Sunday, January 31, 2016
  Why self-driving cars are a WONDERFUL idea.

The best thing about robot drivers is that they never get drunk. They're always perfectly functional.

Totally superior to mere humans......
  Why did they .... oh.

Parallel to previous item on optimists.

The Establishment continues to help Trump, OPposing him while EXposing their own idiocy. As he continues to gather support from normal humans, the elites are doubling down on the reasons for normal humans to support him, and they STILL can't figure it out.

Two columns this morning, similar in focus, both providing nice Self-Explanatory Sentences.

In UK Telegraph, doubled-down headline:

Donald Trump is the Mussolini of America with double the vulgarity

The only time I met Donald Trump told me all I needed to know. It was at an American Red Cross dinner-dance to raise money to fight cancer, held at his opulent Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach a few years ago. It was of course extremely generous of him to lay on the place gratis for the night –

Okay, so you were happily partaking of Trump's "vulgarity" without paying.

You just told us all we need to know about you.

= = = = =

From Maureen Dowd:

So what would happen if Donald Trump, a clinical narcissist with a thin skin, touchy temperament and taste for flattery, got into the Oval Office? I call Trump to tell him my fears.

Okay, he's a narcissist.

You just told us that you can call him and he will answer your calls. Who's the narcissist again?


  Why didn't they .... oh.

The constant sponsor for those 1950s FBI radio shows was Equitable Assurance. Typically for that era, the ads for each episode were written and narrated along with the script, not prepackaged clips. Equitable featured three different 'custom plans' in these episodes, more or less rotating per week. One plan was adjustable life, designed to expand with increasing income.

One specific pitch for this plan:

Next Tuesday is income tax day. Here in America there are many men and women who, as they drop their returns in the mailbox, will say to themselves "It won't be long before I'll be paying tax on a bigger income. And sooner or later, I'm going to make the TOP BRACKET.1 I'm on the way UP!"

Is that the way you feel? Is your confidence in your future success unshakeable? Then you'll be interested in Equitable's Plan For Men And Women On The Way Up.

The ratshit about Unlimited Opportunity has always been a main feature of USA STRONG. You still hear it today. Maybe it was valid in 1952. I dunno.

The 'non-commercial' part of these episodes always began and ended with a moralistic lecture on Crime And Criminals. A recurrent theme of these lectures was:

Criminals come in all shapes and sizes and ages, but one thing they have in common is an unshakeable confidence in their success. They know they won't get caught. They know the Big Heist is waiting in the future.

Hmm. If I'm a Man And2 Woman On The Way Up, wouldn't I notice that my characteristics are criminal characteristics? And if I'm a criminal, wouldn't I notice that my unshakeable confidence could be applied to a career with less chance of ending in jail?

No. Optimistic people don't notice those things.

= = = = =

**Footnote 1: This sentence would be illegal now. Looking at higher taxes as an indication of higher status is not permitted. Paying taxes is for the Little People, not for the Chosen.

**Footnote 2: This sentence would have used or in 1952, but of course and is the only legally permissible conjunction in this sentence now.


Saturday, January 30, 2016
  Another Edufad

Obama proposes spending 4 billion to bring "computer science" to schools.

First, it's not "computer science". "Computer science" is a useless pile of theories about NP Completeness and Massive Parallelism. Has nothing to do with coding or actually using computers.

Aside from terminology, it's redundant and pointless.

Redundant: Schools are already doing a GOOD JOB of bringing computers into normal school activities. Common Core pushes hard in this direction, with the correct context.

Pointless: Fed money pumped into education is ALWAYS wasted. Schools will buy lots of iPads and iPods and iWhatevers, which will sit in storage. Apple will make lots of money. The purchases will inevitably flow through Die-Verse Wymyn And Minority Contractpersons, which are inevitably corrupt shell companies fronted by a Wymyn or a Vibrant but actually run by sleazy Chosens.

In other words, several Democrat constituencies will make money, and nothing will improve in the classroom.

And that's why Obama is proposing this.

Bit later: Grumpiness drove me to put a little money where my mouth is. Went to, waded through a couple hundred proposals that were just seeking iPads, found a proposal that involved GRAPHING, and funded it. This teacher has the right idea and seems to know how to get there.


  Malheur, completeness, something

For the sake of internal integrity or completeness or something, I ought to comment briefly on the Malheur protest.

I've made a strong point of defending the 'anti-government' side in the Weaver and Waco cases. Can't do it here. The difference is clear and sharp. Weaver and Koresh were living their own lives, out in the country without near neighbors. They were NOT COMMITTING ANY CRIMES, not starting any fights. BATF decided for its own infinitely evil purposes to COMMIT A CRIME. After BATF committed the crimes, BATF mounted a rapidly escalating war against the victims of the crimes, followed by FBI and Delta Force killing a whole bunch of Christians. BATF got what it wanted, a bunch of dead Christians. Pogrom.

This current case is reversed. The Bundys were jailed for TRESPASSING on federal land to start backfires. The feds made a stupid mistake by jailing the ranchers, but nevertheless the ranchers did COMMIT A CRIME. Without any stings or agents provocateurs, they STARTED THE FIGHT. The later protesters were TRESPASSING on federal property again. In this case FBI gave them plenty of room, plenty of chances to stop trespassing. They stayed. Result was unfortunate but inevitable.


Friday, January 29, 2016
  Okay, hi-tech is good sometimes.

Dentist yesterday. I had chipped off a bicuspid and needed a crown. Previously the crown procedure took a couple of weeks and at least two separate appointments. Drill off bad stuff, form mold, make crude plastic temp crown. Wait for the lab to make the proper crown, then return for gluing. Return again for adjustment.

New method is all in one long session. Dentist uses an acoustic (or laser?) sensor to scan the shape of the residual tooth after drilling; then he does a bit of screen graphics to fill in where the missing parts should be; then a CNC milling machine forms up the new crown in porcelain. Immediately glued in.

New process is a little more painful than the old, but the result is DRAMATICALLY better. With the old method my tongue could tell that the crown was FOREIGN, and the tongue kept checking the Migrant Dreamer's ID card over and over. Even after the readjust, it was still a Migrant Dreamer. Never assimilated.

This new one is EXACTLY the same as the original tooth, it chews and flosses without needing any adjustment, and my VIRULENT XENOPHOBE FASCIST BUFFOON tongue is happy.


  Difficult pick

Cruz is showing some courage in continuing to stand against the ethanol subsidy. His position is correct for many reasons, but not for the reason he cites: "Government shouldn't pick winners and losers."

Sounds good, but in fact every government policy picks winners and losers. The proper question is HOW AND WHY we're picking. Are we picking solely for political party benefit, or solely to benefit a favored corporation? Or are we picking to satisfy a long-term goal of maintaining human capital?

On every national question I ask What Did FDR Do? Not what WOULD he do, because FDR faced the same problems we have now, and found a solution to most of them THROUGH EXPERIMENTATION. We have REAL ACTUAL FACTUAL DATA about all important questions, not just my stupid extrapolations and assumptions.

Turns out FDR was against the '30s version of ethanol, called Agrol. And here it gets difficult for me, because my other two heroes were the strongest pushers of Agrol.

According to this account, Henry Ford was a major advocate of Agrol as part of a larger project called Farm Chemurgy. He saw Agrol and soybean-derived plastics as ways for farmers to produce more, and presumably as new and controllable sources for products his company needed. GW Carver was also for Agrol because his life goal was to find new uses for farm products.

Why was FDR against Agrol? He was looking toward long-term stability of farm markets. Anything that caused farmers to OVERPRODUCE corn and soybeans would drop the income of GOOD farmers, and would bring quick-buck operators, speculators, and BAD farmers into the mix. He was in the middle of SOLVING the Depression and Dust Bowl, direct results of overproduction triggered by Wilson's WW1 government programs. Didn't need a new source of overproduction.

So. All three of my favorite people. Two are for it, one against. Have to go with FDR on the basis of long-term purpose. Ford's purpose was self-serving and corporate. Carver's purpose was unfortunately obsolete. He wanted to make Southern crops more profitable to increase employment of Southern blacks, but Ford had already accomplished the latter goal, making Carver's solution unnecessary.

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Thursday, January 28, 2016
  Saluting Persia

Polistra and friends salute Patient Persia.

When you're an eminently sane and sophisticated country, with great natural resources, and with a YOUNG SMART HIGHLY EDUCATED population, wouldn't you think the world would want you to be part of the action?

Nope. For 30 years the Western world kept Persia in exile, solely because Our Most Noble Lord And Prophet Binyamin Netanyahu had clanging crashing screeching voices in his tiny filthy grotesque vermin-infested calvarium that told him "PERSIA IS BAD MKAY".

For mysterious reasons, the Obama administration finally decided to parole Persia from Our Prophet's private psychotic nightmare.

Now that Patient Persia has been paroled, it's not losing any time. The window of freedom could close at any moment, so Persia is lining up a quick series of faits accomplis. Alliance with Russia, the other big exile; deals with Italy and France to set up manufacturing plants in Persia; deals with China to supply oil.

