Sunday, July 31, 2016
  VOA still amazingly neutral

I was getting desperate this morning, trying to find some kind of readable news without slamming my blood pressure. Finally I remembered a much earlier observation: The Voice of America had always been 'neutral enough'. Can this still be true, even after 30 years of government satanization?

Yes. Still true. Maybe not unbiased in terms of story selection; VOA covers the same stories that CNN or NYTimes covers; but their language is STRICTLY objective.

For example, their story on DNC hacking is JUST THE FACTS and nothing more. Statements from both sides are quoted, and the language outside quotes is precisely neutral.

Bookmarking VOA, deleting all other news aggregator bookmarks........

= = = = =

One of today's features deals with skill-estate. Ivory Coast is a major producer of raw cocoa but makes very little edible chocolate for its own consumption. The feature shows two businesses trying to solve the problem. Both are purely hands-on, not automated. One is run by a Lebanese Arab lady. Her operation uses quantity tricks like multiple molds and multiple wrapping jigs to produce a hundred items at once. Very little waste, neat-looking results. The other is run by an African. Clean but inefficient. One item at a time, purely hand-wrapped. Looks like 70% of the chocolate is wasted, and the result is sloppy. Clearly there's a need for more skill training! Wouldn't require a lot of extra capital to buy the multiple molds.

Irrelevant sidethought: With the help of a little Ludlow-style technology, you could make yummy edible texts. Eat a poem or a Bible verse or a private message.

Hey! I'm not a Luddite, I'm a Ludlowite!

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  Constants and variables 46

WaPo article:

Britain has been a powerhouse of discovery since the age of science began. Newton, Darwin, Crick? They parted the curtain on gravity, evolution and DNA. Now comes Brexit, and to use a non-scientific term, the scientists in the country are freaking out.

Hmm. Newton, Darwin, Crick... and you could add Wheatstone, Watt, Faraday, Thomson, Stephenson, Brunel, Flemingdiode, Flemingpenicillin, Blumlein, Maskelyne, Baird, and hundreds of others.

When did all of those great British scientists and inventors work? BEFORE EU.

Here's a list of all the great British scientists DURING EU:

Nuff said.

Constants and variables, fuckhead.


  Three thoughts

Strange little donnybrook about whether CIA will agree to brief Trump.

= = = = =

First thought: Why would ANYONE want CIA's info? CIA has been wrong about everything for nearly all of its existence. The source of wrongness varies over the years ... before the Switchover it was thoroughly penetrated by Soviets, after the Switchover it was penetrated by Israel ... but its conclusions are always wrong and always maximally lethal. Following CIA conclusions leads to omnicide.

= = = = =

Second thought: Trump doesn't need ANY external intel because his own information is ALWAYS RIGHT. He knows what people in various parts of the world are thinking and what they are likely to do next. His predictions about the results of migration and trade are ALWAYS RIGHT, often EMBARRASSING the monsters who have been relying on the CIA consensus. He makes a prediction, the monsters mock him and curse him for racism, sexism, transphobism, and xenophobism, and a few days later the prediction comes true.

That's exactly what an intel service is supposed to do. It's supposed to acquire ACTUAL INFORMATION, analyze ACTUAL INFORMATION, and make predictions based on ACTUAL INFORMATION, free from HYPERINSANE PSYCHOTIC BIASES.

I don't know how Trump gets this complete picture. Owning hotels in many countries could provide a sense of what people are feeling and thinking in those places. Maybe it's simpler than that. Anyone who tracks news and social media WITH AN OPEN MIND can make correct predictions. It's NOT FUCKING DIFFICULT.

= = = = =

Third thought: CIA has always been one leg of the Deep State Triad. The second leg is investment banks. Third is American leftists, individually and as organizations. (NGOs, 'mainline' churches, cults.) I first noticed this in the '70s with my night-shift coworker Tom. He was a birthright Commie who had grown up with major Beat Generation leftists; his stories about "vacations" sounded like spy activity; and his last job before a burnout was in an investment bank. Sailer has covered this triad pattern extensively. Obama fits perfectly. Birthright Commie with leftist celebrity connections, grandmother worked in investment bank, mother was obviously spying.

All recent ACCEPTABLE candidates, R and D, have matched at least one of the three legs. Either investment bankers or CIA connections or Commies. Hillary hits two for sure.

Trump doesn't fit. No history of Commie connections, not a banker, and worst of all he has his own intel that competes with CIA and WINS.

No wonder the Deep State hates him.

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Saturday, July 30, 2016
  More empathy, more metrology

Carrying on with the comparison of delusional elites vs normal schizies....

NASA doesn't help its own cause when it publishes meaningless pictures of Martian stuff. The pix of "stream-like" streaks in this article are a perfect example. The text includes a bunch of stuff about hydrated clays that might make sense to a geologist who studies hydrated clays, but has zero relevance to a non-geologist. Supposedly the stuff about hydrated clays proves that these streams weren't made by water. Maybe so, maybe not. NASA didn't give us any reason to believe it.

Many Martian features are unquestionably rivers made by some kind of liquid. To my eyes these particular pictures don't look like liquid channels. They look like rocks blown off the ridge of a cliff, skittering along the sand until they lose momentum. But my 'story' starts with an assumption of scale and terrain based on Earth experience. If my assumption of scale and terrain is wrong, these pix could be water channels or dune resonances.

Some other pictures, from the 1976 landing and from the newer rovers, show rectangular structures that look a WHOLE LOT like house foundations. I can't think of any way such rectangular pilings could be made by rocks blowing around. Many rocks are rectangular, but they don't pile up like masonry. Again my interpretation starts with an assumption of scale that could be entirely wrong, because the pictures have no indication of scale. Is this rectangle 100 feet long or 1 inch long? No way to tell.

If NASA followed normal mapmaking rules, and took more care to give explanations that make sense, there would be less room for the sillier types of conspiracy theory. For instance, why is the flag planted by Apollo rippling in the wind on the airless moon? Maybe there's a reason in the way the flag was built and folded, but NASA never bothered to give that explanation.

More empathy and more metrology =====>>> Less silliness.


  Yup, that'll do it

KREM, in its inimitable semi-literate way, discusses the persistent damage from the Nov 2015 windstorm:
Madden believes his tree came crashing down because it was weakened in the November windstorm. According to Spokane County's Public Works department, winds could have weakened thousands of trees across the county. Exactly how many is not known but the result is that those trees could fall in even the weakest of storms. County workers said many of the trees at risk of falling are trees with pines because the pines do not come off the trees until fall.

Yes, I'd say that a tree with pines is in danger.

Google's Streetview seems to have retracted from its earlier coverage. Lately I've looked at several towns that formerly had Streetview, and now they don't. Not sure why this would happen. When Google Books removed (nearly) everything between 1923 and 1980, the reason was Steamboat Willie copyright "laws". I can't see any similar reason for these locations. They're drab towns, not military secrets or anything like that.
  Frum continues to get it.

Frum has understood the realignment from the start. Latest piece tells why Trump resonates. Every word is ON THE DOT. Every word is something I've written too many times. The only departure from my peculiar vocabulary is the "Acela people" meme. I'm not an Easterner so that distinction isn't a familiar metaphor.

Some of the language sounds like Sailer. Frum wouldn't condescend to talk with Sailer, so I presume he's picking up Sailer concepts indirectly through someone like Derbyshire.

= = = = =

Later, after a closer reading, Frum is still missing one major point. In the preface he says "But I’ve also been talking to his supporters and advisors, trying to understand how they see and hear the same things that I do, and draw such very different conclusions. "

No, Frum. We do not SEE AND HEAR the same things you do, because you do not live in America. You live in NYC and Malibu and Palm Beach. Places with penthouses and beaches. We live in America. We live in places with abandoned factories and unrepaired storm damage and breakins and gang battles and desperate young people jumping off bridges and GOOD cops who WANT to enforce laws but are required by their shit-eating REPUBLICAN political bosses to hold back because their shit-eating REPUBLICAN bosses love to eat Al Sharpton's shit. Mmmmm. Yummy. More, Massa Al. So good.


  Didn't pay attention until....

I didn't pay much attention to the Chandra Levy case. Just a bunch of normal events, turned into a story by cable TV.

Powerful asshole has affair and kills lover: Normal.

Powerful asshole gets away with murder because he's Democrat: Normal.

Non-powerful asshole ends up convicted because a jailhouse informant lies: Normal.

The latest twist is NOT NORMAL and requires major explanation. The explanation is not provided in the story.

Jailhouse informant gets out after long sentence; meets a "part-time actress" and gets to know her. Normal. Girls like tough dudes.

What happens next is the STRANGE part. Part-time actress has long conversations with jailhouse informant and RECORDS THE CONVERSATIONS.

WHY? The given reason is false. She wasn't recording the conversations because Morales "wanted to kill her ex-husband." He wouldn't "want" to do that unless she was paying him to do it. If he spontaneously "wanted" to do it, she would have simply called the cops and let them handle it.
Friday, July 29, 2016
  Thanks, Ralph 448

From a Politico piece on DNC incompetence:
Staff members were briefed in a Tuesday afternoon meeting in Washington that their personal data was part of the hack, as were Social Security numbers and other information for donors, according to people who attended. Don’t search WikiLeaks, they were told — malware is embedded throughout the site, and they’re looking for more data.
Malware embedded through WikiLeaks? It's certainly possible but it's dead easy to disprove. I look through Wikileaks often, and AVG has never warned me about malware. Lots of sites DO have malware, and AVG doesn't hesitate to warn when it detects and catches something bad.

