Saturday, September 30, 2017
  Aberree and Musk agree

Had to make the title rhyme. Actually Musk doesn't believe his negative comments about AI; he's just talking the price down to corner the market. Nevertheless, he's famous for talking the price down.

One of the 1955 writers in Aberree got it amazingly right.

Plenty of sci-fi writers and others have been worrying about robots for 200 years, and the worry was starting to grow serious in the '50s. Most writers dismissed the worry. Not James Pinkham.

[For once I didn't have to chop and channel the page to focus on the best parts!]

Seeing houses as the first major step in labor-saving machinery was a rare insight, and seeing that houses would become the point of enslavement was a unique prophecy.


  Define culture

A beautiful example of a civilization that WORKS.

Note that there's not even a painted line, let alone a fence. Everyone knows, in three dimensions, exactly where things have to go when the train comes through. Everyone knows when the train is coming, and everyone collaborates to clear the tracks.

Civilization. Capitalism. Extinct on this side of the world.


  Why is this so hard to understand? I truly don't get it.

Alternative media are upset about 'demonetization'. They shouldn't be.

In the linked interview, Elizabeth Vos compares common carriers like Youtube and Amazon to toll roads.

"Imagine if a private company owned all the highways and they could close down the highways any time they felt like it."


In fact MANY highways are owned by corporations who charge tolls for driving on the road. Those highways are NOT closed when the company feels like it, and NOT closed to people with the wrong beliefs. Those corporations WANT YOUR MONEY, and your money is still green even if you're not green.

The web has been built under the reverse expectation. Everyone expects to use it FOR FREE, or even worse, expects to BE PAID FOR USING IT. This should tell you the whole story, but obviously the 'independent media' don't understand the story.

When you're the customer, the corporation doesn't want to exclude you for your VIEWS, because it WANTS YOUR MONEY. You may be excluded from the highway for repeated violations of traffic laws, but those are CRIMINAL ACTIONS that stand a chance of ACTUALLY INJURING OR KILLING the other customers.

When you're the product, you're subject to quality control. The carrier wants to insure that its real customers are seeing only the type of content they want to be associated with. The real customers are GLOBALIST CORPORATIONS who have good reason to want independent views silenced.

Emerson had it right as usual (but not quite always...)

If you are wise, you will dread a prosperity which only loads you with more. ... For every benefit you receive, a tax is levied.

When you chant "Taxation is theft" and create a government with ZERO TAX, you shouldn't be surprised that the government, deprived of normal income, functions by debt and theft. When you chant "Net Neutrality", you shouldn't be surprised that the people who actually pay for the Net (NSA, CIA) are getting everything they want.

Later: It's certainly possible to run a publication without corporate advertising. The two publications I quote most often, Aberree (1955 to 1965) and Collectible Auto (1984 to now, still going strong) survived mostly on subscriptions. I like both of them specifically because they're INDEPENDENT. CA tried ads in its first year, then gave up. Aberree had ads from people who were part of their subscriber base. Astrologers and other peddlers of harmless hooey, all known to the subscribers and authors. Closed circle.

When you know your customers and give them what they want, they will pay for the service.


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Friday, September 29, 2017
  Not tracking, not trackable, not describable

Bread and Circuses? Cread and Bircuses? Bird and Crocuses? Crack and Brokenses?

The oddest part is that he seems to be dressed for 1957. Accountant by day, coffeehouse semi-beatnik by night. Reads Village Voice, collects Stan Freberg records. Maybe he's popping through a time warp.


  Tracking earlier breakpoint

Back in April I decided that Trump had accidentally brought in three non-eunuchs amid the crowd of eunuchs and Tribals and Deepstaters.
I've reluctantly adopted the view that Trump was a fake, but there are still a few leftover pieces that don't quite fit the picture. Sessions has already sold his soul, but Price and Pruitt appear to be holding onto their souls for the moment and haven't been fired yet.
Now Price has shown himself to be a MAN. Instead of selling his soul to stay in power after a classic eunuch attack, he has decided to get out of Satan's land and preserve his soul.


Pruitt at EPA may turn out to be an exception to the Save or Surrender rule. He isn't making any big splashes or major changes, but the Carbon demons are screeching at his modifications of rules. He's getting a few good things done. Presumably he's the next target of the clippers.


  Perpetual globalism

From an overly dramatic article on bugging and tapping in 1965....

Credit where due: the author makes it clear that he's closely affiliated with Deepstate. No pretense of being 'just an ordinary citizen'.

He starts with a dramatic incident, designed to show Russia as the enemy.

Note first that the author calmly accepts the equation diplomat = spy. This has been true for many decades, but modern commentators still pretend to be shocked that embassies are nothing more than spy stations.

Note second that Schwirkmann, the "hero" of this episode, STARTED THE FIGHT by INVADING RUSSIAN TERRITORY under the guise of a repairman and installing a LETHAL WEAPON AGAINST RUSSIANS ON RUSSIAN TERRITORY. Act of war.

The author is shocked that the Russians DEFENDED THEMSELVES against this ACT OF WAR.

Still the same. Shocked that the Russians were smart enough to detect our lethal shock gadget in an ANALOG system, and shocked that the Russian dared to DEFEND themselves against our lethal shock. Hint: Russians are smarter than us anyway, but Russians in that era were ESPECIALLY smarter because they were sticking to analog while we were suicidally moving to digital.

After the dramatic start, the author lists a bunch of allegedly invasive bugs in more ordinary places, including:

Fuck. The intercom wasn't a bug and it wasn't "without the knowledge". We knew that the office could listen in. When a teacher needed to use the bathroom or take a sick student to the nurse, she'd pull the string and ask the principal's office to monitor the room for a few minutes. Not spying, just an efficient use of technology.

"Teachers suspected of liberal views and other heresies".... Now we start to see where the author is driving.

And now the author reaches his destination. The pattern seems to be:

1. Russia is bad.

2. Anyone who opposes Russia is bad.


No, because Russia isn't the real object of the second premise. The reality of globalist intentions and attitudes HAS ALWAYS BEEN:

1. Russia is bad.

2. Anyone who exposes Deepstate's fake Russian "agents" and "meddling" and "interference" is bad.

McCarthy and the Birchers were not primarily working against Russia, they were working against "Soviet" "subversives" who were run by CIA.

Still the same.
  Parkinsonian altruism

Listening as usual to a second-string "conservative" yapper with the usual nonsensical argument that we can solve all problems by returning to the nonexistent "Constitution".

Thinking as usual that we need to abolish "civics" courses that propagate meaningless fictions like "laws" and "constitutions".

Thinking as usual that Parkinson is all you need. Each agency's job is to exponentially increase its own budget and power.

But wait!

What about the black-robed demons? They aren't primarily concerned with their own budget and workforce. What is their goal?

Aha. They are more broad-minded Parkinsonians, with a longer outlook. They take care of the BIG PICTURE goal of government, namely slaughtering Deplorables and enriching Insatiables. The demons serve this goal by increasing the budget and workforce of OTHER branches of government, such as EPA or Education or DHS.

Rehnquist was a partial exception, a reversion to the mean. His mission was narrow Parkinson for the judicial branch itself, and he even made a special Fantasy Uniform to show that he was the Four-Star General of the Judicial Space Patrol. Comparing him to other black-robed demons allowed me to see the AHA. (When you see a vector reverting toward the mean or typical, you can sight backwards along the vector to find the atypical zone where the vector originated.)


Thursday, September 28, 2017
  Why didn't this happen?

The classic VHF TV dial was the exact equivalent of a deck of cards.

Channel 1 was removed from the TV allocations after set design and construction had begun, so the FCC never renumbered the channels. Most sets from the late '50s through the end of analog TV had 13 positions on the dial, with the missing 1 spot selecting the UHF band. And the UHF band typically contained non-network stations, low-budget independents and religious broadcasters.

In other words, "1" was the wild card lit and fig.

So: Why didn't anyone make a TV set with the cards in place of numbers?

U 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 A 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 J Q K
In the early '50s there were quite a few local and independent TV builders who bought chassis from the big corporations and added custom knobs and cabinets. Did any of those 'assemblers' think of this?

The metaphor could be completed when you had an antenna with a rotator.

Assign the suits to the directions. Arbitrarily N = clubs, E = diamonds, W = spades, S = hearts.

Then you could remember the dial and rotator for each station as a card. Example: Growing up in Manhattan, our main TV station was WIBW 13 in Topeka, which would be the King of Diamonds.

Looking at the deluxe rotator pictured above leads to a more practical whydidn't. This control mechanism could be inside the set, triggered by an extra contact on the channel switch instead of the pushbuttons on this box. You'd have to manually 'memorize' the setting initially, then the antenna would turn automatically thereafter. Seems like the sort of gadget that Zenith would have tried.
  Aphid bet /// Failed.

Based on the Weather Bureau's predictions, tomorrow (Friday) should be the last warmish day of the year. Therefore tomorrow should be the Big Day For Aphids. I've seen only a few of them today and yesterday, so they'd better get their cloned butts in gear.

Next day: Nope, no aphids at all. Bureau was wrong.