Trying to lock in as many contracts as possible, so Persia's young and talented population will be commercially and legally indispensable.


Our primary salute really belongs to Obama and Kerry for mysteriously commuting the sentence, but we've already saluted them directly. The ONE GOOD THING that Obama has done, and it's a BIG GOOD THING.

This secondary salute is to Patient Persia for knowing how to be IMPATIENT when it counts. Most people and countries squander similar opportunities, either failing to recognize the proper course of action, or failing to get UP AND RUNNING, or just not giving a fuck about the welfare of their OWN PEOPLE.


  Liked plumbing

Another Topeka 'urban renewal' picture from KSHS. This was from a 1936 FDR project, not a '60s LBJ project.

Is that an AIR CONDITIONER in 1936? Can't be. Zooming in on the original pic, the answer is No. It seems to be a wooden box mounted on the window. It has ROOTS growing out of the bottom but not reaching the ground. Maybe it was meant as a food cooler in winter, then neglected? /// No, after a better look those 'roots' are just part of a super-ragged fence that's closer to the camera and out of focus.

But wait, there's more. Look at the gutters and downspouts on both houses. Fantastic plumbing, meant to carry all the water into the clay pipe, thence presumably into a gravel sump. But the complexity of the plumbing, and the nearly horizontal slopes, would guarantee permanent clogs. But that's OK; the gutter doesn't have an endplate so none of the water will enter the downspout anyway.

These two houses must have been owned by a man who enjoyed working with pipes but didn't enjoy working with wood. Look at all the plumbed fences and the undefined tall pipe structures for the left house. They're not clotheslines because the house also has a regular clothesline holding shirts. I get the sense that the left house is a semi-pro laundry. Maybe these pipelines are for rugs.

And that's only half of the action. You could write a book from these two pictures, but a 2016 book and a 1936 book would be worlds apart. 2016 book would be something like "Badwaters: Environmental Injustice Privileges Institutional Racism, Sexism, and Ableism," identical to all other Critical Theory Dissertations. 1936 book would be something like "Stupid man with a camera is putting numbers all over our yard so they can kick Mama and Aunt Pearl out of their houses. Let's see if we can splash his camera and ruin it."


  Tanh, decumulate, accumulate

Professor Polistra is showing a tanh curve as always. But atypically it's a tanh inverted on x.

Represents a common phenomenon that deserves better understanding.

Current example is the gradual melting of snow on streets and roofs. Over the last few weeks, Spokane has been on the happy side of El Nino, with temps slightly above freezing (35/29) and frequent rain and fog. We started this period with heavy snow everywhere. About 10 inches on untouched cold spots, maybe 6 inches on most roofs. For the first 2/3 of this period of steady slight warmth, snow height remained nearly constant. Suddenly everything melted to near zero, then the few remaining deep patches melted.

What happened at the sudden drop? Clearly there's a critical threshold where the few open patches have enough "influence" to "infiltrate" the average areas. But I don't know what "influence" and "infiltrate" mean in specific thermodynamic terms. Are the few open patches picking up sunlight? Gathering rain which spreads and undercuts the average areas?

Clearly a large area with NO melted patches is much harder to melt.

A similar process happens in the other direction with leaf accumulation on a roof, or leaves forming dams in a street gutter or creek. When leaf input is insufficient to form "islands", wind and water can carry away all the leaves. When input exceeds carryoff even briefly, the resultant "islands" are able to trap more leaves, resulting finally in complete coverage or complete damming.

Boiling water follows the same pattern, though the notion of accumulation doesn't work the same way.

Spreading of an idea, or mob action. Steady heat of idiocy causes nothing, until a few islands of venting vapor start to accumulate more bubbles.

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  Wrong from start to finish

My bedtime playlist is mainly episodes of This Is Your FBI from around 1950. The scripts were realistic depictions of human nature, including the distinct criminal nature. But the moral of the story, and the moralistic lecture from the announcer, were pure lethal ratshit.

Tonight's first episode was about a protection racket. The script was trying to show what happens when you don't tell the cops about the racket.

Moralistic lecture: You need to clean up your local governments by voting for reformers, because dictatorships always start from local government failures.

= = = = =

Wrong from start to finish.

Telling the truth about ANYTHING is a good way to get shot or jailed. The protection rackets own the government. Rackets R Us. Ask Daleiden or Snowden.

"Voting" for a "reformer" candidate is useless. No matter what the "reformer" says, he will carry on the same corruption as before. At city level he will end up serving Bloomberg. Federally, he will end up serving Goldman. Both "parties" run the same criminal rackets.

"Voting" for a referendum to reform the behavior of governments is even more futile. The black-robed demons, both state and federal, will cancel the referendum and replace it by an even worse crime than before.

Dictatorships rarely start from local government failures. They start with power-mad lunatics in the central or imperial government. It's usually an external input, not a local failure, that gives the lunatics a pretext for total takeover. Obvious with Hitler. Not so obvious with Lenin because we've been covering it up. Our occupation of Russian territory in support of the Mensheviks (the War of Intervention) made it easier for Lenin to associate the Mensheviks with foreign invasion. More recently, the external input by our own agent Sheikh Osama made it easier for Bush/Obama to consolidate Wilsonian power. Currently in EU, external input from "migrants" generated by US/UK/EU invasions of Arab lands makes it possible for EU to consolidate its power.
Wednesday, January 27, 2016

As I was eating my 'second breakfast', a bowl of broth with barley and macaroni, I was surprised by a water-flow sound. I'm a sloppy eater, but this was different from the normal dripping back into the bowl. Sounded like a strong stream, like a faucet flow. Huh?

Took a close look. Liquid was in fact being pumped from the spoon to the bowl by a mini-siphon. One macaronus was laying across the edge of the spoon, with both open ends pointing downward. Apparently the siphon had been started by pulling the spoon out of the bowl, and it flowed steadily and forcefully until the spoon was empty.

Nature does wondrous things when you pay attention.

More precisely, Nature does wondrous things whether you pay attention or not. You can add a bit of wondrosity to your life by paying attention.

= = = = =

Couple days later: Made the siphoroni happen on purpose. The stream flows for several seconds, so I was able to get a usable picture!

= = = = =

Later: This picture inspired a larger metaphor.


  Special language update

Professor Polistra was so wildly impressed by this coinage that she decided to run a special one-word Language Update.

The context is an article by Charles Hefling on the quasi-schism between US/UK Satans and African Christians in the Anglican mess. Article itself is sort of technical and insiderish, but the neologism unquestionably wins Word Of The Year. Perfectly apt, perfectly evocative.
From this assembly there went out a communiqué that may or may not portend significant changes in what is for the moment the only officially Anglican church in the U.S., namely the Episcopal Church. According to early reports, and not a few recent ones, TEC has been demoted, plutoed as it were. It may still orbit the Canterbury sun, but it doesn’t count as a genuine Anglican planet.
Simply beautiful.



Just connected something.

Reading accounts of the Arab antics in EU countries (eg Cologne, Sweden, Denmark) reminded me of the case where I served as juror in 2014. It's the same damn thing on a smaller scale, and the media are equally determined to cover it up in both cases.

What we learned from witnesses: This particular Saudi asshole was far from unique. The bouncers and dancers at local clubs were thoroughly familiar with Arab dickheads ganging up and getting handsy with the local girls. It was a constant problem. This asshole went too far, getting handsy in a context where it wasn't expected and using more violence than usual. He was also easy to recognize: tall, lean, sharp-faced, Marfan type. Didn't look like the usual square-rigged Arab. So he ended up in court, partly to serve as an example for the rest of the gang.

Extrapolating: It's clear that Arabs have a habit of sending troublesome young dudes on a Wanderjahr in EU or US. Locally, the Wanderjahr is set up under the pretext of college or ESL training, which gives local businesses a motive to keep it running. The young dudes have the impression that non-Arab girls are just waiting to be fucked by a Real Man. This may be true, but the Arab methods don't serve their purpose.

In this case just as in EU, the media collaborate with government in covering up the genetic component. The cops in both places also know what's going on, but they're not permitted to talk.

Moral of the story: The maximum genocide caused by "All Humans Are Identical" can be temporarily broken by observed reality, but only if the genocidal censorship is broken by an extreme event. Even then, the cultural and official response remains firmly planted in non-gene idiocy. EU monsters are taking two different fantastically stupid approaches: (1) Attributing these Arab tendencies to the Islamic ideology because all problems have to be caused by ideologies. (2) Trying to "retrain" the Arabs with childish cartoons, which is guaranteed to make things worse.

And as I noted before, all sides are forgetting the most basic fact about migrants or visitors or 'remittance men'. Anyone who leaves Country X, voluntarily or forcibly, is BY DEFINITION not a good example of Country X. He feels like a misfit in Country X, or the more ordinary natives of X have banished him for good reason.


Tuesday, January 26, 2016
  The Official Name

Always interesting to watch a cultural translation. American stuff often spreads, but the same names or products have a different feel in their new homes.

