1896. Learning of Marconi's transatlantic experiments, he attempted to adapt the new art to railroad use. Two baggage cars of the Texas Midland Railroad, of which he was President, were equipped with receiving sets and a sending set was installed at Terrell, Texas. The old metal-filings coherer was not satisfactory on a moving train but messages were handled for some months between two fixed stations eleven miles apart.
Sounds like the railroad employees didn't really need the new toy, since railroads already had sufficient communication systems.

The interior of the studio was fairly standard for the time, with appropriately elegant furniture:

The best part:
To make these excellent programs available to his guests, Colonel Green has installed on the top of a water tower a group of loud speaking sound projectors connected to another amplifier, the whole being known as a Western Electric public address system. Near the water tower is ample parking space for automobiles and Colonel Green has invited his neighbors to drive in and listen to the programs, which will be clearly audible for a half mile or more. Plans are under way for the installation of additional projectors at Round Hills Light, a rocky islet, so that when the New York boat passes in the early evening the passengers may be entertained and farewell messages may be given to departing guests.

Drive-in radio theater!

Radio as semi-exclusive entertainment for the guests of the manor, secondarily broadcast to the seething masses.

= = = = =

The mansion is still there, now a historical landmark. Colonel Green didn't stick with the radio station, but he invited MIT to use the site and 'seeded' their research. MIT built a radio-telescope on the tower and hosted Van de Graaff's experimentation with high voltage. Later the military used the site as part of its DEW line, "guarding" against mythical "Russian" "invaders". Colonel Green's attention span may have been short, but his influence on radio was long and benign.

A wonderful example of science as entertainment!

Here's Col Green in his custom-made electric runabout, with direction-finding antenna to check out the propagation patterns from his station. He certainly looks entertained!

(Financial footnote: Col Green could easily afford to buy toys like railroads and radio stations. He inherited $200 million, equal to $4 billion in today's Monopoly money. Unlike other heirs, he used his toys for good purposes.)

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Sunday, October 25, 2020
  Nope, definitely not a cult leader.

I was suspicious that Jordan Peterson was running a cult.

Headline at UnHerd:

Jordan Peterson Returns From The Desert

Nah, not a cult leader. No need to worry.

= = = = =

Oddly, the folks at BabylonBee get it while the folks at UncommonDescent don't get it. Different people have different blind spots.

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From the article on casino tricks that I linked in previous item:
We have been socially conditioned into believing that bright lights and noises indicate something of importance, that flashing colors are a hallmark of success and that shine and sparkle are a stand-in for beauty and wealth. The casino machines constantly light up and flash, never content to stay at a single luminosity, always progressing and giving you the impression that winning is constant and all around you.
Any time I see socially conditioned, bright lights and noises light up in my mind. Nearly always, socially conditioned really means innate and inherent.

This may be a partial exception. Taking it apart:

Shine and sparkle are innate for sure. Birds use shiny rocks as mating advertisements, and humans have done the same with gold and gems forever. Females enjoy receiving sparkly things from males, and males want to acquire sparkly things so they can trade them for sex.

Never constant is basic neurology. Regardless of the purpose, fast variation is the best way to hold attention.

Bright lights and noise as a sign of importance and wealth isn't obviously innate, and may be learned or conditioned... or may even be a wrong assumption. Real wealth is subtle. Wealthy people don't advertise their wealth. Restaurants and clubs that want to create an atmosphere of prosperity are quiet and dim.


Saturday, October 24, 2020
  Reprint on why Trump was hired

I was stupidly wondering why Trump keeps both Fauci and Atlas on staff, both spewing "opposite" "sides" of the holocaust. A leader who wanted to DO something would pick one "side" and run with it.

Presidents have power over the executive branch by definition. Presidents can fire or silence any bureaucrat. Even when "laws" make firing slightly inconvenient, there's always a way to keep a bureaucrat quiet. Trump is a Grand Master of blackmail, trained by Supreme Master Roy Cohn, so he knows all the tricks. Obviously he doesn't want to fire or silence these bureaucrats.

Then I remembered that I had figured this out a year ago.

At that time I was wondering more generally why Trump was hired by Deepstate...........

= = = = = START REPRINT:

I'm always looking at things through the lens of skills. Let's try Trump.

What are his proven job skills?

His two careers are (1) Owning casinos (2) Producing reality TV shows.

What is the common skill, the point of intersection, in those careers?

Rigging a fake conflict or battle to keep the suckers coming back week after week.

With casinos, the conflict is Sucker vs Dealer or Sucker vs Slot. The casino tries to rig the frequency and sequencing of wins and losses to keep the sucker hungry for revenge.

With reality TV, the conflict is between two of the actors. Snooki vs Jwoww. The producer tries to rig the wins and losses to keep the viewer hungry for the next episode. Standard cliffhanger technique.

How does this apply to politics? Easy. Trump wants to keep the suckers coming back to vote for R in congressional "elections", and to re-elect Trump in 2020. So he creates a huge pile of fake conflicts and battles between Trump and MSM, between Trump and Fed, between China and the Dow, and on and on. None of these are real because Trump never actually fights, never gives a real order, never changes any laws. The only purpose is to create attributable "victories" just in time for the next election, and "defeats" that will leave the suckers hungry for revenge against MSM or Dems or China or Russia or Persia or Venezuela or Cuba or etc.