The 'briefer' clearly knows nothing about computers or computer security, and doesn't even realize that her claim can be SAFELY disproved in a few seconds.

Our dysrulers are constantly spewing nonsense about every conceivable subject, totally contradicting observed reality. Everyone who DOESN'T live in the bubble knows that 100% of this shit is 100% wrong, but the bubbloids are too delusional to understand this.

As mentioned a thousand times before, normal schizophrenics are nowhere near as delusional as our bubbloids. When a normal schizy starts telling you about the Martian/Adventist/Nurses/Chemtrails conspiracy, he knows that he needs to overcome your skepticism, so he tries to offer persuasive evidence. Some of this evidence is pretty damn good, not instantly disprovable. The satanic dysrulers can't imagine that you might be skeptical because nothing exists outside their delusions.

Thanks, Ralph!


  Beyond trivial

BBC website:
Information typed on a wireless keyboard can be easily intercepted, a cybersecurity research firm has warned. San Francisco-based Bastille said keyboards transmitted what was being typed in "clear text", making it possible for attackers to listen in on from up to 76m (250ft) away. The firm said affected keyboards could not be updated and should be replaced.
Jesus. This is not news. Wireless keyboards have been around for 30 years. This characteristic has been known all along. Even the word known is unnecessary.

A device emits an RF signal when you push a button.

Therefore the RF signal can be received and recorded.

This is called "radio". It was first invented by Fessenden and Marconi.

As for the clear-text, anyone who knows a teeeeensy bit about cryptography can figure that out.

Each button must produce a unique and constant bit pattern.

This is called "telegraphy". It was first invented by Wheatstone and Morse.

Changing the bit pattern in a constant way (eg always substitute ASCII 8 for ASCII E) is no better than clear text, because a competent crypt expert can determine the mapping easily and use it thereafter.

This is called the "Caesar cipher." It was first invented by Mr Julius A. Caesar.

Truly enciphering a message requires modifying the bit patterns in a time-varying way that is known to both sender and receiver. The first E becomes 8, the second E becomes P, or whatever. Each keystroke moves the modifier ahead by one step.

You can do this with a message written on a piece of paper, and you can do this in a rigidly controlled protocol. In those situations you know for sure what FIRST means, so the receiver knows how to sync the modifier with the coded text. (Other encryption methods such as jumbling or hashing also require knowing where the message or sentence or block starts and ends. There's no point in doing one letter at a time.)

You can't do this with a wireless keyboard,

because there's no firm way to decide what FIRST means. First character of the day? First of this message? First in the lifetime of the computer? Use the system time in milliseconds to set the modifier? Some of these are intrinsically meaningless. The system time method is screwed when the wireless keyboard loses contact for a moment, which happens often. You'd have to make both keyboard and computer subservient to an external synchronizer. If you're deep enough in secret circles to develop a system like that, you already know that it's just a whole lot easier to use a wired keyboard or a manual typewriter or paper and pencil. Or you're protected by Faraday cages and constant countersurveillance.
  RIP Doyle

The BBC obit for Jerry Doyle shows what happens when you commit heresy.

Doyle ran through several careers. Most important in cultural terms was his radio show. He was the first talker to MEANINGFULLY expose the frauds and crimes of Wall Street, because he had been there in an earlier career. He knew how the place worked, so he was able to interpret the events of 2008 from a professional but not NDA approach.

All the other talkers were obeying their NDAs, sticking to the standard Doublethink. When Bush committed TARP, he was saving the country. When Obama continued TARP, he was killing the country. Doyle skipped the party labels, providing a firm compass point for his listeners. He also leaked the inner workings of the talk-show racket, describing how talkers are required to carry RNC messages and endorse RNC candidates as the price for speaking freely on other subjects.

BBC's obit skips the heretical part of his career entirely. He was a sci-fi actor and that's all.
Thursday, July 28, 2016
  Fat E

I'm probably focusing more on fonts lately because I'm 'building' a Poser model of a printshop. Still, this oddity would have caught my attention anyway.

Look at the E. It's the same at other zoom factors. This sort of thing used to happen often on typewriters, but it was nearly impossible in hot lead. You'd have to pull out all the E's from your case (or your matrix cartridge) and put in E's from a bolder font. Could happen but highly unlikely.

In HTML and CSS it's all up to the font definition itself. Looking at the underlying page, deep in some JS that builds a CSS form to match the browser specs, two fonts are mentioned: ElizabethSerif and ProximaNovaCondensed. Neither is present on my computer, so presumably it's using an available font that fits the family and serif choices. I've never seen this fat E in any font I use for editing. Looking online, Elizabeth Serif is a pretty Antique font, but it doesn't have fat Es. Proxima is a modern Helveticaish thing, completely unrelated.
  Figured out what this resembles

Since I tossed out the TV in 2010, I've retained a leftover habitual desire for the Evening Local News. Two of the local TV stations NOMINALLY have 5PM webcasts.

Watching these webcasts is a totally different experience from turning on the TV. You wait until the Watch link appears, click on it, and then a wide variety of different events happens, with no obvious pattern or consistency. Sometimes an error message, sometimes a Flash Crash. Most of the time you get a few ads and then nothing. Sometimes you get the ads and then five minutes of the news before it just blanks out.

Once in a GREAT while you get the whole 30 minutes without a break, without needing to restart 30 times.

This has been reminding me of something which I just now figured out.

Same experience as a phone call to a busy bureaucracy. You try 20 or 30 times, always running through the repetitive Hold Music, and once in a GREAT while you make it through the gate to a conversation with an actual human.

Later thought: Maybe I should learn something from this. The webcasts show the purpose of all modern "entertainment" and "news". You are not a customer or even a product. You are a peculiar form of employee. You work hard and pay lots of money for the privilege of seeing advertisements.
  Leak we could use

It would be valuable to get a document leak from some major persecutor's office.

Supposedly lawyers want to WIN. This no longer applies to persecutors. They constantly bring cases against cops who were doing their jobs properly, cases against journalists who expose evil, cases against citizens who are properly defending their own lives, cases based on blazingly obvious false accusations.

These cases get tossed by juries and local judges, who no longer mindlessly assent to evil. [Bravo to juries and special BRAVO to local judges, who seem to be waking up.]

Result: Lots of LOSSES for the persecutor. Many times the LOSING case leads directly to the persecutor being fired or recalled, or losing the next election.

Why do they continue to push LOSING cases?

What are the pro and con influences? Is anyone in the persecutor's office trying to rein in the persecutor? Is bribery a factor? Or just pure evil?


  Wrong variable as fucking always

Various commentators are noting this morning that the R convention seemed to show more unity than the D convention. The commentators are missing the reason.

Unity isn't the variable. Passion is the variable.

For many years the real dividing line has been beneficiaries vs victims of globalism.

The beneficiaries are getting rich by slaughtering the victims, which makes them happy.

The victims are getting slaughtered, which makes them PISSED AS FUCKING HELL.

For the last 40 years both parties nominated a happy beneficiary, leaving the PISSED OFF victims entirely outside the process.

Now, for the first time since 1932, one party has a NOMINEE who represents the victims.

So the PISSED OFF victims are now inside the R tent, with a candidate who (at least verbally) understands and represents us. The PISSED OFF victims are still outside the D tent.

That's why we hear more noise around the D tent.
  Antichrist makes a little bit of sense

Latest from Antichrist:
I would like to say just one word to be clear. When I speak of war, I speak of real war, not of a war of religion, no. There is war for interests, there is war for money, there is war for the resources of nature, there is war for the domination of peoples: this is war. Someone may think: “He is talking about a war of religion”. No. All the religions, we want peace. Others want war. Do you understand?
Capeesh? Actually, yes. Maybe. For once Antichrist is talking sense. Partly. Natural resources, no. That's standard leftist bigotry. The only current war that has ANYTHING to do with resources is the long-running Congo war over diamonds. All the others are tribal disputes or dynastic disputes masquerading as religious or ideological disputes.

Dominio dei popoli doesn't exactly mean tribes, but it's close enough.

Because we're stuck inside the leftist lie that genes don't exist, we have to see EVERYTHING as ideology or theology. We have to define the conflicts in Muslim areas as Shia vs Sunni, which hides the basic ethnic distinctions. Pakistanis, Persians, Afghans, Kurds and Arabs are entirely different popoli. Alawites are a distinct ethnic subgroup in Syria.

We define Ukraine as Democracy vs Totalitarian, when in fact it's tribal. We started the war because our tribal chief Soros hates Putin for kicking his agents out. (Most of us do not belong to Soros's tribe, but our national identity is enslaved to Soros's tribe.) The dispute continued because Ukraine is an unnatural joining of two popoli with different cultural traditions. When given the trigger, the German-oriented Ukrainians were happy to fight the Russians.