My favorite example is the Willys Aero, a GOOD car that failed here and succeeded in Brazil. In USA STRONG the Aero was just another compact that sold for only three years. In Brazil it sold for 20 years as a near-luxury car roughly equivalent to the Buick class. It improved technically and stylistically, acquired leather and wood interiors, and even spawned a limo model.

A couple years ago the Weather Channel started naming winter storms. I had fun with the practice. Here in USA STRONG nobody considers the names to be official, and the media in NY and DC didn't use the name Jason for this week's blizzard. Now that it has crossed the Atlantic as a warm hurricane-like storm, the Brit media are specifically saying that Storm Jason is "the official name", and they're using the name heavily in headlines.

The perfect example of why the "Climate Change" scam was invented.

Idiotic idiots built apartments on top of a VERTICAL SOIL CLIFF in Pacifica, Calif. The VERTICAL SOIL CLIFF is next to THE OCEAN.

Can we predict what will happen? No, of course not. Nobody expected this, nobody could have predicted this. It's Global Warming. It's El Nino. Never happened before Exxon committed Original Sin.



Only USA STRONG thinks we can ignore plain old fucking Nature and build on top of a VERTICAL FUCKING CLIFF without FALLING OFF. Only USA STRONG thinks we can sue the oil companies and the coal companies and everyone who isn't COOL to pay for our infinite negative "intelligence".

The mostest mostest STRONGEST STRONGEST STRONGEST STRONGEST STRONGEST of the STRONG STRONG STRONG STRONG STRONGs are refusing to leave their idiotic fucking apartments. Apparently they think OUR MOST HOLY LORD AND SAVIOUR BARACK OBAMA SHALL ROLL BACK THE TIDES by shipping all jobs to China. Good fucking luck, STRONGS. I'll piss on your idiot fucking graves.

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  Minsky RIP

Marvin Minsky was among the pioneers of artificial intelligence, but his BIG idea never got developed properly. He was working with ANALOG devices that directly simulated neurons. All the money is in digital supercomputers, so the analog line has been largely abandoned except for some work by Carver Mead. A lot of the work on Perceptrons and similar devices in the '50s and '60s was in Russia. I wouldn't be surprised if it continued and advanced quietly; Russian military and intel types have wisely hesitated to adopt overcomplicated and hackable digital methods.

The digital version of AI ... software that can adjust its own code and constants to work better ... can do lots of useful tasks, but isn't really intelligence by any proper definition. No matter how big and fast the CPU gets, it still can't approximate the near-infinite layers of SIMULTANEOUS AND SMOOTH feedback in an animal or plant. It's self-defeating. Can't have both. A digital system needs more hardware and code to approach smoothness. The more it tries to approximate analog behavior, the more it sprawls, requiring longer transit time between its pieces.

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  Patient things 2

Brief thought. In previous item, mentioned the incipient counterempire of Russia and Persia and China.

Russia and Persia belong in the category of Patient Things like books or propane or bicycles.

China doesn't fit this metaphor, though it's patient in different ways.

Russia and Persia have been 'in storage' for considerable periods after USA STRONG smashed them. For Russia the storage began in 1990, for Persia 1979. Both are culturally sane and sophisticated. Russia has been economically self-sufficient for a long time; Persia was more dependent on trade but learned how to be independent during the exile.

Now that USA STRONG is imploding from its own infinite hyperevils, Russia and Persia are coming out of exile and connecting for mutual advantage. They're ready when the world needs them.


Monday, January 25, 2016
  That's it, that's all, we're done.


Planned Parenthood cleared by Texas jury over videos, activists indicted

That's it. That's all.

Truth is illegal. Facts are criminal. Murder is rewarded.

USA is total crime, total sin, total evil.

USA is the worst thing that ever existed.

That's it. That's all.

We need to be obliterated.

Putin! Take out the whole continent. Now.

= = = = =

Later and slightly cooler: I need to refocus on this picture I posted earlier today.

Need to learn from that old dude who knows how to live inside a collapsing structure. Got coffee. Got food. Got warmth in the winter. Got the money to pay for it. Life is good.

Also need to remember that those evil empires are collapsing faster than the restaurant. EU is cooked in its own evil juices. Beyond recovery. USA STRONG's empire is getting busted by the incipient counterempire of Russia and Persia and China. The stock casinos have reached a saturation point. Their imaginary linear expansion turns out to be a good old natural sine wave after all, and nothing they can do will stop it. Many of the tech-tyrants will be finished by this natural sine wave. Big media are cooked. Big churches are cooked. Decentralized counterempires are taking over each of those areas.

And finally, when an evil empire commits a SPECTACULARLY EVIL CRIME like this one, all sorts of people who were not motivated before will get motivated. Results unknown, but likely to get highly interesting.

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  Reliable genocide

Occasionally I peek at Antiscientific Antiamerican just to count the Carbon Cult shit. Sure enough, 1/3 of the main headlines are Gaian genocide.

This headline has nothing to do with Gaia, but it illustrates AA's continuous boosting of the MOST DANGEROUS anti-scientific idea, which has killed far more millions than the Carbon Cult.

10,000-Year-Old Massacre Does NOT Bolster Claim that War Is Innate

Prima facie loony. "X is innate" doesn't mean the organism does X all the time like breathing. It means that X is an available response to certain situations. The evidence of an early war indicates with 100% certainty that war is an innate human response.

For clarity: Plants sometimes flower when stressed. The fact that they CAN do this tells us that flowering is an innate talent of plants.

Humans NEVER create flowers in a stressful situation. We hide or run or make war. Flowering is NOT an innate talent of humans. War is.

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  Proofreaders adrift

Proofreaders have drifted away from hot-lead traditions.

I thought at first this was the Cyrillic variant ћ but it's just a kern-collision.

This sideswipe would have been physically impossible in hot lead, and it's still improper, and still rare, in digital. An alert proofreader would have added a space.

A bit later: No, I shouldn't blame the proofreader. It's a badly designed font. Failed to account for the situation where you have italic chars at only one end of parens. If both parens had been switched to italic, the problem would have moved to the left paren, but would still be a problem.
  Soul face, Parkinson face

Why are Trump and Sanders winning?

Aside from the basic point that both are telling the truth once in a while, I think there's a more visual or personal quality that unites them.

Both have FACES.

After years of working with computer graphics, and years of dealing with anatomy, I have a pretty good sense of what it takes to animate a face.

In CG terms, Trump and Sanders have non-default faces, while all the others are default. Locked at zero. Fresh out of the box. Nobody has adjusted any of the morphs on Cruz's face. Clutch Cargo.

In anatomical terms, Trump and Sanders have a normal display of emotions. Their muscles are responding correctly to what their souls are doing.

All the others seem to exhibit Parkinsonian 'flat affect'. (Parkinsonian in both senses!) Occasionally you'll see their faces being pulled mechanically by external vectors like focus groups or consultants or Sheldon Adelson, but the motion is out of sync and jerky.
  Mindfulness, 1962 model.

A more modern pic from the Kansas Historical Society. This was from the Topeka "urban renewal" effort in 1962. Some of the associated pics are houses that didn't deserve to be torn down. Solid and straight.

But this one is a building that unquestionably deserved demolition; it was ready to demolish itself at any moment.



Note the old gentleman who knows how to live. He isn't bothered by the upstairs apartment that is preparing to join him, nor by the wiring that is preparing to burn the place down, nor even by the Nosy Nellie photographer. Got coffee. Got burger. Got money to pay for them. Life is good.

"Mindfulness" hadn't been invented yet, but he didn't need fancy words.
Sunday, January 24, 2016
  Why is equation unique?

Noticed a tagline in a science mag:

"Solving the Equation
Started the Conversation"

Hold on! That rhymes on paper, but doesn't really rhyme!

Hold on again! Equation is unique? Or is it?

Started running through some other tion words, and it sure as hell looks like equation is the only /ʒən/ among thousands of /ʃən/ words.

That can't be true. Nothing is so perfectly unique in English pronunciation?

Yes, it is true. It's been observed before, and there seems to be pretty good agreement that equation is alone.

But why? There's nothing unique about the neighboring vowels, and equation didn't get its tion accidentally. It was formed the same way as all the other tions.

Professor Polistra is trying to puzzle it out.


  Trump is Uber

It's odd ... well, not really, but for the sake of argument ... that the tech-tyrants hate Trump so much. He's doing exactly what they always recommend. Just like tech-tyrant favorites Uber and Netflix, Trump saw a stagnant industry that was offering nothing but lethal shit at high prices. He came along and DISRUPTED the industry. He offered a product that COULD BE non-shit. We still don't know what's in the box but at least the label is unique.

  while (93==16) { delete($); delete(#); }

The above title isn't proper C or JS, but it abbreviates a recommendation and a warning. The Populists of 1893 gave up too easily and proposed inadequate solutions. They wanted to modify the tax system or modify the gold standard. Populists of 2016 will be equally fruitless if they stick with symbolic or legalistic remedies like "auditing the Fed." Democracy does not exist. Due process is surrender. THUGPOWER works.