Specifically, the current "trade war" with China is a way to rig the Dow roulette wheel. The Fed's rigging wires have passed their elastic limit. The daily back-and-forth with China is a more effective and immediate wire. The Dow is the most important reality show for Trump's REAL establishment Repooflican base, not his FAKE populist base.

In the casino or the studio, nothing really happens except that the owner and the producer get rich. The dealers don't care if you win or lose, and the actors don't even know what they're saying. It's just a script.

Politics is different. The dealers and actors don't care, but lots of innocent civilians are ruined and killed by REAL PROBLEMS THAT REMAIN UNSOLVED and REAL WARS THAT REMAIN UNSTOPPED while the wheel spins and spins and spins.

Leaders with real political skills CAN solve problems. In USA STRONG there's zero chance that anyone ever WILL solve problems regardless of skills; but we're seeing real solutions in a growing number of countries where lifetime politicians use their skills and talents to FIX SHIT.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

Rereading the above, I might make one change: I said that casinos and reality TV have no external effects, while politics kills people. Not fully true. Casinos are halfway like politics, making the suckers poor to enrich the owner. Poor isn't as bad as dead, but it is a real external effect.


  Heroic in practice

In the early stages of the holocaust, the president of Tanzania did a HEROIC act. He rejected the entire premise of the holocaust with an ACTUAL SCIENTIFIC EXPERIMENT.

I got curious to see if he was practicing what he preached. Some leaders (eg Abbott of Texas) sound brave but abjectly surrender to the holocaust.

No surrender in Tanzania!

Random Youtube clips make it clear.

This remarkably wise young dude shows lots of street scenes, store scenes, and even a crowded bus. No masks, no distancing, no fear, no panic. Strictly normal.

Constants and variables: Tanzania's normalcy ISN'T just generalized African looseness. Judging from random samples, some African countries are TOTALLY Mascoid, up to the insane standards of Boris or Newsom or Inslee.

Best of all is this 'makeup girl'. She's a little more careful about showing faces because she's often criticizing other makeup artists and wants to avoid libel; but all the people who accidentally get into the picture are unmasked.

Here she's discussing immunity while doing her eyebrows. She gets everything right, and explains it in a clear and ALIVE way.


Excellent teaching. Even Euros might be able to understand it from her explanation... No, we wouldn't. We can't learn.

Superbravo for Tanzania and its president Magufuli. A man of Islam and science leading a country of Islam and science and BEAUTY.

Later thought: I could subtitle this item "Why Africa is going to survive while EU/US/UK commit total national suicide."

= = = = =

Detail footnote after looking it up: Unsurprisingly, Tanzania's ruling CCM party is solidly socialist and originally Soviet, directly descending from founder Nyerere. In the last decade CCM has been moving toward controlled capitalism, resulting in solid growth of income. All land and major industries are still state-owned. So Tanzania fits neatly with the fully free northern countries of Sweden and Belarus, and the (at least officially) free Turkmenistan and Uruguay. Three Soviet descendants, two Socialists.

BUT: The system doesn't explain everything. Several of the Soviet-descended or socialist countries have gone total Mascoid, including South Africa and Russia. There's something special about the fully free countries. Most likely it's just the character and personality of the leader. Freedom requires socialism plus a gutsy leader who is deeply devoted to SERVING his people.

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  Raking record

Just for my own purposes, since I've been keeping the record here for many years.

10/24/2020 first roof raking of the winter. Unusual Oct storm, about 7 inches wet and HEAVY.

Last winter was easy, with only two rakings needed, both in January. Total snow for year was average, but it was distributed in smaller storms with space between, so didn't accumulate much and didn't need much raking.

12/26/2020 after a long and welcome gap, 2nd raking. 4" powdery.

12/31/2020 3rd raking, 6" powdery.

2/16/2021 4th raking, 5" powdery.

3/12/2021: Weather Bureau is pretty sure the snow is done, so we'll close out this year's record at 4 rakes. The winter was a full LaNina in terms of precip, but a lot of the precip happened when the temp was warm enough for rain. If the temp had been cold in Dec, this would have been a giant like 2008, in the 90 inch range. Instead it was about average. I'M NOT COMPLAINING.

Thanks, weather gods! You're the only merciful and sane rulers in this horrible year. Some of the mercy was highly specific, and we thank you specifically.

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Friday, October 23, 2020
  Lodge meets Lodge

This item is really an extension of the Lodge precipitator. I'll repeat part of the earlier item and tack on the new.


Electrostatic precipitators were under active development in 1886. Lodge and his associates built a practical precipitator, and tried it in a lead smelter. The precipitator reduced the dust and fumes "remarkably".

Lead is one of the few REAL pollutants. The EPA acted first to halt lead pollution, which is the ONLY good thing they did.