Putin is trying to solve the problem by separating the two nationalities, thus undoing Stalin's forcible push-together.

The tyranny of EU also results from a push-together of two ethnic groups masquerading as BOTH religions and ideologies. From 1945 to 1990, US and USSR collaborated to keep the two sides of Germany apart. We pretended to dislike the Wall because we're idiots, but the Wall actually preserved peace in Europe, as our military quietly understood. When the Wall was busted, Germany reunited. The Catholic west and Lutheran/Prussian east joined up, which meant it was time for Krauts to take over the world again. Germany is a binary explosive. A Mentos bomb. The two parts are beneficial when separate, ruin the world when mixed.

The current ruination, assembled without military force, is falling apart without military force. So far.

Well then, what is Antichrist's SOLUTION for these guerre dei popoli? Not stated in the current quotation, but stated OFTEN AND CONSISTENTLY before. More Mentos. More bridges. Break down the walls. Force the tribes and dynasties to mix. BANG!

Still an idiot.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016
  Producer, not consumer

Biden pretends to get it:
SCARBOROUGH: Have Democrats stopped talking to white, working-class voters?

BIDEN: I think we have, in part. And the reason is we've been consumed with crisis after crisis after crisis. And so I go in my old neighborhoods, and they go, "Joe. Hey, Joe, over here. What about me?" And I say, "Well, look, all these things that are happening."
Consumed by crisis after crisis after crisis? Let's look at crisis after crisis after crisis.

EPA Terrorist Army: Produced by Nixon, continued and expanded by all presidents.

Outsourcing: Produced by all Presidents since Nixon.

Obamacare: Produced by Romney and rebranded by Obama.

TARP/ZIRP/QE: Produced by Bush Junior, expanded by Obama.

Iraq and Afghan wars: Produced by Bushes, continued by Hillary.

Ukraine crisis: Produced by Hillary to please Soros.

Aggression against Russia: Produced by Hillary to please Soros.

Syrian war: Produced by Hillary to please Bibi.

Libyan war: Produced by Hillary for the sheer sadistic joy of watching Muslims die.

War on Cops: Produced by Eric Holder, assisted by Sharpton and Soros.

NONE of those crises were CONSUMED here. NONE were outsourced or imported. ALL were proudly manufactured right here in USA STRONG, by a series of infinitely evil dysgovernments.

We don't produce anything else. Just raw hell and omnicide. But by fucking god, we are the BEST at producing omnicide. Nobody ever did it better.



  Dynastic success

More indications that the Dynasty is feeling its oats.

Hinckley, who was assigned by the Dynasty to kill the last non-Dynastic president, has been released.

For the first time since the Switchover, a non-Dynastic president is in danger of being elected. Hinckley's services will be needed again if the horrifying terrifying xenophobe non-Dynasty buffoon accidentally ends up in office. Presumably Hinckley will be better prepared this time.

Even if the second try isn't actually planned, the release sends a clear deterrent signal to TROLL. We're ready for you. Watch it.


  Poor old Shannon

Small but clear example of "Kill heretics and worship the Empress."

Spokane's Dem activists are strongly for Bernie. He spoke here twice, with wild overflow crowds both times. Most Wash delegates are for Bernie, and some of them walked out of the convention last night to protest Bernie's betrayal of their beliefs.

Good work. These are desperate times, and you have to save your soul first.

A walkout is Shannon information. It's a SURPRISE. It's NON-DEFAULT BEHAVIOR, something that you wouldn't expect from a rigidly geared machine like a political party.

Any mention of this in local news? Nope. All the local stations and papers uniformly sing satanic hymns to the "glass ceiling" and "historical first" ratshit.
  Not implicit

There's a big difference between a conspiracy and an implicit agreement.

We know without seeing any leaked emails that the demon media always favors and empowers the Dynasty. We are accustomed to thinking that this is simply an implicit agreement. All of these monsters go to the same colleges and live in the same bubble, with zero input from reality, so they all think alike.

When you see an email from DNC that CASUALLY INSTRUCTS Chuck Todd to "correct" some facts, and you see Chuck Todd casually agreeing, you know this is NOT an implicit agreement. It's an active conspiracy.

Same thing with the 2009 Climate leaks. I've been around academia all my life, and I've always seen that the tenure system pulls students and profs into conformity with current fashion. I've seen self-censorship by good academics when their actual research comes up with unfashionable results. Nothing more than natural social-mammal behavior. Status reinforces status.

The 2009 leak included several emails from Gang Leader Michael Mann, CASUALLY INSTRUCTING his subthug journal editors to "correct" and discredit the work of factual researchers. That's not natural status-seeking. That's an active conspiracy.

= = = = =

Systems called "civilization" and "science" should attempt to counter both natural status-seeking AND conspiratorial truth-squashing.


(1) Status-reinforcing systems are wasteful because they're invariant and unresponsive. If your "science" machine always spits out "Global Warming" as the answer to every question, you don't need a trillion-dollar machine. You can just paint "Global Warming" on a billboard and point to it every time someone asks a scientific question. If your "journalism" machine always spits out "Kill heretics and worship the Empress" as the answer to every question, you don't need a trillion-dollar machine. You can just paint "Kill heretics and worship the Empress" and point to it every time someone asks "What's the news?"

(2) Status-reinforcing systems allow the worst bullies to have everything. Civilization is supposed to include negative feedback to DAMP the extremes of bully and victim. A functioning economy requires a wide variety of talents and skills. Many of those skills (eg raising kids and making things) belong to people who are not infinitely evil psychopaths. A system that allows only infinitely evil psychopaths to survive and prosper is not going to last long.

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  Despite means because

What happens when Antichrist visits a country that is seriously and solidly Catholic?

The real Christians give Antichrist the cold shoulder.
On Wednesday, Francis will arrive in Krakow and begin his World Youth Day tour with addresses to these very Church officials and politicians. It remains to be seen if he will touch on these contentious issues which he has made a cornerstone of his papacy (along with his likewise controversially conciliatory approaches to social issues like divorce and contraception), or if he will take a more diplomatic tone. Either way, despite the fact that Poland is overwhelmingly Catholic, observers do not expect Pope Francis to be automatically be welcomed with open arms by his host country.
Poland has been repeatedly occupied by Germany and Russia for a thousand years. Poland is so ferociously Catholic that the Soviets had to grant them freedom to worship. Now EU is trying to send a new army of occupation, and the current Polish government is resisting with typical Polish ferocity.

Antichrist opposes nearly every aspect of real Catholic doctrine, and absolutely ALL of Natural Law. Heshe believes in the Gospel of EU, with special emphasis on the occupying army of Dreamers.

Poles can tell the difference.

Despite means because.
Tuesday, July 26, 2016
  Non-fiery year so far

We're finally getting a few 90-degree days, which is strictly normal. Overall this summer is cooler than NORMAL and wetter than NORMAL, and the result shows dramatically in wildfires. The fire responders got extra budget and extra training this year, assuming "Global Warming" would continue to make every year hotter and hotter. Nature don't do dat. Nature do cycles.

Last summer I picked up a screencap from an interactive map of all current wildfires.

Screencap from last year:

Slightly larger screencap right now:

The only major fire on the map this year is near Los Angeles. Nothing at all in the Northwest.

Might be more later in August, after more heat and drying, but at the moment a giant fire season is unlikely. We're still getting some rain in weeks that are normally bone-dry. A similarly placed screencap of radar right now:


  Excellent! but why now?

The Houston inquisitor decided abruptly to drop ALL charges against Daleiden.

Excellent, but why now? Inquisitors never drop charges until the case is fully milked and the victim is totally destroyed, killed a thousand times over. This case could have run for at least ten years to exhaust the resources of Daleiden's supporters. Facts and logic never get in the way of an Inquisitor.

Was there something in WikiLeaks? I tried all the names I could think of. Found a few mentions of the case in DNC 'news briefs'. The mentions were written in the expectable vile filthy pro-Satan style, but none of them could be construed as collusion with the Houston Inquisitor or collusion with the press. Just business as usual for D. Maybe the Inquisitor knows that later emails, presumably yet to be leaked, contain something more definitely collusive.

Is there somebody from Houston or PP speaking at the DNC convention? Could be, but seems unlikely in terms of the direction of the decision. You'd want to report a victory for Satan, not a quiet retreat. Maybe the original case is being dismissed in order to clear the decks for a much larger case that will guarantee the execution of all pro-lifers in the country. That would make sense.

The Official Media Line this morning is that DNC corruption does not exist because Russia.

"If this was a Russian hack, it goes well beyond previous uses of hacking, etc etc etc"

Massive chutzpah.

You "journalists" are the DIRECT DESCENDANTS, and some of you are the ACTUAL PERPETRATORS, of a PREVIOUS Russian hack of American elections. Watergate.

The Washington Post and NPR used Watergate to rebuild "journalism" into a Soviet force, and then used the force to destroy America.

In 1948 Nixon offended you for reasons that were both personal and political; and then he offended you politically in 1972 by pulling out of Vietnam and warming up to China.

Vietnam was a Soviet effort to accomplish two goals: Get America to fight China, and keep America weak and divided. It worked nicely until Nixon came along and tried to flip the field.