If we want (93!=16), we need to apply more direct solutions, copying FDR to some extent.

delete($); Nobody in '93 actually PUNISHED or CLOSED feral capitalists. FDR did both. Closed down fraudulent banks and made new laws to deter new counterfeiters.

delete(#); Nobody in '93 succeeded in destroying the REPUTATIONS of the feral capitalists. J. Pierpont Morgan continued to acquire and ruin companies. He especially loved to ruin companies that followed the Social Economics model, treating employees right. Nobody had the guts to resist his purchases, because his victims knew the media and public wouldn't take their side.

A modern Populist leader needs to do all of the above.

Following on this and this.

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Saturday, January 23, 2016
  93 = 16

The conditions that led up to the Panic of 1893 also led to the election of a true Populist governor in Kansas. Populists elected a majority of legislators as well, but the Repoofs refused to recognize them and continued to meet. (Does this sound familiar?) Through Feb 93, both groups were occupying the same House in the Capitol, carrying on business in parallel and ignoring each other like two tomcats. The Populist governor, Lorenzo Lewelling, ordered the Repoofs to disband, but the Supreme "Court", serving the rich as always, ordered the Populists out, and won the battle. (Does this sound familiar?)

Lewelling wasn't discouraged. He continued to serve his people.

In December he wrote this executive order. The KSHS has preserved the original typescript, clearly typed by Lewelling himself with his own handwritten corrections. You can see where he was most passionate. Can't see that in a computer text.

I don't necessarily agree with all the points, but I agree ferociously with the spirit. Decided to transcribe it as an act of homage or something. His prose approaches Biblical in places.
In the reign of Elizabeth the highways were filled with the throngs of the unemployed poor, who were made to "move on", and were sometimes brutally whipped, sometimes summarily hanged, as "sturdy vagrants" or "incorrigible vagabonds".

In France just previous to the revolution, the punishment of being poor and out of work was, for the first offence, a term of years in the galleys, for the second offence, the galleys for life.

In this country, the monopoly of labor-saving machinery and its devotion to selfish instead of social use, have rendered more and more human beings superfluous, until we have a standing army of the unemployed numbering even in the most prosperous times not less than one million able bodied men; yet until recently it was the prevailing notion, as it is yet the notion of all but the people themselves, that whosoever is able bodied and willing to work can always find work to do, and section 571 of the general statutes of 1889 is a disgraceful reminder how savage even in Kansas has been in our treatment of the most unhappy of our human brothers. [Does this sound familiar?]

The man out of work and penniless, is by this legislation, classed with "confidence men." Under this statute and city ordinances of similar import, thousands of men guilty of no crime but poverty, intent upon no crime but seeking employment, have languished in the city prisons of Kansas or performed unrequited toil on "rock piles" as municipal slaves, because ignorance of economic conditions has made us cruel. [Does this sound familiar?]

The victims have been the poor and humble for whom police courts are the courts of last resort. They cannot give bond and appeal. They have been unheeded and uncared for by the busy world which wastes no time visiting prisoners in jail. They have been too poor to litigate with their oppressors, and thus no voice from this underworld of human woe has ever reached the ear of the appelate court, because it was nobody's business to be his brother's keeper.

But those who sit in the seats of power are bound by the highest obligation to especially regard the cause of the oppressed and helpless poor. The first duty of the government is to the weak. Power becomes fiendish if it be not the protector and sure reliance of the friendless to whose complaints all other ears are dulled. It is my duty to see that the laws are faithfully executed, and among those laws is the constitutional provision that no instrumentality of the state "shall deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws." And who needs to be told that equal protection of the law does not prevail where this inhuman vagrancy law is enforced? It separates men into two distinct classes, differentiated as those who are penniless and those who are not, and declares the former criminals. To be found in a city "without some visible means of support or some legitimate business", is the involuntary condition of some millions at this moment, and we proceed to punish them for being victims of conditions which we, as a people, have forced upon them. [Does this sound familiar?]

I have noticed in police court reports that "sleeping in a box car" is among the varieties of this heinous crime of being poor. Some police judges have usurped a sovereign power not permitted by highest functionaries of the states or of the nation, and victims of the industrial conditions have been peremptorily "ordered to leave town."

The right to go freely from place to place in search of employment, or even in obedience to a mere whim, is part of that personal liberty guaranteed by the constitution to every human being on American soil. If voluntary idleness is not forbidden; if a Diogenes preferred poverty; if a Columbus chose hunger and the discovery of a new race, rather than seek personal comfort by engaging in "some legitimate business", I am aware of no power in the legislature or in city councils to deny him the right to seek happiness in his own way, so long as he harms no other, rich or poor; but let simple poverty cease to be a crime.

In some cities it is provided by ordinance that if police court fines are not paid or secured the culprit shall be compelled to work out the amount as a municipal slave; and "rock piles" and "bull pens" are provided for the enforcement of these ordinances. And so it appears that this slavery is not imposed as a punishment but solely as a means of collecting a debt.

Such city ordinances are in flagrant violation of constitutional prohibition. The "rock pile" and the "bull pen" have only been used in degrading the friendless and poor, and are relicts of a departed auction-block era which have not ceased to disgrace the cities of Kansas.

And let the dawn of Christmas day find the "rock pile" and the "bull pen" and the crime of being homeless and poor, obsolete in all the cities of Kansas governed by the Metropolitan Police Act.

It is confidently expected that their own regard for constitutional liberty and their human impulses will induce police commissioners to carry out the spirit as well as the letter of the foregoing suggestions.

L.D. Lewelling, Governor.

What would a true Populist do in power? There's the answer.

= = = = =

Unfair but unavoidable sidenote: By typing the order himself, which was HIGHLY IRREGULAR in those times, Lewelling was "rendering more human beings superfluous." Part of the problem, not part of the solution. Maybe the Repoof bureaucrats were freezing him out as they did with the legislature, but in that case the more consistent and appropriate response would be to hire a private typist.

= = = = =

Later update: The ZeroHedge dudes are also seeing 1893 in the mirror.


  93 > 29?

Strong disclaimer: This is purely an IMPRESSION, not a data point. I don't know if it would stand up to numerical analysis.

Previously I've noted that the 1929 Depression, as viewed through my own ancestors and through Census data, didn't live up to its reputation.

Lately I've been reading about springs and spas, middle-class resorts in the 1800's. One thing that stands out sharply in this history, and also in general discussions of business and farms, is the Panic of 1893. Many of these resorts died in '93, and many farms and businesses as well. "Bankrupt in 1893" is a constant refrain. Those that pulled through '93 tended to be more upper-class.

1929 didn't seem to wipe out nearly as many local businesses in Okla and Kansas. Its effect was mainly on big corporations.

The next Major Extinction for local business began in 1980, when our economy switched purposes. Before 1980 most businesses tried to provide jobs and services and products. Since 1980 increasing share value is the only purpose, and the quickest way to increase share value is to cut jobs and stop producing. This Extinction continues and accelerates today.

Resulting impression: All three periods destroyed a broad range of jobs and businesses, but the focus is different. 1929 focused more on upper-class stuff. 1893 and the present mainly damaged lower and middle-class stuff.


  Thanks, Ralph 23

Headline: 'Panic' as Europe faces demise over refugees

Article does a good job on the underlying reasons for the idiot "WELCOMING AND LOVING" shit. When the natives have stopped reproducing, you have to bring in immigrants to keep the benefit Ponzi running. This can work well if the flow of immigrants is carefully throttled and filtered to minimize cultural friction.

Europe is currently doing the opposite. Even the elites understand that letting self-selected criminals pour into the country will not help the economy.

The article doesn't answer the obvious question. If the elites know that it won't work, why are they doing it? The only rational answer is: Because the elites hate their own people so violently that they want to kill their own people and replace them with a new population.

This won't work either, because the elites don't understand that

60 years ago there wasn't such a tremendous cultural gap between Africans and Euros, or between Arabs and Euros. Immigration worked better.

Who made the gap? Euros did. (Along with USA STRONG.) EU/US/UK have been accelerating ferociously away from Natural Law, away from facts, away from logic, away from real economics and real science. Arabs and Africans and the Soviet Bloc haven't moved much.

In simple terms the First World has gone bonkers, while the Second and Third Worlds have remained sane.

One consequence of our bonkerness is our failure to reproduce. We made children useless and then we made normal family life totally illegal. When families are outlawed, only outlaws will have families. (Or adults who live in small sane 'islands' like Mormon-controlled areas.)

Therefore: Rich fuckheads need to import lots of slaves to fulfill their goal of starving those horrible citizens, but the need for more slaves arises from the same terminal lunacy that makes it impossible to import more slaves.

Thanks, Ralph.

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Friday, January 22, 2016
  Not the same IQ 2

Half-baked thought. Still thinking about previous item on eugenics and negative morality. BBC is featuring Bill Gates, a tech-tyrant, speaking at Davos, the evil heart of negative morality. Gates says USA STRONG needs to do a lot more to WELCOME AND LOVE those Syrian Dreamers. He said Germany provided a good example that we should follow.