I've seen the effects of lead pollution. Several of my engineer uncles worked for American Metals, which had a smelter in Blackwell. We visited them occasionally, and the results of REAL pollution were dramatically obvious. The part of town downwind from the smelter was BARREN AND GRAY. Plants refused to grow there. Most adults had serious lung problems and died young. After EPA forced the plant to shut down, Blackwell was green again.

Big point: Pollution control for lead was AVAILABLE in 1886, and was developed and perfected over the years. Effective precipitators on smelters were common in 1920. American Metals didn't bother. Pinching pennies was more important than live workers. American Metals deserved to be shut down.

After 1975, EPA's real mission was finished, and EPA should have been shut down instead of switching to the "carbon" genocide. Unfortunately there's no meta-agency to shut down agencies that create problems instead of solving problems. Calling Trinity House, the permanent enemy of Parkinson!

= = = = =

Lodge and associates built several versions of the precipitator. The small version was meant mainly for demonstrations. Before turning on the charge, smoke from an oil lamp flowed freely through the chamber.

= = = = =

With charge applied from a static machine or induction coil, the smoke was ionized and precipitated.

Positive ions deposited on the negatively charged comb, and negative ions deposited on the positive comb.


= = = = = Extension:

Lodge's sons, who ran the Lodge Fume Deposit Company profitably for many years, also tried to control weather with static charge. This miniature experiment was successful, but they quickly gave up attempts to apply the same technique to parts of a city. One 'active lightning rod' on a building managed to clear out a few cubic feet around it. There was no way to multiply the effect enough to clear a house, let alone a neighborhood.

This bell jar was similar to the one above, except that the positive charge is a single point in the middle and negative charge is on the metal base. The bell jar contained water vapor similar to a London fog.

When charge was applied, the water vapor COHERED in radial patterns, following the electrostatic lines of force.

The real thing:

This coherer-like behavior was the interesting part. Coherers are a basic and general type of device, with a range of uses that have only been partly explored.

Effective weather control tends to work by reactance, not resistance or blunt counterforce. Trees break wind into vortices. Hail cannons shoot vortices into the cloud mass to induce larger vortices that suck in the energy. If a coherer-like effect could create charged 'nuclei' for pollution, it could possibly agglomerate and precipitate large masses of smoke and smog.

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  Unexpected conclusion

Previous item led me surprisingly to an unexpected conclusion that I hadn't written or read before.

Science is simply a form of entertainment, and we should treat it as entertainment.

We should fund it the same way we fund sports or museums or orchestras or 'serious' theater, via season ticket holders.

Big media is NOT entertainment and doesn't fall into this category. Big Media is toxic Deepstate propaganda, organized and funded by government just like Big Science.

If science is just entertainment, it loses its court-enforced (and usually fake) connection to truth, and thus loses its power to create genocide. Nobody would use a Vaudeville routine or a cartoon or a song as the foundation for government policies. Science should fit in the same category.

Some science is still funded by ticket holders who expect to be educated as part of the entertainment. Farm associations sponsoring research on wheat are similar to museum or orchestra ticket holders.

But real science, like real music, is only secondarily educational. My focus on tardigrades this week helped me to grasp this point. Even if we were still capable of learning, we probably wouldn't learn much by watching tardigrades. They're just fascinating in a dozen ways. The more you learn, the more you get fascinated. You're not watching for the sake of learning, you're learning for the sake of watching.

Partial reprint from a couple years ago:

Entertainment applies for sure to all the 'intelligent' critters from octopuses to mammals. When we're not in immediate survival mode, we love to watch stuff happening. Entertainment merges smoothly into education. Watching somebody else catch a caterpillar or hammer a nail isn't especially interesting; but when the catch misses or the hammer hits a thumb, it becomes entertainment AND education. Smart design, connecting pleasure to learning.

Failure and frustration are EXACTLY the moments when learning can happen. Experiential education, when done properly, creates intentional moments of frustration as doors for learning. Watching entertainment is waiting for failure. When we see a racecar crashing or an outfielder missing the catch or an actor jumbling up a word, we laugh cruelly and start thinking about how the process SHOULD have been done. Learning starts with the rhythm of harsh laughter.

Science as conventionally performed ELIMINATES these moments of failure. Experiments that fail to support the grantor's delusional theory are discarded. Methods and data are dishonestly shaped and manipulated to reinforce orthodoxy and agreement, thus completely evading every opportunity for harsh laughter/learning.

= = = = =

When we're not in immediate survival mode leads to another conclusion. Psychopaths in general, and Deepstate in particular, THRIVE on forcing victims into immediate survival mode. Rules change every minute. Urgent emergency piles on urgent emergency piles on urgent emergency. Learning is impossible when psychopaths are in charge. Learning requires enough stability to distinguish constants from variables. If you never get a chance to create a baseline of normalcy and success, you can't tell the difference between success and failure.

Learning also requires enough leisure to stand back and watch entertainment. Since 1975, and even more since 1990, USA has been totally paralyzed by Deepstate. We work desperately and UNSTEADILY to pay our debts, and we constantly wait for the next jackboot STOMP. Unsurprisingly we haven't been learning anything. If this seems like a dubious correlation, think about the Middle Ages in Europe when psychopathic aristocrats ruled exactly like modern Deepstate.