Here's the pattern as of last year at this time:
This is the seventh time I've noted it here. Aphid Day in 2010 was the first of Oct; in 2011 it was the end of Oct; in 2012 the first of Oct; in 2013 the last part of Oct; in 2014 the end of Sept; in 2015 end of Sept again; now in 2016 end of Sept.
Most of the pattern was alternating end of Sept / end of Oct. The majority pattern would favor end of Oct this year, so absent aphids right now shouldn't be a surprise. 2015 was either a mode change or an exception. If we do get the aphids at end of Oct this year, 2015 will look more like a single exception.

They arrived Oct 19 which isn't exactly 'end of Oct' but close enough for Nature work.



SputnikNews reports on the total failure of "deradicalizing" in several countries.

The Step Together helpline was launched in June by the New South Wales Minister for Counter Terrorism. Costing $3.05 million over three years, the initiative is part of a $36 million program aimed at fighting radicalization...

The helpline is marketed as an advice and counseling service, and is staffed by professional counsellors seven days a week from 7am to 9 pm. However, Elliot has now confirmed the helpline received "around five phone calls" in the two months since its launch, and its associated website a fairly paltry 800 visits. Unnamed sources told local media one call was a wrong number.
The Pontourney center for "Reintegration and Citizenship" opened September 2016 with the aim of working with at-risk young people who had been exposed to radical ideologies.

In closing the center, France's Interior Ministry said the experiment "had not been conclusive" — perhaps an understatement, given the center had capacity for up to 25 people, but had been sitting empty since February, and only welcomed nine people in total over the course of its existence — none of whom completed the full program.
Shouldn't be surprising for two reasons.

1. The radical attitude is a NATURAL RESPONSE of a sane mind and moral soul to a totally crazy and evil environment. Sane and moral people turn radical because they are sane and moral. They don't see any reason to surrender to the infinite evil and infinite bonkersness of US/UK/EU.

2. Deepstate uses and manipulates the radical attitude to further destroy sanity and morality. It finds the weakest and most persuadable of the sane and moral crowd, and constructs a fake racket in which the youngster can "work for sanity and morality" by helping Deepstate to make sanity and morality look horrible.

Therefore: The strongest radicals can see through these "helplines" and avoid them along with the rest of Deepstate's infinite plague. Deepstate doesn't put much effort into these "helplines" because it understands the distinction between firm goodness and weak goodness.

Deepstate works to weaponize the weak, not to recrazify the strong.

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  Important smell?

Listening to local online 'scanner' for fire and police. There's a major team effort responding to just one report of a bad smell coming from the east-side waste treatment plant. All the responders are saying that nothing is wrong, nothing smells bad, no "symptoms".... but they're continuing to investigate. This has been going on for an hour.

Puzzling. Normally a single report of a bad smell is (quite properly) dismissed. Bad smells come and go. Maybe the caller farted and didn't know it, or maybe his car's catalytic converter farted. Waste disposal plants handle waste, so they sometimes emit smells despite all controls.

Dozens of simultaneous reports would deserve a response, but this clearly isn't dozens. Just one.

Why is this single report generating such a big response? Was the caller powerful? Or is this a training exercise?

Later: Maybe the caller saw the Northern Lights and thought it was a toxic cloud? The color certainly looks chloriney. The responders mentioned looking for a cloud.
  Better chance

Looks like Kurdish independence, unlike CataLUnya independence, has a pretty good chance of succeeding. Why?
“Russia has become the No. 1 partner of Iraqi Kurdistan,” said Aydin Selcen, a former senior Turkish diplomat, pointing to lucrative deals between Iraqi Kurds and the Russian state-owned oil firm Rosneft. “Rosneft boss, Mr. Igor Sechin, is one of the closest allies to Putin and the (Iraqi Kurds)."

Analysts said Thursday’s meeting, and the images of two leaders getting along, suit the current agendas of both men. "This is a pragmatic and transactional relationship which we see,” Ulgen said, “but with a political underpinning, where both leaders Putin and Erdogan are almost instrumentalizing this relationship, to demonstrate and to make a point to the West.”
This is a difficult move for Erdogan. Turks and Kurds have been at war for 3000 years, and Erdogan has been using that war to divide his opposition. Turks and Slavs have been at war for 300 years. Breaking two long-standing habits is hard, but Erdogan seems to have realized that survival and prosperity are more important.

Now that the world has returned to natural bipolarity, Russia is obviously Turkey's better partner. Russia is already connected to Kurdistan.

Oddly enough, USA STRONG doesn't seem to be pushing very hard against Kurdish independence. We created Kurdistan in 1990 to help us turn the rest of Iraq into rubble, and we've been using the Kurds ever since. Logically we should continue to support their independence.

We normally operate in direct opposition to logic and facts and loyalty. Normally we'd be bombing the Kurds down to bedrock right now. HOW DARE YOU ASSERT THE INDEPENDENCE WE GAVE YOU!!!!!

I don't know why we're not behaving normally. Nevertheless, we haven't started bombing yet.

9/29 update: Okay, Now we're reverting to normal. We officially "do not recognize" the Kurdish independence vote. Bombing starts in 5 minutes.


Wednesday, September 27, 2017
  Wraparounds all the way down

Part of a picture from an article on mid-50s Ford pickups in latest Collectible Auto mag.

This was clearly a factory advertising pic.

1. What's under the truck? A cat chasing a turtle? Seems like an odd implication for a car ad.** Normally cars are compared to fast predatory animals. Did the photographer simply fail to notice?

2. Daughter is learning that Dad loves the turkey more than her. Traumatic but necessary.

3. More importantly, note the parallel wipers. At that time all American cars had clap-hands wipers. Surprised me because I drove a '55 F-250 stake truck for work, and it definitely had the expected clap-hands. Detroit finally adopted parallel wipers in '63 under Federal orders, but seems to have fallen back to clap-hands recently. (I haven't been paying attention to cars lately, so I'm not sure.)

The article doesn't mention the wipers, but the accompanying pics show that they were parallel from '53 to '55 on the F-100. In '56 Ford obeyed GM's Owned Conversation and adopted the wildly impractical idiotic wraparound windshield, and also surrendered to clap-hands wipers.

= = = = =

Wraparound windshields disappeared quickly on cars but persisted a LOT longer on trucks. Everyone but Chrysler got Owned in '55. In '61 GM gave up the wrap, and others meekly obeyed.

For once Chrysler had enough confidence to DISown the conversation, and only wrapped slightly on its cars from '55 to '61, when they returned to the faint curve of '54.

For unknown reasons Dodge pickup trucks outwrapped GM in '55. Dodge pickups unwrapped in '62, but the cab derived from the '55 superwraps continued on some Dodge big trucks until '76 when Dodge stopped making big trucks.

A similar wraparound wrapover happened at Ford. Their pickups returned to nearly flat by '61, but the wrapped cab continued on some big trucks until at least '81.

= = = = =

Addendum: The point I was intending to make here, before I got wrapped up in wraparounds, was that both Ford and Chrysler were innovating and improving the style and function and reliability of cars and trucks. GM was following their lead SLOWLY AND POORLY. But GM owned the national conversation about cars. Everybody, even allegedly anti-corporate VW-loving hippieshits like me, "knew" that GM was the leader in styling and engineering. It just WASN'T TRUE.

= = = = =

** Later footnote: There's one minor exception. In the era of gimmicky special editions, Plymouth offered a Snapper trim option on the Fury, with turtleshell vinyl roof and a cartoon decal of a turtle on the side.


  The Macron of our country?

In one recent 'bloopers' collection on Youtube, a pair of idiot anchors got all tangled up on a trivia question: How many children did George Washington have? Was the Father of our Country a father?

They were right to be tangled. We hear stories about the families of other 'top-ten' presidents, but we never hear about Washington's kids. Looked it up, and it's a lot more interesting than you might guess.

Martha was a golddigger. She married a super-rich plantation owner who died young. At 25, with four kids and several hundred slaves, she picked up George. (100 slaves as dowry helped to seal the deal.)

George was also a golddigger, marrying money and loving luxury. None of Martha's kids became prominent or political.
Tuesday, September 26, 2017
  How long can he last?

Judge Roy Moore has won the primary, and thus most likely the secondary, for a special election in Alabama.

Media on "both" "sides" are calling Moore a populist. Inaccurate use of word as usual, but he is unquestionably a MAN, not a EUNUCH. He has a long record of HOLDING FIRM when the eunuch bullies pull and push and insinuate.

How long will he hold out against the 100% eunuch atmosphere in the Upper Nuthouse? Remains to be seen. It will be interesting for a while. Good illustration of why you can't soLVe a problem from inside a problem. One man against 99 eunuchs is going to get clipped.

This is what happens when a filthy faker like Trump betrays the people. The people seek stronger and stronger remedies, leading finally to revoLUtion.


  Se-lu 13, CataLUnya edition

The CataLUnyans are doing a magnificent job of soLVing a problem by LOOSENING THE BANDS. The Spanish Sorosian dysgovernment keeps yanking out the official ways of conducting a referendum, and the CataLUnyan government (NOT JUST UNORGANIZED PEOPLE, BUT THE PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT!) keeps stepping OUTSIDE the problem to solve the problem.