You got your revenge when insufficiently paranoid Dicky thought he could continue using the same dirty tricks that had worked so well for JFK and LBJ. TRADEMARK THEFT! Those were YOUR methods! How dare he!

Now that your satanic force owns everything, a transformed Russia that resembles the pre-Watergate Christian America is supporting a candidate who wants to bring back some elements of the pre-Watergate Christian America.


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I'm still puzzled by the new variable between R and D. Before this year, R and D were both completely rigged. Neither paid any attention at all to Americans or "voters". Both slavishly obeyed Goldman and Bibi.

This year, for reasons that are still unexplained, R let down its guard and allowed "votes" to be counted, resulting in a new type of candidate and a dramatically different platform.

D maintained the old system and the old slavish obedience, which now STANDS OUT in stark salient contrast.

This difference also extends to another aspect of the old system.

Previously the "losing" candidate was predetermined to "lose", and joined the "winning" team during the convention, thus instantly becoming the predetermined "winner" for the next election.

This routine also failed on the R side. Cruz refused to play the old game. He saved his soul and beliefs instead of selling his soul. Though I disagree with most of his beliefs, I respect him tremendously for this departure. Before this, I wasn't sure he had a soul.

The old routine continues on the unchanged D side. Bernie and Elizabeth are both playing the old game, joining the Goldman team.... but Bernie's followers are NOT playing the old game. They are saving their souls by maintaining their beliefs.
  Bridges vs walls

BBC newsreader-demons hate walls (unless the walls surround their private armed compounds, of course) and love bridges (especially bridges that carry invading armies of criminal migrants).

This attitude shows up in their speech as well.

When interviewing or discussing a beloved holy bridge-builder like Antichrist Francine or Obama, the demon speaks in bridges. Each word has a soft on-ramp and off-ramp, sort of like a two-ended Italian accent.

"That was Our Most Holy Lord And Saviour Barack Obama" comes out as

When interviewing or discussing a HATED XENOPHOBE FASCIST KKK HITLER HITLER HITLER HITLER NAZI BUFFOON like Farage or Trump, the demon speaks in walls. Each word has HARD glottal attack and release on both ends, like coughing up a fishbone. Final stops are emphasized and devoiced, and there's a long dead-air moat between the words.

"That was Nigel Farage" comes out as


  Self-explanatory solution

Article on STAT website about the fast-increasing burnout among doctors and medical students. Offers a number of "solutions" which will only make things worse. All the "solutions" involve adding MORE WORK to the already overwhelming duties of doctors. Mandatory counseling, group sessions, keeping a journal, etc.

The CORRECT solution is to DO A WHOLE FUCKING BUNCH LESS. Remove the litigation burdens and electronic record-keeping burdens and the genocidal HIPAA ratshit. Those removals will improve EVERY FUCKING ASPECT OF MEDICINE INFINITELY and save thousands of lives, even aside from the burden on doctors!!!!!! Shorten the residency and eliminate the boot-camp aspects. Eliminate the four years of totally pointless academic shit that comes before practicum. Just start practicum on the first day of college.

The fact that these idiot "authorities" can't even imagine the DO LESS direction tells us exactly where the real problem is.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Couple years ago I noted the return of old woodcut fonts in a new form on Portable Cellular Telephonic Devices.

Everything is transitioning toward iPhone mode in style and fonts. Websites began as simple drab LONG scrolling pages, then developed into interesting layouts. Now they've returned to simple drab LONG scrolls.

Now canned food is going the iPhone route. Progresso Minestrone, old style and new style.

Same woodcut font as used in most iPhone stuff, and the layout is simpler and flatter and duller. Even the picture of the food is lower-quality. There's no physical reason to go this way. Just stupid fashion.

Fortunately the soup itself is unchanged. Still curvy, colorful and serifed.

ZeroHedge shows this graph of NYC power cost. No location metadata needed!

  Self-explanatory non-investigation

FBI won't investigate Hillary.

FBI investigates leakers who expose Hillary.

All you need to know about the Deep State.

And breaking deepstate news: Gulen's coup in Turkey was organized through CIA, using retired General John Campbell to pay and recruit Turkish soldiers for the coup. This is unusual. In recent years our Soros coups have mainly been organized through the State Dept and Soros NGOs, not directly through CIA and the military. That's so '50s!

Yeah, this again.
It might [make] no difference, but for KY and WVA can we get someone to ask his belief. My Southern Baptist peeps would draw a big difference between a Jew and an atheist. Does he believe in a God. He had skated on saying he has a Jewish heritage. I think I read he is an atheist. This could make several points difference with my peeps. My Southern Baptist peeps would draw a big difference between a Jew and an atheist.
The demon media of "both" "sides" are missing THREE points about this brief text.

(1) Most share the author's bizarre bigoted delusion that Jewish would look bad to the peeps. Shows that they haven't paid even the tiniest scrap of attention to reality for 40 years. Peeps who are involved in politics follow the Pat Robertson 11th Commandment: "Obeying Our Prophet Netanyahu is the most important job of a Christian." They are fanatically pro-Israel, which has enabled both R and D presidents to destroy half the world to satisfy Bibi's blood fetish.

(2) No peeps would be voting in a D primary anyway, so their preferences are irrelevant. Even though Hillary is Bibi's best friend this year, peeps all voted for Cruz because Glenn Beck told them to vote for Cruz.

(3) "Can we get someone to ask". The easy assurance of this question firmly verifies that all of the media are working for Hillary. No Repoof operative or Bernie operative would make this casual assumption of ownership.
  Wouldn't it be nice

A month after Brexit the demons are still locked in their hellish bubble, still incapable of understanding human life.

BBC had a short "light-hearted" feature this morning by a female employee, discussing the 9/11-like shock of Brexit. On the morning when the peasants were more revolting than usual, her boss asked her to prepare a feature on the advantages and disadvantages of high heels in the workplace. This sort of shit is apparently what she is normally paid for. She initially refused, feeling that the increased revoltingness required a more serious response.

Before leaving for work, I stopped to chat with the Mawn who sorts out my Gaw Din. I thought "Wouldn't it be nice to work with plawwwnts, having no woddy about political upheaval?" But he said that he was checking his phone every fifteen minutes to keep up with the news.

Hearing that, I thought "Wouldn't it be nice to have a Mawn who sorts out** your Gaw Din?"

Not surprising that the Gaw Din Mawn was woddied. He works for demons. He understands that the demons may move to the Imperial Capital in Berlin if London is no longer an Imperial Subcapital.

In the end the female demon decided to Keep Calm And Do The High Heel Piece after all. The best response to revoltingness is to maintain your duties.

Brave. Continuing to insult the peasants so they will become even MORE revolting. Continuing to spit and shit in our faces. Courageous.

** Footnote: Irrelevant anyway. My Gaw Din doesn't need any sorting. It's self-organizing. Soil stays down below, weeds stay up above. The soil never sprouts wings and hovers, even in a windstorm, because the weeds have excellent root systems.
Sunday, July 24, 2016
  Now it's clear

I was puzzled by the recent Supreme Satan decision to set aside the ethicution of a former R governor of Virginia. The Supreme Satans NEVER NEVER NEVER help a Christian like McDonnell. They will sometimes help a Repoof if the Repoof is a loyal dynasty member, but McDonnell wasn't. He was a heretic on cultural matters and a SERIOUS heretic on Global Warming. He needed to be ethicuted, so the fake "charges" were found and implemented.

Now we see why. The decision was necessary to preserve Tim Kaine as VP candidate for The Empress. Without that decision, Kaine could have been theoretically subject to similar ethicution, because his record of corrupt activities was real. Of course no ACTUAL ethicution could occur because Ds are never actually ethicuted; but the list of charges would look bad.
  Completing the switchover

Headline: Ds accuse Russia of hacking DNC server to aid Trump

Turnabout is fair play, but that's not the main point.

From 1950 to 1989, Soviet agents (usually obeying Moscow, sometimes acting against the KGB's careful orders) were hacking America to weaken us and slow down our imperial impulses. Those pre-switchover Soviet agents were working against Christianity and civilization.

After the switchover, those leftist agents were fully in charge of America. Christianity and civilization have left the arena.

Meanwhile, Russia began to transform from Soviet back to a tsarist mode. Christian and nationalist and authoritarian, not expansive.

From 1989 until right now our imperial impulses have been run by leftists carrying both R and D labels, which gives them unlimited power. We are the only aggressor, running wild with no resistance.

Now that Russia has finished its transformation, it can return to its earlier role as balancer and feedback mechanism, slowing down our genocide fetish.

Trump, like Orban and Fico and LePen and all the other populists whose time in the sun has finally arrived, is nationalist and non-interventionist. If Russia can embrace and assist these non-imperialists, the total amount of aggression and war in the world will be notably reduced. Both sides will be DEFENSIVE, which is the best way to keep the overall peace.

If we continue to increase our psychotic violence, a more violent solution to our hypercriminal hyperinsanity will be required.


  Both magic words gone

Both of the old familiar hymns of R vs D teamwork have failed simultaneously!