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  Settled vs Emerging again

Via UD, this paper reports on newly discovered salivary glands in the nasopharynx.

The glands were first noticed with MRI-type tech, then verified with minicam endoscopes in several hundred people, and found in two cadavers as well.

Okay. New stuff is always being found. This is proper science. Look about you, take hold of the things that are here.

New tech shouldn't have been necessary. Cadavers have been dissected and mapped for 2000 years in great detail. Pre-minicam endoscopes using mirrors should have spotted these glands.

If something this obvious has been right there in plain sight, never spotted by ordinary doctors looking up noses with mirrors, and never spotted by anatomists over thousands of years, why should we trust and obey anything?

If the new details overturn the old settled knowledge, then the old knowledge wasn't worth obeying. If the new details don't matter much, then the new details aren't worth obeying.

SETTLED and EMERGING are both fakes. As usual with Deepstate actions, the real question is deeper than the point we're arguing about.

The real question isn't about the validity of scientific findings, it's about the OBEYING.

Science was never meant to be tyranny. Science was meant to be ENTERTAINMENT, and we should treat it as such. Science should be crowdfunded by season ticket holders who enjoy watching the drama. Science should NOT be funded and weaponized by governments.

The USEFUL parts of science are still funded by season ticket holders. Auto makers pay universities to improve the performance of suspension systems. Farm associations pay universities to develop new varieties of wheat or fruit. Rich dudes pay researchers to look for extraterrestrial signals. The ticket holders aren't required to obey the results of the study, and they don't arrest ordinary citizens who disobey the results. They just watch and learn.

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Thursday, October 22, 2020
  Early snowbirds

From a Gernsback magazine in 1921...

Nice motor home. Seems to be based on a TT truck, which didn't have much power; but they obviously managed to get around. The RV included a miniaturized printshop, which supposedly earned enough money to keep things going.

Wonder what happened to them? Presumably they settled down later, but all three of them looked happy.


  Y no talkie?

Yet another example of inventors favoring sight over sound.

Recording sound on paper or film, generally using needles or mirrors on diaphragms, came well before Edison's cylinder, but those visible recordings were only useful for scientific analysis. There was no way to play them back**. Edison's device could record or play, and didn't even need separate recorder and player.

Photographic record-play had to wait for the selenium cell, which was already in experimental use at the same time as Edison, but wasn't commercial until 1900.

Here's a 1901 effort at record-play, using a selenium cell. The author draws a parallel to motion pictures, but DOESN'T realize that the two forms of recording could be done in parallel on the same piece of film.

The author does mention one advantage that isn't obvious. Developing the film wasn't necessary, because the negative already has the variations in negated form. Unlike pictures, waves sound the same either way. So a film recording could be played immediately without the need for expensive and messy developing. Developing was only needed if you wanted to print many copies for distribution.

Talkies began with a phonograph cylinder and a silent projector running at the same time. Laying the sound track and vision track on one film didn't happen until 1925.

It would have been possible in 1900, and probably even in 1895, simultaneous with the development of the movie itself.

One important delaying factor was amplification. Supplying sound to a theater required tube amplifiers, which didn't start until 1910. Even so, the first movie "theaters" were peep shows for one watcher, and those could have used a selenium cell with headphones.

A selenium cell is just a wide-ranging variable resistor. (2k bright to 100k dark by my measure) When placed in series with typical 3k earphones, it would give a wide range of current through the phones, not needing amplification. The Optophone worked that way.

= = = = =

** A playback method might have been possible using existing technology. If the needle was writing the wave with sticky ink on a metal surface, you could then etch the metal, leaving the sticky area elevated. The elevated wave could then be replayed with a similar needle and diaphragm. Of course this would never have been necessary. As I've pointed out, Edison's wax cylinder would have been technically easy in 1500 AD, and technically possible in 300 BC. Technology wasn't the limit. PURPOSE was the limit. Nobody wanted to record and play sound.
Wednesday, October 21, 2020
  Y no lead dress?

In reading about early experiments from the era of Marconi and Lodge, I'm constantly struck by the outright sloppiness of the rigs. There's no regard for lead dress or preventing trips and falls. Wires wiggle and coil randomly in hopeless tangles.

These weren't homebrew tinkerers. These were well-funded and well-organized scientists. They had teams with division of labor. They could afford to cut proper lengths and tie things together. Nylon zipties hadn't been invented, but string was available, and the telegraph industry had developed a wide variety of tying and lacing methods.

Here's an especially egregious example:

Magnetic therapy for headaches and pain, in a SWISS sanitarium. The Swiss are fanatics about neatness and order. Why didn't the obsession apply here?

Compare with the lead dress in the target device:

Nothing tangled, nothing out of place. Everything bundled neatly in coaxial cables and conduits.

Lead dress is especially important with high voltages and high currents, and in situations like this where you want to know how the magnetic field is formed and resonating.

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  Plus c'est, but not quite

Is media bias new?

Fuck no.