This has never happened here in USA STRONG. When states conduct referendums that reach the wrong decision, Federal black-robed demons, who have EXACTLY ZERO LEGAL AUTHORITY FROM ANY WRITTEN LAW, simply delete the referendum. Nobody steps OUTSIDE the totally illegal and criminal system to conduct a new and LEGITIMATE referendum. Nobody ever pulls their heads out from beneath the demonic jackboot. We just let the demons STOMP STOMP STOMP CLAMP CLAMP CLAMP STOMP STOMP STOMP FOREVER.

= = = = =

Polistra and friends saLUte the brave and creative CataLUnyans. Their effort may fail at first, but the laws of Nature and of Nature's God are firmly on their side. Unlike everything else in the world, CataLUnya's work is genuinely unprecedented, genuinely historic, and genuinely new and original.

Later thought: HOWEVER!!! The CataLUnyan government failed to take the SIMPLEST AND MOST SECURE AND MOST OBVIOUS step. They didn't set up the referendum as VOTE BY MAIL. When you vote by mail you don't need polling places that the government or other terrorist groups can shut down. Tell people to return the ballots in ordinary envelopes, and set up a bewildering variety of mail-forwarding chains passing through foreign countries. Or vote by email using foreign proxy servers. There are many ways to STEP OUTSIDE the government monopoly on polling!

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  Nibiru vs Gaia 2

As abovementioned, prophets of Gaia followed the basic tendency of the older Jesus prophets. When the apocalypse fails, NEVER NEVER NEVER abandon your theory. Theory is permanently correct. ALWAYS adjust your math. The failure is a miscalculation or a missed epicycle.

More recently the Gaian prophets borrowed a trick from astrologers. Fortune-tellers make predictions that are always true. "Today you will experience troubles and triumphs." They've developed a wide vocabulary of generalities, enabling each prediction to sound unique while always applying to every day in every life.

After thousands of failed predictions and zero successes, the Gaian Astrologers finally figured out the same trick. It's not global warming, it's Climate Change. "Today you will experience changes in the weather."

No meteorologist could get away with such nonsense, but meteorologists don't have PhDs and Grants and Correct Names, so they have to do real science instead of Prophecy.

Now the Nibiru prophet has returned the favor. After recalculating his missed world-end date, he has recalculated his verbiage so it works for everyone all the time.

Oct 15 is the new date, and Oct 15 is not the "End of the World"; Oct 15 will be the "End of the world as we know it."

Clever! Our knowledge of the world changes every minute, so Oct 15 will reliably and predictably be the "End of the world as we know it", just as Oct 16 and Oct 17 and every other day when you're alive and conscious is the "End of the world as we know it" and simultaneously the "Beginning of the world as we know it."

= = = = =

Actually I'm being unfair to astrologers, just as I was a couple weeks ago when I tried to scoff at a 1964 astrologer in Aberree, only to see that the astrologer got the firing of Khrushchev DEAD TO RIGHTS.

So, in recompense to a profession that does a better job than economists or Gaians, here's what hands me for today:
You may meet some new people in the next few days, Sagittarius. Someone in your professional life may help you launch some unusual experiments that have never been done before. Or someone may want to create a new service or get into a completely new market. You will be the one they seek to explore these exciting new avenues!
Well, I'm not going to meet any new people unless they're burglars. I don't meet people. But the second part hits a non-generic mark. I'm "launching" some new experiments related to Volney's work as described in Aberree. The experiments are useless but they are unusual and new. You could also describe the graphics I'm doing for courseware as "unusual and new" experiments. Launching experiments is a fairly rare activity, not "triumphs and troubles" as I mocked above.

Sorry again, astrologers!

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Monday, September 25, 2017
  Small positive sign

England's Labour seems to have synchronized its signals at last. Corbyn is popular but not very smart. He doesn't envision consequences of policy ideas. McDonnell seems to have taken over the public voice, and he's smarter. He proposes re-nationalizing utilities and postal services that were mistakenly privatized; and he wants to put limits on credit.

Both good moves.

As I never tire of pointing out, government NEEDS to make profits from real services. Four reasons: (1) Balance. Revenue corresponds to value, instead of simply draining money from commerce. (2) When people are GETTING SOMETHING for their taxes, they feel better about paying. (3) When government is DOING SOMETHING USEFUL in return for its income, government stays sane. (4) With enough profit, government can get out of debt entirely and run on savings, which then makes it possible to absorb bad times without collapsing.

Both US and UK went through a privatizing phase in the '70s and '80s, and UK went farther than we did. The result in both cases is a government that serves no purpose except making wars, so all of government's thoughts and values and skills are specialized for aggressive pointless wars.

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  Nec panem nec circensem

Title is atrocious Latin but maybe it gets the point across.

Previous tyrants kept their people in line with prosperity and entertainment. You could turn the causation around and it's still the same correlation: In order to have prosperity and cheerfulness you need hardass rulers. Utopianly this correlation shouldn't be necessary, but it seems to hold true most of the time in real human cultures.

The Sorosian tyrants of US/UK/EU have decided to eliminate the bread and circuses because they hate Nature and hate God and hate humanity. The first step began about 30 years ago when they decided that humans were too icky to use for employees. The second step began 5 years ago when they decided that human customers and shareholders are too dirty to bother with. Humans deprived of USEFUL work can't survive, so we turned to entertainment and drugs and jumping off bridges.

This year the Sorosians have decided that humans are too icky to be worth entertaining. Singing hymns to Soros and sucking the delicate red-hot Nectar Of Hades directly from the infinitely graceful Dick Of Lord Soros is such a difficult and absorbing task that the entertainers can't spare any time for singing to humans, or throwing round objects back and forth, or emitting meaningless speech-like sounds into microphones. Total immersion in the Most Holy Soul And Mind And Dick Of Lord Soros is the universe. Soros is all, all is Soros. Anything that is not Soros cannot exist, so its nonexistence must be instantiated by EXTERMINATION.

Fortunately this unnameable evil is localized. Fortunately the MAJORITY of the world sees the unimaginable horror and tries to disconnect from it. Africa and Russia and Indonesia and Persia and many parts of South America are still in contact with God, through Mohammed and through Jesus. The messenger doesn't matter. God matters.

I don't know whether eliminating bread and circuses will lead to a revolution. It worked in previous cases, but I don't see the signs of resistance or rebellion. All I see is opium and bridges.

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Discussion show on RT, dealing with Trump's UN speech on North Korea, called it "unprecedented".



Since 1989 every presidential speech on foreign policy has followed one simple script. The program has only one variable, representing the Nation being discussed at the moment. Here's the program in plain Python:

if (Nation == Saudi): pass elif (Nation == Israel): pass else: while (Nation): Obliterate(Nation)
That's fucking all.

In electronic terms the Artificial Intelligence needed to replace a president is even simpler. A table-mounted 'option box' with three SPST pushbuttons, two of which are dummies.

You could slap it together in a few minutes, provided you had a supply of the load element on the right.



BBC has a feature on the Welsh fascination with Elvis, which has spawned a huge Elvis Tribute Act industry.

Huh? Wales has its own MAGNIFICENT singing tradition. More to the point, Wales has its own COMPETITOR to Elvis. Tom Jones has his own style with the same basic appeal as Elvis, he's still actively performing, and his fans are still going strong.

Why bother with Elvis when you've got your own? I don't get it.

An illuminating comparison with modern shit. In late '43, in the middle of a REAL war that was NECESSARY and not obviously successful, CBS announced that it would try to mute the opinions of its commentators.

Other networks responded fiercely, partly from a normal competitive drive and partly from honest passion.

Billboard asked various executives and commentators to respond, and printed their responses in this issue and this issue. The responses are on page 8 of both PDFs.

I won't bother to show or quote any single item because the full picture is vital. You can see the functioning of an UNOWNED CONVERSATION, a REAL DEBATE between OPPOSING opinions. Our modern Owned CONversations and Robust Debates are one-directional PLUPONENT AUCTIONS to increase the purity of Sorosian orthodoxy and the torture and punishment of heretics.

I've listened to a lot of WW2 radio news, and my impression is that CBS was consistently the MOST open to real variance of opinion, despite its announcement in '43. CBS did the best job of showing its work, letting the listener in on the mechanics of newsgathering and writing.

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Sunday, September 24, 2017

This cold hard article about Wilson's evil brings up some facts I hadn't heard before, but misses some of the major evils.

Prohibition didn't just create gangs, it directly killed lots of people:
To broaden support for the war, Wilson partnered with the Prohibition movement. Even before the 18th Amendment was ratified, Wilson banned beer sales as a wartime measure. Prohibition itself was a public-health disaster; the rate of alcoholism tripled during the 1920s. To punish lawbreakers, the federal government added poisons to industrial alcohol that was often converted into drinkable hooch; 10,000 people were killed as a result.

The author covers the Wilsonian creation of the Dust Bowl, which I've covered in detail. He misses the Russian Intervention, in which we COLLABORATED WITH THE AXIS BEFORE ARMISTICE to force "democracy" on Russia.