(1) The Koch Brothers are with Hillary. This shouldn't have been surprising. Even before Trump came along, Hillary was UNQUESTIONABLY the best neocon. She beat all of the Bushes on loyalty to Goldman and loyalty to Bibi. Her civilian kill count didn't match Dubya's (Hill 265K, Dubya 1M), but her record of obliterated countries beats Bush all to hell. Literally.

(2) Someone in charge of the Benghazi has ordered RNC to stop using the Benghazi trademark. I'm still not sure what or who the Benghazi is, but I believe it was connected to Hillary's Libya kill. Apparently the CEO of the Benghazi is also unsatisfied with Trump's potential kill count. If you're not ready to kill the whole world (except Israel of course) you can't use the Benghazi copyright.

This places both team partybots in an uncomfortable position. What are they going to SAY if they can't say Benghazi and Koch? I've tried to listen to both, and I'm not hearing a proper substitute for the grand old magic words. Both "sides" seem to have fallen back to plain generic insults.

  Thanks, Ralph 447 calls attention to a peculiar remnant of former Anglican missionary activity. It began 300 years ago as a mission to Africa. Now, since Africa is running REAL missions of REAL Christianity to the north, a mission to Africa has no purpose. As per Parkinson, it nevertheless keeps running, finding new purposes. It attempts to carry the Three Horsepersons of the Modern Apocalypse to the benighted Dark masses of Africa.

When you look at the lavender logo of We Are Us, you are immediately trampled by the first Horseperson. Die-Versity in all its omnicidal glory. The current content of the website is mainly focused on the second Horseperson, "Global Warming". The third Horseperson, Free Trade/Migration/Outsourcing, is also there but not dominant.

Fortunately Africans are smarter than Brits. They know the difference between good and evil. WeAreUs is floundering. Until 2012 it was called United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel (USPG). In 2012 it rebranded to the lavender Us logo. Now it's returning to the old name, sort of:
During 2015, we undertook some research to discover how our new brand had been received. We learned that, while our partners in Britain and Ireland and around the world greatly appreciated the energy, values and practical work embodied in the Us brand, many remained saddened that we were no longer referring to the gospel in our name.

In response, we have decided to move forward with our original name USPG, albeit it in a modernised form; the acronym USPG will now stand for United Society Partners in the Gospel.
Can't just return, have to "move forward". The good old Arrow Of History shit, always Evolving toward total ruin and infinite devastation. I can't see why Partners in the Gospel is better than Propagation of the Gospel but presumably Satan has his reasons.



Self-explanatory search.

I'm not puzzled by the viewpoint. For the Chosen, living in the NYC glow of infinite power and status, with billions of filthy Soros dollars in your tax-free Cayman bank account, things look bright. For Americans, things look dark.

I'm only puzzled by the universal repetitiveness of the Sorosians, the unwillingness to find a different word for the same concept. For "journalists", plagiarism is a real sin. This is the only remaining scrap of honest nonpartisan skill in their massively evil and murderous criminal syndicate. "Journalists" will even criticize a Party Member for plagiarism, as long as the source was another Party Member. (eg Biden plagiarizing Kinnock)
  Changed line?

After Gulen-Soros attempted a coup in Turkey, all media stated as a FACT that the coup was faked by Erdogan. This was the only line.

This morning the line is switching. BBC is running a report right now, listening to actual Turks, that gets it right. Gulen is American. Opposition politicians are unhappy with Erdogan's popularity, but they were unhappy with Erdogan's popularity before the coup. That's why they're called opposition politicians.

CNN has also removed the "scare quotes" around the "coup" and now treats it as a real rebellion that needs a real response.

What's the difference? Are the media just following their Prophet Obama, who expressed firm support for Erdogan? But why did Our Lord And Savior Obama switch in the first place? Before this coup, all the Cool People were with Soros and absolutely opposed to Erdogan.

Later in the day: The change continues. Every article aggregated by Google now treats the coup as genuine, and treats Erdogan's response as necessary.


Saturday, July 23, 2016
  God bless interchangeability!

A nice example of Orlov's point about the Russian emphasis on REPAIRABILITY, which I've discussed in the context of electronics.

A Russian correspondent at Curbside Classic is describing the latest 'Peking to Paris Motor Challenge', an early endurance contest that was recently revived. Many of the participating cars are exotic, but this one isn't:
1930 Ford model A (Rod Wade / Austen Ritchie, Australia). It seems that the original wire wheels gave way to those borrowed from a Lada Niva, with the same 5×5.5″ lug pattern (GAZ didn’t change it since the times of GAZ-A, the same pattern was used on all GAZ cars and UAZ light trucks until mid-1990s). God bless interchangeability!
GAZ started as a Ford-owned plant building As and tractors, but when Henry couldn't tame the freedom-loving Russians he gave up. The plant continued making Fords for a while, then later switched to Fiats (Ladas).


  Well, there's one advantage

Walking around, noticed a physical object with a Google logo. Caught my attention. I'm accustomed to seeing Google on everything online, but not on physical stuff. This physical object looked at first like a pack of cigarettes. Hmm. Well, not surprising; Google is trying to own and run everything...

No. Wait.

Tobacco is THE ONE AND ONLY INDUSTRY that is GUARANTEED SAFE from both Google and Amazon.

Must be slightly comforting. All the governments in the world are trying to tax you almost to extinction but not all the way to extinction. At least Google and Amazon will NOT compete you into the ground.

On closer examination, the object was just a crumpled magazine page with an ad for Google.
  And another new life

Another small breakout from the relentless dead uniformity of the Empire.

Earlier I had observed that the national SW broadcasters of EU countries were firmly aligned with EU, even when the actual countries had moved toward nationalism.

Radio Slovakia followed that pattern until today, carefully ignoring all nationalist tendencies.

Their news just stated that Slovakia is joining Hungary in a border-protection agreement.

  Stop and think, fuckheads

BBC is interviewing some Russian "dissident" who says Russia is a police state because people argue with her. BBC enthusiastically agrees with this assertion.

In a police state,

dissidents are in jail or dead. They are not giving interviews to enemy broadcasters. If you can live and work and talk openly to foreign enemies, you are NOT in a police state.

You may be uncomfortable because the majority of the people approve of the government you dislike. That's not a police state, that's just life.
  THE CONSTANT and variables

The current re-emergence of Populism shows with WILD CLARITY what REALLY MATTERS to the demons who have been running things.

In USA STRONG, you might have thought that the culture stuff REALLY MATTERS to both sides. It's all they talk about. Rs are sexists, homophobes, Creationists, transphobes, Science Deniers, and on and on and on and on and on.

Trump is NONE of those things. He simply ISN'T INTERESTED in those matters and doesn't know anything about them. He tried to talk about religion ONCE and sounded absurdly uninformed. Advisers clearly told him to stop digging the hole. His lack of interest showed up perfectly in the convention under his control. Very little mention of religion, and a full rainbow of bizarre Trans Things speaking easily on his behalf.

You also might have thought that the Welfare State REALLY MATTERS to both sides. Both are constantly harping on Forty-Seven. One side harps on the Forty-Seven Percent Who Vote Themselves Largesse From The Public Treasury. The other side harps on the Forty-Seven Percent Who Can't Get Health.

Trump blows that one out of the water as well. He does care about this point. His views are complex and well-developed. He's mostly in favor of continuing the welfare state.

In EU the Populists are more varied. Some are strongly religious, some aren't. Some are socialistic, some are Randian.

Despite all that variation, the elites of "both" "sides" continue spewing gigatons of radioactive green sludge from their gyroscope heads. The Tourette continues unabated.

All the other stuff has been FACTORED OUT. The SINGLE CONSTANT emerges clearly. It's not culture or religion or welfare that REALLY MATTERS.

It's only GLOBALISM. OMNICIDE. Breaking all walls and boundaries, destroying your own country, making war against every country that offends the Empire. Anyone who even dares to QUESTION killing the poor to enrich the Chosen MUST BE SLAUGHTERED.

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Friday, July 22, 2016
  Not alleged!

Big storm passing through the area. Mostly missed my nbrhd (THANKS, WEATHER GODS!)... just some brief heavy rain and lightning. Other places got GIANT rain, lots of wind and hail and an UNQUESTIONABLE TORNADO.

Picture captured by Spokane-News reader. No doubt about that one. You can see the soil being sucked up from the hilltop.

Needless to say, the Weather "Service" finally got around to issuing their usual incoherent warning after the action was over.

The debris from the tornado was first reported as a brush fire, even though it was raining heavily. We think of brush fires here, but we don't think of tornados.

Just noticed the date. This storm resembles the 7/23/14 storm that focused sharply on my neighborhood. Today's storm is focused farther north, around Mead. Neither resembles the broad daylong devastation of 11/17/15.
  Who's the terrorist?

Media are intentionally sliding past the interesting part of a "terrorist" incident involving the Spokane county jail, giving us an intentionally wrong impression.

Media version: A "sovereign citizen" is being held for a fairly ordinary crime, and his wife is sending what the sheriff calls "paper terrorism" to "obstruct justice".

(1) From the headlines you assume the "sovereign citizen" is KKK Honky Fundy McVeigh Hitler. Nope. He's black, a member of one of those obscure half-Jewish half-Muslim movements. The Black Israelites or the Real Moors.