But there is one difference. From Broadcasting Magazine, Aug 1964.
A request for public opinion on "prejudicial expressions" in CBS newscasts was voiced July 20 by Rex G. Howell, owner of KREX, Grand Junction, Colo., in a TV editorial. Mr. Howell, whose stations are CBS affiliates, said he had been registering protests with the network "for many months" over newscasts which "constituted opinion-making rather than reporting of factual news." He said: "We protested the snide manner in which Eric Sevareid interviewed Senator Goldwater, and the side comments frequently voiced by Walter Cronkite which seemed to convey the impression of extreme hostility toward the Arizona senator."

"We fervently wish," Mr. Howell said, "that Mr. Schorr and some of his other liberal colleagues would practice greater regard for the basic principles of fairness in journalism." The editorial quoted Mr. Howell's telegram to CBS President Frank Stanton. In it Mr. Howell said: "It is a source of great personal sorrow that the ideological differences between certain network personnel and the Republican nominee for the presidency has led to such unfortunate exchanges as to reflect upon our dedication to the principles of the fairness doctrine and our own sense of journalistic responsibility."
The one real difference: Howell headed a local station. Now no local station would complain. Everyone is on the same side. There are only ponents and pluponents, no opponents.

Another difference, at least in formalistic terms, is that Howell had the LAW on his side. CBS was violating the fairness doctrine and forcing local stations to participate in the violation.

Howell pointedly FOLLOWED the law by finding a local Democrat to give a counter-editorial after his own editorial.

= = = = =

Later: I looked to see if Sevareid vs Goldwater was available on Youtube. The specific interview wasn't there, but the search led to an even more perfect example of pluponents.

CBS recently ran an 'archive' feature from the '64 election, with a clip of Sevareid discussing media bias.


Think media bias is a new issue? Think again: Here's a 1964 special hosted by CBS News correspondent Eric Sevareid, who speaks of "an ugly boil of hostility towards the press."

Media bias as defined by the media has NOT changed. As seen by CBS then and now, media bias means "an ugly boil of hostility toward the press" and nothing else. Deplorables are zits.

= = = = =

On a vastly more positive note, here's a 1975 interview of Howell by a Grand Junction oral history project. A fascinating big picture of radio from a thoughtful and objective man who was there at the start. He mentions one 'backwater' that I haven't read about: In the '20s the wire services like UP and AP refused to deal with the upstart radio industry. So a group of broadcasters formed their own coop news service, strictly by CW. When one station had a scoop, or read something important in their local newspaper, they sent the item to the other stations. Most early stations were founded by hams, so Morse was universal and natural. It would also have been semi-secret, not easy for casual listeners to intercept.

= = = = =

Personal: I mentioned Barry a few days ago, now he turns up again. It's odd that I still think of Barry on first-name terms. I supported him in '64, even though I was an ignorant young leftist then. Now that I'm a slightly less ignorant old populist, I still have positive feelings about him, though he would count as a tech-monster Libertarian in modern terms. In '64 he was probably serving as a pluponent provocateur, helping LBJ to steer the reluctant Dems into total war without feeling like warmongers. "We're not pro-war like those horrible Goldwater zits! We were reluctantly forced into total war by Tonkin Gulf."

Why do I still look at Barry in a positive light? Probably the ham radio thing, a SKILL-based guild that runs deeper than ideology.

NOW I SEE: And why have the modern monsters been wiping out SKILLS since 1975? Specifically because SKILL runs deeper than ethnicity or ideology. When people work together, using shared SKILLS on an absorbing project, ideology and race don't matter nearly as much. Now that all SKILLS have been offshored or obliterated, we have nothing but ethnicity and ideology, which are incurably and intentionally divisive. This also applies to schools, which led the way in eliminating all SKILL-based projects and job training. It's not surprising that schools have also led the way in ethnic and ideological division.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2020
  Tardigrade kick

I've been on a tardigrade kick this week. Focusing on organizations and people and critters who find ways to survive periods of droughts and storms and witch hunts and lunacy. Tardigrades have found the ideal physical solution. No other animal comes close.

All of this thinking ultimately converges back to Trinity House, the defender of true beacons and true science, which has lasted 500 years without losing its original PURPOSE. How did they do it? How can we replicate?

Tardigrades show us a dramatically different way of dealing with life, a different way of accomplishing the same PURPOSES.

They resemble insects and vertebrates in one way. They have a distinct and fairly complex brain, and a pair of bilateral nerve cords running in parallel, tied by crossover bridges at intervals. Insect nerve systems look about the same, and vertebrates are the same except that we've bundled the parallel left and right cords inside one spinal conduit.

Aside from the nervous system, tardigrades are ENTIRELY different. They have six or eight "limbs", but the limbs aren't built with jointed bones and muscles. Insects and vertebrates have chains of joints with agonist vs antagonist muscle pairs for each joint. Tardigrades just have protrusions, pretty much pseudopods.

BUT: Those jointless and muscleless pods move the same way as vertebrate limbs. They paddle and walk and kick in a structured and synchronized and PURPOSEFUL way. The claws on the ends serve to dig and grab, just like insect or vertebrate claws.


= = = = =

Poser model released at ShareCG.