The parallels to modern times are overwhelming. The author was overwhelmed at one point, making a beautiful typo that the editors didn't catch:
Before the war began, Wilson declared in April 2015, “No nation is fit to sit in judgement upon any other nation.” In his war speech to Congress in 1917, he portrayed the Kaiser as a dictator (though Germany was actually far more democratic than most parts of the British Empire). By 1919, Wilson had totally reversed his moral compass, declaring, “In the last analysis, my fellow countrymen, as we in America would be the first to claim, a people are responsible for the acts of their government.” Unfortunately, that became the lodestar for subsequent U.S. warring — including the massive civilian bombings of Germany and Japan in World War II, in North Korea in 1952, in Vietnam, and in Iraq in this century.

is one date.

We should call this error a numo instead of a typo. Two numbers are identical, so it doesn't matter which symbols you use.

= = = = =

Fussy metrology sidenote: I was thinking of examples ... V or 5, six or half a dozen, a penny or $.01, pi or 180 degrees.... Wait. The last one is NOT identical, and the SIentists who insist on using radians for all measurements are LESS PRECISE than the old-fashioned carpenters and surveyors who use degrees. The most commonly used angles are the clock or compass points. 15, 30, 45,... 360. Even in electronics the formulas are based on 2pi or 360. For most uses of angles, the degree version is an integer, so the rest of the calculation doesn't lose precision from the angle. When you use radians, ALL angles are imprecise. Even the common points are non-repeating decimals, never reaching precision in any earthly machine.

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  Nibiru vs Gaia

Still on the subject of Owned CONversations......

Compare the Nibiru Prophets with the Gaia Prophets. On the surface both are doing the same thing. Both use fake math and bad theories to "predict" disasters. Both "refigure" their fake math when the prediction fails. Theory overrides all facts. If facts disagree with theory, add more epicycles.

Are they running the same scam? No.

Gaia Prophets are OFFICIAL prophets. They own the CONversation because their Tribe owns the media and the academies and the financial sector and the litigators. They are reprising the old GM scam, described in previous entry. The Gaian Prophets weaponize media and regulators to ruin industries that are NOT owned by the Tribe. Petroleum, logging, autos**, steel. When those industries are ruined or bankrupted, more of the economy moves into the hands of the financial sector which is fully Tribal, and litigators get rich from lawsuits against "polluters". Every time a financial corporation loses money from a natural phenomenon, a "polluter" can be held responsible and sued into bankruptcy. This is the primary purpose of the Climate Scam.

The old-fashioned apocalypse prophets are UNofficial and do not own the CONversation. Some of them are intentional scammers, surgically removing "cursed" money from the followers to purify them for the Rapture. Some prophets are honest and serious, using and losing their own money to spread the "knowledge" of the end times.

= = = = =

**Autos: Musk is the exception that proves the rule. His autos were ELECTRIC from the start, making full use of the regulations and subsidies previously generated by the Climate Prophets to benefit the Tribe. Because the Tribe owns the CONversation, nobody is allowed to notice this.


  I call him "Doesn't like AI"

Via RT:
As Arkady Volozh, the head of Yandex, pitched him on the technology’s potential, the Russian president inquired about when AI ‘will eat us’.

The question seemed to baffle the head of Russia’s biggest tech firm, who was giving Putin a tour on the company’s Moscow HQ on Thursday.

“I hope never”, he replied after taking a pause to gather his thoughts. “It’s not the first machine to be better than humans at something. An excavator digs better than we do with a shovel. But we don’t get eaten by excavators. A car moves faster than we do…”

But Putin seemed unconvinced. “They don't think."
Yup. He gets it.

As I noted yesterday, the Russian cybernetic tradition is defensive, while the Five Eyes tradition is aggressive. Putin is carrying on the Russian defensive mode. Yandex is not.

All sides COULD defend their humans against rogue machines. We've been doing it for a long time with moderately intelligent machines like Jacquard looms and CNC lathes. Physical interlocks, fail-safe shutdown mechanisms. Now we've explicitly abandoned our defense with the new "law" authorizing full-force weaponizing of automobiles against pedestrians. Consistent. Our vile infinitely evil omnicidal dysgovernment has been full-force weaponizing EVERYTHING against Deplorables since 1989, while explicitly removing EVERY POSSIBLE FORM OF SELF-DEFENSE.

The only puzzle is why Musk claims to be against AI, when he's one of the main producers and promoters of AI.

Not really a puzzle. He's pulling a classic con game, which works when you Own The CONversation.

In an earlier pre-Tribal era, GM owned the CONversation about cars. GM pulled the same trick twice that I can think of, probably a lot more that weren't known.

(1) In the late 50s the Big Three were engaged in a stupid horsepower race, pulled by literal racing on the stock-car tracks. Each maker had its own captive racing teams, and each produced "heavy duty" engines and suspensions that were sold only to pro racers. The publicity was valuable. GM was tired of being upstaged by Deplorable Chrysler (who had actually started the race) so GM declared that it was done with the horsepower race and got the Manufacturer's Association to ban the "heavy duty" stuff and company teams. Chrysler and Ford went along because they were Owned by the CONversation. As soon as the others pulled out, GM jumped back in.

(2) In '61 the heads of GM and Chrysler happened to be together at some big Detroit social swaree, which was common at the time. GM's head made some casual remarks indicating that GM was about to downsize its big cars, which Chrysler's head "overheard" according to plan. Chrysler's head immediately ordered next year's big cars to be downsized. GM, of course, had no such intentions. GM continued upsizing while Chrysler idiotically downsized. (Chrysler SHOULD have known better, since they'd made the same exact mistake TWICE before, in '33 and '53.)

In today's Tribal era Musk automatically owns the CONversation about cars and machines in general, because Musk is the first Tribal to run a real auto company. So when Musk claims that he doesn't like AI, he's just preparing the ground for total Musk ownership of AI.


Saturday, September 23, 2017
  Dental strategy?

A local dentist is advertising on radio that he knows how to give you a "long-term strategy for dental health."

Undoubtedly just a slogan, but it points to a real problem.

I've used dentists regularly because I started with bad genes and bad habits. Around age 30 I began flossing which made SOME difference, but I didn't figure out the REAL difference until just 5 years ago.

Tomatoes. Vitamin C.

After I started eating one fresh tomato each day, my gums and teeth FINALLY got healthy. No more inflammation in the gums, no more cavities in teeth. Definite and sharp difference.

No dentist ever told me to eat more C. No dentist ever asked about diet. I had to figure it out by trial and error after 62 years of doing the wrong things.

Would the "long-term strategy" include diet? If not, it's not a strategy.


  Perfect match

Youtube's Suggested For You is getting a bit lazy. Previously the SFY stuff kept up with everything I wrote here. Today and yesterday I wrote about Ripley and Manuel Rosas and museums and libraries and (as usual) a whole fucking bunch about globalists and analog vs digital.

None of these easily identified targets showed up. Instead SFY gives me a feature on the 1955 Packard, which I last mentioned two months ago. Late or not, the item is an exact match.


Packard completely misses its target audience. The car is not demonstrated by a glamorous debutante to illustrate the no-muss easiness of shifting; it's driven by one of Packard's engineers with dirt under his fingernails.

"New touch-n-go driving"... What does touch and go mean? Precarious and possibly fatal.

"Like taking off on a trip to the moon!" You'll never come back from a Packard vacation. You'll be lost in space forever, looking forlornly at a tilted radio dial.

Drive like an engineer, get hopelessly lost and die in a vacuum. Perfect marketing to the luxury crowd.

The ad might have worked on existential hot-rod beatniks like Kerouac, but existential hot-rod beatniks couldn't afford new cars let alone Packards.
  Some propaganda ideas have a long and interesting history

From Billboard, July 1940.

Needless to say, BB was published in NYC by NYCers.

Transcribing last paragraph:

Some propaganda ideas have a long and interesting history. Due to conditions in Europe, some thorough investigations have been made into the propaganda let loose on the US since the World War. [WW1, that is] Investigation has shown that the slogan for not sending any more American soldiers overseas was first invented by a Communist on the West Coast and was widely used as Communist propaganda. About 90% of the American people swallowed it hook, line and sinker.

= = = = =

Continuing the long and interesting history:
In yet another example of obvious disinformation being pushed by the establishment media, noted liar and MSNBC host Brian Williams took to the airwaves Wednesday to complain about the presidents use of the word “sovereignty” before interviewing a former CIA operative who declared that the literal idea of putting ones country first somehow “plays into Putin’s playbook”.
Yes indeed. The propaganda that non-intervention is a Commie plot has a long and interesting history.
  Ripley the model Insatiable

Listening lately to some Ripley episodes. I've noted before that Ripley was a firm globalist even during the FDR lucid interval when most Americans had settled into a less imperialist mode. Ripley's Insatiable genes bubbled up when WW2 started; he clearly felt more free to express his Insatiability.