Negative morality spawns negative economics.

Gates could afford to build his own network of migrant camps, but he doesn't. Instead he wants ordinary people, already deprived of jobs by his long-term offshoring practices, to pay for the privilege of being raped and robbed. He brings in Hindooo programmers to starve American coders, and he brings in Syrian Dreamers to finish us off.

Positive morality tries to make criminals pay for being criminals. Money for money, injury for injury, death for death.

Negative morality makes the victim pay for being burgled or swindled or raped.

Negative morality makes the saver pay for being wise and rewards the borrower for being foolish.

It's all the same pattern.


  Not that kind of IQ

Eugenics types, currently represented by the tech-tyrants like Musk and Bezos, have always been worried about the LOW-IQ dark hordes of Africa.

They've always been wrong. Ever since eugenics became a trend in the 1880s, Orientals have been the overpopulators. India and China and Japan are HIGH-IQ places, beating out Euros by a long shot. In fact this battle is already done, and the eugenicists didn't really notice it.

Look at any abstract science lab. All Oriental. Look at Toyota. Samsung. Foxconn. Tata Steel. War's over, Orient won.

The Dark Hordes of Africa weren't the overpopulators in 1880. They've only started to sprawl in the last decade or so. They are definitely low on ABSTRACT IQ, but that should make them less of a threat, not more.

Why are the Dark Hordes a threat to people like Margaret Sanger and Elon Musk? Because they are high on MORAL IQ. That's what the eugenics types really fear, though it's not conscious because morality is totally beyond their comprehension**. Eugenics types have NEGATIVE MORAL IQ. Everything they do is not just amoral or immoral but VIOLENTLY DESTRUCTIVE of morality.

African moral rigor comes with a strong tendency for physical violence.

The perfect enemy of the elites. High negative moral IQ equipped with tremendous economic power meets high positive moral IQ equipped with numbers and physical force.

We're seeing the start of this battle now, in a wide variety of contexts. Boko Haram. ISIS. Anglican synods.

Should get interesting.

[Immediate followup in next entry.]

= = = = =

** Footnote: Negative-morality types do recognize positive morality, just as they recognize facts, logic, real science and real economics. Their response to all of those phenomena is the same. When presented with morality, facts, logic, science or economics, they spin their heads and vomit out a long tourettish string of words ending in ISM and PHOBIA. It's like a cat's lick button except that it's not funny.

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Thursday, January 21, 2016
  Filter feeder

Another delicious tidbit from the Kansas Historical Society archive.

This is an enlarged section from an 1887 plat map of the Argentine area of KCK. The enlargement is about where US69 crosses the Kaw now.

Early property speculators paid no attention to terrain and topography, but most of them didn't go this far. When the developer named his area Boatman's Addition, was he pulling an early version of the sucker filter that is now well known among Nigerian scams? Make the fraud so glaringly obvious that only GUARANTEED marks would buy?

I write a lot about shared lies, agreed-on lies. The strange parliamentary Robust Debate about shutting up Trump went several steps beyond the usual. It was a shared lie defending the need for shared lies.

All sides agreed firmly and totally on one basic purpose:

Truth is evil. Truth must be silenced.

They disagreed on the method.

One side said:

1. Truth is evil. Truth must be silenced. The best way to silence truth is to shut up and slaughter a famous man who occasionally speaks the truth.

Another said:

2. Truth is evil. Truth must be silenced. The best way to silence truth is to let this truth-teller speak, then identify and slaughter everyone who shows agreement with him.

Another said:

3. Truth is evil. Truth must be silenced. The best way to silence truth is to let this man speak, so anyone who might have thought about agreeing with him will automatically see the error of their ways and repent. We can then identify and slaughter those who don't repent.

Nobody said:

4. Truth should be heard because it's true.

Nobody said:

5. Silencing speech about truth drives truth into violent action.

4 and 5 are true, so naturally they are illegal and unsayable.


  Pointless effort

BBC and Torygraph are devoting 100% wild hysteria this morning to an "investigation" of a cold case that "proves" Russia killed one of its own spies who went rogue in Britain.

This will have no effect on Russia. It only shows, more clearly than ever before, the real dividing line in the modern world. It's no longer Commies vs Capitalists. Not even religious vs atheist, though that's a secondary factor here. (Putin is somewhat pro-Christian, which makes him even more anathema to the Satans of EU/US/UK.) The BIG division is nationalist vs borderless, self-defense vs suicide.

Putin's main purpose is to DEFEND HIS OWN COUNTRY, while the main purpose of EU/US/UK is to DESTROY THEIR OWN COUNTRIES.

Defending your own self or family or house or city or country is the WORST IMAGINABLE EVIL in the calvariums of EU/US/UK.

In this specific case, Putin did what any normal national leader should do, and what US/UK leaders formerly did before they went suicidally crazy. When one of your spies goes over to the other side, you stop him. You can't have him giving away internal secrets, and you don't want to encourage other spies to follow his path. Killing him isn't always the best way or the only way to stop him, but apparently Putin decided it was needed. It's not a threat to anyone except other Russian spies. It's certainly not a threat to Britain. In fact it's NONE OF THEIR FUCKING BUSINESS.


  A rare backdown


This bizarre set of hyperdelusions doesn't often reach public view. It showed up beautifully in recent weeks.

A satanic fuckhead named ROGNSTAD somehow worked its way into the position of Mayor. This satanic fuckhead has a remarkably complete and remarkably perfect record of fuckheadery. It checked every box on Satan's application form. Last month SATANIC FUCKHEAD ROGNSTAD decided to put the city on record as WELCOMING and LOVING some currently fashionable Dreamers from Syria, forgetting that the reason SATANIC FUCKHEAD ROGNSTAD was in Sandpoint in the first place was to get away from those WELCOMED AND LOVED Dreamers.

The normal and sane natives got wind of SATANIC FUCKHEAD ROGNSTAD's resolution and gave her/him/it a serious earful at a Council meeting. SATANIC FUCKHEAD ROGNSTAD wasn't impressed. Satan is never impressed by normal and sane humans. But the other CouncilPersons, though generally on Satan's side, weren't quite as pure in their orthodox ideology. They had other jobs where they occasionally had to deal with normal sane VIRULENT XENOPHOBE BUFFOONS despite their best efforts.

Amazing result: SATANIC FUCKHEAD ROGNSTAD officially BACKED DOWN. Officially withdrew the WELCOMING AND LOVING resolution.
Wednesday, January 20, 2016
  Must be a mistranslation

Subhead on a Time mag article about Davos:

The one thing on everybody's mind:

Most want to know when will the great revolution in technology actually deliver enough jobs.

Are these monsters just spewing out the usual propaganda, or are they REALLY that stupid? Self-deluded?

The "great revolution in technology" has exactly one purpose: To destroy jobs and destroy Unpersons. Kill the poor and enrich the Chosen. That's all. Never a mystery. All the Great Revolutionaries, from Steve Jobs to Elon Musk, have been TELLING US their purpose openly and explicitly. No more Negative Externalities. Only Musk and Bezos and Schmidt survive.

Asking when the Revolution will deliver jobs is like asking when a bomb will deliver a house. Bombs are designed to smash houses, not to build and deliver houses.

The syntax in the subhead is a little odd. Maybe it's simply mistranslated. Not jobs but Jobs. The Davos monsters are really asking when their messiah Steve Jobs will return from the grave. Makes more sense.

  Do you see? No.

Let's just look at a couple of headlines that happened to fall together on a webpage....

1. Islamic people who are INVADING BRITAIN (under orders of the British Government) must be WELCOMED, and any Brit who DARES to think negative thoughts about the INVADERS must be SLAUGHTERED.




  Calling Dr Sailer! Stat! (or Stats)

Canadian researchers dealing with heart attacks and 911 response found that high-rise apartments are deadly.
During the study period, 7842 cases of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest met the inclusion criteria, of which 5998 (76.5%) occurred below the third floor and 1844 (23.5%) occurred on the third floor or higher.

Survival was greater on the lower floors (4.2% v. 2.6%, p = 0.002). Lower adjusted survival to hospital discharge was independently associated with higher floor of patient contact, older age, male sex and longer 911 response time. In an analysis by floor, survival was 0.9% above floor 16 (i.e., below the 1% threshold for futility), and there were no survivors above the 25th floor.
This agrees solidly with one of Sailer's valid rules. High status means high altitude. Rich fuckheads enjoy being ABOVE THE RABBLE, even if it means death by Towering Inferno.

The first paragraph tells you that 3/4 of the heart attacks HAPPENED below the third floor, in the unhealthy riff-raff section of the status stack. [Rich people are healthier because high status means low stress, and because healthy and attractive people are more likely to get rich.]

But among the 1/4 that HAPPENED in the higher and healthier parts of the status stack, rescuers had much more trouble reaching them in time. The richest fuckheads were killed by their arrogance.

Thanks, Ralph.