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Monday, October 19, 2020
  Watching a flip

A few months ago I noted that the sudden flip from medicine to murder marked the end of CONSENSUS SCIENCE, which had been the basis for the "global warming" genocide. The new "virus" holocaust needs to obliterate all existing knowledge FAST, so it has switched from CONSENSUS SCIENCE to EMERGING SCIENCE.

Now we see the switchers cramming a theoretical "foundation" under the switch. Cited by Evolution News, a new statistical paper brands consensus with Castro.

The branding is a bit odd, since many academics have positive feelings toward Castro for the wrong reasons. I'm sure the branding will quickly improve, morphing to Putin and Trump as the models for consensus.

The switch also puts the "carbon" genocide in an uncomfortable position, but this conflict won't be as hard to resolve. The "carbon" theory of "global warming" was never ACTUALLY settled science in the same way that gravity and inductance are settled science. It was always an EMERGING theory designed to satisfy the murderous needs of psychopaths. Now that Oceania is at peace with EMERGING science and at war with CONSENSUS science, "carbon" can be treated more honestly.

Later, a clearer Shared Lie thought about this question.

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  Non-explaining arrogance 2

Still thinking about the switchover to non-explaining mode, the discursive style of egomaniacs and psychopaths and chaos generators.

The switchover in politics was marked by Bush Senior. The switchover in radio was around the same time, and equally sharp.

Lately I've been listening to the 1940 series Can You Imagine That at bedtime. The announcer Lindsay MacHarrie** was a careful and courteous explainer and empathizer.

Syndicated short programs had a standard form: Teaser intro, go to quiet music so the local station could insert ads, then return for the main program. At end, outro with more quiet music to allow more ads. MacHarrie always explained each step. After the intro, he said something like "Now your local announcer will speak to you for about a minute and a half." At the end he said "Now I'll return you to the good care of your local announcer." He respected the listener and respected YOUR local announcer. (Also, local announcers may have felt obliged to show a bit more care after the compliment with an implied promise.)

What was the switchover point?

The switchover was named Rush. Rush never explained, never thanked, never gave credit. Every stage in the program happened ABRUPTLY and UNEXPECTEDLY. The monologue ended unpredictably, the first call jumped in without a moment's pause. You never knew if the current paragraph was meant to be parody or serious, which made it easy to memoryhole a mistake by post-dating it as parody.

Rush made a STRONG POINT of insisting that he was doing the program all by himself with no assistants, which was a flat lie. When co-hosts took over during his vacations or illnesses, he never thanked them. They were privileged to be his replacement, and that was payment and thanks enough.

When he discussed the LOCAL announcers who had paved the way for his career, he dismissed them as tiny meaningless losers.

This was a PERSONAL INSULT. He was talking about MY UNCLE, who had spent 20 years building a format and an audience, until the station abruptly fired him and hired Rush, who stole the format.

Normal humans express some degree of respect for the people who were CRUSHED by the onward juggernaut of a new force. The respect may be fake, but it's still the courteous thing to do. Standing on the shoulders of giants.

Psychopaths don't need to respect meat objects, because all meat objects must be KILLED and will be KILLED.

= = = = =

** Footnote: MacHarrie is something of a puzzle. According to GOLDINdex, the IMDB of radio, MacHarrie was all over the syndicated programs during the '30s. Announcer for some, producer and writer for others, uncredited participant in the cast for others. He acted in a few CBS radio programs and a few movies, voicing an announcer named Lindsay MacHarrie. He never hit the 'big time', and seems to have disappeared from the online record after 1939. Did he retire from show biz? Served and killed in WW2? Unknown.
  Atwater's backwater

An odd backwater of radio, closely related to courseware.

Radio and TV have always tried to serve classroom education. Several stations based at colleges started early, with K-State among the first. These efforts** didn't last long; commercial stations and networks actually did a better and more permanent job, because FCC required them to do a good job. Syndicated programs did the best job of all, creating experiences and teamwork with a purpose.

Here's a side of educational radio I hadn't noticed before. A few companies, notably Atwater Kent, made specialized equipment for school listening.

The switchboard is most interesting, but the book doesn't describe it beyond the caption. I suppose it just connects a speaker in each classroom to the central receiver.

The large consoles had a standard Atwater Kent radio plus a phonograph plus some kind of switchboard and PA system. Each console involved fine custom woodwork, so this product line couldn't have been a 'cash cow' for Atwater.

Atwater Kent was a BIG company that specialized in mass-producing one standard radio in a variety of cabinets. It failed immediately after 1929 because it hadn't devoted much attention to other ways of using its skills and factory. If it had put more attention into sidelines like school equipment (a government job!) it might have survived on a smaller scale. The history of US electronics has a single arrow, pointing steadily toward government jobs. Every currently successful company is making military equipment or running Deepstate surveillance. All consumer products were offshored to Japan in the '60s, then later to China.

= = = = =

** College-based stations were mainly designed to train the college students in the techniques of broadcasting. So they preferred to focus on the more typical parts of broadcasting like drama and news and music.

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  How did they last so long?