From a 1944 episode:

Argentina gave us the first of the modern dictators, Ramirez in 1814 and later the infamous Manuel Rosas. Rosas never went to school so he mistrusted and hated educated people. He established storm troopers, and like Hitler abolished freedom of the press. He dissolved parliament and organized his own Gestapo, the Mazorcas, with orders to kill 7000 people a year for no reason at all.

Online sources vary in attitude but agree that Rosas was a hardass dictator and expansionist. No question there. The 7000 number seems to be a total of the purges during his reign, not an annual quota as Ripley said... but it's still an impressive number.

This 1961 article tried to get beyond the attitudes. US had major problems with Rosas for two reasons:

1. Our ambassador to Paraguay, Edward Hopkins, was a Bezos type who wanted to run Paraguay himself. He wanted Rosas to stop taking over Paraguay so Hopkins could own it. Hopkins insulted and condemned Rosas "on behalf of" USA, and Rosas responded in kind.

2. At one point Rosas seized some American ships that were close to the Falkland Islands. We broke off relations as a result. (Sounds familiar.)

So Ripley was right about the main theme, but he was wrong about the first thing he said, and the wrongness is revealing.

Rosas was NOT an uneducated man who hated education. Like many dictators he was the son of a successful aristocrat**. Ripley, a New Yorker, tossed the "fact" into the story to insult his own listeners. At that time the majority of American adults hadn't finished high school, and MANY had only two or three years of primary school before they started work on the farm.

Those "uneducated" Americans generally respected education because they hadn't experienced much of it. They believed the myths propagated by media, including Ripley. They wanted their kids to get more education, which led directly to our current mess.

If you were a typical man with 6 or 7 years of schooling, Ripley's BIGOTED claim that you were automatically a Hitler type would be deeply insulting.

Our demon media still push the same myth. More education is the cure for poverty. More education is the cure for bigotry. More education is the cure for dictatorship.

Perfectly backwards.

= = = = =

**Aside from Freudian stuff, this common fact shouldn't be surprising. Aristocrats are selectively bred for ability to rule. Gaining and holding power is a difficult job, and it helps to have both talent and training. Thus beneficent rulers and hardass rulers both tend to come from aristocratic backgrounds. You have to be hardass to accomplish a beneficent purpose, and sometimes (as with Rosas) the hardass side goes well beyond necessity.


Friday, September 22, 2017
  That's why.

After looking (yet again) at the literally infinite superiority of analog models of intelligence, I had to ask: Why did Western** researchers abandon analog for digital a LONG time ago? At the time when they made the switch, analog modeling was moving ahead rapidly and digital was not obviously destined to succeed.

And then I saw the answer. It's an answer I've been giving often, but didn't associate it with the development of machine learning.

Digital is hackable. It's possible to insert or modify code via temporary connections or via radio. NSA and CIA are experts at changing code AND blinding the other parts of the system to the change.

Analog is not transparently hackable. To change the way a transistor or tube circuit works, you have to physically desolder a component and replace it with another, or change the setting of a pot. A spy who "repairs" your equipment is a fairly obvious intrusion. Even if you aren't watching your office carefully enough, a change to a carefully documented and measured device is easy to detect later.

The spy could create a temporary change in function by magnetically coupling to an inductive part of the ckt, or by introducing a fake scene or sound to fool the 'eyes' and 'ears', but such a change wouldn't last through a system reset.

NSA/CIA/GCHQ and their contractors Google, Apple, Facebook, etc, are paying billions for digital AI because they want total hackpower. They realized early on that analog systems would WORK TOO WELL and would be EXTREMELY HARD TO HACK from a distance.

= = = = =

**Russian researchers continued working with analog for at least two decades. For sure they were smarter and more creative than Westerners, but maybe they had a specific goal in mind. Russian military equipment also remained tube and analog after Western went solid-state and digital. In that case the reason was openly stated and well known: Tube and analog electronics in planes and tanks is less susceptible to attack by inductive transients as well as hacking. As always Russia is DEFENSIVE and USA STRONG is AGGRESSIVE.

DEFENSIVE = analog and mechanical and tube. Physical reality is defensive.

AGGRESSIVE = software. Theory is aggressive.

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  Not really the same

One life universal that the 1969 analog modelers DIDN'T include was sleep.

Is sleep universal? Much more universal than foraging but I don't think it's 100%. This article on jellyfish seems a bit stretchy to me:
Researchers observed that the rate at which Cassiopea jellyfish pulsed their bell decreased by one-third at night, and the animals were much slower to respond to external stimuli such as food or movement during that time. When deprived of their night-time rest, the jellies were less active the next day. ...When they dropped food in the tank at night, Cassiopea responded to its treat by returning to a daytime pattern of activity.
Slower to respond? Not really sleep, just a habitual modulation of activity to fit the presence of food. Saving energy.
Lastly, when the team forced Cassiopea to pull an all-nighter by keeping it awake with repeated pulses of water, they found a 17% drop in activity the following day.
Waterboarding! Waterboarding! Where are the Animal Nights Activists when we need them?


Thursday, September 21, 2017
  New? Uncheck. Useful? Uncheck. Accurate? Uncheck.

If you're going to spend money on a project, you normally want to be sure it's new, useful, and accurate.

Here's a project guaranteed to miss all of those goals:
Leading neuroscientists are joining forces to study the brain — in much the same way that physicists team up in mega-projects to hunt for new particles.

The International Brain Lab (IBL), launched on 19 September, combines 21 of the foremost neuroscience laboratories in the United States and Europe into a giant collaboration that will develop theories of how the brain works by focusing on a single behaviour shared by all animals: foraging.
So much for the ACCURATE. Foraging is NOT shared by all animals. It's certainly common among our familiar furry and feathered friends. Chordates, mollusks, insects. But it's NOT common in many phyla that live on the ocean floor, waving tentacles and filtering food. No intelligence needed for filter-feeding. Even among the smart set, some types have chosen filtering. Clams, barnacles, tunicates, sperm whales. Whales are plenty smart, but some of them don't bother to forage. Just cruise along with your mouth open and let the filter do the work.
The pilot effort is an attempt to shake up cellular neuroscience, conventionally done by individual labs studying the role of a limited number of brain circuits during simple behaviours. The ‘virtual’ IBL lab will instead ask how a mouse brain, in its entirety, generates complex behaviours in constantly changing environments that mirror natural conditions.
Is this new? Well, I guess you could say that simulating only a tiny fraction of what SOME animals do, and getting it incurably wrong, is new. Yes.

All of this has been done before, VASTLY better and VASTLY more precise and complete.

Why better? Because the earlier efforts were ANALOG.

The real system is ANALOG, with INFINITE layers of excitation, inhibition, feedback upon feedback upon feedback, delta detection, delta-squared detection, delta-cubed detection, smoothing, integration, memory, and above all PURPOSE.


You can do all of those things with a few components when the components are REAL AND ANALOG. Everything is simultaneous in an analog system.

You can't even properly simulate one feedback loop with software, because the software is always operating in STEPS OF TIME and STEPS OF VALUE. Nothing is simultaneous.

Here's a purely wonderful series of articles in British Practical Electronics mag, all by G.C. Brown, laying out a project that was actually built in a mechanical 'animal', and showing the reader how to build the same 'animal'. Typical of the period, it was a ground-dwelling wheeled critter, an ancestor of today's Roomba.

Just listing some of the topics to give a sense of the TOTAL coverage:

11/68 intro, conditioned reflex, cutting out distraction

12/68 Excitation/inhibition/feedback, memory, delta, touch sensor, light sensor, avoidance. (Also includes the Stock Game that I mentioned earlier, which is a separate example of an analog 'learning' ckt.)

2/69 SELF-RECOGNITION with a ckt to do it, mutual recognition, auditory perception

3/69 Building the animal, work and reward!!!

There's your PURPOSE.

Each of these articles includes a wonderfully clear and precise and ACCURATE description of how real animals perform the specified function; a block diagram of how to simulate it, and an ACTUAL BUILDABLE CIRCUIT that does the function. Each of the actual circuits has around 10 transistors and 20 R and C passive components. The final result is complex, but it's no worse than something like an oscilloscope.

These articles could be used to develop a lab course in REAL neurology and REAL social science. The ckts would need to be kit-ified** using breadboarding systems like Snap Circuits. Teamwork and discussion could lead to understanding both neurology and philosophy, far more accurately than academic software or academic "philosophy".

= = = = =

**Kits: Needless to say, Kit 10 would be a module that causes the machine to extend its front sensor repeatedly and beep randomly when a button on the dorsal side is pushed.

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  Why are all curators alike?

Somebody on some website was complaining about the "new" and "unprecedented" partisanship of librarians. Following my perpetually constant form, I posted my perpetually constant comment that prudish and partisan librarians are perpetually constant. Nothing new about the current trend, nothing new about me saying nothing is new. Metaconstant.

Even so, writing my standard comment raised a nonstandard question.

Regular public librarians censor books and facts that question globalism.

Google is a corrupt librarian serving as an advertising agency. Thus you'd think that Google's style of partisan prudery would be commercially driven.

A commercial librarian should censor books and facts that question the interests of its paying sponsors. (Pre-modern newspapers did behave this way.)