Sidenote: The article doesn't give the reasons for these problems. Was it legal limitations on use of main elevators? Had to use low-speed freight elevators? Couldn't get all the equipment and stretchers in, so had to use stairs? Seems like an important set of info, but not stated. Given the MUCH larger variability in ambulance driving time, I find it hard to believe that 20 floors on a passenger elevator can account for those differences in success.

= = = = =

Update 1/23: BBC did a rare piece of actual journalism exploring the reasons for this. It's not really the height, it's purely and directly status and wealth. Richer people live higher, and ALSO live with hardass SECURITY. Rescuers responding to rich buildings have serious trouble getting INTO the buildings in the first place.


  Self-explanatory phrase

Polistra likes to collect terse and total statements. Self-explanatory sentences. Full biographies in one sentence.

Here's one of the shortest. In the context of an article about USA STRONG's longest pogrom, which started in 1840 and never stopped....
Opening arguments are scheduled Wednesday at a trial over allegations that two isolated towns on the Arizona-Utah line serve as the enforcement arm of a polygamous religious sect and discriminate against nonbelievers. ... Experts believe the trial will provide a rare glimpse into towns that for decades have been shrouded in secrecy and are distrustful of government and outsiders.
Distrustful of government. But these towns HAVE governments, and the pogrom is specifically against the governments of the towns. So the people are not distrustful of government.

Therefore: "Anti-government" means anti-Satan.

It means these towns, AND their own GOVERNMENTS, dislike the Feds because the Feds exist solely to create total chaos, ferocious destruction, million-scale genocide, and universal pogroms. These particular believers have the longest line of experience with Fed pogroms. Muslims and a much broader range of Christians are now learning the meaning of religious persecution and religious murder.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016
  El Nino in 4 digits has decided for some unknown reason that I want to see the weather for DC along with Spokane. This is slightly more sensible than its earlier decision to show me a city in Indonesia. Maybe. The only weather I want to see in DC is total obliteration, after some merciful soul drops 1000 Megatons on the East Coast. Putin! Have mercy on us! Get down to business! NOW!

Anyway, the pair makes a perfect picture of El Nino. This picture has been constant for a week. Spokane in mid 30s with rain, DC between 15 and 20 with snow. Reversed from the typical winter.
Monday, January 18, 2016
  The Great Interstate Canal

The Kansas Historical Society has a wonderful website similar to the Library of Congress resource.

As I was browsing through maps, bumped into this splendid piece of belated utopianism. It's a 1914 proposal for a canal running more or less along the Dry Line from Canada to Galveston. (Not too far from my recent idea for a giant railroad to replace barge traffic.)

The route:

Proposed by Mr JC Hopper of Ness City, which is pretty much self-explanatory....

On the horizon, glowing like the rising sun, is NESS CITY!!!!! CENTER OF THE KNOWN UNIVERSE! ALL ROADS LEAD TO NESS!!!

And there's old JC, looking portly and prosperous despite the Scotch Tape over his head.

In his hand is a scroll:

Peaceful homes are better than dreadnaughts.

Below him:

Internal improvements rather than external make a nation great.

Painted on the side of the canal:

Irrigation beats the standing army.

All a little clunky, but all ABSOLUTELY CORRECT.

We DESPERATELY need to relearn and reapply all three.

Well, what happened to the Great Interstate Canal? Nothing. This map was its only product. Hopper tried to interest the gov't, with no results. BUT: Twenty years later, when the Corps of Engineers started its major dam-building, it followed the same basic principle. Hold back water behind the Dry Line, to smooth out the irregular rainy periods and provide irrigation.

Bigger map here.

Apologetic sidenote: I shouldn't be snotty toward Ness City. I've been there. It's a pleasant place, and seems to be holding up better than most Plains towns.


  Thanks, Ralph 22

Bloomberg-sucking Copkiller Condon decided to neglect the most basic function of city government, making streets safe for cars and people. Hard mountains of ice have been piling up on side streets for a month.

Emersonian justice, aka Budget Karma, is already showing up, and the winter is only half over. Now that we have a temporary thaw, some of the ice mountains have melted, leaving valleys underneath.

Good old glacial subsidence.

I can see the same process on a smaller scale in my tiny front yard. I don't have a paved sidewalk, so I shovel a path through the grass. In the spots where I let snow and ice harden, my footsteps push the ice down. After it thaws, those spots are dips.

On the streets:

Cars hit the ice mountains, punching them down:

After thaw, the punched-down pavement stays down.

Well, Bloomberg's Best Little Bitchboy, you thought you were saving money for your next tithe to Your Lord And Prophet Bloomberg? Nope. You'll have to spend even more in the spring fixing all these deep valleys.


  How did they get away with it?

Just noticed an odd disconnect. The so-called Army is descending ever deeper into Satanic gender fluidity, but the PSA ads for Selective Service are strictly old-fashioned. They are aimed specifically at actual male BOYS who have actual female GIRLfriends, and they TELL THE TRUTH about relationships.

Approximate quote from one PSA: "Why register? Jobs require it. College requires it. Drivers license requires it. No registration = no job, no college, no car. Girlfriend dumps you."

You won't find that level of realism in anything else now, not "news" or "entertainment" or "commentary". Especially the candid statement of the role of money and status.

How did SSS get away with it?
  Sanders vs THUGPOWER

Sanders has laid out his Medicare For All plan. He proposes:
Under the Sanders proposal, health care would be paid for by a 2.2 percentage-point increase in the individual income tax, a new 6.2 percent health care payroll tax on employers, higher estate taxes on wealthy Americans and a “more progressive” tax code, including higher tax brackets for the wealthy.
In other words, a 9 percent increase above existing taxation.

Reprinting my own estimates in 2008:
Personal example: In the last few years before I semi-retired, say 1997-2002, my employer was deducting $300 a month for health insurance, which was about 9% of gross monthly pay. In addition, the employer deducted 6% for Medicare.

Thus I was paying 15% for mixed private-government health care. If my income had been smaller, the percent would have been larger because the $300 was constant, not a percentage. In other words, our health care tax is regressive.
In those "last few years" my income was about 50k/year, which was above median individual but about equal to median household income. So the percentages were fairly representative. After I semi-retired but before the crime of Romneycare doubled everything, I was paying $300 for individual coverage, which means the $300 "employee deduction" was probably the entire amount. The "employer contribution" was fake.

= = = = =

Comparing: I was paying 9 percent above existing Medicare taxation for the mixed system. Sanders proposes 9 percent above existing Medicare taxation for a single system. Seems realistic.

The French system imposes a 13 percent overall tax on everyone, and provides a service similar to current Medicare. Basically you pay for doctor visits and elective stuff, and the system pays everything else.

The most important part of single-payer is the word SINGLE. Under the French system, doctors don't have to play criminal games with a hundred insurance companies. They bill you directly, and you're responsible for filing a claim to the government if you want to. Hospitals don't have to play criminal games with a hundred insurance companies. They bill the government directly, and that's all.

Those gangster games are the real source of criminal inefficiency in our system. It's all about two-way THUGPOWER. Hospitals start by charging 10 times what they expect to receive. If you're uninsured, you're expected to pay this 10x amount. Of course you don't pay because you're uninsured; instead the hospital places a permanent lien against your life. If you are insured, the giant insurance company has enough THUGPOWER to pull the charge down to a realistic amount. There's no proper economics anywhere in the system, no supply and demand, no ordinary profit-vs-overhead. Just bullying by giant armies.
Sunday, January 17, 2016
  Cruz, Welby

Natural born, Anglican.

These disputes aren't really about morality or legality. Just trademarks and logic.

Anglican: If you're going to use a Christian trademark to gain cultural and tax advantage, you have to be a Christian. This means you have to FOLLOW THE FUCKING DOCUMENT. The document is vague about some matters, but it's absolutely specific about the personality and sexual characteristics of the priest. If you don't want to follow those simple orders, you have to abandon everything associated with the document.

Natural born: If you're going to use the name of the Constitution to gain political or legal advantage, you have to be a Constitutionalist. This means you have to FOLLOW THE FUCKING DOCUMENT. The document is vague about some matters, but it's absolutely specific about qualifications of the President. Natural Born means BORN HERE. It does not mean BORN TO ANY COMBINATION OF PARENTS IN ANY COUNTRY. If you can't follow those simple orders, you have to abandon everything associated with the document.


  Second most lethal

The most lethal idea in history is all humans are identical. No competition there.

What's Number Two? The economic parallel of Number One. Economists like to build their genocide on the foundation that all purchases are substitutable. This leads to the idiot notion of "shopping around". The most obvious recent case is Romneycare, based on "shopping around" for health care.

You can't shop around. Absolutely impossible. Getting approved by an insurer or HMO is a long and uncertain process. It can take six months, and you're completely at risk during those months. Bad enough before insurance was REQUIRED; now the uncertainty puts you in an illegal position with no definite way out.

It doesn't matter which insurer has a better advertised price. The only SANE AND LEGAL approach is to HOLD what you've got.