(2) From the headlines you assume the "paper terrorism" is an actual noxious substance. Anthrax or something. Nope, it's just an unpleasant smell. (I'm guessing it's good old Magic Shave depilatory. That stuff would be available to a black prisoner, and it's strongly ammoniac. Spreads through an entire cellblock in seconds flat.) The FBI analyzed the letters and found nothing poisonous or hazardous, so they returned the letters to the wife. I trust the FBI to get these things right when it's not running a sting.

So. In reality we have people who are scaring themselves into a panic over an unfamiliar smell. I understand this only too well since I was doing it last week! But scaring yourself doesn't mean the source of the smell is a crime. If that's the case, I should call the cops and have my toilet arrested.

The government and media are the real terrorists here. Without government lies and media-induced panic, an unfamiliar smell wouldn't be "terrorism".

= = = = =

Later: Another "terrorist incident" made a dozen people sick at Fairchild AFB. All the "terrorism" experts were called in, and the "terrorist" turned out to be too many air fresheners in one office. Again, the real terrorist is the media and government.


  Patient things 3

Convective thought triggered by the previous item about mammals and alcohol.

It's clear that human love of alcohol led to all sorts of technical innovation, INCLUDING the whole idea of storage and increase.

As I noted before, it's likely that the use of fire for cooking arose from spontaneous heat in a pile of fermenting barley. Much easier to imagine than the TEDX notion of carrying torches from a Savannah Fire. Fermentation heat is IN THE FOOD. No need to imagine the difficult and rare connection of Burning Savannah and Roasted Sabertooth. Just pile some wet barley on a flat stone, and you can make heat any time you want.

New thought:

Controlled fermentation led to storage. Beer, bread, cheese, sauerkraut, pickles, pemmican. Patient things. Without fermentation the only important thing you can store is grain.

After the practice got going, fermentation required keeping track of the stored items. You can't taste the wine every day to see if it's ready, and you can't risk tasting the pot of kraut after it's too far gone. You need a way to predict which containers are ready to use and which need to be emptied and cleaned. Spotting the location of the rising sun is a good enough calendar to mark planting time, but it won't help you predict when the wine can be opened.

Did fermentation inspire the idea of debt with interest and a specific maturity date? Interest has to be kept under control for the sake of both the banker and the debtor, just as you need to know when to empty and clean out the pots. Jubilee = pot-breaking time?

Barley = beer, barbecue, banking, bucks. All the 'exclusively human' stuff except transportation.

= = = = =

On the GIANT OTHER HAND: Alcohol is poison. No other naturally desirable material kills you so reliably and quickly. There are plenty of faster poisons in nature, but they immediately signal their lethality, so they don't need a culture-scale prohibition.

Well, we were warned about the 'fruit of the tree of knowledge', weren't we? Pick the knowledge, use the advantages of fermentation, but skip the poison fruit.

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Thursday, July 21, 2016
  Trying for the Ig

Via RCS, this little piece of research is clearly aiming for the IgNobel, not the Nobel.

In other words, this study is GOOD science. Done on a small budget, achieving a possibly useful result, and written up with humility. GOOD science.

Nobels are awarded for psychotic delusions, utter vile corruption, infinite falsehood, and feral genocide. SATANIC science.

= = = = =

The study tries to measure the alcohol preferences of cute 'prosimians' like lemurs and lorises. Result: they love booze. (What mammal doesn't?)

This paragraph is just beautiful:
The position of the liquids was randomized and behavioral data were collected blind to the contents, to avoid observational bias. Each of the two aye-ayes participated in a trial once a day for 15 days for a total of 30 trials. The slow loris participated in a trial each day over five days for a total of five trials, as time was limited.
Understated language, but you can imagine the process vividly. "Damn, loris, I just know you're going to take a whole hour to select the liquid, another hour to pick up the tube, and another hour to drink it. Come on! Hurry up! Hurry up! I need to get this study done before my grandchildren get their PhDs! I've already given up on getting mine. Oh shit. Now he's drunk and he's going to take TWO hours for each stage! AAAACCK!"

Seriously, the question is somewhat misplaced. Mammals are lushes. I don't see much point in asking why one mammal plasters easier than another.

Flowering and fruiting plants are the newbies in this scenario. They developed AFTER the habits and preferences of insects were already set in genetic cement.

So the more important evolutionary questions are: How did plants and yeasts start collaborating to make alcohol? How did they mutually learn that seeds and spores are more attractive when animals wear beer goggles? Why did animals love alcohol before plants and yeasts conspired to make alcohol?

As usual, the only non-contradictory answer is that the whole system was designed in one piece.

= = = = =

Correction after watching some loris videos: Lorises aren't really slow. They're just cautious. I was conflating them with sloths, which are genuinely SSSLLLLLOOOOOWWWW.

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  Pre-Cohn entertainment

Listening lately to some New Old Stock episodes of Fibber. These episodes hadn't been part of the usual distribution until recently. An interesting theme emerges. Wallace Wimple, the eponymous Wimp, had always shown what happens to Unwanted people. In these episodes he shows how to handle it.

What happens is this: Wanted Ones will occasionally treat the Unwanted One with a tiny bit of respect, maybe even halfway smile at you for a millisecond. You hungrily gobble up the hint of respect. The Wanted One then presents you with a job to do. You finish the job properly and diligently. The Wanted One takes the result.


Nothing happens after that. No further communication, no thanks, no payment, no respect. The channel is immediately cut off. You are Unperson again.

= = = = =

This episode illustrates what happens. Wimp comes over when Fibber is expecting an Important Lawyer who may offer a Big Deal. Fibber is clearly disappointed, starts to push Wimp away, then realizes he needs an extra thingamajig to serve as a witness for the transaction. Fibber stuffs Wimp into a cabinet and tells him to listen and remember. The Important Lawyer arrives and leaves. Fibber and Molly sit around afterward discussing the results. Suddenly Wimp starts knocking and shouting in the cabinet. Oh. I guess the Unperson thing is still there. Let it out and get rid of it.

This episode shows how to handle it. Wimp shows up and Fibber is disappointed as usual, then realizes he needs a helper to hold the front door while he reinstalls it. Wimp obediently carries the door; Fibber fails to tell him about the footstool; Wimp falls and busts his teeth. Fibber tries to repeat the action. This time Wimp says "I may be a sissy but I'm not a pigeon. You carry it."

Those writers had real empathy for all human types, and tried to give USEFUL advice to all types.

= = = = =

I wish this material had been around when I was younger. I dimly grasped the natural Unwanted/Wanted division around 1963. At that time TV was the only entertainment. Earlier radio programs were not available at all. TV had already settled into its post-Cohn mode of enforcing NYC rules. Everything was seen from the viewpoint of the Wanteds. Unwanteds appeared briefly, performed their appointed task, then disappeared.

TV imposes the lethal myth that anyone can be Wanted if they Do The Right Things and Use The Right Products. Result: confusion, depression, and sometimes suicide when you bump up against the hardass unchanging laws of genetics. This result is, of course, wanted by the Wanteds. When Unwanteds take themselves out, the Wanteds are spared the trouble and expense of prosecuting and executing the Creepy Lone Wolf Terrorist.

= = = = =

Later: An illustration in this morning's news.

Cruz is not a nerd or a sissy, but he's certainly Unwanted. He's the type Brits call a 'swot', a determined overserious grinder. I don't think there's an equivalent American word. In any case, none of his colleagues like him or want him around.

His convention speech showed how to handle it. By refusing to endorse Trump, he was saying "I'm not your pigeon. You carry it." He knows this won't make him Wanted because nothing will switch Unwanted to Wanted. He has saved his soul, and that's the only thing that counts in the end.

Few hours later (6:30 PST): Cruz gets literal. "I'm not your servile puppy dog."

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016
  Wind time-bomb 2

An interesting contrast to last week's observation of delayed windstorm damage.

This morning a new time-bomb has struck, at the other end of the same block. Today's house is at the other end of a maintenance spectrum as well. The first victim is a well-kept late-50s rancher. This one is a poorly kept rural-looking mess. It has a big lot full of big stuff: cars, trucks, trailers, swimming pools, swing sets, and unidentifiable items. All of the stuff is bent and broken, some from windstorms and some from other causes. An amazingly perfect museum of ruin.

Today's delayed damage: a giant branch of a deciduous tree decided to break and fall. There hasn't been any meaningful weather lately. BLESSEDLY cooler than normal, some breeze, some rain, but nothing that should cause any problems.

The branch fell across a chain-link fence and an old Chevy van. It bent the fence which was already bent in the same place. The van had been precariously perched on a jackstand with the rear axle off, and the branch knocked the van off the jackstand.

In other words, the tree that was already damaged damaged a fence that was already damaged and damaged a van that was already damaged.

Bad luck? Not really. Guaranteed luck. (I understand this only too well; I was in a similar position for several years and finally pulled all the way out of it in 2011. Goddamn hard work, but worth it.)

The previously mentioned time-bomb was pure bad luck. Those homeowners had been doing all the right things, but the Nov windstorm was so big that roofers were unavailable to fix the original damage.


  Who's a dictatorship?

Our politicians constantly call Venezuela a socialist dictatorship.

I've already debunked the socialist part of this idiocy. (Yes, it's socialist. No, that's not the problem.)