But no. In fact Google behaves just like the public librarians. It censors facts and searches that question globalism.

Question: Why don't we have ANY archivists or historians or librarians or journalists or museum curators on the OTHER side?

Why do ALL jobs classified as 'curating' serve Goldman and Soros? I don't see the necessary connection. Seems like you could have an innate talent and desire to curate stuff without being a loyal globalist slave, but it never happens.

Selection by education doesn't answer the question because Google's archivists weren't trained in university Departments of Library Science.

Who is censoring the censors?

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

How do you know which side of a "debate" is good?

"Scientists" jail you for questioning "science".

Astrologers don't jail you for questioning astrology.

MDs force you to follow orders by withholding life-sustaining prescriptions. (In any other context this would be called extortion.)

Alternative healers don't force you to do anything.

Social "scientists" design and operate torture chambers.

Psychics and faith healers don't.

Non-smokers jail you for smoking in the wrong place, which is pretty much every place.

Smokers don't jail you for not smoking.

Bankers jail you for using cash.

Goldbugs don't jail you for using debit cards.

Globalists bomb you for questioning the Empire.

Localists don't bomb you for being a globalist.

The non-jailing and non-bombing and non-interventionist side of each debate is good. The jailing side is bad. Jailoleth.

= = = = =

Footnote for clarity: This isn't meant to be a universal rule. Obviously some punishments for harmful ACTIONS are necessary. I'm only talking about these particular divisions, where one side wants to control your BELIEFS AND ATTITUDES and the other doesn't.

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  Golden ground

I made a basically valid analogy in previous post about the BRICS abandonment of the dollar, moving to a gold-based currency system.

Gold is a ground point, a universally agreed zero origin.

Central banks are a fake ground, based on a fake "value" created from nothing. Because the number can be moved any time the Tribe wants to move it, all other nations must constantly adjust their own economies to Ben and Janet's momentary whims.

Let's see if I can stretch this analogy to the breaking point as usual.

Start here:

A properly functional and independent national economy has a natural floor and ceiling of total activity, based on population and skills and resources. The natural floor and ceiling move in a natural way when those three variables change. When skills and production methods improve, more real value is created, so the money supply naturally increases, and the unit of currency remains basically constant.

When the unit of currency is forcibly hardwired to Ben and Janet, the natural feedback loop is busted. B and J can alter the exchange rate at any time without any change in the country's internal skills and resources. If the country wants to continue exporting, something else has to give way.

Because B and J know exactly what they're doing, the adjustment in other countries always ends up serving the interests of B and J. Sometimes the adjustment means total devotion to sweatshop labor, sometimes total devotion to oil production, sometimes total shutdown. The crime varies but the crime is always destructive.


Using a universally agreed standard like gold SNATCHES POWER AWAY FROM BEN AND JANET. Each small country can make its own internal and external arrangements without worrying about an aggressive external shift in the methods of communicating and transacting.

Gold isn't the currency, it's the GROUND POINT for commerce.

Commerce on solid gold ground:

Commerce with the Tribe standard:

The same effect occurs inside the country ruled by B and J, except that the exchange rate is not the primary twister and turner. Instead the dizzying shake-n-bake comes from interest rates, regulations and litigation, all fully owned and forced by the same Tribe that forces exchange rates externally.

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  Resurgent bad, surgent good. Why?

Euro commentators are screeching about the 'resurgence' of AfD, a party that is tired of wartime guilt.

How come we never screech about the 'surgence' of similar attitudes in Japan? No 'resurgence' needed because Japan has constantly refused to apologize for its pre-1945 activities. In the last two years there has been a very slight symbolic 'desurgence' as Jap prime ministers verbally apologized to Korea. But no reparations, and no apologies to the rest of Asia.

Japan's slaughter was TEN TIMES LARGER AND TEN TIMES LONGER than Germany's slaughter. Japan was killing and raping pretty much everything east of Persia. Parts of Russia, most of China, all of Indochina, all of Korea, Burma, Thailand, Indonesia, Phillipines.... everything east of Persia. And they were doing this from 1895 to 1945. Fifty years.

Germany's slaughter was confined to France and Poland and parts of Russia, and lasted only 5 years.

Despite this hundredfold multiple in spatiotemporal extent, all of Japan's political parties have been unrepentant since 1945. And we've never complained.


  Missing the point as usual

Via ZH as usual:
“One year after inviting Putin to the Clinton Foundation event, she approved the sale of 20% of America’s uranium capacity to Russia,” Conservative Review noted. “Shortly thereafter, donors connected to the company that was sold to Russia contributed $145 million in donations to the Clinton Foundation.”

These newly released emails simply prove what most already knew – Hillary Clinton’s collusion with Russia is far deeper than Donald Trump’s.
True but not the main point. The main point is that BOTH Hillary and Trump BETRAYED Russia. Both gave hints and promises of ordinary cooperation, then made war against Russia.

Standard procedure for USA STRONG, consistent since 1917.

Betray all allies. Break all treaties. Demand obedience then kill the victim after he obeys.

We are pure evil. We are pure sin. We are pure crime. We need to be removed from the Earth.

Patience. Natural JUSTICE is taking care of things.


Tuesday, September 19, 2017
  Se-lu 12, UN edition

Article by Wayne Madsen, repub'd in ZH, discusses retribalizing. Not a new subject, and Madsen doesn't add anything new. The best insight comes from a point he missed......
The world is “going tribal” and there is little the governing globalists and elites can do about it. They brought this situation upon themselves with their aloofness and ignorance. The UN General Assembly will soon welcome 193-member state leaders to its plenary session in New York. The UN may do well to plan for future sessions at which 300 or more member-state leaders, from Åland to Zanzibar and Baltistan to Mthwakazi, converge on New York.
First, it's not aloofness and ignorance, it's infinite evil.

Second, the UN has always been a main tool of US imperialism. The non-globalist side made a mistake by thinking they could take it over in the '60s. They made a louder noise that way, but they didn't succeed in slowing down USA STRONG.

You can't solve a problem inside a problem. You have to get out of the problem to solve it.

Normally the GETTING OUT is just a necessary preLUde to the soLUtion, LOOsening your mind so you can see all the internal and external connections.

In the case of an organization controlled by one evil power, the GETTING OUT part is the soLUtion all by itself. The evil power requires ALL countries to be part of the UN. When the UN includes only about 1/3 of the world, it won't be worth the trouble and it will fade. It won't go away, of course. Parkinson requires it to find a new mission and continue increasing its budget and workforce. But its new mission won't be ABLE to infect the entire world because most of the world won't be connected by treaties. The new UN won't be automatically entitled to send blue-helmeted cholera carriers and war igniters to any chosen destination.

This auto-breakup is already visible in the realm of banking and trade, where the counter-empire is setting up COMPETING organizations. The counterforces are building their own clearing system for transactions, and their own GOLD-BASED standard for their own currencies.

Returning to the gold standard is crucial and smart. Without a physical basis for comparison, the Empire can set all values with one control knob because the Empire's own currency is the only basis. There's nothing intrinsically magic about gold, but it's universally and traditionally understood as a GROUND POINT.

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Monday, September 18, 2017

Finally. After 80 dry days. Welcome change. I hope this doesn't herald the start of 80 wet days. Probably does. We can't escape from Rex.
  Non-interventionist profits

We haven't always been hopelessly crazy.

Our current infinite looniness echoes our condition exactly 100 years ago. In 1917 all of our media and schools and churches were squawking the same verbatim overmodulated globalist evil, aimed at Germany. Anyone who questioned the squawk was jailed. The only difference is the target, though our ACTIONS in 1918 indicate that our infinitely evil dysgovernment was primarily interested in working WITH Germany to obliterate Russia. We had to get the Krauts under control first.

Between 1920 and 1933 we gradually RECOVERED from our hopeless idiocy. I still don't know how this happened. Most of Wilson's globalist bureaucracy was dismantled, violating Parkinson's Law which requires bureaucracies to grow exponentially after their mission is done. We turned inward and spent all of our energy on an idiotic bubble. When we reached the end of that bottle, we FINALLY acquired sanity, and remained sane from 3/4/33 to 4/12/45. Sanity had enough inertia to remain in control for a year or so, until Globalists got reorganized and grabbed all the levers again.

Lately I've been pointing out examples of NON-INTERVENTIONIST thinking and writing and media from our brief lucid interval, in the hope that something will lead to a rediscovery of the cure.

Example 1.
Example 2.
Example 3.
Example 4.

I've also pointed often to the intentional cultivation of SHORTWAVE bands on radios during the lucid interval, meant to help ordinary Americans understand the world. NOT CONQUER THE WORLD, UNDERSTAND THE WORLD.

Here's a beautiful new example of the nexus. Non-intervention was PROFITABLE.

From a 1934 GE brochure boosting the advantages of radios with a shortwave band:




Note the OBJECTIVE LANGUAGE and the EMPATHETIC UNDERSTANDING that other people had different ways of doing things. Our job was not to delete heresy but to appreciate variety, and GE wanted to MAKE MONEY from this appreciation.