Seems like we should be able to learn something from organizations that last a long time, like Trinity House. How do they withstand the pressures of Parkinson? How do they maintain their PURPOSE for hundreds of years?

Nearly all of the longest continuous businesses are in Japan. Many of them are essentially monasteries, so they don't quite count as businesses. But the non-religious ones have also managed to survive, some operated by the same family for 1000 years.

Was Japan's economic structure equally constant? A quick look at some older books on Japanese banking answers HELL NO. Banking was just as tempestuous and unstable as US banking from 1700 to 1930 when the books were written. Central banks were started and abandoned. Currency schemes were started and abandoned. Often a single businessman (like JP Morgan) was effectively the national treasury. Before 1900 most business was still feudal in structure, not commercial in the modern sense.

The most dramatic event happened in 1868 when the shogun abdicated, cleaned out his desk, and cleaned out the treasury.

The government then had to start from scratch, so it confiscated huge amounts from the biggest businesses.

Not stable.

Payment of interest wasn't a typical practice until 1890, so the Jap abandonment of interest in 2000 wasn't really a break with long tradition.

Japan is simply a different species. The people don't do anything to stay healthy. They live to 100. The businesses don't do anything to stay stable. They live to 1000. Different species.

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Sunday, October 18, 2020
  Another feature

Another 'non-functional' feature in many of God's designs is cross-species communication.

This study starts with an annoying sentence but is mainly sympathetic and objective.
After months of technology-based communication enforced by COVID-19, many of us are missing a "live" human voice. But we're not the only ones -- a new study reveals that cows also prefer a face-to-face chat. The research, published in Frontiers in Psychology, discovers that cows are actually more relaxed when spoken to directly by a live human, rather than when listening to a recorded voice via a loudspeaker.
Annoying: Malign misattribution. The poor little virus, if it even exists, didn't cause ANY of this shit. ALL of this shit was invented and enforced by demonic psychopaths running governments and "medical" holocaust chambers. The purpose of this shit is to give demonic pleasure to the psychopaths.

With that out of the way, the basic finding is unsurprising to people who have been around dogs and cats. All cats and most dogs simply ignore electronic channels. Noise from a machine is irrelevant. A few dogs have the unusual ability to extrapolate the voice on a telephone or speaker to an actual human who isn't present.

It's not clear what's missing. Maybe just the visible presence, or maybe a more complete sense signature of a live human involving smell and brain waves.

Again the interesting question is why God created the facilities for communication between species that don't interact in nature. You can see a straightforward purpose in the multisensory channels between bees and flowers. Both sides get material benefits from the interaction. But cows, dogs, cats, and humans aren't normally found in the same place, and don't have any natural commensal or symbiotic connection.

Later thought: Humans would be better off if we adopted the cat view of machines. Noise from a TV or radio machine is irrelevant, even if it sounds like a human and looks like a human.

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  Non-random question

Tardigrades seem to be a 'proof of concept' design for an entirely different form of life. Animals that form long-lasting seeds like plants.

Many successful forms of life seem to have been designed by competing teams with alternate ideas.

All animals and plants exhibit beauty in form or behavior, totally unnecessary for mere reproduction.

When you see competing teams and 'entertainment' in a design, you can be sure it wasn't just for the designer's amusement. It was aimed to satisfy a customer, or aimed to appeal to potential customers. Major studios like Loewy and Pininfarina are always creating displays and exhibits to pull in new work.

Question: Who were God's customers?

Obviously the studio we call God wasn't just working for its own amusement. It was trying to serve some highly demanding customers, and trying to advertise for new customers. Who were they? What did they specify?

The older cultures who had multiple gods with different personalities, interacting with various types of subgods, were probably a lot closer to reality than the more recent monotheistic setups. Monotheism is created by imperial globalists, and reinforces globalism in a deadly positive feedback loop.

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  Wouldn't it be nice?

Tardigrades are astonishing critters. They can tolerate all sorts of horrible conditions with several different forms of 'seeding'. They have distinct cysting strategies for vacuum, drought, heat and cold.

Wouldn't it be nice if humans could 'seed up' at will? When the world is taken over by demonic psychopaths, we could go into suspended animation in hidden places.

Only the psychopaths would be visible and moving. The billionaires and governors and mayors and presidents and Public Death Officers would have no visible victims except other psychopaths. They would quickly kill each other, and then the humans could de-cyst and resume normal life.

[Graphic footnote: I was surprised that no tardigrade models were available in the usual Poser places (Daz, Rendo, ShareCG). So I made one. Released at ShareCG.]

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  Random Quora irritation

In Quora discussions (and lots of other web places) a constant theme is ALL AMERICANS CARRY GUNS.

Foreigners warn other foreigners against visiting America because they've seen every American totin and shootin.

Where do they SEE these guns?

I've lived most of my life in gun-totin parts of America, usually lived in 'shady' neighborhoods and sometimes worked in allegedly gun-totin occupations like construction.

In 50 years of adult life I have seen a gun exactly ONCE. I was clerking at a motel in Enid, definitely a totin place by reputation. A guest left his pistol under the pillow when he checked out, and asked me to fetch it for him before the room was cleaned and re-rented. Even in that [pillow]case, I wouldn't have SEEN the gun if I hadn't been asked to find it.