Now the other part.....

Venezuela Recall Referendum Moves a Step Closer, Opposition Says

A referendum to oust Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro moved a step closer after electoral authorities validated enough votes in a petition to move to the next stage in the process, a leading opposition politician said.

A dictatorship doesn't allow a referendum to recall the dictator, and a dictatorship doesn't have living and active opposition politicians,

which means Venezuela is not a dictatorship.

Hmm. Can we think of a country that DOESN'T allow a referendum for ANY PURPOSE AT ALL, including recall of the President? Yes. Therefore USA STRONG is a dictatorship.

From the Bush family website: "It was one of Donald Trump's favorite conspiracy theories - that Saudi Arabia was behind 9/11, and the U.S. government is covering it up."

No, Bush family fuckheads.

A conspiracy theory,

is an attempt to find shadowy secret reasons and motivations BEHIND the obvious.

In this case no theory is needed. The hijackers were Saudi. Their leader was Saudi. Assuming that the hijacking was a Saudi operation is simple and Ockhamy and direct and obvious.

Birdshit is a bird operation. A head-on crash is an automobile operation. Pearl Harbor was a Jap operation. 9/11 was a Saudi operation.

Saudis did it. You can't get any more non-shadowy and non-secret than that.

Any other assumption is a conspiracy theory. Some of those theories are partly right because the evidence, though incomplete, is obvious. CIA likely had some involvement in 9/11 because CIA was running Sheikh Osama, and because there's no evidence that Osama stopped being a CIA agent. Other theories such as Afghan or Iraqi involvement have exactly zero supporting evidence.

Our misgovernment was using clearly false conspiracy theories when it made war against Afghanistan and Iraq in response to the Saudi attack.
  Constants and no variables 2

Sometimes you're stuck in someone else's constant. The victims of globalization are stuck. We can't move to a non-globalized place because non-globalized places are either nonexistent or inaccessible. The victims of an airplane hijack are stuck. Jumping out is no better than riding the plane until the bomb explodes.

Other times you're NOT stuck. When a church is hijacked by Satan, the non-Satanic members can jump out EASILY. No parachute needed.

Some members and congregations do jump, either by joining an existing non-Satan church or by developing a schismatic alternate church.

Some don't. They delusionally believe that Satan is variable, that their church can "reform" or return to normal.

Methodism was hijacked a long time ago, and just now made it official by appointing a Bishop Of Gender.

Delusional response:
Therefore, we call upon the Council of Bishops to do one of the following: [1] To do all within its power to rectify this breach of our covenant by issuing a strong statement opposing Oliveto's election, and petitioning the Judicial Council to rule the election null and void. Or [2], expedite the appointment of the members to its "Special Commission," and to revise the commission's mandate....
The mandate will not be revised. The church will not oppose the Bishop Of Gender. Satan is driving the vehicle, and Satan does not use the brake pedal or reverse gear. Your ONLY choice is to JUMP. In this case JUMPING is perfectly easy and perfectly good. You won't have to scrape the pavement at 60 MPH or freefall 30,000 feet to the ground. You will simply regain full control of your soul.

Why is that so difficult? I truly don't get it.


  Constants and variables, idiot personal edition

A couple weeks ago I noticed what seemed to be a leak around the toilet. It never happened again, so it wasn't a leak; probably a splashout caused by slow drainage. Liquid Plumr speeded up the drain, which might or might not have helped. The "leak" called my attention to a persistent smell, which turned out to be from the tank, not the bowl. The bowl was emitting a bad smell because it was receiving smelly water, not because the bowl itself was dirtier than usual. The inner wall of the tank is orangish, presumably some kind of mold, and it's the source of the smell.

I got a Lysol deodorizer thing and dropped it in. The immediate smell went away after a few flushes, but the smell seemed to persist around the house. I got worried that maybe there was a leak into the crawl space.

Nope. One good sneeze and nose-blow got rid of the persistent smell, and showed me that the toilet itself was no longer smelly.

The persistent smell was in my idiotic sinuses. The mold or whatever remained there, which made me think the whole house had the smell.

Idiot. Maybe I'll learn something from this. Probably not.


  Constants and no variables 1

A little insight into the "mind" of demons.

BBCdemon is interviewing a think-tank economistdemon about the need for Proper Politicians (ie Hillary) to fake a pro-American policy so they can steal votes in places like Pennsylvania. The two demons were quite open about the fakeness, because "Globalization is not an option. Of course the UK chose a different path heh heh heh heh snort snort snort." Since G'n is not an option, we CAN'T possibly change trade policy or immigration policy, just as we can't change gravity. We'll have to produce better propaganda and maybe give these deluded TROLLS a few extra pennies in welfare.

Amazing. In one sentence: G'n is not an option of course G'n is an option. This isn't exactly Orwell's doublethink. The demons are not holding both sides open at the same time. Rather, Is An Option is spoken but doesn't exist. How does this happen?

The broader phenomenon is a TOTAL LACK OF VARIABLES. The whole world is a constant, conforming perfectly to the Right Side Of History.

If you are OldThinker, observing plain old factual history, you can easily see that G'n is not gravity. It's a POLICY CHOICE made by evil corporatist governments. The current phase of G'n was DECIDED fairly recently, after the 1990 Switchover. Since it is a policy CHOICE that is killing massive numbers of normal people, a sane government would DECIDE to reverse the policy CHOICE, as Britain is now trying to do. (Or maybe just faking, as these demons imply.)

We do not have a sane government. Our sadistic psychotic government kills massive numbers of normal people and loves it.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016
  Stealth eyeshadow

This is a natural WOW.

Most squids use controlled color and controlled luminescence to blend into the background or to express emotions and messages. The 'glass squid' uses light in an opposite way. Like many ocean creatures but unlike other squids, it's transparent .... EXCEPT for its big eyes in their big sockets. The eyes cast shadows on the ocean floor, defeating the purpose of transparency. Can't sneak up on fish when they can see the shadow coming. What to do? Cast a negative shadow. Use diffused light to illuminate the shadowed area.


The light starts with bioluminescent bacteria like many other deep ocean critters, and the glass squid uses fiberoptics to channel and diffuse it.

WOW again.

Nature always gets there first.


  This is worrisome

This could drop my Trump vote. Trump is thinking of placing Mnuchin, a Goldman and Soros demon, as Treasury Sec. Unless there's REALLY SOLID evidence that Mnuchin is a FORMER Goldman and Soros demon, ready to expose and prosecute the monsters based on what he knows, Trump is no better than anyone else, maybe worse. Maybe just another Soros AP. So far there's no indication of FORMERness at all.

We need a total revolution. We need an Erdogan. We need to remove NYC and DC from the surface of the earth.
  Printing came before writing?

This personal ramble led to a broader ramble.

When we think about the history of symbolic representation we normally focus on painting and writing. Using pigments to leave a trace on a hard surface.

What if we think of engraving first? Scratching, scraping, indenting. I'm going to run wild in TEDX mode here.........

Good old Guk is trying to leave a message showing Ik where the big meat is, so that Ik can help Guk haul it across the Savannah back to the cave. Does Guk get out his paints and paintbrush? Not at first. He would use his finger or toe to draw an indented diagram or map in the sand, pointing directly to the big meat. After this habit became ... ingrained ... Guk might accidentally run his toe onto a hard surface, where the dirt would leave a trail. Aha! What happens if I take a stick, dip it into the dirt, and use it to draw the map on the cliffside? And what happens if I spit on the stick first to make the dirt hold together? Much easier to see than the scratching in the dirt, and less likely to get erased when the Sabertooth Tiger stalks the Savannah.

Scratching in clay was even more permanent. Hmm. What happens if I snap off a stick to make a sharp linear edge, and push it into the clay instead of scratching? I can use this stick to make a regular and reliable set of notches to count how many times I helped you haul big meat, so I can show you how many times you need to help me haul big meat. Hmm again. What happens if you give me a fish for each notch instead of helping me? That's just as good. I like fish. Presto. Economics and money.

After the single-stick puncher felt boring and slow, what came next? A stamp or seal. A bundle of sticks oriented properly to make the symbols for each number or sound. Then at some point the bundle turned into a baked 'positive' clay that would reliably punch the entire symbol.

Presto. Typewriter. Printing.

Aside from my fanciful stories, the basic sequence is definite. For proper symbolic writing, cuneiform engraving came before pen and ink. Numbers came before phonemes. Commerce came before literature.


  More from 1945

Another article from the big 1945 Electronics journal that somehow snuck past Steamboat Willie to get into Googlebooks as a full copy.

This is a set of postwar recommendations for television, which was already running full speed in Britain (always ahead of us on electronics) but still experimental in USA STRONG. Written by Virginia Bradley, who had been working for Philco's experimental TV station before the war interrupted everything. I assume Virginia is a man's name like Evelyn Waugh, because EVERYONE KNOWS that wymmynses were not allowed to work until Betty Friedan [pbuh] broke the glass ceiling. Several of the engineers writing on highly technical topics in this 1945 journal are also men with female names.

I pasted the text into a big image that won't fit properly here, and pasted the accompanying chart similarly. Bringing out small pieces of each to show how deeply Mr Bradley understood the nature of a visual medium, even before it had been properly implemented.