There is EXACTLY ONE instance where price by itself determines purchase. When two gas stations are on opposite corners, the one with a lower price on the sign will get more business. That's it. That's the ONLY ONE.

Today's news features a literally lethal instance of economoid thinking:
The damage stems from a decision two years ago by the state -- which had taken over the city's budget amid a financial emergency -- to save money by switching Flint's water supply from Lake Huron to the Flint River. It was billed as a temporary cost-saving measure until a new supply line to Lake Huron was ready.

It turned out the river water was highly corrosive -- 19 times more corrosive than the water in Lake Huron ... the water was eroding the iron water mains, turning water brown. The corrosive water also sent lead into the water supply, because about half of the service lines to homes in Flint are made of lead.
Gasoline price-shopping is possible because all gasoline has been manufactured to a single standard. That's simply not true of water. Didn't they even do a chemical analysis before making the switch? Jesus.

Not exactly a new concept. 1920 Municipal Journal lists the corrosive compounds that can ruin iron pipe.

Disclaimer: Polistra is not really puzzled by this choice. She agreed, for a NON-CHEAP price, to simulate puzzlement for the sake of the cartoon.

And a graphic serendipity note: I didn't intend to use a half-dissolved fish in the bad water. The fish model is actually complete, but Poser 'chewed off' the front part in the render, thus making the point better than I intended.


  Ha ha ha ha ha

Ha ha ha ha ha:
Bitcoin slid by 10 percent on Friday after one of its lead developers, Mike Hearn, said in a blogpost that he was ending his involvement with the cryptocurrency and selling all of his remaining holdings because it had “failed”.
Toldja so, techfairies. Toldja so. Toldja so. Your "private" currency is just another NSA tool.

More importantly, the cure for a hopelessly ruined system is NOT MORE RUIN.

You can't fix the Krugman/Bernanke rape of economics by raping economics even harder. The solution has to go the OTHER way, back toward REAL VALUE. Restore some type of gold standard, eliminate fractional reserve, stop controlling interest rates, eliminate central banks.

Aside from ideal reforms, the 'patient things' model applies here. Plain old paper currency is patient and self-energizing. You can keep a bill in your wallet or safe for years, and it's still usable, still fully charged, without any external references or connections. You don't have to wait for NSA to track the transaction, you don't have to yield to the two Chinks who own half of all Bitcoins, and you don't even need to run the purchase through a bank. Just hand the paper rectangle to the seller and get what you want.

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Saturday, January 16, 2016
  Idiot dog

This morning's walk would have been pleasant, with an inch of fresh crunchy snow... but a fucking little Chihuahua was running loose and decided to PURSUE me through the whole 6-block loop. Screechy ultrasonic barking, constantly touching my leg but not quite biting. Toward the end I faced it down and barked** back several times, and finally persuaded it to keep a wider distance.

I've been walking and biking regularly since 1962, and never had this much trouble with a dog before. Occasionally a loose normal-sized dog will make a quick pass at me, correctly defending its property, but it never PURSUES.


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  Why can't an economy be more like a car?

Convective thought.

What's missing in the oil-price mess? What's missing in the stock market?

A driver.

Both have become self-driving cars, dependent on pre-written codes (literally in stocks, fig in oil) that mechanically read momentary trends. They buy or sell, ramp up or down production, in IMMEDIATE response to IMMEDIATE data.

You can't run a system that way for long. It will crash. It will kill other pedestrians and drivers.

These systems originally had a living PURPOSE. They were meant to serve the interests of real people generating real value. Oil is meant to keep factories and cars running. Stocks were originally meant to build businesses and provide jobs, not to move pure numbers between giant servers at nanosecond speeds.

FDR saw this happening in agriculture in the '30s. Individual farmers were unable to see larger needs, so they responded mechanically to instant price changes. The result was not serving the basic purpose of agriculture. Agriculture exists so non-farmers can eat. (Or conversely, ag exists so that some eaters don't have to be farmers.) This implies reasonably low prices to the consumer, sufficient storage, and reasonably high prices to the farmer; in turn this requires efficient farmers who can produce enough food without exhausting their land or lives or money.

When most producers are desperate and indebted, supply and demand doesn't work. Low demand means low prices. Desperate producers have to keep turning out higher quantities to survive. Secure producers can slow or stop production when prices are too low, allowing prices to rise again.

FDR (or more precisely his advisors) designed a system with 'shock absorbers' to smooth out the immediate bumps and valleys of supply-demand pricing. Farmers learned how to be more efficient, and subsidies made them more secure.

Something similar is needed for oil and other resources. The present setup responded blindly and stupidly to China's giant infrastructure bubble, assuming infinite linear expansion. Nature don't do linear. Everything reaches saturation in a tanh pattern, or runs up and down in cycles. When you begin with an expectation of sine patterns, you'll be far more cautious about ramping up production. Slower increases of production mean higher prices, which will slow down a bubble-generator like China. On the other end, a proper shock-absorbing system should pay efficient producers to keep running when demand is low, to keep their skilled and experienced workers on the job pending the next (damped) upramp.
  Constants and variables 36

Antisocial antiscience constantly gets the arrow of causation backwards. In ALMOST ALL instances, genes rule. Attractiveness determines all, and attractiveness is NOT A CONSTRUCT. Antiscience tries to tell you that marriage makes you healthy, or keeping a job after 65 prevents senility. Ratshit. If you're not attractive and healthy, you won't get married or stay married. If you're ABLE to keep a job after 65, it's because you're healthy and high-status.

Still, there are a few causations in the antiscience direction that work as advertised, because they are CHOICES YOU CAN ACTUALLY MAKE. For instance, you can pull up from a depression by pulling your mouth up, pulling your head up, and pulling your feet up. Make a confident face, look up instead of down, and move with a confident stride. Works every time.

In the last few weeks of icy streets (thanks to IDIOT BLOOMBERG-SUCKING COPKILLER CONDON FOR NEGLECTING THE MOST BASIC DUTIES OF A FUCKING CITY GOVERNMENT!!!!!!) I noticed these effects. When walking is like climbing a mountain, you have to look down constantly, and you can't lift your feet. Every step requires individual attention. During this period walking didn't make me feel better. Yesterday, after Nature (thaw + rain) finally did the job that BLOOMBERG-SUCKER COPKILLER CONDON had failed to do, I was finally able to walk confidently and openly, looking straight forward instead of down. Mood improved dramatically.


  Hey, this guy sounds like me!

From an article by Hernando DeSoto:
Like the entropic universe and all open spaces, the global market is a turbulent place with little respect for life. All living systems, whether natural or organized by man, originate and operate only in encapsulated spaces. Whether we are talking about cells, molecules, body organs, computers, or social groups, each and every one is contained and constrained within a boundary: a membrane, an epidermis, a wall, or a legal right.

Within the boundaries of our bodies, complex multi-cellular structures are sustained by the production of molecules that ensure cooperation and the exchange of information among cells – a process known as “signaling.” Impairments in this process can lead to the onset of disorders such as cancer. If detached from other cells or the surrounding matrix, cells usually die within a short time, a process called “anoikis,” Greek for homelessness.

Whoever ends “anoikis” in the greater Middle East will win the war on terror. That is why the West and its allies must help the 80% of the population whose survival depends on the boundaries needed to protect them and their assets (property rights and limited liability). They need the signaling mechanisms to detect danger (records and tracking systems that come from recording assets and firms). They need the adhesion molecules to connect with others and build increasingly complex and valuable combinations (legally enforceable contracts). And they need the ability to use assets to guarantee credit and create capital (shares and stock to divide, extend, and collateralize property). Otherwise, the combined military forces of Europe and the United States – and now Russia – will win nothing.
Sounds like me.

I don't think boundaries and property are the FIRST concern in that part of the world, though. The FIRST thing is that WE MUST STOP BEING EBOLA. We need to stop invading their tissues over and over and over again and destroying everything including cell walls.

DeSoto throws Russia into the same category, which is wrong. At least in Syria, Russia is the DISINFECTANT. It's fighting to kill OUR viruses and bacteria, and to restore the command of the proper government.

Private property IS the first concern in DeSoto's South America stomping grounds.

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Friday, January 15, 2016
  Thanks, Ralph 21 (cowshit edition)

News from WSU:
WSU ... discovered Assistant Professor Dr. Craig Frear made up his data showing ways to convert cow feces into electric power. Frear claimed the wind blew a notebook full of his original findings into a manure pit and his backup data was overwritten by his computer, so he could not prove his numbers were factual.
The cowshit ate my homework?
... Frear happened to be the CEO of a company called BEST that he started in 2005, one year before he started gathering his data. BEST was financially tied to companies who designed anaerobic digesters which helped convert cow manure into energy. Frear told the committee the company never earned any money from the research.
Here's the Emersonian part:
The investigation found the company most likely did not earn any money because it was 30 percent under efficiency required for commercial sale. Committee leaders said that is about how much he fabricated his numbers by.
You can fool journal editors but you can't fool Nature. Bacteria don't give a shit about your fake numbers.