I'm sure many of the people around me have been carrying, but never openly.

Where do the visitors SEE guns? It's a complete puzzle, or else a complete lie.


  Reminded me

An episode of Can You Imagine That reminded me of a point I brought out earlier which really deserves repetition.

The episode featured a windfall scam performed in France in the late 1800s. A peasant girl was found to be the surprise heir of an American millionaire. Her claim was verified when a couple of Americans appeared and started fighting her in court over the bequest. The court fight lasted for 20 years, and during those 20 years the peasant girl lived like royalty, charging everything to the "guaranteed" will. Of course the whole thing was complete fiction. The millionaire didn't exist and the counterclaimants were part of the rig.

Fake "sides" are a constant part of frauds, and not always money-based frauds.

Your rights are in danger! The other party is fighting in court to eliminate your rights! Pay us to help defend your rights!

Sound familiar?

Deepstate has perfected the art of symmetrical swindles, giving everyone a fake "inheritance" or "right" to defend from fake claimants.

None of these inheritances or "rights" actually exist. "Rights" are not given by God. You can't find anything about this bequest in God's will and testament, neither the old will and testament or the new. God's will only mentions DUTIES, not "rights".

Reality exists. Our duty is to observe reality as well as we can, always trying to calibrate our senses to avoid unnecessary bias.

It doesn't matter if an Expert happens to agree with reality. Usually but not always, you can discount the Expert because he will also be claiming some known lies as truths. (AP, false flag)

Even if Side 1 agrees fully with reality, it's still irrelevant. Even if Side 2 disagrees fully with reality, it's still irrelevant.

Both sides are simply characters in a script, and the script is always designed to steal our SKILLS and TALENTS and SOULS while enriching the monsters who write the script.

Only reality counts.



Title isn't a typo.

Following up on this random observation a few weeks ago.

I was looking yet again at what various auto companies "should" have done to stave off failure in the '50s. I decided that Hudson probably didn't have any available options because it wasn't producing anything except sedans.

Studie had heavy trucks. Nash had Kelvinator appliances. Packard had aircraft. Willys had its own unique types of vehicles, so it returned to its own niche after sedans failed to sell. Crosley was basically an appliance company, so it returned to its day job of appliances. Kaiser was basically an aluminum company...

Wait. Aluminum.

Why didn't Kaiser use its own unique SKILLS? A mostly aluminum car would be a major selling point in rusty areas, and it would be lighter and more economical for the same size and room.

In the peculiar postwar situation, suppliers of material and parts were overstressed with demand while still trying to reconvert factories and workers to civilian needs. Kaiser famously resorted to black-market "expediters" to find steel and parts because the suppliers understandably wanted to serve their existing customers first.

Kaiser wouldn't have needed those tricks for aluminum because Kaiser WAS the supplier. No unnecessary shortages, no profit paid to others. Kaiser had its own metallurgists who knew how to create alloys for specific purposes, and knew how to manipulate and bend aluminum.


Saturday, October 17, 2020
  Speaking of atrophy....

Mentioned atrophied senses at the end of previous item.

I've always understood the use it or lose it principle in an intellectual way. I didn't understand it in a direct experimental way until two years ago.

I was having lots of trouble with vestibular crap. Frequent dizzy spells, occasional spins. Being naturally anxious and hypochondriacal, I sought advice and solace in a Facebook group. After a while I realized that these people were medicalized. They were spending their entire life in various clinics and therapy offices, constantly getting "treatments" that never really helped. I didn't want to end up that way.

I decided to try an experiment. Waiting for the bus was an especially difficult time. Walking was easy, but standing in one place without support wasn't easy on the bad days. I had been standing next to the bus bench and holding on tight.

I tried NOT holding. Every time the impulse to put out a hand occurred, I resisted. Quickly the unsteadiness receded. The internal senses, which had been conditioned to laze around, started working again, and they worked properly.

Use it or lose it. Don't let the senses and muscles get lazy, even if lazy seems better. It's not better.

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  A non-divisive issue!

The Federalist has found an issue that DOESN'T divide on party lines or gender lines or racial lines or any lines at all.

In response to Trump's totally fake "proposed" "executive" "order", which hasn't actually happened and won't happen and wouldn't change anything if it did happen, the Harris Poll conducted a survey.

Across all conceivable divides and boundaries, EVERYONE prefers traditional over modern architecture by a solid and constant 70 to 30 margin.

The survey was able to get honest answers because it didn't mention Trump. It just showed paired pictures of actual Federal buildings in both styles, and asked which you prefer.

The only people who like modernist architecture are modernist architects and the government agencies that hire modernist architects. Therefore, government agencies will continue hiring modernist architects to build horrible and useless buildings.

Still, it's genuinely interesting to find a question that hasn't yet been used by "both" "sides" to create the standard divisions. I'm sure "both" "sides" will get in gear now to form up the usual war.

... Come to think of it, The Federalist just DID get in gear, associating normal architecture with Orange Witch Powder. Your turn, D "side"!



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