This analysis of human perception is especially smart:

DuMont picked up this idea quickly. The Big Three were slower, but after 1970 they really got into it. They figured out that tachistoscopic switching keeps your brain LOCKED IN. This is the biggest reason to stay clear of TV.

The part under 'remote origination' turned out pretty well, except that we no longer have fairs and parades. Instead of fairs we have Hollywood Transexual Award Ceremonies, and instead of parades we have High-Speed Chases.

Under 'commentators', note Mr Bradley's strong emphasis on graphs and visual aids. This SHOULD have been TV's main advantage over radio, but it never happened. In fact commentators and discussers are NOT ALLOWED to use graphs and visual aids because graphs may convey a truth that can't be interrupted and demonized. Silencing and obliterating truth has turned out to be the single sole solitary mission of TV.

And especially note this: "Televising pretty girls is a programming must. They will be employed as announcers and for purely decorative effect." We know for sure now that Mr Bradley was a man, because no wymmymmynses could POSSIBLY express such a vile vicious bigoted KKK Hitler Halliburton piece of xenophobic KKK Hitler buffoonery. Everyone knows that Betty Friedan [pbuh] does not allow pretty girls to exist, let alone be seen on TV. And TV obeyed Betty Friedan [pbuh] perfectly until KKK Hitler Murdoch came along and recognized Mr Bradley's basic wisdom. Until 1990 all announcers were ugly ignorant male Communists. Now, post-Murdoch, we have a mix of pretty girls and screechy fags, but they're still ignorant Communists. Some things never change.
Monday, July 18, 2016
  Why it's necessary

Browsing again. Last time I looked, nothing worthy was listed. This time I found a proper 'hands-on' project and funded it. A teacher was requesting funds for something called Rekenrek. Hadn't heard of it, so looked it up... it's just a one-string abacus for mastering addition. Excellent idea.

While looking it up, came across a perfect illustration of what happens when you DON'T learn math with hands and eyes:

That clinched it. Had to buy Rekenreks for this teacher.
  In Babylon

Totally personal, just recording this for my own reference.

Was reading again about Babylonian legal and social structures. Interesting in terms of Natural Law, and interesting to see how little has changed in 7000 years.

Question popped up. What job would I have held in Babylon? Strip off all superficials of technology and tools, and get down to raw SKILLS. When I was young, what joblike activity really held my attention? Not what I enjoyed, or what I seemed to be good at. What job intrinsically compelled me to DO IT THE RIGHT WAY? What skill automatically forced me to COMPLETE THE TASK with good quality?

The answer caught me by surprise. Grading papers and processing McBee Cards for my father. For about two years he had me do all of his mechanical grading and record-keeping. I dug into that task decisively, pushing for PERFECTION. Both the grading and McBee-keying involved punching and clipping paper, which was a satisfying and decisive physical action.

Reminds me of ..... CUNEIFORM!

No doubt about it. In Babylon I would have been a Scribe, recording debts and transactions on clay. More or less a bookkeeper in modern terms.

(Later sidenote: A few months ago I pictured Polistra as an ancient scribe when discussing the history of math and writing. I wasn't thinking consciously about this personal connection with the act of engraving or incising, but it was obviously there.)

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  What are they trying to do?

The low-budget syndicated network USA Radio News has always sounded low-budget. Previously they were trying to mimic Fox, with the same fake focus on "right-wing" stuff provided by RNC's daily emails.

This week they've adopted a new sound that I can't figure out. It's a mix of the Fox-fake stuff with a COMPLETELY random assortment of stories from everywhere. A fire in Brooklyn, a golf-cart accident in Richmond. Their announcers are talking into an old speakerphone with loose wires and corroded plugs, sitting in a rolling travel trailer with a malfunctioning air conditioner. Reminds me of the way low-power student FM stations sounded in the '50s.

There's NO WAY you can sound this bad with any type of modern technology. Every Youtube vlogger sounds MUCH better than this, with the forgivable exception of deaf girls who can't monitor their own sound. Even I can sound better with my Campbell's Condense/d/r Soup Microphone.

You have to TRY HARD to sound that bad.


Oh. Got it. AP. Just as BLM makes black people look horrible and ISIS makes Muslims look horrible, USA Radio News is designed to make Repooflicans sound horrible. Disorganized loose-wired trailer trash. It's all there in my description, isn't it?

Update a couple months later: Found out that USA Radio is run by Floyd Brown. That explains it. Floyd is already well known as a false-flag operator assigned to make "conservatives" look horrible.

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  When did this change?

I'm reading an old-car book while eating breakfast as usual.

One theme popped out of a book on the '30s: Innovation started in the middle, not the top or bottom. The base models of Chevy and Ford were simply last year's car. The Deluxe models got this year's new styling and improved engines. Superexpensive cars like Stutz and Duesenberg and Pierce didn't change at all. They were 5 years behind. When Packard introduced its middle-class 120 model, the 120 got new features like independent front suspension and hydraulic brakes. The senior limos had to wait.

Now we expect innovation to start from the top. Early adopters are rich and high-status. In the auto world, Tesla proves the point.

This article on the start of the Net, like most such articles, follows the modern assumption and completely omits CompuServe. The article traces the high-status Berkeley and EU academics who "invented" the Net, totally ignoring the millions of CServe users who were ALREADY ENJOYING all the features of the modern Net when the academics finally got around to "inventing" those features. When CServe users were forcibly switched to the HTTP net, we felt downgraded. The REAL CHANGE happened after 2005 when broadband connections made video possible. It wasn't the protocol, it was the hardware.

CompuServe marked the end of the old "middle first" innovation rule. (Neither way is absolute, but both are pretty fair generalities.)

What caused the shift?

Before 1980, PROFIT drove corporations. Giving a new development to the top end won't amortize it. Each sale has high profit, but quantities are low. Giving it first to the base loss leader model won't amortize either, because the loss leader has near zero profit. You want to start with the second tier, the Pontiac or Mercury level, where quantity times unit profit will pay down the development costs.

After 1980, SHARE VALUE drives corporations. Amortizing no longer depends on profit; it's solely in the stock sales. Middle-class people don't buy stocks. High-status people buy stocks, so that's where you focus your buzz and sizzle.

Come to think of it, we no longer have a Pontiac or Mercury. Nuff said.

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Decided to read the 28 pages. The contents don't strike me as new or interesting. What's interesting is the ABSENT info.

28 says that FBI was not focusing on Saudi connections before 9/11. Not true. FBI agents were watching plenty of Saudis who appeared to be working with Osama. The San Diego connection has been discussed thoroughly before.

28 draws specific connections to Saudi intel officers. Okay. What about US intel officers? Saudi is our "ally", which means Saudi intel, US intel, and Israeli intel often work together.

Interesting sentence: A representative of the FBI's redacted testified in closed hearings that prior to 9/11 the FBI "received no reporting from any member of the Intelligence Community" that there is a redacted presence in the US.

When you "receive no reporting" from intel, you're saying that the item "not reported" is true.

= = = = =

Start with two simple facts.

1. Sheikh Osama was a CIA asset. That's how he became powerful and militarized.

2. The bin Laden family is important in Saudi. They have lots of government connections because Saudi, like USA, is an oligarchy.

From those two facts, you would expect a full story about Osama-related activities to mention lots of US intel connections and lots of Saudi government connections.

This report mentions the latter. The former may be in the redactions, but I doubt it. The sentences don't read that way.

Add the jaunty assurance from current Saudi officials that this is nothing to worry about.

Reasonable conclusion: These pages are a distraction, a "look over there!"
Sunday, July 17, 2016
  Happy 75, Jeep!

Polistra in her Bantam (Jeep's mom) and Happystar in an original Jeep salute Jeep on its 75th birthday.

The anniversary is in November, but I really wanted to mark a corporate decision by Chrysler to EXPAND the Willys plant. While other parts of the US auto industry are failing or moving overseas, the Willys plant in Toledo just keeps going and slowly growing.

Both the car and the company are remarkably patient. The car's external design has remained recognizable, with only gradual changes, since 1941. Nothing else matches it. VW lost this race a long time ago. The internal configuration preserved a good 1933 setup through dozens of fashionable changes by other carmakers. When others were finally ready to return to sanity, Willys showed the way.

The company is remarkable in a different way. Most mergers fail, and many mergers involve 'poison pills' in one direction or the other. The company being swallowed forces the swallower to pay more than it should, or more commonly the swallower loads down the prey with lethal debt. Willys is the opposite: a vitamin pill. It has been swallowed four times (cumulatively, like the old fishy foodchain cartoon), and each time it SAVED the outermost swallower from failure.

Jeep even rescued a piece of Studebaker. In '64 when the Studie corporate structure collapsed, a separate defense-contract plant in South Bend was still working on active contracts. Kaiser, the current holder of Willys, bought the plant and continued the contracts. Kaiser then used the plant for its own Jeep-based gummint work. When AMC bought Kaiser in '70, it continued running the old Studie plant, making post office Jeeps, buses, and Humvees. The plant is still running under the name AM General, no longer connected to any auto company.

Happy birthday, patient vitamin Jeep!



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