Grammar note: The last sentence of the quoted article is an EXTREMELY RARE example of a sentence that truly shouldn't end with a little word. Nearly all "corrections" for this "rule" make a sentence worse, but this sentence really does need to be redone.

Something like "Committee leaders said that his bad data raised the supposed efficiency by 30 percent, making it appear adequate."

Tech note: If Frear was actually using a blowable looseleaf notebook while working outside with icky stuff, somebody would have stopped him. In 2005 you'd specify an industrial-grade waterproof laptop. The grantor would expect to pay for it, and would question your competence if you didn't specify it. In earlier times you'd use a notebook with waterproof paper. Standard procedure.

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  Constants and variables 35

Two nice simple on-off experiments, sharing the same time sequence. The first is binary and definite; second is more fuzzy but probably valid.

= = = = =

(1) The rodent repellent product 'Shake-Away' definitely repels mice.

Experiment: I bought a container in 2011 when I was trying to replant my back yard after removing trees and cleaning out junk. I wanted to repel squirrels. It didn't work against squirrels, so I put it away.

Had some mice in the house in fall of 2011.

So decided to try the Shake-Away against mice next year. In fall of 2012, put the powder down around the foundation. No mice that year.

Same in 2013 and 2014. Used Shake-Away around foundation before cold weather, no mice at all.

In 2015 the cold weather snuck up on me. Got one mouse in a trap in late Sept. Immediately put the Shake-Away around the foundation. Since then, we've had some SERIOUSLY cold weather and lots of snow, but NO MORE MICE.

The annual on-off, followed by a faster on-off, was enough proof. Shake-Away WORKS.

= = = = =

(2) Home-cooked food definitely repels blubber.

Experiment: Also in fall of 2012, I switched away from semi-carnivore diet to all-vegy, with less sophisticated food. After a year, I stopped gaining weight; after another year, I was losing a few pounds.

The 8-day power blackout this winter broke my diet; fell back to canned food because no refrigerator. After the power returned, I stayed on the canned because it felt cozier than my proper diet. Extra fat and sugar will do that ... and extra fat and sugar will also pile on the pounds. In two months I gained back the 4 pounds I'd lost in previous year. (Progresso canned minestrone is the specific culprit.)

Conclusion: My 'unsophisticated' diet WORKS. Coziness be damned. Time to resume it.

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Thursday, January 14, 2016
  Try a little firmness

Celebrating a small victory for Natural Law.... The real Christians (ie Africans) managed to outvote and outmaneuver the Satanic Brits in the Anglican synod. They declared, on behalf of the church management, that the American branch is suspended from membership. It doesn't look like they've used the words schism or heresy but it amounts to the same thing.
Unlike the recommendations of the Windsor Report, which called for the “voluntary withdrawal” of the Episcopal Church from the life of the Communion, today’s vote directs the archbishop to discipline the American church. The Episcopal Church may not take part in the decision making process “on issues of doctrine or polity”, either, agreed the primates.
Democracy worked. In this case it's well beyond a question of 50.1%, since the real Christians outnumber the Satans hugely. There are something like 35 million real Christians in Anglican churches in Africa, and less than one million "members" in England. I expect a few dozen of those "members" may be real Christians who are too stubborn or too old to realize what's happening. When the ratio between two factions is 35 to 1, you're not really talking about Democracy. It's simpler. The 35 side IS the organization. And when the 35 side is armed with moral rigor, its force is multiplied.

If you remove theology from these disputes, they're much easier to understand. Replace "Christianity" with "beef". You can prepare beef in all sorts of different ways: barbecued, roasted, grilled, hamburger, jerky. Those foods look and taste different, but they're all made from the same basic substance. You can legally call them "beef". A company that makes a soy product designed to taste like beef is NOT entitled to call it "beef". USDA and the companies that sell actual beef will take legal action against the soy company, and they'll win easily. The soy stuff may be quite tasty and nutritious, but it's SOY, not beef.

The US/UK "Anglicans" may have a tasty product, enjoyed by a small (and rapidly shrinking) customer base, but it's NOT Christianity. It's made from an entirely different substance. Most customers for Christianity prefer the real thing.


  Patient things

Sand, windup razor, push mower, propane, bicycle, Bible.

Seems like an odd collection, but all have something in common.

This is a sloppy idea, and it's partly parallel to the sequence of manual to autonomous that I discussed earlier. For some technologies the sequence looks about the same, but the purpose here is different.

Sloppy idea: If you want to minimize dependence on the grid, or if you want to be PREPARED for situations when the grid doesn't work, you want PATIENT things. You want things that can WAIT in storage for an indefinite period without attention or recharging or refilling.

Most of our world has long since departed from the patient end. Look at the sequence in computing:

Paper and pencil --> Adding machine --> Basic in ROM --> Software on hard drive --> Cloud.

At each step the system loses patience and requires more and more attention from EXTERNAL and OFFICIAL services.

Plain mechanisms like the windup razor and push mower are perfectly patient. There's nothing to leak or rot. They can wait for a century if properly stored.

Propane and bicycles are relatively patient but good enough for most purposes. Propane lasts a LONG time. I bought several bottles in '97, used them occasionally, and still got a week of cooking and heating from them in 2015. A bicycle's tires will decay, but if you store it properly it will still be ready after 20 years.

Electricity and cars are NOT patient. Electricity can't be stored for more than a few months, and cars require constant refilling with gas. Electric cars are the worst of all worlds. Post-2000 cars depend increasingly on other Officially Approved services like OnStar, software updates via wi-fi, etc.

= = = = =

We can apply this sequence to larger systems as well. Consider the problem of icy streets and sidewalks, which is on my mind just now. SAND is the patient solution and the ideal solution. You can spread it after the first snow, and it will just SIT THERE for months, absorbing sunlight and warming the ice, and providing direct traction at the same time. The EPA Terrorist Army has ordered the city to avoid SAND because SAND is effective and good. Goodness is illegal. So the city switched to a greasy de-icer liquid that requires frequent re-spraying and doesn't add any traction. Constant circulation of spray trucks, much more gas, much more pollution. But that's still not bad enough. Now the EPA requires an even LESS effective greasy de-icer because the first greasy de-icer contains a tiny fraction of some sinful chemical.

= = = = =

How about culture? The patient solution is to follow the reference manual that was developed thousands of years ago. Natural Law is permanent and self-energizing because it grows from permanent structures and gene coding. Our own genes tell us most of what we need to know, and the BOOK, the record of previous disastrous experiments, tells us the rest. Natural Law includes SEX, FAMILY STRUCTURE, the need and function of WORK, provisions to punish CRIME, and the basic rules of ECONOMICS. When we follow Natural Law, our internal moral logic tells us what's needed. We rarely need to ask the authorities for advice or judgment.

Since 1200 AD we've been moving away from Natural Law. First we built academies and "courts" that created imaginary theologies and "rights", generally designed to serve the purposes and egos of the academicians and "judges". These theologies and "rights" require more attention every year because they COUNTERACT natural needs. More attention means more power for the academicians and priests and "judges". We must CONSULT them to get DECISIONS, because our genes and internal moral logic and our own experience disagree with the official commands. Logic and common sense no longer work.

Now we're so "advanced" and "progressive" that we can't even MENTION the rules of Natural Law. All the permanent stuff .... gender, work, punishment, economics .... has been officially DISCONNECTED AND SILENCED. We are required to create facilities for "transgender" entities which DO NOT EXIST. We must report normal families to the police. We must allow the authorities to remove WORK from our lives. ("Globalization is inevitable.") We must accept the replacement of REAL VALUE by COUNTERFEIT.

Main point:

Non-patient solutions are ADDICTIVE. They always require more and more attention and "service" from Officially Approved Sources.

You don't need to stick to the sandy end of the spectrum in every category; an interesting and active life requires some dependence on some grids. But you need to keep the patient stuff as backup for times when the grids fail. You need to be AWARE of the addictive nature of the grids, and you need to pull back when you've gone too far. We can see healthy pullback movements in high tech, where a considerable number of non-Luddites are saying NO to the Cloud. In government and economics, more and more people and nations are fighting the US/EU globalizers. In economics, some nations are starting to pull back from fractional-reserve counterfeiting, reverting to Natural Law setups that worked beautifully for 800 years.

= = = = =

Later: I was thinking about patient-to-fleeting sequences for various things. The most patient way of doing a thing is usually the most 'primitive'. The method provided by Nature or the first invention. Books before computer screens, painting before TV, disk records before MP3, candles before incandescent.

Patience is NOT a virtue in commercial terms. Inventors want to make a technology less self-sufficient, more ephemeral, more dependent on systems owned by the company that the inventor works for.

But there is ONE major exception. Freeze-dried food. Humans have been working on patient food for as long as we've been human. You could even argue that patient food is exactly what makes us unique. Salting, drying, vacuum-packing, fermenting: all can hold food reliably for a season, or a few years at most. Freeze-drying, the most recent invention in this area, can last 25 years reliably.

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