Now our corporations, especially including GE, are no longer in business to make money; their sole goal is to obliterate the universe.

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Sunday, September 17, 2017
  Wrong decision

RT belatedly notes the death of Stanislav Petrov, the man who substituted human judgment for idiot machines and literally saved the whole world from destruction. He died in May but nobody noticed until last week.

Nobody noticed until last week.

Nobody noticed until last week.

Nobody noticed until last week.

RT also notes that demon Kevin Costner made several million dollars from a movie about Petrov, and then

The actor sent Petrov $500 as a “thank you” for making the right decision.

The actor sent Petrov $500 as a “thank you” for making the right decision.

The actor sent Petrov $500 as a “thank you” for making the right decision.

The actor sent Petrov $500 as a “thank you” for making the right decision.

The actor sent Petrov $500 as a “thank you” for making the right decision.

Not 500 billion, not 500 million, not 500 thousand. 500 dollars.

No, he made the wrong decision. The right decision then and now is to obliterate USA. Maybe Kim will do it for us.


  Speech latitude

Via ZH, this map of states that have passed useless "laws" attempting to stop campus censorship:

The latitude of latitude immediately stands out. It's the Mason-Dixon line.

Hits me right close to home, because this is pretty much the 'spread pattern' of my father's ancestors. Came to US around 1700, settled in Virginia. Expanded into Tennessee, then into Southern Missoura, then into Okla and Kansas. Since 1920 the spread has been a little broader, but many of the far-flung spreaders ultimately returned to home base in Okla.

As I will probably do next year. The restoring force is gaining as alien hyperlunatic insanity and mindless violence continue to fester in Spokane.

This set of genes never passed through Arkansas on the way to Okla and Kansas, and never spread back into Ark later on. I don't know why Ark never attracted us, but the map matches the reality.

Why did they track the Mason-Dixon line? Because they were Southern by culture but not slaveholders. They couldn't stand Yankee shitheads, but didn't have much affinity with the slaveholding South either.

This 'dielectric zone' could explain the modern insistence on free speech as well. When you live on the line, you're accustomed to hearing and talking with both sides whether you like them or not.
  Smart business, nearly extinct

AVG automatically renewed its annual subscription payment, with this little blurb in the email:
Your subscription price is a change to the original 69.99 USD shown in the shopping cart during your initial purchase. With continual threats to security and safety online it’s important to stay one step ahead and safeguarding your online protection and privacy is vital. With AVG you have award winning protection and this increased investment goes towards continually improving our detection rates. We are constantly looking into new and more sophisticated ways to block malware and prevent hackers. From artificial intelligence to more advanced real time analysis, we consistently catch around 120 million incidents every single day to help you stay protected.
When everyone else is jumping on the hate-hoax bandwagon, using RUSSIAN_HACKING and NAZI_HONKY_KKK_TRUMP_HITLER and ALT-RIGHT_HETS and CLIMATE_CHANGE as boogeypersons to scare you shitless, AVG simply states the facts in a neutral way.

Stating the facts neutrally USED TO BE the normal way of doing business for any big outfit that WANTED TO HAVE CUSTOMERS. Big corporations USED TO WANT CUSTOMERS. Now most of them don't. The goal of most corporations is to EXTERMINATE THEIR OWN CUSTOMERS, because EXTERMINATION raises share value.

AVG is a welcome old-fashioned exception to this bizarre evil trend.

AVG has been providing good service for several years. Since I switched from Norton and McAfee, no viruses at all. And in exchange for the good service they want my money.

I don't know how long AVG can hold onto this obsolete mode of pre-Soros capitalism, but I'm HAPPY that they are still holding, and I'm HAPPY to pay them for both the service and the neutrality.

Later: I was curious to see why AVG is sane. I thought it was privately owned, but in fact it's a stock company listed on NASDAQ. Location is the explanation. AVG has always been in Prague, safely distant from the NYC and Silicon Valley brain diseases.


Saturday, September 16, 2017
  No wonder

An interesting bit of analog modeling and simulation from British Practical Electronics in 1968. A homemade board game simulating stock trading.

Part of the description, edited plus [comments]:

In the game, monetary gains and losses are simulated by changes in charge on capacitors. These charges are checked through the game so each player can keep track of his 'potentials' and 'capacities'. [heh.] Each player makes intelligent transactions on 11 different commodities, the prices of which are constantly changing under the control of dice throws. [Could have automated the dice as well, using a pair of Zeners on opposite inputs of a diff amp, with the output constantly pulling and pushing on one cap. Hit the switch to pick up the present value.]

The object is to build up your cash (potential on 'cash' cap) and transfer it at intervals to the 'bank' cap until your accumulated balance reaches the arbitrary max, at which point that player is declared the winner.

The game clearly required steady nerves, which were common in 1968 as illustrated by the player in the foreground. More smoke, less snowflakes.

The text gives a complicated set of rules, meant to be implemented by the dealer. Dice selected which commodity was to be priced, and other throws caused 'bank raids' or 'tax audits'.

The most realistic part is that each player is attempting to pull down the share value of the selected commodity. Sucking electrons from the commodity. Each transaction necessarily wastes some of the charge as well, turning to heat in a resistor.

After playing this game you'd understand physically that stock trading is a purely parasitic operation which doesn't add any value to the world.

No wonder it never went commercial.

= = = = =

Later: I was puzzling over the basic point. Is there any game that isn't essentially destructive, a game that teaches you to create order? Turning the chaos of inorganic death into the beauty of life? Trying to do it in a semi-serious way would require way too much ability and time, would end up more like a county fair or a science fair than a board game. Judging your shapely squash or prize pig or shiny solder work. Not suitable. Ball games are neutral, just pushing a round thing from one place to another. Card games? Here I got a shock. Poker takes the random result of shuffling, turns it into an ordered pattern. Poker makes life. (Some other card games do the same, but not pure gambles like blackjack.)

Could you transfer that into an analog game in the spirit of the above stock game? Each player has five RC oscillators mixed into his headphones. Each osc is tuned manually by a pot and ALSO tuned forcibly by a FET in series with the pot. Dealer has control of the gates of all FETS. At the start of each hand, dealer hits a button that sets all the FETs to random R values, so that each player suddenly hears a horrible five-part dissonance. Players have to adjust the five pots to create harmony within a short time interval, say 10 seconds. Dealer then asks each player to switch his harmony to speaker. Show your chords. You didn't create harmony? You're out. Repeat until only one harmony remains.

Basically poker for the blind, innit?

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  Seeing from outside

When you're not owned by one particular narrative, you SHARPLY notice people who are owned.

The iPhone narrative owns everyone who owns an iPhone. This automatic assumption is universal. Typified by a comment in a ZH article on Apple surveillance:

And if you say that you don't own a phone...or have a non GSM phone...either your a liar or live in a mud hut. It is the way it is.

No. I've never owned or even TOUCHED a cellphone, smart or dumb.

This is my only phone. Note that it lives next to a hi-tech computer, not next to a dung-burning stove.

It's possible to be modern without being totally contained inside Elon's superbrain. You can't cut off all control, but you can LIMIT the control.

Note also the retronym in the above comment. "A phone" means a smartphone updated to the latest version as of the latest femtosecond. The retronym process only extends as far as a "non GSM phone", which must mean a smartphone that hasn't been updated to the latest femtosecond. Phones that are connected by wires are beyond conception and thus beyond retronym.

Its vocabulary was so constructed as to give exact and often very subtle expression to every meaning that a Party member could properly wish to express, while excluding all other meanings and also the possibility of arriving at them by indirect methods.
  Two explanations

The Gaians are all atwitter over the return of hurricanes. When Bush was in charge, hurricanes tormented the Gulf Coast. Then all was Nirvana during the heavenly reign of Our Lord And Saviour Obama, who dried up the seas through his Holy Godly will. Now that evil Trump is in charge, hurricanes are back with a Gaian vengeance.

Firstest and mostest, this narrative conveniently skips Sandy.

But even if we include Sandy, there's still a pretty clear statistical pattern.

We can immediately dismiss the natural behavior of Nature as an explanation for the natural behavior of Nature. Everyone knows that Nature is the biggest and worst of all Science Deniers. Everything Nature does runs DIRECTLY AND VIOLENTLY CONTRARY to the published and peer-reviewed LAWS of Consensus Science.

We have to look for real peer-reviewed consensus explanations. Here are two:

1. Carbon Dioxide is an intelligent being. It's smarter than humans, because humans haven't yet figured out how to steer hurricanes toward chosen targets. Since CO2 is intelligent, we need to give it RIGHTS. We need to cherish and protect every breath exhaled by every animal on The Planet. We must protect CO2 from poachers such as Carbon Sequestration and Pollution Control and Renewable Energy. We need to create special breeding farms for CO2, burning massive quantities of coal and wood without generating any actual energy.

2. Maybe humans are smarter than we think. Maybe Deepstate has actually figured out how to control hurricanes. After all, seeding clouds for rain has always worked fairly well. Deepstate did quite a bit of research on weaponizing seeding, while carefully concealing the fact that seeding works. Maybe the chemtrail theorists are onto something. Their focus is probably wrong, but the notion that Deepstate CAN control weather is not far-fetched at all. If Deepstate COULD control weather, this pattern is exactly what it would choose to create.

= = = = =

Later: I was just crudely attempting a Swift modest proposal, but in fact there's a REAL and PROPERLY ENVIRONMENTAL reason to give up carbon sequestration and stop treating CO2 as a pollutant. Real fact: Fossil fuels are renewable. Plants decay anaerobically into coal and petroleum and methane. We burn those fuels releasing CO2. Plants eat the CO2 and turn it into organic material, which decays anaerobically into coal and petroleum and methane. We burn those fuels etc. Full circle. Renewable.

When we try to pull CO2 out of the circle, we are turning RENEWABLE fuels into NON-RENEWABLE fuels. We are destroying Nature.

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Friday, September 15, 2017
  Most powerful?

Lately, for no obvious reason, my email has been getting daily 'picks' from, a sort of Pinterest for programmers. Occasionally the question and answers are worth a few minutes of reading.

Today's pick was a question about the most powerful line of code. Consensus answer was the loop, as in

do { something } while x

Why powerful? Because it gives you the ability to repeat. Saves the most boring part of your work.

Okay, but simple repetition is not unique to computers. Planets and engines repeat their sequential actions forever. Nor is the for-loop unique. All sorts of simple mechanisms run for-loops in various degrees of nesting. A clock or a cash register or an odometer. An alarm clock is a for-loop with a breakpoint set by a real-time variable input. Fairly sophisticated. Early computers couldn't do it, and even some modern languages like Tkinter can't do it. You can halt the program from the keyboard, but you can't input new info while the program is running.

If you're looking for a powerful piece of code, you want an action UNIQUE to software.

I'd vote for the associative array because it's NOT repetitive and NOT binary. You can form a real-world decision process, matching appropriate responses to a wide variety of input situations. No automatic machine has ever implemented an associative array. Many passive devices are associative, such as a phone directory or a file cabinet.... but those devices don't run on their own; they require human action to see the association and dial the number or pull the folder.

A jukebox is less passive but still misses the point. It associates a label on a button with an appropriate record, but it doesn't automatically play "Heaven's just a sin away" when it senses that someone in the bar is fighting temptation, or "He stopped loving her today" when it senses that someone has been betrayed. It waits for humans to make those choices.

= = = = =

Relevant: What if a jukebox had two levels of association, like a two-manual harpsichord? On the lower level K37 would play Heaven's Just by the Kendalls. The same button on the higher level would play Wir Eilen by Bach. Same rhythm, similar harmony, more sophisticated music, LESS sophisticated lyrics. Button A37 on lower level would play Satisfied Mind. Same button on upper level = Ich esse mit freuden. B21 on lower level is this old music hall number. B21 on upper level is Heute Noch, the most perfect and heavenly melody ever written, with the most prosaic and stupid words ever written. (I wonder if Bach was taking a dare or winning a bet...)

= = = = =

Later addition: In 1965 Seeburg actually had a dual-mode jukebox, but it wasn't pop vs classical:


Thursday, September 14, 2017
  Getting deper and deper

Another random convective popup from the last few items.

Sounds adjusting constantly to match their surroundings = camouflage.

All natural sensory input, plants and animals and all the doings of other humans, is DEception.

DEception = FROM-catch. Pulling you away from understanding or grasping the meaning.

PERception = THROUGH-catch. Seeing past the DEception. Reverse engineering the DEception to grasp the original intention or purpose.

After we PERceive the underlying purpose or meaning of the input, we feed the meaning into our ever-boiling internal fiction soup, and find a way to blend the new meaning. Usually it melts nicely; sometimes it needs more salt or more onions to restore the flavor.

Every now and then we PERceive a meaning that won't fit at all, and we have sufficient reason to trust the new PERception. At that point the internal fiction, or at least one segment of the pot, must be tossed out and restarted using the new meaning as stock.

As long as we remain hardwired to a preprocessed pipeline via TV, we never encounter new meanings. TV does all the PERceiving for us, feeding us a guaranteed uniform toxic glop that always blends with the existing toxic glop.


  Diamond in the hooeypot

A column by Phillip Friedman in the March 55 issue of Aberree contains one diamond of uniquely clear understanding hidden in a monstrous slagpile of hyperhooey.

Friedman managed to misunderstand language even more severely than professional linguists do, which is a considerable achievement.

I won't bother to show or transcribe the hyperhooey, but here's the diamond:

The vowels, the mother letters, give birth to the consonants. ... Vowels are the soul, consonants are the soulmates. This is literally true at the level of acoustics and perception. Consonants are not separable entities in the waveform. The segments that we're accustomed to marking as consonants are either shapings of the vowel or brief pauses in the vowel.

Friedman notes that the Biblical languages, which developed into modern Arabic and Hebrew, formed the habit of writing only the consonants because the semantic units of those languages are centered on the consonants. Morphemes were prefixed or suffixed, and the internal vowels changed to match the affixes. In fact this is only a difference of degree from other languages; all vowels and all consonants adjust to match their surroundings, and our perception is based on a long sliding temporal window that includes several syllables.

The syllable is the most basic unit, and it's recognized as such in many writing systems from Korean to Cherokee.

No writing system adequately accounts for the constant adjustment, except for "illiterate" "uneducated" writers. "Illiteracy" has been partly formalized in the spelling of Haitian French and some other pidgins and creoles.

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  How do you ungraybill?

Reviewing Graybill:

The people of Free-Trade countries are therefore driven into the few occupations which are left, by reason of the destruction of their formerly more varied pursuits. Hence those diversified talents with which men are endowed are not developed but remain latent and unused, an incalculable detriment to the prosperity of their respective countries.

How do you fight Graybill's Law?

You DON'T fight it by pleading and suing to get back into the globe. Christians and "conservatives" constantly make this error. Please let me have my tax exemption! Please let me have my "rights"! Please let me speak on campus!

It's a TRAP. Every plea leads to a larger defeat. Even the supposed "victories" within the black-robed demon coven are pointless. Christians celebrated a "victory" in the case about a parochial school seeking a tax subsidy for playground equipment. Nope. The demons stated clearly and explicitly that the decision applied ONLY to Christian schools attempting to get a subsidy for playground equipment. It can't be extended to anything else. Now you've spent millions of dollars and thousands of hours achieving NOTHING. You could have been building your own globe with the same money and work.

The correct route is familiar at the microscale of social status. When high-status Insatiables freeze out a Deplorable, the Dep always tries at first to regain entry. What must I do to be popular? I must learn to say the right things, wear the right clothes, drive the right car, use the right product. None of it works. Sometimes the Dep catches on, finds a way to build a life OUTSIDE the globe. Sometimes he jumps off a bridge before he figures it out.

On the medium scale of skill-estate, Graybill himself showed how to fight Graybill's Law. He had executive skills. Instead of trying to become a failed banker or a failed senator, he became the head of a Mutual Benefit Society. MBSs were an active and effective INHIBITORY force against the skill-destroying and civilization-killing globalist bankers and governments.

When you're a fully functioning analog organism, you can always resist and sneak around obstacles. You can LOOSEN YOUR MIND to SOLVE A PROBLEM. Your mind can see the problem from various angles and you can use various skills and tools to solve it. The one thing you CAN'T DO is solve the problem inside the problem. You have to step outside the problem first.

When you're down to one skill or one available option, you're stuck inside the problem. You have been BINARIED. Your only choices are 1 = perfect obedience to the Empire, or 0 = death. After you're reduced and trapped, it's literally dead easy for the Empire to switch you off.

From analog to binary is a long and difficult path, but the Empire is always willing to take the trouble because a binary organism can be killed with one point-and-click. Binary to Unary is easy.

Cuba and Persia were reduced to zero quickly and harshly, without passing through the illusory binary stage. Both were smart enough to rebuild their own globe, restore their own organic analog being with an infinite number of available skills and actions.

Russia was initially binaried by Soros himself in 1991, and fortunately caught on before the zero switchoff. Putin restored the analog organic being, firmly grounded to the organic culture and religion of Russia.

Venezuela was binaried a long time ago. Because the one skill was profitable to its government, it didn't see the problem. When the one was switched to zero a few years ago, V was lost for a while. Now Maduro appears to have caught on. Is it too late? Probably, but I'm praying for Venezuela. /// Update next day: V has gone beyond talking. They're taking definite steps to disconnect oil sales from the global-slave dollar and connect to the alternate gold-based system set up by Russia and China. GOOD.

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  Didn't seem amazing at the time

An amazing casual picture from a 1935 British radio magazine:

In the Tungsram factory in Budapest, hi-tech industry and natural culture coexisted peacefully and beautifully.

Can we learn from this? No. We are proudly and arrogantly dead. We do not learn.

= = = = =

Contrarian sidenote: Tungsram's workers were more shapely and graceful than American workers, but Tungsram's tubes were LESS shapely and graceful than American tubes. Bleah. Salient because Hungarian industrial designers were the best in the world for many decades. Ugliness was not the norm.



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